6 Ways “Misogynists” Do A Better Job At Helping Women Than Feminists

Even when we discount the ridiculous accusation that we are advocates of rape, us men at ROK seem to get a bad reputation for being misogynists who hate women for no reason—and I don’t think that’s right at all. If anything, we are the internet’s biggest advocates for women’s safety, health, and happiness. Where feminists have sold women out with false promises by toying with their emotions, we offer practical solutions to the problems that women face today.

1. We want women to be responsible

girl yelling to her boyfriend

Blaming is a sign of weakness and dependence. Those who take personal responsibility don’t blame others for their problems.

Unlike the feminists, we firmly believe that women should be responsible for themselves. We don’t want women to cry, complain, and blame their problems on men or the society at large, and we believe that women are adults who shouldn’t be coddled by the government or other men. Personal responsibility—something that feminists are allergic to—is the first step towards standing up for yourself and being independent.

Us men at ROK universally abhor all the white knights and male feminists who treat women like helpless beings who need to be rescued. And at the same time, we are also strongly opposed to women who try to take advantage of us by trying make us fix their life problems for them. Being responsible is the first step towards being a civil and productive member of the society and all women should embrace it, should they truly believe in their own capabilities as adults.

2. We want to prevent rape


If a man ended up like this only to get robbed and taken advantaged of, women would call him stupid and irresponsible.

One of the ways in which we advocate women to be responsible for themselves is in regards to precaution against rape. Instead of teaching women to take personal responsibility for their own safety, feminists would rather scapegoat men and put women in danger by spreading the idiotic idea that telling potential rapists not to rape actually works. By following that sort of asinine logic, we should also leave all our doors unlocked and tell the robbers not to rob to avoid promoting “theft culture”—and anyone who says otherwise would of course be “victim blaming.”

We also report about rapes that the feminists and mainstream-media gloss over due to a larger hidden agenda. We have covered the mass rapes that are happening all over Europe while the police there are endangering the women by remaining silent to the attacks. Who’s the one promoting “rape culture”?

We know that all the false rape accusations that are happening around the campuses are only leading to the trivialization of rape, which ironically puts women in greater danger than before. Anything feminists do to stop rape only puts women at a greater risk by making them behave irresponsibly while any effort on our part regarding women’s safety is viciously attacked. So tell us, who are the real misogynists?

For more on the rape culture hysteria in college campuses, I strongly recommend that you hear what Wendy McElroy, a feminist herself, has to say:

3. We want women to be healthy and attractive


When a woman keeps herself in shape, it’s a win for everyone.

While feminist harpies are encouraging women to stay fat and accept their unhealthy physique, we encourage women to be healthy and stay fit. We also discourage women from vandalizing their own bodies by inking their skin like it’s the Berlin wall or colouring their hair to look like troll dolls. Any woman who purposely destroys her looks is either doing it out of misguided spite or out of their pathological need for attention, both of which are signs of emotional immaturity. We want women to know that such actions are folly and benefits no one except for their own shallow egos.

If merely suggesting that women should try to be healthy and attractive is considered sexist by the feminists, then I suppose the government’s push to warn people about the health hazards of smoking and drinking when pregnant should be considered outright male-fascism. We simply recognize that it’s better for a woman to take care of herself for the benefit of both sexes than for her to engage in a passive-aggressive revolt by desecrating her own body.

4. We want women to be happy


Women are happier at home as wives and mothers.

Although women have seemingly achieved all the things that feminists have desired to achieve including social and political “equality,” improved living standards, historically low levels of violence against women, and so on, women’s happiness has actually been declining in the past few decades. Feminists have no answer for this anomaly, but we at ROK understand that when a woman deviates from her own feminine nature, she is bound to suffer. And really, what’s the point of being “empowered” if you’re only going to be miserable?

A feminine woman is a happy woman and we encourage women to be happy. No one gains when women turn into nasty, feminist bulldogs who attack and threaten men while poisoning everything in their path with their hatred.

5. We want women to be liberated from corporations

“At least I’m not raising children in the comfort of home…”

While feminists brag about liberating women from patriarchal homes, they don’t seem to mind the fact that women are now enslaved in corporations where they are worked to a point of exhaustion. It’s clear to us that feminists are more concerned with destroying families for the sake of their ideology than they are with promoting women’s welfare.

The vast majority of today’s women have bought into the false promise from feminists that they could have it all without any consequences—we merely want to tell women to be realistic about their life choices. Women must know that there is a price to be paid for opting the Sex and the City type of lifestyle and that they must choose between motherhood and career. As they say: Don’t shoot the messenger.

6. We want to foster harmonious relationship with women

Feminists fear harmonious and loving relationship between men and women for that would shatter their narrative that women are oppressed victims of men.

Above all, we want to fight against feminism’s greatest crime: Destroying normal and healthy relationship between men and women by starting a gender war. Feminists continue to stoke the flames of hate between the two sexes by creating fantastical notions of “patriarchy” and “rape culture.” For them, women are the eternal victims who are also paradoxically strong and independent, while men are the evil oppressors who must be defeated and tamed like rabid animals. How can anyone expect normal relationships to flourish under such toxic belief system?

In spite of how misinterpreted and demonized we are by our detractors, we at ROK desire to foster improved relationship between the sexes. We teach men how to be more attractive to be the man that women desire through self-improvement and game. And because we understand that women today have high standards when it comes to choosing a man to commit to, we strive to improve both the quality and the status of men by providing our readers with guidance (although not just for the purpose of attracting women).

And what has feminism even done for anyone?

Feminism has made women miserable, destroyed relationships, and is in the process of ruining the society as a whole—all under the guise of “equality”—equality which we know is not only outright lies but an open threat to our very freedom to be men. The damage is done, but it’s possible for things to get much worse if the tide is not turned soon.

And to this end, we at Return of Kings will fight the good fight to the end—and no amount of shrieking feminist harpies will stop us.

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639 thoughts on “6 Ways “Misogynists” Do A Better Job At Helping Women Than Feminists”

  1. Great article. The real definition of ‘man up’. I’ve gotten into loads of ‘trouble’ by holding women to account for their behavior, but I don’t seem to be able to help myself, it’s just so obvious.

    1. Oh I agree. I’m a working single mother. I would give almost anything to change that. I get sick a lot when I’m experiencing lots of stress. And for harmonious relationships, gentlemen, you have to care. Sure people get whiny and blame other people/circumstances. We can take responsibility and still need comforting.

      1. The men here who actually want a long term relationship would absolutely care. May I ask why you’re single?

        1. Bad marriage. I made a very poor choice in husband. I held on as long as I could – years – but I reached a breaking point that is too detailed for this forum. I went to two people that I know are against divorce and I asked them to talk me out of it. They both said variants of ‘there is nothing else you can do.’

  2. it certainly seems that the recent crisis has changed the tone of articles. I’ll miss the ultra abrasive ones of yore but it’s time to rephrase the rhetoric to something more digestible for everyone else, that doesn’t mean watering it down. We can save the abrasive comments for private conversation as everyone in all spheres does.
    If someone where to ask me if i hated women or were a misogynist I would say no, absolutely not, but through experience I am highly critical of women.

    1. We have to go soft to harden ourselves up again. This will be temporary. But still, this article is all true. We want the best for women, because what’s right is right.

    2. You’re probably highly critical of men too and that’s the point. If women want equality they should be held to equal standards. The real misogyny is giving pussy passes and letting them remain perpetual children.

    3. I don’t think the tone will change. I mean, we see things with our own eyes, and the authors of these articles see them too. And there is freedom of speech in the US.

      1. Dirk Benedict caught a lot of crap for criticizing the ‘new’ Starbuck. People thought he was opposed because she was a woman…his opposition was more than that : It was the fact that a drinking (in the ‘new’ Starbuck’s case, binge drinking), smoking, gambling, swearing, fighting, sexually promiscuous and disrespectful character is somehow ‘feminist’ if a woman portrays those qualities, but for a man its “un PC” — In the end you take a character and turn it from a lovable rogue and turn it into a hedonistic out of control and hysterical caricature. (Starbuck gets to be added to Han Solo as characters we guys grew up with that were taken from us because in Hollywood it is an unforgivable sin to let men have anything anymore.)

        1. BSG dork here.
          I get what you are saying, I felt the same way going in, but Starbuck as a woman ultimately worked. Nice love triangle between she, Apollo, and the other guy who was a Cylon.

        2. No doubt. A trainwreck. But it made for compelling tv.
          I still need to rewatch the second half of the last season, I dont understand how the cylons found earth, came back, then met up with…other cylons?

        3. New Starbuck was a fun character to watch, but in context, she is the girl that passes out drunk on the floor at the frat party. These days that’s trouble in every direction.

        4. ugh that word makes me think of the film…Amy Schumer…ugh….I think a better end to that film would be Bill Hader’s character watching in horror as his penis turns green and falls off.

        5. Yeah I didn’t get the ending at all. Probably need to rewatch. The first season, every episode was TENSE! Like that one where they had to keep jumping every 30 minutes and had to figure out how they were being tracked?

        6. Well I think she did a great job at pulling off the character and it helps that she was hot too. I’m young so It’s her I grew up with as Starbuck. I can see feminists complaining about her too because to them everything is problematic!

        7. Actually I really love female Starbuck. I thought she did a great job. The show had too many male characters and Starbuck being a woman fit nicely into the plot. She’s also nice on the eyes. I grew up with female Starbuck and I don’t think it’s a character you have to feel was taken from you. And I doubt feminists like her. They find everything to be problematic!

        1. Had a few of those snarling banshees in my time. Apparently silver bullets don’t just work on werewolves.

    1. Nice photo of the typical Anglo girl there. Just a run of the mill white girl. They’re ALL like that.

        1. sounds like you’re a girl-next-door guy, as am i. if you’re a single guy, you should think about learning russian and trying to get over to ukraine. you’ll have one of those walking around in an outfit like that making your sandwiches in no time. just think twice before bringing her to the west.

        2. I just turned 40, Im done with the ladies. The US is swirling down the drain, I dont want a wife and kids at this point- but thanks for the tip!

        3. I’m not far behind you.. Did you want a wife at some point and gradually lost interest or changed your mind? I always figured snagging a younger foreign girl would be an option down the road for me and after this last media circus with Roosh I am done with the west and its toxic culture.

        4. Well, yeah. From my experience, young love is the only way to make it work. Guys with the best relationships met in college(hell, I know a few who reconnected with their HS sweetheart after college- still together). Got married at 24 or 25.
          Nothing but horror stories for my friends and colleagues who got married in their late 20s/early 30s (this is NYC after all, always someone better around the corner).
          Off the top of my head, 9 outta 10 of the divorce stories were the woman cheating(even after they had kids!). The one guy did cheat, dumbass, she was a great chick.
          It just scared me off I guess. Last short term relationship was almost 3 yrs ago, she was very nice, but once we learned each others age(I thought she was late 20s, only 24, she thought I was early 30s, I was around 37) so it kinda pettered out.

        5. yeah, you gotta be careful. i’d say only even think about marrying a woman at least ten years younger than you who seriously believes in god (and believes that adultery is a mortal sin). otherwise, just enjoy some meaningful short-term relationships or do the voluntary celibacy thing.

        6. I met my wife when I was 20, and married her when I was 25. We were both virgins when we married. We are both very religious (conservative Evangelical Christians). We met in college (in Oklahoma). We’ve been married 16 years now. She is a wonderful woman.
          I can’t imagine marrying a whore, and this society is full of them.

        7. don’t think i’ll ever quite get there myself, but the older i get the more i see the value in voluntary celibacy. as long as it’s truly voluntary (i.e. you could be getting some if you chose to).

        8. I think you missed my sarcasm. And no, I’m not in America for the same reason that I was being sarcastic there.

        9. Don’t be done. Get your financial house in order and find the right place overseas and knock out 30 more years of Hefnering.

        10. No she’s not. Extremely bottom heavy and looks buck-toothed. What is wrong with men?

      1. When you hit a certain age, women are always serving grilled cheese sandwiches.
        Not the kind you eat.

        1. I think I got it : he’s refering to that smell coming from down there, which get worse after a certain age.

  3. A woman’s best ally is her man. Not her friends, not the feminist professor, not the government, and probably not even her family. Wise up, act right, and he’ll take care you always.

    1. A read on another site that a woman wants to take care of a man that can take care of her. This is totally correct. A woman wants a man to be a leader, be strong, masculine and protective. In return she will give affection and babies.

      1. Absolutely. I just helped my girl get a higher paying receptionist job, convinced her to keep doing ballet teaching and performing rather than going to work in some cubicle. Against all her feminist friends, I am the one she listens to because she knows I want her to be truly happy. Thus she gives me massages when I’m sore from work and we have awesome sex. She has my support and I have hers. It’s pretty common sense and our lives are easier for it.

      1. That’s the only way I roll. Even for short terms I care about her. Often times they go on to marry or date seriously after we end. I like to teach girls that strong, smart men are the ballers you’ve been looking for. No, I’m not going to fall in love with every chick who has sex with me, but I’ll leave ’em with an appreciation for mature, masculine power.

        1. If that’s true, you’re a rare breed. Many men I’ve known cared very little or just didn’t give a shit.

        2. My father wasn’t much a poet but he once said: “Whatever you do with all your ladies, just treat ’em good.” Simple advice but it’s all I needed.

        3. I appreciate that. He’s a great guy, made me go to college since I’m the first one in my bloodline to go, taught me a building trade, gave me sensible lady advice, made me tough, and generally just taught me how to be a good man. I try to share it with every man I meet. Fight the good fight.

        4. I was made to go to college as well.
          You know I’m very aware of my own shortcomings, and I could have done better as a wife. We’re not really taught about marital roles and we’re just expected to know what to do from day one. We need our men to help us learn, not just assume we know. But that would require men to step up and women to accept it.

        5. Welcome to Return of Kings. There are a lot of different types of men here. Fathers, husbands, players, young men, monks, and the rest. This is a place where men come together and teach each other things. We have a lot of advice for women, and know that in reading what we say… you can learn what men respond to. At the same time, you get the honest reactions from all of these different types of men and then you will have knowledge on what types of men are out there. Then, you can pick a man that suits your needs and will definitely teach you things. We’re out here.

        6. I hope you’re right, but not many men are looking for a mid-thirties mother of two. Can’t compete with the 18-25 year old set.

        7. You can compete. You need to have a certain mindset to do so. You can’t let your kids disrespect the new guy in your life. They’ll still try and he has to be fine with dismissing their comments and not taking it seriously. You also can’t put your kids through seeing your dating life happen. Only bring him to meet them once you two feel like you have something that could last. Yeah, at this point you’re not going to get the alpha, he doesn’t trust a women who’s been divorced. Why would he? Girls like him, and trusting girls is already light on his agenda. You would probably do best with a masculine single father of one child. He’ll want his kid to have siblings and treat you like a woman. Don’t fuck with him though, he’s been through all the crazy lady shit we warn men about here.

        8. Well I’d rather not get married again than go through another divorce. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. You know, I didn’t ask for ANYTHING when I filed for divorce. I didn’t even care about child support. Divorce doesn’t turn us all crazy bitches.

        9. I’m glad you weren’t a jerk about it, those stories seem rare now-a-days. I was simply sharing dating advice.

        10. Oh I know. The divorce has been on my mind the last couple of days so it comes out in conversation. It goes in cycles.

        11. The problem with marrying a woman with kids is that her first loyalty is to the kids. While in a traditional marriage, the wife’s first loyalty is to the husband.

        12. No man should marry a woman with kids. Unless he’s got em too. BroKen marriages with fornication trophies can date amongst themselves.

        13. While in a traditional marriage, the wife’s first loyalty is to the husband…..until she has his kids.

    2. Absolutely. My relationship with my husband has outlasted fake “friendships” with feminazis who shamed me for listening to the most important person in my life.
      Today’s women don’t like to admit that being in the corporate world is awful. They enjoy putting down traditional women who are smart enough to realize that being at home is wonderful. It’s comical to watch those types waste their best years sleeping around, working 60 hour weeks and drinking like fishes. They hit 30 and realize that time is running out to find a good man.

  4. Of all the lies told by feminism, perhaps none is worse than the “a working girl is happy” myth.
    I don’t know a single woman – not one – who is happy as a cubicle slave. All of them either wish they could spend more time with their families, or even worse for the ones who swallowed this lie hook line and sinker, they wish they could just find a “nice guy” to settle down with now that the wall is in the rear view mirror and lonely oblivion lies ahead.
    Cubicle slavery is not happiness. It’s slavery. Men do it because traditionally we have been expected to do so in order to provide for a stable family, and we were rewarded in kind when we did. Cubicle slavery sucks. All you have to do to realize that is ask us. But I forgot, all men lie about such things Because PATRIARCHYYYYYY!!!!

    1. I cant tell you how many ladies, once they hit 30 or so(and after a few beers) have told me “Man, work is kicking my ass, I wish I could just be a stay at home mother…”
      Im sure their hubbies and BFs feel this way too, but the one income family went the way of the dodo back in the 80s.
      Work and taxes for everybody now.

      1. And what you note is something else I often ponder – the need for two incomes to support a family nowadays. To me, its a circular problem. Women don’t want to work, but can’t really stop because then their family can’t afford to live. Now sure, sometimes there’s fat to be cut in the budget, but often even after cutting the fat, you’d still come up short. Two incomes allow for a level of price inflation that is simply unsustainable in a world where there is only one income earner per family. So all this women in the workforce nonsense is damaging in many more ways than a woman’s sense of happiness because it drives up prices and also keeps men unemployed.
        The problem though is how to reverse it? If women just dropped out of the workforce, something tells me that rents and mortgages aren’t going down anytime soon.

