Finnish Politician Condemns Multiculturalism, Enrages SJWs

On the 25th of July a True Finn’s Member of Parliament, Olli Immonen, released a Facebook update where he openly declares to be against a multicultural Finland. The text was posted in English and it is included below in its original form:

I’m dreaming of a strong, brave nation that will defeat this nightmare called multiculturalism. This ugly bubble that our enemies live in, will soon enough burst into a million little pieces. Our lives are entwined in a very harsh times. These are the days, that will forever leave a mark on our nations future. I have strong belief in my fellow fighters. We will fight until the end for our homeland and one true Finnish nation. The victory will be ours.

Needless to say, there was a quick reaction from Finnish politicians and media. Even the Swedish media picked up on the story. The first to the fight was Finland Swedish professor Kimmo Grönlund from Åbo Academy, who stated that the Facebook post was a “call to violence” and unless the True Finns party takes action against Mr. Immonen and remove him from the Finnish parliament they are condoning racist thinking.


The face of a politician who stands by his words.

Mr. Immonen responded by stating that he “won’t go back an inch” on what he has stated. Furthermore, he released a second Facebook update to rebuke Professor Grönlund’s respons. I have freely translated his response below:

The Swedish speaking professor Grönlund has completely lost his temper after my yesterday’s Facebook update. The multiculturalist Grönlund ought to take a breather before releasing press statements. To Grönlund, I say that Finland is not like Sweden where nationalist minded political parties are isolated and forced to kick out their members for offending the Green-Leftist elite’s multicultural world view. I will not go back an inch from my defense of a nationalistic Finland. If Grönlund wants a limited freedom of speech and the persecution of those who disagree politically with him, he could move for example, to Sweden. But first, he must resign.

More or less everyone in Finnish politics has attacked Mr. Immonen for his views, starting from the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. There is one notable exception: Mr. Jussi Halla-aho, a True Finns party’s Member of European Parliament, who stated that he would like to clarify that he is also against the ugly bubble of multiculturalism and against multiculturalism in general.

He also questions why it is newsworthy that someone from the True Finns party is against multiculturalism, as the party has always had similar views. Halla-aho added as a final remark that he does not share Mr. Immonen’s optimism that the bubble will burst before it has ruined European societies.

Meanwhile in Sweden 

The Swedish press quickly reacted and Svenska Dagbladet responded by writing a news article that claims that the True Finns party “grows hate speech.” Nobody can be surprised that the Swedish media would rush first to condemn the statement by Mr. Immonen, as Sweden is by far the most caught up in the dream of multiculturalism of all the Nordic states.


The aftermath of a traditional multicultural Christmas Eve celebration in Malmö, Sweden.

Coincidentally, the beautiful fruit of multiculturalism yields was again visible as on the 26th of July, when another hand grenade exploded and shook the immigrant rich area of Malmö during the early hours of the morning. This explosion was the latest in a series of similar events.

On Tuesday the 21st of July, a similar explosion, also caused by a hand grenade injured one person. Evidently, the Swedish authorities believe that these explosions are revenge for the sentencing of “three young men,” words most frequently used in the PC press to mean immigrants, for a bomb strike that occurred on Christmas Eve in Rosengård, Malmö.

The situation in Finland grows more difficult—on the one hand Finns do not want to duck in fear of hand grenades on Christmas Eve, but also, nobody wants violence based on racial prejudices. The crux of the issue with multiculturalism in Finland is that the problems related to it are not yet so widespread as to require overly drastic action, as reversing the situation in Sweden would now require.

The author believes that having a civilized discussion, and subsequent policy changes could solve the issues related to multiculturalism in Finland, however, this will not occur if the current persecution of those voicing their views against multiculturalism continues.

This may in turn eventually lead to what John F. Kennedy very aptly described in his statement: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

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119 thoughts on “Finnish Politician Condemns Multiculturalism, Enrages SJWs”

  1. The entirety of Scandinavia and Western Europe are lost. The best we can hope for is that our failure will echo into eternity as a lesson against the evils of diversifying your culture with inbred savages.
    Alas, all good things must come to an end.

    1. I’m sick of this Diversity Shit. I grew up in Maine which is always cited as Whitest State in the U.S.
      I moved back few months ago after living on West Coast for several years. The largest town in Maine, Portland, is apparently an Asylum City. Lefties here are so obsessed with skin color they’ve opened the small city up to Somalis with open arms — as in Tax Payers are providing free housing and resources for them — all because they think place needs to be less white.
      This weekend at intersection, I had right of way when two female Somalis — who are baffled by rules of road — proceeded to enter intersection. I refused to stop given I had right of way. They proceeded to both flip me off. I guess this is their way of saying “THANKS!” for my tax dollars providing them free housing, etc.
      It’s even worse in Lewiston, Maine. They’ve taken over the town. Whenever the Governor or Mayor of Lewiston has cited they’re absolutely draining social service resources, liberals have a complete melt down and tar them as bigots. We’ve got people who’ve paid in needing some help and being denied all so fucking liberals here can “celebrate deversity.”

      1. the rabid immigration of savages combined with the fact that western white women don’t care to have children, and even don’t care to respect a husband, means whites in the west will virtually die off in a couple generations. At least at the moment there are still older white boomers left, but after this election cycle it will just get worse and worse

    2. What upsets me is the near certainty of our history being rewritten by other parties to underplay its achievement.

    3. At least some EU member states show resistance to multi-culti mass-immigration bullshit, like Hungary and Slovakia

  2. The SJWs of Sweden and Finland don’t think the world is watching them. I often tell natives Swedes and Finns that their countries are in a sad state, in which they act surprised. At first they claim everything is great. But when I mention the immigration problems, they sheepishly withdraw and go silent. Very sad.

