What Does Antifa Want?

Recently, “The Antifa Manual” was found at Evergreen College, America’s most pozzed-out campus possibly excepting Columbia and Berkeley. It doesn’t go into urban guerrilla tactics (which would’ve been an informative read), but it does focus on ideology and offers an eye-opening look at the type of world they want.

It’s not really an official document; Antifa is too decentralized for those. Thus, one could object that the unnamed author doesn’t speak for all of them. However, apparently this is someone intimately familiar with their rhetoric and goals.

What is Antifa?

They represent an alliance of convenience between Anarchism and Communism, symbolized by a red flag covering a black flag. Anarchy does have a following, which is at its most workable in the very broadest sense of local authority. However, as for the traditional meaning of no government whatsoever, that stuff is for failed states and fourteen year olds. Still, these guys should study history and see how well Anarchists and Communists got along during the USSR’s early days and the Spanish Civil War’s later days.

Many Antifa cells became notorious for staging violent counter-demonstrations using improvised weapons. They’re sometimes known for recruiting from the homeless, appear to have a cult-like environment, and wish to make the USA ungovernable. According to a former member, hard drug usage is commonplace. All told, violent cells act as radical leftist paramilitary gangs.

Who they consider enemies

Wedgie time for fierce Red Guard at Berkeley

As their name indicates, they oppose fascism. The definition of fascism is debatable; myself, I’d take Mussolini’s Doctrine of Fascism as a starting point. However, apparently some Antifa members have their own special definition.

The front page begins:

Do not distribute to any cis[gendered] white males non PoC [people of color] non-LGBTQ peoples a.k.a. fascists.

So there you have it—every straight white guy is a fascist. Anarchists such as Mikhail Bakunin and Peter Kropotkin fall into this very broad category; likewise untold numbers of mainstream liberals like Al Gore and Bernie Sanders.

Warnings to keep the document secret appear twice elsewhere. That’s rather curious; normally, political manifestos are made available to the public as widely as possible. What kind of movement wouldn’t want to say what they’re all about, loudly and proudly? It’s advertising, right?

Their motives

Res ipse loquitur

After the opening, the first topic of discussion is “White Privilege”. It begins stating that the printing presses, newspapers, and TV were always controlled by white guys. Curiously, no complaints are made about the press in Japan, China, and Korea being Asian-dominated, but there I go being a spoilsport. Then this:

Some of our kind have begun to infiltrate high-level positions of power in major media organizations.

Later parts of the document further emphasize taking over the media. Its author should meet the toxically leftist journalism students I attended college with, doing their part to push MSM bias since these Antifa dopes were dirtying diapers. They certainly weren’t the first batch of media manipulators either!

And of course … the new king of idea dissemination is Social Media.

Here we have some truth at last. If social media didn’t exist to discuss things the MSM was conveniently ignoring, then Hillary would be President. Today’s increase in censorship is only about thought control—despite the pretext—but all that’s another matter.

Check it out, someone took a sociology class!

The rest is basically the same guilt-tripping baloney that impressionable students have been indoctrinated with for decades. People like me are a bunch of warmongers who’ve done no good for the world, blah blah blah. (If that’s simply our nature, then why are we supposed to feel guilty about it?) Apparently the writer never heard of peaceful folks like the Mongol Golden Horde, the Aztecs, Shaka Zulu, or the Imperial Japanese army.

Tips on rhetoric

Yes, literally!

The next section, “Creating a Culture of Tolerance”, states:

Every idea critical of our movement or our way of thinking must be condemned as: racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc.

Then it recommends deploying the reductio ad hitlerum when losing an argument. Dissenting minorities must be silenced, because they don’t know what’s good for them. As for dissenting whites, a later section is called “Believe the Way We Do or You Will Be Fired”. (Pretty tolerant, right?) Dude, tell us something new!

But what if you’re a patriotic blue Smurf ?

The author gloats:

By 2117, one hundred years from now, our goal is to have 70% of the US population be non-white.

This is to be done through illegal immigration (which must be named something else), anchor babies, emotional appeals, and (in “Speeding Up Progress”) abortion.

Does that seem a smidge overreaching? Really, all that’s pretty tame; aren’t liberals already on board with those things? Well, that’s so long as it never affects their own neighborhoods, but good luck with that one.

