Why The 1990s Were The Last Sane Period In America

Recently, while on vacation to Latin America, I spent the final evening with my girl in the room watching the Anthony Hopkins film Silence of The Lambs, which tells a captivating story of a serial killer, a naïve young female FBI recruit, and an incarcerated genius serial killer who she enlists in helping solve the case. This was such a memorable movie from my youth, that despite so much time passing, I could remember certain scenes vividly, and even several minor characters.

The Silence of the Lambs

What I had forgotten is how the serial killer that the protagonist is trying to catch, Buffalo Bill, is portrayed as a transvestite, to show the audience how sick, twisted, and terrifying he was. Thomas Harris, the author, based his novel on real events, and spent time studying serial killers with criminal profilers and the FBI through the 1970s. The Buffalo Bill character was based on a composite of 3 serial killers, Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, and Gary Heidnik. Ed Gein was a killer in the 1950s who made objects out of dead human bodies, and created a “woman suit” out of skin. There is a scene, primarily to scare and disturb the audience, where Buffalo Bill puts on makeup and a nipple ring while dancing to eerie music.


Serial Killer Buffalo Bill, mentally ill transvestite

The inclusion of transvestite behavior was made specifically to convey that this was a sick individual, and the audience understood this as a clear sign of mental illness (a sharp contrast to today, where the same behavior is seen as “brave and stunning”).  Incidentally, I can’t help but notice the irony in the film’s title—if it wasn’t for the silence of the masses in the wake of all the social justice changes, would we be where we were today? The vast majority of people from 20 years ago saw trannys as mentally ill—a minority of SJWs has changed mass opinion on the issue.

Turning Point

Did someone order a sammich?

Did someone order a sammich?

The film was made during a pivotal period, and there was a good bit of social justice programming evident. The FBI trained the actors and crew for months, and allowed shooting on their Quantico, VA campus, because they were interested in getting more women to join the bureau, and saw the film as a good marketing device. The director, Jonathan Demme, stated, “This is about one woman, trying to save the life of another woman, and having to confront the dreaded patriarchy, in this patriarchal world, and the worst of the male gender is going to be put in Clarice’s way.”

Indeed, I remember a scene where the young, naïve Agent Starling, played by Jodi Foster, is sent to a funeral to coordinate with the local police. The local guys do not take her seriously at all. So some broad goes to school for four years and now she’s supposed to know more about policing than us? I can’t even imagine the scene taking place today, because the premise of an all male space is so fictional in 2016. It is often said that art imitates life. The director was simply portraying the changing times we were in, and things were about to be turned upside down.

The transvestite scene reminds me of an old episode of the BBC sci-fi series Dr. Who. I remember watching an episode that began with a British Bobby (policeman) creeping down the street. He pulled out a handgun, and ominous music started playing. It didn’t make any sense to me, but at that time regular patrolmen didn’t carry handguns, and so the sight of a policeman with a gun was a clear indication to the audience that this was not a real cop, but instead the bad guy—a criminal, or imposter.

However, fast forward to 2016, and everyone commonly accepts a militarized police force as normal and typical.  As we have accepted black-uniformed military police, we also accept trannies as not just normal, but courageous and valuable members of society.

Law enforcement officers, including a sniper perched atop an armored vehicle, watch as demonstrators protest the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 13, 2014. The police chief of this St. Louis suburb said Wednesday that Brown injured the officer who later fatally shot the unarmed 18 year old ? though witnesses dispute that such an altercation occurred. (Whitney Curtis/The New York Times)

Armed combat troops, 1950? or Necessary equipment to ensure no one is speeding in 2016

Historical Female Marriage Age was 20-22

Another big change first visible in the 1990s was a fundamental change in the institution of marriage. I recently heard a story on NPR (Single By Choice: Why Fewer American Women Are Married Than Ever Before) in which the interviewee complains that women do more domestic chores than men, and explains why women are postponing marriage into their late 20s or 30s. According to the story, only 20% of Americans 18-29 are married as opposed to 60% in 1960. That’s right. One third as many twenty-somethings are married today as compared to the Baby Boomer generation.

For as long as the Census Bureau has been recording marriage data in the USA, the average age for a first marriage for women was between 20 and 22. However, in 1990, for the first time the marriage age broke out of this range. The average age for marriages has steadily climbed every decade since, and is now estimated at over 27 years. Remember, as recently as 1980, marriage ages were still within the historical range of 20-22.


Avg Age at First Marriage, 1890-2010 (USA)

As sociologists noted, marriage ages were stable at 20-22 for over a hundred years, and this was a significant change with huge ramifications. Just for comparison, a 6 year decrease would mean average marriage ages suddenly plummeted to 15. Indeed, historically women often married in their early teen or preteen years, and this is outside of the scope of this article, but just imagine how different society would be if the average age of marriage today was 15 for women?

The 90s Dark Triad: The Pill, Abortion, And No Fault Divorce

What happened to affect this change? Well a few things. Beginning in 1960, the birth control pill was approved for use in the US. Fast forward 20 years later, when girls born in 1960 were reaching historical marriage age, and many of them chose to delay marriage and ride the cock carousel, courtesy of this new pill that could hide their promiscuity from their friends, family, and other men. Indeed, we see a sharp increase in the marriage age in 1980, which further accelerates over the next decade.

In 1969, California’s Family Law Act was signed into law by Governor Ronald Reagan. The first no-fault divorce law in the nation, it helped usher in a period of skyrocketing divorce rates and general promiscuity. Women could now leave their husbands “because feelings” and could even be financially rewarded for their infidelity, especially if they had children with the man.

Finally, in 1973, abortion became fully legal with the Roe v Wade ruling. Now, I have no personal objection to birth control, in an ideal, patriarchal society. I believe life begins at birth, not gestation, and am not on a crusade to save the fetal tissue of strangers. However, the results of having unfettered access to birth control have contributed, in large part, to the crazy sexual dynamic we have today, and in this lens can be seen as a failure.

Sexual promiscuity has also impaired the female ability to pair bond with their mates skyrocketing starting in, you guessed it, the 1990s. Jay Teachman released a scientific study on Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent. Marital Dissolution Among Women, providing scientific evidence of a correlation between the number of sexual partners a woman has and her ability to successfully pair bond with her mate. Teachman concludes:

Women who cohabit prior to marriage or who have premarital sex have an increased likelihood of marital disruption. The most salient finding from this analysis is that women whose intimate premarital relationships are limited to their husbands—either premarital sex alone or premarital cohabitation—do not experience an increased risk of divorce. It is only women who have more than one intimate premarital relationship who have an elevated risk of marital disruption.

Teachman further concludes that the number of partners is the major factor to consider. The risk for marrying a non-virgin is extremely dangerous; marrying a woman with more than four sexual partners is playing Russian Roulette. Keep in mind this study was performed in 1995, and as this article shows, the 90s were an era of relative stability and cohesiveness as compared to today.  I shudder to think of what a similar survey today would show.



While many men may say “Fine, I don’t care about marriage anyway” and I would agree—I am perfectly happy being a bachelor, with more time, money, and freedom than any of my married friends, but this is not a recipe for a stable society. Without stable families, the next generation will be far more corrupt than we can even imagine, and will be raised by the government educators. Currently over 40% of all children are born out of wedlock in America, and if one looks only at millennials, bastard births are the norm.  Men must acknowledge that we face an uphill battle to restore a sane family structure and sexual relations.

There are fundamental barriers put in place for men today that are difficult to control. The groundwork was laid in the 1960s and 1970s to change society and sexual relations in America.  By 1990, the changes were in motion, and it is very difficult to reverse the trend. Much as a woman’s beauty peaks at or before age 20, men must accept that American women peaked in the 1960s, and are currently declining.

While men can find foreign women, who are more feminine and traditional, once must realize that if a man attempts to raise a family in the toxic American society, the culture, laws, and social norms are unavoidable. While I encourage all men to do whatever they can to thwart degeneracy, political correctness, and feminism, we must pick our battles. The graph on marriage ages depicts a rapid and significant change that will be extremely difficult to slow, much less reverse.

Realize that the deck is stacked against you. The law, your church, your job, and even your friends, are not looking out for your best interests.  Men must find like minded individuals with whom we can forge new friendships and built a better future. And the reaction from feminists to this will be harsh and brutal.

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  1. Rocko’s Modern Life was a cautionary tale. It identified all of the problems back then, but I was too young to notice. 😀

      1. I always wanted to race an rc car around the tracks they built in wild and crazy kids

      2. Hey Arnold was another good one. It was a good show that illustrated the coolness of being a kid back then when kids still did something other than social media.
        Courage the Cowardly Dog was great. You should have seen it. It was a dark series that payed homage to classic horror films. The exorcist episode is still awesome.
        I liked the Nick gameshows like Nick Arcade and Legend of The Hidden Temple, along with Double Dare. They won good prizes like a year supply of chocolate milk!

        1. I’m pissed Arnold never found his parents and courage was probably one of the scariest cartoons I’ve watched

        2. Courage was a fantastic show, and very well done and creative.

        3. I liked that we never found out about his parents, but I think a new Hey Arnold movie is in the work, or a revival. I read about it not too long ago. We may have the answer you seek, decades too late. 😛
          Freaky Fred was scary in Courage, and just about anything else.

        4. Guts, the show that illustrates male dominance and gender differences from an early age. Nothing like watching the two dudes bound through obstacles while the girl is still trying to climb the wall at the start.

