How Fans And The Media Are Making Professional Sports Unbearable

Amidst the hate mail I receive from single mothers and pink-haired fatties, I’ve recently seen an uptick in readers asking why I haven’t written a sports article lately, the DeAndre Johnson fiasco notwithstanding. The short answer to that is that I just don’t consume as much of the fringe coverage or follow the stories off the field as much as I used to.

I’m a huge fan of the NFL so I’m not cutting back on that any time soon. I follow baseball fairly closely and I’m big into racing—NASCAR, Indy Car, and Formula One. But gone are the days where I followed any and every sport closely and took in all the coverage, debate, and discussion surrounding the events.

Thing is, the reasons have nothing to do with the athletes themselves as their level of talent and performance is at an all time high.

It’s that sports fans and the sports media are as intolerable as they have ever been in recent memory. The hypocrisy, cynicism, and of course the advancement of the feminist agenda have made consuming them nearly impossible for me these days.

Between all the faux outrage over domestic violence, the ridiculous “lean in” campaign, the exponentially increasing presence of the hamster-laden female opinion and “expertise” on television and radio, and fans who worship teams, players, while trying to bring the moral cathedral into the competitive arena, sports has become much less appealing to follow outside the lines.

Tune in if you want your ears to bleed

Being unplugged from the matrix, however, is definitely the main reason I find myself watching only the events themselves, often times with the volume muted.

There are countless stories or incidents I could tell about why this is but I’ll just give a few of the most publicized ones and I’ll break it down in two sections: The media and the fans.

Today’s Sports Media


ESPN made its mark on myself and millions of other men at a very young age. I’ve watched their flagship studio shows like SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight, and Sunday NFL Countdown for decades so it’s safe to say that the sports media juggernaut has my loyalty by process of branding me as a 12-year-old.

This network is the true worldwide leader in terms of sports and sports content as their slogan says. They’re currently available in over 80% of house holds in the U.S., boast 12 different sister networks, and are broadcasting in over 200 countries. Needless to say they’re the big man on campus by a wide margin.

I’ve watched this show since I was a teenager

Being the biggest, most successful sports media conglomerate in the world doesn’t come without it’s detractors and criticism. No surprise there as the biggest and most profitable companies are scrutinized much more than their less successful counterparts.

I’d never been one who was outright critical of them on account of my loyalty and blue pill mindset. But since being enlightened by the web’s version of Morpheus, their gyno-centricism sticks out like a sore thumb and becomes more obvious by the day.

The female influence on all of their mediums are palpable, as women are now present on just about every program they broadcast. There are female doctors, female panelists on opinion shows, and even females breaking down fantasy sports.

Only her name gives us proof of her sex

Personally, I’ve never minded seeing women on the sports landscape. Linda Cohn and Robin Roberts never rubbed me the wrong way back in the day on SportsCenter and female sideline reporters are paid to look good and report the facts. Nothing wrong with that either.

Today, the network is rampant with hamster droppings. Social issues are every bit as a part of their overall narrative as what goes on on the field of play. Mix that together with ever-increasing employed female pundits squawking about domestic violence, gay athletes, Title IX, and the ongoing pathetic attempts by females to “play with the boys” every 5 minutes and any man with even trace amounts of traditional or neomasculine beliefs would eventually start to tire of the charade.

What they didn’t tell you is that the boys from Vegas gave Miss Davis a dose of reality

In their defense, it would seem that this radical shift is necessary. Our P.C.-saturated culture has made it almost mandatory for them to employ more women, talk about social issues, and take a hard left stance on said issues.

We can all say “Well I’d never sell out to satisfy the masses” but most of us would fall in line to preserve our six, seven, and even eight-figure salaries and I wouldn’t blame you.

I’d also argue that some of ESPN’s workforce does not believe a word of the blue pill trash they spew on camera or radio. The one example I can point out is Colin Cowherd, who hosts his radio show The Herd. His stance on domestic violence seems almost too black and white for a man of his open mindedness.

There have also been a few instances where red pill truth slips out every once in a while such as Stephen A. Smith’s take on the Ray Rice situation:

What I’ve tried to employ the female members of my family — some of who you all met and talked to and what have you — is that … let’s make sure we don’t do anything to provoke wrong actions, because if I come — or somebody else come, whether it’s law enforcement officials, your brother or the fellas that you know — if we come after somebody has put their hands on you, it doesn’t negate the fact that they already put their hands on you.

There was immediate outrage both in and outside of the ESPN family and Smith was immediately suspended for a week which prompted an immediate retraction shortly after, thereby eliminating the threat.

But what his statement says is that there are definitely people within their ranks who aren’t all in on the gender equality farce. And because they’re all handsomely paid, they keep their honest opinions to themselves and I can’t say I blame them.


The other issue that’s turned me off these days is the way most of the media treats professional athletes in terms of their questioning. I certainly don’t feel sorry for the athletes because of the “privileged” lives they lead (which, by the way, they work very hard for) but media members seem much more intent on making them uncomfortable than simply extracting information to distribute to the sports public.

The main purpose of the media is to get information about the athletes and the events the public wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. Yes, there are other elements but that’s the gist of what they are there for.

Today’s reporter or beat writers are consistently attempting to just piss athletes off. Get a rise out of them. There’s no rhyme or reason, it just seems like the thing to do these days. It’s as though they get off on ruffling the feathers of athletes, coaches, general managers etc. Most of the questions are designed to throw them off their game or make them look bad or ignorant—“gotcha questions” if you will.

This one’s not hard to figure out. The main reason for this is flat out jealousy. It’s often been said that most sports writers are people who would gladly trade places with the athletes they cover, but because of lack of talent, discipline, and genetics they didn’t make the grade.

So it stands to reason they project their negative feelings stemming from their unfulfilled dreams onto the people they’re paid to write and talk about.

To their credit, the media at large doesn’t seem to crucify the increasing salaries of today’s athlete so I’ll give them a break on that. But that doesn’t stop them from getting a hard-on over making grown men who are physically, financially, and socially superior to them uncomfortable and then gaining prominence of “getting the best of” player X, Y, or Z.

Today’s Fan

Fan worship

Show me a man who “lives and dies with his team” and I’ll show you a man who is unhappy with his life.

There’s nothing wrong with getting excited about your team if they’re doing well, and there’s nothing wrong with being a little bummed when they’re not. But grown men who get shit-faced drunk and call out of work on Monday if their team wins or loses the Super Bowl are fucking pathetic.

Outside of gambling or owning a sports memorabilia shop, your team being great or shitty does not affect your life one way or the other. A man who invests a disproportionate amount of their energy and emotion into their team is a man who desperately needs an overhaul.

This is nothing to be proud of

In the same vein, nothing is more pitiful as a grown man who wears an article of clothing with another man’s name emblazoned on his back. It’s okay to admire a player for his athletic prowess and performance on the field of play but I’ve never understood the desire for a man to proudly don another man’s name anywhere on his person.

There are plenty of other ways to show support for your squad without surrendering your balls and looking like a fanboy. Sport a team shirt, a team hat, or some other accessory.

But if a man hits the gym, learns game, and engages in self improvement he’ll have no desire to engage in such emasculating acts like wearing somebody else’s name on his back.

The moral cathedral and contradictions

This is a big one for me. Fans these days are more hypocritical and judgmental than they’ve ever been in history. They’ll vilify an athlete for testing positive for a performance enhancing substance but defend an athlete for the same thing because he plays for their team. Then later that day they drive to the doctor for their weekly testosterone shot.

This year’s MLB All Star Game is the quintessential example of how fans pick and choose who gets a free pass and who doesn’t. Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta were voted in as American and National League starters, respectively, and both have served 50-game suspensions for testing positive for PEDs and everyone seems to be fine with it.

Fans outside of New York make A-Rod public enemy #1

However, when Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun was voted in a few days ago outrage immediately broke out. Fans also seem to be happy that Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez was not voted onto the All Star Team for the 15th time citing “justice” as their reason for approval of his omission.

Which is it?

Revisionist history and referendums

Fans these days also fall victim to revisionist history. Michael Jordan never missed a shot, Tiger Woods is the only professional athlete to have fucked multiple hookers, and LeBron James sucks as a human being.

His Airness

I’m not going to make this a debate whether or not Jordan is the greatest player of all time but any time I suggest anything to the contrary, I’m met with vitriolic and incredulous arguments. These people don’t realize that his shoes, the way he was marketed, and the lack of social media back when he played paints a different picture of what he really was as a player.

Yes, at this time he’s the greatest of all time but not by as wide a margin as people would lead you to believe. He’s not the all time points leader (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 38,387 pts), assists leader (John Stockton, 15,806 assists), or the career rebounds leader (Wilt Chamberlain, 23,924 rebounds).

Hell, he doesn’t even have the most career titles as a player as Bill Russell won 11 with the Boston Celtics, almost double the amount of his 6 with the Chicago Bulls.

He’s great, but not a god

The only statistical category he’s #1 in points per game and the guy behind him, Wilt Chamberlain, is only .05 points behind him. Never mind that today’s fan will crucify athletes for shooting too much or being “selfish” with the ball and not spreading the wealth.

The bottom line is that Jordan worshipers act as though His Airness was perfect in every way and is infallible which is revisionist history at its best and worst. Jordan’s one of the greatest. No doubt about that. But Nike and Gatorade have made sure we never question that he’s the greatest of all time and if you stop gawking at his shoes and carefully edited highlight reels and look at things objectively you might actually entertain thoughts that this may not be the case.

King James

Staying in the same arena, LeBron James has been the target of some of the most unjustified hate I’ve ever witnessed as a sports fan. This guy is the most unselfish star player I’ve seen since Magic Johnson. He could score 40 a game easy but he chooses not to.

What’s more is that he’s never been in trouble with the law, and by all accounts seems to be a devoted husband and father (though we never really know).

Yet, fans hate this guy with a passion. Why?

“He left Cleveland!”

A man makes a decision to go to a better organization with better players, better weather, no state taxes, and to win championships when it became clear to him that his current team didn’t have the infrastructure or the desire to put a championship caliber team around him. Yeah…terrible fucking individual.

