The Case Is Building Against South Korean Women

A guy recently went to South Korea and didn’t have much luck with women until him and his buddies put down $1,100 for bottle service at the club.

Currently as of October 2012, the most happening night club is Octagon in Nonhyundong. Again, status is king here. I went twice this past trip: the first time I ran regular dance and bar game and got probably an 80% blowout rate, a few numbers, and one tiny makeout before the girl got pulled away by her friends to some other dude’s table. The next night, I swallowed my pride and bought a table with a couple of other guys. At 1.2 million won ($1100 tax/tip included) split four ways, it was roughly the same as an LA club (infinitely cheaper than Vegas though)… After opening girls on the dance floor, I’d say at least 50% came upstairs with us after finding out we had a table.

This man had to spend $275 just not to get blown out. How about day game?

Even if your Korean is super tight (mine isn’t, I speak at a 70% mark and I have a 2-100’s ratio) day game is not the way to go in Seoul. Korea is still considered the most Confucian country in the world, and that philosophy teaches strict hierarchies in society: people are taught from an early age that you should know the status of who you’re talking to, and if you’re some joker off the street, this totally goes against that mantra.

Another guy chimes in to say that while South Korean women are attractive, they’re hard to get in the sack:

they’re very sexually conservative, you’re not doing ONS’es there, in fact you’ll be lucky if you can bang her in under a month, and you’ll probably have to commit, at least in words if not deeds, to being her “boyfriend”.

Later in that thread you’ll find this:

I went out with this Korean chick the other day. We went to a bunch of places. Dinner, her college campus etc over two hours before I took her to a bar.

She would not even sit next to me at the bar because she thought it would be “too forward” to sit next to a man she had only known for 2 hours.

Even if you meet your dream South Korean girl, you’ll need to fork out a serious stack of cash to walk her down the aisle:

in South Korea a couple wanting to get married also needs cash, a lot of it – nearly $200,000, or more than four times the average annual income.

The sky-high costs stem from a combination of cultural traditions that mandate expensive pre-wedding gifts between families, such as mink coats and diamond rings, along with a decades-old custom that the groom must fork over money to provide a home.

The only compelling reason to go to South Korea is if you want to make some cash teaching English. If you go solely for the women, you may be disappointed.

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    1. Vancouver is not South Korea. Most of those girls come from very wealthy families, and do not want to be with someone lower than them. In South Korea, there are some hot girls that are not so high on themselves.

  1. It’s not like this is news. It’s been well-known for a while now. Don’t bang South Korea.

  2. I lived in Seoul for two years, and yeah, day game is very difficult to pull off in SK. However, night game can and will work, but just like anywhere else, logistics are key. You need to know the city. Nonhyundong is known to be the hippest place, but it’s also where the top ballers are going to go. If you don’t want to drop serious money, you can’t compete with the native pretty boys getting bankrolled by their dads. If you’re a foreigner, you should to hit up these three districts instead:
    Gangnam (ritzy place with good clubs)
    Hong Dae (college area, several universities within a few blocks, lots of clubs)
    Apugeong (rich area with good clubs)
    Gangnam, Hong Dae, and Apugeong have a wide range of clubs, from hip-hop to techno to rock, aren’t expensive, and the girls there want to go home with a foreigner. That’s why they’re there. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a stateside club, except the ratios will be much better and the girls will be, on average, much better looking, better dressed, and thinner. These are the places where girls who want to be with foreigners go. And no, not the half-fug girls who’ve been around the carosel and just want a green card or are up against the wall and know they can’t get a quality dude. If you’re looking for some of that action, I suggest you hit up Itaewon (the club district closest to the military base).
    As far as logistics of getting them back to your place, there are hotels every 3 blocks in Seoul that rent out a nice 4-5 star room for 4 hours at a time, for anywhere between 20-30 bucks. Chances are the girl still lives with her parents, so you should have something scoped out beforehand and put the address in your phone to show the taxi drive.
    Day game isn’t impossible, but you’re going to have to be working overtime just to even reach parity as far as results. And forget about transitioning from cold approach to a date in the day time. At best, you’ll get a number, but from my time there, Korean girls are much less likely to flake than American girls. Again, you want to hit up the places where foreigners are not just expected, but welcomed and take advantage of the numerous holidays where there’s an outdoor festival or some kind of event going on. To that end, Myungdong (the shopping district) and Taepyeongno (near city hall) are both good spots to check out too.
    I would definitely agree, don’t go to SK just for the women. You’ll be disappointed. But if you’re going to be there anyway, it’s not a bad place, just requires a little more research than most.

    1. Dude, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Itaewon as one of the best places for easy local girls. I always find that girls there are there to meet foreign guys. There’s a lot less pros there then there used to be. Many of the clubs are full of girls who would love to rebel and hook up with a foreigner.

