Girls Are Fundamentally Lazy

I have been thinking a lot recently about what it takes to “live the life” – the life, that is, of a guy committed to meeting and seducing a succession of new women. There’s a lot to consider: what proportion of one’s time should be spent on the hunt; how sustainable it is long term; at what point should one cash in and try a relationship (if at all).

The problem that I face – and I suspect that this may apply to other guys too – is that due to time constraints I frequently have one foot in and one foot out of the game.

The duality of game


On the one hand, nothing appeals to me more than the idea of a succession of hook-ups with hot young women. I am a libertarian at heart, and I find convention stifling. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with long-term relationships but I find them difficult for a number of reasons. I’ve had three so far – each with cool girls, with whom I shared great times. But temperamentally the set-up is not for me. My focus is on my work and on writing (both for this and other blogs, as well as my novels, which are my main project).

Hook-ups require work. In my book I recommend that guys approach 100 women in a month. This is something I still do myself from time to time: it gets the motor running, sharpens up your social skills, gives you incredible momentum and will hopefully yield some good prospects for sex. But let’s be honest  — interacting with a hundred strangers takes time and emotional energy. And that’s before you get into the funnel of dating and seducing.

Meeting up with the girl, if only for a maximum of two drinks (recommended), prepping her for sex, dealing with her bullshit, getting her into a cab and back to your apartment, handling last-minute resistance then finally fucking her: all of this takes a lot of time, tenacity and energy. On top of my full-time job, my side projects, exercising, and socialising the process takes its toll.

There is a lot of information out there on how to meet girls and get them into bed. Less discussed is what to do when you’ve got past that point and you’re attempting to juggle the women you meet with your work-life — which, as we often emphasise on sites for men, should be your primary focus. I scratch the surface in an article I wrote for Return of Kings about how to run a harem, but I think there’s a lot more to be said and it’s something I intend to come back to in the future.

All of this came to a head for me at the weekend when B stayed over at my flat. I’ve been seeing B since the beginning of the year, and she has become my primary girl almost by default, although she is hot, scoring well against all my personal requirements: twenty-three, very slim, long legs, long hair, great facial bone structure, Polish.

B stayed with me on Saturday night. B woke up feeling lazy on Sunday morning. B called up her waitress job and told them she had a temperature. I want to stay here with you. Fine, baby, but I need to work. That’s OK — I won’t disturb you.

I sat down at the computer. I am editing a novel at the moment — a process which requires concentration and, ideally, solitude. B lay in bed and ate toast. B painted her toenails. B called a friend and had an animated ten minute conversation in Polish. B watched an episode of Gossip Girl. Finally, B had a crying jag and told me she couldn’t trust me.

The “alpha” response to this: you should have kicked that bitch out the house. Money over bitches, bro — never let a girl come before your work. Etc. True. But life is rarely that simple. There are two issues here. First — the majority of the women that I come into contact with actually do very little with their lives. Second — unless you’re a complete psychopath (and yeah, I know hot chicks dig “dark triad” shit, but let’s be real here) there is in every scenario a calculation to be made about how much you tolerate and how much you push back on without being a dick.

Most people are aimless. As Will Self says in a recent essay, a vast majority of [their] time is spent undertaking work that has little human or spiritual value. They are consumers, not producers. They watch sports. They watch box sets. They discuss the  box sets on social media. They update Instagram. They obsess over celebrities. They drink. They take drugs. They have a good time, superficially, but their lives have little substance. Put simply, they have nothing to do.


I meet girls in shopping malls and in discos and in man-made pleasure resorts like Ibiza — twenty-first century locales of superficiality. They are filled with people — women and men — who have nothing to do.

The problem is that I do have things to do — I am merely visiting, dipping in, following the demands of my biological imperative. The girls I meet, who I become intimate with (they spend the night with me; we wake together in my bedroom, a room where I also like to work), plucked from a landscape of banality are themselves banal. There is a conflict when they expect me to be too.

Meet women in art galleries. Meet women in book shops. Done that. The problem persists. A woman who can discuss Almodovar films rather than Pitbull’s music is still a consumer. She doesn’t necessarily do anything either.

If you are someone who does something — that is, gets up every day and chips away at  project that might change your life, be it writing, blogging, fitness, or business — then you are rare, because most other people — and most women — aren’t. Worse, there is a tendency, I think, for aimless people to try to slow you down, to bring you down to their level. Perhaps this is because they are aware, and ashamed, of their own inactivity.

For me, this makes even short-term intimacies with women problematic. Novels don’t write themselves. As appealing as a lazy weekend may be for many, for me it is an anathema. I have to work.

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214 thoughts on “Girls Are Fundamentally Lazy”

  1. “Girls are fundamentally lazy”
    Totally agree!
    A girl by her very nature will only prioritize those things which her emo instinctual hamster brain defines as necessary to her happiness first and foremost. These things usually involve the instant gratification that the selfie typically brings. It is a narcotic for which many females (the attractive ones anyway) indulge upon more often than not and more often than they’d care to admit.
    Hard work to these lotophagi is defined in an abstract concept that sometimes involves schooling, as in “i worked hard in school to get my degree”
    They think of work in white collar concepts where “work” is synonymous with time. Legitimate hard work that comes with backbreaking labor that the blue collar job typically brings is relatively alien to them, because even in instances where females have blue collar jobs they will exploit the nearest Man in order to help them get the job done.
    I worked in a blue collar job years ago. It required lifting 75 lb bags often. Anytime i hear the duplicitous “equal pay for equal work” i always flashback to those times where i observed the phenomena of females getting manginas to do their jobs because they were too “delicate” to finish it themselves. It didn’t help that the supervisor was a female who routinely distributed males (especially the ones who didn’t volunteer) to help females finish their work. One could argue that she was doing this to get the job done, but the problem there is she wasn’t fair…she would get the males to help the females more often than not and only rarely would she have the females help the males (in situations where we were extremely behind schedule as i recall)
    The hypocrisy of the typically coddled americunt is beyond staggering.

    1. “These things usually involve the instant gratification that the selfie typically brings. It is a narcotic for which many females (the attractive ones anyway)”
      The fat ones also indulge in this phenomenon. Thus, seeking validation and inflating their egos. Which then leads to an inflated SMP. Of course, this can be mitigated if betas, manginas, and white knights did not pestulize such behavior. One of my rules on Instagram is not to like or comment on any females photo. Period.

      1. True. The fat ones use it also but far less successfully for obvious reasons. They try to get high off that emotional narcotic but have to go for far longer than the pretty ones. Then there’s the duplicitous ones that doctor or otherwise photo-shop or crop their pics in order to give the impression that they are attractive. The saddest part here is that there are manginas who will fall for this ruse.

        1. I like this: “Emotional Narcotic”
          it’s exactly what it is! But temporary high which then perpetuates continuous selfies, which then result in the “high” (again); it’s a vicious cycle.
          It makes me want to vomit when i saw all of the comments by these manginas; really think they will get a comment/message back for their efforts. they fail to realize these women do it for their own emotional pleasure. Such TOOLS these men are!
          I’ve read many of your comments and agree much with what you have to say. Insightful.

        2. Mangina scum are the reason why these females have become so coddled in our society. I get the same gag reflex you do whenever i see dozens of males indulge these vapid females on FB or instagram.
          It’s bad enough we have to teach females how to be real Women, but we also have the added burden of dealing with XY quislings who will throw the nearest male under the bus all for the potential promise of pussy.
          Thanks for the compliment, it’s always appreciated when it comes from fellow intellectual ROK members.

        3. Very well articulated, my friend.
          We are fighting a multiple front war. Hence why we red-pillers must band together and spread truth, logic, and wisdom to blue-pillers.
          You are very welcome. And likewise. Keep up the good fight!

      2. Instead leave a comment about how big her butt and thighs are and she is as big as a cow.

        1. Right! What I do is comment and tag my buddy on an object in the background. We then proceed to have a conversation of said object. it’s pretty hilarious.

    2. The selfie-thing isn’t purely girlish. Was out in the mountains with three other guys. After one hour of mild ascend, they took a rest for half an hour. Then we fought our way through ugly deep snow which caused them to bitch around all the time. After one hour, we came to a rock that wasn’t covered by snow. The sun hit that thing hard and I was the odd one out for actually suggesting to try to get up to the summit while selfies were being taken.
      Hey, let’s chill, we don’t have to prove anything to ourselves.
      Of course it was nice in the sun. That’s the whole point of having a goal: To go on even if it is nice in the moment. I mean, you can chill at any given moment in time – why do you need to chill the single day you go out to climb a mountain?
      Well, they seemed like confident guys so maybe they simply didn’t care. I did feel guilty for trying to reach the summit alone afterwards. And on the way up, I wished we’d gone up together, pushing each other whenever someone wanted to quit. Nevertheless, even though I didn’t hit summit, I reached my limits and it was an important lesson. Something I would simply have missed if I had complied with complacency.
      Next time I’m definitely making sure to leave with more ambitious guys.

      1. Sadly, some guys are prone to this kind of effeminate behavior as well.
        Taking a pic or two in a scenic locale doesn’t necesarily mean a guy is acting like a girl of course, it just depends on the motivation.
        Now on the other hand, if a guy is posting pics in the mirror often while half naked and with pouty lips, that would be undignified, if not sissified.

