4 Red Pill Lessons From The Movie “The Bachelors”

The movie sounds interesting, but oneitis is used to describe attachment with living women. Using that term for a dead wife comes across as heartless/callous.

I went to the movie The Bachelors a few days ago. This is a nice drama, released last year, about a widow father and his son. The father transfers his teaching job to a new private school which his son also attends after he fails to stop mourning for his late wife. Both father and son find love, and healing.

So far this sounds like another chick flick. I took a girl I was dating to this, and I have to say I was surprised. The acting is good, and the plot is (almost) believable. What I found more interesting is the amount of red-pill lessons incorporated in the movie.

Lesson 1: You need to move on from a completed relationship

JK Simmons is the grieving father Bill Palet. He shows what happens if you can’t move on after your wife dies. His late wife, who got cancer and died within two months of diagnosis, dominates almost every aspect of his life. Romantic as that sounds, we are seeing serious oneitis, which as his kid shouts at him near the end, makes him want to “not live anymore.”

Note the fragility of Simmon’s character. That is what Onities will do to you

We at the manosphere stress the danger of oneitis. This film shows that romantic as it is, pining for an unreachable woman (dead in this case), might actually kill you and harm your family. I’m not saying that we should avoid love or not grieve if it is over, but as Harold Perrineau, who does a good job of playing his psychiatrist, points out, you need to move on.

Lesson 2: Alpha gets sex, beta gets friend zone

The lovely Odeia Rush (Israeli pride, on my part) portrays the “complicated yet hot” classmate, which the son is after. The girl character cuts herself, is in a home which her mom and dad constantly fight, and fucks another classmate (the one who treats her like a sexual object and has no “feelings”for her).

Of course she has issues, but that doesn’t stop her from hanging out with the beta, avoiding kissing him on pretenses that “she likes him to much,” and continuing to binge drink and fuck the alpha.

I love you so much that I don’t want to fuck you. I’ll do that with the alpha guy. You’ll get only a kiss in the end

My date failed to realize that this behavior is more common than is portrayed in the movie.

Lesson 3: Females will push you, because they “love” you

At a dinner party, the French teacher who pines for JK Simmons character, gives him a hard time. Shit testing means that she has feelings for you.

Delpy does not play the “strong independent women”, but an actual women looking for love

My date was very enthusiastic about this. She claimed that it is one of the way women show love. I prefer a more direct approach. A woman standing her ground, while still being with you means she has feelings for you. She would probably want you to stand your ground as a test of your strength and then move to woo her.

The funny thing is that this character later undresses at Simmons’s house and has sex with him. For me that was sci-fi, as there was NO escalation, and no mention of sex. But mainstream movies can’t be all red pill, can they?

Lesson 4: Do your own thing, and the women will come

Simmon’s character is able to attract the teacher because he is actually not into her. He has his own concerns. This makes him an accidental alpha, with beta on the side. We can totally relate as to why he became (unwillingly) attractive. The problem was that he was consumed in his oneitis almost until the very end. For me it was funny how you can have oneitis and still get a new girl

Wiggins’s character starts by being an almost omega male. Virtually no friends, the bottom of the social hierarchy and zero willingness to engage in self improvement. By working on his athletic abilities he is able to (spoiler alert) win a race, which translates to winning the girl and making his father proud. By improving yourself, one gains self esteem and gets to move up the hierarchy.

This a good movie to take girls to since it maintains a red pill perspective. If it is still showing, or your prospect wants to catch a movie at home, it is a good choice.

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47 thoughts on “4 Red Pill Lessons From The Movie “The Bachelors””

  1. Pure alpha is seldom the way to go for LTR. It might get you the hot ones up front, but things will fall apart in the end. You have to occasionally show a “softer” side in a real relationship. I think women find the switching between the two modalities fascinating and attractive…e.g. loving and caring around children, but then turn around and act like the captain of the ship when she fails to measure up to expectations.

    1. True. never make her very comfortable in your presence all the time. women need guidance, even the ” independent ” one….that’s why it’s better to reward her with kindness when she is acting right not giving it freely. she will lose interest/ respect to you and eventually cheat.
      Also act like she is not the only person that you really care about…..that one is VERY important.

