10 Signs You Might Be A Cuckservative

Last week, the mainstream conservative press went apoplectic with rage at the epithet “cuckservative,” a popular insult in alternative right and neoreactionary circles. For the uninitiated, cuckservatives are right-wing politicians and pundits who make a big show of defending traditional values, yet when push comes to shove, they roll over for the left on every issue out of fear of being called “racist,” “sexist” or “homophobic.”

Conservatives like Red State’s Erick Erickson who throw tantrums over the term “cuckservative” are doing so because the term describes them perfectly. If you’re wondering whether you might be a cuckservative, Return of Kings has put together this handy guide to show you. Read on and discover if you’re the kind of conservative who enjoys watching your nation get brutally gang-raped by cultural Marxists…

1. You care more about Israel’s borders than America’s


The most basic definition of “conservative” entails protecting the things that separate a nation from its neighbors, including that nation’s borders. Yet for the past decade, conservatives in Congress and the media have acceded to the left’s demands for “comprehensive immigration reform,” a PC euphemism for rewarding millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries for breaking our laws. Major Republican leaders such as Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and even Tea Party darling Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have echoed the left’s call for amnesty, in direct defiance of their constituents.

At the same time, cuckservatives obsess over protecting Israel from supposed “threats” that never materialize. Every major Republican of consequence always makes a point of reaffirming their support for Israel, to the point of urging us to go to war against Iran because of the infinitesimally tiny chance they might develop nuclear weapons. This is despite the fact that not only has Israel never sent a single soldier to die in an American war, more American servicemen have been killed by Israel (in the USS Liberty incident) than by Russia, a nation that cuckservatives are dead set on antagonizing.

The irony is that despite cuckservatives’ claims that we can’t turn back the tide of illegal aliens from Latin America, the very nation that they fetishize has all but eliminated its illegal immigration problem. Israel fought back against illegal immigration by constructing a border wall (something cuckservatives claim that America can’t do) and by swiftly deporting aliens in their midst. The Israeli government also managed to stave off demographic collapse by incentivizing Jews to have children; worth remembering whenever a cuckservative moans about how whites will be a minority in America by 2050.

2. You think that opposing free trade is Nazism


While they claim that they support the American economy, cuckservatives have gleefully supported the wholesale relocation of manufacturing to Mexico and China through free trade agreements such as NAFTA. Manufacturing jobs were what made the prosperity of the 50’s and 60’s possible, because they allowed the average man to earn a decent wage and provide for his family. Nowadays, Americans are either relegated to minimum wage service jobs or forced to go into debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to go to college, just for a shot at entering the middle class.

Yet despite the fact that free trade enriches the super-rich at the expense of everyone else, cuckservatives attack anyone who questions it as a Nazi. No, I’m not joking. Cuckservative wunderkind Kevin Williamson of National Review recently attacked Democratic presidential candidate and soi-disant democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as a “national socialist,” solely because Sanders is opposed to free trade agreements that impoverish the average worker.

3. You believe that the Democrats are the “real” racists


Cuckservatives have spent the past twenty years trying to appeal to blacks out of fear of the left calling them “racist,” going so far as to claim that the left are the “real” racists. Indeed, cuckservatives have gone so far in trying to appear anti-racist that we now have libertarian hero Rand Paul cuddling up to race hustler Al Sharpton and incompetent boobs such as Tim Scott and Michael Steele being promoted to positions of power in the GOP based on their skin color.

Despite cuckservatives’ genuflecting, blacks have continuously voted Democratic in numbers of 90 percent and up going all the way back to the 1960’s.

4. You think the reason Detroit and other major U.S. cities are falling apart is because of unions


Cuckservatives are so desperate to avoid being called “racist” that they completely deny the role of race in American society. For example, National Review’s Kevin Williamson absurdly blames the dysfunction of Detroit on unions run amok and not the fact that the city is more than 80 percent black. While socialist policies will eventually ruin a nation, white liberal areas such as Vermont and Oregon have considerably higher standards of living than black areas with the same politics.

5. You believe that Hispanics are “natural Republicans”


Pro-illegal alien cuckservatives such as Jeb Bush and Karl Rove have tried to justify selling out their nation by claiming that Hispanic immigrants’ work ethic and Catholic values make them potential GOP supporters. However, as economist Tino Sanandaji showed, the average Latino has left-wing views on just about every issue of importance, from the size of government to gay marriage to taxes.

The highest percentage of the Hispanic vote won by any GOP presidential candidate in the past thirty years was 40 percent by George W. Bush in 2004, and he only won that much by essentially bribing Latinos with low-interest mortgages, resulting in 2007-2008’s housing crisis.

Not only that, the countries that these “natural Republicans” hail from are overwhelmingly socialist, if not outright communist. Mexico, where the bulk of Hispanics hail from, is dominated by the far-left Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has been in power for all but 12 years since 1929. Every other nation in Latin America, from Argentina to Brazil to Colombia, is run by socialists, and when Latinos migrate to the U.S., they take their ideology with them.

6. You support corporations, despite their advocacy for leftist causes


Cuckservatives are vociferously opposed to any government action that limits the power of corporations, from higher taxes to environmental regulations to minimum wage increases. These corporations have rewarded cuckservatives by eagerly shoving left-wing degeneracy down Americans’ throats. Not only does Hollywood and other popular media glorify homosexuality, transsexuality and other perversions, most corporations enforce leftist orthodoxy, contrary to the left’s claim that big business is pro-Republican.

For example, following the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage, a whole host of corporations, from Google to Facebook, suddenly put up rainbow flag logos in solidarity with the LGBT movement. Here in Chicago, Allstate currently has posters plastered all over the L featuring two men holding hands. Just a few days ago, the WWE acceded to left-wing hysteria about “racism” by firing Hulk Hogan solely because he used a racial slur in a private conversation nearly a decade ago.

Even supposedly right-wing corporate figures are further to the left than the average American. For instance, the Koch brothers, favorite boogeymen of the left, are in favor of open borders. Yet despite being turkey-slapped repeatedly by their corporate masters, cuckservatives are all too happy to spread their cheeks for these multinational purveyors of leftist degeneracy.

7. You think military veterans automatically deserve respect


Cuckservatives assuage their guilt about sending young men to die in pointless overseas wars by fellating every veteran as a “war hero,” no matter how they actually spent their service. For example, John McCain, the king of cuckservatives, is constantly lauded as a “hero” for his time in Vietnam, despite the fact that he spent most of it in a jail cell after being captured by the North Vietnamese. Donald Trump was lambasted by both left and right for pointing out that not only didn’t McCain engage in anything that could remotely be called “heroic,” as a senator, he has done nothing to aid veterans.

John McCain is a “war hero” in the same way that pink slime is a nutritious meal. Not only did McCain confess to breaking under torture and selling out his country, there’s considerable evidence that he may have actively collaborated with the communist Vietnamese (ex: his fellow POWs nicknamed him “Songbird”). McCain’s father was a highly decorated admiral and could have easily used his influence to suppress knowledge of his son’s traitorous activity.

8. You think the GOP needs to moderate in order to win elections


Cuckservatives believe that the real reason why Obama won the elections in 2008 and 2012 is because the Republicans have gone too far to the right, and that in order to appeal to voters, the GOP needs to move towards the center. This ignores the fact that the Republican presidential candidates in ’08 and ’12, John McCain and Mitt Romney, respectively, failed to garner support precisely because they were too mushy and left-wing.

Not only that, the GOP managed to capture the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 largely by running Tea Party candidates such as Joni Ernst, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul who were unashamed about being conservative and willing to take the fight to the left. Donald Trump is leading in Republican presidential polls because he’s the only candidate with a pair of balls, who doesn’t back down in the face of leftist attacks.

9. You spend more time attacking fellow conservatives than the left

Donald Trump

One of the most defining traits of cuckservatives is how they spend most of their ammunition firing at their supposed comrades for being too “extreme.” For example, Donald Trump has been lambasted by Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and virtually every other GOP presidential candidate for his outspoken advocacy for conservative policies. In contrast, liberals have a “no enemies to the left” policy, explaining why domestic terrorists such as Bill Ayers and race hustlers such as Al Sharpton are allowed to operate without a single condemnation from their fellow ideologues.

10. You’re always apologizing to your enemies


Being a cuckservative means always having to say you’re sorry. Whenever “offensive” comments by cuckservatives are uncovered by the left, the cuckservative always drops to his knees and begs for forgiveness. For example, raging thundercuck Jack Hunter, a political consultant, resigned from Rand Paul’s staff after left-wing organizations publicized “racist” comments he had made as a radio commentator in the past. Additionally, Hunter waved the white flag and repudiated his views.

Unfortunately for cuckservatives, their reign of squeezing their clammy mitts around conservatism’s balls is coming to an end. The sudden popularity of the “cuckservative” epithet shows that grassroots right-wingers are tired of the movement’s spinelessness and groveling to the left. With Donald Trump on the rise and cuckservatives on the run, reversing America’s decline has never looked more possible.

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382 thoughts on “10 Signs You Might Be A Cuckservative”

  1. I don’t agree with a few points of this list, however most of them are spot on. Especially 6, 7, and 8. 6# I believe in capitalism and the free market but most large corporations have turned into cronies who ramble the state line on everything from “race relations” to the homosexual agenda. 7# Though many military veteran are certainly heroes and many more are admirable, there is a good many who are only their for selfish or political reasons (including combat), remain dubious of most military members and veterans, a good man will stand out. 8# Moderation is the last thing the hollow shell of the once Republican Party needs, we are constantly told that they need mild candidates like McCain and Romney but they’re never elected! Meanwhile men like Trump can gather crowds and huge amounts of support while being called unelectable.

  2. I think why we see this is bc everyone is so fucking sensitive these days and wants to be politically correct all the time. Also during election time politicians both Liberal and Conservative will say whatever voters want to hear and be politically correct to pander for more votes. What I think this is coming down to is most people are tired of Democrats and Republicans bc of the same old bullshit finger pointing while not getting anything productive accomplished. Trump for the most part is pretty popular and a huge threat to both parties and can say whatever he wants bc he’s not enslaved by either party. He’s calling it how he sees it and not being a sensitive beta-male that’s saying sweet politically correct non-sense to appear charming. The Dems, Reps, and media don’t want someone like Trump bc he calls bullshit when he sees it and is a powerful man.

  3. this article is confusing. how do all these issues fit together for any kind of argument other than a funny rant about the term ‘cuckservative’?
    many of those issues are interesting to discuss, but i do not see how throwing them into one pot accomplishes anything but preaching your set of opinions without explaining any of them in particular.
    then again, your style seems to need the flavor of being a tad annoying.

      1. I like Forney and Aurini, but the fact that they didn’t respond to this with a rap battle of their own was very disappointing.

      2. For what it’s worth, Forney has never claimed to be some kind of super-stud pussy-hunter.
        At least on this website, most of his articles aren’t about Game at all.

      3. durka durka,kebab and dindu and likes Cheateau Heartiste, im guessing these are WNs?
        their aspect on gamers theres some truth to it. But that bit of being repulsive, most of us learning is usually because that we are awkward doormats or cant pickup on signs not general rudeness usually, but guess that happens later. Remembered a blog before it closed saying dont stay on the manosphere for too long otherwise it throws you off with regular people….Honestly it does.
        the game to categorize them to not offend and relate to that person and work under the radar if you want to put alil of your opinion.
        either way Im curious about hearing a rok writers opinion on whay these guys are saying, are these guys naturals or do they get lower of what they should.

        1. Yes they are WN’s. They are also the funniest edgiest shitlords I’ve ever come across. Check therightstuff.biz if interested.
          Of course their views are not very compatible with the manosphere when it comes to marriage and procreation, which obviously is the only way forward for whites. And while I personally am not going to get married soon I am still thankful for the people who do. So their beef with the manosphere is that it perpetuates our cultural downfall by preaching all women are evil sluts and marriage is suicide. Personally I’m thankful for game theory but like you said, staying in the manosphere forever (or as others say “poolside” or “enjoying the decline”) is not something I would endorse.

        1. Whatever beef you guys have is not my business. I enjoy their content and I really enjoy many of your philosophy/politics/psychology videos. Salute.

        2. That doesn’t even begin to make sense, Aurini, and you know it. Your response is pure emotionalism and based on your personal issues with some of the guys at The Right Stuff. Get over it.

    1. Blame top 10 lists. Everything needs to fit into a list of 10 items. It sucks, but what’s the alternative?

      1. i saw an article today on facebook titled “XX gave this ONE reason as a justification”. the first time clickbait tactics made me angry enough to actually not click on them.

    2. What style? This guy is a joke.
      His “style” is basically the most retarded and infantile form of ad hominem there is:
      1) make up some “clever” insult and target a group.
      2) anything that group says in response you disqualify with that same insult.
      3) rinse and repeat.
      E.g: “so you say you aren’t a cuckservative? CUCKSERVATIVE DETECTED! Now everything you say is shit because you’re a cuckservative and cuckservatives are wrong and stupid”
      Just as he does with the MGTOW. “you’re giving reasons as to why VGTOW is a moronic slur? VGTOW detected! The more you get annoyed by me calling you a VGTOW, the more proof that you’re a VGTOW”.
      It’s the same faulty logic behind the “if you don’t support gays, you must be one yourself” argument. Forney argues exactly like Feminists.
      He also sounds a lot like Socialists. In fact, he echoes the three main talking points all Leftists everywhere share: he’s against free trade, against corporations and against Israel. I don’t care how much he calls himself a Rightist, if he stands for what the OWS hippies stand, he’s a Leftist in my book. Maybe it’s just like Hayek observed: the Far Left and the Far Right are essentially the same.
      Where does he get the idea that Mexico is a Communist country? And Colombia is a Leftist country? Sure, a country that has been fighting Leftist guerrillas and persecuting Leftist parties over the last 60 years; a country where Government-condoned/supported far right paramilitary groups operated so freely that they killed thousands of civilians while local authorities looked the other way; a country where they constantly get Catholic prelates on natonal tv and ask for their opinions on every issue, from the peace accords to the price of rice. Forney has no clue.
      I guess he’s a very effective clickbait or maybe he gives one hell of a blowjob, cause I see no other reason why he gets any exposure. He downgrades the overall quality of the debate at ROK.

