How Science Shows That Leptin Is The Most Important Fat Burning Hormone

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Want to know the best kept secret about fat loss? It’s leptin… that’s the bottom line.

So what is leptin and why should you care about it if you want to burn fat, get ripped six pack abs, and not have to worry about shedding the MAX amount of stubborn fat?

Well, first of all this powerful hormone is the #1 most important fat burning hormone.

And you may have heard of another hormone named insulin that is responsible for fat gain – or as the “flab king” that packs on extra pounds. But how are the two related? Well, they are actually complete opposites.

You see, insulin is released in your body when you eat food, particularly ones that are high in sugar… and insulin turns that food into fat.

On the other hand, leptin allows your body to actually use energy from the fat you already have on your body. Here are three things you need to know about leptin that have been proven by science:

1. The more fat you have on your body, the more leptin that will be available so you can burn off that fat

maintain muscle

“Plasma leptin was found to be highly correlated with body mass index (BMI) in rodents and in 87 lean and obese humans. In humans, there was variability in plasma leptin at each BMI suggesting that there are differences in its secretion rate from fat. Weight loss due to food restriction was associated with a decrease in plasma leptin in samples from mice and obese humans.”

This research also suggests that, when you get skinnier, lower leptin levels make it harder to keep losing weight

As you begin to burn off fat, your leptin decreases… so it becomes harder to burn off unwanted body fat and you start storing more fat as your leptin levels decrease.

Bottom line: as you lose more fat, your leptin goes down and makes it more difficult for you to shed the fat. On top of that, lower leptin levels also make you feel sluggish and unmotivated – or lazy.

2. When you overeat, you reduce the effectiveness of leptin

fast food_0

Chowing down on your meals? You may be hurting yourself more than you realize.

In common forms of obesity, hyperphagia, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperleptinemia coexist. Here, we demonstrate rapid induction of insulin and leptin resistance by short-term overfeeding. After 3 and 7 days on the assigned diet regimen, rats were tested for their biological responses to acute elevations in plasma insulin and leptin concentrations. Severe resistance to the metabolic effects of both leptin and insulin ensued after just 3 days of overfeeding. During the insulin clamp studies, glucose production was decreased by approximately 70% in control rats and 28-53% in overfed rats. Similarly, leptin infusion doubled the contribution of gluconeogenesis to glucose output in control rats but failed to modify gluconeogenesis in overfed animals. These findings demonstrate a paradoxical and rapid collapse of the leptin system in response to nutrient excess. This partial failure is tightly coupled with the onset of insulin resistance

This research means that both diet and exercise will be huge components of you controlling your leptin levels and getting them to work for you. However, you can boost your LEPTIN levels today with this: Do THIS 2x Daily For Accelerated Fat Loss.

3. Sugar may be especially bad for keeping your leptin effective


Subsequent exposure of the fructose-mediated, leptin-resistant rats to a high-fat diet led to exacerbated weight gain (50.2 ± 2 g) compared with correspondingly fed leptin-responsive animals that were pretreated with the fructose-free diet (30.4 ± 5.8 g, P = 0.012). Our data indicate that chronic fructose consumption induces leptin resistance prior to body weight, adiposity, serum leptin, insulin, or glucose increases, and this fructose-induced leptin resistance accelerates high-fat induced obesity. [PUBMED]

We all know that rats and humans are not the same, but this is pretty convincing evidence that if you’re suffering from a bad diet already, you’re hurting yourself even more by consuming extra sugar.

Now, I say suffering from a bad diet, because it’s very, very hard to maintain a perfect diet. And dieting is hard… even if you have been dieting but not seeing results fast enough – it could simply be because your leptin levels are too low.

However, this 2x Daily For Accelerated Fat Loss technique can reignite your leptin and kick your body back into fat burning mode in no time.

So if you have hit a wall and you’re ready to kick your fat loss into high gear, THIS could put you back on track to getting the body you want.

Shed the fat,

Mike Chang

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39 thoughts on “How Science Shows That Leptin Is The Most Important Fat Burning Hormone”

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      1. But the returns are so consistent – the figures never change. So nice that they are willing to share this information.

  2. the whole thing reeks of bullshit. If its such a great fat loss supplement, why isn’t every company selling it.

    1. Because leptin injections (the way it must be administered, just like insulin) are effective in mice, but not in humans.
      Note, however, that the entire “article” is completely free of pragmatic information beyond what has been known for millennia. Leptin is only introduced to make it seem all sciencey and shit, but it could be removed without affecting the message at all.
      Don’t pig out. Put down the candy and cake. That’s all he’s actually said.

  3. How someone can write a whole article about Leptin without mentioning that it is the satiation hormone is beyond me(gives you the full feeling)

      1. No, avoid isolated monomer sugar and fast digesting starches. Especially if it is in a syrup. Get your sugar complexed with fiber (like in a fruit): fiber is merely glucose in a branched polymer, which is linked together in such a way our bodies can’t digest it. Free sugar monomers get caught in the polarity of the alcohol groups of the cellulose and are weened out and digested more slowly. With pure sugar, you get it fast and all of the signalling dysfunction that follows is a given.

