The Legacy Of Gomer And Hosea Lives On

The Hebrew Bible story of Hosea and the “harlotry” of his wife Gomer bear immense significance in today’s times. Hosea 1:2 refers to Gomer (the daughter of Diblaim), alternatively as a “promiscuous woman” (NIV), a “harlot” (NASB), and a “whore” (KJV) but Hosea is told to marry her according to a divine command.



The prophet Hosea is recognized as one of the greatest prophets of the eighth century B.C., along with Amos, Micah, and Isaiah. Hosea, both by his life and preaching, taught vital truths about the love of God. He was a prophet of the Northern Kingdom during and after the reign of Jeroboam II, and was the only writing prophet from the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Amos came from Judah and preached in the North). When he began his ministry, shortly after Amos, both kingdoms were at the height of their power and prosperity. According to the Book of Hosea, Hosea was then commanded by God to marry a “prostitute” (the meaning of the word “prostitute” itself here could carry many meanings).

The New Jerusalem Bible reads “Yahweh said to Hosea, ‘Go, marry a whore, and get children with a whore; for the country itself has become nothing but a whore by abandoning Yahweh’” (Hos. 1:2 NJB). The issue of whether Gomer’s whoredom was literal or spiritual has often been a contentious topic of debate with scholars, as well as the story of Hosea is often a naturally difficult subject for a number of people (especially men) to deal with.

The real lesson to be learnt is about the spiritual adultery (idol worship) of a nation which abandons God and falls into evil— represented by the adultery and harlotry of Gomer. In this case it’s forgiven by God, represented by Hosea’s forgiveness and magnanimity towards Gomer, as commanded by God. Hosea’s sacrifice of personal honor for following divine commands represent some of the bitterest pills that a noble and honorable man could ever swallow.


Hosea and Gomer’s story should not be viewed superficially as the general condonance of female infidelity by men—to be made later as a social role model—because Hosea was specifically following divine commands in relation to Gomer, as his wife was to represent a spiritual theme of a nation turning away from God.  He wouldn’t have married or forgiven her had he not been divinely commanded at first. This command thus does not pertain to mankind on the whole.

Another similar example often misconstrued by feminists to condone modern female sexual immorality is the example of Jesus forgiving the adulterous woman. This example is often abused by modern women to justify their sluttiness/whoring without taking into consideration the warning which Jesus gave the woman in parting, “Go and sin no more”, a commandment which modern slutty women often hypocritically ignore to continue their sluttiness, while continuing to abuse Jesus’s “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” statement, to preclude judgment for their own sexual immorality.


Fast forward to modern times

The spirit of Gomer didn’t die. It can be seen in modern feminist societies, which have given women indulgences to openly emulate her example and embody her through deed with social permission to spite both men and patriarchy through the platform of feminism today.


Hosea’s example also lives on in cases of modern men choosing to marry whores, and those men choosing to condone spousal infidelities within marriages, often out of ‘undying love’. But the tragedy here is Hosea’s example has been misconstrued to both exploit and demean men in the context of such relationships by cheating women and permissive modern society to increasingly devalue male territorial instincts and self-respect.

Gomer’s legacy – fictional fact or factual fiction?

In modern feminist societies, you have an emerging trend of men marrying former escorts or prostitutes (along with a more common trend of men marrying sluts), and the social acceptance of it. While Hosea was commanded to marry an adulterous woman due to a divine command, some modern men often choose a similar decision out of own free will or due to modern social conditioning.


But Gomer’s legacy also lives on in marital infidelity, the result being surprising enough to  show that modern women don’t lag behind men in the “cheating” department as otherwise thought, just like how Gomer continued to shamelessly cheat on Hosea.

Female infidelity has itself become a rampant disease requiring proper analysis to avoid. What could be the reasons? Affluent lifestyles as compared to our predecessors with increasing financial gender equality? Or simply more gender interaction, both in actual and virtual reality?

Nevertheless, the defining feature in these trends of marital infidelity is that women’s greatest strength and men’s greatest weakness in the game of cheating is often the human mouth, or secretiveness. Men typically can’t stop boasting about sexual conquests, while women are simply better at lying and keeping sexual secrets. Thus the real figures of female infidelity may itself be much more than actually polled.

Trust becomes the primary casualty

Naturally, trust takes a beating. Couple that with modern women typically feeling lesser guilt about cheating (with moral responsibility being taken off their shoulders by feminism), as compared to men.

Thus, modern man’s distrust of women is a male psychological reaction primarily elicited by the decadence of feminist society.With modern society even turning against men for showing natural territorial jealousy in relationships, the misandry bubble in society further concretes into a formidable monster that modern men often find more difficult to come to terms with.

The crime of paternity fraud

Paternity fraud is an offense (realistically speaking, a crime) to cuckold men and deceive children, committed by only one guilty gender—the female one. Of course modern men won’t name their children as Lo-ammi (“Not mine”), like Hosea—even if they suspect potential paternity fraud—so the only recourse they have is parental testing, a modern technological adaptive solution available to men.

Though banned in some places if conducted secretly, and illegal without consent of both parties, many men—fearful of cuckolding—bypass this by traveling to countries where testing is still available to ascertain paternal surety. With more instances of cuckolding rising in modern times, and men being increasingly unnaturally socially conditioned into becoming cuckolds, some men sometimes even choose the option of suicide.

The plight of modern men

Men forgiving (and living with) their wives’ infidelities characteristically live a soulless existence of self-deception. One of the greatest self-deceptions a man can do to himself is assuming that his cheating partner will “change”. In reality, it’s actually circumstances which usually change in life; whereas people don’t.

The forgiving husband of the cheating wife only sets himself up for further disappointments, because he undermines his own authority and self-respect in her eyes, while choosing to erroneously display forbearance towards her. Or some men correctly choose to end the relationship. But the sad truth is that men tend to always blame other men for their women’s cheating, another dysfunctional feminism fueled social construct, which brainwashes men into believing that both women’s (and men’s) cheating are due to men alone.


No one can “steal” sex from a woman to make her cheat on her man (unless by rape). Cheating is solely a mutual decision taken out of personal free will.

Gomer lives on

Thus, the Biblical story of Hosea and Gomer bears immense credence in today’s modern societies which promote a culture of cuckolding, whore-wifing, and female infidelity permissiveness. With feminism often playing God in modern social gender interaction, and with modern men often choosing to act like Hosea whether by will or social conditioning, Gomer’s legacy thus thrives with gay abandon.

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  1. I dont think men blaming other men if their woman cheats is a feminist construct.
    This is just the biological urge of mate guarding.
    To beat her up is pointless because it damages the mate, to beat him up sends a very strong message to the tribe.

    1. What message does the tribe get if he beats you up?
      When you blame other men instead of blaming the faulty party (ie; the female) you are doing the feminists work….blaming men for woman’s behaviour.

      1. Not only does our biological programming predate feminism, if a man that knows you fucks your woman that is just lacking any amount of respect.
        You are broadcasting that you do not tolerate that.
        In this day and age the best thing you can do is thank him and be on your way.
        Unless it was a friend, then you floor him.

        1. Your argument is invalid. The man who rapes your woman is lacking respect to you. Not the man who fucks your woman.
          The real person who disrespects you is the woman who allows another man to fuck her. Women are the gatekeepers of sex.
          You’re deluded.

    2. I think the muslims got it right. Woman cheats and cuckolds her husband.
      Gets kneeled down in the town square and rat-a-tat-tat to the back of the head with the Kalishnikov.

      1. 0:46
        “…the silence of government…”
        Please save my and my whorish ways big government. Save me from my just desserts for my sins. You’re my master, my Father, my savior. Save me from brutish men who have no respect for woman or her right to choose — choose anything she wants regardless of truth and consequences.

      2. While I agree that discipline (maybe corporal punishment of some kind?) is a necessary thing I think killing people is far too tyrannical.
        Ultimately, what I think needs to be done is simply remove all of the special privileges women receive these days. No need to resort to executions or anything so drastic. That kind of thing gives me the creeps.

  2. Pretty woman was one of the biggest beta indoctrination feminist shit peddled to American men. The story of a street walker who’s wifed up by a loser, isolationalist rich beta is what was intended to make men think that it’s right to wife up a hoe. It was meant to destroy the “you can’t make a hoe a wife” truth which was a part of American culture for long. The result was that American women fell for this shit and decided to their own Pretty woman act to whore around and then expect a rich well settled man to wife them up. A lot of men ended up marrying whores and sluts falling for this crap.The ending of the movie (aw c’mon for fuck sakes which sane man would climb up with flowers to propose to a sperm toilet street walker hoe????) is the dream what the hoe of the westernized woman craves and expects today with her feminist indoctrination. The character of Edward is the biggest beta loser stereotype who was meant to peddled to American men. Fuck this shit.

