The Sad Saga Of John Walker Lindh, Rebel Without A Clue

John Walker Lindh grew up in the Washington, D.C. area. His family brought him to California when he was ten. In another ten years, he would become known as the American Taliban. While in Afghanistan, he was known as Sulayman al-Faris, one of several Arabic monikers he’s used over the years.

Johnny joins the jihad


There are moments when one realizes one’s vacation is really starting to suck.

When he was twelve, the young Lindh saw Spike Lee’s rather hagiographic film biography about Malcolm X. That began his fascination with Islam. While a teenager, he used the evocative email [email protected] and made several postings about rap music on Usenet. Sometimes he pretended to be Black, even having the nerve to “dis” Dr. Dre:

$hort Dog does hip hop no glory
Wack like Dr Dre and his made-up gangster stories
Sellout house nigga living honkey dory
Saying he’s broke in his own pool doing laps
All these playground MC’s fall off like scabs
Skills disappear like alaka abracadab

Dr Dre’s a disgrace selling out to the talcolm
He’ll be left dead and naked in the outcome
Word to brother Malcolm
Dre shirts and hat’s when will we see his cereal?

So who’s the poseur there, anyway? I’m not sure whether to laugh at the sheer impertinence, or cry at the abuse of the English language.

When he was sixteen, he formally converted, beginning his fateful journey. Meanwhile, his family situation was on shaky ground. His father turned gay, living part-time with his male lover, and eventually divorced.

John began his world travels, twice venturing to Yemen, both times for nearly a year. Later, he stayed at a Pakistani madrassa. In May 2001, he went to Afghanistan to fight on behalf of the Taliban. Unfortunately for him, after September 11, American forces went to war with the Taliban. He was captured on November 25 after his unit surrendered in Kunduz.

The CIA questioned him, and he claimed to be an Irishman. (That must have been an interesting conversation, perhaps “Ach, begorrah, top o’ the mornin’ to ye!” Presumably, pretending to be black again wouldn’t have gotten him very far.) Shortly after, the captive jihadis staged a bloody uprising, and Lindh escaped. Hundreds died, including Mike Spann, one of his interrogators. After that, he was recaptured and—following some rough treatment, not that I’m shedding any tears about it—questioned again. He announced defiantly that he wasn’t in the Taliban, but rather Al Qaeda. His actions sealed his doom.

Fighting for the Taliban fruitcakes was a pretty dumb move on his part. His actions after being captured were even dumber. What could he have done differently? In the beginning, he could’ve said he was interested in Islam, and his quest for discovering his spiritual roots took him abroad. Then he could have lied and told them he was press-ganged into the Taliban, and he was quite happy to be freed by his countrymen.

He could have tipped off his interrogators about the planned escape attempt—potentially sparing many lives on both sides—as well as avoiding further criminal charges for himself. Had he given a helpful warning about the uprising, likely they would’ve concluded he was small fry and let him go. After that, he could’ve become the star of the daytime TV talk shows. Then he could’ve given speeches on the anti-war circuit, helping his jihadi buddies by saying they really aren’t that bad or whatever.

Instead, he ended up faced with ten criminal charges, which could’ve meant three life sentences plus ninety years. Finally getting smart, he copped a plea for twenty years, with the possibility of three off for good behavior. Now, he’s in Federal prison, making the news back in 2012 by suing for the right to be allowed group prayer.

What went wrong?


As Bush the Elder put it, Lindh was “some misguided Marin County hot-tubber.” Later, he apologized profusely for the remark. Still, I have to say that Bush 41 was onto something with that one; all the criticism he got from that was because the truth hurts.

Things could’ve been different. Lindh didn’t have to become a renegade. If he’d made other choices, he could be living a happy life as a productive member of society, rather than counting the days in a prison cell. Still, his environment bears some responsibility for what he became.

He was raised in the Catholic faith, but a stronger grounding in it—as well as explaining some of the unpleasant realities about Islam to balance out the picture—might have put the kibosh on his journey to jihad. (A liberal environment should at least be able to explain why all that’s bad. Or has liberalism become too wishy-washy to assert its own values?) There wasn’t much chance of parental guidance turning him from the wrong path; his mother converted to Buddhism and his father left for the gay community.

