Did British Blogger Sara C Nelson Commit Libel?

Freelance writer Vincent Vinturi’s dating book “LMR Exposed” was banned on Friday from Amazon after it offended British blogger-journalist Sara C Nelson, who publicly labeled it a “rape guide” after using her clout as a Huffington Post UK employee to exert pressure on Amazon in favor of removing the book from sale. Because of the actions of a British national, American citizens are unable to purchase the book, and questions have arisen as to the legality of Nelson’s actions.

On January 27, Vinturi published an article on ROK about bedroom seduction and how a man can know when a woman is ready to engage in sex. Here’s an excerpt from his piece:

She can be saying ‘no’ with her words and even with her situational body language. But if you’ve been unmistakably clear about your sexual intent and then she comes to your room, she is open to being seduced. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be there. I’ve had hour or more long battles with a girl who had come to my room and then protested that she wasn’t going to have sex with me… In the end, of course, we got naked. And, she appreciated it after the fact.

Vinturi attempted to bridge the confusion between a woman’s words and her body language, a problem that has frustrated men since the dawn of time. Expectedly, the article was received with criticism from those who didn’t read it carefully. One person who took offense was Huffington Post UK blogger Sara C Nelson. She disagreed with the article, located one of Vinturi’s seduction books on Amazon (available on both the American and UK storefronts), and began agitating for it to be banned. It was removed from Amazon stores within hours of her efforts. She writes:

The first comment under the now-defunct Amazon page promoting the aforementioned book reads: “Disgusting rape apologism. The author should be ashamed of himself for writing this and Amazon should be ashamed to sell it.”

HuffPost UK alerted Amazon to the page on Friday afternoon and it was duly taken down (too bad, Vincent). Our request for comment was simply answered with “This title is not available at Amazon.co.uk”.

After her “alert” succeeded in scaring Amazon, likely due to her Huffington Post credentials, she spat in Vinturi’s face about her successful effort in censoring a book that she has not admitted to reading. She also writes:

On Friday a wave of bile against Vinturi and his “work” was unleashed on Twitter.

I spent much time looking for this “wave of bile,” but I could not find it. Here’s the Twitter results for Vinturi’s book:


And here are the tweets sent directly to him, with Nelson’s victory tweet at the top:


Nine total tweets is the “wave” that Nelson believed justified the censorship and effective burning of a published work.

Did Nelson, who is on the career track to become a real journalist instead of a blogger-journalist that she is now, abuse her employment with a media company to engage in activist censorship on a work that she didn’t even read? In private, she went through the motions of giving Vinturi an opportunity to share his viewpoint, but judging by the tone of her emails, she was ready to act as judge, jury, and executioner of her own moral tribunal.



Her dialogue with Vinturi can be likened to a Soviet show trial where the verdict was already pre-determined by Nelson’s subjective interpretation of what she thinks could be inside a book she had not purchased or properly familiarized herself with. One can only wonder if Huffington Post management knows (or cares) that is has a rogue employee with a social justice bent who is using the company as a way to settle her personal ideological vendettas.

Was Ms. Nelson’s Journalist Activism Legal?

I asked historian and legal expert Quintus Curtius about Nelson’s activism in relation to the history of British press culture. Curtius stated, “I think that this attempt by an Englishwoman to censor the writings on an American work is truly disappointing.  It flies in the face of England’s distinguished legacy of press freedom that goes back to the days of Defoe, Gibbon, Walpole, Johnson, and Milton. Those in England who would advocate such censorship would be well advised to look to their own traditions, for which they apparently have such little regard.” It’s worth nothing that British ‘hate speech’ laws have become far more stringent than those in America, resulting in the arrest of thousands of Britons for such acts as criticizing Islam on social networking sites.

I also asked Curtius about the legal implications of a British citizen censoring American writing. “Someone based in England or any other foreign country has no right to interfere with the broadcasts or communications of an American website. She is free to attempt to restrict access to ROK in her own country, provided she complies with all laws of her own country, but any such attempt to disrupt American free speech communications would run afoul of American laws.” Since Nelson censored a book and not a web site, it does not appear she broke American criminal law.

Civilly, however, she can be held accountable for punitive damages in the case of libel. Nelson publicly stated that Vinturi’s book is a “rape manual,” the meaning of which is unambiguous. If Vinturi can prove in an American court that his book does not advocate or encourage rape, he may have a libel claim against Nelson and the Huffington Post. Curtius shared his legal opinion on the matter. “Since Vinturi is not considered a ‘public figure,’ he would only have to show that: (1) A false statement was made, (2)  The statement caused him tangible harm, and (3) Was deliberately made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement. It does look like he has a prima facie case against [Ms. Nelson] if he can show that she caused him monetary harm (financial damage) in some way.” We were not able to reach Vinturi before publication about his intentions of beginning a legal challenge against Nelson.

Ms. Nelson’s Personal Motives

To understand the intentions of Nelson, I researched her secret Facebook page located at facebook.com/sara.claudia.37 (her full name is Sara Claudia Nelson). Browsing through her 3,000 party photos and likes, I was unable to find an obvious vein of bigotry. Instead, I found what seemed to the interests of a standard British woman (Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, and Victoria Beckham), and a look through her Twitter account reveals a strong interest in cute animal pictures. Thus it can not be completely ruled out that the directive to censor a book for American sale did not come from Huffington Post management themselves.

Sara C Nelson Huffington Post UK

Whether one agrees with Vinturi’s work or not, it is troubling for free speech advocates to see a blogger-journalist engage in a figurative book burning celebration on Twitter for being the principal reason that a published work was banned. It is also questionable that, in order to justify her activism, she blatantly misrepresented the “wave” of anger in response to Vinturi’s book, perhaps because she knew that there was in fact only token annoyance against it. By wrongly labeling the book as an illegal guide, she may now be subject to civil action in the United States.

Sara C Nelson Social Justice Journalist Activism

The ROK editorial team believes in Vinturi’s free speech efforts to publish his work here and on Amazon, especially since said speech does not break international laws. With the rate at which information is globalized (a large percentage of our readers are international), it may be time to ask tough questions on what can be done when a British blogger-journalist singlehandedly prevents the sale of a book that was previously available to the American public, and how much liability both the blogger-journalist and the company that employs her are exposed to when they clearly misrepresent a published work. Sooner or later, questions like this will have to be answered, most likely in a court of law.

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235 thoughts on “Did British Blogger Sara C Nelson Commit Libel?”

  1. Well there are two options. You could make Amazon hurt or make Sara hurt. I recommend both. There are books on mass murder, torture and subversion of nations. When some twat is able to squeak and get her way, something is very, very wrong.

    1. Dude that bitch might get hurt for real so try not to put ideas in men’s heads. What ever happens to her make it hurt her pockets not her body. Think Adria Richards, something like that. Make her a financial liability to the people that pay her and difficult for her to gain employment if she gets fired . Then she knows why she got fired and why her life is difficult. Violence is reserved for those who commit violence, not stupid feminist writers. Remember we are stronger and better than they are.

    2. Amazon is a business that depends largely on its reputation. No business needs the kind of bad publicity that an army of Sara Nelson’s and her ilk can generate.
      All that the cuckoo justice warriors have to do is repeat ‘rape’ enough times and major media outlets will pick it up because it makes a good story. Journalistic integrity has longed ceased to exist, if it ever did. Media is in the ratings/pageviews business to sell advertisement. Pure and simple.
      Amazon is a great platform and I don’t think they deserve any flack just because they don’t want to associate with people like Nelson. They’ve been in business a long time; they know better than that.

      1. Yes sir. With Amazon again two options. A scorched earth by pointing out other ‘harmful’ publications by authors like Dworkin and Solanas or by direct harm of reputation. Both options have positive and negative aspects.
        As for SJWs that’s a useful turd. Feminists starting to realize how much harm they are doing and trying to distance them selves. That needs to be exploited.
        Amazon need to pick a side. Free speech or bowing down to feminists. They can’t have both.