“It’s the way he left Cleveland!”

Colin Cowherd said it best when he said (referring to LeBron’s exit from Cleveland): “You’re not really upset at how she left you….you’re upset that she left you and that’s the real reason you’re pissed off!”

Would I have held a television special to announce I was going to another team when I knew it would rip the heart out of my home town fans?

Probably not.

Would I have held a pep rally with my new team guaranteeing multiple championships and declaring that it was going to be easy.

Maybe, maybe not.

It’s been five years people…let it go

I’d like to think I’d have handled taking my talents to South Beach in a different manner but one never knows. Besides, who among us haven’t made stupid decisions in our mid-twenties? I don’t see any hands up.

Personally, I don’t give a shit how he handled it and I’m not going to judge him for the way he did it. To be honest it was quite entertaining because I’m not from Cleveland or Miami but I digress.

The point is, people will rationalize anything and The Decision is their excuse to hate on one of the greatest players in NBA history who also seems to be a pretty good dude to boot. Every possession is a referendum on his legacy and that’s just asinine.

What teenager would turn down doing this cover?

This, again, is another case of jealousy. We all saw him on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a teenager, we all saw him dubbed as “The Chosen One,” and we all now he’ll be one of a handful of billion dollar athletes when all is said and done.

But like I said in this article, LeBron haters should just admit they hate the guy because he lives a better life than they do and leave it at that.

Wrap up

So there you have it. Pompous, sadistic, feminist media members and delusional, envious, moralist fans are the main reasons I’ve drastically cut back on sports. I could go on for days about this stuff but I’m a team player so I’ll spare you a 10,000-word article this week.

I definitely still watch the games and races, but I can do without all of the increasingly spoiling trimmings on the side. It won’t be long before I wean myself off of the actual events themselves because of this stuff. When that happens, it’ll be a sad day indeed.

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277 thoughts on “How Fans And The Media Are Making Professional Sports Unbearable”

    1. I swear, the only reason I haven’t canceled my tv yet is because the Special Olympics will be aired on ESPN later this month and I am not missing that shit for anything in the world. After that, good bye

    2. I’ve cancelled my cable, but I’ve kept the TV so that I can put on ‘sleepless in seattle’, for when the latest bimbo comes around for ‘dinner’.

      1. I make chicks watch action flicks. I never watch chickflicks for any reason.

        1. I have given up on bimbo movie watching. Nothing tolerable in common. I find that turning on background music, mixing drinks and either cooking dinner or even putting together a tray of cheese and olives etc etc ensures the same result only quicker and without having to be annoyed with the thot of the week and her tastes.
          If I was going to put something on I would ask her “do you like 50 shares of gray” and then when she says yes i would tie her up and make her watch 30 hours of three stooges

        2. If I was going to put something on I would ask her “do you like 50 shares of gray” and then when she says yes i would tie her up and make her watch 30 hours of three stooges
          Gold Jerry! Gold!

        3. to paraphrase Chef Mafia Machiavelli to Yetch from mad mad monster party (and to datemyself considerably): I bust you head, i broke you nose, i squeeze out you eyes

        4. It can be fun tearing up a chick flick and pointing out how it’s bullshit from a red pill point of view to a chick.

        5. Its part of my normal strategy for closing the deal. Invite the latest bimbo over, to cook her dinner. And while I’m working my magic in the kitchen, she gets to choose and watch a movie.
          Occasionally, one of them will pick aliens, predator, die hard..etc.. But usually its a chick’s movie.
          I figure its the first and last time I will ever cook for them, so at least let them pick the video.

        6. Last time I watched a chick flick I got bored and started playing with the cat. We were having a great time while my girlfriend sat there in steamy impotent silence.

        7. Yeah if she came over, she came over for one thing. No need to torture yourself with blue balls for an hour first.

        8. Yes. I take entrance through my front door as a tacit acceptance that sex will happen so long as I don’t loose frame and fuck it up. It is mine to throw away. As long as I keep the drinks flowing, the charm up and continually escalate (Always be Closing) I don’t need and hour of silence where god knows what shit in her irrational brain will get triggered by something from a movie that her friends cousin had happen to her and now her pussy is as dry as the Sahara. Women aren’t consistent from one moment to another. When she is walking through your front door she has already said yes….keep building on that.

        9. sex is more fun. Putting down chick shit to a chick who has come to your place to bang is crazy. After your dick is wet, then have fun pointing out her cognitive dissonance. Hell, maybe it will get her to leave.

        10. Bob is right. If this is working for you don’t stop. I, for one, never allow the television to be on. By the time I get to my front door my phone has the wifi and I can use my spotify playlist i have created for just this occasion. Walk into my living room and the music is already on. I do like to cook. I find it works well. But with the music on in the background and talking to her as I make something to eat….When I put my key in the door 100% of her attention is on my penetrating her…..I don’t want her to have a focal point outside of my cock until after I am done.

        11. I’d rather bang too, I’m talking more when your in a group or with a girl you aren’t banging.

        12. There will never be either a group or a girl i am not banging in my home. Hell, if I could afford it there would never be a girl i am banging in my home. I would stick to all hotels or, better yet, have a second apartment just for Thots maybe a block or two away.
          Still, your point is taken.

        13. As most of us know, the key is getting them to spin their hamster in the direction of “licking this asshole is the right thing to do” rather than “sex with this guy might make me a slut”
          They came to your home to be used like a porn star. Now you just have to help them justify it.

        14. There’s some girls I hang out with who I’m not banging but they gotta ad something to my life. Having enough money for an extra pad would come in handy for sure.

      1. That blows too. It’s getting worse with every episode. Plus, strong independent Rachel McAdams is triggering the shit out of me. Only good thing is every single character is miserable as fuck, which is a great message in itself.

        1. I’m liking this season a lot. The only thing that ruins it for me is rachel mcadams charachter, the fact she is lead detective on the case etc. Has to be the most unconvincing thing on the show. The other 3 main characters are great.

        2. You’re right, she’s the main nuissance. I’ll wait till it’s over before I make a judgement but I can safely say it’s not even nearly as good as the first season. The suspence and this eerie, almost horror movie vibe is totally missing. But there are four more episodes so we’ll see.

  1. If you want to see a males hamster spinning just discuss sports with them. Sports is one of the main things that makes males think emotionally not logically.

    1. cf. the Manny fans trying to spin the mayweather victory as anything other than the champ winning, yet again, against another pretender.

      1. They were all complaining about Mayweather’s tactics but that’s the same tactics he uses every fight, I don’t know what they expected?

        1. the list of complaints ranged from “he wouldn’t just stand there and let himself be punched in the face” to “manny had injuries”
          I have never been a MP fan, but he is such a disgusting spoiled sport that, amazingly enough, has managed to actually stain the already stained sport of boxing. What a pathetic excuse.

      1. I’m a sports fan myself but I’m no where near as big a fan as I used to be for all the same reasons you wrote in your article and because as I got older I found new interests. But listening to sports fans base their opinions purely on logic regardless or how hypocritical or stupid they are has always annoyed me.

        1. Me too. When my favorite cricket team lost a major match in the world cup, I was overcome with grief. But I was fourteen then. I eventually grew up. Most men didn’t. Today I see a lot of my friends, grown up men, lamenting a lost match. I find it ridiculous.
          As the writer said, I can’t tolerate when people actually begin to hate on cricket players. A player, who couldn’t make a place in my country’s national team, went to play for another country. A lot of people I met, said that he was a traitor. Traitor? He was just working in another country. Doctors, engineers, nurses, and a lot of people seek employment in other countries. Do we call them traitors? They are professionals who are seeking employment in other countries. Sports persons aren’t different.
          And I’ve stopped watching NFL. I’ve gotten sick of all the moral policing, and judging the players on their personal life, and not on how they play their sport.

        2. Same when I was young I’d get upset if my favorite rugby of football team would lose, it still annoys me a little bit but then I’m over it and I get on with life, some guys stay upset for days. Also like you said proffesional athletes are employees, they have a right to move, teams often aren’t loyal to them.

      1. Maybe pro wrestling is, but I don’t see that analogy working for the “Big 4” sports.

    2. I wont disagree, but i dont think its a bad thing. As a man, sports is the only place where I allow my mouth to talk out of passion instead of reason. I indulge our our primal need for tribal competition…”us” vs “them” trash talk. ETc. its all hamstering and emotional talk and sports is an appropriate place for this type of hard wired stupidity. Regardless of the facts, i believe the lakers will win a championship each year. My rational mind knows we wont contend for years but my sports mind allows me to trash talk people regardless.
      The only difference is, I strive to leave this emotional type of irrational thinking compartmentalized within the realm of sports. In the real world, facts and logic should rule our talk. If society could learn to compartmentalize ignorance within the construct of sports, it would make this a better place.
      Of course, as this article says, the irrational nature of modern society is somehow managing to infuse even more irrationality into the already irrational world of sports.

    3. Likely the reason I don’t watch sports. I can’t stand the banter over who did what. Seriously, it is like women talking about Soap Operas. I simply do not give a fuck.
      Thrice fucks I give not! Deuce shits neither shall I partake.

      1. I don’t mind debating sports if it’s a logical debate but like to talk about other things aswell and don’t want to talk sport all the time.

      2. The “what if” and “if only” narratives loom large after the big game. I will watch the Grey Cup or the Stanley Cup on occasion but I don’t engage in that shit.

    4. I almost destroyed my tv after the Jet kicker missed two chip shots in a playoff game lol….

    5. The women, now, around sports shows, broadcasting, etc…have driven me away from sports. There used to be a time when and where a man could escape for a few hours a day to have a beer, hang with other men and enjoy the game. Not today. Women have fucked that up, too. They have to be in our arena (sports) to just get their attention fix.
      I could give fuck all about what a woman thinks about the team or a coach’s decision to start player X. Women are doing nothing but attention whoring (in the studio, on the field, etc…). It wasn’t enough being a cheerleader, now they have to have their two fucking sense in on everything from the player starting to which package the defense will run next game.
      Ladies…men don’t give a fuck what you think about these things. Just put on outfit, show your tits and keep your mouth closed. The good old days.