For that matter, if he had acquired an appreciation for good music—be it Mozart or Metallica—perhaps he wouldn’t have been so fascinated by irritating rap music. What kind of white kid is so alienated from his heritage that he pretends to be Black and laughably accuses Dr. Dre of selling out? On that note, as for Malcolm X, didn’t Lindh have some cultural icons of his own? I have to wonder if he received much grounding in his own Irish-American heritage.

All this is an illustration of what can happen when an impressionable adolescent is cast adrift in an “anything goes” environment. Islam speaks in absolutes, enjoining right conduct and forbidding haram conduct, and they fight for what they believe in. (I can’t fault them too much for that, although I disagree with their theology and actions on many points.)

Going further, Islam offers paradise for believers—promising seventy virgins to their martyrs—and eternal hellfire and brimstone for the damned; there’s nothing wishy-washy about it. Indeed, embracing radical Islam could be interpreted as an utter rejection of the “anything goes” world view. I certainly don’t agree with Lindh’s choices, but I can see how he found that compelling in comparison to being at sea in moral relativism.

This certainly isn’t the first time that people turned their backs on their countries and went abroad to give aid and comfort to the enemy. Jane Fonda’s North Vietnam adventure comes to mind; an action she now regrets. More recently, there were about five hundred misguided youths who volunteered to be human shields in Iraq for their pal Saddam. For all their posturing, none of them got themselves blown up over there. (Leaving aside the question of whether or not the resumption of war was justified, 500 fewer Social Justice Warriors would’ve helped cleanse the gene pool a bit.)

Then there’s the odd case of Matthew Todd Miller, a Californian who went to North Korea, tore up his visa, and announced he was seeking political asylum. That one’s an iffy case though; later he said “I just wanted to speak to an ordinary North Korean person about normal things.” Kids these days…

In summary


Don’t let this happen to our youth. They must not grow up culturally bereft.

In times past, children were taught about their country’s heritage, instructed in their culture, and pride in their nation was instilled in them. It was a given that these were presented as good things. These days—at least in much of the Western world—this isn’t happening. We can’t count on the educational system—and certainly the media—to do that any more.

Because of decades of cultural Marxism, young people are indoctrinated with a negative view of their own civilization. “All societies, beliefs, and ways of life are equal, except yours are terrible.” Those who don’t see through that baloney end up rootless, alienated, and disconnected from their own culture. Some even end up thinking that their homeland is the embodiment of all evil while repressive regimes abroad are wonderful. This is basically what Social Justice Weenies think, something they have in common with young jihadi rebels without a clue.

This will have to change, of course. Hopefully, the day will come when the media manipulators and educational bureaucrats who pushed cultural Marxism are standing in the unemployment line. For now, we’ll have to pay close attention to the messages that the young people in our lives are absorbing, and help them learn to be secure in their faith and cultural identity. Teach them about their roots and why that’s important. Don’t let the TV be your child’s babysitter. “Anything goes” is not a standard by which to raise our youth.

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  1. The American taliban, the basic poster boy for Marin county. I was raised in Marin and I’m suprised we don’t have anymore American taliban or eco terrorists from here. It was all his uprising. Look up the American tail an YouTube video from Michael savage. It will “explain” how he was raised

    1. I spent my teens and early 20’s growing up and living in the San Rafael area.. It wasn’t so bad back then (70’s). Sure, there were all the Mill Valley aging lefty hippies, but it wasn’t near the mess it is today.
      I was down there not too long ago and spent more time having to sit in traffic than I did visiting old friends.

      1. I grew up in San Rafael, I was oblivious to all the political issues growing up. But after I left and joined the military I had come back to visit and noticed how bad it became. A lot of anti military people against the war, and the crazy green environmentalists. I still go to the marinij website for a good laugh

        1. The leadership of the military swings whichever way the President does. It’s the real reason facial hair is banned.

        2. What’s to face? Climates (note the plural, there is no overarching climate) change all the time. No way to stop it. In fact, to try to do so would be engaging in stone age shamanism.

        3. Climate, as I am instructed to understand it, is more of a long term problem anyway. Perhaps a 30 year time horizon, minimum? OPLANs are generally reviewed and updated every couple of years? These concepts seem at odds, assuming we want a nimble and adaptable military.

      2. The 101 is a mess, going south in the morning andgoing north in the afternoons. Traffic is backed up for people trying to get on the Richmond-sr bridge.