    2. *Vader:
      I am a quintessential Alpha 1.0 (if you understand this concept of 1.0 vs 2.0, with the 1.0 being more inclined towards LTR relationships vs 2.0 inclined towards ONS?quick hook-ups) and I can tell you that to maintain health LTRs, a man must use the push-and-pull strategy as you describe. Dread game is a MUST when she begins to fall out of line or when you unconsciously begin to lose frame and need to restore balance and control.
      Having been married 12 years before becoming widowed, I can tell you that being also naturally spontaneous and unpredictable is also very helpful. I was fortunate to have these “qualities” naturally, but my wife enjoyed greatly my gentle and soft touch to her face and caress her hair and then make passionate love to her to grabbing her hair and slapping her asschecks red and pound her as if the world as about to end the next day. She absolutely loved it. That alone was a huge turn on for her.
      Simply put: variation + unpredictability are cornerstones of healthy relationships with an LTR woman.
      It is well-established Game strategy that a man must have focus outside his woman to maintain her interest. Making her the center of your life is a sure-fire way to lose and vanquish any attraction she has for you.
      The core of the problem is the loss of belief in a greater power, belief in a higher purpose. In the past, when Western civilization was sane and centered in Christian tradition, there was a simple order to life, one that made sense.
      From most important to least: God –> Man (self) –> Woman.
      In this structure, man was subservient to God and woman was subservient to man, just as described and explained in New Testament part of The Bible. God was a man’s “other woman” and a man’s woman knew she was not the center of the man’s life. This was NATURAL.
      Once God was removed from the equation, man began to make woman the center of his life. This is why men have allowed crap like Western radical Feminism to flourish. In the past, man would never accept such an ideology (Feminism) that makes the woman a man’s imperative.
      This is the core of this problem. If men re-focused themselves to either God or himself, the woman loses quite a bit of control and power in a man’s life. Making God the focus, makes it impossible for the woman to claim a man is selfish, because man serves God.
      There is a power and strength in serving a greater purpose in life. 🙂

  2. Do your own thing. That’s a really good motto… when taken in the right context. And no, any beta reading, this isn’t endorsing masturbation.
    Women are easily impressed, this is largely because they’re useless. Half of them can’t even throw a ball… and you wonder why they all like the quater-back.
    So yeah, work them skills. aka Do your own thing.

    1. True. because its their nature. no matter how rights they have, they will always be at the same level. and they expect it from the man to have his OWN drive in life.
      that’s why the betas are not interesting if they make relationships/ sex as a primary goal in their lives….rather than a part of something even greater you can achieve for yourself.

    2. Asdasda:
      “Doing your own thing’ is also a form of Amused Mastery, in some ways. Your woman is simply cute, she is fun to have around, but she is nothing more than a little girl that amuses you. You have much greater purposes in life, you are simply not so impressed by her, she sturdy stories about her friends, etc.
      If you are not familiar with the Amused Mastery concept, I encourage you do some reading on the subject matter, because it is very helpful Game concept/strategy. 🙂
      Theoretical: https://therationalmale.com/2012/09/14/amused-mastery/
      Practical: https://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-42283.html
      In practical guide, look under “Amused Mastery” and you shall be enlightened. Everything she does or says is cute. No reason to make such a girl the focus of your life. (Notice I call them “girls” not “women”, as they are not to be taken too seriously). 🙂
      To make the woman NOT the focus and center of your life is critical. I just posted above that once you remove God from the equation of life, as understood for thousands of years, you fall out of balance.
      (See my post above ^^^ and it will make sense.)
      I have been reading RoK for years and they encourage men to have hobbies while developing themselves. Make these hobbies a greater focus then your woman. Make your gym time, guy night-out time, video game chill time, etc more important then your woman. Make going to church more important then her. Make your time your priority and she will ever be more interested.
      Bottom line: modern women are largely irrational creatures. The better you treat them, the more you give her, the more effort you put into making her happy, the more she will hate you for it. Counter-intuitive from a man’s point of view, but undeniably true.
      Game is truth, even if it is dark knowledge. It works because it understands the true nature of women and its inexplicably irrational ways.

  3. Lesson 4: Do your own thing, and the women will come
    Describes all my relationships to a T. All the women I’ve ever been with end up being attracted to me because I never pay any attention to them because I’m doing what I want and not giving them any attention.
    Lot of truth in this article

  4. Simmons is one of the manliest actors, Hollywood has right now.
    Truly one of the few, who deserves to be called actor.