      1. I found Itaewon to be very boring, but there were cool places like the bungalow to go to. 🙂

  3. sounds like south korea is the hardest nation in the devopled world
    just alilttle triva weddings in india are the most costly and one of the most conservative societys in the world
    in conparison makes south korea look like europe lol
    whats the video got to due with banging south korean women?
    well looks like japan hong kong taiwan an phillipines(though i dont like 3rd world booty) will be the place to go

  4. 1. Firstly, the first poster who blew $1100 for bottle service with his friends went to an “elite” club in Seoul. I’m sure the mega-high end clubs in NYC are even more expensive, and the girls there will blow off guys who aren’t willing to spend when everyone else is doing it in such an environment. The point is, who games at these places anyway? Surely not the average RVFer, not without mad cash. The bread and butter of gaming is done in the more “average” clubs, where people like university girls and guys go to.
    2. The “you’ll be lucky if you can bang her in under a month guy” has admitted that he had never been to South Korea in his post! Thailand non-pros are Buddhist and conservative too (despite the rep the country gets from its P4P scene), and SNL from legit clubs are harder, but of course you can get them in the sack much earlier than a month.
    3. In a lot of Asian cultures, the groom is the one who pays the dowry. (Believe it’s the reverse in India.) In Thailand, $200,000 is not uncommon for the upper/middle-upper class families. More social enforcement of the marry-within-your-class thing I guess. In any case, it’s not relevant cause I assume that none of us are looking for marriage right?
    Conclusion: From various opinions SK is not easy, but it’s just confirmation of a truth about chasing foreign pussy many people don’t want to admit:
    A foreign love tourist is not going to be getting the cream of the crop, the 8.5+ in a country where most people don’t understand English. Not without a shitload of work and language. In South American and FSU countries, many RVFers readily admit that the middle class girls who have their money don’t give them the time of the day.
    Unfortunately, the bread and butter for love tourists in these countries are 5-7s. We take from a self-selecting pool of women who are interested in foreigners. The high end girls mostly prefer a high end local man.
    Getting the high end is going to be difficult anywhere. The questions for the love tourist in search of Pooosy Paradise are thus: where in the world is the average girl on the street the hottest? And which countries have girls who understand basic English?
    According to these criteria, do we have a winner in Central Europe?

    1. well its changing now
      even though dowry is illegal it still happens
      but now to the men since there is a huge gender gap(bigger than china)
      women dont have to try an look good now
      now the guys need cash looks an game…to get hitched

  5. If you’re hoping to “bang” girls like the ones in SNSD, good luck. They are gorgeous and can do a whole lot fucking better than some nasty dude who somewhat resembles a chimpanzee.

  6. I work for a cargo airline and I travel to Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai at least once a month. Like any affluent city in the west, you’re not going to bang the hottest chicks there just because you show up looking different. Guys who believe this need to stop watching those old Hollywood movies where the American G.I. shows up at a small Italian or Greek city and fucks half its female inhabitants. That shit may be awesome in a movie, but it doesn’t work out quite as smoothly in real life.
    The times I’ve gotten laid in Seoul were thanks to going out with a buddy I made over there, taking me out to local drinking spots and meeting local girls at their local watering holes. Unlike day sarging in the local, affluent shopping/business area (the biggest waste of fucking time ever) or plopping down a few grand on drinks at a club where all the odds are stacked against you, meeting local hotties, in their natural environment, is easy peasy if you know how to get along with new people.

    1. Yeah, but the problem with that is that Korean dudes are the worst cockblockers in the world. Hanging with them doesn’t work…they just want to use you for English practice.

    2. Plus, you failed to add that hot and rich Korean girls are not meant to be in clubs:) You seem to know more about Korea than these pranksters that claim to live there! You nailed the Hollywood thing.
      In fact a good Korean girl is never in a club. period.

      1. Not actually true. When I was in Korea, there were many types of girls that go to clubs. They usually go there with their friends to have fun. They do not see a club as a place to find sex. Sometimes that happens, but most go there to dance. Every now and then a person can get a girl’s number and set up a date(coffee) or whatever. You vastly overgeneralizing the types of girls that go to clubs.

  7. Interesting that Roosh would take note of my humble Seoul data sheet… He’s technically correct in quoting the things that I said, and I did have trouble “gaming” the girls at Octagon the first night without a table. However, as other posters have commented, this is THE hottest/chi-chi-est club in Seoul currently. By 1:00am, I was spoiled for choice: every girl that I approached was an 8 or better and I must have seen at least 20+ 9’s in the field, five or six whom I approached and brought to the table. This shit never happens in LA, ATL, Chicago or NYC, the four cities I spend the most time in.
    The equivalent of this in the US would require dropping at least five digits at a swank Hollywood, Vegas or NYC club to get the same level of girls that $1100 at Octagon provided us. I’m not saying I’m proud of spending $220/pp, but I think a lot of guys would do the cost benefit analysis and realize that they are exploiting quite the inefficiency in pricing.
    If you read the data sheet more closely, you’ll see that I noted that Hongdae and the other college areas as well as Itaewon are way easier to get play, with very minimal monetary input. Talent level is less, but you can definitely find 7-8’s in this arena too. Soju is insanely cheap in Korea, and most girls you meet at Hongdae or an off the path Itaewon spot are more than happy to be taken out to a place which is essentially all they can eat/drink. At $4 retail for a 375ml bottle, $20 bucks will get even the most hardened alcoholic rip roaring drunk. Even cheaper if you go to a pojangmacha which are literally covered tents on sidewalks that have cheap plastic chairs and tables set up with cheap soju and street food. No stigma as well, everyone from beggars to multinational company owners go to these places from time to time.
    I love Roosh’s work, and I owe a lot of my recent successes in bedding women to him, but I dislike it when people misconstrue my words and get it twisted. Seoul is definitely not easy, but if you understand the model and roll with it, there’s no reason you can’t have moderate to high success.

