Freedom Of Speech Is Dying In Sweden

Imagine driving one day in your beloved car and suddenly hitting a massive pothole. Distraught over the damage done to your car, you decide to complain to the local government about the condition of the road. Instead of acknowledging the complaint, cars with sirens on top arrive to take you away. You find yourself in a court that quickly sentences you to prison. This is a Kafkaesque nightmare far removed from reality, right?

Wrong. Just as George Orwell wrote that some animals are more equal than others, some groups are now more protected than others under new legislation that limits the freedom of speech in Sweden, which may prove to have a more Draconian effect on the already tightly controlled Swedish society.

The key difference in the freedom of speech or expression between the United States and Sweden (as well as many other European countries) is that in the US, regulation of the freedom of speech is very lax when compared to continental European legal systems. While the freedom of speech is not absolute in the United States’ legal system, it is much closer to being almost completely unrestricted than in Europe. European legal systems generally have much tighter laws regarding “incitement to hatred” and “hate speech,” to the extent that in recent years they have been used to silence dissenting opinions all across Europe.

The silencing of opposing views via legal norms is nowhere more obvious than in Sweden, where several laws have been passed to make it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to legally argue against “special groups” within the society. A law passed in 2002 (2002:800) notably mentions that “expressing disrespect against groups of people with reference to race, color, national origin, ethnicity, confession of faith or sexual origin” can be sentenced to prison for a time of up to four years for inciting hatred.

The word “disrespect”(“missaktning”) is especially problematic, as the term fairly ambiguous. The law was most notably used to sentence a pastor (Åke Green) for comments against homosexuality during a sermon. The Supreme Court later overturned the conviction, as it did not comply with the European Convention of Human Rights, and hence the conviction would have most likely not have been upheld in the European Court.

But who will protect the Swedes from the special groups?

However, the conviction by the Swedish legal system shows a troubling trend. Swedish laws restricting the freedom of speech have become increasingly severe, to the extent that they deviate from the European Convention of Human Rights. Furthermore, a new addition has recently been drafted to make prosecution for the crime of “insult” easier when LGBT, government officials, and immigrant groups are in question. One of the critical changes is that no longer will “exceptional circumstances” be required for public prosecution if the aforementioned groups are in question.

The new law, which will take effect from the 1st of January 2015, is designed to target hatred on the Internet (“näthatare”) especially. One of the key figures behind the law, Andreas Norlén described it as the sheriff returning to a previously lawless country.

It is still too early to see how the law will affect discussions on the Internet in Sweden; however, one could imagine it will make criticizing the protected groups very difficult, as the plaintiff has nothing to lose by hurling accusations, as the case will fall under public prosecution. Previously, if special circumstances were not present, public prosecution would not be available for the plaintiff. Furthermore, the plaintiff may have been ordered to pay the legal expenses of the defendant as well. By removing the threat of having to pay for baseless accusations, the new legislation is opening the door for a Draconian new standard of discussion on the Internet.

The tolerance of the Swedish society has become increasingly tested during recent years. For example, the chairman of the Swedish Democrats (SD) Jonas Andersson was assaulted due to his political affiliations with the anti-immigration party. Moreover, as 13% of Swedes voted for the SD in the last parliamentary election, it would appear that there is an increase in the desire for change within the Swedish society that is dividing the nation.

The reasons for the surge in demand for a change in immigration policy are easily traced to the growing problems of immigrants not integrating to Swedish society. The riots in Stockholm in 2013 by groups of mostly young immigrants are one example of the many issues immigration has brought to Sweden. The problems with immigrant-rich areas have become so widespread that the worldwide logistics company DB Schenker has stopped operating in Rinkeby, which is an area of Stockholm that is populated almost exclusively by immigrants.

Stockholm burning in 2013

In 2012 Sweden received over 100,000 new immigrants, and as more and more immigrants continue to flood into Sweden the existing problems will no doubt become increasingly visible. Therefore, it is only a matter of time until no amount of new laws will deter Swedes from finally facing up to the fact that their society is in grave peril.

As Swedish cities burn, it is only a matter time until the flame ignites the hearts of the Swedish people. After that point, no amount of legislation will put out the fire.