    1. This is an Article in itself….We need some sort of Mod signaller, this man speaks the truth…theres a scene in the movie where Edward and Roberts discuss who has the most education…..a man shows wisdom through actions not words…!!

    2. Let us not forget 3000 Miles to Graceland. I personally love the CGI scorpion fight set to an edgy soundtrack, but I digress.
      Imagine Michael Zane (Kurt Russell) and his fellow ex-cons dressing up as Elvis to rob a Las Vegas casino during an Elvis impersonator convention. No need to imagine how it all goes south.
      Enter divorcee Cybil Waingrow (Courtney Cox) who makes a living running a local diner and seducing and fleecing men with the help of her light-fingered rascal of a son Jesse. She get caught up in Zane’s adventure to get back the stolen money from his double-crossing ex-partner, only to rob him at the most opportune time (surprised?) who even leaves her son in his care while she absconds.
      Long story short: the anti-hero wins and he and his now-girlfriend Cox and their son Jesse live happily ever after. I know movies often use contrived plot devices that require a certain amount of suspension of disbelief just like political ideologies and organized religion, but WTF? That’s a more than a bit of a stretch, here. People would be skeptical of a reformed whore; but this woman never repented of her ways or showed any indication she wanted to become a better person.
      The message this movie and others of its kind was trying to push was that changing your circumstances (not self-improvement) will make you happy. Bullshit. A lying, cheating whore cannot be trusted under ordinary circumstances, never mind that she knows he can’t go to the police or get legal help if things go south for obvious reasons. A woman willing to abandon her son to such a man is even more undeserving of sympathy. Sure Zane didn’t take out his anger on Jesse, and Cox would have you believe that she trusted that Zane wouldn’t do that. Maybe, maybe not. She gambled with her son’s safety and even his life.
      Escapism aside, I suspect some social engineering going on in the background to normalize this kind of behavior just as in Pretty Woan (which I didn’t see BTW but I guess I’m not missing anything.)

  3. All women are whores.
    Any man that enters into marriage with one is a fool.
    Thats my new revisionist entry for that stupid fairytale called the Bible.

    1. You were doing great until you called the Bible a fairytale, the bible contains great amounts of wisdom when absorbed metaphorically, and/ or analogically

      1. Agreed. The stories are dopey and antiquated, but the messages are good and timeless. I used to disrespect the bible, until I became older and wiser.

    2. Well they thought babylon was a fairytale because it is in the bible. But they were proven wrong. I am finding atheistkult platitudes growing tiresome.

  4. I think we should abandon altogether all stories and references from the
    Hebrew legacy. We’ve been poisoned by it for thousand of years – the Bible,
    Jesus, the church, etc … should all go for scrap.
    There’s no real wisdom to be gained from the Bible, it sound legit but it’s
    meant for the domestication of men.
    Yes, the jew named Jesus did forgive the whore and thus he set a bad precedent.
    Forgiveness and pity are signs of weakness, they go against the fabric of life.
    Nietzsche was right – Christianity is a feminine doctrine and so it was possible only in a
    Jewish landscape.
    Nietzsche and Schopenhauer were the true red piller, who else?

    1. Not quite. It’s a good article, taking a jab at western society and misinterpretation of religion in
      modern times. A lot of Christian men turn a blind eye to their wives’
      cheating, analogous to Hosea. The problem is that the Churches don’t
      support them, because of the misinterpretation of Biblical examples
      pertaining to this subject. The further corruption of Christianity by
      feminism adds fuel to this fire which consumes patriarchal Christianity.
      With Christian men finding no support due to ignorant, feminism
      indoctrinated clergy, the logical outcome is disregard for religion, and
      skepticism for Christianity. The way Jesus and Hosea’s examples are
      misrepresented was quite noteworthy. A lot of Christian men in the West,
      disgruntled with their feminist Churches failing them, then take to
      nihilism. Misinterpretation and disregard of religion is what sets up a
      civilization for destruction.

      1. How can you trust Christianity which lists women as saints?
        How can you trust a man who says:
        But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

        1. You forget that sin starts at the heart. Hence Jesus sought by those teachings to stop sin at the root. A person who is angry enough with his brother to kill is just as guilty of murder as a man thaf covets his neighbors wife. That does not mean however that a man or woman should be arrested and tried for thoughtcrime.

        2. The Old testament is the one to read. The New testament is the birth of feminism.

    2. I wouldn’t throw away the Bible. It can be very useful if read in the right context. Most people read it as history, which it clearly isn’t, or deem it as directly the word of God, which it can’t be. Instead, look at it more like Aesop’s fables, where you have a story that is framed specifically to teach a lesson. I think this is more of an accurate interpretation of “the book.”

      1. The bible is composed of historical events as well as poetry, prophecy myth and teaching. Some events the bible literally report as historical others not so much. The bible is not a monolithic book. Nor is it a scientific textbook?
        The babylonian exile did happen and the nations that sorrounded historical Israel did exist and the ancient nations did recognize ancienf israel. So the bible in many sections do count as history.

    3. Adam, after he was banished to Earth.
      He realized the truth after eating the forbidden fruit.

    4. Nietzsche and Schopenhauer were the true red piller, who else?

      Ernest Belfort Bax, author of The Fraud of Feminism

    5. The bible tends to be extremely contradictory. Take the good lessons, discard the rest.

  5. Great article. I was wondering when someone would bring the story of Hosea to ROK.
    Now, whorish nature is not just limited to the cock carousel women are riding, but also infidelity to the truth, decent behavior and morality. I had to ex the ex because she was a whore to culture and it’s lies, indulging in its insanity rather than settling down and taking care of her faithful husband and children. She embraces leisure, safety, and comfort over the realities of hard work, risk, and perseverance necessary to maintain a home and family. She also knew no limit to the charge card and spending bankrupting us in the process, despite my ability to earn a six-figure income.
    Even if women are faithful in the sense they aren’t cock-hopping (meaning they’re probably frigid anyway), then they’re sleeping with the enemy — the culture, feminism, useless religion, etc.
    Women will crucify a cheating husband for violating his wedding vows, but never even give thought to the flagrant disobedience and disrespect (dishonor) wives show their husbands. Those violations of marriage contract are considered signs of a strong woman who embraces the power of her femininity and doesn’t take shit from her abusive, stupid patriarchal husband.

    1. “She also knew no limit to the charge card and spending bankrupting us in
      the process, despite my ability to earn a six-figure income.”
      This is why a man should NEVER let his wife or girlfriend use his credit cards nor allow her name on them. I never have and never will. If she wants to indulge without any adult responsibility that comes with it she can destroy her own financial future. Men, stop being cowardly pussies and put your foot down. Stop being enablers.

    2. This blog makes me proud to be an orthodox Jew: a society of manly men and attractive women of virtue. Traditional gender roles are the norm and feminism is the subject of comedy at best and ridicule and scorn at worst. That’s just the women! The God of Israel shall reign forever and ever

      1. Perhaps you can tell your secular co-ethnics to fuck off and stop ruining White civilisation? Thanks.

        1. Which part?
          The part where they finance the world economy?
          Or the one where they invent and innovate a huge portion of the West’s breakthroughs far out of proportion to their numbers?
          Those damn Jews are always dragging us down. If only they’d go move somewhere like Asia and take their money and breakthroughs with them. We’re tired of that shit over here; give us grass huts and tribal matriarchy and get rid of all this meritocracy survival of the fittest bullshit. That shit forces you to WORK, and guys like Northy and I know that’s for the birds.

        2. Breakthroughs?
          Yeah, but I’ll pass. I think I can go through life without knowing of the wonderful breakthroughs in perversion and evil, let alone experience, thanks to that shitty little tribe.

    3. Well said… and here’s the terrible challenge of the very necessary taking-on of headship within the family. Being the patriarch is an often thankless job, and it means doing battle with the wife’s hypergamy and solipsism. It’s the only path to a happy marriage, and 100% necessary. It really is the ONLY way to optimize your chances of a successful and stable nuclear family…
      … if that’s what you want. It’s a lot of work (married to a foreigner, 2 kids, still takes constant attention), and it’s a good argument for buying a Harley and just ignoring that part of life if you’re so inclined and able to avoid the genetic imperative.