      2. They’re constant rape cries bother me but I’ve already stated my opinion on that(see comment to Mr. Direct, the very long one).

      3. They have to earn a living too and they have more to lose. Amazon is not in the free speech business. You need a distribution network not subject to this type of attack.

        1. Thanks William. I’ve decided to sell it directly from my own website instead.
          With people like Sara C. Nelson out there, who are ready to abuse their influence and to exhort their gang of followers into lynch mob mode anytime they hear a trigger word, it’s better to own your content and sell it yourself without being beholden to a 3rd party’s content guidelines, terms and conditions.
          Amazon is a great platform that helps market your writing for you but if they’re put in the position of taking sides between The Truth and a loud battalion of cuckoo social justice warriors with pull in the media, they’ll err on the side of caution and good business.

        2. it’s an interesting piece of red pill truth though isn’t it….
          women pretend to resist sex, but really want to get railed, and they know they have this weakness for spontaneous alpha seduction…
          so their only defense mechanism in this world of equality is to try to precondition males to be pathetic worms and not to activate their Achilles (slut) heel…
          i instigate a seduce Sara Nelson into a ONS competition….. $1000 for the man who can bring photo evidence…..

        3. maybe being able to market your book as “banned by Amazon” or whatever should improve sales, even if it makes it less efficient to move copies

      4. Which book did she supposedly ban? I had been checking every once-in-a-while since she posted on your ROK article claiming victory, and I never once saw your book unavailable on Amazon. As near as I can tell, she has no victory, she never got it removed from my perspective.

  2. That bitch got my Twitter account suspended too. Typical feminist move , tattle tale to a man to have your opinion enforced. I hope this bitch goes to Afghanistan and tries to tell them her feminist viewpoint and see how it goes over. I will pay for that ticket ,it be round trip but somehow I don’t think she would be on the return flight. Seriously fuck that bitch.

    1. The staff at ROK prefers not to name-call our enemies with “bitch” or “cunt.” This is an unhelpful, emotional reaction. We prefer to rationally present evidence of bigotry or libel and let you judge for yourself if wrongdoing was performed. Locker room talk must be left behind if we hope to sway the court of public opinion.

      1. I will check myself, it will not happen again. She is an unpleasant person with an air of undeserved self importance. She is playing with a man’s livelihood , very distasteful.

        1. Not only distasteful, but very dangerous.
          Those who would damage a man’s reputation or livelihood are likely to get a payback that far exceeds the what they anticipate.

      2. I am very pleased to see this Roosh. Atlantaman has a ton to contribute as an intelligent, passionate man and using unproductive language only diminishes his valuable points. Kudos to both you and he for recognizing this and adjusting.

  3. I must admit that I did chuckle when I saw that her “I Can Make You Thin” book was partially obscured by soft drink cans.

      1. I guarantee she hasn’t read it objectively , ” rape guide” talk really kinda proves it.

        1. Its probably an example shes using for an article on “body shaming” guides.

      2. Possibly she might also use her clout to halt the sale of that guide/book soon, if she fails to achieve her target weight, and then give the author of that book “a right to reply” as well, as she gave to Vetturi.

        1. What she did unfortunately is completely legal as amazon is a private corporate person and not a public library under US law. Under common wealth law there is no free speech. Watch the UK govt vs The Guardian re: Snowden. Corporate profits in the US trump free speech. Free speech only exists in America ifyou own the webhosting. Censorship is seen as a necessary evil to maintain peace and reduce violence in most of the world. Under international and corporate US law, she wins. In court, he plus your site comes across as aggressive and she comes across as assertive. Assertive vs agressive. Her royal flush beats your ace. Instead of whining, hire a PR firm & get shit done so it doesnt get censor. Life is unfair. Don’t right cry baby articles. Just fucking deal with it like a man and get shit done.

    1. It appears to be the photo of a man on the cover.
      Is she bowing to the patriarchy by having a man tell her how to lose weight?
      Or did she have a momentary lapse and fall to her natural instincts to be led by a man?

    2. How old is she? Is she starting to hit the dreaded wall and in need of hooking a sucker to be legally and financially responsible her?
      Easily explains the book: she’s looking for the sucker to care for her before her bum and boobs no longer get her the attention she craves.
      Of course expecting her to actually follow through and better herself is a laughable joke. She’s probably spent too long on the carousel to be anything other than a Sahara Natch, barren womb, self-hating feminist.

    3. “I Can Make You Thin” is a book by a well-known British hypnotist. It contains a CD with which he supposedly hypnotizes you into eating better and losing weight.
      In other words, women who buy it voluntarily give up their free will; they allow a man to persuade them into doing something they genuinely want to do, but can’t get themselves to do on their own. Sound familiar?

      1. Shit, I hadn’t ever thought of it that way… Man, is there any such thing as an independently, critically thinking woman? I’m beginning to wonder if that exists anywhere on the planet…

    4. Except that’s Minute Maid orange juice. I can see that even on my 11″ netbook. I feel like this comment is a pretty good measure of your objectivity here…

        1. The irony is, fresh squeezed OJ always tastes sweeter to me. I think Minute Maid takes crap orange flavoring that’s been warmed a few days and they dump sugar into it.

        2. Working in the fitness industry… 1 can of soft drink has your daily intake of sugar. Research has shown that the average person that has 1 can of soft drink a day puts on 5-10kg within a year. At our age Roosh it’s best to stick to water, it’s just 2 easy to put on fat :

        1. Should I be looking at the first one there? Because that sounds hilarious. I think there’s college aged comedians that could make a career out of that.

      1. Processed Juice is not good for you. It has a shitload of sugar as many have pointed out already.

        1. “Processed Juice is not good for you.”
          I’d like to see any proof of that at all. I like how you threw in the word “processed” out of no where trying to not sound entirely retarded. It did not work.

        2. I’m not going to post a bunch of links for you, but I would suggest you do a google search for “Orange Juice sugar” and you’ll see a bunch of articles that explain that it has just as much sugar as coke. If you’re going to be drinking/eating any fruits at all, it should be in its natural state. They still have fructose obviously, but it will never be as much as processed “fruit juice”
          You sound pretty mad though. Do you work for Tropicana or something?

        3. A link showing the grams of sugar in two substances is not a controlled experiment showing “Juice is not good for you.”
          What happened in America that made everyone forget what science was? Science is controlled experimentation with peer review. It’s not just doing a Google search until you find a website that says the thing you already thought because someone pointed out your bs on a comments thread.

        4. Could be. Or it could be that you believe every new, dumb thing about nutrition that people say, despite there being no evidence to support it.
          “Fruit juice is bad for you” is one of my favorite new things that people believe because they’ve heard it so many times, even if science says otherwise.
          You should do yourself a favor and actually look into this. Especially since you said this: “If you’re going to be drinking/eating any fruits at all…” That makes me think you believe fruit in their natural states are somewhat bad for you as well. That’s hilariously stupid.
          The things people will believe just because “Everybody knows that” are amazing.
          EDIT: As a tip, there should be an abstract at the beginning. If you’re looking at a news site or a blog, you’re looking at the wrong thing.

        5. Hey champ, how about you drink juice continually and be our guinea pig since you appear so confident to disagree with that notion? Report back after 6 months.

      2. Good to see David Lewis get pwnd there, the dweeb posts the most useless comments here, I believe its a pretty good measure of his herbish demeanour in real life.

    1. The worst pain you can inflict on a white knight is to attack the object of his chivalrous affections.

  4. Sara if you read this please let the entire Huffington Post staff & any other media contacts you have know of this heinous writing that carefully lays out your actions!
    Don’t take this laying down!
    Your biggest fan,

  5. I wonder what Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post and known to be a smart woman, would think of this lazy and sleazy action of one of her own writer.

    1. Arianna Huffington is just another well-spoken opportunist. Smart? Certainly. But at the end of the day, she boils down to just another atttention-mongering celebrity.

