How “The Camp Of The Saints” Predicted The Migrant Destruction Of Europe

ISBN: 1881780074

Written in 1973, The Camp Of The Saints is a novel by Jean Raspail that predicted the European migrant crisis forty years before it began, not only the actual invasion by brown migrants but also the leftist arguments that enabled it, which ushered Europe to its doom.

The story follows a one-million strong flotilla of Indians who are slowly making their way to Europe. The leaders and people of Europe have decided not to stop their arrival. Light on action, the book focuses on the mood of the pending arrival, particularly how Europeans were eager to cuck themselves into oblivion.

After all your help—all the seeds, and drugs, and technology—[migrants] found it so much simpler just to say, ‘Here’s my son, here’s my daughter. Take them. Take me. Take us all to your country.’ And the idea caught on. You thought it was fine. You encouraged it, organized it. But now it’s too big, now it’s out of your hands. It’s a flood. A deluge. And it’s out of control.


You’ve gone and worked up a race problem out of whole cloth, right in the heart of the white world, just to destroy it. That’s what you’re after. You want to destroy our world, our whole way of life.

Raspail understood how the media whips the public into feeling immense guilt as a mechanism to introduce non-white migrants. Well before the globalist view on migration and equality was elucidated, Raspail was steps ahead in predicting what the result of it would be, as if he was reading into a crystal ball. He even knew that migrants would bring diseases like tuberculosis.

And all at once whole sections of New York are deserted, a score of American cities watch the flight to the suburbs—and half the historic Paris pavement too—American tots in their integrated schools fall five years behind, tubercular Gauls flee in droves from our open-air clinics. … Tally-ho! Tally-ho! Just listen to that battering ram smash at the southern gate!


The centuries-long segregation of the first and third-world brought great complacency upon Europe. No one could really get a grasp of what was in store once the third-world reached critical mass and started invading the West.

“I can tell,” Vilsberg continued, “that you really don’t believe how serious the situation is. After all, we lived side by side with the Third World, convinced that our hermetic coexistence, our global segregation, would last forever. What a deadly illusion! Now we see that the Third World is a great unbridled mass, obeying only those impulsive urges that well up when millions of hapless wills come together in the grip of despair.

In a bittersweet scene, one of the prominent media leftists goes out with his wife to celebrate the arrival of the flotilla with joyous Africans. Towards the end of the party, his wife gets brutally raped by them and he eventually dies in sorrow. The horde’s arrival suddenly awakened all the immigrants already in the country into asserting themselves. They began stealing directly from the native citizens by attacking their “white privilege.”

Now, it’s a known fact that racism comes in two forms: that practiced by whites—heinous and inexcusable, whatever its motives—and that practiced by blacks——quite justified, whatever its excesses, since it’s merely the expression of a righteous revenge, and it’s up to the whites to be patient and understanding.

What drives the maniacal leftist? Raspail believes it’s a suicide mechanism, likely activated by a human organism void of spirit and with no reason to endure a cosmopolitan existence. Attempting to destroy its host culture is an indirect way of killing itself.

Whenever the pop tunes would lose their blaring charm, there was nothing left but to let oneself drown in the sticky-sweet syrup of human misery and despair, set to music of sorts, that one refuge of yearning and unfulfilled souls that had learned nothing else. It never occurred to any of them to measure that notion of misery against the past, or against their own well-being. For them it was a drug, and they needed to shoot up a good strong dose to keep themselves going, like addicts and their heroin. The fact that it was often hard to come by close to home made very little difference. Nothing stops an addict when he has to have his fix, and poisons like that are easy to import. There’s never a lack of pushers. Besides, modern man has always had, tucked away in the back of his mind, that singular longing for total destruction, sole cure for the boredom and anguish that consume him.


The book even predicted a cucked Catholic Church. Raspail knew that every institution had to be on board with Europe’s destruction for the third-world invasion to proceed seamlessly.

I came south like a lot of other priests, father, to hail what I thought would be mankind’s redemption. To welcome the million Christs on board those ships, who would rise up, reborn, and signal the dawn of a just, new day.

The European women who welcomed the refugees became whores for them. If you think this is too extreme, consider that European women are getting raped by migrants today but not reporting the crime, yet if a white man so much as brushes past them, he’s accused of assault.

She died in Nice, in a whorehouse for Hindus, disgusted with everything in general and herself in particular. At the time, each refugee quarter had its stock of white women, all free for the taking. And perfectly legal.


Yes, the Third World had started to overflow its banks, and the West was its sewer.

Raspail even predicted the fact that the media would elevate the interracial couplings of white women and the invaders. We saw something similar recently when the German government sponsored sex workshops for migrants on how to fornicate with German girls.

Ralph Ginzburg, the famous American publisher, had printed a series of photos in his magazine Eros, which had caused not a little ink to be spilled. They showed an interracial couple—white woman, black man—in various stages of nude embrace. With a caption that read as follows: “Tomorrow these couples will be recognized as the pioneers of an enlightened age, in which prejudice will be dead and the only race will be the human race.”

The fleet made landfall in France. The French, impotent to do the right thing to save their country, tripped head first into spreading the welcome mat (they actually competed with each other to see who would be the most welcoming). You can imagine the result when one million wretches made landfall in a country they cared nothing about. The new social justice government that rose forth catered to the invaders more than the French, similar to what we already see in Western European nations.

In war, the real enemy is always behind the lines. Never in front of you, never among you. Always at your back. That’s something every soldier knows. In every army, since the world began. And plenty of times they’ve been tempted to turn their backs on the enemy—the so-called enemy, that is—and give it to the real one, once and for all.


When freedom expands to mean freedom of instinct and social destruction, then freedom is dead.


The book itself wasn’t my style of storytelling. Raspail made numerous detours and long-winded soliloquies that took away from the action in favor of creating accurate character portrayals. It’s more of a mood novel than one that moved forward at an exciting pace. The only flaw is that it didn’t predict the rise of an alternative media that would sound the alarm bell. Even though an active invasion is taking place today, the anti-migrant side is far stronger than what’s portrayed in the book.

The Camp Of The Saints was a prophetic story that showed how the migrants themselves weren’t the only cause of Europe’s destruction—leftists played the largest role in ripping apart the country before their arrival, a fact that many of us already know too well.

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  1. No more illegal/unwanted immigrants for us with zero skills and room temperature IQ’s under Trump Presidency? How RACIST!! If Hillary was going to be our President rather than (literally) Hitler, this bigoted crap wouldn’t happen! “Where’s the love?” 😉

  2. “Ralph Ginzburg, the famous American publisher, had printed a series of photos in his magazine Eros, which had caused not a little ink to be spilled. They showed an interracial couple—white woman, black man—in various stages of nude embrace” . Even back then Raspail knew (((who))) the main driving force would be ..

    1. Stop all incoming immigration, period, no exceptions.
      Visit all of the Rapefugee camps, with big trucks, pack them in and have big cargo ships waiting to haul them back to Africa.
      Smoke a cigar and drink some fine Scotch.

  3. “Now, it’s a known fact that racism comes in two forms: that practiced by whites—heinous and inexcusable, whatever its motives—and that practiced by blacks——quite justified, whatever its excesses, since it’s merely the expression of a righteous revenge, and it’s up to the whites to be patient and understanding.”
    That says a lot. You see that on the MSM every day. Yesterday afternoon I turned on the television( some afternoon women’s show with Julie Chen and Ozzys old lady) and they were discussing a comment made by some lady on social media that basically said she was glad to see Melania Trump instead of having to see monkey looking Michelle Obama and that the lady should be fired from her job(whatever it is). I’ve seen social media posts by blacks that are just as bad if not worse but, rarely see the same level of outrage.
    I don’t care anything about seeing Michelle O either…..just saying.

    1. Yes. A few days ago on Twitter leftists started tweeting #RapeMelania, it went on for a couple days until Twitter was forced to take it down after receiving thousands of complaints. But the media paid no attention to it.

      1. As of this morning, Twitter has started a purge of all accounts that it feels express Alt Right sentiments.
        You can’t make this shit up.

        1. It would be a highly fashionable and trendy thing to do actually. Heh.

        2. I wondered what happened. I got a Twitter account, solely to exchange pleasantries with female porn stars. Can’t access anybody’s Twitter page now. Gosh-darn my Alt. Right sentiments! The elite are equating the Alt. Right with nationalism. And the globalists don’t want nationalism…oh my, they can’t have that. Thus, the triggering of their mindless liberal hordes.

        3. It’s interesting to me that Obama is now openly condemning nationalism, as if somehow, it was something evil. I mean just out in the open. He is literally (Hitler) telling Americans that they have no right to their own nation and how dare them think otherwise. He’s not even using wiggle room language.

