One Journalist’s Flawed Analysis Of The Migrant Crisis

European elites are in denial over the refugee problem. This was made clear—to me at least—after reading the many statements of European leaders, as well as articles that have attempted to discuss the issue in the popular press. I read one recent article in a popular news site that indicated just how divorced from reality much of the commentary has been on this matter.

Consider the article Refugees Will Change Europe For The Better, written by one Paul Hockenos, who is described as “a journalist living in Berlin.” Hockenos’s cheerleading on behalf of (apparently) unrestricted immigration calls attention the myopia, obfuscations, wishful thinking, and delusion that the modern European liberal is able to muster on behalf of his position. We will examine his arguments here.


Paul Hockenos

The demographics

Hockenos’s first point is that unrestricted immigration will be a positive good for Germany and Western Europe because it will reverse what he calls the “demographic crisis” that is (supposedly evidenced) by the drop in German population in the past decades. With a straight face, Hockenos even mentions that migrants need to be “lured” to Germany to help pay the pensions and support the social programs of the country’s current population.

What Hockenos does not tell us is that the phrase “demographic crisis” is a loaded term. The history of the world is the history of populations. They rise, they fall, they ebb, and they flow. It is actually natural in the life of a nation for its population to fluctuate, sometimes with great volatility. The fact that there has been a dip in population does not mean we should automatically import hundreds of thousands of foreigners into our borders to “rectify” a problem that may not even exist.

Indeed, it sounds like what Hockenos is really worried about is the fact that there won’t be enough live bodies to staff the liberal welfare state set up by the post-WW II generation. And maybe this is a good thing. He never thinks to probe the reasons why European populations are declining. Could it be that the states there have created a toxic, hazardous environment for the raising of families?

Could it be that men have no incentive to marry and raise families, since their traditional roles are denigrated and disparaged on a daily basis by a feminist-centric cultural ethos? Such questions are, of course, not permitted to be asked, as they fall outside the permissible scope of discourse in Europe and America.

Far easier is it to import thousands of alien bodies to turn the gears and push the buttons of the existing system. Maybe, one thinks, it’s irredeemably rotten and should be left to collapse.

The economy


The second “benefit” Hockenos touts with refugees is the supposed “economic” benefit. By just sliding these people into the existing economic fabric, a new boom will be created—he assures us—and Germans will eventually “get to know Syrians the same way they know Turks.” Which, of course, is not at all.

Here is where Hockenos ideological bent verges on willful delusion. Vast numbers of immigrants from a foreign land, unceremoniously dumped inside another land, create more problems than they solve. Hockenos is unable to cite a single historical example where such an event actually occurred. What we get instead is the language of “could” and “might” that he apparently views as equivalent to definitive statements.

All in all, Hockenos’s views, while typical of the European elites, are revealing more in what he does not address. No one is saying that all immigration is bad. In fact, it is natural and normal, provided that it is done in a way that there is time for the host society to adjust. It should flow as a gentle stream, not as a tidal wave. Herein lies the difference.

Never once in his article does Hockenos address this reality, or provide us with any sort of metric to measure the “absorption rate” that a society can tolerate before serious social problems are created.  In his world, there apparently should be no restrictions or limits.


Also not addressed is the fact that his comfortable lifestyle is dependent on a system that he is now undermining. Culture comes from populations; change the population, and you change the culture. There is something disturbingly self-negating, viscerally self-loathing, about the modern European liberal’s rush to embrace the migrant tidal waves. It is difficult to put one’s finger on, but it is there nonetheless.

Why doesn’t Hockenos advocate for the reform or abolition of the very policies that have caused the (alleged) population decline and economic stagnation that he claims to be outraged by? Why not reform or abolish the existing social and political systems that have ill-served Europeans, instead of dumping hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the mix?

Hockenos simply glosses over the fact that there are huge migrant populations in Europe that have simply never integrated, either deliberately or by historical accident. To imagine that this assimilation will automatically happen is simply wrong. One could just as easily say that the new populations will form de facto cantons, and contribute to the fracturing of the national cultural identity.

He has no answer for this, of course. And the reason is simple: he, like the European elites who are forcing their migrant policies on their people, is benefiting from the existing system. The parasitic elites in Europe have systematically sold out their countries: they have thrown away their military traditions, they have presided over vast wealth gaps among the populace, and they have been too willing to throw away tradition as the wisdom of centuries of experience. For this, the continent is paying a very high price.

Decades of wealth, affluence, and neglect of the martial virtues have rendered Western Europe vulnerable to foreign incursions. The elites there seem determined to ignore any historical or social reality that contradicts their doctrinal imperatives. That is now being revealed with disturbing clarity.

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159 thoughts on “One Journalist’s Flawed Analysis Of The Migrant Crisis”

  1. There are two kinds of people – those who are brainwashed, and those who manipulate the brainwashed.

    We need this to happen in some way for real (I’m not holding my breath on it though).

        1. That’s hypocritical of you to say. “Some” jews are allegedly responsible for mass immigration to the west, and you complain that “Europeans weren’t asked”, but fail to apply the same rule to jews about whether they were asked about mass immigration to Europe or not. So instead of making those individual jews responsible for that and solving your own problem, you seek to create another problem for others that had mostly nothing to do with your own problem. Oh Well, at least you make your genocidal intentions clear.

        2. You are hamstering right now, trying to jystify Jews’ actions.
          Everything happens for a reason. The Jews have been persecuted throughout history. So it was for no reason? In the last years the Jews they were given the same rights as of other people. And we can see the results for ourselves.
          It’s the same way with giving unlimited rights to women. It wasn’t a thing in the past, and now when it is, we can see the atrocious results. But yes, “not all women are like that”.
          My intentions are of self-defence. It’s not me who put things that way, it’s the Jews.

  2. This might well be the end of western civilization, of the current model of global trade, of technological innovation outside of East Asia. And still there are these – we Dutch call them ‘cijferneukers’, number fuckers – who promise us golden mountains based on incomplete, dubious and sometimes outright false statistics.
    It’s a damned disgrace.

    1. cijferneukers
      That is a fantastic word. Cijfer = “cipher” in English, which used to refer to numbers, usually related to repeating back numbers in some way. “Jethro, go cipher for Mr. Drysdale.”

        1. It was a top notch show. That and Green Acres which was pound for pound good old fashioned American liberty oriented and 100% hilarious.

      1. Why?!?! Cos they fight with the Jews. Subhuman carpet riders fight with everyone! Shia Shiteaters and Sunni Goatfuckers kill each other. That’s why the Muslims in other countries don’t want these migrants.

  3. “European elites are in denial over the refugee problem.”
    It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s all calculated. They are playing their parts in their version of William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar:
    “Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war”.

  4. The western European Socialists won’t dial back their promises of big retirement benefits (even for those who never really worked), so this is their only alternative. Bring in a shitload of brown people and try to tax them.
    It is going to backfire spectacularly.

    1. Man, it’s a time thing, the longer this goes on the harder it will be to undo the harm and despite all the tens of thousands of people taking to the streets and asylum homes that catch fire nothing much seems to be changing. Sure a bit of dissent within German politics but it’s mainly just empty words, no-one really ballsy enough in politics here to do what is needed. As long as nothing major happens that affects the mainstream personally it is sadly not looking like it will change.

