A Brief Lesson In Game From Charlie Sheen

The other day I happened to catch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on cable. As far as coming-of-age movies go, while it may not be on the level of Stand By Me, it’s still a very funny movie with a healthy, masculine sense of life. There is definitely a red pill sensibility in several parts. Ferris has his girl, but she’s along for the ride—not the center of his universe. He basically does whatever he wants, stumbling occasionally along the way, but also finding time to drop some pearls of wisdom, like this quote about his friend Cameron:

Cameron has never been in love – at least, nobody’s ever been in love with him. If things don’t change for him, he’s gonna marry the first girl he lays, and she’s gonna treat him like shit, because she will have given him what he has built up in his mind as the end-all, be-all of human existence. She won’t respect him, ’cause you can’t respect somebody who kisses your ass. It just doesn’t work.

Young men aren’t getting that kind of candor about the dangers of oneitis from Don Jon, Superbad, or Scott Pilgrim.

The purpose of this article however, is to break down a specific scene that happens to be a very solid, simple example of game. Charlie Sheen plays a druggie in a police station. He sits next to Ferris’s sister Jean, who has been hauled in for her “fake” 911 call (this was after she caught her principal in her house and kicked him in the face). Go on Youtube. Watch the scene. Identify the principles involved.

Playing the Bad Boy


Superficially he seems to be playing a kind of “asshole” game. He stares at her, cracks his knuckles, and says unflattering things to her. However if you watch the scene carefully, you will realize that everything Sheen’s character says and does is measured and purposeful. He isn’t “playing” an asshole; he sees a pretty girl, has something he wants to say, asks specific questions, and then gives honest answers, maintaining strong eye contact throughout.

He starts by asking her if she was arrested for drugs. Jean’s body language is pretty cold and closed up at this point. With an unconcealed pride she declares, “Thank you, no, I’m straight.” She then asks why Sheen is there.


He’s not impressed. He doesn’t make excuses for himself. The matter-of-fact way he states it conveys this message to Jean: “If the fact that I use drugs is a deal-breaker for you, tough.” Jean however still isn’t buying, so she bristles and tells him put his thumb up his butt (probably sounded tougher in her head). Sheen sizes her up, then decides to demonstrate how to properly insult someone.

“You wear too much eye makeup. My sister wears too much. People think she’s a whore.”

The delivery here is excellent, especially the pauses between each sentence. It is a solid neg. It’s not too light and not too mean. It shows that he has no interest in buttering Jean up and that he isn’t afraid to offend her. To Jean’s credit, she isn’t baited—she gives him a look and says nothing. Charlie persists.

“You don’t want to talk about your problem?”

“With you? Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.”

“Blow yourself.”

Again, no sense of offense or emotion in response to Jean’s insult. He simply looks down at his crotch, then gives Jean a look like “Really?” Likely he had something else prepared to say, but by this point he had worn down Jean enough to get her to bite. She opens up a bit (note the body language).

“Alright. You wanna know what’s wrong?”

“Oh I know what’s wrong. Just wanna hear you say it.”

Sheen’s line here is a bit cryptic but we can infer that he has well sized her up by this point. What I think he means is something to the effect “You are an attractive upper class white girl giving attitude to a stranger in a police station. You know that your asinine suburban girl problems are bullshit and it makes you high-strung, so I’ll humor you for a bit.” Charlie proceeds to listen to Jean complain about her brother Ferris skipping school:

“Why should he get to ditch when everyone else has to go?”

“You could ditch.”

“Yeah, I’d get caught.”

“I see. So you’re pissed off because he ditches and doesn’t get caught. Is that it?”


“Basically…Then your problem is you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Excuse you. You oughta spend a little more time dealing with yourself, a little less time worrying about what your brother does.”

What he says here is 100% true. It is the sort of clear honest advice you should want from your friends. A man ought to judge the quality of his friends by their willingness to speak straight, unflattering truths to them. Unfortunately for women, most of the female friends and white knights they surround themselves with would never dare to say something like this.

What Charlie says here is not mean. It isn’t a neg, yet it has that effect. That’s the beauty of it. Jean gets mad (“Why don’t you keep your opinions to yourself!”) but deep down, she appreciates it. Decent women all crave a man who will not buy their bullshit or coddle them because it is a sign of leadership.

Masculine Leadership vs. Supplication

Imagine what a typical white knight would say in this situation. Upon hearing that the biggest problem in this privileged girl’s life is that her brother occasionally ditches school without getting caught, how would they respond?

“Man, your brother sounds like an asshole!”

“What a jerk! Sorry you have to put up with him”

“Fucking loser. He won’t amount to anything.”

“Real men don’t skip out on their responsibilities.”

“That sucks, but don’t sweat it. You’re too smart to let a shithead like that get to you.”

Betas rarely miss a chance to cut down other men in front of women, especially if those other men are not present. They also rarely miss a chance to flatter women and feign sympathy. Yet do you imagine that any of the above responses would have garnered Jean’s interest? Or any woman’s? These are trite, kiss-ass replies any man could give to any situation where a woman is complaining.

Charlie by contrast actually listens to her problem, repeats it to her for sake of clarity, then responds with actual good advice. The willingness to tell people what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear is a sure sign of masculine leadership, and neither Jean nor any normal girl will miss it.

The scene eventually transitions to Jean and Charlie making out as Jean’s mother comes to take her daughter home. Note how Jean tries to play it cool here—tries to retake control by acting like the fact that the two of them will likely not see each other again is no big deal.

“Lets not ruin this with a lot of talk,” she says, smiling sheepishly.

