US Government Goes Full Retard And Backs War Draft For Women

Recently, Congress has been trying to push a bill that would require women to register for the draft—could this be a preparation for a potential war with Russia? I don’t know, but regardless, this event makes it clear just how far feminism has come.

I seriously doubt that this draft will actually be passed, but then again, when you consider that the elites are pulling the strings, they may actually manage to push it off. Then again, with Donald Trump in office, he’ll probably just choose one of the 50 illegal vetoes that Obama used to prevent it from being enacted.

Despite its seeming ridiculousness, I actually believe that this will be a good thing—not women going to war, but an attempt at passing the draft. Clearly having women go to war will be horrible, but I highly doubt that it will get that far. Here’s why:

The Elites Are Insulated

female draft

But actually, though

I believe that the elites are trying to pass this law, in order to further break apart the family unit and begin the process of permanently erasing gender roles and differences. But, despite their financial and political power, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that they can do this.

Put yourself in the shoes of an elite for a few moments. They live in posh mansions their entire lives, they’ve never gone grocery shopping, and anything that they could ever want is given to them on a silver platter (quite literally).

They’ve probably never frequented venues or public areas if the average net worth of people in the place is less than $5 million. In other words, they’re basically in a bubble where everything is all perfect and dandy.

The entire day, they’re being told about how their plans are going splendidly, they’re on conference calls with George Soros talking about how much havoc BLM has caused, and they’re sending letters to the CEO’s of MSM on what next week’s news will be.

This is why they think that America is so far gone, that if they push the “going to war is feminism!” propaganda, that it will go through. Every single reader of ROK should know that this is absolutely not going to happen.

Even the most die-hard feminist does NOT want to be drafted; she’ll gladly tie her hair up into pig tails, twirl them innocently, and proclaim: “B-but you’re a big strong man! I don’t want them to hurt little old me!”

Again, the elites are too insulated to see this—they don’t realize the massive backlash that this bill will cause, which brings me to my next point.

How The Media Will Try To Push This

female draft

Too bad Hillary lost.

The media’s predictability is entirely laughable, and yet somehow, they seem to keep doubling down on their crumbling narrative. Expect headlines like the following to be blasted all over the news:

  • “Beyoncé supports the female draft!”
  • “Feminists fight for their country!”
  • “She’s fighting to protect her little girl.”
  • “Female brigade prepares to fight against sexist Putin, leader of Russia.”

Regardless, the media hasn’t learned anything from the past six months of trying to stop Donald Trump, so don’t expect them to change anytime soon. Despite the obvious ridiculousness of what they’ll be proclaiming, you can bet that they’ll run their narrative into the ground.

This will only further bring about their demise, because obviously no woman in her right mind (even a feminist) wants to be drafted. This is the one thing that separates the men from the women: our ability to protect the tribe. As more and more people start seeing how controlled the media is, expect the alt-news to grow even more.

It Will Expose Feminism For What It Is

Ever since 2012, Return of Kings has been exposing modern feminism for what it is: a ruthless grab for power by greedy women with daddy issues. No, we’re not talking about the right to work, vote, or own property—we’re talking about modern feminism (it’s called by many names).

Modern feminism has, and always will be, about giving more power to women and taking power away from men. This takes many forms:

  • Economic power
  • Social power
  • Political power
  • Physical power

At first, it was economic power—women simply wanted the right to work. Then, it moved onto political power, hence the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. These were both legitimate pursuits, but beyond this, it’s all been a grab for power.

Despite women having a gigantic 3:1 advantage against men in STEM fields (due to gender quotas), the feminist media is STILL clamoring for more laws to be put in place regulating jobs. Women have always had more social power than men, but it’s only become worse with the modern slut-glorification and vanity of women—and how men can’t speak out against it, lest they lose their job.

And don’t even get me started on divorce rape or domestic abuse disputes. Yes, clearly some men are abusive and belong in jail, but there’s a huge amount of evidence showing that men are unfairly treated in these cases, even if a woman simply claims that he did something (despite being his girlfriend for 5 years).

So, it seems that in addition to having more social, economic, and political power than men, they even have more physical power over men by proxy of beta male white knights and police officers. Clearly it’s time for a change.

It’s War Time, Ladies!

This is what happens when you ignore gender differences

This is what happens when you ignore gender differences

The massive amount of backlash that I expect this draft to receive will do two things:

  1. Make women realize that they actually do need men for some things
  2. Start pushing some men onto the red-pill journey, as they begin to see the hypocrisy of modern feminism

As this potential draft becomes more and more mainstream, it will also become the hot topic for casual banter, and will likely cause some heated debates. There’s no way that every woman in the US won’t know about this come New Year’s Eve.

I believe that this will start to begin the process of unbrainwashing women. Yes, it isn’t a lot, but it’s definitely a huge jump in the right direction. Striking fear into the hearts of women all across the USA will make them realize just how much they appreciate men.

Expect primal masculinity to start making a comeback—as more and more women become terrified, and realize that they actually do need men to protect them, our culture will slowly start to value men more and more.

Particularly, high testosterone men that are capable of fighting, which is just what we need. It seems that sometimes the pendulum has to swing way too far to the left (modern feminism) before it comes back to sanity.

This, combined with Trump’s presidency, will lead to a huge restoration of a society that’s in line with biological differences within the next 8 years.

“Donald Trump is My Hero!”

female draft

“Donald Trump stopped the female draft? What?? There’s no way he’s sexist, now!”

This pathetic attempt at making a female draft the same as feminism, and riling up women to the point that they’re eager to get drafted, will only give Donald J. Trump a chance to be the savior of every single woman of America.

Imagine it: Breitbart, ROK, Info Wars, and all of the alt-news comes out with a massive headline: “President Trump Vetoes Female Draft!” How could a woman NOT love him for this?

Of course, the mainstream media will likely remain silent on this matter, or somehow try to blame Trump for the bill in the first place, but by this point it won’t even matter—the damage will have been done. Women will have lost their faith in “Daddy Government’s” best intentions, and they will have their faith restored in “Daddy Trump,” as Milo Yiannopoulos calls him.

By the time that Trump is in office, and has the chance to veto this ridiculous bill, the MSM will be even closer to death than it was before. As alternative news sites start gaining more and more political and social influence, expect the news that Trump is responsible for saving women to spread like wildfire.

Lessen Gender Tensions

female draft

Over the past several years, the media has been going full steam ahead, trying to portray every single man as a rapist. In fact, as others have noted, it’s not uncommon to see posters all over college campuses, saying something like the following:

  • “Susie and John had been drinking, and then they had sex. The next day, John was arrested for rape. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!”
  • “Susie had a drink, and invited John back to her place. Little did John know, that was rape.”
  • “One in four women on this campus has been raped. Stay vigilant!”

Obviously this is complete propaganda, but despite this, it’s been brainwashing young and impressionable college students to buy into the “all men are rapists,” frame. The draft being vetoed, however, will begin the process of lessening this.

I believe that once Donald Trump vetoes the draft (which, I promise you, based off of his values, he will), women will feel a surge of relief, and some of them may start to realize that not all men are, in fact, rapists. Some are actually normal guys that are just trying to protect them.

As more and more men start to wake up and realize that feminism is a hypocrisy, and as more and more women start to question their conditioning, I believe that we will begin the process of transitioning us back to a normal, patriarchal society. We’re on the path to victory, boys.

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  1. Women Going to War = Fewer Women Left Alive = A Better Quality of Life for All Who Remain
    I don’t have any problem with what the math is telling me here.

    1. More women going to war = Fewer women available for sex and relationships = Women becoming even more bitchy = Harder to get laid = More followers of Elliot Roger

      1. women conscripted, they find the nearest man to have sex with to get out of it by getting pregnant, bring your own condoms and horse raddish sauce

        1. this reminds me of my thoughts of the whole virgin sacrifice to the volcano bit. I think that was an early form of game by ancient tribes. Like, the chief comes out and announces that TOMORROW WE WILL SACRIFICE A VIRGIN TO THE VOLCANO. Well, what happens the night before? Fucking orgy. Virgins and non virgins are scampering around making sure that everyone in the village sees them getting fucked in every way possible. Everything old is new again.

      2. “More women going to war = Fewer women available for sex and relationships = Women becoming even more bitchy…”
        Like it would make any difference from now?

        1. The difference now is less than 5% (and it’s still bad for men, so imagine if women were fewer).

    2. The problem with women going to war is that far fewer men will be alive too. Mixed-sex combat units have a far higher casualty rate than male-only units, not only because the women cannot physically cut it, but the men then have to go in and rescue the women.
      Even a country like Israel has realized this and while their women could see combat, they’ve dialed it down significantly.

      1. I believe this is the crux of the matter- women in combat equals more deaths on their own side, they are a liability and for that reason alone I don’t support the female draft. I have no problem with women dying in battle as men all ways have had to, but they will get more men killed too, so it’s a dumb idea.

    3. There you are! Photos with words bubbles heckling this entire subject courtesy of you stat!

  2. If my country ( NATO member ) makes drafting obligatory again, you bet your ass I’m enlisting.
    Think of all that quality pussy…. ! Oh shit !

  3. As usual Jon i really apreciate your articles, though in this case, i think a couple of thousend of women should go to war and´been blown away in order to cause the outcomes you are talking about.
    I think some pictures of bent flags given to families in exchange for their fallen daughters will be eventually what feminism needs to die.

  4. “Jessica Phoenix” is the pen name of an Iraq veteran.
    She writes:
    “Although my fitness scores were outstanding for a 33 year old female, I was far below the male standards. Women aren’t supposed to meet male standards.
    I joined the Army out of financial desperation, not because I wanted to invade men’s work places. I was told I would get placed in an office. I never saw an office. It was bad enough that I had to invade Iraq for a year exactly the way the men did. But then I got put in the field artillery in Korea.
    The sergeants there tried to punish me whenever I failed to keep up with the boys, but it was useless. I just ended up getting treated like a criminal every day. They thought they could punish the woman out of me. They thought they could turn me into a man with enough threats and punishment. It didn’t work. I’m still a woman.
    I could not cock the cannon weapon because the cock lever was too heavy. A man injured my arm practicing his combat moves on me. I got a neck injury because the gear was too heavy for my back.
    And of course, they all wanted sex, but I’m not that kind of girl. I was offered a promotion for sex.
    The artillery does a lot of heavy lifting. But I couldn’t lift and load with them. I begged them to give me a job that did not involve heavy lifting, but they wanted me to stand there and look bad. So my job skills were going to waste. What were they paying me for? I couldn’t help the boys with their work. I couldn’t keep up with them during training. And I wouldn’t have sex with them either. I just want to know why I was there to begin with.
    Then after eight months of this torture they gave me an award for outstanding achievement and offered me $40,000 to re-enlist. I wouldn’t re-enlist if they paid me a million dollars. [In fact, Jessica had to hire a lawyer just to get out of the army. ]I want to bring back the Women’s Corp (nurses, administration) separate from the men’s army.”
    See more at:

    1. good story. Have you been taking the meds FO3 these last few days you have seemed a lot more rational. Either way, glad to see it!
      This story pretty much confirms what anyone with any brains in any part of their body would assume would be the case with women in the military

    2. “I could not cock the cannon weapon because the cock lever was too heavy.”
      As a former Marine artilleryman myself, this statement speaks volumes. First, the artillery no longer uses “cannons” (smooth bore weapons), we use “howitzers” (rifled bore weapons). This may seem trivial, but there is a huge difference in terms of range and accuracy.
      Second, there is no “cock level” on a howitzer. I believe she is referring to the “breach” of the howitzer, which is indeed heavy, but which does not “cock” the weapon – it opens to allow the cannoneers to insert and ram the fuzed round and projectile. The weapon is effectively “cocked” once the breach is closed and a primer is inserted with the lanyard hooked up.
      So this bitch reveals herself to be completely worthless. She knows absolutely nothing about her basic job, and relies on men to do all the heavy lifting – literally. Either that, or she’s completely full of shit, which may be due to the fact that she probably didn’t even attempt to learn and perform her basic job functions. Either way, this is not a glowing endorsement of women in combat arms positions, especially when considered in the context of the rest of her statement.

      1. I find she deserves some respect for her honesty and her anti feminism sentiment.
        Nor did she want an actual man’s job either.

        1. No, she didn’t want the job — just the pay, benefits, perks, advantages, etc., like always.

        2. It’s based on a lot of experience dealing with females when I was a young Blue Pill simp. When I hit my thirties and lost my ‘hormone haze’, the scales started to drop from my eyes and I saw the world as it REALLY was, with a Red Pill clarity. Luckily, I had already learned to NEVER marry (never made THAT mistake, Thank God) or father children.

        3. But there’s enough errors in there that either she was completely incompetent or it’s all made up. One thing I’ve noted about friends who have been in the military is they don’t like using terms incorrectly. Male or female.

        4. Well, if it’s made up than I can understand why you would find it insulting.
          But atleast the purpose would still be not half bad.

      2. When I was working at a car dealership, a woman came in the parts dept for a job. Without even giving her an application, the manager said “see that hood over there? Go lift it up and bring it out front”. Well, she didn’t even try. She just said “there is no way I can lift that”. His response? “Then there is no way you can have a job”.

