A Vindication Of The Writings Of Men

Recently, the New York Times ran an article about ‘sex on campus’ at the University of Pennsylvania. Remarkably, the article is honest – it simply reports as it observes. No surprise then that its observations mirror those of the manosphere.  What  little delusional content there is comes from the female interviewees themselves.

Until recently, those who studied the rise of hookup culture had generally assumed that it was driven by men, and that women were reluctant participants, more interested in romance than in casual sexual encounters. But there is an increasing realization that young women are propelling it, too.

For the last several years, sociologists who surveyed campus relations puzzled over the hookup scene: why were girls opting for non-committal sex with uncaring men? Women prefer relationships to flings, so why were women choosing hookups over dating?


Typically, the answer was: women aren’t choosing. They’re being forced into hooking up. The explanations offered looked something like this:

“The sex ratios are skewed in favor of men.” In a previous installment, the New York Times examined the scene at a university where women outnumbered men. But this was just cherry-picking: the hookup scene is in full force even at schools where sex ratios are even, such as the Ivy League. At the very least, skewed sex ratios are not the only factor, if hook-up scenes are cropping up even at sexually balanced universities. And the latest article goes on to consider factors that have nothing to do with the sex ratio.

“Men control the social scene, and ply women with alcohol, drugs and even assault to get sex.” Women are helpless to set the terms of their own romances; they have to contend with a system rigged in favor of men’s penchant for unattached sex.

There are many more such explanations lying in the quivers of willfully blind researchers. Except there’s nothing forcing women to have sex on a whim. Behind all these excuses is the determination to see everything but the girls themselves as factors in the demise of dating. Everything else, particularly the men, must be fingered as responsible. Women are not allowed to be human, to have agency. They cannot even be animals, base impulses and all. When it comes time to assign culpability, only men have moral agency.

Then there’s the myopia. Anything that isn’t strictly quantified in some arcane research dataset is ignored wholesale. Combine these, and you have the expert’s profound ignorance of how dating actually proceeds on college campuses and beyond. Little scrutiny was given to whether women actually were choosing this life for themselves, and whether they truly did *always* prefer relationships to flings.

 A Change In Tone

Lately, there has been a change in the establishment’s tone. It is increasingly willing to consider that women are just as depraved as men. While I’d like to credit the manosphere, it may be due to the efforts of people like Hanna Rosin who make this view socially acceptable. Last year, she identified women as the driving force of the hook-up scene, and that this arrangement empowers women to devote more time to their careers.

More recently, Daniel Bergner published a book about science’s answer to the age old question, what do women want? More pointedly, what arouses women? It was well received by the establishment. While the manosphere easily precedes such works, their voices went mostly unheard by the intelligentsia; it now looks as if it will become more and more acceptable to make the very same points the manosphere has.


For the beliefs of the upper middle class, the truth was never relevant – only, “can I say this at a cocktail party without sounding like a nut?” Now that such observations have graced the pages of the New York Times, they can be broached in polite company. Below, I’ve chosen several excerpts from the article itself that echo what the manosphere has been saying.

Self-Imposed Female Unavailability

“I positioned myself in college in such a way that I can’t have a meaningful romantic relationship, because I’m always busy and the people that I am interested in are always busy, too,” she said. … “But there are so many other things going on in my life that I find so important that I just, like, can’t make time, and I don’t want to make time.”

Even if a man wanted to, girls are making themselves unavailable for more than a weekly dalliance. She’s busy getting cosmos with her friends, or padding her resume with something to impress future employers. And if your aim is to seduce her, don’t bother inquiring about it, because she herself has no intrinsic interest in it. In tossing aside man, her former master, she appoints the corporation as her new overlord. As Roissy wrote, woman cannot content herself with freedom – she simply elects another master to dominate her. Naturally, that leaves little place for any boyfriends.

