Women Do Not Understand Themselves

We’re living in the age of weakness. The average modern man is becoming a bigger and bigger pussy. From living in constant fear of his boss to living under the control of his bossy girlfriend, the average man has sacrificed much of what it means to be a man. If these weak behaviors weren’t enough, his body is so soft it could be used for a baby wipes commercial and his style is closer to that of a woman’s.

Below I’ll cover the three most common ways I see men showing weakness on a day-to-day basis. Catch yourself doing these things, recognize it, and then stop.

1. Stop apologizing


If there was a way to capture the frequency the word “sorry” is used in conversation over time, I’m positive that it would be at its peak in 2014.

Yes, there are situations that warrant an apology, but they’re few and far between compared to how much I hear the word used. I constantly hear men apologizing for the stupidest things everyday. Yesterday I witnessed a man apologize to me repeatedly at the gym as he shuffled behind me to get to a piece of equipment. I didn’t have to move. He had room. At most, an “excuse me” was warranted on the first occasion. But no, he was so afraid he was going to offend me that continued to cry “sorry” like a little puppy.

Another example I can recall involves one of my personal training clients. Every time he had trouble learning a new exercise, his first instinct was to apologize to me. Give me a break. I don’t expect every movement to come to you naturally. And if you’re frustrated that’s okay, but why are you apologizing to me? You’re paying me to help you learn this shit.

So stop fucking apologizing everywhere you go. You’re not hurting anyone’s feelings, and if you do every once in a while, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t apologize. In today’s day and age, I’d rather err on the side of not apologizing, rather than risk becoming addicted to it’s use and being a bitch. And in the rare occasion that you have harmed someone, it’s better to act to fix the situation rather than bombarding them with a storm of “sorrys”.

2. Stop explaining yourself


This might be my biggest pet peeve. Especially when I catch myself doing it. A lot of guy’s first instinct, when they say something that isn’t met with immediate praise and acceptance, is to start rationalizing what they said. This screams weakness and lack of self-confidence louder than anything else I can think of.

To continue my stream of personal training examples, yesterday I informed a lady that I’d no longer be conducting sessions after 6PM. I knew this was a situation where I might jump the gun and offer a big explanation up front, so I prepared myself. I started by simply stating, “No, going forward I can’t do Thursdays at 8PM.” Rather than explaining why or try to appease her initial reaction—I waited. Of course, she asked me why, and commented how perfect it worked out for her at that time. I responded by saying I simply decided not to do late sessions anymore. I may have lost a client, but I was prepared for that outcome and didn’t let my instinct to please everyone get in the way of what I wanted.

If you don’t get instant validation of something you say, that’s okay. Leave the burden on the other party to ask a question or make a counter argument before you start droning on and defending what you said.

3. Stop complaining


Everyone has a friend or family member that complains a lot. Do you think of this person as confident or strong? No, they appear weak. Their constant need to express how things aren’t going perfectly for them is just annoying. And it’s no wonder that “bitching” has become a synonym for “complaining”—when you complain you embody a defining characteristic of the classic bitch. When you complain you’re really saying “I don’t like the way something is going but I’m too afraid or lazy to do anything about it myself so I’m going to tell you about it instead.”

Have you ever been on a date with a girl who just moans and whines the entire time? It’s the worst, and it immediately disqualifies her for anything long-term. Realize that it’s no different when you complain. You annoy anyone who you complain to, and you condition yourself to bitch about things instead of manning up and doing something about it.

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291 thoughts on “Women Do Not Understand Themselves”

  1. ” lives are so lacking in direction and decisiveness that it’s a wonder they ever know whether they are coming or going.” This is some truth. So many women seem to just float along through life, not saving money, not furthering their knowledge, living paycheck to paycheck sometimes it’s no surprise they are always in man hunting mode. They need someone to bring order to their chaos. They seemingly just bide their time until the white night comes along to set it all right. Must be a dreadful way to live-I see why they’re all so depressed and moody all the time.

    1. A “dreadful way to live” is watching your child die of typhus in a makeshift refugee camp in sub-saharan Africa.
      North American women are some of the most pampered, coddled people in the history of civilization.
      Even if an American chick does everything wrong in her life, some white knight, one of tens of thousands of well funded NGOs and/or the government will be there to bail her out of her bad decisions. Shelter, food, child care, top notch medical care, everything.
      When you live better than 99.9% of the people who have preceeded you, acting depressed and moody is disgustingly self-indulgent behavior. It should be mocked and shamed.

      1. Well said Bro-they have more opportunity than most of the world and usually squander it. As stated in other posts around here, Feminism is a white privileged female’s problem. It’s usually alot of whining about what they don’t have instead of enjoying the now and appreciating having a roof, abundance of food, clothing, the list goes on…

      2. Because these females were brought up by Mangina PC beta fathers.
        Thats why having kids these days is for beta faggots. Your daughters will end up like these privileged cunts, and your sons will end up gay or trannies.

        1. Yep – Even the most well rounded son these days is still a sad feminized reflection of what boys were like in the past.
          Drugged to the eyeballs on Ritalin,…. forced to talk to some psychobabbler every week to “open your feelings”,….. given a week’s suspension from school and a course in ‘gender awareness’ because you lifted up some girl’s skirt.

      3. a dreadful way to live would be watching your child die of cancer and finding that you are shit deep in medical bills and up to your twat in credit card debt, and your husband has gone off the deep end on drugs and alcohol, and you are living worse off than a huge percentage of the worlds popluation but hey, if you are white and living in america, you can always take comfort in the idea that some child is starving in africa, so how bad can it really be?

    2. It took me far too long to understand that most women live in the moment. They rarely consider tomorrow, let alone next year. Most are literally incapable of seeing how their current actions will impact their future. This feeds into their fickle nature – when you live in the moment, the only thing that matters is how you feel at that moment. That is why their mood can change so abruptly – they are not living life as a narrative that they are steering, but as a series of loosely related vignettes scripted not by themselves but by how others perceive them.
      When you think about it, it must be a scary way to live. When ever a women’s behavior starts to confuse me I imagine her not as the adult she appears to be, but as a 12 year old, frightened little girl. Usually this trick will reveal their true motivations.

      1. Which might explain the false rape accusations after a drunken night of sex with some guy they met at a party

        1. Maybe the guy makes the mistake of putting it in her vagina when she was expecting it in the ass, and now she has lost her virginity…

      2. That’s also how animals live – in the moment, run by their “passions”, or in other words, their emotions. (The achievement of mammals is the mammalian brain to embrace emotion, which is in between the reptilian brain, or old brain, and the cortex, or new brain, which runs on the logic we “think” we all have).
        The more you are led by emotion, or passion, the more you behave like an animal (think of road-rage). But the more you suppress your emotions, the more you “think”. The more you “think” (rather than react) the more you act like a human who has risen above animalness. Lots of people have killed “in the heat of passion,” but, I don’t think we would consider that a good thing… why do we think letting women run around with their passions leading them would be a good thing?
        Animals are ultimately pragmatic – as are women. It takes clear and cognitive thinking to remove “the animal” from humans… which men are better equipped for. Pragmatism only takes in “the now”, and this is how most women live.

        1. a whole lot of douche bags act just like women, and so the women view the said douche bags as alpha males…

  2. Women do not understand themselves – a reason why they usually do not attain self awareness.
    A woman is better at judging others than judging herself. Because she can’t judge herself, she can usually never grow as a soul.

  3. Women are usually totally uncapable of even comprehending that men see that world differently.
    And, I think they do not even care about the men’s perspective.

    1. Agreed. They have one perspective – “Me! Me! Me!”
      I recall reading a study last year (sorry, can’t cite it but I suspect others have read it) where the difference between how a man perceives driving in a car differs from a woman’s same perception. It was found that men overwhelmingly considered the outside of the car as the true world and the car as an extension of his own body that he used to navigate through that world, whereas women considered the inside of the car the world since she was the one who the car was wrapped around and navigation through the “other” as a secondary consideration.

  4. This is my first time I am visiting ROK. I felt really confused after reading this article. I genuinely enjoy having conversations about politics, science or history with my wife. She is bringing up really good points and facts whenever we are talking or having an argument; she is rational and logical.
    Maybe I would think that she is one of a kind, but I also hear her talking with her (girl)friends and I cannot recognize any of this ” quite different from us, much less logical, constant and straightforward;” -talk.
    Am I just surrounded by aliens or something?

    1. Your wife is doing what all good women do, she is conforming to your desires. A good woman will be as devoid of true depth as a normal woman, however she will make up for it by adopting her chosen man’s interests in order to please him. They are very, very good mimics. That said I have yet to find one…ONE…that can sit down and have an intricate, deeply detailed discussion of Aristotle (for example). They can talk about Aristotle, they will agree or disagree with whatever you quote from him, but they will not do so in the same analytical way a man would. They’ll personalize it, make it about them, apply anecdote to confirm or deny the context of the discussion.
      EDIT: That said, I do not know your wife. She may well be a space alien. Who knows man?