  8. Korea is a no go in so many ways it’s pointless to even list them.
    Go to Japan. Girls there love the domination, and they can be actually intellectually stimulating (very high educational standards. Still have to tease it out of them over a long period, but the potential is there). Easier to get Korean expat lays there than in Korea as well

    1. Hey man,
      Korea is not a ‘no go’ in so many ways, it is actually awesome and has probably the hottest girls in all of Asia (thanks to plastic surgery and better bodies than most other azn girls).
      Yeah J girls are more ‘open’ (a hell of a lot more) but K girls are definitely doable with the right approach.
      That being said, it is by far the hardest place to game in Asia.

  9. I lived in Seoul for over two years and Japan for three back before I’d even heard of the game. I agree that if you’re traveling just for the women, Japan beats Korea hands down, but if you’re going to be in Korea, there’s no reason you can’t put your purple-headed warrior to good use while you’re there.
    I did most of my pickup online in Korea. It’s a really internet-savvy country, so girls were open to meeting dudes online. In fact my first rampage – my first taste of saying goodbye to one girl in the morning and then changing the sheets before the next came the same evening – was in Seoul. I banged about 15 girls while I was there. A couple were 6s, a couple were 8s, and the rest were 7s. I don’t think it took any longer than two dates before I bonked any of them. At least half I banged on the first date. Once I had three weekends in a row where I picked up a girl in a chat room on a Friday night, we went out for a drink right away, and we smashed the same night. I found that confused tourist daygame works reasonably well too.
    It’s true that it’s not worth going just for the women, but if you’re going to be there, you can certainly bang decent quality. I’m a white dude, I speak decent Korean and fluent Japanese, and I was not there as an English teacher or a GI (which is what most western dudes are there doing), so I was able to create intrigue that really drew them in. Just figure out your angle, include some internet pipelining, and you’ll do alright.

  10. I got loads of attention and a bang in Korea. Banged some Koreans when I lived in Japan, and here in the US. There is a prudish streak to some Koreans (conservative christianity is popular), and it’s not Japan, but also not that terrible…
    For a white (or black) man, Korea < China < Japan. Japan is tough to beat. You can have sex with virtually every woman you meet, your neighbor’s wife and your boss’s daughter. And then the white women who do live there are desperate. Anywhere in Asia you’ll see beta white guys walking around with beautiful women they could never pull in the states…

    1. well any foreigners for that matter
      knew a bengali guy ..his father wanted to get married to a girl he met in kyoto but was forced by parents to marry a bengali girl while his friends stuck with their girls
      even middle easterners an latinos are doin well

      1. Never heard of that. The few latinos and indians I saw in Japan when I was there were not pulling anything. Also, black dudes didn’t seem to have as much luck as people claim they do.
        I saw white guys over 6′ 1″ and dressed to the nines have it the easiest with the women.

        1. Whites guys can pick up a lot but many times Japanese aren’t interested because of cultural and language barriers. It’s really case by far scenario and if the woman isn’t acculturated to westerners it usually ends in a divorce.

      2. @adam
        i guess its the venue. fair skin is beautiful over there so naturally the white guy has an edge(but even they can strike out,1 normal lookin dude on youtube did an so did mark zolo aka naughty nomad)
        or the dark skinned men , best to hit hip hop clubs(or slasa clubs or anything ethnic)where the girls are already into dark skin
        rampage jackson marreid an datin many japanese girls(ben henderson half black an korean)
        antonio rodrigo nogeura use to exchange autographs for numbers (guess status had something to do with it)
        a nerdy peruvian due on youtube had no problem there(looked like olive toned white guy)
        1 jacked persian dude showed up on korean show ,married to a korean girl an was gettin the female audiacnes attenion(he ws brown skinned)
        heard on japantoday forums that indian dudes have pulled girls therebut also belive you that not the case……boils down to game(then again noticed indian guys arent typically into asain girls)
        Yu Darvish,Ariajasuru Hasegawa have persian fathers and japenese mothers
        ali elsamni,Osama Elsamni have egyptian father japanese mother
        Arata Izumi , Anastasia Malhotra have indian fathers and japanese mothers
        also the presence of pakistani men marrying japanese women is causing the rise of islamic followers in the country(thoguh small)
        the above examples youll find on wiki
        remember 40% of japanese men arent interested in sex making the women desperate for a man(says a black dud on youtube)
        its possible , but the darker skinned guy will have to work harder
        the heirachy its seem is white guys is 1, then brown guys is 2(indian,MENA,latino) and blacks have the hardest of all in japan(or asia for that matter)….but wonder how black an brown guys stack against the local guys

