Open Letter To Beyoncé To Quit The Feminist Charade

Dear Beyoncé,

In the past few years, feminists have been following you and analyzing your every action like paparazzi. When you dance in a sexual manner and dress accordingly, they whine that you objectify women and aggravate their sexualisation. When you sing about love and relationships like a lady, they criticize you for not being assertive enough. When you marry a rich successful rapper, they accuse you of being a bottom bitch. Some feminists even attempt to hijack you for their own political agenda, and it seems everything you do will displease a feminist one way or another.

But it’s time to end this obvious senseless debate once and for all. You need to speak up. You’re everything but a feminist. Your personal life and your personal choices attest to that.


You didn’t become a highly successful singer by being independent. The key to your success was instead support from your family. You had and still have your mother at your side at all times to support you emotionally and protect you. She follows you everywhere as much she can, even on interviews. When stress was high, you had her shoulder to lean on. In addition, you had your father as your manager for an important part of your career to take care of your business, give you guidance and structure. He pushed you to work hard, was strict and gave you discipline.

Where other artists have collapsed under the pressure of spectacular stardom, you have survived the hassle of fame gracefully. Your talent alone can’t be the explanation for that, since many others have talent. What differentiates you from them is your mental stability that stems from the constant support of a strong family structure, as you often stated. If you browse feminist literature, you will have a hard time finding books titled “The Key To Independence Is Staying Close To Your Family.”

Love life

You didn’t attract and kept one of the greatest rappers of all time by being a sexually liberated woman in your adolescence. Jay-Z doesn’t put a ring on hoes. You were coy and selective with the guys with which you had sex, if any. You didn’t sleep around and seek sexual pleasure at the cost of self respect like feminists advocate doing. Instead, you were sexually conservative. Your father was strict and wouldn’t let boys be alone with you in your bedroom. You probably had to hold hands for a long period of time in your life.


Had you made this pose at home, your dad would have spanked you so hard your ass would be flat today

Feminists love to say that you own your sexuality. They like to think you go around being your stage persona in your real life by being wild, flirting with men, submitting men, licking your finger, etc. But your public image of a liberated sexual fiend is just that, an image. It’s not your real life and it doesn’t represent who you really are. This persona is an artful performance, just like an actress who plays a role. While your stage act could be a manifestation of your wilder side, this wilder side is tamed and under control in your real life, perhaps reserved only for intimacy with your husband.

Indeed, you didn’t build a successful marriage by being sassy and by back talking to your man. Your husband, a famous successful billionaire, had the pick of any woman in the world. What truly differentiates you from most other women is your feminine attributes. You learned to be a good wife who is kind and supportive of her husband, just like your mother was to your father for a long time. While the media has made laughable attempts at portraying you as a bossy woman by nit-picking certain video clips, your success with relationships stems from being polite, considerate, humble and respectful of others. When is the last time a feminist wrote a piece about humility and respect?


You didn’t stay positive during tough times by rejecting faith like most feminists do.  Your mother did her best to bring you to church every week and you developed the habit of praying. You still pray before most of your shows. Part of your balance comes from being able to let go of rationality at the appropriate moments. It also gave you hope during those times where you were under great pressure.

Being part of a religious community also taught you to share and give back to the people. You used to say always keep god first, and claimed that it was an important part of your life. Feminists have viciously attacked religion in the past decades and would hardly qualify as faithful God followers.

beyonce knowles in addis ababa, ethiopia 6

Beyoncé giving an oral Polio pill to a child in Africa

You’re not a feminist

Your constant success in your career and personal life cannot be attributed to a feminist upbringing in any way. You did not succeed like a feminist would, but like a woman would: with family support, with a strict conservative education and religious background. You need to be proud of your roots and not be afraid of representing your way of life.

You need to stop being intimidated by feminists who use “being offended” and “being outraged” as a tool to bully you and others they disapprove of. To those millions of little girls who look up to you as their goddess and role model on how to be a successful woman, the truth has to be told. You need to tell them clearly and directly that you’re not a feminist and that you don’t believe in feminism.

