Introduction to Japanese Girls

It has been said—aptly—that water conforms to the shape of the vessel into which it is poured.  Applied to women, the analogy means that the personal characteristics of women from a given nation are formed by the culture and customs of that nation.  Environment shapes character.  I have had the good fortune to spend several years of my life in mainland Japan and Okinawa.  I’ve continued to visit Japan on and off over the years, and still interact with Japanese women here in the US.  I thought it would be useful to comment on some of the positive qualities of Japanese women.  I hope the reader will find something of value here, and will investigate further.  Every man has his own female preferences, and what one man finds alluring, another man may not.

The hazard of an article like this, of course, is the risk of over-generalization.  Japanese culture has changed much in recent decades, and it goes without saying that the younger generations are less traditional and more Westernized than their predecessors.  This depressing erosion of traditional values is a feature that has been observed across the world.  But Japanese women are still different enough that it is possible to make valid generalizations in comparing them with women of other nations.  And since limitations of space here impose brevity on the writer, we must get to the point quickly, and trust to the tolerance of the patient reader.


My point is that Japanese women possess certain traits which make them especially appealing.  You may not find in them the explosive libido or impressive curves of the Latin woman; but they have other qualities that, to me, more than compensate.  Conditioned to act girly, almost childish (when they’re happy or content), Japanese girls come from a culture that strongly discourages rudeness and arrogance in women.  In short, the exact opposite of America.  Japan is unique, and its distinct culture was formed over many hundreds of years of island isolation.  Consider the following:

1.  Politeness and Humility.

Coming from a culture where the women are taught to be big-mouthed, rude, and disrespectful, the American visitor to Japan will at once be pleasantly surprised by the poise, demeanor, and courtesy of the Japanese girl.  This to me is sexually attractive.  It is nice to be treated with respect wherever you go.  Even when your approach is rejected, it is done with such exquisite politeness that you feel nothing unpleasant at all.

As I’ve gotten older, I have come to value courtesy and politeness very highly, perhaps because it is so rare in Anglo-American women.  Obnoxiousness does not equal strength, as American women believe.  Boundaries exist, and everyone knows what they are.  Japanese culture also teaches humility and self-sacrifice as positive virtues.  This ethic is extolled in countless historical dramas, soap operas, and other cultural contexts.  Japanese girls are genuinely humble and modest, for the most part; and this character trait I find very appealing.

2. Discipline and Respect.

Japanese women come from a strongly structured culture.  There are complex social rules that govern relations with family, with schoolmates, with work, and with society in general.  (In America, by contrast, the women are bound by no rules of conduct at all).  The fact that strict discipline is imposed on women means that they are trained to respect society, themselves, and men.  Most of them resent its severity, but it has its advantages.  It makes for loving girlfriends and mates.  Even a physically unattractive woman in Japan has something of real value to offer, just by virtue of her pleasant way of acting, and her ability to do basic feminine skills, usually taught to her by her mother.

3.  Poise and Behavior.

I was once lucky enough to attend a authentic kabuki play in Tokyo. (They’re expensive, and I wasn’t paying, fortunately).  In old Japan, a hallmark of beauty and feminine sexual allure was the “sideways glance” of the eyes (nagashime).  The play was able to convey this, and it highlighted an important point.  This is the fact that Japanese women can convey strong feminine energy simply with their carriage, demeanor, and body movements.  The compliant nod of a beautiful face, with glowing skin and gentle almond eyes, a singsong voice, the movement of a supple wrist, and the poise with which the beautiful girls of the Ginza carry their purses (right palm upturned) as they float lotus-like around the shopping malls of downtown Tokyo:  these are the scenes that I want to flash across my mind before I die.  You just feel better being around them.  It is not easy to describe to someone who has not lived there, but it is tangible.


4.  Openness to Sex.

Japanese culture is surprisingly hedonistic.  Sexual puritanism is not part of the culture, bless their souls.  And appearances are deceptive.  The innocent-looking “OL” (office lady) with her perfect uniform, or the stone-faced department store elevator-operator girl, may appear to be angelic and conservative.  But the girls are very approachable, provided you are polite, and behind closed doors can often be sexual tigresses.  I have found that many Japanese girls tend to be much more “kinky” (open to unusual sexual practices) than girls of other nations.  I have my own theories about why this is, but space here does not permit a digression on it.