        1. It would be great if women could stay at home again- so much less traffic on the roads and on mass transit.
          My dad never made more than 72k a yr- we were decidedly middle class here in NYC, grew up in a 2 bedroom(me, sis, mom stayed at home once she got married). Life was good not great, but it was possible.
          I make 90k, cant afford a family on that here in the big town. The main reason? The skyrocketing rents. The apt I grew up in was less than $500 before they finally moved and got a small house.
          That apt is probably $2000/mo now…in the outer boroughs no less

        2. The main issue here is the need to keep up with the Joneses syndrome. This constant need to have the latest and greatest.
          If you were to block the media marketing influence and live simple, you could make it on one income.

        3. i agree with this. my wife is devoutly catholic and simply doesn’t care about material things like nice cars and expensive clothes. right now, we’re expecting our first child, and i’ve worked out a career path to (hopefully) be making 100k or more in a few years. i figure with that salary and wife who’s good with money, we can do it.

        4. Congratulations on your first child. You are lucky that your wife is not materialistic and envious of others who have fancy things. If people would just not care about how others will judge you by the car you drive or brand of clothes you wear or the price of your jewelry, people would be much happier. People should be judged by their moral character.

        5. thanks. if anything, when i see someone driving around in a new, shiny mercedes or BWM i think “it’s probably leased and he probably can’t really afford it.”

        6. “And what you note is something else I often ponder – the need for two incomes to support a family nowadays. ” — BINGO! I grew up in the 70’s when it was the wives and moms were working to help make ends meet…now the costs of housing, education, etc are so much that it is impossible for most families to be middle class without two incomes.

        7. May God bless your son brother, as He already blessed you with a good women.
          There is still hope for all of us!

        8. Very true. It is quite possible to live very well on one income (in certain reasonable parts of the country).
          I (with my wife) bought a nice 4 bedroom 2300 square foot house on 1/3 acre, in a pleasant neighborhood seven years ago for $135000 (today value maybe $175000).
          A man making a reasonable $50-60k a year income can afford to support a family with housing costs like this.
          When your wife stays home, she can actually cook food, which saves a lot of money.
          Don’t live in NYC, LA, Boston, D.C., Seattle, Chicago, San Fran. and then complain about how hard it is to get by on less than $200 k.
          Live in some reasonable part of the country (like Texas, Idaho, Tenn. NC, Utah, Georgia, Oklahoma, Missouri, etc.).
          Those are the places you tend to find better, more religious, and more conservative women anyway.
          Don’t waste your money trying to keep up with the Jones. Don’t let advertisers tell you that you need a bunch of crap.
          I know a lot of families that have stay at home moms, and have incomes of $40-100k and do just fine.

        9. I’d try to get out of NYC if I were you. The cost of living there is just insane. In addition, the local government is terribly oppressive (you can’t even carry a gun there). Even upstate NY is better.
          You can live far better on $50k a year in NC,TX, ID, UT, MO, OK, FL, GA etc. than you can on $90k in NYC.
          I only make about $55k (my wife works part time adding about another $20k – no kids yet – infertility issues). We paid off our $135000 house (average 4 bedroom in our area) in just about 5 years. Having a paid for house before my 40th birthday rocks.

        10. Perhaps in light of recent events I should note in advance that this is a thought experiment and not an actual policy proposal, but if all or even a significant majority of women dropped out of the workforce the need for two-income households would drop precipitously.
          People so often fail to understand that labor is a commodity – when supply goes up the cost goes down. It’s not 1:1, which would mean if half the workforce drops out the remainder double their income, but with less competition among potential employees for job openings the competition among employers for the remaining workers picks up, meaning the compensation packages offered increase. Granted those left would have a lot more work cut out for them but people would manage, higher compensation would make them more inclined to do it all.
          It goes both ways – if all men were to drop out of the workforce all the women who were left would see substantial pay increases shortly thereafter. It wouldn’t be immediate, but once people started demanding more pay for the increased workload employers would either have to start giving hefty raises or risk losing their talent to other firms that do.
          You wouldn’t even need as much more money since household expenses would drop significantly. Your child care bills would go away. That second car payment? Also gone. With one productive adult at home making the meals and keeping the house in order a lot of expenses associated with a 2-earner household such as eating out and maid/housekeeping services would drop as well. Plus, you keep more of what you earn as the ‘marriage tax’ turns back into a marriage tax deduction.
          I’m the sole earner for our household. My wife used to work, but we were able to restructure our lives a few years ago after moving to a low cost of living area such that we could live very comfortably on $50k/year, even with kids. Having a stay-at-home wife/mom in the house has also substantially increased my earning power since so many stresses we had vanished after she left the workforce. It’s a far superior system.

        11. I agree with you in general. I think the problem is as Jim Robinson stated in another comment – it presupposes that all stay at home wives would be as industrious as yours, which is not necessarily true. IF your wife cooks, cleans takes care of the kids, etc… then I think this would work fantastically well. But I know some dudes with stay at home wives who still have an army of part/full time servants to do all this shit while wife shops and does yoga all day and still complains about how tough her life is. These guys can afford it, so cool for them if they;re willing to do this, but there’s no way I’m going to fund an endless vacation for my wife. The deal is my salary to pay the bills, her labor to keep the house and kids in order. Short of that, no deal. But, I agree with you that if you can strike this deal, and the wife actually keeps it, it is a superior system.

        12. Good for you guys- couldnt buy a studio apt. here for that amount.
          What I do limits me to the northeast corridor or the west coast where everything is, of course, way too expensive.
          I have no debt, have a decent amount saved, tempted to go see a friend who lives out in Montana…

        13. We can’t just all drop out of the workforce, like you said, because we ALSO are not fortunate enough to live in the 1960s. Men weren’t the only ones screwed by feminism.
          I can’t count the times I have yelled, out loud, at nobody, after an EXHAUSTING night at work, “THANKS, FEMINISTS!”

        14. Yes, my wife can’t drop out either, even though we have discussed it and we both wish it were possible. Financially, we just can’t make it work. The real problem with feminism, like virtually all similar equality movements, is that it stopped advocating for equality of opportunity and started mandating equality of outcome. As a result, we are all screwed, and the “choices” we now have are illusory.

        15. Its the husband’s job to make sure the wife upholds her end of the deal. A lot of men these days won’t do that. There’s a multitude of reasons for it but regardless the end result is that a lot of men, maybe even a majority, simply aren’t cut out to be the husband of a stay-at-home wife these days.
          Running a household is like running a business, except the household members (employees) don’t get paid in cash for their services. The husband traditionally serves effectively as the CEO and needs to make sure everything runs smoothly. Marriage is not an equal partnership, but its been drilled into our heads so much that it is that men won’t step up to the plate, take charge and make the trains run on time so to speak.

        16. Agronomist – Not a very good profession for NYC, but a pretty good one for much of the country. We live in a city of about 200,000 surrounded by a bunch of farmland. I provide technical support to farmers regarding fertilizers, pest management, irrigation systems, etc.
          I really ought to make more than I do, but I’ve been lazy about professional development. If I worked a bit harder I could probably boost my income up to $75-100k.
          I am working to man up my life in multiple categories (eating better, lifting weights, marriage issues). I should add professional development to that list as well.

        17. My experience is that most suburbs even in larger places are not that expensive. Ofc it doesn’t help that mass immigration jacks up prices because building homes isn’t keeping up. My parents bought a house a decade ago for about 100 000 USD, they just sold it for 4 times that amount.

        18. Feminists just have ideas. In the end it’s politicians we should blame the most I think. (For everything).

        19. I wrote a long post about it above (close to the top). But it’s mainly government involvement and high taxes (especially in Europe). In the US it doesn’t help that the government subsidizes education and mass immigration driving up housing prices. In the EU they have this idea now that every child need a unique and trained teacher in every subject, and there is a lot of subjects. Here in Sweden it’s ridiculous how much extra work it is.

        20. Actually, the suburbs of large and medium-sized cities in the US invariably have more expensive housing than the city proper. Reason being is that all of those cities are rife with racial minorities and immigrants who don’t assimilate very well. So there are all sorts of social problems from crime to bad schools. The vast majority of whites want no part of those issues, and want quiet, safe communities, so they head for the suburbs. Given white folks preference for the burbs, and white incomes being higher than non-whites, housing prices and rents in the burbs are virtually always higher.

        21. Sure, but we were talking about Australia. Also, US crime is not caused by lack of assimilation (most blacks have been there for 200-300 years). It’s due to congenital low IQ.

      2. I tell such women “when a woman won’t give a man her best years, no man is obligated to be there for her worst”.
        Then I turn back to my drink, to let the cold dark reality sink in.

        1. Plenty of women would ‘give their best years’ to a man. Not everyone has that chance, though. Please don’t lump us all together.

        2. What makes you say they wouldn’t have that chance? I’m not gearing up to jump in you with both feet by the way. I simply want elaboration.

        3. Not all women find someone. Or bad marriages suck the life out of them. We also are forced into power girl mode just to survive. It’s exhausting. All I ever wanted was to be a wife and mother. Real life didn’t work out like that.

        4. Forced into girl power mode is an interesting statement. I’ve never heard a woman show contempt for being forced to comply with feminism. As far as finding someone it really shouldn’t be that hard, though I get showing caution before committing your life to someone else.
          I can’t back you on the “bad marriages suck the life out of them”. While nobody likes their ex (thats why they’re an ex) you can’t blame your ex for future relationships, or lack thereof, going wrong. Everyone has bad experiences which may or may not be their fault. Letting those bad experiences affect your future, however, rests solely on your shoulders.
          Thanks for responding.

        5. Precisely. I was raised in a wonderful, traditional home with a providing father who was head of the household and a beautiful mother who took care of herself, her home, and her children. It was everything I wanted for myself.
          Unfortunately, our society has changed and put many of us in a position we never wanted, and a single income may not do it these days. Also, quality men are also difficult to find in our current hookup and video game/kidult culture (found one–but later than I hoped, lol)
          So, a woman may need to get proactive about acquiring the life she wants. My ultimate goal is (married) motherhood, so I’m finishing an enlistment to acquire paid nursing school–a career which will allow me to fulfill my nurturing instincts at work, as well as contribute to the family income, and ultimately work 2 or 3 shifts per week, allowing the bulk of my time to be at home with my husband and future children.
          Sometimes, plans fall through, and we don’t get the EXACT ideal situation initially, but with planning and sacrifice on both sides–pulling together–the dream is achievable (or near enough to be a very happy life).

        6. I agree with you, and with her. I waited for marriage (virgin), had never smoked, drank, inked, etc. And took care of myself. I’m not going to bash my ex-husband here, but he had deceived me about what he wanted, and the marriage ended despite my best efforts.
          I went into a tailspin the year after the divorce and was very unhappy to find myself forced to be superwoman. But I recovered, happily lucked into the right kind of man, and am carefully piecing together the present, ignoring the past, and crafting the kind of future we want.

        7. My wife did and does. There are good women out there in Western society guys, but they are not in bars or on dating sites.

        8. Yeah the bar scene is not my style. I will go out for jazz night or to see a high school classmate’s band, but that’s about it. That said, my sister met her husband in a seedy bar. He is a great guy. Not many other options around here.

        9. I would venture to say that a lot of women hate the dictates of feminism but don’t realize it. Our society doesn’t even present options, it is just assumed that we will be power women. Some of us are lucky enough to be exposed to the other option in a positive light and we realize that we have other options. It really comes down to choices, but to make a wise choice one needs to understand all the options.
          My point with the bad marriage wasn’t quite how it came out. A bad situation does not bring out the best in us. We default to defense mode. But like you said, we can recover. I decided to take some time for self improvement in the years since my divorce. I have tried to become more feminine. I hope my best years are yet to come.

        10. I think you nailed that one. In all respects. That opening sentence is absolute truth.
          “Our society doesn’t even present options…”
          I would go further. Our society rages against the options and denounces anyone interested in them.
          For your part, I wish you all the best.

        11. True. They are rare as all hell.
          That “individualist feminist” really hit the nail on the head.
          I bet she’s a pariah, and her movement consists of her and her alone.

        12. This is what real feminism looks like. Not those social justice warriors who crawl the far reaches of tumblr for hours and hours.

        13. Yea, they do give their best years to a man. But it’s typically to a “bad boy” piece of garbage. They even give kids to the degenerate jobless drug using jersey shore “bad boy”. They won’t give their best years to a God fearing man with values, principles, morals, that holds down a hard working job. A man like that can raise children with the same morals and values. Can’t have that. Stupid bitches need to populate the earth with more degenerate offspring from “bad boy”, which in reality the so called “bad boy” is really just a low IQ’d hyperactive idiot from a low rent background. But having a low IQ and being hyperactive translates into “confident” in the stupid irrational female mind that models her boyfriends from what MTV shows her who she should date and reproduce with.

        14. You sound like a great women no booze, no
          smoking or tattoos problem, is most men are
          insecure weak men, and take a women like you
          for granted. My wife stayed home and raised the
          kids until they went to school. Married now 24
          years I think the traditional man, women relationships work best.

        15. I was that “bad boy” from Jersey, no high school diploma, a 17 yr old father and have a total of 4 kids from three different women.
          I raised everyone of them by working my balls off giving them all they ever needed. Never spent one day laid off or unemployed since
          I have been 18.
          I have been married for 24 yrs and my wife stayed home and raised our kids, not in
          a low rent apartment, I owned my own home
          at 24 yrs old.
          All my children are grown and have families of their own, I now have 4 grandkids with two on the way and just getting ready to turn 49
          But, you are right that more and more girls
          are choosing weak men with no ambition,
          I know this because I have 3 grown daughters.
          My oldest daughters first husband didn’t
          want to work, Xbox was more important
          I refused to go to the wedding, I will NOT
          give my daughter away to a man I don’t
          In December she was remarried to a good man and I walked her down the isle this time
          and the last time.
          So some come from low rent, and are hyperactive and still can man up!

        16. There have always been men who are slackers and certainly feminism has not increased the supply of decent men due to the flood of women into the workplace (which drives down wages overall and increases taxes for the welfare state) combined with general disarray due to divorce and 3rd world immigration which doesn’t help matters.
          All that said, however, women in the USA have it easy when it comes to finding a decent man. The culture in the states seems to encourage women to either treat men with disdain overall (victim feminism) or entitlement (chivalry) which results in the laziest women of any place in the world. Many traditional women in the states think it’s “traditional” to sit around waiting for the perfect man to ride up on a white horse and largely otherwise ignore men. Imagine if a woman tried to “find” her next meal or job this way?
          They get away with this in their teens and early 20’s because they enter adulthood with maximum sexual attracctiveness so this is “normal” for them. Then they hit a minor setback (many call it the wall) where they simply need to “man up” a bit and perhaps hustle a little.

        17. I think it’s mostly taxes/government other than anything else. Remember that in the US there are more stay at home mothers than in any other western country.
          In my own country (Sweden), I pay 75% of my monthly income in tax (not only income tax but also taxes on necessary things, such as gasoline, food, clothing, electricity etc etc).
          Then there is taxes that don’t show on my paycheck such as for example that my employeer have to pay an equal amount (to my wage) to the government for employing me at all, actually more. That money could have gone to me.
          But anyhow, so in a relationship in Sweden were both work full time and both pay massive taxes, obviously if the tax burden was easier more women could stop working.
          Obviously this would also mean less taxes for the government to dole out, but most of my tax money goes to waste and shit anyhow (I’ve read state, regional and local budgets).
          It goes to such things as war and interventions (massive sums), interest on our national debt, foreign aid, foreign aid not under foreign aid budget, such as health care for citizens in other countries, or military aid through the military budget for example, huge administration and bureaucracy, the european union fee, stupid environmental policies, and so on and so on.

        18. Halla!
          Although the USA is pitched as this free market juggernaut, we kind of have the worst of both worlds in some ways: I personally pay about 25% in Federal Income Taxes, 5% State, 1% property (which can get quite high as assets become larger than annual income), 6% retail tax, and like you said, employer matching expenses which typically are about 30% income. For private employees, they pay a “self employment tax” which means that they just give the state 30% outright with little in return.
          Up until now, I’d have said that many Europeans got a better deal because the money in taxes often went to back into the economy in the form of trains, infrastructure, education, etc. while it’s either frittered away by corruption here or worse, used efficiently against us in an ethnic purge. This ethnic purge was tolerated here by the free marketeers and welcomed by the left and become so infused with our culture as “diversity” that now the European left drank that cool aid. So our tax money was used to pay for someone else to replace us. Kind of like the Chinese executing political prisoners and making them pay for the bullets.
          So up to now, it appeared as if the western world had gone, as an idiom goes in the states, “batshit crazy” (whatever that means): The left and right elites were all for transforming the USA into a 3rd world shithole that in the long run, wasn’t really going to profit anyone.
          Which leads us back to feminism which can be summed up as an entitlement goodie grab from the start (even back to women’s suffrage) and then as they accumulated more goodies, started just hating the men who provided them altogether. Since the western chivalrous patriarchy had always given women all the goodies they could with both hands (and feet) anyways, all feminism did was harm the producers and kill the golden goose (another idiom) resulting in lower standards of living for western women overall.
          Of course, we have to factor in overall productivity gains due to science and technology which helped to offset this but just imagine… where we’d be if we didn’t have to deal with all of the above crap above.

