Will America Be The Country That Hastens The Demise Of Feminism?

Accountants face a problem. Say you sell gasoline.  The price you pay to your supplier varies day to day.  But once the gas truck stops by to refill your underground tanks, it dumps gas you paid one price for in with gas you paid a completely different price for.  So when you’re calculating your gross profit for each gallon of gas you sell, how do you measure the price you paid so you know what to deduct from your revenues to calculate gross profit?

In reality it’s impossible because once the gas mixes you can no longer delineate between gas you paid $1.98 for vs gas you paid $2.05 for.  But accountants are not so much concerned about that as much as they are applying a consistent method that maintains the integrity of accounting for total and true costs.  One of these methods is called “FIFO” and it stands for “First In First Out.”

FIFO assumes the first gallon of gas you bought is the first gallon of gas you sell.  Therefore the “first gallon in” is the “first gallon out” and you record your costs and revenues accordingly.  But the accounting concept of FIFO does not just apply to accounting.  It holds an lesson and some hope for the United States.  For in the world of feminism the United States was certain the first country to experiment with, and fully implement, feminism.  And if this simple accounting rule holds true we’ll be the first to get out and be done with it, perhaps forever.

What threatens the United States, also threatens the world

Understand that feminism is nothing more than a virus.  It is simply a mental disease.  However, as opposed to infecting the individual it infects entire societies.  But also like a virus, it needs an environment it can thrive in. And in the case of feminism it needs enough of an economic productive surplus, enough technological innovation that a woman’s traditional role no longer occupies her entire day.

Washing dishes by hand took 15 minutes during yesteryear, but today with dish washers it takes two. Doing laundry by washboard took hours, but today with washers it also takes two. Making meals took at least 30 minutes a piece, but today is replaced with a 1 minute call for take out. And raising children took your entire day….until you could outsource their rearing to the state via day care or the public schools.

In short, an economy has to become so productive and so efficient a woman no longer has any traditional job or duties to attend to, leading to an “Idle hands do the devil’s work” environment that feminism thrives in.  And the United States, because of its freedom, greatness, and (frankly) supremacy, was the first country to cross this finish line.

What followed is a story we are all familiar with. Starting in the 1960’s, feminists abandoned the pursuit of mere equal treatment for the insistence of superior treatment.  This cacophony of nagging, whining, and entitlement merely intensified as time went on.  Divorce, broken homes, broken children, and single motherhood became not only the norm, but all the rage. Affirmative action, the wage gap, perpetual sexism and “male privilege” was constant propaganda shoved in young boys’ faces.  Quotas, virtue signaling and replacing meritocracy with vagina was implemented in our corporate sectors.  But perhaps what is most galling of all of this was how they hypocritically demanded this entitlement, whining, handicapping, and inferior performance be celebrated as being on par with traditional western standards of excellence and performance.

Regardless, the fallout for replacing the pursuit of excellence with “vagina” has had some predictable consequences.  First our economic growth has dropped by 40% compared to when meritocracy ruled the day.  Second, the blurring of traditional roles between the sexes has resulted in increasingly weak and effeminate men and increasingly masculine and ugly women.  Which led to, third, a decreased incentive for men to work hard and continue to advance and improve civilization because, truthfully, it is men’s pursuit of (attractive, feminine) women that has fueled all advances and all civilizations in the history of the world.

This was only reinforced by, fourth, a replacement of men with a socialist state, which is not only the wet dream of feminists everywhere, but further additional incentive to avoid work, excellence, and progress.  In short, the engine of economic and technological growth has stalled, and with it our progress.

But there is some “good” news.  And that “good” news is that feminism doesn’t care who its host is.  As long as the environment is conducive to the virus it will grow there.  And increasingly so, the second and third worlds are attaining, through technology or economic growth, the “economic surplus” that is necessary for feminism to fester in.  And feminism is already growing rapidly in these non-western countries.

Though there is no data to measure “feminist infection rates” among different countries bits of anecdotal and empirical evidence are showing up here and there that it indicates a trend.  Perhaps you noticed an increasing number of East Indian women who advocate feminism and socialism?  Not just on Facebook or articles online, but perhaps the SJW, post-Trump election feminist whining put on by Pepsi’s CEO, Indra Krishnamurthy Nooy.

I have a fair amount of clients (and you certainly may know of some friends) who are of Latino descent, who are watching feminism take over Mexico, South America, and Central America.  Africa is flooded with feminist SJW’s who just can’t wait to spread the feminist virus under the guise of “education.”  And even in the Middle East, where Islam seemingly has an iron grasp on the female population, America has planted the seeds of thought in women in the region about not so much voting or education (which I’m certainly for), but (like in Africa) has the ulterior goal of infecting them with feminism.  The whole world is being attempted to be converted into feminism, including enemies of the United States.

On the other side of the wormhole

This is good news for the United States.  Bad as things may be, weak as we might be, and relatively stronger that our enemies might be, understand the US is on the mend while our enemy, competitor, or just “innocent other” countries are at the first stages of infection.  They seem to be perfectly healthy, perhaps towering above us, but they are unaware of the virus quickly working through their societal veins while we are in the violet throes of actively puking, passing, and getting rid of the virus.  And though perhaps the worst part of any sickness, like any other organism, it means we are beating it and developing an immunity to it.

The problem is that at the end of this tunnel is not a guarantee that we will cure ourselves or be rid of feminism forever.  The truth is with women having the vote and the state supplanting men to the extent that it has a new equilibrium of health will be attained as half our population will have every financial incentive to at least tacitly support feminism.  But it certainly won’t be like the Nazi’s running roughshod over the Soviets in Operation Barbarossa. The past 60 years of sickness has taught American men, both boys and men, precisely what feminism is and how to identify it.  It has also given them every incentive to loathe with with all of their hearts as they have suffered mightily at the hands of its consequences. And the internet has allowed us to compare notes and coordinate our attacks, allowing us “white blood cells of America” to develop the tactics and countermeasures to effectively fight the virus, making sure feminism will never see the success it did in the past.

But the same cannot be said, sadly, for other countries.

Like the United States in the 1960’s, other countries (enemies or not) get to face a similar bout of a country-destroying sickness like we did.  Two full generations of men will be, at minimum, weakened in these countries as the full effects of feminism, socialism, and the abandonment of excellence take over.  Their economic growth will decline, the state will grow, their freedoms will shrink, their daughters will turn into sluts, their sons into cowards, and insanity will set in just as it did in the United States.  It is here the United States can lead the world like it always has in the classical American way.

We can help our friends by sharing the vaccine (which we are as no doubt the manosphere and red pill community is truly global).  Sweden, Germany, Norway, Canada, and other spineless countries may make laws limiting free speech, especially as it pertains to feminism, but those laws do not affect Americans nor the internet.  No doubt today’s Swedish young men are infinitely more informed and prepared than their cowardly and ignorant fathers of the 70’s and Germany’s real men can be rest assured they’re not crazy thinking letting in rapists and non-amicable cultures into their country is suicide.  You can thank the American white blood cells who sacrificed any shot they had at a normal career or life by bluntly speaking out against feminism on the internet for that.

But we can also harm our enemies by simply, actively and aggressively exporting feminism to their countries (or simply leaving them alone as feminists will not doubt propagate their religion regardless).  Like communism, feminism will destroy whatever it touches.  It will eliminate any desire men have to work, innovate, create or advance society.  It will curse their lands with the insanity of “rape culture,” “fat acceptance,” “heroic single motherhood,” “safe spaces” and entitlement.  It will replace men with the state.  And if the United States is any proxy to go by, it will, at minimum, ruin 60 years worth of generations.  It will be more devastating than a full-launch thermonuclear attack, all without having to risk one single soldier.  If you REALLY wanted to destroy a country, you would simply infect it with feminism.