  4. Are you serious? Donald Trump is conservative? He may be one of the biggest crony capitalists in the history of crony capitalism. All the money he’s taken from government in the past and filing for bankruptcy multiple times. There’s nothing conservative about him except that he complains about Mexicans. He hasn’t talked about a single program he would cut or how he would decrease spending at all. There’s nothing conservative about Donald Trump.

    1. On immigration alone, Trump has made himself out to be more of a conservative than most of the field. Immigration, both illegal and legal, are a massive problem. The GOP is never going to get the black vote and never going to get the Hispanic vote. They never will… ever. Trying to stop or reverse immigration trends is something that is appealing to White America. We are being demographically displaced by third world immigrants. There is not going to be an America when we make up less than 50% or 40% of the population. HBD is real. There also wont ever be another Republican in the White House ever again unless something is done to stop and then reverse demographic trends.

      1. Trump has never given one second of thought to anything he says. Anyone falling for his shit is a complete boob.

    2. Are there any “true” capitalists? They all look like crony capitalists to me. That’s just how capitalism is in the real world.
      Trump’s business dealings make me think of the phrase, “don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

    3. Are there any true conservatives?
      Rick Perry supports in-state tuition for illegals.
      Scott Walker supports a “pathway to citizenship” (amnesty) for illegals.
      Dr. Ben Carson is squishy at best on the Second Amendment.
      Mike Huckabee is soft on crime, supports amnesty and Common Core.
      I could go on and on.
      Everyone who wears a “conservative” label has done something “unconservative.”
      I think part of Trump’s appeal is that he is not a career politician. Unlike most candidates on both sides, he works for a living, and he knows how to solve problems instead of exacerbate them.

      1. If there were they wouldn’t be on TV. One time an honest conservative ran for president of the US.
        He was laughed at, ignored, and called crazy by both parties.
        Was his hame Ross Perot or Ron Paul?
        Do you think Donald Trump is honest or has any principles other than make maximum profit?
        The PTB is afraid because Trump is like a sparkplug or a magnet.
        He’s saying what a lot of white people are thinking. And if he keeps saying it, whites might rally around him as blacks rallied around Obama.
        If that happens he wins the election barring some sort of Diebold election fraud.
        If he wins the election, he continues the status quo and goes back on his promises, just like Clintonbushobama.
        I don’t vote. I don’t watch TV. Voting is consent and watching TV is accepting programming that is contrary to common sense and traditional values.
        This country is fucked 6 ways to Sunday and I for one will be glad to see this corrupt farce of a government go down in flames.

  5. Minor point of fact. At least 125 Americans were killed in Russia during the Polar Bear Expedition during the Russian Civil War compared to 34 in the USS Liberty Incident. Once we start counting Soviet proxies during WW2 (Greek Communists fought American troops) and after (Vietnamese Communists, etc.) that number is going to get higher.

    1. This.
      Should’ve said, say, Iran. Then your point would be 100% true
      (Don’t mine my name. Or avatar.)

    1. And I like to lick corners. Trump is the only person representing the “ragefuck these conservakins” vote. I enjoy his bomb throwing because I want the GOP getting crispy in the oven. But it’s clear that Trump hasn’t got much substance behind his rhetorical flourishes that capitalize on the “we don’t give a fuck because we hate you cucks so very much” pathos.

      1. this is not left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is war on White people.
        Why do hostile elite defend Israel as a Jewish ethnostate with Jewish only immigration, but ravage White majority Europe/North America into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Gulag with non-White colonization?
        The world is 91% non-White, only 9% White. But non-White colonizers are aggressively advancing their agenda to annihilate gullible Whites, just as Chinese annihilate Tibet.
        How long will gullible Whites cuckold for murderous anti-White elite, who suppress our fertility, confiscate our guns, infiltrate/subvert our banks/FBI/CIA, indoctrinate White kids in academia/mass media, plunder White jobs/wages, & butcher White soldiers in bankrupting wars?
        “Native” Americans invaded from East Asia. Yellow & Brown races committed 10-times more genocide, slavery, imperialism than Whites. Since Moses, Whites have been victims of Jewish/Crypto-Jewish, Muslim, N.African imperialism, slavery, genocide.
        Gullible Whites should reject subversive ideologies- libertarianism, feminism, liberalism- & hostile slanders of racism. Peace to all humanity, but White people must organize to advance their interests, their fertility, their homelands. Spread this message. Reading list: goo.gl/iB777 , goo.gl/htyeq , amazon.com/dp/0759672229 , amazon.com/dp/1410792617

        1. The media and political elites play it as left v right because it is in their interest to maintain the neat binary divide to keeps us infighting.

    2. High hopes won’t get him there. I don’t see the Democratic party electing an old white male (Sanders) so the competition will be a female. #firstwomanpresident or something will be too easy for the masses to latch onto. Truth hurts and our country loves their pain pills. Trump is a 5hr a night sleep get off your ass and make something for yourself. The democratic ticket is a pain-free communist utopia (nightmare).
      That said, I wouldn’t want a raging narcissistic asshole like Trump as my president anyway. Aside from his don’t give a fuck attitude I would imagine that he would be a posterchild for corporate interests. I would prefer a libertarian (Not Rand Paul) or at least a multi party debate. This partisan scam of “Representative Democracy” is bullshit. Direct Democracy however could be just as easily manipulated by money and more hashtags.
      In the end we are left to vote between two narcissists who care about their mug on the front page than anything else. Can you blame em? Probably not, if given the opportunity I may elect for celebrity as well.
      If it was only Between Hillary/Elizabeth or Trump I would take Trump.

      1. What we need is candidates fighting to the death in hand-to-hand combat. Then we’d have people with balls running the joint.

        1. Careful- masterblaster vs hillary wouldnt end well…and who wants that mongoloid as VP?

      2. If you discount Bernie Sanders, you’re making a terrible mistake. He has a very real shot. He’s the only candidate their base really likes.

        1. There is absolutely no reason to discount Sanders. It’s pretty clear democrat party need to double down on homosexual rights and communist redistribution to administer social justice. Why tamper with a winning formula?
          While they’re at it, why not galvanize the youth vote with promises of free internet service, cable TV and housing; elimination of all student debts; legalize medical methamphetamine; extend the 14th amendment to recognize marriages between brother and sister, mother and son, father and daughter, people and their pets; and create an Obamacare exchange for car insurance.

        2. It doesn’t matter, he is still old, white, and straight. Didn’t you know it doesn’t matter what you say, if you are old, white and straight you won’t be taken in as well as a black transexual woman (Or anything else). Hilary is dominating the polls and the democrats will shoot themselves in the foot nominating Sanders. If Sanders is in, then the pubs actually have a good shot because then the dems won’t have the minority candidate factor. It’s gonna be a woman, its gotta be for the dems to keep that train a rollin. Woman on both sides, although not all, could vote for Clinton simply because they want to see a woman in the white house. With sanders they won’t have that. The issues are never too important anyway, why do you think Trump is hammering only 1 issue?

        3. Besides, za Jew Bernie vould do ze backtrack as soon as ve got him elected.
          You goyim, you kill me, you are so gullible to believe us time after time after time.

      1. I’m sure we could arrange for some dead person to vote for him on your behalf. The demotards do it all the time!

  6. Ed Koch: “If you agree with me on 9 of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.” It’s my job to learn what are the issues that are important to me and then who are the people that agree with me on those issues. After all, I am voting for someone to represent me, i.e., re-present me to whomever is out there. It’s my job to see past the rhetoric and mudslinging and determine what this person will be like what they get into office. For example, I will NOT be voting for Donald Trump, even though I agree with his position on the border, but, I also believe his character is such that he will be a tyrant if he should become president, and probably more so than the current President.

  7. You sir nailed it. And that term “Cuckservative” is 100% dead on.
    If Donald Trump, even if he doesn’t become president, hastens the death of the this type of politician he will have done more to fix the problems of the GOP than any other candidate in the past 20 years.
    Any logical minded person would have no choice but to agree that the “moderate” flaccid wing of the GOP is a bunch of losers. The last 2 presidential elections prove it, and it is sad seeing so many “Republicans” embrace this crap, even if it means having Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife end up becoming president.

  8. The author is a fucking dipshit. George bush did not bribe latinos with low interest mortgages dipshit, democrats in congress passed a bill forcing banks to give people subprime mortgages under some bullshit equality guise.

    1. It’s true. It was part of his hispanic outreach.
      “Advocating home ownership is hardly novel; Bill Clinton’s administration did it, too. For Bush, it was part of his vision of an “ownership society,” in which Americans would rely less on the government for health care, retirement and shelter. It was also good politics, a way to court black and Hispanic voters.”

    2. … democrats in congress passed a bill forcing banks to give people subprime mortgages under some bullshit equality guise.

      I really have to take exception to the term “forced.”
      Did any of these banks complain about being “forced” to make these loans when home prices were ballooning in the late 1990s and early 2000s? I don’t recall even one bank yelling “Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”
      These are the same banks that bought the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act.
      If they really were being “forced” they could have easily bought their way out of these policies, especially given how “pro-business” both the Clinton and Bush 43 administrations were.

      1. The banks were indeed forced to make subprime loans to minorities who couldn’t afford them on penalty of being sued for redlining, aka racial discrimination.

    3. He did.

      Advocating home ownership is hardly novel; Bill Clinton’s administration did it, too. For Bush, it was part of his vision of an “ownership society,” in which Americans would rely less on the government for health care, retirement and shelter. It was also good politics, a way to court black and Hispanic voters.
      But for much of Bush’s tenure, government statistics show, incomes for most families remained relatively stagnant while housing prices skyrocketed. That put home ownership increasingly out of reach for first-time buyers like West.
      So Bush had to, in his words, “use the mighty muscle of the federal government” to meet his goal. He proposed affordable housing tax incentives. He insisted that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac meet ambitious new goals for low-income lending.

    4. Both parties’ major presidential candidates always speak at the La Raza annual convention, pandering for the Hispanic (radical reconquista hispanics at that) vote.
      Bush, Gore, Kerry, McCain, Obama, Romney… Doesn’t fucking matter.
      Any politician allowed to rise to the national party nomination level is compromised and financed by the same interests regardless of whether there’s a D or an R next to his name.
      The 2 party system is joke. A Potemkin village for the easily duped.
      What of Bush’s policy moves did Obama radically change other than to accelerate them?
      The only change is bigger government, a currency that continually devalues, and a continuous stream of new laws and regulations that destroy our liberty and with which we are forced at gunpoint to comply.
      What a counrtry! Keep on voting, that’ll fix everything because this new candidate guy is so much better than those other corrupt retreads.

  9. Cuckservatives, pretty accurate description. However, just like Roosh you fail to see the things clearly.
    1. Politics in the western world is a sham. Mayor parties policies are different flavours of the same thing, there is no real differentiation between dems and repubs. Even I, as a foreigner understand that. Plenty of 3rd world banana republics have more choice than you, though the choices available in those elections are in most cases catastrophic, at least they are not different flavours of the same shit.
    2. Donald Trump a conservative…hahahahaha it´s been a long time since I heard something so funny. Trump is an insider. He may have his motives to participate but he will not reverse or even addresses the root causes behind the disease of the west (women suffrage, Hollywood brainwashing, abandonment of everything that made the west the best ie. Real Christianity, hard work, masculine identity et al). If he is for real two things may happen: He either gets trashed and his nomination will be made to fail or he succeeds and he dies, a la Kennedy (maybe a Jihadi, a perfect false flag set…with useful idiots included)
    3. Even if the border is closed, socialistic policies and indoctrination have poisoned the populace (especially women), hence the lack of births and demographic collapse of whites is caused not by economic factors but by a detachment from the future and abandonment of our backbones ie. I don´t care about my ancestors or my descendants, I want mine mentality…
    4. Israel fertility policies work because they have a purpose and see themselves as a culture, with a past, a present and a future, a people moving through time and space to a definite point in the future. Americans (this includes Canadians) don´t have culture beyond what their corporate masters have built and sold them and Europeans have forsaken theirs and both have literally thrown the baby with the bathwater as Americans are fond of saying.

  10. The Israel issue always bothered me. For 20 years now they have acted exactly like all the other rag heads in that area. Yet for some reason we absolutely Have to take their side one everything. “oh you sunk our ship? Darrn. That’s ok, we’ll have to just make a new one. You keep on with your being awesome Israel.”

    1. because America is a christian nation
      ” 3 ¶And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth begathered together against it.”
      clear final days prophecy that Israel will get attacked but it will also be suicide….combined with the Jews still being Gods people makes Americans weary of attacking.
      Also since AMerica is the one responsible for bring to pass the infamous book of revelations prophecy that foretold Israel would become a nation again….There is some loyalty.
      though you are right….Israel gets a free pass for being assholes….Gods people or not, they shouldnt have a free pass to be assholes.
      also some fear about if we gang bang them then the end truly is at hand.

      1. I understand you have good intentions, but Zionism is NOT Christianity. Saying so is a lie. Even if it was that is not what America, the constitution or politics in general are about.

        1. while i get your point….and especially modern christianity could never be a magical Zion land, however I was merely explaining why I think Americans get Israel a magic free pass.
          it is also impossible to separate christianity from American thought…..from the colonies to the founding to now, christianity has and probably always will be the number religion here in America. knowing that explains much of America regardless of ones views on God.
          one might even be able to say….As the church goes, so goes America.