        5. Never too old for cartoons.
          I thought Courage was awesome because of the sky and backgrounds. They used photos of real skies for that and animated them. It blew my mind.

        6. Yes, exactly as I planned. 😀 Now go watch all of the seasons.
          I remember the soundtrack too. I remember one episode called the Tower of Dr. Zalost that had some chanting. It was haunting. It stuck in my mind all this time.

        7. I remember the cool thing in elementary school was to say you had a friend who had a piece of the crag

        8. Yep, we watched it together. Dexter’s Lab was also nearly mandatory watching if you asked my son when he was little. Also Samurai Jack

        9. The great thing about having kids is that it’s an excellent excuse as to why you “have to” watch cartoons. And stuff.

        10. All great shows. That’s awesome you got to watch these shows with an adult perspective. Shocked you liked them! I guess the 90’s mastered appealing to two generations.

        11. I must now go to buy one off Ebay! Also, I will buy a Legends of The Hidden Temple shirt. I am thinking Silver Snakes. They won a lot.

        12. It stands to reason that I’d like them, after all they were the products of men in my generation (GenX). The last display of masculinity on television for kids before it all disappeared.

        13. “Stop, you fool! Everything is wrong.”
          I like how later on they added more to the crag and it became the Super Mega Ultra Death Crag now with 100% more glitter, mist, falling shit, and death spikes. Well, I remember it that way at least.

        14. The shows now focus on girl power and relationships. Gone are the days of dumb deedee and genius Dexter.

        15. I just recently rewatched all of the episodes from : Top Cat; The Centurios, Batman TAS; JUSTICE LEAGUE; Batman of the Future and of course, my all time personal favourite ; Spawn- the animated series. Shit is serious, yo !

        16. Courage was fucking scary when you watched it at night. There’s so much humor, and you laugh when you watch it in the day, but as a kid it was terrifying watching it at night.

        17. When I first started watching the show it was at night. I was scared, but I loved being scared. Some episodes were funny, other serious, and the rest nightmares.

        18. “Courage was a fantastic show, and very well done and creative.”
          That show was state of the art NWO programming for the time. For example “The Mask.” Kitty, the crazy cat lady behind a mask repeatedly beats up Courage because he is a “dog” (male) and all “dogs” are evil. It turns out that her lesbian relationship with Bunny was put to an end by Maddog the boyfriend of Bunny. Courage decides to “rescue” Bunny, killing Maddog along the way, and thus earning the respect of the sodomites. “I was wrong Bunny, not all dogs are bad.” No, not all dogs (men) are bad, so be a good “dog” by supporting sodomy.

        19. Hell Yeh. And there was so much creepy shit in that show.
          Like the fuckin Fred guy with the permanent smile. Creeps me out every time.
          I think the name was Fred.. blonde dude, always talking about being “naughtttty”?

        20. That episode was questionable. The rest of it was still good.

        21. A show that was unabashedly masculine, concerning honor, fighting and making the right choices.

        22. one of my favorite shows is Tom and Jerry. I believe that there is no other cartoons and there won’t be as great as Tom and Jerry. Today cartoons is shit. I remember visiting my little cousins house and they were watching a cartoon called: “clearence”.
          it is about a fat kid and if you look at the main character, it seems that it is depicting autistic mentally challenged individuals. How sick.

        23. Clarence was hilarious when I saw an episode about Atari games. Maybe I caught the one good episode. I love animation so I always keep up with the new shows somewhat.
          Tom and Jerry was the bomb, though. They brought the series back, but nothing beats the old episode with little to no dialogue. They did not need that to convey the story.

      3. I don’t know why, but this family guy refrence to conjunction junction just came to mind.

      4. I never got to watch Nickelodeon as a child, we only had broadcast/antenna TV at home. So, Ninja Turtles, Pirates of Dark Water, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and The Bugs Bunny Show were it for me along with the Disney Saturday Morning block: Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, etc. and the Nintendo Power Hour: Mario, Zelda, and Captain N.
        But the last cartoon I found to watch, that had viable social commentary, was a Nick show called Invader Zim.

        1. Whoa mama!
          We liked that show too, heh.

        2. To be fair, the only Nickelodeon cartoons I have ever seen are: Some episodes of Doug (from visiting family at the time), Zim, and the original Avatar.

        3. And I didn’t even watch that on TV, just had a friend say “You have to see this.” So, I bought the DVD sets. He was right, it was great.

        4. I remember the Cow and Chicken joke about those ladies showing up to the house and eating rug. Really, they ate the rug in the living room.

        5. There was a guy on that ship that always said ,,Chongolong” in absolute amazement. Be it seeing hot chicks or finding gold. Those cartoons were actually art.

        6. Sharktapuss was also really fun, and had no shortage of extreme hotness strutting around in bikinis.

        7. Blew it by dropping Caprica and not giving Blood and Chrome a chance- the whole Battlestar universe coulda provided years of material

        8. I boycotted Battlestar the moment I heard that they made Starbuck a woman. I grew up watching that show as a kid, and didn’t want my image of a macho cigar smoking Starbuck destroyed by proxy with Grrrrl Pwwwr.

        9. I loved Caprica.. It was one of those series that worked on multiple levels. It was appealing to a wider audience as well, and had some romance and stuff that would appeal to women. I was really, really disappointed when they cancelled that. If I remember correctly, they put it on pause half way through the first season for a few months for some stupid reason and then we they tried to resume it they lost most of the audience.

        10. It’s a really amazing series though. Just consider the fact that a good compelling story probably cannot get made today without someone in the process demanding they insert a strong female character somewhere. I highly recommend it. It had a lasting effect on my outlook on life.
          One example is I was a lifelong “democracy is great” pacifist, and I found the series making me time and again ally myself with the strong, patriarchal, unelected, military leadership of Commander Adama over the democratic civilian leadership of President Laura.
          And I often found myself supporting him using force and violence to put down uprisings on the ship because there were more important issues at hand than working conditions below or the food quality or whatever. Whereas in real life I typically had taken the opposite “power to the people” view.
          Then there was a whole season with parallels on the Iraq war and fighting insurgency. I did not care for the ending, but it’s an amazing series and if you enjoy science fiction at all, you are truly missing out by not watching it. And Starbuck is a total fuckup–there are other strong male characters. They didn’t just want to remake the series verbatim, only with new special effects, but change it slightly. It’s great. And Adama is one of the most badass commanders ever. Tough as nails.

        11. I think it was cancelled bc it was too real(ratings werent awful)- too many parallels with what is going on in the real world

        12. If Adama was running for Pres, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. How lame was the Quorum? Bunch of delusional pussies

        13. Eh, ok, maybe. The last sci-fi series that I felt had any authenticity and decent writing was Firefly, so it’s been a while for me.

        14. I was gonna boycott over Starbuck as a woman, but it turned out to be amazing. The original is corny in comparision

        15. Did you ever see Gene Roddenbury’s Andromeda? (Last sci-fi series I remember watching and yet have almost no recall regarding what is was about and what happened).
          I almost started watching TV again when I heard about Chronicles of Shannara on MTV, but haven’t been thrilled with it as I had hoped to be so far. So, my last show of any kind was Smallville.

        16. Doom doom doom, doom doom doom doom!
          That must be the same songwriter who wrote the theme song for the 1960’s Batman series.
          “Batman! Batman! Batman!…BATMAN!”

        17. I like the look of the black guy at 2:22, realizing his female commander doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing.

        18. Best story arc of the series in my opinion. Apollo floating out in space, watching the battle from afar…

        19. Come for the monsters, stay for the babes. That needs to be the tagline for the channel.

  2. I noticed this as well at the time, given the high rate of divorce and the rise in pregnant teens. Out of my own group two of the girls were knocked up by the age of 17, with about several dozen others in the school of about 4000 students. One of the strangest things a high school friend could say was, “I’m shocked your parents are still together.”

      1. Both, given the circumstances. Makes me glad I grew up in a stable house since my parents are still together. Both married in early 70’s, still together 40+ years later.

        1. None of us had intact families, or at least not in my group. Some of the more religious kids still had families, though. Maybe there is something to that religion concept.

        2. I think that’s possible and there’s evidence for it. While my parents weren’t that religious themselves, they were both brought up in hardcore Catholic families and to this day there’s still some of the Catholic upbringing in their demeanor. The rest of my friends parents weren’t or they were religious in name only. The only exception I know of is my younger cousin who has five kids by three women and was foolish enough to risk a second marriage, but my aunt and uncle still treat our generation (who range from mid 20’s to early 40’s) like we’re still kids.

    1. I grew up in a 90%+ white, middle class to rich neighborhood: (Gen X, ’70s – ’80s). My parents were a bit of an anomaly as they were still married (their only marriage). It seemed more than half my friends were shuttled between parents (mom during the week, dad on weekends). My generation got the nickname ‘latch-key kids’ as nobody was home when we came home from school.
      When no-fault divorce came into fruition, it opened a flood gate during those two decades, leaving behind kids drowned in the wreckage of their now divorced parent’s relationship.
      I am curious though if there is any study done on my generation in regards to marriage stability. Sometimes when you suffer through something as a kid, you go out of your way to make sure your own children don’t live like you did. ie: A guy who had an absent father overly dotes on his own kids.

  3. Maybe its a generational thing. I sensed that the world was changing literally new years day 1990. Before that i felt the 1980s was the last decade before things started getting fucked up.