How to Behave in Japan

The bare bones of your code of conduct should be an awareness of the following:

1.  Show deference and respect for the Japanese and their culture, but don’t try to be too much like them.

You will enjoy some built-in status as an honored foreigner (provided you are a gentleman), and it is a mistake to forfeit this special status by going native too much.  Remember, it is not what you do, but how you do it.  Ethics are situational here.  You would be surprised what you can get away with, provided you are a gentleman.  Many girls want their “foreigner experience” notch, and it would be ungentlemanly not to give it to them.  Know your audience.  Never disrespect any Japanese man.  Remember the women are the way they are because of the men.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be polite to everyone and make everyone “feel good”.  If you can do this, opportunities will present themselves.

2.  Be well dressed and groomed.

Always.  It shows humility and respect.  A haggard, greasy, backpacker appearance will not score you points.  You could wear a suit around Tokyo at any time and still look normal.

3.  Hold your alcohol.

Drinking is part of the culture in Japan and Korea.  If you’re going out with groups people from work or whatever, you should be able to drink a bit and hold your own.  No undisciplined, sloppy, amateurish scenes.  People will take note.  Being accepted by the group will lead to other opportunities.  Be able to sing at least one karaoke song if you’re there on business.

4.  Basic language understanding.

The Pimsleur series (all levels) on spoken Japanese is enough for a short stay.  I wouldn’t mess seriously with the written language unless you’re going to be there long-term, but memorizing hiragana and katagana is probably worth it for a short stay.

Miscellaneous Tips

1.  Get a cell phone.

It’s a must if you plan to run game.  You can rent them at the airport if you’re there for a short time, or buy a pay-as-you-go plan if there for a long duration.


2.  Try to get out of Tokyo.

As much as I love Tokyo for the sweat and tears that I’ve put in there, it suffers from foreigner fatigue a bit.  Getting away from the other foreigners is key:  I prefer Osaka or Kyoto, or nearly any other city.  My experiences in the countryside were simply incredible.

3.  For me, day game was key.

The easy approachability of women at department stores, malls, and other public places means that you have no excuse not to practice.  And forget all that American-style game:  negs, sarcasm, aloof demeanor, all that.  It doesn’t translate, and will not be understood.  In fact, it comes across as rude.  Speak very slowly, with masculine intonations.  You will be judged by your conduct.  Don’t make a lot of hand movements, and be patient and respectful.  Avoid any serious topics, and keep it light and happy.  Remember: unlike in America, girls here actually listen, rather than waiting for their turn to talk about themselves or their career in shuffling papers and looking busy.

4.  Lead the interaction firmly.

In Asia, the man is still king.  Girls in Japan are still conditioned that the man should lead.  So, you will need to be guiding the interaction gracefully and firmly.  Get acquainted with the love motel locations in your area if your room logistics are not good.  Avoid physical intimacy or showy touching in public; save it for the bedroom.  Japanese girls like to be discrete and will appreciate your understanding.  Escalate physically when you are alone with her, not in public.  This isn’t Brazil.  Preserve her dignity at all times.  As I said before, ethics in Japan are situational, and you need to give your girls plausible deniability.  Your patience will be rewarded.

5.  Avoid trouble.

Lots of drunken scenes late at night.  Stay away from groups that look like trouble, and don’t stare at punks (chimpira) in entertainment districts at night.

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  1. If only other nationalities brought the incessant Japanese perfectionism to their own nude photography the world would be a better place.

    1. For real. Also, I hope the west makes a comeback within 10 years and produces supreme feminine thin young women for us to enjoy. Make it happen.

  2. You mentioned Okinawa. Granted, much of what you say has some weight to it, but there are over 50k military members in Okinawa (me being one of them). The girls here have very much been Americanized, and some of the stories you hear from these marines are pretty outrageous. I will say though, the more Japanese you know, the more they appreciate you. I’ve noticed that they tend to be very clingy, and it’s probably because many of them have gotten with the servicemember that just got his jollies right before they had to PCS. A BIG plus is that they are in much better shape than your average american woman. I’d say about 1 in every 20 is overweight, and you certainly do not see +200lbs Japanese women here.
    Another factoid about Japan. There are no child support laws. I’ve known a few people that knocked a local girl up and had no repercussions from it.