Indeed, what you teach to the next generation of girls has an important impact. You can tell them typical unproven dogmas like be independent, experiment with sex as much as you want, be sassy, argue with your man whom you don’t need anyway and abandon faith; or you can tell them the truth. That Sasha Fierce is not a realistic approach to life, that she exists mostly for the shows. That Girls Run The World is a fantasy, and 1+1=2 is a lot closer to reality.

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88 thoughts on “Open Letter To Beyoncé To Quit The Feminist Charade”

  1. “If I were a Boy” was actually a good song until a I swallowed TRP….
    Talk about pure fuckery. Yes, if you were a boy it would only involve relationships, gender issues, and the so called “Double standard” about sex. EVERYTHING else tho, would magically never come into play once you become a man. Granted, I know its only a song and, 5 minutes is not enough to cover such a topic and switch but….
    Yet tho, despite all that, I would still fuck her. No bullshit over here.

    1. She cut her hair. I wouldn’t fuck chicks with pixie / skrillex cuts. Not even the celebritards. Would have been happy to throw my junk into Natalie Portman at one time…. until she shaved her head in V for Vagina.

    1. I see what you’re saying, but this is more about verbally bitch-slapping feminists who appropriate pop culture icons into their stupid-assed activism.

    2. By the way FUCKERS , don’t dare to motherfucking ban me again, PIECES OF SHIT, i am a free girl and i can express whatever i want to say in every site, i feel like i am a princess, DON’T DEFY ME, i only have like 3 or 4 emails so don’t make waste them, i would spite in the face of every sexist i know that are like all of you

      1. Yes… You can annoy everyone here with your useless babble. Can someone just K-line her IP address?

      2. Ban this useless cunt. She would waltz into the men’s room unwelcome and uninvited and think she has a “right” to be there. This is the kind of stupid bitch who thinks a man won’t hit her back…. until she is licking the pavement crying.
        That’s your future bitch. Carry on.
        The only thing surprising about that video (I would have paid to see it) was why a whopping 9 out of 10 guys didn’t flatten her first. There is still WAY too much chivalry in the world.

        1. Juliet is obviously a troll (with nothing better to do) pretending to be a woman.
          Or a 12 year old spoiled brat…

      3. You feel like a princess? I FEEL you’re an idiot. So I guess that makes you a idiot

      4. You would only spit in their faces so they would put you over their knee and spank you till you cry.
        Look up ‘sam’ or smart-ass masochist. you are recognized.

    3. Why not? It’s a good article, and there are hundreds of others if this one isn’t to your taste.

    4. Holy shit I hate the word meh.
      Every person I have ever heard use the word in person was a gen Y retard.

        1. I agree. I sometimes feel like some gen Y’s think they are not retarded so I am redundant as a reminder to them.
          I apologize to all the normal people for the redundancy.

  2. Beyonce has to abide to feminist imperative. She is part of the sub culture of Bohemians grove but since she is woman and a person of color so she can’t actually participate in their activities instead she is message sender. I know there are alot of skeptic about illumati and other conspiracy organization but one must look into the push for Rainbow/Gay culture the suppression of hardworking White men and the increasing centralization of women in power. All of this is to do two things: increase GDP and control of the producers of GDP mainly men .
    Despite feminism, the problem now is that women are no longer seen as “SPECIAL” they are now Expendible commodities just like how men (in war- high risk jobs) were before the feminist movement. Women can be traded, demoted, punished, tooled. lied to by coporations and its OK. Thats why the pay inequality is actually SELF WORTH inequality. Moreover look at how most young men are viewing women, mostly as “notch counts” Women are more objectified and ‘despecialized’ than ever and one thing a women doesnt want to feel is that she is the same as the rest.
    I understand men’s rights but we must be rational and lead to unifcation of both genders because MEN STILL NEED WOMEN. We must aslo understand that men HAVE the power to mould women to the ideal person because their FEMINITY makes them sucesptible to this. Fuck whining lets find women of baseline feminity and build on that