  5. Julie Delpy is living proof that, while men age like wine, women age like milk. Of course she’s still a fine actress and beautiful in her own way, but compare what she looks like in her pic above to any image from the 1995 film “Before Sunrise” and you’ll see what I mean. Sadly, while some like Christy Turlington seem to have found the fountain of youth, that’s not the case with most women. Remember that when you are in your 20s and think you’ve found the one you can’t live without; they all hit the wall one day. For some of you young men out there, your future wife may not have even been born yet.

  6. I’m on student visa in canada. i study medicine at university of Toronto at downtown location, and i want to get out of this lesbian hellhole…someone pls help me!!!!!

    1. I find it funny that there is always someone complaining about Canadian girls.
      I remember that there was a guy not so long ago who use to write endless amount of texts complaining about Toronto girls hating on men, stealing his property and assets with the help of the government.
      Canada is probably the most cucked nation on the Free World

      1. It’s very difficult to find a job which pays at least C$30,000 a year. You have CPA graduates and even PhD holders in sciences struggling with entry level jobs for years and decades without a chance for promotion. Rents in Toronto are also very high, at least C$1,000 a month to rent a bachelor pad in a suburban part of Toronto.

        1. Canadian salaries are really that low ? At the current exchange rate that’s around 19200-19300 euros a year. I assume the number you quoted is a gross salary, so let’s deduct 25% to reach a take home pay that’s around 1200 Euros/1850-1900 CAD a month: basically Southern European-tier nickel and diming…is Canada really that bad ?
          In Korea a comparable CPA/STEM entry level position in a respectable company would pay 30 mil. won a year (around 35500-35600 CAD)+bonus. The fiscal wedge on such salary would not exceed 15%-16% while the cost of life, provided you steer clear of imported goods and you do not rent in some expensive gu of Seoul, is much lower than in North America.
          Samsung Electronics, Sk Hynix, Posco and other mega chaebol pay much more than that.

        2. I’m homeless for over a year, and every time I tried to leave Toronto, I would get sent back to downtown Toronto in a hospital because the police records refuse to erase my Toronto address. I don’t live there anymore. I finally left the city boundaries of Toronto, but I have to be careful not to have contact with police because my ex lies to police on me and I’m not sure if she will do that again!

        3. Cant find a job @30k a year? Try Mcdonalds you useless, unskilled, uninformed monkey. Min wage in Ont is $14/hr x 40 hrs x 50 wks = $28k MINIMUM WAGE.
          You want me to spoon feed you, wipe your ass and fuck your gf too? Who am I kidding, you are obviously single.

      2. You are probably referring to me…I left Toronto by foot. Currently at a public library in Vaughan. Feminists aren’t that rife here, but the women still act like your snooty skank, but it’s okay because they don’t act like rabid animals like in Toronto.

        1. @T0R0NTO W0MEN ARE SH8T!
          I was worried about you man…
          I wish you good luck in rebuilding your life man. I cant even think what kind of nightmare you went through. But dont give up I´m sure you will find a nice girl someday. Countryside girls are usually more friendly!
          I´m from a third world country. But I was planning on moving to Canada since its one of the easiest countries to move if you are work in Tech. I´m kinda worried about looking for a girlfriend in Canada whenever I settle there. But I think I will take my chances living in a third world country sucks! However I dont think I will ever look for a job in Toronto after reading about all you went through in the comment section of ROK.
          Anyways I wish you good luck man! Dont give up on life!

        2. If you’re from a Third World country, why not move to a different Third World country? Why do you need to invade ours? Better yet…why don’t you just tell the truth that you just want access to white people and want to feast on white women to get away from your own race? You are just auditioning to do your part in white genocide. Stay in your hellhole and live amongst your fellow savages. We don’t want or need you here.

        3. @Weimar Republican why dont you go back to your trailer inbred hillbilly stupid fuck?
          I bet you are nothing in life. I have a PHD in Computer Science. But what about you? I bet all you do is fry hamburguers at a Mc Donnald all day long. In order for you to cope with the sad pathetic reality that you are a big loser in real life. You became a stupid little racist troll in the internet. If you said that to me in real life I would kick your ass and make sure you would never be able to have sex again.
          You dare to call me a savage? I bet you didnt even finish high school I have more degrees than cells your brain will ever have
          And as for your information I´m white as well my grandparents are originally from Spain and Portugual I´m the 5 generation of my family in Argentina.
          You should focus your hate on our real enemies and not on other Christians who want to save Western Civilization.
          You cant force me to stay in my third world country your little inbred hillbilly trailer trash.
          Trudeau loves my money and the skills I can bring to Canada!