Their real goals

What a waste…

“Phase 2: The Socialization of Capital” opens:

Never reveal our endgame, but the obvious next step once we control the media is the socialization of capital.

We already know how well communism works.

As for specifics, health care must be taken over first, and then the media will become “worker-owned, ANTIFA-controlled entities.” Then they will seize banks and finance, then technology and manufacturing. When will these useful idiots realize who they’re working for, anyway?

Easy fix: put down the crack pipe.

“Phase 3: New World Order” proposes universal microchipping. However, this horror not even Orwell imagined would be used toward pretty lame goals:

Imagine a world where you’ll never have to be called the n-word again. Imagine a world where you can be as gay as you want, and not be called a raging, dick-sucking “fa**ot.”

Apparently someone’s been triggered a few too many times. For the record, as “deplorable” as I am, the above is not how I talk. The document describes fairly obsessively how microchipping and DNA sampling will be used to determine who has “n-word” privileges versus who commits “hate speech” thereby.

Then it goes into very general details about shouting down opponents and the morality of violence.

So Osama was avenging the Japanese, and it had nothing to do with jihad? Still trying to figure this one out…

“Phase 4: One World Government” promises that they’ll get Communism right the next time around. They made a huge mess of it, but give them another chance—basically what Leon Trotsky said. Then they’ll get to redistributing wealth, which involves:

…ferry[ing] poverty-stricken brown people from around the world to the (former) United States and Western Europe.

This Camp of the Saints stuff is really nothing new.

According to the plan, those who can’t work will get a stipend and unlimited free dope. (That figures; I mentioned earlier that Antifa likes drugs.) Contrary to its author’s illusions, in a communist society, freeloaders and dope fiends would be dead weight.

Is that crap for real?

Some have speculated that it’s satire, or a false flag operation. I doubt it. If I felt like writing a black propaganda piece in Antifa’s name, I’d do a much better job than that dreary mess. Let’s just say that they’d get lots of heat all over them (as they deserve), and that’s only the beginning.

Rather, “The Antifa Manual” is exactly what a butthurt Social Justice Warrior would write, after getting marinated in sociology classes featuring microaggression theory and grotesquely biased interpretations of history. It’s mainly a regurgitation of propaganda the far left has preached for years. Millions of impressionable college students are brainwashed with that kind of baloney, while incurring tremendous debt.

Really, it’s rather disorganized and amateurish, rehashing tactics begun many decades ago, completely unaware of their present successes. The leftist professors neglected to mention that today’s globalists in the media, big business, and many other major institutions already push cultural Marxism.

Furthermore, any armchair Lenin must be smoking some pretty potent weed to imagine that plutocrats will let ultra-radical screwballs take over their corporations and throw them off their gravy train. The tail does not wag the dog.

I’m profoundly embarrassed for today’s leftists. Their movement used to make much more sense, and even was exciting. These guys used to have substance. A century or so ago, they were labor leaders, sensible social reformers, and people like Theodore Roosevelt and Jack London. The communist central planners of old tried their best (despite flawed premises) to build societies that worked; they weren’t campus whack-jobs haunting “safe spaces”. What the hell happened?

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73 thoughts on “What Does Antifa Want?”

  1. The good thing about antifa is that they are useful idiots of the lowest order, so when they stop being useful, such as happened last week when Nancy Pelosi and others denounced them because of sagging poll numbers for Democrats, they will be swiftly purged. Many of their members, once protection from up high is removed, will see very long prison sentences.

    1. I wonder how well their “anti-fascism” will go over in prison when the only people standing between them and daily rapes/beatings will be the Aryan Brotherhood. Hahaha!!!!
      Seems they didn’t quite think this through.

    2. Reminds me of what Yuri Bezmenov said about useful idiots who, once the revolution happens, would be the first ones executed by their puppet masters.