Charlie surprises her again. Instead of being the cool guy and saying “Sweeeet, later babe,” he softens his expression (still looking right into her eyes and maintaining a relaxed posture) and says “You didn’t tell me your name.” It’s not even a question, just a simple statement that offers a bit of vulnerability (she can refuse to tell him) and sincerity to an otherwise casual encounter.

“Oh, well it’s…it’s Jean but uh…a lot of…a lot of guys call me ‘Shawna’”

“Ok Jean.”

Calling her Jean after she explains that other guys call her Shawna is also deliberate. It is another touch of sincerity—the slight formality of refusing an offered nickname. More importantly it has the effect of separating Charlie from the herd. In effect it says, “I’m not one of the ‘other’ guys, I’m not one of your beta orbiters, I’m Charlie fucking Sheen, and you’re going to remember me. After another decade or two of riding the carousel and then settling down with some boring loser who never fails to call you ‘Shawna’ and sympathize with your first world problems, when you lie awake at night after turning down his feeble attempt to get sex – it is me you are going to sigh and think about.”

The response is immediate—Jean walking away in a fit of giggles. Sheen doesn’t look away until she is gone.

Concluding Thoughts

What is the takeaway here? Should you copy Sheen’s technique? Generalize the principles. The specific phrases and actions Sheen takes here will not work on every girl. Note my usage of qualifiers like “decent” and “normal” to describe the sort of women for which this approach can work.

The key thing to remember is that Sheen’s dominance in the encounter comes from the fact that everything he does and says makes obvious to Jean that he does not give a fuck whether or not she likes him. He doesn’t compliment or flatter. He doesn’t sympathize. He straight up insults her but ultimately tells her what she needs to hear, which shows genuine concern for her. Honesty and fearlessness can be powerful aphrodisiacs. Given Jean’s bitchy temperament, Sheen would have gotten nowhere with her had he shown even a little bit of need for her approval. Instead he gets her to seek his approval. This is the essence of game.

Superficially it seems like a “cool” guy being a “jerk” and winning the girl by being a “bad boy.” Look closer and there is a basic principle one can derive about manhood and female selection. Study. Learn. Apply.

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178 thoughts on “A Brief Lesson In Game From Charlie Sheen”

    1. I think Patrick Stewart has even more game. Sheen’s ‘gift of gab’ is something you can’t imitate. He could ramble on about anything and make it sound interesting.

      1. Exactly. Sensual extroverts with a high IQ and linguistic skills get the most women. Bill Clinton comes to mind.

        1. The linguistic skill, sounds like a nice one, doesn’t it? Any takers to illuminate the rest of us in this field ?

    2. Positive frame control is great. I say positive because it is more nuanced, more natural and honest than other forms of manipulating the situation at hand, like, say, being a total A-hole.

    3. “I like to think of my melt down as more of a melt forward”.. great perspective in the wake..

  1. Loved the Sheen vid:
    Yeah, the key to that is frame. And Eye contact is a big part of that. Most of it though is simply not flinching when she throws a tiny turd test at you. Sometimes my heartbeat gets going, anxiety picks up a bit and I lose that frame, but I understand it now, it is coming to me, and the further I take them off the pedastal the better the results.
    And that quote about Cameron cut right to the heart. I was actually afraid growing up that I would turn out like that.
    Thanks Red-Pill

        1. “i agree de-pedestal them, but bringing them below you is so juvenile”
          Unfortunately there are only two extremes with females: rule or be ruled; those are the choices. So you have to bring them to their knees otherwise it’s you on your knees.

        2. Or you have to find a girl who just naturally takes her place as the submissive one, a normal female. She must just naturally know her place just as you know your place.You don’t need some female who is always shit testing you or trying to be the dominant one.If she argues or disagrees with you then she should be eliminated.

        3. “Or you have to find a girl who just naturally takes her place as the submissive one, a normal female”
          Those types of women no longer exist in the real world.

      1. This statement is very true! once you put them on (the pedestal), they expect nothing less. And if you do give them “less”, they make sure you hear it.

      2. Me? They were never on the pedestal.The problem with young guys is that it’s like they have beer goggles on constantly.

    1. Now you mentioned Cameron – i think i will be just like him ( in a way that no one loved me and i will marry anyone with who i will get into relationship ). Right know i still can contain my biology but who knows where it will lead me.

  2. Women love losers and winners. Charlie sheen is a loser, in the context of his drug abuse and ridiculous hedonistic lifestyle. Woman are attracted in the integrity of a man. And what women find attractive about Charlie sheen is his unapologetic lifestyle. Whether you are a winner or a losers, be the best that you can be in either one of this departments

    1. Sheen has tens of million in bank, and show biz recognition. So he gets strippers to bang for free if he wants at age 50.

    2. Charlie is a loser? His 50 million in the bank, brilliant career as a comedic actor and numerous followers/fans prove otherwise. Respect.

    3. The man also suffers from mental health issues which need to be quelled with drugs and alcohol.

    4. “Whether you are a winner or a losers, be the best that you can be in either one of this departments”
      Astute observation, I’m inclined to agree. Better to be at the extreme ends than be in the middle.

  3. Yup – Game recognized – though a good part of it is based on the writers and directors back then. Amazing how Hollywood knows exactly what works on women, but seemingly has forgotten everything in all the idiotic rom-coms that are being produced by the PC-SJW-propaganda-hive-mind.
    His previous show Two-and-a-Half-Men has turned into a Beta-meetup where the model-looks, high-IQ billionaire cannot even get a fucking woman, so he marries the slightly less Beta Alan character.
    Is it any wonder that young guys think that Game is “offensive” to women and PUAs are all manipulative psychopaths? “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” had more Game tips and masculine qualities than most action movies now.