    1. Willful ignorance is what got him into trouble. Like many liberals, they get caught up in this emotional frenzy and will believe lies and ignore the truth.
      I really don’t know if there is a cure for these people.

  2. “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going
    to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our
    traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different
    place as a nation.”
    ~Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008
    Spoken like a true Marxist, by a true Marxist. This didn’t start with her, nor will it end with her. Liberals have been trying to subtly change our history over the years within the school system. Be aware of the bastardization of our history and constitution. Like Reagan said, we are never any more than one generation away from losing our freedom.

    1. My family didn’t come to the U.S. to see it destroyed by the same ideology that ravaged my homeland and killed my ancestors and countrymen. Marxism has infected the intellectual class just like Gramsci advocated and they now control social rather than economic policy – a brainwashed army of rootless true believers. We need a positive ideology ourselves to combat it.

      1. I got drawn into a pointless debate with a Marxist on another thread who insists that hey man, it’ll work out differently when Bernie’s in charge in 2020. I’m American, but I lived in the former USSR for years and speak Russian. Hopefully Trump will be an inspiring enough leader that we won’t get to find out if America does better at communism.

        1. One can hope, but Brezhnev managed to lead the USSR for several years while essentially brain dead from senility. And isn’t Mugabe like 100 or something? Even if Bernie does croak, there’s got to be another charismatic commie out there somewhere that a not-too-familiar-with-history populace might vote for.

        2. I heard Sanders on the news yesterday saying he wanted to nominate Ellison for DNC chairman because the democrats need to be more mainstream to attract white working class voters. I bet that works out well.

        3. You lived in the former USSR? When it was the USSR or in a country that used to be in the USSR?
          I think that you’re going to be disappointed with Trump.

        4. It’s possible. He’s unlikely to flood the US with millions of Muslims as Hillary would have done though, so there’s that. If we can avoid having Rotherham- and Cologne-style atrocities over here, even just that will be worth it.
          Although I suppose that if Trump is a disappointment, Bernie or some other commie will let them in in four.
          Do you live in the UK? I’ve never been clear on that.

        5. Yes I live in the UK.
          Rotherham style atrocities happen all the time in the inner cities of America. It’s not an exclusively Pakistani thing.

        6. No, but Rotherham and Cologne and the various other rapes and mass sex assaults I read about in alt-right media but never the MSM make it tough not to conclude that Muslims are much more likely to do these things than the native population in most white countries. Also, I’ve never heard of the authorities in the US refusing to go after human traffickers for fear of “racism.” To me that’s the most disturbing thing about Rotherham. The victim count probably wouldn’t have exceeded 1,000 if the cops hadn’t been scared to intervene.

        7. Jimmy Saville was a “One Man Rotherham” lasting decades and nobody went near him till he died. And he was far from alone. There is a also an “untouchable Rotherham” happening right now in Hollywood. Bill Clinton and his mate Epstein had a Rotherham going for 20 years.
          You are taking one extreme event and judging all (1.6bn) Muslims by it. With respect, that is completely irrational. Its like looking at Anders Brevik and concluded that all white men have a propensity for mass killings. And in fact, the same as saying that all men are rapists.
          Do you see where your logic is leading you?

        8. Well, all white men do have a propensity for mass killings. It’s just that we do that far less than Muslims. I don’t think the Hollywood sex cults you mentioned have been proven to be real. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true, there just isn’t evidence like there is for Rotherham and Cologne. And even if it were true, why would having one group of “untouchable” sex criminals in Hollywood mean we should accept the same from Muslims, who are also somewhat, if not untouchable, difficult to stop because of white people’s terror of appearing “racist.”

        9. All white men? Not at all. Do it less than Muslims? White men do it regularly in the United States and having been dropping bombs on Muslims and each other for nearly 100 years. I think its easy to show that white men have conducted far more mass killings than Muslims and in more
          spectacular fashion. You have heard of Stalin and Hitler I’m sure.
          If the sex cults of politicians and entertainers in the US and Britain respectively have been “proven” why is it so hard to believe that there’s one in Hollywood?
          Cologne? You are conflating religion and culture here. Did those young guys abuse those women because they were Muslim or because they were poor immigrants from a country where basic respect for women is virtually non-existent? I’ve heard of the same thing happening in NYC.
          Your last question is building a straw man. Nobody here made such a claim.