      3. She wasn’t denying being useless in her assigned roles. She explicitly admitted it. I don’t see any reason to badmouth her. It seems like she agrees with the facts of life (our position).

    3. I find it difficult to believe that:
      -All the dudes wanted to bang her.
      -She didn’t bang any of them.
      And in 2016, you choose your MOS at enlistment, at least in the Army.

      1. She wouldn’t admit it if she did bang any of them, unless she wanted to sue. I mean, can you imagine if she had said, “And some of them wanted sex, so I freely gave it to them. At least I knew one reason why I was there. In fact, they all stopped asking me to do any heavy lifting once we started our weekly rituals, and the cock mechanisms became much easier to handle as well.”
        That would only be followed with, “So this rape and abuse is why I’m suing the army for 8 Trillion dollars.”

      2. Yeah, guys stationed in KOREA want to bang some half a dyke that makes their lives even harder? Sure.

        1. I’m with you. It always seems to me that when a woman talks about how men want sex from her, then she says no, it’s usually some kind of an exaggerated victim-brag.

    4. Yea I also call bullshit on a lot of that. So she couldnt do the job physically, she couldnt cock the cannon or carry the ruck, but still want special treatment. If I, as a male, couldnt do these things would she think it reasonable to allow me to just “do other light duties” other than…you know…MY JOB?

  5. This is just a token exercise. Sure, they may have to submit a registration card, but I am sure as a guy in my mid 40’s that I would get called up first.

  6. The elite were planning a 3 point assault on gender difference (otherwise known as reality): firstly, draft women into a gender neutral army (remember its all drone warfare in the future), then crown the witch queen president and commander in chief of the social justice armies of America; and finally prove to the world that women can fight just as good as men by releasing the movie Wonderwoman’ in summer 2017. Hillary would then be universally compared to Robyn Wrights dyke-haired Hyppolita, and Huma to Wonderwoman herself. Seriously if trump hadn’t won they would’ve merged the pentagon with Hollywood under defense secretary Sarkesian

  7. “I believe that once Donald Trump vetoes the draft, women will feel a surge of relief, and some of them may start to realize that not all men are, in fact, rapists.”
    This would require women to utilize logic.

    1. right…more likely scenario….once DT vetos draft women will feel hungry, angry, horney, silly, rageful, ashamed, brave and a little nauseous all at the same time. This will be all end when they see a puppy. Then they won’t remember what a draft, veto, army or trump is.

      1. They will curse like sailors, get in touch with their spiritual sides, get a tat, drink a $7 frappucini, and all will be well.

      2. And lolknee will use all of these emotions to spread their legs. Looks like Trump is working for you good sir.

        1. Oh man, this whole world works for me. To paraphrase from one of the kneeman’s favorite novels, The Thought Gang, “I am untouchable. Destiny even does my laundry”

      3. No, since everything Trump does is evil, the inverse must be good; therefore, Sjws will protest Trump vetoing the draft.

        1. you are not taking female logic and the possibility of them seeing a puppy into account.

      4. I almost wish I had a kitten or a puppy so I could monetize videos catering to women.
        But, instead, I get freedom of movement and reduced stress from not having to worry about a pet.

    2. They want to be included in the draft as a talking point. A political tool. They don’t believe there ever will be an actual draft.
      If there was one, you would hear them screech like barn owls.

        1. We would definitely see a baby boom and Planned Parenthood would lose a lot of business during a military draft of women. Desperate chicks running around trying to get knocked up by anyone. Can you then imagine the feminazi magazines flipping their wigs over that trend?

        2. I read that the same thing happened during the Vietnam war draft and it led to the spike in the 1970s and 1980s that continues to this day.

        3. You know, we should just refuse to allow them to impregnate themselves out of it. Pregnant? Fuck you, you’re going anyway.
          Bonus – turn the “my body, my choice” bullshit right back on them. Your body, your choice to join the military and surrender your choices. Since we’re all pro abortion, what’s a few fetuses KIA? Call it the cost of doing business.
          Only real downside is men in harm’s way, but maybe we should just create a unit where preggos all have to serve together. This would lead to a unit that is combat ineffective and them wailing about how they can’t do the job and need men’s help.
          In other words, this would create a million ways to illuminate – as if more reasons are needed – how stupid the idea of women in combat is.

        4. According to every soldier I know, they already do the latter. The ones that join up that is, almost always get pregnant shortly before they have to deploy. How come that data isn’t making it out in the media?

        5. Re: your second paragraph.
          When I was in the military, my body was THEIR body. I was required to take flu shots I didn’t want and could face prosecution if I didn’t comply. Period. It wasn’t open for debate. How about women within a year of deployment be required to have a birth control implant? And If their body can’t take the implant for whatever reason, they are deemed unfit for service.

        6. didn’t Obamas DOD guy say that 1 3rd of Americans aged 18 to 24 are unfit to serve anyways? the draft would not work out the same way it did in the 70s

        7. The reason why is because we have a volunteer force that is becoming more and more female friendly. Airing out such dirty laundry would only be bad for the military.

        8. Sounds good. But there simply isn’t the will to do such a thing. Hell the idea of mandatory birth control isn’t even on the table.

        9. Excellent idea, except for the unfit for service part because then you are just tossing out a perfectly good investment based on a vague possibility that may or may not come to pass.

        10. Good point. Perhaps her ability to take an birth control implant should be included in the pre enlistment medical exam. And if she can’t, then another reliable means of birth control that she can’t “oopsie” could be used. If not, then dont let her enlist to begin with.

    3. Only when it suits their interest. When logic fails their interest, they use emotion to force a man to emotionally divest himself from his personal well being, and divert his logic to finding a way for him to use his logical faculties to give her what she wants.
      These women are the adult image of toddlers throwing temper tantrums.
      Rather than ignoring them, and worse, sending them to the corner, we indulge their childish demands.
      Why are people surprised by these consequences? LOL

      1. I think it’s also true that women change their minds all the time, so trying to please them can be confusing. If you give them what they want, they have probably already changed their mind and want something else…..and its your fault for not having guessed what they really want now! Lesson is please yourself?

  8. There are lots of theories about Michelle being a man, but maybe just maybe she is and nobody told Obama and he just thinks that all women are that strong

  9. Male thirst putting women on a pedestal and destroying society every single time. Only red pill can save them.

  10. I’m all for this. I hope Trump does not veto it, but instead has Mattis reverse the women in combat and trannys in the military policies. Then keep the draft in place as a stick to beat women with. “Look sweetheart, if you want the right to serve in combat roles, when WWIII breaks out, you’re going into the meat grinder.”
    Separately, I hope to see Mattis crack down on the rampant malingering of female troops who like to get pregnant to avoid/shorten deployments.

      1. I wonder how the selection for knighthood goes.
        Queen: Who would be a good candidate for knighthood
        Advisor: well, what are the requirements
        Queen: well he has to get on his knees quickly and stay there until I am don’t poking him with a 5 foot look sword
        Advisor: I have just the man

        1. yeah, but Elton couldn’t get excited about the royal wee unless it was Phillip pissing on him

        2. pissing on a newly knighted Elton john wearing the queen’s ball gown would literally be the least perverted thing most English aristocrats do in a normal week me thinks.

        3. when the palace first phoned about a george cross, Elton got all defensive, said he hadn’t done nuffin and had only been bouncing the little prince on his knee

        4. No no no Elton, don’t worry….we are just going to knight you and make you part of the rainbow guard.

        5. if for some reason they start calling buck house pizza palace I might start to worry.

      1. david furness had probably done something pretty similar that very morning
        “fire in the hole”
        “tell me about it David”

      2. lol! Yeah, once he pulled Excalibur from the stone he and, erm, Lancelot got up to stuff that you don’t even want to touch with a 10 foot lance

        1. ok ok….I was going to regale you with a tale on how Merlin made a long sword disappear but I will let it go.

      3. I always thought he was probably more handy with the swords of others than his own; but perhaps I misjudged?

    1. Yeah, it is irritating that honors once reserved for men such as Isaac Newton, Horatio Nelson, Arthur Wellesley and Winston Churchill are being given to people like Elton John.
      Knighthoods for the OBE, Victorian Order and Order of the Bath should only be given to men who are in some way comparable to the aforementioned list.
      Elizabeth II should create a new chivalric order for artists called “The Order of the Silver Fiddle” and place it last in order of precedence. While artists contribute to a society in significant ways, they are below warriors, scientists and statesman.

      1. I don’t know if you just came up with this off the top of your head or if it is something that has fomented for a bit, but I think a specific chivalric order for artists would be great and calling it the order of the silver fiddle fantastic. What a great solution to a real and, frankly, depressing problem. Well done good man.

        1. Considering the state of our society today, do you think that there will someday be an order of the Golden Shower?

        2. The British monarchy has been filled with perverted bi sexuals pissing on one another for fun for hundreds of years. If it hasn’t come up yet, it isn’t about to come up now. The depravity you see in day to day life is merely the depravity of the aristocracy being enjoyed by the plebeians…..nothing new under the sun

        3. Thanks! I have been concerned about knighthoods being given away frivously for awhile, but I thought of the idea of a specific order for artists off the top.of my head.

  11. Sex roles cannot be “permanently erased”.
    You can’t change your nature and turn into a chick either.
    Certainly they are breaking their own necks.

    1. arguably that is part of the post-human occult transhumanist agenda. Down the line sexual reproduction could well become something very crude only the poor do. The rich will wear sexuality as though it were a garment plucked from the wardrobe
      they think they’re visionaries, but they are insane

      1. Yes, absolutely.
        Speaking of insanity have you heard of the so called “#pizzagate”?
        I actually tried writing an article about it here. Didn’t go through though.
        Would you mind taking a look at it and help me understand why?
        Frankly, this is a matter that should be very important for everyone when faced with the facts.

        1. Save you energy. Pizzagate is fake. It is like the Flat Earth project: it was created to divert attention away from the real problems, and also to blackwash real researchers. First of
          all, it came out of the Wikileaks papers, which are controlled leaks. Assange and Snowden and all the rest are agents, and they are running controlled opposition. They leak small stuff to keep you off the big stuff.

        2. That’s a shame. I’d be very interested to.
          I think one reason might be the danger of libel: there is loads of evidence that suggests something is going on, but nothing as far as I’m aware that definitively proves it – i.e. something that would stand up in a court of law. Personally I suspect that pizzagate is about something – the references are too strange to be about food or simply a wierd sense of humour, but in the context of the recent gun incident at the restaurant, the fact that there have been complaints about bullying (even against alt. journalists who have been very careful to evidence and qualify their claims e.g. youtuber david seaman) and the whole new assault on “fake news” I think its territory that has to be covered very seriously. There is new legislation being quietly pushed through congress seeking to counter ‘extremist’ sites’ and fake news, and I think its specifically references the need to counter russian propaganda. Pizzagate could be 75%, or even 100% real, but there might still be no way to prove it. It’s also possible that the whole comet ping pong thing is a bone thrown to us in order to direct us away from Podesta himself. I doubt that as the opposite seems to be the case. But I think there is a history of the elites using misdirection: paedo island is definitely and demonstrably real, but I wonder if we’ll ever learn anything definitive about comet ping ping to.
          Don’t take the above as discouragement: I think pizzagate does need to be investigated, particularly as there is a possibility that there really are kids being abused. It’s just the more serious the crime, the more careful one has to be. Especially if the people in the frame are the powerful

        3. Hah, knew you’d be the right guy.
          I will paste my article here now.
          First, I want to say that I was in a quite aggressive mood to kill literally.
          So, it may be that I have gone too far with showing where exactly comet ping pong is.
          But see for yourself.
          It could also be that my pen name doesn’t meet the requirements that I have just discovered.
          Maybe it was dismissed before even looking at it?
          #Pizzagate and what’s behind it
          There is something you need to know about the elites.
          Considering that we are in the alt-right sphere, many of you have likely already heard of this case.
          But as we are the manosphere, it has to be ensured that we out of all people are the most ready for anything.
          As there has not been an article yet doing so, I will summarize all presently known evidence for the yet unaware.
          The pizzagate scandal is simply put about the uncovering of evidenceregarding sexual abuse, murder, torture and other practices related but not restricted to “Comet Pizza” or “Comet Ping Pong”.
          Involved are Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, the owner James Alefantis, Barack Obama, Hillary and the clintons, George Soros, Hasterts, Epsteins, lots of celebrities and practically the entire elite we have been facing off anyhow.
          Comet Ping Pong is exactly here:
          The pizzagate scandal gained momentum as wikileaks had released the John Podesta emails that are littered with pedophile code language.
          The code:
          “hotdog” = boy
          “pizza” = girl
          “cheese” = little girl
          “pasta” = little boy
          “ice cream” = male prostitute
          “walnut” = person of colour
          “map” = semen
          “sauce” = orgy
          The emails can be found here:
          Just search “sauce” for example for your own research. “Walnut sauce” isn’t a thing anyone adds to food or even exists as such.
          Let’s now look at James Alefantis whom Comet Ping Pong belongs to.
          He happens to be on 49# in GQ magazine’s 50 most powerful people in Washington in 2012. He also throws weird parties in his place (notice the talk about boys being “preferences”):
          The thing in focus of this video is a so called “Amanda Kleinman”.
          It is part of a band called “Heavy breathing”. The thing had to delete it’s
          twitter account because of “abusive comments”.
          We will see later what kind of music videos it partook in.
          Alefantis old twitter and Instagram isn’t better:
          Nor is his taste in art with which he decorated his “family-friendly” pizzeria (now removed):
          That’s a child being raped to the death.
          The symbol of the neighboring pizzeria Besta Pizza (Beast Pizza), that is also owned by Alefantis,
          just happens to have changed:
          Looks kind of plain and odd, doesn’t it?
          These emails also indict Barack Obama.
          George Soros has also donated 11k to Comet Ping Pong using his Super PAC “American Bridge 21st Century”.
          Why would a multibillionaire care about a small pizzeria?
          Taken from:
          After that private researchers were able to uncover further evidence also linking them to previously known uncoverings some years back. Some done by Andrew Breitbart who died due to heart attack.
          Notice the tweet in the down left corner. It is almost comical.
          Here are the links to the tweets for the skeptical:

          The #Pizzagate scandal gained further momentum with the related #twittergate.
          Twittergate refers to the discovery of thousands of accounts involved in the circulation of child pornography on Twitter in late November 2016. After news of the investigation circulated on 4chan and Reddit, critics accused the social networking site of focusing its attention on silencing controversial political views rather than preventing the dissemination of child pornography.
          In August 2012, The Guardian[1] published an op-ed accusing Twitter of “failing to police child pornography,” noting that the company seemed to react comparatively swiftly when suspending British journalist Guy Adams for tweeting out an NBC executive’s email address. In November 2016, Twitter users @0hour, @Eclipse_OW and @WonderChick launched automated scripts to track Twitter accounts posting illegal child pornography and the accounts that followed them. An estimated 25,000 accounts involved in the circulation of the images were subsequently discovered, leading many to call for their immediate suspension and authorities to investigate the matter.
          Taken from knowyourmeme.
          This brings us to the “fake news” and the media.
          As you can see here, pizzagate and “fake news” have a stark correlation.
          To note is also the circumstance that no major news outlet does as much as try to dismantle the evidence.
          The only thing notable is their persistence on the term “fake news”.
          “Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child Trafficking”
          “None of it was true.” (OH, if you say so…)
          -New York Times
          “Pizzagate shows how fake news hurts real people”
          “Citing its policy against posting the personal information of others, Reddit has banned the “Pizzagate” conspiracy board from the site. Pizzagate, a persistent and popular conspiracy theory …”
          -Washington Post
          For further research:
          Ultimately the elites won’t escape this one. Practically all our opponents will be gone and this will change not just the USA but the world.
          The degeneracy of our enemies has come to light.
          Despite my rage right now and awakening in an new world, I also have a feeling of hope for the future.
          Finally our principles and Christian principles in general will be seen for what they are. The only way for humanity and the only thing standing against this degeneracy:

          This video is from 01.12.2015.
          As shakespear put it:
          “All these violent delights have violent ends.”
          This is the breaking point.

        4. you are starting to startle me man. You keep saying sensible, intelligent stuff like this and I might eventually ask you to clarify your position on sex being painful.

        5. When I say something I always mean it and yes, sex is painful to the body. Sex is only for reproduction, but your Mind has turned that into a pleasure movement. Mind you, I am not against pleasure whether real or perceived.

        6. An issue that could break their necks quicker than anything else?
          I don’t think so. This is worlds and bounds away from not being harmful.
          You will have to prove that snowden and assange are just controlled opposition.
          Opposition that does more damage than anything we ever did.

        7. I am just going to leave this where it is rather than talk about it as I have been enjoying the sensible and sane father of three of the last few days.

        8. Explain to me what they could possibly be hiding right now that has any importance above the rape of children.
          Especially with them themselves hinging on it.

        9. That’s an interesting take, but I would want a team of lawyers to look over any article on pizza gate right now unless I was very careful to remove anything that could be seen as an actionable libel. These are some of the most powerful people on the planet, and they have lawyers, and it seems much of congress on their side. I think at this point, we even have to be careful about pushing something that could potentially fall into their – completely idiotic – false news / russian propaganda narrative. The authorities are going to try to paint Wikileaks and Snowden as russian stooges, knowing or unwitting. It doesn’t matter whether they’re the real deal (as I believe and hope they are) or whether they’re double-agents or have been compromised right now. The thing about the comet ping pong is that it can be associated with the podesta emails, and the podesta emails are part of the wikileaks emails about Clinton’s wrong-doing. Right now there will be some very clever machiavellian people trying to tar the entire project. If for example we, as internet researchers etc can’t get any traction or hard evidence on Comet Ping pong, then they will try to turn that against not only the internet researchers, but also the alt right as an aspect of a continuum of “extremism” social media ‘bullying’ and russian propaganda. We know Hillary is a criminal, we know her foundation – which is demonstrably corrupt – is criminal, and that podesta is a wierdo pervert who probably does indulge in occult rituals (they don’t necessarily have to be of the eyes wide shut variety), but we don’t have any hard evidence beyond peado-island that there have been any more victims than those who jeffery epstein and friends seduced / raped / trafficked. What we suspect on the basis of strongly suggestive but inconclusive evidence is that the whole pizza thing refers to actual child abuse or worse, but there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence to my knowledge that Soros is chugging little johnny pre-pubescent dick. There are lots of things Soros can be proven to have done, some of which might well be criminal, but sacrificing kids probably isn’t one of them. I first begun to worry about this when I saw an image purporting to be George Soros in an SS uniform that had been doing the rounds on the internet. The article’s author easily proved that this was actually not Soros, but an actual German nazi. Now isn’t it better to convict Soros of an actual crime than to claim he’s a nazi and then be proven to be wrong. The same is true of the podesta brothers fotofit – the suggestion being they may have been in portugal at the time. The moment you start to scrutinize the story it starts to break down, at least evidence wise: the podestas are located in portugal close to wear madeleine dispppeared by an ‘anonymous’ FBI agent, and this is corroborated by some other vague source from suffolk police. It then turns out the suspect is of a german – the podestas are not german – and most probably of a single man (rather than two). it doesn’t matter if the Podestas actually did this, if the evidence can be so easily rubbished liked this, then the danger is that instead of exposing the crime of the century we end up demonstrating the ‘fake news’ of the century. And once that charges goes, which we thought would bring down the whole establishment (and perhaps it will) then all the other related charges associated with wikileaks, or that can be alleged to be derived from russian propaganda sources will start to crumble. We need to get Hillary for her crimes and her corruption. Podesta may or may not be part of it. He’s certainly a sick fuck, but it may well be that he’s merely a ‘harmless’ occultist with a sick taste in art. Those references to pizza could even have been inserted deliberately – psy-ops are sometimes byzantine – remember the FBI are supposed to have leaked the whole paedophile code you mention in the article (e.g., pizza = boy, cheese girl). Either they were genuinely warning us, the public, that there was something dreadful going on, or they were setting up a trap. Or a third possibility, they could have been doing both – creating the conditions of possibility for the Donald to win, but also sending joe public down a blind alley. That does not mean there’s no paedophilia, trafficking, ritual or non-ritual abuse. It’s highly likely the intelligence services use people’s sex lives for leverage but the same elite are very capable of shifting attention away from the powerful to be protected to those who they are less interested in protecting, or wish to sacrifice etc. In UK right now we have a massive (and genuine) football paedo scandal. It’s great that this is being uncovered but at the same time, its taking attention off the paedos in westminster – the enquiry led by that new zealand judge has completely stalled
          It’s a fascinating fascinating story. Keep writing about it, but just be aware of all the risks of falling into a trap

        10. yeah, that’s got to be a paedo sign for the benefits of the like minded. But in itself it doesn’t prove anything has happened that shouldn’t. There are some paedophiles who engage in the culture but don’t offend. Not sure how likely that is if there’s a network of them though

        11. Oh, shut it. What is this? Care to respond to me.
          Afraid is more than we have ever gotten.
          Also, are you actually trying to dismantle it like this?
          Explain to me what they could possibly be hiding right now that has any importance above the rape of children.
          Especially with them themselves hinging on it.

        12. They leak small stuff to keep you off the big stuff. More specifically, the Pizzagate scandal is the attempt to keep your eyes on Congressmen
          and other politicians, and off the trillionaires. That’s why they still have a Congress and a President and political candidates: as puppets to draw your attention. It is a constant “look over here!” But all those politicians, including Trump, the Clintons, Biden, Podesta, and the rest are just actors, paid to keep your eyes off the prize.
          Please notice that it is being pushed in the mainstream, by places like the
          New York Times and the Washington Post. You will say the mainstream is trying to debunk it, but ask yourself why they would give it legs at all? The media covers up all real news, so why would these places be publicizing Pizzagate at all? Because they want you wasting your time studying it.
          Just so you understand, I am not claiming pedophilia by politicians is “small stuff” while pedophilia by trillionaires would be “big stuff”. That isn’t my point at all. My point is that this is completely faked from the ground up. The stories are planted. It is all a tempest in a teapot.

        13. Well, I have a clear link between Soros and pizzagate. If you had red my article.
          Don’t tell me that that’s just a scapegoat too.
          Frankly, I am noticing an tendency to just say to go from one already bizarre thing with proof to another even more bizarre thing without anything behind it.
          That isn’t particularily rational and you have yet to prove that assange and snwoden are just controlled opposition.
          Far from telling me what you indicated we should focus on:
          “Because they want you wasting your time studying it.” (This sounds utterly bizarre.)
          What should I then be focusing on? Just tell me.
          I don’t know of any attack points as clearly laid out as pizzagate.
          I don’t know of any secret elite to attack.
          Pizzagate does not get them anything unless they are hiding fucking aliens among us.
          Go on and tell me leads you to think they have something bigger to hide.
          So big and actual that they just had to make people distrustful of the elites like never done before?
          There is nothing rational to this.

        14. pizzagate is the Kobayashi Maru of the alt-right and trust me, no one there is on par with Kirk. You need to remember yer old Aristotle. The unbelievable yet possible will never fly.
          In the three possible scenarios you have a failure either way
          1) Either pizzagate is total nonsense and bullshit and accusers lose all credibility so when they bring up real issues they will forever be taken as a joke because of pizzagate
          2) Assage and Snowden and controlled opposition in which case pushing the pizzagate walks right into a trap and the accusers will, in the future, never be taken seriously
          3) Pizzagate is totally legit but it is simply too crazy sounding and the people who believe it, even rightly, will be held in contempt and never taken seriously.
          Give me a call when you have video. Until then, put this one to bed.

        15. Well, first thank you for your time.
          Secondly, I have posted that soros is connected to it.

          American bridge 21st century is one of soros Super PACs.
          And frankly, if he is just a scapegoat too, based on no evidence, then we have absolutely nothing to attack. Reasonably we should work off of what we have right now.
          That is the scientific way.
          Also, the continuous lies and deceptions of the elite shouldn’t make us hesitant when we finally have something they can’t get away from.
          So, looking at what you said, because of the prevalent conspiracy thinking of the alt-right this article hasn’t been accepted?
          That’s what I am gathering anyway.

        16. He’s make for a better general than Elton. Elton would be too predictable

        17. Elton would make a better Rear Admiral though. Other than that, Frank should always outrank him.

        18. Documented proof:

          (I don’t know if the start time thing will work in a comment. If not, skip to 2:24.)

        19. Linguine Alle Noci…….wacky eyetalians and their African pederasty! Seriously man, this is an absurd topic that only leads to bad places for anyone following it….and not bad like “they are coming to get you” but bad as in “your credibility will be about the same as a person who thinks Gargamel planned 9-11”

        20. lol! nice! btw the time start thing did work but I might have to start from beginning anyway.

        21. Yeah, do that.
          Ever since the sex is painful thing came up, I’ve had the sense that I’ve come across this somewhere before. This morning, out of nowhere, it hit me.

        22. We don’t care about our reputation, do we?I mean especially you are noone care much about politics.
          Nothing wrong about talking about it then first.
          Looking at the evidence I presented I think number one and two can be dismantled right away.
          There is no way george soros would also just be a scapegoat based on no evidence.
          All this talk of it being just controlled oppositon is only fueled by the feeling of it being too perfect. That is like drogo accusing you of being controlled opposition. We shoudln’t operate on feelings.
          They are no reason to dismiss an opportunity and it is far from evidence.
          If you mean video as in something talking about little boys being preferences in the very Comet Ping Pong, a family friendly restaurant specially designed for children, then there you go:

          Even you, apatheist, should feel rage about this.

        23. Appreciate your concern, but my credibilty doesn’t matter here.
          Aswell as this hasn’t been disproven.
          Which will never happen.
          Theoretically they could’ve leaked this themselves with a huge undertaking from numerous supposed independent sources whilst they can still control the narrative about it.
          Maybe, but even then is this nothing that we should let go. Clearly this needs to be discussed and researched.

        24. Not suggesting caring about reputation. I am not even going to argue the validity of the claim…true or not true….it doesn’t matter. The point is, the more people point at pizzagate as if it were a think the less credibility they will have as individuals and as a movement. So when you have your teeth in something that matters and bring it up you will be the pizzagate nuts.
          Want to hand the other side the ball and get out of the way while they run it down field then keep chasing down leads that are never going to be taken seriously. As for the video, I don’t know nor do I care what is going on there.
          Mark my words, if the right dcides that pizzagate is worth pursuing it will be 2 years before you will be laughed at if you have video taped confession of someone holding a bloody knife in one hand and their passport in the other.
          Reputation? You are right. I don’t care about that. However, the more pizzagate gets mentioned the more the right is seen as absurd lunatics….whether it is true or not……that is a fact. Don’t hand ammunition to your rivals.