Here, however, even I am not that evil.  I think there is a much larger potential for good, for it grants us an opportunity to extend an olive branch to our traditional enemies who are about to find out we have a much greater, evil, and vile one in common.  And helping them fight feminism will not only serve as a good gesture to our fellow man regardless of race, creed, or origin, but is as good as any starting point I can see for establishing world peace.

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202 thoughts on “Will America Be The Country That Hastens The Demise Of Feminism?”

  1. I honestly think that most people are realizing that feminism and all this SJW bullshit is just hot air coming from whiny trust fund college kids and arent really paying it any mind anymore. I mean hell MTV has been pumping out bullshit on it and it really isnt getting that much fan fair, it’s mainly the people who keep bringing it up that are giving it power even if they think they are “enlightening us” or whatever.

    1. I disagree, I think most people accept feminism on some level. It’s taught in every single state funded university in the country and then spreads from there.
      And MTV is just one of countless brands of feminism and it has been around for decades now. In fact, if you want to look at just how destructive feminism is, MTV is a great example.
      Ignoring something isn’t going to make it go away.

        1. Sure, but criticizing feminism with articles like this does not equate to giving it power by bringing it up, which is how I interpreted and addressed the last part of the comment.

        1. Yes, and…
          Me: “if you want to look at just how destructive feminism is, MTV is a great example.”
          You: “no one has taken MTV seriously since the late 90’s”
          You’re supporting my point, so it sounds like we agree on that example.

        2. How am I supporting your point? MTV is simple latching on to what it thinks is the hot topic of the times. By the time something has reached MTV it is dead in the water.

  2. Unfortunately feminism is here to stay unless we can get rid of technology. The male role is harder and harder to maintain as we create safer and safer environments, where physicality doesn’t matter.
    Women do not respect us as a group for providing them a safe space called civilization. As a matter of fact quite the opposite. They have labeled men “oppressors”. Talk about ingrates.

    1. There are many instances in the Bible where people become prideful and forget God, so they are cursed and come back to follow. (Moses leading Israel 40 years in wilderness, famine with Elijah, Israel captured by Babylonians) Human nature is funny.
      It appears that there is a point that the nicer life we give women, the less grateful they are. I think we crossed that line about in the mid 1950s.

        1. So I was in the bakery not to long ago and saw this health food bread called Ezekiel 4:9. I was blown away. Mind you, I am a big fan of the bible and know my book inside and out in more than one language including the classical greek. Anyway, I was soon blown away by the absurdity of the fact that there was a bread called Ezekiel 4:9 that I had to write a little article about it. Here: enjoy….

        2. LOL, good article. So, do you think the health food nuts cook the bread over a flaming pile of cow dung?

        3. I get my shit – I mean bread – at Aldis and Trader Joes. Cheaper than Zeke’s bread, which is OK, but I avoid any soy in my diet.
          I can’t eat bread that requires me to break out Hawley’s Condensed Chemical Dictionary or my Merck Index to know WTF I am eating. Stearoyl lacylate, anyone?

        4. Is it or is it not baked in an oven which is heated by a fire made from cow shit?

        5. Its not cooked by cow shit.
          Youre kinda weird.
          You think all of the actual conspiracies, which have evidence, qre totally false and people are rubes for believing them.

          Then, you have this bullshit.

          Pun intended.

        6. ha!
          The bread is called Ezekiel 4:9. They say, on the package, that they use a recipe from the bible. That recipe, in the bible, calls for the bread to be cooked on a fire of cow dung. This isn’t a conspiracy. When I emailed the food for life people to ask them whether they skip that part of the recipe (which they claim they use) or if, indeed, they are cooking on a fire made of cow dung they never got back to me. Now if I see a loaf of bread which claims to use a recipe that calls for the use of cow plop and I didn’t use said cow plop I would be very upfront with letting people know. No conspiracy theory here at all. I am just asking for a clarification on their explicit claims. As for the “actual” conspiracy theories which have “evidence” yeah, those are for rubes

      1. Women shouldn’t and don’t need to be grateful to men or god for their life. Just like men. It is a good thing.

        1. Agreed, we are all given our freedom to do what we want. However, there are consequences to our actions and attitudes.

        2. So far, only the women are being given the freedom to do what they want. Men are still being shackled into their traditional duties but with none of the traditional benefits (as meager as they were). This paradigm is what is shifting. Men are starting to say “what’s in it for me?” When enough men see that the old roles are being used to enslave them then the worm will have turned.

    2. The Bible often describes God as punishing the Israelites by “withdrawing his hand”. When he stops protecting them, they are swiftly overwhelmed and crushed.
      All we must do is stop enabling feminism, in any way we can. On a grander scale, of course, this is done by removing government’s protective hand on women, but individually we can just cast aspersions on feminist women while supporting and benefiting those who reject feminism.
      If your daughter is feminist, let her beat the pavement for money to pay for her worthless degree. If your son is feminist, withdraw your financial and emotional support from him.
      Thus can we without grand overarching power save our friends and kin from an ideology that destroys everyone and everything it touches.

      1. And thereby teach your children….of both sexes to seek what they will . Good parenting.

        1. You can mainly just point out things and direct him but in the end he has to take those steps.

    3. And teach White Knights to stop being so-called heroes. I’m encompassed by women at work that are constantly telling stories of how this officer or that officer let them off with a warning when they were speeding. What idiots, do they really think she gives a shit about them like they will get a freeby?! ACCOUNTABILITY. Make them accountable, including your daughters. Don’t do the jobs women are responsible for and getting paid for.

    4. Getting rid of technology makes no sense. Advanced weapons that provide air, sea and land superiority ARE technology.

      1. You are guilty of fighting the last war, as has historically happened every generation. How are those nuclear weapons doing you against the Muslim invasion of Europe that is currently under way? Will those smart bombs produce native children for all the countries and ethnicities that are doomed to disappear due to less than replacement TFRs? The war we are currently fighting is not one where technology does us one speck of good.

        1. I fought no war and the gov doesn’t want to fight it the way I would. Technology COULD obliterate them but Geneva Conventions etc… Whatever it is, I wouldn’t want to belong to a group that says “Technology? Meh let’s ban it and do away with it”. You can use bow & arrow if you want, I prefer Apache helicopters. Who would win?

    5. In case you haven’t noticed, maintaining that civilizational safe space takes constant maintenance. It takes the real work of billions of men (and no, women are not doing any of this work). When those men are either destroyed or just shrug and walk away, civilization safe spaces collapse.

  3. Mid 20th century United States saw the most prosperous society up to that time. Other westernized nations (UK, Australia, Scandinavia) soon followed. It is no surprise that through this prosperity, selfish and prideful attitudes became prevalent. Feminism is a social experiment in which women decided that they don’t need men to find happiness. Now that the experiment has run it’s course, 60 years later, the pendulum is swinging back. It turns out that women are not finding happiness outside the 15 year carousel ride. God forbid if the government subsidization of men (welfare and unfair divorce law) is eliminated.

  4. The urge to destroy feminism is a phenomenon that will overtake the entire developed world, not just the US. The US will lead it though.

  5. Feminism is destined to die. It is a virus – it will either be destroyed by its hosts, or it will destroy its host and die in the process.
    I have great hope, because the host countries of Feminism are rebelling against the virus that plagues them. We’re developing metaphorical antibodies – memes, rhetorical tactics, individuals sufficiently pissed off to do the research and bring together other individuals to attack every lie and distortion of Feminism.
    All is not yet lost, not until the host dies. If America is destroyed, feminism will be crushed by America’s conquerors. If we manage to save America, it will be as a consequence of killing all-destroying ideologies like feminism.
    But, either way, we will survive and feminism will not.