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  1. It’s fitting in my opinion, that Sweden, the Saudi Arabia of feminism, gets all of the fun parts of fundamentalist Islam. Hate speech laws are bullshit, even accurately reporting who is doing the rioting is seen as hate speech(just look at the massive video editing done from the London riots). Of course I really don’t take time to care about these issues as strange as it sounds, I don’t really care in the grand scheme of things. Also I’m cynical and I think the energy issue will drive humanity over a cliff in a few short years.

    1. yeah, price of oil where it is now is a disaster… shale will fizzle and we’ll be at $200 a barrel soon….
      i got an email today from a company with “certified minority owned business” in the footer… WTF is that supposed to mean ? Does it mean I have to treat that company as something special ? Isn’t it already prejudiced to claim special privileges because you are a minority ?

      1. It means if you are not that minority you should preferentially avoid doing business with them because they are either racist, sexist, or both in that they will discriminate against you if you are not of their race and or sex.

      2. Ray, are you in England? I hear its getting really bad from a couple of friends that live in Newcastle. Rotterham was inexcusable, complete white wash, and even sikh wash cause those muslim peadophiles were picking up sikh girls even before they figured out white blonde girls make more money on the street.

    2. the energy issue isnt much of an issue. people flip out about it still but with the new fossil fuels being mined, we should have enough energy to keep us going at full speed until solar plants and breeder reactors are efficient and cost effective enough to mostly replace fossil fuels. large scale energy storage is probably a bigger problem, but that might be a nonissue if we adopt thermal salt solar plants in a big way.

  2. It was already dead.
    Sweden practiced eugenics in the 20th century long after the Nazis were gone. Not shocking that they would try other experiments.

    1. they are well on their way to be able to read our thought crimes as well, in terms of mapping the parts of the brain that light up in association with particular words / concepts
      They’ll probably start with hate words

        1. seems we need to start getting prepared to suppress our ‘crime memories’ – get some practice in early

        2. We’re not quite at the level yet in terms of technology to identify beliefs in the brain.
          But based on brain-anatomy/behaviour-scans we are getting to the point of differentiating between different kinds of people (e.g., psychopaths vs. controls, schizophrenics vs. controls, introverts vs. extroverts, depressed vs. controls, etc.).
          Using psychophysical experiments however we can detect underlying associations of meaning in the brain. For example by comparing reaction times on speeded-classification tasks where people tend to react quicker to combinations of racial minorities and ideas of “otherness”.
          The medical field doesn’t incorporate psychophysical tests in their methods as quickly as MRI/brain scan research for some reason… My guess is that the idea of “brain scans” is so impressive to the layperson that they’re less likely to question it.
          But from my point of view and the point of view of brain imaging researchers that I know personally in the field, “brain scans” are open to a lot of interpretation… and should not be taken at face value… There are dominant ideologies for how the brain functions (and some models ARE quite reliable) but a lot of it is still up in the air, even for some highly researched core questions.

        3. Sounds like a fair summary of where we’re at, although I’m not up to speed on brain science / neuropsychology. Certainly implicit association tests etc have shown we have a lot of cognitive biases etc. that can reveal our true i.e. unconscious beliefs, prejudices – as in internalised racism, sexism etc. – the liberal self just exists on the surface while unconscious processing keeps us alive (not sure about the guy in the article though)
          I mentioned the mind reading stuff because I keep reading about scientists claiming they’re are the on cusp of developing mind reading technology. I can only find one example of this: a team of scientists who are trying to find ways of working out how our brains respond to inner speech, on the assumption that it should ‘light’ up the same areas of the brains as externally vocalised speech. Some quotes:
          “The team hypothesised that hearing speech and thinking to oneself might spark some of the same neural signatures in the brain. They supposed that an algorithm trained to identify speech heard out loud might also be able to identify words that are thought.”
          “Despite the neural activity from imagined or actual speech differing slightly, the decoder was able to reconstruct which words several of the volunteers were thinking,
          using neural activity alone”
          At present its being done to help people with aphasias etc. But I still find it pretty scary.

        4. Hey thanks for the link I hadn’t come across this.
          Two things worth noting. (1) They got the signal using implanted electrodes in surgical epilepsy patients. They can’t just read these signals off the laymen unless they put electrodes in his brain… if you’re gonna go to that much trouble, might as well just torture him… Also, it made me wonder if animals have anything like this… Like could you read a dog’s calling of its own name by its master in its head? Does it ever think about that? (2) Before such mind reading becomes relevant legally they’re going to have to deal with the question of… What constitutes thought??? For example, with the implicit associations we mentioned, you can have an association in your head and not act on it. Just because you “said” something in your head doesn’t even mean you really believe it.
          But you’re right that “neuro-tech” is going to have an impact on the future… Check this video out… They jacked up a monkey’s motor cortex to control a robot arm… First time I saw this my head almost exploded.