    1. Sorry Gurpreet, is sounds awfully like you’re inviting her to a rape party. I’m sure that’s not what you really meant…

      1. You are a fucking bigot! I just invited Ms. Nelson for a friendly ride through Mumbai so I can show her the sights and you’re accusing me of rape?! You sick bitch! This is how feminism and the false rape culture ruined relationships between men and women. We try to do nice things and you cunts take it the wrong way and try to spin it like we’re trying to rape people.
        Are you accusing me of rape because I’m a man or because I’m Indian?
        You need to check your White privilege bitch.

        1. Read what I said, I was telling you that it sounded bad, I wasn’t accusing you of anything.

        2. Oh stop with your fucking micro-aggressions! You’re a fucking bigot and you know it!
          “Sorry Gurpreet, is sounds awfully like you’re inviting her to a rape party.”
          Why would it even sound like a “rape party?” Why the fuck would rape cross your feeble mind? Like I said, is it because I’m a male or because I’m Indian? Regardless which you choose, you’re a bigot. More specifically, a misandrist or a racist. Which one?
          “I’m sure that’s not what you really meant…”
          This is called a cover-up! Just like when a person says they have Black friends before saying shit about Black people. Or when someone ends something insulting with “no offense.”
          Why are you patronizing me? I would have more respect if you came at me from the front rather than the back like the racist, White bitch you are! Too pussy to insult me directly? You gotta colonize India and massacre my people to hurt me?
          I’m sick of people like you. You’re the reason why the world needs the manosphere. TO SHUT DOWN HYPOCRITICAL LIBTARD CUNTS LIKE YOU!

        3. It’s probably due to the fact you invited her for a ride on a bus in Mumbai with your friends, where the first thing most westerners are likely to think about when women taking bus rides in India is mentioned, is the girl who was raped to death on one in Delhi.
          Fair or unfair, that is how most (and particularly any watching this thread for evidence for rape threats/advocacy) will connect the dots.

        4. Let him have some peace.. He is , like most of men having any intellect are framed due to Femnazis…

        5. I’m glad you told me what I was thinking, I wasn’t quite sure. As for all the other information about me, I don’t know where you get that from. Anyway, having read all that I’m fairly convinced you did mean exactly what I thought you did in that first comment.

        6. oh my god! no wonder everyone thinks your all rapey with an attitude like that!! you sound like every other taxi driver that tries to pull me. eewy!

        7. Bro, chill maar. Har baat me India ko ghusaane ki zaroorat nai. You are embarassing all of us.

    2. Not sure if Indian race troll
      or troll pretending to be indian race troll
      or troll using indian race troll seeking missile for race trolls

  6. This is a worrying trend for all of us who write erotica that is aimed at men. In the short term I would hope that the author uploads his book to Smashwords.com, and I do see that one of his works, a freebie, is already at that site. If he can put LMR Exposed there and the rest of us buy it, then it will send a signal to this gobby bird and we can all have a laugh at her expense.
    The problem is for all authors that Amazon is the biggie, but with some hard work we might be able to create a bestseller for Vince over at Smashwords.com.

  7. I have a feeling these comments are going to get real interesting in a hurry. I cannot predict the tone , but the volume should be substantial.

    1. Tactical concepts would be interesting to discuss but not exactly productive…

  8. She is a self-important piece of trash. Did you see he comment on twitter? ‘it’s not an opinion love it’s a news report.’ She thinks because she writes a ‘news’ article (and I use the term in the weakest possible sense) that it becomes unquestionable truth. Feminazi’s think they can ban everything they find offensive but say whatever they want. I would like to remove Sara C Nelson from the Internet I find her rotten clam and big mouth offensive.

    1. All authoritarians: Churches, Republicans, Democrats, Feminists, et al., want to ban ANYTHING that ‘offends’ their viewpoint. Never doubt the power of the others to attack anything they want shutdown. Differing viewpoints are a threat that must be destroyed, not-named, and never discussed. They are ‘thought crimes’ that encourage impure behavior.
      The fat acceptance people have learned this tactic well from their forebearers.
      Intelligent people are able to discuss viewpoints different from their own in an objective manner. They can present logical arguments, for or against from their own view.

    2. What is up with the feminazi’s and their idiocy with regards to freedom of speech? Well F*CK HER. One day her own freedom of speech will be curtailed due to either an oppressive government who will do exactly the same to her as she has done to this man, or due to the fact that male society will no longer subsidize her B.S. She is on the ‘blacklist’ for men. B*TCH.

      1. Freedom of speech is only free when you don’t walk on other people’s freedoms. Its not to be confused with anarchy where the strong rape the weak. There used to be anarchy of total free speech in Somalia but the result was alqaeyda. Same happened with Saudi Arabia 100 years ago. Britian is a common wealth country, so sexual assault definitions are different. Rape there is called “date rape” “grey rape” and “sexual assault” in America. Wallah with too much vodka, your average donkey will get himself in jail in Canada or uuk with that guide. I am not a donkey and alcohol is haram in my religion, but wallah my former roommate would have ended in big trouble in London if he read the guide. The blogger might be a female donkey, butbromoting drunk idiots to get in trouble in UK isnt smart. Also UK doesn’t have free speech laws, so what’s the big deal. Niether does Saudi.

  9. I also noticed that for her hit piece she dredged out a very unflattering photo of Vincent to further monsterise him.

  10. I wonder if she even read the book or just that particular paragraph. It’s a disgrace that Amazon bows down to the feminist man haters so easily.

    1. The book is over 100 pages plus case studies. I somehow doubt she took the time to sit down and have a nice, objective read.

      1. Are you real Mr. Vinturi. If so, I feel very bad for you. What happened wasn’t fair and you didn’t deserve it. She didn’t even read the book, though I wish I could, I like to read interesting sounding topics. I hope everything works out for you Mr. Vinturi(I keep referring to you as that rather than your first name because you are older than me and have my respect). Good luck, good sir!

      2. Oh and I also just googled a picture of you. She’s just angry she doesn’t have a shot with someone handsome like you. Why anyone would think a handsome man needs to rape is beyond me, TBH.

      3. they banned the book not you as an author….so slightly re-write it, change the title and republish…
        and you have to sue…. the publicity will be fantastic… all the papers will have to make some report on the case…
        back in the 80s a group called Frankie Goes To Hollywood, gay boys, got their single Relax (when you wanna come) banned.. and it went straight to number one….. in show biz all publicity is good publicity…

      4. I suspect she likes you and wants you to fuck her (hate fuck her, even it may be). At least she’ll get you inside of her – even if you’d do that. Typical Brit feminist skank – who doesn’t know how to charm men or approach men she;d like, so she’d challenge them to court attention and “heat” up the atmosphere. She possibly wants you to make her “thin.”

  11. Rape Manual…. that would be something more like
    “find your future victim among the masses of women walking the streets , malls, grocery stores, and college campuses of america. Secretly stalk the, finding out where they live, what they drive, who they are with, if they live alone, what are their social habits and routines. Plan your attack after getting her routine down. Slip into her house when she’s not there. set up your plan, wait for her to come home, attack her, rape her, leave.”
    THAT is a rape manual. Women need to be …practical about these things. His book was not even close to a rape manual. its just a silly woman being childish and reacting without serious thought or knowledge on his book.
    I’d sue her.

