Western Culture Is Dead

Western culture is dead. It is a poison in the slow drip IV attached to us from birth. We have all the comforts we could ever ask for; what else is there left to do?


Everyone I’ve talked to in the past week has had nothing more important on their tongues than Miley Cyrus’ ‘performance’ at the VMAs. On the surface it seems overtly sexual. She awkwardly dances, constantly sticks her tongue out, twerks, frames her genitals etc. Everything is so blatant in its meaning, yet lacks the fluidity and sensuality of a sincerely arousing performance.

I’ve heard people claim she is just a knock off of Lady Gaga, who is a knockoff of Madonna. People defend her and praise her confidence for being true to herself. Young girls idolize these actions and hope they can one day amount to absolutely nothing leeching off of others for subsistence. They want to live a life doing what they want, but don’t want to accept the fact that life is pointless if you do not have drive to do anything of value.

We are attached to our smartphones, laptop screens, TVs. Technology at every turn. We have become incapable of critical thinking and instead reach for Google, or even a calculator for the most basic of questions. There was once an American Dream where hard work, perseverance, and intelligence was rewarded with opportunity and a chance to leave a legacy.

culture 6

Everyone has had their 15 minutes, and soon enough everyone from sterilized and effeminate hip-hop artists to wage slaves will awake in a sweat from the American dream and will realize they have not accomplished anything except a marketable, politically correct image.

Sex sells more than ever. Farrah Abraham of teen mom fame whored herself out for attention. Her child will grow up to see their mother getting fucked hard in the ass and gagging on a strange mans above-average cock. Her child will read how she claimed it was the best day of the actors life getting to fuck her. Her child will look upon the wrinkled and empty face of their mother and realize they were the best thing to ever happen to her. Not because she was a proud mother, but because she was able to skyrocket her social relevance and provide fleeting material wealth.

culture 5

Social networking leaves us depressed and questioning our life choices, student debt makes people realize a university is just another business, ‘performances’ on the TV leave us disgusted and wanting more. We want more to hate and more to consume, but never want to give anything back.

Men are taught from birth that their nature is wrong, that they are supposed to fawn over women and sacrifice their lifeblood to please her for the hopes of a piece of pussy.

culture 1.5

Our food is an amalgamation of everything pleasurable. Our social life is instant gratification on a computer screen. Our connectedness to our peers comes from watching ‘real’ people do ‘real’ things on TV. Our life is spent in front of screens wishing and hoping that something would give purpose to our lives. Because of this we create a hollow identity to gain the approval of others.

The West’s societal identity has been replaced by narcissism, materialism, and blind uniformity. Even this piece is a tired cliche.

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109 thoughts on “Western Culture Is Dead”

  1. Western culture is practically dead but you can still go out and find plenty of like-minded people. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts and prepare for the inevitable.

    1. The culture isn’t dead. One thing I’ve learned is to not just read the propaganda that is posing as an article. Read the comments. That gives me hope. People are fed up.
      The MSM and their power is an illusion. All those years of trying to brainwash people and it was a wasted effort. They failed miserably. If I was a propagandist and I read what people comment on my articles, I’d have a bleeding ulcer by now.

      1. Most people do not think like you and I. They’re happy as slaves and will fight anyone to tries to show them the truth of their servitude.
        The lines of people waiting outside in bad weather to buy the latest techno-gadget garbage every Black Friday is a testament to the government-corporate-media-industrial complex’s continued success. The throngs of people who fight each other over which candidate to vote for each election season without realizing both parties are identical except for window dressing is another testament to their success. So is their ability to start wars on false pretenses like WMDs, which is being used again as a pretext to bomb Syria.
        We are fed up, but we’re vastly outnumbered by the minions and idiots.

        1. You don’t know what people think. I used to think that the vast majority were nothing but “sheeple”. I don’t think so anymore.
          You are going off of what you notice, like long lines at the mall, (s)elections, etc.
          But what is it that you don’t notice? You don’t see the people that choose not to go buy the latest gizmo, or that say “screw the (s)elections I’m going hunting” or whatever they like to do, or babble endlessly about what some retarded “entertainer” does, etc.
          You have to read what people say. Ask them. Listen to them.
          I personally believe that the MSM will willingly take a financial hit in order to sustain the illusion of power that they have. Same with the government. Power is the goal, not money. They just use money to get power.
          But you’re right, some people are born slaves and they will die as slaves. We’re not responsible for them. I personally don’t care what happens to them. I’m responsible for one person, me. If we are in power, they are our slaves. If the PTB are in power, they are their slaves. But we’re not slaves of anyone.

        2. I people weren’t largely brain dead, ignorant, well indoctrinated sheeple, they wouldn’t so willingly elect representatives that are nothing but.
          100+ years of near universal, publicly funded progressive indoctrination has had it’s desired, and inevitable effect: Producing a society of subservient trash. Utterly useless for anything but target practice.

  2. How many times did you use the word “we”?
    I’m not responsible for any of this. Are you?
    And who do you hang around with that can only talk about a 4th rate no-talent skank?
    Either do your own thing, or don’t. Just keep your “we” to yourself.