        10. Sure, about Stalin and Hitler, but I’m far more concerned with the world now and things that can be prevented.
          Look, what I’m saying in a nutshell is that it’s a terrible idea to allow millions of middle-eastern and African immigrants into your country all at once. Terrorism in the sense of bombings, shootings, driving trucks into crowds, etc. is a problem but in real terms, you’re still much more likely to die in a traffic accident. The real problems with mass immigration from the Muslim world are:
          1) Increase in rape and other sex assaults. For example, Sweden is no supposedly the rape capital of the West (see link below).
          2) The economic impact
          3) The eventual imposition of Sharia law.
          4) Generally looking like a bunch of pussies who are willing to cede our women and lands to foreign invaders without a fight, which further emboldens the invaders.
          5) Special for the US: If the Democratic party ever succeeds in bringing in millions from the Middle East, they will fast track them to citizenship, thus ensuring a de facto one-party system. I suspect this is the real motivation behind the push for mass Muslim immigration in the US.
          To be fair, I would not expect any Muslim country to take in millions of Americans all at once, either. I concede that the US and NATO have caused a lot of the problems that have led to the “refugee crisis” but that wasn’t my fault I still don’t want millions of Muslims let into the US all at once.
          Also, where’s my straw man question from my last post? I don’t see any questions there, at all.

        11. Fundamentally we agree. I don’t think that immigrants should just be blindly let in. In a way its a violation of property rights. It’s analogous to someone barging into your home and occupying a bedroom without your permission. Ultimately though, the answer is to get rid of the social security system. In this case, there would be no incentive for immigrants to come to your country unless they could provide a real service to the people already living there.

        12. I agree with everything you said here. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Muslims. I’ve met many in my travels, most seemed like fine people, it’s just mass immigration with no controls I’m opposed to because its obvious negative consequences.
          Like most people, Muslims are better off in their own countries. One of my hopes is that the Trump administration really will manage to scale back America’s acting as the world’s police and our constant military intervention in the Middle East and elsewhere. How that would work exactly, I don’t know, but in spite of what his opponents say he’s a brilliant man so maybe he’ll be able to figure it out.

    2. Bastardization of our history? I don’t believe even 20% of our history is true anyway, so there’s probably not that much to bastardize.

      1. One time we had one of our church leaders tell me that Bible prophecy is more accurate than recorded history. How could that be? Flying scorpions, the World being baptized by fire, stars falling from the sky…..etc. But then, if you realize that it is symbolism and understand the difficulty that Isaiah or John had in describing what they saw, you can see that there is truth to that statement.

      2. I feel there is this desire for a time when things were “true” but what people miss out on is that that was just a time with 4 networks and no internet so there was just one cohesive lie. The cohesion makes it seem true. It isn’t the narrative that is the problem–the problem is when it ceases to be opaque

        1. Wait, you’re going to enjoy this. In that article, there is a link to another article, in the sentence “Harvard University canceled the remainder of its men’s soccer season after players reportedly used sexually explicit terms to rank women’s soccer players’ physical appearance.”
          Which I repeat here for convenience:

          Click on that link, read, regret, etc. The last line in the article. The one that starts with “Correction:”, and ends with “An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified Harvard President Drew Faust as a man.”
          I almost pissed myself.

        2. So sad. These are truly excellent places which are being shit on by PC nonsense

        3. Totally. A good economy helped reinforce this “narrative” but without one things seem to fall apart..

        4. Yes without one, but also with too many. The problem is that the noble lie is in fact necessary for a society to function. People need to believe that there is meaning and when that meaning is the same for everyone then society works best. Unfortunately, it is too easy to poke through the holes to see it’s all bullshit. It isn’t like people started lying recently. It’s just that the bullshit detectors went nuclear. Really no way to out the toothpaste back in the tube as far as I can tell

        5. It never has. I’m very proud of that school and truly saddened to see what has become of it. It has a long history though. I believe it will weather this storm. Meanwhile, remember that it is the obnoxiously vocal 5% that get heard. There are still a good number of people there enjoying one of the best educations available in the whole world. When I was a kid the trick was avoiding the gangs around the campus. Now the trick is avoiding the gangs on the campus. It’s easy enough, stick to your work and don’t get involved. A shame nevertheless

        6. Our mayor is probably the biggest douche in the country. I mean, I suppose there are other douches out there but I’ve not seen a douchier douche than this douche

        7. Exactly. Just a few days ago, I saw a meme about some ancient warlord who supposedly had a giant warship. The meme depicted this warship compared to some cruisers by Napoleon and those cruisers fit into that giant ship at least 20 times in size.
          So I thought to myself … yeah, that’s the kind of story you tell kids to impress them.