      1. Honestly feminity is even more scarce then alphas but you can literally re-train women to become feminine because its in their genes

        1. not so much, because technology – not feminism or beta males, gives women the option to go their own way, work their own career and do their own thing…..
          in all of history women were subservient to men BECAUSE THERE WAS NO OTHER CHOICE…..
          not because they are naturally submissive….. in fact a human female, especially a mother, psychologically can be the most vicious, aggressive, dictatorial, and emotionally charged bitch, and the only thing that held her back in the past, was the fact that men could better wield swords and do battle…..
          today she’s pretty much a free agent and that makes it hard to control any woman long term….. a woman in the 21st century is like a dog with two masters….

    1. >Moreover look at how most young men are viewing women, mostly as “notch counts”
      >”guys only want sex!”
      Well, do you offer anything else? Cooking? Keeping a household? No? Too backwards, outdated and oppressive? Enjoy being pumped’n’dumped then.

    2. Men don’t need women anymore.
      That’s the thing. 100 years ago, marriage was a partnership. It was logistically impossible for a person alone to both provide for themselves working at a job and also take care of, for want of a better word, personal maintenance. Laundry, cooking, housekeeping. The lighter farm chores like milking.
      Now? The past hundred years of women demanding that men make housework easier have returned to bit them in the ass. Housekeeping is now so easy that a person don’t need someone else to do it. No need, anymore, to form a team, a partnership.
      The only thing men and women need one another for is sex. Hence Game and Sluttiness. Two sides of the same coin – it’s all about the tingle, and not much more.

  3. I don’t disagree with this article but what about Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rhianna and all the others who basically slut it up on stage? I doubt the same can be said about them. As long as Beyonce and others carry on enabling feminists to appropriate them in various ways, they will continue to shape the agenda. The problem is that Beyonce is one of many female pop stars who are easily replicated, even if she speaks out against the whole strong independent woman theme, more can be manufactured and promoted. Ultimately even a powerful individual like her cannot change things, it needs to be a mass movement from below. Although, powerful allies do help immensely. Alas, she will never speak out anyway..

  4. If you want to sell your music to, and make money from feminists, you have no choice but to kiss their snatches.

  5. I really just don’t give a fuck what an “urban princess” does or does not do. Unfortunately the president of my country lets this stupid bitch (and her 85IQ husband) have full access to the white house and a direct line to the president.
    It is pathetic. This is the same type of nonsense that happened in South Africa post 1994. It has not worked out too well for them and America shares a similar future.
    People like beyonce are nothing but a weapon of the ruling families to force cultural marxism on the west.

  6. I would never have thought about any of this. Excellent article. What girls need today is a feminine role modal in culture.

  7. let go of rationality
    Sigh…even on a red-pill site like this the blue pill seeps in when this appears under the ‘faith’ section…

  8. Beyonce no longer has a fully functional brain in her fucking head — so why the article to “appeal” to her. She is an MK-ultra mind fucked slave who sings and dances about for her handlers, which includes Jay-Z. Her loving husband??? Get the fuck real. She’s rich??? Well her handlers certainly are. Help and support from her family, you say??? Her Daddy abused the shit out of her and then essentially sold her off to those higher up the pyramid, and he still gets his cut (finders fee) to this day. Same story w/ Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rhianna, etc. What we see on TV / movies are either mannequins or talking heads, nothing more. They are not there due to their superior talents, intelligence or work ethic. They were hand picked for such roles at much earlier ages, and their pathetic lives always include extreme physical / sexual abuse, connections to the military or intelligence communities and rituals involving satanism / luciferianism. This has been going on since the WW2 era. So let’s quit fucking pretending these “people” are like us. THEY’RE NOT.

    1. Hey! It’s the “Monarch” conspiracy theory! So … does Beyonce have a butterfly tattoo? And does her manager have a rudimentary tail?