    1. I like the analogy. I don’t think feminism will die however. People are individuals. The shrill harpies are shouting from the rooftops, but nobody is listening anymore. Most people see the effects of feminism. It is not attractive. So, instead of rethinking their message, they shout louder, and alienate themselves further. The movement that started in the 60’s has lost it’s steam, and they are becoming irrelevant, but not dead.

      1. When the last shred of government and international finance dries up, they will immediately find something else to do.
        A single virus cell can survive when all others die, so long as it is fed and not destroyed. Irrelevance cuts off their much-needed financial nutrition.

      2. I have been wondering if it won’t morph in such a way where it is defeated while claiming victory. This is right in the feminist wheel house of course in that it is disingenuous.
        I think it may look like this: Empowerment will be seen as returning to traditional values. Feminists will say that shitlord men made a situation where women could no longer be feminine so they had to become land orcas and scream all the time but they are tired of men forcing them to be like that and are going to reclaim their femininity once and for all!!!!!!
        At least that is one way I could hope it happens.
        Meanwhile, before people get bent out of shape about how feminism is ruining the world…I was in the gym this morning and some morning news show was showing clips of former golden globe awards ceremonies (I guess it is that time of year). Even as early as last year, if you don’t look at the 1 or 2 stand out lound mouths and look at simply the vast majority of women who walk the red carpet….the women who are being held up as the paradigm of femininity are not bloviating fat feminist cunts…they are thin, sexy, well dressed, well mannered, feminine women talking about their dresses and their make up.

        1. I think you are right on the money. Woman empowerment through becoming a wife and mother will become the new mantra. Meanwhile the fat and ugly ones (the true feminists) will be further embittered that they cannot ride on the power wagon.
          In reality, that is how women do achieve power. By raising and teaching their youth and have a solid family. Today, they are competing against men (and failing miserably) so they can what? afford their own house of cats? or if they are lucky enough to find a beta, live a tired, parallel marriage because both are too tired after work?

        2. It is true. They will have to claim victory, but it will be a small price to pay for the result.

        3. Many women trade what you think is their best life for what they believe is their best life. But so do many men. The beauty is we all get a choice in how to live and the consequences thereof.

        4. I don’t think it is a conscious decision for them. In their mind, they will party it up for awhile and then marry a strong provider after they get their jollies out. Problem is, the strong providers don’t want them after they got their jollies out. I think we need to really focus on teaching little girls about that trap before they get into it.

        5. As I’ve stated before, feminism is just the modern form of (some) women using social and political pressure to get what they want. It has seemingly always existed under other names and forms.
          If something happens by which women change what they want (as determined by the loudest voices), then the social pressure and law will change to make men provide that for them.
          The way that the traditional american social structures re-assert themselves (or some other alternative) is when the women who want that become the loudest voices.
          The most likely way this will happen (without some sort of economic/social collapse) is when feminism has turned a critical mass of men towards forms of solo or collective male only lifestyles. Every thing from playboys to mountain men to monks and beyond. When there aren’t enough men available for marriage and most of the ones that are end up damaged by feminist values, that’s when the other women get loud, forceful, and demanding and take the lead.

        6. The problem is not so much fatness as is attitude and the fact none of those “upstanding” women would have been regarded as worthy wives 50 years ago, let alone 100. Bed them? Of course. Have them bear any children? I am not a child abuser.

        7. I can see that. However, I think you can find good women who would bear children, be good wives and mothers. The question is: What are you willing to sacrifice for it. Are you willing to move to a rural area, become active in your church and maybe local government, go without sluts while searching for the one you will marry? I think you would find her. Do you just want to live a player lifestyle and hope you bump into mother/wife material? Well, that simply isn’t going to happen.

        8. First we need to teach the young men about this trap so they don’t marry the blown out sluts that women today feel they have the right to be. And let me add that any woman has the absolute right to be a worthless slut. Worthless to me means she has no worth to a man as a wife and mother. She can have her career, soul crushing and tedious as it is, just like it is for men. But what we must deny her is the soft landing and early retirement funded by a beta bucks male.

        9. I went to the other side of the earth, put up with the patriarchal courtship rituals, had two years of chaperoned dating, and married a 25 year old virgin to whom I was the first boy she ever kissed. Almost 9 years married and still a good wife and happy life. With the virus of feminism so omnipresent this is the level of effort it will take to fine a decent woman. I tell my sons to accept that or just avoid entanglements with western feminist women.

        10. Makes sense to me. It’s also the most masculine of things at its core:
          Decide what you want
          Understand the cost
          Go forward and do
          Well done

        11. Duh! Because thats what sells.
          Those fat cunts eat up all that aspirational entertainment.
          As for your first part, ive read a few things how women are tired of work and want to go back to watching soap operas all day.
          They are starting to realize what a sweet deal they had for so long.

        12. Yes! Mgtow are a sign of this.
          And that is why mras know they need women to start taking the lead in becoming ‘louder’ than the feminists. Its time is coming.

        13. Yep
          As one of those women i tell you that as soon as there is a stronger group than the feminists shouting louder about being a traditional stahm and wife, more and more women will join when it becomes trendy.
          I am a mum with a baby I am 30. I notice with my nct ‘friends’ and other mums that the desire to work hard on their career leaves them after a baby and it becomes a means to an end. Not a ‘career’ anymore.
          Most of them secretly want to stay at home or worl super part time in their own businesses or party planning or similar….
          I think it will happen. Especially as the economy tanks.

        1. Putting your dick inside a metallic robot isn’t any diferent from putting it inside a door lock or an old PC’s floppy drive. It will never replace a flesh and blood vagina.

        2. When the real flesh and blood vagina becomes a means to enslave and maybe imprison you, what then is your choice?

        3. You must be asexual then. Yes I hate feminists but sex with a girl is still sex with a girl.

        4. Agree, it is impossible to sex-starve women in the hope of them improving. Parts of the Manosphere allready tries that, they are called MGTOW.

      3. As an old timer, it’s my observation that feminists argued that their sins could be excused, in the short term, as they hadn’t yet had a “real chance”. That it wasn’t fair to judge career women being sexist and effed up in a still patriarchal society that doesn’t give them every single opportunity (of course, men who grew up without a silver spoon weren’t allowed to use that as an excuse.)
        After 3 generations of full hard-core feminism where generations of women either reject it when it suits them, bash men, or demand special privileges it’s clear that feminism is never going to work. They needed their chance, they got it, and now it’s clear that what Queen Victoria said about it being a bad idea more than a century ago has been vindicated.
        However… there is one forward measure of progress: The era of female worshiping chivalry where they were on a pedestal in the west will not continue in the future. That caused the problem in the first place. To avoid this happening again, men need to learn a lesson: They can’t give women protection and support without conditions. If women want to be equal to men, they can be like the gal on Life Below Zero who runs her own airport landing strip in the Alaska wilderness on her own. They don’t get a massive welfare state that robs from working men to get their equality. Most are uninterested in this type of equality.

    2. The only way feminism can die is through revolution. When you cure the cancer you don’t just wait to destroy your whole body, you remove him from the premises.

      1. We will need legislation getting rid of female favoritism in the law and in society. They will actually have to be held responsible for their deliberate behavior.

        1. That will never happen. In this context it would take a civilization level collapse worldwide to occur. As much as feminism deserves this fate, they would drag the rest of us down with them. I fear that is their intent.