        19. Still though, taxes in the US are much lower than in Europe, there also isn’t the taxes on corporations that drive up prices, I’ve lived in the US and I quickly noticed I pay 5 times more for stuff in Sweden, and also wages in the US are higher. You guys also don’t have a 25% tax on all goods you buy lol.

        20. Agreed. It’s hard to say because after all, you do have the option to immigrate here and vice-versa.

        21. Yeah, but we are talking about a society wide problem, rather than a personal one. Government expenditure just go UP. Raising taxes is their way of kicking the problem down the road. Soon there will be nowhere left to immigrate too.

        22. Yep.. you made the dumb mistakes a young guy is very capable of making, but you came through and carried your weight as a man. Job well done. Respect.

        23. Agreed but with the quibble that as feminists put it “the personal is the political”. That means to feminists is that they make a political deal out of their personal gripes (although they couldn’t care less about men’s).
          Millions of women bought on board with feminism because it was much like socialism in that it promised free stuff from “the rich” which isn’t some CEO fatcat but rather a working class guy busting his butt. For a short period of time, this serfdom for men worked until the state and the leftist culture turned on their own women and made them into serfs.
          So now in the states, they’re like confused zombies in an apocalyptic wasteland marching around dressed in pussy costumes raging for no reason at all because they don’t know what else to do.

        24. Plenty of women (faithful, loving, obedient) have given their best years to their men only to be kicked to the curb.
          Add in plenty of nice, sweet, virtuous obedient thin but not overwhelming in the looks department girls withered on the vine while boys, chased the school BJ kings, took out the spread leg girls.
          After whoring around with diseased trash, and being married and divorced once or twice, they suddenly want “the nice girl”. And by then nice girls do not want anything to do with worn out hagged out, whored out used up men that gave the best of themselves to trash and now want the kind, faithful and clean woman to comfort them.
          Sorry, no dice. Guys, go crawling back to the trash that you gave your good years to, we don’t want your bad attitude and diseases.
          Men, you have created this world by rewarding trash and treating the virtuous badly. Own it as you created it.

        25. What that means is that you give your best years to that handsome badboy with the same party lifestyle as you whom you hope will commit to you but won’t, then will turn to the nice ugly bald man whom you didn’t notice before after you are past the wall. Sadly, many such men would still happily marry you. I know one such man (not bald but still beta) who married my over-the-wall-slut of a cousin and who truly believes he found his higher SMV than him dream-girl.

        26. I always wondered how a woman’s self esteem could be so low that she would marry a man who has children with not one, but two other women. Who wants to be someone’s THIRD baby Mama? Gross.

        27. I don’t get what you were unhappy about. I mean yeah, divorce sucks , but how is being “forced to be superwoman” (I.e. find your own two feet and independence) a bad thing? There is nothing wrong with being single, you know. You sound like the kind of woman who can’t be happy without a man. I find that sad.

        28. How is that sad? As long as he’s happy with her thats all that matters. His standards or lack thereof are none of your business.

        29. How is that sad? Two people looking for love, found it. As long as they’re happy , why are you concerning yourself with his standards, or how many prior partners she had?

    2. Had to explain this to a couple women this weekend. Told them that even men are not happy in the workforce…but we don’t have any other option. Women do.

      1. I have on occasion stayed home for the day when I had nothing going on, while my wife went to work because she had some commitment that she couldn’t miss. It’s amazing how productive I can be if given a free day off. It’s also amazing how much more satisfying it is to take care of things around the house that I care about rather than sit in some office staring at a computer dealing with other people’s problems. I would happily abandon work for home, but cannot make it work financially. Of course, at home, I would run things with ruthless efficiency, and that would also free up plenty of time for me to engage in other pursuits which interest me, so it would not be idle time. But I can’t imagine why women, who could easily do the same, would want to trade my position for theirs.

        1. Exactly. If I take a day off…I get everything done at the house and I even workout and get some sun at the pool.
          These days, women are lazy as shit. Had a chick come over because she “wanted to do my laundry”. Of course, I had no argument. But when I got home, she stated it was done, but I checked the closet….and by done, she meant she washed and dried them….well I mean she put them in the washer and dryer and waited….then she piled them in the laundry basket. Now, I get to throw them all back into the dryer…waste more gas to de-wrinkle them…and then hang them.
          Geee….thanks woman.
          And she wonders why men don’t want to marry her 27 year old ass.

        2. She might not know btw though.
          In my student home I had women that were 22-23 and they had never cleaned a toilet. The guys had to show them how to do it.

    3. “Of all the lies told by feminism, perhaps none is worse than the “a working girl is happy” myth.”
      Couldn’t agree more. And a lot of women, I think, now realize the lie they were sold. Sure, they get to fuck around in college and get lots of strange/handsome dick today that their grandmothers didn’t get. However, in return, they have to work 40+ hour weeks for the next 30 years, likely in a job they’ll hate. They spend their prime years slaving away, either missing having children entirely, or having them and spending no time with them. Then, after work is over, they are old, have no sexual power anymore, and kids who don’t know them/like them very much because they were never around while they were young.
      How is this a good trade? I really think women thought that men went to work to “have fun” and wanted some of it. I just can’t understand why they wanted to give up the days sitting at home with their children for a lifetime of sitting in a cubicle/office around people they don’t like doing work they can’t stand.

      1. “I really think women thought that men went to work to “have fun” and wanted some of it.”
        To put a finer point on it, I have heard several women talk about how Mad Men reflected the reality of the way things were back then. Complete horse shit.
        There’s a reason people think of the 50’s and 60’s as the halcyon days of the happy nuclear family, and it isn’t because daddy was out boozing and carousing with his pals every day and banging his secretary for most of the time he was supposed to be working. It makes for good fantasy on the TV, and in women’s heads, but it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny at all.
        So too today. Sure I need a break from the kids occasionally, but most guys I know want to spend time with their families, and they prioritize this above basically everything except the work that puts food on the table and a roof over their heads.
        Women tend to have a difficult time separating fiction from reality, and this is no different. Again, how fun is work? Just ask me how long I would continue doing it if I came into a large sum of money.

      2. ” Sure, they get to fuck around in college and get lots of strange/handsome dick today that their grandmothers didn’t get. However, in return, they have to work 40+ hour weeks for the next 30 years, likely in a job they’ll hate. ” — The smart ones are there working on their MRS degree. 😉

        1. These women who bought into the ” I can have it all as a vagina” Forgot to factor in some key things like – After working 40hrs a week and retuning home to the kids, your maternal instincts just don’t shut off. That is why they are exhausted, I think they thought they would be just like men, however men don’t have maternal instincts. That is why we can come home we do not care about cleaning a messy house, or if we are eating gluten free food tonight. A woman’s instinct is to constantly be improving the inside of the home with decoration and food. They forgot this and then got pissed at men because we just kept working and coming home, but now we get a mop shoved in our hands and a baby sling to wear. They are making us pay for their shit decisions to ignore their instincts as women.

      3. “Couldn’t agree more. And a lot of women, I think, now realize the lie they were sold.”
        They might realise it but they’ll never say it out loud else “the sistahood” might hear it….

    4. not every woman works in a cubicle, I’m almost positive of this. there are literally plenty of people, including women, who have happy healthy jobs they are in love with. just because you personally haven’t met them doesn’t mean they don’t exist dude. just throwing that out there

      1. I think people overstate what they “love,” so much so that in some cases they are dishonest with even themselves about it.
        My wife constantly tells others that she “loves” her job – and it is not a cubicle slave job, it is actually pretty interesting from an objective standpoint. But behind closed doors, the story I hear is quite different. She will complain incessantly about all aspects of it, express endless frustrations with the basic duties, complain about even having to go in to work, and express her desire to spend more time with the kids and stay home. My general view is that even though, to outward appearances, she “loves” her job, she would drop it in a heartbeat if we suddenly inherited a pile of money. And I think that she honestly believes herself when she says she loves her job because society has conditioned her to think that this is what she should want to be happy. But that’s all bullshit – she is not in love with her job and more than I am in love with mine.
        I don’t work in a cubicle. I know plenty of women who similarly don’t work in cubicles. But generally, they all fit my observation. They are not happy, or in “love” with their jobs, and if you really pay attention to what they say, you can see this easily.
        I’m willing to concede that somewhere out there exists a small pool of women who love their jobs, and are perfectly content to never have children and be lean-in women forever. But this is not representative of the vast majority of women, just as it is not representative of the vast majority of men.
        How many women are required for the general trend I note to be true? And please note what I’m NOT saying – I’m not saying that women shouldn’t have the option to be a cubicle slave, or enter the professional workforce, if that’s truly their desire. I’m only saying that we shouldn’t lie to young women and little girls about how desirable a working life is. The truth is that working sucks, and you should make life choices carefully to maximize your happiness while fulfilling your responsibilities in the short time you have here.
        Most women don’t find any more contentment in their careers than men do – in other words, basically none. Meanwhile, at home there’s a place and a role that brings great contentment to women. You don’t have to take my word for it – millennia of human experience with traditional gender roles shows it. When your grandmothers are on their death bed, will they be reminiscing about their time as Rosie the riveter, or will they be reminiscing about the families they raised when their husbands came home from the war. I’m willing to bet that in 98+% of cases, it’s the latter.

        1. And most mothers, even stay at home ones, behind closed doors complain endlessly about how difficult child rearing is.

        2. And most fathers, even outwardly successful, behind closed doors complain endlessly about how difficult and mind numbing an office job is.
          Your point?

    5. women don’t work to be happy. We work because men are so disgusting that we prefer working 12 hous per day, rather than living from a man and staying at home.. xd Imagine how men are disgusting for us. 🙂

    6. Lots of good, pleasant jobs out there which have nothing to do with cubicles. If you think being a homemaker sounds so great then by all means do it, don’t expect ambitious women to suppress their dreams just to make you happy. Even in the stone age we worked outside the home sometimes.

      1. What is it with your hyper-literal reading of my comment? I understand that plenty of jobs don’t require cubicles. I have one, and so do many unhappy women I know. I don’t care if you or any other woman has a pleasant job. Here’s the point:
        Don’t expect your pleasant job to keep you warm at night. Don’t expect worthwhile men to find your ambition attractive. Don’t come crying to me when you don’t find the same fulfillment in your career that you could have found with a family.
        If you’re willing to live with that, I am too. But women should be told the truth – work sucks, but a family is fulfilling – so that they can make a choice with eyes wide open.

        1. Pretty sure you can have and be fulfilled by both. I do not count MRAs as “worthwhile” men, most intelligent men want an equal not a domestic slave.

        2. I’m not an MRA, nor are most of the men on this site. You set up a false choice. Who says that you’re either my equal, or a domestic slave? Who says that being a stay at home mom makes you a slave? It’s quite possible to be many other things. My wife is very intelligent, has an advanced degree and can match my wits, but she’s no more my equal than I am hers. The fact that we compliment each others’ weaknesses it what makes our relationship work – equality is a fiction, and if it were reality, it would be unworkable.
          As to whether you can be fulfilled by both, I’m not saying that you can’t. I’m just saying that for most people, this isn’t reality. Most people – men and women – are not fulfilled by work. They don’t love it. They tolerate it. They do so because it provides a means to achieve the things they actually do love. I don’t think this is a very controversial proposition, and it is backed by observable reality.
          For example, my wife and I have 55 female friends in common on FB. Sixteen of them – more than one quarter – are childless with no significant other in their lives between their mid-30’s to mid 40’s. All of this cohort readily identify as strongly feminist, and all of them have been the type to place career first because that’s what they were taught in their women’s studies classes. I have watched for years as they have partied their lives away, shuffling from one worthless guy to another, frittering away their fertile years and working long hours chasing that big promotion, or that next degree. Yet, what happiness has it brought them? Several have dropped out of the workforce to try to pursue artistic or non-profit work because they found corporate life unfulfilling. The rest bitch constantly about the drudgeries of their jobs. I don’t know one who is in love with her job. ALL complain to my wife constantly about how they can’t find a good man, and they are lonely. And the desperation increases with each passing day.
          This is a catastrophe. And it is very sad for these women. They missed the boat. It’s gone. All because they bought into a lie about how likely it is that they would enjoy some meaningless profession, and were discouraged from choosing a more traditional path. The reality is that for most people, family is the only legacy that they will leave. No one will remember their perfect TPS reports five minutes after the last shovel-full of dirt is on their grave. For most people, the only thing that will carry their memory forward will be the family they leave behind. And these women only know this, now, when it’s too late.
          Now, on the other end, it just so happens that of the friends my wife and I share in common – the happiest are the 13 women who are currently stay-at-home moms. Some had a career first, but dropped it to raise their families and will go back later. Others are educated, but have no desire to enter the workforce. But to my observation, these are the ones who never post negative, bitter or remorseful things, and when we hang out, I don’t hear any complaints form them about the path they have chosen. To put a finer point on it, I have never heard one of them say – “I wish I had gotten a career and worked instead of raising my kids.”
          Then there are the women who have both a career and a family. My observation is that there is a spectrum of happiness among them. I know one who loves her job – because she is the CEO of her own company, and it provides a service that allows her maximum flexibility for her family – in other words, she hit the jackpot and is not representative of the workforce at large. Others, like you, appear content, though this is not many, and I could count them on one hand with fingers left over. Most are unhappy with work and wish they could quit their job to focus on the kids, but they just can’t because they can’t afford to. This is the vast majority of them. They range from either tolerating work, to outright hating it.
          I have made these observations over a course of years, and in some cases, we’re talking about people that I’ve known for more than two decades. So this isn’t just some snap judgement I’m making.
          I’ll concede that this is only my anecdotal experience. But when I dispense life advice to my daughter, I base it on the reality I have observed around me. All the copies ever printed of Lean In can’t counter that I just don’t observe high levels of happiness in the women that try to follow this advice. Women should have options, I don’t deny that. But in explaining those options, I’m not going to be dishonest about which one tends to make women happier on the whole based on my personal experience. My daughter can make her own choice. Maybe she’ll love her career and never have kids. Good for her. But she’s never going to end up 40 years old without a family and resent me for not telling her that there was another path available to her that makes women happy far more often than not.

        3. It’s funny that studies show that most “intelligent” men who marry or date liberated career women wind up disrespected by their supposed equals. Men who do more laundry and cleaning get LESS sex, not more. The women don’t respect them. While there are “white knight” male feminists who embrace feminism to try to get nookie, the opposite is largely true: Such women regard these men with contempt. Who says that men are always smart? 🙂
          In the meantime, interestingly, short men were found to have BETTER rates of staying married and satisfied than more attractive men. The explanation appears to be that these men were unable to land the “better”, more accomplished, career women and instead got the “rejects” of women who were SAH mothers or part-time working class women. These women respect men more.

        4. I’m going to be a human rights lawyer. I couldn’t be happier with the path I’m on. What I’m doing is infinitely more important than adding yet more people to this shitty overpopulated world. Not every woman wants to procreate or stay at home, quit lumping us all together.

    7. Lets be careful that we don’t stray into repeating feminist myths:

      they must choose between motherhood and career.

      Actually they don’t. Like my mother, they can have children when they are young, raise them to a responsible age and then begin their career. A young woman must be pretty to attract a mate and an old woman must be useful, to retain her male.
      Also, on responsibility: woman are not capable of being responsible for themselves. Men must be responsible for them. The trouble is, men have had this ability taken away from them by the State while at the same time still being held responsible for women. So women are out of control but men pay the cost.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, Bob, I agree. I’m not saying that women should be kept ignorant – they should be educated, and they should have a skill. Hell, my own grandmother was widowed with five kids to raise, had she not been able to do something, the family would have been destitute.
        I agree with you, but this is an issue of timing. Right now the narrative reverses the timing. Women are most fertile and capable of raising children when they are younger. At that time, they do have a choice, and they are coached to choose in a manner that is irreversible. Sure, have a career later, but you can’t have a family later.
        My main point was that work doesn’t make many women happy. In truth, it doesn’t make many men happy either.
        Your point about responsibility is well taken, but this also feeds into the choice we’re discussing. When the risk for men is elevated, what incentive is there for them to choose the you-go-girl careerist who doesn’t need a man?

        1. I agree that it is a timing issue. But we must be clear in what we are talking about lest we actually wind up supporting feminist arguments rather than breaking down. I did once date a woman who would fly into a blind panic about not having a “career” if she had children. Repeatedly I had to slap that nonsense down.
          On responsibility, are you speaking rhetorically or did you think that that was my position? A man should never choose a career woman.

      2. “A young woman must be pretty to attract a mate and an old woman must be useful, to retain her male.”
        Modern women are neither at any point in their lives

        1. Nope, we don’t, the females played their cards and now it’s time to watch them lose their shirts and hit the bricks after losing it all. It’s not my problem to solve, and I will not be doing any work for them.

        2. As little as possible, I avoid them any time I can, and have zero interest in wasting my time trying to help them or correct the problems they’ve created.

        3. I’m not trying to be an ass man (no pun intended, LOL!). Just that if you don’t want to be with women, what does that leave you? I know that they can be little bitches sometimes but life can be a bitch sometimes…

        4. Not wanting some dame around who is a giant liability doesn’t make one a homo and to draw that conclusion is fucking retarded.
          What is leave me is…. ALONE…. golly, nothing new there! There isn’t a single dame I’ve ever known who stuck around and did jump ship the first chance she got for better tingles so there you are, back to square fucking one.. Alone again!
          Sure life is rough, but smart people don’t add shit that make it tougher like some worthless parasite hell bent on crushing your soul.

