5 Reasons Why Every Man Needs Partner Dancing

Partner dancing can be found in almost every major city. The dances and styles vary, but most cities have one of the follow three types of partner dancing:

  • Salsa/Bachatta (almost impossible to go to a Salsa dance without Bachatta being played)
  • Swing
  • Tango

In any major city, one or two of these types of dances will be popular enough to use as a springboard to meet women. Why should a man care? Here are 5 reasons:

1.   He likes having sex with women much younger than he is.

Many partner dancing venues do not serve alcohol. Do the math. When are women in their prime?  Combined with the love women have for dancing, these non-alcoholic venues end up with a large pool of young women.

Places that serve alcohol tend to be more club like, which isn’t always an advantage. The women are older yet just as slutty as they were during their college years, so these clubs can be fruitful. But older girls aren’t as satisfying, and club environments tend to produce lots of bitch-shield type behaviors from women you approach.

Older women still frequent non-alcoholic venues, but they usually dance with much older men. It’s kind of funny to watch 50 year old men pick up women in their 30’s, but for all I know I’ll be doing the same thing someday.

2.   He likes to date women hotter than he is.

How far can dancing game go? You tell me.


But surely, you think, this is just dancing. It’s not like he’s banging her. She isn’t actually attracted to this fat bastard, is she?

Forward to 2:00:


Maybe he’s just a beta at heart who doesn’t really try to get laid very often. But if he wanted to, he could.

3.   He hates dealing with cockblockers.

Many women travel to these events alone. Dancing requires a carefree attitude that’s hard to fake. One truly cannot be afraid of being judged by onlookers, or by the dance partner, on his dance moves; all insecurities must be removed. Most men, and most women, have a lot of trouble doing this. Thus the women who tend to partner dancing scenes usually are the adventurous, free-spirited types that do things solo.

I’d say the ratio is 40% single, 25% couples, and 35% groups, but these girls in groups can easily be separated from each other as guys ask them to dances. Then it’s just you and her.

Getting her out of the venue is easy if she came by herself, and if she came with friends she’ll go tell them, provided you’ve swooped her well enough, “He’s safe,” and her friends won’t judge or care if she leaves with you.

4.   He likes to date outside of his race.



With those skills this black dude could smash more white birds than most white dudes ever could.

By targeting specific types of dances, a man can target different demographics of women. Do some research to find the kind of women you’re interested in. E.g. Salsa for Latin/Asian girls, tango in Japan, swing for Jewish/white girls, etc. My most exotic notch right now is an Armenian notch.

5.   Fat chicks disgust him, and he doesn’t ever want to be fat himself.

Most fatties don’t think about going to a venue where they have to physically exert themselves for a few hours as a good time.

The women at dance venues aren’t always lookers, but less than 10% of the women at my dance venues are overweight (always go to venues where young girls are.  Duh). And I know these girls are getting a good workout, because I know I am too.

Compared to most bars and clubs, dancing venues blow away the competition in terms of quality.

One hour of dancing is at least as rigorous as one hour of jogging. Dancing is an easy way to do a cardio routine. Instead of running on some dirt path or a treadmill, you can be holding a girl 8 years younger than you while she laughs and squeals as you burn calories.

6.   Dance game is the ultimate back burner game.

A man doesn’t need to be a professional dancer to benefit from dancing. After the initial month or so it takes to learn the basics of the dance, he needs to practice his new dance once or twice a week to continue to improve. A typical dance lasts 1-2 hours. That’s 2-4 hours a week.

As he improves his dance skills, his ability to pull will also improve. As he goes to dances, he will keep himself in shape and healthy. He will have access to fit, young women. All for 2-4 hours per week.

It’s so easy to maintain and make a habit out of, that it leaves lot of free time open for a man to pursue his own interests outside of getting laid, which in turn keeps the game from becoming stale.

Dancing game is easy, and best, to do in moderation, which means any man can keep it up indefinitely. As an experienced player, you’ll see dance game as one of the best avenues to score.

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66 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Every Man Needs Partner Dancing”

  1. The closest I got to partner dancing was some shitty ass country music club in Norfolk. I couldn’t do their square or line dance or whatever garbage country crap it was. I pretty much just got drunk and almost got into a fight with a Marine. That I would have lost.

  2. I always thought the oldest “tell” in the world was how well a woman danced. With a partner. Not “gaggle of white girls bobbing their heads at a disco” dancing.