    1. Either make sure “your own thing” is what the oppressors with the big guns want you to do, or be arrested, tried, fined, harassed etc…..

      1. They have bigger fish to fry than little ol’ me. I’m just a little minnow. A nobody. I’m the biggest beta/omega/whatever latin letter you want to assign to me as a loser. I don’t care.

        1. The thing about parasitic leeches, is that they consume more and more, yet produce nothing. So, eventually they’ll need to gobble up you as well; even if only after they’ve gobbled up all the bigger fish. Niemoeller’s “first they came for the……..” comes to mind.

  3. It’s funny that this piece came up today. When I got out of bed, I said to myself, I am living in hell. Hell being America and Western Civilization in its current state.
    I am surrounded by people who will not or cannot see that the society they’re living in is on fire all around them. They still buy into the fantasies of a better tomorrow pushed by the corporate message makers and their whores in the media.
    Trickle up poverty is happening throughout the workforce. Previously good careers have been slowly turned into just another Joe (or Jane) job due to the overabundance of worthless diplomas from the education bubble we’ve all witnessed inflating over the last 20 years. And, let’s not forget the greed machine known as corporate America. These corporate directorships would sell their own mother’s soul for an extra 10 cents. So, there is no such thing as a “good” job in many fields now, salaries are stagnant, and job security is nil.
    The monetary system has been gamed and rigged and inflated and deflated to the point it’s about to break. The brick that societies are built with – strong families – has been crushed. Freedom has become nothing more than creative sloganeering by politicians who, like the Indian Chiefs once did, are selling their own people out for a quick payoff.
    And yet, if you mention any of this to people, they want to lash out at you. It seems, living in a narcotized fantasy is preferable to seeing the reality to them. Society as it stands is a true testament to the success of the PR flacks, dirty politicians, and corporate slavemasters – they’ve truly probed the depths of the plasticity of the human mind. As Huxley said, if you can get people to love their servitude, they will consent to the present state of affairs.
    All of this makes many man very mercenary. The dictionary defines mercenary as “Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain.” That’s pretty much where I stand. The only reason I am still here is to take as much money as I can out of a system set up to make me a slave – and then use it to build a better life somewhere else.
    I’m getting tired of waking up in hell. Aren’t you?

    1. america is far from ideal. i have no plans to continue living here long-term, and am actively taking steps to blow this popsicle stand. I dont think anything you listed was a good development. but hell on earth? talk about melodrama. I remember some author here on RoK talking about how feminism is just a bunch of women who have never faced any problems throughout their lives and so they make them up. if i didnt know better i would say the same for you, just by the way you phrase it.
      the fact that so many people agree with this assessment is a little depressing. are we really just a bunch of spoiled kids with nothing better to complain about than not being able to participate in the consumer culture we claim to hate because of ‘stagnant wages’? at least i could buy food this morning. Im not saying thats all we should aspire to, but it does mean ‘hell on earth’ is far, far away.

      1. The “Hell” part has nothing to do with not being able to participate in consumer culture. Rather, it’s due to not being allowed not to participate in consumer culture. Even if you never bought a thing, you’re participating, involuntarily, by being robbed of whet you create, so that someone else gets to trade his/her vote in exchange for the ability to participate in consumer culture.
        People in North Korea can buy food in the morning as well. Heck, the inhabitants of Auschwitz got it (small rations, not the greatest quality, but food nonetheless) handed to them for free.
        OTOH, if you’re sick, you cannot buy medicine in the morning; unless you pay tribute to the tax feeders and regulation riders. Sufficient tribute, in fact, that you may end up dead instead, from not being able to afford it. You cannot buy the kind of food you want, unless you’re happy with what they decide you “need.” You cannot protect the food you just bought, since that would require you to be sufficiently armed not to be all that convenient to enslave anymore. You cannot even buy the food you want, despite being willing to pay what the one making it is charging for it, unless you in addition pay tribute to the oppressors.
        Come to think of it, even in Hell, the inhabitants can buy food in the morning. Otherwise there would be no inhabitants left, due to starvation. But I bet you the place is still pretty sucky. Kind of like America anno now.

      2. It sounds as though you’re one of those people I spoke of who loves their servitude. That’s fine, lots of people do. It seems you equate material well being and being able to buy lots of useless crap from a Big Box store with having a good life. Lots of men don’t.
        If being able to merely buy food makes you happy then more power to you. If working harder for less money satisfies you while your Masters take home enough money (that you helped them earn) to last multiple lifetimes (i.e. stagnant wages) that is also fine.
        If living under the thumb of a growing Police State that controls more and more of your life every day and uses its IRS to rob you blind isn’t hell to you, that’s also fine.
        But I’d hardly call protesting being controlled and brainwashed from cradle to grave being a “spoiled kid.”
        It sounds as though you don’t take many of the issues the manosphere speaks of very seriously, since you equate it with “a bunch of women who have never faced any problems throughout their lives and so they make them up.”
        I don’t see being diminished as a man and as a human being a made-up problem. I also don’t see the collapse of society’s institutions as a made-up problem. Maybe you do.

