Women Have Binary Minds Of Love Or Hate

Most of you know men and women are fundamentally different.  Despite the feminist narrative trying to push equality, neutering our language, and encouraging men like Bruce Jenner to neuter himself, there are fundamental differences between men and women that can never be overcome.

Elevating Women’s Opinions


A girl in my current rotation recently became a Yelp Eliter!  If you haven’t come across this species in the wild yet, it’s a basic bitch who has her opinion artificially elevated and amplified because she goes out often and uses her smart phone even more frequently than your typical millennial, constantly “checking in” to places and writing reviews about how that froth on her pumpkin double sugar latte lite wasn’t quite as beautiful as the last time she ordered it, and maybe if the staff wasn’t so rushed and asked her if she was having a nice day, she would return there more often.


This girl is excited because now she can be invited to new restaurant openings where they give free dinners in exchange for reviews (when I heard that I immediately discounted yelp as an unbiased source — Tripadvisor, Urbanspoon or other options are better).  I’m invited to tag along, but I won’t be participating in this unethical pay for play review system.

Women are Binary Creatures


I investigated some of her recent reviews on the site, and noticed they were almost all either 1 star or 5 star reviews.  This explains the female mind perfectly to me.  The experience to women is completely about feelings, and not about any objective standards of measurement.  Mediocre restaurants or bars I’ve visited were given the perfect 5 star award because they created sufficient tingles and triggered her emotionally, while nice places that didn’t greet her sufficiently when she met the hostess were given 1 star “avoid at all costs” labels.

1 Star Review in the Making

1 Star Review in the Making

I’ve noticed this in the past when looking for a restaurant or hotel when travelling.  I’d often pull up yelp, and if a place had mixed reviews, many times I could wade through and ignore the female reviews and get a much clearer picture of whether the place was good or bad (they love to surrender their privacy for the faux social status being a frequent reviewer gives them, so you can usually spot them by their female profile pictures).


Indeed, I noticed the last review she made was a luxurious boutique hotel with large glass chandeliers in the lobby, a rooftop swimming pool, sharp, uniformed staff, and a room far nicer than the one she typically sleeps in.  This place was given a 1 star review, because someone either failed to make her feel like a special snowflake, or said something that caused her to have bad feelings.

In that moment I realized that women experience life almost completely on their feelings.  There is nothing that someone could have said to me to lower such a luxurious place below 3 stars, and yet, here it was, ranked down there with the local No Tell Motel because of feels.

Indeed, the review bore this out, as there were no complaints about the quality of any of the amenities the business owner had provided to his customers–the pool, the beautiful views, the comfortable beds, the cable tv with endless entertainment options, and the fitness facility were all functioning properly, and yet, to a female mind, this was a poor experience because of her feelings.


Feminism wants to do this everywhere.

Of course much could be said about this elevation of women’s voices into elite decisionmakers, which will negatively shape the products and services you and I are interested in.  A place with great food but lacking in décor will fail (unless said décor is pulled off in such a way as to come off as “retro”) because women will not feel good there.

Likewise, a place with mediocre or overpriced services but that caters to women’s narcissism correctly, by, say, calling the girl by name when she shows up, or asking her how her experience was, or hashtagging the latest SJW crusade, will be given unwarranted praise and success.  This is the effect of a feminized economy where women control up to 85% of spending.

Why Did She Do It?

But it also answers so many questions men struggle with in frustration.  Why isn’t she behaving logically?  Why did she say one thing but do another? Why is it easier to bed women after taking them on exciting dates?  Why do white women pursue foreign men when on vacation, when they will return home to all white gated communities and ignore the same men at home?  Why did a 24 year old virgin have a one night stand?


Kind of true.

Why do men leave their husbands suddenly because “he doesn’t make me feel the way I used to?”  Why will women go back to men who abuse or rape them?  Why do methods like venue changing multiple times in a date increase the likelihood for sex?  Why do women pursue DJs, bartenders, rappers, or alpha men they have no chance at a relationship with?  It’s all because of their emotional state.

