How To Gain Size And Strength On Super Mandro

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I have no idea how Super Mandro is legal. It works so well that it probably won’t be legal for long. But let me start at the beginning…

You may have read my article on Hypershock Rage and Joyful Joints.

In that article I spoke of something else that I would review once I got a little further into it – and that something else is Super Mandro.

I’m going to be 100% honest with you on this product – I’ll give you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolute SICK on Super Mandro!

First, I was sent Super Mandro by Strong Supplements. I received Super Mandro for free and this is my honest review.

If I think something sucks then I won’t talk about it, if I think it rocks then I’ll share it with you.

I told them I wanted something for body recomposition and Super Mandro is what they sent me.


So I started Super Mandro along with my 150mg per week testosterone dosage. When I started using this I was 216 lbs first thing in the morning. It’s been only twenty days; I weighed 231 lbs this morning.


I wouldn’t believe it if you told me either. But here is the thing; I didn’t even change the diet.

And here is the other thing; it’s all dry gains!!

People normally gain this kind of weight on Anadrol-50 or Dianabol and it’s sloppy weight. Not on this shit! The first week I noticed a slight increase in strength and a few lbs on the scale. I didn’t feel much different other than a little stronger in the gym.

The second week

Now for the second week on Super Mandro; major increases in strength across the board and more mass gain. However, I was aggressive as hell and as irritable as ever.

Seriously, I felt like I could snap at a moments notice and break someones neck. If you are someone who is aggressive by nature then you may want to avoid this one. This is not for the weak and not for the first time supplement user.

Super Mandro is extremely potent and I honestly have no idea how it’s not illegal.

What kept me on this stuff was two things;

  1. The insane rate of size and strength I was achieving
  2. Knowing it was only a four week cycle.

I had days where I was literally dumping pills out and counting them to see how many days I had left so I could stop using it and keep from killing someone!!

Pissed off is an understatement on Super Mandro, but the gains are so fucking insane I had to stay on it and at least see it out.

I have 10 days left on super Mandro and I have no idea how much more I can gain in another week and a half. I’ve already slapped on 15 lbs of dry weight in just 20 days.

Now, if you decide to order this stuff I’m going to caution you on a couple things.

First off, it has to be run with another base as recommended. You definitely want to run it with Dermacrine or Andro the Giant. I’m serious on that! I was running it alongside 150mg of testosterone per week and I experienced a loss of sex drive and slight lethargy.



At the very minimum you want to use the add-ons that Strong Supplement recommends, especially for your 30 days of PCT! I’m being brutally honest here guys, this shit can be rough.

It has taken a little dedication to stay on this stuff and the insane gains are what is keeping me using it.

In 10 more days it’s over with and honestly there is no fucking way I could tolerate it any longer, I want to tear someones head off on this shit!

I believe this product is very similar to the old 1-AD everyone was gaining like crazy on (before it was banned).

But you know how it goes, go ahead and ban something and a new product comes out that is even more effective than the first. That is exactly what Hard Rock Supplements has done with Super Mandro.

One of the key ingredients in Super Mandro is Bergamottin, a compound that allows more of this product to be absorbed into your system without being broken down, and the product hits you faster.

From my understanding this is a chemical found naturally in grapefruit, which is why medicine bottles advise you not to take meds with grapefruit juice, because it acts more potent. But hey, when it comes to muscle more potent isn’t a bad thing right?

So there is my honest take on Super Mandro, and I still have ten days left on it.

A while back I did a review on Osta-shred and Anafuse.

I’m sure some of you would like to know the difference between the two and my personal opinion on them in comparison to Super Mandro.

Super Mandro vs Anafuse / Osta-Shred

If I was looking to strictly cut up and use something on a little more long term basis that was smooth and steady, I’d have to go with Anafuse and Osta-shred.

You’ll get a good and hard look from those without the side effect of wanting to snap 24/7.

However, if you’re wanting to gain mad size and strength in the quickest amount of time possible; Super Mandro wins this one.