      1. I agree, there’s some knowledgeable women on sport but most of the most inane and stupid things opinions I’ve heard about sport come from women. Sports has given into social justice which is one of the reasons I’m nowhere near as interested as I used to be.

      2. Right.Agreed .Women are infesting OUR sports. I really hate the halftime interviews in basketball or football. The coach or the player is trying to get to the locker room to do his job when some tart asks him strategy questions . The coach looks clearly uncomfortable and can’t wait to leave yet has to talk to this chick cause I think it is contractual requirement to do these interviews. To make it fair I want to see John Madden or Charles Barkley MC a synchronized swimming or figure skating event….

      3. And dont forget how we have to watch the real story of tom brady overcoming who gives a fuck to the tune of sad piano music playing in the background…before every game. Catering to the female fan base and giving them their emotional roller-coaster is killing sports.
        Even the ufc does this emotional garbage now where the guys shoot promo vid where they show their feelings and shit.

        1. Well the UFC getting all touchy-feely/maudlin makes sense as the UFC is pretty gay. 😉
          I get that the whole shebang is a designed as a rather genius promotion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so fighters have to engage in it, but the line between BJJ and soft-core gay flick is very, very fine 🙁

  2. I love sports as entertainment, and athletics as spectacle, but I stay away from the talking heads. If I want coverage, there are still a couple of talented long form writers out there. Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Paul Zimmerman (Dr. Z) was another good one but he’s sick now. These guys know/knew there is a world outside of sports, and they aren’t hotheads. As for mindless debates, that’s fine over a beer for a little while, but it’s all banter and nothing more. Spectator sports should be a distraction like movies or books, not a way of life unless your profession depends on it.

  3. And just to piss people off more, as long as you have any form of pay TV, you are paying the ESPN “tax” whether you watch the network or not. 🙂

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  5. I dislike Lebron James simply because he comes across as a complete narcissist. I really have no problem with his leaving Cleveland other than the insensitive way he did it.
    Your article missed the elephant in the room- the NFL’s treatment of Tom Brady. I can think of no better example of childish fanboy envy that ran amok. Brady bootstrapped his way to the most successful NFL career ever, never spoke ill of any of his opponents, and plays for less money than any other star QB in the league to give his team better cap flexibility. For no other reasons than “popular demand” and the fact that the NFL office is saturated with NY Jets fans, he gets suspended for 1/4 of the season. No matter how this situation ultimately plays out, it’s going to be impossible to see the NFL as anything other than a bad joke because of this. It’s pretty much the professional sports version of the Dreyfus affair.

    1. Many athletes come across as complete narcissists and likely are. James is no different from any of them. Weak argument.
      You are, however, dead on about the Tom Brady fanboys. They’re intolerable at best.

      1. Most athletes don’t parade around in literal royalty attire like African warlords. I think people hate on James so much because it’s politically incorrect to hate on all the black showboaters.

      2. Probably true, but most at least try to act humble in public. Referring to yourself as “King” in text messages to other players is over the top narcissism IMO.

    2. It will never be as good as the days of Jordan, Pippin, Rodman..etc… at the Bulls. Back when Madonna was getting balled by most of the team.

    3. I hate Lebron for being fake. He claimed he wanted to return home to Cleveland, but the simple fact is that if Miami beat the Spurs in the last finals against them and he won another championship then he would not even be in Cleveland right now.

      1. But they didn’t, and he is. The “if this would have happened” argument is weak. LeBron was coming back to Cleveland as soon as he got to South Beach and everyone knew it. He did it not only to win championships, but to teach Dan Gilbert that he needed to bring in great players in their prime (Irving, Love etc.) rather than getting over the hill players at a discount (O’Neal, Jamison etc.)
        The LeBron “being fake” thing is another weak argument. If you don’t like him because he’s LeBron just say so. But nobody knows what he’s really like and neither do you. So unless you have personal knowledge of what he’s like, can the “fake” argument because it’s weak.

        1. Agree. There is nothing wrong for a man wanting to do better in his life (reaching for higher goals). People who didn’t like LeBron’s actions (not the man) are the one’s who need take a look in the mirror. These actions are exactly what men need to duplicate to find success in life. You should only want to work with good people (people who have the same drive, want to reach higher levels, be better, etc…). Again, it’s not the man but the actions.
          He displayed an action that many men should strive for (and duplicate). Be better.

    4. one is a little bitch if you allow yourself to be bothered by the “narcissism” of a man you’ve never met

    5. The NFL has been fucking up for awhile, now…the Brady thing is just one example.
      The commissioner (and his crew) want to be the police of the league and they act like they are cracking down on shit but in reality they are fucking up more as the years go on. Past customers (like me) have dropped them altogether because they have fucked up and turned on their past customer base (men). They are pandering to women (like all corporations) and they don’t realize that women have no loyalty at all. As soon as the next new shiny and bright object comes along, then women will be off to the next thing (telling the NFL to fuck off along the way).

    6. I wonder how much of his suspension is because he didn’t disavow The Donald, told 0bama to pound sand after the Superbowl & that Belichick is a semi-closeted right winger?
      The NFL is absurdly political these days, and tight with the current Administration. The ludicrousness of the then-champ Baltimore Ravens being reduced to shills for 0bamacare sticks with me.

  6. In the same vein, nothing is more pitiful as a grown man who wears an
    article of clothing with another man’s name emblazoned on his back. It’s
    okay to admire a player for his athletic prowess and performance on the
    field of play but I’ve never understood the desire for a man to proudly
    don another man’s name anywhere on his person.

    This does have a near-analog in history, namely men running out to combat under the banner of a feudal lord, wearing his colors/heraldry/tartan, etc. The difference being however that in doing that, they were actually trying to keep their families from being slaughtered and pillaged by other men, or they were out trying to get more resources for their own families (through, well, slaughter and pillaging). So it’s similar, except today it’s done by pussies for no reason other than the need to worship some man who doesn’t know them and who wouldn’t spend ten minutes talking to them in a bar.

    1. good point….I have always seen it to be so childish for a grown man to be wearing a sports jersey. Even at the the area or stadium! It’s like how can an athlete who is making millions upon millions (and like you said GOJ) who also does not give a shit about you be some sort of hero to you or someone you cheer for?? If it wasn’t for gambling, for me there would be no reason to watch sports.

      1. Here is what is acceptable:
        a hat OR a jersey
        You cannot wear both. You might as well go all in at that point, cleets, stirrups, eyeblack….pack a lipper too 🙂

    2. There is an inherent need for men to follow other men. Through these bread and circuses, the State has found a way for men to follow inconsequential men like LeBron James instead of men like Jefferson.

        1. No. I would only wear a shirt with my name on the back and let other men follow me.

        2. Good comment. I myself will never wear another mans name on my back. Im glad to see there are others out there.

        3. I think its OK when you are kid. These guys can be heroes to you growing up. But it is sad to see a grown man wearing a shirt with a kid’s name on the back.

      1. Jefferson might not be the best man to follow, he spent like a drunken sailor and was “dead broke” by the time he kicked the bucket.
        He’s great and all, but a touch too “out there” with more than a few of his ideas.

      2. Maybe, but I’ll tell you that a real man weighs the the panoply of men to follow, judges them unworthy, and then follows his own path. Trump is one such individual and he’s following his own path to become leader of the “greatest” nation on earth. I don’t see Trump obsessed with sports, or even promoting team or another.
        Sports has become a substitute religion for many men, as they find some of the spiritual qualities of manliness that have been purged from the feminist leaning modern Christianity. I get why men want to devote themselves to a team (church) and even an athlete of extraordinary ability (apostles), even selecting one like M.J. or T.W. as their messiah.
        At the end of the day when a man turns off the last light drifts off to sleep, neither M.J, T.W., ARod, or any of their disciples make a hill beans of difference in a man’s situation. On the individual can effect change in a man’s life. And that what men should celebrate. Revel in team #1 — yourself and our own accomplishments. Leave sports where it belongs, an entertaining diversion for a few hours here and there. Sports is no man’s life.

    3. Yep. There is nothing more pathetic than a man who relishes in the achievements of others.

      1. I would actually say the jealous writers and reporters making a buck off grilling athletes are more respectable than these fanboys that actually might be fun to mess with them

        1. No… The fanboys were in need of leadership in boyhood and balls in adulthood. Like fatherless sons they seek out strong guidance compulsively. These writers and the womanly shit they cluck is more worthy of disdain in my personal opinion. I may even consider the fact that men can create an ideal larger than themselves and, if the purity of the message is sufficient other men will follow. It’s natural, and the reason that battles are won. Take a guy like Wendell Clark or Pete Rose (pre scandal) those guys really laid it out there and played with a real fighting spirit that is worthy of respect.

    4. Sports entertainment is a Pyramid Scheme that so many people buy into that it continues to grow. Most of your sporting idols are some of the least virtuous people you will ever meet and are so because most sports require a paranoid sense of self entitlement to succeed.

      1. Having said that, some sports celebrities are really great guys. Steve Nash was known for his charity work. Shaq became a reserve police officer and I think he is working on a PhD in education.

      2. You see that Cleveland Browns dindu this past week who tweeted the racist pic of a white cop being stabbed in the neck, complete with his shit grammar? Dude makes millions and pluralized police as, “polices.”

      3. The character level and sportsmanship just keep sliding to new lows. Personally, I’d enjoy someone who I can admire a bit, along with their athletic prowess.

    5. Excellent comment, but not necessarily a one to one analogy. I think it would be more the teams colors / name versus that of an individual player.
      the distinction is small, but important. If you go out to celebrate your team in, say, a cap with the teams logo that is quite a different story than the idea that you would wear another man’s name across your back.
      It is funny, when I was young I had a tshirt with a players name on it and my great aunt (my grandfather’s sister) who I always regarded as an annoying old bag, asked me how much I was getting paid to advertise that guy, team and brand.
      Back then I thought she just didn’t understand. Now I know that it was me who didn’t understand.