    1. LOL! I wondered this too. Also, it mentioned leptin resistance but didn’t really explain it.
      Another thing that didn’t make sense is the assertion that leptin gets lower with lower fat stores making you feel sluggish and lazy. If this is the case, athletes must be the laziest people in the world!
      This can be explained by the following (which I keep telling people to no effect): Calorie restriction diets lead to low energy levels, increased body fat and ultimate diet failure. You can lose fat and build mass by eating the right foods rather than restricting all foods!

      1. Lower leptin levels correlate with things such as lower energy levels. Read about set point theory – leptin is probably the most important hormone in defending a given body weight, and may explain why without counting calories people’s weight remains unchanged. Leptin and its effects on the brain are thought of as a sort of thermostat – gain weight, leptin levels rise, hunger decreases, energy levels increase. Lose weight, then the opposite.
        Its not that leptin levels are lower with lower fat stores per se, its that decreasing fat stores results in decreasing levels of leptin. Athletes (and anyone) who are lean and weight stable for extended periods of time, or at least within a relatively narrow range, would likely not be affected by the mood effects of decreasing leptin.
        It seems that set point can be altered – lean people may become obese over time, but typically level off at a certain weight. Likewise, obese people can lose weight and maintain long term weight loss, sometimes just from making dietary changes.
        When maintaining a calorie deficit deliberately, there are strategies to avoid falling levels of leptin, such as carb and calorie cycling.

        1. Correlation is not causation is it?
          The best way to avoid falling levels of leptin is not to restrict your calories. It makes perfect sense that you will become fatigued if you don’t eat enough. As I said before, its what you eat not how much you eat.

        2. “Correlation is not causation is it?”
          What is your point, besides cliche recital? The relationship is causal; I forgot that using the word “correlate” results in a automatic “I win” response that doesn’t refute anything. And it doesn’t seem like you disagree, since you go on to explain how to avoid falling leptin levels.
          Nothing you say in this comment has relevant context, or any value as advice.
          “The best way to avoid falling levels of leptin is not to restrict your calories.” Thats useless for people that want long term weight loss, which REQUIRES prolonged caloric deficit with ultimately reduced maintenance calorie intake. I’m aware that you do not believe calories are relevant to weight maintenance if you control insulin via carb restriction – you are wrong.
          “It makes perfect sense that you will become fatigued if you don’t eat enough.” OK, stated in such a nebulous way, sure that makes perfect sense in concept but so what? What is the context and how much is enough, and how does that demonstrate anything about leptin? Also, this contradicts your next sentence. You are saying “don’t eat too little, but how much you eat isn’t important.” It seems you’ve drawn a distinction that effectively means it doesn’t matter if you eat too much when its the right foods, but it does matter if you eat too little. Well track your intake, and add 1000 calories of the “right” foods for a while and see whether calories are “bullshit” as you put it in a previous post.
          “As I said before, its what you eat not how much you eat.” No. How much you eat is integral to leptin’s role in body weight, and body weight generally.
          If you’ve found carb restriction works for you to stay in shape at a body weight you’re comfortable with, awesome. If you think that calorie intake and leptin are irrelevant to that, and insulin is all that matters, you are incorrect.
          And yes, I have taken this as an opportunity to reawaken, rabidly, the discussion in the post from a few days ago.

        3. Never allow yourself to become defensive. It makes you unbalanced and prone to error.
          You made a logical error, I pointed it out and you corrected yourself. Case closed.
          I never give advice unless it is requested.
          I, and others, have achieved long term fat and weight loss without calorie restriction and the misery that comes with it. One you understand the fundamentals of metabolism you will see why concerning yourself with calories is a meaningless and purely academic exercise, that at best will lead you astray.
          What I have said is entirely consistent. I am saying that calories restriction will leave you hungry and spent. If you eat too much the corollary is that you will be more energetic. You will either be more active or you will have a reduced appetite. Homeostasis.
          At no point did I say leptin is irrelevant. Please pay attention.

        4. I did not make a logical error. I knew about the causal relationship. The logical error you’re thinking of is “correlation does not imply causation” and the fallacy is believing in a causal relationship because of the correlation.
          And you gave unsolicited advice right before saying you never do, I’ll become defensive if I want to! (Does becoming defensive really CAUSE one to be unbalanced and prone to error?)

    2. It’s Mike Fucking Chang, what’d you expect? This ass-bandit has been fleecing people for years, and almost managed to kill the youtube fitness scene before it even began. He’s the bro-science extraordinaire, and RoK has enough of an image problem as it is without having his bullshit on the site.

        1. He links to a video where he’s trying to sell some bullshit supplement. Is this an article or a paid advertisement?

  4. This is garbage. It’s pretty worthless information, completely unnecessary unless you’ve got metabolic issues. Sixpackshortcuts is rubbish, Mike Change is a con artist, and he’s already been a sponsor on this site.
    Step up your game RoK. This is a step back.