        1. 2 things. Most Japanese women are fairly unhappy with bow legs, bad teeth etc and have a thing about fair skin. That said, Japanese men are expected to be dark skinned whilst women are light skinned!
          Make of that what you will so unsure about any advantages

        2. jesus christ the amount of bullshit in your text is amazing. I live in Japan and beauties are everywhere. You are an uninformed idiot.

    2. Those are Zainichi Koreans the only thing they have in common with Koreans is ethnicity, Kimuchi and that ridiculous outfit they wear for cultural excursions. These people are intermarrying with Japanese at a rate of above 80%, so culturally they’re Japanese and can naturalize at almost anytime they want.

  11. I’d like to give you guys my 2 cents.
    Korea is hard.
    But it is certainly doable – you just have to have the right approach.
    Having ‘status’ in Asia is certainly a massive advantage as thats how the culture works.
    If you have the money to get a table – do it, if not then be prepared to get rejected a lot.
    The rejections don’t matter though as there are SO MANY hot girls that you won’t run out of targets if you’re in the right places.
    Right places:
    Gangnam – this is where all the hot girls are.
    Nightgame: Allui and Eden are the best clubs with the hottest girls, no contest.
    If you’re getting blown out 50% of the time then that’s normal, if you’re not getting blown out at all then you’re either super good looking or not gaming hot enough girls.
    Korean girls have no problem being bitch and blowing guys out, also Korean guys are very patriotic so expect them to cockblock you as well.
    The game is slightly different in Asia and childish sorta humour works quite well, the main goal is to make them feel like the interaction is ‘fun’ and non threatening as many K girls haven’t talked to foreigners before.
    Day game:
    Gangnam has a main strip with lots of coffee shops – it’s the main street of gangnam and shouldn’t be hard to locate (near NG or NB club – i forget the name).
    You should cruise around those coffee shops to find girls – it’s logistically easier and they are usually sitting there with nothing else to do.
    There is also a MASSIVE bookstore in Gangnam which is quite good.
    This is the ‘foreigner’ part of seoul and probably the best place to visit if you want to bang a k girl while you’re there for a short stay.
    The girls here are not as good as Gangnam though….
    The universities in Hongdae can be quite good for DG too.
    The metro:
    Doing Daygame on metro is also quite effective as there is a high amount of traffic i.e targets.
    Game plan:
    Meet K girl, talk and talk and talk – you should do 90% of the talking for the first 10 or so mins.
    Tease her and make jokes if possible.
    Qualify her and tell her the things you like about her (it’s important to Asians – low self esteem ect ect)
    Comfort – ler her know about yourself, family, history ect ect (this will make her trust you and feel close to you/able to relate – Koreans are very ‘korean’ and they are proud of this….so the more comfort you can build the better).
    Closing logistics:
    Hotels are relatively expensive, the best options are dvd bangs during the day, girls know what is gonna happen if they go in…but you should still expect some LMR as korean’s hold the frame ‘Korean girls are conservative’ very strongly and thats why the aforementioned qualification and comfort is necessary.
    The K lair was busted open by a Korean dude a while back so it’s a little more restricted these days, join up if you’re going to Korea and the guys will look after you.

  12. If you look like a korean mixed with anything else that has light skinned you will do fine ie. if you look half white half chinese, you will do well, but if you look gringo its an uphill battle

  13. I can confirm the article’s accuracy. I lived in Japan for several years, and it was (and is) a man’s paradise. My closure rate was unbelievable…and I was an average guy. I then made the mistake of spending a year in Seoul from 1994-1995 as a language student in Seoul. Expecting a remix of Japan, boy, was I in for a rude awakening. The local Seoul girls were totally focused on using you for English practice, have irritating stereotypes about foreigners, and were very sexually conservative. Getting married and getting out of there was a big deal to them. On the positive side, they do have better bodies than Japanese girls (less body hair). I found a good way out of this tough situation by pursuing and banging many of the Japanese-born Korean female students at the language school, who were culturally Japanese. The culture there also doesn’t have that much to offer. All in all, I do NOT recommend Korea. Not worth the effort.

    1. 1994 lol, back then China killed foreigners for “immoral relationship behavior” outside the confucious code. Are you a Korean in disguise? South Korean women are very outgoing and social, incase you have been living under a rock since 1994.