    1. Funny, I have to agree. When the clock changed to 1/1/90 I felt something big had happened. Bigger than the change to 80 or the change to 2000.
      Funny, the only big change I can compare with the ushering in of the 90’s was 1992. One night I was sitting with a girl watching Saturday Night Live. There was a band on called Nirvana that I had never heard of before. I was one of those guys who listened to old blues and jazz and didn’t follow modern music because I was way too cool for that (eyeroll to my hipster old self). Anyway, when Niravana played Smells Like Teen Spirit on SNL some part of me knew that, for better or worse, the world was never going to be the same.
      Don’t get me wrong. I am not a huge Nirvana fan. In fact, listening now the music bores me. But that performance changed things in a way that I doubt any other single performance ever has. After that night the world was just different.

      1. Fantastic insight. I’ve often said that Kurt Cobain killed rock and roll. Never thought anybody else would notice the tectonic shift he ushered in with his whining music.

        1. I mean that he (Cobain) took the genre to a place where it had no choice but to die. There’s always competing genres, but rock seems like it was intentionally murdered by those west coast hacks. No other genre has went down hill so far and so fast.

        2. I agree. But there is no denying that his influence was enormous.
          Nirvana single handed changed music and culture.
          It is very rare that you can put a stick in the ground and say “this is where everything changed” and it is even more rare that there is a moment like that without a body count.

        3. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the grunge music. I mean, blues guys were singing about lives of real misery…blind lemon jefferson…man….and doing it with strength and grit. 90’s pop music sounded like a bunch of complaining to me with some exceptions like the black crows, janes addiction and a few others. At the time, like I said, I listened to mostly older rock, blues and jazz. If I listened to modern music it was usually either punk, rockabilly or rap. I never really liked music that seemed whiney and depressing. I liked shit kicking music. I want to bust through a door, punch someones teeth out, grab his girl and ride off not go home, dim the lights, cut myself and cry.
          If you mean in terms of influence, yes pearl jam was super popular as was alice and chains and a bunch of others. But no one had the massive impact that Nirvana did imo

        4. I think that KC started hipster culture. Though I think he was pretty cool so it’s not his fault.

        5. I agree with you , I never liked nirvana and always thought of them as being marketed to the white suburban middle class “angst “. I was just wondering if you threw Alice and pearl jam in the same group . I was only 2 in 1990 , so I don’t remember much till about 94-95. I also don’t listen to much music passed the 80s , john Coltrane , bb king , and skynard. Though I do have a thing for 90s-early 00 electronic music and 80s pop

        6. He always came across as an extreme Leftist douche to me, even at the time when he was alive and “all that”.

        7. Modern music tends to have such a temporal quality to it. Most of the songs today have the same type of sound. It’s kind of hard to describe but today is: overprocessed slow vocals, 2000s was a lot of talking and yelling vs musical singing, 1990s was power chords and screaming. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but you take something like Jimi Hendrix and it sounds like it could have been written yesterday. The Beatles, love them or hate them, were noted for having a huge variety of sound in their songs.
          Mumford and Sons 2015

          Harvey Danger

        8. I think they were all marketed to the middle class angst, but that nirvana was different–they created the market.
          If you listen to an Alice album like Dirt it is downright f’n depressing. Compare that to seas of cheese or pork soda by primus and you can really see that music still could be fun.

        9. I recommend to everyone to listen to Bo Diddly and realize what music should be and how it should make a man feel.

        10. I dont dig them, I enjoy Ray LaMontagne and Zak Brown Band, check em out

        11. Hey now, qualify that. Every song by *modern* women is about how much women hate men.
          They used to sing about how they liked us. I really miss those days, but nostalgia has no place in this fight any longer I’m afraid. Still, I miss the times.
          Patsy Cline, one of the most beautiful voices in Americana music.

          Peggy Lee swooning over men. This song still has an emotional effect on me, very sultry and beautiful.

        12. Dusty Springfield, Donna Summer, Linda Rondstat, Bonnie Raitt, Roberta Flack….and so on, dont make em like this anymore

        13. Loretta Lynn. Can you imagine *any* woman who could relate to this these days? Seems anathema to what women have become.
          You’ll have bad times and he’ll have good times
          Doing things that you don’t understand
          But if you love him you’ll forgive him even though he’s hard to understand
          And if you love him all be proud of him cause after all he’s just a man
          Stand by your man give him two arms to cling to
          And something warm to come to when nights are cold and lonely
          Stand by your man and tell the world you love him
          Keep giving all the love you can stand by your man
          Stand by your man and show the world you love him
          Keep giving all the love you can stand by your man oh yeah

        14. Yea..I didnt give politics much thought at the time..but I think “leftist” perhaps meant something else back then, not as extreme as today.

        15. Well, there were no SJW’s that I recall, but except for the lack of PC he basically sat around whining about the 1980’s and being born a rich white male. Interviews I heard with him he was very far left and snarky about it. Fuck him.

        16. Yea that sounds pretty SJWish..maybe he got his wish and was reborn as a poor mexican living in the slums ? If so, he probably dreams about being a rich a white male 🙂

        17. Don’t look up Linda Rondstat now. Just don’t. Let her forever remain a cute little 20 something girl next door pixie in your mind.

        18. She should just rename herself Linda TheWallStat. The wall didn’t just hit her, it backed up and ran over her again a couple more times.
          If you have any shred of sanity, I also advise not looking up Teri Garr. Tragic.

        19. I never understood the fascination with rap and how it’s so red pill. If I want red pill music, I just look to the blues.

        20. I am with you on the blues but there is a lot of rap out there that is pretty good I think. Just need to open your ears to it. I do agree that blues is as red pill as it gets

        21. Here’s some 90s red pill flava. If I listen to rap, it’s 90s stuff.

      2. Indeed even fashion changed. I remember In 1990 I was in a men’s clothing store looking for a tie, and I was searching for the standard eighties style tie that was thin, but they had none. And could not find a thin tie anywhere at that point at aby store. All the time as I’m walking through the mens stores in the malls I also kept seeing the photos of men in grunge-ware clothing. Literally the fashion of the eighties disappeared overnight.
        I too get the impression that one does not really sense the new decade until one is in the first year. I didnt sense the eighties were the “eighties” until fall of 1981. At that point there was something that signalled the new era, just as 9/11 signalled the beginning of the dystopia.

      3. Not something big..something BAD..something big and great happend 1.1.1980..something BAD happened 1.1.90..something even worse happened 1.1.2000. Something extremely terrifying happened 1.1.2016..and this is just the beginning.

    2. are you sure that wasn’t because there wasn’t a war on the horizon. Which in the end turned out to be something of a damp squib (apart from for Saddam’s republic guard who died in their hundreds of thousands of course)

      1. I wasnt following events so closely then, but indeed 9/11 happened, I see this as a definite beginning of the new era.

        1. Yes, 9/11 brought about a huge change. It was a huge shock to the collective psyche, brought about more of a security state, distrust in government and institutions from some of the improbable events of that day. I won’t list any, see conspiracy forums.

  4. The destruction of the family is by design. With no father in the household, children are molded by the closest thing to a father-figure in their lives – the government. Values are now formed in classrooms. From the age of 6 to 22, people are essentially wards of the state. Why force society to accept an agenda when you can frame the narrative for each generation.

      1. Not Norway specifically – it’s known as the Prussian education system, for its origins. Although adopted by Scandinavia and America early in the 19th century, pretty much the entire Western hemisphere now follows the idea of state-sponsored, compulsory, mass education.

      2. Not Norway specifically – the model is called the Prussian system, after it’s origins. Although Scandinavia and America were the first to copy it in the early 19th century, almost the entire Western hemisphere now uses it.

    1. I could see this being the case in Europe, but not in the US. In the US, schools – especially those in the ghetto (i.e. the place with highest number of single-parent or no-parent families) – are shitshows, and there’s likely very little molding going on there

  5. One thing to remember about Teachman’s study – correlation doesn’t always mean causation. A woman’s notch count may track with her divorce risk, but it doesn’t mean it’s the cause of that increased risk.
    For example, many of the zero-notch women probably come from religious families. Their faith’s disapproval of divorce may be the cause of the lower divorce risk, not any putative decrease in pair-bonding ability.

    1. You are right in terms of science.
      But would you not at least regard the “notch count” as quite are reliable indicator of risk?

      1. The numbers don’t lie. If you’re just looking to avoid risk, it’s a solid indicator.

    2. At that point, who cares? A risk is a risk. Who cares about the cause in this case. The divorce may be related to any type of behavioral traits that come along with her mental breakdown as she whores herself out.

    3. From my own personal experience:
      Women who hit the sack with multiple men have a problem with emotionally bonding with a man. To me it seems like something switches off in their brain with sex being solely a physical act: She is basically masturbating by using another man’s body.
      There is more to it than that, but I am having trouble putting together an explanation in just a couple paragraphs. I will say this.. when my wife and I consummated the relationship, she became ‘bonded’ to me in ways that went well beyond the bedroom. The ‘loose’ women I had been with years earlier.. there was no such bond.

    4. It’s simple supply and demand though and I feel it works on both sexes . I remember being 14-15 falling head over heels for my first girl and her feeling the same way. I moved away so we had to break up bit we still kept in touch for years after . My second relationship after that was so -so and my third just flat out sucked . All three about a year . I had though for a long time that maybe something was at fault with me like I was getting ugly or just being a shiity boyfriend . Until one day I sat down and really though it over . I realized that my emotions were less and less intense as time went on. I had “been there , done that ” and now I’m too the point were even conversation with most women is dull because you already know the end game . I feel it’s worse for women because they are even more emotionally driven than us and the more you spread out your emotions the cheaper and less intense they become . A man or woman cannot love 20-30 significant others the way they love 1-3.