    1. Sweden allows all Syrians claiming to be refugees into their country. The Muslims “refugees” persecute the Orthodox Syrians in the refugee housing center and the Swedish government turns a blind eye (not surprising since they let the “religion of peace” be all “peaceful” with ethnic Swedes).
      A group of Christians who managed to flee Islamic State advances in Syria said they were forced to leave their refugee housing center in Sweden following harassment by Syrian Muslims, the Christian Post reported.
      The Muslim refugees demanded that the two Christian families hide their crosses and forbade them from using communal areas of the housing complex that they shared, according to their account.
      “They dared not stay. The atmosphere became too intimidating. And they got no help,” a Swedish government migration agency representative told a Swedish newspaper.
      The atmosphere became so intimidating that, fearing for their safety, they moved out of the center which housed 80 refugees.
      The Swedish government announced in 2013 that it would take in nearly every Syrian seeking asylum and grant the applicants permanent legal status.
      Since then, more than 40,000 Syrians have arrived in Sweden, according to Agence France-Presse.
      Residents of some of the oldest Christian communities in the world
      have faced the choice of fleeing, a forced conversion to Islam or being
      killed following Islamic State group conquests of their towns.

      1. Incredible! This is definitely by design. Whoever is making this happen wants Christians gone… but WHO would want this?

        1. This evil has many heads, but only one root.
          First the heads: Socialists want their pensions paid. Their asses wiped and their work done when they grow old.
          So they import labor to do so from 3rd world countries because they are soooo much cheaper.
          Another head is the fact that these workers, often muslim, will vote socialist.
          They will also induce fear and are a weakness in an otherwise strong country. Another plus for the left – they need fear and weakness to explain their sky-high taxes.
          But there is only one, ONE root to all of this.
          And here it is. Too few babies.
          The fins and the girls from sweden do all kinds of silly stuff, like working or go to shool when they should be home looking for the many babies. Then all of the above would not be a problem.
          Solution: Fuck more. Stop using lubber or pill and within a short 50 years your countries are back on track.
          Or else – welcome to new africa!

      2. Here’s something you might want to think about, the main reason that Christians in Syria are indeed the oldest Christian communities in the world IS PRECISELY because they’ve been let to live in harmony with the Moslem majority for 1,400 years! Only since the US invaded Iraq and destroyed the Levant, letting the Gulf monarchies and Israel prop up ISIS did things change.
        In Syria EVERYBODY hates ISIS, which is one massive false flag terrorist group that is destroying the country and wrecking its priceless heritage, but they are there because they are the only ones that have the weapons, funded by billions. Western mainstream media want you to believe that the West is actually bombing ISIS when in fact they are funding and supplying them.
        When Ataturk’s freemason army massacred over a million Armenians, most of the survivors found refuge among the Moslem Arabs of Syria. Talk with any Armenian in Europe, they have had relatives who found refuge in mostly moslem Syria. Do your own damn research.
        Don’t believe the propaganda, those are the same people that are pushing the feminist agenda, they are scapegoating moslems to hide the fact that they are the ones pulling the strings.

        1. Ataturk’s freemason army? He didn’t have political power in 1915. And no,it was a forced relocation.

    2. Only an ill informed twat would put Sweden and Finland in the same sentence. Finland has less than 10% of the muzzies that Sweden has, and none of the tolerance.

  3. Good.
    I am tired of motherfuckers bending to this forces bullshit of “evolving” just because (Now) its the apparent right thing to do.
    Screw that noise.
    What if molesting children because the new cool to do 25 years from now so they could show kids a quicker harsher view of life from a early age.
    People have to stay by their beliefs, philosophies, ideologies, etc. If not, we will forever switch our views based on what is deemed popular at that time.
    Escape the fish bowl of life and create your own narrative based on Red Pill tools that are rooted on core truths.

      1. Lol yeah read some books about 19th century cannibalism in Africa.
        Also we dont dismember children to sell them in markets… here in Europe.

        1. 19th century cannibalism aka when the Berlin conference happened and africa was RAPED by Europe? Why don’t you go back further and see the real origins of cannibalism.
          Africans have vast lands to grow all types of food (until the Berlin conference and thousands of years of Caucasoid invasions). We had no need for cannibalism…
          Europeans however….

        2. White countries have abortion and sell the baby parts and put it in their food and drink and makeup and rub it all over their face. Whites are still in the cannibalism stage.

    “White Privilege: “The privilege of forcing this “inevitable brown future” into ALL & ONLY White countries.”
    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide. Enough. Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal ‘diversity’.

    1. Don’t want Non-White people in White countries…QUIT BOMBING! >:I If White people were about “White only” then why in the world do they keep poking their noses in other countries! >:I

        1. Too late for that now! Can’t go raping and bombing people and then say “Oh, hey, time to go home, people!” Nope! Cat’s out of the bag! >:I Chickens coming home to roost!

        2. Yes, but don’t forget about the chicken farm owners. If the chickens get too troublesome the farm owners will simply gas all the chickens.