        4. Mostly I point out the insanity of their SJW views (make fun of them). And if they’re hot enough, I angle for sex, true. Got close with a couple. Poof – now I’m shut out. Ah well.

        5. If a person ever needed further proof that politicians and the media are hopelessly caught in the death-grip of the NWO, well…there you go.

        6. Same. I don’t understand why I would, under any circumstances, up to and including avoiding the draft, I would ever need a Twitter account.

        7. Two possible reasons:
          1. New Balance was the shoe favored by Hitler.
          2. The people doing the burning just aren’t all that sharp.
          Either way, children shouldn’t be playing with matches.
          Also, thank you for giving me a new reason to enjoy the Dunham shoes I’m wearing right now. Dunham being a New Balance brand, of course.

        8. truly are there any other Americans? In general I believe that in America only whites consider themselves as Americans-only, everyone else with a handful of exceptions (blacks, latinos and asians that voted Trump) feel themselves connected to something different.

        9. Be careful for what you wish for. The likelyhood will be that whites will be thrown out of helicopters by the government controlled by cucks and muslims, not vice versa.

        10. Only 2% of pilots are blacks because unlike doctors mistakes will kill themselves. Without enough Asians & whites there wont be electricity.

        11. You too Bob? How in gods name to you know what a woman’s views are? what the hell you guys talking about? You reading playboy for the articles?

      2. If it were a #RapeHillary tweet they would be sharpening the pitchforks and lighting the rainbow colored torches.

        1. Yeah, they’d call our bluff and then we’d be forced to concede that we were just trolling.

        2. Lolknee seems to be capable of fucking really scary women in order to enact revenge in the name of variety (heh). I wonder if Hillary would be on the list of consideration?

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          Even in pictures when she was young she had that unshaven armpits hippy look.

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          I couldn’t even fuck her with somebody else’s dick (Hillary). Huma, I’m open to discussion.

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        11. One of the Arkansas Troopers from his protection detail said Bill would go crazy around hot women, had to watch him every second.

        12. meh, I don’t care who was there first. I never had that particular emotion

        13. Judging from her connections maybe it was arranged. If I was Bill I would have just done without.

        14. Well they say she’s a rug muncher anyway, maybe Y’all along with Hillary could have a three some.

        15. That has crossed my mind actually. This kind of seems like a highly unlikely match. It’s not like she’s a pleasant likeable human being. Reports of her personality since like forever had detailed that she’s got a short fuse, is violent, and is prone to screaming and cursing out entire rooms. Sally Homemaker, she is not.
          Meanwhile, Billy Boy there, has a smooth country charm, an engaging way of speaking and making you feel like he really understands you, and ability to look at a woman and make her panties drop, and had no shortage of options. He was, in his day, almost the model for the dark triad sociopath. He had no shortage of any kind of woman he wanted (even the kind the rest of us go…um…wut? over).

        16. Depends on the camera angle with Huma, sometimes she looks pretty good, sometimes she kind of reminds me of Fidos ass.

        17. During the campaign I saw some video footage of them at a State Fair. Bill would shake hands smile and seemed to be genuinely interested in talking to people. She just smiled shook hands and acted like she had more important things to do.

        18. There’s just something about Carlos that makes me want to slap him so hard it would make his kids cross eyed.

        19. Hillary might be a bridge too far for the fearless Knee Man. And who could blame him. Hillary barely passes the Turing Test never mind the boner test.

        20. No argument there. Doesn’t change the fact that I would bang Huma so hard I’d break her hips.

        21. I’ll bet he sang “Come on Ilene” a few times in the 1970’s.

        22. Without a doubt he won the white house on game. Politics aside, he grabbed the country by the pussy. There is no amount of calling him a murderous crook that can change it. He seduced the presidency

        23. What do you call a one legged woman? Ilene What do you call a one legged Chinese woman? Irene

        24. Get it though?
          Cum. On I…lean? One leg?
          *taps mic*
          Is this thing on….?
          I’m totally striking out today, heh.

        25. Don’t feel bad. I’m one of the few people who can instinctively follow a Dennis Miller monologue and laugh at literally (Hitler) every sub-reference. Our minds work in a very similar manner.

        26. They were both from high society families involved in child sex trafficing and cocaine. That is why they met, and they is why they pretend to be a married couple now – just look at the Podesta emails.

        27. I’d be glad to look very carefully and get back to you with a full report. Until then I am convinced she is a POA

        28. Hey, someone’s got to empty the septic tank. Whatever, go to it. Pussy’s pussy when you get down to brass tacks.

        29. If you listen to Rodger Stone, they both like little girls at Epstein island, the only barriers Crooked Eye Clinton has broken are little Haitian girls hymens.

        30. JFK almost liberated Americans from financial servitude to foreign banking oligarchs by taking down the FED.
          His entire family has payed a heavy toll for that defiance.

        31. It Surprised me to learn so also. He made a bill to reinstate American currency under the control of congress and print their own money. It was immediately repealed after his assassination and the money ready to be distributed destroyed.
          All those TV shows and Hollywood films of Kennedy conspiracy including Munro and the Italian mobsters and this information somehow is never presented or raised in suspicion.

        32. He’s right.
          To get started


          I wanted to add that the red pill goes beyond women. We expound on the wisdom of our ancestors, but forget their stance on other issues. I’ll leave it at that. You can lead a horse to water….

  4. If you look at world history since the dawn of time, racism has been brought about by one underlying factor, the redistribution of wealth. In the distant past, conquerors viewed their subjects with contempt as they enslaved them or stole their wealth. 1850’s slave owners viewed blacks with contempt. Same with the Democratic South prior to LBJ. Since then with welfare, the flow of wealth has changed direction.(and with it the change in parties by individuals) It now goes from the middle class, to the enabled class. Now where do you see race riots, people being beat up, etc?

    1. Racism, I believe, is the codified version of our fight or flight instinct. You can tamp it down with free will and reason, but it requires the participation of all parties, or it simply will not work. The rapefugees don’t seem willing to bend in that direction. On a boat with the lot of them.

      1. They are coming over and receiving untold amounts of wealth from Europe. With that, they view Europeans with envy and contempt, even though they are not as well off. Same way the blacks in the US view whites. Let them come if they are fleeing a war zone, but put them into work camps and have them make crap and earn their stay. If they don’t want to stay, send them back.

        1. I’ll be honest, at this point I’m not sure why even fleeing a war zone matters. If they were fleeing one, they wouldn’t be making up to a two year stop over in Turkey first. Plus, the Arab world is their culture, they’d be much better suited fleeing to Saudi Arabia or Egypt. There is *no* reason for mostly 18-40 year old men to be invading Europe. None.

        2. Yeah, I suppose you have to accept the liberal mantra for that one. I think the real reason European leadership is doing this is the same reason the BLM movement is supported here. Create chaos then use that chaos as an excuse to instill martial law.

        3. I’m not sure why I have to accept their mantra. Basic logic dictates pretty much what I’ve outlined.
          The problem however is getting that through to nations who have been indoctrinated since the end of WW2 in nothing but mind numbing collectivist self hatred.

        4. That is a conundrum that I have struggled with myself for years. The self hatred makes no sense whatsoever, yet you see it everywhere on the left. The US and Western civilization has done more for the good of mankind than anyone, ever throughout history, and yet crybabies still complain.

        5. Replacement of populations. Europeans are genetically and historically more difficutl to control than “others” (see the expansion of the islamic faith).
          Socialists are hegelian, they will build a tyranny if allowed. They are just increasing social chaos to the point that one day, it will be “us or mayhem”. Remember that they are attacking all identity (religion, family, language, etc.), not only “race”.

        6. They want free stuff and free sex, you make the grave mistake to comparison them with yourself. Remember this people are maybe even products of incest, without much respect for life and dignity a free sandwich every day will be a good reason for them to go to the west.

        7. Anyway, I also remembered when the war in Syria started when a group of refugees came in, totally different image: women with young children in a boat that did not sunk holding their passports in their hands.
          Those of whom you speak are no refugees, they are welfare immigrants.

        8. Oh, I know what they want. I mean the Euro leaders. The only explanation that makes sense is that they want their own people destroyed.

        9. Look up the German zeppelin LZ 54 (L 19).
          It was shot down in the North Sea during WW1 and the crew was left to drown even though there were commercial British fishing ships that could have picked them up and saved them.
          But now we can’t let a single Mooslim perish! Life is precious doncha know!

      2. Racism is our natural response to potential threats by human groups. If these groups act, naturedly, in a way that may help us benefit from them and they from us racism gets away. If not it becomes stronger as it is affirmed.
        Africans have received billions of money and aid but still hate us and act as savages hence, normally, we would have stopped giving them anything and maybe started acting badly towards them.
        Muslims too took money from us, that we gave them free to them in exchange we take explosions, terrorism, more explosions and rapes.
        there are some other groups too that acted in such a fashion but more covert and we cannot say anything about them.
        Normally for all these we would feel contempt, hate, anger or rage as racism would have been confirmed…
        Today it is a crime to notice.