  14. Amen, brother. Not only that, but they are as racist as hell. I didn’t feel safe walking around Seoul with a Korean chick. When the dudes get drunk, they want to hate on you for pursuing their women. I NEVER got that in Japan. Korean men are also some of the worst cockblockers I’ve ever experienced. For some reason they think you are raping their country or something if you try to date their women. But another reason to avoid Korea is demographics: Korea has an outrageously bad male/female ratio. Because of traditional cultural preferences for male children, one of the dark secrets there is that female babies sometimes get aborted. I am not kidding about this. The result is that there are more men there than women…so the chicks have options. And getting married and making their parents happy is going to be a Korean girls’ number one priority. So, go elsewhere…

    1. I was in Korea for a year once. I saw the writing on the wall with Korean chicks after about a month. I’ve never been prone to yellow fever but in Korea if your looking to get laid, just find a place where all the expats go hang out. Itaewon, Gangnam, Dongdaemun, Most places in Gyeongii-Do/Yongin area. Plenty of Canadian, Aussie, American whores over there doing English teaching/editing.

    2. I actually find it refreshing that there are still societies that rightly condemn miscegenation.

  15. I think I can speak as an authority on this subject. I have lived in Japan 5 years, I have banged a few Korean girls in Toronto (ps if you like asian girls Toronto is good at least for that, tons of foreign students in their early 20s), and I currently live in China.
    Korean women are fucking cunts. Korean men are cock blocking racist, who treat you as an invader. However, I would say they have better bodies than Japanese and have more personality. One weird thing I found with Koreans, I had them get into bed FAST, but then the second time I saw them they put up huge resistance and pretended not to be easy. Kinda breaking the rules if you ask me, once you break down the wall the water should continue to flow.
    Japanese women are boring bu let will put out. Japanese men are terrible cockblockers, but are discreet and never violent about it. It does clearly pain them to see Japanese with foreigners. And sadly, submissive Japanese women tend to do as they are told and follow the social cues.
    I will rate Chinese men as hands down the most awesome. They don t seem to be hung up about whites stealing women, and if they don t like it, they know they don t have the right to do anything about it.
    Chinese women… I am still deciding. The talent is far less here, but I have better access to the upper crust. One problem is finding venues to meet girls.
    If you are just blowing into any of these places for a week or so, go to Japan. Most interesting culture, there are a few bars set up for white guys to meet girls and good food. For living I am liking China the best.
    Sorry if I rambled, I am bit drunk

    1. Korean girls are some of the most materialistic of all of the Asians, probably because they’re very status-conscious. I found this to be the case many years ago when I was over there, and before the age of smartphones and Facebook.

    2. You seem misguided my friend, if you look at all women as objects, then it must haunt you that black men run through white women. Don’t you think you’re being too awsome at doing that too? You are just as racist and not doing anything about “invaders” invading what could next be your “sister” or distant “cousin” or “neice.

      1. wtf, where did that come from, no where did that guy mentoin anything about race, gtfo (from a black guy)

      2. wtf, where did that come from, no where did that guy mentoin anything about race, gtfo (from a black guy)

      3. Based on your logic he is talking about both genders as “objects”.
        However, I do not see any objection to the treatment of males………

    3. This is an example of everything that is wrong with American men that I’ve heard from American women. It’s bad enough that you refer to ‘banging’ a woman, but you bed a woman once and thereafter expect her to be your unpaid prostitute.
      “Japanese women are boring…” Or maybe they quickly got bored with you and your unrefined, Neanderthal, and misogynistic manner.

      1. I agree that the the way American men are now is pretty bad, but don’t blame it on them…feminism killed chivalry.
        Many an American women will give you a full speech about how independent she is if you so much as try to help her with her jacket, or pull out her chair for her.
        I’ve experienced this and it’s absolutely ridiculous and one of the reasons I’m not so hot on dating American women.

  16. I found Seoul a very easy place to get laid. I was there for 3 years with a friend of mine and we both shagged around 60 girls each. This was in Itaewon, Hongdae, Gangnam and online. They are queens of LMR, but once you get past that, it’s on. They are a xenophobic country, and can be massively childish at times, but the girls are hot, and it really is not that hard. Going to any high-end ‘booking club’ is not the way to go – but it’s still the easiest country to get laid in I have ever been to.

  17. God, Americans are disgusting when they talk about women and sex, as if good sex is tantamount to giving the woman a beating. No wonder American women like European men so much.

    1. What?!? As having lived in Italy and Germany I can tell you that European men are no different if you want to generalize. But what your statement really says is that your projecting a personal issue onto this. Crankcase08…did your girlfriend leave you for an American?

      1. Not at all. I’ve spoken to a fair number of American women pf various ages, and I can not recall one of them declaring otherwise.

        1. Jealous? Some of you yanks really need your heads out of your arses. What is there to be jealous about? Nothing I can think of.

    2. yes ! Most American men are too primitive concerning grace, finesse, and romance to attract anything other than a female wrestler or a paid prostitute. They cannot articulate their emotions nor feelings-other than “Hey man, I took out this chick last night, spend a bunch of money on her and she didn’t give me any pussy-fuck that bitch, MAN” . . neanderthals !!