  2. Couple of points:
    It’s pretty rare you meet a woman as driven as you. When you do, it’s probably worth your time to keep her around, assuming she’s a complement to you and your work. The lazy ones are good for a few nights of fun, but will suck up your precious project time.
    In fact, women as driven as the average man are few and far between. But in that same vein, the average man and woman, in this day and age, are about as driven as one another. Men today are falling into the consumer trap that has held women captive for ages.
    Those who stand out, to me, are those who aren’t afraid to go after what they want, and are making moves on the daily to do so. Their gender doesn’t matter.
    It becomes painstakingly clear how little the average person has going on in their life when you meet someone at the club. Their life revolves around making enough money for rent, their car payments, and getting fucked up on the weekend.
    Personally, I’d expand the theme of your post to encompass both genders. But I’d agree that lazy women are in a class of their own.

    1. The cause of lazy women in a class of their own, was partially described in a post here once, stating: “Women aren’t really allowed to fail, with the gov’t support, the laws, and family support, their success isn’t like a man’s success. Think of bowling. Women bowl (live life) with the gutter guards on so all they have to do is throw the bowling ball hard enough to hit a pin and they get rewarded, where as men throw many gutter balls trying, dragging their life down with failure that they’re forced to learn from.”

    2. I must admit I met one at nursing school. I moved on to do finance and she constantly complained that if she didn’t pull her weight I would leave her. (She was right, never had time for MTV or those silly shows on TV) She now works for a huge pharmaceutical as a research consultant. Looking to start my own business and she is looking to the same for herself. After 10 years (we met at 18) i still haven’t married, promised to marry or engaged her but she is still around loyally waiting. My wish is her command literally. Despite all this she remains strangely sensual and feminine. She agrees with the articles on here constantly saying “its not all women though who behave like feminists”.
      In that time I have had lazy chumps (on the side) try to wife me. It makes me laugh.

    3. True, but I think the main focus here is on the girls you run into who are like Lena Dunham’s entourage on “Girls.” I’ve seen about 4-5 episodes and I STILL don’t know what the hell any of them actually do for a living. If you look really closely, nearly all of the characters women play on rom-coms are like this. They have a “job,” but it’s some oddball crap nobody’s ever heard of, like the “job” Malin Akerman had in “The Heartbreak Kid.” Men almost always have well-defined jobs, because the government isn’t gonna finance a bunch of dudes just sitting around in a flat goofing off all day.

      1. I don’t know how you sat through 4-5 episodes. I watched it once on a holiday and I couldn’t tell you what it even was. Comedy? Drama? Satire? Romance? Social commentary? There was no sign of any talent or intelligence at all coming from the writers. I don’t even know what they were trying to do with that show. The emptiness of the minds behind that show is about the most grim warning you could get for what lies ahead. That’s talent these days? That’s who emerged as a creator? WOW. WOW. WOW.

      2. It’s funny how many of these TV shows like “Sex and The City” and “Girls” only give a small nod to the idea of a “job”. If you look at Carrie’s lifestyle in Sex in The City you have to wonder how in the hell did she afford that? Even if she used men as free meal tickets every night, how could she make that much off her column. Even if she published a book.
        They never show her doing many speakerships. It was a fairytale. When in reality she should have been booking 80 hours a week filled with networking, promotions, book writing, speaking positions, and all sorts of things to get a high enough income if she wanted to support her shoe fetish.

        1. This has always bugged me. These fairytales obscure the true economics of subsisting and maintaining a standard of living. And you wonder why consumer debt is up and retirement savings is down.

    4. “It’s pretty rare you meet a woman as driven as you. When you do, it’s probably worth your time to keep her around”,
      Yeah maybe, maybe not. I think it’s more likely that a driven woman will be a bad choice ultimately. I don’t need some ropy, vascular ‘driven’ triathlete type waking me up at 5am to go rock climbing. I’d prefer a Latina who spends 2 hours in the morning get herself made up. Spends her afternoon lingerie shopping and her evening cooking, late evening showing off the lingerie. The issue is whether or not they distract you from your own projects.

    5. I’d have to agree. When I was an undergrad a decade plus ago, I was in an all female dorm. I was the only one it seemed who preferred to stay in with my shitty cheap turntable playing Wagner to fuck with their brains while I actually did my assignments. The rest wanted to go out to some meat market and find a guy to fuck. That was their top priority.
      It was pitiful.
      If you’re spending money on tuition, make it worth the money you spend for fuck’s sake. I see this now when I teach undergrads – entitled little ditzes wasting mama and papa’s savings on their partying. It seems to transcend gender, though I admit I find girls putting on makeup in my class more offensive than guys slouching and ignoring the lecture to study nearby tits. It’s more disruptive, I suppose.
      Both male and female students who pay their own way and value their own worth work hard, and get great grades for it. I apply that to the rest of their lives. If you have a goal, work for it. Fight for your passion and sweat for it too.
      If you coast through life with no heading, wasting time and money, you’re a waste of skin, to quote a 90’s tv show, Lexx.

  3. Great article. I couldn’t agree more.
    Whenever I mention I’m working on becoming a professional writer, most of the time people ask me: “Where do you find the energy?”
    I tend to reply: “Usually from converting food and oxygen but there are alternatives.”

        1. My post on RoK income is “Spam” but this shit gets posted everyday and stays…. fuck you Roosh.

        2. At least it’s all in bold so you know to scroll right past it without reading.
          Stupid spammers.

        3. My point is, Roosh deleted my comment, in which I made a point that he makes over 100 dollars a day on ads alone (and provided evidence) yet fails to moderate actual spam. The hypocrisy is ridiculous.

        4. Flag the comment. If you hover over the area to the right of the “name” of the spammer, the flag button appears. THis sends roosh notice that the spammer has appeared, and is annoying people.

        5. So? Maybe he can get it to $1000 a day and move to Hawaii, San Marino, wherever. Even Pitcairn has internet.

      1. I’ve been publishing comics and it’s fulfilling when you enjoy creating the energy finds you.

        1. I like to draw manga, japanese comics. Making comics requires good writing skill and good drawing ability.

    1. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or not, the curve is high on this site and is good foor anyone who wants to keep their red pencil sharp.

    2. I usually say, “Gouda.”
      Once upon a time I walked into a coffeehouse and a SYT of my acquaintance bounced up to me and asked, “What’s up?”
      So I told her: “The normal of the tangent to the Earth’s curvature in the positive direction.”
      To her credit, the deer in the headlights look didn’t last any more than 5 seconds before she got it. Shame about the BPD, because other than that, the play was pretty decent.

    3. women are inherently lazy because bearing children, raising them and keeping some sort of home are largely aimless pursuits…. not that they are not important functions, but family life and especially kids involve never ending amounts of milling about… not to mention pregnancy, breast feeding, and the first 2-3 years that are essentially a very low key, idle time with bouts of activity inbetween… it’s actually not that different to having a bad flu or something… sitting about and waiting for it to pass…
      the entire mindset and persona suited to family life, relationships, lunches with family members, playing with the kids, keeping the home nice, cuddling etc. etc. are essentially idle, aimless time with little motivation or drive and certainly very little in the way of return on investment or creative satisfaction… they are all cost negative …. not that money is everything but generally no one is paying you to wash the dished or rearrange the garden furniture.
      women are designed for this kind of existence and good for them… there is absolutely a role for this activity in the human sphere… being ambitious, driven, creative, entrepreneurial, scientific etc. is a totally different mindset… it involves pushing yourself to the absolute limit and then resting to recharge for the next battle…… there isn’t much room in that for some mindless luncheon with the inlaws or chit chat with the girl friend…..

      1. This is why you should limit her contact with her family and friends; she won’t have the energy for you if she’s with them.

      2. and that’s what is so funny about women wanting to be “equal” to men, today. They don’t have it in them to build or produce anything of value (except drama, bullshit reality shows, etc.). Women just mill around “playing man”. They were good at their jobs in the past (which men didn’t want anyways) but they got bored with it (life got too easy for them).
        Now, they want to do the “man job”. It reminds me of little kids who get bored and want to do grown up work or chores (until they find out how much of a pain in the ass it really can be at times).
        Then, they wander off to do something else.

        1. Radical feminism was created by the unwanted whores in the ghettos who had no skills and needed to build a trap to guilt trip the societies they resided in to be taken care of = technocratic democracy. Men have always been the victims of little girls. Women aren’t little girls. It’s all about their fuckability factor and their 4 emotions they have: jealousy, envy, anger and retarded rage = JEAR and them knowing they are the problem so they project it instead of accepting responsibility for their choices and actions = it’s a man’s fault = they’re children their whole lives. Women are to be led and managed, if you cannot do that – keep you dick in your pants – or catch a disease probably, until you can lead them. If they got no respect for you – walk away, in some cases RUN. And war all others about their shitty lives so other boys, guys, men do not fall victim to their Venus Gap Trap guilt trip finger pointing lives of lies and blame. They’re actually pretty gross biologically – and while I’m on biology = sperm is you, your brain and backbone. They’re gestators. And they’re scared. Good.