      2. Feminism is unsustainable. What can’t continue won’t. Now the only issue is how this goes down. As stated in the OP, we may yet develop sufficient white blood cells as a society to fight off the infection, or we (the host) may perish. Either way the virus will die.
        My personal position is that the prognosis is very poor. We are much more likely to die as a society than we are to fight it off. Sweden is the future. Sweden will die as a culture by 2050. That is not long off. Other European countries are equally doomed, but not yet visibly hopeless.
        Your analogy of a cancer is not as apt as the one of a virus. You can’t cut out a virus; your body either defeats it or you die. Most viruses mutate to be less virulent, and deadly, because only the less dangerous members of the virus live on, by not killing their hosts. Think of the cold virus. It is a nuisance, but few ever die of it. Hence, it is ubiquitous. The Ebola virus is deadly, but it burns out very quickly because it kills its hosts quickly. Maybe this is the third option, where feminism mutates into something less culture destroying and becomes merely a nuisance.

    3. Guys – we have to keep re-educating these ‘educated’ women (by the Lib school systems, the Media, their now extensive Facenets…) as much as possible with the Red Pill facts. This is going to take a looong time, many otherwise saveable women will be permanent casualties. The clock will simply have run out. For my part, I’m trying to educate my young nephews to keep challenging their females gently but firmly.

  6. At the end of the day, the human genome cleanses itself and starts anew. We understand that as civil insurrection and perhaps, World War. It seems that there’s a slow motion war brewing with Islam.
    So, it will come down to the fact that quite a few women aren’t worth protecting. Much less feeding. Yep, starvation. Sounds medieval, doesn’t it?

    1. And quite a few women will survive without your protection. To leave their genes in the future. Hurts. Doesn’t it? Only the strong survive.

      1. As a group, feminists will end up slaughtered. No one wants them. As for Islam……well, Islam will protect their own women…..and behead the feminists.

        1. They will beat them and rape them until they know their place. Most will cave quickly.

        2. Nope, won’t work. Poison is an intrinsic part of Islamic society. You’re looking at things from Western eyes. You see, Islam understands the true nature of women. That’s why the feminists will be slaughtered.

      2. Yes, their genes will survive. They will be slaves to Muslim masters, and raped over and over, but their genes will survive; how strong and empowered they will be.

  7. In regards to other countries such as India picking it up, I don’t think that will happen; if it does, it will probably do so a much smaller extent limited mostly to metropolitan cities, rather than the way it went mainstream in Western countries.
    Feminism was never an organic, grassroots movement but rather a movement of the elite pushed by the mainstream media to the masses through brainwashing.
    The power of the centralized MSM has greatly diminished and is slowly being decentralized through new media as proven by the recent US election. There is also now much more education available to men, especially on the internet, to warn them of the dangers of feminism.
    The West unfortunately was the early adopter of this perverted ideology and now that the damage it’s done to society is available for everyone to see, people are more vigilant.
    Also, outside of large metropolitan cities, patriarchy is still very strong back here, especially in villages. Women who are over-educated, 25+ years old are routinely shunned and not desired by men for marriage. Divorced women are heavily ostracized and considered omens of bad luck. Women who try to cross established social boundaries are routinely killed. Even Bollywood is in decline.
    India, all in all, is still a very backward country where more than 200+ million people are still without electricity and toilet paper is considered a luxury. Family, religion, tribal dynamics and other patriarchal institutions are still very strong.
    This will weaken with time, but the power of the media to manipulate and shape public opinion is diminishing rapidly.
    One can only hope that America leads the way and finally buries feminism in the dustbin of history where it rightfully belongs.

    1. Seems big with the relatively rich Indians who I’ve met in the US. Had Indian roommates in college, and not a one of the men was the least bit masculine – could not cook or clean for themselves, whined about everything instead of working on it, couldn’t lift their own textbooks, etc. – while the women were butch and aggressive.
      All the women were working, taking graduate courses, and complaining very loudly, constantly. The men never worked and capitulated to their woman’s every whim in exchange for borderline-trivial housework (the apartment was never clean – I lost my cleaning and organizing instinct over them).
      So, it’s possible the culture is beta enough to allow for feminism, at least for those who are in a position to ever be exposed to it.

      1. Many Indians who settle in the West are from large, metropolitan cities who can afford to move over. There’s lots of matriarchal behavior in the inner cities due to influence of western media, luxury and other things. Lot’s of mama’s boys in Indian cities.
        Overall though, the villages are still almost like it’s pre-independence India 1950’s. If you take out the top 25% of Indians, the bottom 75% live in villages and survive on only a few dollars a day. Overall, socially still very patriarchal, but that can all change with rising living standards.
        All in all though, even with the advent of technology, the Sikhs, Rajputs, Marathas, Gorkhas and a few other tribal groups are still very patriarchal due to warrior culture inherently built-into them. I think it will get increasingly difficult (but not impossible) to undue them with feminism. With that said, there are definitely gaps that can be exploited; it will just be difficult to do so due to decline in MSM.

        1. You better hope the strong tribes aren’t drawn into a war in which their strongest get killed off.

      2. I went through MBA classes with a Sikh woman who was seriously gorgeous. I was married at the time, but every guy in the class who was not made a run at it. She quickly let everyone know that she was not interested in anything but marriage and would not marry outside her faith. Now this woman was entirely Americanized in all other respects. She eventually had an engagement arranged by her family back in India with a “good” Sikh boy working in South Africa (prior to the ANC take over.) She disappeared for a quarter then showed up again. It turns out that she had gone to SA to meet this guy and this good boy wanted nothing to do with her bitchy feminist ways. He wanted a traditional Indian wife. So, she was rejected, despite being at least a 12 on a 1 to 10 scale. I give that guy huge kudos for his insight.

        1. Sikh punjabi women are some of the hottest and attractive of Indian women.. North Indian women in gereral tend to be fair skinned and quite attractive.
          A lot of these type of women exist… they have a lot of pressure from the family to marry within their faith .. any many of them do.. but not before slutting it discreetly during their single years.

  8. japan has the same issues but doesnt have a feminist movement. It all comes down to the issue that the the more rights women have the worse it is for society. reversing it is impossible unless there is a collapse or an actual male revolution that simply takes back power, cant see the latter happening though

    1. By exporting AIDS to an enemy you could seriously weaken it. I am not in favor of biological warfare in a conventional war, but this is ideological warfare in an ideological war, so fair game.

  9. Make sure you innoculate yer kids. There was an excellent video of that cunt berating a lyft driver because he had a hula girl on his dashboard. My son Realized he hated feminists and feminism right then and there.

  10. It all goes back to the fact that “social progress” can’t happen because man’s nature doesn’t mysteriously change in The Current Year. Feminism didn’t work a thousand years ago; it doesn’t work now; and it won’t work a thousand years hence, unless you invoke some transhumanist bullshit from science fiction where man’s nature really changes.
    The Alt Right presents this as its insight into the tragedy of the human condition, but the media deliberately ignore and distort this message because it has the job of propagandizing and gaslighting up with our elites’ childish utopianism about race, immigration, feminism and sexual degeneracy.

  11. If a man can be easily replaced by the state….well, he is not a man. GTFO with your displacement blame on the state, on politics, on religion. You were too weak to survive. Sionara bitches.

    1. If you are trying to sell the snake oil that an individual man should be stronger than the government and all of society, you are just telling men to walk into the wood chipper fearlessly by simply ignoring the danger.