  6. The collapse of Western society started from the 1970s, where the gold standard was removed. Not to mention the fact that it during this period that we started to see the oil prices crash and the beginning of offshoring and outsourcing beginning to take place on a bigger scale. There was also the drug epidemic taking place and the high divorce rates becoming more common throughout the 1980s. Furthermore, during the 1990s the deterioration of the middle class started to take effect where more factories and manufacturing plants began to disappear from the West.
    That was just the economic situation. But examine the current trends of the high divorce rate in the West, reinforced by the fact there are now more women in the labor market than men, and you can start to observe the collapse of the traditional nuclear family. It is with the advent of the internet in conjunction with the growing population of the female gender that this new wave of radical feminism has taken place which threatens the very existence of men. Men are now becoming very emasculated and suffering from a severe case of stockholm syndrome, in which we are witnessing the rise of the white knight and the succumbing to female supremacy.
    Men are now losing their confidence and failing to develop a spine that it has started to spread into the mainstream pop culture. This is prevelant within the entertainment industry where we are now seeing more shows and movies containing the tough female character who is the main protagonist while the men are designed to look like inferior characters. Ridiculous in my opinion. Indeed, the 1990s and even early 2000s in terms of pop culture, reflected the golden era in which we saw the highest standards in the world of entertainment. Masculine characters were still being produced such as Tony Soprano and Jack Bauer. Music from all genres such as rock and R&B were being produced with very high qualities and standards that appealed to all markets and audience.
    What we have now, is a disgusting wave of degeneracy and low ethics that are celebrated and embraced by the public, that it is very reflective in the garbage pop culture that we are witnessing. People becoming overnight sensations from posting porn videos to making embarrasing untalented video clips on Youtube, the world has lost it’s path towards maintaining rigorous standards and good moral ethics, that it can simply be classified as the cultural collapse of civilization.

    1. You have the right of it here I think. However, you are missing one crucial aspect. With the rise of consumer credit, car leases, mortgage for everyone….we basically made the total destruction of western civilization also the most comfortable time. It isn’t mad max. It isn’t thunderdome. People are driving around in leased BMWs with 3 bedroom houses and 85 inch plasma tv sets. This is the beauty of it. Like how in Brazil they paint all the favela houses bright colors so tourists don’t see abject poverty, just brightly colored tropical paradise. If the end of the world was ugly there might have been a rebellion. But so long as everyone can make their minimum monthly payments, everyone gets to be “rich” with all the amenities and they just sit back in their awesome furniture which will be paid off in 5 years watching their tv that is on credit at 18 percent in a big house that the bank owns. The human mind allows it self to believe everything is ok and that all the stuff you (correctly) pointed to as the end of western civ is just a trifle and it is time to plug in and get back to the distractions that just 30 years ago were only available to the incredibly wealthy.

      1. And then we die owing as much as possible after being able to use stuff we couldn’t afford to buy. That was my father’s plan, which he executed flawlessly.

  7. Sexual relations are indeed insane. True story: Yesterday I met a buddy for lunch. We saw a girl I know and one of her friends. I walked up and greeted her, informed her that, as she was not wearing green on St. Patty’s day, I was obliged to give her a pinch, and pinched her lightly along the side of her torso. She giggled and smiled. Her friend, a complete stranger to me and my buddy, turned to him and said, “If you do that to me, I’m going to assault you.”
    There was no apology, no–“just joking, Hi I’m Kim.” No, in America today, a woman greets a man by threatening to assault him.
    I shrugged it off, teased a bit by saying, “OK man, I did my job, the violent one is yours.” Girl A giggled some more. Girl B scowled. And my buddy was terrified. Of course, imagining the roles are reversed provides an impossibility that would never happen (Girl: “Hi” Guy” Come any closer and I’m going to rape you”). I would say a person who threatens a complete stranger with assault is violent and dangerous, a mentally ill person in need of medical treatment. And they appear to be at least 25% of the population.

    1. just a shit test, you should have dropped trou and told her if she wants to assault something she can start with your cock.

      1. She was fat and gross. If a HB9 did that, perhaps it could be interpreted as playful (though I would have zero interest in such a violent person). This is a girl who, 20 years ago would be socially isolated and shunned for acting like that. Today, I don’t doubt she has a boyfriend. Some dude sees that and goes “wow, a strong empowered independent woman! Let me make her mine!”

        1. ahhhh the BFF. Hope your buddy was the non-discriminating friend

        2. I knew she was fat! There are just certain phrases fat girls say, and the assault phrase is usually one of them. It is a defense mechanism of the mind. They convince themselves that you did not touch them because of their threat, but the fact is that nobody would have touched them in the first place. It was a reaction to a prettier girl getting attention.

        3. lol. should have pressed her belly like the Pillbury Doughboy.
          Best one off to a fat friend I had was when I was in a bar, this is some years back, and I was talking to a girl that had some eye-rolling whale making sarcastic nasty comments. I turned to her and said “cheer up hun. you people are supposed to be jolly”
          My buddy laughed so hard he spit his drink out.

        4. Whoever her boyfriend maybe is he is dying inside and cringes with embarrassment at her behavior…He just feigns support for her because his culture and low self-esteem tells him he has to accept that.

        5. You people are supposed to be jolly. I am taking that to use as well. I always hear the nasty comments. Ladies now are full blown sarcasm machines. Or gutter mouths. The topic the other day before class was vibrators. These ladies were not ashamed to openly talk about it and they got pissed if you mentioned it.

        6. It’s a good line.
          Just laugh at women when they are pissed. Their emotions are all for show.

        7. It was like, the information was already there, all we needed to confirm that she was fat, is to surface the info. Hahahaha !

        8. Yup. She thinks that she is attractive enough that guys would touch her. When they don’t, she has to show to everyone around her that she’ll beat him to a pulp. Deep down inside, she wished he would’ve done the same.

        9. @Lolknee…shit man, you are a hoot! You don’t live anywhere near WNY do you?

        10. You got it. That is why fat chicks always get defensive. They waddle around with a constant shield for their inflated… everything, actually.

        11. Oh man, that’s basically north of the wall. I’m assuming you are a brother of the nights watch.

        12. She probably had that line rehearsed from the last time someone gave her friend a playful touch. She must have thought, “Next time this happens, I’ll have the perfect passive-aggressive, snarky response to convey my jealousy.”

        13. The Nightswatchmen couldnt handle a single winter in the Buffalo region

      2. Isnt it a bit crazy starting off with a shit test like that ? No reason to waste any more time on her.

    2. I now have the weirdest urge to use the “Come any closer and I’m going to rape you” line as a greeting now. Of course, if some girl goes along with it I might be more terrified!

    3. “No worries, toots, you’re not in any danger of being touched by any man”

      1. But that wouldnt be all true, would it ? I mean so many white knights just waiting for their chance because they are literally dying from thirst. You would have to be a male celebrity to get the same attention as even a fat western cow.

        1. I’m really not seeing many decent dudes with stone ugly fat broads. It happens very occasionally and I have seen it, but it’s not an epidemic like I think some folks think it is.
          What I do see is decent dudes going out with 5’s and thinking that they’re lucky though. That’s kinda disturbing.

        2. I don’t know a single guy who is married or with a girlfriend > 6. Not a single guy. Even decent looking guys are all with women 1) older than them or 2) way below them on the 10 scale.
          Those are all normal guys. But if you go to a different environtment, bikers, gangmembers, celebrities etc, it of course changes.
          But for the average guy, forget about finding a beautiful women.

        3. I have to say, I have gone off 10s. I have been messing with them for decades and I think that most of them are mentally ill.
          I now target nice comfortable 7s. Hell, 10s eventually turn into 0s anyway…

        4. Masturbation to Candice Swanepoel is preferable to fat broads. Btw, I don’t even see myself as that handsome, I mean, I’m not fat, and I’m mature and I dress neatly, (jacket, shirt etc), and I get model like women, I don’t understand it myself.

        5. Try Iceland and Norway, they are much worse than Sweden. In Norway they have all kinds of silly laws like affirmative action on company board of directors etc. And a lot of even more retarded stuff. Iceland have banned strip clubs etc. Men are basically castrated in that country.

        6. that’s the problem. if you live in a society whereby you’re a male 7 and are forced to date a female 5 due to the low supply of high quality females, then there are going to be repercussions, which we are now seeing play out.

        7. I used to live in Chicago for 10 years. 9.5 years too long. All my friends there are married and NONE of their wives are anything to write home about. Most of these guys are making pretty good money and they are still in decent shape. As I was seeing all of this happen in real time, I knew I had to get out. It was highly apparent that the sexual market place was massively skewed in favour of the women.

        8. I’ve been seeing a few of my own age (mid-50’s). And I’m pretty sure what the deal is. They are professional guys with a lot going on, got married younger, and then the wives let themselves go. The poor guys are of that mindset where you’re married and stuck with your spouse through propriety and commitment. What goes on underneath, though, is when a wife turns into a shabby, homeless looking person, there’s a LOT of psychological abuse towards the husband as well. Usually the man develops a double life outside the home that sustains him.