        5. Your welcome. Yes, the monkey video is mind-blowing. I find mind-reading more worrying but you’re quite right that the technology is limited for as long as they have to use invasive techniques, provided we don’t go full cyborg any time soon.
          “if animals have anything like this… Like could you read a dog’s calling of its own name by its master in its head?”
          Groups of neurons must fire – I’m not sure that would constitute a ‘dog thought’ beyond any kind of behavioural association, but if something similar was asked with regard to a dolphin?
          “with the implicit associations we mentioned, you can have an association in your head and not act on it. Just because you “said” something in your head doesn’t even mean you really believe it.”
          If / when the day comes that we have to worry about such things, I do think they could find ways round any such obstacles. We already have a conflation of ‘speech’ and
          ‘action’ (and to some extent emotion, as in ‘hate’ etc) and while there might be philosophical difficulties about what constitutes thought, they could easily focus on evidence of ‘intention’ . If demonstrating culpability isn’t viable the focus could shift to say risk to public safety etc. I can’t see how there could be any precision though as in “you clearly said in your mind”….

        6. “regard to a dolphin?”
          Haha yeah Dolphin cognition is pretty damn interesting.
          “If / when the day comes that we have to worry about such things, I do think they could find ways round any such obstacles. We already have a conflation of ‘speech’ and’action’ (and to some extent emotion, as in ‘hate’ etc) and while there might be philosophical difficulties about what constitutes thought, they could easily focus on evidence of ‘intention’ .”
          And yeah… good point…

        7. I watched an anime called ‘Psycho Pass’ that has this technology in it and it’s called a ‘cymantic brain scanner’ iirc.
          The anime is pretty dark and touches on things in a way that makes us question our direction. Though many here don’t watch anime, I find that series to be amazing (then again i watch anything in any form if it’s said to have a great story) and a possible path in which some nation may go one day.

        8. Thanks for the rec.
          I actually think Anime (good anime) is a great medium. The themes in quality Japanese anime bring a fresh perspective that I’ve taken a liking to.
          Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Samurai Champloo… Some of these shows can be pretty damn red-pill actually….
          I’m also a big fan of Miyazaki. I like that he presents conflicts in his movies that have more depth than just “good guy vs. bad guy.”
          In Miyazaki films, sometimes the solution is simply to cure some ailment or to find a fresh perspective.. The “good vs. evil” mentality is shown to be such a western thing. Sometimes all that is necessary is to cure ignorance.
          I’ll try and check out Psycho Pass.

  3. Hey Swedes, you got some kind of cuntocracy and polyglot cultural marxism silencing you. You know what that means?
    Truth is revolution. That’s what it means.
    Have fun spreading it. It’s easy being a crime lord when you don’t have to kill anybody.

    1. Ironically it was Karl Marx, the guy who started the ball rolling, who said that freedom is the freedom to dissent. We’ve come full circle.

  4. What do you do with a populace that cannot conceive of the slow steps of dictatorship? It was said by a writer many decades back that future dictatorships would not resemble the tyrants of the past. Instead they would be endlessly complex governments that destroyed ambition before it fully formed and set the puppet strings so tight that no movement could ever be born.

    1. we’re nearly there….. the only thing left is to disincentivize people to be wealthy… being wealthy is already ‘dirty’…. once it’s a ‘crime against humanity’ to spend money and have fun, or live well….. what’s the point in earning… live in a trailer park and smoke crack all day… why not…. all other options are banned….

      1. That won’t work either, since smoking crack all day gets pretty damn expensive…at least that’s what I’ve heard.

    2. Agree. A tyrant of the past could easily be identified (and vilified) by the people. Today, that “tyrant” will be a large government or system over the people – making it harder to place a true face on the tyrant.
      There will only be a true change once the two sides clash (as in any real change).

    3. I’ve often said, it is long overdue that the goals of men and women merged to understand the real problem is playing against our egos in an attempt to place a face and shift energies while the real control tactics are applied. Feminism is only one head of this ugly, albeit sometimes amply supplied cleavage’d woman, design to whip us into true slaves of freedom. If anyone can call America free. And as an interesting aside, that was a great additional MSM!!!!!

