This Arthur Chu Interview Shows How SJWs Play Professional Victims

GamerGate has been going on for more than two months now and shows no signs of running out of steam. That’s because GamerGate is a genuine grassroots consumer movement, without a leader who can be shamed (unless you count Tyrone) or a political agenda that can be subverted. Also, it’s partly because SJWs play the victim card to the most absurd extremes imaginable, exposing their views to the public.

The most recent example is the interview of Arthur Chu, a self-proclaimed nerd blogger, on the David Pakman show. Before we get into the cringefest that is the interview itself, let’s step back and examine why victimhood works for SJWs, how they use it and why neither Arthur Chu nor any other man will ever be able to gain that coveted victim status, no matter how fanatically they push the agenda.

“Stop rescuing me, oppressor!”

Men have a natural protector instinct towards women. They are to be sheltered, provided for and taken care of by any means necessary. This is a normal urge that helped the human race survive times of great turmoil. It is nothing to be ashamed of. However, according to the SJW philosophy, this urge is merely a way patriarchy controls, oppresses, and demeans women, by turning them into inanimate objects that have no agency and have to be fetched by the hero. This isn’t my definition, this is how Anita Sarkeesian actually worded it in her “Damsel in distress trope” video.

Naturally, she is completely wrong, since the purpose of that trope is simply to provide an additional motive for players to play and finish the game, not to brainwash the player. Note the word “damsel.” It’s there for a reason and implies a woman of higher status, someone who carries herself with grace, dignity, and elegance. There is a reason Super Mario rescues Princess Peach and Link is helping Princess Zelda and not just any two random peasant girls.

Rescuing a princess, even if it’s just make-believe, makes the men who perform the rescue feel noble and righteous. Playing a game that makes you feel good means you will have fond memories of it and probably buy the sequel when it comes out. Again, there is a good reason why Super Mario and Legend of Zelda are arguably the two most enduring franchises in the gaming history.

However, that same protector instinct isn’t needed in the modern society because there aren’t that many dangers around. SJWs have also pushed for and basically criminalized or shamed into oblivion all the basic courtesies that a man used to extend to a woman. This created an atmosphere where women no longer feel the need to be damsels, while men lost a great source of motivation to become better and conquer the outside world, withdrawing instead into virtual worlds where they can do whatever they want. And who can blame them for acting that way? Would you come to this woman’s aid if she was in danger?

red hair femnazi 1 500px

If you feel masochistic and want to hear this banshee’s wails, knock yourself out.

“…except when I want to be rescued!”

However, SJWs realized the protector instinct is so powerful that men will do anything to help a woman in danger, if the danger is big enough. But, there are no bears or crocodiles around, so what could that danger be? In the end, SJWs chose rape instead of murder or maiming, because rape implies that the woman is chaste and pure, again playing into the “save the princess” trope.

“I was raped!” thus becomes the equivalent of “I am a princess, save me!” This is why for SJWs everything is rape. It simply has to be, or they lose their coveted victim status. Ironically, this also means SJWs turned victimhood into a position of privilege.

With all the above in mind, let’s finally take a look at the Arthur Chu’s interview:

In this video we can see the lame depths to which Arthur Chu sinks in an attempt to play the outdated role of a noble protector, including “drawing away heat” from SJW fair maidens he considers his friends. I wonder what they would say if they knew Arthur was putting them in the patriarchal role of a helpless woman who can’t act or speak on her own behalf. What Arthur doesn’t understand is that being a hardcore SJW ally does not grant him any kind of lasting respect or authority in the inner circle. Even though he was one of the authors penning one of the original “gamers are dead” articles that started the whole GamerGate movement, as soon as he becomes a burden, SJWs will ditch him without regret.

“And don’t expect anything in return!”

Arthur also pulls the victim card and tries to say he was raped or something along those lines. It’s not clear what actually happened to him because the host of the show cleverly avoided asking the question, though Arthur prompted him to do it, probably so he can claim he was verbally abused or ambushed. Interestingly enough, SJWs consider that being raped and being a victim do not apply to men at all, which again shows how little Arthur Chu understands the inner teachings of SJWs philosophy. He is privy only to the outside circle of information, in which propaganda has the stated goal of “gender equality.”