    1. By “tell”, do you mean “How interested is this girl in me?”
      Because, believe it or not, the easiest girls to bang aren’t the ones who dance well, it’s the girls who are inexperienced and most likely to be impressed with your dance moves.

  3. OK, but how good a dancer do you need to be? Stepping on her toes isn’t going to be a solution. How difficult is it to get “good enough”?
    I’m white and straight so obviously I’m lacking in natural talent as a dancer…

    1. Seriously man, it’s not as hard as you think. Learning dance moves is a subconscious process of muscle memorization, and like regular game, it takes about a year before you’ll start to really impress girls.

      1. It’s sounds like it’s every bit as hard as I think. I have no doubt that the chicks are hot – I was at a Latin club in Sydney of all places and the chicks were incredible – but a year is a big commitment. I guess my issue with it is that unlike weightlifting, dancing is not something I like and that much effort on something I don’t like is tough to justify, even if the poon’ is tip top.
        What about at lessons? Possible to pull other beginners?

        1. That’s no excuse.
          “I tried it for a couple of months and hated it” is acceptable.
          What else are you doing for the next year?

      2. Lessons are crappy places to pull because you won’t be able to keep her attention from the instructor.
        And weightlifting is the perfect comparison – dancing should be a lifestyle decision that you keep at for a long period of time in order to achieve maximum benefits.

  4. fantastic post. my friend is at cambridge and pulls amazing and ridiculous amount of tail ballroom dancing. He’s a beta plus, but he girls are fucking amazing

  5. @boogie, half the battle is showing up. just being in the presence of a pussyfest ups the odds in your favour (you just need to be the alpha of the room, not of their life). at the beginning you’ll be shit, but you’ll get better, the social ‘hot’ connections alone are worth a few shitty first lessons.
    my other bud did drama lessons for this exact reason, in uni. All the other actors were gay so he had these awesome parties where a ton of horny 20 something girls would go. I was of the priveleged few to attend and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. leverage the environment

  6. Wow, this is so obvious yet so brilliant. This is so much healthier, skill-based and positive than nightlife, it’s just a no-brainer for me. Thank you Samseau, you rock.

  7. Alright. I’ve had this in the back of my mind for a while now, and this post is the straw that broke the camels back.
    I am going to learn how to Salsa.
    The question is, where do I start?
    For a little bit of context, I will be studying abroad in Germany for the next six months and then will be in Asia for around 6 weeks weeks. I understand that may complicate this, but time is on my side.

  8. Excellent…..EXCELLENT!
    All of it’s true and I lived it to the hilt. Started dancing when I was 40 for crying out loud and I am not making this up, danced with 10,000 hot young women before I was done. Took Ballroom Dance 101 over and over at the local uni because they were always short of men (aka “leaders’) and the gals sure enjoyed a man who know the basic moves and could teach them. I routinely had “10s” working after class with me. So snuck out of Encorpera 3 days a week in the middle of the day to go practice (they thought I was working on a CS grad degree! LOL!!). Imagine being 40+ and squeezing 20-30 hotties PER DAY. Also in my town there was a great Swing Dance venue, and as the author notes, no drinking and thus no bullshit. Also worked the local Tango and Latin circuit. Eventually Encorpera HR got wind of my antics and they “laid me of”, which only meant more time for dancing. There was a time when I literally knew all the hot, young women in my town and had colossal game with the rest. There were times when I would buy a pack of gum and realized the clerk was pissed that I wasn’t noticing “her” because the night before I had felt up dozens of the hottest girls in town. Nothing enrages women more than when some wise-ass doesn’t acknowledge that they are hot and out of reach.
    In all those good times I went to a “nightclub” maybe 3 times. You realize the nightclub thing is stupid. When I did though I slaughtered them. If you can’t dance all you can do is strike dramatic poses (like all the other leather clad clones) or attempt small talk and fall flat on your face. When you are a confident dancer you can literally walk up to the hottest women and dance with them. Now work your small talk (if the music isn’t deafening) while you are manfully holding her hand and touching her back.
    Of course eventually I “retired” and married a foreign bride, but even she would go with me to a dance venue to watch her man toss the gals around. We found a swing dance club in Saigon, where she took a photo of me dancing with some young lovely.
    Now to answer a few questions from the guys here.
    Anyone can do it. You need some training and most important : learn to stay on beat. Gals don’t care if you’re not great but you need to stay on beat and lead them.
    Don’t sweat the amount of work to get proficient. Your goal is to love dance in all it’s forms (except hip-hop and other forms of solitary masturbation). Watch Bollywood. Watch Khmer Circle Dance (maybe the world’s easiest and most fun group dance). Watch Astaire. Watch old Tango films. Ditch your stupid-ass cultural upbringing that abandoned dance music for whiny self-absorbed music. Improve your wardrobe while you are at it.
    Women who claim they are great dancers usually suck and will jar your bones.
    Nobody is laughing at you or cares that you can’t dance. Real dancers will help you and share their knowledge.
    Dance is about men being leaders and women being followers; and the women love it.
    Real women dancers have good etiquette and they will dance with homely or awkward guys.
    You are not tall like Elmer? Turns out that less than average height is a good match for many of the best looking women. I towered over them at times; not good.
    Get some decent shoes for the job. Need smooth soles so you can move easily.
    What do you wanna be? Karate Bad-Ass or Dance Bad-Ass? Numerous times I had tough guys standing on the sidelines with their dicks in their hands watching me work my charm on women they were too chickenshit to approach for any reason.