  5. Oh my god. I found this today, from jolly ole’ England. 95% who voted on a bbc special said multiculturalism was not working.
    Owen Jones did the whole mental olympics in response to it.

      1. Swedish Democrats are “far-right?!” Europe will see a real far-right again, and it will be ugly…

        1. They only want to cut immigration by half. Clearly they are immoral Nazi monsters hellbent on turning Sweden into a police state that oppresses minorities.

        2. They would likely do better to cut it off third world immigration completely. In fact, given the ultimate failure of multiculturalism, it would be wise to extricate those whom have already been allowed to immigrate. Why continue a failed practice? Of course, so-called progressives appear to be impervious to logic and reason.
          Makes one wonder how hateful I be perceived as being?

        3. The only notable party in Europe I can think of that wants to actively repatriate immigrants and their descendants is the UK’s BNP, which will probably never win a seat, especially since the far more moderate but still vilified UKIP has absorbed most of that country’s non-establishment right.

        4. There was a docu on the SD and one of the interesting tidbits was that the very concept of assimilation is considered to be nazi-like.
          Which explains, as Al-Jazeera ineptly points out, why the cities are a bit segregated.
          Al-jazeera of course sees this as Swedish racism against the immigrants.

      1. It is a fascinating subject isnt it.
        When Europeans redrew borders in colonies, the ethnic conflicts that resulated are (probably correctly) blamed on creating multiethnic states.

        1. Just like the Communists, the Multiculturalists are ignoring human nature and trying to engineer a Utopia. As history shows, every attempt to create a Utopia devolves into an oppressive, authoritarian state. I truly believe that Multiculturalism is the new Communism.

        2. Indeed. Is it not interesting that left wing parties used to oppose immigration because it hurt low income workers? I wonder what changed…

  6. ….”A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of…….Cultural Marxism”
    Free Speech in Europe is very much non-existent….something that politicians talk about…and at the same time sending people to jail for offending this or that group.
    In Germany and France being a holocaust denier is a criminal offence….in
    the UK you better be prepared for a spell in jail if you offend anyone on Twitter or
    My guess is that manosphere sites like this one will be blocked (Chinese style)
    from most of Europe very soon….and posting on one (if they can find out who they are) will earn you a time in the clink.

    1. Its blocked at my work(NFL) so are all pickup sites like RSD. Mind you, the feminist tumblr blogs, buzz feed, huffington post are all open and free.

  7. Sweden is multiculturalism’s canary in the coal mine. Less than 10M people live there and 2M of them are foreign born or were born to immigrant parents. The natives have a below replacement birthrate. They let in well over 100k foreigners a year. Every year there will be less Swedes and more non-Swedes. But since Diversity is Our Greatest Strength in the west, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

    1. I think eventually native swedes will snap and fight back, and have mobile death squads to kill all the middle easterners. It will be awesome

      1. I doubt it. Current swedes are not Vikings anymore..they are skinny hipsters with vegan beards. They cant kill a housefly.

      2. Native Swedes don’t have the youth bulge that drives revolutionary pressure. Look at the so-called Arab Spring for example. The population pyramid for many of those countries was largest at its youthful base. Sweden would need a catastrophic event to lift even. finger.

      3. Sweden is finished. Maybe one or two locals will find the strength to fight back before they die.

    2. I will be frank here. The true statistic about foreign born goes like this:
      About 1,5 million people are foreign born.
      The most common countries of origin is Finland, Iraq and Poland.
      Over 50% of foreign born got a European origin.
      The largest group (1/5) of immigrants are native swedes re-immigrating.
      But due to conflicts around the world we’ve of lately had an increase of immigrants from Syria and other shit places like Somalia.
      It is true most swedes are too liberal, but there is more people everyday speaking out against feminism and the immigration. The true problem is that we at a young age aren’t thought nationalism or how to stand up for our selves, but instead thought (wrongly placed) tolerance and trust. The strongest protector of swedes are other foreign born who respect and love Sweden for taking them in and giving them a home and they are always speaking out against lowlifes like the people in the ghetto of Rinkeby. And no, our cities aren’t burning. Not even a little. Only the ghettos where there is mostly immigrants living. And people don’t give a shit about them because they are destroying themselves and their own property. Not ours.

