SJWs’ Latest Attempt To Silence Critics Backfires Gloriously

As we’ve seen countless times before, SJWs absolutely loathe criticism. They will go to any lengths to stifle criticism and silence not just who they perceive as the opposition, but also everyone who is neutral and simply asks questions and wants to find the facts. As David Pakman found out, there are no innocent bystanders.

The latest attempt to silence critics comes in the form of a Twitter blocklist. Because, if you can’t deal with questions, you might as well just block everyone asking them. But, as SJWs are wont to do, the blocklist failed spectacularly, tagging one of their own in the process.

The developer of the blocklist is a certain Randi Harper, aka FreeBSDGirl:


That hair color gives me confidence in her coding skills

How the blocklist works

The blocklist was created using the Twitter API and the organization which promoted it was IGDA (International Game Developer’s Association), a non-profit organization which is supposed to help obscure game developers get their fair chance and exposure, not get screwed by the big players, and so on. In essence, it is a union for game developers. IGDA hosted the blocklist on their “harassment resources” page.

The way the blocklist works is fairly simple—it marks certain people as shitlords and compiled a list of everyone who was following them as “harassers.” As you might imagine, the problem with this approach is that people whimsically follow each other on Twitter, most of the time without having a clue who the person is. There is nothing wrong with this, since arguably the entire purpose of Twitter is to get as many followers as humanly possible. Even big businesses tend to follow back everyone who followed them, because it costs nothing, yet increases their social influence.

The real victims

This instant connectivity makes Twitter great for small businesses and freelancers, who often have no resources to market themselves in the presence of established competitors. Those are also the real collateral victims of this incident. People who struggle to make a living could have their reputation destroyed since they were marked as “harassers” by a blocklist.

In other words, the blocklist caught some innocent bystanders. Actually, a lot of them. A portion of these blocked accounts have one or zero tweets and few or no followers at all. Most of them probably have no idea what GamerGate is or who Randi Harper is. Now for the fun part. Even the Puerto Rico director of the IGDA was found on the list:


SJWs can’t even do censorship right

So, do you think this will make SJWs re-examine their list and the way it was compiled? Of course not!



After that, Roberto Rosario threatened resignation but he probably doesn’t need employment at all. He is white and male, so the patriarchy will probably give him all the support he needs. IGDA removed the blocklist from its page—for now.

There is an appeals process for removal from the blocklist but, as is par for the course with SJWs, it simply means giving them more power. People who applied to be removed from the blocklist risk exposing their real name and email to the SJWs. This means a real danger of being tagged as a harasser or rapist in front of the employer, having a false police report filed, and so on.

Join the war

We are in the middle of a raging culture war. SJWs are intent on stamping out the fun from everything in their vicinity and replacing it with gender debate. You will either choose a side yourself or you will be forced into choosing one. It is us vs. them, in the truest sense of the expression.

Also, the blocklist itself is probably illegal and definitely violates the Twitter Terms of Service:

Twitter TOS violation.

That section states that you won’t use Twitter for research aimed at discriminating or isolating any individual or a group of people.

Like a phoenix

In a sense, SJWs were right. Gamers are dead, by which they meant the old stereotype of “basement dweller virgin neckbeard” is no longer there. Gaming has become a big industry and it is no longer shameful to admit you’re a gamer. It is actually a badge of honor. Now you can be proud to play games and actually be a part of a thriving games culture. Also, it’s possible to make a nice income from being a professional gamer.

While the gaming has gone mainstream and gained massive popularity with E-Sports, it has also picked up enemies who want to hijack it for their own purposes and control the narrative. This is exactly why GamerGate started. But, there is no need for fear, as the internet has removed the need for gaming press. In fact, the entire gaming industry will soon have to reorganize itself or become obsolete due to indie developers being able to bypass the traditional distribution channels.

Forged in the fire

It is my personal belief that, after GamerGate, video games will evolve to become a tool for raising a new generation of men. Our current education system fails horribly at providing real information on how the world works, what motivates people, and how to get laid. More importantly, it pussifies men and turns them into starry-eyed believers in the Disney variety of life and love. The entire concept of sitting quietly and reading is meant for girls. Boys need the fight, the challenge, competition, and a test of their strength.

Games were always learning tools. Now they can become a tool for learning greater masculinity. To become real men, boys must overcome challenges and find the true strength in themselves. Whether this is done in a virtual or real arena is irrelevant. By creating games that are consciously aimed at presenting a proper challenge, we can collectively make the world a better place for the next generation of men. And possibly help them get laid more.