    3. Im skeptical that the democrats will do that. I suspect theyll just talk a lot to give themselves political distance, do nothing, and snicker about it.
      The only way ANTIFA will be purged is if the right can take their antics and successfully shove it down the throats of the left. That is a very difficult thing to do for several reasons
      1. The Left controls most of the information distribution channels “media”
      2. We do not fully understand the psychology of these vermin. Im a big fan of anonymousconservative’s theories regarding r/K theory. Part of that theory implies that calling someone on the hard Left a monster would actually encourage him. Similarly, calling them hypocrites, because these terms imply power and strength.
      But calling them “traitors”, “weak”, or “damaged” would be more likely to trigger them. Because these terms imply social unfitness. In tribal days, social unfitness meant being thrown out into the snow or the desert. That kind of thing can bother everyone, but in r-selected personalities it is far more devastating because they are totally incapable of self sufficiency, and because in their case its also completely true. They actually are weak, damaged, traitors.
      For examole, look at the article above where the antifa manual’s author slips up for a minite and talks about a world where no one woild insult a homosexual by calling him a “raging dick sucking faggot”. First off, no one says this. Secondly, for good or ill (mostly ill) homosexual acceptance has become prevalent throughout the right and the left. In my experience it is the homosexuals who are far far more obnoxious and even violent than normal people.
      No. Whats going on here is that the raging dick sucking faggot is betraying his own insecurities. For all his babble, he KNOWS that he is utterly disgusting and should be booted out of society. Same with the rest of them. But how to trigger that insecurity is a question.

    4. “Purging” AntiFa would merely be cosmetic Plausible Deniability.”
      The fact that the violence has only recently re-emerged in full swing is a sign of the
      deterioration of the Left’s options in further duping the populace, all of their others having
      failed over the years. AntiFa is merely the latest scapegoat of the Left, to be “isolated, targeted and polarized” and soon forgotten with its predecessors like Occupy et al., allowing the Left/Democrats once again to fool the gullible.
      Democrats = AntiFa.

  2. Trump’s presidency and the election in general were just the things antifa wanted to legitimize themselves. Now that they’ve been labeled “domestic terrorists”, what actually happens to them going forward?

    1. One would hope and expect to have the hammer dropped on them.

      1. in 40 years the first Cylon War will begin- humans vs “toasters” and “skinjobs”

  3. I thought they were anti-fascism, I didn’t realize their ideas were explicitly anti-white.

      1. Definitely comparable. Probably akin to Augeas’ stables because they were full of shit like these clowns.

    1. I really think they are pro-brown. I’ve walked through their neighbourhoods and seen the volume of “refugee welcome” stickers. Anyone they can recruit who can be a mascot of oppression.

    2. Then you haven’t been paying attention.
      Yes… it’s like we’re living in Bizarro World. Mostly white young people are agitating for minority interests over those of their own race.
      An absolutely unprecedented historical phenomenon.

      1. I work with a bunch of guilty whites… guilty over race and environment… just as they’ve been “educated” to be.

        1. Oh, you are exceptionally sane. It’s the other side that is out of it’s mind. Or just feather-brained trend followers. Peeps like us think for ourselves, and also instinctively know wrong when we see it. Libs do not possess those abilities. They are very weak-minded.

  4. “Apparently someone’s been triggered a few too many times.”
    With the current “comment policy” and the disappearance of the more intellectual and outspoken members of this forum(a loss to us all), one wonders if Voltaire was commenting upon this forum, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

      1. “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?”
        I got the quote and the individual wrong and must thank you for the correction.

  5. Antifa are useful idiots for the well heeled establishment, who else pays their bail money and lawyer fees after they get arrested? Also many of them are young people who have no direction in their lives, if these people had good paying jobs, they wouldn’t be wasting their time starting trouble at the slightest provocation.
    Antifa was absent at pro Israel Day Parade, gives you a big hint as to who is behind them, there was not even one member of Antifa at the parade.

  6. I notice substance abuse and drug addiction mentioned. I had a deep feeling from the onset that the opiate addiction epidemic was carefully planned as a way to control a certain percentage of the population.
    Think about it, a ready army of addicted psychopaths willing to do anything as long as they get their drugs.

    1. That, plus the MJ legalisation in several states, mostly in the coastal regions. No surprise there: ’tis a cheaper way to keep the already dumb fucks more doped up.

      1. Really. Kids need to be studying not learning Dope 101. Our jails are full of these goofballs who didn’t realize that being a teenager is fun, but once you hit 20 it’s grow up time. Having no job, dirty baked bean teeth, no education and a drug habit at age 23 puts you on the shit slide to nowhere.