        9. imho 10s are simply not good enough in bed, cos they think theyve done enough w their looks on their part of the deal… and if they not good in bed, ie dont train their vagina, dont at least try deepthroat, then whats the point of having them??? you can wipe ur ass w them… so I agree. just a nice natural 7 w nice skin, good skills in bed and good orgasm control/ability.

        10. Yes indeed. And if need be, you can turn your 7 into a 10 by having her dress up and make up.

    4. It is funny that women think they can still beat up guys. Yes, they are that removed reality here in 2016.

        1. She was a sore loser. I prefer the one of the guy at Mcdonald’s beating the shit out of two large black women when they jumped the counter. All the people were yelling at him to stop.

        2. Ouch…
          This why feminists don’t mess or touch upon Muslim men: physical reprisal is immediate, not so with white men.

        3. It’s funny , I got linked to a website that talks about Afrocentric theory and how thehigh melinin levels in blacks skin makes them superior to lighter hued people in all aspects . Then I’m reminded of videos like those hahah

        4. It was the metal rod they used to stir the oil in the fry machine. While he was doing it he yelled at them to stay down. When ever one tried to get up he hit her again. He was vindicated after first being convicted in the court of public opinion. the first released video had been edited to just show him beating on the women. When the full video was issued he was released with charges dropped, rehired at McDs, given a raise, and praised. Those two women were the norm for today and really do think they are capable of beating down a man. Fools.

        5. Yeah, I think the one they’re referring to is a boxing match on a military base
          Spoiler alert: the girl loses

        6. thanks and shame on you for spoiling it !! hahah it was hilariou,just re-watched the mcdonalds one last night and i was in stitiches

    5. I’m in my mid thirties and growing up women were more or less still sane, relatively speaking. Women I see now in their early-mid twenties seem much more bitter and angry. They’ve had the victim mentality pounded into their heads and really do view men with disdain. As if any one of us could simply fly off the handle at given moment and start raping and/or assaulting every female around us.
      I was out with one of my younger friends a month ago. one of the girls who is a 3/10 on a good day was going on and on about how she’s constantly in fear of being raped on a daily basis. This view CLEARLY wasn’t from real life experiences. It had been implanted in her head. It’s fucking ridiculous.

      1. Many women really need to be told one harsh but necessary truth. No, you are not attractive, you are not bangable. Related, but as a tangent, I detest open sexual libertine attitudes with unattractive women, that’s why slut walks are so annoying. In normal times with a functional merit hierarchy in tact women such as these would have known their place a long time ago. No one will rape you, honey, because you’re shitface ugly. Sorry, its terrible and harsh, but watching purple haired land whales walk around as if they were 10’s is an insult. Seriously, look lady you’re ugly, fat, you smell, not funny, obnoxious, self-centered, entitled, hysterical, emotional…all around tedious company and a terrible person.

        1. Seriously. You almost never see hot chicks at those Slut walk things. Just a bunch of fatties, trolls, and trannys. Occasionally there’s the naive 19 year old cute college student who’s dabbling in feminism, but they usually grow out of that shit pretty quick because who the fuck wants to be around those insufferable losers?

        2. Bingo, its a parade of losers. Basically, its the rejects of the sexual marketplace expressing their childish desire for wanting attention. So, the slut walk is the way that an otherwise ignored female gets to show her stuff. And they disguise it by saying its for “rights” or against rape or some other kind or ruse. They can’t even be honest with themselves during their literal “day in the sun” showing off their goods. That’s because even they can’t bring themselves to admit that without some outside cause they’re worthy of such a display. Its pathetic.

        3. I’m not sure that’s true. I think that most people will avert their eyes as staring at a mass of fugly women is a bit like staring into the Sun with a

        4. But is it a reflection of the males in that society? Are the males giving them too much attention or leeway with their attitudes? Thirsty beta males need to walk away, not play the role that society has outlined for them.

        5. I think there is only ‘some’ blame there for them. The thing is the more women that are not deemed LTR worthy the greater the demand for the remaining desirable ones. The 2nd tier betas can’t compete so have to drop their expectations for relationship and even more so for nookie. At the same time I know a number of reasonably decent looking guys (not beta not alpha) who are happy to drop their standards down a few levels for NSA sex. They are eating into the beta’s demographic pie. Those women think they can do better then beta boy (and they can for hookups) and beta boy gets desperate (which turns off many women more)

        6. That’s why the “thirsty betas” need to just walk away, because they aren’t getting any sex anyway, on account of 1) the skewed sexual marketplace and 2) their thirst is not well hidden and will be a further turnoff to most women. The thirsty betas best bet is to go MGTOW, just for a bit while they get their shit together. Probably best to start in the gym, maybe 3 hours a day, minimum.

        7. I agree with dropping out of the market and rebuilding their brand. So much better than being desperate. I’ve seen some of my friends who were a bit desperate and they end up in relationships after struggling for a number of years and their gfs sense their desperation and lack of options and so had the upper hand in the relationship + gave off the vibe they settled for the guys. In a few yrs their sex had to be earned.
          I dropped out for a number of yrs (hardgainer) and hit the gym. I know many of the guys on these type of forums will say game is more important than looks, and maybe to an extent in terms of your face, but having a masculine physique from my perspective provides the foundation for your image. When I was doing well and bulked up my ONS sex was hotter then my relationship sex when skinny unassertive nice guy (I was still beta tho so it was just image).
          I dont think every guy needs to hit the gym but if the guy is struggling and low in self esteem and not masculine in look/attitude then the gym is the best place to start, though I would not advice 3hrs a day to start with. That’s pretty extreme. I made mistakes of over training a number of times and my health would crash.

      2. She is not really fearing to get raped. It’s just her way to 1) get attention and 2) bitching and 3) hating on men.

    6. You shouldn’t have even acknowledged the existence of Girl B after she said that. Treat her like a kid with a temper tantrum.

    7. I feel like one of the best things to do to a chick like that is completely ignore her. Don’t even acknowledge she spoke.
      I’d have focused entirely on the main girl and introduced myself without so much as a glance in fatties direction.

    8. She did you a favor by identifying herself as feminist troll. So no time wasted.

    9. That’s the kind of attitude you get from a person that has been inundated by propaganda saying that all men are rapist and that women are just as capable as men. It sickens me, because, no, women are not as capable as men and, above all, I simply do not take that kind of shit from anyone, man or woman. In order to get to the point that I can confidently walk around with that attitude I had to go through a lot (call it trials), making mistakes, learning, fighting, proving myself to myself. It was a process and feminism has no conception of this process whatsoever. I often think that all feminism wants to do is create situations where women can act all tough. Its so fucking grating…as a man I saw many males up their street cred, if you will, opting for style over substance (just like feminist do). In other words, loud mouths acting the part of being tough. And then, as if it were clockwork, their punk card is pulled and their ass it handed to them in shreds and the poor sulk is ripped away of any sense of pride and an empty hallow shell is left. The whole thing is difficult to watch, whether its enduring the obnoxious stage of false bravado, anticipating the inevitable train-wreck coming and seeing another person reduced to dirt. But, alas, this is no fairy tale this is reality. And that is what happens to false tough. women today are all false tough. All the earmarks and tell-tale signs are there. And it comes off so unnatural too. I wish they could appreciate how stupid they make themselves look. They do this for “respect” and when I see it, I have exponentially less respect for the person.

      1. In a more dangerous world these people would simply be killed.
        That world is fast approaching and I smile knowing that.

      2. They want to act all tough, but without the actual risk. It’s like something they play, like little kids playing cobs and robbers. Women can never understand what is on line because streetcred is not something that is important to a womens life.

    10. Just by threatening violence she could be charged with “menacing”. A misdemeanor or- if she has a history- up to a felony.
      Use the law to wage war.

    11. She can be charged with “menacing”. Depending on your state it can be a misdemeanor up to a felony if she has a history.
      Know the law, use it.
      (doubleposted. Silly disqis)

      1. You’re funny! The law only applies AGAINST males.
        Further, had he recorded the entire incident and provided it as evidence, STILL there would be no criminal prosecution against the female.

    12. “If you do that to me, I’m going to assault you.”
      That was a test…you could have flipped it to your favour

    13. “No, in America today, a woman greets a man by threatening to assault him”
      Absolutely. Women find it very demeaning to simply be a human being. Today’s hormonal driven beasts feel that they are too good to simply introduce themselves to a man they want to get to know, or just start a conversation with him. No. They have to pick a fight. Stupid dysfunctional cunt bags all the way.

    14. You should have sad, “Fuck off, you miserable cunt. This is my friend, I had no intentions of touching you. Bitch.”

    15. I will point out that the average age of marriage in 19th Century Britain was 27 so don’t sound the alarm just yet.
      Also, for those of you distaining marriage and heirs because “it’s ‘ard mate” keep in mind, that those red pill genes will die with you. Be more Eddard Stark and less Theon Greyjoy.

      1. Was that the average *female* age for *first* marriage? I wonder why the US would be so much lower? Personally, I agree with I believe Aristotle said the idea age is 37 for a man and 18 for a woman.

        1. 26 for women and 28 for men. You had some serious social disturbances in the US. Slavery, the Civil War, the fact that the US at this time was a wild and dangerous place. You would need to get married young to stand any chance of suficient issue.

        2. Nah Britain was more collectivist than America.
          Outside of the major cities even today is very safe

    16. I might have Bluntly said to her. “You have a really bad attitude.” or “It was a joke, get over it.”

    17. The proper reply would be “shut the fuck up…. nobody was talking to you”… Clark Gable style

    18. I believe girls like this need to be shamed in public.
      Simply making a joke is not the way to defeat this behavior. I understand you’re just trying to preserve the opportunity with the other girl here. However, it does nothing to stop this feminist mentality that they can say whatever they want to men and not be punished.