    1. Very well put together and I’ve tried to explain that to a few feminists before, I didn’t get any where with them. My mom warned me never go into a guy’s apartment(once I’m old enough that is, still only 16) unless I planned to have sex because you never know if you’ll get that rare guy who doesn’t care if you said no. She also told me not to go into a guy’s apartment unless I really know him. My mother, though tough and rough and not the best role model, know some stuff about dating and one night stands. One night stands are dangerous for both partner because of STDs and dangerous for the female because she could end up screwing a serial killer. I’m all for casual cuddling and having cuddle buddies, but casual sex, not my thing. I prefer a LTR where I can get emotionally connected wtih the person. Someone I can have empathy and sympathy for and someone I can aim to please and aim for their approval. That’s just me though, pardon what I’m about to say, but I’m all for slut-shaming. We are humans and desire connection with other humans, We should fulfill this need by making deep, lasting connections with each other. And to the suing her part, I would to. The woman’s statements are total bs but guess what? No feminist male(especially male one, ewww *has scary mental picture of male feminist, now desires cuddles by boyfriend to make it all better*) or female will see through her crap. Luckily non feminist males(YAY! *back to having comforting thoughts of men being men in a woman run society 🙂 all the guts you guys have*) and non feminist females like me, Laura, The Woman, we’ll see through it all. We see through feminist lies and propaganda. While yes, the origin of feminism was noble, now it’s just a bunch of fat, short haired, whiny, priviledged, women and submissive, or beta as you guys put it, males.(they are not true men in my eyes). You’re comment is actually very informative, especially on what NOT to do if you don’t plan to have sex with the guy. I was getting concerned I was the only one who realized that. Anyway, have a very pleasant day/night/afternoon/evening or whenever you see this if you do. 🙂

      1. I’m so confused… you are apparently female, but you take responsibility for the situations you put yourself into…. I guess unicorns can exist?

        1. XD I’ve had a some good guys through services come in that taught me to take responsibility for my action.

  12. I think Vince Vetturi needs to sue her. That’s the best route.
    Let them face off.
    He does not need to be apologetic to her about what he wrote, considering the legality of the situation. But I think it was sad to note Amazon bowing to pressure from Feminazis.

  13. Roosh practices what he preaches. Not only does he tell us how to do it, he then goes and demonstrates it again and again right in front of us like he is right here.
    The best part is that this is moral and just. This is exactly how we should deal with these people: let their own words haunt them.

  14. I don’t believe Vinturi need to argue libel of ‘rape manual’ Clearly this is suppression of free speech and discrimination by Amazon. They sale many books that advocate violence.
    As for Sara. I don’t see any other way besides going after advertisers on her articles. It a low blow but not many will shed a tear if HuffyPoo goes under. Gawker is getting torn by Tarantino and it would be nice to get some sharp teeth on Huffington.

  15. I’d like to buy this book. Is it possible to order it directly? ROK should offer the book for purchase on this site and defend the free speech of its contributors.

    1. Great idea right there. Expand ROK with an online shop offering manosphere / red-pill literature and products, and to hell with the leftard social warriors who want to stifle free speech.

      1. I just ordered Vincent Vinturi’s book “Real Natural Seduction” from Amazon.com. I encourage everyone else on this site to do so and make him a bestselling author on the very website that tried to censor him. At the end of the day, money talks and if Amazon sees Vinturi as a cash cow, it will be less inclined to do this again.

      2. Now this is a brilliant idea. I’d definitely support this if there were a way to do so.

    2. That’s right. We need to support Vince Vinturi (by buying his book), or possibly ask him to contribute to ROK. That’s a practical way of saving red-pill literature and writers. We need to support more of our own.

  16. There was one notion in this article that bothered me: repeatedly saying that the book was not REALLY a “rape guide” and that it was “misinterpreted.”
    Don’t concede these points! Say, “It’s not a ‘rape guide’, but even if it were, the author still has the right to free speech.”
    (BTW, there is ample legal precedent for books on making molotov cocktails and other explosives. The Supreme Court has ruled on this.)

    1. Yeah but then it falls back onto Amazon whether or not they want the bad press of having sold a Anarchists cookbook when the bomb goes off. Our society has moved from Human Rights, to Safety First Right.

      1. FYI, Amazon sells the Anarchist Cookbook.
        Apparently, for a man to say that women aren’t always open and sincere about their sexual decisions is considered far worse than a DIY guide to planting bombs.

  17. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty shocked that what I assumed was a legitimate website would engage in behavior which might provoke civil lawsuits. I wonder if their legal team is prepared to defend such shady business practices?

  18. I just purchased Vincent Vinturi’s Book “Real Natural Seduction” on Amazon and encourage other ROK readers to buy his books as well. Money talks. Let’s make Vinturi a bestseller.

    1. How? I searched for it on Amazon.com (U.S.) and found nothing. Whether we agree with the author’s points or not, I think we should all buy a copy just to make a point. The author is on the front lines in a fight against the worst form of totalitarianism yet invented: trans-national/multicultural feminism.

  19. Roosh: “resulting in the arrest of thousands of Britons for such acts as criticizing Islam on social networking sites”
    Such chuptzah. You post a BBC article talking about Muslims being arrested for “homophobia”, and you spin it into a “thousands of Britons” arrested for criticizing Islam. If that was the case, 90% of Britons would be in jail right now.
    And as always, not a single word is said about men who are in jail all over Europe for criticizing Jews.
    Roosh, trust is a very difficult thing to get from your readers. But once you get it, it’s also very easy to lose it with this kind of crap.
    Oh and btw, you’re not being “original” bashing Islam, since 90% of the western world has been doing this sport 24/7 since 9-11. You would be a bit more brave saying something about Jews, Israel and the Talmud.
    But for some reason you never touch that argument, wonder why… ^__^
    Bill Maher bash Islam every day, and you can’t get more mainstream than him. See, you’re not the “lone nonconformist warrior” you think you are. You’re actually part of the dumb mainstream in this.

    1. I didn’t realise he was ‘bashing’ groups by selecting the most non-conformist… Oh and there is a good reason the western world bashes Islam; they should count themselves lucky that they don’t get a harder time of it.

      1. Considering that it will be Islam that finally defeats feminism, I consider Western critiques of this religion to be highly misguided. Islam is the only religion that remains proudly male-centric. I’ll take Islam’s 4 wives over Christianity’s unnatural ideal of monogamy any day.

        1. What civilization? The entire Western world is the product of Islam intellectual thought. Christians burned every single copy of Plato and Aristotle as heretical. Muslims saved the works of the Greek philosophers, and it was only in Islamic Spain that anyone in Europe could read copies of the classics (translated in Arabic). It was contact with Muslims in Spain and during the Crusades that ignited the Renaissance. Without Muslims, you would not have the mathematics, astronomy and architectural techniques that are the foundation of the modern world. Christian civilization consisted of illiterate peasants unquestioningly obeying the Church and burning scientists for heresy. Western civilization woke up from this daze when Europeans abandoned Christianity, began to learn from Muslims, and and started to think for themselves.

        2. It does make sense. I think the west and feminists condemn Islam, because it is the only “red-pill”religion, and remains proudly male-centric. I’d echo the same view to have Islam’s concept of polygamy (4 wives) over Christianity’s unnatural ideal of monogamy any day. And the Middle East (Persian Gulf) has more technologically advanced countries and societies than the shit hole countries of eastern Europe (think Dubai). It’s great to be a white man in that part of the world (ME), with women hitting on you all the time.

        3. Four wives? No thanks one is enough, especially if you have to pay for each one and keep them in ninja outfits. Not to mention that Islam is perhaps the most backwards thinking religion going. Goodbye sweet scientific progress hello repressed smelly jerks that tyrannically enforce their nonsense and spend vast proportions of the day on their knees for the magic man in the sky. I would like to see how long you would last under sharia law. Farewell freedom of speech and scantily clad women.

        4. Muslims and feminists should put their heads together and then they could have one whole brain cell. I find it side-splitting that anyone would choose Islam over any other religion.

        5. Polygamy is bad for civilization. Specifically creates a problem of surplus males and a disincentive for them to be productive rather than parasitic.

        6. Islam will be crushed like Naziism in a few years. Nothing better could happen to your child raping prophet.

        7. Hilarious. Because you didn’t blow up a few books, you take credit for them. Tell me more about how if you blow yourself up in a crowd of women and children you get an automatic ticket to heaven.

        8. ”No, My friend, Islam is a peaceful religion.. ”
          And yeah, Jazz music is not dead yet.
          How long will it take to this religion to disappear?
          Or actually turn half of the Euro Continent into its followers?

        1. How will I ever go on with my ignorance of Muslims!? I surely must know about these mentally deficient characters with their sexual repression, worship of a fairy tale and ‘explosive’ personalities. How about you read a book and stop living in fantasy land with the other smelly apes?