        5. I don’t know man… I wouldn’t want to be sitting around frustrated never getting any ass (the female kind).
          But you know what man? Life is hard. I have had girls screw me too. You can either sit on the ground complaining about how awful it is or get back on that horse and keep riding.

        6. My world doesn’t revolve around split tails, had enough around to know they ain’t that impressive and the hassle isn’t worth the cost of admission.
          If you want to chase skirts go for it, but when the law shows up and drags you downtown your tune will change like mine has.

        7. You wouldn’t believe what happened even if I spelled it out here, so let’s just say I would actually consider the Little Big Horn as a way better option for survival.

        8. Actually mate, I would believe it. I have known women to pull some unbelievable things.
          Don’t let it stop you though brother. We need to breed the next generation of Red Pill Men. This is difficult and sacrifices need to be made, but we’ve got to do it.
          Don’t the Red Pill die with you.

        9. Well Bob, you go right ahead then, go chase skirts as much as you like, I won’t be joining you on that fools errand.
          I have better thing to do with my time than waste it on some feral obese cow that is looking for her next meal ticket.

        10. Mate, you’re leaving me thinking here that you’re actually gay but in denial, just covering it up with faux female hate.
          No healthy male goes running from women. No brave man runs from a challenge no matter how scary.
          I think you need to reflect on who you are.

        11. look slick, nobody with half a brain is going to stick their hand in a bag of snakes, so why the hell should I do it for some bullshit reason to satisfy you.
          You obviously haven’t got a fucking clue, and you sure as hell don’t know me, so step the fuck off me dipshit.
          I don’t need to reflect on anything!

        12. You’re telling this man he’s gay because he won’t play the game and you call yourself Red Pill? You’re an idiot.

        13. Yeah well life is tough. You can either deal with it or give up. That will separate the men from the boys.

      3. The idea that historically women stayed at home to raise the kids while their men brought home the bacon is a myth. It was true for the upper and, during economically good times the middle, class but working class women had to work as well as the men. Hell, as soon as the children were potty trained their mother would take them to the factory with her – their little hands were perfect for cleaning fiddly machinery.
        So it is certainly possible for a woman to ‘have it all’ – but unless she’s facing destitution if she doesn’t work why would she want to? I can understand if she’s one of those people who can’t just sit around all day doing nothing that once the kids are at school she might want a part-time job to keep her occupied (after all, as another article on this site said, keeping house and looking after school-age children will only take up half her day). But why would she want to have to do a full-time office job while she’s still got a toddler to look after?

        1. Quite right. The Mad Men Myth. I think the time during which women stayed home to look after children probably lasted about 20 years in Middle-America after WW2. Personally, the only women I know who stay home to look after children long term, are single mothers on state benefits.

    8. I’ve settled down with a nice guy and I like having a job. Do I love it all the time? No. But no one always loves their job. Hell, I’m an artist as well and do I always enjoy my art? No. Because frustration happens. Shit happens. I like having a job at the end of it all. I like my coworkers, I like some of the clientele, I like having my own money and being responsible for myself. I’m not 4. I don’t need someone to tell me what to do or where to go or how to act. I’m a grown person. Also “cubicle slavery” is not the only path of career choices and is not the only form of jobs

      1. I’ve addressed the substance of your comment in my responses to others in this thread, which I’ll leave it to you to read. The short version is: I’m not saying no woman loves her job, or that you can’t be content to have a job and a family, I’m saying that no one should tell women that they can’t love being a stay at home mom raising a family, and that they will only be content in some meaningless career, be it cubicle, office, assembly line, or otherwise. Observable reality tells me that most women are far more content focusing on family than career, and as this focus inverts, so does their happiness.

    9. I didn’t have to work for four years when I was married. I loathe being stuck in the house/doing housework all day, the boredom nearly killed me, not to mention I can’t stand the feeling of being financially dependent on a man. I’m divorced now and working on a career as a human rights lawyer, never been happier. Housewifery is not satisfying for an intelligent, ambitious, independent woman. We’re not all the same and we don’t all want the same things.

      1. “Housewifery is not satisfying for an intelligent, ambitious, independent woman.”
        No. Housewifery is not satisfying for you.
        I know plenty of intelligent, ambitious and independent housewives.
        You didn’t like it. That’s fine. No one’s forcing you to be a housewife. Enjoy human rights lawyering and best of luck to you.
        “We’re not all the same and we don’t all want the same things.”
        So don’t assume you all are the same or that you all do want the same things.
        In my observations of every woman I know, the only ones who are truly happy in non-housewife jobs are housewives who are happily running a side hustle while the kids are at school.
        Understand, I’m not saying women should be forced into anything. In fact, that’s exactly the opposite of what I’m saying.

        1. There is no such thing as an ambitious, independent housewife. Being financially dependent on another person and having a career in diaper changing is the opposite of ambition and independence. And yeah, most women dislike thier jobs, that’s not a surprise. So do most men. Job satisfaction has always been low for all populations. That’s why I’m personally pursuing a meaningful career that I love- I would hate working in a cubicle too. But I still respect those women more than the ones who flopped into the housewife role because they couldn’t find a job they liked.

        2. There is no such thing as a financially independent cubicle slave either.
          Your last sentence reveals what’s really sad about you – you couldn’t find happiness in it, so you not only assume that no one else does, but you actually hope that they are miserable so that it feeds your imagined moral superiority. How bitter, cynical and depressing.
          I’ve worked on some asylum cases pro bono – you realize that many of the people you hope to help actually want the life that you despise, correct? Enjoy being a human rights lawyer with that outlook.

  5. Basically women lack enough self-awareness to make optimal decisions for themselves. They need men of good character in their lives for that, instead of the thugs, bad boys, rakes, cads, narcissistic sociopaths, etc., they prefer for their early sexual adventures.
    This “fag hag” nonsense also has to stop. Women have no business befriending gay men, who have pushed hard on developing the culture of degeneracy in alliance with feminists. Gays don’t have to live with the consequences of the bad advice they give and the bad example they set for women, so they keep encouraging women’s promiscuity, shallowness and fat acceptance.

    1. I have this theory that the love of women for fags finds its roots into two phenomenoms :
      A perversion of their match-making instinct : women are the reproducers of the species and have a powerful urge to lead everyone to fuck each other. Nothing troubles them more than a celibate man. “If he’s not chasing the special snowflake that I am, then he HAS to be into men”.
      And the fantasy of being a princess with her eunuch slaves.

      1. How do you explain the growing male incel phenomenon, then? Women under the influence of feminism have no problem rejecting, disrespecting and ignoring more and more of the male population and creating involuntarily celibate men in the process.
        On top of that, women pile on gratuitous abuse of incels by saying these men must have small penises and such.

        1. They’re looking for the best genes. It’s a woman’s nature to not have babies with weak men.

        2. Maybe I should have precised : “Nothing troubles them more than a voluntarily celibate man.” you know, such as brilliant artists or scientists devoted to their work, etc. …
          The accusation of “being gay” could also be a tactic, in order to shame the excellent male into mating (I think Dr Jeep wrote a post about that, saying that since the 80s every talented man on earth ought to be a fag).
          The growing male incel is due to the fact that women have now free access to alpha males, and can completely disregard the lower types.
          Incel are by definition still chasing them and worshipping them. They’re now the ego-strokers of higher status women.
          And the abuse done on incels could be in order to keep low-self esteem men to try to disrupt the market by getting to women of higher status.
          If you’re a successful man in your thirties, and you’re still single, it’s very likely that your friends wives will try to set you up with one of their single friends.

        3. Yeah, but look at the kinds of dumbass men women think have “good genes.” I suspect the white tribes became so successful in part because they fought their women’s preferences for feral, improvident men and made enough of them marry and breed with intelligent nerds instead.

        4. Anecdotal as it may be, I’m only friends with highly intelligent men and we all are very successful with the ladies.

        5. I would argue it is because of seasonal change…if you live in a place with regular, cold winters, then having a man that can provide and build shelter is a necessity.

        6. At the population level, this strategy appears to be a massive failure. Look at all the degenerates out there.

      2. Feminists love shaming straight men with the old ” you must be gay if you want to hang out with other men.” It was a way to split us, and make us dis trust each other therefore giving women more of our time. I don’t but this B.S anymore.

        1. I think you’re right and that’s one of the reason the rulers created the gay movement : to break any solidarity between men and to shame them into remaining isolated, he same way the CIA worked on a “gay bomb” ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_bomb
          a chimical weapon which was theoritecally aimed to increase the enemy soldiers libido and thus get them to hump each other and thus destructing discipline and cohesion.
          Because men getting together, in order to actually do things and not degrade each other, is actually dangerous for our current rulers.

        2. The only acceptable male to true Radical feminists, (the ones in power )are trans men. It is even outlined verbatim in one of the highest selling feminist novels of all time The S.C.U.M manifesto by Valleri Solanas, She completely outlined and predicted this in the 1967 when it was written. It is a truly horrific book that outlines the destruction of the male species. It advocates that the only acceptable male is the one turns on all other males and tries to make himself resemble a female as much as possible. Therefore we see how the trans movement has seamlessly moved into the mainstream.

  6. Excellent Article – the sort of thing roosh should have alluded to during his “press conference”

  7. This article is lacking one major point, that I must address. Here the missing point:
    7.) We see each woman as person, not a means to the end.
    We do not see a girl as means of power by false narrative that is detach from reality. We see each women as a person with dreams and goals, that we are willing to help achieve if that person proves to have good character. Remember, ‘misogynists’ actual care about you, feminists will use and break you. Fine example is girls in Cologne, that abuse by animals for there gender. There was no outcry from feminists, but misogynists were anger and concern for you well being.

    1. Who would women rather trust to protect them from real rape groups – feminists and beta males are terrified of Muslim men who really do have a rape culture. I’m scared of Muslim men too, the difference between men like me and these SJW’s is that I’m not afraid to confront them about it. Feminists will never do this, again they are SACRED of Muslim men and it goes against there belief that foreigners are worth more than Natives. Feminists are literally serving up women on a silver platter to Islam.

  8. Im crying tears of joy!!!!
    Men, we ain’t gonna be thanked for it and we don’t want spotlight for it but this is what we are all about!!!!
    Harmony and Balance between sexes must be achieved against a titanic opponent.
    Don’t do it for the glory, let’s do it for the betterment of our future society!

  9. It’s 9:13 am my time and the RoK front page keeps crashing…I think there is a DDoS attack going on.

    1. Femtards aren’t smart enough to do their own denial of service attack. They’ve co-opted some beta boy who hasn’t taken the red pill to do it for them. He’s happy to be in the friend zone.

        1. Things are good now. I just wanted to share…probably a Seth Rogan looking cuck decided to attack the site on his way to his Womens Studies class.

      1. This is a dangerous tactic for the women. Nerdy men will get curious and start to read articles here and realize a) there’s nothing about rape and b) hey, some of this makes sense!
        I was thinking the same about the cops that were sent to “monitor” our meetups–how many of them were sitting in their squad cars, curious about what group they were sent to patrol, and actually read some of our writings. I think it would appeal a LOT to a cop who sees the real world at work every day.

        1. I hate to be a shining example of Godwin’s Law, but we should all remember that Hitler only became involved in politics because his military superiors sent him out to monitor some right wing nutcases in the socialist worker’s party, which he renamed the National Socialist Worker’s party when he toook it over.

  10. Considering the almost certain huge increase in traffic recently, these articles are perfect for addressing those who are thinking “surely they can’t all just be a bunch of rapists? I’d better check for myself”.
    Well done RoK writers. Wonderful explanations of who we really are and what our real goals and beliefs are.

    1. Haha! A hell they don’t believe in? Is this the same hell where all their aborted babies go? They needn’t worry, I’m sure that “special place” is still full of beta orbiters!

    2. There’s already a place in hell for Madeleine Albright who says 500,000 dead Iraqi children was “worth it”.

  11. That misogynist man is actually the fatherly type of man. We care for women in a fatherly way because let’s face it women are like children. A single childless woman without a man is like a child lost in the deep dark forest. She can take as much as responsibility as a toddler locked in a room with a giant chocolate cake.
    Women become somewhat able to be responsible with age and after they have given birth to few children. But without the strong fatherly type of man, she could still take the wrong turn. The role of the man is to lead and protect the family. His woman should acknowledge his power and be willing to surrender her own powers. Her strength is in giving love to her man and to her children.
    Men seek love, women seek power. A successful relationship is where the exchange of power and love follows the traditional model. Nothing kills a heterosexual relation more than an empowered career woman and an emasculated man full of feelings. The natural sexual order is about a woman learning to appreciate and therefore to trust a good male partner with their lives, their bodies, their sexuality, and most everything else.
    It is best for a man to take the lead in most male-female relationships is that women are attractors, and all of them attract entities or discarnate souls who lodge in her body and also disturb her thinking. This occurs much less in men, so they are less affected by it.
    The war on heterosexuality today aims to destroy exactly that dynamic. The power-love exchange. In a way, the current Rape Hysteria is trying to destroy this model by stripping the man from his power and assertiveness. The “yes means yes” tries to transfer that power to the woman, who would not know what to do with it and she would need the state to guide her.
    The war on heterosexuality is Sex-Communism, which was created in the Soviet Union.

    1. In the feminist narrative a misogynist is any male who doesn’t agree with them. That’s as far as their thought processes go.

    2. Let’s say it using Shakespeare! (and feminists HATE this play and have used it to point at male oppression, apparently completely failing to realize when Shakespeare wrote it, namely around 1590, and that women must have been quite nasty already back then, or else he hardly would have been inspired to write The Taming of the Shrew, sort of going against their history version of all our foremothers having been oppressed *giggles* else – I fully agree, with what you have been saying in your post, but already at Shakespeare’s times it seems it needed a strong masculine male to stay on top of things, else women went haywire)

      Fie, fie! Unknit that threat’ning unkind brow
      And dart not scornful glances from those eyes
      To wound thy lord, thy king, thy governor.
      It blots thy beauty as frosts do bite the meads,
      Confounds thy fame as whirlwinds shake fair buds,
      And in no sense is meet or amiable.
      A woman moved is like a fountain troubled,
      Muddy, ill-seeming, thick, bereft of beauty,
      And while it is so, none so dry or thirsty
      Will deign to sip or touch one drop of it.
      Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper,
      Thy head, thy sovereign, one that cares for thee,
      And for thy maintenance commits his body
      To painful labor both by sea and land,
      To watch the night in storms, the day in cold,
      Whilst thou liest warm at home, secure and safe,
      And craves no other tribute at thy hands
      But love, fair looks and true obedience—
      Too little payment for so great a debt.
      Such duty as the subject owes the prince,
      Even such a woman oweth to her husband.
      And when she is froward, peevish, sullen, sour,
      And not obedient to his honest will,
      What is she but a foul contending rebel
      And graceless traitor to her loving lord?
      I am ashamed that women are so simple
      To offer war where they should kneel for peace;
      Or seek for rule, supremacy and sway
      When they are bound to serve, love, and obey.
      Why are our bodies soft and weak and smooth,
      Unapt to toil and trouble in the world,
      But that our soft conditions and our hearts
      Should well agree with our external parts?
      Come, come, you froward and unable worms!
      (Shakespeare – The Taming of the Shrew 1590/1592)

      1. Feminists have completely re written the history between men and women through intellectual dishonesty. I’m not going to go into the countless examples, but this is why they are so powerful they have convinced generations of women they have never been so free and un oppressed as they are now. They describe horrible examples of men torturing women that just simply was never the norm. Unfortunately women have been lied to, however they believe this and now are exacting through feminism REVENGE on all white men for thousands of years of patriarchal oppression. Revenge is a very powerful motivator.

        1. I could not agree more, and when one as a woman dares to speak up, we are told we are selfish and do not care for the plight of women who are living under terrible conditions.
          I wonder how many of those feminist who have said such things to me, wore garments produced by women working in sweatshops, or ate fruits harvested by women working under terrible conditions…
          Next is the fact that while dreadful crimes are happening – I think male political prisoners, disappearing and ending tortured/murdered, are still outnumbering the cases of women being set on fire for example, or being stoned to death, by a huge margin. ALL these crimes are HUMAN rights violations. Countries where such things are done women, tend to also be countries where males fall victims of horrendous crimes just the same.

        2. When a woman denounces feminism as many have in the past present and future you are labeled a traitor. They believe you to be “sucking up to men” or you have internalized patriarchy, or your to fuck them, or you must be a complete Christian evangelical type. It can be just as bad to be against feminism as a woman, which again just lets us know feminism is not about gender equality it is about politics and as a woman if you don’t have feminist politics you are part of the problem. It’s wrong and horrible and as women who have babies that come out males half the time you may want to think on what a feminist future will look like for the boys.

        3. It’s about power. I personally can not see a bunch of emotionally unstable women, able to come up with this intricate web of lies and distortion of history, and be able to sell it to us as freely as they do, if there would not be method behind this.
          Feminism is a tool in my view, used (ironically probably by psychopathic super alpha males -.-) to weaken our societies to prepare them for ultimate rulership. I mean we all are already enslaved, democracy really is a joke. I lived in England when the whole Iraq war was happening. I still recall that amazing man, David Kelly.. (I still cry thinking of him and his ‘suicide’) speaking up, and the masses took to the streets like never seen before. The people were against the war, but it made no difference whatsoever. How can we call it democracy, when only every so many years we get a chance to vote for the same puppets, moved over the stage by the same money and power which has bought the lot of them?
          I really do not want to imagine a radical feminist future. That image is just too horrendous to bear >.<

        4. I lost many “friends” when I became a housewife. I was told that I was “setting back women” and I was too smart to “just be a slave”.
          Hmmmm….I don’t have to deal with corporate drama or pretend to be masculine in order to survive in the world of work. I can focus on domestic pursuits and my husband supports me emotionally and financially. Meanwhile, my former friends are becoming more jaded and losing their femininity. They’ve fallen for the feminist fallacy that being at home is a raw deal.
          Career girls and housewives….which type of woman is truly enslaved?