  5. I just saw mayor Deblasio on tv talking about his meeting with Trump.
    Has that guy always been such a pussy SJW or did he have to practice harder to make it to his level?

  6. The really sad thing is that you can’t argue against -mass- migration of -unskilled- people without idiots responding as if you’re arguing for zero immigration. The Sikh or Japanese guy who wants to start a business? Sure, bring ’em in. The Wahhabist who plans to live off welfare? Send his ass home.

    1. This is a great and simple representation of the ignorant arrogance of those trying to equally distribute the population…..

    2. Am I the only person who laughed through this whole video while picturing this guy at home filling these jars with gumballs and then lugging them out to his car, driving to wherever he gave this lecture, parked and then carried all these gumballs in containers to his little office? No comment on what he is saying, just the hilariousness of this guy walking around with all those gumballs

      1. The guy is 100% correct. The point he is trying to make is that the liberal communist democratic left use the excuse of bringing in foreign trash from 3rd world countries as “helping the poor” and “giving them a better life”. His gumball demonstration is showing the example that it’s all BS and the the TRUE intention is that the communist left is bringing in 3rd world trash to destroy Christianity and trash up white western civilization. They aren’t helping anyone but satan.

        1. The message of the video is boring. Some middle aged guy sitting around at home counting millions of gum balls is hilarious.

      2. As long as we keep sending meds and food to the 3rd world, the 3rd world will keep sending diseases white mans meds can’t cure and more 3rd world squatlings.

        1. I understand the premise of the video and have no problem with it. Was there a special referendum on the last ballot to make everyone stop having a sense of humor. This guy putting together his gumball presentation and bringing it to work is hilarious

    3. No, we don’t want skilled Sikhs or any other skilled people. We can educate our own and have superior Doctors, engineers or inventors to anyone. Why braindrain their countries then have the problems they all cause for our country and theirs? The problem is these first generation migrants have alienated kids who will never be accepted, yet do not have the bond to their motherland, and go on to cause all kinds of problems. Our nation is our race; one nation one race, no nigggers, yellow migets, kikes or towel heads.

        1. I’m in my ancestral homeland, which was developed from wilderness to a high tech civilisation by my ancestors creativity and work ethic. No black bastard/ shitskin can say that of themselves.

        2. So how the hell did those “mighty ancestors” spawn something like you?
          Somebody really fucked up, huh?

        3. jz95 is an East Indian dude. Anytime you talk shit about Sikhs or Indians, he gets offended like the bitch he is.

        4. Lol. I hate the mighty ancestors line of BS. I have a cousin that plays major league ball. Quick, someone give me a contract for millions

        5. That isn’t even a logical or relevent response. I’m not asking for anythng from my ancestors or cousins; I am merely stating the reality that this civilisation was built by our ancestors for us. These are our countries. They weren’t built by niggers, kikes, or any other assortment of sub-human mudskin, and no answer you can give alters that fact. Our civilisation and nations are a product of our genetics, and turning our lands into mudskin shitholes, by allowing skilled Sikhs in, will merely turn our countries to shit like theirs are.

        6. What annoys me is the appeal to ancestors. My guess is if your anscestoes saw you whining online about poor little you so sad the monkeys are getting your job they would probably laugh at your faggot ass. You have zip to do with you anscestors accomplishments … if there even were any

        7. Who cares if it annoys you. We are the product of our ancestors and what they built for us. It isn’t a linear line; each of us has tens of thousands of ancestors, so invariably everyone in the West’s ancestors had accomplishments.
          Don’t expect people to cheer its destruction at the hands of mud people (and the baby-boomer generation who rejected the ideea of building for the future generations). We are the ones fighting back. It isn’t whining, it is pointing out the truth. And no nigger/ monkey is taking my job while I am running a company and employing 11 white lads. They couldn’t even manage my workload with their 110 IQs.

        8. And by the quality of your comments, clearly your genetics must be absolute shit-tier. No, scratch that. Literal shit has better genetic material than you. (And better comments for that matter.)

        9. Oh and it most certainly is whining. Try to be better and stop going on about dead people who don’t give a fuck about you. Fighting back? I see a butt hurt chick crying like a bitch that minorities do better than him. Oh it’s the niggers oh it’s the boomers. Get your self a mirror pussy

        10. Of course, I’m going to be over the moon seeing Europe flooded with non-whites in accordance with The Kalergi Plan for the controlled destruction of the West so the jewish financier elite can rule over the ruins of Europe, where whites will be a minority and incapable of self dtermination in their own lands. I’m obviously going to love, and never compain about, walking along the street and feeling like I’m on the Planet of The Apes set, and our civilisation decending into a high crime low trust 3rd world dump – and if I point that out, you say “You’re just butthurt”. I’ll have to try that simple method of making a point, just dismiss everyone else as butthurt regardless of the facts.
          Blacks aren’t taking anyones jobs – they aren’t working. They are in our countries as low IQ tools for jewish financier oligarchs (eg Soros) to use against the native people, with so much success that Britain, Germany and France probably won’t exist in any recognisable form in 100 years time.

        11. I’m sure his ancestors, wherever they are, are so proud that their descendant is following in their grand accomplishments by being a badass on the internet.
          Oh, wait…

        12. People who are productive and like earning money. You will know for yourself when you become an adult.

        13. I was being facetious you retard, your insults are as sophisticated as a nine year old childs insults.

      1. Somehow it has become the obligation of every Western nation to provide education and employment to uplift every downtrodden soot-nosed macaque the world over.

    4. Well look at what Sikhs did when they went in droves and moved to Surrey Canada. Now their kids are getting involved in gang wars and drugs, and most of the crime is being perpetuated by them. Look, you can bring skilled immigrants from India legally on h1bs, but doesn’t mean they are going to assimilate. Sure, they’ll work and contribute to taxes, but they’ll still have their beta tendencies and try to harass our white women and think they are all promiscuous and will sleep with them because they work at Dell and make 6 figures. Or they’ll have kids who will grow up and be brought up in a beta household that their personality and mindset becomes conflicted – they don’t know where they belong. Are they Western or are they Indian? That’s why you have cucks like Aziz Ansari who wants to be White, fuck white girls only, and wants to play a white man’s role in movies. Or you have the Orlando shooter who was conflicted of whether he was Muslim Afghani, or whether he was a western homosexual. The cognitive dissonance that comes with immigrants from these third world countries is that they can’t assimilate. Period.

      1. In Britain the 2nd generation Muslims fill the jails like half breed white/niggers 60% non white in jails) who have an identity crisis which can only be resolved by remaking society in the image of their inner life, i.e desolation. Every Marxist activist in the UK is either a kike, half white half ape or a 2nd gen Muslim. There was a guy on RT saying Britain needs to be over-run with brown skinned people to pay for the British (jewish) Empire. He stated we own him as much as his parents came here and were cleaning toilets for a living – forgetting that his parents chose to come here, and that cleaning toilets in Britain is probably orders of magnitude a better job than in Pakistan, and better paying. They spend so much time and energy trying to justify their parasitism, they’d be successful in their own countries if they applied themselves with the same level commitment to their own economic independence.

    5. How about this…
      – The Truth About America’s Survival. Demographics and the 2016 Election

      And this…
      – Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON: 20-35’s a MINORITY by 2020

      And this…
      – Practical Idealism. The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union
      And this…
      – Jewish involvement in the promotion of ‘hate speech’ laws, multiculturalism, mass immigration, denationalization, subversion of traditional values, and related items

    1. Is that a “Make America Great Again” hat on the right?
      Boy, they ‘ll take everything that’s not nailed to the ground…

      1. “Is that a “Make America Great Again” hat on the right?
        Boy, they ‘ll take everything that’s not nailed to the ground…”
        Too damned funny LOL

    2. There is an elephant in the middle of the room = LOW IQ!
      – World IQ Map
      – World ranking of countries by their average IQ
      – Race Differences In Intelligence

      Just nigger “culture”:
      – South Africans set foreign helpless teens on fire
      – Woman Blows into Cow Anus to Help Boost Milk Yield
      – African culture for everyone
      Send niggers and sandniggers back!

      1. I’m a sandnigger, and I fully support this blog and the conservative values. I voted for Trump and I fully believe in Nationalistic ideology. I’m the only one in my whole office here in San Francisco who advocated Trump before and after his historic win.
        What I’m not sure is that now that I’m a US Citizen, would I ever be considered one of your own people or would I still be considered an outsider?

      2. I have a hard time believing the Chinese on average have a higher IQ than northwest Europeans.
        China is a shit hole.