    6. Guys who worship 80s hair-metal bands always stood out to me as strange for that very reason.

      1. I do like me some Danger Danger or White Snake, though… Born in the great year of 1984 I was…

        1. Ok fine… The 80s rocked… But let’s just admit we have to draw the line somewhere…

        2. The only lines in the 80s were lines of blow on the mirrors in their dressing rooms! shut yer flanhole! No lines!

        3. Yeah, because you can only buy tix to def leppard/tesla/styxx on ticketmaster. roadtrip for the RoKheads

        4. Rush driving a minibus full of grown men all wearing the same t shirts.LOL

        5. I was a teenager when Poison came out and I just thought WTF! These guys dressed like girls and are complete posers. That’s when I said “I don’t want my MTV.”

    7. It was like this 10-20 years ago when little league teams of 10-15 had 3-4 coaches. The kids who were really into sports actually played sports for fun. They shot hoops, played pickup basketball/football, kicked around a soccer ball, etc. While the dads had beer guts they also had big arms and chests. Also no one cared what the players did outside the field/court.
      Nowadays most of the fantasy league people I meet are out of shape and love watching sports. Instead of playing basketball outside with their kids, they check their fantasy statistics or look up the latest sports gossip.

      1. I never understood fantasy football. You pretend to be the coach and build a team by picks before the season, trade players, and watch endless Sports to get what each player did and how your dream team stacked against others. I’m guessing this provides those men something to “talk” about instead of talking about current events, self improvement, game, and how to build and fix shit. Totally non productive following each player’s stats. Plus it consumed ALOT of time. I tried it once and couldn’t care less about it.

        1. It seems to be like playing a stock market simulation. I was teaching a business course and had my students set up accounts with Investopedia. Wow, were they ever into it!

    8. well said…as I’ve said in private conversations, sports is really a way to have war, without actually having war.

    9. Are you really going to compare war where men kill each over a bunch of guys shaking their bare bellies and drinking beer

      1. Pathetic the football movies made lately where they pretty much try to make it seem like JV football is fucking Verdun with the music and bro crap. Those tools would be the first to run into a heavy machine crossfire with their rah rah bullshit making about 6′ of advance.

  7. Ah America, where people can make 100 million dollars throwing a ball through a hoop while people who actually contribute to society by saving lives or building our infrastructure get shit on.

    1. Weak sauce. It’s about market value. People who “actually contribute to society by saving lives” are important but people don’t spend money to watch them contributing. And “throwing a ball through a hoop” on a professional level requires a lot of hard work.
      Nice try though…..

      1. Also people are worth what they generate. Athletes get paid because they make the owners and sponsors shit tons of money!

        1. Exactly. This is exactly my point about people who grand stand in this fashion. Standing up for teachers, cops, and firemen doesn’t win anyone favor with the masses no matter how “noble” the point they think they’re making.

        2. These so called “noble” professions and are done to help people and society by people who care about people and society. Teaching and fire fighting is not about money its about being a good person and doing something that may help or change children/teens and help society. As soon as money is an incentive in these professions you get people doing it only for the money not the greater good…which is a problem

        3. Thats exactly what I will never understand. Aside from soccer other countries don’t have the huge sports “industry” (if you can call it that) that we do. We have football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, fuck even golf can make you insanely rich if your good enough at it.
          The thing is where does all that money come from? All of us. Athletes are making all this money now because we have a nation of people with nothing better to do than to throw their money at athletes for being good at w.e sport they’re playing. Like the article said we’ve got a nation of people willing to pay to wear another mans jersey. Its like everyones lives have gotten so mundane and shitty they have to live vicariously through other people or teams.

        4. “Its like everyones lives have gotten so mundane and shitty they have to live vicariously through other people or teams.”
          So true, if not other people or teams its their children! The crazy amounts of money and time wasted on kids to make a professional sport is literally bankrupting families i know! Hockey dad’s dads are insane in Canada as I bet the same is with every sort of sport dad!

        5. Teachers damage children, cops oppress people and firemen go on strike.
          People love to mindlessly raise these occupations up as self-evident and inviolable examples of great and selfless vocations when in fact they are nothing of the sort.

        6. You’re corny. “Its about being a good person…” come on dude grow the fuck up.

        7. lol…it is corny for sure but back in the day that’s what those jobs were about no??

        8. Go and research the purpose for those occupations. “Being a good person”, saving the children and being nice to cute furry animals had nothing to do with it. Teachers were created to indoctrinate the population, the police were created to keep you in line if the indoctrination failed and firemen would let your shit burn if you didn’t pay them (like they do now).
          If you think these people do this work out of the goodness of their fluffy pink hearts you need to double up on your red pills.

        9. Bread and circuses. Consider the involvement of the government in national sports. It is huge.
          So not all the money is coming from us. We are being driven towards it.
          But why is this do you think?

        10. Not disagreeing with anything you are saying in today’s society but as you can see noble was in quotes. Could you not agree though at one time teachers actually were there to teach the 3 R’s and fire fighters, who were volunteers, helped to put out a fire because it was thy neighbors house or barn that was on fire. So at one time people actually cared about each other.

        11. So not all the money is coming from us. We are being driven towards it.
          But why is this do you think?

          Ignorant people are easy to manipulate.
          It boggles my mind how the average American can spout off the latest Hollywood gossip or sports statistics without missing a beat but the same person is generally clueless about current events or other more important things. These people just blindly accept whatever the powers that be tell them to think.

        12. Just another avenue for the government to take your money and propagate their agenda. See all the silly campaigns and messages they spread through athletes and sport.

        13. Military worship, beer consumption, multicolored ribbons, SLEEP, OBEY, DO NOT QUESTION…

        14. I think in all of those occupations you will find majority decent people. The trouble is that those institutions are corrupt and will eventually corrupt those within them.

        15. So outside of the man-jersey thing, what’s wrong with living in a nation prosperous enough that we can afford to pay basically otherwise useless people to do what they naturally excel at doing? Beats them being on the streets organizing revolutions.

        16. United States courts have bent over backwards to protect sports and rule in their favor.

        17. Exactly. If you’re the powers-that-be, you need to know you can point the pitchforks in the direction you want them to go.

        18. 100% yes. You nailed it exactly. Living through others also describes the absolute explosion of porn.

        19. i like how u said “teaching and fire fighting” but didnt include cops

        20. I spent 12 years as a volunteer coach in youth sports; basketball, baseball, and softball.
          IME, the baseball parents were the absolute worst. During the games, there’d be long stretches of inactivty. Quiet time. Then you could hear all the assinine shit the parents were saying to the umpires, the other team, the coaches, and their own kids. Fucking ridiculous and many of them though their kid was going to be the next MLB great.
          In contrast, during a basketball game, there’s not much quiet time. There’s lots of shouting, cheering, whistles blowing etc. I never recall hearing anything from the stands during a basketball game because there’s so much commotion and activity.
          And as far as bball parents, most of them knew how good their kid was and didn’t have ridiculous expectations of the kid or me as coach to turn out the next Jordan.
          Baseball and softball are fun to play but suck to coach IMO.

        21. I seriously doubt that the “otherwise useless” pro athletes would be organizing revolutions on the streets in the absence of prosperity/pro sports.

      2. I think he’s making a point on market value and how it is fucked up in the states, which he has a damn good point. We value the wrong people for the wrong reasons, just look at Bruce Jenner.

    2. So don’t buy sports tickets or participate in buying products of sponsors. They can command these salaries because people wish to, and continue to, support them.

      1. I’m neither here nor there with regards to the business of professional sports but I am beyond disgusted at politicians at the state and local level who cut checks with our tax money to build stadiums and lure teams to play.
        Professional sports is a lucrative industry in its own right. It does not need to be on the dole.

        1. Absolutely agree. If the money is earned in the private sector it is none of my concern. When it starts coming from my own hide without my consent, then we have a problem.

    3. If I spend $100m a year am I actually contributing to society? Beyond the enjoyment that people get from watching me (hypothetically) “throw a ball through a hoop” what about all the jobs I generate by either spending or investing that money? How much are you contributing to society? Less or more than a basketball player?

      1. Silly argument. Give me a $100 million right now. Or everyone.
        We’ll spend it no doubt.
        Will that produce any of the things we actually want of value in the first place… well NO.

        1. You have made an apt example of the sheer economic ignorance of the average person.
          Well done.

        2. Actually yes, it will. What happens when you spend money on a product or service?
          People get paid, things get made, jobs either continue or are created. If the amount paid causes an overage beyond what they take as personal profit then the money either gets invested back into the market through equities and other financial instruments, or they go into research and development. This doesn’t even consider the downstream industries that also profit by the spending, such as fuel, transportation, raw resource extraction, animal rearing, etc.

    4. Stop your bitch and start a company to save lives and build our infrastructure. Plenty of people have become rich that way. (Plenty of others went bankrupt the same way)

    5. they dont get paid to throw a ball through a hoop..they get paid to make millions of people watch them and spend money in the process

    6. I’ve always hated this argument. Sports have a huge economic impact. Whole cities like green bay survive because of a sports team. Athletes do build infrastructure and also provide employment for lots of doctors…c’mon think about it a little.

  8. ESPN is full of White Knights and feminist SJWs. I can’t take any of those clowns with manginas seriously. I was watching that dumbass ‘His and Hers’ show and the black dude Michael Smith went full retard as a White Knight. He was going on a rampage on how De Andre Johnson was wrong..blah..blah..blah..should have walked away..blah..blah..blah..
    These guys need to understand that not all men are beta-males that like to be used as punching bags. They’re basically stating it’s okay for any woman to go up to a guy and assault them and the guy won’t retaliate and is at fault by default. That kind of thinking will get women hurt and put in harms way like the fat stupid chick who hit the FSU QB. Now women think they are equal to men from a physical standpoint and are tough enough to start bar fights with us.
    After that I think I’m done with ESPN and their hatred towards us men. They bent over and got sodomized by the feminists and have an agenda to soften up and make sports seem more gay for the pussy White Knight Liberal media.

    1. Yes – At this point I go to the MLB or NFL networks when I want to watch highlights. As a side benefit, I don’t have wait through soccer or tennis news.