      3. It helps when the driving goal and ambition you possess is wholly intellectual. I’ll be the first to say that a toddler is a terrible thing when writing articles, revising chapters, and doing research. Thank the gods for daycare, I say!
        That said, any woman with a true goal who cites ‘baby brain’ bullshit at me deserves my sweet smile and comment that I completed the 350 page first draft of my dissertation a month before my son’s birth.
        There is no excuse for letting biology slow you down unless you want it to.
        That noted, I also do agree that motherhood is profoundly aimless. Lying on the bed nursing my son to sleep is mind-numbing. I became addicted to my smartphone purely because I could do research on it while letting kiddo do his thing in a dark room where a book wasn’t possible. Sitting on the lawn enthusing over the dandelions he brings me is less aimless, to be honest, because my enthusiasm and unconditional love are helping shape a future member of human society, and I don’t begrudge that in any way.
        Attending to dishes/housework I’ll agree has little reward, especially with a little mess-making machine running around the house, but there’s a perverse albeit brief pleasure in seeing the sink empty of dishes, allowing for a sudden burst of enthusiasm and interestingly planned dinner.
        Small things, which I’ll agree my gender may be predisposed to enjoying viscerally, though nothing like the burst and rush of a creative or intellectual breakthrough!

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  4. “Finally, B had a crying jag and told me she couldn’t trust me.”
    GROAN! Shit test just had to insert itself, didn’t it?

  5. I know a girl who was raving about how Obamacare covers her birth control. The idea that she should pay for her own lifestyle is a foreign idea. Women love “free” shit, and now they know they can use the government to garnish men’s paychecks to give her the easy life she thinks she deserves.

  6. Decades of observation have led me to conclude that there is some unannounced contest going on that all women have entered whereby the woman who burns the least calories in life will go direct to Heaven.
    So it seems.
    I think it started in the 90s. If a woman is NOT some useless housewife who spends every morning in the spa or gym (read: getting paid by some shlub to look good) then she is a human slug who will even use the car to idle down the driveway to get the mail is the driveway is longer than 25 yards.
    This is why societal and civilization collapse is not necessarily a bad thing. Think about it: no more amenities around which to practice gluttony and sloth, no more attention-whoring tech. No more anti-depressants, no more being a mindless zombie.
    Funny thing it’s the feminists trying to destroy civilization, but their “parent” program, Marxism, intends to rebuild it in their image. Hence the need to keep men marginalized and downtrodden. For the Marxists want us lining up to hand in guns in exchange for food and only a downtrodden mangina would do that.

    1. I think it started in the 90s.
      Probably. A lot of all this really seemed to take hold and start flourishing in the 90’s. Girls in the 80’s and early 90’s were normal. Fun to be around, feminine, pleasant…you did stuff for them, they did stuff for you. Normal.
      Mid to late 90’s is when it seemed to start changing and as the internet flourished it just seemed to make it all worse.

    2. The problem itself is Marxist at its source.
      Marxism and its bastard offshoots think morality is bad and that the human condition can be replaced with an economic system.
      Feminists think civilisation and society (the patriarchy as they like to call it) can be replaced by feminism.
      Utopian garbage guaranteed to lead to death, misery and eventually cannibalism – as is the norm.

    3. Most women in the gym nowadays who look hot, had the genetics to begin with. They’re just polishing off the edges. Don’t be fooled by the “exercise craze.” Sure, 1 in every 500 might be a slob-turned-hottie, but that’s so fucking rare it’s not even worth mentioning. Women’s eating habits are more ingrained than men’s. I know a TON of women in their lat 20s-late 30s who STILL eat fucking candy like a kid does.

      1. In fact, most of the hot ones are busy girls, but not incomprehensibly so. One little stubbed toe, and they miss 4 days in the gym, and a day of work.

      2. I agree. I was saying this about gyms and women last week.
        Gyms are full of 6s trying to be 9s.
        The 9s wouldn’t go in a gym if they were fucking paid to

      3. Indeed. Some casual cardio (what I see women doing at the gym) is proven to do almost nothing for your body in terms of weight loss. The calories that you spend on the treadmill are being eaten in the next meal. Weight loss = diet + weight training. minimum of 3 times a week. Most women rather pickup a chocolate bar instead of a kettle bell. They also like to fool themselves believing some Zumba class will actually make them a supermodel. I know what it does to their bodies. Their ears will go deaf, and any muscle to begin with will shrink to oblivion. “You sweat, so you lose weight” Eeehh, no. You lose water. You metabolism needs pressure to speed up. Do it efficiently. Squat and deadlift stupid women.

    4. Cultural and political Marxism, in its infancy in the 50’s, got its first big push in the 60’s, really became the juggernaut it is now in the 90’s. Getting stronger all the time and the opposition response is way too weak and tepid to date. Hopefully that will change.

  7. “The girls I meet, who I become intimate with (they spend the night with me; we wake together in my bedroom, a room where I also like to work), plucked from a landscape of banality are themselves banal. There is a conflict when they expect me to be too.”
    Very well said. But it’s not just girls, it’s people.
    I have the same conversation with old pals once a week or 2. Sample:
    Them: Come out tonight, we’ll get fucked up
    Me: No, I’m busy
    Them: Busy doing what?
    Me: (insert relevant thing of the moment)
    Them: blank expression
    They don’t get it. 98% of people are lost. They’re just debris in the river, being washed to sea

    1. Yeah I don’t get the drinking culture. Waste of time, money, and a sure way to have a nice pair of man boobs growing by the time you’re in your 30’s.
      I spent a weekend recently with some people who drank till they threw up, and repeated this process, over and over again. By the end of the weekend one of them had really messed himself up, couldn’t hold food down, even though he’d stopped drinking 12 hours previously…
      …cause that’s how you have a good time in this culture, isn’t it….

      1. I spent many years warding off friends to go out and party throughout my 20s, early 30s.. But then again, there were many nights we went ape shit too. Booze, drugs, whores, awake the entire weekend and half a week of debauchery. Funny part is, we were all in good shape, and recovered pretty well. You probably couldn’t tell that any of us partied that hard or took it to that level at our age.

        1. Excessive coffee will waste you away quicker than booze. It’s a diuretic and it takes away your calcium as well. Go to the local PTA meeting with the keg sized coffee machines brewing and you see more dentures on even the thirty somethings than you’d see on any party crowd. And the teacher’s breath smells like doritos, cigarettes and coffee with a hint of perfume that smells like lilac renuzit.
          A heavy coffee drinker loses their teeth first, an indicator of POOR CALCIUM and an indicator of THEIR BONES DISINTEGRATING. When you die and are buried, your bones and teeth should last for centuries, right? Not if you drank pot after pot of coffee daily. For the heavy coffee drinker, YOUR BONES TURN TO DUST!!!
          They really should invent Folgers with calcium.

        2. I dont see anything unusual about a curious mind wanting to experiment with all that life has to offer. The problem seems to be with those who get stuck in a cycle of this and never go beyond… anything can become a trap.

      2. It seems like most foreigners who come here to Asia do nothing but get wasted every weekend and sometimes weekdays. A bunch of college kids arrived and did they go exploring the ancient cultures and temples here.
        Nah, their first question was “where do we get drunk?”
        And they spent all their monthly paychecks and time wasted on the weekends. The money sucked out of their wallets, into a dark hole of stupidity.
        The drinking took its toll too. The women arrived looking 22 and left looking 35 after only a year of heavy drinking. Despite the drinking, the food over here is healthier (even the store bought meals) so the women still lost weight. But within a few months of returning to their home countries they inflated like blimps.
        The men just had these glazed looks as if they burned their brains away with all that vodka. All eventually left with questionable liver function and nothing to show for their time.
        They didn’t learn any of the language beyoned phrases like “I want tequila!” They didn’t visit any of the historical sights.
        And all kind of had this hollowed out, defeated look by the end of it. As if deep down they were wondering what it all was for.

    2. People sometimes ask me if “it was worth the sacrifice.”
      It took me a while to even figure out what the fuck they were talking about. The question didn’t make any sense to me.
      Then I figured it out.
      The people who ask that question don’t do anything. They don’t even have any interest in doing anything.
      It is inconceivable to them that the hours of studying, practicing and training were what I wanted to do. If I were to live as they do I would have had to sacrifice all that.
      And I would have had to shoot myself.

      1. Ambition is a curse my dear friend. I suffer from the same curse. Constantly thriving to best myself regardless of what I have already achieved. I know I can never be satisfied with what I have achieved and will continue working till I drop. (Not taking about money only). I see people who don’t have any ambition going through life “happily” and wonder if I would be happier without this unquenchable desire to be the best and achieve.

        1. Other than occasional, highly directed bursts, when I’m getting a business off the ground, going for a course record, or something along those lines, I’m afraid I’m not particularly ambitious, never mind driven.
          I simply have things I like to do. A lot of things. And I like to do them well.
          Being the best happens largely as a consequence, not because it was a goal.

    3. A female co-worker of mine called me up some night earlier this year.
      She asked me what I was up to and if I wanted to grab a drink.
      I told her I was teaching myself HTML and CSS.
      She replied as though I had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. “Wow that sucks… why don’t you come out and relax for a bit?”
      I had to explain to her that I was doing it out of my own personal interest… She was totally confused…

        1. Yeah you’re right actually.
          And then they look at you like you’re the weird one for wanting to actually do something instead of sitting around playing video games.