        4. Ok you jumpy little bitch. You should maybe preface that next time a big your alleged whiteness. Good one wth the cliche rejoinder btw. ‘Inbred, trailer, dropout.’ Your intellectual genius shines with originality. My god you’re insecure. Argentina isn’t third world you beta Mestizo. Just your bloodline. Nice keyboard warrior poise, tough guy. I can defend my country just as you can defend yours, ‘hombre.’ This is why we despise you rodents. I work with you animals and learned your dumb language….yes, I have fucked your women and ignore them when they beg for an encore.

        1. @Cohen
          Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely stay away from Toronto.
          Will try to look for a job in a tech company more in the countryside region of Canada! It will probably be easier to find nicer girls in the countryside. City girls are usually entitled, man hating and hardcore radical feminists

    2. Roosh is in a chopper circling over head. GhostofJefferson is sailing down on a rope. You have 15 seconds to get your butt up to this roof cause the feminists are preparing the p*ssy hat cannon…..

    3. You will not get back a cent with that MD because you need to complete residency at a hospital or clinic for practical experience before working as a doctor in Canada. Many of the positions are going to feminists and trannies in Toronto.

    4. Forget about them and focuse on your study, canada may be an harridan hell but they offer nice options for student. I’ll advise you to focus on your work and go to the gym to be shredded, then once you finished your studies move in another country.

  7. Google is an awful company who hates white people. Change to DuckDuckGo. Settings>search engine>DuckDuckGo.

      1. Settings>Inferiority Complex>Insecurity>Jealousy>Enviousness>GRUDGE>BlameOthers
        … because the CEO is Sundar Pichai !! What next, morons! Microsoft is an awful who hates white/pale people !!??

  8. Hollywood lies by omission.
    They have yet to release a
    movie about the truth of
    women being a purely
    depreciating liability
    (notice i didn’t say asset
    because they never are)

  9. I am really beginning to notice that the average woman has absolute contempt for the average man. It’s blinding if you train your eyes to override your inner monologue (which infantilizes any female comment, while demonizing any protesting male comment just for not being obsequious enough to the gynocracy).

    Look at all the hostile comments on an otherwise ‘cute’ video. That is how women do it. They take themselves so goddamn seriously. They worm their way into narratives and storylines to inject the ‘woe-is-me’ girrrl power thing on something entirely irrelevant, innocuous and innocent. It completely overtakes everything because it ignites the cliché gallantry in the majority of men to rescue the faux damsels-in-distress from the synthetic drama they have manufactured to brigade other men, who disagree, into silence.
    It’s a total victory for women:
    They gain male attention, they gain the political narrative and they rally the entire sisterhood into unanimity against men.
    They parlay ANYTHING into feminism (and thus power) in the same way they parlay bad boys into illuminating sex (because only the alphas can pique their pussy in that inscrutable way that otherwise requires sex toys).
    Women have an absolute disdain for men – so much so that even their adoration/infatuation (for bad boys) is expressed in anger, and is not concealed by the usual coquetry, passive-aggressive pedantry or rehearsed genteelness.
    Prepubescent girls are taught to be saccharine, demure, facile and deceptive as they grow into womanhood, creating this oscillating/careening fail-safe from which to circuitously pivot, which is why they can get away with this overt hatred of maleness because it’s ‘cutesy,’ since we read female writing with a guileless inner voice.
    When a man kills his family, the comments are unanimously (rightfully) condemning the man’s soul to eternal hellfire, but when a woman (although rarer) does something similar, the gynocentric crack troops brigade the comments to ‘send their prayers for all involved in this tragedy,’ and are there to also SHAME any male commenter who condemns her soul to the same eternal hellfire, by literally blaming the victim with bullshit domestic violence/overburdened domesticity anecdotes as an alleged catalyst (justification) for female violence, who herself undergoes leniency (beatification) despite her grizzly crimes.
    There is no inverse of this…at least not anymore. We are so trained from puberty to self-police chauvinism (male out-group preference) and deign ourselves to dovetail with the gynocentric female-first ‘Birkenhead Drill’ (female in-group preference) that there is no reciprocation of casual sexism towards women without a collective overhanging male guilt.
    It used to be the direct opposite of this before feminism conquered Western Civilization…everybody could perceive female destructiveness and warn about the Succubus nature of women, especially the grandmotherly village elders.
    So this blanket societal ‘sexism’ (gender skepticism) will occur no matter what in one direction. That means all these gynocentric/half-cucked platitudes about ‘coming together’ or ‘meeting in the middle’ for some imaginary equilibrium with women is a nonstarter (actually a deceptive feminist stratagem designed to sate the needy male).
    Society must return to patriarchal skepticism of female nature, while championing masculinity (excluding homosexuality)…and it will. It’s just a matter of under what type of racial/religious autocracy.