  12. As men, we should fight feminism wherever we can. But make no mistake, it will be women themselves who will thrust the final, deadly shiv into the barely beating heart of feminism, as they wake up to the world is has delivered to them. I wrote this couple of years ago;
    “Feminism is already a dead woman walking. All feminism has is shaming language and the State (ironically, ultimately other men) to keep men to the feminist line.
    But now, increasingly, the shaming doesn’t work. And men are disengaging from society in general to avoid entanglements with the state; if you don’t get married, you can’t be divorced, if you don’t co-habit you can’t have half your stuff appropriated, if you don’t have children, you can’t be on the hook for child support, if you don’t enter the corporate world you can’t be be accused of ‘harassment’ and if you don’t date you drastically reduce your chance of a false rape accusation.
    These are genuine threat points for men in the modern world that didn’t exist before feminism. It speaks to the feeble minds of feminists that they would think that men will simply carry on as they did when these threats did not exist. For the last 50 years men (mostly) still did. But that’s over now.
    So men are doing what they have always done: survey their environment, understand it, and behave rationally according to it. Which means, increasingly, living their lives without regard to what women want. This does not mean living without sex, relationships or female company. Just that the investment men make in all these areas is being dramatically reduced.
    As feminism reduces the value of women (in men’s eyes), so men are reducing the amount of time, effort, attention and money they are willing to spend for the declining benefits modern women now bring to their lives.
    But the real news is that the true cost of feminism, first born by men, and then children, is now being passed on to women. Record numbers of women are living alone, record numbers of women are childless, record numbers are on psychiatric medication, record numbers are facing a life-time of wage slavery in grinding jobs
    that they can never leave. And still feminism spins these outcomes as the conscious choices of these women and as ’empowering’.
    And yet, women’s self-reported happiness, across all classes, all races, all demographics is lower than ever since records began 50 years ago. Tellingly, for the first time ever, their happiness is also now lower than men’s.
    But you do not need to read ‘The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness’ to know this. Just talk to the increasing number of 30 and 40 year old childless spinsters one on one – not in a group – to get the REAL story. The REAL effect of feminism in the REAL world. These women don’t give two hoots about feminism, they are just wondering where all the good husbands, hell, ANY decent man, went.
    Mostly, disgusted with what feminism has done to women, he walked away.
    For the truth is that men don’t want to fight women, it goes against the core of what it means to be a man. But feminism thrust men into a fight that they neither started nor wanted. To the point that feminists are reduced to crowing about ‘winning’ battles that men never turned up for.
    And even now, as feminism pushes and pushes and pushes to ever more absurd
    levels, as ever more restrictions are placed on normal masculine behavior, ever more insane definitions of ‘rape’, ‘assault’, and ‘aggression’ are drafted into law in increasingly desperate attempts to somehow, anyhow, cast women as perpetual victims – even now – men are still refusing to be drawn into a real battle.
    That’s how deeply men do not want to fight women.
    The sound of the final battle between the sexes will not be heard in the streets or legislatures. It will not be televised or reported. There will be no flags hoisted or victory parades. Because it is already in progress. It is happening all around us in plain sight, for those with the eyes to see it.
    And men are deploying the most devastating weapon of all – indifference. In this final battle who cares least wins.
    The time has come to reap the harvest of feminism, and for women the fruit will be bitterest of all.”

  13. The Enlightenment gave us both good and bad ideas about “progress.” We can make progress in science, technology, medicine and economies by discovering and applying principles from nature. But somehow the deep thinkers in the 18th Century got the notion that you could also make “social progress” which amounts to transforming man’s nature. Naturally feminism started in this intellectual movement, notably through the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft.
    But if man’s nature doesn’t change, and if you can’t make it change, then we have to live in a world where we can transform things but not ourselves, at least not on a deep level. And that means you can’t turn women into nuclear physicists, aerospace engineers and other nonsense from feminist propaganda, especially in science fiction.
    We need a different kind of mythology about “the future” which shows the reality of man’s nature: visions of technologically advanced societies with traditional sex roles. Jane Jetson has her household robot, but she would face some kind of public humiliation and punishment if she betrayed George Jetson by committing adultery.

    1. This is a very astute observation and it gets to the heart of the matter. Feminism is part of the Enlightenment, as you rightly point out, with its notions of individualism and autonomy as the most important ideal, as well notions of egalitarianism and utopian ideals of “social progress.”
      Feminism didn’t just start America in the 60s.. it is a process that began all the way back in the Enlightenment with Mary Wollstonecraft. Some of the more radical aspects of feminism can be traced to the 60s, sure.. but discrediting feminism requires discrediting some of the very foundational tenets and myths of the Enlightenment.. and this is far more difficult because there is nothing to replace it after the secular West has destroyed and removed Christianity as its metaphysical foundation. This is a difficult problem because it is very difficult for an enlightened, educated person in the 21st century to believe in the supernatural and in religion in general (even if one can appreciate some of the wisdom about human nature and especially female nature in the Abrahamic faiths). In this day and age, with what can you replace the utopian ideal of “social progress,” and liberal democracy, which are now the foundational myths of Western societies ? Radical political ideologies, i.e, communism and fascism, took the place of religious faith and Christianity in the 20th century but failed spectacularly to bring utopia. At least Christianity never promised salvation on Earth or earthly paradise, wisely believing it to be impossible because of “fallen” and corrupt human nature. The problem is when a civilization destroys and dismantles its metaphysical and moral foundation, i.e., religious faith, it lurches from left to right and tries to fill the vacuum in other ways.

  14. I’m glad to say that this crazyness will not take 60+ years to die in my country. Feminism had the great advantage of being born before Internet. Today people can see and discuss the maladies of feminism before its putrid hand has total grap over their countries.
    Take Brazil for example. We saw what has happened with Venezuela. We kick out a leftist government that would send us straight to the same hellhole Venezuela is facing now. And, due to the impeached last Pres being an ex-guerrilla, feminist, lefitist minion from a mob that travestite itself as a pro-poor, pro-worker’s party, this type of feminism will be vinculated with them. For a long time, maybe forever.
    I calculate that in 10, maybe 20 years declare yourself a “feminist” will be the same as declare yourself a rabid crazy on drugs. Someone that you compliment at distance, but don’t interact with – you don’t want to be bitten by crazy and get rabbies, right?
    You just have to show the results with MAGA, DTS and the red pill comunity, and the world will follow. And follow fast.

    1. There is a lot of truth to what you say. With advancements in communication, we can see consequences of our actions much quicker.

    2. But if Brazil modernizes and education becomes more centralized, the message could easily be one of feminism.

  15. “Will America Be The Country That Hastens The Demise Of Feminism?”
    Couldn’t help but notice the title then the Russian T-34s and “Katyushas.” LOL.
    Feminism is simply dying as it was always a middle class girl club with most of its leadership dealing with their issues of growing up without a father in the house. Today I would simply dismiss it as a specialist interest group for ugly women and/or lesbians.
    Looking at the civic culture of the US these days after 3 generations of feminism, welfare, American socialism, divorce, identity politics, etc… I think the pendulum will swing back faster than most expect. As every man here knows a guy who got divorced raped, every woman knows at least one aging cat lady (trying to maintain some social value).
    Time is biologically on men’s side and the women who want to ground a family will have to get with the patriarchal program. As I know Aaron is a big fan of Bible quotes (heh): Isaiah 4:1

    1. “But really, as long as Women’s Studies departments exist, feminism will exist.”
      This, yes. a thousand times. Destroy and dismantle every Women’s and Gender studies department in higher edcuation.. or at least, stop letting our government use the tax money of productive, hard-working good men to subsidize these toxic departments and the man-hating feminist professors who teach this crap and brainwash another generation into becoming SJWs and feminists. These useless programs wouldn’t exist without heavy subsidization through tax-payers.. simple as that.

      1. Yep, I’ve heard this episode and seen some of his stuff on YouTube. I hope he can drum up more support and strengthen his platform.

  16. Absolutely true that feminism is a product of technology — created and built almost exclusively by men — and absolutely true that technology will enable it everywhere. The process will vary according to social systems and government, but we’ll be ahead because we know how to deal with it. I hate having been among the generations that suffered through it but that’s the way it is.

  17. We must always remember that feminism, much like communism and consumerism, was developed, funded, implemented and maintained by men. Men who want to destroy our families, culture, and will to fight back. Women like Gloria Steinem were used as props to lure the average housewife into the movement, and feminism has arguably been more destructive to the weaker gender anyway. The irony…

    1. Eh, I think both genders played a role in all of those. But yes, feminism wouldn’t exist without support from men.

      1. No, feminism is the brain-child of Eilte men who want to transform society into something easily controlled and guided. Women played no role in it’s machinations / financing — only it’s spreading.