        8. And yet, you won’t vote.
          I am beginning to believe that if all the nihilists in NYC fielded a candidate, you’d probably win. And the city would be much better off for it.

        9. Yeah we don’t do well in that department. Still, you couldn’t pay me to live anywhere else

        10. We have our candidate and win every time. I was speaking with a co worker about the election and we decided that it is a good thing that we live in NYC where politics simply doesn’t matter. We have more important things to pay attention to. Like sportsball, politics is there to amuse people.

        11. It only works if there is a single undeearching story that most people agree to assume is true. When meaning is superimposed over the total meaninglessness of life things work a lot better

        12. Good points,
          I find most sheeple in society seem to need to believe they are special these days so the media, especially social media, likes to reinforce that to sell them shit and the government to control them.
          This also translates into them thinking they are experts on everything including my work. I call then “Internet Engineers.”
          They tend to be women but not always…
          I shoot then down on my jobs before they get going. Usually at the estimating phase.
          There are also people that are quiet, listening / observing and saying very little these are the “rare” species these days.

        13. Agreed. But unlike most here I believe that the matrix model is flawed in the sense that there are only levels of matrix and no “real world” behind it.
          At one point in history there was a general consensus on which level of matrix or simulation would be considered “real” and that allowed for society to exist.
          Modern technology has allowed men and women to each pick the reality they suits them and argue ad infinitum with no possible resolution against oeiplebw hobcbose a different simulation.
          This is the problem. The curtain had been pulled back and no one is there. Now we have a whole world of people scrambling to grab some lie to believe in and passionately defending it.
          Look at how an entire swath of middle America is cheering like lunatics for a NYC billionaire playboy president that they think is going to make changes to help conform their word view. If this was a fiction story it would be a comedy

        14. I disagree in totality. People are conditioned to demand a narrative. Conditioned to be sissies who can’t deal with meaninglessness. Or rather, who despise it. How else would you convince people to slave away their lives in menial jobs if not through “meaning”?
          Yes, you may say things “work better”. We end up being very active, chasing goals obsessively etc. But we never wonder if that is even necessary. And sometimes someone may be following their own vision, but we both know that usually that ain’t true.
          I think the whole “meaning” business is a big indoctrination scheme.

        15. I don’t think you disagree as much as you think. I basically said the same thing but that a single overarching theme hat is unquestioned is better for a cohesive and, frankly, productive and happy society.
          As it stands now you can pick your brain washing and if you don’t it can be picked for you locally. There was a time, only 2 generations ago, when there was a nearly homogenous line of bull shit in America and the nation worked better that way.

        16. It doesn’t quite obviously. But I have seen it when it works it’s best. When people truly believe that their lives their jobs their children their decisions their politicians all actually matter and they all seem to have an enviable disposition to me.
          It is what Plato called the “noble lie” and there is something to be said for it

        17. Hm. But what would be even better than believing it’s all for “something” would be to believe that every action, every moment has meaning in and of itself. Then you would always be at peace and just kinda follow your gut all day long. And I think that the end result would be very good as well. Kind of an invisible hand thing.

        18. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t have the answer to that one. The pressure of the responsibility of what you suggest is a lot. Not everyone can deal with it. I don’t know what’s best. I suspect nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so like Billy Shakes said. But I do that people given meaning are usually very happy with it and loath to give it up

        19. Maybe. Maybe that is only the case because they are conditioned to expect it. On another note, maybe the real reason is that we no longer have real initiation rites into manhood, where the child ego gets crushed and forced to accept all the pain and letting go of all that meaning and attachment etc.

        20. Hard to say. More importantly, pointless to say. I’ve always thought that the worst thing a person could do was to wake someone who was in the middle of a pleasant dream to give them bad news they can do nothing about.
          Why do people feel a compulsive need to convince others of their world view. Take a 2 second look st theists versus atheists arguments on the web. Simply preposterous. One side trying to convince the other that their entire world view is predicated on a lie so they can live forever miserable and the other side trying to convince their opponents that their entire world view is a lie so they can go to hell. Nonsense.
          Let people have the delusions that give them solace. There is enough pain in the world

        21. Yes, that is fair. Why should others be denied their free will to keep dreaming just because you like being awake? That said, all we do is selfish isnt it? When one wakes up, one is bound to want some company and one is bound to despise this silly world with its silly rules. And then one contemplates ignoring the free will of those people and wake them up. Because in their dream state, they end up making your own life miserable. In that sense, it’s not even immoral to wake them up. They had it long coming by giving up responsibility for all the shit they do.