      1. I’m the same with the NBA. I’d rather watch the summer and Euro leagues than listen to the latest gossip on the Sports Tabloid Network.

    2. The whole world is full of white knights, manginas, and blue-pill warriors. The only exceptions might be most of the countries in the middle east, but who the fuck wants to live there.

        1. I’ve been there about 10 times, but the girls are not as good as advertised.
          Your standard moscow girl is generally worse than your standard western girl. I put it down to poor diet, bad climate, some poverty, and the fact that all the decent russian girls have done to london or dubai to rent our their bodies.

    3. “After that I think I’m done with ESPN and their hatred towards us men.”
      It is no loss.

    4. The only way to be truly “done with ESPN” is to drop pay TV completely. As long as you have any such service you pay them every month whether you watch or not.

  9. Basically sports are now just a soap opera or reality show. We have made these athletes into celebrities and they are so mainstream and part of our pop culture. So now the sheeple buy what the media is selling them about sports (all this stand up for cancer, pink shoes for breast cancer, pro war and army etc.) and end up worshiping these athletes who really deserve no praise or accolades. Really what do they do? Now the sheeple end up spending all their money on overpriced tickets, concessions, and merchandise for teams and athletes that really add no value to your life. I always laugh at when people tell me “You gotta support the team”.

    1. Just look at that cockhead Krygios. And his antics at Wimbledon.
      Annoys the hell out of me that all the media, and commentators, sugarcoat his dickhead behavior by describing it as “his demons”, or “the imperfect prodigy”..etc.
      Why can’t they just call it what it is. Another arrogant Australian sports’man’ acting like the cockhead he is. (just like Hewitt or the majority of the Australian cricket team).
      And yes… I’m Australian, and embarrassed by the way many of our sporting ‘heroes’ conduct themselves.

        1. What does Anglo blood have to do with being Australian? Y’all a bunch of criminals and immigrants.

        2. I’m not Australian, but you make a good point. There is plenty of Scottish blood there as well.

        3. Not all us whiteys ancestors were on the first fleets but you’re right you don’t have to be Anglo to be Aussie.

        4. That is true, but the country you are raised in has a much more prominent influence on your personality than your genetic ethnicity.
          As I’ve mentioned before, this is no less true than when it comes to Australian born Asian girls.
          You will never meet a more stuck-up woman than the average Aussie-born chinese. Raised in a hotbed of feminism and entitled arrogance, add to that being hit on by hundreds of desperados trying to get their yellow wings, and you have a sure fire recipe for a complete and utter princess.

        5. I find the Chinese Christian girls I’ve met are traditional and nice to be around but you’re right about many of them.

      1. Australian cricket team aren’t as bad as what the Australian public like to say, they were arrogant in the 90s but backed it up on field. Today it’s a whole new team but the public still go on about them being arrogant based on a retired group of players 15+ years ago. They will still call the Australian team arrogant in 50 years time even with whole new players who may be humble as pie. Look that The Indian, South African and English teams lover the years, just as arrogant as Australia were but without the success. I agree about Krygios though, he’s a cockhead of the highest order.

        1. Some good points, but I would suggest that the aussie team let their reputations down with their on-field antics.
          Mouthing off at other players, sending off batsmen, shoulder charging the runners.
          They are not massive ball-tamperers as some of the other teams, but they do add to bad reputation of Australians around the world.

        2. Every test team does those things people just kick up a fuss when Australia does it. I fully admit in The 90s The Australian team was arrogant and their on field behavior wasn’t great but they backed it up with performance and when they did lose they never made excuses unlike England and India over the years. Also the current Australian team doesn’t have one member from that era unless you count their coach, but people will label every single Aussie team arrogant based on one group of players that have now retired.

  10. Its interesting how one slowly disengages and then rejects the professional sports mania. For me it was not a sudden rejection, but just a gradual drifting away and realization that this worship of athletes is empty and becoming destructive to society.
    It is a farce of the really valuable things. IT is noise without substance. IT is even propaganda for false images of racial issues, social issues and feminist issues.
    Gradually the juxtaposition between reality and the propaganda is unbearable and unsustainable.
    I am fed up with seeing the white man build and do the heavy work of civilization and subsidize everyone else. IT is beyond disgusting, it is a farce. The games on anothers dime must end. Enough.

    1. This is probably what I’m experiencing now, though I’m trying to fight it.

      1. It’s ok man, giving up on sports is like giving up cable television. You are certain that it’s going to be awful, what oh what could ever replace those things you spend so much time on? How ever could you possibly fill the void? What could you possibly have to relate to others with? Etc.
        But then you drop them like hot potatoes, never look back and discover that you’re interfacing with the same amount of people about new, more healthy interests, you find more time for real hobbies, and life goes on as normal, usually down a better path.

        1. And later on down the road, you laugh at the solicitations you get from pay TV providers to come back.

        2. The best part is when they stop showing up in the mailbox because it’s been so long.

        3. Haven’t gotten there yet. 🙂
          The hilarious part is I’ve never been a satellite TV customer and they still keep sending me spam.

        4. $20 a month for Netflix and Hulu Plus and both together will suit your needs just fine!

        5. Yep, agree. Once you get rid of cable TV you will not miss it. You’ll find better ways to spend your time and the “programming” of your mind will stop (your life will get better). I don’t expose myself much to TV because it truly is programming (subconsciously)…many people aren’t aware of it.
          I heard our so called commander in chief, today, and a few comments about Iran (new sanctions bill). I was wondering if he was going to have a special moment on TV to talk about how important it is to go over that latest trade bill (TPP) and the details (before it fucks over many working class Americans). Probably not, because he owes big donors (big money corp) and he can’t get elected again. Oh well, fuck you America…now get out there and watch your favorite team.

    2. When you’re older than most of the athletes its kind of hard to worship kids.

  11. At this point, I would rather watch a high school game than college, and a college game rather than pro. In that progression, it becomes steadily less about the game and more about personalities and marketing.

  12. The Equality Olympics.
    In honour or all those squealing feminists, I think there should be an ‘Equality Olympics”. This event, held in Stockholm, will feature only man vs woman events.
    Nadal vs Sharapova in tennis for example. Bolt vs Fraser-pryce. Mayweather vs Juarez…etc.etc.
    Lets see if those feminists are still crying for equality in sport after they get their asses kicked in 99% of events. (and sorry girls… no ‘heat breaks’)

    1. Wimbledon was an eye-opener.Contrast the men’s game with the women’s,everybody? would have to agree the women are woeful much as the BBC tried to tell us different.The women’s game was more entertaining when there were long baseline rallies but since now,women try to emulate men,
      they get passed at the net with ease and that is reducing the standard and time they have to play.

    2. Barring a fluke, I would wager 100% of events. The best female athletes are barely on par with average for college sports -and only because they are loaded up on test and var

      1. Maybe archery, they could pull a draw (assuming that the targets are the same distance away, which they probably are not).
        But it would be damn close to 100%.

  13. Another annoying thing about ESPN is how all the commentators look like metrosexuals. Too-tight suits, no facial hair, effeminate body language. It’s painful to watch.

  14. I’ve never understood how men could be so caught up in the efforts and achievements of other men when they have their own lives to live. Professional and college sports viewing are one of the worst ways to waste the precious time God has granted us on this earth. I remember one evening at a local watering hole watching two morons get into a fist fight over a basketball game between Duke and UNC Chapel Hill, a huge rivalry down here. After they were separated and settled down, I asked the two morons who were so invested if they were graduates of the schools they supported, and as it turned out, neither one of them had even been to college, let alone two of the top tier universities of the southeast. I graduated from Westchester U back in 1988, and have never cared then or now how their football or basketball team did or does, and have a degree from the school…those dudes are pathetic. I love judo and still compete occasionally, and that is where my involvement starts and ends, in earning medals for my efforts and in improving my technique.. that is what sport is for, to improve yourself, not waste time burning the boob tube watching strangers play so you can wear their names on your back and get dressed up like an idiot to pay to sit in their stadiums.

    1. Same, except I went to THE Ohio State University, and I live just north of Columbus. Talk about not fitting in with the *only* topic most people want to talk about from late August forward.
      The only saving grace is that we still have coach Earl Bruce on the radio during that time, giving commentary throughout the week. I could give two shits what he says about sports specifically, but he’s great to listen to on the radio because he’s old world, red pill “man’s man” in an 80+ year old package. The words “political” and “correctness” together in a sentence are alien to him. He smacks down pussies and whiners constantly and when he speaks everybody listens and gets quiet, treats his observations, however rough edged, as the delivered words of God; even former “superstars” who come on to comment on the radio.

      1. Do they still riot on the corner of 12 and High Street — win or lose? It woudn’t be the OSU I remembered without the smell of CS gas wafting over campus.
        Of course, usually most of those arrested are (1) not students and (2) not living in Columbus.

        1. Haven’t seen that in a long while actually. The last time I ever smelled tear gas on campus was when they were trying to stop students from tearing down the goal posts after a win in the Horseshoe.
          I actually used to live on the corner of Chittenden and 12th in the very late ’80’s. It was a short hike up to to High, which meant I was always drunk-walk capable of getting some gyros from Louie over at Apollo’s.

        2. Was that the 94′ game when the Buckeyes (finally) beat Michigan and the state troopers formed rings around the goal posts? Big mistake. The TV screen went black just as the CS canisters were popping off on the field.
          My sister was going there in the late 80’s (King Ave.) and I used to visit when home on leave. Used to hit Mean Mustards and Papa Joe’s. I lived way down on 14th when I was going to OSU n the mid-90’s. Got tired of the neighborhood (cough) and decided to share rent with an old budd who was living in Grove City for my last year.

        3. That was it precisely, in fact I was in class there at the time (well, not precisely at the time of the game, but you know what I mean).
          Yeah, the entire back sprawl around OSU was certainly “enriched” by “diversity”. When on Chittenden I always had a gun handy *in the house*. One weekend we (my buddies and I in the house) witnessed cops flooding across the lawn of the duplex and forming a tactical formation on the house next door. Apparently my neighbor was wanted by the FBI for murder. I always wondered why he never came to the neighborhood cookouts (j/k). Freaking weird ass place, to say the least.