        1. So you’re saying men played a role in “it’s (sic) machinations / financing” while women played a role in its “spreading”. Hence, both genders played a role…
          But it sounds like you are trying to say that the real blame falls on evil, controlling, manipulative men (monsters!) and women are just caught up in the circumstance. Maybe I’m misinterpreting.

  18. I should point out that Russia is actually ahead of us, since the Soviet Union was heavily feminist. We’re merely No. 2 in line.
    “But we can also harm our enemies by simply, actively and aggressively exporting feminism to their countries”
    Muslim countries being the top priority, especially those in Africa.

    1. How do you figure that the USSR was heavily feminist?
      The kind of cultural rotgut that is celebrated in the West would never have been tolerated in the USSR, in spite of its authoritarian repression of religion and other personal freedoms. Abortion was even banned outright under Stalin (although it was allowed after he died).

      1. Many pillars of modern feminism can be traced back to Soviet women like Alexandra Kollontai and Inessa Amand. Free love and state funded birth control, childcare outside the home, divorce on demand, family as an oppressive structure … all introduced by the Communist Zhenotdel (Woman’s Department).

        1. Abortion was re-legalized in the USSR post-Stalin.
          Part of Stalin’s reasoning for outlawing it was that as evil as he was, he saw that killing off more unborn children would lead to the collapse of the USSR long term. Even with the rampant feminism that you described, I can’t see the kind of stuff we have being celebrated in the West having ever become mainstream in that society.

        2. Oh Stalinist wasn’t a feminist! Of course not. He had Kollontai on what amounted to house arrest. But the early communists, Lenin’s circle, were full of feminists. Hard core feminists who would have put Steinem to shame.

        3. I see what you’re saying. So much like Lenin saw that a command economy wasn’t going to work but died before he could change it, Stalin knew that feminism wasn’t going to work either.

        4. The Zhenotdel was dismantled in … I don’t remember but pre WW2. So the feminist agenda set by the Bolsheviks never actualized in the USSR as planned but it did … and this was sort of my point … resurface here in the US.

        5. Lenin started out with a huge bias in favor of feminism. He wanted Marxist equality for everyone. He quickly found out that feminism was suicide and pulled back from it. Stalin took that to an extreme response (as he did for many of the things with which Lenin toyed).

        6. That’s probably why the USSR and now Russia were far slower on the uptake regarding social leftism than we are.

  19. Excellent analysis.
    The need to ensure that feminism doesn’t return in another form is also essential and requires sound legislation and enforcement. There has and will be those who wish to exploit generosity and compassion.

  20. I believe feminism came about because to 1. ideology and 2. propaganda. Technology definitely helped enable feminism but I don’t see it as a primary cause. Put another way we could still have 1950s culture with all our technology today. The ideology is communism/socialism. The propaganda is all around you just turn on the TV. As far as raising kids being easier, its marginally easier…raising kids is probably the most challenging thing anyone could do. Something compelling had to come along and convince women that staying at home all day was no good and going to a stuffy, sterile and many times cut throat office environment was more desirable. But this is not difficult when propaganda is properly applied. Women don’t really care so much about the money, its that the TV says being a career woman is cool and since women are conformist they buy it. That said, and speaking of money, once women entered the workforce and increased the supply of labor if lowered labor costs and, therefore, today its many times a necessity for both parents to work especially if they have kids. But, again, at the root of it, that’s not so much a consequence of technology, rather, over-supply. Even something like that can correct itself over time.
    If you want to normalize our society and culture than all you have to do is 1. defeat the ideology (leftism, communism, socialism and 2. destroy the propaganda machine.

    1. Raising kids is actually very easy and takes only a little of your time, once they are at pre-school age. It’s feminist propaganda telling you it’s hard. Women don’t do anything that’s hard.

  21. The biggest issue I see with feminism in the U.S. is just how rooted and promoted it is by THE WEALTHIEST people in this country, many of these people are billionaires, and can use there huge quantity of resources as a culture marxist tool for controlling people. As they say money speaks, and the only way I see feminism being eliminated from this country is by the reduction of wealth in the very upper echelon. Hopefully I can be proved wrong but I don’t see this epidemic leaving anytime soon.

  22. Feminism is dying in the US?? You could have fooled me. Just because you had one momentarily victory with electing Donald Trump does not mean in any way that feminism is going away anytime soon.. or is even “dying”… not when you have millions of women brainwashed by “Gender Studies” and “Women’s Studies” programs in colleges and universities.
    As Jordan Peterson says in this excellent interview below, if you really want to start putting an end to radical feminism, you need to demand our State and governments stop subsidizing “revolution” by subsiding Gender and Women’s Studies programs in universities and colleges.

    Why are we subsidizing revolution and the destruction of the very foundations of our civilization that created this prosperity and luxury.. such that women have the audacity and nerve to emasculate men, and blame them for every ill, and base an entire ideology of feminism that are built on very dubious and in some cases, provably false ideas such as gender only being a social construct and not rooted in biology, or that there is some patriarchal conspiracy that is responsible for constraining women’s sexuality and behaviour.. rather than the more nuanced truth that social constraints on both male and female sexuality is necessary for civilization, and that men and women have different sexual imperatives and different natures, and different biological realities, so a division of labour that aligns with biological reality and with the strengths of males and females makes more sense than forcing an egalitarian outcome that weakens male-female relationships and weakens society overall.
    Until we demand our tax dollars stop paying the salaries of man-hating feminists in academia and stop subsidizing Women and Gender studies in college and universities, these programs will continue to churn out SJWs and feminist “revolutionaries” who come up with various means to berate and emasculate men (manspreading, mansplaining, etc) and to promote the interests of women over men in legislation and society.
    If you want to destroy and end the cancer of feminism, you need to get to its root and destroy it there.

  23. Meanwhile in Toronto, Canada, where feminism is alive and well and responsible for cultivating hideous women like these by the hundreds:
    We could not come up with a better caricature than this hideous feminist creature:
    1) Fat, check
    2) Single mom, check
    3) Hair is dyed red, check
    4) Tattooed and pierced, check
    5) Overinflated ego and thinks she’s God’s gift to men despite being a fat, tattooed, pierced, red-haired single mom, check. Thinks she’s “eye candy and soul food”
    6) Profession: Semi pro selfie model. So basically, no real productive job and probably subsidized by the government and on welfare. That’s right men.. your hard work and taxes are going to pay and support this man-hating, toxic creature
    7) And the crown jewel: Currently in school majoring in Gender & Women’s Studies and Psychology
    This is what 50 years of feminism has wrought. Look upon this and weep.

    1. Not that I haven’t seen and spoken with women like this but to see it in black and white … wow. This is the new norm. Please tell me there are better options on that site? I’ve been reading random ROK articles for a few months, trying to understand the collective argument. Sometimes I’ve noticed what seemed to me a bias or tendency to exaggerate. That’s ok, that’s human. But this link …. seriously, do whatever you all have to do to remove this from the world.

    2. Shit man, that was scarier than Kubrick’s “The Shining” on a huge TV in loud surround sound. Yikes.

    3. Wow what a disgusting hippopotamus.
      Everything on her profile is cringeworthy standard feminist rhetoric but I truly had to chuckle at this:
      “And to those of you who still have yet to grasp how the whole respect and politeness thing works: Somewhere out there a tree is working very hard to replace the oxygen you consume. Now go apologize to it.”
      I rarely heard something more absurd. Trees are a dynamical system, they aren’t aware that they recycle (not produce or replace) oxygen by harvesting sunlight energy to split CO2. Animals (humans!) work harder at generating the CO2 trees need to get their oxygen.