  5. Hockenos is suffering from Crazy Cat Lady Syndrome. Must rescue all feral Muslims, even if they crap all over the carpet and steal the food from the locals. What a pathetic, self-loathing, emotionally unstable loser.
    Either that, or someone (CIA) is paying him a shitload of money to write such rubbish.

  6. That entire article was loaded with absurd assumptions and outright errors. My personal favorite is when he says that the migrants will solve Germany’s housing problem, because they’ll force the German government to build more homes. That’s right, the way to solve a housing crisis is to bring in a million homeless people! The government will build houses for all of them and then maybe, when they’re done and if there’s anything left over, they’ll build some houses for the actual homeless Germans.
    He then moves on to say that all the money that the government will spend on language tutors, coordinators, and other jobs to help with the integration will stimulate the economy. This is the same old silly economic stimulus argument that popped up in the states after the financial crisis. Back then, we had an American economist, Paul Krugman, say that the way to save the economy was to tell everyone that aliens were invading. The money we spent building orbital lasers and other anti-alien defenses would “stimulate the economy” and save us from recession.
    This is, of course, stupid. Money represents resources, and an economy only has a certain amount of resources at any one time. Money spent teaching migrants how a stop sign works, or how to read their ABCs, is money that’s not going to build factories, or roads, or fund engineering scholarships at universities. Spending billions of euros on an unintegrated, uneducated population in the hope that maybe sometime in the far future they’ll be worth something is a huge net drain on the economy.
    One thing you didn’t mention is that this article is from Al-Jazeera, a company whose owners (which include the ruling government of at least one Muslim state, if I remember rightly) stand to benefit considerably if Europe gets a large Muslim population. This is plain old propaganda, and we should call it out for what it is.

    1. When he says language tutors, does he mean the ones who will be teaching the soon to be vestigial Germans the Arabic language of their new masters?

    2. Idiots like this do not deserve whatever accreditation they’ve earned. These immigrants are not bringing any wealth with them so what happens to the “stimulus” money? It simply keeps getting spread thinner and thinner. More people taking a piece of the pie until each slice is paper thin.

      1. They are bringing wealth but in a different form (and to a very few). The citizens need to take their countries back and many need to break off from the EU. It’s obvious they no longer have their best interest in mind (reminds me of the US with the feds having too much power….states need to take back their authority).

        1. Indeed. This is what disgusts me so much about our politicians right now; they’re spineless. Our states have the ability to give the federal govt the big ole middle finger, but they’re too vested in all the back door dealings to do what’s best for the people. I’m afraid another civil war is on the horizon that will put the original one to shame.

        2. and that’s the problem. Too much funding flows from federal to state (dependents, reminds me of the military). States need to break away from the fed and tell them ‘no thanks, we’re good’. Once that starts happening we may see a shift but it must start with the locals in each state.

      2. Hockenos is an American. He is a lunar leftist from way back. An example of his publications are:
        Free to Hate. The Rise of the Right in Post-Communist Eastern Europe. Routledge, New York 1993, ISBN 0-415-90824-8.
        Joschka Fischer and the Making of the Berlin Republic. An Alternative History of Postwar Germany. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2008, ISBN 978-0-19-518183-8.
        Joschka Fisher was a hard core revolutionary communist who rebranded himself as a “Green”.

    3. Regardless of errors though, the response to economic concern trolling is much simpler:
      To fix a country’s economy by replacing its indigenous people is to cure a disease by committing suicide

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    4. It illustrates how ridiculous the continual growth paradigm is, and how otherwise intelligent reasoning people can come up with such nonsense.
      Why not also conjecture that Benrie Madoff would still be in business today had he just gotten 100,000 refugees to invest with him, despite having zero money because the guerment will provide them each $100K in freshly borrowed Benjamins at taxpayer expense.

  7. Seems fitting really.
    A feminized effete cucked west simply being taken (like a woman) by the more surly mid-easterner types who still have some kind of manhood attacked.
    All the while “leaders” elected by the effetterati welcome it with open arms.
    In many ways, what happens with individuals, couples, social circles, communities, cities, states, nations, and civilizations, is all the same.
    The west is a submissive woman…um… well no..
    The west is a gay man trying to become a submissive woman and playing up what they think the most effeminate submissive woman must act like and playing that role for “some sick reason” and sticking his ass out in the parking lot.
    Personally, I don’t plan on doing anything about it until after the trendies and hipsters are stoned to death.
    Then the invaders will get to know the real sons of the Teutonic, the real soccer hooligans, and the real good ol’ boys.
    And the people screaming “forced deportation is what Nazis did! We’re better than this!” will be crushed under the wheels of the very thing they got rolling.

    1. Funny you mention the possibility of hipster stoning. Sometimes in the course of one day I see bearded hipsters with big glasses, who are likely aligned with the mainstream leftist views and arabic speaking characters with a less groomed style of beard and think the same thing, ie that the inner-city hipsters who love to support all this stuff and call other people nazis are going to get beaten up and run away with fear if it all gets real.

    2. I can see the epic confrontation taking place now, on one side the Muzzies are closing in, on the other the Hipsters are swayin back and forth with “Hey Jude” playing in the Background ( conquer through music Bull shit) then the first Muzzy takes his sword and brings it down, and off falls a dreaded stinky head, one hipster steps forward and says “Hey Man what…” he’s also met by the sword, then screams rise up from the hipsters ( at this point Hey Jude is at the Na Na hey Jude Part) and Blood bath. Hipsters and Liberals just don’t understand.

      1. They cannot understand. They are incapable of understanding, and such people have always been around.
        Someone gave them ballots. That’s what made them dangerous.
        They are like women, who are not wired to understand.
        One need not be a woman to be woman.

        1. ‎‎‎

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      2. I’m not finding a lot wrong with that colorful description. In fact, I’d probably pay somebody for a lawn chair to sit in and watch it from atop a building.

    3. The first–and most glaring flaw in this stupid liberal/socialist logic–is that Ahmed, Muhammed and Ali are going to be willing to work long labourous jobs for menial servile salaries–so that they can be taxed at exorbitant liberal rates. All so a bunch of old white folks can lay around and enjoy their cozy retirements and pensions with vacations and fine dining?…
      I’m just amazed that these frickin socialist “progressives” are this stupid….or maybe they really are just all a bunch of self loathing, mental midgets…….

    4. “The west is a gay man trying to become a submissive woman” nice comparison which resumes perfectly the situation. I’ll add, that “The west is a gay man…” raised by a mad single-minded mother (with, of course, short sightview, poor judgment), the leftism.
      Get rid of leftism and then we could have a chance to get of this shitty situation.

  8. Brilliant. no bombs dropped, no suicide bombers, no beheadings. They just walked in and took over without one drop of blood spilled. I think we just learned a the ultimate lesson in Guerilla warfare. No expensive and messy weapons needed at all. Just play the victim en masse and walk in to your desired country and claim racism why you’re not being allowed to just walk in willy nilly and demand entitlements like housing,jobs, free welfare, etc…

  9. Good article. Marine Le Pen made the point that the elites want slaves to keep wages down, and perpetuate the vast income disparities between the owners and the workers. Somewhat old-fashioned terminology, but it rings true.
    Add to that the left-wing parties’ desire to gain more voters; the cultural Marxist wish to undermine anything and everything to do with white people; and the Jewish desire (linked to the latter) to render whites a minority in the West, and you begin to see why the flood continues despite the opposition of the majority of people in our alleged “democracies”.

