Pornstars Are Proof That Female Obesity Is Vastly Underestimated

Throughout the world, health organizations track the numbers of the morbidly obese and overweight by Body Mass Index (BMI) – a ratio of one’s weight in kilograms to the square of one’s height in meters.

BMI = Weight (kg) / Height² (m)

From the CDC:

Weight Range
Weight Status
5′ 9″ 124 lbs or less Below 18.5 Underweight
125 lbs to 168 lbs 18.5 to 24.9 Normal
169 lbs to 202 lbs 25.0 to 29.9 Overweight
203 lbs or more 30 or higher Obese

According to the BMI guidelines, a BMI between 18 and 25 is considered healthy. Under 18 is underweight; 25-30 is overweight, and 30+ is morbidly obese. The ratio was conceived as a measure of a population’s general physical shape—if BMI were to rise over the years, the thinking goes, this would be an indication that the population was getting fatter. In that very limited case, BMI is useful. Go much beyond that, and it becomes worthless.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other organizations use these BMI classifications to tote up how much of each country’s population is healthy, overweight and obese. Using UN and WHO data, the average woman of age 15-29 in the US has a BMI of 27. Two thirds of women in this category have a BMI of 25+, which is classified as overweight.

But if you look at real women on the ground, you will arrive at a much different conclusion. To prove this beyond all reasonable doubt, I shall marshal some photos of porn stars. Porn stars are a great study sample because they represent the range of what’s maximally sexually arousing to straight horny men – and we can all see them naked with the click of a button, leaving no pore unseen. Secret Internet Fatties, they are not. These are women that whose careers rise and fall on their ability to entice men. Some of them are known for having the biggest asses in porn – they are outliers in an industry of outliers. If any woman would look sexy with a high BMI, it would be them.


Alexis Texas has a legendary onion booty. I’m not a porn guru, so I can’t say it’s the biggest—but it’s definitely up there. If anyone should have a high BMI, it’s Alexis.

Height: 5’8
Weight: 129 lbs
BMI: 19.6


Gianna Michaels

Height: 5’10
Weight: 145 lbs
BMI: 20.8


Delilah Strong

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 129 lbs
BMI: 19


Kelly Divine

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 129 lbs
BMI: 19.6

rachel starr

Rachel Starr

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 121 lbs
BMI: 20.8


Paige Turnah

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165
BMI: 23.7


Despite sporting some of the biggest asses known to man, these porn stars end up on the low side of the supposedly ‘healthy’ BMI range. Those derrieres mean they’re packing ten or twenty extra pounds of muscle and fat down low, and they still come up thin according to BMI. Only Paige Turnah came even close to a BMI of 25, and she is just a gigantic woman all around – I wouldn’t be surprised if she played sports seriously earlier on. If these women are considered thin, what does that mean about the women with a BMI of say 23, with a flat ass and floppy thighs?

Simply, they are fat. I’m a bit of a numbers guy, and I like to connect looks to numbers. I’ve gotten pretty good at estimating a girl’s bra size, which is pretty easy once you understand how it works. I will routinely ask girls how much they weigh and their bra size on a first date, to build my sample size of observations.

It didn’t take long to realize that the BMI guidelines are wildly inaccurate – that any woman in the upper half of the healthy range was actually quite fat. Equally, women who were classed as ‘underweight’ were just as easily healthy. Not long ago, I met a girl who was 5’6″ and 98 lbs – she felt great in my hands, and wasn’t lacking for energy whatsoever. But at a 15.8 BMI, she was supposedly malnourished. More recently, I banged a taller girl with a big ass, yet her BMI was only a 19. Time and time again, hands-on experience has shown me that most girls in the upper half of the ‘healthy BMI’ range are simply FAT.

To gauge whether a woman is fat or not, consult the following table:


I’m black in spirit

To assess a girl fairly, you have to make an allowance for muscle. On average, girls will pack on 20 lbs of mass or 2 BMI points from lifting weights or playing sports seriously – ‘trained’ in the table above. You could have two girls that look slim with clothes on, both standing at 5’6″, and the athletic one will weigh 20 lbs more – plus her body will feel way better up close. They can pack on even more, but usually at the expense of their looks, by sporting a mannish, bulky upper body (e.g., water polo players). Girls with lots of muscle will look fat if they aren’t careful – an extra ten pounds of fat on top of thick muscle, or even clothing that fits poorly can be enough to erase their appeal.

Indeed, some prominent doctors back my findings, saying that the BMI threshold for women ought to be 24, not 30. Other research into BMI has found that the elderly, white women, and short people are fatter than their BMIs would suggest, while black women and tall people are leaner. My gropings observations stem primarily from white women aged 18-30; older demographic groups were deliberately ignored. Only a small minority of women fall in the trained group – so when you set the threshold for being considered fat at a BMI of 22 as in my chart above, you discover an astonishing 80% of young women are fat. No wonder getting a non-fat girl in America can feel like a sadistic game of musical chairs, where there is one chair for every five players.

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187 thoughts on “Pornstars Are Proof That Female Obesity Is Vastly Underestimated”

  1. “80% of young women are fat”
    Sadly, when I think about it… this is probably true.

    1. Probably true?!?!? Have you looked around America? At least 80%, and probably a good 75%+ of guys too.

        1. Ugh, you sound like the type of obese lazy slob that gives us men a bad name. You’re no better than the femmepigs you criticize. Enjoy your once-a-decade romp in the sack with some fat sweaty chick buddy, because that’s all you can expect with that defeatist attitude of yours.