Indeed it is not even fair to judge them by our standards, because they are ruled by emotion, not logic.  Which is why giving them unfettered freedom in the hopes they are happy with the outcome, or will learn from mistakes and become better people, is fundamentally misguided and wrong.

Use Your Knowledge

First, do not get frustrated at anything women say or do.  Realize that whether intentional or not, they are motivated by emotions and it’s futile to try to understand emotions.  Second, use this knowledge to create positive emotional experiences for women, and you will greatly increase your success rate.

I have no clue why women give shit tests, but I do know that the beta reaction of getting upset or defensive or argumentative creates a negative vibe, while being playful and dismissive and confident, even while logically ignoring her question, creates a happy, good vibe.

If I could sum up game into one sentence, whether concerning wives, girlfriends, or one night stands, it would be Control Her Emotions.  How did Kobe Bryant keep his wife after getting caught banging teenage girls?  He said the right things to make her feel good, and gave her a big nice shiny rock that makes her feel special.  Women are simple.  Instead of fretting that they’re illogical, we should enjoy the bounty that comes when we manipulate their emotions in the right way.

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  1. IDK man women are flakes. I wish they would take a stance one way or another and stick to it.

    1. A man will grow old and die before a woman ever stands firmly behind her positions. It’s up to us to tell her what her positions should be. If she adheres to our greater vision, then she has won the right to get on board the victory train. But if she is excessively difficult and can’t be saved, then there are an army of beta shlubs in waiting, along with an army of ferral cats that need homes.

      1. “It’s up to us to tell her what her positions should be. If she adheres to our greater vision, then she has won the right to get on board the victory train. ”
        This explains my marriage in a nutshell. Well put man!

        1. My marriage as well. The game never stops, even after we put a ring on it. Actually, it get more nuanced.

      2. Betas can’t choose the outcome, that’s their blindness.
        While he remains blinded by her stunning and quaint country bumpkin Maryanne face, this woman’s own deformed belief systems are on life support from beta reinforcement and they’re manifesting physically in her body now. Both will die prematurely. Oh how she longs to dust off her high heels from her HS prom and get ravaged by an alpha, escaping the hell, the vicious cycle of beta entrapment she got herself into.

        1. If you look just to the left of the bottle of soda, you can tell that she’s actually wearing pants.

        2. You’ve done it all. People say you’ve read every book. But there’s one last thing. Grow that beard. Every great man has a beard but not every beard signifies a great man. I’ve known some dumbasses that had beards but they weren’t ready for a beard. They were lazy and slept their lives away. Panhandlers with beards, you can see right through them because the beard emits and transmits their intentions. They were the many beards under bridges but YOU Knee are an exceptional case. You are a walking encyclopedia. The individual beard hair strands radiate oscillatory energy much like the ‘magnetron’ unit contained in the conventional microwave oven radiates vectors of microwaves.
          If anyone out there it is YOU who is ready to dim the street lights as you walk with a loaded beard, trarmitting the reactor fires trapped within your brain.

        3. Ha! Never! No beard here. I am the last hold out for civilization. Men shave in the morning.

    2. I think you’re missing the point. Women cannot take a stance one way or another because they are slaves to their emotions. Fretting about women being illogical or not behaving the way men think they should is completely pointless. It’s like women expecting us to get happy about a new pair of shoes, or wanting to tweet after someone serves us a cup of coffee. We are really that different.

  2. “Why do men leave their husbands suddenly because he doesn’t make me feel the way I used to?”
    C’mon editor, your asleep at the wheel again.

      1. Duly noted Drago. Except a key difference here is that grammar and quality control isn’t exactly my job at ROK.

      1. You are in trouble now. If we can pull mike pence out of broadway musicals maybe he can reprogram you

        1. Bullshit. Just ask Abe “Stinkin’” Lincoln what was the worst thing that happened at a theater.

        2. Karma, too. That nasty perv-game technique of his dick poking into the popcorn container in his lap being offered to the theater-goers seated to his left and right…

        3. Presstitutes made a bigger deal out of it than anyone else. Pence didn’t care. Trump tweeted it was rude to lecture a customer, which is true.

