180 thoughts on “4 Things I Learned About Free Speech From The ROK Meetup Outrage”

      1. I’ve seen pics of people with a cellphone case and pins of the roosh avatar. WR. Would Rock.

      2. It’s actually very recognizable. I think that’s a very good idea. That or maybe the roosh on a plane emblem

        1. Most people arent aware of ROK.
          Even after the mass uproar over our happy hour, Ask anyone of them who showed up to protest if them remember the group they were protesting against. Guarantee they wont remember.
          They have short attention spans.

        1. I want the Roosh V spud gun so I can harass SJWs from a safe vantage point! “You CIS GEND…….”.****Thump**** potato to the nose.

        2. I can understand if Roosh doesn’t want to exploit this demand. The motivation is sincerely to help men and spread masculinity in our cultures, first and foremost. But I think it would be great to spot someone at an airport or sporting event wearing an RoK shirt and spark up an interesting conversation.

      1. We also have more than enough musicians here to form a heavy metal ROK band with Roosh as front man and lead singer. Some of us with digital multi-track recorders like Protools, Garage Band or Reaper can do the entire tracks to a song individually or email the tracks to other musicians for editing and overriding. Finally, we add in the vocals with red pill lyrics and presto! Off to Youtube!
        Think about it.

        1. Nice. Have some insane blast beats, chainsaw guitars, galloping rhythms and pummelling riffs and it would crush.

        2. No worries, even if you don’t want auto tuning or lip synching , while someone else sings, the music video could show beta chumps coming to you for advice, the clips show you instructing them on pumping iron, and focusing on self improvement. The end of the video shows them confident, well dressed, in top shape and fussed over by hotties! Heck, we could even show a clip where you rough up and throw out a guy wearing a “pro rape” T-shirt to show that’s not part of the program and counter the SJW slander! Best of all we have the most hilarious men of all comment sections-if I thought of this in minutes imagine what they all could think up in hours! This could be more fun than Spinal Tap!

        3. In reply to your post at School Daze, which will likely be pulled down:
          I have often disagreed, but never been banned.
          have recently stepped back into an executive position. The only bad
          part about it is that I have very little down time to mess around on
          disqus. My old firm added a zero to the end of their offer. How could I refuse?

      2. What about a Roosh V face mask? We could wear them when we meet up like when SJWs wear Guy Fawkes masks.

  1. Roosh needs to just start a cult so we can use the religious tax havens & assault on our religion etc. The young daughters of the gullible may also be used as our fodder in this conquest, but such is life in the big city.

    1. Young daughters have been fodder for my conquest for years, but I welcome any chance to stop being a prison bitch to the IRS

        1. A lot of accounts for tax evasion from abroad were discovered there. Iceland’s prime minister recently resigned over it.

        2. I’m referring to the Panama Papers, where high profile folks, from heads of government to royalty to sports stars were caught using this one legal firm to help them set up phony companies in order to move high quantities of cash and ergo avoid paying taxes.

    2. YES x1000. There’s a guy in Toronto by the name of Dimitri The Lover. He has established his own “Church of Dimitri and Latter Day Sluts” for many years and is now running his own political party.

  2. Granted this is an album cover from years ago, but the art is still relevant today.

    1. How long before every worthy, ever celebrity, every popular politician feels pressured to wear “this is what a return of kings supporter looks like” t-shirt?
      edit: brad pitt & angeline jolie look-a-likes only

        1. it would. About as likely as Hillary Clinton proudly declaring ‘Je Suis Roosh” the next time SJWs try to shut down ROK

        2. Yes, tales have been told of the famous roosh tortilla where the face of roosh miraculously appeared to a woman

        3. pretty sure feminists see Roosh’s face everywhere, and in their heart of hearts they imagine a dark moment of religious rapture. Especially if there’s a tortilla involved

        4. I was thinking more along the lines of Freddie mercury singing ‘ Roosh, ahha, saviour of the universe.

        1. Cruz? Wouldn’t Trump be more likely? Actually I don’t think he would wear one in public. But in private he’d definitely get Ivanka to wear one while getting out of the pool and swishing her hair

        2. Trump would definitely wear one. What I was suggesting was we would win a bunch of support by default if this election does turn into a out and out voter fraud case with Ted Cruz pulling in all the delegate votes. ROK, reporting what the news won’t.

        3. you might well be right. Sometimes people need a jolt to wake up. Many already realize they’re being stitched up

        1. good man that guy. Hundred times more likely fat feminists would try to rape him than the other way round.