    1. Comrade mrcs84usn: I was on Okinawa for a couple years in the 1990s when in the USMC. Mostly at MCAS Futenmna. It is not an ideal environment, as you say, due to the obnoxious presence of so many of our ignorant, unlettered countrymen. You have to fight hard not to get lumped in with the ignorant dolts. You must break away from the herd. Avoid other Americans and roll solo, wearing good clothing and showing deference and humility. I am sure things have only gotten worse since then. However, you can still pull traditional girls if you follow a few guidelines:
      1. Language mastery is key. I was lucky in that I had lived in Kobe as a child for a year when I was 13, so I had a head start on this. But get the Pimsleur series.
      2. Head to Naha City and work the department stores. My best pulls were the girls from the make-up counters of the big department stores in Naha City. The “Clinique” counter was best.
      3. The “seawall” outside of Okinawa City was famous back then as a weekend hangout for day approaches, but I thought it was overhyped. You’re going to get a lot of wanna-be Westernized chicks, the kind of geeks you see in Shibuya in Tokyo. If that’s your thing, go for it.
      4. Tribal affiliation: I was lucky enough to frequent a small “snack bar” in Ginowan called “Half and Half” on a regular basis. Let me know if it’s still there. I built up a lot of goodwill with the female manager there, a middle aged lady. She took a liking to me and happened to own a small time modeling agency. She was able to set me up with a few girls this way, and all of them were of very high quality. You’ve got to get in with a group, which takes care of pre-selection. I have used this method in Brazil with great profit also.
      Try to get to mainland Japan whenever possible. Okinawan culture is very distinct and unique, and has its own charms. The girls, as you know, have almost a Taiwanese-Polynesian feel to them. And if you can learn Ryukyu, the local language (also called “hogan”) you will be a god. I recommend this, if you have the time and have a talent for languages. No foreigner knows Ryukyu-go, and if I had a chance to do it over I would do this.
      Go hard.

    2. Child support is why I have out off sex. If I could have it in a place without this risk it would be nice. Of course if you moved back west and she talked you there she could fe for support.

  3. The fake childishness and coquettishness really gets on my nerves. Women in China do it too, probably copying the Japanese.
    Still better than the entitled attitude on Western women though.

    1. Indeed. You have to take it in stride based on what your goals are, I guess. The fake childishness did get on my nerves after a while. But, it is what it is.

      1. And the school-girl costumes. Argh. It’s like they want to be molested by paedo’s.

    2. I get what you mean about the fake childishness…..I still find it endearing though as I like the playfulness aspect of it.
      The thing about Western women being all entitled and all that….it makes my brain explode because even the extremely trash to average Western girls have an attitude on them (not all but a lot) that makes me totally dumbfounded.

  4. Not bad. Honestly this site could use more articles like this, and less ones like “Stop Complaining About Your Job, Pussy” and other assorted entries.

    1. Ya, I think this site succeeds when it talks about real world game tips, and when it tackles philosophical/societal issues. It fails with filler articles like you mentioned. I always cringe whenever I see a “What — taught me about game” article.

    2. Good point – real experiences like this are quite helpful reading there are lot of postings from so called “experts” about travelling and dating in foreign countries which generally turn out wrong.

  5. I’ve always had a love for the different Asian cultures and of course their women. I’m not one of those weaboos and crazy anime fans, so glad that I dodged that bullet. Anyway, as you said, the collectivist nature of of these nations, especially Japan plays such a big role in how their women behave and act. I know some folks may not like that as there tends to be a strong libertarian/individualist vibe from the manosphere, but sometimes collectivism has its positives if implemented well and in Japan’s case with their women it does…at least for now. Sadly, I think those Western ideals are slowly seeping in, get one while you can.

  6. Funny story related to some comments made at the beginning of the article: last night a North American girl threatened to punch me by taking off her shoes, standing on a bench (because she was 5’0), and then telling me to “run mother-fucker,” all over a lie her best friend told her to cover up the true story.