  4. I try to read at least 1-2 ROK articles during the week. This site has instilled so much wisdom and it has opened my eyes to reality. I am currently in a LTR and things are not going very well and that’s OK. Because, there is no way that I will give up my dignity and manhood just to keep someone else happy. this site has taught me so much, and in the realm of relationships, it taught me to value myself and put my dignity above all else!
    Thank you ROK community.

      1. We have competing philosophies in some areas of life; For
        example, when we talked about children I realized we had a different outlook on how to raise children. I want a boy who will not fall victim to the feminism propaganda, while she wants him—to some degree—to be a white knight (mind you she doesn’t have any brothers so she wouldn’t know how to properly raise a boy and her dad is the biggest white knight there is). I will not take the risk of my child being brainwashed. So, since we disagreed in certain areas on how to raise a child I flat out told her that I did not want any kids with her, period. I will not take a risk in this area of life. Other areas include communication styles; we communicate differently, hard to explain but sometimes I hear things one way but she means something else (I’m not a mind reader). And frankly, I do a lot of observing and see a trend; she has two other sisters: One is socially inept, the other divorced and remarried 2 years later, has a three year old, doesn’t work and only cares about how she looks; and her mother seems to run the whole show.
        As for my gf, she married at 25 and divorced at 28 (it was her only real relationship).
        I’ve been cautiously observing this family for two years and the men seem powerless—there seems to be red flags everywhere.
        Hypothetically speaking, if I were to marry this girl there are certain standards the family expects me to meet, but this is all speculation.
        Conversely, I am very particular about who I am with and my
        gf does have qualities I enjoyr: Loyalty, no male friends, does not enjoy the party/bar life, she’s not into girls night out, she’s happy with dinner and a movie (so am I), she is a teacher and teaches Zumba part-time (doesn’t expect me to support her), she stays in shape, etc.
        However, it seems like the cons are starting to outweigh the
        pros. I will not settle.
        My GF and her family are Latino/hispanic, and so am I.

        1. Hey…that’s a deal breaker right there. You should look for the right woman who agrees with raising the boy into a man.
          Don’t let any woman tell you how to raise your son…and don’t let her raise him. He’ll grow up to be soft like many of these fuckers running around today.
          You need to take control of that shit and let the future wife know how things are going to go in that area. Otherwise, another beta is born.

        2. Since you are not married, I would start approaching/dating other women and make sure that she knows it. This will make you more attractive to her even though she hates it. She’ll then have to step up her game to keep you because you now have options.

        3. That’s exactly what I thought, deal breaker. The “dark side” is strong in that family. No way my offspring (if I have any) will be beta. If/when I do have kids, I’ll make sure the upbringing is very clear! Thank you for the comment, Driver. I’ve seen a lot of good comments from you.

        4. I have a couple of “orbiters”. Although she doesn’t know about them, they’ll be good rebounds if I break it off with my gf.
          Thanks for the advice, John H.

        5. Funny what you said about the men being powerless.. I just ended a LTR. A powerless dad and powerless brother. A great gauge of who you’ll become if the relationship progresses potentially.

        6. Her dad and brother-in-law bust their ass working and get no respect. Seems like the women do and say as they please. Not much comes out of the men, so it naturally gets awkward when I involuntarily get involved in a conversation because I have a different outlook on relationships/life than everyone else.
          My gf’s mom and married sister don’t work and are too busy raising the older sister’s daughter together; While the child practically has zero interaction with the father’s family. None of the father’s values, traditions, philosophy is being instilled in that little girl. It’s sad.

        7. Absofuckinglylutely.
          It was several years into my marriage, when I realized that all the men in her family were a bunch of cuckolds…fucking run and don’t look back.

        8. A woman who is to be the Mother of your child has to go through the most exact testing process. There you would have even take into account a potential break-up and how you would still be able to raise your child into a decent man/woman. Standards for a LTR, Fuckbuddy or ONS fall respectively. Most men assess a wife about as thorough as a Red PIll man does a Fuckbuddy. “She is so hot, she loves me and I am in love.” There he already wives her up, while an aware guy would not even go into a LTR with her seeing all the red signs.

        9. You do not discuss important things with your wife.
          She is free to say what she things and then you say how you want it done.
          You are the captain. You can listen to hear thoughts but you decide.
          If this simple rule is too much for her dump her.
          If you do this for a few months and you observe how much she likes it and how much she loves you more for taking the lead, you have found a keeper.
          When it comes to LTR+kids this is the only rule you will ever need – everything else will then fit into place on its own.

        10. She better be an animal and a sex slave in bed, because from what you’ve said I see absolutley no feason for you to be with her.

    1. Your post warrants one of the best relationship quotes I’ve ever read.. and it was either here on or RVF..
      It goes essentially; “Once a woman has made the decision to disrespect you, she has already placed you in a level lower than what she considers a ‘complete’ man to be. From that point forward, she will either increase the level – and often frequencies – of disrespect until she pushes you down so low in her eyes, she sees you of little worth and begins cheating et al.. -OR- the fighting you shoot back with (words, instead of actions) will get so bad you will eventually break up with her after months, if not years of turmoil and wasted time.” Disregard how passionate the sex is.. believe me, it doesn’t matter when it comes to this shit.
      My suggestion to you is review the relationship from the start, scan for disrespectful behavior, and seriously re-evaluate your future based on the FIRST incident of said behavior. After reading that, I was able to review every relationship I ever had, and pinpoint the deciding factor (incident) that lead to the end.
      Going forward, I decided that if I’m banging a girl that I might have more than a 2 month fling with, once the first incident of true disrespect occurred I’d properly put HER in the right category and play my cards RIGHT from there. Finally, know the difference between a shit test and intentional or disregarding-style disrespect .. in her actions, not her words. And learn to speak with your actions, not your words.. especially in relationships. -peace

      1. Very wise words, GRock. We have disrespected each other and unfortunately it has been consistent. Usually she fires back after my initial comments. And I come back even harder. It’s a perpetual cycle.
        She does give me shit tests’ and I’ve called her out on it.
        Thank you.