  24. Yet again, people are so god damn fucking stupid it’s unbelievable. Men today actually believe that “feminism” is just some kind of phase or trend that happened on its own and was created by women. FOR THE MILLIONTH GOD DAMN FUCKING TIME: FEMINISM IS FINANCED BY THE FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Via your taxes that pay back the debt to the private shareholders of the central banking system that issue fake fiat money to you, they finance politicians to establish affirmative action laws which guarantee females high paying corporate jobs. They finance special interest groups to lobby to your government to give females special rights. They financed politicians to install a welfare system of which pays whores to reproduce with your money. They financed numerous laws to set up a society where females have zero responsibility and are guaranteed a comfortable life and the complete freedom to abuse men. In a nutshell, they created an artificial planned society that completely removed natural law under God in which females are supposed to be dependent upon men for survival. That’s how and why men obtained wives centuries ago. Women could not survive nor live comfortably without a man around. A women considered herself “saved” and “rescued” if a man married her centuries ago.
    Feminism of course will end one day. But not because it was a trend that “faded”. But rather when the monetary system that supports feminism fails. Once it fails, once it crashes, once Russia brings salvation to the west as foretold in Catholic prophecy, men will be liberated and will regain their God given rights under natural law and will not have to live in an artificial society where they are oppressed from being dominant via wealth redistribution.
    And yes, you can thank the jews for causing all the problems we see today.

    1. The debt driven fiat money system is at the root of many social problems. It certainly makes feminism worse, but feminism in the USA goes back decades before the fed. In USA the declaration of sentiments was in 1848, after Andrew Jackson had killed the central bank in the USA by vetoing the renewal of its charter. It isn’t until the end of 1913 that central banking returns to the USA.
      So central banking is a contributor, an accelerator, but not a cause.

      1. Giving women the right to vote and allowing them to have a say in how society should be run was the key mistake.

    2. You stormers see a Jew behind every problem, dont you? Feminism is the evolution of women’s suffrage which began in the USA with anglo women (e.g. Susan B Anthony, a Quaker, et. al) who successfully passed the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. Liberal democracy which is also an anglo/European ideal was always promoted by the Democratic party by the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt. For sure, Jewish women are prominent is modern feminism, but they are not totally responsible for the rise of feminism.

  25. The photo of the (mostly) naked skags – yuck… ever notice that the women who strip and bare-all to the World in slutwalks and protests are the type of snouts and entrails nobody wants to see naked?

    1. I thought they all looked quite attractive. Not the normal fat feminist look at all.

  26. While feminism is infecting other countries, the US place sanctions or fights against other countries that try to rid of it to make certain that the sick ideology propagates. US has become the world police.

  27. Reading this piece, it clicked into my head that feminism is basically communism…Or at least serves as the ‘revolutionary’ part that promises the opposite of what it provides. Is that right? So it would seem are any ‘unnatural’ or inorganic social engineering movements, like affirmative action, etc.
    So is communism / socialism the base product here, or is it in itself a symptom of something greater, like an automatic or inevitable consequence of surplus economics? Bear in mind I’m not an acedemic so please be nice; but am I thinking about this / getting the jist of the article?

      1. Yeah, I guess I am thinking of small c communism / small s socialism. The kind of negative changes to the natural order that products like feminism has brought about. But now that you bring it up, real communist countries are usually quite ‘equal’ about gender stuff, it’s just not a big deal it seems, right; I’m thinking Maoist China, Cuba, the Soviets; in pictures, documentaries and such there seem to be no shortage of women workers, scientists, police, etc. Even authoritarian governments seem to recognize the support role that women play as crucial and important in its own right without making a big deal.

      2. Stalin shut down feminism. But communism has the same fallacy of feminism called egalitarianism.

        1. communism don’t need feminism, fenminism exist only to bring comunism. but once communism is here it destroy feminism.

      3. Since at least the 1980s, (western) feminist theorists are hugely, hugely, inseparably locked in with socialism. Class struggle is their full template for the overthrow of “patriarchy.”
        The third wave feminism we all puzzle over is a direct and specific manifestation of Marx.

        1. Alas, I am not confusing these things, and contemporary feminist academics are often quite explicit about thier unending debt to Marx.
          I double dare you to take a Womens Studies course at any major university in the world. You will not learn much about women. But you will learn quite a bit about Marx.

        2. Feminists like Gayle Rubin made it explicit, by re-working feminist theory around marxist concepts, but most of the important feminists like Friedan and Kate Millet were secret revolutionary commies

        3. that’s a tired argument, that takes no account of this subsequent history and adaptations of revolutionary marxism. Classical marxism is neither here nor there

        4. Some, very few, of the original Feminist leaders were not communist in dresses. Betty Freidan was forced out of, or abandoned, feminism when the man hating Marxist nature became evident.

        5. No, we are not. Feminism is just Marxism with classes defined by sex not economic class.

        6. That’s interesting. Marxism takes over movements, and tends to do so discreetly. Millet’s sister describes the covert nature of the meetings she would attend with Kate Millet. It wasn’t something to advertise to the people (mainly women) you were selling it to. I’d say once you start hearing about the ‘feminist revolution’ there’s a sense in which the marxism connexion is becoming more overt. I attended some feminist driven courses some years back. There was nothing overtly marxist about any of the materials or discussion, but then one day I heard an audio lecture describing where the participants were wetting themselves about how Marx had once lectured in that same building or something as though they were taking over the baton somehow. I’d say by the 70s feminism was a marxist movement in terms of analysis

      4. Communism is only the equality of the economic sphere. Feminism is equality of the social sphere.

      5. No it is not. Feminism is a form of Marxism 100% and always has been. It exists today only in capitalist countries because countries that have survived communism know it when they see it again. The feminists in capitalist countries are working to overthrow those countries and make the gender communistic.

      6. America is far from being a capitalist country. That is the biggest lie of our generation, that we were brought up in a free market, capitalist society.

      7. it’s a tool to bring communism, like say yuri bezmenov they are useful idiots.and once their usefulness come to an end, they will be erased.

    1. Here is your decoder ring: substitute the words “patriarchy” for “capitalism,” and “women” for “proletariat,” then just run standard communist dogma.
      Feminism is indeed a strain of communism. It may manifest differently in different places due to cultural differences, but it’s true nature is not to be doubted.

  28. Thinking feminism is moving out of the west is just wrong. Feminism is a disease, and white women are the carriers. Muslim women are happy with their place in society, as are Asian women. White women’s diseases don’t spread here.

    1. “Muslim women are happy with their place in society, as are Asian women. White women’s diseases don’t spread here.”
      Yeah, I wouldn’t be too sure about that, buddy. Western feminism is spreading all over the world. Other women look at the freedom that women in the West and in the US have, sexual or otherwise, and want the same.

      1. I’ll make a bet that Islam spreads and conquers you before feminism spreads to me.

        1. So, you do admit that it is a race. The question you state is the right one. Will feminism destroy Islam before Islam destroys western civilization?

      1. I live here too, but only have contact with Asian women. They don’t appear to be listening to white women.

        1. My life consists of…
          2 months Chiang Mai (cycling), 1 month in Barretto (Philippines) chasing hookers.

        2. nice man. we are getting a solid crew of pretty aware individuals here in CM. hit us up if you are down to grab a beer or 2…we usually go out on Saturday nights around nimman.

  29. IT’s not that feminism will go away completely, but the lessons learned by our sons today will serve as landmarks throughout their lives……

  30. Always remember to keep in mind the intimate connection between the current iteration of feminism and Marxism. Marx is the template. Just as classes are destined to engage in struggle ala Marx, females and males are destined to lock in unresolvable combat.
    I mention this for this reason: where you find socialism/Marxism on the rise in the world, you will find feminism on the rise– and gender relations becoming increasingly hostile and toxic. The mental template for Marxist thought (class struggle) simply extends itself into every corner of social psyche.