  5. We live in an instant gratification culture, where almost anything we want is at our fingertips in short order, so we become lazy and feel we shouldn’t have to work for anything anymore. Unfortunately, we’ve developed a nasty habit of applying this to fitness as well. The reality is that there is no such thing as a “shortcut” in physical fitness. Some of you may be too young to remember, but look up Olestra or Fen-Phen. Both were touted as revolutionary “shortcuts” to fat loss. Olestra was a food additive for Lays potato chips that led to a fun little condition referred to as “anal leakage”, and Fen-Phen ended up actually killing people before they banned it.
    The best physiques in the world take years to develop, even with PED’s, and the very name of this snake oil salesman’s product should disqualify him as a legitimate source of fitness advice. The only way to naturally attain an Adonis-like physique and get a six-pack is by busting your ass in the gym everyday, keeping your nutrition in order, and having the discipline to adhere to both of those principles for the rest of your life. There are no shortcuts.
    I already put several links to Infinite Elgintensity’s channel on the last Chang article, so I’m not going to repeat that process, but he categorically demolishes Mike Chang in several videos and exposes him for the charlatan that he his.
    Six Pack Short Cock is no different than John Basedow, Eight Minute Abs, and the Thighmaster. He’s a pro at marketing to clueless invdividuals by using buzz-words like “Leptin” and “The Secret X-Factor For Fat Loss” to appear as if there’s a scientific approach to what he’s offering, but a gold-plated turd is still just a turd.

    1. Thank you sir for your efforts. I hate asshats and anyone who takes the time to disprove asshats is a cool cat in my book.

  6. God dammnit Roosh, if you’re going to allow people to buy posts here, at least make sure the person/product is reputable. You just posted not TWO MONTHS ago saying you don’t like these ads. Why are you letting him do this shit again? WTF man? If you need more money, please, write your own “sponsored posts” and request it! I’ll certainly donate if it means getting rid of this garbage.

  7. Return Of Kings Donation Drive

    Here is where you said “you’re not a fan” of promoting this product. How much do you make per post, and how much do we need to donate monthly to get rid of them? Give us figures, let us crowdfund RoK.
    Create a Patreon man, fucking Anita Sarkeesian has one, and she’s a professional victim. You know there are plenty of people who would donate.

  8. train HARD, constantly, recover, avoid eating garbage, sugar, HFCS, other poison = eat healthy

  9. train HARD, constantly, recover, avoid eating garbage, sugar, HFCS, other poison = eat healthy

  10. OK guys, here’s the deal with leptin:
    Yeah it’s right that leptin resistence and the drop of leptin levels slow down your diet efforts, but there’s really an easy way out and it’s free.
    The consumption of carbohydrates (clean ones if you prefer that) will cause a spike in leptin. So all you’ve got to do is doing a refeed day with a lot of carbohydrates every week or so and if you lean down you have to increase the refeed to every 4 days. On these days I usually eat whole wheat products or brown rice and lean meats or fish and reduce my fat intake. Calories have to be slightly higher than normal.
    The point is, that you show your body throughout the day (not just 1 meal!) that it is not starving.
    Other than that, lift heavy and don’t grind away at the cardio machines 😉
    Boom, enjoy your new body.

    1. Its worth mentioning that a carb refeed should be in the context of a cyclical carb diet, as opposed to a carb based diet. Also, carb refeed days should be controlled in terms of calories to avoid excessive calorie surplus.

      1. Yep, first point is absolutely true.
        I did actually point out your second concern in writing that your caloric intake should be slightly above normal, i.e. TDEE.
        I was just frustrated about this crappy article and wanted to at least make some infos available to everyone…

  11. LMFAO! I love you guys. Reading these comments is like watching the end of a Jerry Springer episode, where all the guests get roasted by the audience.

    1. Another case of an RoK article where the article is BS and the comments are gold!

  12. Leptin is not a fat burner, it is a hormone that tells your body it is full, misleading title. Foods with cellulose (fiber) are a good way to feel full and ween off overeating. A prescription of growing a pair of balls and telling yourself no may also be in order.

    1. That last sentence is an interesting, red-pill way to look at nutrition. Having the balls to tell the pussy part of yourself that craves sugar, junk food or “comfort food” to go fuck off!

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  14. Leptin is triggered by eating a good healthy meal. Fish and green leafy vegetables.
    The problem is fruit and grains. A candy bar is better for you than a banana.
    Unless you live in the USA where candy bars use High Fructose Corn Syrup. Then they are much the same.
    Fructose (fruit sugar) is converted to fat in the liver and deposits on your body. Candy bars (outside of the USA) use regular sugar which you can burn during exercise.
    Fruits were seasonal (a week or two per year) and the body is designed to store fruit sugar for later use as fat. Now they are available in the supermarket year round which means obesity.

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