        2. In a natural, non-progressive environment, it will be many more women than men that are aimless.

        3. You’re reaching here. This article is on the money but 9 outta 10 guys are hopelessly aimless as well. They go the office during the week and go shopping on the weekend. They take the path of least resistance and but they’re tired all the time anyway; sounds like a solid life strategy to me. They don’t live, they exist.
          In my circle almost everybody has something going on; entrepeneuranizin, sports, playing music, fixing old cars etc.
          Fulfillment in life through struggle and mastery. Plato called it a long time ago.

        4. I can’t comprehend people like this.
          I know quite a few people who live paycheck to paycheck, completely aimless and spend their free time zonking out to video games or drinking on the weekend. They must be masters at suppressing their own depression and issues or there living in a fantasy where they believe one day everything will work out for them.
          I have had to do an overhaul of my social circle in the last couple of years to be more align with my interest’s and ambitions, don’t waste time with those apathetic to life less you find yourself the same.

        5. This is good advice, but it’s difficult too.
          I did it a few years ago. I now have 3 friends as opposed to 12-15, but I’m better for it

        6. Y’all are dayumm faggots, y’hear? This country was founded by men, not faggots, who went to the saloon all day to drink whiskey. Not some faggot’s craft beer, or faggot’s sasperella. Whiskey. Now I’ve got a permit for an open-carry RPG-7 and if any faggot tries to take my whiskey, well, he better be ready to throw down, coz you best believe me and my associates don’t fool around when it’s time to ante up and bring the heat.

      1. was out for lunch with some friends earlier this week and they were discussing weekend plans. all revolved around which place(s) to go drinking, what they would be drinking and who they wanted to be drinking with. when i mentioned that i dont drink i got nothing but blank stares for a solid minute. they literally couldnt think of anything else to do … ><

        1. Ha. What turns me off most about drinking I think is how it is socially acceptable drug use. Sure, it’s fun occasionally, but I fully accept that is what it is on the few occasions I do it. I always love Lent because I can tell people I’m not drinking for 6 weeks. The truth is I drink about once every 6 weeks anyway, and usually 1-2 drinks.
          It is very socially acceptable to talk about how “fucked up” you got last weekend. It’s not as acceptable to talk about the great blow you snorted or heroin you shot, but these are all just degrees of the same thing. And honestly drinking until you pass out is worse than taking a snort of coke.
          There was a cute young fitness instructor I was interested in a few weeks ago. She was always talking about drinking and being drunk and partying, lots of weed, which didn’t fit with her day job at all, and a few times I picked up on some really bad inner demons in her which killed my desire for her.

    4. I’m 31. Haven’t ingested alcohol in my life nor nicotine or anything more potent. When I mention this, people look at me as if I’m from another planet (maybe it’s true).
      The inevitable question that follows: “Why not?”
      My inevitable answer: “I’m mysterious.”
      Turns out women actually like that answer.

  8. How many girls have you met who are as driven with career/work as yourself, and did you consider any of them remotely fuckable?
    The most career minded women I’ve met, mostly academics but also a lawyer, were quite cold people and in most cases physically looked strangely masculine even if they weren’t massively overweight.
    I just wonder if maybe most women who share your work ethic would unfortunately be the sort who would be sexually unattractive to you (and most of us here) for other reasons?

    1. how many men have you met that liked to work or were driven by their career or some stupid goal who women wanted to fuck?women and men both like laid back people.

      1. how many men have you met that liked to work or were driven by their career or some stupid goal who women wanted to fuck?
        You are obviously just trolling now.

    2. There was one. She was from South Asia. She was brilliant and driven and managed to combine it with extreme sensuality. It’s admittedly quite rare because no one else like her comes immediately to mind, but I’ve seen it. It exists.

    3. I know one Chinese Canadian girl who is driven to get her PhD and take over the world or something. I thought she was pretty bangable actually… but maybe it was for the challenge, she was overall very cold socially.
      I thought things were going pretty well between us until she told me I didn’t make enough money… At least she was honest.

    4. Something in the DNA with Jewess chicks. They’re either gorgeous with little feline shaped faces and long silky black hair with huge tits or their troll beasts with curly hair and big noses. Jewish chicks are so goddamn driven and smart its scary. I dated a hot little kike bitch who went on to med school. The girl was ridiculously smart. witty too. You can’t use amused mastery on them because they’re so quick they just think you’re playful bantering with them and they lob that shit right back at you unscathed. It’s a shame they’re all so driven by their parents to have powerful careers because they’d be the ideal to breed with. Get a brood of deviously smart, good lookin kids. Only problem is they’re all really short which is fine for daughters – not so much for sons.

        1. The Jewish chick I was dating told me the number one commandment in their religion is to be learned. Education is like crack to Jews. She also told me the other big “commandments” are to do good deeds especially with charity. She told me the yid words for them but I don’t remember. I know for a fact that’s why they all trend towards socialism. Not a very moralistic religion for sure. They’re all for gays and birth control and what not. What a weird demographic of people. Trips me out.

        2. Just to elaborate further, that’s a really insightful thing you’ve stated. It’s really hard to game Jewish chicks. Most come from very stable families with uber beta fathers. The only branch swinging they do is upgrading on intellects. Asshole game hardly ever flies with them. Fucking weird their only degree of hypergamy relates to intelligence. I suppose that makes sense because they all usually come from money and they were brow beaten into powerful careers themselves by their parents. I think you just cracked the redpill Jewess code.

        3. I never understood why jews support homosexuality when anyone with a brain knows the anus is not a place for a penis. It doesnt create babies just new venereal diseases.

        4. I’m a bit of a sadist and enjoy the humiliation and pain it causes women tapping that ass. To each his own. What anyone could see as being redeeming about a man’s hairy ass is beyond me. Pretty fucking disgusting, but again I don’t give a shit what people do in the privacy of their own homes – just keep it out of my sight and we cool.
          But you are 100% correct about the health concerns – I won’t even ass rape my own wife without protection. Not that my wife has any diseases but yeah, not an area you wanna rawdog.

        5. Actually they don’t support it as much among themselves, but more in Western civilization in general.

      1. Um, there’s a bit of a problem with the “deviously” bit to the “smart” part.
        Witness 9/11, communism, SJW subversion, banking shenanigans, etc.
        Do you want kids capable of poisoning your beverages?

      1. You can usually tell by the hands. If the ring (4D) finger is the same or roughly the same length as the index (2D) then there’s a 95% chance that the hand belongs to a female. If the ring finger is considerably longer than the index and is closer in length to that of the middle finger then +96% that the hand belongs to a male.

    5. Women are naturally inclined to get men to do stuff for them – notice how every feminist “accomplishment” is actually men giving stuff to them?

  9. I don’t know if they’re fundamentally lazy.
    By and large they’ve definitely been raised, trained, and conditioned to be lazy nowadays, though.

  10. I’m reminded of the last vacation I went on. I was being cheap so I visited a friend and stayed with him. His wife made a lot of suggestions about places to eat, and I politely declined because I wanted to remain strict on my calorie intake for weight loss. Her first response, “You can cheat a little, you’re on vacation!” She’s a landwhale and increasing in size with every passing day.
    She also requested I cook (something I like to do and think I’m good at) but never once cleaned her kitchen to allow me to do so. I refused to clean up someone else’s kitchen while on a vacation for myself. In all the hours she spent inside while my buddy and I were out of the house, she couldn’t get off her computer or put down her iPhone for the 20 minutes or so it would take to clean the kitchen.
    That fundamental laziness is why feminism exists as it does today. All of their propaganda amounts to, “someone else should do this for me!” The one thing that seems to be capable of making them not lazy is having children, and current Western culture is trying to put an end to that.

  11. Dude. You are a WRITER. You are not a scientist or a doctor! Lol get off your high horse.

      1. That’s not a profession of high work ethic. You are not benefiting society like a doctor or scientist would.

        1. Good writers have a high work ethic, as do people who work for themselves and succeed at it.
          You clearly don’t know what it takes to be good at anything, nor do you understand what it means to work for yourself without someone feeding you a steady paycheck.
          As for benefitting society, what difference does that make? Are you saying only doctors and scientists can work hard?

        2. Yeah alright buddy. Writer is known as a cop out job. Couldn’t make it in the real world. Kind of like a starving artist.

        3. Except he’s not starving, nor is he living off anyone else. What he’s doing is called making his own way.
          Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean other people can’t.

        4. without scientists, we wouldn’t have important things like nuclear bombs and sarin gas or elaborate colossal “global warming” and “ozone hole” wealth confiscation scams.
          Navel-gazing writers just do things like inform and inspire and shape the course of history. They are pathetic creatures, reduced to unprofitable scribbling by their congenital incapacity for mathematics.

        5. What are you a ‘writer’ or something? ROK is a joke. It’s all a bunch of wannabe writers who couldn’t make it in the real world.

        6. I am sure OP is far from an author with actual integrity. Moaning about women day in day out, on that’s some great literature!