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147 thoughts on “SJWs’ Latest Attempt To Silence Critics Backfires Gloriously”

  1. Solid article Green! However, I’m perplexed. As a ‘gamer’ I don’t know exactly how this will benefit men long term retooling games as a method for learning. Granted online gaming, and trash talk, does fuel the core of masculinity in trash talk and competition, but outside of a few genres and the ability to be spectacular at playing games (such as reading scenarios in seconds or applying probability logic in fighting games) where is the long-term success building to come from?
    My background is in fighting games. I know that community well and while I’m moved on mostly, the immediate pleasure of beating someone down to the point of neigh humiliation keeps me coming back. In fighting games the ability to assess a pattern, adapt, and utilize all of your resources to close, corner, and intimidate has gained ground as a career option for many gamers. Google Daigo Umehara as a reference. Even so, if the game weren’t viable for even a short period, the majority of gamers would be set back tremendously if the skills they learned couldn’t be directly applied to their game of choice. Wouldn’t that hurt society in the long run, considering, if the career gamer’s abilities were used in other areas maybe humanity could advance in some area, machinery, chemistry, law, or the like?

  2. liberal pussies can’t stand disagreement because they suffer from unchecked entitlement. it’s the same in every country i’ve lived in.
    Also, ugly white girl with colored hair = OPINION DISREGARDED

  3. “Boys need the fight, the challenge, competition, and a test of their strength.”
    And then write a book about it. A book girls won’t be much interested in.

    1. The books have already been written. They just simply must be read.
      The Art of War and The Prince come to mind as two (but not the only two) must reads for any guy.

      1. The point of my comment was that books are not just for girls. Some of the world’s biggest badasses and adventurers have been voracious readers and even written books. Books that few women have ever read and most modern women actively revile.
        “I was surrounded at the time by about a dozen of the enemy, whose clubs
        rattled upon me without mercy, and the strokes of my sabre were rendered
        uncertain by the energetic pushes of an attendant who thus hoped to
        save me. The blade was raised to cut him down: he cried out in dismay,
        and at that moment a Somali stepped forward, threw his spear so as to
        pierce my face, and retired before he could be punished. ”
        -Sir Richard Francis Burton, describing how he obtained this scar:

        1. A real scar doing real dangerous , adventurous things involving real risk. And that’s who writes those great books. Fighting SJW on twitter, and living life online is not the same. Skills developed gaming are good, and I understand the will of men to battle and compete. Without a computer and the communication technology, she is just another coffee house loser filled with hate. She is irrelevant in the history of the real world .

        2. Fibre optic cables laid by men. Oil pipelines on the seabeds laid by men. Processed & machined electronic circuit boards as part of her cyber ‘arsenal’, all enabled by male ingenuity. And this chick is gonna act like she’s ‘sumpin’ special?….

  4. What makes one a harasser on twitter? Who is judging who there? Who are the self appointed enforcers of political correctness?

    1. The same people who feel abused if someone buys them dinner, opens a door for them, or tells them they’re attractive.
      Interesting times ahead.

  5. Still though it’s quite sad that the only thing even resembling masculinity is video games
    Boys should learn how to ignore emotions, be competitive and ruthlessly objective from other men

  6. If the Puerto RIco chairman of IGDF didn’t want to be on the blocklist, he probably shouldn’t have followed known harassers of women.

    Oh so he must have been asking for it, right?

    1. I wonder if this stupid cunt Randi Harper even realizes SHE herself is a harasser. She even admits it by taking candy away from 5 year old kids when she “loses” to them in an argument.

        1. She had to edit the tweet. She originally wrote “one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one… minus one.”

      1. Forget it. You can’t argue with “stupid” has always been a saying when dealing with people like Randi Harper.

      2. Randi Harper looks like she’ll spend the rest of her time whining about “equality” and “social justice”. How did society give space to so much human waste?

  7. Everyday that goes by it makes me look forward to SHARIA law coming to a western European democracy near you…..
    I look forward in calling every woman/mangina SJW that objects to SHARIA law in the UK a “racist”….”anti-multiculturalist” and a “islamophobe”.
    The market for “hand-sized” stoning-friendly stones will boom….every neighbourhood will have its own government funded stoning centre….and you will have to reserve seats for the spectacle.
    Who is going to whiteknight then? Who is going to save these people?

    1. Be careful what you wish for, it’s all well and good until you’re the next one to be hanged/stoned. Sharia law is not the answer.