    1. Nice comment – I will keep what you said in mind.
      I imagine learning to dance well and taking up a martial art is a dangerous combination for self confidence.

      1. Wish I had started when I was a kid. We should teach partner dancing to all schoolchildren. I remember watching Bronx Italians disco dancing when I was in the Army and they were killing the women while I just sat there.
        Everything I have read about “game” has analogs in dance. Just learning and practicing puts you in physical contact with women which boosts your confidence and ability to talk with them. The directness with which I spoke to random “hot” women in non-dance situations seemed to unnerve them.They are used to guys being clumsy and speechless.
        There was a hot chick at Encorpera that all the dudes wanted to bone. Of course she ignored me and I ignored her. She shows up with her “boyfriend” where I am dancing and sees me working my magic. Next day at Encorpera she cheerfully calls me “Hi Elmer!” like she has seen me in a whole new light. I’m now the guy who understands how to play the manly gentleman shtick.
        The pros know how it works.
        OK I better shut up now or the dance floors of the world are going to be flooded with you guys. Actually though few men will try so the female-male ration should always be in your favor.

    2. Leading (as a skill and experience) is huge. HUUUUUGE.
      Finding women who realize they enjoy following is awesome, too.

  9. Great advice here. I’ve been doing ballroom dance for a couple of years.
    In almost all places in the world there are a surplus of young, fit women who want to dance but can’t find partners. Except, of course, in Silicon Valley, where I used to live. In Silicon Valley ballroom dancing is a nerd sausagefest. Of course, everything in Silicon Valley is a nerd saugagefest.
    I now live in Russia. I’m taking both individual and group lessons here. A surplus of hot, young women everywhere. It’s really amazing.

  10. How about learning hiphop dancing for the clubs? Isn’t that a better choice so you can incorporate it into your night game too?

    1. If you are not touching them it’s a waste of time. And watching young white women ape those retarded hip-hop moves is depressing. Nightclubs in general are a poor place to find female companionship as either the women are drunken skank or they are moving about in screeching hen house packs that are inpenetrable.The non-alcoholic venues are a much better dynamic.
      As for greenlander who mentioned Russian gals I met quite a few young eastern euro and russian ladies in the states who were good ballroom dancers and eagerly sought me out for dance. Must be popular there.

    2. Ignore the race baiting above.
      If you like hip-hop dancing, and many many women do here in the US, Europe or wherever; why wouldn’t you want to learn it? There are ENDLESS amount of young hot single women at dance classes. It’s really yours for the taking. Also, a hip-hop dance class is a fun thing to do on a date. Definitely keep that in mind for a date idea.

      1. Hip-hop is not partner dancing, so no touching involved. You might as well be doing “yoga” or “jazzercise”. If you can stand the music, then have at it.

        1. No touching involved? You have a) never been to a nightclub and b) misread his intention. I’m sure he’s not trying out for American Idol.
          the_conductor, check out meetup.com for dance groups in your area. Again, young single women are ubiquitous in that kind of setting.

      2. OK I’ll concede your point Albex. I don’t frequent nightclubs and allegedy there is some form of hip-hop partner dancing. What works for me, an older gentleman, is not going to work for everyone else.