        7. that’s the nice thing about being a writer. It doesn’t require so much integrity, diligence, sobriety or even talent to make a lasting contribution to society. Even Hemingway and Bukowski could do it. Frankly, many of the “great” American writers of the past are only revered now because they were all America had to offer at the time.

        8. Without writers we might still be back in the stone age. How else is science, wisdom, experience and facts recorded and passed on?
          Word of mouth ?. Maybe. But try passing on maxwell’s equations, war and peace, 1984 or the library of congress by word of mouth.

        9. go tell that to all of our great human novelists of all time…..Ernest Hemingway,
          Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy

        10. Consider that the true meaning and usefulness of doctors has changed over the years. Remember, someone prescribed the depression and behavior meds to our beloved women which helped fuck them up worse… same goes for kids. The most successful scientists and doctors in their fields are “published.” Conveying a message may be the most valuable skill one can have nowadays.

        11. It’s actually not a ‘cop-out’ job because so few people who write make any money at it. Even some well-known writers take teaching posts presumably for some more income. So if he writes books it’s very likely for his own satisfaction. It’s a great hobby, even a calling, whether or not you get people to read it.

        12. Nietzsche and Dostoevsky have benefited society more than thousands of nameless jobbing doctors and scientists who are now dead and forgotten.

        13. ED Doc checkin in…
          Any bitch who comes in for psych chief complaint or anything even remotely close to it and does not have any preexisting condition to cause this sudden onset gets a 1 way ticket to the in hospital psych consult and boom out the door. Not even a need for a hospitalist, this slut gets the lowest tier of service. Sad thing is they are using your tax dollars to pay for the ED visits.
          No psych meds for these sluts.

    1. Writers create literature and some of the greatest people who ever lived were voracious readers of said literature. Literature inspires people to dream and see perspectives besides their own. What books have you read lately?
      If you’ve written anything worthwhile, share it with us. Until then, stop bashing him. You sound just like the people the author describes, nothing else better to do but bring productive people down.

      1. To quote themaharajah below “For many A qualification, career or “success” is just an accessory, a way for them to be part of a class or group they think is high status, or a way to be self satisfied and look down on people… These chicks can be interesting, but very often they’ll make a point of always being busy, looking down on people who aren’t into what they’re into, acting like any guy who isn’t constantly on the go doing what they think is cool/high status is boring or a loser.”

  12. I hate work and only do enough for survival.I rather live on a tropical island,enjoying local pussy,and sleeping all day playing video games then work.

  13. Find better women? The tone of your article is ironic to me because it seems that you’re content with the caliber of women you sleep with. I could be wrong but you sound like a loner who enjoys getting laid but does not want a long term relationship…. sounds like you’re having your cake and eating it too.

  14. Women are not lazy. They are always busy with something, or multiple things at once (cleaning, cooking, chatting, fucking). They never rest. We men are the lazy sex. We prefer sudden bursts of brilliant performance interspersed with with long bouts of empty zen tranquility. Hunting is periodic. Gathering – women’s work – is never done.
    Your true complaint is not that girls are themselves lazy, but that they successfully appeal to your own inherent laziness and lack of discipline, which you have struggled with your whole life. Your woman would love nothing better than to keep your belly full and your scrotum drained, so that you lack both the drive and the capacity to stray.

    1. i like the zen analogy. i don’t like continuous work and def. not work for the sake of work. i like to put a lot of energy for a short amount of time and know that it’s done and it has a long-term payoff. after that i become the definition of lazy, until spurred on by the moment for something new.

  15. I can feel you bro. Just getting a bit of hassle right now from my main girl complaining she wants more attention. Sigh .. the struggle is real.

  16. Youth culture is a lie
    High energy music, Sex, Drugs, cheerful nihilism
    …………….reality comes about a decade or two later Than you rot and your cells are all damaged by 50 , your memories of good old times slowly fade, and by age 55 you are miserable while knowing you have about 15 summers left before you croak, and the lie that yearly accumulation of money was supposed to cushion the wall of aging becomes apparent, while you wreath in regret and misery, but by now it’s too late because you squandered your life
    “oh thats ok” your so much smarter than the rest you think youll have money to get a 30 year old when you;re 50 , yeah right pal, everyone will have to same idea as you and there will be no lack of aged sugar daddies around LOL , your plan is a FAIL
    Is this dignified? the entire human race has been scammed by youth culture meant to destroy 20 years of your most intelligent /productive state of being
    is depression and aging desireable? is back pain desireable? is losing your entire mind desireable?
    who has time to destroy their life with women? to steal all your years away from you f*** that, a relationship is basically “socially acceptable parasitism”
    just like aging is “socially acceptable misery”
    Collectively if we stop running from the truth maybe we can do something about aging, why is it not culturally popular to discuss intervention of aging? why is it socially acceptable?
    aging is you becoming slowly more helpless in an increasingly cold-blooded society
    oh but its a good thing you say?

    1. People don’t like to discuss death either, besides saying “I’ll blow you to kingdom come with my AR15, motherfucker, peeyowm peeyowm”.

  17. That’s why I assume, even with my main, fidelity in emotions will never occur. Sure, maybe physical fidelity (I’d like to think), but women don’t fill their time with productive shit, as stated, which keeps their emotions running amuck. An empty mind is the devil’s playground.
    Notice how she tells him she could never trust him? The typical left-field fight POW, outta the blue! Standard Operating Procedure nowadays. They want to dominate your time with their emotional neediness. If you don’t comply, or don’t play a perfect balancing act, they fill your time with excessive tension and fights… and I don’t mean the type that always leads to great make-up sex… the kind the erodes dreams away.
    The irony is that neediness from men turns women off, but once you have her in your clutch, 90% of them are needy as hell.
    Re. Lazy, my main said she was 1500 miles overdue for and oil change a month ago. I’ve been randomly asking her if she got one yet, as being a man, I respect a well maintained machine. Nope. Had many opportunities to do so since. She also bitches about having to go to work…. a complaint that’s been increasing in frequency lately. I say get over it, learn to enjoy your job or do something to change it.

    1. Fidelity is high on the list of every 21st century wumyn, as illustrated by this article The complicit agreement with the adultress’ suggestion to hamster all self-doubt out of the water, from an ex beauty queen who ‘knows the ropes’, is informative. The revolting whores running amok in society are poison in a man’s life, as you stated. That they’re willing to potentially consign a man to 30 years of bastard child-rearing, takes it a step beyond the disgusting cruelty of tension and fights. We’re living in the age of female evil.

  18. All women suck up time and energy. Theirs, yours, someone else’s – it simply depends on what they think they can get away with. If you’re busy for whatever reason – say, deadlines or you’re behind on learning something – they start getting antsy and pissy because they don’t like that they aren’t #1 in your universe.
    Then the drama begins.
    The one you’ve got seems basically to be an airhead, fairly typical good-looking narcissistic hoe. It sounds like you’ve let her get too close because you’ve been busy with your book. Reason I say this: she feels entitled to have a dramatic crying jag and blame it on you, when you’re in the process of trying to work.
    1/ “I want to stay today with you.” <— all about meeeee screw you and your plans
    2/ Eats toast in bed <— attention-getting
    3/ Paints toenails <— attention-getting
    4/ Has conversation in Polish <— attention-getting
    5/ Watched bullshit TV soap-opera <— attention-getting
    6/ Has crying-jag because she can never trust you <— attention-got, validated! Wee!
    She wanted your attention. I’m picking that it was a low-key escalation of background noise until she could throw a fake fit to get your attention. She got it. You didn’t drop-kick her ass outta the room for attempting to start that shit that would ultimately waste your time and effort. You let it reach it’s conclusion.
    Seriously, once you’ve let her get away with that, you’ve just fucked yourself relationship-wise with her. You know this.
    I’m not pulling the “dollars before hoes” Alpha thing. I’m pulling the “this cunt has a fundamental disrespect for you that’s only gonna get worse” thing. Because you didn’t squash that behavior the instant it started. You didn’t say no right from the beginning. You didn’t establish that firm boundary that you have stuff to do that needs privacy.
    She now feels entitled to push the boundaries even more. If you attempt to backtrack and establish those firm boundaries: cue more drama, fake fits, et-fucking-cetera. It’s all about her now.

  19. lol great stuff TF. Girls are mostly useless. Patrice O’Neal put it best when he said girls aren’t much more than vaginas.

  20. Great article although the title could be improved. The later part of the article talks about men and women who have nothing to do. A better title instead of ‘girls are fundamentally lazy’ would be ‘most people are solely consumers’. Being lazy and contributing nothing do not always overlap.

  21. Great article. 100 approaches a month take a lot of time..a LOT OF TIME. You spend 15-20 minutes running game on each one. 99% of the time you don’t even get laid that night. It takes 2 dates to get action, that is another, maybe,2 hours taken up by at least 3 of those 100.
    100 X 20 min + 6 hours (360 min) = 2000 minutes + 360 min = 40 HOURS !!! that is one work week worth of gaming. That does not even count the driving and walking to and fro the venues for gaming.