        1. i was going to earlier, but then i had a panic attack when i realized id have to pay 12 cents tax on a can of coke.
          truly, my overlords are fleecing me for all im worth. welcome to hell on earth.

        2. You’re still buying sugary sodas? Why aren’t you drinking $500 bottles of wine? Oh, that’s right.
          I thought you were able to buy food this morning? (As someone else mentioned, so were people in North Korea.)

        3. if i still buy sugary sodas, its only because i have been debased and diminished as a man and a human.
          liberate me

        4. if i still buy sugary sodas, its only because i have been debased and diminished as a man and a human.
          liberate me

        5. Then why do you “have no plans to continue living here long-term” and you’re “actively taking steps to blow this popsicle stand”? Why would you leave when you can afford food and material possessions?

      3. OK, use of dramatic flair aside…
        Take a longer-term perspective on the issue. Laborers in the 50s, 60s, and 70s were guaranteed near-free health care, yearly wage increases, paid time off, and set schedules among many other things. All you had to do was show up to work, essentially. Even strippers were unionized. College was also free or extremely cheap — and if you had decent test scores putting money down was very very unlikely.
        I won’t go into changes in the social and moral orders. That has been documented quite often on this website.
        Today all of that is gone. If you’re older and remember better days, or have a shitty set of circumstances, or born poor, etc. the circumstances of today’s economic/social climate can become stultifying and grinding very quickly. I would rather listen to some hillbilly Reverend blather on about eternal damnation than hear one more person mention Miley Cyrus and twerking. I’d rather give self-employment and scams and schemes a shot than be stuck in some stupid wage-labor job with a bunch of certified morons (and that goes from McDonalds all the way up to the big corporate law firm — I’ll be non-discriminatory when it comes to class level).
        Self-employed? Be prepared to pay taxes anywhere from 25%-40%, and then possibly more if you live in a state where the property tax code and local/state taxes suck. Got a W-2? You get a huge tax break, but you’re still stuck working to enrich a corporate entity with one or more jackasses at the top. Incorporate yourself? You can, but you’re running a risk of the aforementioned moral hazard of taking advantage of others OR you will have the government breathe down your neck to see what the hell kind of business has one or three employees.
        In other words, the levels of control seem to be increasing more and more. I don’t think it is hell on Earth yet, but I can see how we might get there, fast.

      4. “are we really just a bunch of spoiled kids with nothing better to complain about than not being able to participate in the consumer culture we claim to hate because of ‘stagnant wages’?”
        Speak for yourself. I make good money, and find so many consumer goods unpalatable that I’ve been killing off my student debts aggressively instead (and have no auto debt because luxury cars are a rip-off).
        If things keep going as they are now, I’ll die very rich and VERY bored.
        I’m not at all a materialist, and agree with this article: most substantive non-consumer pursuits are now either illegal or wrapped in so much red tape you’d prefer a root canal.

    2. panem et circenses.
      It’s what kept Rome running, it’s what keeps our fucked society running.
      We like to believe we’re oh soo advanced and mighty with our technology and cool gadgets, but it’s all the same shit since thousands of years.
      Some people use the system to their advantage, and the sheep won’t cause a fuss as long as there’s food on the table and stupid games to watch.

      1. Even more insidiously, the sheeple don’t even seem to care that they knowingly are being oppressed, robbed and harassed; just as long as The Man on TV says that there are others who being treated even worse. “Yes, Massa Gommiment, you can rape me all you want, as long as you rape ‘the rich’, ‘the illegals’ and ‘the gun nuts’ even harder.”

        1. Most people are sheep few are leaders. If everyone is a leader-type. How can anything be done?

        2. Nothing per se, as long as you don’t get suckered into supporting government scum simply because they say they hate them, too. After all, illegals are irrelevant as far as problems go, while government is the root, trunk and branches of every problem there is. get rid of those guys, and things will work themselves out just fine.

        3. “After all, illegals are irrelevant as far as problems go”
          They’re probably the biggest problem in America.

        4. Take away government, and “illegals” aren’t even definable. America’s current problems run much, much deeper than that.

        5. Take away government, and “illegals” aren’t even definable. America’s current problems run much, much deeper than that.

        6. …..I didn’t know libertardians were THIS retarded.
          Listen, jackass, no country worth it’s salt lets people in en masse when they have lower IQ, are unwilling to integrate and reproduce much faster than the local population.

        7. Last time I saw the main comment there were 100 thumbs up. I made it 101. Because clearly people like us really hated the dogs people in western society are.
          Mindless, stupid, fat, and ugly materialistic sick weak jackasses who are basically drones for their former demon masters…
          And I blame this Western culture which is sexist, racist, and mindless… I bet the demons will gladly bring most people to hell.

    3. Like your term “men mercenaries”….sounds alot like the MGTOW.
      Bread and Circuses aka pro sports and MTV
      Police State ? Example is sobriety check points. Not about public safety but $$$ fines and the court system..