  3. Proofreading suggestion:
    REREAD that first sentence under the “alien” photo.
    You’re welcome.

    1. Hey, maybe it applies to married gay couples also, eh? They seem to have female-style brains as well.

  4. This, of course, also explains the Alpha/beta split. You’re one or the other to her, so which do you want to be? Most men are incapable of dealing with this harsh reality, so the spoils of war go to all of the red-pill men.

    1. This is true. That is exactly what we are to them; products. And if you let your guard down for a second & drop frame, you will be an owned beta bitch or replaced with a newer model.

      1. But what if its not “products”? I think its more accurate to say that we are experiences

        1. Yes different men are to women different experiences. That’s why they have their little story for each of us. Unfortunately all those little experiences add up into a jaded cynicism and emotional scarring that leaves them in a kind of wounded trance, still craving the tingles of youth.

      2. Women always viewed men like this since dawn of ages. It’s just that American culture brings out the worse which is why you are easily able to see this.

  5. Women are emotional creatures. They think with their pussy. They are slaves to their uterus.

    1. It is like rock/paper/scissors where a woman’s pussy controls her brain and her brain controls her vital organs and her vital organs control her pussy. A woman’s is a closed ecosystem, its movement and direction bounded and controlled, salutary to the patriarch who is sentient to the greater forces and elements in the universe.

        1. Women have no agency nor do they have beards. No woman can direct or rule without a beard. Not even the most empowered feminist lesbian woman on Earth can have a beard. They can only serve and follow a beard but not have one.
          Plus women don’t learn from their mistakes. They only become more damaged and more difficult to manage. Keeping a woman (wife) steered right and screw up free in the first place is the key to keeping her palatable and her pussy on the plate.

    2. When they get erratic I spit this line: “oh, you’re (all) just a broth of hormones!”

  6. Life does become easier when you realize that women play off of their emotions. The best thing to do is to play it properly with all, including family members.

  7. Take away a woman’s vote AND outlaw her right to possess money. FDR outlawed possession of gold for everyone. How far a stretch is it then to take away women’s 85% share in frivolous spending? I know many many instances of where a basically contented and servile wife suddenly comes across money and then she turns into a monster, deserting her nest or worse.

    1. realistically speaking, not letting women spend money would wreck the economy because they’re the ones buying all the frivolous shit

      1. How exactly? I wouldn’t end up any poorer. What, because the government wouldn’t be able to give us jobs distributing the loot taken from other countries by inflating our currency, productive men somehow end up poorer?

    2. Limit the damage a woman can do in case of divorce and you will solve that problem. Currently, where a woman can take away a quarter of a billion dollars away from her welathy husnad, aka Tiger Woods, you are practically begging for divorce as an outcome.
      I said “limit the amount of damage a woman can do in divorce”, actually should read “limit the amount of damage a judge can do”.

    3. Our economy would collapse faster than a SJW’s brain in Western Civ. class. Western economies in particular exist solely to cater to the boundless needs of XY, so might as well try and get a slice of the (vagina) pie.

  8. No, I think you have to get angry at them sometimes. It might not leave a”pleasant” memory, but it will generate strong emotions and create attraction.

    1. Someone once told me something that I thought was funny when he said it but as I have grown older i see the wisdom. You never have to hit a woman but your woman should always believe with 100% certainly that if the situation called for it you would not hesitate not feel bad about knocking the shit out of them.
      If a woman doesn’t believe you will slap her stupid she will never respect you. If she does believe it, truly knows that you will causally back hand her hard enough to knock her lights out, if in her soul she knows you would absolutely do it and not feel bad for a second afterwards, than you will never need to

        1. Yeah, it’s a joke–a reference to hysteria about the “Alt Right” but I agree with you.

        2. No need for hysteria about alt right. Basically just sjw homos pointing in a different direction

      1. I don’t do the threats of violence, cause that could turn real bad real fast with your typical sjw perpetual victim and 35,000 armed thugs to back her up just in this city…
        But, I do get “fun” physical — and very much so…
        Once this present girl became a little too physical with my sack when I was walking by (in my home). Not trying to hurt just slightly over the playful line.
        .01 seconds later she was upside down on the floor (safely) -getting spanked on her pussy while told to “repeat after me”.. there was much combined screaming, squealing, protesting, laughing etc…

  9. Wow! I thought that I was the only one to notice the “I hate it/I love it” dichotomy on tripadvisor and yelp for female reviewers. Glad to know I’m not alone in that observation. And it’s always the most petty or pointless things that seem to prompt these page long reviews, regardless of whether the experience was deemed good or bad. The author’s right, a review could literally turn on the issue of whether or how someone said good morning to her.