      1. Why would I be the next one?
        They don’t hang EVERYONE in Saudi Arabia and Iran do they?
        Sure…. I would have to convert to Islam… what?
        It is no wonder that the people that oppose Islam/Sharia the most are feminist/SJW groups.
        It is a pro-masculine system!
        With ZERO tolerance for Feminism/SJW/manginas!

        1. I’m curious about that Stetson you’re wearing….is that actually you?
          Given your comments about those middle Eastern countries being “masculine” I somehow doubt that. If you’ve ever actually BEEN to a sharia law shithole you’d know that the “men” there are some of the most effusive, effeminite males you’ll ever meet. If you think hipsters are bad these guys are on a whole other level.

        2. * Multiple Young Wifes – check
          * No divorce rape – check
          * Male head of household no questions asked – check
          * No misandrist laws – check
          It all sounds pretty good to me so far!

        3. Okay. Thinking Islam is the solution to Western degeneracy is turning a blind eye to how corrupt and degenerate Islamic countries are. Feminism may be toxic as all hell but having a bribe officials to get any law and order? No thank you.
          You either have to believe the achievment gap of western civ and Islamic civ is down to genetic superiority or concede that one culture is better.
          No pro-islamist can answer this without spinning some weepy tale about how the big bad Europeans cheated or something.

        4. A lot more than you would under Sharia Law. How much time have you spent in Islamic state-sanctioned countries? Pushing the pendulum from one end of cultural extremes to another is a poor substitute for resolution.

        5. So what is the solution to Western degeneracy then?
          Wishing things were different…..or that things should be like the 50’s…..won’t work.
          Manginas/Feminists/SJW make up 90% of the male population…and God knows what the female percentage is…
          So….THEY make the rules…and I don’t see things changing (for the better) anytime soon.
          My point was that RED PILL + ISLAM may be a powerful combination to combat the feminist dragon.
          As far as which culture is “better”….I don’t know…They had their moment and we in the west have ours (for now).
          What concerns me is what is better for ME (or my children if one day I choose to have some).

        6. “A lot more than you would under Sharia Law”…
          It is an illusion…I’m sure I broke several UK laws by posting here today….and it would not surprise me if in a few years this site (and other manosphere sites) is blocked by my ISP in the UK.
          “Pushing the pendulum from one end of cultural extremes to another is a poor substitute for resolution.”…
          Should we then just sit back and wait to see how far the pendulum goes? Will we know when the moment is reached?
          Would we be able to reverse the misandrist damage then?

        7. Having spent significant time in Islamic countries, I can tell you their restrictions go far beyond what you think you are limited to now. I also don’t think you understand how much the lower end males suffer in such a system. The wealthy males marry all the women and a good percentage of males have zero female options to a much more severe degree than in the west. We should be demanding more freedom- not less. That’s what will offset the current restrictions are being placed on western society. If you really believe in Sharia Law, move to one of the states/regions that endorses it. I don’t want it anywhere near me.

        8. But isn’t this Social Justice wave resulting from too much freedom ?
          I mean, from my French point of view, this SJW shit is resulting from too much power and freedom given to the corporate, mercantile world, who now control the entire western world’s governments, and use it as tool to change the western man in a consummerist zombie.
          Not that I agree with what he says about Islam being the solution, but the return of tradition in general could be a good weapon against the decline.
          That’s why in France, the “libertarian” are associated with the banks and hated by both the far left and the far right, which one is composed mostly of national-socialists and royalists, all of them wanting a strong government to stand against the mercantile world.

        9. The individual liberties are what need to be propagated (to the extent that they don’t interfere with other’s liberties). Imposing political agendas on individuals is what both Sharia Law and SJWs want to do. Governments should be restricted to limited and specific roles that protect individual liberties- not restrict them.

        10. But “individual liberties” isn’t that what the liberals claim to fight for ?
          Liberty to be homosexual, sexless, to buy children or abort, to be weak, to take drugs, to be fat… etc. ?

        11. Western degeneracy is, as is often remarked here, the result of western values having been progressively undermined by outside influences.
          This is a sign of a civilization on the decline.
          So the solution is to let the decline happen and be there to lecture on why it happened and what to do.
          The failires of Islam, conversely, are not at all in the context of it being on the decline. They are the failures of the system itself.
          So rebuild, not replace.

        12. I understand that position but I have seen users here seriously argue for it so I ere on the side of being defensive.