    1. Also, with regards to the left, remember that they have essentially a view of human history that consists of class struggles. After the Second World War, most workers in Europe joined the middle class, removing the proletariat as a force to be reckoned with from the picture and finally puttin a nail in the coffin of traditional Marxist analysis.
      But there were a lot of people with big egos who were heavily invested in the idea of class struggles. So they imported a new proletariat, one with only very limited chances of ever becoming part of the middle class.

  10. There’s a demographic crisis largely owed to a decline in traditional values and mass third world immigration is the western governments’ unofficial response.
    It also drives wages down to the benefit of the government-commercial complex.
    Mark Steyn covers this excellently

    1. Mark Steyn is a prophet. I read “America Alone” in 2006 while traveling exstively in Europe and he was dead on with his assessments.

    2. The thing to note is that the economic arguments for immigration are so poor that they are arguments against it.
      Some facts
      1 There is no correlation between population growth by immigration and GDP/capita growth.
      2 These is no correlation between a countries population and GDP/capita.
      I’ve done the calculations myself using a spreadsheet and the cross correlation COREL function.
      There have been several studies on then subject. Steve Sailor covered them frequently.
      3 Immigration clearly increases the prices of housing and puts pressure on infrastructure such as road, rail, water pipes, reservoirs and electricity and in particular social services, education and policing.
      4 Higher housing prices prevent affordable family formation and thus reduce the birth rate. A man with a car and house or flat is more attractive. Women who don’t need to work can afford to stay at home and have an extra child.
      TitlePopulation growth and environmental quality: are they compatible?CreatorHamilton, Clive AbstractThere is no correlation between a nation’s population growth and its rate of economic growth.
      The economist George borjass has also found the arguments wanting.
      Some of the studies mentioned in “The Great Divide, Immigration Politics in Australia” show that most people are slightly worse of with a few elites positioned to take advantage of the growth.

  11. I had been playing on visiting France next year and traveling around Europe for a month, even been teaching myself the french language. However after reading everything that’s been going on over there, I’m having second thoughts. Would you all still recommend traveling to Europe? Or wait until this crisis has calmed down (if ever)?

        1. I have family in provincial Normandy, William the Conqueror territory. Traditional small towns, a church spire on every hill (and surprisingly full churches), and not an Arab in sight. See it while it lasts. Lots of WW2 historical sites around as well. If only they’d known what was coming, they’d have dropped their guns and gone home.

        2. My next trip to France will in fact be to Strasbourg. Plan on going there, as well as over into Germany, specifically Bergen-Bergen and Munich. Not sure if it will be the upcoming year or the one after yet though.

        3. Recommend Strassbourg and spend some time in Alscace. Heidelberg is a must. Münich and the Bayern Alps are great.
          Look me up as that is my neck of the woods.

        4. Loads of tourists and some good looking women from what I saw, but loads of rich people too. I’ll scratch Marseilles from the “visit” list.

        5. Don’t get your hopes up for Lyon can say it is just as full of migrants as Paris. Have heard a few good things about Rennes though..

        6. Cote d’azur is different. That’s where all the wealthy people from all around Europe are living in their mansions.
          Marseille itself has a very beautiful old town but it’s also ranked as the most dangerous city in Europe. Why? Maybe it’s because 40% of the population is muslim…of course we don’t wanna generalize here. Algerians are animals….Whoops!
          Marseille is a very good example of what will happen to all the other cities in Europe in near future. If muslim population reaches 25% you better run.

        1. Well, I have been to Paris 20 years ago for the first time and it already was a dirty shithole. Opinions are like assholes, I guess.
          Are you from New York? In this case I would understand. That city is even more nasty.

      1. My last trip to Paris was in 2009. I saw some Hatians (well, maybe Dominicans, now that I think about it), but don’t recall seeing many Arabs. Hipsters, I don’t know, I just assumed the average modern young Frenchman was more effeminate than the corn fed American Midwestern men I’m used to (no offense). That’s not a bash on the French, I think the same thing about East Coast “boys” here in the states.

        1. Non taken. Paris produces this sort of effeminate men. The feminization of the French man is a serious issue, but I think this happens in most western european countries.
          And as for Arabs, it depends in what neighborhood you’re in (Barbès comes to my mind …)

          I personally avoid big cities as much as I can and stay in the countryside. There you can find young manly (or aspiring to be) men.

    1. I’ve already canceled my trip to go based on everything that is happening. It’s a shame because I was looking forward to going back over there (it’s been awhile) to see Germany and other places. Now, I’ve canceled and I’ll go somewhere else for vacation (can’t take my gun with me and I think I’ll need it if I visit).

  12. A nation or continent that has generous welfare benefits and open borders, will not be around for very long. I’ve been an American expat in Europe for a long time and there are several unaddressed variables at play in western Europe.
    My $.02:
    (1) The local feminized women stopped having children at replacement level (2.1 births per woman) a generation or two ago. The acception was Ireland. As Europeans are heavily invested into the big lie of socialism, their poltical masters (2) will rather commit cultural suicide than admit they believe in a false relgion, hence the importation of fresh new taxpayers who will eventually bolter state coffers and the need to harvest their votes. Problem is that they are flooding (3) a bunch of semi-illiterate parasites who are driven not by conflict in their homelands (most are not Syrian), but simple greed. Most of them (75%) are muslim men of military age who will eventually change the cultural landscape. There will be local governments who will be implementing shaira law in the future as the demographics change.
    Thousands have already disappeared inside Germany. The crime waves are being surpressd in the media, but the locals are well aware of what is transpiring. Merkel appears like a gibbering old bag lady (Wir shaffen das!) you would see on the metro and the rest of the Euro elite have no idea what to do.
    There are truly some unseen malicious machinations going on, but I cannot say what they are. Europe is truly fucked.

    1. I wasn’t aware you were an expat. Interesting. How do you cope with not being able to own and carry a firearm (assuming the nation you live in, is one of “those kinds” of nations)? That’s always been the big stopper for me, I just can’t give up my firearms, they are part my identity at this point in my life, having grown up with them from the time I was in diapers, forward.

      1. Long story. After my hitch and getting my diploma, I have been abroad since the mid 90’s. I still have family and assets where I (you) are from, but on this side of the pond it’s a different Story. Forgive if I do not go into detail, but I have taken precautions.

      2. Some countries in Europe are so peaceful that you don’t need a firearm at all. Or at least they were, before this islamic invasion started.

        1. You never need a firearm, until you need a firearm. It’s better to be well practiced and drilled in their use and never ever have to use one, than to have to run and fill out fifty forms and get permission and never get to practice when the time comes that you need one. These hordes would stand little chance in my state and county, and I mean tens of thousands of them, we’d gun them down the first time a Rotterham was reported. Austria, on the other hand, where they can sorta get guns still but didn’t until just now, is fucked.