        25. I do appreciate the effort to bring things to light and I also admire doing it to ones own personal detriment, I do suggest caution not for personal reasons, but for big picture reasons is all. Sometimes, for the greater good of the war, some battles need to be strategically avoided.
          One thing I will tell you, and I mean this with all my heart, is that walnut sauce on pasta is f’n delicious. There is a place not to far from me that makes a walnut sauce tortellini that is absolutely to die for and linguine alle noci is off the wall. I don’t care about the kids or the politicians, but I will be damned if good pasta is getting a bad name….not on my watch bucko

        26. You’re welcome. It’s certainly very odd that so many powerful people connected to the DNC have an association with this place, and the Soros link does I admit make it stranger still, although given that he was a major donor to Hillary and the DNC that may be more or less significant. Soros famously donates to a lot of causes, and is often quite careful about not getting directly involved with them, so in itself it isn’t necessarily suggestive of his direct involvement in something paedy. There is some reason that Alefantis is as powerful as he is (or was) within the DNC hierarchy. In the first instance that could have related to his gay lover David Brock, but it’s clear he serves as a networking focal point on some or other basis. There is something going on that doesn’t at first sight make any sense and which certainly requires explaining, but the question is whether that something can be demonstrated to relate to paedophilia or trafficking or whatever. I think that’s exactly why it’s correct to carefully evaluated the kind of evidence available. There is definitely some kind of disturbing sub-culture here. I would say in the first instance there is evidence of a lot of occult themed art – the Abramowic performance art (and spirit cooking), the podesta sculptures (evoking jeffery dahmer and cannabilism) and the slightly paedo theme art of an artist named Dionysio or something (I looked up his other stuff – it was all slightly wierd and I think occultic as I remember, but the only pieces that seemed to evoke paedophilia were the works that were hanging on the comet ping pong walls). So I would say that strongly suggests there might be some indication of organised occultic activity; but having said that, that in itself isn’t that abnormal. There are occult societies all over the place – they are often quite middle class and inoffensive, at least outwardly.
          I do think there is a paedo connexion here, but the question is, if that is the case, what that connexion might be. pizza and the other code words could potentially refer to something other than child sex. Or it could refer to child sex, but involve pornography or some kind of paedo-culture short of anything that would constitute an offense (child porn would be an offense but paedo-art might be less obviously illegal). Slightly off topic I recall reading debates about Aleister Crowley’s notion of sacrifice for instance. Now we know he actually sacrificed, as in killed a few cats and goats, but he refers in his book Magick as I remember to actual sacrifices in the thousands or something. Now this was a man who courted controversy and wanted to be seen as the devil. So the question arises did he actually engage in thousands of human / child sacrifices or was he referring to something else. His defenders will claim that he was actually referring to masturbation (i.e. sacrificing his seed) – i.e. he was re-directing something pretty normal by modern standards towards an occult end. Now I’m not saying that’s the comet ping pong people are just wankers, or don’t actually abuse, sacrifice, kill children or whatever, but certainly most of these occult groups claim to be peaceful and non-violent (and non rapey with it) but are still attracted to dark forces and distasteful ideas. Consuming each others bloody fluids for occult purpose is pretty distasteful perhaps but it isn’t the same as actual sacrificial cannibalism.
          I think that’s the first thing to factor in when addressing this issue – we have to address our own assumptions about ‘normalcy’ in relation to criminality: there is nothing they would like more than to be able to demonstrate that our ignorance of their ‘spirituality’ has lead to persecution or worse: just think if that guy with the gun who stormed cometpingping had started shooting. That would be massive ammunition against both the independent researchers looking into this and the supposed ‘fake news’. Not only will alternative news media (including you, reddit, rok etc) be held to account if they ‘fuck up’ but should actual violence occur they will flip this thing on its head, and they will pass legislation to censor the kind of criticism they are now suffering
          (this is the fake news bill doing the rounds right now
          Once we’ve allowed for the possibility that what we’re actually seeing might reflect alternative belief systems rather than actual criminality, then I think we will be much better placed to look carefully at anything that might suggest something genuinely criminal, along the lines of the Epstein paedo island, trafficking scandal. There is almost certainly some disgusting shit going on, involving powerful people. Comet Ping pong may or may not be part of that. If it isn’t then I guarantee you the aforementioned paedo aristocracy would want you to investigate. If it is, then they will want to shut you down. The task is to work out which is the case.
          Re. the reason your piece didn’t make it through, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve had a couple of articles published in the past, and I’ve also had articles rejected. I would keep trying but think about other topics that might interest the editors. With respect to this article, my feeling is that it is simply too dangerous to print something that could be seen as libellous. Alefantis and others are identifiable, and if they are being identified in relation to a crime for which there is no sufficient proof that could potentially be actionable

        27. Well, didn’t know such sauce existed.
          Either way I find your non serious manner quite annoying here, to be honest.
          Maybe it’s just your character to not care about this too, but I am quite livid.
          Just for the sake of truth, what do you think about this for one?

          Here are the links to the tweets.

        28. I think it is a bunch of nonsense to be honest. If you find me glib or condescending or think that I am not treating this with any real seriousness it is mostly because I think it belongs on the list with bigfoot sightings, elvis still being alive and anal probes from aliens in corn fields. It is, frankly, the most absurd thing in the world and the people who are propping it up and suggesting “research” on it are the very reason that “fake news” won’t be taken seriously when, it really should. If you want to chase bigfoot go right ahead…loads of people have and in the end it doesn’t effect anything in the real world let alone in my world…so have at it….I don’t care what your hobbies are. But if you are so thin skinned as to get annoyed when people don’t take you serious it is possible you should find something more serious to get involved with. In the meantime, there really is no amount of gifs that you can find to convince me you are just a silly head. So enjoy proving the earth is flat or that Elvis built the pyramids or whatever and if you feel offended when people don’t take you seriously…well, grow up duke

        29. oh and as for the sauce….I know you didn’t know it existed…yet you seem to quite demonstratively say it didn’t despite it being a staple of certain Italian cuisines. A small key that you are willing to, without any real evidence, work on pure emotion and speculation and echo chamber blather, and report stuff as if it were real because it feels right to you. If I want that kind of coverage I will log on to xojane or jezebel. So chill the fuck out there Edward R Moron……you are a tin foil hat conspiracy nut. That’s ok if its fun for you. Don’t see you hurting anyone. But don’t think that REAL people will take you seriously.

        30. You’re missunderstanding, dude.
          I am livid about the topic, not about you. If you had red the article you couldn’t have missed that I was and maybe still am in a state of killing over it.
          I was simply highlighting the discrepancy of our reactions to it.
          And that I find your reaction or disreaction annoying.
          That you care more about the reputation of pasta above alleged child abuse, didn’t help with that either.
          I couldn’t be further from being insulted when I am not taken seriously by you.
          The majority of the time I don’t take you seriously either.
          But man, can you be sulky.
          Either way I knew right from the start that you’re not the one to talk to. When even breitbart’s last messages about getting killed due to heart attack after uncovering peadophilia in the elite can’t get you to bat an eyelid, then I am validated in that assumption.
          Beyond me how you would care about the image of the alt-right above the fate of children though.

        31. Honestly I don’t care about any of it, but the whole thing is real nonsense. The pasta is more important because the rest is just big foot and elvis.

        32. I let you know that walnut sauce has just been something completely absurd to me. I just couldn’t imagine that anyone can make a sauce out of nuts.
          It was a mistake based on my mood at the time and my limited culinary experiences.
          But you seem to swear on walnut sauce tortelini.
          I will be sure to try them.
          I however find your reaction here a big key that you are able to dismiss actual evidence based on an let’s call it “subconcious ad hominem”.
          My little mistake of not knowing that kind of sauce existed and not researching it doesn’t do anything regarding the other evidence.
          It was just a tip for googling the podesta files in the wikileaks network anyway.
          So, you can’t even say that my research and presentation has been insufficient and faulty regarding the matter.
          I just didn’t know that sauce existed. None of my actual arguments are based on it. Yet you choose this.
          Either way, you’re the one who has to chill here. As this is not even actually about you. Yet you manage to get more riled about me apparently feeling insulted by not being taken seriously by you.
          And don’t tell me that conspiracy nuts just get you pissed.
          This is very unlike you.
          I am the one who thinks that there are public people that should better be dead after all. For me this is something very personal.
          Do you see me caring about your opinion of the matter and me?
          That I am a conspiracy nut and what I am doing is big foot hunting?
          I couldn’t care less. It is noted though.

        33. fair enough. I am in a cranky bit of a mood today anyway and was probably taking it out on this as I find it kind of silly but probably over reaction due to other shit that is annoying me and has nothing to do with the issue at hand or you personally. mea culpa on that…truly. I still believe the whole thing is a bunch of silliness but I could have phrased things differently.
          That said, try some walnut sauce. See…the trick is the texture of the nuts against a butter sauce with perfectly cooked pasta and cheese. It really is great.

        34. Again, I appreciate your time.
          I mainly agree with everything you said. But I don’t believe that occultist or whatever secret bullshit of the elites tends to be harmless ever.
          Also, I would like your opinion on the evidence I presented regarding the breitbart incident.
          What do you make of it? All the links to the tweets are there, they are legitimate and far older than the pizzagate controversy.
          Not to say that there hasn’t been any research done in that direction aside from breitbart at the time.
          Either way, I don’t have much concern in general for not getting printed here.
          This article is just very important to me.
          I also thought, looking at other articles, that we don’t mind naming perpetrators that much.
          Btw are you german? Just a guess, looking at your long complex sentences similiar to mine.

        35. cheers. The occult is a pretty common thing these days. Most people are alternative spirituality types, new agers and people who would have been hippies in a former age, and are probably mostly attracted to the counter-culture element. There is more serious stuff, and yes, you could argue that it tends in a particular direction, but personally I don’t think we’re talking about vast conspiracies in the main. I read a book called the Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry – basically about the son of sam murder who tried to make the case that there were murderous satanist sacrifice cults all over the place. For the most part I’m sceptical, but I’m sure there have been some. Remember there is a distinction in the occult between white and black magic – in a sense it’s part of the same continuum, but those who see themselves as practitioners of the former (the vast majority probably) are probably going to be against any kind of harm to children / animals etc – I’d assume that would include abuse. ~They’re typically still sex oriented and pagan.
          The imagery associated with Podesta / pizza gate etc seems darker and more distubring, but that might or might not mean anything.
          Personally I’m trying to keep some distance from this. I think this is about something, and it could well be about something criminal, but as yet I don’t think we can be sure. The mainstream media of course is dismissing it entirely and trying to explain it terms of right wing / trump supports psychology etc. I think in that respect we might well need to ask ourselves whether we looking because want to find something: it sure as hell would be satisifying to discover that Hillary really was a witch and Podesta really was an evil guy, etc…..that would validate our beliefs for instance that progressives are all depraved perverts at root.
          Personally with Podesta and the Alefantis set I think they really are sickos, but when we’re looking for evidence gathering I think its important to perhaps be a little aware of what is driving us. Once we’re fully aware of that then we’ll be far better equipped to evaluate the evidence we find, or find before us. I think that’s a relevant point, because I’ve just been wading through some huge webpages full of the pizzagate imagery, and a lot of it drifts off subject towards others similar but not necessarily related matters. I would love for their to be a huge conspiracy revealed, but at the moment we’ve got Pizzagate that might be related to Podesta and his occult circle, which might be related to Epstein paedo island etc – but it’s mostly suggestion at this point.
          Now, what do I make of the Andrew Breitbart tweets? Firstly its profoundly tantalising, but for the life of me all we seem to have is an allegation that Podesta is involved in some kind of child trafficking or pimping. For Breitbart to have said that is truly astonishing, but it doesn’t give us much to work on – it is an allegation and I suppose a libel (clearly Podesta didn’t sue though did he?). It sounds though he was threatening to reveal something relating to child sex that would have brought Podesta and his friends down. What was that? We don’t know.
          Another problem is that it appears the backdrop is some kind of ongoing feud with the media matters people (the soros people) and James Okeefe (on Breitbart’s side) etc. I haven’t looked into this and I can’t tell if its in any way relevant except that it appears to have brought things to a very acrimonious position between the two ideologically opposed camps.
          It could be that Breitbart was playing dirty, but I can’t imagine he could possibly make such statements without it relating to something majorly criminal. Now Brietbart died less than a year later, and his coroner appears to have died the day the coroner’s report was produced – and died moreover in suspicious circumstances. Does that mean Breitbart was murdered because of what he said, or because of what he knew? Well we don’t know do we, but it sure is strange.
          This all rabbit hole stuff. You could lose months looking for something isn’t there. If there really is a massive paedo conspiracy connecting the world’s elite, you’d probably be more likely to find it on the Epstein side of things
          Re. naming people, I think people are mainly named on ROK when they’re sins are easily demonstrable and it’s something that is unlikely to have legal repercussions
          No, not German btw. From the Uk

        36. It doesn’t matter, we are done with it.
          But I will definitely heed your culinary advice.

        37. Thank, you again for sticking around to talk about this so extensively.
          I think that the link to breitbart blows all “this is just a trick” arguments out of the water.
          Frankly, reputation or whatever, the evidence that something sinister is going on is undeniable.
          I will definitely keep myself updated and collect everything I can find.
          And frankly I will attempt to make another article even more so evidence riddled that no one in their human conscience can ignore it.
          We need to be ready for such things.