        2. Rome; Khan Empire; Macedonia; America; What’s yet another shitty little empire thrown upon the dust of history?

        3. No, the nation has always been secular. It has to be to conform to the 1st Amendment. The majority of Americans have been Christian of some form or another, but that is changing too.

        4. That is NOT true. You need to study the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution/Bill of Rights.
          They used to teach it in school. Damn shame they quit.

        5. One of the main reasons I oppose zionism is because of Christianity. zionists are some of the worst liars and frauds in the world, and when they claim that they are gods chosen people, and that god gives them special permission to murder and rob, it just adds a whole layer of blasphemy on top of it all.

        6. It’s easy to seperate zionism from Christianity. Jesus tells us not to murder and not to steal.

        7. the 1st amendment doesnt translate to secular nation….it merely states there can be no official state religion, rather than all references to any kind of God and all religions are automatically banned and discouraged from all government buildings. for petes sake the infamous inalienable rights from our Creator part of our founding.
          and within that there are countless christian sects.
          there is a difference between no state religion and a secular nation…..we have no official religion but we are far from a secular nation though as you have pointed out that is changing.

        8. What happens any time a law favoring one religion over another goes before the SCOTUS?
          It’s an ideal we are striving for, not the reality. You are confusing the term secular with atheist or non-religious. They are not the same thing.

        9. well secular usually today translates to athiest…..though I suppose you are right that isnt technically always true….but thats usually how it works today.
          it really isnt about favoring a religion, and I admit it is a fine line to walk, but American history even back to the colonial days is very christian….but there are how many christian sects? hence why you see a lot of generic statements like “in God we trust” or “God Bless America”….so you get a religious nation with no official religion.

        10. Zionism’s goals include the extermination of Christians. They’re being killed off across the Middle East and soon they same fate will be awaiting those in western nations. Already Italians and other Europeans are being persecuted violently in their own lands, while Jews openly brag about their hand in the Islamic takeover now underway in Europe.

        11. There has been a Christian majority in this country, but the nation was founded to be for people of all faiths. The Founding Fathets wete Deists, which is as close as you could get to being agnostic in those days. “In God We Trust” was not used until the 1950’s. Neither was “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance until 1954.

        12. yes but that is merely an extension of “inalienable rights from our Creator”.
          and I wouldnt call the founders all blanketly Deist. I am sure there were a fair amount of Christians too. Also if I recall doesnt Congress open with prayers or used too? but reading of the founders….it is clear they acknowledge a Creator and some even acknowledged that Creator as the Christian God.
          and Under God was put on the money before the Pledge if I recall….early 1900s I think. so even 100 years after the fact….and no one seems to care except today because the popular notion is, America is a secular atheist nation.
          “but the nation was founded to be for people of all faiths.”
          correct and not what Im arguing.

        13. “No, the nation has always been secular.”
          Then one post later…
          “The nation isn’t secular, the government is.”
          You’re so indoctrinated you’re actually stupid. You’re so stupid from indoctrination you can’t even remain consistent by accident.

      2. It has nothing to do with Jews being over-represented in all spheres of life.

    2. I always like to refer to George Washington’s farewell speech and his warnings about foreign entanglements, and in particular citizens of a country (US) that place another country (Israel) in higher esteem than their own.
      This does not win me a lot of friends in the R camp.
      The thing is is that R’s think they’re conservative but they’re just as liberal and anti-Constitution as the left.
      They support Israel (check), endless war(Check), deficit spending (check), growing entitlements (Check), open borders (check), free trade globalism (check), political correctness (check), SJWism (check).
      Basically a laundry list of everything that has impoverished many Americans and destroyed the moral fabric and homogeneous nature of the United States, turning us into an amoral police state empire hell bent on its own destruction.
      Can I get a FUCKYEAH!

      1. Over half of cuckservatives (brilliant btw) identify as evangelical Christians — meaning they’re easily brainwashed through manipulation of biblical interpretation to believe that, in the worlds of Bush 43 , “You are either with us (Israel), or with the terrorists.”
        If you’re a Rothchild controlling the world’s money supply after WWII and in search of some prime real estate, you make a land-grab for that sweet eastern Mediterranean coastline since there’s no one there but a bunch of camel jockeys to stop your theft of the Levant to develop your new Zion Estates project.
        They already knew from centuries of usury that they could simply use Christianity and it’s teachings against Christians to extract interest on loans. That experience instructed them that they could also use the scripture to compel Christians to unquestionably support the prophesied resurrected of Israel and her actions, being the Almighty’s “chosen people. And silly Christians accepted it like children being convinced that there’s a Santa Clause that brings them gifts at Christmas.

        1. > Over half of cuckservatives (brilliant btw) identify as evangelical Christians
          They are liberal SJW, who are infected with weakness by the liberal interpretation of compassionate Christianity. They only vote Right, because they are afraid of atheists.

    3. Most people don’t take more than 2 seconds, if that, to think about issues. It’s easier for cuckservatives to delude themselves into thinking modern Jews and Israelis are the same as the slaves who Moses lead to freedom in the book of Exodus, than for them to face the reality of Jewish prominence in Bolshevism, pornography, multi-culturalism, white guilt, homosexualism, and other repugnant behaviors more commonly referred to as Cultural Marxism. The Red Pill/Blue Pill duality never stops being relevant.
      Thanks for this article, Matt Forney. It provides a scathing takedown of neocon hypocrisy yet ends on a positive note. I really hope Trump does wonderful things for this country, because America has needed to turn things around for decades, and sometimes I think Trump is simply too good to be true. Guess we’ll know in 5 years!

        1. I don’t buy anti semitism, Jews are fine. They have exceptional intelligence, I like smart ppl. In Australia where I live, hating Israel is the hall mark of the hard left/greens.
          I hate the left, so I’d support Israel even if I didn’t like Jews just to piss off leftists.

        2. It was an honest mistake, a case of mistaken identify in the heat of a ferocious, whirlwind war in which Israel was surrounded by enemies and fighting for its existence. They immediately apoligized for their mistake and paid reparations and compensation and said they were sorry. Mistakes happen.
          I’m not one for conspiracy theories. The fog of war is a real phenomenon, you can’t look back with 20/20 hindsight on events that occur in the heat of battle and cast judgement so easily.
          The Jews won my respect by the way they conducted themselves in the 1956 war and the 1967 war, they displayed magnificent military prowess. They put those disgusting brown muslims to the sword. Mistakes happen and they’re truly sorry for that but overall they did well and I support them.

        3. Nice try, but read your history – the USS Liberty was not a mistake, it was a deliberate attempt to sink a US ship and make it look like Arabs did it, in order to provoke the US further into supporting Israel. The commander of the ship was given the Medal of Honor for bravery in the face of the enemy (the enemy being Israel). Similar thing happened with the Lavon affair https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavon_Affair Israel can quite literally get way with murder and no US politician will say anything about it – they are all owned by AIPAC. No amount of weaponizing terms like “anti-semitic” can change facts.

        4. Jews are not a hive mind, like any people some are good some are bad, why not call out the bad?

        5. Not only in Australia. EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE.
          Leftists hate Israel. You know why? Because it wins and Leftists hate winners. Even in Israel, the Left hates Israel.

        6. Neither was their murdering tens of millions of Slavs. Jews even in the 19th Century were advocating the extermination to the last childe of entire European populations. Let alone what they are doing to the people of surrounding countries right now. Two of them were Karl Marx and Frederic Engels, the authors of the Communist Manifesto. The U.S.S. Liberty incident was indeed no accident, it left every man aboard dead or severely wounded. It also shows just as their shooting starving Ukrainian kids in the head during the Ukrainian Holodomor for gathering kernels of grain what sort of people they really are. The Holodomor was a famine they engineered in Ukraine during 1932 and 1933 to exterminate Ukrainians. Anti-Semitic does not erase their crimes against humanity, for which they are going to reap the consequences. Call me what you want, but there’s good reason why Jews are the most hated people on Earth, and it’s not irrational like theirs towards everyone else.

        7. It was no mistake.
          A recon plane circled the ship early in the day, the ensign was clearly flying, the specific radio frequencies used by the Liberty (not the Egyptian navy) were jammed, and, IIRC, the Israeli jets had no markings.
          An Israeli pilot radioed back for confirmation of the attack order because he could see it was an American ship. Again, IIRC, he refused the order. The Israelis lied that they believed the ship was an Egyptian horse transport. A horse transport needed that level of attention? Why would the Israeli torpedo boats that arrived have machine gunned sailor attempting to escape from a horse transport into rubber boats?

        8. hahaha, the 1956 war where Isrel decided to join with colonialists Britain and France to START SHIT with Egypt so that the imperialsts could steal the Suez Canal back?

        9. wow, can’t be any more racists against the Muslims can you? Like Nazis venting against …JEWS! Jews displacing those living there. I understand their need for a place to have a sense of security but never understood why there was deemed more desirable than giving them east Germany? You are surrounded by people who despise you for displacing their family and friends.

        10. Not sure where I ever said anything about letting Jews in, I’m just saying it’s silly to blame all problems on all Jews, doing so only turns people off, single out the one’s that are the cause of the problem rather than making sweeping statements that just make a person look foolish.

        11. Surely supporting Israel would be good then? That way you can keep the Jews out of white nations, who cares about a few ragheads?

        12. Jews are not any smarter than Northern European gentiles. Jewish intellectual superiority is a myth. Even so it is strange the left wing monster which is a Jewish creation has turned on its creator. Like the golem of Prague in Jewish mythology turned on its Jewish creator so did the modern left turn on Israel. This is due to the Israelis having a racist policy towards the Palestinians.

        13. Look at the history of Western decline.Jews brought death and destruction to Christian Russia.Now the same Jews claim they were victims in the U.S.S.R. Its maddening how they can lie.In America they worked tirelessly to get Christ out of schools and public life.They own the big 3 CBS,NBC and ABC as well as all the motion picture studios in Hollywood,which they use to push race mixing,homosexual lifestyle,feminism,anti-White hate,sexual promiscuity and porn.Take the feminist movement which tells females not to get married and have kids after high school but instead go to college,sleep with 50 men(or women),have a career and get married at 35,have one kid at 40(or better yet adopt a foreign kid)and treat your husband as a cash cow then when finished divorce him and get the kids,house and support payments.Who were the leading feminists you ask.Betty Frieden(wrote the Feminine Mystique),Gloria Steinam(founder of NOW)and Bell Abzug.All Jewesses.Just do your detective work people,all roads lead to the Jews and their to destroy White,Christian civilization.

        14. That’s asinine…most of the left in America and Europe is backed by Jewish dollars.Look at how the GOP and Dems fawn over Israel and claim their undying allegiance.Look at who pays for the bloated,corrupt American eletions which are purposely expensive so they can conol them.Billionaires like Haim Sabine,Sheldon Adelson,The Koch brothers,Tom Steyer,Mayor Bloomberg,Mark Zuckerberg,Larry Ellison,and on and on control our elections and politicians.Fact.

        15. I’m Jewish and I actually like this comment. I’m for closed borders in the U.S. like everyone else on this thread, but I was arguing with some guy who supports the Palestinian side and is a White Nationalist. I asked him why the Israeli/Palestinian issue is something he cares so much about other than just the U.S. sending money over there. Although I plan on staying in the States, I argued this exact same point.

      1. Trump is moderate. The only thing going for him is that he believes USA has a national interest.

    4. The proof of their cuckoldry is evidenced by their support of Israel, even though Jews are the least religious of all religious groups and constantly and overwhelmingly shill for the left.
      Why do they deserve support from the right? They always act contrary to our interests.

    5. It’s really sickening too that the Zionists are not even grateful for the annual 3 billion in aid. Nothing less than constant kowtowing and basing our entire Middle Eastern policy around defending them will do.

      1. They should stop pretending to worship god, and worship the American taxpayers instead. WE delivered them out of bondage in Europe, WE led them to the promised land, WE gave them the tools to slaughter the native Caanaanites, and someday WE will force their entire race to be dispersed to the four winds if they do not pay us proper tribute. God only rewards those who follow his commandments, he has no love for israel.

        1. Every US taxpayer should be rewarded with the Right of Return and Israeli citizenship for the asking, as recognition of the billions in aid and sacrifice. Instead we get figuratively kicked in the teeth by their neocon agents that sucked us into phony wars.

      1. BBC, the most marxist left-green major media organisation in the world. All leftists hate Israel, that’s why we on the right should support them, if only just to oppose the left.

        1. I have no objection to Israel or any state that can take and hold its territory by military force. I support Israel on top of that for no other reason that it drives the Muslim lunatics even crazier as an outpost of what is laughingly called European civilization. I’d get a short-term tourist visa to visit Israel and be invited to leave but, when the cards are down, they are still our people.
          The Israelis are crazy if they don’t seal their borders. I do resent that significant Jewish financial and political muscle in the U.S. goes to make sure that our borders are wide open. Adelson, Saban, and Gelbaum provide money conditioned on non-opposition to open borders. The ADL and B’nai B’rith packed their bags and hotfooted it to Arizona to oppose SB 1070 which threatened to institute tough immigration measures in that state.
          A lot of idiot Christians, the Catholic and Mormon Churches, inter alia, do the same but there seems to be a particularly influential segment of organized Jewry that is hot for mass, uncontrolled, third-world immigration into the U.S. which, if it were replicated in Israel, would destroy it. I note the hypocrisy.

        2. It’s about 4 decades past the point in time when the USA should have been absoluely supporting and rebuilding the USA, instead of Israel and meddling in the Middle East.

    6. And they go on about how Israel is awesome for being “the only democracy in the Middle East”, even though when it comes to the rest of the region, they’re rather unanimous in how the ragheads must be denied democracy if letting them have it would be contrary to US interest.

    7. I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the Israeli lobby being the biggest political donor in the US or the number of Israeli citizens holding political office in the US.