    4. I agree with everything you say, except the “Hell” part. America is not Hell on Earth. Not even close. Go to Kunar province of Afghanistan and make a life or better yet the Republic of Congo for a little while, see how Hell America looks then. Again, I agree with everything else you say. America isn’t Hell but it could be a whole heck of a lot better if a few more people cared about where they live and what they’re leaving behind.

      1. I used it as an exaggeration for purposes dramatizing what I was saying. It’s a relative term.
        Sure, there are worse places to be. But it’s pretty close to hell if you compare it to the lofty ideals our forefathers fought and died for. Everything the country was supposed to stand for has already or is now disappearing like quicksand under our feet.
        And, it’s only going to get worse. If you’re a White male, can’t you feel that target on your back?

  4. “They want to live a life doing what they want, but don’t want to accept the fact that life is pointless if you do not have drive to do anything of value.”
    That right there sums up the entirety of why women, in general, are useless.

    1. Except for that honey pot between their legs, yes, they are pretty much worthless.

  5. I think, ultimately, it’s all a big shit test. This is where the the idea of fear/appeasement of ‘the mob’ in classic literature gets its’ weight- there is really no new thing under the sun. The Romans had the Coliseum, we have Facebook and the VMA’s. For those of us who are outliers at some level but still don’t live in an ivory tower, we get to see the worst and dullest among us identify themselves, and we can run screaming the other way where appropriate. Maybe it’s social Darwinism, but having no standards and being willing to wait in line for a dopamine trickle in exchange for the pleasure of spending scarce resources on something you already have… well, when I see that, I know what I’m in for, and better the devil you know…

  6. I think you are just scratching the surface with this article. I think the west had been in decline since 1918.
    Consider, for instance, how little great art or literature was produced in the 20th century.
    Your article describes the symptoms, not the disease, IMO.

    1. If it wasn’t for decline setting in even earlier, there would have been no War of Northern Aggression.

      1. And by decline, you mean the actual enslavement of a group of people to prop up business interests, right?

        1. Decline as in sufficient subordination to some government, to allow them to pillage people enough to afford an army capable of waging war against half of their original population.
          Enslaving a group of people is bad. Government is infinitely worse, as it entails enslaving every group of people, including those nominally on top.

    2. i think i can solve this quandary quite easily. art never comes from happiness, and since the 20th century has dramatically improved living standards all across the western world, there are a lot fewer ‘tortured souls’ that need artistic expression as an outlet for their frustrations.
      and remember kids, a content populace will never strive to work hard. human nature compels us to work as much as we`re required to but not even a shade more. path of least resistance, all that.

  7. The Ancient Greeks believed that in their distant past, men were 10 feet tall and built massive stone temples with their bare hands, but that mankind became weak and degenerate over the ages. That was over 3,000 years ago. None of this caterwauling is new.

    1. Because the Greeks were wrong about them being descendants of giants it means that anyone criticizing modern trends, no matter how justified, must ALWAYS be wrong.
      You flaming faggot.

      1. Hey I am so offended you have really upset me, please Mr Mean Internet Man, please please stop

      2. Also I didn’t say the above article was wrong in any way, just that complaining about the best days being behind civilization is nothing new.

  8. “The West’s societal identity has been replaced by narcissism, materialism, and blind uniformity.”
    Careful … you peer to deep into the Truth, it will peer back at you.

    1. Please don’t! Unless you make darned sure the oppressors cannot get their hands on any of your productive surplus; to use it harassing me….
      In oppressive dystopias like ours, everything is turned upside down. Hence, the ideal man, is someone that is more expensive to oppress, that what a would be oppressor can squeeze out of him.
      Since this is a site critical of contemporary women, look at it this way: If squeezing enough out of you, whether as child support or taxation, that the proceeds can get used to buy the vote of another single mother; you are contributing to the problem. If, on the other hand, you have nothing ever, and is so darned unruly the oppressors need to hire a bunch of goons simply to keep you from seriously hurting them, lil’ bitch will instead be left to starve to death.
      Enough guys figuring that out simultaneously, was what enabled the Somalis to finally rid themselves of their oppressors back in the nineties. And why guys in some parts of the world has never been fully enslaved. Attempting to do so, is simply not worth any would be oppressors effort.
      Become ungovernable, in other words, and noone will govern you. Or, for those still well indoctrinated enough to believe the silliness that not all government is bad government: Become unoppressable, and noone will be able to afford oppressing you.

      1. That sounds like saying, “If you’re a male lion, and you have a pride of female lions and a territory of land that produces lots of food for you, you’re going to have constant challenges for dominance from other males trying to take your shit. Don’t want those challenges? Ditch your pride and get rid of your land! If there are no females other lions can get from you, and no land they can snatch away, no one will ever mess with you!”
        Sure, not having to fight, scramble, and compete sounds nice on the surface… but it mostly leads to a much lesser life, little or no chance at reproduction, and much higher mortality rates. The hobo lion who has little control over his feeding and no ability to mate is not better off than the powerful lion with his own pride and his own land; he’s worse off. The powerful lion can fight back and defend what’s his, at least for a time; the hobo lion just atrophies and fades away and starts preying on weak humans… until he gets shot, skinned, and mounted on a wall somewhere.
        We all die eventually; but will you have done something with your life while you had the chance, or will you have been another bare branch on the human evolutionary tree, adding nothing and contributing nothing and leaving nothing behind but your bones?