    1. For quite awhile I have noticed that a woman gives a good review if some perky waitress addresses her by name or makes her feel good. As for me I couldn’t care less if the waiters are nice to me. Just bring me good food in a reasonable time frame. Not so for a woman as her “feelz” are an important part of her perception. For this reason I jetison any revue in which I see a woman rambling on about how her subliminal wishes were not magically perceived by unassuming waiters/waitresses or how her picky demanding desires were not catered to.

      1. Good post! I think you just succinctly described how the marketing companies pander to women. For women: This product will make you feel special and superior. For men: This is a good product, you will please women, and women will want you.

    2. So true. That’s because men don’t have a need for TV shows as a platform from which to discuss our “views”.

      1. I don’t think women are bipolar. I think it is more likely that they have childish minds. They are essentially the same as puppies or children. With a good master they will be well behaved. I think a dirty little secret in the manosphere is that behind all the complaining about modern women and their behavior the truth is, they aren’t the ones to blame. Women are acting like spoiled children. But that is what they are. That is their nature. That is how they are supposed to act. The problem isn’t the way women are acting it is the way men are acting. They are allowing and even rewarding this behavior. How do I know this is true: no woman acts like this around me. Am I super lucky and running into tons of smart and stable women? No. they poke around for their limits. I told a girl on a first day (exactly my words) “it’s cute the way you are teasing but remember if you go to far I WILL smack the shit out of you…never doubt that” the girl cooed like a kitten.
        To be honest I am tired of men blaming women for how they act. If men would stop being such pussys then the women would act differently.
        What’s worse, men want to act like weak cowards and then just expect women to behave the way they have heard women behaved in the past. That in itself is a feminine trait. They want the reward without the work. Too many men get this shit backwards. They think that if women would stop being such cunts then they could be real men, have the freedom to be real men. But that isn’t how it works. That is just another way of putting women in control which will always be a failure.
        If men, even in our modern society, stop acting like placating faggots the women around them will begin to behave

        1. It is pretty close to what I have been thinking for a lot of time, there is only one hole in the argument: the fact that many women would prefer these type of men over one’s that might control them, especially when chosing the feminized is easier due to plenty. Now for the feminized I am refering to womanizer types not to thirsty men that pedestalize them.
          For some time I have to understand that women do not want a close connection to me because I cannot be controled easily as I do not drool after them. They prefer me for conversation or they call me for help in projects (not making their work though), cause I am reliable, but ’till there. The reason is that they are told from an early age that they need to be independent for these reason they prefer controllable men, as if they don’t they will cease to be independend.
          Or at least that is what has been noticed by me. Still the reason why society is in this mess and women too is because men stopped doing whata they ouht to do.

        2. she’ll go along with your game because it suits her, not because you are any good at it. there’s no continuity – the girl who is so wonderfully feminine and passive and a great companion today, in 5 years time can be a nightmare – especially once she becomes the matriarchal mother type.
          you present it like a dog trainer that trains guide dogs for the blind… you just have to behave in a certain way and everything is fine – what you fail to understand due to a lack of real long term experience is that women are more like wolves – wild animals. they can never be fully tamed. the day will always come when the wild animal comes out – the nicer and softer and sweeter it all seems to be – the more likely you are to get the shock of your life down the track.
          it’s part of the feminine prerogative to entrap the man into a dull lifeless existence that suits her breeding / child raising needs. it’s exactly when you’ve got it all figured out that she’ll find the moment to strike.