        2. Being muscular >>>>>> Being fat >>> Being skinny. If a fat guy fights a skinny guy, and neither of them are trained in combat, fatso should have the advantage, because he can knock twiggy to the ground and body slam him. That’s why men can get away with being fat (especially if they back it up with money and power) while women can be thick, if even that. Don’t get me wrong though, fatties need to diet, slim jims gotta bulk up, and they both need to hit the gym if they wanna fulfill their alpha potential

        3. Umm. No. I was twiggy all through high school (minus the broad shoulders) and I regularly was picked on. One day, enough. I just started fighting back, and Lo, I could beat the piss out of any slow fatso. In shape guys and skinny guys gave a good fight though.
          I think Tyler Durden said it best: ‘Skinny guys fight until they’re burger.’ That was the one thing I learned, keep hitting the fuckers.
          Not twiggy anymore, thank god, but I still fight the same way.

        4. Muscular guys are good at fight. Skinny guys are good at flight. Fat guys are good at neither.

        5. Agreed, but ‘d rather be skinny than fat in NE Asia, at least in Japan or Korea. Fat might be better in China though. (This is taking race and other factors out of the equation).

        6. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Speed, endurance and agility matter. Nothing, absolutely nothing matters more than fighting spirit and toughness in a contest among two guys of pretty similar experience/skill.

        7. yeah it is. fat men are nasty. id never date a fat man ever. skinny men are the only men who truly matter.

      1. Men’s sexual market value isn’t exclusively based on their looks, so it is sad but not that alarming.

        1. youre wrong actually. i consider a man worthless if hes above a bmi of 22. fat men are repulsive. you cant talk shit about fatties if you are one, you know.

    1. If your only experience with women is the contents of this article, I emphatically agree.

      1. You’re trusting porn actresses to be honest about their weight. Unless they get weighed on camera, I won’t take their word for it.

      2. I could easily pull pictures of 10 skinny pornstars and make a point from it. If you have stats, like average BMI of professional female pornstars a more convincing point could be made.

        1. my point was based on real life experience, the pornstars were more visual AIDS. my chart is backed up by meeting, groping, documenting hundreds of young women. too lazy to find it now but the world health organization did a study which found obesity/fatness is much more common when you use a body fat cutoff percent.

  2. I await the hatred this post is sure to bring; the sounds of thousands of fragile egos shrieking and writhing in agony.

  3. this is about the most interesting take on BMI i have ever read. i think BMI is bullshit because it does not take into account muscle mass. that graph about is about the only accurate thing i have seen in regard to BMI. i think to expand on this topic you could do a whole post on skinny fat. many vegetarian, cardio junkies are frumpy skinny fats. many women in general are frumpy skinny fats.

    1. the true test is the bathing suit eyeball test. go to several beaches or pools and you will realize 95% of all women are fat. many of them insist on wearing bikinis. there used to be shame in america.

      1. another thing i must mention. i put on on a weightlifting competition back in april. everyone had to weigh in. this chick who actively trains for strongman competitions came and weighed in at 162 and was about 5’8″. she wore a tight shirt and yoga pants. she was lean and curvy at the same time. all the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off her….she was smoking hot. i couldn’t believe how much she weighed.

  4. 5’6″ and 98 pounds? I’d almost need to see pictures. before saying that was healthy. I supposed if she didn’t have broad shoulders and hips, it might work. How big were her breasts, though?

    1. I’m pretty sure at 5’6″ 98 lbs her tits would be very small. Skinny girls with big natural tits live right next door to the dodo bird.

        1. No, they don’t. Stop being delusional. In your dreams maybe, but they are most likely augmented.

  5. i’m pretty shocked those pornstars weigh so little. gianna michaels looks fucking huge on screen

    1. The camera always adds weight which is why all actresess and models have to be on the skinny side in real life.

    2. It wouldn’t surprise me if they under-reported their weight.
      Its like athletes over-reporting their height.

    3. 1) their weight might change over time
      2) women actually do weigh a lot less than men expect, because they have little muscle, and muscle is dense
      3) they might be lying

  6. On the one hand, I would imagine porn stars, like just about every other woman, will err on the side of understating their weights in public. On the other hand, the women above (save for the last one), have essentially one large body part and are relatively slender, small-boned, and not very muscular everywhere else. Cover up Alexis’s booty, for example, and she looks positively dainty. So maybe these weights are correct.
    And as for the effect of muscle, well, one thing that’s not helping the situation is that women are being encouraged to “you go girl!” play soccer and lift weights and be athletic – which is GOOD – but that’s being accompanied by fat acceptance and terrible diets and nonsense encouragement about “health at any size” and “every girl is perfect exactly as she is” – which is BAD. Frankly, I don’t think that many young American women are fat because of just fat. I think many of them are healthy and muscular and athletic but they’re thinking like feminists (I can eat and drink as much as I want and still be healthy because I work out and I look amazing!) rather than, say, true athletes, and they’ve got pounds of fat on top of pounds of muscle.

  7. keep in mind based on the BMI chart, bodybuilders are all morbidly obese…Well anyone with any half decent muscle mass for that matter. This chart has always classified me as obese, and im not even close

    1. Oh I made the chart for straight men to evaluate young women.
      Check for one for men evaluating twinks and bears.

  8. I don’t find thick derrieres attractive. Fat asses smell bad and look gross. I much prefer a girl booty that is in proportion to the female body, not an oversized smelly butt hooker.