    2. you maybe correct…. but it’s interesting how Lorde – a school girl from New Zealand writes all her own material and produces with an unknown guy in her local town, and comes with the most cutting, honest, direct and cynically poetic lyrics, tearing all of this down and winning a Grammy doing it….
      “you can call me queen B – let me live that fantasy”
      it’s hilarious….. and suddenly you see that while there maybe some backroom deals and secret handshakes… when a real artist comes with real music… Dave Grohl being another one…. nothing can stop them….
      they not only fit into the system but fuck it at the same time…
      Beyonce is a product of the internet boom and the new age feminist 90s….. nothing more…. her music and attitude managed to hit a certain time and era and her fans have grown with her…. she’s been smart, her handlers have been smart, but as far as all out manipulation…. i don’t see it….
      firstly no one gets along for very long…. look at something as powerful as Christianity that has splintered into hundreds of offshoots… even if there are satanic factions controlling things, there would be fall outs in their hierarchy, splinter groups, factions, rivalry etc.
      and secondly most humans are so fucking stupid and mired in their own fear, that they manipulate themselves…. very little direction or conspiracy is needed to control monkeys….. just throw some bananas and they all start gibbering…..

  9. Beyonce … I don’t know anything about her and don’t care to know anything about her.
    What I do know is that women are mostly raunchy whores. I had one texting me last night non-stop, tell me how horny she was, how much she wanted to “lick” me all over, take my cock, etc. etc.
    If I had felt hard up, I might have gone for it. But it was otherwise an annoyance because my phone was buzzing until 3 AM.
    Women “own their sexuality.” Sure. Until they get desperately horny. Then I own it. And I will decide if she gets what she wants.

    1. Or she goes to the next one. Don’t fool yourself…you don’t decide anything.

      1. Well actually he IS deciding at that time he is the one cock that isnt fuckin that broad.
        How do you think that makes her feel? Do you think she will want him more because he doesnt give a fuck about giving her what she wants?
        If you need to answer those 2 questions then you need more red pill in your life.

  10. Beyonce’s quasi-feminism is convenient and lucrative for her, but I think the author is right when he calls it a charade. It helps her sell records and merchandise to the dumb young white girls who call her “Queen Bey”. She’ll keep it up as long as it makes her and her handlers money. I can’t imagine “Drunk in Love” made the feminists too happy, so it’s easy to see that pretend feminism isn’t Beyonce’s only M.O.

  11. It’s not age, race or even gender related. They’ll fool you by whatever they say. It’s money, power and status what they are after. Feminism is their card to play when they are the weakest.

  12. “Girls Run The World” is just Beyonce exploiting female nature for profit. Just like Oprah and the author of Twilight.
    They don’t ACTUALLY believe that shit. Beyonce is as much of a puppet as she can possibly be. She doesn’t even “RUN” her own life! She is told exactly what to do and when to do it.
    And she’s a fucking hypocrite.
    One minute writing songs about “Pay my bills” as part of Destiny’s Child…. and you better “put a ring on it”….. then pretends she is “independent” and “runs the world”. Beyonce is a goddam sell out joke who will tell women whatever they want to hear and is only out to exploit female nature for profit.

    1. I doubt she wrote most(if any)of the songs she performs,regardless if she is credited with doing so.There are plenty of ghost writers that are hired to write and compose the songs of today’s Pop stars,or they simply steal them. In fact the Whoriest of Pop-whore Stars Madonnas has a reputation (and a convicted court record) of pilfering and plagiarizing lesser known artist’s music.
      Beyonce is the voice and body of the songs she performs,not the mind behind them,for that she has an entire PR team.If it was profitable to market her as Anti-feminist,and if did not interfere with her high profile relationship with the present Despot in the White house,they would.And I agree,the Pop music industry is filled dumbass performers ready to reap in the profits from their equally dumbass fans.

      1. The actual song production (2/3 of the stuff you hear in it) is done my a man anyway. You think those airheads wrote their beats and melodies themselves? Ha.

    2. It took something like six men to write that song.
      Yes, six actual song writers to come up with such simplistic drivel.