      1. Some realistic comments on the topic. 😉
        I live in Stockholm, it is far from burning. And having moved here from Dublin, Ireland I can tell you I saw far more trouble there in one year amongst my fellow irishfolk than my 12 years here in peaceful Sweden.

    3. Nope, other European countries are much further along in the process especially England and London’s 55% immigrant population with white flight taking place to any already crowded and geographically very small country. Considering Sweden’s large size and the fact that people are already starting to vote for the right wingers I would say Sweden isn’t in any danger of becoming as bad as England in this regard despite what the media say.

  8. My understanding was that Sweden was the most feminazied of the nordic countries, correct?

    1. Very high divorce and single motherhood rates, has a literal feminist political party (as opposed to the big tent approach of US democrats), is opposed to even gendered children’s toys being marketed… Sweden

      1. Sweden is interesting because it has some good points along with the feminazi culture that is forcing Swedish men to look for foreign brides… (
        Sweden has free post-secondary education (no education bubble), decent public health (no extreme obesity or anything like that), health-care programs, no alimony, etc.
        And for some reason people take the feminist regime there very seriously… I predict it is related to the socialism of their country… it seems feminism and socialism go together.
        It is sad that socialism can slip so gradually and so easily into extreme government control and regulation. Jon Bowden said something along that point that stuck with me… When you look at a group of budding socialists, half of the people are hippie dippy lovey dovey fools with good intentions and the other half are keenly attenting to what they see as a power structure, and all they care about is being on the powerful side of that class structure.

        1. “It is sad that socialism can slip so gradually and so easily into extreme government control and regulation.”
          Such effects are due to the complete incompatibility of human nature with socialism. In the long term it is quite anti-human when one carefully considers its effects, regardless of intentions. Even the early Pilgrims were forced to learn this lesson, albeit the hard way: The Great Thanksgiving Hoax.

        2. The only socialism I could ever see functioning is one that lavishes state funding on people who produce new workers (i.e. having enough children to sustain the worker-pensioner ratio) and restricts immigration. That way, artificial poverty imported from the outside wouldn’t burden the society created by the native people and the population would be stable without resorting to replacement level immigration. But of course, in the European countries that have socialist policies if not socialist government, the poor are getting poorer, larger, and browner, while the majority gets smaller and smaller.

        3. swedish socialism used to be seen as mild and merely ‘social democratic’ i.e. socialism gutted of any real radical or revolutionary agenda. Just goes to show that there’s no such thing as moderate socialism: eventually the extremists gain control. All they need is fertile ground. In UK labour’s leader Miliband’s dad was a leading Marxist, but we’re supposed to think differently of him for some reason

        4. It somewhat reminds one of the late economist Ludwig von Mises statement regarding socialism-light (a form of “interventionism”):
          Middle of the road policy leads to socialism.

        5. Free post secondary education is just another word for state controlled post secondary education. AKA indoctrination. As “health care programs” are for discouraging non state actors from amassing liquid resources outside of direct state control.
          I guess “no alimony” is how they beat dow the last straw of resistance (from men) to universal confiscatory taxation of all means of sustenance.
          Sweden is doing as fine as can be expected, given their current culture. Just like America did when a bunch of starving toothless destitutes who believed in some Middle Eastern deity, arrived in numbers great enough to displace the originally heathier wealthier natives back in those days. The fact that people who believe governments are useful die out, is hardly a bad thing.

      2. To be honest the feminist party (Feministisk initiativ) didn’t make the cut for a seat (got 3.12% and you need 4%) in our government and most people speak very ill of them. That said we got our fair share of problems but are most likely more well of then america. What you see in the swedish media and what is truly the voice of the people is two different things

    2. Sweden: Total feminazi republic
      Finland: Sweden light
      Norway: More independent, free spirited attitude(but changing for the worse)
      Denmark: Liberal, and with a distaste for political correctness(also changing for the worse)

  9. Talk to some actual Swedes – they are generally quite racist. The attempts to legally enforce “positive” racial attitudes is a cover for a deeply racist culture (like in America) and serves only to strengthen and legitimize cultural racist attitudes. Because the state is only capable of violence, legal fiat cannot make people more tolerant. Discrimination must be allowed in the private sphere (to eventually be shamed out of existence), if not the legally favored groups just become the object of further resentment.