    1. Agree with this completely. Slight hourglass is fine. Just enough to not look like a guy.

    2. Sauron666 is a troll. When you see people responding to very old posts from throwaway accounts (2 years in this case), it is just to build up a history of posts. He or she will then go to troll his or her intended thread, and claim that he or she has a history of posts and therefore not a troll. Don’t be fooled. Sauron666 is a TROLL.

  9. I am starting to become convinced that what feminists, fatties, and doctors call anorexia is really just a healthy evolutionary adaptation of young women designed to attract the best alpha male mate.

    1. Depends on a lot of factors, such as the reason for the anorexia and how severe it is. Anorexia can be a symptom of a larger physical disorder, a nervous or neurotic temperament, or even just extreme stress. The actual eating disorder itself can range from so severe that a woman literally starves herself to what really just amounts to a healthy diet. If a woman’s starving herself to the point that she stops having her period, it kind of backfires the notion that she’s trying to attract a mate since she can’t reproduce.

    2. Anorexia is not healthy. Healthy is eating right and exercising. Anorexia is a slightly (if you’ve seen some anorexics, ugly) less ugly version of fat.
      I encourage healthy eating, put down the 44oz super soda fat-ass, and exercise so get off the damn couch.
      Maria Kang, and that other gal, are healthy. They eat right and exercise thus have the best chance of carrying her accepted seed to term.
      Anorexics have high miscarriage rates. They don’t have the nutrients to support the fetus. Their bodies often can rarely support themselves.

      1. What a lot of feminists call “anorexia” is really a fit, slim and healthy woman. You’re assuming he’s referring to skeletons, bone-thin girls near starvation. That’s not how “anorexia” is used in feminist propaganda. Society demonizes girls who are skinny and fit, but celebrates fatties with words like “curvy” “plus size” “full-figured”.
        Guys like you fall into the trap of demonizing “anorexia”. Feminists don’t use it to a describe a medical condition, they use it to shame healthy skinny fit girls.
        We all know what TOO SKINNY is, because none of us want to fuck skeletons, but that’s not how society uses that bullshit word.

        1. Speak for yourself. Not everyone likes women who look like dudes with chest knobs. Guys like you fall into the trap of worshiping shemale-like entities as the epitome of beauty.
          We like our women normal-sized because our dicks can handle the task. Based on your white-knighting comments on the other post, you not so much. Your member has much growing to do.

        2. So you equate manhood with fucking TONS O’ FUNS? That’s wrong on sooo many levels. First manhood has nothing to do with your cock size, and second, any man with eyeballs can see the difference between a SKINNY attractive girl and a TOO SKINNY unattractive skeleton.
          If barnyard cows with thick anuses is what you consider attractive, go for it, but let’s not pretend the healthy, fit, feminine girls so many men like are “anorexic” just so your fatties feel good about themselves.

        3. I’ll second what you’re saying. When I was referring to anorexia, I was referring to girls starving themselves (literally) to the bone. That’s why I used the Maria Kang example to clarify.

        4. Relax dude. There are plenty of fatties for you. One guy saying he likes thin women shouldn’t change that.

        5. My preferences run the gamut. If they have a WHR of 0.7 and tits that can carry the day then I am good. Some have been 4’11” and others 5’10”. Some were skinny and some were athletic. It was all good.
          I have had more than one 5-nothing hundred pounder who lamented to me that she had the body of a teenage boy. That was just their insecurity because I can assure you, their bodies were damn fine.

    3. This makes no sense. Women stop menstruating at a very low bodyfat percentage. Not so great for attracting a mate. Very thin women often have irregular cycles, meaning that it is more difficult for them to conceive. If attraction is based in part on perceived fertility, then an anorexic woman would be unattractive. You may, however, have a fetish for the very thin.

      1. so where ARE all these women who are wall-flower social rejects because they were too skinny to get approached by guys?
        How many phat chicks do you imagine there were before mechanized agriculture and automated assembly-lines for producing PopTarts?!?

        1. Mid 30s media diva with a marginally successful father (about $100k per year). If you have a six figure income and want a serious relationship then I will try to make the connection.

    4. Anorexia is such a small problem, the only thin girls around my area are recent immigrants from russia. All the natives are fat asses.

  10. unless she is like 6 feet tall I don’t see any valid reason(apart from pregnancy, and even no excuse to blow up like a bus) the average female should weigh more than about 150, the shorter females should weigh even less.

  11. Interesting analysis. To be fair though, the 18-25 BMI range is touted as the ‘healthy / normal’ range, not the ‘most attractive’ range. Healthy simply means not carrying so much fat that it puts you at risk of medical issues and morbidity. It doesn’t imply that if one falls anywhere within that range, they will *also* be at their most attractive. But this analysis is certainly useful to show what BMI actually looks like. Knowing that the women in the photos have a BMI of 19-20 gives a nice benchmark (provided the quoted numbers are accurate).

    1. “the 18-25 BMI range is touted as the ‘healthy / normal’ range, not the ‘most attractive’ range. Healthy simply means not carrying so much fat that it puts you at risk of medical issues and morbidity. It doesn’t imply that if one falls anywhere within that range, they will *also* be at their most attractive. ”
      False. Beauty is fertility and fertility is beauty. Numerous studies have shown that women with ideal physiques have ideal health, particularly in the case of waist to hip ratio. If a woman isn’t athletic and has a 22+ BMI, it’s very very likely she’s carrying around a lot of fat.