      1. It was created by six gays. ( And the 7th gay was holy. )
        The point is , girls have never and will never “run the world”…. when they don’t even write own tunes. But as long as they are fooling someone, they will think they do.
        No woman – not even the most imminent heads of their entire sex – has ever left the world a single, lasting, priceless and significant work of art or music. It was all created by men…. including the song “girls run the world”.
        And here is why. Here is the thoughtless, mind-numbing empty-headed useless nonsense going through every girl’s mind.
        “wanting”…… “liking”….. “eating”…. “drinking”…. “buying”…… “looking”…… “wishing”…. “wearing”……. “spending”….. “wasting”……”indulging”….”being lazy”……
        …… but ZERO actual –> DOING.
        And no mention of any THINKING, either.
        So in what Universe do women think they “run the world???”
        Doesn’t even think she is an active participant in her own relationship nor does she believe she has any impact on the outcome. It’s a good thing all babies have a good shot at being male….. or we would all be completely SCREWED.

        1. “Planning where you want to be married.”
          Also known as planning where to act like a self-centered little cunt while simultaneously pissing away $27,000 on a four hour party. The groom? Merely an ornament. The marriage itself? Well, they don’t want to think about that- there’s work involved in a marriage, and work isn’t fun, nor easy. That’s what women like—fun and easy. If it doesn’t fall into one of those two categories, or preferably both, then you
          can bet your ass there won’t get done right.
          Marriage in 2014… I could be Ray Charles sitting in a dark room and still see that’s a really fucking bad proposition.

        2. Pop music is made for young girls, with purpose of relieving them of their parents money. Of course it is going to appeal to their base narcissism. Beyonce’s handlers know how the game is played, and play it well.

        3. you are taking from a tumblr blog which teen girls mostly submit to. this cannot be passed off as if this is how all ADULT WOMEN feel and think. if i look at a blog for teenaged boys and i won’t find anything better. they’re teenagers.
          i don’t know how i came across this site but it’s rather sad. you’re probably a bunch of men who’ve been rejected and now you hate all women. that or mommy issues. here’s a protip: no women likes a man that disrespects them. i pray for your future daughters but i’ll pray harder that you never have any.

        4. that’s YOUR problem if you marry a woman like that. you’d need to hold yourself accountable for marrying a “self-centered little cunt.” it is also YOUR problem if you marry a women who doesn’t put any work into your marriage. i’m a woman and i don’t get a fuck about an extravagant wedding.
          you sound so bitter right now. it’s hilarious! did you have a wedding where you weren’t paid attention to like your wife? my god. if that’s your problem then have a kind of wedding you’d want. men are the ones that act like they don’t care about “emotional” stuff like that anyway because they think it’s feminine. or is that women’s fault too?

        5. I disagree. I’m 21 & I like Tumblr but those words do not rule my life. I’ve had to work for everything I have. I’m not at my mom’s house on the phone planning Starbucks dates. Just because I work 2 jobs & go to school doesn’t mean I have to look like a bum doing it. I also have a fiance who comes from a struggle background & we hold eachother up with unconditional care & understanding bc we KNOW theres not too many 21 year olds like us in our generation. We do not live lavish, our middle class lifestyle feels like the uppercrust of being poor but we’re not complaining. I love Bey but fuck Bey. I KNOW we didn’t share the same circumstances but I still love her music. Are you a woman? Do you have a clue about how hard it is to maintain this bubblehead vision of what we want in life? You try looking like a 10, pursuing college, maintaining 2 jobs & catering to your spouse while the whole world critiques you for not fitting their ideals. I’m sorry your ex wasn’t woman enough to truly love you.