        13. “So what is the solution to Western degeneracy then?
          How about a brief period of time under Sharia? Maybe just one year. Like a forest fire, sometimes it is necessary to burn the deadwood so new life can grow?

        14. > The wealthy males marry all the women and a good percentage of males
          have zero female options to a much more severe degree than in the west.
          This is completely and entirely not true. So what if the 1/10000 rich prince marries twenty women each? That has virtually no effect on how many females are available to the rest of men. You are suffering from a problem of massive distortion of scale.
          On the other hand, with more sexual freedom, it’s been shown time and time again that women will aggressively pursue only the top percentage of men. If you look at Japan and various places in Europe, a huge fraction of guys (10-30%) are entirely without any sort of sexual relationship. Many of them have never ever had a sexual relationship.

        15. And Non-muslims both atheist and religious will not be tolerated.
          For example when the world was entirely religious in history as far as records go. Christians who didn’t pronounce the shahada(There is no god but allah and muhammed is its prophet) they will be burned to death. The same could be said for Atheists who refuse to embrace Islam.

        16. But I don’t see feminists/SJW/Manginas making that connection. Normal people hate extreme Islam because it’s the flat logical reaction to have. The progressive sets don’t engage anti-muslim sentiment at all. I’m American though. Maybe Europe is different?

        17. What you must understand is that islamic societies actually have more problems than we do. You might not be allowed to discuss them, but they exist. For example, child sexual abuse and child murder are endemic throughout the islamic world.
          Your mistake is that you are looking at retarded, corrupt tribal societies and attributing to them the values of manliness and cleanness. You think of them as noble savages while really they are only savages. Come on, man, have some standards.
          As for the male/female relations in the islamic world, I think you’ll be disappointed. Islamic women are ten times as vile, ten times as bitchy and half as loyal as white women. They’ll walk around in short skirts and stockings and low-cut shirts and think that their hijab will be enough to satisfy God. They’ll take it up the arse from half the smelly goat herders in the village because virginity is only considered to be vaginal. And if you have never heard Muslim women gossip, count yourself lucky. They swear like old sailors and describe sexual acts in lurid detail if they think you can’t understand them.

        18. I’m gonna put that last sentence in my kit bag because its fucking beautiful. That is EXACTLY how they think. Muslims believe themselves a master race because their book tells them that are meant to rule over all humanity. They go on and on about the Crusaders but seem to forget that Islamic Aggression went unchecked for centuries… and the Crusades were a retaliatory response. I despise Islam, but I also sympathize with the OP…. these soft ass liberals would be swinging from lamp posts if they were not defended by the Nationalist Militant Christian Fundamentalists they despise.

        19. Yep. You’ve clearly never been. Which means for starters you should take off that damn Stenson pic. Don’t try to pretend to be something you’re not.
          Second, let me paint you a more accurate picture. Your average Sharia country inhabitant is a skinny, femmed out dude with about half the muscle mass of a Seattle Hipster. Most of them don’t actually have “multiple young wives” but instead spend their afternoons fucking each other in the ass…..this begins as young as 11 or 12 years old. On the flipside gay pedophilia is rampant among the adults. We even caught our police chief(with two wives) balls deep in a kid during a mission.
          They use makeup, paint their nails, and braid each other’s hair. This is all done ghetto-style with cheap, knockoff chinese products and by each other. Only a very few of them, usually those who are well off or fell into leadership positions by hereditary politics, have the least big of masculinity about them.
          Ask anyone else on this board who has actually been to a Sharia law country. They will back me up when I say that you are laughably misinformed if you think that these people are “masculine”.
          In reality most of them are feminized in way that makes American white knights look like John Wayne by comparison.

        20. My argument is in the context of the US so not sure on it’s application to France. The issue I have with liberals here is that they want federal government intervention when a state doesn’t want to abide by their agenda. I am fine with states having largely whatever policies they want, I just don’t want federal government intrusion into state policies.

        21. You make no sense. You sound like sound brainwashed fox news cronie who uses the irrational fear that Sharia law is coming to america. That’s about as likely as communism or pigs flying. Turn off whatever news outlet you’re watching.

        22. Ok, I get it.
          Your hostility to the federal government sounds a bit like the hostility we have against against the European Union.

        23. This is absolutely true in Eastern and Southern Afghanistan where wealthy males routinely marry multiple women and large numbers of men not born into privilege have very limited options for getting a bride. It’s used as a driving force in recruiting young men into terrorists groups.