      1. To a degree, yes. But there’s some leeway. Many tubby women or even downright lard asses are fertile enough to get pregnant and give birth, so ‘beauty is fertility’ is not the be all, from a medical point of view. Of course we are still programmed to find the famous 0.7 waist to hip ratio the most attractive since it signals *optimum* health and fitness. I just think the issue is more complicated than just one figure or ratio can convey. Personally I think BMI is not a good figure at all by itself. If I had to pick just one parameter that gives a better idea of someone’s shape, it would be body fat percentage for instance.
        Still, I’m just arguing in what light to look at these figures, certainly not saying I find a lard ass more attractive than a nicely toned girl with a good waist to hip ratio. LOL

      2. There is more to health than fertility. And as Phantom said, overweight women can be perfectly fertile. There’s too much conflation of the concepts of “health” and “beauty.” They are related, but different things.

        1. That’s like saying there’s more to basketball than height, or more to boxing than speed. think about the concept of ‘all else equal.’

  12. BMI is such a stupid stat. If you are going to reduce a person to a single number you will get far better analysis examining waist circumference

    1. ROK would gain a lot of readers if they recognize that most of the world understands only metric.

      1. The ‘bulk’ of our readers are in America. And BMI units are based on the metric system.

      2. Shame is on me, i lived couple of months in USA and never bothered to figure it out. Was content with having arguments with people about it.

  13. Great conclusion. It truly is a horrible game of musical chairs to get one of the few “underweight” girls.

  14. It’s also good to keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat so a 165lb woman who is fit will still look far better than a 145lb blubber ball.

    1. Muscle does not weigh more than fat. It’s more dense than fat, meaning it weighs more per unit volume.

  15. It seems that the BMI classifications of being overweight are more accurate for men than for women. Think of how men vs. women are depicted in cartoons like The Flintstones or Warcraft III.

    1. Definitely. My guess is BMI started as a population wide measure and then it started getting broken out for different demographic groups even when that didnt make sense.
      It also makes little sense to compare disparate races with it when their bone structures vary so much, eg petite Japanese vs big Samoans.

      1. Yeah, you can’t really compare all body types on one scale. An ectomorph with a narrow, elongated bone structure will naturally weigh much less than a mesomorph of the same height and degree of leanness, but who has a much wider and heavier structure. I suppose that’s why the ‘healthy’ BMI range ends up being so wide, and doesn’t mean much without accounting for other factors.

  16. I agree 95%.
    I don’t suggest using straight BMI. My AME uses some older life insurance company chart. This chart takes into account nearly anything for height / weight. No, this isn’t a ‘big boned’ defense. Usually it only affects the total value 5-10lbs.
    I’m a perfect example in one sense though, my friend is 2″ taller, but his healthy weight is 10lbs less than mine. Then again I’ve got broader shoulder, et al.
    Using the life insurance charts, athletes are no longer overweight.
    To the fat acceptance people: please use them, you’ll be sorely disappointed. They’ll probably make you worse.

  17. If their publicized weights are accurate, I’ll eat my hat – much like professional wrestlers who are all shorter and lighter than their billed heights and weights, there’s undoubtedly some exaggerations going on here. Giana Michaels is hot as hell, but there’s no way she’s 145 at 5’10”. 155, maybe.

    1. You’re probably right – the pornstars were a sort of device for making my point. But I stand by my chart 100%, which is based on my personàl experience with women. Roughly speaking, if a girl is not athletic and is in the upper half of the BMI range, she is fat. A few will be bigger boned and not fat at that BMI, but most will be.

      1. When I was young I dated a competitive swimmer. She was 5’4″ and 140 pounds for a BMI of 24. The thing is, she looked like she was 20 or 30 pounds lighter because it was all packed in as muscle.

    2. There’s absolutely no way Alexis Texas is 129 lb either.
      Honestly, why would pornstars post their real weight and hurt their business?

      1. I’m actually a bit more surprised by the height listed. She was a feature dancer at my club a few years back and I don’t remember her being that tall. She’s a very cute girl, though.

        1. I think it’s like sports. Reggie Bush was listed at 6’0″ 203 lbs. for his college career. He measured a smidgen under 5’11” at the combine and some scouts noticed he packed on muscle between declaring and his workouts.
          Big and Tall is good illusion for athletes, tall and slim for “models”

      1. Funny story. An ex of mine decided to get implants. She was 5’4″ and 110 pounds; a size zero. She said “fuck it” and went from an A cup to a set of D’s. After the procedure she weighed 114 so basically each of her knockers were 2 pounds a piece. It was quite spectacular at the time.

    3. Nah. 145 seems reasonable. That’s 65kg. I am a guy, 5’11”, fairly muscular (low body fat though) and within healthy bmi range and I only weigh 66kg. Thicker bones and heavier muscles makes up for her assets in weight.

    4. I think the underlying issue her is that the BMI maybe possibly undermined by feminists working in health organizations like the CDC. Women make up the majority of those employed by government organizations, NGO’s and certain think tanks. Isn’t it possible the math has been skewed up wards since it’s widespread adoption?

    5. Also no way Delilah Strong is 129 lbs at 5’9″. What she has isn’t a muscular bubble butt. She’s probably closer to 165 lbs.

    6. Definitely. Kelly Devine performed at a club I worked security at a couple of years back.
      There is no way she’s 129 pounds. I’d estimate she’s in the 140-150 range.