      1. “That said I have yet to find one…ONE…that can sit down and have an intricate, deeply detailed discussion of Aristotle (for example).”
        Who cares about this? The LAST thing I want is for my woman to be able to have an “intricate, deeply detailed discussion of Aristotle”. Even if she were potentially capable of such, she would have had to waste a lot of time developing her understanding of such topics instead of doing something that actually improves our relationship.
        I get what you’re trying to say, but lets try to be careful not to send women the wrong message. They are reading these pages afterall, and they’re confused enough as it is.

        1. I’m simply using it to illustrate the lack of intellectual depth. Believe me, I do not seek out philosophical discussions with women, but sometimes they see you reading a book and try to engage you on that.
          Your point is well made however.

        2. I have to say I was the one not that interested in politics whatsoever, until I met my wife. Of course I wanted to get to know her better – asking what her interests are and so on. She actually introduced me some excellent books and told me things I never really thought about.
          “instead of doing something that actually improves our relationship.”
          I don’t know what kind of things she should do to improve our relationship – I am really happy when she shares her opinions and thoughts with me and when I can teach her how to change car tires or when she shows me how to cook nice meals whatsoever. But everyone is different, of course.

        3. You sound reasonably recently married. Your tone is that of one still infatuated with his spouse. Am I far off base? Serious question.

        4. Before anyone jumps on you for wanting to know how to cook, or teaching your wife a “manly” job like changing tires, good on you. It’s really silly when survival skills that everyone should know are thought of as “girly”. If my ability to do my own laundry and cook for myself is standing in the way of me surviving, I don’t give a crap if it’s seen as a woman’s job. There are just some things that everyone should know how to do (cook, drive a car, sail a boat, be able to hunt and clean an animal etc.).

        5. Since when is cooking womanly? The most admired names in the ancien seduction community prided themselves on their culinary talents. In addition, the vast majority of master chefs across the world are male and always have been.
          Laundry, keeping a clean living environment, these are skills every bachelor develops quite quickly if he does not hook up into a marriage right out of the house at 18. Do you know of any who have not? Outside of Jack Klugman’s character on The Odd Couple I mean?
          And damned straight women better know how to change their own tires, the days of me caring enough to stop on the road to help are over. Repeal the man-destroying family court system and ratchet back on the cultural man hate a bit and I’ll reconsider.
          Given your posts you appear to be one of the many white knights in the world.

        6. We have been married for 11 years, no idea if it’s considered long or not.
          However, you have good points. I have not yet had a talk like that with a man, so I can’t say how it differs from a talk with a woman. My friends and I tend to talk about other things.
          I have to admit I am a simple man. I just think I am sharing my house, my children and my bed with my wife for the rest of my life, so why not to try make best out of it? I haven’t thought if she is incapable of serious conversation or she is not as smart as I am, just living our life the way it makes us both happy.
          And yeah, titties, who does not love titties?

        7. Well, if you’re lucky, and you may well be, and are indeed a simple man in the very best sense of the word, and she’s a simple woman in the same sense, then I salute you and wish you the best in life together.
          Frankly put, you’ll be beating the odds by several orders of magnitude.
          I can see now as well why you didn’t quite grasp where I was going, since you haven’t had conversations with men at that level, you have no contextual frame of reference with which to compare. Sadly a far too common state in the modern emasculated world which is trying desperately to destroy masculine intellect.
          Hit up some of the classical philosophers sometime and dig down deep. There are still men out here who do so, and the level of discourse is refreshing, liberating even.

        8. “I don’t know what kind of things she should do to improve our relationship ”
          Cook and clean and shaddup

        9. Hi Ghosts of Jeff, regarding your idea: “Whereas a guy is likely to not only agree, but start researching, going back through not only common law, not only traditional British Natural Rights from whence sprung the American notion of the 2nd, but likely even back to studying…”
          I don’t find that a man would necessarily be more likely to research the history as he would be more likely to use his intellectual curiosity to dig deeper into the logic of the philosophy. For example, when I think of the 2nd amendment, I don’t really care what my Celtic ancestors thought about the right to bear arms. I start deducing what it means to us: that the state doesn’t have a monopoly on weaponry or violence. That a man should be free to do as he pleases short of unduly violating others (ownership of a weapon doesn’t necessarily harm others).

        10. In my experience (thus not scientific due to a relatively small sample size), women who may seem prima facie intelligent are either 1) very masculine in their behavior and appearance, or 2) superficially intelligent, lacking any deeper, conceptual understanding of the topic.
          Regarding 1, that merely bolsters the claim that true intelligence and depth of thought is a MASCULINE trait. Thus, the only women capable of possessing it may be “women” in a purely biological sense (i.e. have a vagina), but tend to lack any feminine qualities that would make them otherwise attractive to men. Take a look at successful female lawyers, doctors, and professors of real subjects (not “womyns studiez”). By and large, they are pretty damn homely. Of course there are exceptions, but the exceptions prove the rule.
          Regarding 2, if your wife does not fall into category 1 (which I hope she doesn’t!), then she likely knows a lot of “facts” about a particular topic, but has little to no understanding of the conceptual underpinning of these facts, nor ability to refute them, outside of “I just don’t agree with that” or “That’s not nice/good/moral/etc.” Women are just as skilled as men, if not more so, at retaining factual information (think about how much random shit they know about nearly EVERY celebrity, about fashion, about pop music, etc.) and regurgitating it at will. However, as GhostOfJefferson has already pointed out, their inclination to go below the surface of things and understand them for what they truly are is severely limited. This is likely due to a combination of lack of intellectual curiosity and actual mental inability.
          Basically, if your wife isn’t able to beat you arm wrestling AND has the ability to discuss topics in an objective, rational, conceptual (rather than purely factual) way, you may want to check to see if she’s not drinking battery acid at night after you’ve gone to bed 😉

        11. Well… if you are so satisfied to share such a life with such security with your wonderful wife… why in the hell are you reading a site like this???
          Some of your spidey sense must be tingling.

        12. That’s because the government is big and friendly to women, giving them stuff.
          And to do that, it has to be a bunch of goons who don’t want to compete on a level playing field.
          Because why should women be given stuff? I swear, from listening to ‘alphas’, it’s pretty easy to mistake them for women’s bitches.

        13. Men who haven’t been surreptitiously conditioned by sex-obsessed Puritan whores to get aroused by unconcealed mammary glands, the sole function of which is limited to provisioning newborn children?
          300 years ago, you would be the guy saying, “Yeah ankles, who does not love ankles?”
          As flies to wanton boys, are men to women. They toy with you for sport.

        14. Finally a man that doesn’t whine like a FemNazi because of a woman being self reliant. Maybe there’s hope for the human race after all.
          Ok probably not but I don’t have much faith in either gender.

    2. Occasionally I’ve encountered women with fine minds, including academics. What strikes me is that they tend to be workmanlike in the way they approach things – goal oriented in terms of their careers, occasionally passionate about their subject, but my impression is that they tend not to have the intellectual curiosity men have, or as someone else here said to seek truth in and for itself.
      Some feminists have spoken about women having different ‘ways of knowing’, a quite separate epistemological take on the world (which is pretty much what the author says). I think this is true.
      One way in which this is the case is that men / male science seeks to penetrate through to the core of things. In a platonic sense to penetrate the veil. This penetrative knowledge seeking – with its obvious analogue in the sexual act – is epistemologically unavailable to women ordinarily.
      One the thing I’ve noticed is that since women started to participate and even take over the knowledge economy, the boundaries of knowledge are becoming increasingly policed – not just political correctness, but specifically ethics. There are places in which it is wrong, illegal, unfair, harmful, hurtful, etc to go.
      As I say they’re are women with fine minds; a lot of female thriller writers I enjoy reading for instance, and to a far lesser extent academics too, but I don’t think they are able to use them in the same way. They don’t have the same relationship with discovery or truth seeking. Rather they are engaged in something different: its almost as though they are trying to build a knowledge nest they feel comfortable within. Maybe that’s what social constructionism is all about.
      This leads back I think to what the author says, which to gloss is that female intelligence is defensive. It is hiding its embarassment. While feminism lives at least that is all the female intellect can hope to achieve.
      Maybe post-feminism it might be possible to be honest. Sometimes our natures can be transcended just as they can never be falsified

    3. She could be a feminazi spy. For someone who has no personality of her own, feigning conformity and reporting back to her masters is quite feasible.

  5. Really good article. I have read many times on ROK about women being more deliberate and self-aware than we are led to believe. I strongly disagree. I think the vast majority are lost children meandering through a world where their true role has been diminished. Which is also why I believe so many of them to be unhappy and taking pills.