    3. “Women respect your husbands; men love your wives.”
      You have this backwards. Men crave respect and power. Women crave love and validation.
      If you disagree you aren’t disagreeing with me, you are disagreeing with God.

  12. “Women are victims… but are empowered and independent”, “We need affirmative action and quotas to have more women at Government, Congress and corporate directories… but it isn’t desirable to have more women at garbage collecting, housekeeping or coal mining”, “We need more women studying STEM at Universities… but what we offer is more Gender Studies programs”, etc
    Feminist, thanks for the laughs

    1. Gender Studies programs
      Saddle them with a university debt that they’ll likely never pay off for a piece of paper that is useless in the real world.

    2. And now the “logical” trains of thought highlighted by your examples guide almost every public decision or position taken in western culture. The net effect of female authority has been a deeply corrosive one.

  13. Great article. Holding women accountable for their lack of character may be futile in the long run but it is more about self-respect and frame maintenance. Women today have the narcissistic mindset that 90% of men are tools to be used to give them constant validation and comfort.
    Putting them in their place is good for everyone. If she flakes more than once, cheats, lies, steals, or disrespects you in any way, cut her off and tell her why you’re doing it. The next guy she gets involved with might get a girl that’s a little more mature and aware of her actions.

  14. I know for a fact I’m not a misogynist. Hell my grandmother passed away 5 months ago , I nearly failed my internship and senior assessment because I up and left in the middle of the day to drive 8 hours straight to be able to spend time with her on her last day on earth . After I graduated, instead of going and celebrating , I instead moved back home to help my mom coup and any other problems that arose . I’m in the prime of my life , do you think I wanted to do any of these things ? I went from working in bars and music venues ,free alcohol and pick of women , to raking leaves and shoveling horse shit all day . I did it because that’s what a man does , no questions ask . In these times though a woman seems to think she can whore around and magically deserves man like that , they are sadly mistaken . They also seem to think that every man is whoring around like them , which is also not the case , if it was PUA as a job title would not exist . What women claim is a” misogynist” is merely a man who can see through the bullshit, knows his worth , and can play the game better than a woman .

    1. My condolences. Went through similar a couple decades ago. Raised my son alone also while maintaining a roof, food and career.
      Watch out for provider seekers while going through this. While raising my son I had many proposals from women who had kids of their own, some from multiple fathers wanting me to step in and pull all of the load. Obviously these types seen me as some kind of schmuck who would tow the line for them just because I was seen raising my son on my own. None of them were housebroken either; e.g. basics like knowing how to cook, or other necessities like laundry and basic hygienic house keeping were lost on them. No thanks.
      I’m more than happy to do the heavy lifting, in fact it’s quite rewarding at times, if the other could at least take care of the house duties. But I digress as I’m sure that I’m preaching to the choir here.

      1. Tom Leykis points out how if you ask a woman, “what do you bring to the table, besides sex” there’s nothing but silence.
        Really puts things in perspective.

        1. Have actually said this to several womans faces before.
          Got me laid a few times and shut them up the other.
          Was funny as hell watching them DESPERATELY trying to show what they offered after I’d said that to them though, was highly entertaining!

      2. “…some from multiple fathers wanting me to step in and pull all of the load. ” — That’s the top danger sign right there, sadly.

        1. Sadly, for those of us who may want to have kids in the future, that might be one of the only ways to go forward: REAL pump and dump. Find some good-looking slut, go at it raw, leave her with a kid and let some chump take care of it. Rinse, repeat.

        2. Once, when I was a Naval officer, I had to cousel a young man who was under 21 and getting married for the 4th time. He said that you can get married and divorced as much as you want as long as you follow three rules:
          1) absolutely no children,
          2) accumulate no assets, and
          3) spend every dime you get on good times, they can’t take your memories.
          Now use similar logic on having children by multiple women. Have no assets for them to take. Earn the minimum amount you need to survive, or get paid under the table, so you have no ability to pay CS. This is how the ghetto drug dealer has 20 kids by 11 or 12 baby mommas and never gets touched. Even if he is forced to pay CS, the $11/month the baby momma gets is not much satisfaction to her. And also note that the women are more than willing to have the babies of these worthless thugs and low lifes.

        3. True. But you would basically have to live like a fugitive your whole life. You could never own anything substantial, or try to get your life in order. You would be locked in poverty, never to escape.

    2. I don’t know about you, but I loved being around my grandmother. She was just “FUN” to be around. If that’s what typical women were like a couple of generations ago, I mourn for the modern man. I stopped by her place every day to visit for a while, until the end–it was sad to be asked the same question two or three times in a visit. I truly treasure all my time with her, and sadly never knew my grandfathers.

      1. All my grandma and I would do when we got together was talk about most of the same stuff we talked about here . She always encouraged any masculine ideas I had , she was very old school .

        1. It sounds like Roosh has that same spirit in his mother. She was pissed at the feminists doxxing her and attacking her son for his men’s club and encouraged him to fight back! Here’s to good strong feminine women everywhere! (though mostly in the cemeteries or outside our borders)

        2. For some reason I’m thinking we might wind up with a women’s auxilliary out of this…mind you Lenin and Mao both realized the most bloodthirsty soldiers of their ‘revolutions’ were the women that signed on. 😉

        3. If women agree with what we espouse here, I don’t have a problem with commenting, it is some what reassuring.

        4. I talked to a Latin American revolutionary, who fought in multiple wars, and he told me the WOMEN of the movement were more ruthless and brave and ideological (he didn’t say strong) than any of the men. Remember, this is a conservative culture, this guy is old school, AND he saw it first hand. I don’t think he was exaggerating.

        5. Roosh is an international laughing-stockobject of derision, he’s ugly as shit, he lives in his mother’s basement, and despite all the “game” he runs on women the most he manages to bed are one or two PER MONTH. This site is OK but I don’t know why you all idolize such a loser.

        6. Forgot to mention, he wrote a push-button article advocating the legalization of rape and then acted like a shocked, offended victim when people were outraged by it- clearly the reaction he was fishing for in the first place. Roosh is a Douche.

    3. I also like my grandmothers. They have much better views about feminism and the place of women than the idiots from today have. And they had a total of 14 kids. 14!
      I have a ton of respect for them, while I have 0 respect at all to the “career” feminist women of today. You can buy things with your career money, but you can’t buy respect. I will never respect you. The more money you make and the more professional and academic achievements you do, the less I will respect you. Sure, you can write about it in your “blogs” about how great you are and how great your feminist lifestyle is, but I still don’t respect you at all.
      My grandmothers earned respect. They are (they are still alive) great women.

  15. Well, now that women are going to be required to sign up for the military draft, you can bet the farm that normal women will be risiing up against feminism, and all that it has afflicted upon them.

    1. heh…..or….discovering that having a bun in the oven (or a child already) means she won’t be drafted, lotta 18-25 year old women will be looking to get pregnant (and/or a husband) asap.

      1. Always amazing how “equality” simply vanishes when danger approaches. Women are chameleons.

  16. Sincere thank you on behalf of us feminine women. Do not give up the fight, you give us hope ^_^ *big smile and a deep curtsey*

    1. Church to that! It’s kinda reassuring to know I’m not a freak or a let down. And to see words of encouragement for those of us trying our hardest not to raise feminist daughters, but feminine ones, is just, i havent the words 🙂

      1. To be feminine is something wonderful, isn’t it ^^ and I hope you will succeed with your daughters. Not easy these days, as there is no way to shelter them from the climate *sends a hug*

  17. It would be interesting to interview women form Cologne to see if their view of feminism has changed since the mass raping and their feminista goddesses were more likely to make excuses for the migrant males and place the responsibility not to get raped on the native women.

    1. Every European woman I’ve met lately seemed to DISAGREE that mass immigration of Muslims was a problem. So I retract my concern over the possibility of more sexual violence. ENJOY KABOB!

      1. They want immigration, they got what they wanted. No tears for traitors. What matters now is protecting the few worthwhile women we personally know. Let the rest get crotch cancer.

        1. The men have all turned to fags, they want some nice Alpha’s to make them cook and clean for them.

        2. It’s disturbing.
          The population decides normal men are generally too violent, and so decades of brain-washing are implemented to get them to bend over backwards to be less masculine.
          The society overall becomes so feminized that it aches for a masculine force. The floodgates are opened and the naive native men have to face an army of foreigners who have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not to mention these foreign men were born into knowing little else but strife and war.
          It’s the ultimate shit-test… A shit-test for the history books. If the men can save themselves from being overrun, then they are “real men”. If they get caught off-guard because they trusted their own society, then they are “not real men”, and can just go fuck off and die. Basic human nature isn’t going to just magically change anytime soon… And it’s about time the West wakes up to that fact.

    2. I am not from Cologne but by passport German (even though I moved away). The migration issue is complicated for me personally, because a trait of the feminine woman is true empathy. We see people fleeing from terror and war and feel deeply for their plight. I for example am against the forced mixing of rather differing cultures on a mass scale, as I see problems arising from it, but same time I truly believe this crisis has been purposefully created to destabilize Europe, which in turn means those people migrating are victims of power games, which pulls at my heart strings, and I am sure it does so for many other females too, really just on the basis of the suffering we see.

      1. Excellent points, but I disagree with you one issue: to a certain extent, yes, the crisis is most definitely manufactured (by the banking cartels and the psychopathic European elite) to create a maximum degree of chaos and social upheaval. However, …
        However, as difficult as it may be to admit the unpleasant Truth, the countries that the migrants come from have backward, barbaric, primitive cultures that are not as a result of the machinations of scheming European imperialists or colonialists, or by artificial imposition on them. Even if Western powers did not intervene in their internal affairs, these countries would nevertheless be at perpetual war with one another, for that’s all they know, and one way or another, the hordes of primitive masses would find their way into Europe in search of greener pastures. The so-called “elite” are merely taking advantage of their primitiveness, not creating it.
        Thus, there is no valid reason for any “empathy” or sympathy for their plight, for they overwhelmingly choose to stay blind to the real cause of their misery and suffering: a barbaric religion and primitive cultures.

        1. I am so sorry if my reply posts end all over the place, this site sort of confuses me majorly with its way of posting, so I hope it will show correctly.
          The problem with empathy is that it does not care for logic or anything beyond relating to the suffering of others, and there are children there.. :'( and I just wish we could solve all these wars and whatever else is going wrong in this world. I feel guilty every day for having it warm and having food, even though I also know me not having it would not fill another’s plate elsewhere on the long run.
          Also think a lot of suffering is created and then shown to us, so that we end feeling helpless and just give up on empathy, instead turning to nothing but personal greed, which can not be the answer for humanity, right? But we have been seeing a lot of it, and I have been shocked how many females actually have turned to that, while being caring has always been one of our main natural fortes. Scares me to no end -.-

      2. A good friend told me years ago, the old Soviet regime lied by making things up. The American regime lies by omission (well, in Roosh’s case they were clearly making things up, but bear with me).
        The problem with the immigration story is the solution of housing refugees does nothing to solve the root problem. The problem is civil war in Syria. A civil war where America has decided to take the side of the pro-Islamic State rebels against the established government. The west has enabled and in some cases directly intervened to cause death, destruction, and famine in the area, and so yes, they bear responsibility for the outcome.
        Two things: A) The civil war started in 2011, and only 4 years into the conflict did mass refugees appear. Why?
        B) If temporary aid to refugees was part of a larger plan to stop the war and destruction in their home country, I could accept it. The ONLY nation doing anything to help the Syrian people is Russia, who has (legally and under the invitation of the sovereign nation of Syria) begun attacking the Islamic State rebels and restoring order.
        Why is the west supporting the vicious, amoral, terrorists in this fight?

        1. Good questions, but you’re still framing them in the context of the mainstream narrative (i.e. lies).
          Only 20-25% of the invaders are Syrian, and most of those had already made it to Turkey, so they were not fleeing war. They were invited, and responded rationally to that offer of money, jobs, and white women.
          Better questions:
          Who invited them? (Look beyond the easy answer of “Merkel”)
          Who paid for all of those boats/ life jackets etc.?
          How many rapeugees have been given asylum by their fellow Arab Muslims in the Gulf States? Or by the country that still occupies the Golan Heights region of Syria?
          As for your last question, it could be refrained as “what country in that region benefits from having a weak and divided Syria?”
          “The west” is merely doing its masters’ bidding. Remember this?

        2. That’s what I meant by question “A”. If these were all typical war refugees, then there would have been a steady stream over the past 4 years, perhaps punctuated or accelerated when large urban areas were under fire. This did not happen, and instead in periods of *relative* calm (during the war), we saw the highest number of emigrants, which does not make sense.
          And yeah, your first link is unreal. It reminds me of something Bill Maher brought up re: the State of the Union speech Obama gave last month. Everyone knows the SOTU is a pro-government klan rally where one must madly applaud for an hour of chest beating and braggadocio. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was called out for refusing to applaud such lines as “America is the greatest nation in the world” “We must treat the troops better” etc. They zoomed in on his face and showed him sitting there, deadpan and bored, and he was called out for not cheerleading “Murica Furst”.
          Team D and Team R will fight about the unimportant issues, and even have silly disagreements where they won’t applaud “America is Great” pandering lines when the “opposing” side say them. But as you point out, there is something these guys agree on every time, 100%, without hesitation.

        3. “America First”/ excessive unthinking patriotism can be a problem.
          “Israel First” is a much bigger problem.
          A joint session of Congress where the leader of some desert tribal country of 8 million people tells Congress what the US government is doing wrong, while the congressmen and senators give him 29 standing ovations, is a huge problem. It shows who actually controls the US government, and it ain’t us.
          For an illustration of one reason why “our” representatives in the legislature were tripping over their own feet to genuflect before Israel’s almighty leader, take a look at this. Rand Paul criticized in multiple controlled media outlets for not showing enough enthusiasm when applauding Netanyahu:
          The rapeugees are a proxy army invading Europe. It might be useful to look at what country supports them unconditionally, while refusing to take any themselves, and benefits from the weakening of Syria, and sees themselves as having a religiously-based claim to a big chunk of the Middle East. Don’t believe me, believe the Israelis:
          “At a ceremony marking the end of basic training that recently took place somewhere in Israel, the keynote speaker quoted Biblical verses. The verses he chose did not come from the prophets’ visions of peace and morality. Nor did he speak about our right to the land in the narrow sense of the term.
          Instead, he cited maximalist verses from the Book of Joshua: ‘Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, to you have I given it, as I spoke unto Moses … From the wilderness, and this Lebanon, even unto the great river, the river Euphrates.’”
          This is just a continuation of a long tradition of Zionists going all the way back to Herzl, of claiming Jordan, Syria, the Sinai… everything from the Nile to the Euphrates.
          It would certainly be convenient if they could clear some people out of there, wouldn’t it?

      3. There’s nothing wrong with empathy either…you look at women and children, and Christians, trying to escape a war zone (one created by the Democrat/Republican foreign policy) and you can’t help but feel both sorry and, to a small extent, responsible. I personally am of the opinion that the United States should be forced to feed and clothe EVERY refugee because WE (by choosing sides in a civil war, invading Iraq, etc.) created this crisis. If people say “Oh my god that’s terrible, it’ll punish the United States.” — I say good. Maybe we will think twice before invading and essentially destroying sovereign nations. If you look at it…Iraq was sitting there not hurting anyone and might have one day developed a nuke to balance out their chemical weapons. If we had let them sit there they could have counterbalanced Iran. Instead we went in and created the worst foreign policy disaster in our nations history, as well as created the conditions giving birth to the Islamic State. Then we interfered in Libya with no clear plan to rebuild…now that country is being colonized by these same radicals, and more refugees. We have created a humanitarian crisis…but while we must recognize our role in it, we have looked the other way as Germany and Scandinavia have had to pay to feed and shelter the refugees WE created. Add to that the ‘youth’ in public housing projects getting radicalized online, and we have a civilizational war threatening to destroy Europe. There are no easy answers, and my solutions are not PC enough to pass muster, but suffice it to say Europe is being killed for the sins of the United States.

        1. Wow, couldn’t have put it better myself. What’s ironic is that what you outline above is so common sensical and rational, and would almost certainly have been the default diplomatic position that the world community would have seen 100 years ago, IT CANNOT EVEN BE SUGGESTED TODAY. It’s far too politically incorrect for it even to be mentioned by a single public figure.

        2. I’ll scream it from the mountaintops. I haven’t met a SINGLE person that thinks getting bogged down in the middle east is a great idea…and yet Hillary & the majority of Republican candidates are all ‘mind trapped’ in the DC ‘bubble’ where advisors tell them they need to toss the army over there again and again and again. Then they wonder why Trump and Bernie are surging in the polls. I swear, we really need to purge this entire ‘ruling class’

        3. I fully agree with you, although I personally think it’s not the US as such, but the powers ruling basically most of the world. To me all this does not look accidental, but planned, because no one could have repeated the same mistake over and over, when even I as a female can see how idiotic it was after the first time, and those are highly intelligent men working on strategies. I really think they plan all of this, with some very nasty end goal in mind .. *worries terribly* :'(

        4. The endgame is the Muslim males will rape-impregnate a new generation of proles to empty garbage cans and sweep the floors of metro stations. Thanks to ‘nationalized’ healthcare, contraception & the morning after pill, along with abortion services, will suddenly become in ‘short’ supply. That way the elites will have their proles as they sit back in their castles, villas, & country estates sipping wine and laughing.