  7. Japan is an amazing place. The place was flattened after WW2. 2 atom bombs dropped. Since, they have become the worlds 2nd largest economy. The stuff they make: Seiko, Yamaha, Sony, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi etc. I’m a watch nut. Seiko , specifically the Grand Seikos and some divers are as good as any Swiss brand. Their innovation in watches is better than the Swiss and Europeans. Japs invented the quartz watch which nearly put the Swiss out of business. Japs invented solar, kinetic and digital watches ( Casio). Sadly, the country is predicted to have a crisis of demographics due to low birth rates. Japanese have the lowest frequency of sex in the world. They don’t fuck but this means their gals are undersexed which represents an opportunity for us fellas.

    1. It’s funny. We hear about the low birth rates, yet when you hang out in Tokyo, you see sooooo many young people everywhere.

      1. But not in the country. I spent some time in Kansai and it was a bit shocking how may gray heads there were. And no little kids at all.
        In sixty years there won’t be anyone but robots in Japan.

      2. Cities attract young people, and older, conservative people stick to rural areas perhaps? That seems true in most places.

    2. Most all of my studio/dj equipment and my ride were designed/manufactured in Japan. Brings a tear to my eye.

  8. I’ve heard there is a sizable Japanese community in Brazil of all places. Japanese +Brazilian woman would be an interesting combo? Has anybody experienced this?? Btw this is how Ju Jitsu go to Brazil via Japanese immigration (fisherman?) Of course Brazilian Ju Jitsu is way different than Japanese Ju Jitsu ie the Brazillions took it to the ground…

    1. Yes, there was a huge amount of Japanese migration to Brazil in the past century. Most of them came as manual laborers to work in the agricultural industry. They are totally assimilated into Brazilian society, and I encounter them often. They acknowledge their ancestry but in general have not retained the language, customs, and folkways of their origins. Peru also has a sizeable community of Japanese emigrants. However, there has been some culinary influence of Japan on Brazil: you can often find sushi (or what passes as “sushi”) and yakisoba in Brazilian restaurant menus.

      1. Darwin mentioned red-haired South American Chinese in his epic “Voyage of the Beagle”. There is a Chinese population in Jamaica as well.

      2. Can you comment on the ladies of “Jazillion” descent?? I would imagine Asian + Brazilian would be beautiful. “Totally Assimilated” you say? Wish that were true of immigrants moving to the USA. Re: Peru I believe a former Prime minister of Peru was of Japanese origin.

        1. Yes, the brasileiras of Japanese descent are attractive. Many are mixed, so you get that big bunda quality of the brasileira, combined with the almond eyes and pouty mouth of the Japanese girl. But as I said, they act totally Brazilian and usually don’t know squat about Japan. Same thing with the Lebanese/Syrian community in Brazil. Totally assimilated, don’t know anything about the old country.

      3. QC — fyi on an author you may like since you seem to be ROK’s”our man in asia” . Check out Barry Eisler’s John Rain books. John Rain is 1/2 anglo/Japanese former CIA now assassin-for-hire who lives in Japan . His travels thruout Japan are interesting. He’s a Judo expert. He loves whiskey and scotch and jazz and describes these super cool jazz/scotch joints that I think really exist. The author was , for real, in the CIA’s clandestine service ie a spy and was stationed in Japan. He’s an assassin whose expertise is to kill people but making it look like a natural death… Beach reading but entertaining…

  9. Another generalization about Japanese women: they have crooked teeth and believe it’s desirable, according to cultural norms.

    1. It’s kinda true though, dentists in Japan rarely prescribe braces unless the kid’s teeth are all over the place.

  10. “It has been said—aptly—that water conforms to the shape of the vessel into which it is poured. Applied to women, the analogy means that the personal characteristics of women from a given nation are formed by the culture and customs of that nation. Environment shapes character.” A brilliant encapsulation of what ails western women. A friend of mine teaches in Japan and he has no plans to leave. As an added bonus, he tells me that Tokyo is a 2nd tier destination for EE and Russian models.

  11. Do they only like White and Black men though? Latino guy here visiting Japan soon (Mario Lopez lookalike).

    1. Well they love Megan Nicole and she’s a latina, so they’ll probably like you in JAPAN

    2. Don’t even think like that. Your frame of mind should be “I Rule”. Period. No limiting beliefs. Just be smooth and assertive, and get out there and make the effort. After 50 approaches, you will know what to do.