    3. Wow, what a piece of Euro-trash. I think one thing you fail to realize is that women everywhere seem to like that hot foreign strange. Any beta shlub from any country that goes anywhere is barely going to pull anything compared to hot foreign strange.
      I think the differences come from women’s tastes and preferences. Most men are not like the people on this site, most are effeminate, nerdy, and lame, like most Europeans. Generally I think the main difference is that it’s more obvious here what women want. Women dig aggression here. In Europe they still want hot guys, that need to be socially confident rather than physically confident. This is why in America women will runs in droves to college athletes, rappers, and even criminals.
      Also have fun with your “American women” that you pull. That’s such a joke. That’s like saying you eat of the dumpster for lunch. I’m soooo jealous.

  18. If I were not Black I’d live in Japan or Taiwan. Any White guy will get laid in Asia if he applies himself a bit (or if he’s tall and blonde/blue, won’t have to apply himself at all).
    A Black guy isn’t really going to get much play, especially if he doesn’t put on a hip-hop facade. Even if I were White though, I wouldn’t be in Korea. Most Korean girls are on that plastic surgery trip.

      1. He’s not saying that every Asian likes white guys…he’s saying that there are enough that do that you can get action.
        It’s not necessary as a black guy to put on a hip-hop facade to get play. Putting on a hip-hop facade just means you have access to a small pool of low hanging fruit. For me, that small pool is undesirable so, that was never my solution.

  19. I’ve been running boot camps in South Korea since 2007(in fact, I have one this coming weekend), and Korea is very doable for game if you live here, though tough as a traveler.
    The reason there are such divergent views is because more than other countries in East Asia(where I also run boot camps), looks and status have major effects on your results. So, there are a few guys who find it very, very easy in Korea, and most guys(including Korean guys) have to seriously hustle to get any action.
    There is no doubt that Koreans are the hardest in East Asia, but they have the best bodies and there are so many girls that you can run the numbers very easily in both day game and night game.

  20. Korean women have been the easiest to get in the sack. I was so surprised. Every girl I met took off her panties on the first date. Don’t believe this article. Stay away from these stupid clubs and tutor English. You’ll meet a lot of chicks.

  21. Are you seriously implying in your article that all Korean women are basically the same? Being racist and sexist will never make you happy. I hope you hate yourself as much as I hate you.

  22. I read somewhere that about 20% of south Korean women engage in prostitution as a modern cultural norm. I believe this has been partly encouraged by the American military presence. There is a vibrant S. Korean prostitution industry in socal asian massage parlors and all the women have boob jobs. Not sure how this fits in with the prudish culture discussed here.

    1. Most women don’t have boob jobs…I’ve only been with one who has. The most common surgeries are eyes and noses.
      The prostitution is mainly Korean on Korean, not Military on Korean. This is a common misperception about Asia. The vast majority of the prostitution is local, even in Thailand.
      It fits in with the “prudish” culture because Korean culture has an extreme Madonna/whore complex, so women go to great lengths to cover up any slutty history that may exist.
      Secondly, Korean culture is extremely, EXTREMELY competitive and status conscious so becoming a prostitute or more commonly working in a room salon as a hostess(no sex necessary) is a way to get ahead of the competition because women make big money and can also get plenty of gifts from their monied patrons.
      Brand bags, makeup, plastic surgery, nice cars, living in the right neighborhood all mean a lot so that’s how it all fits together.
      This article talking about Korea’s big push to modernize explains a lot:

      1. You ain’t been with shit, and you’re getting a lot of Black folk killed with your fucked-up false information. You know that? Black folks can’t even hire a hooker in Asia and shouldn’t go there unless they’re happy having no job and jacking off or going gay while they watch white guys and others fall off of the plane and get jobs and harems. Stupid motherfucker.

        1. I lived injapan and taiwan before and I talk to brothers and read articles about Black people in asia all the time. I know whats up. Black men shouldn’t go to asia.

  23. If you want to have some success gaming chicks AND blend in with the locals without getting some hostility, you have to run hyper-vulnerability game in Korea. Namely, Peter-Pan/Ingenuous kind of game.
    Remember you’re dealing with a country that’s been invaded numerous times, beaten to a pulp, with the pillaging and rape that goes with it. Fear of conflict and disturbance is deeply ingrained in their psyches.. They even ask if ‘there’s peace ?’ to salute one another. Thus foreign elements can trigger some hostility if they’re messing with sensitive goods like poonani.
    During my time there, I kept a sensible and polite but high-energy attitude. I honestly displayed curiosity for the culture and language, and gladly interacted with locals, smiling and laughing a lot with a playful vibe. And they lapped it up, girls looked and smiled at me a lot, sometimes straight up approaching to praise me or offering me stuff. With you innocent demeanor, you’re giving them the opportunity history never did : to act as protectors and caretakers, and they’ll embrace the novelty. Then when the time is right you put on your war/fuck face and pow, contrast baby.
    The caveat being that your physique and attitude must follow : looking youthful and joyous, borderline innocent and childish. And you’ll have to focus on day game more, as well as a younger demographic who’s still seeking excitement and fun.