  31. Feminism aint shit south of USA in this hemisphere, their corruption guarantees that. Their Catholic values and hard lives guarantee that Islam and pussy passes wont go. Go to a Nogales titty bar dude, they know their place in the food chain. Been to Central America & saw no feminist bs, theyre still poor as ever and real.

    1. Go to Brazil, Costa Rica, or Argentina. Once the countries start to climb the income ladder the feminism starts. Brazil, from what I have heard from native men, is turning up the feminism to 11, then breaking off the knob. India is another example. The difference is where feminism goes from 0 to 11 out of ten in less than a generation the people (read men) know that it is an aberration.

      1. I’m in SEA, half the builders who constructed my house were women, the road workers and garbage collectors are just as likely to be women. We have equality without feminism. White women contribute nothing to western society, they are parasites.

  32. Yes, feminism is already starting to infect my country India. And only a few are enlightened to know that these feminists, who rant about rape culture, also defend the actual rapists (muslims and low-caste untouchable assholes) with their Identity politics, political correctness and socialism. And they even have the gall to flip the script on us higher castes claiming that we are the ones committing them. I really hope that china could nuke my country and we could start everything from scratch. Nukes are better than feminism.

      1. Yes because, we high caste people let those low caste untouchable piece of shits and muslims let them have their way. They make up 70% of the population. We high caste people are the real minority. But this was predicted by our religious books and also by the greek philosopher plato. We live in an age of hypocrisy. Niggers, low caste people, communists, socialists, supporters of false prophets and atheist majority will start attacking the theist minority. This hypocrisy started in europe with the commoners attacking the french and russian aristocrats. Now the christians, jews, hindus and buddhists get vilified but the totalitarian islamist muslims fucks get a pass for everything they do.

        1. We in the USA do not understand the caste system but I dont feel any pity for the Indian high caste minority. You have always shit on and abused the lower caste people.

        2. Yes, they are just lies and propaganda against us just like the ones against Jews and Israel, blaming them for screwing the palestinians instead of Hamas. The good old “fake news” PR campaign ensures that perpetrators be seen as victims and victims as criminals. You don’t need to know about caste system to understand its core concept. Just read Plato’s book Republic, volume 8 about the decline of morality and political system from Aristocracy through Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy to Tyranny. Same shit we had.

        3. Not at all. The caste system was perfect. You should really read about the caste system before talking shit about it with just empty rhetoric like the SJWs and Feminists.

        4. But it does not make much difference to me to hear an opinion from you. We consider europeans to be from low castes too. Only europeans of priestly or aristocratic or jewish descent deserve respect.

        5. If it does not make much difference to you, why have you responded twice to my post?

        6. I’ve never read a thing about the caste system that didn’t make me want to puke

        7. To put you low caste buttholes in your place. When the time is right God would eliminate you leftists, islamists, liberals, feminists, low caste buttholes like you in to obscurity. It has been written in major religions. We jews, christians, buddhists and hindus know the truth that you atheists and muslims fail to grasp.

        8. “The caste system was perfect.”
          You must be a “high-caste” Brahmin. How lucky of you.
          Too bad your stranglehold of exploiting all the rest of all of us “low-caste” people through trickery, fraud and deceit has been broken.

        9. Na, I am not from the brahmin caste. They were priests. I am from the second highest, the aristocrats. Yes, people with the most knowledge must control the society. We can see how millions get killed when we let dumb commoners rule the world. Communism and Socialism is proof. Now bugger off you low caste european.

  33. It would be actually a nice detail, since it was America who hastened the growth of feminism.

  34. Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the absolute destruction feminism has caused. The internet has been a wonderful tool in this regard as the main stream media does nothing but support and encourage feminism.
    A CIA engineered, government introduced, taxpayer funded, media assisted, Marxist, socialist, anti-male hate movement that has saturated American society unfortunately, is not just magically going to disappear. Government wants it firmly in place because of it’s enormous strength in giving the elites absolute power.
    I don’t believe it will ever disappear entirely however, we will at least be able to inoculate ourselves to some degree against the latest strains it tries to infect us with.
    One of the greatest debilitating blows to feminism was the election of Donald Trump. Clearly people were fed up with the endless and sickening pandering, fawning and gynocentric catering of the “pussified” disgrace who has been in power for the past eight years.

  35. The twentieth century saw the eradication of Smallpox. The twenty-first will see the final eradication of Polio and Feminism.
    Still some R & D needed before the KEK vaccine is ready to go to trial though

  36. Countries in Latin America, Africa, or Asia won’t sit still for a feminist revolution such as you describe. The leaders of China or some tyrant in Africa will address it with brutal force and women will be lucky to escape a bullet of machete.

  37. Feminism has overrun South Africa due to the ANC having handed the country to the Anglo-American alliance on a plate.
    Historically- the country was always regarded as part of this alliance in which case it was probably doomed from the start.
    Then along came Nelson Mandela who cemented the country’s fate instead of making a clean break with its past when he formed a government of national unity in 1994.
    Having a government that’s corrupt to the core doesn’t help either as they will endorse any oddball populist policy for the right price.
    The tragedy is not that white western affiliated women support this but that Black African women- ignorant of the agenda behind it- have accepted the ideology hook,line and sinker.
    And those who attend university are drawn to the humanities and revolutionary ideology- with the result they don’t stand a chance against this ramped-up indoctrination .

  38. I have a hard time believing that feminism will get that far in the latin/machismo cultures, but maybe I’m wrong. In any case, glad to see it’s finally being rejected in America.

  39. “Starting in the 1960’s, feminists abandoned the pursuit of mere equal treatment for the insistence of superior treatment.”
    Even now, feminists will claim that it’s a “mere” pursuit of equal treatment right to your face as they then demand all kinds of goodies that have nothing to do with equal treatment. Did men ever get abortions they denied to women? Or get free daycare and healthcare and not offer it to women?
    Even back to Seneca Falls, feminism sought all the goodies of masculinity without pesky responsibilities. The Titanic was a classic example where suffragettes revealed their anti-male agenda in that they declared that the drowned men had it coming or were oppressors or women were just more important. Yeah, look it up.
    In other words, there is no nice feminism. Never was. All nice feminists are merely posturing to cover up for their sexist sisters and most even are aware of this and hope to fool you. Cathy Young is someone I personally think is the PR representative for man hating feminism “Ok, my company dumped toxic waste on your village but I care about helping clean it up! Here’s a sponge! I care!”
    Yeah, eff you Cathy.

  40. If there weren’t so many cuck manginas in USA society feminism would be much further through the cycle to death. White knight enabler betas keep it going.

  41. Sweden, Germany, Norway, Canada, and other spineless countries may make laws limiting free speech, especially as it pertains to feminism, but those laws do not affect Americans nor the internet.
    The First Amendment must surely be the wisest legal mechanism ever devised. And, of course, the guarantee (the Second).

  42. What “threatens” the United States, the rest of the world can give two shits about. What is America’s problem; the rest of the world doesn’t give a flying fuck.
    America created feminism but I don’t think Americans can destroy it. American men (not all but majority of them) are the biggest manginas and all you ever need to know is how American women act.
    How their women act is an indicator of what kind of men live among them.
    Look at Russian women. Why are they so feminine compared to American women?
    It’s because Russian men actually beat their females if they get out of hand.
    American feminism won’t be much of a problem if American men actually start being assertive men and put their women in leash/place.

  43. It won’t survive peak oil anymore than a tank can operate without oil. When the juice runs down, men will become ultra competitive to the point of war. Women will crap themselves in this environment.

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