        24. Dailymail? Are you serious thats about as trustworthy the UK equivalent to National Inquirer. Try again.

        25. What you have written is utter nonsense.
          The SJW / Leftist groups have been extensively documented as the biggest non-Islamic supporters of the Islamist cause.
          This applies on all levels of the left, from the average foot soldier to the corporate executive bankrolling Islamic initiatives, to the prominent feminist politician (Hillary – spit be upon her) who allowed the Islamists to murder US ambassadors without reprisal.
          There is really no room for debate on this issue, the matter is so extensively documented in such a broad array of avenues that you are either completely irresponsible in how you research your views, or you are openly lying to the public.

    2. In other news, my neighbor’s dog annoyed me last night. Better carpet bomb his yard to take care of it

    3. Muslims are just another form of SJWs. Instead of silencing people through Twitter hate mobs. they use real hate mobs. All muslims are super manginas. What else do you call people who believe in and obey to stupid things someone wrote in a book 600 years ago ? They are brainwashed beyond belief and are incapable of original thought. I dont mind religion but these idiots take it too far.

      1. The taliban, Isis, serve the SJW agenda despite themselves. If they could be wiped out in 24 hours, why haven’t they? Because the progressive narrative needs villains

        1. But progressives hardly go after Muslims as villains. A lot of progressives right now can’t resist the drama/irony/faux emotion/spotlight grabbing/racial sanctimony/benevolent forgiveness/iconoclasm of cozying up to Muslims. A lot of fat white progressive girls in the UK and North America are rocking burkhas. All kinds of progressive capital to be won for them, plus it can hide their triple chins.

        2. Huh? White girls rocking burkas? You are an idiot. Yea I’ve been seeing it all over college campuses and school yards. Please shut up.

        3. The Left has no consistency in their beliefs, other than one thing. They are opposed to Christianity, but friendly to Islam. It makes no sense, how can you be hostile toward one but not the other? It’s hypocritical. The only common denominator is that they’re against anything associated with white men. Muslims aren’t generally considered white, so they must be “protected.” I guarantee if Islam became associated with white men the Leftists would immediately and harshly oppose it.

        4. Well in France, they’re already done with Christianity, so they’re now slowly but surely going against islam, because … they’re cowards, and muslims can be scary (the same muslims, that, 10 years ago, they presented us as “hope for Europe”).
          The third monotheist religion, however, is untouched.

        5. It’s a trend that I’ve read about. Do you think I would have some reason to lie or make it up? Explain why I would do that. Progs are trending towards Islam. It’s not some fantasy of mine. You spend a lot of time in school yards?

        6. they’re certainly uncomfortable with the situation, but Sharia, fundamentalism can also quite easily be portrayed as an expression of evil patriarchy, and be used to position domestic audiences against such extremism i.e. as on the ‘right’ progressive side. The progressive narrative is often very carefully constructed

        7. A trend you probably read on some fox new affiliate. That sounds like fear mongering or blatant made up click bait headlines.

        8. In other words, you are an all-knowing God who determines what is, what has been and what shall always be. Thanks for clearing that up by using your global scope.

        9. Because the “enemy of my enemy is my friend”. They hate you because you are a man and you are free. They hate Muslim kurds and right-wing Israelis for the same reason.

      2. > Dont give me shit about how they are all tough warriors because the west
        could wipe them all out in less than 24 hours if we wanted to.
        No, you couldn’t. The west has developed a huge military infrastructure with jets and nukes and drones, but is breeding a generation of people obsessed with pop culture and pussified beyond repair. It’s only a matter of time before cultural stagnation catches up with and overtakes any technological advantage. Pretty soon the west is going to be left defenseless against an enemy that is belligerent and relentless. Plus, these people aren’t sitting on their asses. Plenty of muslim countries have developed advanced military tech (Pakistan has nukes, Iran has drones, it’s only a matter of time before they catch up).

        1. Of course it could – but it won’t. Ever. Because our cultural weakness is our Achilles Heel. It doesn’t matter how powerful the military technology of the west is if we refuse to use it against out enemies because they have women and children and pets and whatever the fuck. I’ve spent years in this fight man, I can tell you that the outcome is far from certain.

        2. Yea a huge achilles Heel we’ve been flexing non stop since 2001. Bombing Afghanistan, Iraq and who knows where else. Don’t worry the military industrial complex is wiling and able to do what it wants.