SJWs undoing will be when they start overplaying the victim card, which is already happening. Anita Sarkeesian has recently held a presentation where she called for mass censoring and blocking of all “unwanted content” from social networks, including changes to legislation that basically allow for anonymous civil lawsuits.

When the feels brigade starts threatening the very essence of the Internet, a massive backlash will form from people who previously had no interest in joining the fight and we might see cracks in the SJW structure. We waited for heroes, but who would have thought it would be gamers?

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69 thoughts on “This Arthur Chu Interview Shows How SJWs Play Professional Victims”

  1. That poor immasculated child believes (probably through indoctrination at the university level or earlier) that if he acts in this manner, his female “friends” (women he wishes were more intimate with him, no doubt) will like him more…
    Is it wrong to feel bad for people like Arthur Chu? This kid needs the Red Pill in a bad way.

    1. I refuse to feel bad for any white knight who actively works to destroy men in the name of feminism.

      1. You have a serious point and in some respects I agree.
        I would contrast that idea against a man who has known the red pill world and then goes back to his pure beta ways. Chu on the other hand probably has been brainwashed and never experienced the red pill epiphany.
        I would cringe at videos showing myself prior to red pill knowledge.

        1. Understood, but as long as someone is your enemy and is actively seeking to destroy you, you must stop that person, regardless of what his motivations are.
          There is always plenty of time to rehabilitate a former enemy after he has been defeated and he is no longer a threat to you.

  2. Playing the role of the victim also provides a distinct advantage. In Western culture it is considered cruel to attack someone when they have shown their weakness and appealed to mercy or pity. So the tendency is to back off when it is used in social situations. But this makes it very hard to tell a self-proclaimed “victim” to shut up. And like the kid who cries “uncle” only to slug his opponent when his guard is down, the SJWs use it to silence critics while they keep attacking.

    1. True. But then The Boy Who Cried Wolf kicks in.
      If everytime I turn around you are proclaiming yourself to be a victim, I eventually don’t give a crap.
      A perfect example is the catcall video.
      The only thing that video taught me is that when women interact with men they consider it harassment. True victims of harassment I used to feel bad for. I would even step in if I were to witness it to help a woman who needed it.
      Now a woman say’s they’re harassed it means someone tried to initiate a conversation with them. Victim card denied.
      The same will happen with rape victims unfortunately. Real rape victims who suffered a horrific, traumatizing experience have been trivialized by every ditz whose bf asked her 100 times for a hummer, and instead of just leaving and going home, she gave him what he asked for then called it rape afterwards.
      When everyone is always a victim, the real victims get lost because everyone stops caring.

    2. When you have some animal instinct left in you then the victim card can be very dangerous for the one who draws it. I dont want to tell to much but I have some archaic sense in me that is pretty much active. And a whiny “man” can make my human empathie or control of my rage go completely turned of!

  3. It’s even more disgusting when men play the victim role. The modern era has ushered in the deification and glamourisation of the ‘victim’. Oh, you were a ‘slave’ or labour camp immate! You’re a hero. Being a victim is weakness, it’s the losing side of the evolutionary struggle. Why should boys be raised to idiolise men such as Al Sharpton or Simon Wiesenthal? Why not warriors such as Richard the Lionheart? The professional victim is probably the worst creation of the modern world, because people who are actually victims will never get noticed. It seems in this day and era everyone wants to bloviate about some historical experience which they’ve never experienced to tout ‘victimhood’. It seems white women looking at minorities around them have also doctored their version of ‘victimhood’. Never has there been a more privileged creature than her, protected and provided for centuries by the labour and fighting of their men. There is something intrinsically repulsive about SJWs and professional victims. In old societies they would have been devoured. We’ve allowed the most disgusting degenerate emasculating movements to be foisted upon us.

    1. “Being a victim is weakness, it’s the losing side of the evolutionary struggle”
      Well said.
      And why are women and betas always demanding that men show their “feelings” as a way to bridge the gender divide (note: “feelings” never mean aggression)? Because emoting about one’s self is emasculating and frames you as powerless and yes, a victim.