        1. occasional shit tests are OK, but true blood disrespect isn’t.. what I’m saying is the latter is an LTR red flag.
          Your welcome H

      2. Its really quite sad how they do this…
        Once they disrespect you the first time, it can lead to a downward spiral. It will get to the point where the only thing you can do to be “alpha” in her eyes is to dump her… But then there goes the relationship… And you both just lost…
        Onto the next one…

        1. I have a “one strike and you’re out” policy regarding disrespectful behavior from women. I’m no longer willing to put up with it.

        2. That is how I am now as well.
          But when I was younger I was more naive and forgiving.
          I used to think that maybe they just acted up sometimes in their younger years and that they’d grow out of it. But I was wrong.
          In fact I don’t think a lot of girls ever actually mature.
          They say one thing and then behave the total opposite.

        3. Yea me too, it used to me 2 strikes then distance her away, then on third strike done, but the more I’ve experienced, the more their absolute selfishness becomes apparent, and from the first strike forward usually the opportunity cost, and added value passes the point of diminishing returns. Now it’s one strike..

      3. 5 star comment GRock. As much fun as it is to destroy shit tests, girls worthy of your time will never be rude to you. Sweet, submissive girls from happy families are respectful. Aggressive, narcissistic women from broken homes are not. No amount of checking a girl will change this. As Paul Janka once said; difficult women remain difficult.
        With that said this clip is a nice example of keeping your pimp hand strong from one of my favorite movies.

    2. I’m with you. This site teaches men how to be the man they want to be.
      If you workout hard, eat right, focus on your career and exist in a state of awareness of the female shit test, then you have a better shot at happiness.
      My 13 year old boy will be taught this stuff for his protection and growth.
      The mere fact that it riles up feminists, just proves that they must be doing something right here.

    3. Been there. Done that. Never again.
      The moment you commit yourself to a woman is the moment she starts to disrespect you. It’s all downhill from there.

  5. What a strong alpha … phsycho, nihilistic drug addict! What a legacy he will leave … No, Sheen is a degenerate, a product of gynocentric hedonism.
    We should strive to be great men (like Augustus or Aurelius), not Alpha douchebags.

    1. You appear to be experiencing a certain amount of difficulty in distinguishing the messenger from the message.

      1. I just felt like taking a shot at Sheen.
        A number of my friends think he’s clever, especially his line (about prostitues), “I pay them to leave”.

        1. Fair enough. If the man were my room mate I don’t know whether I’d shoot him or myself first, but one of us would have to go.
          That said, his performance here is rock solid.

        2. “I pay them to leave”. That’s the male hamster talking. He’s trying to rationalize his betaness as something alpha.
          It’s especially pathetic coming from Sheen who, as a celebrity, should be getting laid at the drop of a hat without paying for it.

        3. I don’t think Sheen is a beta, I just don’t find him to be impressive, whatsoever. Degenerate alphas aren’t my cup of tea … I’ve seen some of these guys in action with no regard for the welfare of others (knowingly spreading STDs and spawning a liter of bastard children).
          I actually think a nerdy beta IT guy is higher on the masculine hierarchy (obviously not sexually) than a degenerate alpha.

        4. It’s especially pathetic coming from Sheen who, as a celebrity, should be getting laid at the drop of a hat without paying for it.

          No doubt he can, but as he said so bluntly, he pays them to leave.
          Consider this from a practical point– how many celebrities have been ruined financially or had their lives made absolutely miserable as a result of failed relationships? No doubt Sheen understands this, and sees to avoid this problem entirely. He doesn’t want to be the next Robin Williams or John Cleese.

        5. Yes, the two men share many similarities. Among them that I can’t help but like them both, but the idea of being bound to them in any way would be Hell on Earth.
          I’m sure there are at least couple of women who now say the same about me. I doubt there are any men though. I like to skip the whole drugged insanity schtick. I just fucks up what I consider to be a good time.

        6. I wouldn’t put him directly into “degenerate alpha” status. He’s obviously had a wildly successful acting career, and his lifestyle choices has made him a cult legend.
          I think he tried the wife/kids route which made him crazy, and he’s been living his life in straight hedonism ever since.

        7. He’s full of shit. He pays the girls for time and sex and then they leave when his time is up.

        8. His mistake was to marry Denise Richards. Hot though she may be, we shouldn’t forget that she’s another entitled Americunt (with a big bank account).
          No wonder she drove him crazy. Can you imagine living with a hollywood starlet who’s more famous for her looks than her acting? Living with her as she’s approaching the Wall, and her being aware that her livlihood is based on her not looking like she’s hit the wall.
          Add in a couple of kids…
          That’s a three ring circus I’d want no part of.

        9. Yeah, but she was real hot when she was younger. How many men could have realistically resisted her charms when she was at her peak? I can’t blame him, even though he knows better.