  6. Why do women cheat? Why does my dog lick his genitals? Because they can.

  7. An excellent article. The paternity fraud subject explored was quite an eye-opener. For fuck sakes, men in France are prevented from knowing whose children they’re raising??? The French are really beta indoctrinating their society to hasten a similar decline there as in America. And also the link about the book by the Danish author which looks at female infidelity. Very well written article this is. Kudos to ROK.

    1. I am tired of hearing “it is for the good of the children.” My older brother is on the hook for paying child support for a thug-spawn that is half-black. He and his ex-wife are both white. The system doesn’t give a damn if your wife is unfaithful. You are still responsible and accountable for HER actions. The state will do everything it can to get someone to pay for the bastard child and it is easier to go after the husband instead of the real father. GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING BULLSHIT!! FUCK THE SYSTEM

      1. “Thus, the Biblical story of Hosea and Gomer bears immense credence in
        today’s modern societies which promote a culture of cuckolding,
        whore-wifing, and female infidelity permissiveness. With feminism often
        playing God in modern social gender interaction, and with modern men
        often choosing to act like Hosea whether by will or social conditioning,
        Gomer’s legacy thus thrives with gay abandon.”
        – The system is run by feminism, the God in the western world

      2. ‘FUCK THE SYSTEM’ – Correct. But tell me, would the system be the same, if there were no women desiring things to be this way?
        If women did not want to exploit men through child support, alimony etc, would the system still force the man to pay?

        1. How is that even relevant? The system can be changed, female nature cannot.
          Railing against the system is actually constructive. Complaining about female nature is not.

        2. White knight to the rescue!
          So tell me mangina, let’s say you somehow, magically, manage to change the system somewhat one day. Who is to guarantee that it will remain the same?
          The female nature needn’t be changed. The female nature needs to be restrained.
          For example, aggression in males is a natural characteristic. However, it frequently proves to be a detriment when men commit crimes as a result of their aggression that results in violence.
          Therefore, regulations have been put in place such that deter the male aggression and violence by penalizing it, i.e Male aggression is restrained.
          In the same way, the female greed, the female manipulation etc needs to be regulated. It should be condemned and penalized. This way you ensure that every one becomes aware of the ‘not so innocent’ side of female nature and that this nature is not given unrestrained liberty to wreak havoc, primarily in the lives of men.
          While we’re at it, white knight manginas, like you probably are, are an even bigger part of the problem. It is white knights that enable female malice. And these men should be promptly imprisoned for insidiously corrupting the society by putting women on a pedestal at the expense of all men.

        3. Dude are you really using my name to pitch some regurgitated manosphere I.e. I can’t get me no womens lingo. Get your money up and get some damn influence. Them maybe you can convince women to do what you want. You need to ActRight

        4. Let me get this straight. You strike a combat pose, throw a few insults like we’re enemies, and then proceed to completely agree with everything I just said? Your solution to female nature is to…. change the system.
          I mean, you literally just said “…the female manipulation etc needs to be regulated.”
          Your kung fu is weak. *You* are weak. But picking fights with stronger opponents than yourself is how you get better, so do keep trying. We are all here to help each other, right?

        5. Your stupidity staggers me. No, I did not agree with anything you said. Your conclusion was the plain old white knightsim –
          “Complaining about female nature is not” i.e Thou shalt not criticize women.
          Which is nothing like what I stated.
          “Your solution to female nature is to…. change the system”
          No. You are confounding 2 different, distinct aspects. When I referred to regulating the female nature, it meant the unrestrained liberty that the female nature is bestowed needs to be checked. Women need be condemned and criticized when they deserve it.
          By doing so, you will discourage and deter them from making such demands in the future.
          When they do make demands, and their demands have been met, it is then that the next step needs to be taken – to address the system.
          So in essence, there are 2 methods that need to be employed –
          1) To change the system by doing away with the damaging, gynocentric laws.
          2) To curb female narcissism, greed, and manipulation by deterring it through stigma and penalization.
          If we solely concentrate on the system as you put, there is absolutely no guarantee that the same laws will not manifest themselves in another form in the future. Even worse, some new, novel methods can be implemented that will again benefit the women to the detriment of men.
          Therefore, addressing and controlling – regulating the female nature so that it does not rear its ugly head in the future is an imperative that must be done along with fighting the system.
          Also note – You can never, ever change the system when half of the entire population votes for and prefers the said laws. It is only when you manage to convince this half of the population (females) to not support anti-male practices, that you will be able to change the system. The gynocentric government will never change when they know full well that they stand to lose the female support and votes if they do against the female wishes.

        6. Your words… VERBATIM
          “Therefore, regulations have been put in place such that deter the male aggression and violence by penalizing it, i.e Male aggression is restrained.”
          So the system has laws that clamp down on the male nature. Again, your words. No editing, no quote mining, no skipping ahead, this is exactly what followed:
          In the same way, the female greed, the female manipulation etc needs to be regulated. It should be condemned and penalized.
          So you said, unequivocally, that we need to pass laws that punish the darker aspects of female nature in the same way that we currently have laws that punish the male nature.
          Your. Exact. Words.
          Now you are being a pussy and trying to back out of what you said earlier, claiming you “meant” something else. Weak.. .just weak.
          This flailing about in your response is an incoherent mess. You are a soft little neophyte. You lack substance grasshopper, you lack steel. I am a generous soul, so let the following serve as a learning experience. Maybe you’ll start to grow a brain.
          1) Changing the system is actually realistic. Passing a law can cost as little as a few million dollars. Changing culture is a monumental multi-generational undertaking that the originators have very little control over once the movement finds traction.
          1a)… and ironically, one of the first steps culture warriors take is the passing of laws that suit their agenda. Homosexuals seek acceptance by rewriting marriage laws.
          2) You want guarantees? The system includes female suffrage. This is the law of the land. Changing the law to remove female suffrage is quite realistic given that it has the benefit of enormous historical precedence. Every point you so dearly cling to about the fragility of restructuring the system in the face of the female voting bloc dies instantly with the change of one law.
          When you want to make a point, make your point and stick to it. Moving the goalposts is a bitch move, and thus you’re a bitch for trying to do so.

        7. You pathetic little low IQ blockhead..Sigh… How do I explain it to a nitwit like yourself. How? Let me think….Ok
          Now read this very carefully –
          Regulations on female nature, is not the same thing as changing the laws.
          Understand? For example – Let’s take gender quotas.
          When the gender quotas were implemented – 2 things happened that led to it.
          1) Women and feminists demanded gender quotas
          2) The quotas were implemented.
          Now think really hard – Only the law is what needs to be addressed? Is it?
          The thing that led to the implementation of said law is distinct from the actual implementation of the law.
          Understand now?
          If we had stopped women from demanding said law in the first place, the implementation of said law would never have occurred!
          For heavens sake, tell me that you understand now. If you want me to translate it into chinese, french, german or any other language, tell me. I’ll do it. But try to understand it you dumb imbecile. Sigh..

        8. Keep trying tinkerbell.
          You can add as many HTML tags to whatever form your next retreat is going to take, it won’t change the fact that you punked out.
          You said we needed laws that literally imprison people, where enforcing said laws would serve to correct female behavior. A point I was and am in 100% agreement with.
          For example, aggression in males is a natural characteristic. However, it frequently proves to be a detriment when men commit crimes as a result of their aggression that results in violence.
          Therefore, regulations have been put in place such that deter the male aggression and violence by penalizing it, i.e Male aggression is restrained.
          In the same way, the female greed, the female manipulation etc needs to be regulated. It should be condemned and penalized. This way you ensure that every one becomes aware of the ‘not so innocent’ side of female nature and that this nature is not given unrestrained liberty to wreak havoc, primarily in the lives of men.
          While we’re at it, white knight manginas, like you probably are, are an even bigger part of the problem. It is white knights that enable female malice. And these men should be promptly imprisoned for insidiously corrupting the society by putting women on a pedestal at the expense of all men.
          Then, after having it pointed out that you are charging at windmills, you abruptly change your entire position to one of shaping the prevailing zeitgeist through stern looks and finger wagging.
          No. You are confounding 2 different, distinct aspects. When I referred to regulating the female nature, it meant the unrestrained liberty that the female nature is bestowed needs to be checked. Women need be condemned and criticized when they deserve it.
          A far cry from literally throwing someone in jail, as you originally proposed. Let’s draw special attention to the way you switched from ‘penalized’ to ‘criticized’.
          Now you’re doubling down by fuming and emphasizing that drafting and passing certain laws generally require popular support in a desperate bid to hope I’ve forgotten everything else you’ve posted.
          I have not forgotten. You are a coward and a hypocrite.
          …and you’re still fucking up. Having popular support generally assists in passing a law, but it is not a requirement. Here in reality, laws are regularly passed that are in fact strongly opposed by large swaths of the general populace. The PATRIOT act, TARP, and the Affordable Care Act just to name a few. You can’t even move the goalposts properly without tripping over your own feet.
          You fucked up. Until you grow a spine and accept that, I’m going to keep calling you out on it.