  7. I’ve said it before that the invasion and conquering of the west will be like no other. This invasion will not be with knights and swords, nor missiles or tanks, but with open borders.
    The governments are embracing it and the the media is spinning it as the right thing to to, so the populous cucks themselves. Think about a young girl white girl in one of these countries. All her life she’s told the men around her are evil. All her life she has seen the media perpetuating ONLY WHITE WOMEN with every other brown man under the sun. The “men” of these once great nations are cucked beyond belief, and the women have contempt for them. Her father was probably a cuck too.
    Finally out of no where 100% masculine men of fighting/fucking age flood the country. The first time in her life shes surrounded by masculinity, and the “men” of the country not only allow it, but embrace it, even to the point that they let them fuck their women.
    The women finally give up on their home grown men for Achmed, and kick cuck boy to the curb. Islam is radical enough to remove any and all traces of history from a region, so in order to get the white mans legacy gone, all you need is a few generations of radical islam running the place and boom. Sweden becomes New Somalia, Germany becomes New Syria. (They) finally eradicate whites from their homeland. I just wonder what they plan to do with the Muslims once this happens.
    I wrote all about why these women accept this shit here :
    Truly strange times we live in.

  8. Europe will be run over by the fucking muslims. At the end, it will be the jews and hindus who will be rescuing them. The cucked christians couldn’t even save their religion. It is because of downfall in christianity, the islamists fucks convert and hire atheist idiots as their fighters. Both the Jews and Hindus have a long history of fucking up these muslims. No other civilization suffered so bad under muslims as those two but at the same time they fucked up muslims equally or sometimes even more than what they received. And of course, Roosh himself has islamic roots. This Iranian cowardly faggot thinks he can come to our country america and call himself american. He is a self-hater and starts attacking his own kind.

  9. One of the best parts of this election was the left’s ability to drive all “–ist” and “phobia” words into irrelevancy. They have used them so many times, and against people (including old school Democrats) who only cared to have a rational discussion, that calling someone a racist is no different than saying, “you have blue eyes.” It rolls off the shoulders now.
    Once Trump won, I saw a surge on social media of brave souls who kept quiet up until election night. No doubt they have been accused of racism since then for having the audacity to vote for Trump. I saw others comment on stupid posts that said, “If you voted for Trump you’re a racist!” They would reply with, “You still don’t understand why you lost.” And the accusations would pile on. The left has been exposed. People, even more moderate leftists, are moving towards the standard definition of racism–you know, the one that’s in the fucking dictionary and not the one determined by cultural Marxists. We are on the brink of a brighter future. Now let’s step on their throats and drive them out.

    1. It exposed a massive flaw in the various polling systems used. When there’s no use in talking to someone or about something sensible people who have the choice to say fuck you make the choice to just stop talking. They take the high road, refrain from telling said other immovable position to fuck off and just do it their way. That’s it. They don’t “fight” or protest or “change the dialogue” or “have a conversation”. That shit is annoying to independent people who value freedom over trinkets. They value trinkets and that’s a BIG gap in understanding to close.

  10. It wasn’t difficult to predict the current situation. During the 70’s the hippie culture started to explode with messages of global solidarity, teenage rebellion and free love, wishing for a global brotherhood without borders. When these people took power somewhere in the 90’s, officially, they of course tried their best to make truth of their dreams.
    Raspail, was of the few people that took the hippies seriously… Guess we should all have.

  11. Merkel called in the sand people.
    Turkey facilitated their tranzit and logistics.
    Guess who fucked Europe along it’s history…
    Russia & Turkey.
    Do a background check on Merkel and you will find….the kaigebe.

  12. Obama don’t allow no Alt. Right views around here
    Obama don’t allow no Alt. Right views around here
    I don’t care what Obama don’t allow
    Gonna tout the Alt. Right – anyhow
    Obama don’t allow no Alt. Right views around here…

  13. So, it’s a foregone conclusion that the west is in permanent decline? I can’t see life here getting any more difficult, which seems to be what we need to reverse this process. The west has gotten coddled and weak and loses its direction. Which makes men do things like the Johnny Walker Lindt taliban in the other article. So, just enjoy the decline, amiright?

    1. Nope. Surrender is not an option. I have progeny to think of.
      They won’t inherit a world from me that I did not at least put in work to save on their behalf.

    2. Do you really believe things are so bad? That is a pretty drastic statement.

      1. Different measuring sticks. Materially we have it made. Fucking awesome world. Legally and culturally we’re taking it in the shorts though. It’s all a matter of perspective and what you have to your advantage, or working against you I think.

        1. ebbs and flows. Sure, there are bad times on all measuring sticks. But to say “I can’t see life here getting any more difficult” just doesn’t fall on any stick I have ever heard of. I mean, that is talk for when one is forced to go camping.

        2. Agreed.
          I’m just thinking of differing environments shaping different perceptions. A dude in middle class Nowhereville whose wife divorces him, took 70% of his stuff, took his kids and had the judge put him under mandatory court ordered child support AND alimony when he works a Joe job, is going to see things a *lot* differently than somebody in 1955 Ohio (my residence) or living an opulent lifestyle in NYC.
          That said, it CAN get one hell of a lot worse on all fronts.

        3. Right. Even divorced rape hump buster joe job has a few options. I mean, I get that the little Chinese kids sewing nikes with their teeth pretty much are totally fucked….but there is a lot here that could be worse.

        4. The US unpaid liabilities are higher than the entire worlds GDP for a year. The (((Elite))) have been looting & driving up the debt, they profit from the destruction caused by dumping the 3rd world onto the first.

      2. When the nihilist is correcting my pessimism, perhaps I’ve gone too far.
        What I mean is, this book is not unique; it is one voice among many that are all saying the same thing. Society is becoming too comfortable for progress to continue, too coddled for masculinity to develop, too controlled for free thought to flourish.
        The author was predicting these things because of trends he observed inherent in western liberal society of decades ago, and he could see where those trends led. Look at the Johnny Walker Lindh story. He is a product of such a society. Maybe he’s not the cream of the gene pool, but 50 years ago, he would probably have a nice job with a well adjusted family. Today he is driven to jihad because he is directionless and confused.
        There is a lack of direction, a lack of purpose, a lack of joie de vivre among the west today. The author has traced this to the root cause of an easy lifestyle, devoid of any deepness or sense of the sacred. The author predicted that western white men would willingly give up their society, their land, and their women, to sickly, inferior hordes of invaders, due to some sort of sick self suicide mentality driven by an empty soul with no sense of purpose. That makes complete logical sense to me. And our society is only creating more and more of that.
        So if one sees Raspail’s hypothesis as true, as current events due seem to bear, and indeed demographic data such as a third of 25-35 year olds living with their parents, the delay of marriage and reproduction, and the decline in spirituality, all seem to, it becomes apparent that the west is in permanent decline. That doesn’t mean I must decline with it. It doesn’t mean the west will be an awful place to live for everyone. But the society as a whole is in for a whole lot more of the problems this book predicted, and more, and a society that has a sick secret wish for suicide will eventually get it.
        I have read about Straus’s 4th turning, a study of generational change. I read Jacques Barzun’s From Dawn to Decadence years ago. That was more a celebration of western culture’s achievements than a bemoaning of its current state, but every bit of evidence such as Raspail’s theory all point in the same direction. I see more valueless consumerism and a complete decay of social norms over the next 25 years. Every European country seems to be on board with this idea. They are the canary in the coal mines. Don’t think Americans are some special snowflakes immune to this trend.

        1. I sometimes take solace in the fact that the Europeans of today, particularly the Germans, are not the same as the old ones. They’re not the same people. Whether the modern day people in France or Britain or the Ukraine get bred out of existence really doesn’t matter because the best of Europe died a long time before I was born in WW1 and WW2.

        2. Now that is a much more fair assessment 🙂 I was starting to think you had a bad day spicy

        3. That’s a good point. I would take more solace in the fact that the Chinese were good honorable people instead of a race of conniving rat eaters who have no respect for life. Or whoever may end up inheriting the future. There really does not seem to be a dominant culture today the way there was for the past couple hundred years. Perhaps the racialists were right and we bred the supremacy out.

        4. I think it comes to the fact that the Chinese do not want to export their culture. They have zero interest in “Sino-fying” other peoples.
          White people always wanted to export their culture: Alexander the Great, the Germans (Germanification), the Russians (Russification) etc.
          Chinese culture is quite literally for the Chinese only. It is not meant to be shared or exported.

    3. I do not think that the West is dead, we have just started to react and with a Trump win a new paradigm was set, if he can say that he fulfilled the core of his promises then healing will be possible.
      Although I DO believe that some countries are done for, France I am sure of it the cucks and the lefts are so retards that voted cucky only to forbid any position by the FN which also has become recently more centrist than Sarkozy, evn Zean-Marie Lepen protested for this… Also in great sadness I do not think that Greece will survive, we literally do not react to the changes of the world and still think it is 1981.