    1. islam is not a race. most of the rioters in 2013 were muslim freeloaders from rosengaard & other ghettos. Swedes were welcoming in the beginning but when your guests are asshats who beat your men, rape your women, & generally treat your land as if they owned it, ppl tend to get pissy. muslims just generally suck.

    2. “the legally favored groups just become the object of further resentment”
      And overt racists become secret martyrs.

    3. when you strip everything away, almost everyone is quite racist. this comment has the flavor on an SJW

      1. Ooh, them be fighting words. I admit I am a self-hating Jew, and I don’t like Chechens, but then again, who does?

  10. “Swedish cities burn, it is only a matter time until the flame ignites the hearts of the Swedish people. After that point, no amount of legislation will put out the fire.”
    I hope this is true, but it seems like the ‘progressives’ have beaten all semblance of pride from these people. Perhaps some might find the will, enough to re-enact Samson in the temple, but enough to reclaim what was? I don’t know…

  11. Honestly, who cares? They wanted it, they got it. Let Sweden burn. Perhaps, just perhaps, American women will avert their eyes from their i-phones for long enough to gaze across the Ocean and see blonde haired, blue eyed, western, dyed in the wool liberal Swedish women, not so different from themselves being beaten for refusing to wear burkas, and will realize the error in our current trajectory.
    To red pill Swedish men – come to America. We are in need of more men who still have balls, and in need of first hand testimonials of this idiocy.

    1. Do you really want Swedish men, who are half of Sweden and therefore contributors and enablers to that country’s social and cultural insanity, to immigrate to America?
      The only way I would let a Swede in is if he were in a metal band.

      1. They are better than the majority coming to America. At least they will happily our (relatively lower) taxes.

      2. I lived in Sweden for a few years (I was actually in a metal band there). The majority of people were very racist. They loathe the Muslims with a passion, and they are quick to admit it.
        Young and old. Even the most liberal vegan, in the tightest jeans with the dumbest beard, would proudly tell you that he hates immigrants for destroying the country.

        1. haha, that is a ludicrous statement. If that was the case then the swedish democrates would have won the election easily. Since this is the way you feel, you know hating muslims and the middle east and loving segregation and loathing taking care of the people that come from war ravised countrys that your country were involved directly or inderectly, or beneffiting from.
          I did find the article some what interesting since it adressed some problems regarding freedom of speach, it forces political correctness when it’s not needed. The US isn’t that far behind on the political correctness side. All in all, this was a entertaining experience of watching people jerk each other off in regards to their opinions. The comments here are fuckin priceless, using 1984 and bitching over “white” peoples loss of power and influence

    2. Gentlemen, I have only extended the invitation to “red pill Swedish men”, not the complicent betas who have enabled this. It’s a fair point that America may not be much better, but if you ever want to escape from living under a system dominated by femcentric liberalism, you simply cannot do so without amassing political power. And that means congregating red pill men together so that they can use their collective power to stamp this nonsense out. I’m willing to admit that America may not be the ideal place, but let’s at least make it a western country that isn’t worse off than America. I’m open to suggestions.

      1. Go to a country where you feel you have roots, wherever that may be. The motivation to fight for your homeland is stronger in a place you have a genuine connection with. And if that place is America, then good luck.

    3. I cannot in good conscience recommend to any man that he move to the US. I intend to GTHO of here as soon as possible. How could I advise a man to jump from one sinking ship to another; even if that ship still has more freeboard? When the second ship is past the point of recovery everyone should be abandoning it not coming aboard.

    4. I’d rather red pill Swedes stay in Sweden and fight for their ancestral homeland. There is no future for whites in America.

  12. It’s a bit out of subject but I just banged a Swedish girl.
    She would not stop talking about her male “best friend”.
    I felt a bit of disgust, and wanted to say “if he’s so great why don’t you fuck him, instead of me who you just met”.
    And then I remember what I read on Rok about the female psyche and understood.
    A few years ago, I would have been that “best friend”.
    I would like to thank the manosphere in general, because their advices are really efficient.

    1. well done. Just make sure there are no holes in the condoms you use. Still waiting to see how it goes for Assange

  13. All multiculturalism is just about having lowlifes from other countries come to yours, stick together in their own ghetto neighborhood and shack up 10+ in one apartment, take a degrading job that pays under the table, and not bother learning the country’s official language or respecting anything about the culture.
    So they basically go to the better country just to pillage and plunder opportunities and resources that country has that theirs doesn’t without even giving a shit about the country they came to.
    And don’t even get me started on women marry these scumbags and use the classic cop out of “We just did it so he could get a green card, we’re going to get a divorce right after!” to feel better about one of the most foolish mistakes they can possibly make!