        9. Yet again, you low IQ magina, you fail to understand it. I am willing to bet you have some serious mental disorder. Only mental retardation can be attributed to you still not grasping it.
          I am going to repeat it until even a numbskull like you understands. That or either give up. Let’s see what happens –
          If we had stopped women from demanding said law in the first place, the implementation of said law would never have occurred

        10. You’re running out of platitudes to throw as you tuck tail and run. I suppose next you’ll be calling me a douchecanoe shitlord who needs to check his privilege.
          I’m trying to help you here. Right now, you are a coward arguing from a position of fear and wounded pride. You have no business, no right, to lecture other men on how to act when you cannot be a man yourself.
          Stop desperately trying to change the subject and grow some fuckin’ balls.

        11. Good. Now you’re here. Let’s solve this now, and don’t you dare chicken out. By the time we’re done, I assure you, you will be glad you went through it. Probably you’ll even thank me.
          Now, let’s start from the beginning. You seem to not understand what exactly I am trying to say. In order for us to reach a conclusion, we must agree on a simple term –
          Stop leaving long-winded diatribes. I won’t read it. Keep it short and to the point. One point at one time.
          The point that I am trying to get across and that you do not seem to understand is –
          When you speak about changing the system, Your are speaking about the system already in place.
          Addressing this system alone, is not enough. This is my point.
          Now go ahead and explain to me, briefly, what is it that you do not understand. Keep it short and to the point

        12. Hahaha… long winded diatribes involving direct quotations of your own words, coupled with facts and evidence to make not just one point, but two… is too much for you! Not only did you start this fight, but all you brought is a knife and now you’re handing me more ammo for my gun. Nice.
          Whatever you consider your point to be at the moment is irrelevant when you keep changing it. First it was “we need to magically cure them of bitchiness, somehow…”, then it was “we should lock bitches up”, then you change it to “we should just call them bitches and make them feel bad”, and now it’s back to “we need to magically cure them of bitchiness, somehow…”
          You want a singular point to latch onto? Something simple and easy so that you can follow along. Here’s what I don’t understand.
          If women did not want to exploit men through child support, alimony etc, would the system still force the man to pay?
          Why after having said that, did you proceed to change your position all to have a limp-dick excuse for pointless name calling?

        13. I did not change anything moron. Why the hell is it so hard for you to understand? Why? Do you not see the risible irony is that all this time in order to save face, you project your inability of understanding what I said, unto me, and fucking up in the process while simultaneously accusing me of the same!
          I’ll explain again. Please read carefully this time. I am trying to help you here –
          More important than treating the symptom, is treating the cause.
          Get it?
          More important than treating the symptom is treating the cause of that symptom that gave rise to that symptom in the first place.
          See the point now?
          If you solely concentrate on the system, you are solely concentrating on the damage that has already been done.
          Like I mentioned in my first comment, that is obviously necessary. But it is not enough..
          Get it now?
          And this is why I said men like you should be imprisoned because it is men like you who deter other men from realizing it, and hence prove to be a massive problem.
          The laws that I stated about putting in place are different from the already established laws. They are a different aspect. And whenever I say penalize or stigmatize, I am referring to all the procedures required to deter such behaviour of women. It does not mean that I am “changing” anything, you nitwit.
          And also, the laws that I mentioned to imprison, were solely for MEN, not women. For women I stated penalizing, that is not necessarily imprisonment.
          Get it now?

        14. This penalizing can include – Social stigma, strong condemnation, discouraging, shaming, guilting, fines, and most importantly – disbandment of all women’s organizations in the western world, and replacing them with a single, massive Human rights corporation, that is more influential than the one we have right now and that can address both male and female issues.

        15. Yes, the addressing the cause is specifically what I’m doing. The root cause of why you felt the need to come out swinging with hollow accusations of “white knight mangina” in spite of evidence to the contrary.
          I have quoted your own words back to you, extensively, showing exactly when and where you kept changing your position to make it crystal clear that posturing, diversion, and distraction aren’t going to save your ass. Not here, not now.
          You are a pussy. A wimp. A spineless yellow bellied sniveling coward Getting you to see that is the first step towards fixing it. You are already copying my smug, condescending “just trying to help” style, so some progress is being made.

        16. Heh, you added a bit at the bottom. Didn’t notice until just now. But the elaboration does clear things up a bit. You’re not just too chickenshit to admit your own mistakes….
          You are clinically insane.
          I mean, there have been numerous tells throughout that your thinking process itself is fundamentally feminine. But… this…. A single massive Human rights corporation for the entire western world?
          You’re a full blown Totalitarian Statist? It’s settled.
          You’re a woman.
          And we’re both about to get banned, you for being a woman, and me for having responded to a woman.

        17. Making personal attacks won’t save you boy. I am into psychology. I have dealt with patients like you. You exhibit the tell-tale signs of a mental disorder. You are not only projecting, but you are trying to manipulate me through vehement denial and intimidation. That will not happen. Trust me.
          You are still not understanding the point. I called you a magina, because when I was stating the cause of the problem, you jumped to women’s rescue and tried to shift the focus away from by implying “Hurr durr we can’t change their nature. So let’s just shut up”
          This was your white knightism. Understand? Sometimes people white knight without ever realizing it. If you are not a white knight, prove it to me.
          You do agree that female nature is the cause. Yes or no.
          Just reply to me with a Yes or no. Let’s see what happens..

        18. Are you seriously this retarded boy? You don’t need to go full retard. Trust me. If you want out, just say so. But you are not going to go away this way.
          Stop hyperventilating. Admit defeat.

        19. Yes, replacement of feminist organizations with a human rights organization. Why are you deflecting? Because you know you are getting your ass handed to you, isn’t it?
          You did not answer the question man-vagina.
          You do agree that female nature is the cause. Yes or no?

        20. Well, we are getting banned because of your excess of X chromosomes, so not much left to do at this point. Fine.. fine… I’ll play your little game moppet. Kill some time before the ban-hammer hits.
          So here’s your answer. Not even going to bother with elaboration.

        21. Aha! Got you! Fucker, You are a white knight!
          You are probably a feminist as well. Caught you, you bas__d.
          I rest my case gentlemen.

        22. Everyone – This Dominic Saltarelli denies that female nature is the problem.
          This mangina things women are innocent little angels fallen from the sky, who are sugar and spice and everything nice!
          He is very likely a feminist. Beware of this treacherous bastard.

        23. So predictable.
          Men have all the power, always have. Women can only act on their baser nature as much as we let them. Nothing short of eugenics will change women’s nature. The root cause is the system that we men build and sustain. Everything else is just dominoes falling according to the law of gravity.
          Though, eugenics is something you may actually be endorsing, giving that you actually went on record advocating the creation of the aforementioned corporation. Though its hard to tell, given that you’ll probably just change your mind about that too.

        24. – Should feminism end?
          – Name 5 things because of which feminism is unacceptable.

        25. -That’d be nice.
          -Things because of which feminism is unacceptable:
          1) Brown ribbon campaigns promoting colon cancer awareness, because brown is ugly and pink booby ribbons are better
          2) Making ankle length dresses mandatory
          3) Having a baby but still needing to keep one’s nipples covered in public
          4) College pamphlets that have pictures that accurately reflect the demographic make up of the student body
          5) Being seen in public without a smartphone

        26. You are a feminist. You intentionally quoted inconsequential things so that feminism’s reputation is not damaged. If you do not answer the question, I will make sure that everyone on this thread knows that you’re a feminist and will strive to get you banned as well. Now answer me –
          Should feminism end? Yes or no.
          – Name 5 significant, genuine reasons because of which feminism is unacceptable.
          Know that you are very, very close to being outed as a feminist. I will make sure that you are.

        27. Admit defeat… to a woman? First I’d have to actually have been wrong about something. Two… you’re a woman.
          Tits or gtfo.

        28. You’ve outted yourself as a bona fide woman. Women are not allowed to post, remember?
          Facts, evidence, logic, reason, I’ve tried all of these things on you under the assumption that you were actually male. Now it’s clear why none of it worked.
          I mean… really. A solution I proposed was ending female suffrage And you still are trying to play the white knight card?
          Solipsism is a decidedly female mindset.
          Your own solutions largely consist of peer pressure. Recently John C. Wright wrote:
          Law is enforced by solemn ceremonies, oaths, judges in robes, policemen in uniforms, hangmen in hoods. It is objective, official, overt, masculine, and direct.
          Custom is encouraged by countless social cues and expressions of peer pressure. It is subjective, informal, covert, feminine, and indirect.
          You favor the feminine approach.
          Lastly you are now threatening to… talk badly about me and spread rumors.
          You. Are. A. Woman.