    2. You’re right. I read the article Roosh linked to and it is actually about Muslims being prosecuted for inciting homophobia. I love Roosh’s work, but that’s really unacceptable, considering that this article is about people in the media representing other people’s work. Roosh, please protect your integrity and edit your article to correct this error.

  20. It’s one thing to have special interest groups call for censorship. But it’s truly frightening to have a writer do it. What does this say about the state of journalism today? Don’t writers realize that once they set this precedent, it could be them that’s next?

    1. Addendum: If she’s reading, I hope she knows she just made Vincent Vinturi much more popular and a cause célèbre for anyone who believes in free speech. Or anyone who believes no one from Britain should be determining what Americans do and don’t get to read. I’m sure Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine are rolling over…

  21. Book banning is a clear violation of free speech and free press. John Peter Zenger is rolling in his grave as hate speech laws clearly violate freedom of expression.
    It should be noted that British people have the right to criticize Muslims. If people clearly acknowledge Christianity’s xenophobia, then they need to acknowledge Islam’s.

  22. The mail she sent from her official mail account (press query) looks all like a set-up for Vinturi and pure leverage for her career, considering it was sent as an official press query. I wonder whether Huffington was hand-in-glove with her in this, and carefully planned to craft that mail.
    But thumbs up to Vinturi, who was shrewd to draft his reply in the correct language, asking her specifically on what she wanted him to comment on (read the reply). Red-pillers can learn from his presence of mind there. He dodged her landmine of an email well there. I don’t know what he replied to her “ultimatum to defend himself”, but she had it all planned to publicly ensnare him if he wrongly replied to that landmine of an email she sent him, considering it was a press query.
    The “ultimatum” itself was bait and a provocation to react. I think Vinturi handled himself quite well there.
    But what we can learn is that feminazis are really cunning, calculative and wicked in their plans to destroy men, so we must not underestimate the intrigue and virulence of feminazis, even if they act and are irrational, and must beware them in such situations even more. And I do feel disgusted seeing the mangina tweets against Vinturi.

    1. She sent the second reply *after* publishing her libelous article on HuffPo UK, in which she she wrote that she attempted to reach out to me for comment.
      This was a token gesture on her part. She sent me an email and then immediately hit publish on her article right after to create plausible deniability that she was objectively interested in anything I had to say.
      As you can tell by the tone of the email, she feels herself to be some sort of monarch of individual liberties.

      1. I am sorry she targeted you and you gotta deal with this bullshit for trying to help men cope with common relationship issues. If you wrote a book titled ” the pedestal and how to put her on it” you would have no trouble,or sales. Stay up dude, she is intellectually dishonest and she knows it. It is similar to the 20/20 hit piece that failed to air , but far more fucked up.

      2. The lass acts like a typical entitled bitch. As I said previously, Zenger is rolling in his grave. Typical feminist and liberal trite, to claim they know what you’re trying to say from hasty generalizations.

      3. get yourself a pro bono lawyer and make a stink… at the very least the paper will put her on hold for a few months, to protect their own liabilities…..
        check out all her previous articles…
        do some research and make a huge stink…. they will rely on you fading away… and losing energy….
        instead make loads of noise..
        it’s actually very unpleasant to have legal papers arriving and it doesn’t cost very much to file court proceedings… even if you lose, even if you never go to court, you kick up a cloud of dust in their faces in the interim…..

        1. I can’t imagine a lawyer taking this case. The book is simply worded ambiguously enough to allow for multiple interpretations. Do I think Sara Nelson read it? Not a chance. But I think a freshman in law school could defend her opinion as legitimate. There’s not a court of law in America that would award damages to Vincent, and I think the Huff Post would love the publicity of “valiantly defending the right to free press.”

        2. opinion is not enough for someone to take down a book from amazon… hard right republicans that are against abortion are not able to remove books about abortion from amazon… the opinion is not the issue, the unwarranted attack is.

        3. Amazon’s opinion of a book is more than enough for them to remove it from their website. Are you suggesting that the owners of a website shouldn’t have control of the content on their website?

      4. Hmm…I do think Huffington conspired with her to ensnare you. Publicity stunt possibly – in addition to being a leverage for her.
        But you have our support, bro. You must take the fight back to her. I second Ray Wolfson’s suggestion – get yourself a pro bono lawyer to make it stink….and I am sure once you’ve done that – you’d be receiving a lot of mails from her…make sure to broadcast them, and then you could play the same game with her, that she’s played with you. This is war. All out assault.

      5. I feel bad for you. My heart goes out to you. Sorry she targeted you and Jase is right, she she acts like a typical entitled you know what. I live in America and hate the way my fellow American females act. From what I can tell English females are no better. She’s just a feminazi and is looking for attention by attacking you.

    2. “I don’t know what he replied to her “ultimatum to defend himself””

  23. If it is truly a “rape manual” how come it took Vincent hours to “rape” that chick? Isn’t rape something that can be done pretty quickly, given the universal strength advantage that men hold? Why would anyone need a “manual” on that?
    It’s ALMOST like, these people are slightly mentally unhinged and choose to apply words such as “rape” as liberally as possible, after recognizing it’s power.
    From here on, 2 thing can happen: Either we recognize that Sara Nelson is a fool and committed libel or we redefine our stance on rape since it now includes simple persistence in seducing women with no force used and the “victim” being able to leave whenever she wants.
    Remember, there was a reason why rape is considered such a bad thing: generally, it was the forceful insertion of a penis/object in a person’s orifice. If “rape” was persistent Don Juanism, not only would it not have been judged as harshly, it wouldn’t have been considered a crime at all.
    People like Sara Nelson attempt similar methods to those of the Federal Reserve: “the Dollar/rape is powerful, MORE of it!!!” completely ignoring that this “more” is directly linked with how easy it comes out of your lips/printing press.

    1. Normal rape is brutal and forced. Any man can do it to almost any woman at any time. No means no, is pointless to a real rapist….you are wasting your breath. He enjoys the resistance and your pleas of no and stop. It just makes it that more fun for a real rapist.

      1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been wanting someone to say that! Seriously though, just cause a girl didn’t enjoy the sex doesn’t mean it was rape. Rape is, as you said, brutal and forced. And no means nothing more than a higher turn on. Saying no to a real rapist won’t stop them, it just encourages them. My mom said, “make yourself throw up,”. And that makes more sense then saying no and stop. I’m sick and tired of people playing the rape card because it discredits sexual violence victims in general, not just rape victims, and I mean all sexual violence victims, man, woman, young girl/boy, child, baby, anyone who had unwanted sexual advances on them, AFTER they said no and/or stop if they’re old enough or on a mental level enough to understand the wrongness(or if say a girl with no provocation were to grab a guy at his crotch and vice versa) Now, children or people who are mentally challenged are a total different story, they don’t typically understand sex or always recognize a bad touch from a good touch. And ladies, this does not mean because a guy is flirting with you constantly and you want him to go away that it’s sexual violence. Sexual violence is not horn honking or cat calls. It is physical, it is brutal, it is forced. So every bitch, pardon my French but I’m passionate on the subject, out there crying rape or sexual violence because you didn’t enjoy the sex or because you regretted afterwards or because he honked his horn at you, shut up and learn what real sexual violence is. Because it’s real, it can happen to anyone, female, male, both genders are subject to it, it’s ignorant to claim sexual violence just because you didn’t like what they did. If it’s not forced it’s not sexual violence. And as gu said, “why would anyone need a “manual” on that?” And thank you again Mr. Direct for saying what I’ve been thinking since I first noticed this outcry of the words “rape” and “rapist”. I’ve also noticed on a side note that when feminists don’t like or agree with something a male says he is a rapist. Why? I don’t see the logic behind that.

  24. Did British Blogger Sara C Nelson Commit Libel? I just wanted to repeat the question for Googling purposes.

  25. Obviously she is wary of “nice guys” who put on a show of raping her when they really want to be her boyfriend. When she is raped she wants it to be the real deal.