  6. John Hughes was a hell of a writer, understood how life works and didn’t sugar coat it. In Pretty in Pink, Blaine gets the girl and Ducky is left cold. Breakfast Club is the most accurate representation of high school ever – boredom mixed with self-doubt and anti-authoritarianism. Weird Science is the hot girl actually teaching the guys how to get out from behind the computer, grow a backbone and get girls like her.
    What are the high school movies adolescents and teenagers are watching today? Fucking Glee and American Pie – pure soulless fantasy commercialism. God, we are screwing up culture.
    I’m going to go back to my angry old man cave and shake my fist at things now.

    1. Funny you mention Glee…I never knew what that show was even about but just the other night was flipping through the channels and came across it. All the men are either queer or effeminate. It is the absolute gayest show I’ve ever seen

        1. What was even more stupid was the moaning, pissing and crying over a drug addict. What made this guy more important than a junkie dying in the back alley? A luxury hotel room, better teeth and higher grade of junk.

        2. “How the hell does a fuckin Glee star get into heroin? Then OD.. ”
          To kill the pain of the butthurt. “Gay” happy.

      1. Friday Night Lights was too working class heterosexual male. In order to be politically correct in america’s feminist / gay culture it was necessary to create Glee, where they actually made a faggot the high school hero. I feel sorry for teenagers growing up in america now.

    2. Fuck Deniro. Screw Nicholson. Anthony Michael Hall is our greatest american actor.
      And yes, Hughes was a great writer, captured this time in American perfectly.

  7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is one of my favourite films. Superficially the 80s was a period of grrrrlpower and Grace Jones and jackets with padded shoulders, but there was still a lot of solid masculinity there too: Top Gun, Wall Street, Ferris Bueller.
    Spoiler: Ferris exists only in Cameron’s head.

  8. It’s a movie.
    What do you expect?
    It’s perfectly scripted.
    Also “Betas rarely miss a chance to cut down other men in front of women, especially if those other men are not present.”
    Isn’t that what you guys do on this site 24/7? You cut down beta men all the time.

    1. When has an RoK reader ever advocated cockblocking?
      Also, we denigrate white-knights and manginas.
      Also, betas are cool, but alphas get more ass.

    2. “You cut down beta men all the time.”
      “All the time” to a women is equal to or less than three occurrences.
      Just saying.

      1. Sometimes twice. Special cases, even once.
        Women’s use of “all the time”
        “You yell all the time!”
        Trans: You said no in a calm voice to me twice in the last month
        “We have sex all the time!”
        Trans: It has been a least a full moon cycle between times when I lay back and let you masturbate into me, and that is just too often!
        “My friends say I’m so funny all the time!”
        Trans: Once, when she was drunk, Julie giggled at one of my stupid stories.

    3. I’d point out that primarily behaviors are attacked. White knighting, SJW bullshit, and general ‘submission for approval’ tendencies. Rarely have I seen RoK attack an individual for his own sake i.e. “X is an idiot”, so much as “Y buys in to this framework, which is wrong because a, b, c”.
      It may seem like cut downs, but in general the intent is to attack poor attitudes or poor reasoning

      1. This is what we call playing the ball and not the man. Women generally don’t know the difference.

        1. I have to think a lot of that is because in female culture, that type of commentary is understood to be passive-aggressive criticism. “Oh, I just couldn’t wear those shoes with that dress. But they look great on you.” etc.
          It’s a logical/intellectual weakness, but it’s also just a different social contract they maintain amongst themselves

      2. Agree. We go after the behavior and we constantly point out the behavior. Hell, we even offer this site and our own time to coach some of these betas and white knights.
        The more men taking the red pill….the better the world will be (at least the western) for all men.

      3. “May seem like”?”
        “some boring loser[…] when you lie awake at night after
        turning down his feeble attempt to get sex – it is me you are going to sigh and think about.”
        If another man talked like that to your face, would you listen, consider his words carefully and thank him for his wisdom, or would you get fucking pissed?
        Or let’s turn it around: When *you* try to change someone’s mind, giving them a dose of the harsh truth, do you generally formulate yourself in terms of what a stupid loser the other person is?
        I think it’s this sort of attitude that for the longest time kept me from even considering the red pill. There were guys trying to tell my the truth, but they did it from a position of contempt. I had to go through the far more neutral tones of AVFM to change my mind. I was just too angry to listen, and even now this still pisses me off some, if only because I feel for the poor bastards who still believe, y’know, what everyone else around them have told them their whole lives.
        Am I the only one who gets pissed? How long will it take for someone to tell me I’m a loser for getting angry?

        1. I do agree that there’s an overall tone of contempt that I’m not a huge fan of either, but without being very familiar with AVFM I’d just say that it’s a test of frame control.
          If you know who you are and how you view your world, you’ve already decided in advance how influential someone is going to be when speaking to you. Personally I can’t imagine a situation where a man could drop a line like you reference and actually have an emotional impact on me.
          Depending on my mood and the situation, I might laugh, have a retort, blow it off completely, or send a straight right to his solar plexus. Getting angry isn’t likely to be necessary or useful

        2. Sorry, quick add-on your question got me thinking about. I do have a phrase that I’ve dropped, with variations, when someone has tried to get under my skin with a deliberately offensive line:
          “Is there anyone in the world who gives a damn what you think about anything?”
          No lie, I dropped that on a district judge who tried to insult me over drinks with a girlfriend one time (didn’t know he was a judge at the time), and he shut the fuck up and didn’t try me again.
          Just food for thought. Most people who are going to try to antagonize you do it out of their own insecurities, and a generalized fear that they aren’t respected is #1 on that list.