    1. Multi-culturalism is about diluting the powers of the indigenous (white) people so that your government can do what they want when they is no sizeable opposition. America needs to get rid of all dual citizenship pronto!

  14. I think Sweden is a lost cause. Trying to attack the feminazi reigme there is akin to The Fellowship of the Ring attempting to attack Mordor with their bare hands. Feminazism and political correctness have made Sweden into a virtual left wing fortress.
    Having said that, I don’t think it’s really that vital because culturally speaking, Sweden doesn’t really affect the rest of the world. It’s the battleground of the USA that is crucial in determining whether feminazis conquer the developed world or not simply because American culture affects and influences so much of the rest of the world.
    Best to focus our efforts on combating feminism and spreading the red pill here in America first. Once the tide is turned here, the rest of the world can be changed as well.

    1. Boom! You finally hit the nail on the head! American is like the mothership of civilisation, corrupt the mothership and you corrupt the world. Save the mothership and you save the world. Fight, my yank brothers fight. Dont give up against the face of oppression… Your great men of old would be turning in their graves if they found out you are turning into a bunch of sissies. And another thing follow the money, you will find the evil you are looking for behind the controllers of the filthy lucre

    2. In the recent Swedish elections the new feminist initiative party got only 4% of the votes and the right wing SD party (Swedish Democrats) got 12%. Just this week SD blocked the budget from the main parties because some of the money was going to support immigration and as result a re-election has been forced. Keep your eye on it next march if you are interested. I’m sure SD will get even more votes this time. So no Sweden is far from being a lost cause.

  15. ” it is only a matter time”
    -> Cultural marxism is all about time.
    If you can not change how a certain group of people reacts to marxist ideas – like male whites for example – you can do 1 of 2 things.
    a) Change the marxist ideology until it is accepted
    b) Exchange the group in question. Given enough time and with current birth rates the second option will be reality sooner rather than later. Then they have won. They falsly believe. Their pensions secured. Their status save. All good with big goverment 4ever. Scandinavia is sort of an arrowhead when it comes to decadence.
    But they will be surprised how different these new “sheep” really are.
    Lets hope more people in sweden start watching series like “vikings” and remember who they are or could be.

  16. Burn baby Burn! The rest of the west needs someone to set an example. The fast and more spectacularly it happens, the faster and more effectively that other countries can make changes.

    1. Lol you serious right now? They only thing worse than the entire world going to shit is the fact that no one even fucking cares. Look at what Julian Assange did, he gave us all public proof that the government was spying on us unwarranted. Revolution? nah. Public outcry? not even. Instead everyone was too busy pointing fingers at this guy calling him a fucking traitor like the good little sheep they are. If Sweden burns like everyone says its going to, the media MIGHT make a brief note about it in passing and then its back to who the latest contestant on american idol is or whatever the american public is mindlessly consuming today. After all why should they even care, why should the average jack off care about where his country’s headed let alone world events when he’s got 24/7 access to all the porn he fucking wants and an xbox one??? Why should the average slut off the street care when she can just stare at her fucking iPhone for half the day, get fat as fuck, and still get all the validation she wants from a horde of sex starved betas?? People as a collective are fucking retarded and they deserve what they get as a result, and because of this things will not get better, they will only get worse. As far as I’m concerned, fuck ’em. The only thing that any man thats still worth a shit in this world should be concerned about is looking out for himself and his kin, developing as much material wealth as he can, and keeping it away from the government so he doesn’t have to be a slave the rest of his life. We’ve past the point of no return. Society is fucked.

  17. Thoughts on modern Sweden, from Barbara Lerner-Spectre, head of the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden

  18. I am a man of the black persuasion, some of you may have referred to me as nigga in the privacy of your home. Some of the articles on this site is useful, but I’ve sensing a pattern of, what you all would refer as, betaness. I understand caucasian solidarity, and loving the fact that you are caucasian, but the world is evolving. Multiculturalism is almost inevitable. What this site should be doing is teaching men how to improve themselves without becoming a slave to the system. The world is not about black vs white…It’s rich vs poor.
    Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel fellas.