  26. Vince should get the book out on bittorrent and add a page asking for donations via Paypal or in bitcoin. There’d be no censoring it then.

    1. LLF,
      Men rarely donate to other men no matter how much they have done for them. Want proof? On my CAF home page there is a donate button and a bit coin address. CAF got 145,000 hits last month. The top month was 290,000 during the rachel cassidy doxxing.
      And yet? Not one man has clicked on that donate button yet. Despite CAF making its way all the way up to 517,000 in world rankings and being a fabulous resource to publish womens names in.
      Another example? I updated my second book and put a price of CHF10 on it. Many men have called it “invaluable” and “you may have saved my life today”. And yet? No man will click the “add to cart” button or use the bitcoin address.
      If you are going to make suggestions like this? You might want to realise how rarely men help other men. Very rarely is that done. Mostly men who help other men, like me, are hated on for doing so.
      This is how pervasive the man hatred is in the west.

  27. Censorship? She recommended that Amazon remove the book, and they agreed. What’s all this butthurt? You can’t force Amazon to sell things they don’t want to sell. It’s not your government store, comrad.

    1. You’re not understanding Roosh’s thrust.
      The point is that the writer engaged in libel by misrepresenting the content of Vince’s book to amazon, which then removed it. Thus, monetary damages to the author resulted.

      1. She lied , they complied. Kind of like a false rape charge, but money instead of freedom is the cost of the factually inaccurate statement.

      2. Misrepresented the content to Amazon? People call for Amazon to remove books every single day, but they don’t. They’re a billion dollar business, not a middle school library. If a book generates enough controversy, they check it out. They checked out Vincent’s book and decided it was offensive enough to remove.
        Is it really so hard to believe that Amazon reviewed the book and agrees with her? Keep in mind, the Return of Kings’ viewpoint is the minority. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. It says that on the site’s “About” page.

        1. I find it highly amusing that you believe amazon actually took the time to read the book.

        2. I don’t think Vince’s book was intended to be a rape manual. I’m a dude. I know what he’s talking about. But as ambiguously written and intentionally provocative as it is, you really don’t have to read more than a paragraph of it to see what Sara was talking about.
          No, I don’t think they read it, but I don’t think they had to sit and flip through the whole thing to get the idea.

        3. It’s obvious she didn’t purchase it and read it, so how could she claim with any intellectual honesty that it’s a “rape manual”?
          So it seems anyone can squawk to amazon, despite having no evidence at all, and have stuff removed, and you have no problem with that David?

        4. “But if you’ve been unmistakably clear about your sexual intent and then she comes to your room, she is open to being seduced. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be there.”
          This sentence implies that a woman who came to your room knowing you wanted to have sex with her could not be raped, because she, for a fact, wants to be seduced. Consider this:
          “But if you’ve been unmistakably clear about your lack of interest in sexual intercourse and he still invites you to his room, then he obviously understands that sex may not ensue. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have invited you.”
          Because a girl winds up in your room when you’ve been clear about your desires does not mean she wants to bang you 100% of the time. To suggest that is suggesting that consent is no longer necessary because it has already been rendered. That implication would justify acts that are legally defined as rape in America.
          I want to be clear about this: I do not agree with Sara Nelson. I know what Vincent was trying to say. But for you to act like you can’t see what she means, that’s just idiotic and biased to the point of absurdity.

        5. Any one can squawk to Amazon, sure. But that doesn’t get a book removed. Go complain to Amazon about some book. Tell them it’s offensive and controversial. If it’s removed without question, than you’re a 100% right.
          But I bet you a dollar that nothing happens. Amazon removed Vincent’s book because they wanted to. All Sara Nelson did was bring the potential for controversy to their attention.

        6. I’m asking, what evidence did she present since she neither purchased nor read the book? Obviously, just her “feels” on the subject.

          Because a girl winds up in your room when you’ve been clear about your
          desires does not mean she wants to bang you 100% of the time. To
          suggest that is suggesting that consent is no longer necessary because
          it has already been rendered. That implication would justify acts that
          are legally defined as rape in America.

          That’s not his position at all, and you know it. Obviously she might sitting on the fence and need some time to consider. He specifically states elsewhere that a firm no is a no. But not all “no”s are “no”s.
          To take your logical failure one step further afield, suppose the chick says “no” earlier in the evening. Does that fact remove all of her agency and ability to change her mind later, and thus any subsequent sexual activity is rape?
          Don’t be a dumbass. We’ve all been there and I’d be surprised indeed you or anyone else hasn’t noticed the conflict between the body language, tone of voice, and a “no”. When all of those factors are congruent then it’s time to pack your bags and live to fight another day.
          None of this is promoting rape.

        7. If I wrote a 200 page book in which I hinted around at killing Obama, but I wrote “But actually, totally never, ever kill Obama” at the end, it would still be a pretty controversial book. And it would certainly be pulled from Amazon. A disclaimer that “on rare occasion, no means no” does not change anything in the book.
          I agree, none of Vincent’s book is meant to promote rape. But it sure as hell sounds like it in many passages. The way it’s worded, I can’t help but think he intended that. The controversy may have gotten this book banned, but without the controversy, it probably wouldn’t have sold ten copies.

        8. So you can’t tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction? Considering you like Return of Kings, I am not surprised.

        9. Perhaps specifically for Obama, but not in general.
          You can buy or stream “Death of a President” on Amazon.com today. (“DEATH OF A PRESIDENT is conceived as a fictional TV documentary broadcast in 2008, reflecting on a monstrous and cataclysmic event: the assassination of President George W. Bush on October 19th, 2007.”)
          You can also buy Nicholson Baker’s novel “Checkpoint”, topic: killing GWB. (Mentioned on the first couple of pages.)
          I’m sure there’s more.

        10. Those are fictional. Big difference from a nonfiction book meant to give advice. “Death of a President” is a story, not a suggestion.
          I wouldn’t personally prohibit the sale of either. If I were a media distributor, I’d stock whatever people would buy. But if Amazon wants to quit selling one or the other, they have plenty of reason to believe that one is different than the other.
          Do you really not understand the difference between fiction and nonfiction?

        11. So begin your “Death of Another President” book with “This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously.” Maybe Amazon won’t remove it, but really, who knows? Either way, it’s not like such a topic automatically is controversial enough to be censored.
          Actually, I find Amazon are being foolish and weak in censoring “controversial” books after the fact. It means they are in effect taking an editorial stance by refusing to remove some controversial works, say, “my first abortion” books (wouldn’t be surprised if these existed) or 50 shades of grey or dinosaur porn or whatever, while folding like proverbial cheap suits to the demands of other groups.

        12. To be fair, Amazon is a business. There’s not a lot of money in taking controversial stances. They made the decision that hosting that book would be bad for their image, and they quit offering it. It has nothing to do with being foolish or weak, and it’s far from censoring. Vince is free to distribute the book where ever he wants. But Amazon isn’t obligated to help.
          This article, this whole situation, is crying over spilt milk, and there wasn’t even any milk in the first place.

    2. True, but it does not make what she did right. Imagine if it were reversed, say if a book got pulled from amazon because he tea party complained that it supported abortion? Because it badmouthed atheists? Because it was pro immigration? Because it promoted some left wing cause? There would be outcry.
      Amazon is free to pull it, but a backlash against this decision would help give incentive to companies to avoid politics and allow anything to be printed.

    3. But if Amazon removed books on gay parenting because people complained, would that still be your response? What if they deleted all the titles about women’s issues?

      1. My response to that would be, “That was a terrible business decision. There’s going to be a shit storm. But hey, it’s their right to sell or not sell whatever they want.”

  28. I never thought it would be possible to use their own tactics against them. I’m glad that I’m being proved wrong. Go ROK!