  8. Girl power (Spicegirls, may they burn in hell) and hipster culture started somewhere in the other half of the 90ties. I consider 1997 to now being basically the same. Everything changed RADICALLY suddenly.

      1. The Rowdyruff Boys beat the hell out of the girls in the episodes, though. The girls only won by kissing them or something. The boys were faster and stronger.

        1. Nah, they were pure alpha. They just thought girls were gross at that age, so kisses killed them. Now that mayor, on the other hand. Totally thirsty.

    1. In UK bad things started with the Labour Government. More generally 9/11 created the symbolic gear shift

  9. If you have never watched or if it has been a while since you last watched it Star Trek The Next Generation totally pegged where we are today. The best 90’s sci-fi future drama.

    1. Eh, man, I dunno, I loathed that series. The ONLY good shows it had were the handful of Borg episodes. It was just too UN In Space! for my liking. I grew up watching Kirk kicking ass and fucking every broad in the universe, so Piccard’s character really felt like a complete betrayal of the franchise to me at the time.

      1. I only consider TOS to be Star Trek, the rest of them are something else apart from it and I treat them accordingly including the first six movies (meaning I have seen them, but don’t watch them, whereas I have the TOS DVDs and watch the show over again periodically).

        1. Heh, I don’t get into that debate because there’s no debate to be had, Kirk owned his shit, Piccard delegated and primped around with tea. Kirk beams down to a planet and the women line up to fuck him, Piccard was a celibate little retard with family issues that he trotted out every time he wanted to hold a community pity party. Kirk was charming, arrogant and decisive, Piccard was dull, monotone and about as intimidating as a bowl of cottage cheese. Fuck him.

        2. Well, shit. I must have been blinded by nostalgia. I got schooled! X_X I never heard this side of the debate before.

        3. I remember when it first came on television, I was actually really excited that they were going to bring back Star Trek. I didn’t expect the same exact formula or anything, but the show basically flipped off TOS in every way and manner possible. It went from Cowboys in Space to Bureaucratic Committee Meetings In A Spaceship.

        4. Yep. He was the only whiff of testosterone on that show, really, and even then he still came off as a mangina sometimes.

        5. At the time watching that series (pre-red pill), I thought Piccard was because he could control his sexual urges. I don’t see it now. If I were Piccard, I would’ve been chasing Councilor Troy.

        6. Yep, she’d be placed firmly on the Captain’s Log every night.

        7. Come to think of it, Troy would’ve known that Piccard wanted to do her. She was an empath.

        8. Imagine the hell it would be for her if there really was a hot girl with that power. 24/7 her mind would be filled with “He wants to fuck me” from every encounter she had during the day. There would of course be blessed radio silence after age thirty however.

        9. LOL! I find it funny how they all could’ve played poker with her. You can have the best poker face and she still would know if you’re bluffing or not.

        10. I enjoyed both series. Picard had his moments, plus Stewart is a hell of an actor. One thing that needs mentioning is that Kirk was an archetype character in the original series, and Picard had a more developed backstory and was older. The Enterprise was not his first ship, and he had lost the previous one,
          Stargazer, if I recall, along with several crew members. I don’t think Kirk ever really tasted defeat until the movies, though I could be forgetting something, but Picard came to the series having known defeat. I used to watch the syndication of the next generation heavily, but I have since recovered and actually don’t watch TV at all anymore. Still remember useless info….the Enterprise D had 42 decks, Engineering was on 36, and the battle bridge on 9…..gah!

        11. Stewart is an amazing actor, my critique was of the written character not him.
          Just found Jean Luc a real damp rag.

      2. I am talking about most of the writing and plots. It was spot on predicting what the culture would be like 20 years later.

  10. LOL. The 90s were brillliant. No chance in hell they would be able to pull this kind of shit off in today’s politically correct environment:

  11. Twenty years from cross dressing indicating mentally ill–possible serial killer to a brave and courageous hero is a shockingly short time, in the grand scheme of history.

    1. Change like that doesn’t happen by accident.

      1. Precisely. The feminization of men, and the masculinization of women, is part of an important occult agenda. According to the twisted and dark principles of occult secret societies, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the internalization of duality and the equilibrium between opposing forces. The horned, hermaphrodite, and androgynous Baphomet is the perfect representation of the alchemical transformation.
        If you doubt that assertion, google “conchita wurst horn”, and look at the picture … the degenerate and depraved beast, “Conchita” himself, may not understand the deep esoteric significance of that picture, but the “hidden hands” behind the scenes know perfectly well what they’re conveying.

    2. I don’t think this is as commonly accepted as we’re led to believe. trannies have become “popular” during a time when the media is 1) under-going a massive existential disruption and 2) almost universally distrusted. If the rise of Trump and even Sanders says anything it’s that MOST people are revolting against the establishment and the establishment includes the media and the culture the establishment tries to push on us. From start to finish, this tranny push has been so fucking obvious. Its a top-down operation or a media elite operation. A tiny minority within the old media declaring for everyone else that this is normal and to believe this is abnormal is abnormal and mentally ill. I think people are not falling for it, we’ve seen this show before. Too many people were already doped into the whole homosexuals just want to be left alone to live their lives and then seeing a major cultural institution, marriage, redefined by judicial fiat at the insistence of homosexuals who can’t seem to stop wanting to always be the center of attention i.e. controlling our lives. To be honest I think jenner and the tranny push is why so many people are waking up. Its way too weird and causes way too much cognitive dissonance in everyone from < 100 IQ all the way to the top. Doesn’t matter if it was 20 years ago, Silence of the Lambs portrayed cross dressing as it actually is back then and today in 2016. BTW, burce jenner ran over a woman and killed her.

      1. “BTW, burce jenner ran over a woman and killed her.”
        For her skin? Oh my

      2. The tranny push may be part of the awakening, but I think our muslim friends have a lot to do with it.

        1. There is another “issue” we’re all suppose to agree on, immigration, that is causing part of the wake-up too. Curious, how do you think the Muslims have something to do with this?

        2. I was referring to the mainstream media lightly treading or completely ignoring muslim terrorism. There are at least a dozen terrorist training camps in the US, complete silence. Our government is saturated with terrorist sympathizers, complete silence. Muslims are flooding into American cities and towns, forcing their religion down everyone’s throats, complete silence. People are starting to notice a pattern.

        3. If Muslims were flooding in, wouldn’t we see fewer slutwalks and more beatdowns of women who act up? I’m still waiting…

        4. “If Muslims were flooding in, wouldn’t we see fewer slutwalks and more beatdowns of women who act up? I’m still waiting…”
          Only in Muslim controlled areas. However, all the usual suspects know they’d be attacked/killed there, that the government wouldn’t come down hard in their favor (the full force and fury of the law is reserved for say a Christian who declines to bake a cake for a sodomite wedding), and that the media wouldn’t report it.

        5. If things continue in the same path that they have been, you may not need to wait for too much longer. Besides, with all the white-knighting that goes on, it will be women’s safety that will most likely be the straw that broke the camels back.

  12. While I tend to agree with Dr. Paul McHugh that “transgenderism” could be considered mental illness, the Buffalo Bill character was actually NOT transsexual. Dr. Lecter says “Billy’s not a real transsexual, he tries to be, he’s tried to be a lot of things.” Lecter further states that “Bill” would have likely applied to the major centers for “gender reassignment” (including Johns Hopkins where Dr. McHugh teaches) and been rejected. Starling asks why someone would be rejected, Dr. Lecter mentions childhood trauma, abuse or history of mental illness.
    Bill’s delusion is a desire to transform into something he cannot be. Just as Dolarhyde wants to be Blake’s Red Dragon. This inability to transform and inability to accept it is what leads to his madness.
    Lastly I’m still pissed that the filmmakers used “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazurus in that scene, that’s a great song and they nearly ruined it. 🙂

    1. “Bill’s delusion is a desire to transform into something he cannot be.”
      I wonder if Bruce Jenner would have tried to make himself a “woman suit” if hed been rejected for transgender surgery? Or maybe just a ‘Kardashian Suit”

      1. He hasn’t actually cut off his penis yet.
        Tells you everything you need to know about what’s really going on here.

        1. Well right, yes. Heh. I mean that he’s still dangling and swinging in the underpants area.

        2. If he cut it off, how would he release his sexual tensions? It’s worse than fucking death.

        3. I thought it might have been a ping pong ball. Like with those asian variety shows

        4. You don’t get how it works. Males and females have the same bits, but they’re just shaped differently. Penis = clitoris, and ball sack = vagina. Sex change just transforms these organs into their counterpart.

        5. This is one subject I am not the least bit embarrassed to be ignorant in. Thanks for the clarification, though.

  13. Our allegedly backwards ancestors had the right idea when they shamed sluts, shunned bastards and made their daughters marry as virgins.
    And you don’t have to believe in a god to see that our spiritual traditions recognize a tragic truth of the human condition when they teach that we don’t live for ourselves and for our selfish notions of personal fulfillment – and especially not women. This truth doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

    1. Thank you.
      Im sick of all this religious crap they sprinkle between the “how to bang sluts” articles.

  14. Allegedly “enlightened” Westerners have started to call the Russians backward-looking, given the conservative and traditional turn in Russian culture under Tsar Putin.
    I think they have it wrong. Russians got progressive modernity stomped into them, hard, in the last century; they can see that it doesn’t work, and they have become the early adopters of the restored traditional social model that will dominate the flourishing countries in the latter 21st Century.