    1. “The world is not about black vs white…It’s rich vs poor.”….. yea “man” pass the joint… man….. wtf do you care that it’s about rich v poor….. you going to let that effect your life? More victimhood…..r U a bitch? Have you balls between our legs? Better check ’em…..”Multiculturism is inevitable?” Ha ha…. keep living in your dream land….. it is not inevitable….. if anything there will be more antagonism between races, religions, nations, fighting over belief, natural resources, living areas, and bitches. What age R U? Grow the fuck up….

    2. White people are becoming extinct though. Multiculturalism is not inevitable. I don’t see a lot (or virtually any) of whites emigrating to other sovereign nations in the world, do you? White christian culture is responsible for the greatest civilization in known existence, and it is being wiped out. It’s not something natural, it’s something very deliberate – I don’t know why or exactly how or even who (although I have some ideas) but there is a targeted war against whites. Instead of calling me crazy – tell me how this s not true, it’s self-evident.

  19. The faster Sweden falls or the Swedes rise, the earlier they can be the example that can be used for the saving of western civilization.

  20. You mentioned Orwell, one of my favourite quotes from Orwell is “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” The only thing he got wrong was the footwear…. its a stiletto…..

  21. I have one issue I’d like some Swede answer. How is the votings system in your country? I’ve heard that the ballots are open, in a way that all present will know which party you are voting for. To me, this sounds absolutely absurd in a western democracy. Luckily for us here in Finland, the “voting secret” is held in high regard, an no one will know who voted who. Additionally, there’s lots of reports about direct sabotage and discrimination against SD in regards to voting.
    I image lots more people would vote for Sverigedemokrater, if it wouldn’t bring them a social stigma among locals. So there wouldn’t be a need for a local “criticall mass” of SD supporters that the average Åke will dare to vote for SD.

    1. No the ballots are not open and every vote is made as you would expect a private vote to be made. Sure, there is a lot of shaming going around during the elections and most people refuse to tell who they vote for So yes, more people would vote for SD if it wasn’t for social stigma.
      But I don’t think there were any sabotage against SD in regards to voting. At least not when it came to the counting of votes. They are the party who have grown the most due to the immigration question. The police even protected them and rode down violent protesters during a speech

  22. Seattle is experiencing an increase in their white population and percentage of whites. It’s a rare occurrence, but does happen.

  23. the law limiting free speech on the internet is mainly focused on controlling young muslims, thus limiting their easy acces to contact fundamentalist terrorist groups like isis, if i’m not mistaking.

  24. I think you have underestimated the cowardice of the average white person when it comes to confrontation. As long as they are fed their porn, electronics, and Have reasonable access to food. they will remain silent and go down under the crushing oppression of islam.

  25. Sweden is an ethnically suicidal shithole/marxist wet dream and has been for a long time. Soon to be an ismalic state under sharia so the discussion is moot.
    I wonder what the feminist/lgbt shit-puppets will do when they see what “rape culture”™ really means.
    Probably migrate over to denmark to further ruin denmark!
    Swedes need to fight their own battle, and all they’re doing is opening their mouths to receive the marxist 2girs1cup-level stream of shit.

  26. Damnit, can we stop uncritically believing every outrageous claim made on the Internet just because it fits our preconceived ideas about our ideological enemies? In terms of intellectual integrity, you are no different from feminists who uncritically believe every rape accusation, or claim about the prevalence of rape. Literally. Yes, literally literally, as in, not “literally” used incorrectly for emphasis.
    Sweden’s hate speech laws are indeed quite problematic and have been so for years, but the recent initiative is nothing but an updating of existing libel and slander laws to cover digital media. If something would have constituted libel in traditional media under the old law, it will constitute libel if written on the interwebz. That’s all the law is about, it is most certainly not a prohibition of criticizing the government or public policy.

  27. As a matter of fact, free speech is better protected in Sweden than in most other European countries. Almost all countries have laws against incitement, libel and similar, and Swedish laws are actually quite restrictive on the matter (cf. Germany, where racist organisations and racist propaganda is forbidden by law, Poland, where it is illegal to offend the catholic church, or England, with its draconian libel laws).
    The hate speech law referred to in the text is from 1948, not 2002. The new law about the internet does not criminalise anything that wasn’t illegal before, it simply makes it easier to prosecute hate speech crimes online.

  28. Hate is thought. Hate speech is thought speech. What THOUGHTS are you going to make illegal next?

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