    2. Agree and a few good points. This move is all about supporting the welfare state and the political leaders don’t give a shit about their people. In Germany, a mayor simply told his town members if they didn’t like the new “migrants” (illegals) coming into their town then they could move. They shit wouldn’t fly in small town VA, I can tell you that (that mayor would have made it home that night).
      The people in Germany are protesting and marching because they see what is going on. Their leaders no longer represent them.
      Hungary is a shining example of how to keep things in check.

      1. I saw that and shook my head. The Hungarian PM fingered Soros for encouraging this by the way. The Russian press is really putting stuff out there that isn’t making it throgh the filters.

        1. You know it’s a pretty sad day when many Americans and Europeans are siding with Hungary (and the Russians). Even though the mainstream media is trying to paint the move by Hungary as a bad move or the moves by Russia…many Americans are seeing through the bullshit. I mean, just imagine this mass of people marching through your town, neighborhood, etc…because some asshole in Washington said “Come on down”. That is the part where I believe many are paying attention (and it’s the big reason for Trump’s numbers, today).

        2. The Hungarian PM is doing yeoman’s work in connecting all the dots on a very public stage. He’s disproved the “fences don’t work, borders don’t work” nonsense, and then went and directly implicated the mastermind Soros behind the scenes. It’s like he’s some kind of prophet sent down from God to save the West.

      2. …coming into their town then they could move.
        Move to where? Another town that’s already flooded with migrants or is soon to be flooded? What kind of country displaces it’s own citizens to facilitate third world barbarians?

        1. I don’t know and you just have to shake your head (as a citizen) when you heard that remark, from a public official, who is supposed to be working for you (the taxpayer). Like I said, that wouldn’t fly in Virginia. That mayor would not have made it home alive after such a remark.

    3. Yes, unseen malicious machinations. Some kind of trade deal or promise behind closed doors that we don’t know about. Have at times thought Merkel was just being too much of a good Christian trying too naively help people but is probably something more sick driving this

      1. Merkel openly admitted a few years ago that multi-culturalism was a mistake and I doubt her “good Christian” intentions– she is a politician (one that even Helmut Kohl didn’t like). Her insistence of refugees in Germany and openly comparing German citizens to nazis for opposing muslim hordes in their towns is revealing. Something else is going on.

        1. She should be removed from office by the German people for treason. She no longer acts in the best interest of tax paying German citizens.

    4. Welfare benefits are a huge problem in Western Europe. Not only it lures hundreds of thousands migrants, the system also encourages lazy behaviour in local population. I mean why bother finding work if you know state will take care of you?

  13. It is interesting to me that Al Jazeera Arabic is nothing like Al Jazeera English. The Arabic version is relatively conservative, mildly Arab nationalist, and free from the worst excesses of far-left bullshit. Yet the English version is staffed by far-left cucks, extreme liberals, feminists, etc.
    Makes you wonder if there is a hidden agenda here…just saying.

    1. Not being able to read Arabic I had no idea that was the case. That is *very* suspicious, to the point where you can’t really even say that there isn’t a rather open agenda on display.

    2. You know, I was wondering the same thing about RT. Isn’t it odd that while Putin is moving Russia back towards conservatism and clamps down on homosexuals, RT spreads gay rights via personalities like Max Keiser and Abby Martin.
      My guess is that Putin figures (correctly, IMHO) that liberalism/libertarianism will undermine American society, hastening it’s demise.

      1. There’s nothing “libertarian” going on in America these days and hasn’t been for many, many decades. Outside of the rediscovery of our 2nd Amendment, Libertarianism has been wholly sneered at and rejected by the hordes of statists and their Left wing elite. They loathe us with a capital “L”. Don’t confuse Classical Liberalism with atomism. Atomism is only possible in a Leftist centered society that rejects the norms of morals and virtue.

        1. All the better. Libertarianism is a failure for lacking natural defenses. All that “live and let live” for the people who make it their goal to destroy others. All that “I don’t agree with you but I’ll defend your right to say it” is bullshit when people are using free speech to destroy freedom, all that media and academia indoctrination and lies protected by “free speech” when these whore academics and presstitutes should have been hung from overpasses for what they have done.
          All that “let people come in if they want” when the people coming in are not just people wanting in, but are invaders and here for that purpose, even on an interstate level when Californians move to Texas to “make Texas blue” meaning fuck it up on purpose.
          All that begging or “civil liberties” all these years when one thug with a gun in New York City made the cops only “come out when necessary” for a few weeks, creating a noticeably healthy atmosphere lacking in “agents swarming to eat out our substance” which is the usual fare. Meaning: One thug with a chip on his shoulder angry over Eric Gardner did more in 2 minutes than an entire generation of libertarianism.
          All that “let’s go live out in the mountains and be rugged individuals!” while back on the grid, from break room to board room, stupid leftoid ideas were left to flourish without someone on hand to say “Hey, that’s fucking stupid!”. Oh no, Mr Libertarian is going to go live in a cabin and be tough, until wifey gets sick and needs to live near a doctor’s office.
          All the world is force. All the world is people doing whatever they want. All the world is fucked up. And that will never change, and it never has.
          Libertarianism is a failure and needs to die.

        2. “Libertarianism is a failure and needs to die.”
          Libertarianism only works when society has a strong internal moral and cultural ethos (which the West lacks).

        3. And therein lies the internal contradiction of libertarianism. How do people acquire morality? Either some kind of religion, sanctioned by the STATE, or simply brute force authoritarianism like in China.

        4. I think of morality as more of a ‘goal’, ‘conclusion’, or ‘system’ rather than ‘values’.
          Example: I practice Christianity. However, my CONCLUSIONS based on my internal ‘values’ are more in line with ROK (composed of more than just Christians) than than mainstream Churchians.

        5. While it’s great that you have the necessary intellectual capacity to figure things out for yourself, are you comfortable with the idea of letting low-IQ people who are ruled by emotion deciding for themselves what is right and what is wrong?
          Yes, I realize that’s elitist, but so what? It’s confirmed every time I turn on the TV or read the news that the whole mantra of “freedom and responsibility” is just wishful thinking.

        6. The natural defenses were that Classical Liberalism was established in a moral and just society of people who commonly agreed on their culture and morality. The Left appropriates some of the ideology when it suits them then turns it around on all of us, just like the Right does. That the Left and Right are reprehensible, I believe, everybody knows. Hence the new “alt right” which incorporates a lot of us actual Classical Liberals.
          They do get immigration 100% wrong. That’s why I’m not full bore capital “L” libertarian.
          The “civil liberties” people were driven by the SJW’s and race hustlers of the ’50’s and ’60’s and were fully communist infiltrated. That had jack shit to do with libertarianianism/classical liberalism.
          All that “let’s go live out in the mountains and be rugged individuals!”while back on the grid, from break room to board room, stupid leftoid ideas were left to flourish without someone on hand to say “Hey, that’s fucking stupid!”.
          When society rejects you and kicks you in the teeth, do you continue to grovel in meek submission supporting it, or do you find someplace else to go? Isn’t that *precisely* the credo of MGTOW? You sound mad that libertarians, the men with the actual answers, got fed up with not only the statist shit but actual mainstream sneering and didn’t save you/us. But isn’t that your/our job as individuals?
          Libertarianism is a failure and needs to die.
          Since it hasn’t actually held force for well over a hundred years, I suspect that you’re blaming the wrong parties involved.