        1. They can’t overdose soon enough…..the real POX upon society was the creator of Nar-can.

  7. The left can’t even be parodied anymore ?
    If this is not a fake, then they are more Looney than I thought. If people saw this a large percentage would turn fascist overnight.
    The left lost it’s way because it was a movement of workers fighting for their interests. Now it’s a movement that gives relatively well-off degenerates a sense of purpose. The language of victimhood is there, but the substance isn’t.
    After WW2 globalists associated right wing to White Supremacy and Nazis. Lefties are brainwashed to believe anyone remotely right is Hitler. The left turned from working class to anti-nationalist. That’s what happened.

    1. John Steinbeck once said that socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.
      I guess that sentiment is dying, I always used to feel sympathy for the freaks and losers in school, now I understand that bullying is actually more of a cultural auto immune response. They were given an inch and instead took several thousand miles.

      1. Ideally, bullying would make the bullied want to improve himself. But now with the whole “you’re perfect as you are” shit it just breeds resentment.

    2. These people have existed throughout history, it is just that we’ve reached a new height of acceptance of decadence and debauchery that the world hasn’t seen in a good long while. I wonder who would want such a thing? A mystery!
      Either way, the reason these people never gathered steam in any numbers is because if not for the “EVIL WHITE MAN” there would never have been a period of such prosperity and peace for them to gain this much momentum. We are -long- overdue for a major world wide conflagration if you simply look at the track record of human history.
      Just like the state of Nature, when war, famine, disease, etc start the weak and the malformed are the first culled and eradicated. This would be the entire population of the current far left basically.
      They are a historical rounding error because the state of nature hasn’t asked mankind to pay the bill recently, but nature is also self-correcting, and the bill is going to be coming due one way or another quite soon. Count on it…

  8. What they want is to divert your attention from the real things.
    The truth is, most things are now fake. That is the reality. Black Lives Matter is fake, the alt-right is fake, neo-Nazis are fake, Antifa is fake, the Charlottesville car crash was fake, Trump is fake (hired), Congress is fake (hired), the media is fake, the economy is fake, the stock market is fake, mainstream science is fake, mainstream history is fake, mainstream art is fake, reported prices and salaries are fake, sport is fake, politics is fake, and so on.
    If Trump gets impeached, it will be fake, since his election was fake. If you see race wars, they will be fake. Just assume that anything you see on TV, hear on the radio, or read in the papers IS FAKE. That is to say, it is false. It is a lie.

    1. Yes.
      Provided winning was to spread the ideology everywhere and insert cells to continue its propagation. I’ve commented before that the Soviet Union was very publicly sacrificed and I’ve always believed that was really a circus production for the masses.

    2. Yep. They destroyed the west without firing a shot. Their subversive program took root with our mainstream media, higher education, and increasingly, even corporate America (with their obsession with “diversity,” etc). Those 3 very influential groups have successfully propagandized a significant number of the populace.
      All the white, western countries, and western civilization in general, are in their death throes due to our institutions of influence embracing every degenerate and destructive policy to come down the pike.
      Yes, the commies have won in a roundabout sort of way.

      1. Academics just assume the development of nuclear weapons and the war in Vietnam were both a failure or a mistake… Astounding that violent, subversive communists like The Weathermen turn themselves into FBI, and then get cushy jobs in college Ed departments.

    3. All these “protest” tactics implemented for change since MLK are all Soviet, KGB subversive tactics. Cold War is still alive and kicking. Ed and Humanities profs at colleges are fighting the West really hard.

  9. they want a one world government these people are fools they dont know that such thing is disaster for everyone including them

    1. Oh yes!! Socialist utopia with everyone smiling happy. Its been tried before and it doesn’t work.
      Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  10. Watching that film of the faculty member trying to talk. The girl to his right tells him not to use his hands while talking. Because its threatening?????
    There is no use in society for any one of those type of students and if I ran a business I would never in hell hire any student from that university. They would cause ANY business to go out of business.
    Apocalypse, where art thou?

      1. Around 0:40 in the ‘No Homework’ video above. There’s another one I couldn’t find, some jerk kid stands next to the college president, arms straight down by his sides, to demonstrate how to talk without using hands.
        These Evergreen College reports and videos are a gift to the right.