        3. Well I will leave all of this to men of more experience than I. Hell, men of any experience are men of more experience. My knoledge comes from dealing with women in a time frame between 12 hours and 6 weeks. In that time frame I am golden. I suggest people come to me to learn. 5 years? You might as well ask me to split an atom….with a herring

        4. Nowadays I am looking for wife material. I usually just dump a girl as soon as she pushes me, usually by picking up another woman in front of her.

        5. What your saying is true…
          They will grind away constantly – and not after 5 years –
          5 days, weeks maybe…
          It’s too exhausting to deal with…
          And requires society wide controls also…and there are presently society wide motivations for her to keep pushing till she gets compliance or cash and prizes…

        6. My husband and I do not have power struggles because he let me know from the beginning exactly what will not be tolerated. Because I am a woman, I still try to push my husband’s boundaries once in a while but I’m always happy when he puts me in my place. All my husband has to do is change his tone or give me The Stare and I stop my foolishness right away.
          Placating women by giving in to our whims is the worst way to handle us. We need to be guided by a doting yet firm hand. The minute a man lets a woman know that her wishes are the most important, she will chew him up and spit him out.

  10. ” Women are simple. Instead of fretting that they’re illogical, we should enjoy the bounty that comes when we manipulate their emotions in the right way.”
    That’s really the only way to do it.

  11. The last sentence of the article is what guys should focus on most, in my opinion. If we’ve made it to this site, we have a pretty good idea about a woman’s nature. I think somewhere in our minds there’s an innate capacity for chivalry that sometimes hinders us from taking advantage of a woman’s emotions. Disabling that “I can’t do that to her” filter is one of the many effects of the red pill, thankfully. Not a day goes by where I don’t use a woman’s emotions against her, and I don’t feel a bit of shame for doing so. I pass every shit test with flying colors, to the point I never get the same test twice. They get off on knowing I won’t ALLOW them to treat me how they treat every other guy in their lives. Knowledge is power, and we know ALL about them.

      1. Of the tests, and how to diffuse them, you mean? Most of the recent ones I’ve been getting are basic level (or basic bitch, if you will) ones about Trump. They’ll say the usual, “He’s racist, homophobic, misogynist,etc…. and his supporters are too” nonsense. To those comments, I’ll ask them to state exactly what he said, and the context in which he said it. They never can, so I’ll pull up some of Trump’s quotes and MAKE them see what was actually said, as opposed to just letting them think they can get away with spewing nonsense in my presence. One of my more recent “ladies” tried some hypothetical shit that I made her feel stupid for saying. It was something along the lines of, “If you saw me getting beat up, would you come and help me?” Now, every guy knows the pandering “knight in shining armor” answer she was reaching for, but I laughed, and told her, “Nope, because I didn’t see what led up to that. Maybe you did something to deserve it. And don’t ever think I’m obligated to do anything for you, btw. Supposedly, women are equal to men, so if you DO start some shit in the future, you better be prepared to handle yourself.” Then I made a corny masturbation joke, to get her stupid ass happy again. Easy work.

  12. How to deal with crazy chick with an M16. Oh Carrie how Hollywood fucked you up…… well it was more than likely Han Solos magic cock…….

  13. ‘User’ review sites, Yelp in particular have been used for social engineering by leftists for many years now. If you follow the money and the founders it’s quite obvious as to their political persuasions. There’s no objectivity, there’s plenty of bias and countless examples of what most sane people would consider extortion.
    It’s tools like this that allow leftists to effectively target any ‘enemy’ of their ideology and hit them financially. I find a statement similar to what’s written below works very well when dealing with people who places value in these review sites.
    “Do you really allow the opinion of nobodies on the internet dictate where you eat and what you buy?”
    Replace ‘nobodies’ with strangers, or whatever word that is suitable for your demographic but reinforces uninformed, incompetent, LESSER strangers..
    People (especially women) do not like to feel that they have accepted advice from someone who is lesser in any way than they are. Once you have seeded this, they will never look at the reviews the same way again.