  3. I’m glad you finally commented on the meetup Roosh. Most don’t realize it wasn’t about the feminists. Let a bitch say something against what I have to say. She is in the right. The minute she lays hands or attempts to bring others to hush me, I have no problem removing them.
    Feminists per se were never the problem. Problem one was not everyone would or should have had the same attitude for what should have been a friendly meet up. That said, being at ground zero in Chicago, there are free speech takers floating up every day. Operating mostly independently has kept me well below harassment level. That hasn’t been the same luck for those with children, supporters of Trump, women who are against the establishment, and the many men here trying to get the ideas out so other men can live more beneficial lives and we all can learn.
    Problem two is we are living in a feminist approved state where sterility and servitude is the goal. Families and traditions are what will be attacked every step of the way. We can’t expect to win with reason on the big stage. We can win with reason only on a small scale/long haul duration. We don’t have time for too much long term as the decline is speeding up. I don’t have all the answers and in some ways I have even more questions. I am in this with you all for the long haul and will share this knowledge on the ground floor where I can. Good Luck gentlemen. We officially know the truth. What will we do with it?

    1. Perhaps an overlooked and positive element of the meet-up fallout was that it brought ROK to the attention of people like me? As I posted previously, I’m a mid-forties married family man, well past my game-playing years and I wouldn’t have found ROK otherwise. I have no need for PUA wisdom at this stage in my life but, because of all the shrill SJW screaming, smarmy political grandstanding and media hysteria, I researched Roosh V to try and understand what this “misogynist rape advocate” and his nutty group of followers were about.
      Two outcomes.
      First, I discovered that neo-masculinity has far less to do with chasing pussy than I thought and, in fact, I realized that it’s a movement that speaks very profoundly to me.
      Second, it confirmed for me that the establishment voices are full of sh-t. It was an incredible eye-opener for me. Such a blatant display of mainstream media’s deceitfulness, preening political bullsh-t and denigration of critical independent thought in our culture. To have once said something provocative to instill some thought on the nature of feminist pieties is now grounds to be banned from a country and harassed into silence. Un fukcing-believable.
      Western man needs to man-up or Western Civ is doomed. Every insurrection starts small and ROK is a great forum to bring other men – outside the single 20-30 year-old PUAs – into some awareness and clandestine action. In the words of Joe Sobran, “The attempt to silence a man is the greatest honor you can bestow on him. It means that you recognize his superiority to yourself.”

        1. Joe Sobran said a lot of smart things. Careful quoting him around the thought police though. In polite liberal (and conservative) circles, he’s deemed an anti-Semite. Personally, I don’t subscribe to the Jewish conspiracy school of thought but, at the same time, I don’t dismiss someone simply because they’ve been tagged an anti-Semite. Sobran had some really interesting things to say including, “An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.”

        2. okay. MartinK- you have to mutter “douchebag says what?” in th presence of your boss until you get him to say “what?”

        3. That’s profound-I suppose you could even use it to apply to ‘wymyn’ and say a misogynist is one who is hated by those creatures.

        4. Yep. It’s actually applicable across a wide spectrum of “victim” identity groups… anti-Semite, racist, misogynist, Islamaphobe, homophobe etc.. Until we’re no longer afraid of the consequences of being called those things, it acts as a really effective tactic for silencing opposition in this crazy PC world. Of course, if you’re a cis-gendered, heterosexual, white, Gentile male you have no victim card to play so you’re SOL. You’ll have to get by on your own devices. Seems like a raw deal but it’s better that way. It’s what used to be known colloquially as manhood.

        5. Very nicely articulated. People call me all these and I simply laugh and say ‘Thank you; that’s lovely of you to say’-it confounds and infuriates them every time.

      1. Very well said and thank you for pointing out one of the myriad of good that this failure to meet has brought out. On this end, as a longer poster, what comes up here is a remarkable cluster of self improvement ideas, social commentary, and media and establishment dissection which is further vetted by a wide range of readers, so, often even the craziest of ideas will undergo a large amount of scrutiny. Welcome aboard!

      2. I’d seen links to this site before, but the ludicrousness of a ‘pro-rape’ advocate, along with the SJWs posting the links across my newsfeed got me here. When someone claims someone said or did something completely outrageous, my first instinct is to fact-check.
        Any time an SJW tries to suppress someone, it probably means they’re saying something worthwhile.

        1. Huh? It’s an act of sexualized violence and a crime which makes a false rape accusation a terrible act of slander because it forever stigmatizes the accused as a monster. Moreover, it diminishes the suffering of real rape victims – of which there are both women and men – by equating their experience of real victimhood with an outright lie or consensual sexual decision later regretted because it was made under the influence of alcohol or in similar poor judgement.

        2. Sorry. I get it now.
          “Do these napkins smell like chloroform?” . That IS funny.

  4. Roosh, with all due respect the hard truth is that its all on you. The meet up could have happened but you backed out. If ROK talks about ‘neomasculinity’ and ‘manhood’ so much then backing out was cowardice on our parts. From what I can judge from the comment section is that a lot of us workout, take martial arts, former military etc. We need to honor our words at the end of the day. Running away from online threats was a big disappointment.