        3. I appreciate your viewpoint but I think you’ve actually got it backwards. It’s not that we won’t bomb children. It’s that the fight has become distant and impersonal. It’s like the average person doesn’t care at all what happens and is perfectly happy to party the days away while they know the west is crumbling. And with that kind of attitude the doors are wide open for manipulators (like corporate interests, the oil industry, and the military industrial complex) to co-opt the military for their own purposes. When people lose sight of what’s wrong and right, then they’ll refuse to take action when it’s necessary, just as easily as they’ll be manipulated into action when it’s not necessary. Look up the history of the most successful generals and commanders. They all had a strong moral compass. Also, look up the history of ancient Rome. Towards the end, the military was essentially all mercenaries. And they fought not to do what’s right but simply to obtain more resources to prop up the Roman center, which by then was consuming vastly more than it was producing.

        4. I’m an integral part of the military industrial complex bro, and it’s a myth that “mercenaries” are motivated SOLELY by money. Just because sickness and disease are ‘good business’ for the healthcare industry doesn’t mean that Doctors don’t care about the patients. I wouldn’t say that Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great had particularly strong moral compasses either, by the way.
          We kill plenty of children with drones and so on, when it is collateral damage but we will never undergo a systemic policy to eradicate Muslims because it doesn’t jive with the moral philosophy of the modern West. Not unless they destroy a major American city with a dirty bomb or whatever. and if you knew the kinds of ROE that “mercenaries” labor under you’d have a different perspective. You could shoot Bin Laden in middle of the street, right before he detonates a suicide vest that would kill a dozen and people and you would still lose your job(this is only mild sarcasm). That is how it’s become over here.

        5. I dont think they are too soft it’s just they won’t do it now because there is not enough reason..they need another Pearl Harbor or WTC.

        6. If you’re part of the military then I’m sorry but you’ve been brainwashed into thinking you’re fighting the ‘good fight’. The red pill means swallowing the truth, and not just the truth about women, but the truth about life in general. Like how young guys are manipulated into fighting pointless wars so that their corporate bosses can get richer and feminists and cultural marxists can continue their cultural degradation back home.

    4. Paranoid bullshit, you sound like a cardboard cutout
      The odds of sharia being implemented even in secular Muslims countries is extremely low, let alone Europe
      You want to stand for your racial interests, get your government to stop immigration. I won’t complain

      1. Perhaps at the moment the odds are low. If birth rates continue, the muslims will eventually be the majority in Europe.

  8. GamerGate could have stayed a minor movement and SJW would probably have not been dragged in the mud but thanks to their lack of functional thought process, it exploded. It’s funny they know all this yet and they keep this going to the bitter end.

  9. That’s some pretty fascist tactics from these enlightened liberals, just flat out calling everyone “harassers” if they so much as follow a certain persona non grata
    “Citizen, you have been banned from pbulic discourse for following @slootsgonsloot! You have one chance of redemption: if you publicly announce that you decline any further association with this vile person! Failure to do so will have dire concequences…”

    1. Da fuck is wrong with u in your profile pic? Are you bending your ass over for your boyfriend?

    1. They care in the western world. Legislative actions that infringe on personal liberties are proposed by SJWs and acted upon.

      1. That’s exactly the problem… as long as those who can force obedience care about sjws… we’ve got a huge problem.

        1. Exactly. And the approach of “ignore them and they’ll go away” isn’t going to work. It’s like willful subjugation to me.

      2. I don’t have an issue with people with different opinions than myself, as that is inevitable. However, the SJWs are a different breed altogether. They’re the modern incarnation of Orwell’s Thought Police, trying to ruin people who commit “thought crime.” They have zero tolerance for anyone who holds a different opinion, and especially anyone they perceive as a political enemy.

        1. That’s the issue any logical American should have with any group attempting to impose their philosophy on broader society. Unfortunately, we live in a society filled with mindless weaklings that willingly yield to the loudest voices. It’s embarrassing.

      1. I wouldn’t say everything mainly because there is a large segment of people in society, both men and women that allow women to get away with slick shit…. so, alright, maybe everything.

  10. “It is my personal belief that, after GamerGate, video games will evolve to become a tool for raising a new generation of men.”
    There are real possibilities here. US army has already used games as a recruitment (and educational tool). The possibilities here are limitless. Only one thing is certain. Games, which will continue to be played obsessively by the young (and not so young, but mainly the young) will be an educational tool whether its for the blue or red pill.
    So, who’s with Anita Sarkesian on this one, so we can rot the minds of young men even more than is the case already

      1. It’s like we’re all living in some giant TV show, but the normal writers went on strike a few years ago.

  11. Why don’t we give a land to all SJW of the world in which they could settle and live by their rules.
    Just like Israel for the jews.
    Since they all have the idea of what the perfect society should be, they will do fine all alone together.