    2. It’s all about attention. Women see the accumulation of attention the same way guys see the accumulation of a harem. It’s like a drug for them. I have to give them credit as victim hood is the best way to feed their fragile egos with attention. Unfortunately there are so many white knights in the form of governments and individuals that cater to these whores

    3. Outside of banding together in groups to fight the evil white, heterosexual male, women tend to dog men who play a victim card.

    1. Haha. This picture makes me nostalgic. I used to think like that and applied it to real life. I was so cute. Nowadays I need another belt to keep up with my score.

    2. For some time now I’ve been trying to come up with ONE core meme to serve GamerGate, MRAs, PUAs, antifeminists and basically the whole manosphere.
      This is what I’ve come up with.
      “All perpetrators are innocent till proven guilty.
      All victims are guilty till proven innocent.”

      1. “[evilwhitemalempire] was putting them in the patriarchal role of a helpless woman who can’t act or speak on her own behalf”

    3. Also, Arthur Chu was born in the states, steeped in social justice scum, and married a white woman, who is also social justice scum

  4. In the ass backward mind of an SJW weakness is somehow a virtue and having strength is some how the most evil of sins. What is so great about being an eternal loser at life and why would you brag about it? What satisfaction is there in being a pretend victim all the time?

    1. Bottom line: They want to lower everyone’s standards so they aren’t so lame by comparison.

  5. White men are being demonized again despite evidence to the contrary that gamer gate is being fueled by a diverse group of people. Such intellectual laziness by the SJWs, but what else could we expect?

  6. Arthur’s primary position is that the relative arguments of either side are not equal. He claims that one side (Zoe Quinn’s side) of the argument has merit, while the other side has none — and therefore there can be no real discussion. He claims that to even have a discussion is to elevate the morally-baseless side to an unfair level of moral equality.
    This is pure bullshit.
    This is an effort to delegitimize one side of the argument absolutely. It’s a desire to not have a debate at all. It’s an absolutist point of view. This is typical of feminists and their beta orbiters. Logic fails them, so to even have a debate must be defined as a form of harassment. Why? To protect them from debate and logic.
    Arthur is a bright guy, but he’s grossly mistaken in his belief that this is a topic that cannot be debated.

    1. It is one of the SJW’s foundational tenets that logical debate is an invalid means of discourse.
      Because: Patriarchy!
      You see; Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were all white, European, cisgendered males.
      The fact (an invalid concept per the tenet) that this removes, ya know, reality, from the realm of the discourse is purely coincidental, I assure you.

  7. “Men have a natural protector instinct towards women. They are to be sheltered, provided for and taken care of by any means necessary. This is a normal urge that helped the human race survive times of great turmoil. It is nothing to be ashamed of. ”
    Well, it should be now.
    If the feminists and their cohorts manage to wreck civilization in such that it goes “Mad Max” I fully intend to watch those rape gangs go by in my rifle scope and not do one damned thing to save any woman I do not know (and who is vetted as being of value to save).
    This is what they want. This is what they get.
    So this “natural tendency” needs to be shamed not for anti-patriarchy feminist reasons but for giving women exactly what they deserve. The same women who would marginalize me, label me creepy and have me hauled off (if they can get the laws they want passed), tax me, disarm me, shame me, and blame me for every evil that comes down the pike, are not going to be worth spending (irreplaceable ammo) on and giving away my position to hostiles. In a more controlled environment I would not even bother with patrols beyond my own established safe zone.
    In the aftermath there is only one thing I would give Postmodernus Western Cuntus: a shovel for her to carry so when she dies it’s convenient to bury her worthless ass with.
    On a less dramatic non-Mad Max note, that is in the present status quo or more based in reality, I simply will not do any “save a ho”, nor save a strange ho, no calling the police either, not even for “running down the street screaming” crap, resist all new taxes “for the cheeeeeldren”, and other such “husbandry” based laws that make the state the alpha male and attempt to make me the beta bitch paying for it all.
    They want to be victims, let them be victims of the sort that are held responsible for their actions and have to deal with the consequences. You know, like men.