  11. Jews used Black Civil Rights as a great cover to forward their march to supremacy in American society back in the 1960s. The last two decades, relations between blacks and Jews became unstable and murky, still they support a good number of “Black Civil Rights” causes. They also went behind feminism, where they did the most damage. Jews also promoted the immigration of mass numbers of non whites to white countries, which in turn muddied their relationships with blacks who wound up losing out to other non whites, particularly Hispanics and Asians.

  12. “As their name indicates, they oppose fascism.”
    They are indeed quite an accurate caricature of totalitarianism.
    That they define themselves as “anarcho communist”
    merely shows their ignorance (or, more properly, the thinness of their facade);
    that term is as absurd as if they had called themselves “libertarian fascist.”

  13. So, all straight White males are Fascists?
    From your mouth to God’s ears!
    I literally wish it was so…

  14. They create nothing. Everything is burn, destroy. And then when there is no place to live, it’s back to the pan handling in the San Francisco Ternderloin.

  15. Could someone please explain this to me: Most of pantifa members are white and they want to advance black and brown people to be the majority of the population. If they are playing identity politics, why are they’re going against they’re own interest? I mean, they’re white, not black or brown.

    1. They are white in skin but seem to wear black clothes and be frequently pierced.. Don’t think the explanation goes much beyond a childhood of systematic brainwashing

      1. Great argument for home schooling, isn’t it?
        I would suggest Catholic school as well, but that’s way too expensive thee days. Was $400/yr when I was in k-8 back in the 70s. And $1k/yr for high school. And avg $6k for 4 years of college (commuter, not sleep away). Those days are long gone.

        1. Yes that’s what the ones in my neighbourhood look like too. Will be moving away from it one way or another before too long.. They’re not dangerous unless it’s visible on you that you are right wing conservative but they are also not easy on the eye.

    2. It’s something about white people that are indoctrinated in school to view only white people as having a magical privilege & the ability to be racist. Then they spend all of their time on social media virtue signalling how “they’re not like all the other white people that have these imaginary powers”. So they go full retard at these rallies in a display of how they hate being white & other white people.
      If you’re ever unfortunate enough to speak with one you’ll be dazzled at the mind numbing stupidity that comes out of their mouth’s.

  16. HA! I can’t wait for all their retarded ideas to come to fruition. Let’s see how amazing they think this is once all of their capitalist gotten gains and free choice has been stripped from them and they’re tossed into the trash as surplus to requirement. It always seems a good idea when you’re on the other side of the fence, my friends! It’s amazing that they’re all that arrogant to think that they’ll be sitting pretty on the right side of the power structure and history. Hilarious!

  17. “Do not distribute to any cis[gendered] white males non PoC [people of color] non-LGBTQ peoples a.k.a. fascists.”
    “Every idea critical of our movement or our way of thinking must be condemned as: racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc.”
    While this sounds like it was written by a gay black man, this just increases my suspicion that Antifa is just another feminist lynch mob.
    “What the hell happened?”
    1960’s feminism.

  18. Beau, I love your articles but I have one small comment. Teddy Roosevelt, although called a progressive, was hardly a leftist or a socialist. Hell, he’d be called a far right fascist/nationalist by today’s standards. Yes, he fought monopolies and trusts, but his thing was not anti capitalism, it was morally responsible capitalism. It was nationalist capitalism. Teddy was a traditional man of virtue, honor, and morality—not to mention pure unabashed masculinity. He was called a progressive, but he’d be sickened by today’s progressives. He was a lot of things, but I would be very hesitant to place him on the left, especially compared to the true leftists of that era.
    Admittedly, he moved a tad left in his bull moose days, but that was after his presidency.

  19. Where were these guys when it was revealed the DNC and the HRC campaign conspired to deny Bernie Sanders the dem nomination?

  20. The Baal Cultists want to be able to sacrifice babies and have blood orgies
    Podesta the Molester and his deep pan/state pizzas

  21. I’m a Muslim and believe me, I dislike these thin-skinned twats as much as any sane person would. Their goals are literally the polar opposite of Islam’s moral values. None of us take pride in blowing ourselves up for no justified cause.
    Give Antifa a few years and they’ll be in prison after they’ve run out their use.

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