6 Reasons Rookies Should Date More

A little over a year ago when I was still fairly new to game I took my first trip to Montreal. I was bullshitting online and stumbled upon an article by Virgil Kent where he wrote, “If you get a chance to go on a date… take it.” Sounds simple enough, but do we follow this law? I know I didn’t as a beginner.

Here are a few reasons why you should live by this law until you get a few notches in:

1. Practice makes perfect

If you’re a beginner,you will often walk out of a date and get bombarded by ideas of things you should have said. This happened to me countless times when I started dating and sometimes it still does. I’d grunt at the missed opportunity to say a joke that related to our conversation topic and would have made her laugh and helped build attraction.

Lucky for me (and all of you), girls aren’t really that different from each other, especially in the states. Most girls have the same hobbies, watch the same shows, talk about the same things, etc. Chances are you will find yourself having the same conversations over and over again and eventually you will get it right and find your winning formula. After that, your confidence will increase tremendously and you won’t have to write topics on your sweaty palms anymore.

Whenever I have a date nowadays I don’t worry about how I’m going to amuse her or wow her. I know what will capture her interest because my  stories have been tested on women before her. I more often find myself crossing my fingers hoping she doesn’t bore me too much.

2. You will create a sex sense

It makes sense to pick your dates based off which girl you believe will give it up the easiest. The problem with this notion is that as a beginner you don’t know which girls those are, you only think you know.

The summer before starting college I worked as a kitchen utensils salesman. My job was to do demos for friends and family in the hopes of making a sale. My boss preached the importance of doing as many demos as possible, no matter how sure we were the person wouldn’t buy anything. The reason? We were just starting off and had no idea what a customer looked like or sounded like.

I sold a grand worth of utensils my first day following the no discrimination policy. I have also banged multiple girls I would not have classified as DTF from the get go. When you’re a beginner in sales and dating, your best approach is to put yourself out there as much as possible till you catch repeated patterns and can tell which will surely buy, not buy, and are undecided. You can then set up your dates accordingly.

3. Investment for the future

Chances are if you’re a beginner you are still fairly young. Those $30-40 dates may seem expensive to you now, but let me tell you a secret—a lot of guys drop $100 plus on dates and most get nothing to show for it! This may seem strange to us, but women figure their company is worth it, don’t ask me why. You will save a ton of money in the future if you learn how to build attraction on a date without feeling the need to throw money at a girl in hopes of getting in her pants. I guarantee you she will eat your money faster than a slot machine.

When I began to date I had a few expensive dates where I got nothing more than a hug goodbye. I learned from my mistakes and now spend much less for much more.


4. You will be more successful in other areas

Dating will provide you with social skills that are priceless. In essence what dating teaches you is how to be charming and interesting. It will come in handy during interviews, in class, and anything that involves human interaction in general. You will feel more confident meeting people for the first time, whether it be a recruiter or hot blonde. I personally prefer the latter.

The list of things for which I have used knowledge derived from dating could go on forever. I’ve used it to get in teacher’s good graces, get out of trouble, persuade friends, etc. During my previous internship I found myself telling the same travel stories I’d tell a girl on the first date to the guys in the office. They loved it and wanted to hear more!

5. Outsourcing Opportunities

If you traveled abroad you know how much greener the grass could get. If you’re like me and plan on living abroad after you accomplish a certain goal (finish school, saving x amount of dollars, etc.) then you may see little value in dating back at home.

Let me tell you know how wrong you are. Game, just like jobs, can be outsourced. I’ve been in the trenches ever since I discovered game and it has given me a tremendous advantage over the men of countries I’ve visited. You may have to make small tweaks to your style of game but you will be pleasantly surprised from how easily you can clean up.

I’ve been to 16 countries and whenever I see guys getting drunk amongst themselves in the corner of the bar, not knowing how to approach their women, a shit-eating grin forms across my face because I know it’s lunch time.

6. It Will Help Your Approaching

Dating requires you to hold a conversation for a long time. I’d estimate my dates last anywhere between 2-3 hours. If you can keep a conversation for that long you think a 5 minute conversation will scare you away?

As my dating increased so did my approaches. I feared rejection less and no longer feared that dreaded rolling tumbleweed moment. There were a few times I got numbers in spite of the girl being in a relationship because she enjoyed the conversation.

So go out and fill your weekend up, rookies! You can’t shoot 3 pointers if you can’t shoot from the foul line.

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  1. Just to touch on #3 some more. Women will swindle money out of you all day if you can’t play the dating card correctly. Skip dinners and all of those other expensive things that get you no where. I prefer taking women to a lounge or bar for a few drinks. The booze will help them to stop over thinking the situation and having them directly next to you can escalate things physically. Remember not all dates are going to go as stellar as you had hoped. If you find yourself in a situation where things are going from bad to worse, cut your loses and get up and leave. You don’t owe this woman anything and she should be flattered that you have invited her out in the first place. If she can’t act appropriately than salvage your evening and get out of there.

    1. Definite truth, bar for 45 to 90 minutes on the first date, end with a move to kiss. Second date, dinner at your place, cook whatever your best at throwing together.

      1. Thats the routine, nearly every time. The ones that balk on coming to your place for the second date are usually a waste of time in the first place.

      2. True that. If a girl isn’t willing to escalate things on the first date e.g kiss- bang, BOUNCE

      3. Yep, that has been my routine recently as well. First date, meet at a bar/lounge and just get to know her. Go for kiss towards end of date. Try to escalate, if no go, set up 2nd date preferably within a week. Dinner at your place, but don’t make a big deal out of it. Casual. Get her to help a bit in the kitchen or setting the table. Have wine or beer, talk, move to couch after dinner, get comfortable. Escalate if possible, if not then date three – do smth fun in the city, then make it happen so that you bounce back to hers or yours for some alone time. Simple.