        22. Maybe. I like the silly world and the silky rules. My nephew, 5 or so years old, last Christmas showed me some toy of his and was telling me all about it. He was so proud and so excited like someone with their first car or college degree or God or sense of justice. I acted really excited to see it and learn all about it. It gave him pleasure to teach me and a funny thing happened. I genuinely enjoyed giving him that pleasure.
          I kind of see most people like excited 5 year olds now. Why not play along?

        23. Ham was a weirdo. He checked out his dads junk which eventually lead to his grandson, Nimrod (presumably the man idiots are named after) trying to build a high rise building with roof top amenities which included punching god in the nose for being a jerk, without union labor…..and this before delay claims and he couldn’t even claim Force majeure because Latin had yet to be invented.

        24. Man this is truly deep, and not in a condescending way. I guess only a thin line divides being ambitious and foolishly daring

        25. Sure! I get it. Deep inside, I’m still a child too. But I feel I am getting kinda too old to be a child. It doesn’t feel right anymore. It’s time to let go.

        26. Of course you feel that way and of course in 10 years you will look back and laugh at the current incarnation of yourself.
          At the end of a day when a 5 year old shows you a fire truck toy do you say “yeah, well that was probably made in a room full of slaves not much older than you. And the fire truck it represents was sold, most likely, to a fire department for close to 7 figures and the competition is fierce so there were not just late cocaine fueled nights with hookers between the fire truck company and the brass at the fire department but more likely than not, there was direct graft. Further, the upcharges including the graft were passed along to the tax payer. And the firemen who drive in that truck are part of a really ruthless and unscrupulous union and often times hold local businesses up in protection racket schemes…, enjoy.
          I mean, why bother. Nietzsche teaches us that the first transformation is that from the camel to the lion. But the lion is not the apex. It is in the transformation of the lion to the child that man in overcome, that man learns how to forget and where man leans to laugh, dance and play

        27. Now, you could tell that kid that while not judging it. You could tell it as a story that is 1. real and 2. entertaining. It is the “how” you tell it, not necessarily “what” you tell. Which translates to: It is not WHETHER reality is meaningless, but HOW you interpret that for yourself.

        28. It was more rewarding for the kid, his parents, my family and my self to just say “cool!!!”

        29. Totally agree on Ham the weirdo. But I was referring to what prince Ham (let) said (not Billy Shakes, heh), that nothing’s good or bad but thinking makes it so.

        30. I know but I love dropping a little Ham family history. I’m a bit of a ham myself…I couldn’t resist

    3. Always yammering about “having a conversation”. Basically, it’s “shut up, listen to my black bullshit and obey”.
      Fuck her, she’s a memory and a bad one at that.

    4. “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”
      Helpful translation:
      we = you
      make sacrifices = take it up the ass
      change = adopt
      It becomes
      Barack knows that you are going to have to take it up the ass; you are to have to adopt our conversation; you’re going to have to adopt our traditions, our history; you’re gonig to have to move into a different place as a nation
      Generally when some Marxist pieces of treacly shit opens it’s mouth and says “we”, the rule is “we” means “you”.

  3. Don’t blame rap for any part of this clowncake’s turn for jihadi islam. I don’t have one white friend that listens to rap that also wants to turn jihadist.
    If anything, wouldn’t a band like Metallica urge you against Christianity? I have no idea. I couldn’t name one song of theirs to back that up.

    1. Frank Zappa said that if musical lyrics could make us do anything, we’d all be falling in love, every day.

      1. Blame the media, but I grew up learning heavy metal was for satanists. Much like others have media driven preconceptions about rap.

    1. Whatta fukkin slut, look at the tats on her chin and eyebrows (the ugly green jailhouse kind).
      Note also the cocksucking-friendly dental work.
      She’s even got the infamous “gas face” on…

      1. OMG, I mean, OMA!!! I need some serious eye-wash after seeing that.
        On the other hand, she should be at least 2nd runner-up in any liberal beauty pageant, being a beautiful by virtue of her being in almost every repressed social, racial and religious class they champion.