        1. America BORROWS money from CHINA to bomb other countries! >:I So yeah, it’s about the bombs! >:I

      1. White people stopped colonialism at least sixty years ago. Telling “white countries” (lol) to sotp poking their noses into other peoples business basically means screw foreign affairs really.

      2. Most of us have no choice in the matter sadly. We have leaders that are itching to shed blood, but not their own of course…

    2. White privilege is a predominately white country is wrong? How so? Why don’t the white leftists move to an African or Middle Eastern country so they can be an oppressed minority there? I know why, because it would be too uncomfortable and they don’t want them there.
      It is an idiotic argument for anyone on the left to make. I can’t understand why a nation built by caucasians can’t be, you know, fucking caucasion.

      1. Well said! I am of Latino descent and first generation. My family fled Central America because of political turmoil and war and came to the US. We assimilated, adopted the culture and respect it. When I speak to folks on the left they try to label me and say but you’re “latino” blah blah blah. I respond, NO! I am a god-fearing AMERICAN who loves this country. Do not slot me into one of your categories!

        1. You’re not American! No matter what you do and say, if you ain’t a white person, they’ll let you know REAL FAST!

        2. “Latino” is European aka of LATIN language speaking origin (Italy, Spain, Portugal etc all speak ROMANCE languages)
          if by “Latino” you mean colonized native than you have much more right to the land than someone who descends from the Caucus Mountains… lets keep it real here

      2. Why don’t the caucasians go back to caucasia and actually build a caucasian nation, because they are immigrants to europe and the rest of the world.

        1. Thank you Cortez. Really profound!
          Why don’t we all go back to Africa? We all came from there, did we not?

        2. Most whites deny that we are mutants, and it is also the claim of your ilk that whites should go back to their homeland in caucasia.

        3. Why don’t we all go to Africa and evolve back to chimpanzee-like creatures foraging in rainforest.
          That’s just your logic.

        4. Caucasians aren’t from Africa, they’re from the Caucus Mountains in the Asian continent
          hence the combination of CAUC-ASIAN

        5. Lol all these psuedo storm front idiots are gonna cry when they realize they’re not even native to Europe. Like the Irish for example. They don’t realize “Patty’s day” is just a story of Twa genocide. Ain’t not snakes in Ireland lmaooo.
          They’re also gonna be REALLY upset when they find out the Arabs they hate so much are their genetic fore fathers lolololololol.
          And they’re all gonna be LIVID when they find out it’s the Khazars who’ve been funding both sides of all this ridiculous bullshit since the Hyskos invasion. So called “Jews” have had their pimp hand strong for a longggg time.

        6. That classification was arbitrarily created in the 18th century by a German philosopher who never been near the Caucus Mountains. His classification is completely unscientific. He said natives of Central America feed off any kind of “foul offal” which made their skins extremely thick as the Spanish conquerors sharpened their swords on the latina females.

        7. Are you an educated negro? Then you love this. That same German philosopher said Africans can’t feel pain, and relayed a story of a Nubian being set on fire and after 10 minutes in flames, he gets out to light a pipe and then smoking it, walks back in the flames.
          What famous African was the janitor at the lab when DNA was discovered?

    3. “White privielege” is about a group of white people trying to control other whites. Like feminism is about a group of women trying to control other women.
      Diversity is a means to balkanize a country in order undermine the society to control or destroy it. Leftism is a cult that needs enemies in order keep expanding and justify their “means” to an end that will never materialize.

      1. I wonder when white milennials will wake the fuck up.
        lets say a typical Obama loving fruitcake votes for all the diversity shit. At some point when you see El Salvadoran gangs walking around their neighborhood it sends a chill up their spine and they might realize what they’ve done.

        1. A few months ago one of the rags my university publishes had an article pointing out feminism’s harsh reaction to criticism. Poor bastard who wrote it is screwed.

        2. “I wonder when white milennials will wake the fuck up.”
          The moment they get mugged or raped by one of Obama’s people. Reality is not a classroom environment.

        3. “I wonder when white milennials will wake the fuck up.”
          Y’all aren’t ready for the truth lol

      2. Diversity is going to balkanize who or what? Balkinazation is what balkanizes you dumb dumb. It didn’t take a single non-white for whites to butcher each other up.

        1. Diversity exists objectively. Ethnic mixed neighborhoods and even countries have existed for centuries, but recently the whole politicing “diversity” and bringing in large swathes of immigrants from third world shit holes in the name of “holy multiculturism” is the intented balkanization. I don’t give a fuck what good intentions the left claim, but they are sowing disorder which will lead to violence as what happened in the Balkans when government authority can no longer keep control of ethnic, racial or poltical animosities.

        2. Was it large scale immigration that created balkinazation, or the same old whites who had been living there for thousand + years butchering each other?
          Most likely exposure to different peoples will reduce that type of ethnic hate. It is alot harder to hate someone when they live near you. Although I find it ironic that alot of whites are complaining that 3rd world immigrants will do to them exactly what we did to them, which of course they justify as good.

        3. “It is alot harder to hate someone when they live near you.”
          That a joke? History would prove that to be false.
          You are a white hating biggot looking for justification. Sucks to be you living with that type of hate and envy.

    4. Africa for africans, LOL, tell that to all the white africans in kenya, south africa, egypt, algeria, libya, tunisia and morocco and pouring into angola and mozambique and congo. You have no clue how many whites pour into the carribean black countries and overrun them to go retire.
      If diversity is a code for white genocide, why are whites going around the world forcing white diversity from india, to china to africa and south america and north america. Return to central asia and abandon australia and all other continents.