    1. You really think meeting in the real world is a good idea? I think it would be like a cross between open mic night at the comedy cellar and The Lord of the Flies

      1. Hah, yes, sometimes I think my imagining what the other ROK readers in my town were like is better than if I had actually met them.

        1. Hah! Everyone I’ve met this far were cool, smart, social, savvy, and proved that we are a group of upwardly mobile men. No disappointments yet. I’ve sure there must be a Cheetos eater somewhere in the bunch.

    2. There would have been real damage done to some men had the meetups all continued (and several did happen, anyway). I went to my location, as I’m fairly anti-fragile, and there were cops staking out the place, and groups of protestors with pro camera gear and flash, ready to photograph and doxx anyone who showed up. This is in one of the most conservative areas in the bible belt, so I can only imagine what other areas are like. Our police chief made derogatory comments about the group, and I’m sure if I was approached by the police, they would follow the chief’s lead and treat me as an undesirable, who knows, possibly even try to pin an unsolved rape on me?! Roosh was already mildly physically attacked; the meetups could have lead to real physical and financial and psychological harm to men trying to talk to other men. It’s only been a couple of months, we can do this again.

      1. Dear Roosh as you are the moderater for this sight and return of kings I wish to notify you of a troll named Hastur in Why isn’t anyone in the establishment talking about Jewish and Asian privilege, he has been giving me a bad time, lots of obscene comments for the past few days not to mention threats, I have given him warning shots and flagged his hateful comments as these have not caused him to take a hint I feel it is time to report him to you to remove.

    3. It’s about levels of risk and meeting up even without the attention of the world press on us is not without risk anyway. Am in the process of organising one at the moment and will be aware, taking precautions etc, but still want to deal with the risks and do it. Don’t know what to make of the decision to not do the meetings, but it would be better to meet without first having the enemy totally poked and stirred up which is unavoidable in the current climate if the meetings are so formally announced for the same date all round the world like that. It’s like that scene at the start of the Ghostbusters movie when the initial peaceful plan doesn’t work and instead they execute the “Get ‘er!” plan which doesn’t work either.. Anyway the second plan obviously had a sense of fun to it, provoking something and watching it go off.. I look forward to meetings without left wing nutters armed with cameras and objects to throw or whatnot..

  5. Freedom of speech is baloney anyway.
    “Freedom” cannot be granted, it is earned, with blood and sweat.
    That’s how the founding fathers got it.
    The true red pill is that we want others, “the state” to maintain our rights. But that is stupid, why trust others with what belongs to you.
    Society must stay ever vigilant against corruption, the tree of liberty watered with blood of tyrants.
    If you are not ready to defend your “rights” with guns considered them lost. No one will do it for you. No one, unless they believe you will lash back if they try to take advantage of you. Only fear of retribution keeps people in check.
    All we have now is temporary privillege, and it’s ending soon.
    I hope you are ready to do what it takes to re-new it.

    1. Exactly, there’s no such thing as ‘rights’ without the enforcement of the sword. Nobody deserves rights, they are earned through ‘blood and sweat’. Great comment

    2. I’m more than ready. I will make my ancestors fill with pride as we forge a nation to be proud of one where we can walk with heads held high.

      1. The current generations are the first in history where you don’t need strength to survive. Even the pathetic weaklings live like kings, relatively speaking. Their ancestors sacrificed much to keep their bloodline going until now…they would be ashamed.

        1. I would take a return to hand to hand in war with bladed weapons. Those are the true manly arts that men like Talhoffer and Leckurchner spoke of in their long sword treatises. That kind of combat is the true test of strength and sheer will in the fave of a painful death. Surviving such encounters would rid us of weak men

        2. I’ve pondered on that as well. While you do need extensive training to properly shoot a firearm with any level of proficiency, the requirements to become a master of any melee weapon are MUCH higher. I’ve trained in Kali sticks for about a year now and I still feel like a bumbling fool half the time. Plus, things like speed, strength, reaction time, and technique all have to be honed in close quarter weapons training.

        3. I feel the same way in ju jitsu. The teacher told us that there are 3 levels of learning to any martial art. Instictual, mechanical and fluid. The first is with no knowledge and simply reacting without any knowledge. Mechanical is after study for awhile but your brain is still fumbling around with the correct posture and body movements to execute the moveent. Then last is fluid once reaching back to Instictual where you have the knowledge and harmory with the body to execute the attacks. There is a book by Takuan Soho called the unfettered mind that I am reading that deals with Japanese swordsmanship. The training I feel for a martial art is more grueling and tiring than that of any firearm training.
          The amount of patience and endurance are enough to push most away from trying to obtain a similar warrior class feeling.