    1. It’s a bit more different than that. The champions of “progressive modernity” in Soviet Russia were still horridly backward by modern Western standards. Russian communists still didn’t like their wives cheating on them or their children turning out homosexual, unlike some of the pussified she-men of today who actually weclome these disasters. Stalin saw this and banned all the avant-garde internationalist and progressive nonsense (he physically destroyed many of their proponents) with an iron fist starting circa 1930.
      Adding to that, WW2 killed off so many Russian men that generally speaking only tough, hardy specimens survived and are still outnumbered by girls to this day. Now if only they would quit drinking and dying in their 50s…

      1. Even Soviet Russia was a patriarchy at its most basic and brutal, it seems. Mind you, I don’t necessarily agree on the methods themselves, but can’t argue with the intentions. Plus, as the Germans invaded, this did make a difference in a big way.

        1. Certainly, Stalin was a terrible guy just like any other evil dictator, and communism was a scourge that is still poisoning Russian society just as it is adapting to and taking over the west under the guise of feminism and sexual deviancy.

  15. If the average marriage age is now 27, can one conclude there are similar quantities of women having their first marriage at age 34 as age 20? That’s a scary thought.

  16. The first thing is want to point out is, that conservahero crush of many Republicans, Ronald Reagan, was the one who facilitated divorce in California. Well I never!

    1. The article mentions that quite prominently.

      1. Of course, it’s California. DUH! Then again, it does show how even the “Moral Majority” doesn’t care about “family values” at all. Or maybe they care about YOUR family values, as in, you’re the one who can’t divorce or can’t cheat on your wife. It’s still wrong, don’t get me wrong, but they have to put their money where their mouths are. Also, wasn’t Reagan himself divorced previously?

    2. remember that Reagan was frivorced against his will by Jane Wyman, back in the days when she had to prove cruelty on his part to get her divorce. The courts were granting divorce at will but just allowing tarnishing of the other person along the way. In 1969 he just wanted to eliminate the hypocrisy and damage to reputation that women were employing to get what they wanted. They were going to get it anyway so make the exit as minimally damaging to the man as possible.

      1. That’s still hard to believe, the Great Communicator himself, backed into a corner by a woman. And in the 40s no less. As much as I do talk smack about Reagan quite a bit, in a way, I do feel bad for the guy. Personally, I blame Rosie the Riveter.

      2. Except that even with “no fault” divorce laws, women still paint the male as a monster in order to gain custody of the children, and thereby house and support payments follow. Its that implied threat going into a marriage that has resulted in the emasculation of the american male. Average length of marriage in america is now 7 years, with males exchanging half their wealth and offspring for a few years of sex.

    3. Agreed. I never got the Reagan hype, even back then. Here’s another irony for good ole’ Ronny. He passed the first amnesty as president back in 1986. What a swell conservative. LOL! What a hypocrite.

  17. The huge and defining difference between then and now is the INTERNET and all it represents good, bad and indifferent. The rise of the FACEBOOK and TWITTER generations has done much to reduce intelligent discourse to slogans and other juvenile behavior. The incessant rise in mass pornography and the general acceptance of its use is having profound effects on the notion of viable sexual relationships unlike in the past where people had to get up off their ass and take “real risks” in the “real world”.
    I think to use the Freudian notion of the Reality Principle, we’ve witnessed over the last 15 years more and more immersion of the human mind and the resultant thought becoming melded in a growing sense of unreality. The social media now acts like the old fashioned collective unconscious where all types of idiotic, coarse, juvenile behavior has become legitimatized as being acceptable. It’s given a voice essentially to the ID, the child, the primitive, the irrational, the screamers and shouters and what’s most unacceptable is the cowardly manner these “people” are protected by the anonymity of the Internet.
    The diminution of the Reality Principle over the last 15 years is directly proportional to the undermining of traditional masculine values. We have produced a safe and soft society that has given a charter to idiots and degenerates whose voices no matter how irrational and repugnant they are, must via social media be seen as being equal. This alone is symptomatic of how far below the waterline things have sunk.

    1. Twitter and FB don’t mean much in the bigger scheme of things. But children raised on unlimited access to internet porn, graduating at 18 to smart phone hook-up apps, that’s a cultural shift. Whorehouse culture is the new norm with millennials.

    2. Finally someone said it, the internet has brought about such a huge change in behaviour and yet very few people seemed to have noticed, maybe it’s because we’re currently living through it and haven’t begun to fully analyze it’s effect, but future generations will see the explosion of the internet as a major historical turning point.

      1. Absolutely…we can observe it with clarity, yet the defining impact may not be felt for years…it reminds me of something Marshall McLuhan said in “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man,” which I highly recommend. It’s about 50 years old and still incredibly relevant, possibly more so now than ever.

  18. How mainstream media used to teach kids to commit sexual assault.
    Edit: Under today’s definition of sexual assault.

      1. LOL! Roosh’s “Bang” is no match to this original PUA.
        Just joking with you, Roosh you know.

      1. I am from Sweden and yougov showed very similar result for America and Sweden. I am a 30-year old swedish man and no one of my friends is a feminist.

    1. My wife’s wretched aunt.
      That’s about it.

        1. I’d like to see that survey and how they phrased the questions and how they tailored the sampling group.

    2. Having gone to a very liberal university, I actually know quite a few. The most devoted one I know is a major in gender studies, runs a weekly blog of feminist literature he’s read, and fills my Facebook feed on a daily basis with posts about the wickedness of the white male patriarchy. I’ve always had the feeling that this guy, and most other male feminists, want attention/sex from women above all else, and are under the (very incorrect) assumption that appearing “pro-woman” is going to make girls desire them.

      1. a jewish journalist here in Sweden wrote on her blog that she finds feminist men sexy. Can you believe it? LOL

      2. They’re usually thin dudes from the north of England who cannot let go of the whole northern miner thing and militant socialism pride and wholly against Thatcher as if they were even alive in the 80s! I know em too.

  19. I think the key thing of the 90s is that was the time period those born (and shaped) by the left-wing movements of the 60s came into power. Fast forward a few years and now that following generation is coming into power.

  20. America America America…why do you keep repeating this mantra? I’m not so sure it’s different in Canada, Western, even Eastern Europe, Russia, heck almost everyone else.
    I think many of you live in some kind of a dream where rest of the world is healthy and America is fucked up. Trust me son, we all are. You are not better or worse.
    There might be slight differences..but it’s all same shit. And by far, my favorite American illusion is unicorn foreign women. Women here were masters of taking your resources when Columbo wasn’t even fucking born yet.
    Reading that all the time, I actually ask myself about credibility/bias of the authors.

    1. Because the majority readership here resides in these united States I figure. There are also articles about what’s going on in other countries too. Just a couple of days ago there was one featuring stories that the French press were making up while attacking ROK.

    2. Why aren’t you commenting on your favorite balkan website? Are you too stupid or poor to build your own? Or would nobody else care?

      1. Because then you wouldn’t get a chance to talk with a masculine Eastern European guy.
        And I know how hard you miss a role model.

        1. Yes and I’m already showing who is the boss.
          Where is your women? Seems she needs someone to fuck her.
          Or u are here to learn how to get one?

  21. It started with the Reformation 500 years ago. But if you’re talking about when the SJWs really got going, it was the Blair years for the UK and the Clinton years for the U.S. Blair’s ‘third way’ brought in a toxic combination of neoliberal economics (which I supported under conservative Thatcher) and social liberalism. Capitalist globalism and socialist internationalism and victim-obsession all mixed together. Blair claimed to be bringing together the best of Left and Right, when in fact he brought together the worst aspects of Left and Right.

  22. Good Article!!!
    I also watched the documentary on the decline of marriage and divorce courts and how they screw over men but also cause strain for both parties due to the effed up process and how anything can be admissible in court (i.e mud slinging like we are seeing with the election coming up).
    I miss the 90’s when women looked like women and acted like women.

    1. I was in college at the turn of the 1990’s. Pretty, uninked, un-multi-pierced feminine girls as far as the eye could see. Glorious.

      1. I show my daughter concert footage from that time (late 80’s through 90’s) and tell her THIS is what girls are supposed to look like. Take pride in yourself, take pride in the way you look. I am sure it falls on deaf ears, cos being in middle school is all about what “gender” you are. We have fights in my house about it, my kid cries but mom and I agree this gender thing is dumb, you don’t have a dick you are not a boy.
        Then I put on Def Leppard’s Hysteria Live and look at all the lovely women with long hair all done up with makeup and nice clothes and remember the days when being a lady was okay.

        1. Scan Youtube for “Spring Break Videos 1980’s”. Waves of beautiful thin women most of them openly vying in a positive way for male attention. Love that I got to experience those days.

  23. The real degeneration started when internet became available to everyone. All the losers and lowlifes are now able to spread their garbage on the internet. Of course, internet brought also a lot of good things, but without the internet certain groups and people wouldn’t be able to get power and exercise their influence.

    1. There are pros and cons of internet groups and information databases. Some were and are very useful and vital and some were and are of bad taste.

  24. The 90’s were already insane. The 1992 “Year of the Woman” was just as bad as 2014 with all the fake feminist hoaxes and bitching. In the early 90’s, the lesson that the protagonist learned in every TV show or movie directed towards children was that “you need to believe in yourself” or “you need to be true to yourself.” Children were already being taught that what is important is not truth or right vs wrong but what is is important is you, your feelings, your identity, and most of all, your self esteem.