      4. So I guess some appropriate questions would be:
        1. At what point does empathy end and the right to not get violated while walking down the street going about your business begin?
        2. You can feel deeply for their plight from a distance can’t you? You can help the poor and those affected by natural disasters by sending money to organizations that take care of such things. You can’t realistically expect to take every one into your own home.
        3. Alright, how is it possible to take in the number of people Merkel is allowing in and not have mixing on a mass scale?
        4. Even if it’s a planned destabilizing of Europe (hell, the west in general) there is nothing you can or should do except provide for the stability of yourself and those close to you.
        As a Christian we are taught to turn the other cheek, but at some point, as evidenced by the Crusades, you have to stand up and fight or there won’t be anyone left to turn the other cheek.

        1. Your questions are very valid, and I shall try to answer them as valid as I feel I can (from my personal view point).
          1. That question to me would only arise if everyone fleeing there (or a huge majority of them) would then turn to violating me or others while walking down the street. However, it is only a very small minority responsible for such acts. We are discussing this on a site created for men, who feel their have been demonized by radical feminists, using the acts of a very few men to claim all men are oppressors and rapist. If you look at a case like Cologne, then declare all male refugees are (likely) violators, you are basically supporting the very same crime of generalisation and aiding prejudice, that feminists have been committing. There is no difference, in my view, other than one agenda suits you, while the other agenda turns you into the victim and thus you oppose it.
          2. In a wider answer, I do not believe in charity as in just giving money to some organisation, as a solution for persistent world wide problems (this does not include immediate disaster relief or the provision of medicine). As someone (a man) recently put it in regards to Africa – leave the people alone, do not drive them into dependence of aid money, but instead allow them to sort their situation free of Western interference. In regards to refugees, I am not sure what the most pressing issues are for housing and provision, so it’s difficult for me to judge what is needed there, apologies, but I do not know how to answer it.
          3. It is not possible, and in my view it would actually be worse if no mixing occurs, because prejudices tend to remain alive if there is no chance given to realize the other is just as human, sharing the same human plight. This does not mean I welcome that this situation has been forced upon people (and I don’t just look at the ‘hosts’, but it sure must also be frightening for the ‘guests’?).
          4. Agreed, but the approach to stability can differ. If we agree this problem of people driven from their homes is real – then what are our options? We can say no to granting them refuge. which ultimately means they have nowhere to find safety, and those who will survive more than likely will be full of hate, feeling their suffering didn’t matter to us, and quite possibly turn to those who give them an outlet for that hate – the Islamic State (or similar). I personally do not see how it can aid our stability to help fill the ranks of those who mean us harm. I could be wrong, no way I’d claim I have all the knowledge, but to me it seems more logical to try and embrace fellow human beings, to help them and befriend them. A common enemy unites. At the moment those people fleeing, view the Islamic State as their enemy. Muslims just as Christians, don’t all share the same idea about how to interpret their holy scripts. However, if we end viewed as the common enemy by those of differing Islamic belief, they will unite against us. Like I said, I don’t think this could possibly help us with stability.
          The Crusades were never sanctioned by Jesus, nor does it seem likely that a man who taught pacifism, would have sanctioned the killing of others in his name. I think his whole idea was about trying to teach people not to react violent towards aggressors, and he promised eternity to all who followed his teachings, so dying is not really an issue for a true follower of his teachings, I’d say? This is why the early Christians died singing and praying in the arenas, while being torn apart by the lions or being tortured to death, but most of us lack this conviction (it’s a tough one to uphold for certain..)

  18. Ummm, like OMG. Like my names like Britney. Like OMG, last night I went to this crazy concert, like OMG I got like sooooooo drunk and like hooked up with the drummer. Like OMG, his neck tattoos were like sooooooo hot, just like the movies. LOL! Oh look, cute squirrel. Selfie selfie selfie. #squirellsarecute #squirellslivesmatters
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    Like OMG, look the bachelors on. Like OMG, I’d sooooo hook up with him.
    Ewwwww, rapists!!

    1. Now I’m forced to pile on.
      My favorite was back when both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were teens.
      On Selena Gomez being hot at 16:
      Omigosh she’s only 16! She’s just a child you dirty pervert!
      On Justin Bieber being hot at 16:
      Omigosh, I wouldn’t mind making him a man!

      1. I can pile on even more. Fast forward 15 years.
        Like OMG, I’m like 38 years old and like OMG…where are all the nice guys! When’s a real man gonna man up and have my babies!
        Facebook Post : “If you can’t handle me at my best then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my worst!!!”

        1. And yet Marilyn died broken and alone. Her ex Joe DiMaggio had to claim the body. Even Megan Fox removed her Marilyn ink. That’s how toxic this line of thought is.

        2. Not just alone but she had serious personal problems, and appears to have been murdered, too.
          A woman who had so much, and yet was a plaything for powerful men, dying alone and with no legacy aside from her fame.

      2. meh…I’m of the opinion age of censent should be 16 anyways. No, not so I can go perving high school girls, but because I think it is insanity on a societal level to say “We trust you with this 1 ton piece of machinery capable of killing other human beings (automoblies), but we don’t think you can have sex yet.”

        1. Different countries have different age of consent. In america its another tactic used by feminists to shame men. The reality is females crave a more experienced male partner, and more capable provider. So they are naturally drawn to older males. Lots of teenage girls creating online dating profiles misrepresenting their age. Its only the male who gets charged with a crime.

        2. “So yeah hooked up with the cute chick at the frat party…she was doing Kegstands …. I think she said she’s a sophmore…” — Yeah in high school.

        3. preaching to the choir….set adulthood at 16 for EVERYTHING….and yes, that means Trayvon is charged as an adult.

      3. When Twilight came out I was dating a chick who one day told me she thought Taylor Lautner (the werewolf guy) was hot and she wanted to fuck him. After pointing out that she was talking about a 16 year old she doubled down, cause that made it even hotter apparently. I guarantee if I’d wanted to bang Kristen Stewart when she was 16 and had openly proclaimed as much the reaction would have been visceral. The hypocrisy was not lost on me

      4. Women do honestly speak like this these days, I remember when they would say dirty sexist shit like this in private. However now they make up hash tags that say shit like ” I’m 40 year old woman and I would suck the wrinkles right of Bieber’s 16 year old dick.” They have NO shame anymore.

        1. It’s funny that that one CNN host was mercilessly shamed on New Year’s Eve for calling out Kathy Griffin and her “nice” rack, yet they let Amy Schumer do dirty jokes in Trainwreck. Personally, I’m glad to be of Latin American stock. We have no shame for liking our girls sexy and hot, but we admit it. And let me tell you, it is liberating.

  19. And really, what’s the point of being “empowered” if you’re only going to be miserable?
    I guess that depends on the classic question of whether you’d prefer to be a happy pig or a troubled Socrates.
    Why you would imagine you have the right to make such a fundamental philosophical decision on behalf of an entire class of people like ‘women’ I can’t imagine.
    It suggests you all need to be a little more concerned with the painful search for truth and a little less concerned with your own happiness.

    1. On feminist empowerment:
      Giving your girlfriend and disassembled bike so she can empower herself by getting in shape
      A few months later you find that bike rusted and bent, because your “empowered” girlfriend didn’t bother putting it together in the first place. Think about that. I would have rather given it to a poor child who really wanted that bike.

        1. Consider this. You mentioned that empowered women tend to be more miserable. Well, I cannot imagine how miserable my ex was because she didn’t have a man to put that bike together for her. At the end of the day, they’re all miserable because they don’t know what they want from life.

        2. People* are more miserable when they’re empowered. Not just women, men too.
          Having the freedom to choose what to do with your life means you’re burdened with making tough decisions. When you have no freedom to choose, there’s no burden.
          Whether you prefer freedom and sadness to slavery and happiness is a personal decision.
          You can’t claim to know whats best for women any more than I could claim to know whats best for men.
          I still don’t get what you mean by this bike thing. Who buys an unassembled bike, anyways?

        3. Ok, so I bought this bike, assembled of course when I moved to my first home station after military basic training since I didn’t have a car. When I finally bought one, my bike stayed chained to a rack until I mentioned to my ex that I was going to sell it or give it away. She straight out begged me to give it to her. So I did. And that’s where the bike got disassembled, so it fit in her SUV. And the rest is history.

        4. And what exactly does your ex asking you for a bike and never using it have to do with anything ?

    2. I know women who are happy being mothers and home-makers and other women who are happy climbing a career ladder. It’s always their choice. I work with career women and I’m fine with that. My wife chooses to be a stay-at-home home-maker supported by me, and I’m fine with that. It works for us and it’s her choice and mine.
      Of course, “Feminism” doesn’t like them making the “wrong choice”.
      My first wife, and the mother of my children, while in many ways an SJW kind of person, rejected the kind of feminism that denigrates motherhood. My children have benefitted from her focus on them.
      I don’t see this article, or people on ROK, as wanting to coerce women into making the choice to be mothers and home-makers.
      I would say that the difference here is that ROK guys believe in and support personal choice and responsibility for women while feminists have the attitude of “We know best what is best for you.”

      1. If that’s your attitude, I don’t think you’re familiar with feminism. Or at least, you are not familiar with feminism or the vast majority of feminists as I have encountered it / them.
        I have never met a feminist who ‘denigrates motherhood’.

        1. And that’s what we call the No True Scotsman Fallacy. There are any number of feminist authors and leaders of the movement who have denigrated both motherhood and women who want to be homemakers.

        2. I’m not saying no feminists have ever said or thought things that would constitute ‘denigrating motherhood’, only that I have never met one in the wild, and if they do exist, they are not representative of the majority or average opinions of the population of feminists.

    3. I think it is more a question of – who had the right to change our life in such a way, that now for many women the option to stay at home is burdened with stigma, or due to economical reasons, no option at all any more. I spoke with a lovely woman working at the super market till a while ago. She told me she has a 1 year old son. She was basically in tears when she told me she is missing his childhood because she has to work as her husband alone can not provide for the family, and this is no rare case. If you as a landlord can choose to get 600 because if you rent out to a couple where both work, as they can afford it, in opposition to only getting let’s say 400, because the male is the only breadwinner – what will a landlord do? Both males in this example having the same job and income.
      It is this dilemma which has not created a fairer society, but in fact a climate robbing women of choices. And this is not even going into detail about the stigma, which exists, as many homemakers will attest to.
      On top of this the scare tactics which have been used to make us fear ‘bread’ dependence from a man. Throughout human history it was natural and nothing to fear that males were the gatherers, definitely of the harder to obtain resources, and it worked well enough to have brought us to these modern times.

      1. You’re assuming that the cost of living has been driven up by women entering the workforce.
        That is demonstrably false.

        1. Would you like to actually demonstrate it, with reference to a peer-reviewed, scientifically-conducted experiment that has been replicated?

        2. I am always happy to gain new knowledge, and if I am shown evidence, will not hesitate to accept a misjudgement. Can you demonstrate it please? (not meant confrontational, but just asking for unbiased resources to that claim)

        3. Correlation is not causation, but it is curious that, in real dollar terms, wages have not gone up since the imposition of feminism and women flooding the labor market in the early 70s.
          Prior to 1970 a man with a typical income could support a stay at home wife and 4 children. Now the same per capita income in a family requires both mother and father to be in the workforce and to limit family size to 2 children. What will we do in 50 years? Will we have everyone working, including any children, if we even still have children. As it stands now it looks like only two sets of people will have children in the future; the very rich 1%ers and the permanent poor who make no income, but are supported by BDG. Everyone else will be too busy working to stave off starvation, and living in hovels with multiple other wage slaves, sharing expenses just to get to the next paycheck.

        4. I am certain there is method behind this madness, and it’s not even feminism which started this all. It was urbanisation/industrialisation. Rural life was destroyed, and with it for many males a healthy, empowering and natural lifestyle. The masculine strong male is a threat to absolute power, he had to be done away with. People herded into cities are easier to rule, also as dependency is easier to achieve. In the past, agriculture was aimed at providing for those living in surrounding areas. Today we see vulnerable mono cultures, and food gets shipped around the globe. If tomorrow the forces there are should decide to starve us, they can easily do so. We are helpless on all fronts, and it is also this feeling of helplessness which broke our forefathers, suddenly finding themselves working in factories and mines, no longer masters of their resources and fate. Males were weakened, and women have powerful instincts, so females lost their trust, and no natural female submission without trust. The feminist movement, in my view, found birth in this and fodder, and then began to aid the process of breaking men further.
          If we do not fight back against this, and help to empower men again, there will be nothing standing in the way of total oppression. Our men on the ground always were our protectors, and only the return of masculine and confident males can save us from a future of total enslavement.

        5. I can provide peer reviewed publications analyzing the stagnation of real wages using statistically sound methodology (so they are falsifiable- I’m not sure if that’s what you meant by ‘scientific’? That’s sort of a weird word to use in the context of macroeconomics). They are not experiments, and are not replicable- again, thats not really a thing in macroeconomics.
          But don’t take their (or my )words for it. All you need is a basic knowledge of the facts to demonstrate that real wage stagnation hasn’t been caused by women entering the work force.
          The stagnation in real wages started in the early 1970’s; most studies peg it at 1973. Prior to that, between the end of the Second World War and 1973, real wages increased steadily.
          Between 1950 and 1970, while real wages were increasing, women went from 29% of the workforce to 38%. Between 1970 and 2008, while real wages were stagnating, women’s share of the workforce went from 38% to 44%. (this is all in the US)
          So, as you can see, wage stagnation and women’s increased participation in the workforce don’t even correlate, so how could one be causing the other?
          If there’s a causal relationship, why would increased participation by women coincide with real wage increases before 1973, but not after?
          Obvious conclusion- it wouldn’t, and there is no causal relationship.

        6. The stagnation in real wages (real wages are average wages adjusted for inflation) started in the early 1970’s; most studies peg it at 1973. Prior to that, between the end of the Second World War and 1973, real wages increased steadily.
          Between 1950 and 1970, while real wages were increasing, women went from 29% of the workforce to 38%. Between 1970 and 2008, while real wages were stagnating, women’s share of the workforce went from 38% to 44%. (this is all in the US)
          So, as you can see, wage stagnation and women’s increased participation in the workforce don’t even correlate, so how could one be causing the other?
          If there’s a causal relationship, why would increased participation by women coincide with real wage increases before 1973, but not after?
          The obvious conclusion is that there is no causal relationship.

        7. Fact remains though that many these days now have to send both to the workplace to be able to pay their bills. How do you explain that the woman I spoke to, who would wish nothing more than to be at home with their child, suffering from the fact that she can’t – has to work for their family to stay afloat?
          And I know from my own life, how insanely we struggled with only one breadwinner (after I had stopped publishing due to a massive writer’s block). We raised 3, and there were no luxuries what so ever, truly just bare survival for years. Christmas in our home saw needed clothes and shoes as presents, just like in the ‘olden days’ (which btw I did not find an issue, I was never materialistic and our 3 grew up not depending on ‘labels’ and consuming to define themselves, but instead preferring accumulation of knowledge). In the end my parents began to help us out monthly, to relieve some of the stress of having to pay bills (we never made debts, don’t believe in ‘credit’). And our bread winner wasn’t even at the bottom UK income line, nor in a bottom line job, and we rented just a tiny little pace.
          It is not what we see on paper, which matters, but what actually happens on the ground, day in and day out. From the experience of others and my own, running a family with only one breadwinner can be extremely hard to impossible. So.. why is that the case?

        8. btw, I was fortunate as in I fully chose that life. By social ‘law’ I should have lived a very differing life (which included that I refused a high paid offer from TV, as it would have meant joining a team of storyliners 5 days a week, away from the children, while I viewed me being there for them as my first priority over material goods). On top of that I had very wealthy parents, I knew could and would bale us out if push would have come to shove.
          Others don’t have safety nets the way I had, and they battle bitterly, and I feel humbled by having been able to share their experience at least to the degree I did, as it has given me insides I otherwise would have never gained.

        9. And sorry, still have to add.. but I did not mention my social background in an ‘I am all that’ attempt, but for credibility, as ‘low class’ females are often used as an example how oppressed women still are, and that they stay at home due to a lack of opportunity in the work place. I however am a powerful alpha female, and had opportunities available the feminist movement will use to show how successful their fight has been.
          Yet.. when it came to ‘choice’, I found that even with a breadwinner who had a job which put him in charge of other men at the workplace, and who holds an engineer degree, we could hardly afford to feed our family. Can you imagine what that does to a man, if despite his best efforts, he can hardly provide for his wife and children? And is that really a world full of choices for females?
          If on paper all is fine, then I must wonder how trustworthy statistics are, considering what I am looking back on as a reality I have lived…

        10. It takes two incomes to maintain the same standard of life that one used to suffice for because of things that have nothing to do with women entering the workforce.
          Economists typically blame 2 things:
          1) the Nixon shocks, which caused global currencies to be taken off the gold standard and ‘floated’ against one another. Floating currencies caused the rate of inflation to rise drastically, and wages have not kept pace. Same wage + inflated currency = decline in real wages, or what / how much your wage will actually buy.
          2) the combo of increased capital mobility & the rise of free trade. No taxes (or minimal ones) on imported goods + highly mobile capital = high paying manufacturing jobs that were the backbone of the middle classes can be moved to China Mexico and anywhere else labour is cheap and governments are weak / regulations are minimal.
          It’s sad that you would accept the argument that all of these problems are caused by women wanting to work without questioning them or doing any research. You’re obviously an intelligent woman. Use your head and question the information and analysis presented to you.