  24. This article is hilarious. I am a black male and I lived in SK for 4 years. I got TONS of ass while I was there. The key is understanding just a little about Korean culture and adjusting your game accordingly. Not only can you consistently score with 7.5’s and above, there are tons of english teachers from canada, the U.K and Australia who aren’t really into Korean guys so there is very little competition. South Korea is a GOLD MINE. Whoever wrote this article just doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    1. You got tons because they were all fatass ugly white expat teachers. Your black ass didn’t get any Korean pussy because Korean girls, like all attractive asian women, don’t give Black guys any play. You lying-ass nigga.

      1. just because you couldn’t get laid out there doesn’t mean that other people can’t. I was getting cream of the crop korean girls no problem. You sound bitter. All of my boys who were black as well got plenty of korean girls no problem. You need to work on your game bro or maybe get some shoes with some heels to give you a couple of extra inches

        1. Actually black men are looked down upon hard time in korea. When I was stationed there, black guys only were given attention by the juicy girls(bar girls). Korean girls hardly paid attention to them, even though I had some great black guys in my unit. Koreans are very racist, but that is their culture. They do not even like darker koreans because dark skin is a symbol of low status. It comes from poorer people having to work out in the sun all day because they were poor.

    2. Here was video made where blacks were giving pics of Asian women to rate their beauty lol it turns out blacks likes the girls with lowest rating compare on scale of how Korean rate their women.
      It meant you probably slept with pigs. Lol

  25. Well a bit late reply but Ill share my experience as a white girl in Korea, in case anyone cares
    I love Korean men, I think theyre sexy and I went to Korea with that mindset. I am also young and petite. I am 5″4 and 110 lbs, size 2. Korean men love small women usually, however some of my larger expat friends had no issues.
    3. I was constantly bombarded with male attention. Everytime Id step out of my apartment, id have men staring at me, hitting on me, telling me Im gorgeous, etc. It actually became very burdensome. Korean men are aggressive, and the intense attention can be frightening, especially because i was much smaller then most men there.
    4. Korean guys love to pay. Id have men insist on buying me dinner, drinks, etc even though it made me uncomfortable, they would be very insistent.
    5. Theyre generally good in bed. I had a few korean boyfriends. They were very concerned about making,me happy and they had amazing,bodies. LOVE their dark skin and black hair. Most k guys don’t like to wear condoms. And from my experience, most were between 6-8 inch like white guys.
    6. I stayed away from expat men. Nice,to converse with because they spoke english, but no interest in them whatsoever. Most are obessed with the k girls or very very very arrogant, i found many to,be the latter.
    7. K men love feminine women. I always wore makeup and dresses and heels. K men like to feel masculine and they like small feminine women.
    8. I felt like a celeb. I also felt very desireable there. Id have men of all age hitting on me. Grandpa to middle school boys would stare, compliment, and flirt with me. Plus my boyfriends were super handsome men, and I really enjoyed my time.
    9. I often get asked how i felt competing with k women. To me, there wasnt competition. For one, I consider myself a beautiful nice woman, as beautiful as most other women in seoul. And for second, being white young and attractive as a woman, youre considered very exotic looking and men will fawn over you for just being so different looking from the k girls, whom theyve been around their entire luves and arent anything special to them. To the expat men, k girls are exotic and beautiful vut to k men, they arent. But white girls are. So to me, I was my own self and I felt fine with that.
    I know this blog is,dominated by men posting,how to get laid in asia but I thought if any woman was wondering, id share my experiences.

    1. Great comment. I get a good number of women asking me about what it’s like dating a Korean guy and a lot of western guys want to know too.
      I’d be keen to have you write a short article or do a short interview (either written or audio) for my site,
      Let me know if you’d be keen on that. My e-mail is: [email protected]

  26. this is the most ludicrous article I have ever read. I lived in SK for 4 years and the girls are usually very friendly if they are comfortable speaking English or you speak Korean. It also helps if you are not an overly eager jackass as they get plenty of that from Korean guys. If you are polite and respect boundaries the same as anywhere else you can get what you are looking for. The woman range from gorgeous to hideous and 18 year old raging sluts to 35 year old virgins so to generalize because you went to a Gangnam club and got shot down by rich girls and gold diggers would be like going to America and getting refused by models in NYC when you are 50 fat and short.

  27. They’re not even that attractive…. 70% of the women look nothing like the kpop stars you see on tv… outside of Seoul more like 90%. Most of them have fat faces, squinty eyes, zero ass/tits, boring and whiny personality. Don’t waste your time.

    1. Sounds like someone has been reading the stereotypes and making broad generalizations about a place they have never been.

  28. Dude, I don’t know what this guy did but as a broke US Army private I had zero trouble banging South Korean women. He wasted a lot of time at the wrong kinds of clubs and obviously knew zero about Korean culture. Sure those places exist but so do other types of venues. And Day game? Hell I got approached at least as often as I chatted up women – once or twice even on the subway! Maybe things have radically changed since 2000 but I doubt it’s that drastic. Maybe the guy is just butt ugly…. who knows. I’m not buying his Korean language ability if that’s the case since I had ass-ugly friends who spoke great Korean and were killing it with the women. This guy just sounds like he quit too easily.