And when a girl deigns to spend only a day or two a week with a man, she is a fractional girlfriend. So even if a man wanted a full-time girlfriend, he may have to ‘settle’ for fucking three or four girls concurrently instead.

superman that ho

Modern Man’s Mission

Careerism As The Path To Whoredom

These women said they saw building their résumés, not finding boyfriends (never mind husbands), as their main job at Penn. They envisioned their 20s as a period of unencumbered striving, when they might work at a bank in Hong Kong one year, then go to business school, then move to a corporate job in New York. The idea of lugging a relationship through all those transitions was hard for many to imagine. Almost universally, the women said they did not plan to marry until their late 20s or early 30s…

But Elizabeth A. Armstrong, a sociologist at the University of Michigan who studies young women’s sexuality, said that women at elite universities were choosing hookups because they saw relationships as too demanding and potentially too distracting from their goals.

With their career as their highest priority, committed relationships are now a nuisance. Relationships now recall in her mind the story of Sisyphus, who was condemned to pushing a heavy stone up a mountain for eternity, only for it to keep falling down. She knows she won’t get married until 30, so pre-marital relationships are just formalized fuck buddies. The ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ relationship of the 20th century is rootless; its only basis is convenience. When it ceases to be convenient, girls will go without it.

Our elders think that pre-marital relationships meant something. And maybe they were right, at one point. But with the priority of a career in the modern woman’s life, the boyfriend is obsolete. He is simply dick on delivery.

Rather than sign up for the inevitable breakups that her careerism ensures, she ditches them altogether. The boyfriend was just a convenient fabrication to make her feel less slutty for pre-marital sex anyway. And now even that has proven too onerous.

As A. explained her schedule, “If I’m sober, I’m working.”…

Instead, she enjoyed casual sex on her terms — often late at night, after a few drinks, and never at her place, she noted, because then she would have to wash the sheets…

Dancing like that felt good but dirty, and like a number of girls, Haley said she had to be drunk in order to enjoy it. Women said universally that hookups could not exist without alcohol, because they were for the most part too uncomfortable to pair off with men they did not know well without being drunk.

Women like A are fundamentally incapable of intimacy without copious alcohol. Shirley Temple Prudes, Vodka Sluts. You will meet women who have been gangbanged, yet cannot stomach a first kiss from an attractive man while sober. I do, routinely. Notice also how she shirks the domestic duty of laundry to men. (A prolific squirter, perhaps?) Not to worry, she’ll still complain about how slovenly men are.

There will be plenty of people clucking in response at how terrible this is; logically speaking, however, it is A who is right. With time, the link between whoredom and female careerism becomes evident, as pragmatic concerns whittle away at meaningful monogamy. And since practically no one is willing to renounce careerism’s status as commendable for women, nothing will change.

The American father pushes his daughter to work and become independent, yet expresses alarm at the promiscuity among her peers. He responds to getting raped in the ass by asking for more lube. He doesn’t truly want to solve the problem, he just wants to feel better about the job he’s done. “Ignorance is bliss.”


Modern Family

Plenty of men here like to think that A. will get her comeuppance, and find herself alone and bitter come the age of 35. Frankly, the evidence on this point is rather absent – upper class women like A still marry more than her lower class peers. If she wants to marry, A can stay thin and presentable; she will have a decent career that mitigates her risk to a man’s wealth in the case of divorce; plus, she’s intelligent. There is no shortage of eligible men who’d sign up for marrying A. Absent extreme entitlement, she will approach marriage like a job interview, and identify what her prospective husbands demand to snare a man that meets her criteria, and act accordingly.

Besides, American men are not even aware of the delights to be had among foreign women, of the  Brazilian’s sensuality, of the Pole’s sweetness, or of the Ukrainian’s devotion. As far as he knows, American women are as good as it gets. Even if he suspects they aren’t, nothing else seems within reach.

Whoredom Begins At Home

But, in fact, many of the Penn women said that warnings not to become overly involved in a relationship came not from feminists, but from their parents, who urged them to be independent.

“That’s one thing that my mom has always instilled in me: ‘Make decisions for yourself, not for a guy,’ ” one senior at Penn said.

The current crop of college aged women are the offspring of the Boomer generation. The central conceit of the boomer is his studied adolescence – he discards the traditions of his father in the name of progress, yet he is dumbfounded when his daughters turn out like the strumpets profiled. For why would liberating a woman from a life of kinder, kirche, küche turn her into a slut? It’s impossible that progress would yield something as undesirable as promiscuity.