    1. But SJW parasite, how they survivee?? Haha, if they starvee take long time, they sooo fat 🙂

    2. The hilarious thing is, a SJW nation would turn into something like the Salem Witch Trials. With the SJW’s boogiemen all gone, they would be shocked when they found people STILL didn’t have equal outcome. Instead of their faith in “the fact of human equality” being shaken, they’d become obsessed with the idea that there were “traitors” among themselves. Thus the witch hunt and Social Inquisition would commence. I would LOVE to give them their own nation, just to watch them destroy themselves.

  12. Disagree with the last two paragraphs. Gaming is and has always been entertainment and a massive time sink. You might go through a magical journey into a wild world and smite all your enemies, but at the end of the day all you did is sit on the couch and maintain homeostasis. Reading is for girls? Quite the opposite. Reading is still the most useful way to download information into your brain. While other sources like the internet, and documentaries have their uses, books still contain the highest quality of information. There’s a reason the Romans used the same root word for book and freedom.

    1. What about listening to audiobooks? What about playing videogame masterpieces like The Last of Us or Bioshock that are usually 10-12 hours long? Yeah nevermind I guess.
      So books are never a time sink? When you spend months reading a fiction book, it’s not a waste of time? Anyway, books are outdated in my opinion. But people like to say that books are awesome and that they’re reading a lot to sound smart and patronizing.
      Personally, I’ve not read but listened to best sellers like “The 48 Laws of Power” or “Think and Grow Rich”. It’s the same if not better than reading, I know the 48 Laws and could discuss the book in details. I know, you’re thinking: “you’re lazy, you should read because… because it’s harder, so it must be better! And I read a lot, so I’m smart, you can’t pretend you have the same knowledge if you don’t read and just listen to books, it’s not fair!”

      1. Listening to audiobooks takes more time than reading, and it doesn’t sharpen your attention as much, but beside that, I’ve got nothing against it.
        You don’t have to focus to play videogames, neither use your imagination. This beautiful imaginary world is served to you, just like in front of tv. Except you have to move the fingers.
        Fiction books are not just Harry Potter and other shits. There are Dolstoievski,Tolstoi novels, Balzac novels, Victor Hugo… that will learn you more about the world that any of your videogames will ever be able to.
        And then, there is also all the non-fiction books about history, geography and everything. All the knowledge you’re missing because of your childish arrogance.
        People sound smart ant patronizing to you, because they actually are smarter and superior to you.
        Go read Quintus work and star to awake your thirst for knowledge, instead of trying to rationalize your mediocrity.
        And by the way, you’re reading, sorry, listening to shitty books.

        1. “You don’t have to focus to play videogames”
          OK I stopped reading here, you have no idea of what you’re talking about.

        2. “Sorry, I’ll take real life experiences against reading everytime.”
          Except there is no opposition between the two, they actually complete each other. Every great man whos has mattered in this world was a great reader.
          “Ok I stopped reading here, you have no idea of what you’re talking about.”
          I think I do, I was a big Assassin’s Creed fan, among others. I liked RTS too, but I never considered all of this to be more than entertainment.
          And then I grew up, stopped playing in general. Except chess.
          And yes, people who read for knowledge are superior, sorry, just like people who work out, who do martial arts, who learn foreign languages etc., are superior to those who spend their time entertaining themselves.

        3. I speak 4 languages. I don’t work out, it’s the same as reading to me, a big waste of time. Martial arts… Why? Your opponent pulls a knife out of his pocket and you’re fucked, martial arts or not.
          It’s not about entertainment, watching a TV show like The Sopranos is more than that. And believe it or not, getting into a great show or a great video game demands patience.
          But you big mister are so intelligent right, you don’t play videogames like us peasants, you play chess! Well well well. You just sound like the perfect caricature of the man who wants to sound über-smart and then to shove it in people’s face.