        7. Religion is a wonderful conduit for transmitting morality. The Classical Liberal ideology did NOT make the mistake that the other ones did, which is to substitute religion with a socio-political movement. You want religion and community then that is up to *you*, sir. Just as it was in the Founder’s days.
          And as I’m religious I rather agree with what you find that it takes to keep a society cohesive, fwiw.

        8. As long as there are appropriate laws to deal with people who violate the rights of others, then who gives a shit? If Bobby and Tommy want to bugger each other on the weekend in their apartment, then let them. Their kind is autoterminating now that they no longer have to hide and “bear children” like they did a century ago to look “legit”. This is actually doing us all a big favor in removing that scourge from the gene pool. And all is well with the world, ultimately.

        9. That would be nice, but it’s naive to assume Bobby and Tommy buggering each-other has no effect on the rest of society. They will pass the myriads of STD’s they are incubating on to their hundreds of partners (because monogamy is so passe), getting the rest of us to pay for all their medical treatments. Worse than that, these diseases are now making their way to women via bisexual men. Well, that’s just great! What if I want to marry someone who isn’t a disease vector? If I want kids I will have to stick it in her unwrapped, and no I don’t want pus-filled zits on my dick, thank you very much. Not to mention the fact that many women have become subscribers to this ideology, using it to rationalize their journey on the cock-carousel.
          Also, should we do away with anti-competitive laws like the Sherman Act? I mean, we’re basically telling companies whom they can and cannot make deals with. Not very libertarian, is it? There is nothing fraudulent about companies getting together to create a monopoly. Yet it was necessary to create these laws because capitalism doesn’t work all that well when there is no competition. Yet another spectacular failure for libertarianism.

        10. ‘ “whole mantra of “freedom and responsibility” is just wishful thinking’.
          As long as the system of governance is limited to ‘elites’ that who know that freedom is linked to responsibility, it is not wishful thinking (think the original intentions of the Founders). All men may have equal (worth), but the same does not go for their ideas.
          We can either have our ‘internal’ elitist rule us as individuals and our families, or we will be ruled by ‘external’ elitists (the totalitarian). And at the very least, it starts with the idea of the patriarchy (that is, the man running his family, and by extension, society).
          Unfortunately, breath a word of this to the idiot cuckservatives at CPAC, Eagle Forum, and forums like Redstate, and get ostracized or kicked out.

        11. Yes, we should abolish Sherman. Crony “capitalism” was the rule of the day then, not free markets.
          Gays haven’t made my kids gay, and one of them is an adult and the other soon to be.
          Values are yours to impart to your kids, not the domain of government. Government said shit about morality in 1880, and we did fine. It has no say now.

        12. The problem is, many people are simply not capable of responsibility because they cannot foresee the consequences of their actions and the damage it causes to society. Then we have the sociopaths who just don’t give a fuck about anyone else except themselves. Sad, but true.
          This is probably why all civilizations throughout history were authoritarian in nature. I’m not aware of any that was libertarian. This is a problem to which humanity has been trying to find a solution since the dawn of civilization and we still haven’t found a solution.
          As for the cucks, they are worse than leftoids. At least you know where the leftoids stand, but the cucks are slithery poseurs who pretend to be conservatives. Sometimes I wonder if they’re really part of a subversion effort by leftoids to undermine whatever is left of conservative America. For example, ever notice the explosion of gay “conservative” commentators on Fox News?

        13. “This is probably why all civilizations throughout history were authoritarian in nature.”
          As William Penn said: “Men must be governed by God, or they will be ruled by tyrants.”
          “As for the cucks…”
          Conservatives, according to GK Chesterton, preserve the mistakes of the progressives (which makes them the moderates). Hence society has a center / progressive party (no true right-wing party) and moves to the left constantly. They have sincere beliefs, but they want to keep putting bandages on skin cancer.
          What they don’t realize is that only reactionaries balance out the progressive pull. And yet they call us ‘wackos’.

        14. …getting the rest of us to pay for all their medical treatments.

          In a libertarian society, no one is forced to pay for other people’s services. It’s all self reliance and/or private charity. There’s an incentive to behave responsibly because there’s no guarantee that others will help you if need be. Thus, irresponsible behavior is weeded out over time.

          Yet it was necessary to create these laws because capitalism doesn’t work all that well when there is no competition.

          As long as a monopoly is not coercive (i.e. it obtained its monopoly status with better quality and/or price of products and not through the force of government regulation or mafia tactics), it still has to worry about potential competitors. The threat of competition is always there. No need for Anti-Trust laws.

        15. I agree; a man cares about what is right, and not about people’s “rights” to be wrong, drowning us in the deluge of their errors.

        16. Goddamn nigga. Such a sick post. If there’s one thing that makes my blood boil it’s people running around with good intentions with DISASTROUS “solutions”.
          Morons walk around saying “live and let live.”( meaning i don’t want to feel uncomfortable for saying a persons behavior is wrong.) except for a couple years down the road where the person you disagreed with is now a school teacher indoctrinating hundreds of kids to conduct witch hunts for people like you who disagree with the teachers ideas.
          The person who actually internalizes “live and let live” will always end up being controlled by those very people he afforded the courtesy of “letting live”.
          This is why i say fuck feminism, fuck egalitarianism( which is really just feminism in it’s early stages, any movement saying men and women are equal is destined to be feminazi in nature).
          Time to bring back the patriarchy.

        17. Nah ,get any hope of libertarianism or egalitarianism out of your head. To say Libertarianism only works when society has a strong internal moral and cultural ethos is like saying a fast food diet only works when the person is in good shape to begin with.
          The reason the person was in good shape to begin with was BECAUSE the nigga restricted himself from eating fast-food and ate whole food instead. The idea of the fast-food diet is what will LEAD to the persons DECAY.
          Same exact thing with libertarianism my man. Just replace the fast-food diet with “men and women are equal”. The correct phrase you’re looking for is “tolerate” not “works”(which will inevitably turn to “intolerable”)
          Behind the euphemism “Equality” you will find “female supremacy”
          Behind the euphemism “Libertarianism” you will find “feminism”
          Men being in charge is the only way to go.

        18. “Nah ,get any hope of libertarianism or egalitarianism out of your head.”
          Dead and buried since I took the red pill.
          “Libertarianism only works when society has a strong internal moral and cultural ethos is like saying a fast food diet only works when the person is in good shape to begin with.”
          If you use the modern definition of libertarianism, you would be right. If the definition of libertarianism is limited to the philosophical idea of a small external government (and that is coupled with a strong internal cultural and moral ethos), then you are wrong.
          Any society will have rules, the question is: are the majority of those rules from internal or external sources? Ideally there would be a very limited government, and strong societal pressures (eg slut-shaming, the patriarchy, and cultural values).
          But those days are not coming back in the West barring total societal collapse and/or religious revival a la Great Awakening. And I’m not optimistic about the latter.