        11. You see, Laura, I agree with what you are listing there. The causes you mention are real, but beat me with a stick, I am wearing a tin hat.
          I read a quote last night from Helen Keller.
          “The few own the many because they possess the means of livelihood of all … The country is governed for the richest, for the corporations, the bankers, the land speculators, and for the exploiters of labor. The majority of mankind are working people. So long as their fair demands—the ownership and control of their livelihoods—are set at naught, we can have neither men’s rights nor women’s rights. The majority of mankind is ground down by industrial oppression in order that the small remnant may live in ease.” (Hellen Keller 1911)
          Nothing has changed. Our societies are run by powerful forces, who only care for how productive we are while still completely enslaved. We are not working these days shackled down by visible chains, but instead we are dealing with cleverly disguised chains and whips, in truth far worse than any chains we have ever worn, as we are smartly made to believe we are free, while in truth majorly oppressed. We do not have visual rulers any more, no one we can point at in clear fashion – and overthrow. We are raised to be selfish and to consume, throwing us into an endless vicious circle (in my view at least). When I walk down the street, I don’t see smiles. I see tired and unhappy people who consume to band-aid their pains, then have to work even harder to afford the band-aid. Organised religion is dead (I do not cry over this, as organised religion once upon a time too was nothing but a tool for the powerful), but we are seeing a surge of ‘spirituality’. People are desperately trying to find meaning to a life which has grown utterly abstract among the concrete walls, with depressions and mental disorders on the rise, and pharmaceutical companies making a killing in the process out of our misery.
          Amidst all this, I observe which I personally have come to view as another tool – the division of men and women. Am I against women in managing positions? Heck no. Women are not the same as men, they possess unique traits, which indeed are proving highly beneficial in management. Females ARE managers. By nature they have been the managers of resources and the children. Men acquired the resources – women managed them . Men had to be able to make fast decisive decisions while hunting, women had to develop patience and nurturing qualities to raise the young. Together men and women have driven humanity on, and enabled this species to rise to its dominance over this planet. Companies seem to clearly benefit from the presence of women in their managements, as I believe due to their unique qualities. Yet.. when I read an article about this recently, the fact companies do benefit was immediately used to raise the question ‘are women better leaders’.
          We are manipulated into a gender war, where ‘together’ – the TRUE strength of the male/female union – is being destroyed. Girls now excel in our educational system, and the statistics are again used to pitch us against each other. ‘Oh, now that girls are given a chance, it shows they are smarter than boys’. No, our current system is laid out to support females more, and I am pretty certain if we would have a fair system, we’d see boys and girls doing equally well. There is no ‘better’ in regards to gender.
          The concern over female rights is a valid one. In past and present there have been violations, but I reject these violations were committed by men. They were committed by ruling forces, which set the rules for societies and cultures – to suit their own needs, not the needs of those on the ground.
          The issue I am seeing is that while the concern for women’s rights all over the world is valid (and we do see clear benefits of women in managing circles) – the way it is being pushed now, to me, has nothing to do any more with wanting the best for women. We are not encouraged to delve into our own selves to find out what our own individual longings are, but instead we are being manipulated and even forcefully pressured to choose one path over the other. And I can not help it, but I see malice behind this. In my view we are used to further the enslavement of all of us on the ground. We are told it is all for our freedom, but a woman pressured into the work force, either due to cultural norm, manipulation, or due to economical necessity, is not a free woman. In my view, in a way it is almost worse than ever before, because we are now degraded to just being tools to push oppression onwards, worldwide. We are used for an agenda.
          Men who dare voice opposition, are all tarred as in truth just wanting to enslave us, but when a man worries about his daughter drinking her self senseless or sleeping about, he is not an evil patriarch but generally just a concerned father. ‘Values’ are tricky business of course, as they can infringe on the individual’s right to express his or herself in a means conductive to his/her own nature, yet when you see a child reaching for a flame, you will stop its hand to protect it from harm. This is another thing which always baffles me… The ‘sexual revolution’ was not pushed by men, yet one could argue that men were the ones to greatly benefit from women sleeping around, unrestricted by previous cultural morals. Men have been depicted to us as these ghastly beasts ruled by their sexual drive. After all, I am typing this silly piece of a novel on a site for male pick up artists! Yet many of the men here seem deeply unhappy about all their free access to sex with willing women o.O
          Something is at odds.
          And the causes you mention are true, but in my view are all part of a global plan. Many of the countries where work from these regions has been moved out to, for example, are using women, and quite mercilessly so, in the work force (and even children). My wonderful and extremely smart daughter in law is from the Philippines, and she has been telling me how the same things we are observing in our regions, are now becoming norm also in the Philippines. Values of family are being replaced with consumerism, girls sleep about in drones, the world there is turning very shallow, and by no means happier. My daughter in law is a stay at home mom, while my son is currently getting his doctor title in Cosmology. He is a genius and determined to make it to the top, to provide for his family, as well as that he wishes to change the world. He is a vegetarian and humanitarian, he worships his wife and is worshipped by her in return (they met while he was travelling during a year he took off from his studies). He resisted the drink culture, embraced knowledge as a gift, and is a very powerful young man, same as his older brother (who isn’t married yet and in fact has been involved with game, as he argues: to better himself in masculine ways to be able to offer more to a female). This type of men does not look down on women, but treats them as equals, whether women wish to work along side them in the work force, or wish to stay at home, yet they nonetheless need this feeling of ‘I am masculine man’, to be looked up to and feel they make a truly positive difference to the lives of their families, and the society as a whole.
          Our climate however makes many men feel as if they do not matter much any more, and with more and more women pressing or being pressed into the workforce, this will be getting worse, and we along side this development will lose rights as we will only be turning to be slaves of the system beyond measure.
          I wish to be able to see into the future… I personally believe there is a high chance that we will see women demonstrating for the right to be homemakers, mourning the loss of their femininity, and blaming our times for having missed an opportunity to create a better society, where equal truly could have meant equal. To respect and encourage homemaking, in my view, is an extremely important step we need to take, not to ‘enslave and oppress’ women, as I so often hear from women.. to ‘shackle them to the kitchen’.. but in a bid to highlight our unique traits and abilities, the beauty of being a female, and not a female turned male.
          Does this mean women who wish to succeed outside of the home, should not have a right to do so?
          I’d battle anyone who’d demand to oppress another human being in such ways, but this is not what we are facing currently. What we are facing is that our right to be a homemaker and full time mother is under threat, but this does not find mention in the media where it is all about fueling the ‘who is better’ war, and homemaking is used as an example of enslavement.
          Let us rise against the forces who hold us all in chains!
          .. and instead set out to create our own world, without the poison of manipulation which is aimed at creating a world for those forces, not for us. We are not enemies but allies in our struggle to survive, and in many ways this struggle has turned more bitter than at the time where we had to fear 4 legged predators in the woods.
          The modern predators are far worse, and they are out to swallow all of us whole…
          Our best interest is a world where we will find respect from and for one another for the choices we make, free choices based on whatever nature we may carry inside.
          This is my plea and my agenda, not to partake in a battle of who is ‘better’, when it is clear that nature (or God, whatever one wishes to believe) has created us to work together, for the benefit of all of us, which means we are equals anyway, as each is needed for humanity’s strength.
          Sorry for the length -.-

  20. women are equal and deserve respect. just kidding, they should suck my dick.

    1. White women buy the rap music from black males while they protest white male misogyny.

        1. I know, I just don’t understand. I pay 10 dollars a month to spotify and literally have like all the music.

        2. They do, but something just happened recently- people arent buying any new(er) releases anymore. Sales of music 18 months or older is now topping new releases. You know what?
          Its all crap these days.

        3. is it all crap? i don’t know. I feel all old guys (like me) say the music today is crap. I think it has more to do with less energy. People like music from nostalgia. The Beatles and Led Zeppelin suck so hard it’s not even funny. Guys like Lil Wayne are doing interesting stuff, but old bastards like me just don’t get it.

        4. I wouldn’t say Led Zeppelin has less energy. Their music has a mixture of heavy sounds to classic folk to blues. Music in the past requires talent to master the classical instruments as well as well written lyrics.
          Most music today are electronic sounds with not much meaning to the lyrics. Some rap music are written well talking about the daily life struggles living in the hood. Those I appreciate. It’s the modern pop music I don’t get.

        5. Led Zeppelin was modern pop at one point. They are competent musicians who stole a lot of style and sound from american blues music and were really nothing special.
          I don’t know if you have ever seen what goes into making that electronic stuff, but it does take talent….much more than robert plant had.
          I just think that as an old foggie I tend to like stuff that was popular when I was young and ignore stuff that is coming out today with the tendency to say “oh music today stinks these kids arg”

        6. I wouldn’t say The Beatles and Led Zeppelin suck, but I would agree that they are extremely overhyped and overrated, especially The Beatles.

        7. I took a shit today more interesting then the Beatles and the most interesting part of LZ is what they stole and why

    2. What a loser, basement boy, didn’t manage get a single dancer. hahaha Pathetic! Go hang yaself epic fail

  21. I have a question and I hope that one of you can enlighten me because I’m genuinely just interested to know. You want women to not behave as if they are helpless beings that need to be taken care of, but yet you want women to be liberated from working and stay at home as housewives. By doing such aren’t you forcing women into a role in which they are helpless, and in need of the care of a man? But yet you don’t approve of men that take on the white knight role in a female’s life.

    1. She can work from home. My Co worker’s wife stays home, takes care of the kids and runs an embroidery business in their basement.

        1. Im loving what you are writing and would love to exchange emails if you are interested. I live in the most progressive city in australia (hi from canberra) and its been an absolute nightmare trying to find anyone ever marginally like minded.
          Either way, good luck with your plans! 🙂

    2. Short answer:
      We want women to see that feminism means this:
      “No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” – Simone de Beauvoir, from her book (1975)
      “And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied. “By taking away his power!” “How do we do that?”
      “By destroying monogamy!” they shouted. “How can we destroy monogamy?” “By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!” they resounded. – Kate Millet led protest.
      “Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession.” – Vivian Gornick
      “The nuclear family must be destroyed… whatever is the ultimate meaning, the breakup of families now is an objectively revolutionary process. Families have supported oppression.” – Linda Gordon
      Once it is understood that feminism actively seeks to divide and foster mistrust between the sexes, break up families, and make a woman feel illegitimate if she doesn’t choose to work and focus primarily on herself over family, we come to the problem. Are women happy? The answer is less and less each day with the greatest growth in the very realm feminism projects as optimal. Work sucks for men too, it’s not always about discrimination, but that is part of it for everyone, bosses play favorites etc. And staying in such a high-pressure, demanding, and cynical position makes even the most pure-hearted person less so, and it’s terrible for men to watch it happen to a bubbly, friendly, feminine woman. Honestly, most girls I’ve dated were worse cooks than I am and didn’t know how to iron properly, but they were caring and affectionate and pleasant to come home to, they also respected that I could have standards of what I deemed acceptable in the relationship and in their attitude and knew they were free to go anytime if they disagreed. Obviously, economics might speak to a situation wherein a household needs two incomes, but in those cases the motivation is in line with caring first for the family.
      As for white knights, the idea of helping to add to women’s unhappiness and destruction of the beauty of true feminine ideals (along with social stability) by catering to every whim and defining no boundaries to build informal dependencies on these white knights and government, as well as helping to push the feminist agenda onto them further until reality is skewed beyond salvation, all in order to maybe get sex speaks for itself.
      We may flirt with a woman, charm her, even occasionally mislead her, but real men are upfront and let a woman know they want sex without all these harmful pretenses. We also believe in meritocracy.

      1. ‘(..)and make a woman feel illegitimate if she doesn’t choose to work and focus primarily on herself over family, we come to the problem(..)’
        I can attest to this happening. My mother was a fantastic homemaker, but working women on varying occasions insulted her and tried to make her feel inferior. Comments like for example: ‘but don’t you feel like you are just a leech to your husband’ were not uncommon.
        It affected my mother greatly. She ended with depressions over this, as she began to question her worth. It was terrible to watch her pain.
        Years later I made a clear decisions to follow in her footsteps and to dedicate myself to what I saw as my natural role. I was fortunate however that I also started writing and publishing, which I was able to do from home. Thus I never faced her situation quite as drastically, or maybe that day when that women asked me when I had to fill out a form with her.. ‘do you have a profession or are you just a homemaker’, would have seen me come home crying just like my mother did back then…
        Instead though I turned around to that woman and asked her whether she knew what she had said. She had not meant harm, she assured me, and I did believe her, but that little word ‘just’ in the context of her question, shows a now embedded attitude in our society to devalue women who prioritise family life over career. This to me is utterly insane and has to end.

        1. Again, other women are women’s worst enemies as you’ve pointed out in your mother’s example.

        2. Yes, interesting isn’t it, how feminism likes to play the victim card, blaming males for all ills on this planet. I am not lying, my mother almost died, 10 years she battled with her self esteem completely destroyed by women (and a new social climate) telling her she was worthless because she was not ‘working’ (while my mother had always worked blooming hard to give us a wonderful home…)

        3. Unreal. What a bunch of cruel bitches. Hope your mother ended up alright. If you’re mother was working hard, taking care of her family and so on then sounds to me like those cunts were either insanely jealous or utterly mindless fem-bots. We need more hard working and loving men and women not less.

        4. My father pulled her through ^____^ And that while she really was not easy to live with through those years, she was very ill, but that ‘nasty oppressive patriarch’.. who could have easily left her (she had signed a document which would have entitled her to only very little of the money, and back then that document would have still had value), could have exchanged here against a ‘younger model’, as women flocked to him (also due to his profession/show business) – but – he didn’t. He held on to his ageing wife, endured 10 nightmarish years, and when his time came, she held him in his arms while he passed away…
          Feminist are to be pitied, and those women who brought my parents so much pain.. as a love like that they will never know, but the problem is, they are also ruining it for the rest of us, and I can not see how they can possibly call this having made this world a better place.

        5. There was a line in a recent episode of CBS’s Supergirl series that just reeked from 3rd wave feminism. Cat Grant (the stereotypical empowered female owner and manager of a media company, not to mention single mother) was trying to convince one of the characters (Lois Lane’s sister) to be her lawyer. Cat tells her that she would never be complete being a mother or a wife and that her life calling was to work. That really pissed me off and was insulting to all the stay at home moms around the world today.

        6. …that’s the Globalists chip chip chipping away…the idea is to create a birthrate crisis that only open borders immigration from the undeveloped world can ‘fix’

  22. I have a question and I hope that one of you can enlighten me because I’m genuinely just interested to know. You want women to not behave as if they are helpless beings that need to be taken care of, but yet you want women to be liberated from working and stay at home as housewives. By doing such aren’t you forcing women into a role in which they are helpless, and in need of the care of a man? But yet you don’t approve of men that take on the white knight role in a female’s life.

    1. if women want to work they should work, if they want to stay home they should stay home. There should be total equality under the law.
      However, he is saying that many (most) women tend to be happier with home life as their primary focus and not with a career as their primary focus. Feminism advocates for women to behave as men, it pretends that womens’ minds are the exact same as mens when they are not. Women and men are wired differently, and for that reason tend to be happier when they are living in a manner more consistent with their natures. I’m not saying this applies to every single person, but feel it does apply to most. That is why, for example, my law school had a female majority, and the big downtown law firms hired a majority of females for their lucrative jobs. And that is why several years down the road most of those same jobs end up being populated by males.

    2. We don’t want women to blame others for their problems. You can’t be “strong and independent” while playing the victim card.
      In a traditional setting men and women have different roles. As such it is impossible to pass blame, because there is a clear cut system in place of who does what. If women are dependent on men in such a setting, than men are also dependent on women. It is fair to everyone, and everyone is happier under such circumstances.
      Economically it is better as well. One man used to be able to work a 9-5 and support a household with multiple children. Now both a man and a woman can work 9-5 and struggle to find the time and money to raise one.
      Edit: I forgot to address something else you mentioned. The reason the “white knight” concept is a problem is because she is supposedly “strong and independent”. As such she shouldn’t even want a guy to help her out in such a way, much less need it. I’ll help a feminine woman out all day, even though I’m married and I’m not looking for companionship of any kind from her. However if I hear her call herself a feminist or act in a feminist way I move on. After all, she doesn’t need a man. In her mind she is anatomically identical to me and can do anything I can do just as easily. In that case, she can push her own car to the gas station.

      1. See that’s it right there, if feminists do not need men for whatever the hell it is they want, they sure seem to constantly ask men to stand up to other men they don’t like. Example the ” He for She” feminist campaign crated by that bitchy little Hermione. I mean it doesn’t get any more hypocritical than this.

  23. “WOmen are happier at home” happiness doesn’t justify. I can say that “men are happier at home ” … roosh arguments are so poor.. Roosh recomends you taking drugs because it makes you happier 🙂 🙂

      1. My question to any woman voting for Hillary : “Would you allow your daughter to be alone in a room someplace with her husband?”