    1. I wonder if there’s a marketing strategy there. Instead of sucking up to yelp reviewers a restaurant should advertise that they intentionally trigger them into giving shit reviews. Everyone that hates them will eat there just to spite them, and everyone that doesn’t will probs be curious also.
      Are you player?
      You’re the tenth girl today that’s asked me that same question.
      Is this a good restaurant?
      It’s the worst restaurant ever. Once it had an employee that undercharged by ten cents.

      1. “A restaurant owner has launched an all-out war with Yelpers […] Aric Mussman, the owner of Vero Amore.[…] makes fun of Yelpers on power trips because they think they are restaurant critics. Mussman’s restaurants now bear “No Yelpers” banners near the entrances.
        Mussman’s restaurants have high four star ratings on Yelp, so why did he decide to hang the banners? He explains, “Our reviews are great and that’s why I want to be one of the people to stand up and say something.” Mossman continues, noting that Yelpers are in it for the “notoriety”: “You earn badges for reviews they earn online acclaim. That’s where their friends are and they feel like this self-entitled thing that they can bash” restaurant owners with no accountability for their claims. Mossman is upset that people can write whatever they want to without having to do “any fact checking.”
        There you go: Impulsiveness, Narcissism, Delusional behaviour, No-Accountability.
        And who suffer commonly of above traits?

    2. you know this sounds like that “customer is always right” BS that every business has these days.
      honestly its sickening…i hate businesses today. always customer pandering with BS nonsense meant to make you feel good.
      like bitches….give me a working product and good service and dispense with the phony BS titles and marketing scams. I dont care that Im waiting for an executive customer representative…..just fix my damn problem and sell me a high quality product.

  14. Emotional intelligence is earned the hard way. It is no wonder women possess none or marginal of it at best.

  15. Recently reminded of how illogical women can be through this classic example of illogicality from a few female relatives. A cousin of mine (34-year-old Strong Independent Career Woman) went on an online dating site and travelled about 200 miles to meet a guy. They go out for drinks etc etc. What does guy do at end of evening? Makes a pass (shock horror!!) at her and knocks on her hotel door. And that is it. No more. Naturally, she just wants to be ‘friends’ and no funny business (Because of no tingles). So she catches train back home where she proceeds to tell my aunt and grandmother and myself about this ‘horrible’ man who dared sexually approach her after a date.
    Now if she didn’t fancy him, fair enough but y’know not wanting to seem like a dumbass for travelling at great personal cost to her all that way and NOT fancying him she has to make him out to be a monster. So the guy gets labelled a creep in an attempt to detract from her stupidity.
    Typical female hamstering at its finest.
    What really happened is this: no tingles OR she slept with him but didn’t want to be seen as a ‘slut’. Luckily, grandma is one smart woman of her time (i.e. not so freaking stupid as today’s women are) and said ‘stupid girl’ as soon they had left.

    1. “Luckily, grandma is one smart woman of her time (i.e. not so freaking stupid as today’s women are) and said ‘stupid girl’ as soon they had left.”
      dieing breed….we need more of these grandmas around.

  16. Hummm… shit tests are a legitimate practice in a world where most men are raised by women and have no idea how to be a man (sure, it’s women’s fault that they’re like that but they’ll never understand that so whatever). They are designed to spot the few alphas or male with alpha traits that remain. If you bought a bottle, wouldn’t you “shit test” the bottle by putting water in it to see if it leaks?

    1. Agreed. The older I get, the more I except the fact that “shit testing” is in practice a good thing. As a man, you should be glad a woman’s wetware even kicks in to test that you are worthy to inseminate her. Its biology, she wants u; her instinctual programming is simply asking you to prove you aren’t some deficient retard.

  17. Perhaps this is more like a generational thing ? People today are so spoiled, used to luxury that they don’t even notice it. They are used to have their way in EVERY little thing. Because of that the slightest discomfort of any kind will cause a tantrum and a 1 star review.

  18. Women in general are not very intelligent..they have a quick brain but lack depth…they should not be allowed to vote..or even to leave reviews on the internet.

  19. “Why do men leave their husbands suddenly because “he doesn’t make me feel the way I used to?””
    Um…. because they’re gay and trying to emulate women?