  11. Another big factor in Trump’s appeal is that he refused to apologize over his comments about John McCain.
    So many GOP voters are tired of candidates who apologize for their policy positions or for what they say/do on the campaign trail. This pent up rage is so huge that even if the gaffe is something “bad” like Trump’s comments (they weren’t that bad, Trump called McCain a “war hero” three times before he quipped about his POW status), the lack of an apology makes him look strong and confident.

  12. How does one translate “cuckservative” to German: “Hornservativ”?
    Gehörnt (cuckold) –> Horn
    Konservativ –> servativ
    Any better ideas among the German speakers?

  13. Even when this is mostly jumbled together and a shitty article, i definitely agree with most of it.
    But crying about free trade makes you look like an uncompetetive leftist bitch, no offense.

    1. There is nothing free about “free” trade. We pay tariffs out the ass to other countries, while they do not. Quintessentially cucked. I am all for OPEN trade, but this “free” trade shit is a scam that has destroyed American industries and has to go.

    2. I’m in favor of real free-trade. I’m highly skeptical of what’s being negotiated right now is anything close.

    3. We don’t have free trade. We have trade partners who screw us every way they can while we operate according to the rules at huge disadvantages.
      We are not required to support the entire world.

    4. Says Lara who’s factory was not closed and informed that ‘we can build it in Mexico cheaper” so you 500 people just fuck off circa 1993.
      Says Lara who’s never had to train her H1B replacement circa 2004.
      Says Lara who’s never worked blue collar and seen what illegals who don’t pay taxes or have insurance can work for compared to an American citizen who has to pay taxes and is expected to comply with every bullshit law and regulation.
      Free trade is not fair. It is labor arbitrage. It has fucked America good and hard.
      Do you own a factory that you moved to China?
      I’ve known a couple of people who fit that exact description and they laughed all the way to the bank when they laid off 5-600 Americans in each instance. Calling them sociopaths would be generous.
      There is nothing ‘free’ about ‘free trade’ and secret ‘free trade’ agreements. They steal the sovereignty of this country and force Americans to compete with countries who treat their people like slaves.
      Uncompetitive leftist bitch? Says somebody who’s taken full advantage of cronyism. Oligarchs R US!
      FUCK YEAH!

  14. Has there been one national Republican worth crap since Reagan left? They really have become bitches.

      1. I know! Why Republicans worship that geriatric old douchebag…at best b-list movie actor is beyond me. He had a chance…him and George W. Bush to set the ship of America on its proper course and failed. Unforgivable.

  15. For a long time now, the conservative wing of the Republican party has largely been appeased by voting for social issues. But that was always a cultural thing, not a political thing. In effect, it allowed Republicans to win by solely being pro-life and anti-gay marriage.
    Unfortunately, because they focused on the political fight for culture rather than a non-political solution, they ultimately lost a lot of battles in the culture war. And this is why we have legalized gay marriage, still have abortion on demand, and a culture of white walking on egg shells when it comes to race.
    They will call you racist, sexist, misogynist, bigoted, hateful, transphobic, homophobic, and any other creative term they come up with so long as you constantly play defense. Fight back any way you can. Ignore their insults and highlight their insanity. That is how you win people over. By exposing the Left as a bunch of insane, power-hungry demagogues who don’t care about anyone but themselves.
    Of course, if conservatives had been doing this from the beginning, the communists might not have won so much ground in this country to begin with.

  16. Is forney emotionally scarred because his woman left him for some negro who looks like dennis rodman ?

  17. Great article Matt. The “conservatives” want to stifle debate just like the SJWs, and they use the same tactics. In other words, the cuckservative is just another flavor of SJW.
    Or maybe they are just cowards.

    1. The SJWs grew up watching neocons on cable news refer to anybody not wanting to go to war in Iraq as an “anti-Semite”. Throw in the “you are either with us or against us” rhetoric too. There’s a lot of cross pollination between neocon (cuckservativism) and SJWs, way more than any sock puppet in the punditry would want to admit.

  18. The debate is controlled. The GOP isn’t really right at all. Just a bunch of Johnny-come-latelies to the Democratic Party.
    Calling out the cucks and forcing them to choose a side, Democrat or a Real Right-Wing party is the only option.
    Sadly, cucks are cucks for a reason – I bet they would chose death than to fight.

  19. Matt, I’ve had my issues with you before, but I have to say you’re doing great work here.

  20. This list nails it. If I could add one more to the list (although it probably falls under #3): You have ever used the argument that the Republican party freed the slaves and the Democratic party was the party of Jim Crow or the argument that Planned Parenthood is bad because Sanger was a “racist” and believed in eugenics.
    Whenever a “conservative” starts throwing around the word “racist,” you know you are dealing with a cuckservative. I’ve also found that cuckservatives now seem to be filing into the libertarian camp because being a “libertarian” allows them to avoid wading into any uncomfortable social issues.

    1. “Whenever a ‘conservative’ starts throwing around the word ‘racist,’ you know you are dealing with a cuckservative.”
      Whatever you want to label people, if those people want to win, they need to yell “racist” back in the faces of the Democrats on everything, in a way that splits their unnatural coalition of mutually hostile groups.
      Democrat: The Confederate flag is racist and tearing down the flag of the slavery-loving conquered enemy traitors is no shame. The right seems to be on the wrong side of history on every issue.
      Conservative: What happens when you speak truth to power?
      “What is your policy on slavery and genocide occurring in Sudan?”
      Well, you get murdered by the left who, of course, are always on the “right
      side of history,” so they’re always justified in whatever crimes they
      commit in the name of changing [insert anything here] even while they
      are complicit in [whatever was chosen earlier] right now.
      Romanticizing the South means a whipping from our cultural elite. Instead of
      romanticizing the culture that bought slaves, they romanticize the
      Middle Eastern and African cultures that sold them the slaves.
      When Obama condemned Christianity for the Crusades, only a thousand years too late, in attendance was the Foreign Minister of Sudan; a country that practices slavery and genocide. Obama could have taken time out from his rigorous denunciation of the Middle Ages to speak truth to the emissary of a Muslim Brotherhood regime whose leader is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. But our moral liberals spend too much time romanticizing actual slaver cultures.
      Its a lot easier for Obama to get in his million dollar Cadillac with its 5-inch thick bulletproof windows, a ride Boss Hogg could only envy, and chase down a couple of good ole boys than it is to condemn a culture that committed genocide in our own time, not in 1099, and that keeps slaves today, not in 1815.
      Even while the Duke boys were being chased through Georgia, Obama appeared at an Iftar dinner; an event at which Muslims emulate Mohammed, who had more slaves than Robert E. Lee. There are no slaves in Arlington House today, but in the heartlands of Islam, from Saudi mansions to ISIS dungeons, there are still slaves, laboring, beaten, bought, sold, raped and disposed of in Mohammeds name.
      Slavery does not exist under the Confederate flag eagerly being pulled down. It does exist under the black and green flags of Islam rising over mosques in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and America today.
      In our incredibly tolerant culture, it has become politically incorrect to watch the General Lee jump a fence or a barn, but paying tribute to the culture
      that sent the slaves here and that still practices slavery is the culturally sensitive thing to do. In 2015, slavery is no longer freedom, but it certainly is tolerance.
      And its not just about Islam.
      If romanticizing Dixie is wrong, so is romanticizing those ancient African cultures so beloved by amateur anthropologists and professional sociologists with more plastic tribal jewelry than sense. Slavery was an indigenous African and Middle Eastern practice. Not to mention an indigenous practice in America among indigenous cultures.
      If justice demands that we pull down the Confederate flag everywhere, even
      from the top of the orange car sailing through the air in the freeze frame of an old television show, then what possible justification is there for all the faux Aztec knickknacks? Even the worst Southern plantation owners didnt tear out the hearts of their slaves on top of pyramids. The romanticization of Aztec brutality plays a crucial role inthe mythology of Mexican nationalist groups like La Raza promoting the Reconquista of America today.
      If we go back far enough in time, most cultures kept slaves. The Romans
      and Greeks certainly did. That’s why the meaningful standard is not whether a culture ever had slaves, but whether it has slaves today. If we are going to eradicate the symbols of every culture that ever traded in slaves, there will be few cultural symbols that will escape unscathed. But the academics who insist on cultural relativism in 19th century Africa, reject it in 19th century South Carolina thereby revealing their own racism.And so instead of fighting actual modern day slavery in Africa and the Middle East, social justice warriors are swarming to invade Hazzard County.
      Most of the cultures of the past that we admire, respect and even romanticize had slaves. When we look back at their achievements and even try to forge some connection to them, it does not have to mean an endorsement of their worst habits. This is a concept that liberals understood, but that leftists reject. The recent hysteria reminds us that the nuanced reason of the former has been replaced by the irrational destructive impulses of the latter. The left is so obsessed with creating utopias of the future that like the Taliban or ISIS, it destroys the relics of past societies that do not measure up to its impossible standards. And then it replaces them with imaginary utopias of the past that never existed.

      1. “Whatever you want to label people, if those people want to win, they
        need to yell “racist” back in the faces of the Democrats on everything,
        in a way that splits their unnatural coalition of mutually hostile
        Sounds good on paper but doesn’t work in real life. The Republican strategy of calling Democrats the “real racists” has done nothing to win any minority votes or cause any division in the ranks of the Democratic party. All it does is cement in people’s minds the idea that there’s something wrong with white people standing up for themselves as a group.

      2. Slavery was a common economic feature along with serfdom in pre-industrial societies. Slavery was going to be obsolete in the south anyway with the advent of farming machinery. All of us likely has a slave or serf in our lineage somewhere (I have Frankish blood, Romans used them for labor). This obsession with slavery pretty much indicts our entire history as a species.

        1. slavery was going out till the Cotten gin was created then they needed more slaves to pick cotton as fast as it could separate it

      3. Sorry to say but Mr. Hervey, the gent pictured in your comment with a Confederate flag, was apparently run off the road and killed on 7/19/15 by a car with five black guys in it. (He may merely have lost control of his car, however.)
        He was an original.

      4. There’s a difference between ‘a society which had slaves’ (such as say the Achmenid Iranian Empire) and a ‘slave society’ (such as the CSA). A slave society was built on slasvery and would collapse w/o it….while a society which hsd slaves wasnt only working on that. Also, a failed rebellion which explicitly fought a war to own slaves in a racialized manner will be more disliked when there was another option, as opposed to people in further antiquity which didn’t have that option.
        Not to mention the former slaes never had an option on whether to accept that flag.

  21. While I applaud someone finally calling out the idiotic, absolute support for Israel as false patriotism and cuckservative tripe, he disappointingly loses his way in a lot of the rest of the article.
    Unions definitely had a lot to do with the fall of Detroit, they’ve had a Democrat mayor since 1960 and you can’t blame that one on the black population as it was majority white back then. Ditto for any associated industry – steel, cars, mining, airlines, manufacturers – the unions started the path of making these jobs cost ineffective. You simply can’t pay a fork lift driver $100k a year like the Twinkie factory was doing and expect to stay in business.
    And I’m supposed to support environmental regulations, no questions asked? Please – green is the new red, and red is precisely the belly of the beast in terms of left wing advocacy. Nothing in those regs has anything to do with protecting nature. Also not sure how minimum wage (like $15 per hour to flip burgers) is supposed to save anybody’s job from turning into a kiosk.
    So much potential here Matt, but needs a bit more focus to hit it out of the park.

    1. Whites as a percentage of Detroit’s population peaked in 1940 and started declining after that due to the Great Migration. Detroit’s fall has almost nothing to do with unions and almost everything to do with race.

        1. True, but the decline of whites in Detroit started in 1940. Blacks don’t need to make up the majority of a city’s population to exist in large enough numbers to start destroying things. White flight was in place in Detroit long before the 80s.
          And, the decline of the auto industry had more to do with the rebuilding of the German and Japanese auto industries than with unions. The rise of the American automobile industry was the result of a vacuum created by the destruction of German and Japanese infrastructure following WWII.

        2. So if you know it is because other countries were building better cars, stop trying to blame blacks. Blacks were likely not the majority of the CEO of America auto companies putting out inferior automobiles. It was whites, so if you were honest, you’d admit it was actually white American CEOs who put out inferior cars or didn’t have a good enough marketing plan that caused car sales to decline leading to the cities decline.

        3. Its the classical excuse used by all people to justify their misery. Its the blacks, the Mexicans, the Jews bla bla bla. What strikes me the most is the little knowledge Matt and the economist he mentions have of Mexico. A communist nation really? Less socially conservative and individualistic than White americans? I dont know Latinos in the US, they get indoctrinated by all the shit Americans endorce (feminism, cultural marxism, abortion clinics, gay marriage) But most people in Mexico, with the exception of Mexico City reject by majority all these Issues.

    2. He can’t say the real reason for the downfall of Detroit because acknowledging that blacks ruin every city or country where they assume political power would be racist.
      In fact any fact showing blacks fucking up is banned and called racist, and every problem of the black community is blamed exclusively on white racism with concurrent demands for white people to pay up.
      You’re right he needs more focus. But I don’t think focus means what you think it means.

      1. I was going to say that there are plenty of examples of white leftist Democrat big city mayors who have given equal results.
        But the only example I can think of is Chicago. Other such cities like Minneapolis, Portland (Oregon), Seattle and even New York City aren’t “as bad” as places like Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark or up until recently, Detroit.
        My guess is that white leftist mayors impose policies that cause the initial migration of the productive classes of people. When they’re gone, you get the “full monty” of leftism that just flushes the place down the toilet.

        1. As someone who currently lives in the northwest, it’s not all sunshine and roses socially, with the economic situation soon to come crumbling over here due to socialist minimum wage laws.
          Anyways I applaud you on not blaming blacks for everything like a lot of other commenters like to do. Unfortunately this is one of the main things holding the manosphere back.