You’ll be a motherfucking beast on this shit, but it’s not for the weary, trust me on that one!

PROOF: Here’s a photo of me up 15 lbs in only 20 days and wanting to kill!!


Train insane!!!

Over and out,


>> You can buy Super Mandro here.

PPS – Here’a a video of me deadlifting 585 lbs for reps while on Super Mandro!!

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105 thoughts on “How To Gain Size And Strength On Super Mandro”

  1. When someone says “I’m going to be 100% honest with you” I immediately know that anything they will say from this point will be a top quality 100% BS.

    1. I’m going to be 100% honest with you, when somebody says “I’m going to be 100% honest with you” they may not be 100% honest with you.

    2. Honestly, Kratom is king, the rest are pretenders just trying to RIP SOMEONE’S HEAD OFF!!!

  2. This guy never fails to make me cringe.His articles are so cheesy it’s not even funny anymore.

    1. now take a few seconds to appreciate the fact that it appears to be a good investition for him to pay for a sponsored article here.
      this article will make him more than $250.

    1. We’re the Mandro brothers and plumbings our game,
      we’re not like the others who get all the fame.
      If your sink is in trouble you can call us on the double,
      we’re faster than the others, you’ll be hooked on the brothers!

  3. what is the point of being so big, if you never get to use it. Sure in the military or in some kind of martial art training you could beat the living shit out of someone, but what purpose does it serve in real life???
    Yea you could scare the pants of 98% of the population, but if you lay a finger on someone they can easily report you and you’ll have the cops and legal charges on your ass in no time.
    Sure, get big, get strong, enjoy the ride, but this stuff is border line insecure as shit.

  4. Mandro, Kratom, and tales of Troy Francis walking down the street in Paris and getting laid instantly….that’s all I need in life.

  5. So if those results were real in one month’s time, they would disappear in one month’s time if you stopped using. Right?

    1. Not necessarily. You’re going to lose a lot when you come off any steroid. But you’ll typically be “bigger than you started”. Give your body a rest, then cycle again. Repeat. The idea is to keep ratcheting up your “set point” for size.
      However, at some point, there’s nothing more to be had. Which is why most pros today are on “test forever” (they call it “blast and cruise”). You never come off the base (few 100 mg/wk of test), but you continue to cycle. So, for 8 weeks you take 1000mg/wk of test, tren, deca, and slin. Then, for 4-8 weeks, you back it down to 250mg/wk of test. Then you go back to the “blast”, perhaps with different drugs. Note that these numbers are for the pros, don’t fucking take 1g/wk of test if you’re not already very experienced with steroids!

  6. Thanks, I’ll mix it with the Kratom I ordered 2.5 articles ago and become a ULTRAPUA-hyperredpill-demigod.

    1. And the reason he wants to RIP SOMEONE’S HEAD OFF!!! is because the SUPERMAN-DRO made his testicles the size of peas.
      He needs Kratom and Phenibut in his stack pipe to puff his nuts back to somewhat man-size.

  7. guys we’re getting the absolute SICK from this article! did you hear that? the SICK! ohhhh snap! this author is too legit to quit! he’s got the skillz that killz! i’m gonna be 100% honest with you… you want to know the SICK on size and strength? hard work, a positive attitude, and plenty of vitamin-‘roids will do the trick! but since we can’t get none of that in this free country, check out this SICK quack product instead!

    1. It sounds like a prohormone which can work depending on the product. They usually get banned because they are steroids. They also cause ED, and are hard on the liver because they are oral supplements. Most bodybuilders recommend against taking prohormones because they are more dangerous than simply injecting testosterone once a week which bypasses the liver. The use of prohormones like the one above would still require the use of other supplements to prevent shutdown of natural production of testosterone. In addition a post cycle therapy after completing a cycle would also be required. The article does not tell the user all the other things he needs to do to manage the product, so that his dick still works months after completing the cycle, and the prevention of the growth of bitch tits.
      Basically don’t take this, read up on the use of steroids if you are going to use a prohormone you are using steroids. So get the real thing which is safer.