  14. It’s pretty damn ludicrous. When you want to fill a job, you interview a for the best candidate. When you want to get a good crowd into a nightclub, you have a doorman and door policy. Here, supposedly they want to make up for declining birth rates and fill skills gaps in the economy and all these people are qualified for is crossing a few thousand kilometres of eastern Europe on foot and perhaps boating across the Mediterranean.

  15. Once again a ‘progressive’ isn’t letting any facts get in the way of his agenda to ‘enrich’ the West through immigration. Also, it appears he holds his beliefs to be self evident? Handy if there are only facts contradictory to your suicidal view. It’s time the West took a good shot of reality and realized that not every war in every country is their responsibility. Syrians need to solve their own problems. Europe doesn’t have the resources to give them a handout and nor should they feel any obligation to do so. The radicalized caliphate caused this crisis, let the migrants ask the caliphate for a hand out. Let Muslims look after Muslims for a change.

    1. Agreed. Either butt the hell out, or roll in with the full fury of Tank Commander Jesus and literally wipe them out and subjugate the survivors if you want their resources. The SJW souless, virtuless, honorless “crusade for democracy” crap needs to go away. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

  16. Make No Mistake, Europe is in Very Serious Trouble.
    But Mass Immigration, rather than being the cause, is merely the symptom. The symptom of a far more insidious disease which infected Europe several decades ago.
    And the name of that deadly disease, is the cultural Marxist hate-cult known as FEMINISM.
    In his famous essay “Managing Oneself”, Peter Drucker advises strongly the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and observed that you can never win by improving your weaknesses but only by improving your strengths.
    By wholeheartedly adopting the feminist doctrine of androgyny, Europe has done exactly the opposite. And so has been chronically weakened by building on it’s women’s weaknesses in an attempt to make them the equal of it’s men, rather than encouraging them in their natural strengths.
    And while this charade has been going on, it’s men have been encouraged to adopt ever increasing feminine attitudes and lifestyles at the expense of their own natural strengths, now deemed unnecessary in the new gender-neutral economy.
    “The strongest sign of a decaying nation is the feminisation of its men and the masculinisation of its women.” (Taylor Caldwell 1970)
    In fact, once Europe adopted the bogus feminist narrative of androgyny, it’s decline was inevitable. The whole nation, from its Education System, Legal Framework and Political Institutions, was essentially feminised.
    But it’s not just Europe, all western nations have been guilty of blindly accepting the bogus teachings of feminism and are currently experiencing a corresponding rapid decline.
    Which is hardly surprising when you consider that the impact of this perverse gender flipping strategy on our society, is… plummeting marriage and birth rates, combined with ever rising numbers of childless women and fatherless children, together with the grotesque increase in abortion rates, and exploding national debts.
    But that’s just the half of it. The real problem for today’s Europe is that with its wholesale adoption of feminine priorities and the implementation of fem-centric national policies, the west has weakened itself to such a degree, that it is now ripe for take over by a more predatory and far less tolerant culture.
    Well, as any Evolutionary Psychologist will tell you, the male and female psyche’s are in fact very different. They will explain how Men and women faced quite different survival threats throughout the vast majority of human history, and thus evolved very different psychological survival imperatives.
    For instance, in our past, when one tribe was conquered and over-run by another, the consequences for the Men and Women of the defeated tribe were very different. The Men and male children of a defeated tribe were very likely to be slaughtered by the invading tribe. This would have been in stark contrast to the fate of a defeated tribe’s women and girls, who would usually have been eventually assimilated into the invading tribe.
    So throughout history, the burden of border guarding fell almost exclusively to the male of the Species. Consequently, men evolved a psyche which has a much more heightened border guarding (an extension of mate guarding) mentality compared to Women.
    And so, the consequence of the rise of feminism and the feminisation of national priorities, has left western societies dangerously vulnerable to being over-run by more predatory cultures. Cultures which are far less tolerant, particularly towards women, than anything seen here in the west for centuries.
    But this is nothing new. Despite what contemporary feminists would have us believe, adopting female priorities as been tried many times throughout human history. In fact, it usually heralds the decline of a culture.
    The oxford academic J.D. Urwin, happened upon this phenomenon in his exhaustively researched book “Sex and Culture” in which he analyses 80 primitive cultures and a number of past empires.
    He found that, without exception, the level of decline of these cultures was directly paralleled by the degree of political influence given to women. His historical examples include the Sumerians, Babylonians, Athenians, Romans, Teutons, and Anglo-Saxons (600s – 900s), and English (1500s – 1900s).
    In every case, he found that all of these cultures were established and thrived while controlled entirely by Men and thus embracing masculine priorities, and began to rapidly decline when the cultures priorities shifted towards the feminine after women were given increasingly greater political influence.
    So it would seem that Europe is merely following in the footsteps of countless past cultures that were eventually over-run, due to foolishly allowing female political power to over feminise their laws, politics and national priorities, particularly in the areas of border guarding, national sovereignty and a sustainable birth rate.

  17. I remember Putin said once that “France is becoming a colony of its ex-colonies”. Same can be said about the whole Europe.

    1. To some extent, yes – though Dutch Morocco, German Turkey and Swedish Somalia are not colonies that I remember.

  18. I noticed the local rag news paper has had numerous daily articles cheer leading for migrants. Headlines touting how friendly and welcoming the city and its citizens are, how migrants make such a positive impact etc. This is a city that has lost all of its industry and jobs. A city where the provincial welfare agency literally dumps individuals and families. It’s just blindingly stupid. I believe people are too afraid to speak up for fear of being labelled a racist. I also wonder how the SJW’s and feminist will get along with the muslim hoards.

  19. Postmodern liberals (and libertarians as well) have a tendency to be short-sighted, but nothing illustrates it better than migration. This immigration tidal wave into Western nations doesn’t even hold water on the economic reasons they love to use to submerge the deeper, trickier issues with. There are two possible futures, the “good” and the “bad:”
    The good future is that many of these jobs that they think these peasant immigrants will do are going to be automated. That process has already begun. So now in addition to native unemployed you’re going to have a ton of them never being able to find work. I’ll leave the cultural considerations out of it and just focus purely on economics like they so love.
    The bad future is that the possibility of infinite growth evaporates due to a resource shortage and a major financial panic and socioeconomic restructuring takes place, with a corresponding lower standard of living. We are seeing signs of this too. Once more these people will be out of work. I will again leave the cultural considerations out of it.
    Either way you dice it, the peasants flooding Europe and America are going to not even help economically in the decades ahead, much less anything else.
    Of course it’s going to come down to walls and some kind of military force in the end for Europe. The question becomes how much damage will be done until these liberals either come to their senses or are removed from power by any means necessary.

    1. I’m against uncontrolled immigration.
      Outside of that I’m a libertarian.
      I find your argument to be pinned to a one trick pony.

  20. Blood and soil is all that matters. This is a race war that has not gone hot yet. When it does you had better summon a berserker rage, not debate with Jews about whether or not you have a right to live. Read Might is Right. It will teach you all you need to know.

  21. I would like these scum to explain why they don’t encourage native Europeans to reproduce. The answer is these people are pathologically self-loathing and stupid. They actually believe what Sailer and Derbyshire call the “magic dirt theory”, that is that these third world sub-humans will arrive on European soil and magically transform into productive, law abiding Europeans. It boggles the mind.