  24. Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Chris Fatass Christie recently put out a statement saying they want women to have to register for the DRAFT. Imagine your daughter being forced to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. Ted Cruz said Hell No, he wouldn’t make women register for draft.

    1. Nah, you know what? This is what women voted for when they fought to push feminism everywhere. Let these “strong independent” women fight the next World War. Fuck this shit, I’m done.

      1. If i have a daughter, she is not going to be a “strong independent woman” or a feminist. The fact that you would be okay with them being sent to war just to get back at the feminists means you’re just as bad as them.
        However, I will not cry for any feminists that get sent to war. They will have the most blood on their hands, and can go to hell.

        1. I’m doing my best to keep my daughter from becoming a feminist. She’s only 8 so I still have hope. I will, however, make sure she has some sort of skill to support herself because we’re not guaranteed a husband.

    2. It makes sense if you really believe that men and women are equal. If anything you could argue that forcing young men to go to war while protecting young women from it is nothing short of a misandrist attack on a massive scale. The only logical conclusions to draw here are either 1. Men and women really ARE equal, and the idea that somehow women are too important and special to risk life and limb for their country, while it’s just fine to ship strong, healthy young men in their prime (often with small children at home) off to be murdered and mutilated, physically and mentally, is a hate crime against male-kind on par with what the Nazis did to Jews. Or 2. Men and women really ARE NOT equal, so it is appropriate that men should fight in wars while women have their own role to play, including childbearing, which in terms of physical risk is the closest equivalent to battle in the repertoire of traditional feminine activities Maybe instead of importing people from other nations, we should support population growth by “drafting” the healthiest, most biologically desirable women to bear children. Not such different logic to wartime drafting if you think about it.

    3. Have you seen the statistics of how all-female or mixed-gender military units fair against all-male? It wouldn’t even be practical to draft women for war because there would be greater chances of losing battles. It is terrible and unfair that only men have go to war, but at least they win. Feminists who declare that men and women are equal can take their sorry asses out to the battlefield, I don’t see them complaining about inequality with the draft.

  25. I don’t think of females as ” helpless beings who need to be rescued.”
    But I do to this day refer/think of them as “the weaker sex”.

    1. After finding out how it is not unusual for women to leave their boyfriends or husbands on a whim, or because they’re “not happy”, I stopped referring to them as the “fairer sex.”

      1. Oh, don’t get me wrong; knowing the average American female in this day-and-age, I would NEVER call them the “fairer sex”, regardless of how the term “fair” is being used.

      1. That would be hilarious, because a woman trying to take a man down in one punch is like watching a kitten fighting. At most, it’s amusing.

    1. He’s very well informed and yet received such hate for his very moderate, sensible comments. And don’t forget the protesters in Canada when he attempted to speak there. Feminists went insane, and were extremely hateful.

      1. and he is a former feminist- he was on the board of the Natl Org of Women back in the 70s I believe.
        He’s been talking about this for over 30 years…

        1. Yep that’s proof that male feminists are just being used by female feminists as drones and simps. That would be a great video around which ROK could write an article about why male feminists should hurry up and take the red pill.

    2. And so long as we deprive children of their fathers, and keep treating boys like “defective girls” at school, it’s going to get worse.

    3. He’s very, very good. I’ve seen a few of his commentaries and a presentation or two.
      Just an all around smart, well educated man with good intentions who, naturally, the feminist camp wants to set fire to.

  26. Many women today are miserable and have a bad attitude, they know the utopia isn’t what was promised but are too proud to admit that they were wrong.

  27. Agreed that the myth of the “strong, independent career girl or super-mom” has lead to a generation of young women feeling pressured to work instead of or in addition to raising kids. But as a woman with a job and no children, I’m kind of glad my workday ends at 5 o’clock, and I can do whatever I like all weekend. Mothers can’t do that, when your toddler wants breakfast on Saturday morning, you can’t be like “Sorry, kid, I don’t work weekends, no food for you till Monday.”

  28. Apart from some very minor proof-reading issues this is an excellent article.
    I really do believe this issue – of the need for women to take responsibility, that is join us in responsibility, and therefore the adulthood of the human race, is the winning issue.
    Progressive’s just lost progress & we just won it. It may take a while for them to catch up though, but in the grander scheme of things that’s a mere detail

    1. The two biggest problems with this article: 1) How can you expect people to take responsibility when you also want to control all their actions? 2) Women are doing an excellent job taking responsibility now that men don’t control all of their actions.

  29. stop generalizing women. Women need to take responsibility? so all women are irresponsible? Women are more happy at home? Not ALL women!!! Not all family dynamics are the same, sometimes the women had to work sometimes the husband isn’t able work, he could be sick or disabled. Also feminist don’t want all women to be fat, women come in all shapes and sizes and they are just saying to love your body regardless of what size it is. What’s wrong with that? When you love your body you will start to take car of it better.

      1. um yeah that’s my name, do you think I care what you think? like I think Elanor is an old hag of name and those prominent nasalobial folds backs up my assumption (: but of course what I think about you doesn’t matter.

    1. Or perhaps you can just stop ingesting 2,000 calorie snacks topped off with a 1,200 calorie Starbucks to wash it all down?

      1. I’m vegan so I don’t eat Starbucks or any of the fattening unhealthy foods most Americans eat.

        1. no true. Not true. Eating fruit and veggies won’t make you fat because they contain no fat. and eating 2,000 calories worth of fruits and veggies is hard. The fiber and water in it makes you full. If you seen a fat vegan it’s because they eat lots of nuts, dried fruits, and meat substitutes

        2. I’ve seen plenty of fat vegans. Fruits have sugars so it’s easy to overdue it. Certain vegetables have tons of carbs so yes it’s true and not difficult at all to hit 2,000 calories eating them. Also, fat doesn’t make you fat. Fat is necessary for the production of hormones which drive your metabolism. Licorice has no fat so it must be good for you right?

        3. Licorice is a processed sugar dummy so of course it will make you fat. And didn’t I said there are fat vegans already? You know nothing about nutrition. Complexed carbs are good for you, like fruits and veggies and sprouted grains. They keep you full and give you energy. you know nothing about nutrition if you think fruits and veggies are bad for you. Th reason people are so freaking fat isn’t because they are shoving there face with broccoli and carrots.

        4. Did I specifically say drink fruit juice? Fruit juice is bad for you because it takes out all the fiber and leaves the sugar which makes you fat. Fruit and fruit juice are completely different things. The fiber in the fruit is important. Orange juice is not healthy, eat an actual orange.

        5. Wrong. Licorice in and of itself won’t make you fat. Consuming more calories than your body burns over the course of time will make you gain weight which is a basic tenet of nutrition. Complex carbs in moderation (just like anything else), are alright but one can easily overdue it. Also, I never said fruits and vegetables are bad for you (you need to learn to read). I said certain fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of carbohydrates and sugars which when overdone aren’t good for you.

  30. You also mention you want women to be healthy and attractive, what your attracted too might not be what someone else’s finds attractive. I’ve had a guy tell me I needed to gain 30 pounds for me to be considered attractive to him!! I’m 5ft 95 pounds (I use to be 80) . some guys like bigger girls. feminism is a lot more than coloring your armpit hair (Miley cyrus). I call myself a feminism because I think that women should be able to do what they want without judgement. I personally like a guy that’s more in control, It MY preference, I like to cook and clean and one day be a house wife because I want too. If I didn’t want to do those things it would be perfectly okay as long as I’m happy. This website is all about how women can make men happy. Also feminism is about respecting women.

    1. “feminism is a lot more than coloring your armpit hair (Miley cyrus).”
      I agree. It’s actually more about misandry than anything, as a raft of feminist authors have gone on record as saying.

      1. well that’s your opinion. those feminist your talking about are too extreme and are doing more harm then good but this site also extreme and Hates on women the same way. like girls need to judged more and treated like garbage.

        1. And that’s a trifecta of intellectually dishonest debating tactics:
          (1) Attempting to rewrite fact as opinion.
          (2) No True Scotsman Fallacy.
          (3) Tu Quoque argument.
          Your problem is that this site does not control the narrative and has not shaped society in any meaningful way. Feminism in all its misandrist glory, by contrast, does, and has — as demonstrated by its casualty rate of women in pursuit of its misplaced ideals.

    2. ” I think that women should be able to do what they want without judgement.” You have had your wish for years now. How is that working out for you?

    3. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???? You definitely ARE fourteen years old, aren’t you? Good luck doing whatever you please without judgment.

    4. – The percentage of men who like “bigger girls” is so small as to be neglible. Also, those men are often less desired by more attractive women, or have personal issues
      – The generally accepted view of what is “attractive” by most men fits a general set of criteria, as this has been documented as I recall. (Ex., hourglass figure, average/slim weight, feminine hair/features, clothing/appearance, face, etc.)
      None of us, men or women, should be able to do anything without judgement. When society loses its mores and social norms, the consequences are horrible, and that society denegrates, just as we are seeing now.
      Feminism is not about respecting women. Women already have that and have many advantages over men (in the west).
      It is now about power and control, along with promoting inequality of women over men (giving women advantages over men in the supposed name of equality).
      Of course, no one who calls themself a feminist is ready to accept anything outside of their ideology. Feminism is now cult-like.

      1. Guys like different things. Nothing is atractive by “most men”And I actually know this for sure because I work at a club. I had a customer call me a “gerber baby stripper” (whatever that means)and that he didn’t want a dance from me because he thought I looked too “young and sweet”. Instead he chose the girl with fake tits that looked like a porn star. I wasn’t upset at all because That’s his preference. We have different girls because guys like different things.

        1. “Nothing is atractive by “most men”” Absolutely false, my dear.
          Surveys have actually been conducted and what I wrote is fact and backed by evidence, otherwise I would not make the claim. There is no arguing facts, plus human nature is bears it out everyday.
          Don’t attempt to speak for men. We don’t always tell women the truth vs. what we share with each other.
          I have been to too many places in the world, and been through too much, including seeing how men AND women reacted to different types of people (including how I look) to know anything except what’s real.
          You’ll learn some of these things as you get older, hopefully.
          I’m not going to argue, as I don’t argue with women, but I do call out false statements for others reading here.
          Good day.

  31. What a shock that women are now way more unhappy! The pioneers of feminism were angry, unhappy, unattractive women who couldn’t get a man. Now most women are feminists, so they are of course angry, unhappy and unattractive too. What I don’t get is why women followed feminists’ lead and thought, “Yeah, I want to be like those feminists, they look like they are really loving life.. they look so happy and are always in such loving relationships!”
    I also think slutdom, despite being currently trendy, makes them deeply unhappy. Women are emotional creatures, and being penetrated by a man heightens those feelings. When they are then thrown away like garbage, it hurts them…
    As for being a cubicle slave, well, in 99% of cases working was never fun or empowering – it was something a man did to provide for his loving family – nothing more, nothing less

    1. I wish that men had been forced to be stay-at-home dads for hundreds of years so that when we finally liberated ourselves so that we could fulfill our dreams and career goals, women could say that we’re all just unhapy and unattractive and should never be allowed to provide for our families.
      Oh wait that sounds horrible and I would never wish it upon anyone.

    2. you guys keep mentioning the unattractive thing, like you finding these women unattractive really matters at all? your not the one that defines beauty and I’m pretty sure most girls could care less if you found them unattractive because someone else will. And women who can’t get a man? Who says they wanted a man? What if they wanted a women.

      1. What a load of shit. The only men that find feminists attractive are the men (and I use the term loosely) that are so undesirable to women that not even feminists find them attractive.
        And that is precisely why feminists have been angry and bitter since the beginning. Men that women value were not the slightest bit interested in them.. that’s why they try to bring women down to their own level of garbage – jealousy, that’s it
        Regarding your powderpuff assertion on lesbian feminists, they also want other women to be as unattractive as they are, because feminists are ugly and they need to level the playing field for their own homosexual benefit

        1. Is that why cuckholding is such a popular fetish among Millennial feminist couple’s these days? LOL No real man would have an “open” relationship. Not one worth having at least.

        2. okay so what if they like it. If it’s not illegal and gets you off do it. Every body has weird fetishes.

        3. I agree to that as a Libertarian. But as a man who recognizes real men for what they are no real man would be ok with this. Not a one.

        4. Agreed. It requires a sadly low amount of self-esteem and a severe lack of pride and lack of fortitude to allow one’s woman to hook up with other men.
          What I’ve noticed (as a similar scenario was described in a blog by a man who had done so) was rationalizing it (“hamstering”) away. How disgusting.

        5. Agreed. That “rationization” is some serious mental gymnastics. They’re some mental dudes.

      2. We’re not the ones who define beauty? Really? If a woman wants a man she will be what a man wants her to be. Otherwise good luck. And just an fyi, what 99% of men consider “attractive” is so close between men the difference could be sliced with a razor.
        As for the lesbos that is not our concern and is the serious minority of women. Most women just want to find a good, wholesome, successful, and strong man.

        1. The number of real lesbians is miniscule. True lesbians have a history of no or very very little relationships with men. Also, true lesbians have zero hatred for men. They identify with men to a large degree and get along quite well with men. I have know a few true lesbians and they can be great buddies for men.
          What you see in the feminist lesbian women, deep anger towards men and an incredible amount of bitterness and hatred. They want revenge on men. Why? A gay man has no anger against women. He couldn’t care less about women as they have zero impact on his life. These feminist lesbians focus their entire being on getting back at men. This is not the behavior of women whose sexual attraction is for other women; in that case the attitude towards men would be indifference.

      3. Hey, Dworkin says she was raped and THAT broad is fugly. Goes to show you that rapists are really not all that selective. Be glad that PUAs only want to have sex with very attractive women. (THIS, my dear is sarcasm except for the Dworkin stuff. That woman is fugly inside and out.)

      4. It does matter, and women inherently know it, too. However living in denial (as is often the case, and especially with today’s “Eff your beauty standards” mentality is based upon a false premise.
        The problem with what you said that even if women “could care less” that we find them unattractive, which actually they all do despite saying otherwise, eventually they will find their male options very small because of it, and they’ll have to face it.

  32. This is my favorite article because it makes it seem like you actually care about women and respect their choices, but then it quickly reminds everyone that you actually just want to control their decisions.

  33. Excellent writing. You really summed everything up well. Masculine men want feminine women and vice versa. Stick with this and everyone will have a better life.

  34. Oh and the rape thing, comparing getting robbed to getting raped? Are you out of your mind? Your body is something far more valuable then money. having money stolen and getting rapped has very different outcomes. Money can be made back, getting raped leaves you feeling vulnerable, worthless, a disgusting. Not only there’s a chance of you getting pregnant or a serious std. people get drunk, it happens, women metabolizes alcohol very different from how a man does. why don’t men just don’t rape? How hard is it not to stick a penis in someone who does it want it? Saying that women need to not get drunk because they can get raped is promoting rape culture. a rapist is going to think “well she’s drunk, so it’s her fault I rape her” which will make them feel like it’s okay. And it’s not okay. Would you want to get raped when drunk? wake up all bloodied because someone forced themselves in you? I don’t think so. Like said before me can raped also.

    1. I’m pretty sure our nations prison system can attest to the fact that men can be raped.

    2. “why don’t men just don’t rape?”
      Yeah, why not? And while we’re at it, why don’t black men just don’t steal cars? Why don’t Mexicans just don’t import drugs over the border?

        1. You were done when you started typing. Only a fool puts themselves in a vulnerable position and doesn’t expect to be taken advantage of. I left my garage door open at night once and items were stolen. Those pesky thieves just shouldn’t steal……..

        2. I wouldn’t call that being a fool. There are just some things you don’t really expect to happen. Like I went over to my friends house one to watch a scary movie, he is a guy. He slobbered all over my face and touched me. I told my other Friend what happened and they blamed me ! I should have gone to his house exc. well it’s not my fault I think innocently.

        3. Perhaps you are too young or inexperienced. The world is a cruel place. Open your eyes and take a look around. Think about consequences before you act.

        4. That, my dear, is called life. Unexpected shit happens, so let’s make lightning illegal, and earthquakes; definitely earthquakes. Good luck trying to control the random nature of it. What are you, fourteen years old?

        5. I’m 19 but that happened such a long time ago. I was 18 and when a friend invites me over to watch a movie and I expect that. Do your friends get on top of you and put there hands up your skirt when your suppose to be hanging out? I don’t think so

        6. Just because many men are inept at approaching women — in part because feminism shames male sexuality constantly — does not make all men rapists. If you’d found your friend attractive or approachable I doubt you would be giggling about it or saying that he “slobbered” all over your face and touched you. I think you’d be telling your friends the next day that he was “hawt”.

        7. Actually my friend is very attractive. But he’s my friend. And he didn’t just touch me, he put his finger in my private part and on my chest exc I don’t care how “cute” someone is I don’t like getting touched without permission unless he was my boyfriend or something.

        8. Yeah, the guys are right about your immaturity.
          And not my art. A professional artist actually. Im sure her feelings will be oh so hurt by your well wducated opinion.

        9. And by “or something”, you mean “I’d like to fuck him because he knew how to approach me for it without being creepy.” As I was saying. And I doubt very much that he managed to put his finger *in* your private part unless you already had your pants off, which is amusing.

        10. Have you ever heard of skirts? I mostly wear dresses or skirts. I also was wearing a thong. And yes he did put his finger in and I could move or do anything because he was on top of me and he’s 6’5 and probably 200 pounds. I’m 5ft 95 pounds and I was smaller when it happened. There was nothing I could have done.

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