      1. Brexit, Trump, the coming Le Pen tidal wave, nationalist forces starting to act out in Norway and Sweden (by…! They still have those?!?)
        Yeah, we’re not done by a long shot.

        1. For Le Pen I said my doubts but for the rest I do believe they may manage to weather it. Who would think though that all these would have started by Hungary.
          (To any Hungarian I am sorry for the stupidity of my people , the Greeks, for welcoming the invaders, I salute you and your leader for bringing change and hope to an old continent)

        2. Oh yes, right, the bravery shown by the Hungarian PM in the face of a hostile EU. Good show, that.

        3. Anyway now there is hope for the West, funny thing that about the Scandinavians I though they reproduced asexually due to feminism but they start to say enough is enough. I hope I live the day that all these love the other attitude and help the Third-World really backfires… It would be interesting.

        4. I literaly want to make a bust of him, paint it and place it in the hall, I want him also canonized by the catholic and orthodox churches, have an icon with a stand of him and place it the living room. His bravery made change possible.

        5. Is that kind of how Senor Ponce de Leon means “Mr. Punch the Lion”?

        6. Probably. I translate all things with a la or le in this way ever since I took a girl to the Met Opera to see La Boehme and she looked at me with loving eyes and asked me, being the wise older man I was, what “La Boehme” meant and I straightened my tie, took a sip of scotch, smiled back and said “why it means “the boeme” of course” and left it at that.

        1. In 100 years either Brevik will either have statues to him in every town or there will be no running water.

      2. I do have hope, but trends are the hardest things of all to change. America peaked in many measurable ways in the 1960s.

        1. It does not mean that it will go back to 0, all the world will decline, some destroyed, the ones who will survive will go forward. Today we are fighting for survival not progress (in the right way)

        2. It ebbs and flows. I am sure it will get better, and we will have setbacks as well. Just do the best you can with the time you have.

      3. Germany and Sweden are dead. I’m not optimistic at all about their chances. Belgium I don’t know enough about, but from what I’ve heard prospects are not looking good. As for you Greeks, don’t take this the wrong way, but when and if your economy collapses completely (and I think it will eventually), the migrants will no longer wish to come to (or stay in) Greece.

        1. As lolknee so eloquently put it, the Greeks of today bear little to no resemblance to the Ancient Greeks: Hannibal and various other brown marauders literally fucked them out of existence.
          Same goes for the Sicilians:

        2. Belgium is surely dead, the eastern part of Germany may survive, the migrants may become stranded here, but the problem with Greece is that we cannot comprehend the problems around us. The Greek economy allready has collapsed it is being kept by life support so we are having a slow bankruptcy.
          Problem is as a people we do not react at all to stimuli…

        3. Yeah, but we hate the EU and specifically the Germans FOR WANTING THEIR MONEY BACK THAT WE USED THEM TO MAKE OUR BELLIES ROUNDER!!!
          I can give you an example: farming subsidies were by the EU to us and our leader Papandreou at the time gave them to the farmers, these were meant for buying more land or instruments and equipment or starting new cultivations….
          They used them to buy whatever they wanted, so they became fountains and porches….

        4. Do you think Greece would have been better off if it hadn’t been in the EU and had other countries propping it up, or are things really that bad?

        5. Greece requires the EU due to our neighbour being Turkey, if they attack they attack the Union, no other state or union can subsidize for us in such a case except from Russia and that barely. Greece could not have not be in the EU it certainly should not have entered the euro as that helped us fund our overindulgences, returning to the drachma would be far more severe than suicide so we are locked.
          Also we have allowing our military to rot after ’74 so we became more and more dependent by the 90’s our army became worthless. In short during the metapoliteusi (the time after the junta) we have lost all our national sovereignty but kept as a country our borders stable, today with the muslims and the first mosque here that changes, Turkey may start to expand soon again, except if it collapses (probable, but would not bet on it, as Erdogan’s grip on power is not secure after the coup + he starts dismantling the economy of his country, still it would worsen the migrant crisis here as many Turks would run here, so yeah we are fucked and it is our fault).

        6. I forgot to add that I am not pro-EU I want to say only that Greece managed to lock itself into it… The country may get out only if: it fixes its economy, it fixes its army and manages to persuade a big power to tie its earnings with it. Needless to say we are far from that.

        7. From Greece there were (((connections))) from the Papandreou family the first made the bulk of the debt, also a Papandreou managed to put us in the IMF after our economic collapse (so we were closed to the markets, if that hadn’t happened the memorandums would have been easier on us). Problem is Andreas Papandreou (the man who made most of the politics that destroyed Greece) is the most influential politician and still decades after his death the most beloved. So yeah semi-skypes pushed us over the edge but we consented (this happened, with variations, everywhere) problem is we do not change our way of thought.

    4. Points noted, but don’t let the fringe be the definition of the majority. Hold fast. The pendulum is swinging back (as it always does) and there isn’t a threat of nuclear annihilation like in the old days. Keep fighting.

      1. Yeah, when you grow up and are shown The Day After in class, you get this huge sinking feeling in your gut and a “What in the fuck is the use of any of this” mindset. Which is why I think that they made it a point to show it in class, us 1980’s kids were *way* too happy for their liking.

        1. I got shown the day after. lol. So old. Anyway, I always thought it was a metaphor for one night stands.

        2. I think that all it did was prime me for playing Fallout.

        3. The showed that fag movie in your school? They must have hated you kids. Saw it on TV and it was a big “meh… what can you do.”
          I recall reading that had a room full of psychologists with a toll free number to handle any mental anguish the film might have caused the viewing audience. Of the millions who saw it, they got a total of ONE CALL from a woman.
          Reagan still got re-elected and the rest is history.

        4. Yeah. We were a rowdy libertarian type country school. We used to have survivalist guest speakers come in and speak at assemblies sometimes, and our school participated in contests writing about Atlas Shrugged. I guess they figured we needed an alternative viewpoint at some point in our education.

        5. No, not yet. That’s *fantastic*.
          But you sure we aren’t being punked? R-CA? Is that even a thing?

        6. A couple of counties in CA went Trump, so it could be legit. I heard Cruz has been spotted and rumored for the AG role… .I still think it will be SCOTUS.

    5. All it would take is the food stamp system going down & the power in DIE VERSE CITIES and any white that survived cannibalism would be redpilled. The food stamp system going down for 8 hours on 10-12-2013 was enough for us to flee.

  14. I spoke with an young-ish Swedish feminist girl who had spent time in Turkey to help “the refugees”. I told her straight away that girls like her went there to sleep with the brown men. After the initial shock she paused for a while and said: You know what, I think you’re right, many of my friends even married these men.
    She was quite flirty but the thought of her having been among those men ignited a bright red light: STD, STD, don’t go there.

  15. Now this may seem kind of out there, but hear me out. Let’s say the flood of Islamic and other immigrants continues, unabated. Pretty soon, the hordes are everywhere, in every country. They start knocking up our women, etc. To my way of thinking, so long as we continue to improve ourselves, as men, especially economically, isn’t it possible that they might be doing us a great favor in the end – because the only women who would mate with the barbaric hordes, are the type of women we don’t want to get blindsided by anyway. The better women (and yes, I fully realize, AWALT), will stay away from them. I have personally met, and know, plenty of women who wouldn’t step outside their race or nationality on a bet. Just playing devil’s advocate here…

  16. Now this may seem kind of out there, but just hear me out. This is just a thought. Let’s say the flood of Islamic (and other) immigrants continues, unabated. Pretty soon, the hordes are everywhere, in every country. They start knocking up our women, etc. To my way of thinking, so long as we continue to improve ourselves, as men, especially economically, isn’t it possible that they might be doing us a great favor in the end – because the only women who would mate with the barbaric hordes, are the type of women we don’t want to get blindsided by anyway. The better women (and yes, I fully realize, AWALT), will stay away from them. I have personally met, and know, plenty of women who wouldn’t step outside their race or nationality on a bet. Just playing devil’s advocate here…

    1. I think more or less you are probably right. However, I always dislike the use of “our women” Like DMX says (and he is wiser than you would think) “I’m tired of weak ass niggaz whining over pussy that don’t belong to them….dafuqs wrong wit them?”
      If men don’t want little blond Barbie on her knees licking the potatoes of some Nigerian then they ought to stop being beta fags and find their way to being men. If they can’t be anything other than sissies can you blame the broads?

      1. I agree, but will point out that white guys generally don’t have a hundred billion dollar media industry working on our behalf to make us look “OMG, totes hot!”, unlike, say, every other ethnicity. It’s not a reason to accept anything and it’s not an excuse, just noting the reality.
        The fun part is, however, that despite that, white girls overwhelmingly choose white men, like 95% or so I’ve heard.