        1. It’s actually closer to “You’re a male lion. You have no female lions, but the zookeeper may let you work your butt off protecting them, before “democratically electing” to have them artificially inseminated instead of letting you near them, since some expert on TV said doing so is more humane, and would garner more votes from well indoctrinated drones.” In that scenario, why bother doing the work? Why not instead entertain yourself by destroying as much as you can of the zookeeper, his family, friends and anyone else he may tangentially depend on for sustenance?

  9. “The crisis is over; we have lost. This is no longer just a prediction, it is a simple observation: Rome has been desecrated. We are in the age of darkness. Triumphalist reactions are in vain. The modern world and the Church deserve the punishment that God is raining down on us.” — The late, great John Senior

  10. The comment I will leave is related to the whole ‘being true to yourself’ thing. If you’re really being true to yourself you don’t have to do it in front of everyone else and are comfortable keeping it to yourself.

  11. I don’t really see the point of complaining if you’re not offering solutions. Let that to women. As for solutions, you can either leave the western world, or learn that as an unplugged, you can live happy even if everyone around you is brainwashed.

    1. One can always hope that many of the seeming drones, do have some vague feeling there is something wrong with them working all their lives, just so some Goldman Sachs dweeb gets to bang their wives, or some such. Perhaps if they hear the truth enough times, they may wake the heck up and stop supporting the oppressors, either directly or indirectly.

  12. Some cryonicists take a long view of things. One of my cryonicist friends says that in a thousand years, historians will probably interpret America’s military ventures into the Persian Gulf region since 1991 as just extensions of the Crusades.

    1. Nah… the Crusades were enterprises by Catholic Europeans to control and convert Muslim (or Eastern Orthodox, in the 4th crusade’s case) territory. This current spate of playing in the sandbox is completely secular.

      1. The crusades were a cynical attempt to get rid of the excess of violent knights that were plaguing the European countryside. The Pope was looking for some distraction to get these guys to expend their energy on other than raping and looting in Europe. Raping and looting in the middle east was his solution.

  13. The ending line depressed me to no end, but from the ashes of the decaying old springs the vibrant new. If we try and escape the death throes of the leviathan, might we rise above the mediocrity and aspire to more?
    If nothing else, learning about Game and approaching has taught me that.

  14. There is much to despair, but it is helpful to consider things from a different perspective.
    “Now, let me say that again, and really let it sink in – men today are happier than men were 40 years ago, and women are less happy.”
    ” In those days, the only roles which gave men any social validity at all were husband, father, and wealthy man. In order for a single man to have any social acceptance at all, he damn well better be wealthy.
    Well, fast forward 50 years and we find that men have far more freedom and flexibility than any group of men has ever had in the history of the world. They can now choose to be husbands, and/or fathers, or anything else, and the social pressure and stigma which used to force the vast majority of men into early marriage (and often early graves) and the role of a specialized beast of burden bred for the specific purpose of dragging around an emotionally and financially dependent wife and family is simply no longer there.”

  15. The screen and google thing irk the shit out of me. I run into situations all the time where I ask a question to someone who clearly should be knowledgeable in a subject and they retort with ¨Well did you try googling it?¨. This behavior has caused me to make the pledge to re-read every single book I own, some of them I never finished, before reading another one. From there I will make a list of books to read to find out more information about the subjects they cover. I have no excuses as the local library is less than a five minute walk away.
    I will say this though. We need to stop bitching about this stuff on the internet and do something about it. Did the author simply make these observations in his head or state them outright to these people? Ive noticed its typically wisdom of those who have eaten the read pill to keep shut about things like this. Fuck that. Start letting these vapid and soulless value sucking leeches know the truth to their faces. Stop cowering behind the walls of the internet and shove the red pill down their throats. If your in America the first amendment still protects you and make sure they know it.

    1. It’s not culture’s fault if you’re asked to google things, it’s common sense to try to solve your problems alone before asking for help. Especially since google usually answers you faster than you can get up and annoy someone knowledgable.

      1. Its also lazy to relay on technology to solve all your problems. We are humans and we are social creatures. As the old zen saying goes ¨When the student is ready the master appears.¨ Google is not a master nor can it think or reason. It also has no soul.
        Its also really a shame that talking about things other than sports, the weather, and how plastered a person got over the weekend is now damn near considered a crime. The west is truly lost.

  16. Let us smoke weed, train in combat sports and fuck with the status quo by exposing all of its lies and violence.

  17. If you watch Eastern European pop-you will see even more pathetic Miley-style humping.Watch Asian and you will see plenty of similar stuff. All the pop culture is dead,in fact it’s not a “culture”even.

  18. So every time writers on RoK do not know what to write about they pick the decay of Western civilization and how life abroad is so much better? There have been dozens of posts on this page alone on this topic. Better pick something more original or practical, e.g. how to make a living while living in EE/Latin America, travel experiences etc.