  6. I’ve pondered this topic before.
    My conclusion thus far in life is that women don’t need to “understand themselves” since there is really nothing of hard, substantive depth to understand at an intellectual level. The emotional level they are quite…chaotic and such, but end of the day that shouldn’t matter as she will come to mold her personality around yours if you’re a high value male. That little “strong, independent, liberal woman” will, for the right man, over time, become the most hard right conservative woman on the planet, if this is what she sees her ultimate man doing. They create their identity through yours, hence why you must and should have a strong identity and personality and masculine force.
    Open to any other observations about this of course.

    1. i have to concur with that. The chick that I a currently banging used to be a “feminist” but now she says she is a hard-right libertarian who wants three kids. In fact she is only this way because she has been suitably fucked, and I am sure if my values were different hers would be too.

      1. Right on, thank you for the confirmation.
        It’s also my observation that women who are “finding themselves” fall into one of two categories, despite what feminism snarks at us:
        1. No man in her life, she is floating helplessly around without a true identity as a result and is lost. Why she is single is irrelevant, whether by choice or being dumped, her ability to moor onto something is not present, hence “I feel no true identity”.
        2. Her man is a beta/omega who does not poses enough personality himself or force of will that she wishes to conform to it. In short, he’s weak and her hypergamy does not wish to emulate the weakness she despises. She becomes lost, turns to some distractions to “find herself” until such time as she locates confident cock on the side to restore the natural order in her mind.

        1. That is precisely why feminists so frequently cut themselves, develop various food-based pathologies, seek attention through acting out rape-oriented and victimhood- oriented fantasies, and dose themselves up on mood stabilizers like anti-depressants and booze. In denying themselves the thing they most need to be happy- the firm hand and thick cock of an authoritative male – they become psychologically damaged.

        2. Exactly. They are torn between their femen brainwashing of trying to play the male-role, and chase the career….while fighting their emotional need to be the the good wife and mother (… the “thick cock of an authoritive male”).
          90% of the girls I have fucked, and who have stayed at my apartment. Are far more settled and calm after a good fucking.
          They are happy to hit the kitchen and cook something… or make the bed… have a long shower.
          And then they are at peace.
          But before the fucking, they are filled with doubt and jumpy.. and their femen brainwashing starts putting up barriers to what they really want….. and all the usual “I don’t think we should do this”… “you just want to use me for sex”… “do you really care about me”….
          You never hear this bullshit after sex. Only beforehand.

        3. Because women don’t have identities unless their is a man in their life. Just like single men don’t grow balls until they get laid… Except no, that’s not how people work at all. Not sure where the hell you live, but women “moor onto” all kinds of shit, same as men. Some chicks are into their jobs, some like video games, some like cooking, some prefer knitting or whatever. Yeah some women are needy fucks who can’t do crap without a man in their life, but I know a lot of guys who can’t do crap without a woman either, so whatever.

        4. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you really so shitty you’re going to wail on women with depression? Men suffer from depression too you asshole. You’re the reason guys end up blowing their brains out. Get your shit together and treat mental illness with some fucking respect. As long as depression is a “girl thing” men will keep dying, because “only pussies get treated.”

        5. Better to blow your brains out than end up a blubbering mangina. I’d rather jump off a 10-story building and land on a bicycle with no seat than ever end up one of those.

        6. Are you really so shitty you’re going to wail on women with depression?

          What do they have to be depressed about? They’re frauds. They’re the architects of all the misery in the world. Men and children are willing to play fair.
          Girls – the morons – side with their competition (who can’t compete with them), swallow their abuser’s lies, start peddling fraud to men and face-plant into self-destruction.
          Men want girls to have fun pleasing themselves.
          Women want girls to suffer displeasing men.
          Girls side with their abusers to contrive artificial suffering and “difficulty” for men. They don’t want to be “easy”, the way men are easy?
          If you lined up every ‘depressed’ girl and put a bullet in each of their heads, you couldn’t really go wrong. What do they have to be depressed about? Their malice isn’t paying dividends? They are the reason for all conflict. You’re willing to play fair. They’re willing to play you.

        7. There are women who will start verbal altercations with men simply to in order to gather her hens around her, and those hens are manginas, she simply wants to know how they will react and how quickly they will react, and she knows she is dealing with simps and that she is standing in for the alpha male among beta male bitches.

      2. Maybe because running around and telling guys in bars/online, that she is a feminist, got her very minimal attention/respect/cock.

        1. It was some shit she learned in college. Bitches are more prone to social conditioning, and the leftist atmosphere of a Swedish university clearly got to her. However, she is ethnically and culturally Asian, so she was less ruined that the average white bitch would be. There was literally a 20 minute interval between me fucking her on a table and her going to make me a sandwich. I am not saying that this is somehow a reflection on me. All I did was not be a faggot and the rest was down to the fact that a woman is always happiest when serving.

        2. Agree on both points.
          I live in Asia, but am very reluctant to date an asian girl who has worked/studied in a western country for more than a few years. They get infected with that entitled bitchiness.
          The worst of all, are the Australian born Chinese that return to HK to work in their 20’s. Arrogant, opinionated, stuck-up, entitled princesses that honestly believe that a man should look like Brad Pitt, the wallet of James Murdoch, and the charm of Hugh Grant, just for the right to approach them in a bar.
          Women love serving. Esp after being fucked. You have fulfilled all their basic needs, and they are content.

        3. yeah the foreign thing really ruins asians. i mean they are naturally materialistic anyway but at least in the context of asian culture, the male provider gets something in return for his provision. but when feminism enters the equation, it keeps the materialism and sense of entitlement, but ditches the part where you get someone with a good enough sense of duty and responsibility to be wife material. fucking cunts.

        4. Translation: You’re too much of a wimp to get on with a girl who actually knows shit. I doubt they give a crap about your wallet man. You’re just pissed they’re confident enough to kick your stupid ass to the curb.

        5. Because being a provider isn’t responsibility… Unless you’re a dude. She wants to have her own career and earnings too?! What a fucking bitch. And there is no way are men these days also entitled little bitches.

        6. That must be why a well fucked woman will keep showing up at your door unexpectedly. Oh, wait, you let them move in….

      3. Right, and the chick I’m currently banging used to be an gamer like me, until she took my dick in her ass. Oh wait, I’m actually just making up bullshit.
        Some feminists are libertarians who want kids asshat. Being for kids and capitalism and wanting the chance to actually do shit while being female are not mutually exclusive. I doubt your “magic dick” changed anything.

      1. I read that blog…. and oh shit, I “nerd-gasmed” on understanding!!! I’d always felt some variation of that theory to be true, but now there is an explanation to it instead of a cognitive picture

    2. I don’t believe that. Women with toxic, negative personalities, tend to have negative toxic personalities regardless of the scenario. It would be easy to fix American society by just dating/marrying feminists if this wasn’t the case. Anecdotal evidence isn’t very persuasive here.

      1. It actually is that easy to fix, and yes that is generally the case whether you choose to believe it or not. The key here isn’t the woman, it’s the man and how strong and dominant his personality is, that makes the change occur. That there are hordes of shrews out there married to men is only proof that most men are weak and pathetic simpletons.

        1. Guys get tired of dealing with all the shit and then they give in thinking it will bring peace, but it is all down hill from there on in.

  7. Brilliant! I always myself, being raised with the story’s from the old testament, which I believe is very good to understand better the relationship between the sexes, has hold beliefs similar to these – and as a consequence am so awesome now, that women literally throw themself at me. Thx Jahwe!

  8. My father used to say that the only man who ever truly understood women got killed for it on a hill called Golgotha about 2,000 years ago.
    Snark aside, with the economy of nature in mind, looking at this from an evolutionary psychology standpoint, it stands to reason that women aren’t particularly self-aware because there’s no need whatsoever for them to be self aware. This same pragmatic view also assumes that women are irrelevant after menopause because they have only one role, while men have a dual role in reproduction and stewardship or mentoring, which makes us relevant for an additional 10-15 years.
    With that as the root of a guiding framework, women start to become more predictable.

    1. honest question: how is it that geezus truly understood women? having been raised christian,i was forced as a child to read the bible through and through, and i cannot remember a single damn instance where the lil’ jew waxed philosophical about women’s natures.

      1. Yeah fuck all this gawd crap. I can claim any mother fucken thing I want if I made some makeshift book a pretenses it was some fucken thing created by some fantastic creature. Here’s a verse for ya:
        You have to con bitches to discover that they are the ones who are the actual con artists.
        Flying Spaghetti Monster 3:15

        1. Yeah you can’t beat them. Not because they’re crafty or sneaky or shrewd. They’re unplayable and I’ll tell you why they cannot lose.
          They have nothing to lose. They are selling liability. How much is their need worth to you?

    2. there is no mystery to women, they are simply trying to keep guys confused and off balance, and feigning that they are complex creatures, when they are really trying to be hard to understand because they are neck deep in their own bull shit, and if you cannot smell it, then you are a naive dope.