    1. ” . . . and who is vetted as being of value to save . . .”
      i.e., she can make reliable reloads.

  8. What outliers and tokens need to understand, whether it is a Black man standing up for White conservatism, a straight man standing with feminist and queer SJWs, an American citizen marching for illegal immigrants, so on and so forth, is that as soon as the dominant voices behind that group have gotten their usage out of you they will dump you, or perhaps even target or terminate you. We were warned by Machiavelli that a Prince should not rely too much on mercenaries. Well, when we are working as tokens or outliers in groups that primarily benefit others, we are, in some ways, the mercenaries. If you have to get in at all, get out when it stops being profitable for you, or when your association and work with these groups becomes more of a liability.

  9. “We waited for heroes, but who would have thought it would be gamers?”
    Gamers are conditioned, maybe even programmed, to win. To be stubborn, to never give up no matter how tedious it the going gets because you want the payoff at the end, to not give a fuck about ad hominem. Also, I imagine that most gamers are not only used to ad hominem but have a buffer against it via the anonymity provided by the internet. When, because of the nature of the internet, appeals to authority are meaningless during discourse and both sides try to appeal to emotion, it puts a lot into perspective when one side focuses on destroying their opponents’ authority and the other side focuses on destroying their opponents’ logic.

  10. Arthur Chu… the one who supported rape (theoreticaly) because of the “nerd” culture that influenced him. I realy asked myself at one time what kind of nerds he meet and who these strangers are that made him to believe rape is an ordinary thing for people who play video games. What games do they play and where can I find some pictures of said strangers faces (+adresses etc. ) and why not go to the police to expose these hidden nerd rapist he was talking about… questions and more questions that should seriously matter but no “journalist” asked!
    Because if he is serious about these “rapists” there are some predators outthere right now he know in person but not yet exposed…

        1. She’s dead, not actually fucking, serious.
          I posted it to illustrate what you have to keep in mind when an SJW starts talking about rape, even about being a rapist. They may well and truly be considering that looking at a woman without her prior consent is raping her.
          Even while she’s attention whoring at a slut walk, you disgusting pig.

        2. These people are dangerous thats all. Fucked up adults with the minds of little kids and people support this behaviour.
          And that she is braindead seems pretty clear to me! I feel no empathie… no…nothing there. Why should i ?

      1. You can tell from the look on her face she thought she was so clever and deep when she wrote that, too.
        And if men can rape without touching anyone, I’m guessing women can, too. “Yes means yes” and “Rape without contact” is going to lead to some interesting times ahead.

        1. There you go, thinking logically without your social justice glasses on again.
          They will be shocked, shocked I say, if they ever discover that Rule 4 can be made to run both ways.

      2. Sure bitch, the sky’s green and The Moon is made out of Swiss cheese too, didn’t you hear? Some bulldyke in-betweener lab experiment with a man’s face and body but a vagina said so, therefore it MUST be gospel!

        1. Gosh, I shouldn’t me be so cruel. I mean, she must have had a hard day working on Instagram and Snapchat for many hours then going to the gym and taking a spandex selfie and posting it on Instagram with the caption “The gym is my druuuuug!” like all of them do after her grueling cardio and yoga sessions that she’s been doing for the last two months of her entire life. There, I’m suddenly so compassionate. I’ll get her some water!

        2. ” . . . a hard day working on Instagram . . .”
          Well that cheesecake isn’t going to take a picture of itself ya know.

        3. And the spandex needs to be showcased for the betas of the world to leer at and make Ms. No-Daddy Americunt feel valid and alive.

        4. The irony is that “rape” truly was hands off in that it required a weapon. Now each individual woman decides what “rape” is.

    1. Some girl posted this on my Facebook and commented… “Why isn’t anybody stopping these guys??? They shouldn’t be allowed to do this!”
      Uh… she’s walking around getting drunk on the street of her own accord… No one is obligated to make sure she doesn’t do anything to hurt herself… She’s not a little kid… This girl does not look homeless or mentally ill… she comes across like she is just acting dumb and getting drunk kuz she wants to… If you voluntarily get fucked up to the point where you can’t make rational decisions, its no one else’s responsibility when you put yourself in dangerous situations… Sure you can help people like that, its a good thing to help people and set them straight, but it is no one else’s responsibility if you’re acting irresponsible.