      1. ^^^ This..
        Here’s the real truth on this stuff. Yes, some of it work. No, you’re not going to gain 10-15-20 lbs of muscle in a month. Even if you take 1000mg/wk of test and Anadrol, you’re still not going to gain that much MUSCLE (you will gain that much weight) in a month.
        However, just about every one of these supps has the same 2 problems:
        They shut down test production in your body (so you need to take them with injected testosterone, as the OP is doing, to see good results, get your dick hard, and not fucking go off the deep end).
        Nobody has any fucking clue what this shit will do to you long term.
        If you want to get big, take what’s fucking proven, works, and has an established safety profile. 500mg/wk of test for 12 weeks with arimidex as needed. You’ll gain 20 lbs (maybe 5-10 of muscle), you’ll feel great, and you’re not going to fucking die if they figure out that this shit has some horrible side effect.
        If you want to get huge, take what the pros take. A shitload of test (1g+/wk), tren and deca as needed. Add in insulin and GH. Hope that you don’t fucking die. I can tell you, from years of training with pros and helping them work their supplement/drug stacks, they aren’t taking any of this shit (with the exception of M1T when it was available, that shit was rocket fuel, but also hell on your body). The real secret to “HUGE” is insulin, it’s not some shit that you can buy OTC, trust me. And notice, there are no links or ads in my article, I’ve got nothing to gain except for helping people not waste money on supplements that don’t work, or get sick/fucked up by shit that’s dangerous. Not saying that is the case with this drug, it may be fine, but, problem is, nobody really knows. And running this drug without a testosterone base will fuck you up, guarantee it; you’ll be chemically castrated by drugs like this when you don’t add in test. Just look up “deca dick” for some stories of guys who ran steroids without a testosterone base. Nothing like being 225 with veins if your scalp showing but not being able to get it up to really impress the ladies.

        1. I didn’t know that insulin could make you huge, I just figured the bodybuilders used it because they put so much crap in their systems they were willing to try something different if it might gain them a pound. I hear that using insulin as a supplement is dangerous.

      2. I have no issue with “the real thing” and will use Deca and Anadrol periodically. Orally, since I have nobody who can inject me and can really look at myself and poke myself. Good thing they are mild on the liver.

  8. I’ve been doing dead lifts lately, and while this guy can lift tons more than I can, I can’t help but be concerned about his form. Looks like he’s rounding his back quite a bit and asking for trouble.

  9. Anybody else read the title as “How to Gain Size and Strength on Super Mario”? I was really excited to get cut through 8 bit Nintendo. Total let down.

    1. Super Mario mega plumber workout. And diet. 100 reps of pizza (extra mushroom) followedby 100 reps of goomba jumps

      1. Hey, maybe Super Mandro works. Try PR deadlifts right after reading this article. See if you add weight.

        1. I took Super Mandro and it added weight to my balls. When I got with my chick she suffered blunt force trauma to her buttcheeks due to the excess mass.

        2. You must have been taking it wrong. I mainline a speedball made of super mandro and kratom. When I got to my girl her grandmother felt it….and that broad has been dead for 15 years

        3. Bro you banged her with such force her grandmother rose from the dead and did the moonwalk like Michael Jackson!

        4. it wasn’t me….it was the kratom and super mandro (new idea for throwback video game Super Mandro Brothers — it is like super mario brothers but all the power ups are super mandro and nothing can ever kill you)

      2. I was just going to ask, will he please let us know if eventually HE RIPPED SOMEONE’S HEAD OFF!!! or not – and if so, how much DRY LBS he PACKED ON after eating it.
        I can only try SUPERMAN-DRO after I get the Kratom out of my system, don’t want to end up like this:

        1. If that work involves Kratom, I don’t know, it sounds like “spice” from Dune.

    1. You can’t call BS, he hasn’t even said whats in the stuff, pixie dust coated gym socks as far as I can tell.

  10. Interesting, I’m gonna make a supa dupa 3.0 stack consisting of KraToM + PheNibuT, I might as well throw in some growth hormone and this new product too. Hopefully I won’t turn into Caitlyn Jenner…

  11. forget kratom and all that stuff.
    try frog poison if you want to kill it.
    15 minutes of fatal pain followed by hours of lightheaded mastery.