  12. Thank you for writing this article. I have been considering an extended 2 month trip to Japan for some time, and this article has convinced me to finalize these plans.

  13. I would like to know why the OP preferred Day Game over Night Game?
    I’ve heard tons of good stuff about Night Game in Japan and that is most definitely where a lot of the more fun girls would go.

    1. When I said I preferred day game to clubbing at bars/clubs at night, I did not mean to imply that day game was inherently better. It’s just my personal preference. I find the adrenaline rush of the daytime cold approach to be exhiliarating. Stabucks are great places. As I said in the article, department stores are my preference. My most proud piece of work was two nurses picked up at the atomic bomb memorial in Hiroshima. I know, I know, it sounds like bullshit, but it is true. In fact, they approached me and we ended up in a party later.
      My take on bars/clubs: In Tokyo, Roppongi has the standard reputation as the place for foreigners. But I found it a bit off-putting. Lots of Westernized dipshits trying to be cool, and lots of annoying foreigners, and illegal immigrant Nigerians prowling around trying to scam and talk trash. You can close relatively easily in Roppongi with persistence. Standard night club routine here. But there are better smaller, more intimate venues all around the city. I like the Azabu-Juban area. Find a spot and go there repeatedly to build up some familiarity.

  14. Actually there’s something else I want to add (or rather, ask Quintus).
    From what I’ve heard about the place and the state of the men in Japan, I’d imagine that you’re going to face rather puny competition. Seriously, I have heard of cases where Japanese men have actually booked vacations with virtual girlfriends that exist solely on a screen (among many other generally weird things).
    So I therefore imagine that many Japanese men are sorely lacking in game, perhaps even more than the already terribly-emasculated Western male, thus making the sexual marketplace favorable.
    Would I be correct in this assumption?

    1. Yes, you would be decidedly correct. Fifty years of living in a protected cocoon, free from most hardships, have transformed a once-proud samurai tradition into a collection of emasculated beings. Sad, but true. I am currently dating a Japanese girl here in the US and we joke about it often.
      Every Japanese girl in my past has commented scornfully on the same lack of virility of their men, who would rather play video games and read manga.
      So, yes, these factors work in our favor.
      Even without this fact, Japanese women have always been rather adventurous and curious about foreigners. Women were the major novelists in old Japan court literature. Japanese women travel widely and extensively today, and are not afraid of the world.

      1. To be fair, the word is that these “herbivores” seem to be exhibiting behavior similar to many younger ‘spherians. Namely, they realize that it’s a raw deal for them to slave away at a corporate job and die of a heart attack at 40, while supporting a stay-at-home wife and the kids. In other words, they’re flipping the bird to society.
        Great for we foreign guys, because we have more access to their women. But, always keep in mind that a woman is a woman. Bang her silly, but never knock her up and certainly don’t entangled with her family.

      2. Interesting bit about Japanese women being travellers. I hoseted a Japanese girl who was hitchhiking around North America with her dog. I thought it was unusual but maybe not so much after all.

    2. They call the younger generation of men there “Grasseaters.” Because they don’t follow the traditional way of marriage, kids, and slavery to the society.
      However, despite the multitude of betas there, there are many Japanese who have no trouble finding girls. Like the article said, sex there is easy.
      They play their video games, work on their cars, and chase tail like anyone. It is what it is. Like Quintus said, they want their “foreigner notch” but don’t necessarily want to introduce you to the family.
      Have sex in private, keep your respectful distance in public, and enjoy the food and people. The Japanese men could care less if you have sex with their women. Everyone else is. They don’t view it like we do.

    3. why mind how emasculated the Japanese men are out there. Be grateful to them for all the cute girls that come out of their ball sac. Go where its a challenge and reign supreme.

  15. Three years in Japan. I agree with this article. If you say hi to a Japanese girl, she may actually grab your arm if interested. Just take the kind gesture, lead the way (even if she does not speak Engrish), and she will help you as best she can.
    Then knock her lights out.
    Many men don’t leave Japan and the girls are one of many reasons. However, if you have a kid with one, I hope you plan on staying in Japan for the rest of your life. Or hopefully, you are not too attached.