        1. I was comin I here to’s all a fuckin hoax. Yep, one of the guys admitted that he was an actor. Some fuck-knucke on YT replied in the comments section of this video , in response to it being an act; “It is very possible that the guy who said that (it was an act) is just trying to cover his ass…”. When you see the SJWs are using this level of logic, don’t it just make you 1000 times more confident?

  11. Isn’t it funny how the victim mentality becomes vogue and flourishes in times of prosperity. When civilizations reach their plateau of peace and plenty, the spiritual BITCH FORCE begins challenging all order and begins eroding the pillars erected by the MAN FORCES.
    Conversely, in times of wreckage and disaster or during the reconstructive period following a war, notice how the bitching and griping STOPS. No one comes around with petty complaints or tries to tweak their comfort settings, obsessing over their surroundings to seize a moment when everything ‘feels’ perfect. This is BITCH ENERGY rearing its ugly head. What better trojan horse vehicle to emit this destructive cosmic energy than through A LOVELY FACE.
    It is when the building is completed that the queen bitch enters her new hive and attempts to retire the maleforces. Doesn’t a picture perfect completed house become a breeding ground for a malcontent shiftless wife? She sucked your dick royally while you were building the place. Now you lay back to rest and she turns PREYING MANTIS.
    We need to lay down some religion to our women that they need to RESIST the BITCH FORCE that will tempt them when the man’s guard is down. A man can curb the woman’s negative urges only so much, but a little pinch of ‘FEAR OF HIM’ can save a woman from herself and can carry her through the trying times when her ‘wheel’ becomes like a windmill and begins blowing crazy. WOMEN NEED THIS ORDER, just like some omega males need a little order and fear to resist becoming GAY or turning to ANIMALS
    During the civilization’s building and constructive phases, if there is bitching and griping, it is scarcely heard over the rumble of the MANSOUND. The clang of shields and swords conquering the land, the buzz of saws clearing the land, the roar of machines and men erecting the structures and AMPLE PUSSY offered up to the mighty building men for their well earned SNACKTIME.

  12. I wouldn’t touch that “girl” in the picture above with a boomerang attached to a fire hose!

    1. But when you watch the video, the idea of touching her with a boomerang sans the fire hose takes on a certain appeal.
      Not the toy kind, the take the head off a roo kind.
      Knowing what I know, if she called out to me for help, what reasonable course of action could I take other than saying, “If you would just SHUT THE FUCK UP I’m working on it,” and then walk away?

  13. The explosion of fictitious gender identities is how boojy white women get to claim the oppressed minority mantel

  14. I still fail to see the significance of some ugly wench that created a shitty video game who fucked a bunch of geeks.

  15. This is a load of smelly, fresh, manure.
    I sit here and think, that while all this back and forth with SWJs and whatnot is happening, great men are getting laid and could care less about these loosers.

    1. Just say it’s a bunch of shit.
      What’s with this half- assed cursing? You don’t like the article, it’s full of shit (use your big boy words) and just move the fuck on.

      1. Don’t care.
        The purpose of the exercise is to be a better womanizer.
        This specific article is loosely connected to that effect.
        Waste of breath.

  16. and during all of that time…. women (mostly white, entitled) have had it so bad.
    That’s the part that you really have to fucking laugh at here. Women act as though they’ve been oppressed all of this time (think Auschwitz).
    It’s been such a “terrible run” for women…they need to be free?

  17. Honestly even I would’ve mistaken the two given their twitter photos
    4chan’s mistake isn’t confusing the two, they should’ve labeled them BOTH faggots for good measure

  18. As Peter Vincent once said ,you make friends in the strangest places and gamers turned out be unlikely heroes and allies ,it reminds me in star-wars return of the Jedi. Where a stone teddy bear tribe known as Ewoks helped the rebels defeat the empire.

  19. I refuse to be proselytized by the “professionally offended” crowd. My stomach aches and churns to the point where I want to throw up every time I see one of these clowns articulate their total nonsense and BS.

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