        2. I understand what you are saying and I agree with your sentiments BUT welcome to a true “Big Tent”. In a “Big Tent” ideas are freely exchanged and subjected to the rigor of debate and discourse. Let these ideas be freely exchanged so that readers can decide what to embrace and what to discard. We don’t want to be like the SJWs and travel down the road that causes “disagreeable” ideas to be censored and suppressed.

        3. LOL, except you left out all the poor white trash states like west virginia and kentucky. Without blacks to build the cities like New York and Dc these places would be nowhere.

      2. “He can’t say the real reason for the downfall of Detroit because acknowledging that blacks ruin every city or country where they assume political power would be racist.
        In fact any fact showing blacks fucking up is banned and called racist, and every problem of the black community is blamed exclusively on white racism with concurrent demands for white people to pay up.”
        The manosphere has a lot of potential, but it needs to move away from being the white manosphere to gain any real traction.

        1. Lol. I’m not going to sit around arguing with you about why the manosphere isn’t blowing up, you obviously have your reservations about black people but seem to forget the white champagne socialists running the entire show, the way i see it is a good amount of conservatives hide behind subtle under the breath passive aggressive racism, and it alienates a lot of black conservatives or would be conservatives.

    3. Unions didnt kill Detroit- global competition did. Unfortunately, you couldnt expect those halcyon days of the late 40s-early 70s to last forever…

      1. Thats true too, especially with the car business. Lots of those companies sank or got bought, partly because of high labor costs (unions) ineffective management and shitty cars. Hell, Fiat owns Chrysler – its not even an American company anymore. But so it goes.

        1. right- it wasnt bc unions were bad- they got caught with their pants down bc of two energy crises in the 70s…

        2. The problem is and has always been “Free Trade”.
          Ross Perot is a better prophet than most religious figures. He said that there would be a reckoning 15 years from that point [1992/1993], which puts us on to 2007/2008.

        3. Um, did you miss the part about how unions made American car companies non-competitive due to their demand for exorbitantly higher wages and benefits?

        4. That wasn’t it at all. I worked in Ohio when it all came crashing down.
          People didn’t want American cars. They had a reputation for being unreliable, unlike Toyota, which actually did a lot in terms of management sciences in line with their “defect free” goals. That’s because in the 1950s and early 1960s the Japanese made total crap and then looked into how they wouldn’t suck anymore.
          The fully burdened cost of UAW guy was $73 to $85/hr, for the non-UAW guys it was $48 (those car plants in TN and KY), while Japanese workers make about $48 too. If the UAW guys conceded to make the same as the non-union guys the price would only drop about $800.
          Today, the NAFTA plants pay the Mexican worker $8/hr. Ford just announced they’re moving another factory down there.
          Tell me, do you see the savings passed on to you with the cheaper Mexican labor?

        5. Those little cars Detroit put out in the late 70s/early 80s to compete with the Japanese were complete crap. My dad insisted on buying one after another under the “buy American” banner. He wised up, but not until 3 cars or so later. Detroit lost a whole generation or more of car buyers (myself included) due to the crap they were putting out then. Not to mention that it took almost a couple of decades for them to at least be on the same playing field as Japanese and German imports, although have yet to fully catch up and likely never will.

    4. What the unions demands, is perfectly reasonable considering the wealth that the workers generate. The reason Detroit collapsed was because of free trade, and jobs being outsourced to communist China. If we had protectionist trade policies, instead of cuckoldry trade policies, There would be a strong manufacturing base in America and unionized workers could be paid salaries commensurate to what they earn.

      1. Unions can demand whatever they want, but in the end you can’t force the board to keep the factory open – capital follows the path of least resistance.
        Never mind that, but have a look where the union dues goes – to elect leftist politicians who make things harder, not easier, on workers and the economy in general. The union rank and file never gets this, but their leadership does – at a handsome profit.

        1. Protectionist trade policies could make it profitable for companies to hire Americans. It would never make it more profitable than the situation they are in right now, but it could deny them a great deal of profit, and force them to do something that would hurt their profits but still keep them in business. My personal paycheck will be higher, so I have no need to care about all the pain and suffering these policies will do to other people, in fact, I will enjoy watching them suffer and watching them beg the government for tax breaks.

      2. In an isolated environment MAYBE they could be viewed as reasonable but we exist in a global economy. High wages means high costs, high costs translate to high product cost. If a factory in China can produce the same vehicle for half the cost then clearly it will only be produced in China and the US factory will close. To force exorbitant taxes on imported goods only hurts the public by increasing product costs and inflation. If you want to revitalize US industry you need to drastically decrease the cost to manufacture products in the U.S. Unions and poor, shortsighted management are the cause of the industrial collapse in the U.S. not free trade, free trade simply highlighted the how dramatic the inefficiencies in the manufacturing industry were.

        1. And what is supposed to happen to all the American workers who’s jobs are displaced by Chinese communists? Are they supposed to end up on welfare? or are they just supposed to starve, because no matter how you look at it, they are completely redundant in a globalist economy.
          I don’t give a damn if high production costs drive down the GDP and corporate profit margins, if my personal wealth increases, I will be happy, even if it causes some worthless slime ball on wall street to see his cocaine fund decrease by a greater amount.

        2. Your personal wealth won’t increase, all that will happen is the US will see dramatic pitfalls in GDP as our ability to compete on a global leval disappears resulting in an economic collapse on the scale of the great depression due to rampant inflation combined with dramatic decreases in exports.

  22. 11.
    You hate Muslims because you think they aren’t feminist and gay-friendly enough; and hate liberals because you think they aren’t aggressive enough with converting Muslims to feminism and SJW politics.

  23. Matt Forney must be willfully making acts of omission or maybe just ignorant. When fighting against communism, America lost thousands of soldiers to proxys of Russia. So to say that Israel has killed more than Russia is obviously a lie. Iran also helped in the killing of thousands of american soldiers in Iraq by aiding And financing shiite militias.
    As for the USS liberty incident, I agree that is something that should have been scrutinized more and that Israelis themselves should have criminalized the leaders that decided to execute such fiasco along with the Lavon Affair fiasco.
    However, criticism is a two way street. Those that think America has never thrown Israel under the bus are mistaken. I’m all for American aid to Israel ending and every other country too, so that neither foreign influence is exerted over America, and viceversa. Only then can more honest relations be held.

  24. There is a whole lot of ad hominem in here. There are also sub-groups and advocacy on the right who believe in 2 or 3 of these out of the 10. Most dont believe all 10.
    To me, a “cuckservative” are items 8, 9 and 10 in here. Weak, blue pill…..GOP Establishment. The rest of the list is just noise.
    To add:
    11. You speak with the GOP donor class and speak at the GOP base.

      1. No, the first 7 describe advocacy. The last 3 describe GOP tactics. The last 3 are spot on. The first 7 are ad hominem.

        1. What difference does advocacy vs. ad hominem make? The list was about how to spot a cuckservative and 1-7 are spot on ways to identify them.

        2. Its because they are advocacy they are ad hominem. The titles of each say it all.
          I understand what the list is about. I am disagreeing with some of it. 1-7 are ad hominem with most lumped together from various advocacy groups who dont talk to each other.

  25. 1. Don’t give a shit
    2. True
    4. Slightly true, not sure about Forney’s obvious race bias though. Edit: forney is a troll
    5.slightly true
    6.slightly. Although still think market is skewed unfairly in their favor
    7.hahaha, give me a break. Hell no, although i do respect them more than a liberal.
    8. Don’t give a shit
    9. Nope insult them both equally.
    10. Don’t make me laugh

  26. Have to say I was sort of surprised by Jack Hunter being so apologetic. Anyone see his “No Apologies for Slavery” video, back when he called himself The Southern Avenger?

    1. People who are anti-establishment tend to sell out when they become a member of the establishment. So, I can’t say I’m too surprised at his groveling.

  27. Point number 4 is idiotic, but writers like this think they’re being bold by saying it. If being black means you can’t run a government, then there wouldn’t have ever been any black empires. Also, there would have been no need for the US government to, for example, execute COINTELPRO to eliminate black leaders.
    As for point number 9, the author hasn’t heard of Ralph Nader. One liberal told me that Ralph Nader was the worst person ever. Liberals generally do despise people who are genuinely left-wing.

  28. 11. Idolize Lincoln and/or Reagan. (They were both terrible presidents)
    12. Claim that MLK would be ashamed of black leaders today. (No, he wouldn’t — he was exactly like them).
    13. Are obsessed with Muslims. (The safe religious minority to bash in conservative circles).
    14. Feel the need to preface any comment about illegal immigration by talking about how much they love legal immigration. (As if the legal status of a third-world immigrant matters)
    15. Claim they are libertarian (particularly when any difficult social issue comes up).
    16. Advocate for vouchers so minority children can go to private schools. (Isn’t avoiding minorities the main reason white people send their kids to private schools?)

      1. How many Jews and Evangelicals are blowing themselves and others up to institute a totalitarian form of government?

    1. Muslims are cockroaches. Their “prophet”, whom they consider the Perfect Man, was a robber, a rapist, an enslaver, and a mass murderer. In fact, the entire behavior of the Islamic State is modeled on Muhammad’s behavior. It’s asinine to oppose immigration in general but defend the worst of the worst in terms of immigrants.

    2. “13. Are obsessed with Muslims. (The safe religious minority to bash in conservative circles).”
      Not necessarily. Cuckservatives can also be remarkably defensive of Islam in the name of religious “tolerance.” Remember when Bush called it a “religion of peace”? Granted, I don’t think that attitude is as rampant now, but it’s long been a tendency.

  29. Taking issue with #2, #4, and some of #6. My beef with the so-called cuckservatives and GOP is a failure to understand economics. Items #2, #4, and some of #6 possesses this same issue. Each of those items has everything to do with government intervention into the economy. These interventions create the distortions that led to the problems described in #2 and #4.
    In the case of #6, I am pro-immigration with a condition: Immigration only works with a society where wealth and prosperity comes from individual effort. These societies attract immigrants who desire wealth and prosperity by applying their individual efforts. Right now, America is a welfare society and the types of immigrants who will come are those who want handouts. Under this circumstance, I am against immigration.
    Certainly I understand the cultural issues regarding the dilution of values. Here is where I break with SOME of those who employ the “cuckservative” epithet, and that’s not a bad thing because the problem is greater than a feckless American conservative establishment. America is too big and diverse to govern with a form or government that has the ability to intervene into and influence the most intimate aspects of an individual’s life. Small republics are best for this vast and diverse territory. People of the same stripe and belief can come together and enact a form of governance that aligns with their values in a small republic. Let Atlanta be a sovereign leftist city-state and rest of Georgia be a sovereign “red” republic. Some of us value cultural nationalism while others find commonality in the virtues and values produced by capitalism’s meritocracy (that’s were I would live).

    1. Cuckservative detected. Importing hordes of third worlders so you can continue to consume at your current rate is one of the hallmarks of being a cuck.

      1. Smug Frog, your comment is a perfect example of how organized activity gets fucked up. You demand an orthodoxy known only to you. In other words, because I don’t subscribe to your cultural nationalist views, you are disqualifying me from any participation. Never mind the fact that I also stated America’s problem to be rooted in the attempt by a powerful and intrusive national government to govern a large population of diverse interests. I’m quite sure you read that part but am also sure that you didn’t understand what you read. And I won’t bother to ponder whether or not you grasp my economic argument. You don’t strike me as being very bright. However, if you actually do understand the things I said you are more than welcome to challenge my assertions. However, I do have this nagging assumption that if you were to reply, you would offer nothing meaningful and related to those assertions thus exposing your shallow and incomplete grasp of the things you claim to understand.
        Have at it my friend!

        1. I don’t care much for the government, but it is very much a product of the type of rootless cosmopolitanism you adhere to. Bankers and CEOs have no qualms with destroying culture so you can buy more shit and up their profits. In other words, you are perfectly willing to displace entire demographics so you can maintain your lifestyle. In my book, that’s a collaborator. The very definition of cuck. The managerial class, if not destroyed entirely, must be wholly subservient to the people.

        2. I knew it. You didn’t understand a damn thing I said in my critique of the nature of the federal government. Also, you speak of the Bankers and CEOs in isolation as if they act free and independent of the government intrusions that we label as cronyism. And in that case too, your piss poor grasp causes you to not understand the economic case I made.
          Your entire problem is that you lack the background information needed to effectively address my commentary. You think you know American history, the basis of my critique of the federal government, but you don’t. Your understanding is like that of person who can only recall the things they’ve learned in 9th grade civics. You also lack an understanding of basic economics which is revealed by your attempt to speak of the bankers and CEOs absent of the role of government intrusion into those respective services.
          Dude, go back to the drawing board and acquire the background knowledge you do not have. Once you do that, THEN you can offer an informed and coherent counter to the claims I’ve made.
          Have at it my friend!

        3. lol you think the government controls the corporations, whereas in reality, the corporations and banks control the government. You are a hardcore cuck.

        4. You dumb shit. Did you not see the usage of the term “intrusion”? What the fuck?! Intrusion is not control, intrusion is involvement. It is this type of involvement that creates the cronyism I mentioned in my last comment. Did you know that cronyism is the result of corporations and government collaborating together in the pursuit of their own interests? Cronyism results in politicians getting money and political influence and businesses having laws enacted that place competitors and competitive industries at a disadvantage.
          C’mon man.

        5. “The managerial class, if not destroyed entirely, must be wholly subservient to the people.”
          Said the communist. You speak like a lock step pigressive toad. Die.

  30. Matt Forney is right but what candidate could actually say this: ” Detroit is a failure because of the people who live there”

  31. Unions have a lot to do with the fact that production is fleeing to other countries, and to Asia in particular.
    The proof is that this is happening in other places, that also have very powerful unions, but are ethnically more homogenous, like in Sweden. I would say this is a general trend in all western countries, except maybe Germany, and its caused mainly by to much Government intermingling in private enterprise. Don’t blame the problems of Crony-Capitalism on free-market Capitalism.
    Below you see the deserted SAAB factory in Trollhattan, Sweden.