Watch the progressive closely, and you will glimpse for only a moment any intellectual honesty. Before social changes take full effect, the progressive will deny deny deny that his reforms have returned an unpalatable result; the moment this becomes an obvious lie, he will simply rebrand the ugly as beautiful. Fat acceptance, abortion, bastardy, promiscuity… there’s no shortage of examples. Rosin serves just this purpose, when she rebrands whoredom as commendable when it becomes clear just how prevalent it is among today’s youth.

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80 thoughts on “A Vindication Of The Writings Of Men”

  1. “Before social changes take full effect, the progressive will deny deny
    deny that his reforms have returned an unpalatable result; the moment
    this becomes an obvious lie, he will simply rebrand the ugly
    as beautiful.”
    Such as a PUA saying that having sex with lots of women is a good thing. Then when I say something different…they deny it by insulting me. Keep doing that…because the truth often hurts your feelings more than mine.
    Men are the agents of social change and women follow…so both are to blame. It’ll take men’s lead to start a new change…and then women will follow.
    However that means you’ll have to give up on dumpster fire pussy for a while…and fulfill that need through other avenues at first. Then once the women shape up…you will have your pick of the litter. Short term pain always brings long term gains.
    The cowards way out is to bolt to a society that has more traditional values and infect it with the terrible culture we’ve created. You can change a society one woman at a time…by going about things the right way.
    I will now gladly take your insults.

    1. How would you recommend that with women unable to bond? I think this generation already is fucked, better to have ons and have surrogate children, in time is the only option viable, until the current system self-destroys, since even if tomorrow the system resets itself, would you take a gangbanged career woman as mother of your children?

    2. Your Philosophy of isolationism and anti-social nihilism is not going to get very far and it is doomed to fail. Many of you mgtows; ( i am assuming you are a mgtow because of your philosophical stand) don’t get is that men have needs and they are not going to wait for the system to collapse or for women to see their errors ways or as you put it (once the women shape up), you are going to be waiting for eternity. What pua does is, it allows men to adopt to this new reality so that men get the best out of this mess. Admittedly,it is not the be-all and end-all, but it has a lot to teach.

    3. ” Such as a PUA saying that having sex with lots of women is a good thing.”
      Good for the woman? I never said so, nor does Roosh judging by his advice for his sister.
      If I held out for a ‘good woman’ I’d blue ball myself into insanity. Women will get fucked with or without me, so it might as well be me doing it.
      And it’s easier for a woman to set the terms and get what she desires than it is for most men. If she decides to marry at 19 as a virgin, she can do that with ease. If a man wanted such a woman in modern America, he would have much difficulty.

    4. I escaped from the women on perpetual cock carousels by marrying a woman from a country where marriage and commitment still matter. I’ve posted this before and will post it again: Pick-up is only a stop-gap measure to combat the destruction of marriage (which may ultimately lead to the destruction of society).
      A strong society is one with strong values.

      1. Yup, and even that is not a guarantee. This is my biggest problem with the PUA/Feminist communities. They expect a 100% sperm and wealth back guarantee before commitment. I am not saying they are wrong that PUAing at least before marriage has no merit. It does, I did it before marrying foreign and have not looked back too much.
        However you are right, PUA is the male version of feminism in many ways in that it preaches male empowerment sans traditional roles, just the reverse of feminism and reversed designs. Except in college hook up culture.
        We don’t need feminism, we need PUA; for now. PUA is the inevitable result of such social engineering as feminists. Yet ultimately, a culture that is completely devoid of morality, is devoid of its own need to exist. A stronger, more moral culture will replace it.
        Germanic tribes to Rome for example. Though not what we would consider traditional valued something more akin to conservative traditional values. Belief in a higher power, strong family ties, and honest intercourse between themselves (business or relationships).

        1. “PUA is the male version of feminism in many ways in that it preaches male empowerment sans traditional roles, just the reverse of feminism and reversed designs.”
          “We don’t need feminism, we need PUA; for now…”
          +1,000 Well said.

    5. Earl, you’d have a point but… I don’t think the men you see on these forums who complain about women riding the cock carousel are the same men you see on these forums who brag about BEING the cock carousel. You may have seen otherwise, but I haven’t yet seen this.
      No traditionalist would disagree with what you say here. No PUA is looking far enough into the future to care what you are talking about.

    6. No one said the PUA was doing a good thing, but no one said the PUA had much of a choice either.
      Be celibate and die while nothing changes? Or get some of the action before you grow old?