    1. Things have changed. The first time I went to Seoul in 2001 I had a girl approach me and take me to a DVD room. It’s never happened since.
      Having said, that, I still think Korea is a great place to get girls, but it does require more effort than other parts of Asia because the competition is so fierce.
      Korean dudes are working HARD for sure. My clients kill it in Korea, especially if they speak the language.

      1. Language ability always helps – the first thing I did was learn a few phrases. But if things were so easy for dumbass (poor, often vulgar and ugly) privates, I can’t believe it’s as bad for a regular guy with a job and a decent haircut – at least not as bad as the article suggests. I saw beta douchebag English teachers pulling tang they would never dream of pulling back home, as another poster said.
        I’m actually surprised DVD rooms still exist, really; also wondering what the effect of social media is on the scene – probably not good. I guess I’m glad I got to go there when I did.
        Best of luck, regardless.

      2. Wow – that’s not happy news, but I heard some similar tales. Glad I got there when I did. And yes, learning at least some of the language always helps, regardless.
        I didn’t need to know a lot – Korean women generally liked white guys (and there were always a few who liked black/hispanic/whatever else guys too). Some of them didn’t like military guys but if you avoided the real dumbass GI crowds and their hangout spots it wasn’t hard to avoid that stereotype and find regular Korean women not put off by your occupation. I used to grow my hair as long as I could get away with growing it and play myself off as a civilian – it helped.
        Korean dudes were not usually a problem; guess it depends. I think all the DVD rooms are closed down by now though – haha!

        1. I usually never let them know that I was a GI until I had been with the girl for awhile. For a one night stand, I would use “I teach English” to justify my purpose for being there. DVD rooms are there and open.

        2. Good technique – some places it just goes over better if you can avoid the whole GI question. And those DVD rooms (appropriately called “video-bangs”) were always good places to crash for a few hours if you couldn’t afford a room for the night.

  29. Where did you get your source info on marrying Korean girls. 200k is bullshit, my wife is Korean and only forked over 3 grand. Korean women are easy but you gotta understand Korean culture and humor. Status takes you along way, nice car, good job is what you need.

  30. I don’t know what this guy is talking about, but when I was in Korea I had zero difficulties getting women. Sure there were your stuck up prudes, but most of the girls are really loving and caring. Convince them to go to a DVD room/motel, and from there they are more receptive to sex. The problem is these guys are going about dating korean women wrong. Yes the bars are great there because hot women go to bars; old cougars are not usually found there unlike in america. Bars in korea are more of a place were young girls and their friends go. You can do the whole bar thing, but Try to find internet sites that are language sharing website. I met a lot of girls that were above average to hot on those website. I banged about half of them. Also try to learn the language. Asian women are really impressed when people try to learn their language. Sounds like Roush has not been to korea.

  31. I spent a year in Korea and never had a problem with the locals. But I worked nearly all of that year at the Osan Air Base ER and saw a lot of physically fucked up Americans. GI’s and civilians.
    Except for auto or bicycle accidents it was always their own fault. Because they didn’t treat the Koreans with respect. And there was alway alcohol invoked. A lot of it.
    Your a guest in their country. Some Koreans have a dislike or indifference towards Americans. But by being polite I never had a problem. Koreans arent allowed to be aggresive to Americans…unless the American starts it. Then your in for an ass kicking.
    Don’t behave like an asshole and it’s safer than in most any American city. Be polite and have a little street smarts and you’ll be fine. Now if your looking for that ONS, go to a club and get a hooker. Non hooker Korean girls don’t want that. I’m sure there’s an exception, but not many or often

  32. i love materialistic beyotheches, especially asian ones. but then again i don’t live in my parents basement and make minimum wage!

  33. I came across this site by chance. I was browsing a few sites to learn about Korean culture when I stumbled on this one. It’s not that I regret this unexpected move, but close. When I read through the garbage below, this prehistoric attitude of self-proclaimed “alphas” with women, I feel nauseated. No wonder the wedding rate in the US is plummeting. No wonder the country’s losing its once powerful edge on the rest of the world. Reading some of their comments, I could have replaced the word “women” with “prey”: waterhole, learn their habits, observe and adapt… Damn! I didn’t know that catching a woman’s attention was so much like hunting wild animals! It’s all about strength, isn’t it? What about caring, listening, learning, trusting, elating? Yeah, they’ll call me names for saying that. I don’t care. These same people, posting all these low-key, neanderthal-like comments, these short-sighted, pathetic ersatz of men are condemned to live miserable lives in the long run, not finding Mrs Right or thinking they have found her but ending up sorely disappointed when, for their enduring lack of maturity, they call it quit. Action calls reaction. This kind can only lead to bitter disappointment.

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