  9. Political incorrectness galore. This should get many women, manginas and white knight’s panties in a twist.
    If women are so equal why do they insist on all these extra special protections and laws that men will never receive? By doing this they are freely admitting that they’re not equal. I’ve always wondered why so many people are blind to this question.

    1. Because patriarchy. End rape culture, apologist. Lean in and ban bossy.
      (Did I forget anything?)

      1. I in 4. Only 2% are false. $0.77 on the dollar. woman works twice as hard to get half the reward. but backwards in heels. Fat acceptance. The list goes on and on but I am too lazy to list anymore of them.

        1. I think some places bumped it up to 1 in 3. In a couple of years it’ll be 3 in 1.
          “Women are morally superior” is another good one.

        2. That was completely aided and abetted by sycophantic Christian theologians. The “meek” will inherent the earth must’ve sent a few women off their emotional idiot rockers. Notice Islam doesn’t have any BS about the “meek,” and the women are happily compliant under the men, or else…

        3. well, it’s a philosophical difference. christians are all about turning the other cheek, muslims are all about cutting off hands and heads. i loathe them just like i loathe all believers, but in the end…fear GETS SHIT DONE!

        4. Whats funny and or sad is I have spent my entire adult life killing Muslims for the benefit of Western civilization and I have gradually come to have a begrudging respect for them. Why? Because they take no shit in regards to political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism, etc. They have the courage of their own malice. They say to the most powerful military machine in the history of humanity: “We are prepared to kill ourselves, to kill our wives, to kill our children – in order to kill you. We will win by attrition. We will outbreed you, and your western liberal ‘compassion’ will be the achilles heel that we open.”
          I have this fun little thing I do with liberals where when they attack red pill beliefs I shove Islam in their face and how Islamic societies run… they suddenly are put in the awkward position of either criticizing Islam and sounding “islamaphobic” (the horror!), condoning what they were previously attacking, or admitting there is a double standard. The cognitive dissonance then becomes extremely uncomfortable for them.

        5. Fuckin’ A, goddamn right it does. I despise religion as well but you can’t argue with results.

        6. I have spent my entire adult life killing Muslims

          Though you may find this hard to believe, sometimes what people say is not what they do. Christians kill everybody. That is what they do. But they say – to you – to turn the other cheek, and what will they do?
          They will slap you. Women, Christians, leeches, sociopaths. Their preaching is for you. Once they give you their exploitable values, they can exploit you.
          What liars say has no correlation to what they do. Girls like nice guys or bad boys? Humans appraise the value of others by their internal value system, never by their stated value system or by the value system of others.

        7. If you want to smoke or drink you pay a hefty sin tax, but if you are a glutton, there is no sin tax, but an obese woman eating an ice cream cone in public is as socially repugnant as a stumbling drunk or someone masturbating in public. If medical iinsurers provided a ten percent discount to those who can do ten pull ups, then you would have obese women doing one pull up, and receiving a ten percent discount by sympathic females in the medical establishment, so it probably would not work.

        8. Women hurt, maim, and murder more children than men ever do, but we are not suppose to discuss that.


    2. I was thought women were the more compassionate creatures until I stumbled upon one of those lynching photos with women staring into the cameras with that “Love seeing a dead Nigger” smile
      I always thought that the women were more understanding until I watch those NAZI nurses BRUTUAL experiments on russian and Jewish prisoners.
      I always thought women were the most cleansiness of humans until I met a woman whose butt cheeks were literrally glued together with her own shit…until this day I wonder how was that even possible!
      I always thought women had some of the most amazing bodies given to by nature but that was until I travelled to America.
      Its disturbing to understand that even areas where women SHOULD be good at their pretty much HORRIBLE..Thats why becoming a player can be depressing because as a child your are raised to believe that women are special and equal but when the actualization that women arent even CLOSE to how they are advertised hits, it REALLY ratters your core

      1. There was some study which showed that women are more willing to torture than men if they don’t think anybody is watching them.

        1. Yes I remember also about corruption and how women are willing to participate as longs as men around them condoned it.
          So it begs to question. Are women just raw material that men must he use their wit to convert to lasting products?

        2. The answer is yes. I call it the ‘3D System’ which stands for ‘Direction and Discipline from a Dominant male’ I’ve had nothing but success in practical applications and can’t recommend it enough.

        3. What up Big pimpin
          I LOVE the 3D system. I find that alot of men dont follow direction. They give their women discipline but with no direction or vice versa
          But how do fight off outside dick OG, because its seems that even the most disciplined women sometimes veer off

      2. Women are generally friendlier than men. The reason for that is that social standing and manipulating others is more important to them. It’s easy to mistake that for compassion but that’d be erroneous, however.

        1. Absolutely correct but slight correction: women generally ACT friendlier than men. That ‘friendliness’ is used so you can let your guard down, and share confidential info about yourself with them. Info they can/will use when deemed necessary. There is a reason women don’t trust and like each other that much. Most female friendships are extremely superficial (shoes, bags, hair …and a lot of sex talk)

        2. Yeah, as opposed to male friendships which are totally perfect in every way. I mean you’d never become friends with another guy for superficial reasons, right? Except no, people of all sexes do it all the fucking time.

        3. Men compete (largely fairly) for sex.
          Women don’t need to compete for sex.
          And yet, they compete (largely unfairly) for something. When you figure out what that something is, you will know the definition of evil and you will know that whore is rather generous, in the scheming scheme of things.

        4. I hate everyone equally so it’s all good. Unless I get to know a person or I find a likeable asshole everyone is considered a moron in my opinion. Yes I know people say the same about me so whatever. At least I have the backbone to take what I dish out to others, the latter is something very lacking on gender specific websites.

        5. lol, you must be a female (i.e. idiot.)
          It’s palpably obvious that women talk about people and things, while men are more apt to get into the realm of abstract ideas…

        6. Men do not compete fairly for sex, guys pull anything out of their rear ends to keep another guy from hooking up with a chick, because they are bitter contemplating the guy and girl having sex with one another, so they get their sick jollies by trying to cockblock.

      3. My best friend once said – “women will do things that even animals won’t do”
        I think he was going through a bad breakup at the time.

      4. >>I always thought women were the most cleansiness of humans until I met a
        woman whose butt cheeks were literrally glued together with her own
        Are you serious? Was she a homeless druggie?
        Disgusting stuff.

        1. And of course you were perfectly innocent in all this. Had no idea she had a boyfriend at all. Right…
          Get off your high horse and admit both men and women are assholes. Or do you like mirroring the radfems who bitch about “those cheating men.”

        2. He was raised hearing that girls are sugar and spice and everything nice and boys are gooy gooy gophers guts and chopped up monkeys butts, which is only said because girls menstruate… think about it… and then, most guys never think about all the things that go on between a womans legs, the bacteria, the yeast, the infections, the STDs… a woman can cheat on her man and then try to keep him from finding out that she contracted an STD, all she has to say is that she is not feeling right down there, in order to avoid sex while she goes on antibiotics….

        3. I had a very similar experience freshman year of college. The I Love You story, not the shit sealed anus.

      5. In that case, you were an idiot to begin with. Women aren’t more anything, be it brutal, honest, kind, cruel, whatever. Women are just people, and some people are shitty. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

        1. @ analytical
          You’re wrong. He wasn’t an idiot, but maybe you are. Yes, women are much more disloyal and fickly and manipulative than men.

        2. They may be people, but they are not humane and independent people. So they’re really more like leeches, just suck suck sucking away your will to live. And when they’ve sucked it away, I’ve heard they dump the carcass with a shrug and a vague robotic quip to explain why “Happily Ever After” became “I Need To Follow My Heart”:

          “It’s not you, it’s me.”

    3. Yeah, I’ve never really understood that… If they’re equal, how did this inequality come into being in the first place? Wouldn’t they have just stopped it from happening?

      1. Yes – the dice of equality have been rolled a million times over a thousand years, and still women keep bitching about the result.
        Maybe its not the dice that are stacked.

        1. Which is why white people are clearly the superior race. It’s not like advantages stack over time and small artificial disparities continuously grow larger.

        2. they have been at each others throats for so long, all of the tribes of europe, who you wrongly describe as the white race, as if they were a monolithic group with a shared history as a single people, the average europe is descended of serfs, chattle, peasants, and indentured servants, and some of outright slaves, yet you would assuage and assure yourself that the castles of all europe are your heritage…

      2. Indeed. The only answer can be that they bitch to deflect attention away from their ruthless exploitation of men. Their lies are tantamount to a signed confession of guilt.

        “Truth is on the side of the oppressed, never the oppressor.”
        – Malcolm X

    4. You should check out the book “The Myth of Male Power”. Don’t read too much into the title, but it goes into just how good women have it in American society.