        4. They had one big riot in 95′ which I witnessed– riot police showed up and started firing “knee knockers” into the crowd. They had it coming.
          “Freaking weird ass place, to say the least.”
          Slums are like that. I slept with a .32 automatic under my pillow while living in a dump on 14th with other students and some poor folk (cheap rent) who I barely got to know. None of us stayed longer than we had too. It was more like a half way house.

  15. I’m glad you mentioned Bill Russell and his championships with the Celtics. So many people seem to forget that, or they never knew. I’m a Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots fans, but I never let bad seasons ruin my day. The Red Sox were the worst team in baseball a few seasons ago before their last World Series win. This did not make me depressed. I hate when my teams lose, but these losses are not serious life events. MRSA infections are something to be bummed about, not games.
    I still wear a Brady jersey, though. 😀 So I guess I can be pathetic sometimes.
    The latest Lean In campaign in the NBA made me sick. Where are the women leaning in for their brothers who get screwed by the education and court systems? How come guys always have to lend a helping hand, but women never have to lift a finger?

  16. Well, what gets me is the faux outrage we get from markets that are far away from the source of the ‘outrage’. I live in Vancouver Canada and to hear the frothing at the mouth from some of the sports readers over LeBron James is beyond belief. These folks are just parrots. We are on the other side of the damn continent. Who the eff cares?
    The irony is that the sports readers from the news-oriented radio channel (those in YVR will know what I mean by “Dubya”} are more rabid than those men over at our local pure-sports radio channel.
    A few years back, I actually remember the sports-only gents pondering whether or not Tiger Wood’s wife hitting him with a golf club was a case of domestic violence. The news-only guys were talking about how Tiger let his caddy down with his promiscuity.
    Vancouver can be a Bizarro World sometimes.

  17. Great article. One comment: “I’ve never understood the desire for a man to proudly don another man’s name anywhere on his person.” I have one exception to this rule. I have a #40 Pat Tillman Cardinals jersey.

  18. This is interesting.
    Sir John Bagot Glubb (1897-1987), a highly honored British general and historian – As Glubb explains, the heroes of an empire’s people change over time as their values do. Soldiers, builders, pioneers and explorers are admired in the initial stages of the empire life cycle. Then successful businessmen and entrepreneurs are esteemed during the ages of commerce and affluence.
    For example, late 19th-century middle-class Americans wanted their children to learn the values of prudence, saving and foresight as found in the stories of author Horatio Alger, whose heroes lead exemplary lives striving to succeed in the face of adversity and poverty. Intellectuals are also increasingly respected during the age of intellect.
    During the last stages of decadence and decline, an empire’s people often think most highly of and imitate athletes, musicians and actors—despite how corrupt these celebrities’ private lives are.

  19. I always wondered if I was alone on this. I stopped watching ANY pre or post game crap 15 years ago when i could see what they were doing. I watch almost all pro football with no sound because so often their ‘analysis’ is a narrative they in the media created just to hammer in during the contest. How many times do we need the shot of their wife / girlfriend / mom? I see in fact, other red-pill men DO see it.

    1. He’s a fine young men with a promising career, why do you ask?
      Revolting isn’t it?

  20. I once fucked a divorcee (she looked like a woman in her early 30s who had a kid, but the sex was pretty good) who had “Daddy’s Girl” tattooed over her ass.
    For some reason, I always think of that whenever I see a man walking around wearing another man’s jersey

  21. Once I loved watching the Olympics. Seeing athletes compete from all over the world in events you otherwise would not be able to see very often. But today I just can’t stand the media coverage. It is 90% human interest stories/hype and a little bit of actually covering the event.
    Athletes personal lives are no more interesting than fungus growing on my gym socks. What is interesting is watching them compete sprinkled with a bit of analysis.
    Here is a great example:

    1. I remember when that shit started in earnest. Late 1980’s or early 1990’s. Was watching some event and they started with the, now normal, “human interest”. My dad was watching with me and we both laughed and he asked “Why do they think we give a shit?”
      It got worse and eventually I stopped watching as well. Not a huge loss really, they rarely cover the things I like to watch anyway nowadays.

      1. “My dad was watching with me and we both laughed and he asked “Why do they think we give a shit?”
        Most men don’t. I believe this snooping around into sports person’s personal life was targeted at women. Feminists wanted to make sports more “woman friendly”, while the sports channels desired a bigger audience.

        1. I was watching a football game a couple years ago. The camera peers over to one of the players sitting on the bench and the announcer informs the viewers that he’s sad because his dog recently died.
          It was so obvious they were pandering to the female audience.

      2. No shit. I felt like I need to reach in my purse for a tissue.
        God damn I hate that shit. That’s when you know it started down hill.

        1. Once it became clear that “wookit my widdle feewings and stwuggles” was here to stay, we stopped tuning in. My pop and I followed a similar trajectory on that count, neither one of us watch sports at all these days, not even live and in person. Except for the occasional live minor league baseball game, which I consider rather harmless and akin to fishing: you don’t go there because you actually care about the end result, you go there to enjoy a nice, relaxing quiet time in the company of others.

    1. I’m no porn reader but damn, that’s fucked up. Oh well, there’s still the Internet.

    2. Why are you reading Playboy? That magazine is a feminist rag. Though it doesn’t push fat acceptance.

  22. What they didn’t tell you is that the boys from Vegas gave Miss Davis a dose of reality
    what is this in reference to?

  23. The only jerseys I buy are those with my name on them. I’m not getting cut or traded to another team. And it’s convenient too because I have a funny last name.

  24. That girl had her jersey sent to Cooperstown. Think about that. It probably mere feet away from something related to Ted Williams, probably the greatest all around hitter in the modern era AND someone who served in WW2 and actually saw combat action during the Korean War. He managed to land his plane after taking fire. It was ON fire as he landed. Not even a scratch on him.
    He went back to the majors, ultimately missing almost 4 full seasons due to serving, which probably cost him the all time lead in RBI.
    But that girl’s achievement is impressive lol

  25. “We’re goin’ to the Super Bowl”
    Wrong. Mandango Jonshon is going to the Super Bowl. You’re a fat drunk who needs to lift his gut to access his dick.
    I never understood how any adult could care about a troop of Nogs playing a school yard game.

  26. Just as I believe Disney and the parents allowing their girls to grow up on their misleading toxic messages, I believe guys who live and die by their teams success to be the biggest fucking losers in America. Everything about the ESPN nation sucks. Groupthink, no individual thought, fanatic enthusiasm, spending their money and time when they could be doing something productive with themselves. I blame the ESPN/ jock nation for the reason this country is in the mess we are in. Ask any of these fucktards about current political events and they cant be bothered. They are only concerned with their job and then its about their team.
    Most of the shit we discuss in ROK is because American men have dropped the ball when it comes to taking part in the direction of where this country is heading. These people are so pathetic and have nothing going on personally that they take on the fanatic role because itts an easy identity to latch on to. I get it every guy likes their hobby but dont make it your fucking lifestyle and identity.
    This thug mentallity that comes with these people that follow these teams is pathetic too. In L.A some guy gets beaten to a pulp by some piece of shit gangmembers that jumped a guy for being a supporter of another team. That shit happens all the time. I see these dumbasses at the sportsbars getting way too loud because some steroid monkey got a ball past some lines or in a net. Grow up and get a fucking life and spend that energy it to something that actually matters.

  27. I usually only watch a few NCAA football games in the fall and a handfull of NFL games, but if the announcer is female, or Brent Musburger, the TV goes to mute throughout the game.

  28. Whaddaya know, just spotted this on my lunch hour on ESPN. Tell me, do you REALLY think the women are saying/doing anything productive other than providing somewhat eye candy and serving as token hiring quotas?
    Thank Hell the volume was muted!

  29. Negroes good at juggling balls, endorsed by Nike and worshipped by flubs who have no personal identity.

  30. The most disgusting display of a lack of masculinity is at your neighborhood buffalo wild wings. Nothing is sicker than a bunch of morbidly obese men wearing stretched out jerseys with another mans name on their back and yelling “we won, we won!”
    Your not a winner, your drunk and eating chicken wings. You accomplished nothing. You can also throw the fantasy football loser into the mix too. I remember last November i was at a hotel lounge and a man jumped up screaming…”thats my running back” as he spilled his drink everywhere.
    I always wonder what the players think of these clowns? Guys like JJ Watt must get tired of seeing grown men act like 12 year olds in public.

    1. “The most disgusting display of masculinity…” Actually, it’s not masculinity. It’s many things- gluttony, drunkenness, childishness, the list goes on- but it’s not masculinity. That’s why it’s so disgusting to see adult males behave this way.

    2. I have an old friend who used to play football and even played for Texas A&M (he was a walkon).
      Anyway, he’s a huge NFL fan and a Fantasy Football champ in his town.
      He calls me up a few months ago to ask advice about restoring a 65 Mustang he’s had in his garage the last 10 years. Having some experience with muscle cars and a few successful projects, he thought I might be able to help.
      He told me that he wanted to make a list and start fixing it. So I suggested some things that worked for me.
      He said “I don’t have enough time”. I said “well at least during the summer, you ought to go out to the garage on Sundays for the same number of hours you spend on fall Sundays watching the NFL — by the end of summer you’ll have over 100 hours into it will have made some good progress”/
      You could have heard a pin drop right then. As if that idea was the most preposterous thing he’d ever heard.
      And I wasn’t even telling him to work on the ‘stang rather than watch football, which is what I do or would do in his place.
      Nope. See during summer there’s golf, tennis, and I guess PCCAR races.
      So the ‘stang continues to serve as a storage shelf and space occupier in his stuffed garage.
      Watching sports is a collossal waste of time and due to all the social justice shit they’ve injected, it’s not even entertaining to me any more.
      No more cable, no more weekends wasted watching other people do stuff. I’ve been on the no TV bandwagon for years and agree with others’ comments here regarding the benefits of living one’s own life rather than living vicariously through others.
      No jerseys or BWW watch parties for me.