      1. Lmaoooo of course this comment has zero likes lolololol
        You be going over all these kkklowns heads. Keep hitting these degenerates with FACTS. Fuck their feelz

    5. Europeans should go back to Europe first
      Africans didn’t invite you
      Neither did Natives in America, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, “Middle East”…
      Ya’ll talk about “white genocide” like White people haven’t been the cause of like 90% of the world’s genocides in one way or another.

  5. I am not white so I have no reason to be a white supremacist. I think almost every culture has its own positives and negatives. With that being said, If I ever get the opportunity to visit a country like Finland I would like to see Finnish culture and customs enforced by native Finns. I don’t want to go to Little Somalia or else I would have visited Somalia. Same goes for any other country where I want to experience the native culture and not some forced transplant to enforce “diversity.” Most of these immigrants whether economic or refugee take more than they give. That is not the right kind of immigration to support a country. People are inherently tribal, and if they experience a disaster that kicks in their basic instincts, you’re going to see a civil war whether you like it or not. Unless you’re family has a history of military service or has contributed to its development, you have no inherent right to claim a nationality as your own. Here in America I have friends of different backgrounds along with people I have looked up to that come from all walks of life. I haven’t found race to be a consistent enough factor to judge someones character and I will say that I dislike government leaches of any race, much more foreigners who do so. We do not need another countries problems.

    1. “Diversity” is simply the leftist term for making groups fight and sometimes siding with one, sometimes another as a means of furthering and maintaining leftists in power.

  6. Not giving an inch?
    Wow for a country with the metric system that’s really doubling down. 🙂

    1. Here’s hoping he and his party are able to make more than a centimeter’s worth of progress…perhaps even several inches!

    2. A song written by the International Institute for Preserving and Perfecting Weights and Measures (IIPPWM), an anti-metric group in the 1880s:

      They bid us change the ancient “names,”
      The “seasons” and the “times,”
      And for our measures go abroad
      To strange and distant climes.
      But we’ll abide by things long dear,
      And cling to things of yore,
      For the Anglo-Saxon race shall rule
      The earth from shore to shore.
      Then down with every “metric” scheme
      Taught by the foreign school.
      We’ll worship still our Father’s God!
      And keep our Father’s “rule”!
      A perfect inch, a perfect pint,
      The Anglo’s honest pound,
      Shall hold their place upon the earth,
      Till Time’s last trump shall sound!
      Then swell the chorus heartily,
      Let every Saxon sing:
      “A pint’s a pound the world around,”
      Till all the earth shall ring,
      “A pint’s a pound the world around”
      For rich and poor the same:
      Just measure and a perfect weight
      Called by their ancient name!

  7. And the deep dark secret in the shadows. The Coudenhove-Kalergi
    This was all planned out decades ago and one has to admire the enemies ability to keep their plan on schedule. We are doomed if we cannot match them organizationally

    1. I felt the same. Its good to know that there are at least a few true men left in the western world.

  8. The Finns Party is currently the second largest party in Finland’s parliament, is a member of the two party coalition with the conservative ( but not nationalist) Centre Party, and holds several ministries including the foreign ministry held by their party leader.
    Just an FYI.

  9. I dig the Finns and their concept of “Sisu” or toughness/resilience as a national trait of the Finnish people….

    1. Talk about Sisu… There’s the White Death.
      Badass of the Week: Simo Häyhä

  10. Humhhh….. Knowing the “HYPOCRISY” of Swede, I can’t have any sympathy for them.. There were the first European country promoting “diversity” so called White racism, multiculturalism & other shitty political correctness ! So I say KARMA is biting their ass now !

  11. Imagine you’re at war and you’ve developed a biological weapon that kills your opponents and for whatever reason they have not retaliated or even condemned your use of it. You find that it helps to keep the enemy at bay but there’s a problem: You have collateral damage to your own population. Releasing a cure would save your own people, but the war would be lost.
    At the end of the cold war in 1992, the Soviet’s chose to allow their empire to crumble rather than “push the button” which shocked a number of people, myself included. Who could have ever seen such a possibility? It’s especially astonishing when modern leftists in the west show absolutely no sign of backing down. They’d rather burn the West to the ground than give up and admit conservative Americans were right: Leftism doesn’t work.
    The fundamental problem with socialism isn’t that it’s not a great idea, in basic theory, but rather in practice it winds up corrupted, turns on its own population, and dehumanizes men. A welfare state that guarantees protection is much like an Artificial Intelligence Skynet: Even if it worked as hoped, humanity would become pets. What use is human intelligence when machines could do everything? What respect would women have for men when men no longer functioned as providers and what use would even women be as baby makers when a human population is superfluous?
    I laugh at my childish naivety of feminist propaganda that claimed that when career women became empowered, they wouldn’t judge men as providers anymore. Instead, it made such women ultra materialistic and power-hungry. It’s like saying that after you feed a crocodile and make it bigger, its appetite will decrease. Anyone reading this forum should know that feminism was NEVER about equality. Ever. Got that?
    To paraphrase the old expression: A Swedish government big enough to give you whatever you want, is also big enough to exterminate you. The genius of multiculturalism appears to be that the population appears to embrace the idea.

  12. Mr. Immonen’s words clearly fit under the redefinition of hate speech: statements that oppose or criticize social justice agendas. It is a violent crime that invalidates the collective struggle of the underrepresented and trans-underrepresented (not that these two should be noted separately, but common socio-lexical referencing doesn’t take into account contemporary frameworks, and tends to render trans-identities invisible unless they are explicitly mentioned). The only free speech is that speech which “frees” oppressed groups from the tyranny of privilege.