      1. That book would rather contradict the above article, which states women are indeed second class citizens.

        1. Women are second class citizens getting a first class ride and I for one am sick of it.
          Men spill blood, sweat and tears their entire lives just so some coke-hoovering, face-painted, Toddler whore with negative / negative value (body / mind) can look down her nose at a fucking hero with positive / positive value?
          And they get this power by violently abusing, deceiving and shaming children. Tiny little children just trying to… There will need to be blood.

          “They cripple the bird’s wing and then condemn it for not flying as fast as they.”
          – Malcolm X

          They lie to confuse children and then shame them for being confused.

        2. So blaming women for everything is in no way like blaming men for everything? That’s like blaming all White people for slavery, pointless, wasteful and it never got anyone anywhere. It’s like Feminists point at ONE rapist and use that guy as an example of what men are really like and then most of the guys here point at the Duke False Accusor and use her as an example of what women are like.
          Didn’t take long for me to look at both sides and say “You’re all pathetic cunts” and walk away. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I know I’m on this website, I’m here for the comments, the Bitchfests and to add my two cents every now and then. If you agree or disagree with me fine, I’m not obligated to tailor fit my comments for people and visa versa.
          Oh and final note to whoever replies back: there’s a 99% chance I’m going to think you’re just a sad asshole and that you’ll think I’m a Trolling FemNazi bitch the needs to be violently gang raped and beaten in order to be shown my true place as a female. Not a Femminist guys I’m a Humanist, as for that string of insults and threats? Just saying what I expect to here from some of you folks on this website. Notice I said ” some” not all ok? Ok then glad I pointed that out.

        3. Women are actually to blame, however. Men are the victims, women are victimising them.
          And then women turn around and feign victimisation. It’s disgusting.

        4. Either way blaming an entire group never got anyone anywhere. Look at Al Sharpton, he blames White people for everything on the planet but the second someone critiques Obama on something it’s blasphemy. I’ve moved past the “Men Evil! Women Good!” bullshit. Men are capable of being evil and women are no better I just don’t use blinders or try to minimize the evil actions of women. If it’s wrong when a man does it it’s wrong when a woman does it. I have better things to do in life than hold a grudge against an entire gender.

        5. Imagine a woman in any car at all. Now consider what women have contributed to the vehicle. Not a single bolt.

        6. Black or White it’s still stupid and I’m tired of hearing about it. Damned either way, if I don’t believe everything is racist then I’m a “Mammy” but if I point out something that truly is racist then I’m a Social Justice Warrior. But I stopped caring and so far I’ve began to see things clearly.

        7. Consider a blowout on a rainy highway. Do you want her at the wheel?

    5. I’m curious, have you ever tried this logic on African Americans?

      1. numb nuts, the same women who complain about being oppressed by men, who resent the success and accomplishment that men have achieved, will turn around and take racial credit for it in dissing minority men, they want it both ways, and they should get it that way, ATM.

  10. This post may be the first time in recorded history that John Stockton has been mentioned alongside Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and Montaigne.

    1. Unless they’re just manginas in disguise. Those should be hunted down and killed.

  11. Wow. What a load of shit. The whole article is just repeated stereotypes about how emotional women are. And the part about how women should always be in a ‘passive’ position in sex is a load of crap too. I myself prefer woman on top style positions. It’s just a matter of preference. And it’s common knowledge that women do better in school. It doesn’t feel great to say that, but at least I can admit it’s true unlike the rest of you small people.

      1. The humor just writes itself doesn’t it?
        The only thing “he” didn’t say is that we all have small dicks. Though I’m sure “he” will edit the post accordingly.

        1. Quote from above—
          “Disgusting. Disgusting, small minded dickheads.”
          “He’s” getting closer to calling out our respective dick sizes; just hasn’t managed to tie the words together properly yet. “He” will get it right soon- I’m sure of it.

        2. Probably consulting “his” Womyn’s Studies class to determine how to phrase it properly, I’m certain the head matriarch will gently guide “his” hand accordingly. This research study into the world of men didn’t turn out quite like “he” figured it would.
          Quelle dommage, n’est-ce pas?

        3. “The humor just writes itself doesn’t it?”
          LOL, it sure does. Even unintentional humor can be so so entertaining.

    1. “I myself prefer woman violating my colon with large household objects”
      Fixed that for you.

      1. Obvious Dan Savage fan is obvious.
        Banhammer should fall on this obvious homosexual.

    2. To “Brian” F, you wrote: “And it’s common knowledge that women do better in school.”
      Let me fix that for you. It’s common knowledge that women receive better treatment in feminist-indoctrinated government schools that punish masculine virtues such as logical deduction, critical thinking, independence, defiance, and physical activeness.

      1. Is this a woman hitting on another woman? Or a woman hitting on herself? It’s one of the two…

    1. Please do. It’s not like I’m going to change any of your minds, nor that you are going to argue properly with me like a real guy would.

    1. 1. Denial
      2. Anger
      3. Bargaining
      4. Depression
      5. Acceptance
      Brother, I went through it too. It makes you grieve to find out how women really behave. It ain’t pretty. Keep with it though, once you make it through all five stages, you attain wisdom, and the whole rest of your life will be better, because you will go through it with your eyes wide open. You’re still in stage 1 or 2, not sure which…maybe both.

    2. Super-Beta to the rescue.
      Another pillar of female equality, is that they should, and must, be able to defend themselves in a debate.
      But you are probably one of those white knights who jumps in to defend women, and by doing so, you are saying they are unable to defend themselves.
      Its guys like you who want to be male feminists, but by your sad beta actions, you undermine everything that the feminist movement pretends it wants.

      1. “But you are probably one of those white knights who jumps in to defend
        women, and by doing so, you are saying they are unable to defend
        Ironic is it not? They’re committing the very “sin” they simultaneously condemn. As another commenter noted, “The humor just writes itself”.

    3. They have you pussy-whipped without even having to give it up. Sad.

  12. This is great stuff. Some hard truths here. That’s what I’ve come to expect from ROK lately.
    Women are among the least self-aware people on the planet, on par with young children and the mentally incompetent. The average woman has close to zero understanding of men, manly desires, and what it takes for a woman to attract and keep a man. Making the situation worse, it seems like women truly DO NOT CARE about what men want. This is a shame for both sexes, but particularly women. Men will adapt to whatever situation they find themselves in. Women will not adapt. They will blame men and demand that men and the entire world change for them. Clearly the world will not change for women. Is anyone aware of how many lonely, over-40, single unattractive women there are in this world? Its a staggering amount. It demonstrates the female’s complete inability to adapt and change along with her environment.

    1. My idiot wife loves my money and driving her new car, but she can’t (won’t) figure out the few simple things that would have kept me from kicking her to the curb.

        1. Absolutely. I was eating blue pills for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the time. I had little self love, esteem, and respect. She was exactly what i needed to break free and find the red pill.

        2. There is somethng known as hostile dependency, through which the person who is dependent looks on their provider as a source of benefits which they must CONTROL, so that the beneficiary may end up treating their benefactor in a hostile, manipulative and underhanded fashion, in order to keep taking them down, one peg at a time, so as to better establish themselves in the saddle…

      1. Clearly made by someone who has never taken a biology class in their life. Seriously, what the fuck are you on? Men understand women because they have X chromosomes? What the hell is wrong with you? The X chromosome does a hell of a lot more shit then “make someone understand females.” Stick a SRY gene on one of those X chromosomes and you have a man. (Look up de la Chapelle syndrome). The DNA difference is miniscule. No wonder feminists mock you idiots.

    2. “Is anyone aware of how many lonely, over-40, single unattractive women there are in this world? Its a staggering amount.”
      How is it compared to men though? I ask because I’ve seen men who are willing to fuck some of the worst looking women out there. They marry them, have kids with them and become domesticated yes-men.
      If it’s bad for women, it’s ten times worse for men.

      1. those same worthless manish surly she beasts are demanding that any woman under twenty eight years of age is in late adolescene, and that older, well established, financially secure men are child molesters for even thinking about screwing a twenty something year old woman, because the ugly aging hags are trying to posit that THEY are the only game in town. They are that selfish and insane with malicious jealousy, and bitter as hell that they cannot attract men or their resources.

        1. the men you refer to were yes men to begin with, and born to be worked liked mules, in order to provide for crusty old scanks.

    3. And I feel a little jolt of glee over every last, single, fucking one. Karma.

  13. The man who judges of a woman by her letters is a fool.—Her gesture will contain more matter than her journal. Besides,
    The woman who could punctuate could reason

    1. It’s long been noted that most women fill the criteria for a range of behavioural disorders, in particular Narcissistic, Antisocial and Borderline Personality Disorder. The reason it’s kept suppressed by the State involves what Foucault termed bio-power; the commodification of sex and objectification of women tricked into oppressing girls, made to squabble over the control of exclusive marital and filial male slaves.
      The vast majority of humans don’t even realise they’re sociopathic because they feel the fraudulent emotions they’ve been told they’re supposed to feel in various situations. It’s OFC dysfunction, the product of shaming children during their formative years. Emotional development is frozen, synapse production is halted, every child’s supercharged mind has been reduced to dysfunctional.