    1. It is because western kuntz have been filled with the leftist bile and lies that they can have children into their 40’s and ride the cock until they decide when it is time to settle for a beta schlump who will dutifully pay for her bastards and self absorbed lifestyle as he hopes to get a sniff of her knickers every now and again…..

  22. If Germany is in need of more people, why not just make more people? Making people is much more fun that hosting refugees. I, for one, would gladly have helped with Germany’s apparent under-population problem, had they only asked.

    1. “…why not just make more people?”
      “Because children are expenisve and alot of work. I have a nice state pension waiting for me, so who needs kids to ruin my fun in life.” >>> said every old childless German ever.
      I have a former German colleague who is in his mid-50’s and told me he has 11 uncles. His grandfather sired 12 sons who ALL married. His father was the only one to have kids (2) and the rest remained childless by choice. One example of many.

  23. Yes, it is a comic trait of the Leftist worldview that there are either too many or too few people, hurricanes, affordable housing units, or whatever, on any given day, according to the mercurial dictates of party opinion.

  24. The flood of muslims will help the local economies. Think of all the mosques and workplace prayer rooms that will have to be built so they can stick their heads down on a mat and butts up in the air five times a day and every Friday as well.

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  26. Fucking self-loathing leftists are doing their utmost to destroy western civilization! They hate everything that has to do with traditional western culture and its ideals of beauty, strength and achievement, while kissing ass to everything that comes from Islamic and other third world shit holes. Great idea .. import the same cultural mores that made those countries into shit holes in the first place!
    They truly are a deadly cancer we must fight to the end.

  27. The thing to note is that the economic arguments for immigration are so poor that they are arguments against it.
    Economists are generally cowed from revealing these.
    1 There is no correlation between population growth by immigration and GDP/capita growth.
    2 These is no correlation between a countries population and GDP/capita.
    I’ve done the calculations myself using a spreadsheet and the cross correlation COREL function.
    There have been several studies on then subject. Steve Sailor covered them frequently.
    3 Immigration clearly increases the prices of housing and puts pressure on infrastructure such as road, rail, water pipes, reservoirs and electricity and in particular social services, education and policing.
    4 Higher housing prices prevent affordable family formation and thus reduce the birth rate. A man with a car and house or flat is more attractive. Women who don’t need to work can afford to stay at home and have an extra child.
    Title Population growth and environmental quality: are they compatible?CreatorHamilton, Clive AbstractThere is no correlation between a nation’s population growth and its rate of economic growth.
    The economist George borjass has also found the arguments wanting.
    Some of the studies mentioned in “The Great Divide, Immigration Politics in Australia” show that most people are slightly worse of with a few elites positioned to take advantage of the growth of consumer demand for housing and shops.

    1. Australia is waking up faster than Europe, even though the liberal anarchist sect is still strong. New Zealand has just one Islamic tar pit, but a bigger left faction who want more. We could greatly profit from all the well qualified pretty European women who would want to get away from Arab men and their rapey ways.

  28. I read that sample IQ tests of the refugees taken in showed an average IQ of 85, which is halfway between dumb and mentally challenged.
    Compare that to the West, where very intelligent people are often in low wage jobs. Our population is simply more intelligent and educated, but apparently the big brains of EU leaders have convoluted their reasoning powers.
    It fits too. Behaviorally, those in that low IQ range commit more violent crime and are aggressive. Viola! Isn’t it the most aggressive of a large flock invading the EU. Haven’t rapes gone up in Sweden 1600 percent.
    These sorts of migrants will horde, mostly on the dole, create slums or add to them, and like in Afghanistan they’ll get their limited education from crazed Mullahs at local mosques. They’ll create many jobs for a police state and for prison psychologists and those conscripted to handle the burden of them.
    The biggest enemy of Islam is public education, which is why jihadis always aim for total disruption of the target state’s education system. Don’t forget that they will of course breed, because Islam is a religion that grows thru child birth and thrives on social breakdown. Peace, prosperity, education and freedom of religion or belief kill the Islam cockroach quickly.
    Because the EU population lacks the will to rise up now, chaos will arrive at a later date. They are hiding from it now and their leaders are blind to it.

  29. “The history of the world is the history of populations. They rise, they fall, they ebb, and they flow. It is actually natural in the life of a nation for its population to fluctuate, sometimes with great volatility. The fact that there has been a dip in population does not mean we should automatically import hundreds of thousands of foreigners into our borders to “rectify” a problem that may not even exist.”
    While Germany’s population decline isn’t the focus of this article, it also can’t be explained by natural flow. In fact, the entirety of the Western world is in population decline, and it’s artificial, not natural.
    Population growth among Western nations is being artificially suppressed by two things: easy-access, State-funded abortion, and the rise of the career woman. The first suppresses population growth directly – killing babies leads to less babies. The second is indirect – women wait until their thirties to consider having children, having spent their fertility on the carousel.
    This is why the population studies prior to 1900 are worthless to compare. For the majority of human history, population reductions only resulted from war (and then largely to males), disease or famine. Population growth was incentivized as a method of civilizational dominance (this could be referred to nowadays as the Muslim strategy).
    So, is Germany in “demographic crisis”? Yup. Most Western nations are. But you’re right in that immigration doesn’t fix that even a little bit.

  30. people who believe that mass immigration is the answer to their county’s problems are playing with fire

    1. It’s gonna be the best game of Risk ever……except I’m atheist, so I’ll stand on the sidelines going after your women while all of you duke it out.

      1. When the game is on it is cowards and traitors to traditional European culture like you that will be thrown onto the pyre……bitches don’t fuck cowards…..

        1. Lol, then why don’t you go then? Whatever happened to Deus Vult? Or you don’t want to fight next to those filthy Papists?

        2. Ha ha ISIS…. oh please….overhyped rag heads with AK’s….. you have nothing to offer… nothing…. just like your atheism, those who believe nothing will believe anything…..

        3. Says the guy who believes that a man turned water into wine. Also, ISIS has been at it for years, and now you want to do a Crusade? The hell have you been? Under your priest’s robe?

        4. I never said I believed in a man turning water into wine…. you put words in my mouth…a typical sjw technique….I never admitted to any belief system just because I called for another crusade doesn’t mean it has to be associated with Christianity…. you are a self admitted atheist… believe in nothing you are nothing…. you have no honour nor respect… now go back under your bridge…

        5. You are the one asking for Crusade, and Crusades are associated with Christianity. And yes I’m an atheist, but I have the integrity to admit it. I don’t say I want a Crusade and then say I’m not associated with Christianity.

        6. Integrity? You just said that if there is a war you will be back home trying to fuck the defenders women. You are a traitor to white Europe and a coward. You don’t know the meaning of integrity…. coward.

        7. Ha ha now you boast about serving your country? Expect anyone to believe you? Who’s the lying jackass? You say you will stay at home and try to fuck serving men’s women? A man who served would not say such a thing. Coward.

        8. Wooppeeee shit….you can type out a few letters and numbers…. if you were, more than likely laundry detail……” serving your country” bollix….. you gave away your true self when you admitted you would “stay on the sidelines” try to fuck the women of men who go out and fight. Coward….