    1. Faggot, there are plenty of site for sub-humans, like you. You are not welcome here.

      1. I find your comments refreshing. I triggers me, but in a pleasant way. It reminds me of the playful gibes my school chums would hurl at one another before the schools became indoctrination camps for the Revolution.

  13. Finland defied the might of the USSR twice, and preserved its independence. It would be inspiring if the spirit of Mannheim rose again to lead the fight against an even more fearful adversary. To the Social Fascists and Multi-cults, let us shout:; Hakke Palle!

  14. Don’t want immigrants and refugees? QUIT BOMBING OTHER COUNTRIES!!! >:I Seriously!!! People would NOT want to leave their homelands if they weren’t under attack from foreigners from USA and Europe! >:I Chickens are coming home to roost! War on Drugs! Cartels fighting encourages Mexicans to run across the border to the USA. Bombing Iraq, Libya, Afghnasitan! All those people not fighting are gonna run! And they will run to the source of the BOMBS! France, England, Germany, USA! Better behind the bomb than in front of the bomb!

    1. It’s very hard to put a finger on exactly WHO or what groups directly place orders to bomb or begin campaigns of divide and conquer on target countries. It is equally hard to find names and faces who actually organize the subsequent ‘BROWN BOMBING’ of white countries with the resultant refugee groups.
      Immigrants traverse borders regularly under the radar while card carrying citizens have their travel priviledges policed to the letter. WHO EXACTLY skews and selectively enforces or disregards immigration policy? The number of complicit agencies who make the ‘brown bombing’ scheme happen are so numerous you can barely point a finger in any direction but they are all linked by the money. Follow the money.
      You can point a finger at some elected official that undersigns some amnesty provision but the culpability trail (more faces and names) goes over that person like an underground railroad. The same scenario with every drone and bomb ordered. They are same schuysters that tried to order a bubble payment on Iceland to expediate insolvency and they ALL need to be similarly purged from Finland and Sweden as well.
      The ordinary Finn has no more say in Bombing foreign countries than you do. The ordinary westerner is no more culpable for any of it than you are. Me, I’m probably just as opposed to the bombing as you if not moreso.
      Look around at a deluge of new foreign faces and they’re coming in so quietly and rapidly, it’s almost as if they’re being coached on remaining incognito and silent. Yeah silent alright. As silent as the MARKED CHURCH BUSSES and ‘volunteers’ with minivans taking droves of newcomers to their destinations in offered up ‘free houses’ that you or I have to pay out the ass for.
      Churches aren’t just commandoed for the gay agenda now. They’re now run by the banks and their intelligence arms within every country that they’ve run their game in. I’m not heaping all the blame on the ‘churches’ but throwing a denominational banner or throwing a magnetic sign with a flaming cross on the side of your car and hell, you could go across the borders with loads of drugs or bodies in the trunk. What a fucked up CIA tactic, eeh? That’s how the ‘peace’ corps works. Who would suspect with a name like that?
      The first step in taking back your country, your way of life and your families goes out to the ‘GOOD’ people. If you are a ‘good’ person then evil can see that. Evil ones will use you as a shield, a cover. If you’re ‘good’ then look behind your back frequently and you’ll see evil pieces of shit working their dastardly deeds and using you as cover. Look quick and you may be lucky and catch one! Let’s CATCH ‘EM.

      1. Expand the context of Bombing to RELIGIOUS bombing, Economic bombing! Sanctions are Economic bombs. Foreign Aid is another bomb. Make a country dependent on foreign aid, why would the locals stay in their country, they’ll go to the source. Tell other countries “Your religion sucks, you must worship our God.” Well, make yourself gods, expect worshipers to come to your door! o.O Colonization opened the doors for people to do some colonization too. Chickens coming home to roost.

    2. Top comment.
      People in the west refuse to accept that mostly their high standards are thanks to the imperialistic foreign politics of the their governments.

      1. Muslims go farther than the 50 muslim nations at peace to reach the welfare system of white nations. They could assimilate to places that throw gays off buildings and rape 9yos but they would have to work to eat. Australia was a desert penal colony that now vibrants demand to be let into.

      2. Like the imperialism of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Poland, and Lithuania? Theses place seem to have high standards and no empires.

    3. The entire 3rd world would like to move to white nations and live on welfare. The last king of Rwanda lives in Virginia getting better free healthcare than you could buy in his homeland. Living on welfare is better than the top 1% of natives could live in non oil producing black/brown nations.

    4. No. We can bomb other countries and still deny the shit-skins access to our own.

    1. Yeah, “bad assed vikings” who didn’t give a flying fuck about any notions of nordic identity or cultural preservation, shown how by they went native in pretty much every place they conquered and settled in. Yes, that’s right, went native and were assimilated by the very peoples they subjugated by conquest. Oh, and back home in Scandinavia, they gradually abandoned the gods of their ancestors in favor of a middle eastern man-god.
      Which is why contemporary scandinavian far-fight idolization of vikings is hilariously absurd.

    2. Actually, Finns were never vikings nor does Finland geographically belong to Skandinavia (it’s the peninsula comprising Sweden and Norway). Finns traded with and occasionally fought against both vikings and Novgorod (original russians)

  15. Lol at people still posting that stupid ‘freedom go to hell’ pic. It’s been debunked years ago over and over.

  16. How many women have to be raped, property destroyed, and men murdered before these morons realize that multiculturalism is really just every culture minus the one that built Western civilization?