  29. I was watering my rose garden and you walked by my place
    I almost ran up to you in a lustful, unsensitive haste
    I almost cried cause I acted so insensitive
    But I wanted you to know about the feather-soft warmth I could give
    I respect your feelings
    I respect your gender
    I respect your existence
    I’ll always be tender
    Cause I respect your feelings
    As a woman and a human
    I’ll be the pansy-growing gardener of our bouquet of love
    A flower-wielding soldier with the grace of a dove
    I’ll love you all, heart, mind and soul, I’d never think of anything cheap
    I’ll read you some of my poems before you go to sleep
    I respect your feelings
    I respect your gender
    I respect your existence
    I’ll always be tender
    Cause I respect your feelings
    As a woman and a human

  30. Is Britain becoming the new India?? What is going on over there? Vincent you HAVE TO SUE…..Don’t sure her, she is probably poor, SUE THE HUFFINGTONPOST….they will most likely settle

  31. If this is the kind of book these silly girls insist on censoring because they are “wrong”, why is that I can still pick up a copy of “Mein Kampf” or “The Unabomber Manifesto” at a local Barnes & Noble? Where’s the outcry there? Sara Nelson better get on it before we start having a bunch of Hitler’s and Kaczynski’s running amok.

  32. Let’s be honest we all anticipated something like this soon. This simply follows the same behavior seen following RoK’s various brutally honest articles.
    I assure you there will be more.
    Unfortunately there’s a battle to be fought, and lines must be drawn in the sand.
    I hope this is dealt with as Roosh suggested (legally) and this petty woman pays a high price. She is making a mockery of journalism, intellect, and freedom of the press/free speech.

  33. Always nice to be reminded of the current state of journalism, and Huffpo is leading the way with garbage like Sara Nelson steering their ship.
    TMZ.com has more credibility at this point

  34. We should all start collectively petitioning against feminist books which promulgate hatred towards men.

  35. Your Honor, she said yes on the way back to my place.. So I duck taped her mouth dragged her into my apartment and went to town! You know because YES means YES.. PERIOD!
    Clearly if you delve into Nelson’s thought process for half a second you’d see the only reasoning she could invent to label the book a “rape manual” is the premise that saying “no” under any circumstance means rape if sex occurs. That alone simply does not constitute rape in a strict legal sense; if she becomes” willful” and “not complaining” then it’s not rape, at least in my state in the US. I have no idea how the UK defines consent.
    I haven’t read the book but bearing that it doesn’t mention sex by means of forceful insertion,after incapacitation, under the age of consent, or by threats or intimidation then the book in no way could be construed as a “rape manual.”
    I sincerely hope huff post gets sued over this and it sets a precedent or two. Not sure how it would work if it’s two parties form different countries though.

  36. The good news is, if this goes into legal territory, it will be displayed in a lot of MSM news outlet.
    The exsitence of manosphere will be revealed to more and more people.

  37. Excellent article. Two particularly good catches – one that unmasks the purported “wave of anger”, and the one that notes she not only acted as a Bolshevik court in harassing Vincent and glibly “offering him a right to reply”, but also did it after already having written and published her attack.
    Shame on anyone who misrepresents facts for their personal gains like her. I am not surprised because the overall quality of journalism at Huffington Post is very low anyway, but it is still amusing to see the repeated pattern of feminist writers being unable to actually provide logical arguments that could stand up to scrutiny in a serious discussion.

  38. Nice, this article is already the third search result for “sara claudia nelson” and fitth for “sara c nelson”. Sara c claudia nelson, smile, you’re famous now!

  39. He should sue her personally for defamation, for essentially calling him a rapist, and he should also sue her for loss of earnings since his book has been pulled.
    Amazon likely didn’t review the book before pulling it either, keen to avoid the repercussions of selling a ‘rape manual’.
    It is frightening how much power an unsubstantiated ‘she said’ carries nowadays. A quick complaint with the word ‘rape’ (the feminist trump card par excellence) thrown in, and a guy gets the rug pulled out from under his feet without even having his story heard.
    How many feminist publications propounding hatred towards men have been banned?
    How many women are in prison or registered sex offenders for taking advantage of drunk men?
    As Roosh said, it is time to start delivering the death blow to feminists…

    1. John, I was with you 100% until that last sentence. While I recognize it as hyperbole, it reflects poorly on us and undermines our credibility, in my opinion.

  40. Looks like 1-0 to the journalist. There’s no case for any kind of civil lawsuit because you’d have to go ask amazon why they took it down, and they’ll say they didn’t like it’s content upon review.
    That’s all it is. Amazon was alerted to it and they don’t want to be associated with such trash so they binned it.
    Yep one want to be journalist/online blogger and her best buddy took you on and down. All the way to chinatown.
    Just let it go.

  41. Thank you for doing this Roosh, again you reach out to help a fellow man , i`ve read a comment long ago that stated you are the Putin of the manosphere, damm right, i Appreciate for you taking care of our community

    1. I second that, Roosh. It’s commendable,what you’ve done to reach out to help one of our own.
      I think ROK readers should also contribute to make donations for this site. If we can buy red pill literature from the web to help our red-pill writers, why not make contributions/donations to this site from the Tip Jar tab, even if they might be insignificant. Drop by drop, an ocean is formed. That’s how we can save the manosphere.

  42. I like that picture of hers. It looks like she’s doing a reverse cowgirl with her clothes on. I would say “I Can Make You Thin” if she’d sit like that on me, unclothed, daily.

  43. “If you do not believe in freedom of speech for those that you despise then you do not believe in it at all”…Commonly attributed to Voltaire.
    Western women do not respect a mans right to freedom of speech.
    From here. http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Mark_Twain
    “Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.”…Often attributed to Twain online, but unsourced.
    Alternate source: “The whole principle [of censorship] is wrong. It’s like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can’t have steak.” — Robert Heinlein “The Man Who Sold the Moon” p.188.
    If any woman does not respect a mans right to freedom of speech? Then she does not respect him at all and should be treated with no respect herself.

  44. If you really want to help Vinturi he needs a legal fund. Libel litigation is not cheap and Attorneys rearly do it on a contingency. Putting the feminist through the legal process alone might be reward enough; it’ll cost her money too.

  45. Libel laws are much stronger in the United Kingdom than the United States. The burden of proof is on the defendant in the UK, not the plaintiff as is the case in the UK. Because the book was also removed on Amazon UK, the case also falls under UK jurisdiction. In addition to filing suit in an American court, Mr. Vinturi should hire a barrister in the United Kingdom and sue Ms. Nelson for libel there.
    If Mr. Vinturi doesn’t have deep pockets, I would suggest the RoK and RVF people start a crowdfunding project for this case. RoK and RVF both have attorneys participating, so perhaps one can recommend a good civil rights or defamation lawyer in both countries. And because Mr. Vinturi may be able to win material damages, it might not cost much to retain a lawyer.
    I know Roosh doesn’t go for the whole white nationalism thing, but there’s an interesting legal parallel. Daryle Lamont Jenkins and his One People’s Project succeeded in shutting down the 2010 American Renaissance Conference. Scheduled speaker David Yeagley sued Jenkins and his organization in Oklahoma court for “tortious interference” and won a $50,000 judgment.
    A description can be find here: http://www.amren.com/news/2014/01/daryle-lamont-jenkins-of-one-peoples-project-ordered-to-pay-50000-for-shutting-down-2010-american-renaissance-conference/
    Mr. Vinturi and RoK should take a page out of Yeagley’s playbook and fight fire with fire.

    1. One more thought: if RoK and RVF people don’t wish to altruistically fund Mr. Vinturi’s case, a corporation could be created. Rather than soliciting contributions, this corporation would sell shares to people wishing to contribute to Mr. Vinturi’s legal case.
      If Mr. Vinturi wins the case, the corporation would then pay out the judgment to the shareholders and then dissolve.

  46. This is pretty ridiculous. I’m sick of activists making judgments based on headlines and covers. If she keeps on doing things this way then she will get burned eventually.
    If she read the book, then I would gladly listen to her opinions.