    7. I think its accurate since the cameraman uses angles to make them look bigger then they really are.This can range not just from bust and ass but height and also cock size for the male stars. I watched porn and be surprised by the measurements of the woman. She seemed taller and buster and the guys seemed more hung. Its all tricks with the lens.
      But bone frame plays a role. Each build is about 10% bigger then the other builds.(small to large)
      Height under 5’2″
      Small = wrist size less than 5.5″
      Medium = wrist size 5.5″ to 5.75″
      Large = wrist size over 5.75″
      Height 5’2″ to 5′ 5″
      Small = wrist size less than 6″
      Medium = wrist size 6″ to 6.25″
      Large = wrist size over 6.25″
      Height over 5′ 5″
      Small = wrist size less than 6.25″
      Medium = wrist size 6.25″ to 6.5″
      Large = wrist size over 6.5″
      Height over 5′ 5″
      Small = wrist size 5.5″ to 6.5″
      Medium = wrist size 6.5″ to 7.5″
      Large = wrist size over 7.5″
      if those women lay off the heavy squats they’ll lose a ton of weight(lotta weight in the glutes).
      plus worth mentioning muscle is denser or heavier then fat.
      you can take female mma fighters and notice that they dont get very heavy despite having all that muscle that takes away those womanly curves. THere weight class can be 145 and cut from 155 for example. But if they layed off the weights theyll lose like 30lbs of mass off the bat. Even if there tall like 5’11.
      Heres Marloes Coenen. Shes 5’9 and fights at 145 while Germaine de randamie fights at 135. Chances are they only cut 10lbs to make weight(since females cant cut as much weight). Cutting 20lbs for a fight is standard for men but nearly impossible for women.
      these women would be a whole lot lighter if they did just yoga or just walking and laid off the wieghts.
      for her physique:
      Peggy Morgan is considered “a huge 135er” on the ultimate fighter since she walks around at 155 and fights at 145. The coaches were wondering how she was able to cut that low.
      Peggy is 6’1 at 155 and is quite muscular(not as much as the other 2 above). And yet not that heavy. If she stop training, shell lose quite a bit of weight.
      tl;dr, women are not meant to be heavy(unless shes got a big build which is hella rare) or carry that much body fat.

      1. just throw it out there. You can still be healthy small frame person(6 inch wrist) and be lower than 18.5. Im 18.1 on bmi at 5’11 and 130 but in high school I was 115 at 5’10 with 16.5 bmi.(both skinny fat). But still able to play sports with the other boys and rough a house a bit too. A small frame person(male or female) can get away with this. Dont believe me check out the east asians.
        you can google on “manny paquiao wrist size” and you should find an article form badlefthook or bloodyelbow thatll give you more info on picking weight classes for fighting if your curious.

  18. As a 5’8 female with friends of similar height, I can tell you that at my height 135-145 lbs is slim and sexy. 125 is starting to get into runway-model thin territory, depending on build. Personally, every rib is visible at 135, and it’s about as thin as I’d want to be. A 5’10 female could easily go up to 160 and still not look fat, again, depending on frame. By “not looking fat” I mean that there might be visible fat in some places, but no rolls (slight tummy pooch, softer thighs, rounded hips, but nothing disgusting). So many women lie about their weight that guys’ perspective seems to be skewed. My husband thought for sure that I was around 120 lbs, thanks to lying girlfriends past–I was 140 lbs!

    1. No offense ( I don’t really care if you are offended, I’m just trying to be nice) but I don’t trust any woman’s judgement about what SHE thinks is “too skinny”. I’ve heard that same shit from women my entire life. I’ve honesty heard a 5’4″ woman say “135 is way too skinny for me, I would look like a ethiopian”.

      1. I just got engaged and my fiancé is telling me how her mother is fat so she will be fat. Cripes, I have a lot of fatshaming to do. She claims to be 5’4″ but Chinese girls lie like a rug about their height.. She is probably 5’2″ so I will have to get her down to about 110 pounds.

    2. Lol not only are you definitely fat, you are fatter than you let on and all your friends are fat. 145 at 5’8″ is not slim. Fit if you lift, otherwise borderline chubby, or you have a mannish frame.

      1. Are you a woman, or what? rofl. Yup, I’m obese.. I was just trying to provide some accuracy to the situation, since so many women subtract around 20 pounds from their weight–you know, in case a woman telling the truth ever came along, but you obviously know better about women’s weights than me. I will happily go back to saying I’m 125 lbs so I don’t throw off the curve, despite the fact that I am 37-26-37 at 140 lbs. And I might as well also start saying I’m 5’11, since so many short dudes are fond of claiming to be my actual height. Heck, I just became a supermodel. Not bad. Those poor ladies just got stretched to 6’2 and 90 pounds though. Oh well.

      2. You are unbelievably stupid. No matter what you anorexic loving White men say, she is not fat. Women should aim for what’s healthy for them, not the underweight bodies you men find attractive. Women don’t tell you how much muscle you should have.
        And yes, by her description she is slim. If she is proud of the way she looks, she is most likely attractive. It doesn’t matter whether skinny is in or not, healthy never changes.
        You men on return of kings are not smart or alphas. You are pathetic woman hating pieces of sh*t. Women should not be overweight but they should not listen to you “men” on how much they should weigh, because they know their own bodies. Any full grown women should be well in the 100 – 160 zone and will look normal depending on height.

    3. I had one date with a 6’3″ girl. She had an ok body but would have been a sight to behold if she lifted and got cut up. For anyone with a copy of X-Men III, she is the tall blonde student in the background during the funeral scene.