  19. “The West’s societal identity has been replaced by narcissism, materialism, and blind uniformity. Even this piece is a tired cliche.”
    Ironic, as the impression I gathered from the PUA movement and the ethics and aesthetics professed in this blog clique is exactly that: affirmation of endless narcissism, materialism and blind uniformity by hitting the same bars, buying the same clothes and flaunting the same alcohol dollars, iterating the same chat-up formulas, giving little or no value to women’s dignity and aggrandising men’s ego beyond what’s fair and common sense.
    Not wanting to sound polemic, but if this piece is a tired cliche, why bother writing it? And what about finding one’s unique path to relational and sexual happiness, without having to resort to multiple cold approaches in clubs and on the street? Why wouldn’t any of you try to develop his own style, without resorting to cliches and formulas?

    1. “Ironic, as the impression I gathered from the PUA movement and the ethics and aesthetics professed in this blog clique is exactly that: affirmation of endless narcissism, materialism and blind uniformity by hitting the same bars, buying the same clothes and flaunting the same alcohol dollars, iterating the same chat-up formulas, ‘giving little or no value to women’s dignity’ and aggrandising men’s ego beyond what’s fair and common sense.”
      -Lets just say that PUA’s are emulating and succeeding within a failed system. We all live to pursue our own happiness.
      “giving little or no value to women’s dignity”
      What is there to value? Let me rephrase; what is there to value that Men typically would value as in; what they would want out of a mate?
      I think what PUA’s value is exactly why they emulate society. It gets them what they want. There is no other value to be had beyond that.
      If you are speaking of mental/spiritual/material/professional value, that is what male friends/alone time is for.

      1. “Lets just say that PUA’s are emulating and succeeding within a failed system. We all live to pursue our own happiness.”
        That being exactly my point. Doesn’t it sound just a wee contradictory and hypocritical, to complain about Western culture being terminally poisoned by narcissism, materialism, and invidualism, while advocating a lifestyle that puts those negatives right on top of the flag pole?
        I am not even sure whether PUA is succeeding in a failed system, being but an expression of that system. The issue at hand is not whether PUA or game will help its adepts getting what they want (short-term sexual gratification), but that said young men wind up so jaded that they don’t – or won’t – expect anything more from their relational lives.
        I’m all for mental/spiritual/material/professional value, but it’s a sexist exaggeration, to believe that men are the only bearers of those values, and any interaction with a woman that is beyond a one-night stand will be leading to nothing useful at all.

        1. “Doesn’t it sound just a wee contradictory and hypocritical, to complain about Western culture being terminally poisoned by narcissism, materialism, and invidualism, while advocating a lifestyle that puts those negatives right on top of the flag pole?”
          No. Let me ask you, what exactly would doing the reverse stand to benefit as far as men? You know who does the opposite?
          MGTOW. They bow out all together.
          Western society is one of assimilation. If you act differently, you are shamed until you conform. You are doing it yourself and don’t even realize it.
          “I am not even sure whether PUA is succeeding in a failed system, being but an expression of that system. The issue at hand is not whether PUA or game will help its adepts getting what they want (short-term sexual gratification), but that said young men wind up so jaded that they don’t – or won’t – expect anything more from their relational lives.”
          Let’s leave that up to the individual. This may, or may not happen to them. Some are content with the decline and their existence within it. I don’t agree with allowing things to continue to spiral downward as they are, and how some aspects encourage it, but I too have exploited the system in my own way.
          “I’m all for mental/spiritual/material/professional value”,
          -In women? What for?
          “but it’s a sexist exaggeration, to believe that men are the only bearers of those values”
          -Well those are your words not mines. Made no such implication myself. Men appear to be the bearers according to women and most men like yourself depending on the situation. The whole dignity comment proves just as much.
          Its not that they don’t have those values, its that men (in general) don’t value those things in their attraction to women. They don’t. Am I wrong in my assertion?
          “and any interaction with a woman that is beyond a one-night stand will be leading to nothing useful at all.”
          -Maybe..FOR YOU. But for everyone else, this is subject to debate as you are being very general. Also, it’s hard to assume every woman can be provoked into a one night stand.
          -Because this implies that they (women in western society in general) don’t value their own minds or bodies to conduct themselves in a way to preserve the very dignity men are; I guess should hand women simply because they are women.
          This suggests that we in fact do bear values that place women in a higher regard at the expense to our own happiness.
          And you appear to prefer this kind of sexism over the kind you are protesting against. That is ultimately what it is. Sexism. Simply using a brand of sexism that women “appreciate” in their spoken words, over the kind they (claim) to not like yet lust for.
          I say, let them (women and men) decide how they want to live. I don’t understand how you can say on one hand PUA’s are hypocritical, as if they should hold themselves to be morally superior. But then say its sexist to believe men bear more values.
          As far as attraction, men and women do not attract other in the same way. They don’t. That is why guys keep getting friend zoned.