        9. Aircraft Maintenance
          Davis Monthan AFB Arizona
          So yeah, I already did my part, so I get to stand on the sidelines.
          Who’s the coward now chump? Who’s standing on the sidelines? For all we know you were the one fucking other’s women…..wannabe Crusader…..go back to your mommy’s bosom loser.

        10. Don’t worry, I won’t fuck your woman for three reasons: I doubt you will go fight ISIS, my comment, in case you haven’t realize it yet unless I have to make a sarcasm sign,was tongue in cheek, and I doubt you have a girl, unless that’s what you call your right hand.

        11. “Did your part”, ha ha…. tightening a few bolts then bombing defenceless women and children? Never seen action. Good man. You’re a true hero. You already admitted you will try to fuck the women of men who go out and fight. You are a collaborator and coward.

        12. Why would I go fight ISIS? They’re nowhere near my turf. They step on my ground then I have a reason. It was your country created them in any case. You reap what you sew.
          My woman wouldn’t give you a look in. She respects a man with honour and principle. You have neither. You creep around in the shadows lurking.

        13. Do you always try to put words in peoples mouths? Where have I said I want defenceless women and children bombed? Were you responsible for maintaining aircraft that killed woman and children?

        1. Run coward, run away from the fight and try to fuck real men’s women. Only they will not touch you. The women will turn away from you in disgust. You are nothing.

  31. I’ve volunteered to teach English classes to foreigners in England and found many were not newly arrived refugees but individuals who had lived in this country for thirty years or more. Many were only taking the classes to keep claiming benefits. We cannot wait another thirty years for the latest influx to take an interest in the native language, not withstanding the numerous other issues they create.

  32. I used to think the guys pushing the idea that this was essentially white genocide were a little off their rockers. But I increasingly conclude that there is no other explanation.
    As you and other commenters have noticed, the arguments in favour of mass immigration are so absurd as to be manifestly disingenuous. Everybody, most of all the iniquitous journalist, knows that the journalist is lying and manipulating.
    While the Liberal antipathy to Western Civilization is noted, all the things they supposedly detest about the West (Patriarchy, Imperialism/Colonialism, “Misogyny,” “Racism,” “Homophobia” etc.) are far more acute in Islamic cultures (Islam has been blunted in its Imperial ambitions only by its own inability to achieve this aim; certainly their thirst for it is greater than the West’s ever was). If they really cared about those things, they would not be inviting Islam through the door; Western Civilization has always observed the virtuous mean in those matters (until recently).
    There is simply no angle, from which even a deeply deluded Liberal could honestly believe the immigrant hordes promise to benefit society. I am sure that many Leftists try to convince themselves in good faith that they will, but none of them believes it in a moment of silent honesty. The only explanation, is that the European whites are suicidal, and other groups that approve (resident Leftists of foreign descent, etc.) are genocidal. I was disturbed to see that people like Barbara Spectre spoke openly of the need for the Jewish elite to de-Europeanize Europe, and to hear many addresses, articles, editorials, etc., from rabbis in Europe and abroad, engaging in a kind of schadenfreude at Europe getting its “just desserts.” That’s the reality: a genocidal attitude which has somehow been internalized even by the native population. I would not have believed such a thing would happen if you had predicted it five years ago, but there it is.
    In my personal opinion, it is because Europe is running from its Christian heritage, knows it cannot escape it, and would rather die than eat crow about it. Other resident aliens naturally would prefer to inherit some European real estate… though I wonder if they understand that a nation is its people. Paris is not Paris by magic; fill it full of folk from some other land, and it will start to look like those folks’ homeland. At some point, they kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

    1. Their hawk-eye is on the old trad temples and institutions. They want to be the new lords and barons. Don’t think they don’t have a playbook as well to tackle Islam and neuter it into something that is more Disney friendly. Their end game is a Europe that is racially semitic and the droves are inspired by the Disney orchestra rather than their National anthems.

    2. Power drives the decision makers. They want to keep the foundations of western civilization, but replace the population in the hopes of retaining their power in the future. Sort of like “magic dirt” myth– transplant millions of foreign illiterates within your borders and tomorrow they will productive citizens. Insanity.
      I am not surprised by western leaders myopic understanding of choices and consequences. What shocks me is their lack of intellectual curiousity of the current chain of events and where it will lead. Obama is the worst violator here, but they are all guilty.
      Am I alone feeling feel like a soldier of Rome contemplating joining the barbarians.

      1. Well, I don’t ever contemplate joining the barbarians, but I certainly feel like this is no longer my civilization – it’s hard not for me to conclude that it deserves what it gets, if it’s going to invite the murderers to live next door. Pure idiocy.
        The few sane men left – will we be enough to pick up the pieces?

  33. With all the pulp and distraction, you remain focused on the real contradictions Quintus. Thank you for exposing their blueprint. They’ll continue touting their ”we need pensions” bit and I’d bet a blueprint was laid at some point to hype the pension issue as damage control. Frankly, I’ve never worried about a pension. I’ve always said ”I don’t need no stinking pension”, but I’ve heard a number of commentators tout the ”pension fears” which I lack.
    The flood proponents, you’d have to find their entire playbook and bust or expose them at every turn. There’s a hundred points or more to their campaign to flood Europe while keeping the issue spun, from damage control to sanitizing to pinpoint lazer attacks to acclimating the natives by exposure, incrementally playing the populace, spotlighting of pulp or popular issues which divert and distract, on and on.
    The influx loads the place easily but reversal is incalculably more trying and difficult. It’s as easy to repel at the borders as it is to lure at the borders. But once in, it requires a bit of upheaval just to move from one part of an interior to another, much less to unpatriate and remove which is most difficult.

  34. The more pertinent question is, why isn’t Saudi Arabia, that “ally” of ours, taking them in? Is it that, oil aside, Saudi Arabia is garbage? Or that there’s Shiites and Kurds among the migrants? Or that nobody likes their ultra religious crap where you can’t drink, have bacon, worship (or in my case, choose not to worship) freely, mingle with or otherwise just look at attractive women, or if you’re a woman, not being able to drive, without the Mutaween messing with you? They just don’t want their “perfect society” ruined.

  35. It’s gonna be an unmitigated disaster. Putting aside the notion that most of these people aren’t even “refugees”, they’re migrants.. most of them are young males. Which means most of them will need jobs, if we don’t want them running on the streets thieving, beating, raping, and dealing drugs. “The Devil finds work…” as they say. So where are these jobs coming from? Lemme guess.. more Affirmative Action and other leftist policies, which will ensure for every refugee employed a native European will lose his job.

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  37. In deference to the newly arrived Muslim refugees, many parts of Germany have renamed “St. Martin’s Day” to “The Festival of Lights”. On this day little children and their parents carry lanterns in a procession honouring St. Martin, a Roman legionaire who saved a freezing man’s life by cutting his cloak in half and giving the other half to the unfortunate man. St. Martin, who later became the Bishop of Tours is renowned in Germany for this selfless act. The end of the procession is celebrated with a bonfire, sweets and treats for the children and mulled wine for the adults.
    In their blind stupidity, the elites are doing their best to extinguish the light of Christianity in Europe.

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