        4. There’s something similar in Aikido. The 3 methods of training are Coordination, Application, and Flow.
          Coordination – Essentially learning the technique
          Application – Finding out how to make it work against an opponent
          Flow – Mastering fluidly moving from one technique into the next
          Aikido has got to be one of the most frustrating martial arts I’ve ever trained in; so many subtleties.

        5. Do you find that Akido, the practice of it, is a good cardio workout. On my active rest days I like to do either crossfit, hiking, biking, circuit training or hot yoga, but always looking for something to toss in to make rest day more interesting.
          By the way…as a throw back…I wasn’t able to get the table I like at my normal Friday night restaurant at first and had to call back and get the owner on the phone and give him a serious wtf talkin’ to….so, yeah, I know what roughing it is like my friend….

        6. That’s how most of the HEMA practitioners felt when trying to revive the older arts of longsword, sword and shield and such from pictures and the fighting manuals. Unlike Japan and other Asian cultures we tossed such things away as we progressed in weaponry.

        7. Reminds me of one guy that once complained to a gym manager that the water in the drinking fountain was too cold for him.

        8. lol.
          That reminds me of when I went to a gym years ago that had a parking lot and I would see people jockeying for spots. I used to laugh because I knew, 100%, that the people who were wasting time trying to get a spot 10 feet closer to the gym were going in there to use cardio equipment, more often than not a Stairmaster while holding the rails white knuckled to make it easier.

        9. I once suggested this in a philosophy class and people thought it was barbaric. I like tactics and swordplay. We have become focused on the tactics now.

        10. I have a guy at mine who wears a leather workout belt. On the stairmaster.

        11. prob. my think is that I want something I can jump into once a month, have a good work out and then the next week do something else. That’s why I usually alternate between crossfit and hot yoga for my rest days.
          Funny think, I just saw this thing on bodybuilding.com about, ya know, 5 billion overly complicated ways to shed weight before summer comes that you will never do but you can read about while eating nachos.
          I always want to yell…..if you really are only concerned about losing some weight before summer and you want it to happen in two months here is my big work out place
          1) Buy 10 dollar jump rope
          2) go to park, back yard, middle of street every morning and use it for 45 minutes.
          That’s it.
          No on day no off day.
          No rain day.
          For the next 8 weeks spend 45 minutes a day skipping rope.
          Boom, weight is off.
          foh with all this complicated shit

        12. you need to go full ninja and get a photo of that.
          Also, once you have photo, may I suggest you talk to him. Make sure he is pushing his abs out against the front of the belt. Really explain proper belt form to him.
          I could almost understand doing this if he turned it around backwards and pretended he was the champion.

        13. agreed. I will say that the Arnold program Blueprint to Mass is an excellent body building program which yields amazing results and I do have a lot of respect for Jim Stoppani but other than that I am with you.

        14. I have wanted to, for years, troll Planet Fitness lunk alarms by going in and having someone video tape me setting off the lunk alarm…that is until I saw the ultimate warrior clip……after that I knew that someone had already won the trolling planet fitness game. This cannot be topped

        15. nah, taking sneaky shots is a total dick move- the thing I loathe most about those under 30.

        16. best one is the fat guy on the back extension machine eating a slice of free pizza

        17. When they first started they were billed as 9.99. It was a shit gym, but I could understand that some people wanted a gym and could only afford a PF. I got no issue with that. Especially here. NYSC is 100/month and that place blows. Equinox is twice that (though at least you get a great gym).
          But they have basically become SJW Fitness…..

        18. I cannot even imagine hearing this comment. If I was the gym owner I would lose my business over an ass beating. Good Lord. The water is not cold enough. We have fallen this far.

        19. War is barbaric no matter how it is fought. But it is easier to kill with a rifle as opposed to burying a sword or axe into your opponent and watching him die horribly.

        20. Crossfit is a perfectly nice thing to do on rest day once in a while. The important thing is to remember it is not a work out, it is just keeping active on rest day. (They hate when you tell them that)

        21. Isn’t it horribly expensive for what is effectively the opportunity to exercise with a bunch of fanatics who consider jumping onto a $300 wooden ottoman and terribly executed oly lifts for multiple reps, not to mention rotator cuff destroying kipping pullup the best training?… That’s just too much bullshit for me to deal with man, especially if I’m paying for it.

        22. You’re not wrong there pal! Crossfit goes well with a side of vaping and vegan-ism with a light drizzle of women’s right issues.

        23. That is a perfect explaination for what it is if you are into it. However, I can pay 20 bucks for a single wod. I jump around like an idiot, but it gets my heart rate up. I don’t do any of their more stupid wods and I never commit 100%. But running, rowing, pull ups, faggot level light weight squats and snatches…..not bad once in a while.
          Anyone who uses it as a regular work out (especially the ones who drink the cool aid) 100% what you say applies

        24. Stacking 3X more volume onto the barbell is a hell of an ego boost eh?!?!

        25. Oh and fuck kipping pull ups. Hahaha I sat through them explaining it and then just banged out strict ones.

        26. It’s the same, I think, with the bikram yoga.
          Fanatics. Not a real work out. But if you do it once in a while on a rest day it’s pretty good.