  11. I learned to dance long ago, and found that it was one of those things which pays dividends throughout life. You learn how to communicate with women by touch, and get comfortable handling a woman you do not know. You also find out what a woman likes – I’ve found the the best followers tend to be followers in other areas as well. It is one of the few ways to really get to know a woman with your clothing on, surrounded by others. It also makes you popular since women love to dance, and a man that can make them look good dancing will always do well…

  12. Jesus I need to get out of DC. You wouldn’t believe the fatties that you see at partners dance classes here. I remember watching a promo video for one school where you had a in shape (not sure if gay) dance instructor and his partner was the living definition of a land whale.
    I’m not meaning to bash the list – it’s rock solid stuff.

    1. Seriously. Maybe they’re not “fatties” per se, but I’d say the average chick at DC dance classes is a “chubby.” Anyway, dance classes are still one of the best ways to meet chicks and gain social skills that translate elsewhere in life. Like when we get the hell out of DC.

    2. “You wouldn’t believe the fatties that you see at partners dance classes here.”
      Yeah, but are they less chubby than what you would find at a random club/bar?

      1. In the case of my experience with DC, I’ve taken probably about 6 dance classes from multiple dance schools, and I would say no. They are generally worse, though if there is a cute one you do at least get a chance to dance and talk with her by default, which is why I agree with your article. I only have my own limited data points, but after 6 times you start to get discouraged.
        Also, you have this weird phenomenon that classes will be lacking enough men. They finally get enough men, and fat women immediately drop out after the first class despite the fact the rule is every man must dance with every woman through rotation.
        As well, having a land whale (swear to god this woman had almost perfect beach ball dimensions with arms, legs, and head sticking out) in your promo video does not send the kind of message that male customers want to see. I’d have much more respect for them if it was post menopausal woman who had kept herself at least in respectable condition.

  13. tango is popular in japan?since when?
    never thought asians were into salsa
    swing/tango/salsa prolly go out and try a free class
    taking dancing,is it a way to hook up with women in the classes or just the competing venues

  14. Very good post Samseau. Great videos too. I have been meaning to start learning latin dances properly for a long time now, but haven’t set my priorities straight.

  15. Great post. New years resolution for 2013 is to sign up for a salsa or other dancing class.
    Now just one question: what is the best MO for gaming at the non-alcoholic venues? I’ll be there to learn anyway but if I can start getting number closes early then even better.
    I’m guessing take advantage of any IOIs to do some light kino escalation when you get to dance, otherwise just treat it as any other day game venue with an elderly opener/galnuc routine?

    1. Best MO is to play it cool, let it happen. Concentrate on being a great dancer, having a good time, dancing with all of them including the fatties, having good etiquette. No need to think about “kino” as it is part of the activity.
      Dance lessons can be notoriously expensive, check out your local colleges for a better deal and larger crowd of young women.
      Dress well and keep your fingernails trimmed. Be careful what you eat on dance days to avoid gas and bad breath.
      An added bonus is meeting those gals around town outside of dance.

  16. Excellent advice.
    I’ve been dancing for years. It’s great fun, a good way to meet folks and stay in shape. Not to mention it’s outstanding for your game.
    Let me count the ways:
    – There are *always* more guys than girls
    – You have built-in reason to walk up to any girl and talk to her/dance with her
    – Women who dance *love* being touched by a strange man in a socially acceptable activity
    – Leading the woman and improving your dance skills builds confidence and is great game practice
    – It’s a great way to get laid
    I live in Asia. A few years ago I went to a salsa weekend in Hong Kong. There was a bachata workshop. (Bachata is a very close dance, very sexual). I had strange, hot, otherwise conservative Asian girls smashing their tits and pussies up up against me and loving it. That settled for me once and for all how horny women are.
    Highly recommended. A no brainer.

  17. The essay photo says it all. What are the chances that the guy on the left would be holding a gal like that or even getting the time of day from her outside of a dance venue?
    In a good dance class there might be 20-30 of these girls and you rotate through all of them. It’s like swimming naked with mermaids.
    I have seen girls line up to dance with nerdy guys who had good moves.

  18. Great post and I whole heartedly agree. It does take some time to become competent but well worth the efforts!
    Anyone thinking about latin dancing needs to simply watch this hypnotizing example and you will be hooked! http://youtu.be/u9hTwr1J0oQ

  19. One more thing. Don’t mack on the chicks in dance class. I will happen by itself if it’s going to happen. Otherwise be a pro and project that you are all about dance. It’s a group dynamic so they will all pick up on and non-verbally communicate your attitudes and intentions.You are there to learn and practice while getting lots of female contact. Play it cool. Also lose the manly watch and jewelry as it can snag their clothes or scratch them.
    OK, check out these and associated videos. I must be in the background somewhere. But notice several guys 30-40is dancing with young women. Non-drinking, non-smoking, just a great time. Afterward they switch partners :

    Hey, I know this girl! She was in my uni dance class and I danced with her often. And check out her partner, dude had the moves. He was also good at Salsa. Also what I said about partner height, he is at or below average.