  22. Women have no goals.
    Many many times, I have asked a woman “what is your goal for the next 5 years”. And I get back a skywards gaze, while she tries to remember that mornings’ daydream.
    Having come to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to admit that she wants to get spanked by Christian Grey for the next 5 years, she inevitably mumbles something about ‘wanting a family’.
    Which brings us to the logical conclusion that if you have no goal, then you have no path. Thus, they are just wandering randomly through a period of binge drinking, riding the cock carousel, slaving away at a bullshit job, or perhaps raking up the student debt with a masters in gender management.
    The average woman might try to romanticize this by painting it as some kind of ‘eat pray love – I’m exploring myself’ type nonsense. Or they may try to sell themselves as a “work hard – play hard”, type girl, but the end result is the same. They have no goals.
    If men stopped working, we would be back in the stone age.
    If women stopped working, we would be back in the 1920’s.
    99% of all the achievements of mankind, have been achieved by men. Because anything worth achieving takes time, planning and hard work. Science, research, CERN, putting a man on the moon, discovering penicillin, composing the hungarian rhapsody, discovering evolution, painting the Last Supper.
    All achieved by having a goal. And since women don’t have goals, they have achieved basically fuck-all compared to men.
    Of course, the patriarchy is a convenient excuse. But if women were even close to equal, they could plan to destroy the alleged patriarchy (with the help of a billion betas). But they haven’t. The status quo remains. Therefore, there either is no patriarchy, or they like the patriarchy because it allows them to live a platonic, animalistic existance.
    But, looking at individuals, women don’t really need a long term goal, beyond hooking up a beta to support her and her brood. Her needs can all be met, because the betamax she locks down will be able to meet all her needs, by achieving his own goals. Her status will increase as his career goals are met. Her security will be assured by his advancement, and her brats will be protected by his self-enslavement to the woman who spawned them.
    Laziness (as the author asserts), is just a natural consequence of not having anything to work towards.

      1. Haha. that made me laugh. How many lizards are in the medical field that you know? About 50%+ are all in b.s. medical jobs that I know. Most are so dumb I wouldn’t want them treating me for shit.

        1. back in the early 1990s, the pre-engineering physics classes had a 20% hot chick enrollment. In year 5, engineering major classes, there was a 0% hot chick enrollment.

        2. The high level math classes have such a truthful way of naturally selecting raw brain capacity. I hooked up with a Chem engineer 8.. pretty smokin blond. She was so fucking high on her accomplishment – even though a basic quality control engineer at Chrylser – that my last words to her were:”All we ever talk about is your life and accomplishments, most of which I can hang with you talking about anyways so why are you trying to still display high value to me after 10 weeks together, and put yourself above me somehow?” That’s was the end. haha.

    1. Women have no “real world” goals because they were never designed to want anything that a man would want. They are built and programmed to crank out babies and raise children. Asking a woman what kind of career they would like is similar to asking a dog what would it like for dinner. It does care because anything will work.

    2. I think you need to be careful not to be lulled into a false sense of security. If you’re in a major metro in a blue state it’s fucking nauseating to see how their slutty tendrils have infiltrated every male dominated sphere professionally and academically. There are more women in every single graduate program from STEM to law in Southern California and these chicks are ball busters and they do not fuck around. Corporations are so fucking PC out here you couldn’t dream of getting your foot in the door for promotions and high ranking positions before some bitchy cunt gets the gig. Don’t underestimate your enemy! These are the worst kinds of women because many of them are super hot because of the money they earn and they are cursorily smart enough to get where they want to be in life – only problem is where they want to be comes at the expense of opportunities for men and it also means that no one with an IQ over 120 is shitting out kids anymore. These debauched power cunts aren’t willing to have kids anymore either. Look at this shit
      Tha fuck??
      This is a huge majority of our white middle class. It has to be stopped, but how??

      1. I guess they wonder who to have kids with. Met a career chick at my old workplace, around 35 years old. The successful men would dump her and the less successful men – whom she “gave a chance” – wouldn’t be able to handle her being more successful.

        1. The major problem is they don’t want to procreate which is why they’ve put it off for so long. I believe the article cited that 9 out 10 men want children and only 7 out of 10 women do for fear of losing their autonomy and thwarting their professional trajectories. When given the choice women with the intellectual wherewithal aren’t willing to breed and they feel this way starting in their 20’s. If the top third of all women aren’t willing to have children it’s time for society to act and fast. They can’t have the choice any longer. It unequivocally has to be taken away from them or humanity isn’t going to progress. I don’t know any man willing to be the primary care provider who would allow his partner to be the bread winner and this is what 70% of the most intelligent women are now demanding. Shitting out kids and cleaning their shit has to become obligatory for women again. I find these statistics horrifying – because they don’t fucking want kids anymore. That was the one spurious control we had over them and it’s quickly dissipating. If we’re the keepers of relationships and they’re the keepers of sex and they only want sex and no families – it’s a sellers fucking market and we’re in big trouble here if shit don’t get right real fast.

        2. I’m not much into the “we” or society thing and prefer individualism. I support feminism exactly to the point that there is no state that prohibits women from making their own choices. That point’s far in the past.
          From my perspective they can do whatever they want as long as they don’t force me to comply with their wishes. Which is what feminism does today, obviously.
          Even if I considered the idea to force them to be wives and breed, what are the chances? It’s not exactly an idea that will get a lot of votes in the political arena.

        3. I think it needs to start in the home with men punishing ambition in their female children. If daddy stopped encouraging his little cupcake to behave like a man society would autocorrect. My daughter isn’t allowed to play with academic toys or participate in competitive sports and she sees me resoundingly encouraging these things for her brothers. Girls need to be raised on dolls and domestic toys and they need to meet with the direst of consequences from their families if they so much as think about any path other than homemaking. Most men don’t have the gravitas to stand up to their wives and enforce this. I for one love my daughter enough to train her to be content living a decent life in her appropriate role.

        4. Oh I believe its epidemic and on a globalized scale. Western culture is particularly insidious as far as this stuff is concerned though.

        5. Interesting. What are dire consequences?
          Another banal question come to mind: How do you protect yourself against your wife’s feminist friends and obnoxious state workers?

        6. The consequence of alienation and shunning. Being kicked out of the house at age 18 with nothing but the clothes on their back should they disagree or disobey. My wife knows better than to flank my home or family with a gaggle of feminist cunts, as she too would be out on her ass with no where to turn and no intrinsic skill sets. My wife would be in a very bad place as she has no contact with her family. She tows the line. I break no laws and can buy my daughter any fucking toys I see fit. I’m a grown Man and under my roof it’s my way or the highway.

        7. “I think it needs to start in the home with men punishing ambition in their female children”
          Disagree, there is nothing wrong with instilling ambition in a female or having her educated. What kind of man would want to marry a woman with no drive, ambition, or education? I do agree with what you are trying to say. I believe that you need to teach daughters/girls that their number 1 priority is the house hold and the husband and the family. Teach girls that being a housewife and a nurturer is more rewarding and dignifying than the office pencil pushing jobs that a monkey can do. Encourage your daughter to be a wife and a mother!

      2. I read that article. What a DAB (dumb ass bitch). Her dick has went TO HER HEAD . . get it? . . she’s got NO DICK – her head is ’empty’ . . ha ha ha . seriously the hottie needs emergency pregnancy intervention. She can guild the stilettos and hang them up for flip flops and get using her damn breasts for pumping milk. The shit will turn to cheese and fester for years, likely becoming tumorous by 40 if she doesn’t empty them. USE ‘EM OR LOSE ‘EM. Same for the man’s balls. Getting an intelligent white hottie knocked up is like pulling teeth, especially in the west. Pulling out of feminism will be rough, especially for the targeted whites. Some form of house arrest should immediately follow courtship and marriage where the woman is banged senseless to the point where her vain career dreams are a distant memory and she’s loaded with enough white power jizz that it carries through her next period, and the excess is coming OUT her eyeballs and ears causing her to go into a spirochette dance every time she sneezes out an excess blob. And OF COURSE the pregnancy question will be resolved by then. Nooo problem.

        1. Towards that note my buddy caught his 18 year old home schooled daughter applying for financial aid for college online when she knows that shit wont fly in her home. They’re extremely religious and this girl knew full well that nothing would break her parents hearts worse then her pulling some feminist bullshit like this.
          She wanted to study bio-statistics?? It’s almost as if she wanted to rub my buddy’s face in how little respect she had for him. Seriously, a mathematician in bio research not too fucking inappropriate for a girl, eh? Shit hit the fan in his house – they took away her car, computer, phone, everything. She’s allowed to go to church and that’s all folks. She freaked the fuck out and apparently was sobbing non stop for over a week and started clawing herself and ripping her own hair out. My buddy shut her shit tests down so fast her head spun.
          While she was hospitalized for her break down he and his pastor announced in a service what a reprobate this girl is and asked for any strong men to search their hearts and see if they were spiritually up for the task of leading a girl with such a sinful predisposition and to take the first step and talk with my buddy and the pastor about possible courtship and ways to establish wifely discipline in the home. Haha the only guy to step up is such a legalistic prick this little girl has no idea what’s in store for her. She agreed to everything thinking she’s gonna pull a fast one and escape her father’s headship. Everybody’s grabbing the popcorn for this one. Funniest part of it all, and what your comment made me think of was that this girl’s mom is cahoots with her dad and they’ve been monitoring her menses and they’ve planned the wedding so that after the honeymoon moneyshot this little girl is gonna be instantly stuffed and stuck with the gift of life.
          You can not let solipsistic women make these kinds of decisions for themselves and you can do it for them with a perfectly legal amount of coercion. Could you imagine if someone tried to pull that shit on an 18 year old guy – dude would hit the road and blaze his own way without a second thought. Only a woman would be so helpless and pathetic in a situation like that. Kind of serves as a testament to why they’re best suited for a life in submission to Men.