  2. The sad thing is that those women have lost the basic human skill to communicate with the opposite sex. They need to be drunk to have sex because they do not know how to seduce a man, even for a ons, when they are sober..
    I wonder if they really enjoy sex at all..

    1. “I wonder if they really enjoy sex at all.” lol i dont care if they do, do you?

      1. Well it’s disconcerting that women are just total fucking androids without carnal desires among other inhuman characteristics that make it difficult in dealing with them.

  3. “the Ukrainian’s devotion” what the hell are you talking about lol?You guys are really nuts here).How many ukrainian gf’s I had and there were THE LEAST dovoted ever.Well I never dated an american,so may be its even worth than this I dont know lol.
    A ukrainian or russian woman has no concept of devotion.Tons of reasons for this,I will need no less than 10k words to explain.An average Ukrainian sees a man as a temporary provider for her needs.4th country in the world for the divorce rates (after latvia,russia and so on).
    There is no solution to polygamy nowhere abroad (unless its some muslim shithole). The world is globalized and the times are different.
    Swallow it and live with it,instead of constant complaining (like your beta chieftain here does).
    Eventually the rotten system will give away and we will return to some sort of a civilization structure.But not in our life time.

    1. H2O I’m inclined to agree with you here on Ukrainian female devotion, or lack there of. The assertion by the author to the contrary tells me he has never been to East Europe nor interacted with Ukraines or Russians who reside in the states, who are just as cunt-assed if not more. If one follows the personal blog of Roosh, who is mr. traveler himself, he did a post on how westernized women World over are becoming http://www.rooshv.com/beautiful-foreign-women-are-rapidly-becoming-westernized – thanks to current communication technologies, as you say, time are indeed different now. Yeah it sucks, but someone else stated to adapt or die.

    2. You just summed up every Ukrainian girl I’ve worked with (I’m a makeup artist). I get along with them very well, and they make wonderful girlfriends. But they constantly talked about finding a man with money, specifically older men. Surprisingly, they weren’t very sexual (compared to my Latina friends), but would always look around to other men even when they were in relationships. My friend Lena would say “Got to keep my options open”, and smile. Otherwise, they are great girls.

  4. I remember that NYT piece when it first came out – was shocked that they showed that women are catalysts for the hookup scene considering the source was hoping for some deeper insight like this. Excellent job deconstructing it and showing the larger context, link between whoredom and careerism, etc. Thanks Emmanuel.

  5. “Women are not allowed to be human, to have agency. They cannot even be animals, base impulses and all. When it comes time to assign culpability, only men have moral agency.”
    If there’s one part of feminism that I despise the most, this is it- the unwillingness of feminists to believe that if women can be “just as good” as men, then they can also be just as bad. They only believe in “equality” when it comes to taking credit for success, never when it comes to assigning blame for a failure. This simply does not fit into their world view.
    Instead, whenever men do anything good, it’s because they’re swimming in privilege and benefiting from a system rigged in their favor. And whenever men do anything bad, it’s because they’re showing their true natures.
    If men succeed at something then it’s all because of socialization unfairly stacked in their favor, and never because of some inherent trait that makes men better at whatever the endeavor is. But if men fail at something, then this script gets flipped and it’s taken as proof that men are inherently deficient in some area in a way that women wouldn’t be.
    And you see this time and time again in our modern media.
    When men take risks and the outcomes are positive (like starting and founding companies), it’s because we unfairly socialize boys to be risk takers and women need social programs to encourage them to be entrepreneurs. When men take risks and the outcomes are negative, then you see articles making claims about how it never would have happened if women were in charge, because they’re inherently more risk-averse.
    It isn’t about equality for them anymore, it’s about rights without responsibilities. It’s about taking credit when success happens, and assigning blame to men for the failures. It’s about reaping the rewards on the upside, and then escaping accountability on the downside.

    1. “Rights without responsibilities.” I remember my dad telling me something humorous about the feminists in his college days (late-60’s). He told me about young women barking for equal treatment in a military context, and then when the debate shifted to including women in the selective service system and the draft, they immediately shut the fuck up and walked away.