        27. Hahahaha such hate dude.
          Agreed on cross fit as a work out. I’m talking about an occasional rest day activity.
          My ego boost comes from the boom when I lower my deadlift. Can’t get that sound with bumper plates.

        28. Gotta mix shit up. Do a cross fit wod. A yoga class. A hike. Salsa dancing. Judo class. It’s rest day. That doesn’t mean tv and ice cream.
          I couldn’t agree more that cross fit is not a suitable workout. It is, however, a way to get some active rest and meet new people.
          Jeez man, the hate is strong :):)

        29. No hate here, but you remember when you trashed bumper plates?lol wait till GOJ see your post and roasts your ass.

        30. Yeah, but bikram yoga doesn’t have a 50%+ injury rate. Clearly you’re a highly advanced lifter and are able to use it as a safe cardio method, but it just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I’ve noticed this pattern with you lolknee where you do things that are idiotic on paper, but in a rational well thoughtout manner. Guess we can just add crossfit to that list.

        31. Active rest day is foreign to me bro! I usually make up for lost sleep and chill the whole day! But then again I work out 6 days a week. For the last two rest days I’ve involuntarily made them active by doing work around the house.

        32. One of my favorite definitions of me ever! I love it.
          Yes, Crossfit is stupid dangerous….especially for their main customer–novice lifters who get hooked and never learn proper form.
          But I will do 135 pound accessory deadlifts essentially giant setted with goblet squats and chin-ups as an active cardio workout on rest day all day.
          If it’s a good group of people and not too culty it is fun and sweaty and you can get back to your workout on Monday.
          As for idiotic things…you should have seen the time I tried Ariel yoga….
          When not injured I tend to be active. I like groupon and will do pretty much anything that builds up a sweat. Most of it is, admittedly, mind fuckingly stupid.

        33. I’ll always trash bumper plates when it comes to lifting. Don’t bring them into my gym and call it a work out. But utility lifts on an off day just for fun, why not.

        34. Maybe it is city living. I have no yard, no house work no nothing. I do 6 days as well. 2 three day splits. But in the city what do I do on Sunday. Sit inside and do nothing? Go out to a bar? I like hitting up active shit. Sometimes that is just going for a bike ride or run. Sometimes it’s yoga. And yes, now and again, it’s a CF wod. I’ll go crazy staying in the house, I don’t want to get drunk and it’s a good place to meet people. I stand by it if used in the spirit I suggest

        35. Good grief. I pay a special rate of $299 a year and have 365 24/7 access to a proper gym with all the accoutrements and none of the stupidity. I tend to go at the crack of dawn to avoid people and be able to focus on doing my thing and also in hopes I can avoid the godawful screeching monkey shit they call ‘music’.

        36. That it a great price. Gyms here are absurdly expensive. I do have a good one. And it opens at 5. I like crack of dawn for fasted cardio. I would love 24/7. I’ve never seen one here so I assume it isn’t allowed for one stupid reason or another.

        37. Now that I think of it, my cousin upstate on the weekends is always doing something that seems to involve a shovel of some other yard work tool. I envy it.

        38. Fantastic-actually I think I paid $199 if I am not mistaken. $299 is the standard rate. I guess the issue could be zoning laws and the like-the gym I go to is in an industrial area off a freeway so you can have at it and make an unholy racket no problem.

        39. I so have to get onto that programme once I have things settled for me in my personal and professional life. I would love to build more mass in my arms and upper body as although I have a V shape already I would like to build on it and get my core/abdomen really going as well.

        40. I can’t recommend arnold enough. Not just the work out but also the diet and the motivation. If you aren’t ready to start, at least start reading. It made me so hungry.
          I added 300 pounds to my raw total in 8 freaking weeks on that program to peak at 1175.
          I didn’t change weight but lost 6% body fat (measured with caliper by a pro) and honestly felt like I could crush the world.
          It’s intense and by the end I really was worn down, but it is an amazing program.

        41. Damn. That’s spectacular results. I will start reading and once I get things sorted-I’m embroiled in a lawsuit among other things-I’ll be sure to use my winnings to take some time to go full clip at that program and get into the best shape of my life. My ideal is to reach about 240lbs as I’m under 6′ and don’t want to resemble something without a neck.

        42. When I was done with arnold I hit 175 (I am 6 foot on the nose) and my deadlift was 570.
          The diet was rough too. A lot of protein.
          lf all the weight lifting programs I did none was more satisfying.
          It was so much fun. I think I will do it again when the summer is over.