        38. you’re welcome. I find it interesting.
          You might find this video interesting. The presenter makes a reference to ping pong and Breitbart makes a point of emphasising that he’s changed the subject. They are discussing Anthony Weiner and some compromising (but presumably not criminal) photo Breitbart has. Now my impression is that many people will assume that ping pong – if he really does mean something by it – is a direct allusion to comet ping pong – the pizzagate focus. Its quite possible though that Breitbart knows nothing about that. If you consider the ping pong logo from Comet Pizza it is of significance because it appears to be a coded and plausibly deniable re-working of the ‘child lover’ symbol
          So Brietbart might be referencing child abuse but not comet ping pong specifically. I’m not sure how Wiener fits into this exactly – his crimes barely cross the paedophile / hebephile boundary – but he clearly would be in podestas circle and might well have been protected by Podesta. With respect to Breitbart’s tweet reference to “world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs” the question begged is who are the unspeakable dregs that Breitbart is accusing Podesta of “defending”?
          That much might well be discoverable but I doubt it would lead back to comet ping pong (although it might). Weiner is the most obvious candidate although I am unaware of whether Podesta has done anything to defend him (publically or privately). The most likely people though are surely those who were in the Epstein circle. It’s still unclear perhaps whether Epstein’s abuse of young women was mainly about sexual indulgence or whether it was about networking with, compromising and potentially blackmailing the rich and powerful. If it was the latter then that might go well beyond the DNC. On that basis and if Brietbart is referring to the epstein circle rather than comet ping pong then one might conjecture that the people Podesta was accused of defending would reflect an overlap between the epstein circle and the democrats.

        39. I haven’t but have probably come upon the same material. The bottom picture clearly makes a connexion between pizza and sex. It was posted by joshuaryanv a former employee of cometpp who also posted a pic of a slice of pizza with some wierd sex going on on top. I’m not aware that the MSM has at any stage acknowledged that there some of the people in question appear to make this association.
          Slightly off topic but Tony Podesta (and therefore John) appears to have had a lifelong friendship with Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the house of representatives who was recently found guilty of serial child molestation. He could have been one of those podesta was accused – by Breitbart – of defending. I continue to think Podesta is the weak link here but that comet ping pong might not go anywhere even if there was a paedo-culture going on at the establishment

        40. Thought the same thing about the connection.
          Well, that would still leave the murder of breitbart and his emails to indict podesta.
          But why do you think that comet ping pong might not go anywhere?
          He is talking about a “sex slave op” after all and podesta and alefantis know each other.
          Sounds like a match made in hell.
          That aside in Podestas mails they meet for dinner regularly apparently.

        41. There isn’t any proof that Podesta was involved in any way with the death of Breitbart, but certainly in conjunction with the death of the coroner as well it certainly is suspicious.
          Re. comet ping pong, there is always the possibility that it has been offered to us as a distraction. The evidence such as it is, points to their being an occult and probably paedophiliac culture in play at comet ping pong, but equally that might be the case and there could still be nothing criminal to actually find. The fact that Podesta and Alefantis know each other doesn’t mean they’re in cahoots. Again its suggestive that there might be something, but beyond that even if Alefantis was found guilty of something or Podesta for that matter you can’t convict by association so to speak – there has to be evidence of some kind of conspiracy e.g. to traffic or abuse.
          Its possible there both Podesta and Alefantis are engaged in criminal acts, but it could still be a trap in a way. The recent ‘attack’ by some protestor / amateur investigator with a gun appears to have involved an actor (crisis actor?) but regardless is being used to push the false news is dangerous news angle – even Hillary appeared to push that angle. I would imagine any physical evidence that was there is now gone, and short of the FBI people who leaked the code coming out with their concerns I suspect that internet sleuthdom is a far as it will go
          Still I think Podesta is a weak point, and probably engaged in something criminal. I think its just best to lower ones expectations, hold yourself to high standards – evidence wise – and see if something turns . The probably though may be that we won’t find anything conclusive, or that anything we do find will be used against us somehow

        42. I know that there is no proof of podesta’s involvement with breitbarts death.
          What I meant was that he obviously got him killed and this needs to be investigated.
          I also know that we don’t have any proof that working together in this case aside from the emails.
          Regardless the connection is too strong to be ignored and not to be investigated.
          Simply put it is without a doubt obvious that they work together.
          We are in the process of finding and categorizing the evidence we have.
          To do so we need to become aware of all connections of the involved.

        43. I think its highly possible, but I don’t think it can be presumed. Either the evidence exists or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t all you have is a suspicion. What happened to the coroner suggests foul play, but we can’t know that. I think building a case to support an enquiry for instance (perhaps part of a wider Clinton probe) would require asking pertinent question in relation to those deaths – there seem to have been irregularities involved and suspicious circumstances regarding the coroners death that weren’t followed up. Why weren’t they followed up? (or perhaps they were and we just don’t know about it).
          Yes, I think it’s all about categorizing and at the same time evaluating evidence, while recognising that we may sometimes have a bias towards convicting in advance of sufficient proof. Need to buy some huge cork boards, pin up the suspects and evidence and start connecting it all. At the moment I think anything that takes us too far from Epstein and his gang is probably going to lead us astray. Likewise, it’s possible that Epstein, Podesta, and Comet Ping Pong all feature criminality but are not actually connected (in the conspiratorial sense). It could just be a sick culture in those circles.

        44. I’m going to have to take some time to go through this, as there’s a lot of stuff here that I’m not familiar with. There is some suggestion that this might a case genuine trafficking for nefarious purpose, but I need to look at it further. Again I think we would need to rule out the more straightforward explanations. This woman – the missionary – tried to smuggle about 30 kids out of Haiti. That in itself is a criminal act – potentially, depending on criminal law of Haiti which i think I just read may not have any anti-trafficking legislation). So the first thing I would want to know is that isn’t just a case of a woman who was passionate about rescuing children, but who didn’t think hard enough about legal and ethical issues i.e – is she a misguided do-gooder or is she a genuine evil sex trafficker supplying the likes of Epstein or whatever.
          With respect to Hillary Clinton’s involvement, again I will need to look at this more closely. I haven’t had time to read the emails, or the stuff about the foundation, but I am sure it will be interesting

        45. I disagree. Considering the evidence we can be very certain that at least something foul is going on on a larger and connected scale.
          Sure, it is not enough yet but it will not go away either.
          Also, I find that the “spirit cooking”, his odd emails that coincides with pedo language, his relation to James alefantis and Dennis hastert, make it very clear that podesta and his affiliates are of a certain kind of breed.
          I find it unrealistic that when rich people know each other and have the same interests and then don’t work together on these interests.
          This here links child trafficking to hillary clinton who is also affiliated with podesta as you should know:

          The children have to come from somewhere and Haiti is infamous for it especially after the earth quake.
          I think that the only thing that keeps you from taking it as what it is, is the stigma of “conspiracy”.
          Btw I found this email here:

          What torture chamber could he be talking about?

        46. It’s a question of separating the wheat from the chaff. To address the last item first: the reference to the torture chamber could be a question of brazenness but for all we know its a well known reference to his office: there could be dozens of people who have heard him use that phrase – in fact it wouldn’t even matter if he really was referring to a real torture chamber if it could be shown that he had a history of referring to work in some such way. That’s just a wild guess – but then consider that the whole scandal relates to discovering the code these people use to refer to paedophile activities – if you’re just going to openly refer to a ‘torture chamber’ like that you might as well not bother with any kind of code at all.
          Re. any disagreement, I think if there is any its about how careful we need to be in interpreting evidence. My position isn’t about trying to let Podesta or whoever off the hook (if / to the extent he’s guilty of criminality) but about the difficulty of weaving this stuff together in a way that reveals more than its conceals, not just at the common-sense level, but also at a forensic level – the level that would be needed after to lead to some kind of a conviction. I do agree that there is something rotten in Denmark, but the question is what? There is still plenty of scope for going too fast with too little. Epstein is solid. We know there is criminality their and that criminality appears to involve child trafficking. Podesta and Alefantis and others in their circle appear to be using a paedophile code system on occasions. There are only a few references within the Podesta emails – particularly thinks like the hankerchief references – my gut instinct is that this is a reference to organised paedophile activity, but on its own it isn’t proof. Podesta and Alefantis may be abusing kids together, separately, or as part of a wider child abuse / trafficking network – at the moment I don’t think we can assert that – I would say there was still a need or solid evidence of any such thing, although there might well be reason for the FBI to start building a case on some strong leads.
          The Clinton Foundation and the Haiti link are tantalising but I’m still processing the information here and trying to work out what we have here. Firstly we know that Bill is associated with Epstein and therefore you might reason as above with Podesta and Alefantis that they may be share their extra-curricular enthusiasm for young children (girls in this case) i.e. the Lolita Express affair is shared criminality. Even if that is the case we have to consider the possibility that Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Silsby case is unrelated to that. In fact that should be the working assumption until evidence can be provided that there is a demonstrable proof of some kind of international child-trafficking ring centred around the Clinton Foundation or something like that. Conspiracy theory is a pejorative term. Conspiracies do exist, but when one guards against being called out for conspiracy theory (or being a conspiracy theorist) it’s to ensure that one isn’t for instance beginning with the conclusion that one wants to get and then working to produce the evidence to support that conclusion. In the context of a hotly contested election, proving Hillary a kiddie fiddling witch would probably be hugely satisfying. The question though is whether she is one or not. Now Laura Silsby’s actions are very strange – she could well be part of an international child smuggling gang. This paedo-trafficking lawyer Puello who she and the church hired does seem to lend credence to that possibility. It is certainly worth looking very hard into why Hillary and some of staffers (including Huma and Cheryl whatshername) were so interested in the case, and why they helped get them off. That needs investigation, but there could potentially be other reasons – the Clinton Foundation certainly does seem to be involved somehow, but whether the involvement in question relates to collusion in child-trafficking (and by extention child-trafficking for paedo-networks) is something that would need looking into. That’s to say, we would need to eliminate say reputation management if for instance the foundation was worried about bad publicity through association.
          The FBI are I think still investigating the Clinton Foundation. That needs to happen. Hopefully Trump’s new attorney general will follow through on that. If for any reason there really is an attempt to prevent him from being elected by the electoral college this month, one might wonder if it would relate to all this getting out

        47. Yeah, it sounds completely bizarre. Of course calling yourself a missionary would be the best cover up but I don’t know what to think of it.

        48. Agree with the first part. It did seem too brazen.
          I have also found a email where john podesta asked wether he better play domino on cheese rather than on pasta.

          Or where James alefantis said that he would bring some walnuts for his visit to the podestas.

          I don’t randomly bring specifically walnuts to visits.
          Either these people are completely obsessed with food or this is actual code for pedophiles as it happens to coincide with it.
          Cheese Pizza = child pornography
          Cheese = young girl
          Walnut – A term for an immature vulva, before the labia have developed. Term derives from the similar appearance of a little girl’s pussy to an uncracked walnut.
          Map – semen
          Domino – A domino grins refers to a man or woman who have left traces of blood over their face after licking out a girl who was on her rags.
          Of course we should be careful with hinting at an conspiracy. However I find it important to ready for the worst, and not very unlikely, but also is it the most effective approach for gathering the most evidence without letting anything go to waste.
          Thank you again for your continued effort.

        49. no worries, it is an interesting subject.
          I would say that one of those emails is very curious. The other one is probably innocent. Correct me if I’m wrong but the email about the Walnuts is not from Jim Alefantis but from a Jim Steyer, who it seems is an expert in child media matters (warning of the danger of harm). Not that means he isn’t a paedophile, of course, but remember we’re talking about a different Jim here. Moreover there does seem to be an alternative definition for walnut – namely a person of colour
          So when he writes “But walnut sauce for the pasta?” that would then mean “person of colour orgy for little boys” or something. Even if it did refer to little girls genitals I’m not sure it would make any more sense.
          Moreover Walnut Sauce for Pasta is a well known dish – e.g.
          I would say if the Podestas are paedophiles then they are also enthusiastic cooks as well. I think we have to consider the possibility in other words that cooking might well be a major part of their culture. The question then is whether it is in part or in whole a cover of plausible deniability for kiddie fiddling. In the case of the walnut email I would be probably be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt unless further patterns in other emails amongst the same people suggested something more. Failing that the walnut email on its own is going to get you laughed out of court
          The Sandler email may be a different matter though.
          Firstly Herb Sandler’s relationship with Podesta is of particular interest in that he appears to be subsidising Podesta’s life – the latter’s has a $7,000 dollar a month stipend paid for from the Herb Sandler foundation.
          On reflection I do find the following phrase strange:
          “I think you should give notice when changing strategies which have been
          > long in place.”
          Could be innocent, i.e. a joke of some sort, where he pretends to be cross, but then reveals he’s actually pleased
          Also the phrase “do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?”
          I don’t see what that could mean, although with the paedo-code in place it still seems a bit weird given that a pasta is a little boy.
          All that we can be sure about is that they have a very strange way of communicating with each other. I still think there is considerable scope for finding something where there isn’t something, even if some of the time there was such a code in place. For instance I can’t quite understand the reference to the shape of the box, and a square shaped box. Is he saying he was expecting a boy / boys but instead got a girl / girls? I really don’t know, but I would say there is a possibility does refer to something more sinister.
          There needs to be some corroboration from the ground. Some evidence that these things were actually happening.
          Out of interest Herb Sandler appears to have a a dodgy financier who may have been partly reponsible for the 2008 crash

        50. Well, domino or domino grin actually coincide with pedo language too.
          I thought I added the definition.
          Domino – A domino grins refers to a man or woman who have left traces of blood over their face after licking out a girl who was on her rags.
          There is actually a “domino grin” picture in james alefantis instgram too.