    Videos don’t do it justice. I have seen that floor packed with 300 dancers, live band. Incredible.

    1. Great video. Look at how much higher in value the women are over the men. It’s easy pickings in there for a man with game.

    1. There were times when I woke up and found myself dancing with a hot chick, and could not remember how I got there.
      Other times I would be dancing with a total hottie but thinking about the “Char-Burger” I was going to eat after dancing.

  20. Hi Uncle Elmer.
    What style of dancing would you recommend an absolute beginner like myself start of with to get some confidence and experience happening??
    I`m in my 40`s and this is something i need to get this happening! I love my gym workouts but hate doing cardio, so i figure this is a great way to get my cardio as well as meeting some women!
    Thanks to everyone for the inspiration.

    1. Depends on your town Richard. Tango or Salsa may be big in your area and if you find a dance club lessons may not be too expensive. Often clubs (not “nightclubs” but local groups of dance enthusiasts) will provide lessons free at the beginning of their dance gatherings.
      Also ballroom may be popular where you live. Foxtrot, waltz, rhumba are easy beginner dances.
      Then you have “swing” which may be a younger crowd but a lot of fun.
      “Country and Western” is big in some areas and often have a good dance scene at the bars.
      If your local university has “continuing ed” type classes they can be a pretty good deal price wise.
      You can move between these dance styles pretty easy once you learn a few basics.
      Swing, Salsa, Tango, and C&W may have the best dance scenes with lots of people. Ballroom is popular but less of a crowd and may only be in dance clubs.
      Now imagine you have picked up some skills and know the local scene. Easy to casually invite a lady to just show up where you will be dancing and she will see you with other women, a big plus for you. Then ask her to dance. If she’s new at it you can show her a few things. Women have a great time dancing and you have just had a “date” complete with “kino” and “preselection” without going through the usual stupid turmoil of a traditional date. Also, using game lingo, a big concept in dance is “frame” and an important thing for beginners to understand.
      My son Hermann is now in college and has signed up for Ballroom Dance 101 with the same instructor I had years ago.

      1. Many thanks once again Uncle Elmer!
        I live in Melbourne here in Australia and there are plenty of places to learn to dance. You have just given me the motivation to get out there and have a go! I think i`ll start with Salsa and or Tango and take it from there and see how it goes. Best wishes once again.

  21. It’s kind of funny to watch 50 year old men pick up women in their 30′s, but for all I know I’ll be doing the same thing someday.

    Well, yes, when you’re a 50 year old man that’s what you do. What is it about you kids that think that sex was invented when you hit puberty and that parents never had sex again after you were born?

  22. Wouldn’t yoga be a similar scenario? Or is this not the case since you are touching a woman when you are dancing?

  23. This is so on point that as a part of my new year plan (not shitty “new year resolutions”) I will begin salsa classes.
    I’m entering my mid 20’s, tall, and despite being Mexican living in Mexico, I don’t know how to dance. I simply wasn’t introduced to it in parties when I was a young boy, as most of my friends had. One of my closest friends is a total machine in the dancefloor. (Un)fortunately he has his gilfriend (who whe says he’ll marry).
    The point about picking up younger and hotter women is the killer. I remember going to one of these dancing venues with some guys, but they couldn’t dance either. In the group there was a curvy girl that knew how to dance, and I -despite not knowing how- told her to dance with me. It was disastrous, but she was smiling nevertheless. I can imagine myself doing this well with any of the smoking hot girls that were alone (yes, lots of girls come alone to find a ‘dancing partner’) with outfits that showed their toned, fit bodies.
    Man, I will enjoy this year dancing.

  24. I started ballroom dancing in the mid 1970’s. I learned some facts. When you are on the dance floor, other women are watching you. These women will let you know that they want to dance with you. They will simply compliment you when you walk by them. I never worried about trying to pickup women, I Just let them pick me up. Talk about being lazy but it worked. Second thing is women love men who like to dance. You don’t even have to be good. Just get out there!! Third, if you are dancing with a woman that you are getting no vibes from, simply find another! Last but not least is a woman wants to find out if it is true that a good dancer is a good in bed.