  47. The mature thing to do in the face of a publication with which one disagrees is to refute or rebut it, not mischaracterize it (“a rape manual”) or campaign to have it banned. In opting for the latter, Huffington Post is on wobbly ethical ground. To the extent the mischaracterization was libelous, defamatory, or otherwise tortious (interference with a business relationship, etc.) HP has entered a legal minefield as well.

  48. And this is why Peter Nolan has been suggesting that we men create our own second economy, free from the jurisdiction of the feminist governments.
    Perhaps he could publish his book through the Mens Business Association?
    We men need to fucking boycott this feminist society and create our own economy and social network and system. We need to drop out of the feminist mainstream society and let it collapse, while we build our own.

    1. I believe the term your looking for is Red-pill Mafia, wispered77 has some stuff on youtube about it

  49. Somebody post an article to let me know when the 16 year-old female has stopped posting their worthless comments on this site.
    What is RoK turning into – the after school special?

  50. I hope he sues and she loses her job. He should sue for every potential sale from amazon for the course of the next 40 years. Defamation is no joke in matters like this. She the worst type of cunt troll. The guy is quoting sales 101. A person doesn’t show up at the store because they’re not interested. She going to accuse every sales trainer of fraud and rape training now too. I certainly didn’t hear him mention roofies, obscene amounts of intoxicants, physical force, or anything else besides overcoming objections.
    Clearly Nelson needs to spend more time educating women on being honest with themselves and others and quit lieing because her ex read the dudes book and played her.

  51. there will be no libel conviction. too much rope… vincent has clearly hung himself with his words. does that make you feel even more impotent? aw diddums!

  52. Roosh-
    It sounds like lawdogger and some of his contacts need to be applied to this situation. If you guys had an immigration or corporate issue I’d know where to go but International libel- I’m gone on that one. The roots of feminism Dr. Henry Makow exposes it in “Cruel Hoax- Feminism and the New World Order”.

  53. Guys,
    I was just talking to John Rambo of boycott american women fame. He suggested someone should contact Vincent Vinturi and tell him that we will publish his book on A-MAN-ZON.
    But more importantly? You guys in the man-o-sphere? You would make a MUCH bolder statement if you committed to move your books OFF AMAZON and on to A-MAN-ZON.
    AMAZON just stabbed a man in the back. One of our brothers. The place is run by a man. Jeff Bezos. Jef Bezos has NEVER stepped in to help men in the family courts. So I propose and call for men who are authors and men who have products on AMAZON, a man hating organisation, to consider moving to and promoting A-MAN-ZON.
    Please read this page that explains our point of view.
    If you men let Bezos get away with this sort of thing? If you keep buying from AMAZON when you have an alternative supplier? You are sending the message to Bezos that stabbing our brothers in the back is ok.
    If you do NOT let him get away with this? If you start moving your books to A-MAN-ZON? If you buy from A-MAN-ZON when you have it as an alternative? You will send a very, very strong message to ALL the men who run large businesses. We are fed up with them stabbing men in the back to please women.
    How many RoK readers are there now? 100,000+ per month? More?
    If we promote a move to A-MAN-ZON and men responded we could have a really cool sales site up in a month or two…especially around non physical products such things as books.
    How about RoK writers and readers lead the debate on AMAZON vs A-MAN-ZON since the pussies on The Spearhead would never lead such a debate!

  54. LOL, I can just see it now “the how to guide so dangerous that feminists had it BANNED from Amazon!”

    1. Not the same market exposure, however, so he loses when he lost the Amazon venue. Also convenience sells (being able to add an item to the shopping cart when buying other items).

  55. Feminists are strong supporters of censorship, and will quote mine, libel, and use any immoral or unethical means to silence those who do not follow their narrative . They just recently tried to strong-arm Karen Straughan from speaking at Ryerson University with an exorbitant security fee, but failed.
    Huffington Post tends to be feminist in their reporting, even though I have seen articles posted there recently that are borderline anti-feminist. The feminist purge of Huffington Post is well nigh I believe.
    Despite being removed from Amazon, the attention this e-book garnered from the Huffington Post and Jezebel articles should boost its sales tremendously (as available on Vincent’s site), more so than if it was never mentioned by these biased publications.
    I think Nelson let her emotions overcome her, and prematurely denounced the book without even reading it. Her argument against the book doesn’t use one excerpt from the book, but relies on an emotional argument, quote mining from non-pertinent sources, and using emotionally provoking keywords such as “rape” and “rape apologist.”
    Maybe contacting Amazon to clear things up would ameliorate the situation and get the book reinstated. Or that would just be futile as the powers that be are feminists or feminist sympathizers which is generally the case.

  56. Suing under US law would be more difficult, but take a look at suing under UK law. The only viable defense she could make is fair comment, which allows for a view that a reasonable person could have held, but that defense is limited. The defense cannot be based on misstatement of fact, and an expression of direct malice against the individual invalidates the defense.

  57. Roosh, I disagree with your statement here: ” it may be time to ask tough questions on what can be done when a British blogger-journalist singlehandedly prevents the sale of a book that was previously available to the American public…” The author waived around a political stigma that could turn Amazon into a lightning rod for a zealous prosecutor. To me, you are implying that this blogger made it illegal to sell the guy’s book. She didn’t. She didn’t ban anything. She just waived around a political football and the booksellers punted. That’s what every private party whether an individual or other private organization, like a company, does when the government threatens it. Sometimes they ‘fight’ for their interests and go to legal ‘battle’ but in physical terms there is no fighting the government. So you’re criticizing this woman’s unjust behavior. Sure, I agree with you. What she did was dishonest and low, but you’re ignoring the fact that the only reason the booksellers removed the book, is because they don’t want to be liable for anyone else’s screw ups that a court / jury (i.e., government) can tie back to the book. They simply don’t want to be sued. What she did is effed up, but the system is the cause of the real problem. Just like porn sellers keep selling porn, even though plenty of people don’t like it, they don’t have any fear and keep selling it, because 1) their customers buy it and 2) the government doesn’t attack/threaten them for selling it and 3) the people who don’t like it aren’t currently using the government to attack/threaten them.

    1. There is a difference between committing a crime (no one alleges Sara C. Nelson did that) and civil liability for tortious interference with a business relationship, libel, defamation, etc. Sara C. Nelson may very well be liable for that.

  58. To what extent are Sarah C Nelson, Huffington Post and their owners AOL (revenue: $2.2bn in 2013) being libelous? Let’s explore in court. $$$

  59. Promoting Bordeline Personality behavior instead of treating it is a problem. It does violate the laws of several common wealth country. Free speech is only free until into introduces on someone else’s freedom. Anarchy is not freedom, it’s when the strong rape the weak. To promote aggression generally isn’t something that makes police very happy.
    Why make it personal? If it wasn’t her, it would be some Canadian police officer bro. That shit is illegal in Canada. And besides, there are many evil Lebanese and South Russian men lurking around. They laugh at how pathetic the book is as it doesn’t get them models…. then they stop laughing as they think of their daughter and sister. Their instinct of beating the author up arises, but its not legal in Canada. So they see how they can legally get a campaign with enough lawyers to shut it down, or illegally ddos if it doesn’t work.

  60. Just move on, and save your money for a ticket to Beirut, and learn from the local men how it’s done. They have the #1 results in Russia and Eastern Europe. Roosh, you wrote about being interested in Russian game, Beirut men outscore all the Russian men. The average Beirut guy who is a 5 can pickup a Russian 9.5. There are some Russian women in Beirut, many models, so just go to a top bar and watch how it’s done. It is more expensive than playing poker in Monaco if you play your chips wrong, so watch before you play. These men play world cup finals of PUA, and you guys are at the city soccer tournament. These men NEVER get in trouble with feminists, the law or anyone but eastern European women’s husbands. Move on, save your money, go to Beirut before it gets too dangerous and then right a new guide on getting some serious famous hot women that actually works. Being aggressive doesn’t work anymore than being passive. Go to the land of assertive masculine men. Learn from the best.

    1. If they don’t pull in Western countries, it should be obvious why they don’t get in trouble with feminists. Or did I misunderstand you?

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