    1. “if you have a kid with one, I hope you plan on staying in Japan for the rest of your life.”
      Very true. I know that, in Korea, mixed breeds stay with the mother if she’s Korean. Foreign dads aren’t likely to see their kids if they have to leave the country, or are kicked out.

  16. I just spent five days in Tokyo. I know not much and not speaking a word of Japanese makes it count even less, but I was amazed by the humility of both men and women. This was the like the complete and utter opposiste of the state of affairs in San Francisco, where the douche factor and the attitude are at their peak high, possibly globally.
    I can’t help but wonder about the author mentioning the Tokyo suffers from foreigner fatigue. In my 5 days of staying there and hanging out all over from early morning till late at night, I may have seen about 10 white people total. There were no gift/tourists shops and nowhere to even buy a Tokyo postcard or a keychain. This seeme to be by far the most non-touristy major city I have ever been. What am I missing?

    1. Consider yourself lucky if you did not cross the path of obnoxious Brits, Australians, or Americans. Maybe the fact that you were only there for 5 days meant you didn’t see many foreigners. All I was trying to say was that, relative to other cities, Tokyo has a lot of international flavor. But you are correct: by Japanese standards, that is still not very much. My intention was not to rank on Tokyo (because it is one my favorite places), but just to say that it is good to try to get outside the city if you can, and have the time.

    2. Given how large Tokyo is, I wonder about “fatigue” myself. Maybe he was referring to backpacker types.

    3. Yes, I had the same experience. Was there twice in the past year, each
      time for about 5 days. Saw few whites each time. I agree with basically
      everything written in the article and comments. Japanese women are
      wonderful. The challenge I have is that the place is SO urban and SO
      different. I am running out of energy for these extended foreign trips. I
      am good with language (speak about 4) and got the Pimsleur Japanese …
      and let me tell you it is a pain in the ass. Just brutal. Russian is a
      piece of cake by comparison.
      By the way … if you really want to go where there are absolutely zilch white people, consider Lahore, Pakistan.

  17. A few years ago when I first discovered PUA techniques, I decided that I would practice my negs. The first few months, they came out as very rude and insulting. Around the same time, I started a job as the first IT guy at a local business with a hot Japanese secretary. I figured she was totally out of my territory, so I decided to neg her extra hard just for the practice. I made fun of her math skills, pointed out imaginary aging spots and wrinkles on her face, and laughed at any mistakes she made. It became my goal to make her totally hate me and negate any possible image of “Mr. Nice Guy” around the company.
    Several months later, another gal at work pointed out to me that our secretary wasn’t doing any work at her desk. It turned out that her computer wouldn’t boot up and she was terrified to ask me for help. It had been this way for 3 days and she would just come to work and stare at it dejectedly.
    Realizing that I had totally overdone the negs/insults with her, I was very polite as I fixed her computer. Her first reaction was to rant about all the mean things I had said to her. I let her vent for a while and then simply apologized. At this point she just started bawling like a child and then amazed me by asking for hug.
    Unfortunately, the boss fired her the next day.
    Since then, the boss hired another Japanese girl and I have learned that you need to go for about 90% polite and 10% very light negs with them. I refuse to sleep with any of my co-workers, but I have noticed that the new gal always takes my side when I am fighting with the boss as opposed to taking his side with all the other employees.
    BTW, this event and a few others, made me lose interest in being an asshole even if it did get me laid a lot. Now I just use game knowledge and confidence to try and make my relationships work out in the long run. This may make me a beta at heart, but at this time in my life, I can embrace my beta-ness.

    1. Lesson = hard negging game really only works on the typical Americhick and those oozing with sarcasm, asking for being brought down several notches. It doesn’t translate well into other cultures, and especially not the Asian culture where overt bitchy and snarky behavior isn’t the norm.

      1. How do you neg a americhick hard? I mean I say the canned negs, but I still don’t get the idea. What is the idea behind negs and is it the same ar teasing, or do you take it that extra step. I’m an asain dude BTW, but I grew up in the UK. Women here are really bitchy. my family moved to america so I will be goign to america in 3 weeks to be with them. I’m a bit old, 26, but i hope that is not too late ot get into the game. I’m not really that good with girls, but i feel I can improve and get results even though I’m not buff or look like brad pitt or not 5’10 or rich, haha. It is like a challenge, liek playing halo on hard mode,lol. I’m an average dude, but I see this mystery method stuff and then I stumbled on here.