  20. I’m listening to this French radio and it’s a talk show about sexuality. The female host said something about how there’s an alleged double standards where when women think about sex they’re labelled sluts but men studs. I wrote a comment where I said the exact opposite is true: society judges the men who label them sluts for being frivolous and judges men who think about sex too much as pervs and… they removed my comment. It’s French radio RTL, the show is “On est fait pour s’entendre” for the frenchies here.

    1. You really need the radio to understand french sluts? They sleep with anyone that gives them gina tingles and they throw feces at anyone that tells them they shouldn’t. Done.

  21. Great article. But HEY! I have elite status on yelp and actually had a ROTD recently!

  22. Not all, but so many women are emotionally undeveloped and immature simply because emotional ouchies are immediately soothed at the first sign of the slightest emotional discomfort. This begins right at infancy where baby girls are far more likely to be held and comforted when experiencing any kind of upset. Baby boys are far more likely to be ignored, or if comforted, it comes more begrudgingly. This is the very beginning of societies teaching women they are the superior gender because their thoughts and feelings are more important than men’s.
    This constant stepping in and instantly relieving upset feelings stunts or stops emotional growth dead in its tracks. Again, we have gynocentrism in action – women should never experience any kind of discomfort – emotional or otherwise. Men are hardwired and socially conditioned to devote their existence to female comfort, safety, and convenience.
    This goes a long way in explaining why many women, when not emotionally coddled and treated as emotionally superior can’t handle it and instantly turn into angry, hostile, emotionally immature children if ignored or disregarded when caught up in emotional turmoil. This also explains why absolutely vile behavior is much more likely to be disregarded, ignored, condoned, or tollerated when demonstrated by women than by men.

    1. Jesus titty-fucking Christ, Samantha. Of course not all. We’re just talking in general here. You don’t need to White Knight for them. Otherwise though, that’s a fantastic insight. You’ve earned the pat on the head that you just told us chicks crave.
      Only men don’t actually ignore when women are vile, they just intentionally overlook it if they’re trying to get laid. In one of the only decent Cracked articles the author set up a fake dating profile for the most awful person on Earth. Because she used the picture of a model friend though she was still swamped with messages from assorted hard up chumps.
      Inb4 not all. We’re still talking in general.

      1. Right, men don’t ignore women when they’re vile. Maybe if they’re ugly – but a beautiful woman can be the biggest bitch on earth and for the most part men will treat her like a queen. In this scenario male hardwiring much more so than social conditioning (guy hopes to get laid and will put up with endless abuse).
        We are talking in general here. One thing I must say though, feminist women 100% of the time fall into the of category emotionally underdeveloped, immature, stunted, vipers who believe no one on earth has any rights but themselves.
        The uglier the woman, the more feminist and the more emotionally arrested and bitter she is.
        I never white knight or defend women. My gender has been catered to for far to long, this is the reason feminist cancer has destroyed the world. I say let women take care of themselves – without help from men. Most would be dead inside a month.
        I’ll just bet about 99% of “yelpers” are angry feminist bitches.

        1. I’ll just bet about 99% of “yelpers” are angry feminist bitches.
          The cure would have been loads of cock. But they don’t like that, either.

        2. I don’t remember actually, something like Bitches Battling over each other’s Buttholes.
          Just a bunch of oily porno broads wearing strapons, wrestling with each other in a melee, in order to get their opponent in position then plug ’em in the poopschute.

        3. Lol, no argument there at least. You’re preaching to the choir. Right now they’re almost entirely subsidized by government largesse; stealing from husbands of exponentially better women, and from the bachelors that are smart enough to not date them. When it inevitably runs out though, and when their eggs have turned to dust they’ll find out exactly what their decades of hatred has gotten them.

  23. If you want to understand the female mind try to remember what your decision making process was like as a nine year boy. It all becomes very clear after that.

  24. Brilliant deductions here. And you made all those astute revelations based on merely a sample size of 1. Consider my gast flabbered.

  25. Women are walking fleshlights. Just remember that. Their feelings and thoughts and their political opinion doesn’t mean shit.
    It’s all about their warm cavity hole. After I’m done plunging my dick into that two or three times, I delete her number and move on and she never sees me again.