      1. Hey jonny, the many acronyms that you use (M.A.D, OFC,etc), do you know a place online to look them up?.

        1. I just use Google search as when I tried to use acronym finder sites awhile back, I found Google was much better (especially with some context).
          M.A.D. = Mutually Assured Destruction (if the Cold War was actually real rather than profit-manufacturing shenanigans and domestic terrorism contrived by the military industrial complex, M.A.D. was what kept us all safe). But the world has been racing to extinction since the human contract was broken and fear reduced us to cannibalistic leeches preying on Our Own, fighting 6000-year war of attrition.
          OFC = Orbitofrontal cortex – this is a great report below.
          (PDF file) Evidence of Orbitofrontal Dysfunction in Sex Offenders

          OFC mediates the formation of reward and punishment associations, and the control of behavior based on reinforcement contingencies. The behavioral syndrome associated with orbitofrontal damage characteristically involves alterations in personality and disinhibition of social behaviors. People with lesions of OFC, particularly the ventromedial portion, make poor choices stemming from an insensitivity to future consequences. Child molesters also show deficits of empathy, which is associated with orbitofrontal dysfunction.

          This study does not address the origin of OFC dysfunction in sex offenders. While it may result
          from anatomical lesions occurring during development or acquired later in life, it may also result from functional changes in cortical function as a consequence of environmental circumstances and learning.

          Shame. I believe we all have some OFC dysfunction (to a degree), because we’re all wearing clothes.

  14. Over the years, I have met several men who were told, by their partner, that she was taking the pill. Then…whoops! She doesn’t take it by “accident” and poor little Billy is trapped. Of course, the feminist logic here is that he deserved to be duped because he agreed to have sex. This is like saying you agreed to be in a fiery car crash because you drove to work.
    The majority of these scenarios end in divorce, with the guy paying out the tooth. Or, the guy stays for the children, only to be completely misarable, having to live with this manipulative viper. There is little to no sympathy in our society for the fate of these men. There will be no special on Oprah about their plight.If they suffer, well who cares? They are part of the priviledged patriarchy anyway, so fuck em.
    These are the stakes – very high. Your analogy of relationships to war is appropo. The woman who takes offense to these true anecdotes of life is suspect – she likely has something up her sleeve. You cannot be too careful if life. One false move, via an act of trust, can destroy your life. Women are guilty until proven innocent. If she wins your trust, after several years of testing, then wonderful. You might have a keeper. However, as you put so well, you MUST be patient. A person’s true colors will always rise to the surface.

    1. “The woman who takes offense to these true anecdotes of life is suspect – she likely has something up her sleeve.”
      Very well put. You only get emotional when you know someone figured out your lies…

      1. I cant imagine anyone wanting to fuck Oprah. European news showed pictures of what Orca and her entourage was wearing the day a clerk refused to show her a $40,000 purse. She had too small, thin sweats with holes in them, hair tied up in the back, and it looked like they all got outfitted for $5 at a thrift store.

    2. Women will not understand true pain until they see and feel what it’s like to be a man in today’s society. The starvation from being able to speak the truth. Every real man on here knows what it really feels like to be a lone ranger. Any woman today will kill themselves if they had to experience the world as a man for a single day. True strength can only be obtained thru true pain gentlemen. Never forget. Fuck the one time.

    3. The hilarious part is the absolute unvarnished hypocrisy from the miserable wretches of married men who will perfectly feign awe and wonder as they say, “Man, she must really wuv you!” Cause misery loves company, so why warn a dope that she is a manipulative, cunning, lying, viper? These same guys will watch their wives empty a refrigerator in an evening and tell you that he cannot complain about the wife packing on sixty extra pounds, because she had his child, and this said five years after the babys birth….

      1. True. A lot of these guys will get punched by these broads (physical or emotionally) and just blow it off like nothing. They deserve their misery.

  15. This article does well in helping to understand how the message to women that they should be empowered, independent, and are fully capable of “having it all” is rendering them unmarried, unhappy, and unfulfilled. Left to their own devices they’re a self-destructive lot, and it’s because they have no clue how to conduct themselves without a central order to reign in their natural instincts and protect them from their poorly thought-out whims. We’re bearing witness to what becomes of women without the wow, just wow, patriarchy to keep the train on the rails. Now the “order” is no-order, with a pat on the head and shove out the door from feminist mantra that’s the equivalent of leaving toddlers unsupervised with lighters and gasoline.

  16. Interesting article, but I’m confused as to what the message is here. The author is saying that women by nature are unpredictable and not self-aware, but isn’t the point of ROK to tap back into these natural gender roles? Obviously women evolved to be that way for some reason (perhaps to be more nurturing and selfless?). So what’s the takeaway from this? That women’s nature should be shunned in this respect, but not others and that women should try to think like men?

    1. Huh?
      Women been always that way. It’s not because feminism or modern technology or whatever. Even if we lived in a world where people followed gender roles, women would still be the same.

    2. I believe the takeaway is that we, as men, need to have a better understanding of how women are and how they work. Like most logical situations, the more one knows or understands, the better one is usually. We generally want to have a better understanding of women for needs of sex and caring but would rather not have to deal with the shit storms that they throw our way.

      1. That’s an interesting way to rationalize it, but the question still remains what exactly is the author proposing? Without any decent solution, it just sounds like another typical, angry guy on the internet posting an article we’ve read 6 or 7 times before. I’ve posed the question to plenty of guys on these sites, how many MDs or upper-tier education women have they actually dated? I’ve yet to come across anyone who can give me even anecdotal evidence of more than one. If you intentionally choose to pump and dump club sluts, why bother complaining about their intelligence/lack of logic? I get it, it’s very popular to be anti-education, anti-women and everything from that slant. I disagree with the vast majority of the education system, and find 99% of people to be stupid (men and women), yet still find it silly to hear random uneducated guys on the internet talking about how female gastroenterologists are all complete idiots. Guess seeing the humor in that might be above the level of most of the guys here.

      2. Unless you’ve dedicated your life to the study of non-linear equations, some things about women will never be understood.

    1. Here’s my favorite part:
      After six months of being his if-he-couldn’t-find-anyone-better fallback sex, I gave him a letter with the ultimatum that he had to be nicer to me or it was over. He opened it immediately and read it in front of me, laughing, “Then I guess it’s over.”

  17. So much truth in this article.
    If only those brainwashed beta males see this, it would benefit them. And maybe they wouldn’t be that clueless about women.

  18. “But as the weaker sex—both intellectually and physically—they simply must conceal their real nature since otherwise they’d be exceedingly vulnerable.”
    A genius quote from the article!
    They’d be vulnerable because the “smart cock” aka educated alphas, would realize their low value for time vs countless other pleasures in life that ARE reliable and require 1 10,000th the effort for 100 times more fun, and market efficiency would work against them. Imagine women not being able to scam men into giving them lifestyles? enlightenment folks, its coming soon to you.

    1. Is that the real nature of a mammal female or are human women neither mammalian, motherly or humane?
      When women want to promote the love of mothers, they have to use animal examples every single time because if you want to see what a human mother’s love is like, visit Arlington Cemetery.

  19. Notwithstanding many pernicious liberal illusions, it is a terrible
    mistake to believe men and women are meant to live in harmony, that they
    are to smoothly complement one another, and that they are equal. Just
    as with families and good friends, a certain measure of discord is
    unavoidable between us. In fact, a lot is.

    As G. K. Chesterton has pointed out, “happily ever after” does not mean that the prince and princess don’t throw furniture at each other once in a while.

    1. Happily ever after in a real world means that woman is placed in complete and absolute subjugation under man. These Disney movies are really corrupting mediums of entertainment. Men cannot afford for a moment, the fantasy of pretend equality with women, lest he wants the utter destruction of civilization as we’re witnessing now.

  20. Most of the time, I don’t even think we are speaking the same language. Women seem to think we’re all speaking in some kind of code or encrypted language. I was with this woman for a long time, and I believe in being pretty straight with what I say, if I say it, I mean just what I said. But this chick was always looking for some hidden meaning some thing underneath that I was *really* saying. Of course, that means she was speaking in code the whole time time too, and never said what it is that she was actually saying. You had to get your enigma machine and steal a Nazi code book to figure out what she is really saying.

    1. My gf thought that when she asks me if I want to do something with her and I text back “sure”, it means that I’m saying no. I had to define to her that “sure” means yes without doubt. Different language indeed.

      1. Must be cos they are so used to sarcasm and snark between themselves, that a straight answer just confuses them .. lolz.

      2. I hate that fucking shit….
        “Sure? What’s wrong? Why don’t you really want to do it???”…
        I said sure. Cool
        “But you didn’t SOUND like you meant it”

  21. WTF does “emotionally intelligent” mean anyways? Or is it just some BS women made up?

    1. Heh, I’ve always wondered that myself. It strikes me as complete nonsense as well.

      1. Most all of this psuedo-intellectual philosophical hipster Internet mental masturbation strikes me as complete nonsense.
        Too many people with worthless college degrees trying to sound important.