        1. She could win by at least a cunthair or two based on her obvious on the job experience, and anti-age discrimination – she’s an inspiration to aging young sluts of all diversities.

  4. “For now, we’ll have to pay close attention to the messages that the young people in our lives are absorbing, and help them learn to be secure in their faith and cultural identity”
    Fuckin’ Gospel.
    I grew up on TV but that was back in the day of campy, stupid-but-funny sitcoms – and more family oriented shows. It still would have been better not to have had television be my babysitter when growing up – but I eventually, better late than never, became red pill later in my life.
    But today’s TV is truly outright junk with programing to either make one stupider, or install god-less radical ideologies in one’s head.

    1. Its more than just ‘gettng old’ I think – I find the crap on TV to be genuinely upsetting and offensive.

      1. All I get in mainstream influence is the ads on Spotify. And I find myself swearing at that shit all the time. I literally shout at my computer screen to shut the fuck up.

        1. When I do online recurring payment stuff I use a prepaid credit card. It is basically A burner that I can refill with no attachment to me. I add money to it enough for one year

  5. Cherrypicking. Extreme weirdos like these guys don’t represent the population. The part doesn’t represent the whole.

  6. If only he did that in the 80′. There would be films about him as a hero,with stalone in the cast…

      1. Depends on the results of their diagnostic anal-probing.
        Checking for pre-existing conditions and all.

      1. Now that you mention it, the nose in the first pic does look like the stereotypical “jewish nose”.

  7. Here’s the trick. Teaching your kids the reality of our civilization without leaving a vacuum for them to run to psychotic ideologies and groups that preach them.. It’s a tricky balance but one that must me attained.

  8. “There wasn’t much chance of parental guidance turning him from the wrong path; his mother converted to Buddhism”
    He should have converted to Buddhism as well.

  9. “or has liberalism become too wishy-washy to assert its own values?”
    It doesn’t have any values, that’s the whole issue. Everything is permitted in the name of tolerance, and no one can be told that their behavior is destructive because morality is relative to the liberal mind.
    Enjoyed the article.

  10. Err, he was in a foreign country which had not been in any way aggressive to the US, and minding his own business. Even the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi’s….yet we invade the ‘Stan. He may have been stupid and misguided beyond belief, but he isn’t the only one in that clusterfreck….

  11. The fact that Lindh was not prosecuted for treason and only got 20 years for being an accomplice in the murder of US military personnel was the first indication that Bush was not as serious as he needed to be in dealing with these scum.
    Lindh should have hung by the end of a rope.

  12. Great article Rainbow. People respond to strength rappers and muslims for all their faults don’t apologize and actually have some semblance of balls, especially when compared to SJWs living in gated neighborhood. As a boy he probably felt the call to manhood yet obvious his gay father wasn’t going to give him any guidance so he went elsewhere. This article does a great job of highlighting the need for strong masculine role models and influences.
    Put simply without strong masculine guidance boys, girls, and society go astray.

    1. Well yeah. Born in D.C. (who the fuck lives in D.C. but criminals and far left weirdos) and moved to Cali (ibid). It was destined to happen as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

  13. This is easy to understand.
    Western culture has become unmoored. We’ve lost our bearings. There is no solid ground.
    Everything is relative. All points of view are equally valid. All values are equally valid.
    Our societies (and especially Marin County) are rich and fat and comfortable. There is no pain. There is no want. There is no struggle.
    Our leaders have been preaching that this is a virtue. It is anything but.
    There is no meaning any more in our consumer, struggle-free, pain-free culture where anything goes and anything (except MAGA) is tolerated.
    Struggle and pain bring meaning to life. People crave structure. They crave meaning. They crave purpose.
    Lindh abandoned his meaningless existence. He sought meaning and structure in the most restrictive religion there is — Islam. In the warm embrace of a mosque he found a higher purpose. He found true brotherhood. Western culture could not offer him this.
    Western culture is doomed on its current path. We must regain our strength of purpose and meaning. Striving for Western liberal (in the old sense of the word) values — patriarchy, knowledge, rule of law, respect for elders, Christianity.
    Absent a righting of our path Islam will win the war of wills. No doubt about it.
    (Can you see Anderson Cooper resisting Islamists? Rhetorical.)