        2. She wants to study bio-WHAAT? And for how long? Till her ovaries dry up? Whoever fed her that kind of career advice should be rounded up and put in the hot seat and interrogated. Find out if they ever so much as considered that she’s female, intelligent, virgin(presumably) and that her IV (intelligent virgin) value outweighs any underwear basketweaving degree or statistic babble certificate.
          She has the gift of her daddy’s brains FOR A REASON. And that reason lies down between her legs, not in some lab or sweaty cubicle. What an amazing baby machine she could be at multitasking a job of juggling tit feedings and lullabys. If it isn’t enough of a sea of half retard bitches out there that crack under a single stint at motherhood under the stress of being too stupid to juggle anything. But the 18yo girl you mentioned has the makings of A MASTER JUGGLER. Our finest are being targeted.
          As far as bio-stats goes, academia has enough professional liars and number crunchers to peddle the famous Darwinian cartoon of the monkey becoming a 6 foot Caucasian man with a suit and briefcase, and with Al Gore’s shit declaring that humans’ need to cut back on breathing. That kind of career advice is as blatant and offensive as taking AN AXE to her pristine ovaries. Or threatening to take a cinder block and SMASH HER DADDY’S NUTS.
          I doubt her dad nutted up her mom in anticipation of their bloodline being killed off and arrested by some unseen stealth predator. Career advice like that needs to be received as if though it were a bold faced threat. Too many devout religious people politely refuse advice to send their daughters away to get drunk, stoned and laid for 4 years when they need to get NOT NICE and realise that there is an ASSAULT IN PROGRESS. An assault that is, on the sanctity of their gene pool and is just as blatant as A STREET MUGGING.
          I’m what you might call a person of faith, but I don’t use any church approved comeback to being assaulted. If anyone tries peddling feminist careerism in my face, I’ll take it to mean that they want to SMASH MY DICK and MURDER my great grandkids. THAT’S A BLOODY ASSAULT if there ever were one, and the sumbitch will instantly loose teeth for coming at me with that shit.

      3. I’m glad someone else realizes this. There is almost more female to men in medical school because of these so called ball busting women. Not only do they have all kinds of programs encouraging them but also they have the luxury to slut it up whenever they feel like it
        Unlike men who have to invest huge amounts of time and resources to get a good harem of women to fuck on a regular basis, these wannabemen women literally just have to go on tinder and choose when and with whom to have sex as if its like choosing if she wishes to have a yoga session today, go out for ice cream, etc.
        Thus what you have is these women who are not only slutting it up at the maximum, but also claiming of being oppressed at the same time. All at the same time progressing more then men at at uncountable speeds. Just look at any STEM university class now, except computer science.

    3. They want YOU to have goals. If your “five year plan” looks promising they’ll stick around. Your goals are their goals. If you don’t have goals they can mooch off of you might be history.

      1. I immediately think of a girl who is supporting some studying boyfriend by fucking him on demand and making him sandwiches etc. He thinks: she is such a nice person to do that. She thinks: he is my future and one and only bet on a decent life. It’s sad, but that’s the way millions of relationship go. And then when there is a breakup and the perceived outcome goes poof you get the blackmailing. The cry, the tears. Shit, now I have to do all that work myself she thinks, or live on welfare the rest of my life.

        1. Great return on an investment from the girls perspective. That sandwich and a blowjob may end up costing him a fortune.
          We need to make our own sandwiches and rub one off, for our sanity and financial future.

        2. Indeed! It’s a return on investment story. I must admit my girlfriend does this also. Maybe it’s her character. She’s a good girl I’m sure. But I can see the trap of cohabitation. And I’m not going to give in. As long as you enjoy the massages and blowjobs knowing for you there isn’t a tab to keep the score. That’s great of course.
          But I know guys who married their “tea lady”. Indeed it’s a bad return for them, having to pay for 2 or more kids + a house large enough to house them, she probably wants a dog as well. They need a large car of course. The bills are sky high. All because he felt indebted. And that’s when guys give in to the dream of their girlfriends: family-life.

  23. Not long ago, my friends told me to play a game called God of War. It was supposed to take 20 hours, but I finished it in 6 months. At first, I thought I was a procrastinator and suffered of short attention spanning. But then I realised I don’t like consuming stuff. I can’t watch sports or play videogames anymore and I’m really happier this way. It’s really unbelievable how people spend their time on meaningless shit.

    1. When you get older this can happen. I played hundred of games on the playstation, later pc. Loved it. Once a year I play a game and that’s it. Last year it was Tomb Raider. Now I ask myself, what person does spend 400 euros on a game console, that’s just stupid. Playing games is just escapism. For some people that is a good thing. Nowadays I read for hours at a time. Couldn’t see me doing that ten years ago.

  24. This is why I fux with ROK. This is on point especially the part about most people doing nothing.

  25. Loved the article, and like many commented, this extends to men as well. Consumerism is driven by apathy and boredom. People with vision create. People without it consume.

  26. Beware when she lazy eyes you up and begins plotting to have you killed and squeezed for male oil to burn for keeping her lazy ass warm.

  27. Caveat:
    Women bosses in the workplace are often brainwashed workaholic slavedrivers.
    Never forget.

    1. That’s the other end of the spectrum; people who use their personal neurosis to fuel workaholism and hide from their dissatisfaction with life in general through excessive hours. Okay, some are purely driven, ambitious and competitive but there can be a few different things at play with workaholics.
      I think Troy is on a different page; a healthy drive to work on things that satisfy you. Things you would do if you were alone on an island for years. That’s where you want to be (not the island, but the mental state in which you’re driven to work on things that have rewards that run deeper than financial rewards.

      1. True, enjoyable fulfilling work is like not even working. You can call it simply having fun. I’ve trained new workers, and while training them, I keep a smile on my face and work super fast while saying out loud ”man this shit is so easy, once you’re used to the routine, it’s like not even working” or I dart around at lightning speed on the worksite saying ”easy money” ”easy money, I’m tellin’ ya”. The truth is I’m beat shitless when I get home from training, but the trainees take to it well and spring at it longer than I would ever do. Training like teaching IS AN ACT. But don’t tell the trainee you’re doing a monkey on speed act. Now I have to figure out how to fool myself into staying revved up.

    2. These women should never have an outlet for that kind of transgendered deviancy. Women can not be men and nothing is more vile than the proverbial career cunt. There is not enough degradation and humiliation in the world over that can befall these cunts.

  28. “Finally, B had a crying jag and told me she couldn’t trust me.”
    Uh that’s more red flags than a fucking Mayday parade.

    1. Nah, she’s invested. She’s tryna push him into a, “I real care for ya, baby,” mentality. As long as he don’t make the mistake of actually giving a fuck, he’s good.
      Great article, Troy. Even bitch dudes are terrible for this. Always tryna bring a dude down with, “Why ya doin’ that shit?” Schtick. “I don’t do that shit, so why you gotta do that shit?” I fucking hate that shit, man. I don’t give a fuck what ye dae. I’ll do me, you do you.

  29. Many men can relate to this article. Going on the hunt can be very time consuming, juggling day gaming with your work commitments, gym and other activities is hard work, but addictive. “Nothing appeals to me more than the idea of a succession of hook-ups with hot young women.” – Sounds like the words of a Poosy chasing SD on sites like

  30. Unfortunately in this day in age, most guys are lazy too. At the age of 20 I was a lazy college drop making just just over minimum wage. I realized I need to change things and over the next 10 years I did– by working 50-60 hrs a week, getting a business degree as an adult (full time, while working 50-60 hours a week, making straight As), studying my balls off to get over a 700 on the GMAT, go to a top 10 MBA school (while working 50-60 hrs a week), and take risks in new fields. Now in my early 30s, I make 200k a year in an area that certainly puts me in the top 2-3% of income.. Most of my guy friends–even my fairly successful ones– have gotten too comfortable and have settled in for mediocrity since they have been married and especially since they had kids. The select few that are always pushing for greater things are moving up in the world quickly but most just seem to hit the middle class income around 60-80k and just flat line. Understandable I suppose but disappointing. Half of them let their (mostly stay at home or secondary job) wives run all over them. Sigh

  31. Author Steven Pressfield has written a lot about “Resistance”, that force which tries to oppose us from making any upward changes in life. Other people and the drama they create is a great external example of this.

  32. I know a lot of girls who have their shit together, smart, are organized and have ambition, But generally lack the creativity, ideas and focus/dedication to be truly successful or do something worthwhile. For some of them i’m sure it is just keeping up appearances, or a way to get the latest certifications or accessories. For many A qualification, career or “success” is just an accessory, a way for them to be part of a class or group they think is high status, or a way to be self satisfied and look down on people. Whereas Guys tend to be more “into” things, dedicated, focused etc because they are not self satisfied, they are satisfied by the world, by other people, by what they do. What they do is a central part of who they are. These chicks can be interesting, but very often they’ll make a point of always being busy, looking down on people who aren’t into what they’re into, acting like any guy who isn’t constantly on the go doing what they think is cool/high status is boring or a loser. Lazy girls can be pretty cool, provided they don’t drag you down, they make better sex toys and girls who’ll be into(or at least pretend to be into) whatever it is that YOU are into, enjoy doing or think is cool and interesting.