  12. Go hard core……spice from Arrakis, soma, and ambrosia from the hand of Zeus himself.
    I guarantee you’ll gain 100 pounds of lean muscle in just two days! Plus you’ll be able to incinerate betas with lightening bolts!!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!! You know you want it!!!!!!
    Just send me 10 pounds of gold and I’ll get it to your doorstep in a few days.

    1. And eat nothing but lembas for a month. Of course, your ears my start pointing …

    2. I’ll throw in an extra half-pound of silver if you send it next-day early AM delivery with Mercury.

  13. I suppose I do take most of my advice from bald guys with dangerously poor deadlift form

    1. His form is fine. There’s going to a bit of rounding at 500 plus. “Dangerously poor” is way overstated.

      1. How is that “super” chuck norris ? it’s like saying “super super” doesnt make sense.

        1. It isn’t like not your saying that “super super” isn’t redundant–like a double-negative.

    1. Jesus Mario did the game in 8 world and he was too pussy to bang her, all hail Chuck Norris

  14. Theres only one anabolic boosting agent worth dropping cash on. Its called….
    Steroids. Its not snake oil. It works.

    1. If you get into the bodybuilding forums,Test actually doesn’t work for alot of they say you take it then you figure our what else is wrong with you.

      1. Depends on what type of Test. Some fair well with cyponate or enanthate, some don’t. Some need a short ester, some gain best with a blend like Supertest 250. Its all genetics and how the gear bonds with your body.

    2. And usually ends up to be way cheaper and less liver damaging in the long run.

  15. Damn I got here too late… I’m saving a kratom joke for the next sponsored post.

    1. A janitor I know told me that he caught a couple of fedora-sporting hipsters snorting Kratom off of a toilet seat the other night.
      They shat their trousers when they saw him, but he told them it’s a well known side effect.

    1. How much of an impact would you estimate creatine has? I considered taking it once but I read that it would make me have to drink water all the time so I decided not to.
      What is your take on the matter?
      ps I know a lot of comments on these sponsored articles are sarcastic, but I’d like to know what people actually think about this.

      1. Creatine was great. I haven’t taken it in a long time, but when I did it was like nitrous for my muscles. Takes forever to exhaust. You don’t get sore, rather, you feel tightness..that is your muscles pushing against your skin. You have a blowout morning workout, and you’re ready to go again later in the day, and with the same muscles as well. I’ve been working out for 25 years, but I am no expert in the manner. I can only go by my own experience. I had zero side effects. Other than ,more tail that is.

        1. Were you using creatine phosphate or another form? I’ve been amazed how much simple sodium bicarbonate affects my performance, people at the gym were staring. Google ‘soda doping’ for about 60 years worth or research on it. Bicarbonate and phosphate are the two primary buffer systems in the human body.

        2. I want to say it was “monohydrate” or something like that? Wasn’t cheap thats for sure. Bot completely worth it.

        1. yup. First supp is water. If you aren’t ingesting a gallon of water a day then you don’t have the commitment to be fucking with this other stuff.
          As to GOB’s question…creatine, taken consistently, has an enormous impact on a lifting regimen. However, taking it a couple of times and expecting miracles silly. If you want miracles stick to kratom.

      2. I would recommend a HCL creatine, like Con-Cret. That stuff mixes way better, and absorbs more readily into the body.
        Creatine isn’t gear by any means, but man, dollars to doughnuts, it works wonders. Helps with muscle reconstruction, fatigue, everything. That, and it is cheap as all hell. Add Glutamine, you are on your way.