  14. Thank you so much for this article. I am from Yemen originally, and like many Yemenis resent the western jihadists who add to the population of local jihadists we already fight. Haven’t you noticed Muslim women flee ISIS, white chicks run to them. Also I came to the west because I like white culture, like opera, classical music – but it’s being suppressed, so I have had to hire opera performers. Immigrant kids and older people go to see classical music, but in recent years I have finally seen some white guys. 100% agree with the article.
    When people convert to Islam from “anything goes west” – they don’t go to the normal version most people live by in the Middle East, but the most radical version they can find that would get them arrested in most Arab countries. So please bring back the Catholic church or something. Everyone in the East & West will be grateful for the reduced terrorist population. #1 victim of radical Islamist terrorists is other more moderate Muslims

  15. John Walker Lindh, Rachael Dolezal, Shaun King are examples of people desperately seeking a new identity. The reason, alluded to in this piece, is that their own identity as white people has been so reviled, hated and despised by (((those who control our country))) that they pretend to be something they are not.
    White children are every day in this country told they have a non-existent “privilege”. They are taught that they are responsible for every injustice, every imaginary oppression and all negative outcomes for blacks, women, homosexuals, etc.
    Is it any wonder they don’t all turn into wiggers?

    1. Fully agree with you. You know I was looking up the roaring 20s, because I had a theory that it was what lead to the rise of fascism when mixed with the German economic crisis. It was a time oddly similar to American under Obama, and the majority of the names of intellectuals promoting homosexuality or promiscuity happened to be of the same ethnic group, and if we dare ask why – that’s when we are hit with censorship and defamation. I like white culture, that’s what I am here for, and I find that immigrants have to save the opera, the classical arts, because white kids are taught to be more interested in hating themselves, which is not healthy

  16. I’ve read quite a bit about him, and it’s pretty clear, in my opinion, that he was gay–or at least having gay sex in the weird down-low gay sex Muslim culture in the middle east. He was a dipshit, but I think it’s absurd that he’s doing such a long stretch of hard time. And frankly, who knows why he made the statements he made. It’s hardly a conspiracy theory to wonder if he was forced to say certain things to fit The Narrative of the Neocons at that moment. He was already over there when the shit started. God, what a gross, pathetic case.

  17. Once captured by American SF he claimed “torture and abuse”. He also shat all over himself in protest. Back before SJW was cool this twat was already pulling the muslim and human rights card. True dirtbag.

  18. The war in Afghanistan was wrong and served no national intrest.It was a war of the (((neocons))).With what right did the US Army tortured afghan Taliban ? Shouldnt have gone there in the first place.We wasted gazillions and thousands died for nothing.The Taliban are pashto nationalists with some islamic flavour.They are not threat to the West.Lindh could have stayed there forever in the kebab shit.

    1. Exactly; anything to continue the rise of the petro dollar by Zionist bankers (rothschilds) and their goy allies (rockefellers).

  19. Solid article about a SJW gone wrong. Of course, we shouldn’t have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. That war was foisted upon us by the neocons and military-industrial complex. I served as an Army officer, and while I wouldn’t change that time of my life for anything, we were wrong to be there.

      1. When I joined, it was rare for a woman to graduate jump school (only one graduated in my class and she was a triathlete). Today, they are giving airborne wings to pregnant women and the Obama admin gave the green light to women in special ops.
        How a woman can cary a 100 lb ruck, go two days without sleep, and still manage to lead an assault, while on her period, is beyond my simple reasoning. Hopefully Trumps’s choice for Sec of Def will change some of that.
        Having said that, leading a platoon or similar in the combat arms is still a great way to get a good foundation in leadership fundamentals. Then get out and make some cash.

    1. The whole rap is bad thing is getting trite. I’ll agree *most* rap and hip hop is starting to rot. But I grew up on some very solid artists and still there are great artists currently.
      But lindh’s verses were so wack it was cringe worthy.

  20. The confused idealists are ripe fruit for the picking. Remember Baader Meinhof, FLQ, SLA, Shining Path, Heaven’s Gate, Moonies…..the list goes on. You can get people to drink Jimmy’s poison kool-aid and people will castrate themselves and commit mass suicide to go to the flying saucer mothership that’s about to arrive.
    This is nothing new – join a group, feel special, no thought required.

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