        1. I buy the 95% for mate selection. Hard to say what experimentation factor is. I would think that at big sports schools (and even second tier ones) hundreds of little miss blondies get run train on by every 300 pound jig on the football team before limping home for thanksgiving, combing the cum out of their hair and playing nice for the fam. They will marry some nice boy and watch football with him on the weekends with a secret little smile

        2. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that particular problem here. They may go train on every Thor they see, but that’s about the high and low of it. We have one token minority cheerleader and the rest of the minority population, all 4% of them, are some form of Asian which, I’m telling you, does not exude Teh Dangerous Sex-ah vibe.

        3. I was at this bar one night a couple months back and I don’t have a thing for black women, typically, but this hot black chick was all the fuck over me, and the black dudes in the bar were glaring at us. One of ’em even came over and called her a traitor. Heh. She said something like, “What good are you? You just knock bitches up and run away and you can’t hold jobs and you’re stupid.” You could have heard a pin drop. (I suppressed a deep laugh. But I smirked. The white man, beating out the badass blacks who wanted to bone the black hottie…heh.)
          I figure black guys are doing me a favor by banging white women. If I see a white woman with a black guy, she’s off limits. Same with blue-haired women, tatted women – I won’t go there. I like to play the percentages whenever I can figure ’em out. Banging a chick who lets anything crawl between her legs is a low-percentage play, for me anyway.

        4. I would imagine that you are right about the Ohio population…however, I am fairly sure that if I google the OSU foorball team it won’t be, lets say, the same demographics as the state itself. Those big boys are fucking the shit out of the girls. I have no doubt of it. The girls no its wrong. They will lie and say it didn’t happen. But those smiling sorority girls are getting ripped up by the football team in every single football school before going on with their lives and pretending it never happened.

        5. “But those smiling sorority girls are getting ripped up by the football team.”
          They boys on the football team do not have the much time for to much socializing. They have their groupies no doubts, but you won’t see to many them that often hanging out on Greek row. Spent some time down there during may days at OSU and the sorority grils are how you imagine them to be.

        6. If you are going to tell me that the football players at the top football colleges in America aren’t getting pussy on demand I have to say I do not believe you.

        7. Not saying that. I am saying they do not have alot of time to socialize and they do not have to go that far to obtain pussy. It lines up outside of their door when they are available.

        8. oh correct. Yeah, no socializing. THe local sorority girls deliver. When I see the smiling innocent faces of cheerleaders and even the crowds at home games I know that all those 6’5 300 jigs took turns on them.
          Watch, when she is married to Joe Niceguy in a few years and sits next to him watching football on the weekends as she smiles and thinks of her “glory days” that no one knows about but her and her “sisters”

        9. remember, the larger point of this was my agreement that white women by an HUGE majority pick to date and mate with white men. But that doesn’t mean that while they were away getting their degree in bullshit that they weren’t getting gangbanged by the offensive line

        10. I have to side with lolknee on this one. I know two women who were routinely gangbanged by members of a well-known collegiate football team while at college. One of them was the daughter of the athletic director, and she was a cheerleader. The other came from a prominent family. Both of them were thought of as being All-American Girls. Guffaw. Both got married. Lied about their past. That shit happens all the time.

        11. Reminds me of a ioke, “things you wish you never heard your wife say:”
          You’re watching a hard core porn where a chick is getting gang banged by 6 dudes and she walks in and says, “that so reminds me of my college days.”

        12. And people wonder why cancer rates are skyrocketing? Hmm …
          Funny how when people were monogamous and had sex only within their ethnic sub-group, cancer was practically non-existent. Now, with rampant promiscuity and inter-ethnic and interracial fornication, rates of breast, oral, penile, rectal, vulvar, and cervical cancers are skyrocketing. Maybe there’s a connection? But nah because people didn’t live long enough to develop cancer up until 50 years … or so the narrative goes …

        13. And? Haven’t we all sampled women of other flavours? Most people will settle with their own tribe, when (if) they choose to settle.
          Eg. I know a Japanese woman who is married with 3 kids in Osaka. I knew her before she went back to Japan and I am sure she sometimes faintly smiles when she reminisces about her studying in the US. So do I.

        14. Are you really comparing an intelligent White man to a half-retarded black athlete? Not even close …

        15. No. I am saying some young men and women will sometimes do things they know is temporary and would not be accepted in the long term.

        16. White women hate white men. It is truly that simple. Women of every other race stand by their men. See how black women always make dispensations and allowances for their men: “Oh he a good boy, he means well …” and overlook their lack of employment prospects, education, drug habit, run-ins with the law etc.
          Asian women make similar allowances for their men: Chang has greasy hair and has never touched a weight in his life, but boy is he smart!

        17. That is literally (hitler) the worst post hoc argument I’ve ever seen. You are linking lack of monogamy to cancer? Dude that’s nuts. Nothing to do with the massive amounts of chemicals and medicines and shit? Hell I’ll even buy the vaccination argument before this

        18. Not all white women hate white men. But most of them do. “Chang has greasy hair” – ha! You’re killin’ me!

        19. It’s already been established: HPV is behind the meteoric rise in the incidence of oral cancers in young men. 150-200 years ago, the only people who got oral cancers were snuff users. HPV is behind cervical, vulvular, penile cancers as well.

        20. Well shit cancer is curable as hell. Depends on what you know, and who you know, like everything else…

        21. Where has a direct link between lack of monopoly and increased cases of cancer been established and don’t point me to an echo chamber website for mental defective white nationalists

        22. For the simple fact that two virgins who are faithful to each other – by definition – cannot contract an STD or STI.
          With more partners, the chance of contracting HPV increases.
          If I had to guess, I would say you will find greater rates of cancer in people of mixed backgrounds than in those of a pure background, e.g., Americans with a Heinz 57 genetic composition will show greater rates of cancer than those people of pure Polish, Finnish, Italian background.

        23. In case anybody cares to research it (like I have)…Rene Caisse (Canadian nurse; Essiac tea), Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (invented a plasma generator that cured all diseases; this guy was a mega-genius), Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel prize winner; used mega-doses of Vitamin C). All three cured cancer. All three had their remedies suppressed and they were discredited. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are lots of cures…

        24. Eh, it could go either way. Some things sell better in some markets better than others. In a mixed multi-cult area, you’re gonna get a higher receptivity to that kind of thing than you are in German Junior. It’s not really that much of a worry, there aren’t enough blacks to satisfy a huge demand here, so even if they’re fantasizing about it, the black dudes would be worn to exhaustion before most girls would be able to even jump in line.
          End of the day, not a thing I put too much worry in. At least here.

        25. Maybe when they’re older and looking to settle down but I have spent a lot of time on college campuses – anywhere from major urban areas to campuses in isolated college towns – and all I see is white guys alone or with other white guys. The Asians are all paired up.
          I seriously can’t recall the last time a white girl expressed interest in me or was even nice to me.
          In middle school / high school 15 years ago, I remember tons of hot girls wanting to date me.
          The times have definitely changed – with massive pro-miscgenation propaganda / media as well as massive male immigration, it is not a good time to be a young white man in America.

        26. Here’s a mind fuck for you: you now have a greater chance of getting oral cancer from having sex (or possibly even from kissing) a woman with HPV then did men who literally snorted snuff and vigorously rubbed chewing tobacco into their gums did 150 years ago.

        27. No it’s not. The survival rates have really not improved since when Nixon initiated the “War on Cancer” 50 years ago.

        28. Well thanks for your guess. I’ll make sure to forward that guess along to the AMA and Mayo Clinic

        29. Should I not make observations? That would be like telling the first Greek who noticed that some of the stars appeared to wander (planetos) to stop noticing shit.

        30. Well, if your mind’s closed on the subject, then it definitely isn’t curable – in your case. Hope you never get it. You’ll run straight to one of those AMA serial killers…

        31. This is also what I’m getting at in terms of permitted / encouraged behavior:
          Being a 300 lb muscular black guy with an IQ of 75 = girls swoon
          Being a 300 lb muscular white guy with an IQ of 155 = girls go “WTF? eww …”

        32. are you saying I should be able to bend a spoon with my mind a la the trick is to realize there is no spoon (The Matrix)?

        33. Being a starting football player for, say, Norte Dame gives you status. Amazing status. Like immortal style status. It doesn’t have to do with race. You are a smart guy, I know it, but you couldn’t be more wrong here. Being an insecure chump will do you wrong. Being confident and having status will do you right. You have more than enough status and are in a target enough rich environment that you should be turning down sex. The fact that your not has nothing to do with race or culture or society.

        34. No that would be like telling the Greek who said he can make wine out of dung to go find some grapes. Congratulations. You have discovered insecurity and self loathing. What do you want? An award?