          Would’ve been the main pic of my article. Without a doubt it is full circle and fucked up.
          There are no restraints for the powerful when it comes to morality.
          Also, I find that the pedo definiton of walnut fits better with all the other pedo language.
          Generally I don’t find this particularily interesting and I don’t enjoy but I have the need to do something.

        51. nice photo. Pretty sure that guy didn’t get that way by eating out a female on the rag – and even so they’d need to be doing it in a spin-dryer I’d say.
          You are right that there may be no restraints for the powerful when it comes to morality: as Crowley said ‘Do as thou wilt’.
          I do think it’s worth documenting it carefully, Evidence needs to be marshalled and evaluated. Much of it probably isn’t going to be worth much but some of it might potentially lead to genuine criminality. Just remember all the tangible criminality so far has been to do with Epstein

        52. Regarding the domino or domino grin; I think it applies to blood due to lost virginity too or other blood in general.
          I am going to try to expand my knowledge of those terms.
          Why would we need to cover Epstein if his criminality is very evident?
          You think there is much more to be uncovered?

        53. Are you sure you want to expand my knowledge of those terms?
          Re. Epstein, not sure to be honest, except that his crimes are demonstrably real. He might have nothing to do with pizzagate but’s he’s a link to Bill Clinton, who was a very frequent visitor. The Ghislaine Maxwell avenue may suggest a trafficking aspect. To be honest I can’t remember if there was a Epstein / Podesta link.

        54. Is it because I worded it weirdly? What I meant was that I wanted to expand my knowledge of these terms not yours.
          I am not going to force you to such things.
          Thanks for the info.

        55. Actually I probably meant to write ‘your’ not ‘my’. I suppose there’s a danger we just don’t go beyond our comfort zone and decide to ‘see no evil’. I agree we should look honestly at whatever is there, but it’s also a question of trying to see straight through all the noise, politics and disinformation
          Likewise thanks for the discussion. Let me know if you discover anything interesting

        56. Can only give that back to you. You helped me to be thorough and I thank you for that and your time.

  12. Men will bear the burden of the female draft. The draft, should it return, will force women into military ranks, where they will rapidly fill the support roles that currently are being performed by the roughly 85% of the military that’s male. Men who want to join must take combat roles as women are neither capable of passing the training, nor able to lead in the numbers required for a conventional military confrontation. They are unlikely to be in sufficient numbers required for an unconventional confrontation.
    This is roughly along the lines in corporate America. Women will fill the admin/support roles, but when it comes to doing the actual dirty work, the mining of the coal, the drilling of the oil, the construction of the highrise, the machinist and foundry work, they will be absent. The organization as a whole will have demographic parity of 50% men and 50% women.

    1. It would work if they were drafted in a way that caters to their strengths while avoiding their weaknesses.
      For example, drafting them as prostitutes or mothers would work great – they help the war effort by keeping men’s minds clear and sharp, they reduce rape rates, and they help ensure the blood of our brave soldiers does not perish from the earth.

      1. Women could be drafted for a 9 month deployment where they will be extremely uncomfortable, have their freedoms and individuality repressed, and risk life and limb to serve their country, just like the men who are drafted. Government forced child bearing only makes sense. Women have to do their part if they want to be equal.

        1. You make a clever comparison. Drafting women for forced sex or procreation is still more moral than drafting them or men fr forced lethal combat and labours.

      2. Yeah, let’s draft our nations daughters as PROSTITUTES. Good idea.
        Not even the Muslims would do something that sick.

        1. Muslims don’t think women and men are equal. A woman cannot divorce a man, give testimony about rape, testify about a legal case unless she has another woman with her (to correct her when she goes astray), go out in public with another man who is not her husband or immediate family, etc.
          If women and men are equal, as the equal draft effort supposes, then both must be drafted. However, we know that women are a detriment to combat units. Therefore, they must be drafted for work which makes sense.
          A nation is composed of its people. Men die to protect those who live in the nation, but without men reproduction is impossible and the nation will die. As men die for their country, so women can breed to preserve it.
          Reductio ad abserdum – if the conclusion is absurd, then the premises may be faulty.
          Addendum: of course, I wouldn’t want any of my kin drafted to such a purpose. But as a logical progression from the premises, I see no rational alternative.

        2. Why do you take for granted that men and women should be treated equally?
          We got by just fine throughout history without drafting women, and with there being plenty of differences in how men and women are treated.
          “Gender equality” is for leftists. I don’t care what the Muslims think. Just because they are our enemies, doesn’t mean everything they believe is wrong.
          I can’t believe you’re actually defending the concept of drafting our own women into prostitution. When I responded to your original comment, I thought you would say it was just a joke. But no, you’re actually defending it.

        3. I am defending the line of logic. I agree the premises are faulty and that is why the argument reduces toward the absurd (or, at least, the commonly unthinkable).

        4. As much as I hate the liberal concept of “everybody has riiiiights,” there is something to be said for a government that values and respects its individual citizens as people, rather than just being concerned with efficiency. Sure, drafting women as prostitutes may be efficient for achieving certain ends, but so is drafting men for suicide missions. With that kind of thinking, you end up with Stalin’s Russia or modern North Korea.

        5. “Muslims don’t think women and men are equal.”
          Well, they’re correct.
          About the divorce thing, a muslim acquaintance of mine said that women cannot divorce men because they are often irrational. They put their emotion over their logic. Look what happen to western society when they allow women to initiate divorce; well, high percent of divorces in the west are initiated by women. Their reason? Oh, because they’re not “haaaappyyyy” and “want to find herself” a.k.a find other bigger dicks.

        6. I once calculated that approximately half of all marriages terminate due to woman-initiated divorce. The no-fault divorce laws can theoretically cut both ways (as I am sure they do), but they are largely exploited by women.
          The idea of equality is one of the logical premises that I assume to be false. But, if it is true, I do not believe my absurd conclusion to be illogical.

        7. Maybe they could choose a whore corps in which to serve — not limited just to servicing men in the military, either — and have special patches signifying their job. Their service record and discharge documents would specify this.

        8. Ever read “The Rainbow Cadenza” about compulsory female service in the “Whore Corps”?

        9. The uniforms probably wouldn’t be very expensive as far as cloth goes. Maybe lots of sequins though.

        10. They should tip the welfare system and give attractive successful people with high IQs monetary support to have as many equally smart attractive children. Enough so that the woman could stay home with them and the men would be able to have a more active role because he wouldn’t be required to work long hours.

        11. Take away the welfare state for sluts who bring fatherless bastards into the world and you won’t have to draft any for that, they will gravitate to prostitution on their own. In most non-Western societies that is exactly where women who have bastards end up. The natural outcome of bastardy. In Asian society besides the “brothel whore” lots of girls doing ordinary low wage service jobs will augment their income with some prostitution on the side.

        12. Sadly they don’t just gravitate to prostitution but the military as well. Which is what we are seeing now. The military is readjusting itself to being more female-friendly.

    2. And the men doing the dirty/dangerous jobs will be paid more.
      Queue “Women are DYING while making only 70 cents” bullshit.

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      2. Except that in corporate America, it’s the paper pushers with the cushiest jobs that get paid the most.

      3. Sorry, Armed forces pay is socialist. An E-6 makes the same no matter what there MOS is. Say you get a 35 (Intel) series, a 42 (Admin) and an 11 (Infantry) series at E-5. They still make the same money.

    3. I was in support of it so that women face the same hardship as men have to instead of being safe and spared
      I never thought of it like this however. I can definately see them putting all men into combat and all women into safe support roles which will inevitably result in more male deaths.
      Would be very typical of feminism to advocate for equality but only when it keeps women safe and secure while men have to face hardship

      1. It’s much much worse than this. Trust me. I’ve spent enough time in unpleasant parts of the world to have seen what goes on during deployments. The women will be in cushy jobs, whether they are formally put there, whether they scheme their way there, sleep their way there (only the thoroughly deluded thinks this does not happen), or whether their incompetence and inability to function in dangerous areas forces them there.
        They will be known as pogues, or REMF’s. They will not be in unpleasant places like Restrepo. But when it comes to veterans’ benefits and the credibility that comes from being a grunt, they will demand every bit as much of the benefit and street cred as the guy walking a patrol despite facing substantially less danger.

    4. In world war II the nation’s biggest concern was that quality men would be killed in the war leaving the weak to reproduce with the women. And here we are several generations later and look what we have? A bunch of ugly fat stupid people.

  13. I like what the Soviets did. They trolled women hardcore and shoved equality down their throats until they couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh comrade princess, you want to be a man? Well, you’re in luck! The Party has some shit for you to shovel! Now get to work before we Gulag you!”
    Guess what happened? :^)

    1. “They trolled women hardcore and shoved equality down their throats until they couldn’t take it anymore.”
      The same needs to happen here.
      “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” — Abraham Lincoln

      1. Incidentally this is why feminism never took off in the Soviet Union. Not only were women equal, but they were equally up to their assholes in feces. It would make any woman curse the thought of “equality”.

        1. Actually, Lenin endorsed the Russian Communist version of feminism and enacted “no fault” divorce for women right after the Revolution, and the Russian women lost no time in acting just like the spoiled, arrogant, hypergamous sluts that we have here in the West nowadays. But after Lenin died and Stalin took over, Stalin saw how the birthrate was dropping like a rock and how the majority of men were avoiding marriage and increasingly, women. To increase the Russian birthrate, Stalin then ended ‘no-fault’ divorce, made feminism socially unacceptable, and started honoring women who married and had children.
          The reason that ‘equality’ became endemic in the Soviet Union was primarily because of the horrific death rate of Russian men during the Second World War; estimates are still disputed, but the figures are in the multiples of millions up to over 6 – 8 million dead.
          In contrast, WW II US casualties were less than 1 million: 407,000 dead from all causes.

        2. The divorce courts in the USSR still largely favor women but as we know here in the west, the situation is little better.
          The image many have of a Russian woman whose naturally feminine and supportive of men is misleading. The city women of Russia can be just as “hypergamous” as in the states if not moreso but perhaps they tend to be clueless about it and grow out of it faster. It’s not uncommon for young Russian women to refuse to date anyone less than an oligarch who buys them expensive Iphones to get dates and then they hit their wall early in their 20’s and they have time to grow up.
          In the states, it’s not uncommon for career women to be able to avoid confronting their wall until they’re in their mid-30’s and by then, it’s Game Over. Also, by that time they’ve developed a b*tch face that is largely unattractive. Fortunately for them, there are still a lot of wimpy beta men left in the states but these women may not find them desirable but they are dying off.
          I think a culture shift happened in the 90’s when times were VERY tough and also during the Soviet era that helped to generate respect for men that’s lacking here in the west. If a woman gets an attitude about filing a sexual harassment claim if a man says she’s pretty, other women will ostracize her and look down on her while in the west, the women either ignore such behavior or reward her with “you go girl!” Also, men continue to be interested in such harpies.

        1. Everything I’ve ever seen about FEMA camps has pointed to their sole purpose being the collecting of cobwebs.

      1. In fact they kicked all the women out. Civilian life was full of female administrators and other HR types; don’t need none of that in the army was the Russian view.

  14. The bill will be vetoed to no end. And even if it did get through, I suspect we’d see a surge in “accidental pregnancies” afterward.

    1. “Oops pregnant again!” Guess I’ll just take my shoes off & bake cookies.”
      ~Every Hardcore Feminist (Post Draft)

      1. It’s common in the military for women to avoid redeployment by getting pregnant and then getting an abortion after it’s cancelled.

    2. Oh, people joke, but that shit happens so much. Broads get knocked up “accodentally” before a deployment in staggering numbers. Its so obvious. And no none has the balls to stop this abuse. If I as a man, got hurt mountain biking before a deployment I could be charged for making myself “undeployable”. But women do it all the time with zero consequences.

      1. What happens to the women? Do they get some kind of bad conduct discharge or other punishment?

        1. You ARE joking, right?
          I was also in the military, and also saw this (especially right before Desert Storm); NOTHING happened to them.

        2. I’m not. I was never in the military so I really don’t know.
          That’s ridiculous how they got a free pass though.

        3. I know three women who recently did this. One after a “boring” Afghanistan deployment where she sat in front of a computer all day. Nothing at all happened to them, and they all now have easy office jobs at posts here in the US. To contrast, I also know a Marine, friend of my brother, who, after two middle east tours, broke his arm while rock climbing and was fined and charged.