    4. There’s no way this is true. I dated a girl who was 5-9 and 120#, did a lot of yoga and was quite fit, and by no means did she have visible ribs or anything of the sort.

    5. There is NO WAY Sauron666 is not a troll. It is standard practice by trolls to respond to very old posts (2 years in this case) from throwaway accounts to make it look like he or she is honestly trying to interact. No way. Sauron666 is a TROLL.

    6. My wife is 5’8″ as well, and I’ve seen her (not pregnant) as low as 135, high as 165. She looks best in the lower to mid 140s. Whenever she crosses into the 130s she looking gaunt, the boobs deflate, etc.

  19. Well, whether they weigh as much as claimed or not, those are some fine asses right there..haha

  20. what, you got to measure is, BMI and body fat percentage……weight is dependent on, height.

    1. Yeah sort of agree. Here is my chart of preferred weight to height.
      5’5″ —100 lbs …maybe 110
      ** then add 5 lbs for each inch of additional height

      1. 100 lbs at 5’5 is a bmi of 16.6 you fucking mong (and 110 is still underweight- awful for your organs and fertility). good luck having her live for another ten years, or trying to conceive, and on top of that give birth to a baby WITHOUT health problems. thats like saying a 6′ man should weigh 123 lbs. good luck not having health problems at that weight.

    1. What?!?!?! Are you saying porn stars are getting artificial implants in the butt as well as the boobs now?!?!
      Is nothing sacred anymore?

    1. You are not the only one! Give me the ass that is shaped by the curve of the female body viewed from the side.

  21. No woman has arms like Rachel Starr and weighs 121 unless they are 4’10 to 5’0. Paige is the only one telling the truth, you have to add 10-20 pounds to the rest.

  22. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know I’m fat and for the life of me, I can’t attract a fat chick, the women I usually end up with are petites.

      1. No man here is putting women down “to bolster our confidence.” We’re putting them down because they don’t bolster our boners — same as women do when Beta males cause vaginas to shrivel up and dry out.

        1. I’m 100% sure you misunderstood what I stated. I was using “you” in the general sense to refer to the hypocrisy of such memes. Those who spout the “everyone” is beautiful nonsense are typically the ones posting memes that bash thin women. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    1. Real men loves curves
      Curves never means fat
      Fat American sloots have decided that curves means fat because they are delusional
      Curves means small waist and either curvy only on top, bottom or both.
      When her tits stick out as far as her gut that’s not curves, that’s lard ass
      When a man says I love curves a fat chick interprets it as “oh you like a girl who is all bones”
      Ah, no that’s not remotely what I said, learn to comprehend simple sentences, there’s no hidden meaning.

    2. Yeah but the best thin girls somehow get curves going at the same time. That is the look. Plus. I would far rather have a girl err on the side of being slightly too thin rather than slightly too fat.

    3. Yeah, but Sauron666 is responding to 2 YEAR OLD post from an account that is unlikely to answer. Sauron666 is just a troll trying to build up a history of posts.

    4. Curves are fine. Rolls are not. Though some women think the latter is the former.

  23. Two points I’d like to bring up:
    1. We all know women lie about their weight so what they say their weight is is probably a lie.
    2. I was looking around on worlstarhiphop the other day and saw a video of Kelly Divine and another girl named Jenna Shea(she has a big ass too). Why is it that these girls get more fame/props in the black community? It’s almost as if white dudes don’t want them.

    1. White men (aside from Billy Gunn) don’t like big asses. Those chicks aren’t that good-looking either (I’m not attracted to White women, but still differentiate between good-looking and ugly ones). A lot of Black men are thirsty for white girls with big asses, regardless of how hideous or trashy they may be, unfortunately. Unfortunately for me, that seems to be all that we have access to.

  24. American whale women never will (want to) understand this:
    Real men love pretty much every body type except lard ass or bag of bones
    Being a legit anorexic or lard ass is the same in any real man’s eyes
    This does not include thin, this does not include real curves
    Could be petite and small and little to no curves
    Could be tall and thin
    Could be all tits
    Could be all ass
    Could be all ass and all tits
    Basically anything that doesn’t have an ABNORMAL AGAINST HUMAN NATURE look, eating disorders (which includes gross sickly bag of bones and lard asses, same thing opposite side of the spectrum but the same class in our eyes) is what men find desirable
    The human body isn’t even meant to be fat only when consuming foods that were chemically made and altered did the obesity epidemic.
    Because it’s not natural to look like a skeleton (again not remotely to being naturally thin) or a whale any man deep down isn’t attracted to that.

    1. This is so true. I was in Asia last week on business and the first thing you notice is that 99.999% of the women are much muuuuuuch thinner than here in the USA.

  25. A romanian girlfriend told me that there was 10Kg disparity between what was considered healthy in terms of BMI between Spain and Romania. 10kg less in her country. She had a big perfect muscular booty, and a flat stomach but was constantly saying she was fat because since she was living here her abs weren’t -that – visible. In fact you can perfectly see her abs defined but not at the standard she subjected herself to. What a difference with the “proud” fatties here.

  26. Spot on. BMI is not and appropriate measure for healthy, ripped men, since it doen’t take into account muscle mass. Most bodybuilders would be considered obese useing standard BMI numbers.
    However, BMI it is an ideal measurement tool for women and children. In adittion, hip-to-waist ratio is another quantitative and qualitative measurement of a woman’s physical apprearance.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s ideal, but it’s serviceable in conjunction with a girl’s frame and athleticism.