    2. As George Clooney/Matt King said to Kai in “The Descendants” when Kai claimed that her affair was “…not her fault…”
      “Don’t talk to me in cliches. Nothing is EVER a woman’s fault.”

  6. Excellent article save for the point about foreign women. Collectively women are all the same they only share virtue in the individual which most refuse to be.

  7. Great point on women replacing the desire to find a dominant man with the desire to find a dominant corporation. In the past, they “padded their résumé” to land a husband, now they do it to land a career. The desire for approval and attention of someone or something outside themselves is innate and all encompassing. Since the elite corporation is now the new alpha male, how does hypergamy enter into this new reality/relationship? Does the new you-go-girl career woman keep climbing that phallic corporate ladder as high as she can, riding the metaphorical cock carousel of corporate America, and once her career hypergamy is satisfied with a job that she feels is as good as she can get, is it only then that she turns that biological drive to finding a husband? Settling at work, and then settling for a man, and finding it near impossible to start a family and get pregnant because she’s past 30 or even 40 – how were they convinced that this was the way to achieve happiness? It is truly astounding what feminism has wrought.
    This article and the Times article are critical info for fathers of daughters. If your kid wants most to be a wife and mother, support and encourage them dads! We dads are the ones that are going to have to turn this thing around!

  8. With all this “prep for a career”, they still drop out of the work force early and for years at a time to bear children. Some do so right after college between 24-30. Why that lame excuse? Why not be completely honest and say you enjoy the constant attention and popularity, and finally living away from home has awarded you freedoms you never had?
    I don’t buy the whole career prep always busy bit. Too many women going into low end, low paying, moderately stressful professions to require such diligence in study.

    1. i studied and got a good job then stopped working as soon as I had my first child. It is just not easy to leave your kids.

      1. It happens often. I hate that it is seen as a negative though. I think it’s great honestly. I just wish that the women who pretend to be the gung ho career girl type, admit that it is something that they should plan for.

        1. yea me too. i was never too career oriented but I did not think I would quit for kids… the thing is it is something you do not realize till it happens. In your head it looks easy to go to work and leave a baby at daycare.. in reality it is not. but that was only my experience.. it is different for everyone i think. I also wish we would prepare people somewhat more for parenthood. In a less politically correct world we could encourage women to pursue jobs that are compatible with kids, jobs that offer flexibility and control over one’s time. The general public would ask why females and not males??? The question is do most women want to do more childcare than most men? I do not know, I can only speak for myself and I like childcare… much better than any job I had before (I work part time now though..but it is flexible).

  9. Heh.
    Nothing’s changed. Nothing at all.
    Women are still saints, men are still sinners.
    Women didn’t cast off their husbands, just acquired a new one in their “career.”
    Great article.

  10. I’ll never find a career woman as attractive as a simple hairdresser, shop floor assistant or waitress who is more focused on having fun and being young rather than achieving empty professional goals and being a bore.

    1. One of the most attractive girls I can remember was a maid in a dorm I stayed in in Kraków, Poland. She was feminine and sexy, yet didn’t consider her work to be beneath her. Maybe it was a temporary thing or she was working hard to support her family, but that’s the kind of woman I could see myself marrying and raising my kids. I agree with the observation that American women will “approach marriage like a job interview”. I’m thankful I’ve got one foot back in the motherland.

    2. I completely agree with this. I’m honest about my career. They call it a job for a reason. But I want to throw up anytime I’m on a date with a girl that goes on and on about how great her job is, and unequal pay and leaning in and all that other garbage.
      The best girls I’ve dated are those who I can’t remember what they did for a living. Because it did not matter. The girls barely said a word about it too because….well who cares?
      There’s a reason women will describe their conquests as “the accountant” or “the lawyer” or “the entrepreneur”. Whereas a guy will describe a short fling as “nice polish girl with big guns” or “sexual Russian with ice blue eyes”. Women really don’t know how to be attractive anymore. They just try to be what they find attractive in men and are shocked when they discover good men don’t care about that.
      Read any man and woman’s dating blog and you will see the aforementioned description. Says it all really.

  11. When the Bible said “A woman’s lot is to be ruled by a man” it wasn’t being prescriptive – it was being descriptive.
    Healthy, fulfilling relationships are hard, though; they require hard choices and sacrifices. Far easier to hit the eternal escape-hatch, and start again.