  25. So basically, I just go dance have a good time, and I can bang tons of hotties in the dance class?
    WITHOUT having to even try to run game?!?!?
    so I can have FUN DANCING AND have GREAT sex with HOT women?
    AND I can be myself and everything will just work out!?
    that’s amazing. I’ll be going to dance class next week, Salsa baby, Salsa

    1. Wrong Grasshopper.
      Go there to have a good time dancing and interacting socially and physically with lots of great women in an environment that values men as leaders. If you have “getting laid” on the forebrain they will smell it a mile away and avoid you.
      Let me make this clear to all of you : you are not going to have sex with girls in dance class. Don’t even try or you will ruin your future opportunities. Class time is where you learn. Act professional dammit. Save your “game” for venues where that is expected.
      If you act like a horndog you will fall flat on your face. Act like a pro and they will approach you.

  26. Make sure to head over to Captain Capitalism’s blog for his posts on his experiences being a dance instructor.
    The one post from 2008 hit me on the following points:
    1. Learn to dance only if you truly want to and if you find it enjoyable in and of itself. Piggybacking on Uncle Elmer’s one comment, if you, as the guy, are learning how to dance solely for the purpose of picking up women, the women will smell this on you and the jig is up. You come across as needy and desperate, which are killers all across the board.
    Also, as a corollary: do the cost-benefit analysis for learning how to dance. If you find that it’s too much work and you’re not getting anything out of it, then don’t bother. Find another hobby and use that to find women.
    2. Dance class is a good way to find out which women are willing to let you take the lead and which ones, like divorcees, are all about them taking the lead and letting you know it. Best way to weed out the uptight and controlling bitches.

    1. In reply to 1.
      I learned how to dance because I wanted to get laid. Worked great for me. Women cannot tell what your intentions are. If girls ask me why I’m dancing, I tell them it’s my cardio.

  27. I picked up dancing about 6 years ago because I always wanted to try it – and as a way to pick up women. Now I just go dancing because I enjoy it. However, in those years I have not been able to pick up a woman there. WTF am I doing wrong?!

    1. Correction. Several years ago I did pick up a woman on the dance floor at a venue that had Salsa. Maybe the issue is that I am in my mid 40’s and most of my dancing is at a venue that has Swing dancing and most of the crowd is college aged.

      1. Wait. now that I think about it more, I did pick up the dance instructor’s assistant a few years back. She was a 20yo hottie who couldn’t keep her eyes of off me. So never mind my first post.

  28. Big thanks to Samseau, Uncle Elmer and Captain Capitalism. This article helped change my life. I’ve been dancing intensively now for 8 months and recently did a performance. Getting a lot more successes than before. One cautionary tip to new players though..the dance scene attracts more than its fair share of game playing attention whores, so be careful, watch how they interact with you and the other men they flirt with to calibrate whats going on,

  29. At least spell Bachata right 😉
    You know what makes you attractive to dancer girls? Giving a shit about the dances.

  30. At a country music concert where I live the lead singer, a 26-ish year old 8 SMV came off stage during a song she didn’t sing in and tried dancing with some losers in the audience but they had no idea what to do with her.
    I looked at my 16 yr old son, whom I taught to dance and told him, “If you don’t go dance with her, I will.”
    He bolted for the stage and swing-danced the shit out of her. After their dance she complimented his skills from the mic to the audience, “All you girls better go dance with this guy, he can really dance.”
    He danced with three other girls ranging from 16-19 and came back with their digits and a HUGE grin and called it one of his top days ever.
    I was such a proud dad. My little red-pill apprentice killed it. Last night he was telling me how much fun he had using a neg on a girl he is sweet on. I might have had a tear or two.

  31. I took a partners dance class for PE credit in college and it was the best use of taxpayer financial aid I ever had. My crusty old academic advisor, who wore a sharp a-f suit every day, told me, “every man needs to know how to dance with a woman.”
    When you are the ONE guy at a concert or event who can dance…you WIN.

  32. I taught my 5 kids all basic, what I call, kids swing dancing. I can’t count the times they came home saying, “Dad, we went to XYZ event/camp/whatever and they had music and I taught the other kids to dance and it was SO fun!” and my oldest boy will usually add, “Oh, and I met this girl…”
    They also usually win school talent shows too. We aren’t great, just better than most other people and in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

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