      1. Thats a really sad story. I used to think that on their death beds, these people will wish they didnt waste so much time watching stupid tv programming. Sad truth is, these kinds of people will be begging for more time…to watch football.
        The number one market for the nfl is women and emasculated men who purchase goods. Not men who pursue goals. Just like how all the players wear pink for a month to cater to the female fanbase, 10 years from now im sure they will wear rainbows for a gay pride month.

    3. Maybe it was his running back, in the fantasy sports sense, and he’d “made bank” because of the RB’s performance?

  31. amen, envy is a deadly sin for a reason. And I am glad I don’t wear a shirt with a name but just hats lol

  32. I really do not like female sports commentators. They have annoying voices and don’t sound like the genuinely know what they are talking about . Some jobs just aren’t for them.

  33. Professional sports is another arena where women have juxtaposed themselves into a place where they do not belong. I’ve said it before that feminists pick and choose the areas of society in which they would like to be equal or greater. Women don’t care about professional sports. They follow the crowd! No one gives a crap about women’s soccer! No one cares about women’s tennis! What straight male could say that they think it’s right Rhonda Rousey has become a man with a vagina? And it will continue. Some butch fattie will try to make a college football team.
    Men and women ARE DIFFERENT! Straight men don’t try to masculine women. I don’t think a straight man would be welcomed into women’s tennis. WTF!

  34. I see lot of people wearing sports jersey to cheer his favorite player. But Player never care about their fans , they just make millions of money and even they do not contribute to the society which i feel is disgusting about some players .

  35. Karl Marx said “Religion is the opium of the people”
    Today “Sport is the crack cocaine of looser” !

  36. &^%&$%^%
    Here’s why you’re a moron. Putin doesn’t care about the Russian economy. He cares about the “Putin Economy,” which is about lining his accounts with billions of dollars. He is the head of the
    Russian Maffia. Obama did not hurt Putin. He hurt the Russian citizens that Putin could care less about
    ——-..– http://www.WorldCareersProviders/ supertakecent/cold/marketing…

  37. I call these people “Sportscucks” because their is a cuckhold element to sports now. It’s one pillar in our general cuckhold culture.

  38. I don’t follow sports. Sometimes I will read up on them so I can feign a passing knowledge to carry on a conversation, but generally, I just don’t give a shit. I was into UFC for several years because I find martial arts interesting overall. Still, I am not going to lay out 20 bucks to have a t-shirt that says “The Iceman Commeth” or WTF ever. Hell, even having the Nike or Adidas logo on my shit makes me cringe a bit, but the stuff tends to be inexpensive and reasonable quality.
    I’ve always been a loner. Team sports and their supporters are much more tribal, even pathologically so. One of the most fucked up examples is the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL. I was born in 1966 and the Leafs won the Stanley Cup that season, but never again in my lifetime. And yet they are the most valuable and lucrative franchise in the league and can sell out games consistently. They get premium air time and people eat up their paraphernalia for lots of $. They are a bunch of the most over-worshipped losers ever.

  39. ESPN is about ratings and revenue first and sports last. All decisions are based on the bottom line. That’s why they promote large market teams and players in all sports as well as the PC promoting of women in sports and in sports reporting ad nauseum.
    ESPN is to sports same as what STDs are to sex.

  40. I played ice hockey at a pretty high level, so I like watching my friends who play in the NHL. Haters can go fuck themselves.

  41. Sports should be just taken as entertainment. Yes it requires brawn as well as brains and finesse but it shouldn’t engulf your entire life.

  42. I’m in a band with 3 guys who are huge sports fans. In one weekend my grandma died, AND their team lost a championship game. A week later when we got together guess who was still cycling through emotions of sadness and anger? Hint: It wasn’t the guy who had a significant death in his life.

  43. Wanna see stupid, Donovan? Check out the Brady fiasco. Sports are rotten from the head-down. I personally believe all women outside of OJ Simpson’s wife deserve heartily what they get. The DV issue is out of hand and honest women would say so. Target the King (men) don’t you miss. But you women aren’t equal. Men will knock your ass OUT. At the end of it all, you’re vulnerable. We’ve seen it repeatedly. Trouble in sports is now shared with women. But there were enough bullshit jobs for women to take without wrecking broadcasts as announcers. Anyone reporting sports that has not been IN sports has to be classified as part-pussy.

  44. “It’s often been said that most sports writers are people who would gladly trade places with the athletes they cover, but because of lack of talent, discipline, and genetics they didn’t make the grade.”
    While that might be true some or even most of the time, it’s difficult to deny that completely superficial drafting/recruiting practices play a huge part of the process outside of talent, discipline, or genetics as well. among other websites discuss that topic.

  45. “Personally, I’ve never minded seeing women on the sports landscape. Linda Cohn and Robin Roberts never rubbed me the wrong way back in the day on SportsCenter and female sideline reporters are paid to look good and report the facts. Nothing wrong with that either.”
    There’s a couple of women who can do sports. But even then they should stick to the game scores or doing sideline reporting. I can’t stand it when they have women on these shows doing the X’s and O’s of the game.
    It’s a joke to hear them talk about things like football strategy and I won’t listen to them.

  46. What a fantastic article and analysis of the sporting world. Excellent writing. Well done!

  47. Enjoy your healthy perspective on sports from the West Coast, Donovan. That’s a lot better place to be than the East Coast, where it can be fanatical.
    I love the Morpheus photo, by the way!

  48. Whereas I never in my life wanted to be an athlete I went from hating sports to abhorring it because it’s just paying tall guys for being well tall they’re only competing with the 20% how much of competition would they have any short guy trying to get in will be snubbed no matter how good he is
    And no I’m not just talking about basketball but football, tennis, soccer, hockey pretty much all sports take tall athletes over short ones.
    Gee whiz playing sports and never growing up and getting paid for it so much obligation to the nation. There should be a military service requirement for all athletes at the very least to make them useful for something a couple year term.

  49. Professional sports and the brain dead people who worship them are part of the problem in our country right now. I know guys who can quotes stats and names from the newspaper, but wouldn’t be got reading a book or be able to talk intelligently about real issues.
    And the joke on America is that it’s mostly rigged. I worked in the government for years dealing with developers, taxpayers, and the people who really run our cities from behind the politicians. And it’s the people with the most to gain economically from a particular team working it’s way through the ranks and to the Super Bowl than it does honest sportsmanship.
    Money talks to money, and contractors who back up politicians in, say Indiana, coordinate with their peers in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, etc. THEY decide which team wins which game. Then they get their political appointees to get the public whipped up about new construction, vendors, city contracts. It’s one group of voters being played off the other to justify tax spending and cover up the fact that no real discussion is going on about jobs and our society. That’s what it’s all about. It has nothing to do with one team being superior to the other.
    And women’s sports, naw. Nothing but dating clubs for lesbians.

  50. Thank you for writing this article. The comments are making me feel so much more sane. I’m 30 years old. Through my college and post college days, I never really enjoyed watching or understood why my friends were so into video games and sports. Sure, I enjoyed hanging out with them but I literally could give a shit about the sports game. It never clicked for me. When I was younger I was more confused about it, later to learn it was a red pill waiting to happen. Spending Sundays (your’re fucking weekends of all times to give up) sitting on the couch screaming at the TV and watching sports just always seemed idiotic to me. In my younger days of playing sports, I watched games and wore sports jerseys etc. As a child I think it’s okay as younger people generally struggle as who to follow and aspire to. As adults, it’s sheepish. I’d rather make wine, work in my yard or wrench in my garage on a Sunday.

  51. There is nothing worse than the idiotic football fan who comes to work on Monday blathering about “we won”. You won what you moron? The 2006 movie “Big Fan” depicts these pathetic creatures for what they are – sad losers.

  52. Go to any local sports bar on an NFL Sunday and you’ll find the most abject bunch of beer bellied imbeciles whose life rises and falls on the fortunes of their team. They curse the refs and players when things don’t go right. They scream at the top of their lungs at the TV and each other. They argue about who is the best player. They constantly fall for the flirtatious nature of the nearly naked tattooed whore bringing them drinks and shower her with dollars. I hate sports fans.

  53. Disclaimer: Unpopular DH opinion being spewed- Fuck team sports, why muddy your brain with that garbage when there is business, combat and Formula One in life. Oh, and killing sea creatures with spears in the ocean. The saddest sports fags are the high school graduates that are diehard college football fans….motherfucker you never even hit community college what are you doing rooting for the University lolololol

    1. Nothing wrong with a bit of team sports provided you partake of such also-it’s good for having that sense of manly camaraderie. Although I do enjoy Formula One even if the team I support-Williams-have been shit to fair to middling for the last 18 years.