        35. No. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife cured cancer and all other diseases back in 1938 (San Diego Evening Tribune front page headline appears below). The guy was a mega-genius. Rene Caisse (a Canadian nurse) cured cancer with a remedy passed to her via a Native American medicine man (she called it Essiac Tea). And Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel prize winner) cured cancer via mega-doses of Vitamin C. All three had their remedies suppressed. There are lots of other cures that have been found. Check it out. Do your own research. Then, reevaluate your position (or not).

        36. I don’t think it comes down to just individual failings. I think there has been a deliberate calculated campaign by the media to belittle White men.
          Case in point: Remember how popular professional wrestling was in the 80s and 90s? Almost all of those wrestlers were larger-than-life white men: Hulk Hogan, etc. They were THE athletes of that era. They made appearances on talk shows etc.
          What is popular now? Basketball and to a lesser extent football, both overwhelmingly black sports.
          I think it definitely influences what women think when they see white men cheering on black athletes (Kobe Bryant) instead of cheering on white athletes (Hulk Hogan).
          This is something that goes beyond individual failings (which may or may not exist).

        37. How have you not yet realized that Pabst is just another alt-righter blaming everyone else but himself for why he can’t get with white women?

        38. I actually have hope for Pabst. He isn’t dumb. I thought he was better than most the mental defectives of that ilk

        39. I’m not attracted to white women. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about the dating prospects of my fellow man.
          Obviously, I care when I see my people (yes, mein volk), brought low.

        40. Professional Wresters were not the athletes of their error. Football, baseball and basketball were. professional wrestling was a side show or something for stoners to watch at best. It was for a laugh and for the trailer park set. M

        41. The characteristics I value in myself, those that define me, I have only witnessed in white men. Not in white women, not in blacks, not in asians. Things like “the ability for intense introspection,” “learning for the sake of learning,” “learning for the sheer enjoyment of it,” etc are distinctly white male things. White women see education as a means to a job or career. The same with asians. If sucking dick at truck stops paid 6 figures, you can bet Asian parents would start sending their children to dick sucking prep classes early on to prepare them.

        42. I disagree. Wresting was huge back in the day. I would submit that during the Attitude Era of the WWF and the NWO gimmic / storyline of the WCW in the mid to late 90s, professional wrestling was the most popular sports / sports entertainment draw.
          And even if the outcomes were predetermined (which they were), that doesn’t mean the wrestlers were not phenomenally physically talented. It is only now in retrospect that I can appreciate it: they blended sheer genetic talent, intense training, acrobatics, as well as theater (memorized lines etc) – much more demanding that hitting or kicking a ball and running.

        43. Right…wrestling was huge. Sorry I was confused because all the people I knew were talking about guys like Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, Spud Webb, Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Dwight Gooding, Darryl Strawberry, Don Maffingky, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and Barry Sanders, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods. I must have missed the NWO story line. Heh

        44. There’s also B17 (aka Amygdalin) that destroys cancer cells. The medicine itself, in pill form, is illegal in the US, but you can get high doses in raw bitter Apricot pits, which you can order on the internet.

        45. In real life did you ever see a black as smart or a white leading man as stupid (((AS SEEN ON TV)))

        46. That’s what Steve McQueen allegedly went down to Mexico to try and utilize to beat his cancer. I’ve read great things about it. The fact it’s illegal in the USA is a red flag that points to its likely effectiveness. I’d love to take it. I’ll try to find some apricot pits as you suggested. Thanks for the tip.

        47. I never understood why white/Asian/Hispanic etc men would take their wives, girlfriends and daughters to basketball games and worship these African men throwing a ball in a hoop along with the media hype train.
          Do they not see how they are cucking themselves and their own ethnic group?
          You wont see any ‘brothers’ watching Ice hockey let alone taking women there to worship white men.

        48. Yeah, you can tell that it works if they had to make it illegal. I did hear that some hospitals in Mexico were using it. The bitter taste of fruit seeds is what B17 tastes like. Apple seeds, for example, have it as well. But Apricot seeds have the highest concentration. They have to be raw and they have to be the bitter type. As far as I know, that is the same as taking B17 in pills.
          There is a good documentary about it called World Without Cancer, easy to find on Youtube. Good luck!

        49. Sounds like a perfect advice-column topic for MBM magazine: “How to preselect a wife who will gladly indulge your BBC gangbang cuck fantasies once you’ve made your first million”.

        50. Another one. There’s tons of ’em. You just have to dig a little bit in your favorite search engine. Or go to a serial killer (AMA-sanctioned doctor) and killed slowly, painfully and expensively.

      2. I take a tangential view. Smart women know better and were raised better. They know it will stigmatize them for life. They know if they get knocked up by a barbarian (god forbid), their lives will effectively be over. Because down deep, on both sides of the parental coin (the girl’s family, and the barbarian’s family), she’ll find disapproval. And society will disapprove, too, no matter how many lies the SJW media tells us about how most people welcome miscegenation with open arms. It’s the same for a father who has a gay son; he silently disapproves, but he publicly states his approval out of fear of stigmatization. And the women who think this way (fucking barbarians is off limits) are anti-feminist, too, for the most part. I’ve met plenty. And that’s the type I have relationships with. You, living in NYC, uh, you probably aren’t going to run into many women of this type. Just a wild guess there, Kneeman…wink-wink.

        1. I never ask girls about who they dated before. I don’t want to know. However, I will say that I very, very rarely see an interracial couple that doesn’t involve an Asian. Even here in Gomorrah….at least uptown Gomorrah…it just isn’t very common

        2. Mike Tyson walks into a bar filled with white dudes. He says, “My name ith Mike Tython, and I’m the baddetht man on the planet, and I’m gonna fuck all the white women in here.” Nobody says anything for a while. Finally this drunk white guy speaks up and says, “I don’t blame you Mike – I wouldn’t fuck a nigga either…”

        3. very nice. I will tell you a similar story…something that I was involved with for realz….around 2000 I used to know some people at an Irish bar. An Irish bar with all irish people from Ireland…not the type who went to an office for a living…or to a construction site…the type that sits in bars, takes numbers (because they still take the numbers here (pegged to the last 3 of the total at Belmont). These guys were tough. They liked to fight and drink. They were organized. I saw some really fucking violent shit go on there. I liked them. We had a strange kind of connection. I was still a professor and the irish have a strange respect for that. Also, I had been in a few fights in that bar and held my own and after a while got on with the guys.
          One fateful afternoon I am sitting there next to a guy named Jimmy who weighed all of about 90 pounds, was covered in tattoos and razor slashes and pound for pound might have been one of the toughest SOBs I’ve ever met. With him was Luck…a 6’4 white haired Irish guy who ran the younger boys who did collections and a collection boy named Del (short for Declan). The bartender was this fat old fuck from county Cavan who drank more than he poured, wobbled from gout and was totally incomprehensible. There were a few others mulling about, playing pool. Most of them former (or maybe not so former) IRA types.
          Well, Jimmy was on a drunk and he is ranting about his niece. “Oh she is seeing some fookin spic I’m going to kill that fooker if he blah blah blah.” You know the story. 20 minutes passes and Jimmy hasn’t given up about this fucking spic. If he said the word spic once he said it 500 times. Finally he orders another drink and seems to have petered out. Now these are tough old irish dudes….guys with dead eyes….guys you just don’t fuck with.
          So Jimmy peters out and the bar is pretty quiet. Tommy is washing glasses and the clack of the pool balls when I look at Jimmy and with, If I may too my own horn, the greatest slow play comic timing ever say “fuck jimmy. what’s wrong with her? couldn’t she find a good nigger”
          You could have heard a fucking pin drop in the back alley irish whisky joint until Luck…the big mother fucker, starts laughing his fucking ass off. He slaps me on the back and he can’t hold back from laughing. Now everyone is laughing including jimmy who, while laughing, is threatening my life in a mock way while Del is holding him back.
          Later on that day I was taking a piss and another guy I knew was in the bathroom and he looked at me and with no emotion whatsoever said “you know, you are lucky he didn’t put your eye out ya know” and I told him “well, everyone else here is gambling…I might as well take a few risks”
          I have a lot of good memories from that bar but this is up there. Not sure if it transfers to someone who doesn’t know all the people involved but I go back to that neighborhood for easter every year and that is one of the stories all the old timers who are all sitting in that bar doing the exact same thing still tell.