    2. “Or is it just some BS women made up?”
      Pretty much, yes. What’s more important, however, is that, having invented it, they defined it.
      One guess whether or not masculine, emotional stability is not the definition of Emotional Intelligence(tm).

      1. It’s …. not.
        The definition should be the ability to overcome emotion and think intelligently.

    3. Seems to me it’s just an admission that logic and reason are beyond their intellectual capabilities.

    4. It means the human species has the IQ to rebuild the Paradise lost or pursue M.A.D. / extinction.
      And the EQ to guarantee the latter.
      100% of Humanity’s emotional education is handled by infantile, malicious, dependent Toddlers who’ve never wanted to attain financial or emotional independence. That is why we live in Hell, but not for much longer.

      “We propose a different emotional education.”
      – Tiqqun Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl

  22. Female behavior is utterly dominated by their inherited, unconscious mind. The woman you think you know today is transient, her mind subject to reprogramming at a whim by her animal subconscious. Don’t blame the ladies, they know not what they do…

  23. And that’s why you cannot treat women as having agency. The biggest mistake the catholic church ever made was in deciding that women were actually human.
    Humans are intelligent creatures capable of influencing their environment, responding cognitively to change, communicating meaningfully, and making informed decisions.
    Women are capable of a stilted form of communication that cannot convey real meaning, only emotional states. They have no agency, cannot meaningfully influence their environment, and cannot react cognitively to change or override their instincts to make informed decisions.
    The only way to ‘fix’ things is to understand they they are at best animals capable of performing some simple tasks, and understand simple directions. Stop treating them like they should have some say in their own destiny or our shared culture, since their very nature precludes this possibility.
    Hell, the very structure and exercise of ‘Game’ only works by acknowledging the complete inability of women to exercise control over their animal nature. If they were thinking creatures, game would never work. It indisputably does, which is undeniable proof of female lack of sapience.

      1. Yes, I know that, it was a facetious lead in to my point. The fact that men and women are as different as entirely seperate species, and that women are essentially barely- domesticated animals is still valid.

    1. They’re human. They have to be. No other creature on Earth would make such a fool of itself. They’re just more irrational/illogical side of humanity.

    2. The biggest mistake the catholic church ever made was in deciding that women were actually human.
      They did, however, declare that they couldn’t run the Church, or even be ordained priests, under any circumstances.
      Children are human too, after all.

  24. Sometime i feel lucky that i’m so clueless with women that i dont have to put up with relationship shit.
    & then nature reminds me that i need to procreate 20 times a day & i get lonely i dont have skills to bed these juicy tarts.
    I would love to have some of the problems alphas have lol

  25. Women are Ferraris. They were created and designed for one purpose. To be beautiful, loved, protected and driven hard by a MAN. Eventually producing another Ferrari or another man.
    Rental Ferraris which are dented, scratched, dirty, and used, yes, will still be driven by some loser, but their true value is forever lost.

    1. Problem is even the old dented Ferrari will become a valuable collector’s item with time. A little bit of body work, brakes and fluids, a tune up or five, and it’s off to the auction block, possibly for more than new.
      Pussy ages more like milk. Limited shelf life and the value goes only one way over time: down.

  26. That sheds light on what the bible means when it speaks disapprovingly of “loose women.” You don’t won’t your women to get loose for the same reasons you don’t want your livestock to stray or your slaves to run away.

    1. Sure, but mothers wrote it.
      Women are obsessed with convincing girls (via traumatic abuse known as slut-shaming) to preserve their purity, to wait for what they deserve, to objectify themselves, to conceal their prized object from men (“No free peeks!”), to sell themselves to The One and Only beta john, to hold onto their V-card as long as they can, right up until they can leverage all that value into a slave contract of obligation for life.
      Because men really value objectified whores. Every mother says so.

  27. Just look at these air-headed broads who call themselves “transhumanists”:
    Talk about useless play-acting. If they had married decent white beta providers without ruining themselves with premarital sexual adventures and entertaining delusions of becoming “activists,” at least we could have gotten some healthy children out of them to bolster the world’s besieged white population.

    1. Think of what a pampered life the woman in the first link could lead if she stopped trying to feign intelligence by talking about a lot of idealistic, techno-fantasy nonsense and simply sought out a good man. If you Google her name and look at any of her photos, you can almost tell she doesn’t take herself that seriously. A lot of them look like she’s blatantly eye-fucking the camera. Hot women know they’re hot, despite pretending to want to be valued for their “brains.”

    2. Jesus Christ- Did any of you read that ‘psychology today’ article.
      I got a headache from just skimming it. And I skimmed it because it made no sense, and I was desperately looking for anything that resembled a normal sentence.
      But we shouldn’t be surprised. 99% of psychologists are fucking morons, and the other 1% are the alpha men, who for some reason studied psychology. Probably to try and fuck all the emotionally challenged “I want to find myself” girls in the Psych department.
      Amazing that all the middle class feminists always bleat on about “we need more women in XXXXXXX” <- Insert easy, well paid, sit on your ass, middle class job here.
      But we never hear these women say, “we need more women taxi drivers… sewage cleaners, mining engineers, bouncers, road workers”, or any other job in which women are actually under-represented.

      1. Oh because if we say we want to be bouncers the feminists say we’re supporting violence against women or some crap like that.
        I don’t care what they say though so meh. Apart from wanting to be a Alt/Horror Model(basically paid to be covered in fake blood) and a drummer for a Death Metal band I could see myself being a mechanic.

  28. Women don’t understand how a flashlight works.
    That’s why they want to justify equivalence with men through feminism rather than have to prove it through the ability to do anything of value. But women not only don’t understand themselves, they don’t understand men either.
    Women incorrectly think that men accept men and a man’s ability simply because men have the same equipment in the gender department. However, real men prove themselves, and accept other men and grant respect based on observable, verifiable, evidence.
    A woman prefers to kick these obvious proofs of manhood into the realm of ethereal thoughts and emotions where nothing is ever proved and demonstrated, but rather felt, with proof being in words, thoughts and intentions, not hard proof.
    Man allowed woman being a beautiful, submissive mate, cooking, cleaning, child rearing and homemaking as a support to hard working man. These were things that Adam did, sans child rearing in the days BE (before Eve).
    But just as eve disobeyed and condemned herself and mankind by listening to the lying serpent to gain equality with God, modern women listen to the serpents around them to gain equality with man. In the process, they destroy themselves and the world around them in their futile attempt to reach something they can never really have.
    So much for Eden ladies.

    1. What if I told you the serpent didn’t lie? Only God lied. If I proved it, would it change your entire belief system?
      If not, why not?

      1. Adam and Eve were innocent and therefore did not know right from wrong, until AFTER they ate from the tree of knowledge, therefore, they should not have been held accountable for wrongdoing.

  29. You want to tell what a woman is like?
    Treat her exactly as a woman would treat a nice guy. If she actually sticks around through the first few weeks of your behavior; i.e., treating her as if she’s not that special, ignoring her, spending time on yourself, then she’s probably worth keeping around. I.e., she makes you really FEEL like she is worth your time, and that YOU are important to her and her future.
    Also, look at her parents. Products of divorce are 100% a no-no, every single time.

  30. This whole business we see play out in the Western world today is essentially a modified version of whats always happened. Human life is a bit of an evolutionary jousting match between the male and the female. The male must impregnate as many females as possible for the optimal chance of passing on his genetic material. The female must convince the strongest possible male to commit to her in order to protect her and her offspring during the extremely vulnerable phase of pregnancy (during an EEA anyways).
    These are obviously conflicting goals. Ergo, from an evolutionary perspective the man who fucks the most women is a winner. If he betas up and settles down with one he has lost. The bitch and her whelps get his resources. Modern society now uses the power of the state to force men into betadom. Have you thought why? Because docile, sheeplings, make better slaves than strong, independent, warriors, who rule their own households.
    Ultimately, what we are programmed to do. Evolved to do – is now maladaptive. Women will never be turned on by the pencil necked dweeb like Bill Gates – but they love his money, power, and status! Instead they will be turned on by the beefy unemployed asshole at the bar. Why? Because for the previous 50,000 years or so it was that muscled jerk who would have had the wealth, power, and status while the Bill Gates of the world would have starved to death or been outright killed. The industrial revolution permanently altered humanity into something unrecognizable.