        2. “I’m all for mental/spiritual/material/professional value, but it’s a sexist exaggeration, to believe that men are the only bearers of those values”
          These values are just a complicated way to say that apart from sex, men prefer the company of their male friends. To be honest, remove sex and women are not much fun to be with, at least for a man.

        3. “Doesn’t it sound just a wee contradictory and hypocritical, to complain about Western culture being terminally poisoned by narcissism, materialism, and invidualism, while advocating a lifestyle that puts those negatives right on top of the flag pole?”
          In fact, the PUA’s and game proponents are the worst offenders. “Game” and its allied phenomena is pretty much shallow Jersey Shore frat-boy culture come to life. The gamers and PUA’s are embodying the very characteristics they decry as leading to the “decline of Western civilization.”

        4. I don’t agree completly, but even if I did, we’re not here to change the world, but to get the best out if it.

        5. Could that be that, perhaps, women aren’t “much fun to be with” because the kind of women you are targeting tend to be the dumb bar hottie or the college sophomore 10+ years younger than Ours Truly? Sex is sex, and the triggers are mainly in the physical attraction and sexual stimulation camps, granted. When it comes to a good, witty conversation or – oh such heresy! – a friendship, though, not necessarily will said hotties be up to it. And there’s always the other explanation, which I am not emphasizing not to sound unnnecessarily polemic: perhaps some of you PUA/game artists are so busy with grooming your egos and running your personal vanity fair, that you end up being too focused on banging and a lot less on establishing an intellectual/spiritual connection with the lady. Or with anyone, for that matter.

        6. You’re basically advicing me to befriend unattractive girls, and to try to establish an intellectual connection with them because you think they would be more suited to that than hotties.
          First I don’t think attractive girls are less intellectual or fun than unattractive ones, it’s something the last ones say to feel better about themselves.
          Then, what’s the point anyway? If I want great, deep friendship and intellectual/witty conversations, I have male friends who fit the role more than perfectly.

        7. No mate, I was just pointing at the fact that you might want to 1) seek deeper kind of connections with a girl, whether she’s attractive or less than, and 2) extend your targets beyond girls who immediately catch your attention for their outer beauty, for their inner beauty could be worth a look, too.
          But then you and some other fellow posters made it abundantly clear that, bar meeting this mythical “all-box-ticked-and-then-some” young lady who causes a telluric shift in your belief system, you are only interested in women as short-term sexual partners, and that’s about it.
          Your choice, as usual. I just think limiting oneself to befriending males is incredibly reductive, when not sexist if done with the kind of prejudice that PUA/game seems to support.

        8. I personally don’t limit myself to short term sexual partners but outer beauty is still a must. And time being precious, keeping only friends I spend the best time with isn’t sexism, it’s common sense.

        9. Well, what to add, good for you iof you have so many great male friends to choose from and zero, absolutely zero women worth exchanging more than bodily fluids with.

    2. 1) RoK doesn’t encourage materialism or blind uniformity.
      2) RoK targets life improvements, and in that domain a big ego is always good to have.
      “what about finding one’s unique path to relational and sexual happiness, without having to resort to multiple cold approaches in clubs and on the street? Why wouldn’t any of you try to develop his own style”
      You can’t compose a symphony before knowing music basics perfectly.

  20. Oh christ, what a bunch of whiney babies. You young guys have no fucking idea what you are talking about. The world today is fucked up, but it was worse in the 70s, the 60s, the 50s, the 40s, etc etc etc.
    They had fucking WARS back then you fucking idiots. Men killed by the millions in senseless ways.
    All the problems you complain about are simply the self-invented worries of a generation of people spoiled by the over-abundance and safety of the last 20 years or so.
    Fucking babies.

    1. Right. With nothing to fight against, people fight against themselves in a desperate bid to fulfill the primal need for struggle.

    2. What are you talking about? Western Europe has been at peace since 1945. America, on the other hand, has been in active warzones since 2001. It’s not like Vietnam-level casualties (for us, anyway — Arabs are dying at similar levels to the Vietnamese) but it would still suck to come back home with your dick blown off, right?
      Also, we have a ridiculous police state, especially if you’re brown or black. Just because you’re not landing at Normandy doesn’t mean the country doesn’t have serious fucking problems.