  32. Unions have a lot to do with the fact that production is fleeing to other countries, and to Asia in particular.
    The proof is that this is happening in other places, that also have very powerful unions, but are ethnically more homogenous, like in Sweden. I would say this is a general trend in all western countries, except maybe Germany, and its caused mainly by to much Government intermingling into private enterprise. Don’t blame the problems of Crony-Capitalism on free-market Capitalism.
    Below you see the now deserted SAAB factory in Trollhattan, Sweden

    1. Are you suggesting that if there were no unions, wage levels in the first world would be so low that they can actually compete against the third world in cost of labor?
      And if the answer to that really is “yes”, how do you expect to convince anyone that unions are not a good thing?

      1. Western countries can still have a much higher wage level than most asian countries and be competitive. Vietnam could not produce what German companies do, therefore the market is willing to pay much more for the skills and technology they posses. It`s not really useful to compare wage levels directly.
        Nothing wrong with unions. The problem is that unions are not independent of Government. When the State with all it`s power back for example demands from auto worker`s, the unions become to powerful. the job market does not function properly, and politicians fool workers into believing they “deserve” ever higher wages etc. We need independent unions, and a smaller Government.

        1. And yet, you blamed unions for the outsourcing of jobs to Asia, to countries where labor is dirt cheap. To continue your example, there is no point in using precious German labor on work that any drone can do, like textile manufacturing. That the textile industries have moved to Vietnam is
          1. Not the fault of unions
          2. A good thing for both Germany and Vietnam. Comparative advantage.
          I’m not convinced unions have pushed wages too high in those countries you mention. If that were the case, there’d be mass unemployment in them due to the workers having priced themselves out of the labor market, but there isn’t. Germany, in particular, is managing swimmingly.
          One specific market failure the unions have caused in Germany, though, is to have burdened employers with inflexibility in hiring, by making it hard to get rid of permanent employees, in an attempt to provide economic security for workers. The outcome having largely been that they are hired on temp contracts to begin with. The outcome being that a minority of permanent workers have it very good, while the rest have it probably worse than before in terms of employment security.

        2. There is no problem with people organizing freely. The problem, as I mentioned in my first post, is the intermingling of unions and state interests. Had the Government been less powerful, there would have been a balance between the employer and the employees.
          Not what we have now.
          Call it crony-unionism if you wish.
          “And yet, you blamed unions for the outsourcing of jobs to Asia, to countries where labor is dirt cheap”
          South Korean auto workers are not dirt cheap! But they are cheaper than Swedish ones. And just as important, the laws regulating work hours, vacations, pensions, paternity leave etc. etc. are not as generous as they are in say Sweden.
          Unions, with the aid of power hungry politicians, push the terms to far in the west. Therefore the production flees, and we get more and more people working in consumer related jobs.
          I don’t see any major western country managing swimmingly, as proven by the massive money printing and borrowing.
          Even Germany is in trouble in that regard, though they fair better than most yes.
          Sorry for the long reply:)

  33. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    Trust some liberalist wench to come up with that bunch of Pinko Poppycock, eh?

        1. Alex Jones keeps saying that the globalist elite has a plan to depopulate the world. Well, the plan has obviously failed; we have more people on this planet every year.

        2. My thoughts exactly. If a woman can get pregnant despite trying her hardest not to just by forgetting to take a pill or two, I fail to see how the elites slipping us trace quantities of chemicals which supposedly cause sterility would do much to reduce birth rates.
          If I were the member of the elite in charge of reducing overpopulation, the only thing I could come up with short of mass-murder (which would surely give away the existence of said elite, and would therefore be best avoided if possible) would be to implement a Chinese-style One-Child policy worldwide until the population neared target levels, at which point the policy would be changed to a Two-Child one (or maybe a Three-Child policy if I needed to balance out a lot of Feminazis who delayed having children till it was too late). But I don’t think that such a policy would be easy to implement – Communist China had difficulties; imagine trying to do it worldwide!

  34. Unions did have a role in the demise of Detroit but you can’t blame the entire decline of Detroit on them.

        1. Go south of 8 mile on Woodward – breaks up Detroit from Ferndale and you can immediately see the difference – and it looks like Dresden after the bombing. I love going to Detroit to hang out in the various downtown areas, but if you like not getting shot, much of it is a no-go zone.

  35. Cuckservatives also refuse to take a hard line against women’s sexual freedom, despite lip service about restricting abortion “rights.”
    For once I would like to hear a politician say that women and gays have no right to sexual fulfillment because no one does. Instead the elites have managed to mainstream female promiscuity, normalize gay male dysfunctions and make life convenient for these two groups – while demonizing adult male virgins with normal desires as the freaks, weirdos and expendable mistakes of nature.
    I have seen this perversion of time-tested and sensible values in my lifetime, and I still have trouble believing how quickly and successfully this has happened.

  36. Articles like these make me wonder if this site is becoming the male Jezebel.
    #11 – You don’t take Kratom?

  37. Regardless of how you feel about Israel and it’s people, the fact is that most of us here are citizens of the US. This unconditional support is literally killing us, and isolating this country. A healthy alliance would have conditions and a stated goal, but we don’t have that. But instead we are lead around by the nose, and taken advantage of, and told to die for them.

  38. I think a lot of it comes from the difference in institutionalization defined as “regulated/standardized” over “traditional” (which is where most Constitutionalists seem to stand).
    Political powers need to regulate things to have control over them. Voters like to hear things like: “traditional values,” but that is only a buzz word for likely all politicians who really mean to assert control and use this type of language to gain the favor to do it.
    Soon industry (mainly through corporatization), charity, organized religion, unions, even grass-roots movements and science outlive their original (usually well-meaning/beneficial and frequently naive/idiotic yet useful) purpose(s) or are co-opted for more nefarious ones. Their existence becomes solely about self- perpetuation, of money and influence, to support their leadership. (Notice each of those things share in common the capacity to be capable of subjugating adherents when manipulatively applied?)
    Republicans (“conservatives”) as presented here are no different than any other established power, serving party first and people second. They will go where the votes/money/power are. Most are just shams from the beginning or become so as “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    And again we see the attacks on anything that threatens the status quo, be it Tea Party or outlier candidates like Tom Cotton and Trump (regardless of what their personal politics actually turn out to be)or what-have-you until they are silenced/discredited/forgotten.

    1. I get that it’s a joke, but Sweden is the poster child for multiculti insanity. They’ve actually made it illegal to criticize mass non-white immigration or any politician who favors it, and thanks to Muslim immigrants Stockholm went from being one of the world’s safest cities to having the highest incidence of rape in the world.

  39. I don’t see an alternative to voting conservative. I cannot and will not support the democrats.

  40. Besides being a Christian, I would still support isreal just to stick it to the democrats. I don’t see why that’s even on the list. Who should we support then? Saudi Arabia. This is where I call this list BS name a country in their stead, more deserving of our support. We ship out millions for abortions and gay rights but the one country that pisses of our enemies the arabs needs to go. This is called kowtowing to the democrats and Arabs.

      1. Never has there been an “alliance” that so exclusively favours one party over the other.

        1. How about that the US is the only country in the world that supports Israel, and the absolutely insane amount of financial aid that the US has granted Israel – which is a rich country in its own right.

        2. Hitler used the same arguement, the Jews own everything. Christians support isreal becuase it is mandated by the bible. Which is why as long as christians have clout we will continue to support isreal.

        3. Ah yes, support your natural enemy – the guys who killed your god and has undermined your religion ever since. LOL. And you wonder why christianity is dying out. And where exactly did I write that “the jews own everything”? You are pathetic. Go suck a jew dick.

        4. Really I think you are bowing to the Muslims . Do you really believe after we stop supporting things will get better for us or worse. The Arabs hate us regardless.

  41. US voters provide the raw material for influence peddler products sold by the Republican and Democrat brands. If you are in a union, or own equities, it’s likely you also own a tranche of securitized senators or representatives.

  42. Fatt Morney’s quite clearly a latent homosexual.
    The state of him trying to portray himself as some sort of alpha – Why the very idea’s beyond laughable.

  43. This article is half true. I disagree agree with 3,4, and 7. Other than that the list is alright. McCain deserves respect for his service. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone will eventually break under torture. Unions are to blame for Detroit. And democrats do use blacks. That doesn’t mean you change your principles to appeal to black people.
    The Republican Party sucks as bad as the democrat party. They are all the same. I will support an actual conservative who has traditional values and the balls to stand for them without apologizing. Loyalty to God, family, and country is what matters. I don’t get the conservatives obsession with Israel. As much as Israel is an ally I believe we should back them, but there is no need to kiss their ass. A lot of Christian conservatives treat Israel with a respect that isn’t due to them.

  44. Cuckservatives prefer kissing ass to kicking it.
    Women, to the last man.
    Though we must be careful—this movement might be just a way to rile up the GOP base to turn out, then slowly (as the months go on) convince them that whatever cuckservative the GOP puts on is the least cuckservative who can get elected.
    Beware long term political manipulation.

  45. Manufacturing jobs were what made the prosperity of the 50’s and 60’s possible
    The US being the only industrial game in town for 20 years after the destruction of WWII made the prosperity of the 50’s & 60’s possible. It’s no coincidence that the beginning of the end of those good times was Volkswagens and Hondas rolling off of ships from rebuilt factories in Germany and Japan. American aircraft manufacturers started dying off in the 70’s about the same time the first Airbus planes were rolling off the lines in Europe. Suddenly, the rest of the world had choices in what to buy.
    I agree with most of this article, but let’s realize something: the 50’s and 60’s were an economic anomaly, resulting from very specific circumstances that can never be replicated without destroying much of the world again while miraculously sparing the US.

    1. ^^^THIS
      Also, the sheer numbers and (continued) influence of the baby boom; they themselves are an anomaly to an extent. Imagine if the US had to rebuild a Dresden of their own after WWI or if the Japanese had hit San Francisco instead of Pearl Harbor. History would’ve taken a way different turn.

  46. 11. You think cops actually “serve and protect”.
    12. You’re obsessively anti-abortion, despite the fact that you have a cock.

    1. 13. You are obsessively anti-abortion, against birth control of any kind and truly believe in abstinence.
      14. You obsessively believe in “family values” while playing hide the salami with a barely legal hooker.

      1. I have an ex who managed to combine female versions of 13 & 14. With me the end came when she said, “You do know, I’d never have an abortion…right?”
        Well, then I guess we should stop fucking. And that was that.
        Years later she initiated contact. Recently divorced and looking to up her sluttery to the next level -which will be a task indeed. Turns out she got knocked-up in the process of having an affair with a man from her church. She kept the love-child. Her poor husband did find the self-respect to divorce her ass. I suspect he’s probably crying over at Dalrock. The father of the love child stayed with his wife.

    2. 15. You deny the fact that our public schools are full of Marxists who care more about indoctrination that teaching.

  47. Agree with all but # 3. Democrats are the real racists. At least the ultra leftists. Look at some of those black leftists calling for ‘death to whitees” If nothing else, the left is the group who ALWAYs notices race first and makes it an issue in everything. Conservatives are more color blind.

  48. 11. You believe that Ronald “triple the national debt/$500 Defense Department screwdrivers/raise taxes on the middle class” Reagan is a conservative.

  49. 7. You think military veterans automatically deserve respect
    ROK has a lot military-worshiping articles and posters.

  50. Vote Hillary for full speed off the cliff! Republicans have served the elite well by giving the illusion of an option.

  51. “[M]ore American servicemen have been killed by Israel . . . than by Russia?” Either you just do not know your history or you are making a technical differentation between Russia and the USSR.
    Otherwise, I wholeheartedly agree with the term cuckservative.

  52. ugh…every time matt “fat fuck” forney opens his seldom empty pie hole…something about sex comes up. ironically matt looks like the mgtows he talks shit about. why ROK keeps him on board is beyond me. i hope to god he shows his bitch ass in columbus because i would love to follow him around and laugh at him openly. i dont even wanna fight him because it would be a demolishing of the HIGHEST order. fuck that guy.

  53. Says “attacking fellow Conservatives” then puts up a picture of Donald Trump. Trump’s a Conservative on MAYBE a couple issues. Otherwise, he’s well on the side of the degenerate left.

  54. Conservatives, democrats, same same. The people who control America are not elected by goyims.

  55. Forney you deft bastard, just tapping the line of antisemitism, and then bending back to say Israel is a model to follow. A lot of anticapitalist bullshit, but decent article. We are better off with actual free trade, but what we have with NAFTA and TPP are financing schemes.

  56. Just give me my fuckin scotch straight up before the 2016 circus gets underway. I dont wanna miss it.

  57. Democrats will have Stalin as a candidate, the repubs will have Hitler as a candidate and us American dipshits will be fighting for one of these pukes to win it instead of saying this is bullshit and not voting outright. Too much caught up in the game, and not researching the players.

  58. The Cuckservative doesn’t understand that the left/right split only makes sense in a mono-cultural nation. In a multi-cultural one it’s group against group. And Whites had better smarten up to the fact that every other race and creed is looking after their own.
    If everyone else is playing to win – and you’re not – then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

    1. Isn’t he?? He looks like he’s got AIDS…
      Sharpton needs some plastic surgery for all that skin fat. Christ you could make a set of luggage out of his loose skin

  59. Another sign you’re a Cuckservative: you let one maniac’s murder rampage give you an excuse to genuflect before the scumbag Left and their SJW lunatics and haul down a symbol of the people of your state’s most profound and proud heritage.