  54. For the Brits: It is the inescapable duty of every decent citizen to express no interest in or enthusiasm for football and the World Cup – Theodore Dalrymple explains why
    “Clearly, vulgarity has its place. No one would want to live in a society composed entirely of well brought-up young ladies. But vulgarity is interesting and amusing only in contradistinction to something else. Bawdiness is, or should be, parasitic on refinement, sometimes as a satire on or corrective to over-refinement. Nor is it always and everywhere appropriate. Even Mistress Quickly in Shakespeare reveals herself to be a woman of fine feeling and humanity when she describes the death of Falstaff. She is not vulgar to the very depths of her being. When vulgarity achieves cultural hegemony, when it is praised, flattered and deferred to, however, then people will be vulgar to the depths of their being.
    Football is, or has become, a pretext for behaviour that would not be tolerated in other contexts, and which has coarsened and continues to coarsen the whole tenor of society. This behaviour has become so widespread that politicians fear to criticise it, or at least to draw attention to the connection between it and “the beautiful game” in which they feel it necessary to claim to be so interested.
    It is not very difficult to observe the connection. In pubs in which large television screens relay matches, for example, large numbers of young adults behave in a disinhibited way, screaming and shouting, often obscenities, and always with a hint of menace. You feel that violence is never very far removed, and could break out at any time. Only people who have given up entirely on the notion of civilised behaviour would fail to find these scenes deeply unattractive, as well as profoundly depressing. These are people not so much enjoying themselves, as straining to persuade themselves and each other that they are enjoying themselves. The void – and awareness that life is a brief spell of consciousness with a complete lack of purpose, between two eternal oblivions – does not seem very far away.
    The behaviour of the crowds is often perhaps usually, despicable. The supporters of the two teams have to be kept apart, at huge expense, by a veritable army of police. (If I were a burglar, I would choose the afternoon of a local football match on which to pursue my profession.) Not long ago I attended a match on behalf of a newspaper for which I had acted as a kind of vulgarity correspondent – they sent me to many places where numbers of English gathered and behaved badly, which is to say almost everywhere where they gathered for purposes of leisure or entertainment – between two teams that were certainly not among the foremost in the country.
    The coaches containing the supporters of the away team arrived, and the passengers were virtually frogmarched into the stadium between columns of policemen. This was a vision not so much of free-born Englishmen, as of Englishmen as natural slaves, or slaves of their own ungovernable passions. Unable or unwilling to control themselves, they had to be controlled by main force. I had an uncomfortable and genuinely unpleasant frisson of having observed in miniature the end result or product of freedom when conceived as licence: an almost militarised authoritarianism.
    In the stadium, I sat among the home supporters. Next to me was a father and his eleven year-old boy. The father seemed to be a mild-mannered man, much concerned for the comfort and welfare of his son. Suddenly, in the middle of the match, and for reasons that I was unable to discern, he stood up and started to hurl the most vulgar and violent abuse at the section of the stadium into which the opposing supporters had been herded. Was this the example he wanted to give his son? Was this how he would want his don to remember him? Apparently it was.
    …But there is more to it than that. At Rome airport, on the way home, I witnessed something that seemed to me emblematic of a deep, subterranean and unacknowledged movement in our society. A young woman in front of me in the queue to check in had an upper middle class bearing. When she spoke to the British Airways employee behind the counter, her speech was that of someone not unfamiliar with the streets around Sloane Square. She was polite, although obviously accustomed to receiving deference and service.
    The next time I saw her was on the bus taking us from the terminal to the aircraft. The bus was full of England supporters, of whom, it turned out, she was one. Rejoining them, she at once started to speak in a completely different fashion from that she had used at the check-in counter: adopting the accent of people several rungs beneath her own in the social scale and using the vocabulary and syntax of the customers of an East End pub, she played at being one of the lads. (One of the consequences of the success of feminism is that everything deemed appropriate in male company is now deemed appropriate in female company.) Here was a modern equivalent of Marie Antoinette playing shepherdess.”

  55. Cleveland had a right to be pissed, So does OKC this season. The problem isn’t players leaving, it’s that they’re all leaving and only going to about 5 states and leaving the rest of the league with scraps. Cleveland and Detroit are pretty much the only 2 flyover teams to win a ring since the 70’s. The NBA just sucks money out of the middle of the country and only uses it as farm tams. Why support that system?

  56. As far as Lebron James, anyone who refers to himself as “the King” is an arrogant, douchebag (I’m sure someone else came up with the “King James” tag but he apparently embraced it).
    Enjoyed watching Brady and the Patriots until those ridiculous faux scandals. It’s truly sad what pathetic jealous crybabies fan can be. WTF ever happened to good sportsmanship and admiring accomplishment? Now it’s, “they beat my favorite team even though we had better draft picks and signed all these hotshot free agents . . . they must have cheated. I don’t care if there isn’t any evidence of guilt and compelling evidence of innocence, punish them anyway!” Truly childish and pathetic. This is what we’ve become as a culture?

  57. I removed ESPN from my channel favorites months ago when I just couldn’t ignore the PC bullshit any longer. Will still watch a game I care about there, but nothing else.
    At the gym last one of the TV’s had Obama doing his community organizer act – not even talking about Paris. Went over to change the channel and realized it was ESPN! What the fuck?

  58. I will follow what the local high school is doing. It is within the community, and I personally know some of the players. Professional sports is detached from my reality, so why bother?

  59. I have even lost interest in the superbowl. And I think a NC team was in it this past time. I still like college football ok.

    1. Haven’t had a TV since 1999. For giggles, we decided to log onto the Fox website and watch it for the first time in over a decade. The game itself was okay, but the ads and halftime show was a real turnoff. I was amazed at how much the standards have dropped since. Like watching the grass grow, you don’t notice it, but if you come back later, you are amazed at the difference.

    2. Yeah, if it wasn’t a good opportunity to meet up with some old pals, catch up and have a few beers, the Super Bowl almost wouldn’t be worth watching anymore.

  60. The entire PED scandal was a joke. The MLB knew players were using PEDs and turned a blind eye for well over a decade. The MLB suffered no moral crisis when McGwire and Sosa slugged it out to see who could break the single-season home run record, profiting hugely off the home run race. Then it summarily tossed them both under the bus, effectively ending either man’s chances of making it into the Hall of Fame. The same goes for Barry Bonds, who is arguably one of the five greatest players of all time, drugs or no drugs (I’m pretty certain they never found any physical evidence). But he had a cocky attitude and was notoriously bad with fans, so he got ostracized as well.
    With regard to the rest of the article, sports and the talking heads that go along with them have become insufferable. From Bob Costas’s rant on gun control, to the gay-themed Super Bowl halftime show, to the stupid pink shit they force on athletes for breast cancer awareness, even though those men are more likely to die of prostate cancer than a woman of breast cancer, to the female athletes who believe they should receive equal pay as their male counterparts…it’s just too much. But hey, I saw a preview for what’s certain to be an agenda-free show during the All Star game the other night. It’s premise? The first female pitcher in the Major Leagues. Looks like it’ll be a blast.

    1. After reading this, this makes me feel sympathy for Pete’s Rose. He was no more crooked than the MLB is for investing in same day fantasy sports.

  61. The chose one? Please…
    Work on the Jupiter mission putting a capsule into space. Do something that intellectually advances the species.
    But to say that a human being who bounces a ball is a “chosen” one? That says a lot about your non-cerebral Weltanschauung.

  62. Sports fans…I avoid everything about those dolts. Could not give lesser of a shit.

  63. Sports – except for exercise and personal enjoyment and participation – are a total waste of time. Read a book.

  64. >These people don’t realize that his shoes, the way he was marketed, and the lack of social media back when he played paints a different picture of what he really was as a player.
    That has NOTHING to do with Jordan the basketball player.
    >Yes, at this time he’s the greatest of all time but not by as wide a margin as people would lead you to believe. He’s not the all time points leader (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 38,387 pts)
    Christ, you’re using stats to prove he wasn’t the greatest? And not even ADVANCED stats, just regular stats? Also if you actually know what you were talking about you’d know in Wilt’s era scoring as much higher (like 120 ppg average per team). So its like saying you’re richer than a guy from the 1950’s. You have to adjust for inflation.
    >assists leader (John Stockton, 15,806 assists),
    Jordan’s job was scoring not assisting. And simply having a lot of assists doesn’t make you the greatest. Stockton was a above average PG but nowhere near Magic, Payton, Thomas, etc.
    >or the career rebounds leader (Wilt Chamberlain, 23,924 rebounds).
    He was a GUARD you moron. Are you going to penalize Shaq because Reggie Miller was a better FT shooter than him?
    >Hell, he doesn’t even have the most career titles as a player as Bill Russell won 11 with the Boston Celtics, almost double the amount of his 6 with the Chicago Bulls.
    Nobody respects Russell more than me but to say X player has more rings than Y player reasoning is dumb. Robert Horry has more titles than Isiah Thomas, does that mean Horry is better than Thomas?
    >But Nike and Gatorade have made sure we never question that he’s the greatest of all time and if you stop gawking at his shoes and carefully edited highlight reels and look at things objectively you might actually entertain thoughts that this may not be the case.
    Nope. And believe it or not I’m not a Jordan fanboy. By every subjective and objective measure he was great. I’m not even going to say he was the greatest but he’s def not overrated. You cannot overrated Michael Jordan. The flu game, playing in a much more physical era, playing with a machismo Dirty Harry attitude, breaking the myth that you can only win with a great big man like Walton or Kareem, breaking the myth that a guy that leads the league in scoring cant win a title, 72 game win season. Just because people idealize Jordan doesn’t mean you should go the opposite route. I dont even care if you dislike Jordan but your methodology is laughable.

  65. Donovan, you mentioned you follow Formula 1. What are your thoughts on Lewis Hamilton? I read a ridiculous article recently where somebody tried to pull the old “people hate on him because he’s a successful black driver” nonsense, when in reality my issue with him is that he’s had everything handed to him on a platter since the age of 13 and then carries on like a spoilt child when things don’t go his way. He represents the spoilt, narcissistic qualities that characterise the worst of Gen Y.
    I was a big Senna fan back in the day, incidentally. I idolised him as a kid, even after his death, but the older I get the more I come to see him as just another person who was exceptionally good at doing something I enjoy and who I can learn from in regards to his dedication and approach to being the best at what he did. A quote from him I read recently which stands out was when he said “I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence”.

  66. Great article. I don’t follow sports, and yet have noticed quite clearly many of the same points!
    The TV in the men’s locker room in my gym has ESPN on constantly. I noticed how they shoe-horned female anchors on to the shows/programming. It was awkward to see, and painfully obvious.
    At the local “sports bar” it’s interesting to see the types who get too wrapped up in their team. Men lacking in meaningful lives, often alone, and out of shape and a bit sad looking.
    Growing up in a small Southern town, there was always the same, tired college sports rivalry. People who are so into it it’s like a quasi-religion, yet I can promise you none of them could tell you what the campus looks like or where it is. Amazing.
    When your life – and self – is vapid and emptY, you’ll often fill it with an easy alternative to the harder route like self-improvement and pursuing real goals.

    1. I believe TV / sports is an addiction. Also, you get a lot of kids in high school that get pressed by parents to play something- hockey, football, bb etc.. than they are addicted. I don’t know. I cut myself off from all tv but it took almost a year. I wasted some time in front of the tube.

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