        4. That’s awesome. I’ve never been around many Irishmen, but I’ve been around plenty of mobsters (a few of whom were Irish). Heh. The stories I could tell you. I think I told this story about when I saved Bryan Bosworth’s life (the Boz) here at ROK, anyway I’ll do a short version. He came into this mob bar I hung out at, with his entire entourage, back when he was still playing football for the Seahawks. My buddy, who was a hit man, started saying, “Miss it,” every time Bosworth went to line up a shot while he was playing pool. Bosworth had two huge bodyguards with him.
          After about the tenth time, Bosworth sends the two bodyguards over. I jump up, try to make peace, because this was a bad situation. They had no idea who they were fucking with. One of ’em yells to my buddy, “If you don’t shut the fuck up we’re gonna beat you down!” And my buddy explodes with drunken laughter, “Bwu-hu-hu-hu-hu-HUUUUUH”, because he knows what would ultimately happen to them if they “beat him down”.
          Finally I got them all calmed down, offered to buy them a drink. And that was that. But they had no clue how close they came to being terminated. If they had laid a finger on him, the next day in the paper it would have read, “Bryan Bosworth and crew die in car wreck.” Because that’s how shit goes down in the real world (guess who owns the press, the police, the politicians, the coroners, and everything else – yup).

        5. White men can’t get attractive Asian women. Maybe 10-15 years ago. Not anymore. Go to Korea Town: the Asian 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s wouldn’t give a White man the time of day. They stick with their own men.

        6. No. There are plenty of well-educated White / Jew men at top universities: soon to be engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc. Their prospects are as good as that of the Asians. They still can’t get attractive Northeast Asian women. Check out any major university (in urban areas or rural midwest college campuses like Ann Arbor, Urbana, Madison etc).

        7. Stay away from those Cavan whores. I keep tellin you that. They will gut your stomach open if they thought you swallowed a penny.
          BTW- good story
          I got one similiar, but won’t post it. The main guy is dead but the rest aren’t.

        8. Dude you are depressing me. You should be better than this. Pull yourself together and stop being sad

        9. guess who owns the press, the police, the politicians, the coroners, and everything else¿
          Isn’t it (((them)))?

        10. Actually interesting. Strangely so. Seeing her again tonight and then she leaves for Miami for a month.

      3. Because white men are not allowed to be masculine anymore. Go ahead and try being unabashedly assertive. Wear a MAGA hat. See where it gets you with women. On other hand, black men can advance their own interests and that is seen as a good thing. They can wear a Marcus Garvey shirt or a BLM shirt and that’s cool.
        The premise of society is white men MUST take a back seat and not advance their own interests.

        1. Unless they have a lot of money and are considered to have ultra-high SMV. Then they can do anything. Like Trump…

        2. How is wearing a MAGA hat masculine? It’s more like a flag that says I’m a fucking looser (cf discussions regarding team jerseys)
          I don’t wear hats or t shirts I wear suits. Men aren’t allowed to be masculine? That is the beta chuck thinking that got us here. Come on Pabst snap out of it

        3. “Because white men are not allowed..”
          Allowed? You seek persmission? I see pattern of thinking here that I don’t agree with.

        4. If you try to be masculine you will be painted as the “angry frustrated white man.” You know that is true.

        5. See how far wearing a suit will get you with women once you let your true opinions be known. Chances are if you say something disparaging toward feminists, the disabled, BLM etc, she will take an instant disliking to you.
          In modern American society, White men are really not permitted to act in characteristically masculine ways. Or to rephrase that, they are chided rather than lauded for doing so. Whereas men from Black or Latino cultures are seen as being “hot-blooded” etc

        6. Paint away, I don’t care what cunts and beta-fags think. Mock them until their pussies hurts and laugh in their faces. You need to let go of caring what inferiors feel about you.

        7. That is not my experience in the slightest. Maybe this is the case for some but my experience and that of nearly everyone I know is totally contrary to that. It sounds more like a difficult in responding to shit tests to me

        8. I disagree. I can think of nothing – perhaps not even a swastika – that can better serve to “trigger” all of the sacred cows of modern liberal society: feminists, gays, illegal immigrants, etc. It instantly proclaims what one believes in and espouses.

        9. What about living a great life. Walking around wanting to trigger people? That’s just Opposite Day feminism. It is the weakest of the weak

        10. But see that’s the exactly the point: White men proclaiming their beliefs are automatically seen as being confrontational with malice behind public proclamations while no such malice is assumed when Leftists wear a Che Guevera shirt or a CCCP shirt. No one ever accuses them of being deliberately insensitive the Ukranian victims of the Holodomar etc. White male self-interest and, particularly unabashed interest, is seen as malevolent. Even by other white men as you just demonstrated.

        11. I can’t. I just can’t. I’m sorry I got to peace out of this. This is literally top 5 dumbest conversations I’ve ever had on the internet….on the internet

    2. Social revolutions, once they get enough momentum, will be unstopable, and ingulf even those unwilling. Good examples of this? What about the christianization of the Roman Empire? The French Revolution?
      Basically, once muslims are a majority in a country, they will enforce sharia, and you won’t care about women at all…

      1. I think Roosh was right when he said Western Europe was fucked. I am not sure about the USA. If Hispanic immigrants support the 2nd amendment, I do not have a problem with them.
        I do hate the South American leftist culture. Che Guevara stay home please. I am less worried about the South American immigrants themselves than the power of these leftist and marxist associations that have the power to indoctrinate them.
        What this country needs is some Spanish language right wing constitutionalist radio.
        (By the way, does anyone know any pro-gun and preferably religious right wing podcasts in Spanish ? I am trying to learn the language.)

        1. Only if the US military comes in to save the moslems like it did when the Serbs tried to kick them out.

    3. No, because even if it’s only the least desirable white women going for them (not saying I agree with that assertion), it skews the sexual market. In an environment without massive male immigration, male 5’s will pair up with female 5’s, male 7’s with female 7’s, male 9’s with female 9’s. If female 3’s and 4’s go for foreign men, then the remaining female 5’s can date male 7’s, female 7’s can get male 9’s. It distorts the sexual market in favor of women.

      1. So long as a guy has the Ultimate Equalizer (ready cash), it’s all good…which was part of my hypothesis.

  17. And what do you know? The book is under review by Amazon
    “because there are significant quality issues with the source file supplied by the publisher.”
    Anyone surprised? No

  18. Hey all, I’m a sandnigger/towelhead, and I fully support this blog and the conservative values. I voted for Trump and I fully believe in Nationalistic ideology. (Roosh is the guy who changed my views from leftist/globalist to alt-right/nationalist one and his arguments convinced me to vote for Trump.) I’m the only one in my whole office here in San Francisco who advocated Trump before and after his historic win.
    What I’m not sure about is that now that I’m a US Citizen, would I ever be considered one of your own people or would I still be considered an outsider (despite the fact that I am paying ~100k in taxes every year to this country that I consider my own and want to make it great as it was 50 years ago!)?

    1. The enemy of White Nationalists is not – and never was – black, brown, or yellow nationalists. It is – and always has been – the internationalists, regardless of color. In the 1960s, George Lincoln Rockwell and Malcolm X had at least a cordial relationship, even occasionally attending each others’ speeches.
      I have far more respect for Muammar Gaddafi and Idi Amin than I do for any white man advocating for internationalism, open borders, diversity for the sake of diversity etc.

      1. Another ploy of the Left is to refer to White Nationalists as “white supremacists.” I’ve never heard of any White Nationalist that wants to oppress or enslave any other race. They simply want to be left alone.

    2. Hi, I am a nonwhite son of LEGAL immigrants. Hence I am red blooded American. Just wanted to let you know in case you weren’t aware – there are many of us colored folks who are in support and part of the nationalist/alt – right movement. As Waldemar below posted – the true enemy is the globalist elites. Call them what you want: Zionist, elites, illuminati, globalists etc…but the their goals are the same: serve their father and cause us to be too weak to fight back, all the while instigating race wars between us. We are strong United. Unity is strength not forced/false diversity.

  19. The most significant message of “Camp of the Saints” is that the immigrant invasion could not be stopped because the Whites had gone too nice. The migrants conquer Europe because the indigenous Caucasians were not paranoid enough. The glimpse of a refugee on the street should leave you with a sense of fear.

  20. The manner of storytelling is different than ours. But the book, down to the wailing and lying of leftists, is a must read.

  21. Good book. An angry and rambling discourse on what would eventually plague the west. Raspail’s a strange-looking man and one may question his motives in writing the book, but there’s no denying the prophetic nature of the tome and will serve as an essential document of the times.

  22. Good book, an angry and rambling discourse on what would eventually plague the west. Raspail’s a strange-looking man and one may question his motives in writing the book, but there’s no denying the prophetic nature of the tome and it being an essential document of the times.

  23. Awesome. I’ve added to my reading queue, pity my local library doesn’t have it.
    On the same note, I remember scrolling over Robert Crumb’s short comic book, “When the niggers take over America”, although it was meant to be satyrical… you’d cringe with the similarities nowadays.

    1. Spell satirical right, you online grammar nazi.
      Also in a title, you didn’t capitalize your shit correctly. Go back to college.

  24. “Well before the globalist view on migration and equality was elucidated”
    Oh…they been planning this for a long time.

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