    1. Humanae Vitae – It is evil to make violation of the moral law easy. (paraphrase)
      Healthy relationships also require an environment that doesn’t outright disdain them.

  12. The normalization of polygamy, and then paedophilia, will be next on the Progressive agenda, because their prime motivator is What Women Want.
    “Ah, well, some women want to be one of multiple wives, and some women want to have sex with children, so that means it must be ok! Tolerance!!!!”

    1. also animals do it so it is natural… (do not mean to sound like I am anti polygamy marriage.. i am for it). I just agree those will be next on their agenda. I do not have an issue with people having these rights but the benefits of the traditional family unit should also be acknowledged and supported.

      1. Polygamy is hard on children and will further disenfranchise unsexy men. But hey, we can just drug them or throw all of them into prison anyway, so who cares?

      2. Polygamy is hard on children and will further disenfranchise unsexy men. But hey, we can just drug them or throw all of them into prison anyway, so who cares?

        1. yup.. in a population with 50% males and 50% females approximately I think that one man for one woman seems to be the most just thing for the majority of people to seek. There will always be people who are different though and they should have rights as well. My fear with current liberal trends is that the trend is to be different and so we are trending to a relationship-less state where no one will want to be defined by one partner or one status. So I agree with you it is just that I also think people should have rights even when they do not fit into what makes most sense.

        2. I think that when a whole bunch of males realize they will never have a chance to reproduce because powerful men are bogarting all the women, they will take it very well and the violent convulsive societal reaction will be mere bumps on the road.
          Plus, the whole bloodsport of marginalized men trying to out-thug each other for the affections of female dregs will make for good television.

        3. a few will become gay but most will be okay with it. The reasons that I fear this type of society somewhat is that I feel as though I have lived in one in Jamaica. Males contribute less (in a direct sense) to the family unit in this system. I think it is actually the biologically favored system when resources are abundant and we do not have to worry about the survival of children. The thing it all things considered this system is less successful/ and sometimes less productive than the traditional one since through the contributions that males make to the family unit society benefits a lot. Fathers who contribute to family life as role models and someone to guide their children (esp. males) benefit society. When life is easy and resources are abundant we do not have to just survive, we do not have to be productive, instead biology wants us to compete to survive. I personally prefer the traditional system though, there is less competition and it can be a stronger system since it works in harsh times.

  13. using the term “vindication” assigns legitimacy and implies someone was seeking it in the first place

    1. Was a reference to Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman.

  14. so after justifying, developing, and codifying the rules to turn young girls into whores you complain that the young girls are all whores.
    and here i thought irony was a lost art.

    1. I don’t make them whores. I might as well enjoy them.
      Like I said, whoredom or early marriage, pick one. I’m not the one causing them to get married at 30.

  15. Women are reckless and overgrown children in adult bodies. They want right without responsibilities, all because the majority of men allow it. Therefore, society is becoming increasingly chaotic for men. You can’t flirt or socialize with a bitch without being a called a creep, you can’t question womens’ behavior and privileged treatment without being called a misogynist, and you can’t have a man’s spine and expectations without being labelled an abusive, insecure jerk.
    The reality is, this goofy cunt society has no right to dictate morality to us because it routinely imposes cultural and legal constraints on us without any regard to a sense of fairness or reasonableness. Your best bet as a man is to keep your female in check and rule her like an honest dictator or she and her societal thugs (the media, the legal system) will keep you in check. And they aren’t going to be honest, or fair or decent or reasonable. They will be tyrants. To save your own skin, be a dictator in your relationships with women, forget society’s labels.

  16. Beautiful last paragraph –
    “Rebrand the ugly as beautiful” .
    An inverse of Kierkegaard’s “ressentiment” comes to mind.

  17. “As Roissy wrote, woman cannot content herself with freedom – she simply elects another master to dominate her.”
    This also makes women dangerous voters.

  18. “As Roissy wrote, woman cannot content herself with freedom – she simply elects another master to dominate her.”
    This also makes women dangerous voters.