  9. According to Biography Channel’s Inside Story, there’s actually a scene that was deleted for being too red pill:
    Cameron and Ferris’ girlfriend are at the parade talking about what they’re going to do after high school, and she mentions how women have it easier because if their careers don’t pan out, they have the option of getting married and being a stay-at-home mom.
    That bit was deleted because the female members of the test screening audience were offended.

    1. “That bit was deleted because the female members of the test screening audience were offended.”
      Of course the women were offended….there was too much truth in the statement. We see (almost 30 years later) that it’s still pretty much the truth today (as it was back when).
      Equality my ass….women want to have their cake and eat it, too.

      1. Can’t find a link. It’s definitely worth seeing if you can find one or catch it on the Bio channel.

  10. You know that scientist that wore the shirt with the scantily-clad woman that pissed off a bunch of feminists? Apparently he apologized and broke down in tears. At first I was thinking more power to him for wearing whatever he wanted. Why did he have to apologize for it? Do men not know how to stand up for themselves anymore?
    What a phaggot. He could have easily put all the feminists in their place, told them “stfu, I just landed a rover on a comet, I’ll wear whatever the fuck I want”

    1. Meanwhile, there’s rap videos being produced that feature real scantily clad women being treated like sex objects, but you won’t hear a peep from Feminists on rappers. No, let’s pick on the nerdy guy who actually advanced humanity.

      1. They tried that strategy not too long ago. It worked for a second…but yeah,…they couldn’t get enough support behind it.
        Too many of those “feminists” love rappers and find them sexually appealing.
        I wonder why….they seem like such good, nice, wholesome fellows (lol).

        1. How about feminist icon Beyonce marrying Mr. drug-dealing, “Big Pimpin”, “Money Cash Hoes” Jay-Z, who has probably slept with hundreds of vile groupies and sold poison for profit.
          No big.

        2. It’s always how women rationalize everything. If they say or think it’s ok, then it’s fine.
          A man does it…and it’s wrong. Have to love the equality.

      2. I never thought about that… why don’t the SJW’s ever attack rap? Rap is the epitome of female objectification.

        1. Rap doesn’t give a flying fuck. They rap about killing cops, killing drug dealers, dealing drugs, treating women like whores. Do you really think that some SJW is gonna shame Meek Mill into an upstanding beta?

      3. Having listened to N.W.A. since high school, I find it ironic, at the level of hipsters, gentrifying Compton.

      4. “No, let’s pick on the nerdy guy who actually advanced humanity”
        Exactly. And let’s reward loser guys who do nothing.

      5. Actually, feminists have attacked rap. It’s just that black people and rappers don’t really care about the white woman’s feminism so it’s a waste of time. Not only that, they can’t explain why those scantily clad women CHOOSE to be in those videos or why women love rap music and rappers. Eminem is probably the most misogynistic rapper and he has a HUGE female fan base. Women are gonna complain, it’s in their nature…..it’s just that only Beta males actually take their complaining seriously.

    2. I was thinking about this today, and i can see how a lot of men would of lost respect for him for not only apologizing but also crying.. but within the lens of the media i think what he did was genius.
      It has blown up in the face of the feminists with men and women both raging against feminists for allowing there misguided views to overshadow a great moment in history for mankind and then causing the man at the centre of this great moment suffering to the point of crying. It shows Feminism as a form of bullying and terrorizing.. they shot themselves in the foot.
      A ‘STFU’ response would of worked against him, even though on a personal level outside of the media it would of been the best response.

      1. The man planned for 10 years to have his rover land on a freaking comet and women focused all the attention on his shirt.
        I guess he could have been civil, and not say STFU, but rather than apologize he could have reiterated this momentous endeavor in history, telling everyone “you do realize we just landed on a COMET and you want to talk about my shirt?”
        Landing on a comet is mind=blowing to me. Remember in the movie Armageddon when they landed on an asteroid and we all that it was so far-fetched, typical Michael Bay shit, but now we have men that actually did it.

        1. That’s why we have the Dean of Womyn’s Feelings trying to make inter-gender eye contact illegal.

      2. Fuck those bitches. I would’ve told then to fuck off. Then MAKE them focus the attention on the rover.

    3. Agree. A guy like Richard Feynman would have never apologised to these mentally unstable cunts and their orbiters. Then again, such a man wouldn’t have tatted himself up and caving in to shallow cultural fads, either.
      Emasculated specimens like this ESA scientist are a reflection of modern academia, which produces them by the thousands. Docile and pliable. Whether or not STEM, it doesn’t matter, the entire system is rotten.

    4. He broke down in tears mostly because of his fears that the rover might run out of battery due to not having received enough solar energy, not enough to even transmit any data, and it would make all his dedication to this endeavour, efforts and sacrifice pointless. In comparison, the feminist thing is but a drop of water that causes the glass to spill.

  11. At the end of the day, it’s all about standing on your ground.
    Safe to say even the very things Anglo female feminism–before, during, and after Victorian England–takes for granted are all based on stability, which starts from a man’s inner tranquility.

  12. Charlie Sheen in 2 and a half men is a study in Alpha behavior. Oh course the show is really just a toned down version of his real life. One would do well to understand why he does what he does..and Alan is a perfect example of the natural beta–the perfect contrast. If you see either of them on talk shows..you see the exact same characters presented on the show..not much ‘acting’ going on. I loved how they did their best to shit on him in the last episode, saying he had venereal disease, etc..but thats just it, he’s unsinkable..the jokes just rolled off. The only guy whos ratings go up when he’s caught beating his wife.

    1. He went on a epic bender and the Jew producer demanded he go to rehab instead of just letting Charlie detox his own way. The Jew tried to control and that didn’t work. What the Jew should of done was told Charlie that he had 30 days to dry out and finish the episodes.