  33. Good one Troy. Aside from the female behavior, it’s inspiring to see how you’ve valued personal projects over social interaction to some extent. I went through a stage where I felt so old (I am old) because I would rather stay home and read, sleep well and wake up early to start a decent Sunday of projects, hiking etc. This is instead of swaying/slightly bouncing, drunk, in clubs for 5 or 6 hours of hoping to land some approval. Wake up hung over. Get the day started at 2 pm instead of 7 am.
    It’s not so much that I’m too old but more like I don’t want to toss away an 8 hour block just for pure, empty leisure. Time gets tighter. Even a six hour date with some young hottie gets to be too long if you’re not learning anything or putting in any effort. Oh well…old. It’s not that bad. A lot of the rituals of youth are actually boring and definitely lacking in any deep reward; bs’ing with friends while drunk, drinking in general, football weekends, dating dummies. That stuff all takes awhile.

    1. I’m mid 20’s and I have the same outlook. Time is the most important commodity. You’re not old, just smart.

  34. This is so true, so many women are lazy. Not all of them obviously but man so many of them just want to put in just enough work to get someone else to do the rest for them.

  35. Its an economic problem -time is scarce .
    Time spent dealing with female horseshit not directly connected to sex is time WASTED . We’d all be better off in line at the DMV then entertaining girls outside of carnal contact, productivity wise. The argument could be advanced even the personal expenses of time and cash to GET the girl in bed to begin with are a waste considering the opprotunity cost .
    I asked a bluepill friend how much his live in girlfriend costed a month. It came out to about $200 a month once we figured it out-and his relationships pretty balanced compared to the wild shit ive seen (like a guy buying his GIRLFRIEND a house) .Over a year he’s blown $2400 on banging one girl, and that’s not tallying the time sinks of family visits, shopping trips, holiday road trips, and mornings spent dealing with “honey, I think I’ll cut my hair today whaddaya think YOU DONT LOVE ME DO YOU ?”

  36. How many times have you heard women say “I just want a guy I can lie down with and watch NetFlix with all day!”
    Makes me wanna puke, it’s so sad that women have this idea that men are just looking for a cuddle partner to grow fat with while eating ice cream and bon-bons on the couch. Its like a woman’s mentality now seems to be like as long as they let their man access their vagina every 5-7 days and the odd bj that’s all they need to do. Woman are so blind..its quite simple feed me and clean for me and raise my children.

  37. Wholeheartedly agree that most PEOPLE, not just girls, are aimless.
    As a grad student of a MS chem engineering program, I’m surrounded by men, as you can imagine. Most of my male
    colleagues spend their weekdays in class/lab and their weeknights & weekends getting trashed in clubs and bars. Sundays are spent dayloading, playing video games, and ordering Grubhub.
    If I don’t join in their banal activities, I get shit for it! Where are these driven, hard-working, self-controlled males who take on educational side projects, read philosophical literature, and WORK in their down time?? I want to meet one!!

    1. A woman engineer ? You are the most foul unattractive feminists I’ve ever seen and when you get into the real world you can’t design shit.

  38. This is decadence. We do HAVE all this free time, because most of our problems have been solved in the past. We can do nothing and still eat. We CAN lay in bed, watch movies, play video games all day long, 7 days a week for decades.
    Goverment will pay for all this with money from other men. If you are female your dad will pay for it, later your man or again goverment.
    We CAN do all this because our ancestors won. The world is ours.
    Now the question remains, how long can we keep the iron rule, if your children do nothing and get weaker each and every generation.
    If is people like you, who DO someting who keep the engine going.
    Atlas shrugged is upon us. This book should be a must read for every man who DOES something.

  39. I used to date a very attractive 19 year old “musician.” She was a natural singer, God gave her a great voice. However, her work ethic was absolutely atrocious. Now, I’m a musician myself, a guitar player, singer and songwriter and take the craft very seriously. I have a very rigorous practice schedule, usually 4 hours a day, on top of working my full time job. As we got into a relationship, I thought this girl would understand the devotion I had for my craft. I thought she would get that I needed all this extra time to improve so that I could be the best version of myself. The opposite ended up being true. She thought “all that practice is useless” and she couldn’t understand why I wasn’t completely devoted to her instead. Women not only are inherently lazy creatures, but if they feel threatened by your excellence and dedication they will try and bring you down with them. Fuck that noise.

  40. That is really something that just irritates me to no end; people who basically do nothing, and particularly women. I’m always busy, working my job or working on my hobbies. those cars and truck i’m building in my shop aren’t going to build themselves. So i’m out there every available weekend, building my toys and hwen i’m not building them, i’m taking htem to the track or the trails. it seems that most women dont understand this kind of work ethic and think I should be sitting around the house all day on weekends watching sports. Fuck that! i can’t stand sitting around, I have a life to build and things to do. Real work ethic seems to be lost on them. As humans, we should alwyas be trying to advance ourselves and our position in life, for wahtever we deem important.

  41. They’re cunts. All this ruminating over broads is making me sick. What did you White Knights expect, sluts that would fuck YOU?

  42. If a girl have nothing to do, I would tell her to make the bed, make me a lunch, pick up stuff for me. Even better, make her pose for your painting or photos. Be her lord or CEO. Delegate dull tasks. It will make her invest in you more and make her a happy slave to your will. If she obey well, ball her brains out.

  43. Ha. I would have laughed so hard at your girl crying. Not to be mean, just at the randomness of it and girls in general. “Bitch I’m working on a book, what are you crying about?.”

    1. She’s crying to get the attention she desired. That’s why she called in sick, and even though she was told he needed to work, she knew that, in the end, she could get her way.

  44. Hello! Thank you for your article. I’d like to try to compare it to my previous experience of learning polish through Skype on online classes. I did around 10 conversations over Skype with a native speaker from And I was pretty satisfied with their Quality. I think they have a strong teaching quality, following their course curriculum now I can speak polish like a native, though Polish as a second language of mine , but I Want to try another option.

  45. “Worse, there is a tendency, I think, for aimless people to try to slow you down, to bring you down to their level. Perhaps this is because they are aware, and ashamed, of their own inactivity.”
    I’ve always believed that a sign you’re making meaningful progress is feeling frustrated. Not from what your task is, mind you, but from the others around you. If you’re trying to lose weight then suddenly you get more offers for desert and junk food. If you’re making headway on a group project then you have to wait for the others to catch up. And if you’re becoming successful at your job then you’ll have people telling you to stop working so much.
    I always find I’m much more productive when I’m single. Even if I only see one girl once a week, it’s still taking away from time I could spend working on myself, making money, practicing a hobby, etc. It’s strange, I’m never bored when I’m alone, yet I frequently find myself bored around other people. And that’s because most people are just not interesting.

  46. Have you ever considered the possibility that if you met a woman who is an artist, a writer, a sculptor, or otherwise dedicated to a craft, she 1) may not be a 23-year old model type (Beauty upkeep requires a vast amount of time), 2) wouldn’t have any time for you or your views (considering that she lives the life you insist she can’t), and 3) just like you may find long term relationships difficult, because she is devoted to a craft? I am not in any way suggesting that I am this person. I just wanted to suggest that your lifestyle and value of women may perpetuate the kinds of women you attract, and the kinds of women that find you interesting. If women are just for “screwing, what kind of women do you think you’ll find?

  47. Funny story, but as a woman I stopped dating because the majority of guys I went out with kept slowing me down. Most of them were aimless, simple, boring, and lazy. However I know better than to assume that my personal experience is a complete representation of the entire male populous. Unless my sample size were in the thousands (meaning I had an interest to date that many men), I don’t have enough evidence to support a research hypothesis that denies the null hypothesis, therefore I wouldn’t dare try to reject it (i.e. the statement that “all women are lazy”, a Type 1 Error).

  48. the whole Western World is so the girls, there are few real women these days, is set up to make their life easier – like the whores nobody waned in the ghettos where technocratic guilt trip free ride democracy was birthed, lol pun intended… think Orpah Winfrey ghetto, etc. Then they got no brains, no skills, don’t want to learn anything so in all actuality we have the perfect women now – a hole for dick and that’s it. They did it to themselves time they owned up to it. Too bad, so sad, being a parasite off mankind male or female = well, that’s what the FEMA camps and multi-body caskets are for. Cya round bitches. Well, until you get ‘cauht up’ in the coming drama. Men, not your job to fix what a little girl breaks on purpose for attention to try and get a free ride through life in a system they had nothing to do with designing and building as they sat on their lazy asses whining. Survival doesn’t ever favor the weak, ad natural selection is knock knock… or there it is! ” ) bye bye parasitic problem causing gestators off mankind who produce nothing but udder bs, bye bye.

  49. I never met a woman that had a hobby, project or goal. The dude will be her project and she will be watching movies or do her nails.

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