Gaming In School Is Not Enough

The single most important thing for guys learning game is to gain as much experience in cold approaching as possible. By far the best way for young guys to do this is to predominately approach and learn game outside of their own school environment through day game. House parties are not enough

Even if you were to attend all of the house parties thrown by members of your year level on top of parties thrown at other schools, you will still not come close to how many nights an older guy in the game will rack up if he goes to clubs and bars regularly week in week out, not to mention the fact they would be doing many more cold approaches in a club or bar environment than you would in a house party.

In general, house parties are a better bet to pick up in then a bar or club because girls’ “bitch shields” will be much lower and they will simply be a lot more receptive to meeting you. This is because even if you go to different schools and have never met before, you are part of her extended social circle.

However, keep in mind that school parties are not only smaller, but consist of more or less the same crowd of people each time, making it much much harder to meet as many new girls as your older counterparts would while out in nightlife.  Meanwhile the girls that you do know are surrounded by virtually all of their friends in the world both male and female  not to mention other classmates, so they know that if anything happens a lot of people could find out about it, something you won’t have to factor into your game in a club or bar.

As such, school parties are quite different to  a club or bar. This is why young guys must not make the incorrect assumption that going to a school party counts as night gaming like going to a club does. Even when you strike up conversations with girls you have never met before at school parties it is simply incomparable to cold approaching in a club. If you do not do actual 100% cold approaches while in school, you are robbing yourself of the valuable experiences you will need to improve.

You must game as much as you can and on as many girls as you can. This means widening your horizons beyond gaming girls your own age and approaching girls a few years older than you while pretending that you are the same age. If you choose to do so, you could also start going out in venues that you might be underage in. In short the best way to improve your game is to go about approaching as similar as you can to an older guy past his school and college days.

By honing your game by approaching outside of school  you will not only save yourself from a rude awakening once you leave the cocoon social circle of your school or college, but you will gain the skills to do much more damage while you are still there.

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  1. I find there’s a higher chance the girl will be distracted at a party, there’s so many of her friends in the environment that it’s a matter of minutes before some tool blows in or one of her girlfriends rocks up grabs her arm and demands her to do something. This applies heavily if she’s a hot popular girl. It can also be tougher to isolate to a kiss, I often see people hooking up in the open but since the guy hasn’t isolated her to a private spot and the girl is aware she’s exposed, a kiss is all that will happen.

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