    1. LOL, you mean whites like julian asange who go to sweden and rape white swedish women?

      1. I mean whites like Hernando Cortes and his 6000 soldiers who destroy the entire brown Aztec Empire with ease.
        6000 white men > 1,000,000 brown men

  17. It’s about time someone said it.
    There are zero benefits to multiculturalism. Not a single one. It’s time countries started fighting back to protect their cultures, and started kicking ot the cultures that don’t belong, even if extreme violence is required to do so.
    Everyone who lives in a western country and enjoys western civilization had forefathers who fought hard and sacrificed greatly to give us the civilizations and societies we enjoy today. To watch all western countries let themselves be overrun without even fighting back at all is one of the saddest things I think I’ve ever seen.
    It is far past time the West arose again and did what was necessary to protect itself.

    1. Western culture is itself the product of multiculturalism, without it, you wouldn’t have a god, a jesus, be able to spell your own name, add, have a zero medicine or any money. Frankly, you’d be doing what the germanics were doing, running around in caves kidnapping and raping women.

      1. Trading and sharing technology and ideas such as religion is not equal to multiculturalism. Many innovations are made and preserved under the pressure of rivalry between kingdoms which emphasizes the significance of heterogeneity in contrast to homogeneity which has rather stultifying effects. In the Middle Ages China lost it’s undisputable technological advance due to homogeneity when a few rulers decided to halt the Chinese progress based on political and ideological concerns and the land was too uniform to establish any opposition and show the competitive benefits of preserving and refining new technology which would’ve created an incentive to cancel the idiotic decision. Hence, it was culturally incoherent Europe that gained the edge and started colonialism. What do we learn? International disunity contributes to innovation and progression. Let’s not be one big brown mass.

        1. Finns are not white anyways, they stand to lose nothing, they are non-whites who wish they were white, but aren’t.

        2. Not whites? What’s your definition to white then? I’m 100% Finn male, blond and blue eyes, standing 193 cm tall. Skin pale as snow because there’s sufficiently light and warmth for tanning only maximum of 3 months a year. If that’s not white enough then nothing is.

        3. A white person is a person of UNMIXED indo-european descent belonging to four primary tribes inside europe today, the germanics, the slavics, the dorians, and the italics.
          I don’t care how you look, it isn’t your looks because if you have any known admixture you are not white. Michael Jackson, Mariay Carey, Vin Diesel, derek jeter, jason kid all LOOK white. But they aRE african americans. That is their genetics. Jews in europe often look white and so do gypsies. They are not. Why? Because whites are a conquering race, by 1900s we conquered the whole damn planet. So huge amounts of brown races have white admixture. If they all count as white then everyone is white, and if everyone white, no one is white. And if no one is white, then it is ok to annihilate white people because if we don’t exist we can’t be annihilated. Which of course is the goals of the multiculturalist, to kill off white people through race mixing with white looking non-whites like finns, jews, gypsies, mixed raced slavs, light skinned african americans, like skinned hispanics, and so on.
          All these groups have substantial non-white admixing so the non-white genes can pop up any time.

          This is why you finns must be kept away from white people. You have latent asiatic genes which can pop up any time. You are not white period.

        4. No, whites are all Europeans, Northern Europeans and white Russians. They are all the tribes that initially spread from the regions of modernUkraine, Austria and Iberia after displacing neamderthals. That includes Finns. There is no evidence of Mongolian genes in Finns. Forget that and go on. I repeat, NO evidence.
          Looks is a relatively good measure to detrermine if someone is white or not. In fact, it also tells the history of southern Europe as a genetic mixing pool rendering them widely not pure white. But that’s just logical when u take a look at a map and realize that they are prone to interaction with other races due to geography.
          Actually, most Europeans look and are less white with dark Middle East genes than an average Finn. And Finns are genetically close to those Russian tribes that first domesticated horse and hence conquered Europe and large areas of Asia giving rise to the indo-European language family. So Europeans are a mixture of those southern Russian and their own area’s formerly arrived tribes. Which means that isolated Finns are the descendants of the first pure mammoth hunter line with no interference.

      2. hernan cortez – Western culture is not the
        ENTIRE” product of multiculturalism, as you say it is, pieces of it yes. Significant accomplishment in medicine, science, etc. were not all done by foreigners. Gardners, maids, contractors, railroad workers contribute physical labor but nothing significant. Before you open your mouth again, read perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize recipients history. Your idol Obumbles is a halfer!! So you can’t discount him???

        1. Western culture is a black culture routed in Africa. That is the irony, the multicultural part is the non-black additions to it. Yeah vaccination, nuclear physics are not significant.
          Most the Nobel Prize winners are jews anyhow, not whites.

        2. All culture comes from creation!!! Where did creation start??? Here’s your answer hernan!!! Unless of course you are an aetheist or straight up pagan?? Which is it?

        3. lol killin these ignorant fools with FACTS
          lol Nobel “peace” Prize winners from Khazaria… the irony!

  18. isnt the cause of multiculturalism a symptom of feminism since women refuse to marry and have kids, which finland suffers from.
    Finland maybe able to criticize multicult but I don’t they can with their feminized government. Like apparently in Sweden its illegal now to criticize feminism.