        29. Last chance – Reply to the question –
          – Should feminism end? Yes or no.
          – Name 5 significant, genuine reasons because of which feminism is unacceptable.
          If you do not reply to this and instead again resort to the ridiculous “waaah waah woman” argument, you will have conceded that you are a feminist. And only a braindead numbskull would assert such a laughable notion that the person whose username is – Female nature is the problem, is a woman! Lol.

        30. You can’t do it, can you? You can’t prove that you’re not female. Blacks have joined the KKK, and there are some women who have joined the MRM. Dr. Helen is one prime example.
          I can demonstrate that I meet the bare minimum requirements for posting here. I’m actually a verifiable dude. I can point to actual facts that show your username does not preclude you from being a woman.
          Posturing to try and take control of thread is cute. Look, I can do it to…
          If you do not prove in the next post that you are not a woman, you will have conceded that you are a woman.

        31. Imbecile, how do you expect me to show you anything? Do you see a camera option anywhere? If you want to believe that I am a woman, keep deluding yourself. But don’t think that by deflecting in such a ludicrous manner, you’ll be able to get away with being caught.
          Everyone – Dominic Saltarelli is a feminist.
          Ask him to answer the question – Should feminism end? He won’t reply. He is trying to manipulate guys here. Do not fall for it.
          Moderator – Request for a ban on Dominic Saltarelli. He is a feminist.
          To prevent himself from being exposed, he is trying to deflect by accusing me, whose username is – Female nature is the problem, of being a woman! Can you imagine that? (Facepalm)

        32. Easy way to solve this. Go to and post a picture of yourself with a piece of paper that has ‘Female nature is the problem’. Then post the link of your upload here. Boom, problem solved.
          Added bonus, there will be tits.

        33. Yet more evidence. I am asking to see boobies…
          You want to see a picture of a man’s asshole.
          Best flamewar evar.

        34. Just can’t get enough of me, can you? I have that effect on the ladies…

        35. You’re the one who gay pounced on me, mangina boy. Why are you so obsessed with me? No, I do not swing that way, sorry.

        36. Dude, you’re a raving retard as described by one of Matt Forney’s favourite rants.
          So is, to a letter extent, the guy you were replying to.
          Goes to show you can teach a middling or lower status male “game” or male-female dynamics, but no amount of training will turns you into a 100m Gold medalist.

        37. “Know that you are very, very close to being outed as a feminist. I will make sure that you are.”
          Good God, you fucking autist.
          Stop replying to this turd, weirdo #2.

        38. “This mangina things women are innocent little angels fallen from the sky, who are sugar and spice and everything nice!”
          No you subhuman, he thinks that women are like children and you might as well expect kids to act mature before you expect women to not be retarded. Capiche?

        39. Were you hit in the head as a child? I’m willing to bet you’re the same mangina with a sock account. He has been outed as a feminist below. Get lost, you fucking piece of shit.

        40. I had doubted since your first comment that you were a feminist. This concludes it. You pathetic little turd. Lol at you calling others women when you have the hair length of a woman yourself! LMFAO faggot

        41. Nope he does not think that. How the fuck would you know? You are him with another account, aren’t you? Get professional help psycho. That mangina (you) is a feminist.

        42. gu… Zen is a woman. I’m surprised I haven’t been banned yet for playing with her. Guess the mods aren’t paying attention. Zen just wants to keep throwing around in-group buzzwords hoping that she’ll be accepted as one of the boys.

        43. ROFL. So now I am a woman too?? Is that the best you’ve got mangina? Calling everyone you see a woman? And have you combed your girly hair yet?

      3. Don’t know what him being half black has to do with, but ok. Lol. I’m pretty sure most whites are cheated on for other white guys. But then again this is RoK. The commenter’s can always manage to make a comment on feminist policy and natural female behavior into some anti white conspiracy.

        1. Sounds like the husband and wife are both white, but the kid is half black. If the husband were the biological father the kid would not be half black.
          Also, you would be surprised by the number of white women who sleep with black men.

        2. You missed the point. The legal parents are likely white, and the kid is half black, meaning the kid is not the legal father’s kid. Get it?
          Drop the kneejerk racism reaction.

      4. Jesus man. That is a fucked injustice being committed against your brother.

    2. Cuckolding is as old as marriage. It’s incredible how frequent cuckoldry is: something like 10% of all children who are supposedly born in wedlock. I wonder if humans’ tendency toward racial homogeneity evolved partially from this? Since children who were of a different race would be easily noticed, societies tacitly ensured that everyone looked more or less the same to prevent discord.

    3. The French were fucked when the faggot Sarkozy came to power. He was married to an Italian whore called Bruni. Possibly she played a hand to influence him in the decision to ban parental testing.

      1. They were fucked well before Sarkozy. They were fucked the minute they were born in France.

    4. If they don’t regrow some ball sack they’ll be a Caliphate before they really have to worry about it.

  8. I don’t think Hosea is intended to be an example of relationships between men and women.
    Hosea prefigures Christ. Just as Christ came into a world full of sin and unworthy of redemption, he redeemed it nonetheless, by making Himself a sacrifice that atones for the world’s sinfulness. All we need to do is believe in Christ as redeemer, and strive to lead upright lives, and we are redeemed because of Christ.
    Hosea prefigures the Christ story. Hosea is commanded by God to find a woman who is utterly undeserving of a good man, and to redeemer notwithstanding her shortcomings. By redeeming her, she is saved, just as Christ would later do the same – this time, with the community of believers as his bride.
    On the micro level, the story is an allegory for Christ’s salvation. It is not a command to men that we should all go out and marry promiscuous women. If anything, men need to choose wisely, and marry women who will allow them to model God’s love for the world in their homes. Most men aren’t imbued with the strength to change women who do not want to be changed, and have no interest in being better than they are when we find them.

    1. True. But that’s what the article shows. The command given to Hosea was specific only to him, not relationships as whole – as this article correctly points out. It is not a command to men that we should all go out and marry promiscuous women. But this example has been misconstrued in feminist societies and certain feminist churches which often cite Hosea’s example to promote marriages between men and whores. A lot of American men travel to Thailand and end up marrying prostitutes out of their own free will. Cuckolded men raising someone’s children. Men forgiving their cheating wives. Aren’t they misguided examples of Hosea?The analogy of modern society to Hosea’s life is very striking. Plus you have modern women behaving like Gomer.

      1. I agree entirely.
        Taking this story and twisting it into a justification for promiscuity is hamsterization, writ large.

  9. Why are Black women so narcissistic? I mean, the black woman in the video was really pompous about how her exes ‘begged’ her not to leave them. She’s not even a 4. Black women cheat and overestimate themselves a lot.

    1. If you read closely, the link in the article about the social acceptance of men marrying whores is from Africa. The author of the Anatomy of Female Power is a Nigerian black, who dissects matriarchy in Africa (a possible cause for Africa’s backwardness). A possible indication that black men are often raised to be dominated by their women?

    2. It’s not her race. She is a feminist who likely has only dated extremely pussy , beta men in her life. She’s probably deeply unhappy about that. As a woman tends to do, she will twist this negative into a percieved positive, trying to inflate her self worth and value by claiming that she’s so desirable that men beg her not to leave them. The only men that beg are betas. You make the connection.

  10. Men marrying escorts, prostitutes and whores are the worst of the worst of all betas.
    Why would someone give a ring to get something what others have gotten for a few pieces of paper?

  11. “Women have lesser guilt than men in cheating”.
    Actually, women have NO guilt in cheating. When a woman cheats, she has already rationalized to herself about the justification of herself deciding to open her holes for other men. The surprising thing I learnt was that Maidenhead was Britain’s most adulterous nation. A lot of MILFs I suppose there.

    1. “The surprising thing I learnt was that Maidenhead was Britain’s most adulterous nation.”
      Maidenhead is a nation of adulterous non-maidens within the nation of Britain.

    2. If anything, ALL of England is the birth of Anglosphere cuckolding; after all, Guinevere DID make a cuckold out of Arthur.

      1. The original progenitor of the whores of the world – the Anglo-Saxon woman. In today’s world, Russo women make worthy successors.