      1. No, it pretty much created it. Alimony, tender years doctrine (female primary custody) and most of this Current Year poz did not exist until feminism.

    1. @WR, you literally put out feelings of All the MEN. Every word & expression is so real. To be honest, my Blood began to boil by the very thought of how MEN are being made scapegoats for the sake of pussies.

    1. I need some gatorade & a cigarette after reading that post! Def gonna get copied & pasted to my peeps.

      1. @Nobody, indeed! I saved that comment as text, screen shot/image and also this webpage.
        Apart from my regulars (Edward, Clark, Bob Smith, Deplorable NJ, AutomaticS… to name a few), WR made into my list!

  10. Neither one of those females is bangable.
    Not at all.
    Certainly not the old bag with the glasses.

  11. ” The girl character cuts herself, is in a home which her mom and dad constantly fight, and fucks another classmate (the one who treats her like a sexual object and has no “feelings”for her). Of course she has issues, but that doesn’t stop her from hanging out with the beta, avoiding kissing him on pretenses that “she likes him to much,” and continuing to binge drink and fuck the alpha.”
    Maybe its just me, but I still don’t get this confusion between “bad boy” and “alpha”. A bad boy be somewhat muscular/athletic, have an IQ under 110, most likely will either have tattoos or drive a motorcycle, and will be loud, obnoxious and aggressive, but in a the SHTF situation, he will be next to useless. 95 % of females, being the pea brained morons that they are, will let the bad boy use her orifices over and over until she bleeds.
    An alpha on the other hand (to me anyway) means a true leader of men. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, George Washington, Napoleon, Andrew Jackson, Lee and Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, MacArthur and Patton, Park Chung Hee, etc.. Innovators like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Ground breakers like Chuck Yeager. Those are alphas. Not some loud, obnoxious moron on a motorbike.

    1. So true, AutomaticSlim, so true… but ALPHA, as in “a true leader of men”, like Julius Caesar, in one man in a million of men.
      Chances are, for most of us average men, is that we are not that one.
      All that remains to us is to be a BAD BOY in the eyes of women!
      Beats being an Incel any day…

  12. Pro Tip: ALL movies are blue-pilled and beta, selling the same (((lies))) produced by the same small band of (((psychopaths))) who have taken it on themselves to assume control of our media production industry, form a nepotistic monopoly which blocks all non-tribesmen, and then proceed to use our media as an arsenal of nation-wrecking propaganda instruments. If you are still watching movies you are part of the problem.

  13. Americans want to think that they live in a peaceful, free country with a balanced budget, but that belief is not true.
    Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.
    You know that you live in a police state when everything is illegal and you have no rights.
    You have no free speech rights, religious rights, gun rights, there is civil forfeiture, the government wiretaps your phone, records your web history, reads your email, takes away your right to silence, can torture you, and can extrajudicuallly assassinate you.
    Your taxes fund illegal immigrants, debt, endless wars, curfews, checkpoints, no fly lists, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA laws, TSA groping, secret FISA courts, and Jade Helm.
    The elites are obviously going all the way to destroy the world. Just look at history and Mao, Hitler, and Stalin.
    When Americans remain quiet about rising debt, Obamacare, food stamps, regulations, endless US wars, increasing taxes, illegal immigrants, nanny state laws, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, chain gangs, boot camps, and Jade Helm what kind of message does that send to the elites?
    Do you think the 1% is just going to turn around and restore freedom? Do you think our overlords are just going to stop increasing tyranny on their own?
    Unless Americans start speaking out, resisting, protesting, getting out into the streets with pitchforks and torches, tar and feathering the elites, cops, soldiers, politicians, government workers, and media puppets, breaking windows, setting fires, and killing people, Americans will end up in the concentration camps.
    There’s no hope. The US will be lucky to last another 30 years.
    The best we can do now is to warn people to study history and prepare.
    The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state.
    The line has been crossed. The Bill of Rights will never be restored. Even if the government said that they have ended NSA wiretapping, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, and secret FISA courts, who would believe them?
    The 1% appears intent on causing an economic collapse, a civil war, and WWIII.
    Those fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

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