    1. western white women wont have even 1 kid or get married and respect their husband, whereas Mexican women come here and have 5 or more kids without hesitation like it’s no big deal.
      Only white people are concerned with population and resource control. Other cultures are short sighted parasites who will leach off whatever gov benefits we give them.
      We are frogs boiling in a multicultural pot. I’m not sure when white people are going to wake up. The millennial whites are definitely the last to catch on and recognize this reality. Every public school teacher drilled into their heads that every culture is ‘equal’ and they believed it.

      1. sounds a lil bias there man. We are suppose to have large families like no big deal, whites use to do that. Thats normal not having under 2.11 thats under producing, if pandas were like that people will panic. Concerned about population and resource is BS front so white or westernized ethnic women can have less responsibility and party more often. And the betas that say it dont think they can handle the work load, deep down they want to make more copies of themselves.

  19. Ah, the dour assholes of Scandinavia . . . no wonder Homer calls them, “an unhappy race whom endless night invades.”

  20. Multiculturalists have no loyalty to anything. They oppose their own country and its culture in favor of everyone else. In the end they are of little value to anyone. No one likes a traitor, even those he betrays his own people to.

  21. Kudos to the guy because his second post was even better than the first one. Most people usually withdraw when they say something true yet controversial. If your words have no value for you, then you are worthless.

  22. The pendulum is starting to swing the other way. The brown man’s parasitic existence in white countries will soon become very unpleasant.

  23. Finland are the last people to claim to be against multiculturalism, they cannot even figure out what culture they are. Finland still defines itself as the gateway between west and east most finns are mixed race of white and asian anyways. If they want to stop multiculturalism, they can leave and give the country back to the sammi and nenets/

    1. yea mixed of the 2 most technologically successful races. why would they want to dilute with failed cultures.
      no one is rushing to live in Africa. no one is rushing to live in mexico. I don’t know how long people can keep pretending white cultures aren’t superior

      1. there is only western and eastern civilizations. Eastern is east asian and indian and native india, western is european, african and middle eastern. And given that russia has collapsed along with that whole half of europe, I’d not call it successful.

        1. If you visited Russia or an eastern European country and then took a flight to Africa, you would still observe the undeniable truth that you’d rather live in the former. So who is failing?
          As for Finland, Finnish race is one of the ‘purest’ in Europe if genetic and linquistic research are anything to go by. Finns are not Asians nor mainland Europeans or even Scandinavians when compared to contemporary genetic pool of these regions. Finns are the descendants of hunter-gatherers who followed the withdrawing edge of the nordic glacier during the global warming which ended the last ice age and hunted megafauna such as mammoths and giant moose. They got isolated when warming temperatures reforested the tundra plains giving rise to a distinct nation with its peculiar traditions and disposition. Balancing between Russian and Western influence later in history does by no means mean that we wouldn’t have our own culture.
          So what exactly speaks for a mixed race or lack of cultural identity? If I were u I would at least check some basic facts before screaming empty statements.
          Finns have survived harsh natural conditions, gained independence and protected it successfully against formidably bigger nations. FYI we also have the highest average IQ in Europe, only Korea and Japan being ahead of us worldwide. I am proud to be a Finn and tired of apologising for it! And I seriously do NOT think that my country needs ‘cultural enrichers’ from Africa and Middle East.

        2. You need not apologise for existing and you owe nothing to anyone. G-d bless Finland. Been there on numerous occassions, but I will never have enough time in this life to learn the language (which is a subject in itself).
          Keep your “puukko” close!

        3. Yes, I’m particularly convinced that I don’t owe anything to anyone.
          You see, the presumed ‘evil white privilige’ (which in itself as a construct lacks perspective) doesn’t apply to Finland because it was first ruled by Sweden for 600 years and then by Russia for 100 more years and hasn’t occupied any other country. But hey, I don’t blame our neighbours for doing that, any rational human nation would’ve done the same given the same conditions. Same applies to western Europe which is constantly accused of its conquests.
          What I’m proud of is that my both grand- grandparents gave enormous effort to ensure their descendants (I for example) would have independence and succeeded in it against all odds in 1939-1944.
          Isn’t it consequently absurd that we have Finnish SJWs who complain about our supposed privilige?
          Kirveelle on töitä! (There is work for an axe)
          I’ll keep my puukko close.

        4. Africa is better to live in than Russia. With all its rape, murder, violence, drugs, aids, disease, killing and corruption, East Europe is a complete hell hole. East Europe is falling, its countries have collapsed.
          Finns are not even white. They are not pure their male genetic lineage is 65% East Asian. They are simply mixed with light skin east Asians, it is why they look like mongoloids.
          The indigenous people of Finland are not white, and modern Finns are not white people, they all have slant eyes and broad mongoloid heads but more importantly are non-white in genetics.
          Tell that to your government who goes to africa and the middle east and begs immigrants to come. They wouldn’t come if they were not begged to come.