  19. With regards to women being less depraved than men are, I think that has been the biggest misconception thrown out there by society. Not only are they as depraved as men, but in the past decade, they have out done men in the depravity department by like a 100 to one.
    Men have been seen as being more depraved because, historically, they have had more opportunities. Men traveled more outside the home, met women from different tribes, countries, etc and have more opportunities to meet more partners and thus indulge themselves. As of late, internet pornography has totally changed the game by bringing any fantasy they desire straight to their bedroom. The variety and gargantuan amount of porn available hasn’t done men any favors in lifting this image from the public’s minds.
    But at the end of the day, porn is just a fantasy. It’s a manufactured product that is in many ways no different from Twilight, 50 shades of gray, or the Story of O. Yes it’s made using real people, but it’s not real outside of a shadowy minority that regularly indulge in it. It’s people beating themselves off.
    Now the reason I think women are depraved is because the same technology that has brought us all this porn has opened a window into the lives of real women living out these fantasies in the flesh. While the average man is becoming an otaku, the average woman is becoming a libertine that would make Caligula proud. And all of it is documented in places like Facebook, tumblr, pintrest. How about all of the self shots you find on the internet taken via smartphone?
    These aren’t your typical west coast fake looking Brazzers actresses. Theses are all real chicks you see on the street everyday. Behind closed doors, or just barely out of sight, they live out the fantasies you beat off to from behind a small glass screen.

    1. For the longest time (and actually it still exists) society has perpetuated the lie that men act onto women. Even the whole stud/slut paradigm is based on men making a woman “dirty”. Hence the dirty/filthy whore stereotype you hear women say about each other to each other. It’s even in our language:
      “He fucked her”
      “He got her pregnant” (This one is complete bullshit btw)
      “They (men) ran a train on her”
      Never is it considered that the woman involved wanted these things for herself. And with the whole mating game set up to where women get to be passive, it makes them come off as just irresponsible objects that are being used by men. But we know that is not the case at all. But women will play that angle for victim status if it benefits them.
      Now we are living in a time where that mental default position of the dynamic of interpersonal relationships does not reflect reality. The reality is the women are willing participants and often initiators of their own sexual conquests.

  20. I also wanted to add that it seems as if most women have done well to look sexy, but don’t know how to be sexual. I have met too many awkward hot chicks. you would think with the amount of hookups they have had they would have learned some tricks…

      1. Its funny you mention that. Saw some commentary on this article the other day written by a woman
        “Easy Ways to Tell If He’s Bad in Bed”
        #7 If he can’t dance, he just doesn’t have the rhythm. It’s usually fine if he can’t dance to the latest Nicki Minaj hit, but if he can’t slow dance, he can’t get the tempo right no matter what.
        Projection of women onto men maybe?

  21. I’ve been chatting with some of the old timers at my local gym. Some of them were Black men from New York City who went to colleges in the (deep) south, mostly historically black universities. They were quickly considered celebrities on campus, being from Northern cities and all. They couldn’t believe how sweet and wholesome the girls in the south were, compared to the “hard bitches” they knew back in Harlem or Philly. But many lamented that many of those “nice” farm girls they brought back to NYC were quickly corrupted by the city. When Ray Charles sings “….I’m gonna send you back to Arkansas!” in his song That’s What I Say, now you know what he’s talking about!

  22. Morning gents.
    I have no dog in this fight. I’m mgtow, but i don’t begrudge any man who wants to go nihilistic, hedonistic, voluntarily celibate, spiritualistic, marriage, cohabit or all points in between. What each man decides to do for himself towards his own best interest is all i care about. As a libertarian, i think every man has the right to choose his path, providing he accepts and and all repercussions of taking that path. Even Roosh himself has admitted at times slaying all that pussy may have broken him from ever seeing women as human again or capable of loving one.
    But that’s not what i’m here for or to judge. I’m just here to ask a personal favor in the form of asking a question. Taterearl would like to know why he was banned. He accepts the ban as it stands. In his own words:
    “All I want is an explanation for why I wasn’t allowed to continue posting. If they say it’s because of what I said…I’m okay with that.”
    Thanks in advance and appreciate it. Cheers!

    1. Im guessing its because he felt the need to be the one to leave 3 out of every 10 comments. Basically he turned into a woman here, and no one wants that.

    2. M3: There was some kind of ongoing shitfight involving him and someone called Imperial Leather either on here or Roissy’s site the other day that I largely scrolled the fuck over. He was being compared to a woman. Maybe it was that. I can’t be more of a help than that because it was too retarded to give proper attention to.