        4. I saw women throw their gear down and weep. Just to watch men pick it up in silence and keep moving.
          Women are complete dead weight in the military.

        5. No doubt. My Marine brother told me one of the best sharpshooters he knew was a women. But he still didn’t want her next to him on the field. If women are so intent on helping: answer phones, nurse, or, for rare individuals, military intelligence. Otherwise get out of the way and let the men do their job. The women who are intent on combat positions … not necessarily the ones there for the GI Bill … are women who have lost all connection to their feminine nature.

  15. The feminists opinions I’ve read (KNOW YOUR ENEMY!) are negative on the female draft. They consider it an “F-You” by the patriarchy that refuses to grant full equality but wants to kill “poor and underprivileged minorities”.

    1. yeah but killing rich over privileged minorities never works….guhhhhhh want do these cunts want?

  16. When Christian men return, Christian families will return. Then raise young Christian men and women who can repopulate society with morally sound citizens. The current batch of feminists are mostly here to stay.

      1. The Canaanite women that the church creates, no less. Churches are filled with haughty Jezebels and mangina Ahab enablers.

        1. And the equality movement is producing Liliths who can’t take care of themselves and need the government to take care of them.

      2. Pickings are slim, without a doubt. There are good ones out there. I’m reminded of the story of Abraham and Sarah. She was in her 90s when she finally conceived. He had the wife but she was barren. “With God all things are possible”.

    1. The pathetic and willfully deceived American “Christian” church enables, encourages, and facilitates this feminist decay of society. The Milquetoast, mangina men that fill the pews want it that way.
      The USA needs a re-defining of what “Christian” means. “Christian” has far too many negative and antithetical overtones now. Just look at how female dominated the vast majority of churches are now. Rightly, real men want no part of them.

  17. I can imagine a photo essay illlustrating women carrying injured men off the battlefield winning a major important award.

  18. True feminists will be against the bill. Trump will veto it. Feminists WILL NOT start seeing the light. They don’t follow logic. You should know that by now.

    1. This actually happened when women killed the ERA when Phylas Schlafly, rest in peace, suggested women could get drafted. Women really didn’t want it and were willing to give up the ERA.
      However, insiders know that The Wise Latina could always twist an ERA to mean what they say it means: “equality” when it suits women here, and allowed when it doesn’t elsewhere. It would be used as a bigger club to demand special rights for “equal” women.
      But… they couldn’t sell it that way to the voters by saying: “It’s a lie to bash men and stay at home mothers!” so they couldn’t dispute Schlafly directly and call her bluff.
      That bluff killed the ERA.

      1. The ERA died because women killed it. They killed it because even then they were 100% certain they did not want real equality; you know, with equal responsibilities and equal treatment before the law. By going for “equality” piecemeal they could get benefits only while leaving responsibility and other negatives on the table.

        1. I like to educate women in that if they think they got “equality” in the form of goodies without responsibilities, they actually wound up losing more in the bargain:
          They didn’t need feminism to get men’s “stuff”. Men gave it to them already. A government protector like, laugh, Bill Clinton is untrustworthy and has little vested personal interest in protecting women either individually or collectively. The nuclear family patriarch has a personal interest in protecting women and even empowering them.
          Feminism “works” only in that some women have to suffer for the sake of others. One told me: “I have nothing against other women marrying a stay at home husband, if that’s what she wants! But that’s just not for me…” Exactly. One could say the same of someone who thinks that they should be a doctor, or astronaut, or president while someone else should sweep the floor or work on a construction site. Feminists throw OTHER women under the bus hoping THEY are not THAT woman.
          But in the end, they all are. The welfare state that has to be created to clean up the mess of poor women unable to find husbands winds up coming out of the paychecks of working women. On the upper end, women who are unable to “marry up” wind up having to go it alone and miss out on a man’s income. Even the “twofers” who seemingly marry a man who earns what she does (or even more) winds up not noticing how their wages both are deflated due to more people in the workplace competing for the same few jobs left.

        2. Most are not that aware of the social impacts you are (correctly) suggesting. The sliding tax code also imposes a tax penalty on working couples, but they never seem to do a cost- benefit analysis of it all.

        3. Imagine… for a moment if we had all the technology we do today but…
          With half the population or so (no mass immigration for the left to win elections) BUT with the USA now a net energy exporter (I believe), we’d have money like Saudi Arabia. That would mean every roadway in the USA would be paved like butter. The schools would all be funded. New airports and trains would crisscross the nation. With divorce rates low and few women on welfare, the cost of the social welfare system would be eliminated AND the prison system as well would be redundant much like in some Western European nations (except for now as they fill up with Islamicist refugees).
          Remember the film 2001 where the year 2001 was portrayed as everyone wearing white and space trips to the moon base? Flying cars? All of that? If it wasn’t for feminism and leftism, all this money to pay for these social pathologies would be free to use for other things. It’s astounding how expensive the feminist/leftist agenda has been. Yes, we still get by but imagine if we didn’t have two or three ball-and-chains attached to our legs.
          Heck, even oligarchs such as Bill Gates and Zuckerberg could afford their huge mansions and mega yachts (even mega space yachts) and plenty would be left over for us to party with. That’s the feudal order in that during the dark ages, they didn’t live much better than we do today BUT they lived a heck of a lot better than the serfs and that’s what matters, right? Western civilization at its best not only spread wealth, it magnified it exponentionally. A 1950’s Archie Bunker lived better off than the Kings of Europe 2 centuries before and it wasn’t due to just technology.
          This dysfunctional system really doesn’t help much of anyone. Since feminism is one of the key causes of the mess, it’s a testament to why women weren’t allowed to vote in the first place. If I could proxy my vote to someone with more brains and sense than me, I would. I have no problem with that BECAUSE I’m smart enough to do so.

  19. Let them get drafted and join the forces. There will be no true equality until there are equal numbers of men and women coming home in pine boxes. Any man that goes to war in such a military configuration where you are depending on a woman to drag your ass off the battlefield when you get incapacitated gets exactly what he deserves. The whole dynamic of the front line will change for one group of combatants and it won’t be the winning side.
    When will women wake up to the fact that the ruling elite don’t give two fucks about womens “rights”, whatever they are. Women go off to work, the government get to tax the other half of the population. Women go off to war, just more meat for the grinder. Enjoy your bleeding limbs and your spilled guts on the field ladies……

  20. So when they ignore their draft notice, they are going to lock all those young snowflakes up? Yeah. It will never happen.
    I would rather all the grey haired (you-go-girl) harpies go in their place. They can clear minefields Iranian style.

    1. Men aren’t locked up either. Fined, denied state jobs, denied college loans, etc. Same will happen to women.

      1. Difference between registering for selective service and avoiding a draft. If you receive a draft notice and bail, they used to lock you up. As we have not had a draft since 1973, I have no idea to what lengths they would enforce it.

        1. Maybe. Failing to register is still punishable with jail time, it just isn’t enforced. I don’t think failing to register has been enforced with jail time since the early 80s. So many were refusing to register, even filing suits against the gov, it wasnt cost effective to pursue. In our sjw environment can you imagine the deluge of conscientious objector claims?

        2. I don’t recall threats of jail time for failing to register in the 80s, but you would simply not be accepted for federal employment or loans.
          “In our sjw environment can you imagine the deluge of conscientious objector claims?”
          My father was drafted in the 60s and told me when someone pulled the “conscientious” claim, they would be sent out to mow the lawn on base. With a pair of tweezers. After a few days they would come around. We could just utilize penal battalions– Russia still has them.

      2. Believing lies doesn’t change reality, plenty of men who dodged were hunted down like criminals and locked up, you’re full of it.
        Females will all get pregnant to get out of it, we all know that. One way or another the girl card will trump the draft card. Ancient female privileges win every time because of all the white knight manginas.

  21. As it is, the govt. fishes for little victims within the military non-stop with their bs surveys. Any shitty flirting or casual sex can quickly be converted to sexual harassment and rape. Look it up, there is a whole bureau dedicated to this. Motherfuckers have full time, high paying jobs doing these witch hunts. It’s called SARC (sexual assault response coordinator) and they also employ sjws under the title, “victim advocates.” Really, I would welcome some sexual harassment to liven up my workplace. Look up what those worthless female officers make in their sarc career role. Sick

  22. I see what they are doing here. The moment women start dying, or return home maimed and missing a couple limbs due to an IED, people will be SCREAMING for the war to stop.

    1. I don’t know, I nearly maimed a bish by bashing out her IUD and while she was screaming she wasn’t screaming for me to stop

    2. I have a friend whose doing some work at the Afghanistan miltiary base and even as a semi-civilian, the rebels regularly lodge RPG’s into the camp. No doubt many women have suffered as casulties despite being in the rear lines. This is the era of modern guerrila warfare where, yes, men are on the front lines and take most of the hits but the women in the rear aren’t as (comparitively) safe as they were on a M*A*S*H.

  23. I have seen women who can not load and fire a MK-19, M-2 MG, M-249, M-240. They had have someone else load it so they could just pull the trigger. Anyone who supports putting these women into a combat zone so they can feel good has blood on their hands. Just look at how much money the Army wasted putting hundreds of women thorough RIP and Ranger School so two women could barely make it through a heavily modified course made up mainly of PC West Point cadets.

  24. I’m all for the female draft. Hopefully it will thin out the numbers of women in the work force. In fact, housewives should get an exception.

  25. Is this the same legislation that would extend draft eligibility by ten years to age 36? If so, I still think men would be getting the short end of the stick

  26. I think everyone saw this coming when women were allowed combat positions. That nicely circumvents the 81′ Supreme Courts reasoning (If women arent fighting they shouldnt be drafted). NOW was in favor of a female draft then and they reman so. Feminists like Armed Services Committee member Spier is a strong supporter. High ranking military, repubs, the new left … from Slate to McCain almost everyone is on board with this. There is a contingent of feminists, strongly anti war, who will use the bill as a platform to outlaw the draft, but they won’t get anywhere with that. Most feminists will gladly watch their ‘sisters’ carried home in flag draped coffins if it helps the cause.

  27. A bit too optimistics in my opinion, but I agree that the average woman would recoil at this piece of “equality” and start rowing in the opposite direction as fast as she could.

  28. I spent a good 4 years working with a single mom with 3 kids (by 3 different daddies) who couldn’t do crap. Couldn’t work nights because single mommy. Couldn’t work 12s because single mommy. Couldn’t come in early, couldn’t stay late, couldn’t pull a weekender, couldn’t go on TDY or deployment. Couldn’t lift an LRU by herself, or move our test equipment stands by herself.
    But she only weighed a buck o’ five, she could sprint a 13 minute mile and a half, do 20 pushups and 35 situps in a min each, so she got 90s on her fit tests and got promoted. Funny; she never had time for work, But she always had time for her kids, her hobbies, her organizations and associations, and for studying.
    I could only run 12 min mile ‘n a half, do 30 pushups and 40 situps, pull ALL of the weekend and overnight shifts, and do 3/4 of the shops’ annual maintenance entirely BY MYSELF, so I got “Meh” performance reports and denied for medals and recognition.
    In the end, I’m the sucker. I stayed in longer then her.

      1. Yes and no.
        There are real red pill bennies. The uniform and status will up your SMV and self esteem. They will encourage and reward you for getting in shape (more focus on aerobics then body building sadly) we do teach some masculine skills, and even some old school masculine warrior culture. There is an ocean of unofficial red pill culture in the dorms, at backyard parties, in remote deployments, “outside the wire” and the offduty get togethers. My NCOs mentored the heck out of me. Taught me how to shoot, how to drink, how to fix things, how to stick up for myself and be social.
        But the official, onduty, engarrison military is heavily, strictly, depressingly blue pill to the extreme. Death by SARC. Death by Equal opportunity. Death by mental health and suicide briefings. Every racial, sexual, ethnic, religious snowflake has a month, a week, a breakfast, a luncheon and a committee (except for one particular obvious omission…) butthurt ‘special’ people get special attention all the time.
        The snowflakes are trying to turn the military into a libersl arts college campus with weapons. Step 2 is to take the weapons away.

        1. It sounds like I got out just in time, just as all the PC SJW bullsh** was getting started.

        2. You already CAN’T have personal weapons on any base I ever went. They go straight to the armory. The vast majority of military personnel also don’t carry a weapon as part of their duty, so… there’s that.

  29. Not sure what to think – on one hand the idea of a bunch of hormonal driven idiots with guns or piloting a copter is scary and represents a risk factor, but the other aspect is that more females in general will truly understand just how ugly war is when a bunch of GI Janes are discharged from their tour of duty with their faces burned off and wearing colostomy bags.

    1. What could be better is when the GI Janes start coming back in body bags, in whole pieces or in pieces. Only Death is “The Great Equalizer”.

      1. “What could be better is when the GI Janes start coming back in body bags, in whole pieces or in pieces. Only Death is “The Great Equalizer”.”
        Honestly I was thinking the same thing in the back of my mind.