        5. You couldn’t be more wrong.
          That’s because you are stubbornly clingin to a hundred years old myth about Finnish origins that was debunked decades ago. The misconception of mongoloid origins was hastily postulated and desperately sustained by the Finnish Swede elite in order to justify their higher societal position under pressure from Finnish nationalists. They thought that giving Finnish people the lowest perceived ancestry they could debase our national self-esteem.
          The distribution of Finno-Ugric language family, genetic research, obvious anatomy and geographical and ecological barriers for human migration such as long Ural mountain range, great distances and vast Taiga forest zone deny even the slightest possibility of an East Asian background. On the contrary, they point towards an ancient center of population based in Ukrainian area from where our ancestors moved north and displaced the Sami people whose origins are in Iberian peninsula.
          Your suggested physicsl traits of Finns have no base in reality. Apparently you have never been to Finland. However, we do have the world’s biggest average head size but it indicates Mongolian relations as much as our height points to tall West African tribes.
          Killing and murder, let alone genocide and persecution are more like African features as well as disease and HIV. Talk about Rwanda, South Africa, Malawi, Sudan, just to name a few. And getting parasitic worms from swimming in any river or lake. That doesn’t happen in Russia either. Malaria, Ebola, Cholera, starvation, drought and lack of sanitation, hygienia and medicine. What a lovely continent to live in.
          Since you have lost your authority as a knowing and aware commenter, I assume that you know nothing about Russia. Just preconceptions, as usual. I have been there (quite convenient cause Russia is our neighbour) and can assure you that things are pretty well there.

        6. No, I am clinging to facts, evidence and genetics, Finns have mongoloid genes. Finns are the only European nation where the majority of inhabitants are haplogroup N. Haplogroup N is highest amongst Yakuts an asiatic peoples, and origins in china 10,000 years ago. 60-90% of finns have this. So no, its not myth it is fact.
          The swedes said it because it was true, you weren’t white then, you were denied admission to usa for not being whites, and you ain’t white now, you never even counted yourselves as white, calling yourself between east and west.
          Finns would like to trick white people into accepting their flat nose, slant eyes and mixed race features as white, non-sense.

          Asian…. I mean finnish soccer player

          Swedish soccer player

          Finns would like us to ignore that plenty of you have dark skin, flat asian mongol noses, dark brown skin, black hair in a place that hardly gets sunlight oh and mongol slant eyes in addition to your 90% N male haplogroup from China disctinct from the rest of europe. Nothing about you is white. The asians who invaded finland had light skin and light hair, so alot of you come out blonde with slant eyes like the girls above. Some of the asians had darker skin so you come out brown skinned like the men above and slant eyed. You are tricking no one. Filthy mixed race scum.

        7. So you deliberagely chose the pictures that supposedly back up your thesis. You failed. There are more and less slant eyes in every race and a few selected pictures prove nothing.
          Have you oriented on blood types? There are huge similarities between geographically separate peoples all over the globe. Which means that you can’t infer anything based on haplo groups alone. And even if you could, those studies also suggest that all mainland Europeans have Persian and Uzbekistan origins.
          According to your logic Finns are Genghis Khans cousin. We should be flattered. That filthy scum conquered half Asia and Europe. Better than Ahmed the goat lover

    2. Finns do not have to do a god damn thing. It is their right to sentence the brown parasites to death by denying them access into Finland.

  24. “The author believes that having a civilized discussion, and subsequent
    policy changes could solve the issues related to multiculturalism in
    Finland, however, this will not occur if the current persecution of
    those voicing their views against multiculturalism continues.”
    What persecution? He’s being called out for what he said. That’s not persecution or a violation of his freedom of speech, it’s a case of others using their freedom of speech in response. As is typical of the anti-SJW brigade, the author of this piece has a rather weird idea of what political persecution is.
    What exactly is this “civilized discussion” that the author calls for? One in which nobody is allowed to disagree with him, apparently, other than timidly and politely say they disagree but won’t hold what he said against him in any way whatsoever?
    As a career politician, you don’t have any right not to suffer negative career consequences because of what you say, and it’s absurd to suggest that you should have. Politicians are awarded their positions on the basis of their policies. If he was elected to parliament, he is entitled to sit out his current term, save for in case he commits impeachable crimes. Anything beyond that though, such as cabinet positions, committee positions or other appointed roles, are privileges he has no inherent right to in the first place.

    1. That’s a whole lot of backflips to obscure what was an obvious point.
      When this guy makes a nationalistic statement…demand his firing, his execution, that his party distance themselves from him in order to not be tied to his statements, etc.
      When a leftist makes a stupid leftist statement…well, at MOST you might get a mild public reprimand. Remember, they only speak for themselves, and not to any organization to which they belong (even if they are the head of said organization)! Most likely, you will get outrage that anyone could even possibly be offended. They will not be fired, and criticism of them will be condemned and dismissed on the basis of something like misogyny or racism.
      The article thus points out and addresses a hypocrisy that is extremely obvious. Sure, maybe it’s not breaking new ground to mention it, but it’s easy to see the theme.
      This happens all the time. If you didn’t stumble drunkenly into this social climate TODAY, you know instances of it. Don’t pretend to be that dumb.

      1. The total amount of outrage any particular statement causes is not decided by any single agent, it’s just the sum total of individual, uncoordinated instances of outrage. Thus, nobody in particular has decided that statement X should be responded to with more outrage than statement Y, thus no hypocrisy.

  25. On another note get a look at the news reports of migrants in France rushing the chunnel to get into England.

  26. The Kennedy quote in the last paragraph is just precious. How exactly has peaceful revolution been made inevitable? The fact that the protagonist of this story has been elected to the Finnish parliament to advance his agenda through legislation suggests very much that peaceful revolution is possible, and that anti-multiculturalists have a system-sanctioned avenue of dissent, just like everyone else.
    If literal SJW stormtroopers had literally dragged him out of parliament and put him into a literal gulag, then the author might have a point channeling Kennedy.

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