        1. Even safer to say that the notion of an Anglo-Saxon woman, selling out her ilk to the Vikings, became LOST FOREVER in history.

        2. Catherine the Great was the greatest cheater of all time. A german who became a russian, she supposedly died when she was being mounted by a stallion.

        3. Guinevere, much like Arther and the Knights of the Round Table, is a fictional character, so….no.

        4. Real or not, the point is she should had never been given that much power and was best off being Arthur’s extension.

      2. When she did, the empire fell. Great analogy, if you read it from the perspective of red pill. Once the Alpha king is humiliated by his wife, the land will die.

    3. This is the way of an adulteress. She eats and wipes her mouth and says: “I have done no wrong”
      Proverbs 30:20

      1. So do betas who marry whores. They also say ” We as men have done no wrong.”

  12. “No one can “steal” sex from a woman to make her cheat on her man (unless
    by rape). Cheating is solely a mutual decision taken out of personal
    free will.”
    – BULL’S EYE.

  13. Wonderful article. Good emphasis on how this translates into modern society.
    I am often astounded by the people who tell men that they cannot have preferences when it comes to women they want to marry. That somehow, we are supposed to accept them without questioning their background or analyzing their behavior.
    We need more men to be more discerning when it comes to their women. We need them to openly state what they want in women and expect it when they are married or living together. If it hurts their feelings, so be it. Better hurt feelings than a lifetime of misery and disappointment.

    1. Sometime, there is just no cure for beta. Some guys are born that way, and will die that way.

      1. I agree. When you periodically check in on Billy Beta, you find that the six foot hole he was in is now eight feet deep and growing.

    1. Sadly, because of England’s Assimilation Plan directly aimed at Anglosphere Jews, the latter naively treat cuckoldry as part of assimilation.
      Sad stuff.

  14. The point in the article made about men enduring a soulless existence with cheating wives is priceless. My own uncle led a bitter existence in his second marriage. True, he did the beta mistake of marrying within a week after his first divorce. Cuckoldry destroys a man’s soul and his life.

  15. Read Chapter 2&3 of Hosea: (He buy backs Gomer for a fraction of the investment originally put in: result stop paying for £200 dinners!!)
    For their mother has played the harlot;
    She who conceived them has behaved shamefully.
    For she said, ‘I will go after my lovers,
    Who give me my bread and my water,
    My wool and my linen,
    My oil and my drink.’
    6 “Therefore, behold,
    I will hedge up your way with thorns,
    And wall her in,
    So that she cannot find her paths.
    7 She will chase her lovers,
    But not overtake them;
    Yes, she will seek them, but not find them.
    Then she will say,
    ‘I will go and return to my first husband,
    For then it was better for me than now.’

  16. My friend married a Gomer. Still I was shocked when “their” baby was born. So was his family. They are both of Mexican descent and yet the baby was black. His dad is old school as fuck and told him right then and there at the hospital that the kid wasnt his. His brother and I told him the same soon after. He felt offended that we could question the fidelty of his loving, then girlfriend( yup he later married that bitch). He doesnt talk to me anymore. Nor is he in contact with his father and brother. And we were just looking out for him

    1. Your friend is the product of feminist beta indoctrination. A misguided modern fool
      You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. Similarly, you can’t turn a faggot into a man.

      1. You are correct. And it’s not like he didnt have friends and family to give him advice and look out for his best interest. If he ever learns it will be the hard way. And he will suffer accordingly

        1. A willing cuckolded faggot’s greatest punishment is the repeated infidelities of his cheating wife. But sadly, such men are spineless without an iota of dignity. These men are often spiritually and morally DEAD.

    2. “He doesnt talk to me anymore. Nor is he in contact with his father and brother.”
      – A common trait of men marrying whores and sluts. The isolation they put themselves is a self-denial they subject themselves to the fact that their wives are bitches. Even if they do accept that, the shame which that thought generates makes them have guilt to face their fellow brethren, Sometimes they’re so controlled by their whore wives that they can’t bear to hear society demean the object of their affection. It’s like King Kong’s love for the beauty.
      Which ultimately killed him.

    3. Apparently, a similar scenario happened to Steve Nash. At least he had the stones to divorce the bitch.

  17. Explain something to me guys – The majority of us here seem to dislike sluts, right?
    If the answer is Yes, then why the hell do we pursue sluts??
    Genuine question guys. I am not an opponent or anything. I’m on your side, and definitely not a femicunt. So explain it to me please.

    1. The point you miss is that sluts and whores ARE NOT THE MARRYING TYPE.
      They’re just sex practice. betas don’t understand that, and do some new redpillers.

      1. To be honest, I don’t believe that any woman is the ‘marrying type’. I do not believe in marriage. I am MGTOW. However, I am open to the idea of LTR provided the benefits outweigh the costs.
        I believe betas are more into marriage, and do not understand the concept of men being the ‘Non-limiting factor’ in sex.
        Nevertheless, I believe the word ‘beta’ is misused frequently. ‘Omega’ seems like a better and more appropriate term.

        1. You do not know what exactly is MGTOW. You might want to research more before pretending that you know what you’re talking about.
          MGTOW ≠ Celibacy
          Man can have sex and still be MGTOW.

    2. We don’t hate sluts or whores. A slut is a whore who doesn’t charge you money, she charges you attention or any other things she wants. Basically both types exist in society for the purpose of male sexual release. The problem is that since they lower the value of females, men offering them commitment lower the value of men. But sluts and whores, being women, will always manipulate men to seek commitment. So the thing to keep in mind, is that pursue sluts ONLY for sex. Not for love. Read the 10 slut commandments post on this site.

      1. “A slut is a whore who doesn’t charge you money”
        Then by definition she isn’t a whore, isn’t it? Regardless, how exactly do they lower the value of females? By putting out to multiple men, is it?
        If that is the case, we should LOVE sluts, shouldn’t we? They are not only helping us get laid, but they also lower the value of females, which directly benefit us because lower the value, lower the price to be paid.
        So should we stop condemning sluts in that case?

        1. Women are the gatekeepers of sex.
          Men are the gatekeepers of commitment.
          In the modern world, due to supplicating betas, commitment has also become the domain of women.
          Now imagine a slut who chooses to decide whether you’d get sex as well as commitment. What does that imply?
          That you have no value.
          She can choose whom to fuck with, and she can choose whose commitment she can get.
          Now men who fuck sluts and fall in ‘love’ with them further contribute this problem. Because they pedestalize a woman who’s sharing sex with a lot of men. Women in the past used to give sex to get commitment. So men lose out due to sluts today.
          So, with sluts – it’s only sex. Don’t ever forget that. And don’t demean fellow men by thinking of commitment with one.

        2. “So, with sluts – it’s only sex. Don’t ever forget that”.
          I can teach you about sluts boy. Do not try to condescend me.
          I know that sluts are for sex. You are deflecting from the issue at hand. My initial question was solely regarding dislike of sluts. I don’t dislike sluts. I consider them an imperative. They, as you pointed out correctly, lower the value of women. And this is why they are so crucial.
          So we must not vilify sluts. The ones that should be defamed is the whores. That give sex only in exchange for monetary benefits. Agreed?

        3. Nope. Different strokes for different blokes.
          If you think sluts are better than whores, then that’s your view Mr.MGTOW. Ultimately you’re a Man Going Towards your Own Way. Your way is not fine with me. Sluts and Whores are the same. An old whore becomes a slut after a period of time, Does the fact that she makes the transition from a whore to a slut should make her less ‘vilified’?

        4. So you’re saying that whores deserve more respect than sluts? Come on, man. Did you or did you not say that sluts lower the value of women. Isn’t that beneficial for us? So why are you biting the hand that in some way feeds you?
          If for example, there were 0 sluts. All there was there, was whores. Whores who WOULD NEVER sleep with you, unless you but them jewelry, expensive clothes, expensive dinner etc.
          Would you say that is better than having sluts?

        5. I do think whores deserve more respect, they are honest at the deal. Sex for Money.
          Sluts exhaust you mentally and emotionally. I do understand we need them. But not to the point where we offer commitment.

        6. Learn to read properly. I asked whether a whore’s transition to a slut makes her less vilified, as you were the one who said that sluts were better than whores. I said both were the same. I think you’re MLIHOW. (Man Lost In His Own Wilderness.)
          Both whores and sluts are the same. A promiscous woman, who either sells herself or fucks around for pleasure, is not the marrying type. Discussing whether one is better than the other is useless tripe, because no sane man would bother about that. They both are the same. You can judge them if you want to marry them. For me, they’re just public cum receptacles – one just demands money, the other demands something else. Both are NOT the Marrying type.