  21. Okay, I’m going to bring the big guy into this conversation:
    Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and
    destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw
    thyself. 1 Timothy 6:5
    For I was envious at the foolish,
    when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. Psalms 73:3
    They are not in trouble as other
    men; neither are they plagued like other men. Psalms 73:5
    Therefore pride compasseth them
    about as a chain; violence covereth them as a garment. Psalms 73:6
    Their eyes stand out with fatness:
    they have more than heart could wish. Psalms 73:7
    They are corrupt, and speak wickedly
    concerning oppression: they speak loftily. Psalms 73:8
    They set their mouth against the
    heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth. Psalms 73:9
    And they say, How doth God know? and
    is there knowledge in the most High? Psalms 73:11
    Behold, these are the ungodly, who
    prosper in the world; they increase in riches. Psalms 73:12
    For all the day long have I been
    plagued, and chastened every morning. Psalms 73:14
    If I say, I will speak thus; behold,
    I should offend against the generation of thy children. Psalms 73:15
    When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me; Psalms 73:16
    Until I went into the sanctuary of God; then understood I their end. Psalms 73:17
    How are they brought into desolation, as in a moment! they are utterly consumed with
    terrors. Psalms 73:19
    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge:
    but fools despise wisdom and instruction.Proverbs 1:7
    Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; Proverbs 1:24
    but ye have set at nought all my counsel,
    and would none of my reproof: Proverbs 1:25
    I also will laugh at your calamity;
    I will mock when your fear cometh; Proverbs 1:26
    when your fear cometh as desolation,
    and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind;
    when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Proverbs 1:27
    Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer;
    they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: Proverbs 1:28
    for that they hated knowledge,
    and did not choose the fear of the Lord: Proverbs 1:29
    The Shit will Hit the Fan soon Boys be Ye prepared….

      1. Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness,
        and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your soul. James 1:21
        Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord,
        and not a God afar off? Jeremiah 23:23
        And the burden of the Lord shall ye mention no more: for every man’s word
        shall be his burden; for ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the Lord of hosts our God. Jeremiah 23:36

  22. western Culture isn’t dead, it’s just primarily on the internet and in the fringes of society that no one is even aware of because they choose not to look. You aren’t going to find culture in wall-mart or gamestop. There’s some cool stuff going down in Los Angeles that will never be reported, cause it’s not profitable, at least not yet. What Miley Cyrus does or the millions that follow her are irrelevant because they will never have an impact on society that will be remembered. There will never be a day that stupid shit isn’t televised. I’m pretty sure people 50 years ago were saying the same thing. It’s like trying to figure out why flies are attracted to shit.

  23. What exactly is the point of this article? Besides complaining I mean…
    A call to action? A plea for help?
    These articles are extremely easy to write and can be found across all genres. find something you don’t like, talk about how things were better in “the good old days”, complain about how kids nowadays don’t get it and how the gates will be stormed by barbarians in short order.
    These types of articles appeal to pessimistic people who want someone or something to blame for WHAT THEY THINK is the unacceptable outcome that they call their lives.
    Society and culture are changing and will continue to change whether you like it or not. Instead of lamenting the past, why not offer guidance to the modern man on how to best take advantage of PRESENT DAY conditions to achieve a better outcome for their lives?

  24. You conservative americans are funny. You refuse to see that what you hate the most in your own culture (the dissolution of cultural values, and hence of meaning), is a direct consequence of what you love the most (freedom, individualism, hard power, and liberal capitalism). The ”credit” capitalism you started in the 80s was a direct consequence of the globalization of hard liberal capitalism, and of hard power military and monetary politics. Credit was the only way for the american lifestyle to sustain in a global market, and this was made possible by hard power who made the world believe that america cannot ever fail.
    But culture in a free country is what people do, and what people do is only possible with money. When money does not refer anymore to anything that have roots in reality, then culture loses its meaning. Literally anything awful or junk can give some cash, because there is no penalty from outside, no penalty from long term judgment, no one who says: ” oh oh guys, you are too decadent I do not believe in what you do anymore, I do not believe in you story telling anymore, you sucks, no more cash !!”.
    You believe that the decadence of cultural values is the cause of america’s power decline. That is not my point of view. My point of view is that the converse is true: decadence is a consequence of america’s power, because power always relieve from the discomfort of struggling with reality. That is why empires do never last.

  25. All of this is happening for a reason. Have an open mind before you label me as a ‘conspiracy guy’. This comes from years and years of research….The New World Order agenda is alive and well. We live in an America led by a setonic cult. Look up Bohemian Grove, the Rothchilds, the frankfurt school, Rockerfeller foundation, zionist, the kabala, the talmud. Pretty much us gentiles are considered ‘goym’ or cattle to these people. They run the banks, medicine, entertainment industry.
    Our minds and bodies are literally being poisoned for a reason. For us humans to be driven down to our most basic instincts and then controlled or killed off. For a great resource– http://www.savethemales.com THERE IS ABSOLUTE PURE EVIL IN THIS WORLD. The good news is there is also absolute pure good, and he is much stronger.

  26. Big on complaints – offers no alternatives.
    Whine whine, fucking whine. Tired of hearing it, If you hate it so much, either leave or change it. But please, dont sit on your fucking arse, contributing to the shitness of this culture by meaningless whining. Do something other than writing a pointless whiny article. Offer some alternatives. If our culture is dead its because of people like you, who rather than sit around thinking critically, as you moaned about, sit around and whine, as you did.
    You might want to take some of your own advice and do some critical thinking of your own before I have to read another of these fucking whiny blogs.
    A generation of whiny fuckers, sitting around doing nothing is whats destroying this culture. A generation of cunts who whine about capitalism, whilst chugging as much money as they can at the bastards, via their taxes, bills, internet, etc.
    Rupert Murdoch pisses himself at people like you. Keep feeding the very system you’re whining about and shut the fuck up like every other sheep. Or change it. Your choice.

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