      1. I am not into black chicks but Ice-T has good taste in wives.Plus, if you can see her tits FROM BEHIND then that says something.

  27. “I will routinely ask girls how much they weigh and their bra size on a first date, to build my sample size of observations.”
    Right. Sure you do.

    1. Let me guess… You don’t believe it’s possible to sleep with girls on the first date routinely either.

  28. Being a personal trainer, I can tell you right now that the only legit weight is for Paige Turnah. There’s no way at 5’8 or taller that any of these women weigh any less than 130 lbs. Three out of six just happen to weigh 129 lbs? Fucking please. Not only are they lying but you’re cherry-picking which women to highlight to fulfill your stupid theory. Most of these women I would put closer to 150-160lbs and healthy.
    Most men are horrible at guessing women’s weight– partly because women feel compelled to to lie about it. And unless you’re demanding your dates step on a scale in front of you on a first date, I can guarantee most of your first-dates have also lied, so you can stop with your little “sample.”. A woman at 5’6″ and 130lbs is perfectly normal and healthy, and can also look vastly different depending on whether or not she does or doesn’t work out regularly.
    I don’t fully agree with BMI, and body fat percentage is a better tool to use, but BMI is still a good initial indicator of health for the general population. The only time I disagree with it is when it comes to athletes or those with high muscle/low body fat percentages. Physicians– people who have actual, hard data on a large sample of the population and have a true idea of weight– created the BMI and have a better sense of what is or isn’t healthy than you ever will with your “first date sample.”
    You don’t know shit about what you’re talking about, so stop trying to sound scientific. Most of the comments below are of men also pointing out that the weights aren’t correct for the porn stars you posted. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

    1. This is not about what is beeing “healthy” – it is about what is the most sexy.
      From my experience 5’6 with regular UNTRAINED body should be around 110 pounds max. If it is 110-125 it may still be acceptable but it is no longer “perfect”.
      Muscles weight. They also tend to be in different places, like arms or back.
      Fat on the other hand will make muffintops or wobble asses.

      1. Dude, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. 5’6″ and at 110lbs is 17.8 BMI. You’re talking about jutting ribs and severe, protruding collarbones. So speak for yourself on what you think is sexy. 120 for a woman 5’6″ is normal and fit. It’s a difference between those creepy LeAnn Rimes beach photos or Jessica Alba, and based on bodies alone I would sure as hell rather bone Alba.

    2. Lol the point you chose to make is entirely consistent with what I said.
      “A woman at 5’6″ and 130lbs is perfectly normal and healthy, and can also look vastly different depending on whether or not she does or doesn’t work out regularly.”
      That was exactly my point. It’s right there in my chart. That’s a 21 BMI. If she trains seriously, she will look fine. If she is unathletic at that BMI with average female bone structure, she will be a bit flabby. Is flab fab now?
      “Physicians– people who have actual, hard data on a large sample of the population and have a true idea of weight– created the BMI”
      Now you’ve gone full retard. BMI was invented by one person, and that person, Adolphe Quetelet, was not a physician. Better luck next time brah.

    3. There was a rule of thumb that was 100 pounds at 5 feet and then 5pounds per extra inch. You can get away with 10 pounds for the first 3 inched but then it get a bit much. My most recent ex was 5’9″ and maybe 130. The other Amazons I dated were 5’10” or more any maybe 130 or 145.

  29. Nope, those publicly posted weights are way way off. Gianna Michaels despite being hot, is no way 5’10 and 145 pounds. I dated a girl who was thin, worked out did yoga, didn’t have a big ass or nothing but alright in the titty department. 5’8 135 and I saw her on the scale. There is no way a girl can be taller and have a giant ass and tits and bit of stomach like that and weigh just 10 pounds more. Just off the top of my head, thinking a guy who is 5’10 and 145 pounds like Oscar De La Hoya at Welterweight is basically a string bean… and muscle weighs more than fat. I’d guess Gianna Michaels is at least 175 or 180 pounds. Don’t believe just put in google for a basketball player who is 5’10 for him to weight 145 he’d be a string bean. Girl with tits and ass is going to weigh more than that by alot.
    I do agree with the general premise of the author that there are far more fat women than are being reported because they underreport their weight. Anyone don’

    1. I agree that women generally under report their weight. ^ I don’t see the point in lying because why add to the endless sea of lies and deception already in place?

      1. Well I am reading another aticle here how women use love as an excuse to extract a man’s resources etc… And it seems to add up to their behaviour, they are basically scam artist

        1. Yeah, I’ve been reading a lot of articles on here as well. They’re pretty addictive. It’s good advice as men need to be aware that there are women out there will drain them and deplete them for all their worth. Predatory females are abundant and give the whole of womenfolk a bad name. I commend those who restore hope in the human race though. People who give respect where respect is due and don’t abuse the benevolence of others. They exist though small in number.

    2. The stats are based on doctors weighing people, so I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t lie.

  30. Research shows that both men and women prefer women with a lower BMI. The information to support this argument is staggering. Here’s one such example.
    Askmen states that men prefer a BMI that is approximately 19.
    Besides, it’s widely known that BMI isn’t the only indication of health. We regularly see people who are within the “healthy” weight range who are carrying dangerous visceral fat around their abdomens. It only makes sense for both women and men to prefer mates who are fit for many reasons (not excluding sex appeal).

  31. can you please post this in kilograms for the rest of the world, thank you for the mental workout though.

  32. Terrible article. These chicks weights are so far off it’s ridiculous. Also, why no black girls?

    1. These weights are indeed off. But black girls have their own sets of issues. I dated one until I understood that I’d been tricked by the hair thing. Yikes.