    3. Taterearl should be unbanned. Friendly debate will keep the comments section here lively.

    4. Taterearl should be unbanned. Friendly debate will keep the comments section here lively.

    5. Taterearl should be unbanned. Friendly debate will keep the comments section here lively.

  23. Today’s women are like gay men: promiscuous, flamboyant, bitchy, incapable of intimacy or monogamy, and simultaneously attracted to, yet also jealous of and resentful of masculine men. Naturally, they are insufferable to be around.

    1. It’s disconcerting how accurate this is. At least gay men are more likely to know how to cook or throw a party.

  24. Great article though I have two disagreements. First as others have noted women are women are women. Importing a non-American will only help until she becomes americanized and that will happen. If you want a traditional marriage you will have to move to a country that has laws that support traditional marriage. Bringing them here will do you no good in the long run.
    Second point is about their comeuppance. Their comeuppance is coming driven by that most noble of ideals – democracy. Basically women are voting for mass wealth transfer from men to women. As a result men are becoming unproductive as they refuse to participate in a rigged system. Women cannot replace men in wealth production. The West is running on reserves from better times. When those reserves are gone the system will crash. When the system crashes women will get their comeuppance. Sadly many innocent men will be brought down with them.

  25. The girls that don’t sleep around, you’ll never see them around campus as they tend to head home directly after they finish whatever they left the house to do. Most also avoid major social hubs such as clubs and bars, preferring to eat dinner at home with their families.

  26. “Plenty of men here like to think that A. will get her comeuppance, and find herself alone and bitter come the age of 35. Frankly, the evidence on this point is rather absent – upper class women like A still marry more than her lower class peers. If she wants to marry, A can stay thin and presentable; she will have a decent career that mitigates her risk to a man’s wealth in the case of divorce; plus, she’s intelligent. There is no shortage of eligible men who’d sign up for marrying A. Absent extreme entitlement, she will approach marriage like a job interview, and identify what her prospective husbands demand to snare a man that meets her criteria, and act accordingly.”
    I’m not sure I agree with this 100%. Yeah, a lot of these women do marry, but usually the ones that do get serious about it by their late 20s. Plenty of career women that I’ve dated are pushing 35 and are still single. The often stated problem is the combination of women dating up in age, the increasing gender gap in career and educational achievements, and the fact that many marriage minded men are off the market by 35 and many of the ones that are left are cads or omegas. Not to mention their inability to bond from countless hookups and anti-depressants. As Darlock has pointed out, the data is increasingly reflecting this pattern.

  27. Even with everything you have said, if it were not for the family courts and welfare wealth transfer policies, women would not act like this. And all of that is not the result of the bsd women, but the result of the thieving, two faced, bsck stabbing, white knight pussy hounds that have bound and handed us over to the women they seek to supplicate. Our problem is not the selfish women (their selfishness is an advantage to us – they will always “want”), it is the backstabbing cowards we call “brothers”. As long as those pudgy bastards think there is no retribution for tearing us down, then they will do so. As men, we have to look after our interests, financial, spiritual, emotional, sexual.
    This involved studying game where apporpriate, encouraging our brother to do the same, as well as studying and applying the “games” we see in all other spheres. But most importantly it involved adopting a fraternal world view. Where we seek out others who share the qualities necessary to brotherhood.
    I am not talking about starting yet another stupid organization. I am talking about adopting a mindview of pursuing brotherhood in and of itself. Seeking out those men who understand this orinciple, and teaching this principle to those who do not. This involves learning who is constitutionally incapable of it. Yes, there are many men, of all creeds and ethnicities who will always throw their brother under the bus.
    Those of us who have the nature of Paladins must learn to be aware of this, and quietly guide the rest away from this.
    I believe that this site is an aspect of the concept I am expressing.

    1. “Even with everything you have said, if it were not for the family courts and welfare wealth transfer policies, women would not act like this.”
      The fundamental cause of whoredom is delayed marriage.
      The only ‘welfare wealth transfer policy’ I see contributing to that is government subsidized education grants, loans, subsidies, etc.
      How are family courts relevant? A legal system less stacked against men in marriage wouldn’t suddenly usher in an era of modesty.

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