  60. What a load of click-baiting nonsense
    Sanders was called a national socialist by Williamson because he is promoting both nationalism and socialism in his policies. Fact. Hilarious that someone who claims the mantle of real conservatism is defending the Far Left nut Sanders here.
    Unions ARE a big reason big cities are falling part. Even Stevie Wonder could live in Chicago and see that. Go hang out with the likes of the SEIU for a day and see what kind of death grip they have on city machines.
    Why not learn a thing or two about economics before spouting off about free trade? Oh yeah, let’s instead harken back to the 1950s and 1960s without any clue for the reasons WHY things were so rosy back then — namely the fact that the US industrial base was intact after WWII and the rest of the world’s was destroyed, thus giving the U.S. a 15 year-head start and a one-off standard of living advantage that can never be duplicated. You are probably one of those know-nothings who doesn’t realize how much further your dollars go as the result of free trade. The only reason you can afford to live how you do on a freelance income is because of free trade.
    As for the notion that McCain isn’t a hero, not even worth dignifying. Love how you hide behind the lame notion that his father “could” have covered things up. Way to back up your opinion with facts.
    Your ninth point is comical as your entire column here defends the Left while attacking those on the Right with whom you don’t agree.
    Stick to culture and women, ROK.

    1. You’ve been drinking to much free trade cool aid. This country’s economic engine was built from the protectionist policies of Lincoln all the way up to WWII. With tariffs we can eliminate income taxes, we can bring manufacturing back to the US. Entire industries have been uprooted and sent overseas as a direct result of free trade. We now have prisons to house the millions of unemployed men as a direct result of the lack of jobs. Where we used to have trade surpluses we now have trade deficits. How are trade deficits good for America?
      China has become a superpower and a direct threat to our allies in Asia as a result of our de-industrialization. Look who has gotten rich from our economic policies it’s the same people on Wall Street who create nothing, they just shuffle money around.
      When you build a car in the US you create jobs in the US which creates demand for other products in the US. When you build a car overseas you don’t create a job in the US. Strangely the prices of the cars are about the same if they are built in the US or Mexico so why go to Mexico? The manufactures charge the same but get a larger profit margin, the money get’s reinvested overseas. It is a compounding affect.

  61. Sorry for the hate, but how is Matt Forney still fat? He’s been active in the manosphere long enough to get fit.

  62. Opposing free trade may not be Nazism (though it may be since Nazis hate free trade and love price controls) but it is economic insanity. What kind of economic sense does it make for an American to produce a shirt for $7.25 minimum wage when it can be produced for $1 overseas? The American consumer saves $6.25 and that poor overseas worker gets a job and moves out of poverty. Win-win situation. That displaced American worker can then learn a skill that a generates more money meaning a better life for that worker as well as a wider array of goods and services for the average American. Again, win-win situation. Being against free trade because it “costs jobs” makes as much sense as being against being against computers because it put typewriter businesses out of work.

  63. I’m not a democrat or a republican I am an unreconstructed confederate.
    In regards to point 10. There is nothing worse than a conservative who says something that outrages someone on the left then goes crying and apologizing on the news shows. It would be nice to see one say “yeah I said it so what”. That is one of the things I like about Trump.

  64. Sorry, but I just don’t think bashing on the Mexicans, fighting the zeitgeist on gay marriage, and obsessing over fetuses is a recipe for long-term success. Most of the “values voters” will be dead in 15 years. It’s time for a Libertarian GOP focused on low taxes.

    1. The problem is you have it ass backwards. Mexicans, gay marriage and killing foetuses is not a recipe for success.
      80+ % of people are always sitting ducks who’ll go along with anything, so the zeitgeist is irrelevant, other than realising it is being controlled by very interested and sinister parties, and so needs transcending quick time.

    2. Libertarians are the ultimate cucks. “Let’s just do nothing and let the free market decide everything. So CNN wants to run a bunch of anti-white propaganda? Let them! It’s the free market the greatest thing on earth. Thanks to the free market I can buy all the cuckold porn I want.”
      Fuck out of here. Fuck these corporations and fuck the free market. We need national socialism. We need to take control and force all this progressive bullshit out the window.
      “But…but… national socialism is bad! Hitler was a national socialist and he was a really bad guy! All my marxists liberal jewish teachers told me so.”
      I know cuck, I know. Go on then with your stupid libertarianism and watch your country get fucked.

      1. Tethering yourself to ephemeral social values is a recipe for failure. 90 years ago many people were horrified that dresses that exposed womens’ ankles were popular. Now, nobody cares. 50 years ago people thought it was sacrilegious for stores to be open on Sunday. Now, nobody cares. See a pattern here? Tradcons can’t win.

  65. America’s going to bat for Israel time and again is enraging. This country has nothing to gain from this alliance. Israel has has nothing to offer this country since it was founded, and it would serve us best to allow the middle east to absorb that area into it’s own. Our meddling in the natural order in that area has only gained us powerful enemies.
    In regard to Trump gaining the Republican candidacy, that is doubtful. We likely will get another warmonger from the Bush family that will get us into a war that will plunge the dollar so low that dirt would be more valuable than it.

  66. Israel fought back against illegal immigration by constructing a border wall. Paid for by the American taxpayer no less.

    1. Isn’t it strange that the Israeli people have a say as to who can immigrate to their country but here in the US the American people do not. The biggest supporters of Israel and it’s immigration policy are the very same people who support open borders in the US.

  67. I will tell you. Until the Republican party has a candidate that will strongly advocate for common sense principles and logic they will continue to loose elections. Moderate Republicans will NOT win elections. Republicans have been running campaigns like Gerald Ford. Until they run a Ronald Reagan style the republican party will continue loosing.
    As long as Donald Trump continues to fight like he has recently and doesn’t back down or apologies for his existence he will WIN. I have been hearing lately from my liberal friends that “Trump will be a dangerous president”. This tells me I need to support him. Why? Because they said the same thing about Ronald Reagan and he was the Best president that served in the Whitehouse in my lifetime.

    1. Republicans swamped the dems in the last two cycles. The problem is, they were REPUBLICANS. We don’t have enough people of solid principles to advocate for our idea.

      1. Very true. The GOP has not delivered one thing to their base but gave Obama everything he asked for. It’s the GOP who has divided the party not Donald but these GOP elitists walk right over that salient point.
        Have a great day YHM!

  68. Poor Jack Hunter. I think he was pressured by his cuck boss to resign (Rand Paul). Told behind closed doors that his association would hurt the candidacy. Too bad it just made Rand look even more like a spineless beta pussy. Take a lesson from Trump Mr. Paul, when people call you racist, you hit back.

  69. You’re also a cuck if you think America will be saved by these phony elections. You are never going to win by playing a game that is rigged. Fuck this bullshit democracy.
    This my friends is the minority vote.

  70. Thanks for sharing so many true points about spineless politicians of the so called right I wonder what Ronald Reagan would be thinking right now.

  71. Conservatives in nearly all countries are fake. The only people who vote for them are the older demographic who like their big pension funds and easy access healthcare and believe the youth should get no “handouts”. The left are entirely unpalatable as much as I despise a monoculture that only embraces excessive wealth as an aspirational goal. Realistically talking politics is a waste unless people are open to the idea of National Socialism. As much as the cultural Marxists lovr to portray National socialism as some sleeping beast waiting to awake it seems that the indoctrination process worked and I have yet to meet anyone who truly preaches let alone practices its ideals.

  72. Help make August 2015 “CUCKSERVATIVE AWARENESS MONTH”!!!!
    Keep shaming these worthless, sellout bastards every chance you get: on “conservative” talk boards, in FB forums, on Twitter. HELP RAISE AWARENESS THAT THEY ARE NOTHING BUT TRAITORS TO TRUE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES!!

  73. Regarding criterion number one: if you care more about any country’s borders more than America’s, you’re not an American. But if you care at all about “Palestine’s” border, then, on top of that, you’re a terrorist sympathizer.

  74. Listen, I’ve known Kevin Williamson personally for years. Don’t think that just because he doesn’t write about a topic (that you all know his employer would never publish anyway) that he is therefore is oblivious to it. You have all got him dead wrong.
    I don’t know if you all recall when John Derbyshire (another close friend of mine) was fired from NR because of his writing on race. Many of the writers on NR condemned the Derb at the time, but Kevin was noticeably absent from the list of critics.
    As for Detroit, the place was in decline for decades and it’s the unions and their philosophy of rewarding anything but productivity that orchestrated it. The unions had power and authority. And they used that authority to make the place so dysfunctional that it became Mogadishu of the midwest.
    It’s only an all black city now only because anyone who could flee already has and all that’s left are the worst of the parasites. But that doesn’t mean it was always that way.

  75. A little off topic, but I wasn’t sure where I could post this.
    I’m done with the Western world. United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France and so forth. I’m tired of Feminism, I’m tired of Progressives; I’m tired of Sodom.
    Is there anywhere on earth that is still beautiful? Anywhere where the women are not trash/sluts. Anywhere that has culture and tradition? I keep hearing that Eastern Europe is amazing. Their women are feminine, kind, loving, loyal etc. That their cultures aren’t fucked up like ours. Is this true? I currently live in the United States, its no where near as bad as Western Europe from what I hear, but its getting there.
    Please… Let me know.

  76. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure at least half of these fake conservatives like to watch their wife get fucked by black Democrats.

  77. I think Mccain is more shameful for his interactions with the military and veterans during his political career. One thing that really, really stands out in my mind that I’ve seen nobody remark on since Trump’s digs about him is comments about the rebels in Syria (which he was a supporter of intervention)- his explanation of rebels exclaiming “allahu akbar” over kills was this:
    “Would you have a problem with an American person saying ‘Thank God? Thank God?’” McCain said. “That’s what they’re saying. Come on! Of course they’re Muslims, but they’re moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.”
    And when I first saw this, I immediately thought to myself, where have I heard this rhetoric about muslim insurgent groups before?
    This Reagan quote about the Mujahadin: “These gentlemen are the moral equivalent of the founding fathers.”
    Though admittedly, when I looked this quote up just now, it actually wasn’t about them- it was about the Contras. Pretty close though. So fuck Mccain. A war hero wouldn’t turn around years later and desperately lionize muslim insurgents screaming “allahu akbar!” and pleading “THEY’RE MODERATES, I GUARANTEE YOU! THEY’RE JUST LIKE US!”

  78. About issue #3, I highly recommend this video:

    About issues #4 and #6 and maybe #2 i recommend this:

    The whole series is packed with must-see information. You need not worry about the illuminati when you live in a world with the Democratic Party; they’re real and worse.

    1. Man, that video is hard to watch. Cuckservatism 101. He’s completely conceding the leftist notion that flying the Confederate flag is wrong and trying to pass the “sin” off to Democrats. I’ve never seen a greater example of the reason why the left is running laps around the GOP. A lot of Republicans are simply remedial Democrats. They stubbornly come around to everything the left tells them eventually, and appear to have no actual ethos beyond using anything to insult the Democrat Party. The left deems something wrong, they accept that and then cutely accuse the Democrats of it. There’s your GOP strategy in the 21st century.

    1. Well, to be honest, going by the canonical account, God did specially reassure Joseph and tell him what it was about. God didn’t condemn Joseph for his apprehension, nor did he tell him to man up and marry a slut. No, that was Hosea.

      1. Frankly, that explanation just makes the cuckoldry worse. Of course, we can rest assured that not god actually performed what was recorded in Matthew, the nativity legend is simply a pious fiction.

        Such mythology came with pagans converted to Christianity, and by the middle of the first century, Joseph’s paternity of Jesus was being replaced by God’s all over the gentile world.
        “The virgin will conceive and bear a son, and he shall be called Emmanuel,” a name which means “God is with us.” (Matthew 1:20-23)
        The Septuagint, from which Matthew quotes, uses, at Isaiah 7:14, parthenos (physical virgin) for the Hebrew almah (young woman) as well as the future tense, “will conceive,” though Hebrew has no future tense as such. Modern English translations are probably more accurate in reading (as does the New English Bible), “A young woman is with child.” We can scarcely blame the author of Matthew for being misguided by his translation (though Jews frequently ridiculed early Christians for their dependence on the often-inaccurate Septuagint rather than the Hebrew). We can, however, fault him for reading Isaiah 7:14 quite without reference to its context—an interpretative method used by many in his time and ours, but a foolish one nonetheless. Any sensible reading of Isaiah, chapter seven, reveals its concern with the Syrio-Israelite crisis of 734 B.C. (the history of which appears in I Kings 16:1-20).
        Randel Helms (1988) Gospel Fictions. Prometheus Books. prometheusbooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1849
        (longer excerpt available online here: chechar.wordpress.com/2012/05/18/jesus-nativity-legends/ )

  79. i’m enjoying the tears of white men and their inevitable loss of the future, many had come before you, they’re all in history books now,, you’re not special,, white motherfuckers,,, what a fucking cry babies,,, now take a hint ( don’t wast you’re time with nonsence, ) and live your last days

    1. There’s something wrong with your comma key, you might want to check Newegg for a deal on a new keyboard.

  80. Love it. Makes perfect sense, since we are watching our “conservative” party get fucked by negroes. And they seem to really enjoy watching it.

  81. To be honest, what about the liberal SJW and PC brigade? Are they conservatives 99% of the time? No, this article is kind of misleading. I do not like full blown conservatives, but democrats are worse by a factor of a billion.

    1. Cuckservatives are just as PC, denounce “racism” just as vehemently as any SJW, and are in a way worse than the leftoids because they are supposedly on our side.

      1. You are deflecting though, racism is thrown around by the left like fucking cake at a fat people party, real racism is one thing but people saying shit like oh the confederate flag is racist are just fucking morons.

  82. Great article Matt. I hope a lot of people find ROK, TRS, counter-currents, etc. from all this media exposure.

  83. It’s good to see signs of life after some 80 years of Cons surrendering every societal institution, from marriage to military academies, to the Progs.
    There may be many paths to creating or preserving something of value, but there’s always an infinity of ways to destroy it. And things rust, too. While it was the noun, not the adjective, of national socialism that was the toxin, as demonstrated by the international socialists, we’re not going to out-tribalism our way out of our societal degeneracy. Like all primal compulsions, our preferences for our own, whether of nation, sports team, race, or alma mater, must not run so wild as to aid the current devolution down to tribal factions.