    2. Sauron666 is a troll trying to make it look like he or she has some kind of a posting history. Notice how he or she chooses to respond to posters that are unlikely to answer. In this case, this post is a YEAR old, and the poster looks like a throwaway account.

  33. “My gropings observations stem primarily from white women aged 18-30”
    cmon mannnnn

  34. Believing what a woman tells you when she tells you her weight or much less what porn star publicizes as her listed weight is just dumb. Girls lie about their weight no matter what, if anything because of weight deflation (i.e. a bigger girl claims the weight of an average girl, an average girl then has to claim a lower weight to appear attractive, and so on)

  35. I hope you aren’t too stupid to understand that the BMI is supposed to determine risk of health complications due to risk, not whether “straight horny men” will find them attractive. This is the epitome of arrogance. And those low BMIs can cause massive health issues.

  36. Maria Menounos, who’s just under 5’8 said a few years ago she weighed 131. More recently she said she’s actually gained a few pounds in muscle weight. If she was prone to lie about her weight I guess she’d have probably given a figure of 120 lbs or less, judging by her looks and similar celebs.
    Celeb women usually have a fudge factor built into their ages and weights.
    Anna Nicole Smith at 5’11 was 160 when she was POM, although her data sheet listed her at 140…Lies, Statistics, and women’s weights!

  37. I can´t understand why this “ass” thing here is SO diferent than in my country.In Brasil, women whith these kinds of “behinds” are considered goddesses. I´ve observed that female beauty treats are mostly universal (big boobs,small waist,long smooth hair, delicate facial features etc).I ´ve pointed the only misterious exception. Skinny women are never depicted on tv as hot,bombshels, not even Alessandra Ambrosio.I have a natural 39 (100 cm) inches hips (22 inches 58 cm waist, smaller than Gisele Bunchen …) and I´m working hard on gym to get 3cm more of ass :(. I ´d like to understand this issue.Being skinny is very easy where I live, nobody desires that.Hard is being skinny just in the neck, arms and waist , while mantaining large females assets.

  38. it’s really difficult to judge weight honestly unless you actually know their weight. Rachel Starr’s boobies are big and her rear end is wide and big but shapely and cury and round. If you look at her hips and frame however she is slim and not thick.
    I say if you are going to judge her weight on the heavy side…because people have various bone mass disparity….
    she’s at most 140 lbs and I would say i would put her around 125-130lbs

  39. but you are talking about rachel starr folks.
    I don’t think her weight is much of a deal when you look at how hot she looks

  40. Can’t agree with this. I honestly do like thin spinner types and I believe i’ll just stick with what has worked for me so far (one in the pic is only 4′-11″). Big tits and booties just aren’t my thing! But guys definitely feel free to keep focusing on that type.

  41. Depending on your source, big tit porn star Daphne Rosen clocks in at 23 or 25 BMI. The thing is the AVERAGE American woman is 5’4″ and 160 pounds for a BMI of 27 but with flabby little tits, a bit gut, and a cottage cheese ass.
    I live in China where the average BMI is more like 22. Asian porn stars cause even more embarrassment to Western women.
    Tia Tanaka 18.1
    Katsuni 17.9
    Mia Smiles 17.2
    Alina Li 16.7
    Even aging fireplug Mika Tan is 20.8
    Spot them a couple points for media relations purposes and they are still damn thin.

  42. Those weights can’t be accurate. Too thin is iffy too though — I have been dating a very thin girl (bmi works out to be about 17; no muscles to speak of; age 31) and I think it’s just too thin.

  43. Sauron666 is responding yet again to a thread that hasn’t seen posts in a while. This is just a way to build up a history of responses to make his membership look legitimate. Sauron666 is a troll.

  44. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. A female does NOT look how she’s supposed to if she has a BMI of more than 20. Hell, 20 is pushing it to me. If she’s 5’3″ or even 5’4″ (Ideal female height to me), she cannot weigh more than 100lbs. 105lbs or 110lbs – heaviest – is the ABSOLUTE limit… and that’s after daily food & water intake.
    A trained hottie at 5’3″ or 5’4″ should never weigh more than 110lbs.

    1. haha, you realize a female is most fertile at a bmi of 20-24 right? or are you pretending to be retarded

  45. Proportions and camera tricks is why. This is a poor study, though I understand the perceived logic. If you have the right proportions you can be of many sizes and still look attractive. Add camera tricks and then they appear much more exaggerated. In real life these girls are quite average in size. Lastly BMI is no longer an accepted measure. It is ancient and proven to be of no indication of obesity. BMI should be sued when you are in fact obese or suffering from issues due to weight. A perfectly healthy male or female with an active lifestyle will rate high on the BMI scale.

  46. There is NO FUCKING WAY
    Alexis Texas is 129 lbs.
    Gianna Michaels is 145 lbs.
    NO FUCKING WAY. If you have two eyes you should know this… come on.
    SOURCE: Fitness enthusiast who see’s all different heights, weights, shapes and BMI’s on a regular basis.

  47. I’m sure you get a lot of validation of your ideas from others, but the truth is you’re just compensating for insecurity by projecting it onto others who don’t share your social hang-ups. Real men don’t feel the need to do that.

  48. yall are utterly retarded and clueless. healthiest bmis are 20-24. try getting a gf that is underweight and try and get her pregnant, and on top of that see if she can give birth to a baby with no health problems. lol

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