        7. Sluts and whores are motivated by different things. A whore is motivated by money, a slut by the desire to get laid mostly.
          A slut does not financially damage you. This very fact makes her a thousand time better than a whore.
          And what’s with your obsession with ‘Marrying type’ and commitment? I never stated anything about marriage or commitment.
          So the point you seem to be making is that a slut is no better than a whore. While I stated above as well as the meaning of the words tell you, that slut does not want you for your money.
          That added to the fact that sluts lower the value of sex, makes them highly important.
          And no, sluts and whores are NOT the same thing. If a slut wants money as well, in that case she can be called a whore, in which case she deserves the utmost disrespect.
          Otherwise, sluts should never be condemned. They are playing an essential role. They are helping us men. Also note – If there were no sluts, they would exist no ‘game’. At least not the way it does now.

        8. Honest about what? About leeching off of you? About being a parasite? Regardless, the regular whores that want you for your money, are not at all honest. They will pretend that they do not want money, but would not put out unless there is some monetary incentive involved. Prostitutes are much, much better. They are the ones who are honest.
          “Sluts exhaust you mentally and emotionally” Only if you let them. Only if you are emotionally vested yourself. And no one said about being “committed” to them. They are for sex. And this is why they are so important. And this is why I believe we should not condemn sluts. Whores on the other hand, must be condemned.

        9. What’s the difference between a whore, a prostitute and a slut? They’re all promiscuous.

        10. Yes, whores deserve more respect than sluts. At the very least, they are upfront that they want your money.
          In addition, like sluts, whores devalue all women. By providing an outlet for the sexual needs of men, they weaken the perceived value of non-whore women. Sluts do that as well, but not as effectively as whores, in my opinion.

  18. After yesterdays shitty article on “Why cruises suck” this brings me hope for the future of RoK. Great article, please, keep sharing.

    1. Agreed. I’ve been begging Roosh for some quality control. ROK has become much too hit or miss.

  19. Speaking of cuckoldry/wife whoring…
    I wonder, what is the shelf life on this type of marriage? If you go to any online porn site, you will see videos of husbands letting their wives be gang banged/fucked, while they watch from the sideline – sometimes videotaping. You never hear any statistics about if this type of relationship has any longevity. I can’t imagine it does.
    If I allowed this to happen to my wife, I would not be able to look at her, or myself, with anything other than shame. My relationship would be over.

      1. Out of ‘love’ and ‘understanding’ for their wives’ ‘needs’ aka need to slut around….Cuckold porn…

  20. There is real application in this e.g. “You must not bring the earnings of a female prostitute or of a male prostitute into the house of the LORD your God to pay any vow, because the LORD your God detests them both” (Deuteronomy 23:18). ANALYSIS: Perhaps if our governments could take a lesson from this. Instead of devising schemes to tax the illegal earnings of prostitutes, they should implement and enforce laws to put a stop to such earnings altogether.
    Here are the characteristics of true “Gomers”….
    (Proverbs 23:27-28) “a prostitute is a deep pit … Like a bandit she lies in wait, and multiplies the unfaithful among men”
    (Proverbs 7:26) “Many are the victims she has brought down”
    the prostitute as a predator.
    (Proverbs 9:14-17): “She sits at the door of her house, on a seat at the highest point of the city, calling out to those who pass by, who go straight on their way.
    (Proverbs 7:7-22) “She is loud and defiant, her feet never stay at home; now in the street, now in the squares, at every corner she lurks.”
    Result: (Proverbs 5:8) “Keep to a path far from her” .

  21. Good article. Regardless of whether you believe or not, if you’re unfamiliar with the Bible than you’re a cultural illiterate.

    1. A lot of Atheist Kunts would disagree about the Bible’s modern day relevance….

  22. Only 2 ways to skin this: either he’s a white knight chump trying to “save” a slut from herself, or he’s yet another punch line for the jealous desert-god of the Hebrews. No god worth respecting would make a man defile himself that way.

      1. gee youre right, I’m gonna run right out and find me a hooker to marry and see if I can find someone to smite me upon the cheek that I might turn also to him the other…chumps.

  23. Interestingly, there’s a Y (male) chromosome study of men carrying my last name. I don’t know how many have taken part by now, but they consist of documented descendants of several related men of that name who came to America from Ulster and Scotland and northern England from about the mid 1600s till the mid 1700s. The website shows lines of descent as established by Y DNA, that is, only inherited from men. Of a couple of hundred men only three or four cannot be descended from these individuals. Their ancestors could have been adopted into the family but documentation is understandably scarce for those times. That’s a remarkable record of faithfulness by females over a period of 300+ years. Anyone part of a similar study?

  24. Decent article. Much more on par with the quality that ROK should be putting out there. And certainly better than some of the drivel ROK has been putting out lately.
    As far as “Pretty Woman” goes, a deep analysis of that bullshit movie and it’s connotations should be forthcoming.

  25. Great articles like these make me proud of the Bible. It’s often misunderstood and misrepresented in the modern world, but there is a great depth of wisdom in it. The author’s interpretation of Jesus and Hosea examples is perfect and aligned with red pill. He has done a good job as to what what most Christian pastors and priests do in Churches today, who make Biblical men appear as betas. Jesus and Hosea were both red pill. Great post ROK.

  26. The faggotry of the French is complete. Banning paternity tests there will only encourage French women to slut it around even more. The West and Europe are really degenerating into hell holes for men.

    1. Actually the more horrifying thought is if this becomes the standard of banning paternity tests everywhere. That’s enough encouragement for
      already skeptical men to not marry….

    2. Fuck Nicholas Faggot Sarkozy for the anti-paternity test law…Hope his lying tongue gets stuck to the vapid cunt of his whore wife Bruni….

    3. No worries. They are on their way to Caliphate status, which will at least put the women in their place.

  27. A lot of modern Arab men need to read this article. As a white man working in the Middle east for many years, I’ve noticed that 90% of the new generation of Arab men, brought up on western values, are all pussy pedestalizing faggots. And I’ve seen an emerging trend of Arab men marrying their white Russian or east european mistresses (aka whores), possibly with their fascination with a white woman’s ass. The white whores they marry eventually remote control these men as drones. Whores have more power over men than ordinary women; and her power increases exponentially when she’s wifed.

      1. We need an article on “Why East europeans or Russians are the most superior race in the world”. Or “Why east europeans or Russians have the most superior genes in the world.” With some bullet points to highlight that it’s ok for men from other parts of the world, to overlook a Russian or East european woman’s sexual history for marriage or children. Possibly the Biblical Adam was a Russian or east european, and so was Eve.

  28. So what’s the problem of men marrying whores? My uncle has, and I am too thinking of the same. America was in fact descended and populated from the ‘reformed whores’ of Europe who were brought here.The white generations of America were DESCENDED from whores brought here from Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries . The earliest settlers of America were convicts banished to the New World, and to build civilization and industry here, they needed to be propagated. So the women they were joined with, were whores brought from Europe. The British did that to increase the settlements here. America is born from whores, who learnt how to cook, knit, sew and run a home. I don’t mind marrying a whore.

    1. Spoken like a true blue pill. Don’t forget to invite all of us for your wedding – we’d all pay to fuck your wife for first round practice. If you have a cuckold fetish, we’d gangbang her in front of you.

  29. Fuck France. I like French women though – they all love anal in their pale, rosy soft asses.
    And the way they moan, “Oui Oui!” when you’re fucking them. Reminds me of sows
    giving birth in the sty….

  30. This article is a perfect warning for men marrying whores. Time of realization.
    The Thai or Ukrainian hooker may not be the perfect wife after all….

  31. Even though the author appears to be a Bible-thumping proselytizer, his points make me fear marriage more than anything in today’s world. I’d rather have children out of wedlock to spread my genes. Marriage is the ultimate surrender, and a willing death of personal freedom a man can possibly embrace, I don’t understand how men can live with whores of modern women. They’re really losers. Modern men eat shit in marriages. The world is heading towards a social apocalypse.

  32. “One of the greatest self-deceptions a man can do to himself is assuming that his cheating partner will “change”. In reality, it’s actually circumstances which usually change in life; whereas people don’t.”
    – Simply superb. Great line there.