        43. Interesting stuff. I’m about 5’10 and 200lbs at the moment; I have a very solid build with a pronounced V shape analogous to a wrestler having played soccer my whole life and also because of genetics-my dad is 64 this year and resembles someone 10 years younger-if he cut carbs out completely he’d look even better but that’s symptomatic of being European and eating spaghetti with bread and pizza with bread among other things.
          I love the idea of of a lot of protein-I actually eat close to zero carbs and have a very protein heavy diet with lots of grilled steak, chicken, turkey, and I try to use a good multivitamin and get the proper high density fats etc. I’ve also eliminated caffeine (I used to be a heavy energy drink abuser) and have little sugar as I have kicked soft drinks and the like-now and then I will indulge my sweet tooth.

        44. All good stuff. Carful about loving protein. When it is Thursday and you are on your 12th plain grilled chicken meal and it’s almost hard to chew you may not love jt as much.
          I never had much of a sweet tooth so that made it easier though I do miss going HAM on some carbs.
          Good luck in your endevours man and hmu if you ever need any motivation.

        45. yep, but thankfully, the pathetic weaklings are all turning homo and taking themselves out of the gene pool.

        46. Most deaths in modern warefare are done by artillery (WW I 90%), not rifles, but I get your point.

        47. Don’t kid yourself, you’re the city type and two days of shovelling dirt will provide a lower back workout you’ll never forget!

        48. You know, I’ve never raked leaves either. I have split logs but I was still young enough that it just seemed like I fun game.

        49. I’d love to find a weapons based martial arts system near me. Fencing as a sport is a joke. I’d enjoy HEMA and Western Martial Arts, but they’re all a commute away and there’s very little modern or Japanese styles nearby. I have no intention of ‘larping’ when training. The local Krav Maga clubs are more akin to ‘cash’ maga….. FFS.

        50. I’m in the same boat where I am. Everything minus martial arts is an hour plus away.
          Best I am doing is going over treatises and watching videos that demonstrate the technique but solo sparring won’t take me anywhere near the level of having a partner. We have kendo at my college but it is away from kenjutsu.

        51. haha what’s this about trashed bumper plates??
          Yeah leave the guy alone you don’t want him to have another hissy fit a like he did a few articles back.

        52. Is it true that, when he “returned” to WWF, it was actually someone else?

        53. Great price? thats a great tagline for an ad campaign-“all the accoutrements, none of the stupidity…”

        54. Hey man- Id be curious to see a workout sked from you- all the more impressive given your knee rehab

        55. Knee-rehab was a long time ago, but that skd was slow going. My current schedule is pretty fucking lunatic. It is based on the strong lifts program which is nice and simple, but really excellent. I have added stuff which he says not to, but I am doing alright.
          AM: 45 min fasted HIIT cardio
          PM: Squat: Warm up Set 2×5 Working set 5×5
          Bench Press Warm up set 2×5 Working set 5×5
          Barbell Row Warm up set 2×5 Working set 5×5
          Deadlift Warm up set 2×5 Working set 1×5 Max out Doubles 3×2
          Overhead Press Warm up set 2×5 working set 5×5
          Then on Tuesday I will do another 45 min of HIIT in the am and in the evening do isolated bicep, triceps and abs at night with
          Barbell Curl
          Preacher Curl
          Skull Crusher
          Preacher Curls
          Hanging Leg Raises
          Then Wed I am back on heavy weights.

        56. ha….about the same. It took me a long time to recover from that.

        57. yeah, he was really riled up. I was dying for the guy to tell him not to get so uppity

        58. We must unearth these scummy closed bumper plate lovers. They’re a threat to national security and funny to watch froth at the mouth when challenging their crossfiting.

        59. It’s excellent for learning how to manipulate joints, center of gravity, and body mechanics. The downside is there’s very little sparring so applying it to a more realistic situation becomes tricky. Again it all depends on the instructor as well. I would qualify aikido as a supplemental art to another more complete style like jkd, Krav Maga, etc.

        60. The issue is in starting a club as well. How can a beginner with little/no experience genuinely start a group and attract the right type of training partners. There has to be a way though…. how did they do it in the past to begin with, when they were travelling….. when they were on their own????

        61. I’ve recently taken up thai boxing again, which has excellent technique for developing power, but obviously no real grappling or groundwork, over than the clinch. There’s very few all round fighting systems.

        62. From what I read they typically offered their services to lords after training in the arts at some type of religious school. Apparently for the Germans if you were trained as a monk you also received training in terms martial arts and some of those went on to do more in which we get many types of manuals that were written for various lords at the time and

        63. This whole chat above me looks like the comments section of a Utube video review of a $200 sword bought from amazon.

    3. At the time of the founding fathers, there was no free speech as we know it today. It is pretty much a modern invention – end of the 19th and the 20th century.