    1. I discussed this in another article about monogamy! My last bitch successively took me off the market after my numerous overtures about not wanting to be in a relationship. She knew I was seeing other women and generally playing the field. The manipulative whore tricked me with every lie in the book about being “faithful, loyal and obedient.” All characteristics which Western institutions and media boastfully discourage in women. Having bought the lie, she completely changes. Her strategy was to take a guy off the market whom other women wanted. What I hate about Christianity was its role in perpetuating the monogamy lie. Monogamy has been the bane and misery of men since its social institutionalization, definitely under the auspices of Christianity. Not only that but the harem of multiple women eliminates and neutralizes the power that one has over you. Her pussy is nullified by the other pussies of your harem. Monogamy is a conspiracy for the ages.
      I’m completely Nietzchean on this front, in “Der Wille Zur Macht” (The Will to Power). Slave religions upholding all the weak characteristics of women as being admirable while limiting the ubermensch (supermen) of humanity. When I’m 30 and she’s 30, we’ll be on two different planes. Then again the state has legislated that men like us, who want to maximize our genetic potential do it with an ungrateful cum-dumpster Western whore, and fail to realize the limitless possibilities of other mates. Monogamy was the most beta invention ever. Of course women should be monogamous but monogamy for the ubermensch of humanity doesn’t make any sense. An evolutionary biologist would correctly assert, that it was a great way for a species to commit evolutionary suicide.

      1. I sometimes think along these exact lines. However, Christianity is not alone in perpetuating monogamy. If you look at the history of China, Japan, Korea, India, etc you will also find monogamy as part of the culture/religion.

    2. the betas, as a social segment of the herd, convince themselves that they have done the right thing, by following traditional script, and so they are the alpha males, for getting the script correct. it is not until they have been bitten hard in the ass that they will concede that maybe tradition has a few flaws…

  31. The word that most women see to have trouble understanding is “Maybe”.
    Will I see you next week – “maybe”
    Do you just want me for sex – “maybe”
    Are you dating anyone else at the moment – “maybe”
    There is not a single time in my life, where I have answered one of these standard female quesitons with “maybe”, and not been peppered by another several questions about – “what do you mean maybe….. maybe means what…. whats that supposed to mean…. does that mean yes or no ”
    Women really stuggle with the word “maybe”.
    I try to explain that the outcome of their question is uncertain at this time, due to the complexity of all the factors affecting the outcome, as well as unpredictable factors that could chance the whole scenario.
    Given that women seem to live in a world solidly painted 50 shades of grey, they really don’t like having a man dwell in maybes.

    1. Given that women seem to live in a world solidly painted 50 shades of grey, they really don’t like having a man dwell in maybes.
      True. Hypocritical, but I think biologically based. Women have evolved to a) merge with the herd, maintain good social relations and not offend anyone b) keep their options open in order to maximise the best short and long term outcomes c) due to their relative weakness, seek strength, certainty and security in males.
      But by god does it make them full of crap and hypocritical.

      1. Definitely biological and nothing to do with the fact that women are mutilating their emotions and genitals in fear of competition girls represent to women slave-owners.

  32. Pretty much what this boils down to is that women do not and cannot rationalize, visualize, believe in, conceptualize and realize the following ideas:
    1) Philosophy
    2) Science
    3) God
    4) Higher existence
    They are, however, exceptionally gifted at direction their total existence with unwavering dedication towards:
    1) Me, me, me, me, me, me, memememememmeme
    2) Dick
    And men are dogs? Nigga, please.

    1. Dogs are like men. Women r like cats (Only respond to u when u do something). Ive owned several dogs and cats and i appreciated dogs more than cats.

  33. I’ve always come back to this stark reality about women after I cum, and think is my dick my friend or enemy? Literally I’d go through tedious hours of the most boring conversations about bullshit. The moment I’d tried to bring up something substantial, it would be the same vapid look of cluelessness. So as an insurance policy to get the pussy, you just play along. But my God, how we (intelligent men) debase ourselves for these people. I’ve even tried to talk with some women about their respective fields of work and for the life of me, I don’t understand how these bitches get jobs. I tried to go into a detailed discussion with this blonde the other day about why the Ukraine and Crimea are Russian due to the history of the Kievan Rus’ and the Tsardom etc etc… (because her field is “international relations”), she said with a serious so-called academic look that, “I really focus on gender studies in the Mideast, mostly in Pakistan.” So I said, “let me guess, the right of women to go to school in Islamic societies, right?” And bingo…!!! She has a Master’s Degree for this. Needless to say I got her business card despite her having a boyfriend (sorry man lol). If God ever created a better replacement for women, we’d exterminate them overnight.

    1. It’s true, the degree to which men debase themselves is horrifying.

      “The Young-Girl brings all greatness down to the level of her ass.”
      – Tiqqun Raw Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl

      I’ve heard it said some men buy into their own exclusive slavery for life just to get one of these dependent robots to have sex with them.
      Though it makes my blood boil, I’ve heard it said that some men even given these dependent robots children to raise. Poor kids.

  34. This is the fifth article this week that’s reminded me why I married a sociopath. Trust me on this, if you ever want to settle go for a psycho. They’re more predictable, more relatable and only equally as likely to stab you or rob you as any other woman. So far, so lucky.

    1. i know whatcha mean. you know they’re gonna step outta line even before they do. dunno about marrying one though. brave man!

  35. Attention women reading this article. Read the third last paragraph under the section ‘Women are Prone to Misunderstanding Men’ fifty times. Then apply some of that famed women’s empathy to men. The world will be a better place.

  36. Men and women are different. Shocker. Any woman worth her salt knows this too. There is a reason for this: men are to provide and protect while women are to nurture and care. It is written in biology.
    Why does this site belabor this point, already?
    Why are not all the men on here just reclaiming their manhood? If a woman doesn’t like the more traditional roles move on. The amount of bitching and degrading of women that takes place here makes you all look like a big group of pussies.
    Go out there and be a man. Men actually protect women not degrade them. And if she is a “you go girl” then move on. It is not that hard.

    1. Men actually protect women not degrade them.

      Are women unable to protect themselves? If not, why not?
      Are the women who ostensibly cannot protect themselves taking due precautions in the way men are forced to? If not, they clearly do not perceive themselves to be in danger and / or they only need protection from retaliation to their provocation.
      I thought degrading women was their mother’s job? How can a man degrade a woman, for example? Would having sex degrade her? Would telling the truth offend? Does she find biology and objective reality traumatic?
      There is no manhood to reclaim. If you value what has negative value, this is the world for you. For men who don’t value transparent appearances, artifice or illusions, this world has nothing.

  37. “If they are more “emotionally intelligent” than men, it is not because of superior reasoning abilities, but rather because they are so other-oriented:”
    i would say “self” oriented but anyways good article
    I’m not even sure women ARE better at emotional intelligence….actuslly i think the whole area of emotional intelligence in general is a load of jizz. i took a test for it recently and the thing seemed like it was crafted by the greatest feminist minds in order to make them feel better for being such losers at math and logic. it was all like ‘Jane is on her period and she’s late for work, what should she do?’ a) pull a sicky b) get Alex the office mangina to do all her work for her c) go shopping for shoes or d) file a sexual harassment claim.
    i scored really high on it

  38. Women are generally insecure creatures. Most women, even smart women, value their looks pretty high on their list of qualities. Once that starts to slide they go a bit mental because they know men are objective creatures. This results in mind bending and mind numbing tests that they put you through so you can prove to them you’re still in to them. You being physically there and carrying on with normal life is not enough. They seek reinforcement. ALL. THE. TIME. This results in fucking crazy and irrational behaviour that gets pretty tiring. And guys get a bad rap fi they stand up for themselves because then they’re not being “sensitive to her needs”. Well, her needs are messed up so stop feeding into it.

  39. Women make perfect sense once you understand the degree of abuse girls are subjected to by their mothers’ and Society’s slut-shaming them, objectifying them, eroding their self-esteem with unconscionable lies, making every girl think they’re ugly and worthless and that all their value exists in the skin they need to conceal or women will scream at them for giving men FREE peeks. Apparently, men are all dying to see their toddler asexual naked bodies. Mothers are fucked up.
    The biological nature of women is to be obsessed with sex. If you imagine Natural Selection could have selected anything else, well then that’s very embarrassing for you.
    Society tells girls to be the polar opposite of who they’re biologically coded to be and if they refuse to conform, it’s okay – no big deal – they’re just killed (or made to realise – by women – that their life is no longer worth living).
    A huge part of the problem is men who fall for the idiotic lie that rests on the premise that Natural Selection would promote the genes of women who are averse to reproductive activity over time. Women aren’t merely liars, women don’t know what the truth is. They fly by the seat of their amoral, emotional pants, living in the moment, oblivious to the fact that their entire existence is a contradiction with their subconscious mind wrestling for control with their conscious mind (and if you think they’re aware, you don’t understand insanity).
    They flip between biological (how they’re coded to feel) and sociological (how slut-shaming women tell them they’re supposed to feel) and they do this non-stop. We live in Polite Society where truth is rude, lies are nice and everyone is wearing clothes without understanding why our mothers needed to traumatise us for life.
    Is there someone out there who can follow logic? Or am I talking to myself.

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