  84. So basically, they’re not “real conservatives”!
    You keep that up! Don’t stop ’till you’ve exposed everybody who pretends to be conservative but doesn’t measure up to your standard of myopathy. It is after all, all about you and what you believe.

  85. Considering the huge part that Israeli agents played in dragging us into war in Iraq (just google Philip David Zelikow, Victoria Nuland, and Robert Kagan), I would say that Israel has probably done more harm to the U.S. than any other country in history.

  86. Slam dunk. Damn fine article. I hadn’t even heard the term before but by god it’s brilliant.

  87. For a thorough exposé of how cuckservatism has infiltrated and taken over the American conservative christian religious culture, I can recommend Dalrock’s blog (dalrock.wordpress.com). He exposes it like a boss, shows how even those who claim to oppose feminism only oppose the latest antics of contemporary feminists but have wholly embraced a wider feminist, female-pedestalizing framework like the rest of American society.

    1. > cuckservatism has infiltrated and taken over the American conservative christian religious culture
      No, men having to submit to cuckoldry is part of the Christian religion.

      Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant. Matthew 1:18

      Merry Cuckmas! Or shall we go back to saying Happy Holidays?

  88. The easiest way to explain and understand cuckservatism is to postulate the following:
    -The Conservative side is losing the War of Ideas, which includes but is not limited to the Culture Wars. It has been losing it for decades, and shows no sign of turning the tide any time soon, and there’s widespread realization of this behind closed doors on the political Right.
    -For a significant number of Republican career politicians, the preservation of their careers matters more than the Conservative cause they claim to stand for.
    So instead of getting down to try to stop the ship from sinking, and possibly drowning in the process, they just climb as high up on it as they can to stay afloat as long as possible. They follow the shift in public sentiment to hang on and keep their private gravy trains rolling, reinventing themselves as much as they can without completely losing credibility. As little long-term political viability there might be in being a Lite version of the Democrats, the long term is, well, far away. The two-party system provides a tremendous amount of inertia to delay and cushion the fall of a dying party.

    1. > The Conservative side is losing the War of Ideas
      Indeed, because many of them keep appealing to magical-thinking explanations written by Bronze-age middle-eastern goat-herding mystics.

      There are three interrelated arguments used by today’s “conservatives” to justify capitalism, which can best be designated as: the argument from faith—the argument from tradition—the argument from depravity.
      Sensing their need of a moral base, many “conservatives” decided to choose religion as their moral justification; they claim that America and capitalism are based on faith in God. Politically, such a claim contradicts the fundamental principles of the United States: in America, religion is a private matter which cannot and must not be brought into political issues.
      Intellectually, to rest one’s case on faith means to concede that reason is on the side of one’s enemies—that one has no rational arguments to offer. The “conservatives’” claim that their case rests on faith, means that there are no rational arguments to support the American system, no rational justification for freedom, justice, property, individual rights, that these rest on a mystic revelation and can be accepted only on faith—that in reason and logic the enemy is right, but men must hold faith as superior to reason.
      Consider the implications of that theory. While the communists claim that they are the representatives of reason and science, the “conservatives” concede it and retreat into the realm of mysticism, of faith, of the supernatural, into another world, surrendering this world to communism…
      “Conservatism: An Obituary,”
      Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, p. 196

  89. Most of these evangelical Christians now are Christians Zionists. Alot of them even get into through AA rather than tradition. They often got into it by watching guys like John Hagee, on television. They favour the Scofield Bible, which tends to cast these Rabbinical modern Jews, who spiritually descend from Phariseeism, as “God’s Chosen People” in some sort of racial sense. They think Christ or God is somebody they can “sit down and have a beer with (if they still drink).” They know nothing about history, the Bible, philosophy, theology, or anything else except maybe business. We have here in Canada an alpha cuckservative as Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who grovels before Israel.

  90. Pretty interesting article, but if you think Donald Trump is your savior in shining armor you’re going to be in a world of hurt next year.

  91. You do realise that Trump has about as much chance of being elected President as he has of getting hit by lightning. Maybe marginally less.

  92. The anti-free trade is wrong. It doesn’t just benefit companies it benefits consumers by pushing prices down. Yes some wages go down too but the cost of living goes down for everyone to a greater extent so it’s a net benefit. The money people save goes back into the economy and creates new, better jobs (especially since whites have higher IQs than some other groups so we should export the real basic manufacturing to them so white workers can do more complex stuff.) Importing cheap goods while keeping the people themselves out is the best plan.

  93. reason 11: You don’t think Ron Paul is the true conservative of our time and the only one in 2012 that was even remotely qualified to be president

  94. The part of Hispanics bringing with them their ideology is utter bullshit. Ask any Cuban guy what he thinks of Castro or a Venezuelan about Hugo Chavez and you’ll see what I mean.

    1. If that were true for “any Venezuelan”, Chavez’s heir Maduro would not have gotten elected to power.

      1. I meant Venezuelans that have emigrated to the US or Spain. The ones that leave their country usually despise their governments.

        1. I suppose, since the ones who have chosen to emigrate from Cuba or Venezuela are a self-selected group.
          Still, there’s plenty of Hispanic immigrants to the US that come from other countries than those two. Who, I suppose, are rather self-selected too, since being the poorest of the poor and lacking a safety net at home would make them disproportionately prone to attempt immigration.

  95. #3 has some merit to it. It was Democrats who started the KKK and Jim Crow laws, intimidated black voters at gun point, and fought against the Civil Rights Act. Margaret Sanger and other progressives promoted anti-black eugenics. LBJ allegedly said the War On Poverty “would keep the n**ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” Liberals also want to pigeonhole you into being a certain way based on your race. If you’re white, obviously you’re privileged and had everything in life handed to you on a silver platter. If you’re black, and you’re not either a) aggrieved, b) a buffoon from the ghetto with your pants sagging down to your knees, c) a rapper or R&B musician, d) a football or basketball player, you’re an Uncle Tom House Negro self-hating clown in blackface Oreo.
    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. It seems a little extreme to label any conservative or Republican who’s not an explicit white supremacist or white nationalist as a sellout.

  96. What is the term for people who push racial theories, but oppose Planned Parenthood because, eugenics?

  97. The Jews created these organizations which are destroying America – ADL, the ACLU, PLanned Parenthood, NOW, NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law and Justice Center

  98. The Jews have robbed America of its pride and strength and made it a country of smelly, unwashed bums, n iggers and homsoexuals. I support rounding up and killing every Jew that lives in the wolrd and getting rid of the federal income tax, elimination of all gun laws, and wefare should be also done away with.

  99. i agree, for the most part……..however, be careful what you wish for on immigration……..we will literally starve to death without them……..find me a bunch of white or black guys willing to work the produce fields, or work the kill floors at the packing plants…….as for isreal, i still believe they are God’s chosen ones, and after world war 2’s atrocities, protecting them is the least we can do

  100. With regard to point 3, i do agree that the dems are the real racists. They are the ones who are always going on about racism because the real racists are in their organization. Robert Byrd was the only known former KKK member and he was a member of the D party. Harry Reid’s “negro” remarks about Barack Obama could also be construed as racially motivated.
    The KKK started as the military wing of the D party, and the whole reason the R’s broke off from them was because of the issue of slavery. (the D’s wanted to keep supporting it)
    While there are R’s with questionable racial views (Strom Thurmond comes to mind) it’s quite obvious from the historical record which party has made its bones on racism and which one still does it today, under the guise of welfare.

  101. No real man would want to be with a woman who has licked another man’s balls and a sshole. This is the American woman – A filthy pig, a dirty w hore. American women are good for sex only and only if you are desperate and wear 5 condoms.

  102. Who’s the bigger problem in America? The Jew or the Muslim?
    Muslims are a statistically tiny group with no power. If immigration laws were tightened up as they should be, even less of a number.
    In their own countries, they have limits executing homos and putting women where they shoudl be – in the home under a guardian not slutting around in the streets
    The Jews on the other hand is responsible for the marxist takeover of the economy, social engineering that is ruining the culture, things such as homfagism, feminism anti-male and marriage, and n igger civl rights.
    In addition, the Jew has created false flag operations such as 09/11 and pushed America into uncessary wars.
    We should pass legislation to limit the power of the Jew.

    1. right on brother! also, legislation to execute homos, make women wear burkas, restrict their movements without a guardian, ban alcohol – and implement every other legislation already in power in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is THE bastion of the Red Pill.

  103. The right is cannibalizing itself, and the republicans are losing support among their base, I couldn’t be more happier.
    Unfortunately Trump may be popular among the far right and the dark enlightenment unfortunately he has as much chance winning the primary and quite frankly the presidency as much as Noam Chomsky does,

  104. The cuckservative creed: take my daughter, take my wife, take my nation take my life, just please don’t call me racist.

  105. Erik Erickson banning Trump? Erickson is a tax loving jew loving illegal immigrant loving big government cuckservative. He is not conservative so who cares what he thinks? Megyn Kelly would never sleep with him. She might let him suck her toes while N egro athletes pummel all her holes

  106. How exactly do points 2 to 7 constitute rolling over to the left? In no way whatsoever. The article should be titled “Top 10 things I hate about contemporary Conservatism”.

  107. Wow, wow, and wow. BANG ON. First article I’ve ever read from him and its awesome. He is so right. I am sick and tired of sissy conservatives! Where are the Ronald Reagan’s!! We need to save this country before it’s too late!

  108. Nice article, I’m glad to see some white awareness in the manospehere. After all we are men and this alone makes it an issue worth discussing. So much as I hold my views on many different races(not every individual within these groups) I have learned that the people most worthy of my hate are within my own people. The Jewish role in the development of the white male we see today cannot be forgiven, however one can not forgive these white idiots for lapping it up.
    There are a still quite a few of us white men Left but we have to shun these “Cuckasians” at every corner, every turn.

  109. Good article.. but point #4 was fucking retarded. The decline of “rust belt” cities resulted from the destruction of US manufacturing (see point #2), which led to mass unemployment and white-flight from those places. Majority-black population, along with crime and urban decay, are the results not the cause. Whether it can ultimately be blamed on greedy ass unions is open to debate.

  110. Number 3 is true, the Democrats were the ones who supported slavery and Jim Crow Laws, they told people to vote for Obama purely because of his race, Republicans don’t tell people to vote for Cruz or Rubio just because they are Latino, plus we don’t patronize minorities with affirmative action, slavery reparations, lies about white privilege etc
    Number 4, it’s well known that unions hurt the economy, I don’t think race comes into it,
    Number 5, we shouldn’t abandon the Latino vote as there are some Conservatives among them but we shouldn’t support amnesty or illegal immigration. But the point about Socialism is a good point
    Number 6, what can be done? As you said, Socialism destroys nations
    Number 7, Personally I think that Trump wasn’t in much of a place to criticize Mccain seeing as he dodged the draft and veterans do deserve respect, although Mccain discredited his nation by what he did.

  111. Cuckservative might be the wrong word.
    They arent conservatives at all. They sold out.
    The real conservatives are the so called paleoconservatives (a ridiculous term) and others of that ilk.

  112. I got a 2/10, with a full point on #7 and half points on #8 (yes, they do. Without political effect, ideology means nothing. But in the right ways, which “cuckservatives” completely get wrong) and #9 (if something is indefensible, stupid or infeasible, I’ll say so. Screw censorship, it’s not like I’m running for office or anything).
    The rest of them, bravo, bravo, couldn’t agree more. Conservatives are supposed to be logical, skeptical, and cold about human nature and mix that with the fiery emotion of the liberal for the best balance. There is nothing “conservative” about putting Israel’s interests before ours because the evangelicals say so or screwing our workers, thus driving them to the Democrats-Bismarck would have a fit. And unfortunately for Karl Rove, blacks and Hispanics are not idiots and vote for Democrats because the party gives them more stuff and is in line with their sensibilities. Maybe the GOP ought to try that for once-play the Democrat constituents off each other. It worked before. Or they could actually focus on doing something for its own constituency. Either proposal is better than the mythic quest for Juan Galt.

  113. ¡Jeb! is actively usurping McCain’s throne as king of the cucks. With vigor. His lust for humiliation is the only thing keeping him in the running at this point

  114. Forney, you need to educate yourself about Mexico and Latin America beyond Che tees, Hugo Chavez, and Taco Bell. Hispanics are noticeably more religious and socially conservative than non-hispanic whites and are more likely to be uncomfortable with the gay agenda. Bush won much support from conservative Hispanics with his passion for Christianity. Also, the South American countries you named are not run by socialists. Brazil is an emerging capitalist powerhouse, Colombia is also capitalist, Chile has been a model of efficient, economic capitalism. Mexico also emulates America for pro-business ideas, law and order, etc. Many Hispanics have a knack for building their hobbies into little side businesses, tend to be penny-wise with their finances, and have strong, warm concept of family and traditional values, including complementary gender roles.

  115. I am Jewish by birth and I care about the survival of the land, of Israel and of protecting their borders because G0d cares about it. That is good enough for me, but that doesn’t mean that I care more for their border integrity than for the US. If you think that, you’re an idiot.

  116. I don’t get what “blacks” have to do with the dysfunction of Detroit. Perhaps black folks who live in Detroit, but I just don’t get how “blacks” as in all blacks in the country have to do with the downfall of Detroit. I’ve never been to Detroit. Maybe instead of broad-brushing all blacks as the same, and focus on the bad apples, more blacks would vote conservative. I know I personally don’t want to be in a party who views us all as the same. Just my 2 cents.

  117. Agree with most points but I don’t think Fat Morney is in any place to criticize the patriotism or “hardness” of John McCain. I would like to see that Pillsbury Doughboy last a day in any boot camp let alone a POW camp.

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