  6. Get Real, sad but true fact is liberals only believe in Free Speech only if they approve of it, only if it says good things in support of the parasites and vermin who support them but never anything they don’t like or their base does not care to here.

  7. Like Roosh says at the end, I’m pretty pessimistic these days, but I appreciate the way he keeps at it and delivers these messages. It’s particularly important for younger men to hear this stuff, as they are the ones who are going to bear the brunt of the shitstorm that’s coming.

      1. Many, and some still are falling for it just like that 4Chan joke about posting videos of yourself pissing to show support for rape victims. Feminists took to the web to help the cause and fell for it.

        1. I’ve always been a fan of the ban “H2O” and “end women’s suffrage” movements.

        2. Everyday it is something for some cause, so this may actually work. At the very least we need a topic discussing fake causes for fun.

        3. The best method of destroying feminism is to amplify their signal. If the normies had any idea what kind of insane terrorist-level bullshit came out of the Social Jewstice camp every day reasonable heads would prevail.
          Right now the masses only know what distorted representation of the truth the media Jew feels they need to know, and nothing more.
          … or we just wait and let the unstoppable tide of Islam do the hard work for us.

    1. That site is so much better than any feminist site I have ever seen. Even if you took away the fact that it is satire. I’ve gone to feminist sites a few times just for comparison, after we had a really interesting philosophical discussion or some extra good articles here on ROK, just so I could laugh at the crap they were talking about. But I’ve never been able to even find a decent feminist site to laugh at. They all are just obsessed with celebrities or are silly ramblings. So congrats Maddox, you just created the best feminist web site to ever exist.

      1. The first casualty of feminism (and really all forms of idiot extremism) is humor.
        Feminism cannot sustain itself under its own weight if humor is allowed to exist.
        Think about it, if every employer laughed at the very laughable suggestions of Feminist HR directors where would they be.
        The ultimate tool is and has always been to laugh at this little shits.
        People are arguing with these dumb fucking cunts about the wage gap. Its bullshit. Of course its bullshit. But arguing with them rather than joking about it is never going to win. Women aren’t rational agents in the first place, much less feminists.
        People here talk about making real changes. If you really wanted to change the world for the better, bring more laughter into it, mock more people, hold nothing sacred.
        It is only because people have their sacred cows that their counterparts, the feminist cows, have been able to get away with this shit.

        1. I will rape them in the streets. I will rape them in their hair salons. I will rape them in their outlet malls. I will rape them in their beer gardens. I will rape them in the back seat of their VW beetles.

        2. when we allow rape to ring, when we let it rape from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to rape that day when all of god’s children, black men and white men, jews and gentiles, rapists and rapees, will join hands and sing in the words of the old negro spiritual
          rape at last! rape at last
          Thank god almight, rape at last.

        3. Laughter and especially mockery are the best weapons against the SJWs. Plus it’s so easy.

        4. I once know a girl that could suck start a moped . . heh . . (people who’ve worked in muffler shops get that one)

        5. Feminists do have their own humor. They don’t laugh out loud like normal humans but they sadistically shudder with orgasm when seeing a man get hurt. Their laughing sound is like a banshee howl crossed with one of those echoing coffee can sounding farts that no normal feminine female can do.
          Feminists have an inner gleeful humor when they see a man strung up by the balls. It may seem like a perverse humor to others but to them it is their own personal humor. I’ll find clips of what I mean by the ‘feminist laugh’ when I find them. It’s kind of like a cross between an ogre’s grunt and a witch’s cackle and the squealing sound of rabbits being slaughtered.
          Feminists have contempt for the weak men but they snap out of their feminist mindset whenever a powerful alpha is in their near vicinity. It’s the emasculated weaklings they love to celebrate destroying. It is the weaker betas, the men who don’t swing back or fight back while being toarched that the feminists truly want to burn at the stake and equalize themselves with.
          When a man cries with tears in family court for example, the real feminists go into a frenzy, including the bitch magistrates and all, and they stomp harder like the intro to ”we will rock you”, as they just barely come short of actually chanting ”kill the emasculated man”. That’s what they’re really about. They’re triggered by emasculinity. Court feminist whack jobs are the worst. They’re famous for losing their composure while being filled with extacy and with their own sadastic inner humor while pilfering a mans property and life.
          But when a man being persecuted doesn’t cry uncle and doesn’t acquiesce, when he fights like an alpha man, when he turns into king kong and throws chairs and does a popeye with the judges desk and begins throwing people out windows, then even the fat magenta haired casa workers get tingles and start throwing each other aside to get rolled by the wild bear.
          I once saw a lady cop jump in and try to wrestle a pissed off dad in a custody dispute. She sat on top of him and appeared to do a pantomime of riding him. She never drew her weapon but she just continued bouncy riding him. She didn’t want to admit it but people were watching, and me being a spectator and someone who can read people, I could tell she loved the alpha energy coming out of the guy’s pores.
          He still won his case and the judge was disqualified and the lady, er, bitch cop just sat there afterwards breathing hard like she’d been to the stars and back. I’m sure she org’d in her own bitch cop way, and since the guy had money and was aggressive, he wrung out a few wannabee ‘elite’ yokel parasites from that small town.
          I was in there paying my property taxes but I’ll never forget that scene spilling out of the adjacent courtroom door. It didn’t even make it into the local fishwrap paper. Anything embarrassing to or revealing of the petty elite tyrant structure ever gets covered in the paper.