        6. Why do you dumb cunts always use YOURSELF as an example -and then think you are THE example. Jesus Christ. Every lats mother fucking one of you thinks you’re so goddam special and different and deserve a fucking medal for shit like “working for everything you have”.
          YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR WHAT YOU HAVE you low-expectation-having bitch.
          That’s like a man expecting “respect” just because he can say “I AIN NEVER BEEN TO JAIL”. Only you girls are so fucked up you think you deserve special recognition for shit you’re SUPPOSED to do.
          •”You try looking like a 10, pursuing college, maintaining 2 jobs & catering to your spouse while the whole world critiques you for not fitting their ideals.”
          It doesn’t MATTER what I look like when I accomplished FAR better and more than that ….. but instead of taking your goddam hostility out on other MEN who never even treated you badly….. remind yourself that it’s OTHER WOMEN who force those “ideals” on you. The cunts who publish fashion, diet and make up magazines. Thats’ who you should be mad at sweetheart.
          OTHER WOMEN.
          No man (including me) ever stuck his finger down a woman’s throat to get her to lose weight. But countless women do that to THEMSELVES. That’s the self-loathing known as womanhood.
          I’m sorry other women are not woman enough to truly love themselves. cute try though. Do you have any more?

    3. Beyonce and Rihanna and Kesha et al. are McDonald’s Regular Cheeseburgers left under those hotlamps four or five weeks too long.
      Technically they are consumable. Everyone is required to pay filet mignon prices for stale cheeseburgs.
      As illustrated by similar dreck (American Idol etc.) the US female does not want to witness, nor support, actual talent. She wants to see an unending mirror of her own mediocrity, because only in this way can she ever Be Special.
      No i cannot understand why The Economy is failing utterly. Eats a mestery.

    4. I was going to comment but luckilly I came across this comment ..probably beacause it got so many up votes and was dead on. Beyonce is full of shit. Claims to be a good Christian yet she sells her ass onstage and anywhere else she can. She doesnt run shit and women dont run shit. You can bet she will go for broke when her and that lame ass rapper eventually divorce.She will die trying to get half of his billion dollars when the time comes. Dont even get me started on their b.s illuminati poseurism. Right on Tom. I couldn’t have said it better. I’m glad some people see through their bullshit.

  13. This a great write up! Have felt the same for so very long about Beyonce. She is a hero to so very many women but the image and message she portrays is purely fraudulent. Whats even worse is that she doesn’t even have to talent to write the majority of the music she is putting out. She uses writers like nearly every other artist out there. Most people are smart enough to realize artists are playing a role but way too many just dont get it. I know a lot of women who pour over every word and analyze what she is saying and hidden meaning in her songs etc… its sad.

  14. Including faith as one of the characteristics discredits the rest of the content in the article. Eastern european women have very low levels of practicing and are among the most feminine I have encountered. Red-pill philosophy is diametrically opposed to religious dogma and anyone claiming otherwise is being deliberately obtuse.

    1. East European women are usually closet witches. Most of them believe in and practice Slavic paganism and witchcraft, and most witches have “feminine” allure. Good luck to you when you’d find the shit inside the golden exterior.

      1. 1. I have never encountered that at all.
        2. Better than having shit exterior and hoping to find gold inside.

  15. Won’t happen. The showbiz is all about keeping up appearances and creating illusions. If the current political atmosphere is liberal and feminist, that’s what public persons will pay lipservice to.

  16. Latin American culture is starting to be infected with the virus called Feminism.
    (Watch at your own risk)

    And yes. I lost all respect for Joey.

    1. The woman singing this is Colombian and it looks like her haircut was inspired by Miley Virus.
      American society is infecting Colombian culture.

      1. Lyrics: Today I put myself the lip gloss, red color passion
        I came undone the hair for glance, it releases the life
        I have no time to cry
        I go away for the station of the single women
        Because the train goes of exit(departure) and me
        I spoke to the clear mirror
        I said to him that it is a time for me
        for out everything villain
        We go for above(up) women
        not more crying, if they weep that it is for you
        because the men come and go
        they come, come and go
        Women, women
        we are we those of the control
        because we are women, women
        we are going to live through the life that
        the men come come and go
        I have a life and it is only one
        and it was not done to cry
        without losing the time, this is my moment
        I go to celebrate(hold) dancing
        I want to live having a good time, calm like that singing
        I take(catch) my suitcase turn round myself, because I
        I spoke to the clear mirror
        I said to him that it is a time for me
        for out everything villain
        Women, women
        we are we those of the control
        because we are women, women
        we are going to live through the life that
        the men come come and go
        I run above(up) the women
        that this night we are celebrating(holding)
        because we are the women
        that we always take the control
        We go all the women
        that this night we are celebrating(holding)
        that the women sit down
        because the train goes of exit(departure)
        Women, women
        we are we those of the control
        because we are women, women
        we are going to live through the life that
        the men come come and go