    1. I’ve been saying this for so long. Every time a guy tells me about the moronic opinions that some woman has I think “how do you even fucking know”
      I mean I think they are more than just a hole. I like taking them out, having them dress up…a sexy well dressed woman who acts right is a wonderful accessory and makes for a fun evening. Then you defile them. The trick is, the first moment she begins to mention something that seems to be an opinion on something you cut her off and ask her about fashion. Ask her about her shoes or ask her opinion on your tie.
      After 2 or 3 times they will start to understand that they do have something to say that you value and they will stick to that.
      I don’t care if a bitch wants to launch a communist utopia where all women rule as matriarch dictators. As long as she looks good, laughs at my jokes and fucks me like it is our last day on earth and keeps her fucking mouth closed about it I’ll pick up the tab

      1. I had women tell me they are not attracted to me and still ended up sucking my dick at the end of the day. I had women tell me “we’re not having sex tonight” and it just happened because I told her “just let it happen” and went for the rub lol.
        Therefore I take little different approach. Maybe I’m mentally and psychologically fucked up lol but I treat all women the same (nice ones, mean ones… doesn’t matter).
        Yeah sure I pick up the tabs too because I’m already financially well off and I”m not a penny pinching cheapskate but the minute they start ranting about some nonsense, I shove something in their mouth like candy, food, or even my dick. Because I know that as much as women like to educate themselves, 99 percent of them talk shit out of their arse and anything that comes out of their mouth is usually some baloney crap anyways. Also not to mention women have problems with biggest cognitive dissonance.
        For every time, a women told me “they love nice guys”, I want to slap them upside down and shove my fist side way to their candy asses. The only time a women will look sexy as fuck is when she is on her knees, sucking my cock and looking up at me. Those eyes… and the soul-less stare. How I manage to even bust a nut on their face… seems a mysterious to me sometimes.

        1. That sounds exactly right to me. As a side note, no girl who has told me “we will not be having sex” has ever not fucked me. That line is, as far as I can tell, an invitation to defile

  26. I investigated some of her recent reviews on the site, and noticed they were almost all either 1 star or 5 star reviews.This explains the female mind perfectly to me. That doesn’t explain shit. Why bother wasting time writing a review on a restaurant that is just “ok”?

  27. Very interesting about ratings. I prefer to read the two to four star ratings as I think they’re more subjective. Like there is a B&B I stayed at one time, it’s an amazing location so comments are always stated as, “The breakfast was outstanding!” No… it was simple french toast with powdered sugar sprinkled on top.

  28. I will be ignoring and dismissing any female reviews for a while to see if there is more factual accuracy.

  29. My comment, submitted on 11-25-16, was removed today because it was detected as spam. My comment was not spam. It was pertinent to the article. I do not know how to contact the moderator to correct this mistake.

      1. Yeah, the comment came back but still has the red “Detected as spam” banner and this message when opened, “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Return Of Kings.”. My comment is clearly not spam but apparently something about my writing style triggers their spambot. I would just like to have the mod delete the messages.

        1. There might be money to be made by you, offering your comment-writing-detected-as-spam skills to interested parties.

    1. It could have been flagged accidentally or by intentional trolls. It’s a good comment. The flag function is bogus. On the other hand, if it was spam-botted, that sucks that the real spam gets through and just sits there. Even old articles have old spam shit dropings here and there. What gives? I think the asteriks and lines of pound signs before the spam and “^~<” bullshit is randomly generated and changed slightly with each spam message to avoid the duplicate message detector. Some spams have 50 random characters before the spam so the same duplicate message can be delivered millions of times over without being duplicated exactly.

      1. Thanks. I don’t know how this works or what the flagging criteria is. It’s happened before so there must be something about my writing style. It just seems like a mod should quickly be reviewing the comment as their message states. It’s a little insulting to be “Detected as spam” though especially because, as you say, a lot of actual spam gets through. The comment was just meant as food for thought.

  30. So, just suppose you could control her emotions even when she could not? To the degree she would fall into your arms without any move on your part; just suppose!

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