        6. I don’t know if I would call this humor. Shaddenfruede has its roots somewhere else.
          All so true though. What sad and pathetic creatures

      2. It is ridiculous, especially with the celebrity gossip. If I saw that here I imagine we would get bored. I cannot stand most of the sites, even for a laugh.
        The Mason Jar joke is hilarious. 😀

      3. Being satire you can still advertize Snuggle, KFC, Michelob and Chevy. Conspiracy sites like Coast to Coast and shows like X Files that utilize TMB (truth mixed in with bull) will throw off and neutralize an outright attack when they do a real expose where they actually name fingers and point names. Even the censors enjoy a good satirical read once in a while. You can get away with saying a lot more when you butter it with satire or humor. Everything slides better with butter. You sift the truth from the bull, but it’s all stuff that’s never mentioned or is sanitized and sugar coated by the MSM. Nuggets and caches of truth are found by those who are accustomed to the wrapping. You eat what’s inside the novel wrapping. You don’t eat the box. ROK can and I believe does use satire once in a while to throw the idiots and sjw censors a bone.

      4. They always try to repackage all the degeneracy and shit in their lives as some form of female empowerment. Articles with titles like ‘Why I choose not to wear a bra’ or ‘Why I don’t know how to cook’ and other garbage.

      5. Im pretty sure this is the guy who would critique children’s drawings back in the wild west days of the net- if so, his site was my fave

  8. The awful truth is that the only people free to say any damn thing they want to say are the ones in control of standing armies and police forces.
    I dare say no such people post on ROK.

  9. Ive been beaten and sued, so I probably exercised it! Great video. Roosh has carisma enough to make more videos instead of writing.

  10. The Manoshpere needs to start Networking amongst itself. The Leftists have achieved Networking with themselves , so Networking should be achieved within the Manoshpere. Example, Redpill Guy gets doxed for His opinions and his boss hears about it through a crazy leftist feminist, the Redpill guy gets fired, however the Manosphere is able to find that Man a job very quickly with a Like minded Redpill employer. Look at how the Left took care of Bill Ayers, the Left took care of their own. The Manosphere can provide networking needed to help Redpill Men who get fired for expressing their oppinions, by providing work through a Redpill Employer who is willing to help a fellow Redpiller out in troubled times, within the Manoshpere Network.

  11. Quite a powerful shift has taken place across western societies when coming out as a biological male pretending to be a female that likes to play tunnels and trains and aids roulette with other degenerate men is considered wise, brave and empowering. But a man with the best intentions of his family and countrymen at heart questioning the outcomes of mass immigration is a nazi-racist-bigot-anti semite-supremacist that must be destroyed.

    1. a biological male pretending to be a female…
      Like this guy.

      I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The content or the fact that this video has more than 4000 likes.

  12. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”
    – Voltaire

  13. “To learn who rules over you, simply find who you are not allowed to criticize”

  14. Many of us can’t afford to exercise our free speech *publicly* using our real identities, but we certainly do when we have a firewall, such as burner accounts, and commenting on public forums.
    And the concept of “resilience” i.e. protected income sources, should be one goal for all men to realize. Mike Cernovich also discusses this concept as “antifragile”.
    Here is one story to give us hope:
    A judge threw out Kesha’s lawsuit against her producer. She was claiming crimes against humanity for his put-downs about her weight. (Oh and “rape”)

  15. “4 Things I Learned…”
    “6 Signs You’re..”
    “13 Unorthodox Ways To …”
    “How To Deal With..”
    “How To Take ..”
    “4 Things I Learned About..”
    “6 Reasons Why You…”
    “4 Effective …”
    This seems typical writing techniques to attract dumb readers. And intrusive advertising. It seems a magazine of young girls:)

  16. I’m sick of hearing about this fear of losing your job for exercising free speech. It’s just so wrong, two separate things, the ability to carry out a task and holding an opinion. Only in cases where there is a direct conflict between the opinion and the task should there be a risk of losing your job. Surely some employers must be red-pillers themselves.. It’s like employers are all uniformly in sync with the left. It is not unimaginable that there might one day be more of a split where employers will stick up for their employees in these situations and not always cower in fear of some perceived sjw imperative..

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