  13. I agree Charlie Sheen is attractive to women because of his attitude and behaviour (obviously, this article is referring to his character in a movie that was scripted, but I think he is cast as these type of characters because he is similar to them). He is not conventionally good looking. He just conveys a ‘give a fuck, I’m here to enjoy myself’ attitude to life that women like. As an aside I believe he’s changing his name back to Carlos Estevez?

  14. Yeah, Charlie Sheen was a main man of sorts ala two and a half men.
    What man wouldn’t want that life; make jingles for a minute then boozing and womanizing the majority of the time. With tons of money in the bank already…
    But his uncompromising drugged out part in Ferris is classic. Nice analysis. I totally forgot about the bit about Cameron, but it’s true.

  15. I don’t know how you guys do it…
    I truly admire the PUA lifestyle, but I just can’t get started with randomly approaching women ! And I’m not particularly shy !

  16. Finally ROK gets something right about women. Honesty and sincerity are huge aphrodisiacs, and though I disagree with using them for the sake of “game” (aka getting a women to sleep with you, because that negates the honesty and sincerity here), I like this article.

    1. Why does it negate honesty and sincerity to openly say you want to fuck rather than get into a long term relationship, Delores?
      Just because we’re not interested in relationships with headfucked people like yourself doesn’t negate the tactic at all.

      1. Feminists are headfucked by definition. If a man lies to get a woman into bed its wrong. It a man is honest to get a woman into bed its wrong.

        1. It’s only “right” for a man (in a woman’s eyes) when she wants it, too. You have to love all of the bullshit about equality out there, today.
          Women want control (and power)…fuck equality.

      2. That’s assuming all men are upfront regarding their (sexual) intentions, Marcus. From articles I’ve read here, “game” seems more manipulative than honest.

        1. Women are much more manipulative than men, Delores darling, which is why you recognise it so.
          And as a gender you have had generations of fair warning. Women all say men are only interested in one thing.

    2. I find that a lot of women SAY they want honesty from men, and many of them do appreciate it to a certain extent, but “too much” male honesty tends to frighten them. Many of them just wanna be lied to, however much they might not admit it, or even realize it.

      1. Anyone who wants to be lied to has their own set of issues. Though the truth is sometimes painful, it is certainly worthwhile.

      2. Women are full of shit. They’ll get tired of that “honest” routine…and they’ll get tired of that good guy. It’s only when that good, honest guy (down the road) can provide a very comfortable living for these dinosaurs….then it’s fine (but they’ll still grow bored of him).
        They’ll, eventually, move on with another man who they find “exciting” and take half of the good, honest guy’s paycheck with them.
        Don’t’ be fooled and never take dating advice from a woman. They are always looking out for their best interest, first…very selfish.

        1. It appears that ROK advocates the idea of the alpha male who makes all the decisions and keeps his wife subservient and pregnant in the home. In order to maintain this idyllic lifestyle he would, by default, be compelled and completely burdened to provide a comfortable living for his wife/sex slave (aka dinosaur) and snot-nosed brats. Why are you complaining about this? It’s you, the alpha male, that insisted on this arrangement. Why not make her earn her own keep? Force her to go out into the workforce, earn her own money, pay half the bills, and together manage the household as a mini corporate empire. Join together for common goals, objectives, ideals! Wait, I digress.
          What I’m hearing at ROK is men bitching about independent women and then bitching about providing for women who acquiesce to the subservient role. All you guys do is bitch. I’m gaining no new insights here. This site is like Jezebel. for men.

        2. No, you are truly missing the point and you need to spend more time reading all of the articles on ROK to gain anything.
          Woman (especially white women) have bitched so much about “how bad” they’ve had it for so long. The feminist narrative used to be for “equality” (i.e. right to vote right to own land, etc)…now, it’s nothing more than a bitch fest about shit that “they don’t have”.
          There is no equality (it’s impossible for men and women to be equal). The right to vote and the right to own land (sure)…but true equality (no).
          Women are living in a fucking dream world with “dream lists” on what type of man they want or need (and it’s the reason why so many are single and unhappy, today). Sex and the City did nothing for women but lie to them – promoting this notion that they can “have it all”.
          No one can “have it all”. Wake the fuck up.

        3. You must be hanging out with the wrong women. No woman that I know bitches about “shit that they don’t have”. We’re college educated, gainfully employed, raising children and enjoying our lives in general. We believe in equal pay for equal work and the right to control medical decisions regarding our health. We do not measure the success of our lives based on material possessions or irrelevant comparisons.
          Of course physical equality between men and women is impossible (due to basic anatomy and kinesiology) but the intellectual sphere is limitless and knows no bounds.
          To generalize all women is flawed logic. Real women in the womanshpere don’t make “dream lists” based on the man they want or need. They strive to attain goals – educational, financial, personal. They balance the important things in their life with dignity and grace. They build a network of supportive friends, colleagues, family. They don’t strive to “have it all.” They strive to have what’s needed.
          I have never watched an episode of Sex and the City so I don’t understand your reference.

    3. Beat it….go wake up your husband. Tell him to pay attention to you more often.
      Driver is too busy at the moment (and I have a lot of passengers on my bus). No ride for you, today.

      1. Why don’t you pay attention to the “passengers on your bus” and quit worrying over my sporadic comments?

  17. Good analysis of a great movie. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is in my Library. Excellent flick. There is also a wholesome quality to the movie. The characters skip school to go to a museum, see a baseball game, have lunch and enjoy a parade, as opposed to skipping school to go kill someone. John Hughes made some great movies.