  16. It should be interesting to see how this supplement/steroid generation fares over the long term. I think I’ll stick to regular excercise, eating decent and bulk up my bank account instead. Money seems to be more effective at picking up pussy for any guy over about 40, and getting rich won’t beat the shit out of my liver and kidneys either.

  17. this article is completely WTF but i wanna make a point to all the commentors making jokes, funny as they are –
    you can’t lump phenibut in with your kratom and whateverthefuck non-steroid the writer of this article is taking.
    phenibut is fucking amazing. i’m not here to sell it but i am a firm advocate. it has helped me tremendously and gotten me into many a debauched situation.
    do your research, it’s poweful stuff and not to be taken lightly

  18. muscle or no muscle, a pussy is still a pussy and steroids aint gonna change that

    1. If you have a mentally weak blue pill man and you put him on roids…bad things happen. Steroids amplify the worst personality traits in some people. God help the man if he was an insecure loser with women and his roids gives him a desirable body and he began to slay afterwards. Physical growth without the necessary maturity and mental growth can be very bad.

      1. “. Steroids amplify the worst personality traits in some people.’ – – – No they don’t.
        ” God help the man if he was an insecure loser with women and his roids gives him a desirable body” – – – He’d still be a shy guy. Meet me plenty of men with big muscles who are reserved and quiet. Packaging can change, ingredients remain the same. Change happens from inside out, not outside in.

  19. All these new supplements have no long term effects cause they are brand new. No one has been on it long enough to see what it does to the human body. Why take the risk. I have no trust in corporations!

    1. Hmm…in light of very recent events, I wonder how effective it could be to hide activity on the old (theoretically dead) forum pages.
      Like, for example, sponsored posts for Kratom (or Super Mandro – whatever the hell this article was about).
      Experiment 1
      (Oh, and howdy, Doktor!)

    1. after 20 days
      Before then, the Rage virus had just gotten out of the lab when a chimp bit the lab janitor after he took some Kratom and SupermanDro and was compelled to put his cock in the cage to taunt the chimp, because he couldn’t RIP ITS HEAD OFF!!!
      The rest is 20 Days or so Later…

  20. I want me some “Andro the Giant”!!! Thats like putting your bench press in a pile driver

  21. “That’s right, I AM UP 15 LBS IN 20 MOTHERFUCKING DAYS!”
    the downside is that all that sex with your mother makes family get togethers awkward.

    1. “That’s right, I am up 15 lbs in 20 motherfucking days with the help of my McDiet.”

  22. From what I can glean from information the chemical information, this is a 2 step conversion prohormone.
    Prohormones have been recently rendered illegal, so the only way to get around the laws is to increase the steroidal conversion steps from 1 step, to 2 step.
    That said, I’m sure it works, but the doses would have to be stupid high (therefore expensive) to be useful.
    You would be better off just buying a real oral steroid like T-bol or Winny. It would have less liver damage and much higher gains.
    Not that I recommend steroids… (that’s for you, FBI!)

  23. Mandro = man (English) + andro (‘man’ in Greek)
    => Two men doing what? Sounds pretty gay to me.

  24. How to gain size and strength: Lift weights, eat in a calorie surplus with the right macros. There saved you some money.

    1. HUGE, BROTHER – Huge and DRY.
      But the nuts shrink, really shrink.
      Correct it with Kratom. The Thai gov’t banned Kratom because it cut into the opium market…

  25. Look at these plebs don’t these guys knows that Kratom does ALL THAT PLUS MORE.
    It helped my social anxiety, made me gain 30 pounds of muscles and I even grew taller. Needless to say I also don’t need to eat anymore and am most likely immortal. Buy kratom you normies it’s what Doctor Manhattan and Chuck Norris take.

  26. Says the man on STEROIDS! >:I F*ck outta here! >:I You being on steroids can’t correlate to the supplements you take to be effective. It’s the ROIDS! >:I

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