    2. Spot on…..the idea of having dinner on a FIRST date is crazy!
      Like being trapped in a Lion’s cage for a couple of hours unable to get out (and having to pay for the privilege)!

      1. Make her earn the privilege of being taken out to dinner by you. Don’t reward her for doing nothing. It sets a bad precedent.

    3. When you can´t handle sober girls, you should buy some roofies. That will cost you less than alcohol and has better price/effectivity value.

    4. “I prefer taking women to a lounge or bar for a few drinks.”
      She’s a bit long in the tooth then, innit she?

    5. Going out for drinks on the first date is pretty much common knowledge to anyone who isn’t beta. The point is to spend the least amount of money, to get her drunk and in the DTF mood. $30 max. If she isn’t DTF in a couple of hours, GTFO and on to the next.

  2. “Lucky for me (and all of you), girls aren’t really that different from
    each other, especially in the states. Most girls have the same hobbies,
    watch the same shows, talk about the same things, etc.”
    Gee. That really makes me wanna go out on a “date” with them
    Can I?
    I wouldnt waste a fuckking White Castle date on any of these American cunty bitches.

  3. Holy shit. I think this damn near may be the worst fucking article Ive ever read here on RoK.

      1. No lol. The one about the guy yelling at his Grandma because she pinched his cheeks was”
        LOL Shouda knocked that bitch out.

  4. Rookies should date more so that someday they might experience Darwinian Success and the Father-Child Bond rather than die alone and fade into oblivian having left nothing and no one behind;

    1. “rather than die alone and fade into oblivian having left nothing and no one behind;”
      yawn…..shaming language does not work here….

    2. i’m only liking this because that kid is cute.
      who gives a shit about about dying alone or not [you sound a bit like a fem troll with that bit], its all about the life you live as you define it. maybe you define it as legacy, well that doesnt just have to be genetic, it can be in the men you teach, or how you impact upon the world. knowledge philosophy, science, entrepreneurial spirit, the books you write. fuck there is a thousand ways to live well and have a long legacy too, and its not just about having a fucking kid

    3. “Rookies should date more so that someday they might experience Darwinian Success and the Father-Child Bond rather than die alone and fade into oblivian having left nothing and no one behind”
      QUESTION: Does anyone remember the names of Darwin’s children?

  5. Montreal is easily my favorite North American city; shit I’m overdue for a weekend trip.

  6. #4 is spot on. Especially when it comes to interviews. A date is an interview in itself, except you are hunting for something other than a job.

  7. Dating will also give the virgins and greenhorns a first hand look at just how parasitic american / westernized females are. One can lecture about how bad women are, he can read the Gopsel according to st. esther (i.e. read Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar) but nothing can convince him better than to experience women and their uncoothness, their STDs, their pussy farts, their total stupidity that spwes from that hole in their faces. Nothing else will do.
    Consider dating to be aversion therapy.

    1. You really do become a hardened trench soldier in some ways when you start dating these women. That’s why inner game is so important and being passionate about other things. If you rely on American/Western women for your happiness you will probably start to consider jumping off the tallest building you can find.

  8. If it’s not going well, never be afraid to just split.
    Was on a dinner date with this chick not so long ago, when I just started to get a really heavy entitlement vibe from her. I just stood up and left. Didn’t pay the bill – didn’t say anything, -just stood up and left.
    She text me half an hour later with – “WTF?”. To which I replied – “something important came up carry on without me”.

  9. nice one….. i tihnk you’ll enjoy some of the RSD stuff… google for “RSD Tyler Youtube”….. he has great tips…

  10. Just to save some of you ‘newbies’ out there a shit load of time and money. Seek out girls with very low self-esteem. They are by far, the easiest to bang.

    1. easiest indeed. unless of course you’re trying to score quality poon. but heck, if jabba-lookalikes are your thing, go for it! go get those neurotic ones.

  11. Not sure how I stumbled onto this site… but as a 32 year old guy who has seen it all in the dating world I need to give a warning to younger readers here. The sentiments on this site will DAMAGE you…. and they will make you worse with girls. More importantly, they will make you a worse human being. The level of women hatred on this site is appalling… it’s like a White Supremacy/KKK site for gender. The college kids writing these women hating articles have no fucking clue what they are talking about.
    Again, I know this shit. I messed around with all of this PUA stuff in my 20s. I was into it deeper than any of you. Let me tell you this… it is GARBAGE… all of it. It is childish bullshit and it wasn’t until I finally set it down that I started getting laid like crazy. All of your “routines” and “stories” – they are holding you back. Any success you are having is in SPITE of this crap, not because of it. I learned the hard way. I “gamed” myself out of more hookups than I can count – where girls would say “I wanted to fuck but you wouldn’t shut up with all this crap and now I give up.”
    There is no such thing as “building attraction” – anyone who uses such a term has no clue, like all of the writers on this site. Ask yourself, can a girl “build attraction” with you? No, it’s either there or it’s not. Girls are no different – they naturally want to connect… depending on their mood they’ll even drop their bar… that’s the default setting…. nothing needs to be “built”… but it can be wrecked with “game”. All the girls you took home because of your “game” – you are clowning yourself, if you weren’t there she would’ve went home with someone else who didn’t tell a bunch of stupid stories and try “deep conversion game”.
    I know most people won’t listen to me… but for those of you with some doubts about all this stuff… LISTEN to your intuition, it’s crap, all of it. Learn to love women as equal human beings, stop looking at them as targets to be manipulated, you’ll get more ass than ever before and you’ll come back to this site and just feel really really bad for the people here.

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