  18. I’ve read that Charlie Sheen didn’t sleep for like two days so that he could get in to the right mental / physical place to do that character.

    1. Hoffman didn’t sleep for three days to do the torture scene in Marathon Man.
      He walked onto the set, Olivier took one look at him and said:
      “My dear boy. Why don’t you try acting? It’s so much easier.”

    1. “Bad boy game it is not.”
      Sure it is. You don’t see it because of your frame.
      “Where is the “bad” in this boy?”
      In the minds of women and their toy dogs.
      This is a point I have to keep making to recovering toy dogs. “Bad” and “Jerk” are defined from the frame of women. You don’t actually have to be bad or a jerk to be a “Bad Boy Jerk.” When they use those words they mean something a bit different. All they refer to is a man who lives in his own frame. Who cannot be made to be a tool.
      “Good” in their vernacular refers to being a good tool.
      A hammer that won’t drive nails is a bad tool. Get it?
      A toy dog is a man who has internalized his value as a person as that of a tool for women to drive nails with. If he isn’t driving nails for the benefit women, he thinks of himself as “Bad.”
      If he doesn’t leap to do so at command, he is a “Jerk.”

        1. Stop with this badboy bullshit. Many of these ‘badboys’ may be that way to everyone else but with their gf are nice guys.

  19. Haha good of you to draw conclusions from a work of fiction… The stuff these people say, the way they act, is because a scriptwriter and a director instructed them to do so. No lessons learned as to how actual living breathing people behave. Please don’t try this with women you try to impress, even if it actually works it’ll work with women who you wouldn’t want to impress.

    1. Sheen is a degenerate alpha. His notch is far beyond 100. Women dig thru the trash to find a scrap of paper with his phone number. His real life is far more extreme than the characters he plays on TV. He’s in the category with rock stars. The more fucked up he is the more women want him. Doesn’t hurt to have a few 10 million in the bank, because crack hos are easily distracted.

        1. No doubt Sheen was banging a different starlet every week, or 50 / year for many years. He’s also into strippers, porn stars, escorts. I’m guessing several hundred for him.

        2. That’s what I said, Sheen is well up in the 100’s range. If he was a late bloomer and began at 20 and is now 50 that’s 30 years. Even at 1 a month (and I’m sure he’s had more than that) he’d be at 400. I don’t like this hooker crap though because it shows that he may be insecure and just wants a sure thing. I guess he’s been acting about 30 years because he was in the 80’s film Wall Street so he should have had no problems picking up straight good looking females.
          “What kind of work do you do, and where do you meet women?”
          I’m rich I don’t work :o) I was an MD for a while when younger. You can pickup up females anywhere whether it’s NYC or Podunk.Anywhere there are females you can pick one up.Stay out of clubs, they are just noisy clipjoints.Females are exhibitionists and just go there to show off and get attention, not to find some guy for sex.

        3. I doubt he worries about finding a sure thing. He probably just got tired of taking out starlets for 2 dates, just because they were hoping for access to his industry contacts. Like he says, he pays hookers to go away 😉

        4. Most of these starlets, and ‘high priced’ whores aren’t even that good looking and I’m sure there are plenty of good looking ordinary girls around he could have got. And what makes you think that these whores that he was paying a lot of money to weren’t clingy too? It seems that he kept the same ones around or they kept him around. So you’re just going to have to take your chances in this dept. with females.But paying females just made him look like a loser and this guy has some sort of mental problem.

      1. It may be but it’s still somewhat true. I’d actually like to do a study, a real one, to see how the female would react. Even if the female thought that this young guy didn’t own this $1m+ car she’d certainly be thinking that he was good enough so that some rich guy would let him use it and she’d want to get into the same crowd.
        $$ will always beat looks and if you have both it’s like a royal flush and you’ll get anything you want.If you just have looks you’ll do alright even if you’re a boring stumblebum.
        And if you have neither then get used to shagging the lower quality girls.
        I really can’t see how any sort of ‘game’ can overcome being broke and ugly looking and in fact you don’t even have to be so broke or ugly looking, just ordinary. Game is an attempt to make the girl believe that you are of some higher status but the girl would have to be retarded to not see the obvious.As a completely disinterested party I can size up your status in a minute. Now, how could you fool a female who has her whole reproductive life riding on her judgement to get the highest status man she’s able to get to knock her up? I’m sure that there are rare exceptions where the low status guy (he’s usually good looking though) can con a high status female into having sex with him but what happens when she finds out he stocks shelves at Walmart.You never know how a female may react to this and in her hamster brain that may be like having sex under false pretences lol
        Why that’s rape!
        ” I had sex with him because I thought he was rich but he fooled me because he’s really poor”
        That’s a crime in femworld. Of course it isn’t but they’ll act like it is.

    1. just save your money for the vaccines you’ll need for the STD’s you’ll get from all that pussy

  20. “Superficially it seems like a “cool” guy being a “jerk” So combine them both and be a Cool Jerk

  21. Mr. Sheen has been married 3 times, engaged 5 times & has 5 children.
    In January 1990, Sheen accidentally shot his fiancee, Kelly Preston, in the arm.
    He had kids with Denise Richards & then she proceeded to make his life a living hell.
    He then bought a 100,000$ engagement ring for a porn star.

  22. I hate my mother and grandmother, these two fucking bitches along with my father shat on my brain about being Alpha “Is bad”. I fucking hate the assholes who brought me up losing my mind from reality.

  23. Thanks boys I love you all like brethren. We are brothers, Alpha male Brothers who’s prime directive is taking control, something out stupid parents/society brainshat on not doing.

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