  17. She’s wearing a hairhat and has thick thighs like tree trunks lol Russian girls are more feminine and even average girls are better built with slim thighs and a normal sized butt

      1. An average Russian ass is hotter than Beyoncé’s ass. She can’t compete with Russian asses, her ass is no competition to them.

  18. Jay Z is probably the wealthiest rapper of all time… don’t know about the greatest…

  19. This puppet has the best PR team in the world. Anyone that can turn this talentless bint into an international star and role model, deserves to be flogged.
    Still, you gonna give it her, she made herself a billionaire trading from the sheep mentality of the masses. She serves them shit, but the sheep keep eating it up, making her richer and richer..

  20. People have popular, powerful careers by playing ball with The Narrative and the circus, or they are rejected from the elite economy. Nice open letter, shows the hypocracy well, but that is just par for the course. She does it just like John Legend does it as a social engineering mouthpiece living the life because of it. Athlone McGinnis covered it perfectly in the classic “Why Famous Men Become Outspoken Feminists.” Works for Beyonce too. Got to play ball or no game. Why support useful idiots would would shit on your face in an instance if their instincts were stroked a certain way. She has made the adult decision with money and affuence, and we have too with pussy. Time to go economic red pill, gentlemen.
    Here is the link to the McGinnis post:

    Why Famous Men Become Outspoken Feminists

    And in playing ball, you can get your message out their in coded form for those who can unplug themselves, which you can’t do for someone else without ending the system altogether, an impossibity for any one to do.
    I think Chris Rock was rebelling in his own way, but playing ball to keep the useful idiots enamored:

  21. Maybe the realization that advocating feminism or appearing to is an empty façade no longer required of any public figure is at hand. No need to pointedly rebel against feminism, just ignore it and proceed as a natural person following one’s real personal inclination. When will the pieces fall into place? Soon, necessarily soon….

  22. You’re all probably disgusting and disturbed old men who couldn’t ever get a woman so you joined this website against them because it makes you feel better to talk bad about them than deal with the fact that you’re a low-life who can’t get any. Grow up and get a life. Take a little field trip outside of your moms basement and realize that it’s small-minded people like you that ruin the world and it’s hard-working men and women who really make the world go round. Just like the blacks and every other minority, there were strong women who fought against pimple-faced low-lifes like you and now you’re just angry that they have more balls than you do. Grow up, take your hands out of your pants, and get a job. Not every woman is going to treat you like the king your mommy says you are.
    Thank you.

  23. Was JayZ referring to her when he encored with Linkin Park in “99 problems and the bitch ain’t one?”

  24. Too late now, her damage (or rather, the record labels’ damage) has already been inflicted on the world. Songs with Destiny’s Child encouraging women to leave their men at home to go to the club and snag a quick fling with “ballers,” songs where she ‘exercises” her plenty of sexual options and ability to move on like a hoe (“Irreplaceable”), etc., have already polluted the airwaves and a generation of women who worship her.
    Beyonce Knowles is apparently a pretty good girl based on her upbringing, but what good girl would agree to do such a thing as to play this cunty character Sasha Fierce and pollute the young minds with feminism and other bullshit she signs about? Especially when she has ZERO need to do so, because Jay Z is worth millions?
    A cunt, that’s who.

  25. I’m thinking of writing an open letter to all the people that address open letters to people that don’t give a shit about anything they write. But then, they probably wouldn’t give a shit about what I would write.

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