        4. “Martial arts… Why? Your opponent pulls a knife out of his pocket and you’re fucked, martial arts or not.”
          Lol… except when he doesn’t pull anything, what will be your excuse for letting your ass being kicked ?
          “But you big mister are so intelligent right, you don’t play videogames
          like us peasants, you play chess! Well well well. You just sound like
          the perfect caricature of the man who wants to sound über-smart and then
          to shove it in people’s face.”
          Well, yeah, I guess, I’m actually proud of the work I put on. I spend most of my free time reading and working out, so yes, I like to talk about it.
          The fact that you get all snarky and defensive when someone tell you that he’s actually dedicating himself to something harder than sitting in front of a screen, is sad and says a lot about you.
          Although I also enjoy watching the series you’ve mentionned , I don’t get any sense of achievement while doing it.
          Let me tell you how you sound, you sound like the fat or skinny guy who laugh at his friend who’s trying to get fit, and denigrate all his efforts, because he doesn’t want him to become better than him.
          You sound exactly like this kind of toxic people.
          I hope you’ll change your mindset.
          This site is for masculine men, I think you would get along with the “MGTOW” websites better.
          I’m going to stop the conversation there.
          Wish you all the best.

  13. speaking of clueless SJWs, yesterday i watched one ( white girl from the suburbs ) inform a group of people who were making ferguson jokes that they needed to ‘check their privilege “. one of the dudes she was lecturing was half black/ half mexican , and grew up in south central. it was hilarious.

  14. Here’s a story: I just managed to offend an SJW in an MMO and the meltdown was EPIC – but I’m probably in the process of getting banned so I just moved everything into an alt account. In this game you can petition other players and I’m sure once she (or he) is done with me I’m going to be Hitler, Mao, and Stalin all rolled into one.
    It was fun though. Maybe I overreact but I have already seen how far an SJW will go. When you are dealing with the mentally ill, assume the worst.

  15. Wee should make Video Gamee where you shoot blue-hair SJW. Fun!
    Imagine the outrage, no needd for adveertising, they do it for us 🙂 Haha

  16. ”To become real men, boys must overcome challenges and find the true
    strength in themselves. Whether this is done in a virtual or real arena
    is irrelevant”
    Actually it is relevant. You may be a level 60 WoW player and be a badass in that world. Yet in the real life if that person is confronted by an aggressive mob or a knife wielding thug will most likely freeze up and not be able to fight.
    Unless they can make sims that are so realistic that they demand the same challenge that real life demands and cause the same fight/flight response except that one gets 2nd chances.

        1. Hmm lets see – dsl lips, glasses, big hook nose, slope back forehead, attend SJW protest, cry out “OY VEY!”. Big shiny shekel say she Jew 🙂
          You should know not to call out Jew, Marlon. You want appologize Simon Weisenthal Cennter again??

  17. As someone who loves to enjoy video games,(especially strategy titles) I have a slight quibble with this. It is NOT really a badge of honor and sitting around with a controller or keyboard too often reduces real human interaction. A lot of men are betaized and seek video games as a refuge from the world. Better for them to focus on weight lifting, gaming women, and making money. Everything in moderation and all that.

    1. Good point. I just don’t have the time to play them as much as I used to anymore. Red pill has changed things. 4 times a week at the gym, gaming women at salsa clubs and a demanding career. Still a long way to go though ,I do sometimes want to say fuck it and lose a few weeks in the latest title e.g Far Cry 4.

    2. You say it reduces real human interaction; by itself it’s correct playing video games (read; ALL the time) does reduce human interaction. What needs to be considered is quality over quantity, I have gone to living a very quiet, minimalist lifestyle where my social interaction is with a select few friends, going on group rides, at the gym etc and I find that more beneficial for me than hours getting tanked at the pub talking to entitled twats glued to their smartphones with the attention-span of a goldfish.
      My point is these guys you mention you would assume “beta” quite frankly I call it the lesser of two evils at the moment; with false rape accusations, white-knights and simply put LOW levels of stimulation as far as social interaction it doesn’t offer much of an alternative (for the newbie beta mind you).

  18. “To become real men, boys must overcome challenges and find the true
    strength in themselves. Whether this is done in a virtual or real arena
    is irrelevant.”
    This – this is simply not true. Maybe I’m showing my age, but I think reality matters,

  19. she needs a respect bitchslap thats all. one that is heavy enough so she never ever talks stupid about other people in public she doesnt know. Man use your body when reason fails and all respect is gone from such a pig!

  20. “To become real men, boys must overcome challenges and find the true
    strength in themselves. Whether this is done in a virtual or real arena
    is irrelevant.”
    Oh yeah, so irrelevant. Because for a kid, killing 500 people in Call of duty, is exactly like winning a wrestling/boxing competition.
    It will give him the same amount of confidence in the real world, the same strength, and developp his willpower the same way.
    It is totally irrelevant indeed, that one of them busted his ass and went through pain and hardships to achieve something, while the other just sat and moved his finger.

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