  30. You guys are more than a week behind the times – the provision that would have extended the Selective Service requirement to women was stripped out by Congressional Republicans.
    The “Military Times” ran the story on 29 November –
    So once again the White Knights in the Republican Party have given feminists a win… in this case a TRIPLE win, since they get what they want (immunity from equal responsibility), PLUS they get to engage in virtue-signaling (“We asked for the right to defend our country on equal terms with men! It’s not our fault it didn’t pass!), PLUS they get to play the “misogyny” card (“This only happened because Republicans think women are weak and belong in the kitchen!”). The Democrats didn’t even have to play the Republicans – they played themselves.
    The Democrats got to push it precisely because they knew the Republican majority would never let it become law. This started out as a way to call the bluff of feminists by making them live up their rhetoric, but the thing about beating a bluffing opponent is that you have to be willing to call the bluff. If you aren’t willing, then both sides are bluffing. The feminists were bluffing, but they knew that the Republicans would NEVER, EVER call that bluff, so all the feminists had to do was call the Republican bluff by having their guys vote for it (knowing they were in the Congressional minority), and then wait for the Republicans to blink… like they always do.

    1. It’s not a white knight issue. Women is the military is bad because women are shitty soldiers. Spin is what it is. Feminists are always gonna politicize.

      1. I have to disagree. Republicans are all for women in the military… you’ll never hear one of them praise “Our men in uniform”… only “Our men and women,” as though the women are holding up half the sky rather than being the net liability that they are. Republicans pander to women non-stop (look at the way they piled on their own party’s nominee when Trump said a few things that ran afoul of the Feminine Imperative – even though what he said was true).
        Nope… this was straight-up White Knighting. The franchise used to be tied to military service, but you’ll never hear a Republican advocating making the right to vote contingent on registering for Selective Service for women, although it has been for men for longer than most of us have been alive (failure to register is a felony, and felons generally lose the right to vote).
        Republicans join hands with Democrats and feminists to give women rights without responsibilities, even though tying the franchise to military service, or even to being a net payer rather than a net tax recipient would swing every election to the Republicans overnight.

  31. Want to see feminists really blow a gasket? Prohibit any and all gender specific assignments at all businesses. Make factoring a person’s gender a crime for all work positions. Go to the hardware store and finally find females loading the concrete bags for once, instead of sitting in the AC snacking on bon-bons next to their register.
    They claim they want equality, they’ve never had it. No more girl card!

    1. Yes, he left out the part about all the babies they cook and eat, the child sex slaves, and the rampant drug and alcohol abuse.

  32. Just draft avowed feminists only. Then put them on the front lines. When the ridiculously horny enemy who has been surrounded by nothing but men for months, stops to fuck the horny land whales while making fun of their blue hair, that’s when you unleash hell on the whole group. Just like in Braveheart when the king orders the archers to fire on the entire infantry already engaged in combat.
    It is the best of all worlds and definitely killing two birds with one stone.

  33. This won’t expose feminism for what it is but rather women. The backlash against this will be huge and provoke some soul searching. It will also expose the feminists however, their naked opportunism and self interest will be blowing in the wind as hey flip and flop looking to justify their position. Hat being of course being maximum reward for minimum of work and accountability. His is the beginning of the end times for feminism, the useful white women, they are being cut lose. They are tools not craftsmen, they like every other professional protest industry will be sacrificed for chaos. Feminism, socialism, capitalism, race… How compatible is a welfare state with a sting middle class ? Feminism with Islam ? Hey were never meant to get along, just demolish to make room. Also, Don might just come out in favour of it because he’s an awesome prick like that. I’d love to see him ask what the problem with equality is.

  34. As a matter of fact I really think that implementing draft for females is a good idea for western societies. The reason? It would teach females that it is a bad idea to have someone else dictating your private life. I expect any female that spends 3 months in a barrack to change her mind on many political matters, say domestic violence being prececuted without a formal complaint. Or war on drugs. Or any issue imposed by the elite to the masses that involves some short of social control no matter how honey phrased it is, would probably fell to deaf female ears, provided that she has spent 3 months of her life in a barrack with an officer yeiling at her. It is the only way to teach females what goverment is all about. It is about violence.

      1. Yeah, but her o rings looks like a nerf baskteball hoop. Toys r us sells those ya know.

  35. Even “nice” feminism that most agree with such as voting and employment rights is still insidious because what we’ve seen for several generations now is that most women would rather go childless than marry down OR the welfare state needs to rush in to act as a breadwinner.
    A man who doesn’t have a good job and can’t find a woman to marry him and produce children for him is a naturally good thing. It eliminates a broken home before it happens. But equal workplace rights for women generates women with an income that then wait until later to start a family if at all. Birthrates of responsible men and women plummet. Other aspects of the feminist agenda that the author rails against follows as feminists try to demand the state bash men in order to justify propping up the economic distress caused by socio-biological choices.

    1. Good idea, the prisoners support your idea.
      They do have them in Mexico, but I’m not aware of coed prisons anywhere else.

  36. Didn’t you see G.I. Jane? Women can do everything men do and more!
    And as soon as ISIS captures, rapes, and beheads the women in that unit after they get lost because they were too busy SnapChatting their booty pics to their thirsty orbiters that will be the end of women in combat.

  37. The real question should be…”Why the f**k would ANYONE want to be drafted to go fight a war for corporate Big Oil under the lie of ‘patriotism’?” And before anyone gets their panties in a bunch I am ex-Army. The profession of Soldier/Sailor/Airman is a noble one, but it’s now used to forward private capital’s agenda. For shame.

    1. Right. Especially when these fighting, er, fucking age women will be needed as support right here stateside in the coming battle to drain the swamp.

  38. Yah no…American women born here are too far gone. They don’t know what’s good for them anymore, they only know how to regurgitate leftist feminazi propaganda. Let the stupid ones get drafted and die overseas. Only then will the average common sense levels of the remaining ones rise enough for them to realize the truth that the liberal media is trying to suppress!

  39. What is this “draft” you speak about? People still have to undergo mandatory military training nowdays in first world countries? Isnt that a thing form the past?

  40. Did the person who wrote this essay drink his own bathwater? But the pictures are great. Not cheesy. At. All.

  41. If women want to be drafted for frontline duties let them – when they come home in pine boxes it could mean one less valuable man being killed.

  42. Screw that. Pass this law, form female-only platoons and send them to the frontline. Time to unleash our Strong And Independent Womyn(TM).

    1. I agree. The only way to make it workable would be to have female only battalions and give them equal representation on the front lines. Ie: If 25% of soldiers are women, the 25% of front line battalions MUST be female. There’s their equality.

  43. Women drafted? Like actually on the battlefield?? You’re kidding. That’s insane. What is this some scheme to make the battle field into some kind of honey trap?
    Come on this must be a joke right? Goddam nerf gun loaded tampon launcher ball sack ass crack. This is such bullshit.×201.jpg
    Holy broken bunkbed yellow submarine sandwitch motherfucker tittiesucker. This is just too much×419.jpg

  44. Drafting women is great. After that they are full equals and not entitled to any privileges.

  45. They want equal rightss, they should earn it by having to sign up for the draft, they wanted equality, let them have it.

  46. Can you imagine in a battlefield scenario where you are on the front of the lines aiming
    your gun at the enemy closing in and behind you are female compatriots who have their guns
    drawn in to shoot the enemy but they miss and end up shooting you on the back of the head via
    “friendly fire”.
    Imagine the agony as your female compatriot soldiers are captured by the enemy, raped, brutalized,
    tortured, and you are forced to hear, see all that. It will really fuck you up. Among the females,
    there will be a lot of traitors, spy and the trust and morals will go down as well.
    Females are incompetent at using machines or anything that requires use their hand motor skills
    and require some brain.
    Imagine you are riding an elevator or escalator designed and made by a female. LOL you are probably
    better off getting onto ones designed by Chinese.

  47. Steve Canyon already wrote much of what I was going to. My HS job is where I learned about gender equality. It meant girls got the same pay I did but I and the other guys had to all dirty, hot, cold, heavy lifting, and heavy machinery work. They got to do the easier tasks. Now they could volunteer to and choose from the other work if they wanted to. Only one did, for some of it.
    The female draft is going to be really bad for intelligent and skilled men for all the things they are better suited for than cannon fodder will be women’s jobs.
    Additionally this draft thing poses a problem for feminists and that’s why it has essentially been met with silence thus far. I think that’s how it will continue. Feminists probably want it to just go away. They can’t say anything about it because their hypocrisy will be brought out into the open. We’re all supposed to swallow the bullshit that feminism is about equality (oh and it _never_ has been) while accepting how at each step women are continually to have more freedoms and less burdens. The draft doesn’t fit that.
    If push comes to shove feminists will demonstrate how it’s patriarchy that puts women in fox holes. They will twist everything as they always do.

  48. I think the author overestimates the effect this will have on women. Older feminist women won’t care as long as it is OTHER women being drafted. And younger feminists won’t care unless the bill actually passes and they are drafted.
    Also, don’t be so sure this won’t happen. During the Republican primary race, several candidates (Christie, Rubio, and I forget who else) endorsed drafting women.
    If I were to have daughters and a bill like this passes, I would probably get the hell out of the country if there is a possibility my daughters get drafted. Fuck that.

  49. Women have their own sports teams and leagues, academic departments, medical centers, business groups, fitness gyms, etc, etc, etc. Let them have their own military units as well, where they can prove themselves in real combat. They can even have their own miniature weapons as well.
    If gender equality is the goal, then they have to sign up for the draft. I don’t think shooting the bill down will make anyone realize shit, but I could be wrong.

  50. I don’t know mate… women are very messed up in the head. Generation Z believe women are the same as men hence the new pronoun ‘Z’. They don’t believe they are male or female but Z.
    These no doubt we will lose the next major war if this bill passes.

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  52. I disagree, there definitely should be a female draft. However, it need not be the same as the male draft. For every drafted male killed (or missing long enough that they are likely dead), at least two females of similar ethnicity aged 18-30 should be drafted to carry and raise his baby (conceived with stored semen). This ensures that men who lay down their lives for their nation will be guaranteed that their genes will survive to the next generation even if they have no kids at time of death. Anyway this is likely moot as any war big enough to require a draft would have long ago turned nuclear and therefore ended.

  53. Nice Bill Burr reference with the pig tails line.
    The elite are starting to realize degenerate sluts will follow what is considered alpha in a haze of drunken euphoria, no matter who that person is. They are trying to force this through because Trump taking the white female vote brought this hole in their strategy to the forefront. They never expected a man would go against his interests, financially and physically, to lead women back.

  54. Ok so a female platoon.
    Which side will they choose as the enemy.
    How do you fit all male personnel into prison.

  55. What exactly that Putin did to oppress you, really? He’s in different continent, ffs.

    1. He’s 100 times the man Obama is.
      I feel oppressed just because of that. Though I’m not sure we can blame Putin. 🙂

  56. I’d actually be in favour of this if women had to work the same and suffer equally to men in the draft, but I just know they’ll put men in the crosshairs and keep women back and safe thus proving to be a sexist as ever.
    Feminism and government only want equality when it proves beneficial to women not actual equality

  57. A couple of things:
    (I’m pretty sure most of you will agree) If the female draft WERE implemented, it would cost lives. ROK readers may get it, but most guys are beta white knight schlubs. On the front lines, guys would inevitably be distracted by their million years of genetic hardwiring that says “protect women above all” and this would inevitably result in calamity. I’m not even positive that those of who DO understand true sexual dynamics could override this instinct under extreme conditions like on the battlefield, to be honest.
    Also, when it comes to the backlash of Congress trying to pass the thing in the first place; I don’t think the majority of men (who are mostly beta cucks) will suddenly recognize the hypocrisy going on and change tide. Though I certainly WISH that would happen.

    1. Don’t know how accurate this is but I talked to an Israeli about this. Seems they found out the hard way that women on the front line is a bad move. Supposedly, their enemies figured out that if they shot a woman, entire groups would be held up to make sure she was alright. So eventually the Israelis got a clue and stopped putting women on the front lines.
      Women have no business being on the front lines and any society that puts them there for no good reason (ie last line of defense), is angling for total disaster.
      But then, I don’t think there should be a draft for men either. Most of the Founding Fathers were against the entire concept. How far we’ve come….

  58. Here’s hoping you are right and we will transition back to a more patriarchal society. As a woman myself I have no objection to women who have demanded equality for so long dying in battle like men have for millennia, suck up equality ladies!(personally I prefer caring for my children and husband). However I believe having women in front line battle will endanger men’s lives. Realistically speaking would a man rather have a six foot men next to him having his back or a female soldier for whom standards of strength and endurance have been lowered in the name of equal access and all that? Basically I think women in the front line will just get more men on their own side killed?

  59. The use of women inWW2 released large numbers of 1A men from being clerk-typists to the infantry. The intelligent use of women by the IDF has enabled it to reduce the term of service for men from 36 to 30 months over the last few years. It doesn’t have to be done stupid.

  60. Except that MOST women in America cannot even do 1 push up and are obese…how the HELL are they going to fight a WAR?

  61. And now, a few months down the track, I noticed the female draft issue died a quiet death. This was probably the worst possible result.. Trump didn’t get a chance to veto it, and feminists look like the “good guys” by giving the illusion of wanting true equality (which they never intended to follow thru with).

  62. Hilarious. As much we’d all like to see the fall of feminism, sadly I doubt the feminist are willing to putting much stock in this venture to begin with. So don’t get your hopes up that the success or failure of this will tank feminism altogether.

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