  33. This is no knock on Christianity per se, but I grew up surrounded in Christian milieus (school, church, sunday school, youth groups, etc.) and by my mid-teens, I saw that it was all ultimately unworkable as a consistent ideology.
    The thing is – the N.T. definitely does command men to marry women (“For a man shall leave his mother…”). The N.T. definitely condemns fornication repeatedly. This is a festering blindspot for the neotraditional, neoreactionary christian patriarchy types who swear off marriage – exemplified by the many rational comments below to that effect (they’re not swearing off having sex period, so connect the dots). But I’d say that’s having ones cake and eating it too.
    The rarest thing of all is to be ideologically consistent. I don’t see how MRA/MGTOW Christian men can do this unless they remain celibate or champion marriage.
    If anyone has any ideologically consistent rebuttals (and not just kneejerk hypocritical rationalizations) I would be, in all honesty, most interested in hearing them…

    1. Good point mentioned about marriage. The Bible does promote marriage.
      But the fact to be understood is that marriage in modern permissive society is often a self-defeating step. The reason being the zero value of modern slutty women who are not the wifing type. Just to uphold the Bible does not mean one must sacrifice one’s neck at the marriage altar. That’s why red pill frequently calls for men to judge women inexorably and mercilessly.Complacency during the selection process of a bride will entail a life of frustration for a man on redpill. No woman will tell you that she’s a slut.
      You have to discover whether she’s one. Sleeping with her is a part of the process. That’s why most men follow a policy of pump and dump. Because most ‘proper’ women in public tend to have slutty skeletons in their closet. You need to understand that. Blaming Christian men for refusing to marry is akin to the feminist taunt of asking modern men to man up to marry sluts.

      1. You make many good points, Johnson. But what I don’t hear from any Christian red-pill man is how making life decisions (and sexual decisions) consistent with that very rational case you just laid out for not getting married is not a living refutation of Christian doctrine. My point is that we see a great plurality of good ‘Christian’ men in MRA/MGTOW that have no consistent ethos for integrating the contradiction of Biblical command vs. the danger of modern marriage. Therefore it’s the ideologically unworkable clinging to Christianity that I don’t understand in this context.

  34. What the fuck about women’s chastity? Fuck all of you hypocrites. Just chill guys, her holes are her property. Your dick is your property. If she can not bother how many hoes you fucked, why don’t you men just forget and live with her whore past even if she did that? Focus on companionship, not sex – that’s what really counts. You can’t expect Biblical morality in modern times. The Biblical times are long dead. Live in the modern world. Most girls lose their cherries (even their backdoor cherries) in their teens. Are you magically bring her cherry back? If she can live with her past, so should you. Stop moralizing about sexual loyalty. Sexual morality is a sham in the modern world. A cock is a cock, a vagina is a vagina. If she cheats, just chill about it. If she’s ridden the cock carousel, chill about it. Just think of her vagina as a natural organ, not a symbol of your ‘respect’. Stop attaching useless symbolism to women’s private parts, you don’t own them, her orifices belong to her. How she uses them do not reflect on her character, her soul, her emotions. I’ve fucked so many girls, and the whores and sluts were normal people. Why would I unnecessarily torture myself mentally about her sexual history and deny myself sexual pleasure with her? Guys, you must accept the situation – some of you call the Matrix – to adapt to survive. Else you’re looking at an unhappy old age. Women are NECESSARY. Sluts and Whores are NORMAL people, some of them are even good people. At least they’re not judgmental like you idiots who’d lose out on sex and pleasure with your judgmental attitudes. Remember guys, you live in society. Blend with it. Be humble. Accept sluts, whores, love them, have sex with them, enjoy them. Else you’ll be alone and miserable. The sexual and companionship pleasure what even a slut or whore can give you is something your loneliness will never give you. Get that in your deluded heads. Your dicks and hearts need them more than you think

    1. I agree with most of what you say. Being unattached to the irreversible state of modern society is the only way to have peace of mind – so well said there. The interesting meta-issue that this article serves to highlight, however, is the death of the traditional family. And that’s not something to be glossed over – at the very least, it is still most relevant – consider the immediate recency of this wholesale societal shift vis-a-vis the entirety of human history.

    2. Possibly your dick and heart needs them more than you think. Do you know the meaning of self-restraint? I wonder what kind of father you’ll make.

  35. All you guys spent countless hours learning game to fuck women. You spent time learning foreign languages and cultures to do that, to impart a superficial polish to the inner animal inside you which craves sex. You use that to game women into bed. Build your bodies to attract the opposite sex. Perform ‘heroic’ acts to prove your masculinity to women. For what? For sex and companionship with women. C’mon guys, let’s face it. We all want pussies to fuck. We all want female asses which we can grope and knead for our pleasure. We all want sweet mouths to kiss and female breasts to suck for our pleasure. You think judging women will get you that? Fiddlesticks!
    The best game you can learn is accepting women with all their flaws, not judging them, and being humble. Throw judgmental morality out of the window. Don’t attach useless concepts like self-respect, territorial instincts, jealousy for women’s bodies and their sexual orifices. If you’ll act paranoid you’ll get never get laid. Forget everything – focus only on sexual pleasure and companionship. If you get these things, you’ll forget even if your best buddy or Dad fucked her in her ass. You will, trust me. The sexual pleasure a woman can provide a man trumps everything in life. Men in the past have sacrificed their reputations, wealth and even lives for it. Because WOMEN ARE THE REAL DEAL. Women define your lives, whether you accept that or not. Your boner determines your mind. Accept that. Your body needs sex. Accept that. Your soul needs a female partner. Accept that. ACCEPTANCE is what leads to happiness, not judgement. Accept women, love them, enjoy them, marry them, make companions out of them – even if they’re sluts or whores. A female slut cheating wife companion who provides you frequent sex is much better than your brotha. ACCEPT THAT. Throw morality out of the window – to achieve your happiness.
    When men start judging women using sexual morality, you immediately turn them off. Which means you will be locked out from the sex you crave from them. You need sex. Don’t be a fool and talk about masculine honor. It’s all tripe. In the end, it’s women, their companionship and the sex they offer you which all counts. Learn to overlook their transgressions even if they did that. They don’t judge you for your sexual transgressions. They’ve accepted you, and they’ll welcome you deep within their bodies with all your flaws. Morality, male honor, female chastity are all shams invented to make humans miserable in the end. The only morality that exists is that the most unnatural of sexual perversions is sexual chastity and celibacy. Fuck both of them. I’ve fucked all kinds of women in my life. But i never judged them. I’ve fucked butt ugly fat women who liked me, and I’ve fucked drop dead gorgeous model type women who I liked. Don’t ever use judgment to deny yourself sex from women. Don’t ever refuse a woman who wants to have sex with you, even if she is ugly or fat. She wants you because you are high status. Sometimes fucking an ugly girl can open the door to abundance of sex with gorgeous women. Take whatever comes your way, be humble with women.

    1. You’re a fool. Continue to live your life of hedonism. How old are you? I’m assuming in your 20’s or 30’s. Wait till you lose your strength. Realise that all the sex you’ve chased or gotten all your life is nothing but THE SHAM. Sex is not the ultimate thing in life, it is BUT A PART OF LIFE. Making sex as the most important thing in life will make you sick to your soul. Look at pornstars. See how they burnout. That’s what will happen to you. Don’t live for the body alone; you also have a soul. Every creature does. Nourish your soul. What nourishes your soul? MORALITY. The more you love the pleasures of the flesh, the more you get attached to them. That will make your transition to the next world painful. That is true ACCEPTANCE. Not acceptance of whores or sluts, whose souls are dead.

    2. Your body needs sex.
      If there is no thought, there is no sex at all.

  36. All you ‘moralists’, make your wives and girlfriends wear this while you’re away

  37. The most important thing in life you can do is: focus on yourself.
    Save your money, brothers, save your money. For all those married, start putting your cash away in accounts or shares that your family doesn’t know about. Take care of your health and under no circumstances put yourself in situations where you’d compromise your freedom. Nothing is worth attaching yourself to in the modern world. Least of all, relationships. Buddha said it the best when he mentioned “All life is suffering”. This was said 2500 years before Christ, in an age when morality and character actually existed. I wonder how those greats would’ve cringed seeing the current state of women and society today.
    You can only depend on yourself in the end. You can’t change people; you either take them or leave them. The only person you can change is your own self. Focus on making yourself a better and more self reliant person. It makes better sense than wasting yourself on a whore of a modern woman. Whores will leave men the minute they find better options. Modern women are all like that, unfortunately.

  38. I’m not surprised with black women behaving like this. They’re being indoctrinated towards cheating by their slutty white sisters – who are the biggest sluts of them all. White women are trash.

  39. Marriage is a losing proposition in the modern world. Don’t marry non-virgins. They’re all whores. Never trust a non-virgin. She’s already made her bed. Find a virgin, and get married.

  40. here is a comedy video I made about the hate mail I get from feminists

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