        1. Lift weights, be confident even if you don’t get feel like you a should, and be direct/don’t talk too much. You will be A-okay, promise.

  18. I absolutely echo the “get out of Tokyo” advice, specifically shibuya and rappongi In fact I wouldn’t spend more than 2 days there. I spent a month in Shibuya. Rented a tiny ass share house and all. The foreigners who trolled that place were truly something to behold. It was a pasty nerd paradise, they had their 20 lines of Japanese memorized to get the girls giggling and boost their ego, and that gave them the validation. There was a very fierce pickup atmosphere in the western bars, and the women became horribly unapproachable. Hell I don’t blame them. Problem is that as ANY white-ish type fellow, you get lumped in with those chodes.
    Loved Osaka. Definitely a much easier going vibe and the people were less stressed and open, while also being very cosmopolitan. I definitely should have spent my month there instead.

  19. I’ve only been through Japan on connecting flights, but I have one thing to say about Japanese women. You can be in the airport 15 minutes with them and see it.
    Class. These are some classy women, something that hits you like a thunderbolt when coming from the degenerate slut culture in America.
    I happened to notice most of the married couples I saw on the flight to Tokyo were American men with Japanese women, and these women immediately commanded respect. They looked happy, and the women were actually acting like – women – of all things. Many of the couples had children and I actually envied some of the men on that flight. They looked as though they had found what I’ve been looking for most of my life, and they found it in Japanese women.
    To be honest, I never was into Asian women that much before I spent some time in Asia. It really changed me. It only reinforced my opinions about how lifeless and disconnected from reality culture in North America has become.
    Isn’t it amazing that all the things feminism tells women to do only serves to drive men away from them? Just being in the presence of a real, traditional woman who isn’t scared of her femininity is truly a sight to behold in this day and age.

    1. I agree until I travelled to Asia, Asian women were never on my radar these days I’m totally the opposite if there is choice to be made between a western or Asian chick all things are equal I go with the Asian chick.

  20. I was having drinks with a group of friends . A japanese lady was in our group who I didn’t know. She was very cute and had been living in the USA for years. We got to talking about why she was living in the USA. She married an American dude who was working in Japan for a big financial house and then moved to the Midwest. She was divorced. She had no plans to return to Japan. I asked her why. I think she was a bit tipsy but she tells me that she preferred American guys because we were more horny and wanted sex. She went on and on about the low libido of Japanese dudes. She also tells me that “American men have bigger dicks”… I broke out in a sweat. NO I didn’t bang her. Had no game back then and was inept but I remember too I was completely C-blocked by the gaggle of hags she came with…

    1. “She was divorced” — ie, she took the money and ran, his penis probably wasn’t the biggest American penis in town.

  21. If Far East porn is any indication, they don’t shave their pubes. That’s a big downer.

    1. You get used to that after a while…it’s not Brazil, but you come to savor the musky, juicy essence…

  22. Great article-straight forward and tasteful actually. Hear ya on the obnoxious loud American women (although only some). I definitely need to work on making sure I speak with masculine intonations more often, I think it will be quite effective on all cultures. On parting question on your parting warning-did you ever stare at some punks and you shouldn’t have? I think there is a good story there. Again, great article.

    1. Ah, the perceptive reader. Yes, there is a story there. Sometimes you see riff-raff on the streets of Roppongi or other entertainment districts at night. They’re called chimpira, or punks…dyed hair, etc. Lots of them are drunks or drug abusers and staring at them can be considered a hostile act, with the expected consequences. Let’s just say I had a tense encounter once with one which taught me the lesson that extended eye contact with these types is best avoided.

  23. Curious about Japanese girls in bed. In my mind, I see them as kind of just laying there without being proactive or assertive, making you do all the work. I hate that. I like women to participate and make moves. I picture this because they’re taught to be submissive. Am I correct or do they actually act aggressively in bed?

  24. “The fact that strict discipline is imposed on women means that they are
    trained to respect society, themselves, and men. Most of them resent
    its severity, but it has its advantages.”
    Are wives and girlfriends commonly spanked in Japan?

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