    1. Recently in Britain they changed the Girl Guides motto from “I promise that I will do my best: To love my god, To serve my queen and my country” to “I promise that I will do my best: To be true to myself and develop my beliefs”
      That’s another generations of women fucked.

      1. It’s to be expected; the UK is the poisoned colon of the world in terms of starting the self-loathing SJW idiocy because of a sense of white guilt with the British Empire and all that-lest we forget they civilised all those barbarous animals they colonised.

  25. OK, here is what happened, culturally. The so-called Greatest Generation made a lot of political mistakes, and there were lots of technological advances, such as The Pill but also television and mass media. The GG was raised on reading books and in a largely Christian environment, and they liberalized from that standard. The Baby Boomers grew up in the more liberal standard, and did less serious reading, but the GG was still around as a stabilizing force. By 2000, the GGs were all retired and spent as a cultural force. It was Baby Boomers, combined with Millennials. Millennials are basically heathen, raised in an anti-Christian environment.
    Essentially, the last set of adults were spent as a cultural force by 2000, and we’ve been losing cultural inertia ever since.
    It seems that RoKs and other similar groups are about trying to re-establish what it means to be a man, an adult man. But it’s an insurgency now. Basically, immature men, women and children are in charge. And that’s how it got insane.
    Restore God-fearing, strong-but-gentle, mature men to leadership roles, and everything will fall into line.

    1. The “Greatest Generation” is why things are they way they are. It all started with them.

  26. I was a teenager in the 90’s, and I recall women being friendlier back then. There were a lot of bitches obviously, but the bitch to nice girl ratio was more balanced. The same dating rules applied back then but women were more open to suggestion. They weren’t as quick to rule a guy out. That’s the only reason a short guy like me got any play whatsoever in the late 90s.
    As for music, the 90’s was the era where hip-hop started dominating the airwaves and rock music became increasingly emasculated. First it started with grunge, then we had so called nu-metal which, like grunge before it, was a terminal whinefest only without memorable songs.
    As others have pointed out, the 90’s was also when political correctness started getting enforced, although not to the degree that it is today.
    What I miss about the 90’s though was that there was more of a sense of ‘open mindedness’ about things. Music and film were splintering off in different directions and there was a bit of an anything goes mentality, but it wasn’t like the mish mash crap we have today. There was more focus and discipline, even if standards were beginning to wane.
    When I look back at the music charts from back then I get shocked. Most of the popular to semi popular bands I liked (e.g Primus, Pantera, Portishead, Faith No More, Wu Tang Clan etc) wouldn’t have a prayer in today’s regimented market.

  27. Here’s what happened in the 90’s – we won the Cold War. Sounds great – was great for all the subjugated people of Eastern Europe. Sucked for the U.S.
    Without the USSR as our nemesis, without unfree commies to compare ourselves too – many people here lost their moral compass. Only commies would spy on their own citizens without warrants, arm their police like mech infantry, and react to terrorism by clamping down on liberties. That’s how we rolled in the 80’s.
    Fast forward 30 years and we have a fucking commie running for President and doing pretty well. When somebody floats an idea, nobody says “it’s a free country” any longer – because it isn’t.

  28. Just because the topic of abortion was brought up, I thought I would drop this little dime of “progress” since the 90s, the decade I was in my 20s.
    The argument that was used to advance and win Roe vs Wade, is that the fetus is NOT a person, therefore not a soul/individual, and therefore not capable of thought/individuation that would thus make it a PERSON and thus immoral to “murder” it.
    This is now the SAME ARGUMENT being put forward for… wait for it.
    After-birth abortion.
    What is that? Why… an abortion AFTER birth silly! You know, when “it” is a living, crying, screaming INFANT HUMAN BABY.
    And this is coming from one of the most respected medical journals in the west – The Journal of Medical Ethics.
    After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?
    Abstract: Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including caseswhere the newborn is not disabled.
    That’s right, even if you are not for or against abortion, the argument many refuse to engage in is now being advanced to kill babies!
    What else can describe this except HUMAN SACRIFICE… by the hundreds, if not thousands, if adopted as standard procedure which the professional document to the medical community is advocating.
    This… is why I am now fully convinced that human sacrifice was a real thing back in the days of the “great mother”, the goddess. And we are returning to those very dark times faster and faster every day.

  29. 90s still had a lot of fucked up shit happen, like any other decade..
    WTC Bombing
    Waco Siege
    Timothy Mcveigh’s attack
    Columbine Massacre
    LA Riots
    among others.
    The middle class has been stagnating and slowly dying off ever since the 80s via Reaganomics. 90s was the last decade in which a stable middle class existed.

  30. Great article – but it forgets one important thing.
    Fat chicks.
    At least up until the mid 80s fat chicks were not that bad in the USA. Afterwards, they quite literally exploded out of control.
    I hit puberty in 1989. I have lived my entire sexual life in a sea of fat chicks.

  31. Don’t kid yourself. As someone who is 38 years of age, and spent my teenage years in that decade, it was f*cking dreadful. So many things got so much out of control. Political correctness. Third wave feminism. Anti-white culture. NAFTA. Grunge killing the rock out of rock n’ roll. It may have not been the decade that planted the seed, but it sure enough was the decade where it sprouted into the toxic bush of ivy we live in today.

    1. I concur-the 1990s were fucking terrible; and the image you painted was very apropos; the seeds were planted in the 1960s and sown in the 1990s when all those evil motherfuckers’ plans were ripe for harvest.

      1. Yup. Giving us the newly formed crop of 18-25 year olds you hear about who fear rape just making eye contact with a boy.

        1. Indeed-I’ve been there and when I hear such I will look at them as if they’re mentally retarded and tell them that if looking constitutes rape they are betters served going into one of those rubber rooms and be furnished with an extra long sleeved jacket for their trip. Pack of morons and oxygen thieves.

        2. I do. The ones I can I do and Insril in then proper manly virtues.

        3. Well I dont think calling them morons and oxygen thieves is gonna help.
          To be fair I used to have the stare=rape mindset because of feminists.
          Did you not read the artcle posted a while back about some old “Game Of Thrones” actress accusing a man of rape just for walking past her??
          I remember reading that and thinking: “WTF?! I wouldnt rape that old bitch if she was the last woman on Earth. I doubt even the most depraved of men would rape her”
          Sometimes it just seems these days that men merely existing is a form of rape. Completely ridiculous and an utter pile of dogshit.

        4. Perhaps not but it s a very fitting epithet to describe such. I did read that article about that old crone accusing someone of rape by merely walking by and I had to keep the bile in my gullet down from rage. It is true what you say-there is a war against men and we must fight back decisively to end the lunacy.

    2. True, the 90’s were simply less shit and less insane than today, but it was still shit and insane. The late 90’s especially were extremely nihilistic.

  32. It’s almost impossible to find a 20-26 yo virgin bride in the West today. During colonial America and across the West during the early colonial period, Western girls were typically married off at the onset or right after puberty. Googling stats for marriage ages and virginity rates in colonial times brings up a mix of results from the avg marriage age being 26 in one article. I call bullshit on Google for scrubbing and sanitizing info again. You tube also seems to scrub good footage of building 7 and still no footage of pentagon. On ages of consent in previous centuries, sites like this one tend to get buried in the mis-info:
    This site is one of few that still recounts the colonial laws as they were on ages of consent. Some were rediculously low in far distant history but the age for marriage usually levelled out at 14 until the 1st wave feminists began lobbying to gradually raise the age a girl can marry. Many girls lose their virginity to same age classmates today at puberty but marriage at that age is forbidden. They’re all unmarryable ‘used goods’ after they’re deflowered. That’s the feminist plan.

  33. Many argue the decline started with the Boomers in the 60’s who rejected the opinions of their parents, the Greatest Generation. The decline may have accelerated during the 90’s, as most of the WWII generation continued to died off, coinciding with the decline in their influence on society.

    1. “Greatest Generation”??? More like the worst generation. Those as*holes gave us the f*cked up world we live in today. “War on Drugs”, rise of the police state, mass incarceration, breakup of the middle class, breakup of the black/mexican/white family dynamic. Those f*ckers started all of this.

      1. You seem to forget that those same people who you label “assholes” are the reason why you aren’t a member of The Hitler Youth and are speaking English and not German. Go back to jerking off to your profile picture of the artist formerly known as Bruce troll.

        1. Uh…it was FDR who pushed for the war in Europe. Read the Polish White Papers if you haven’t done so yet. Also, it was France and Britain who declared war on Gemany…not the other way around. And it was Churchill who decided against any negotiated peace, and that the war would be fought to the bitter end…thus guaranteeing millions of dead, not to mention the bankruptcy and collapse of the British Empire.
          The “Greatest Generation” signed the death warrant for Western Civilization by marching off like lemmings to take down a great man like Hitler. They will be cursed in their graves for all time. (Even General Patton put in his diary after the war that we had fought on the wrong side)

        2. The redneck brigade has filtered in it seems. Germany never had the man power to occupy russia let alone mount an invasion along with an occupation of the United states of ghetto.

        3. They were within 20 miles of the Kremlin. 20. The only reason their advance stalled was because of the Russian winter. Hitler was confident that 6 generations of military technological advancement would allow him to accomplish what Napoleon couldn’t: capture Moscow launching an invasion in June. All fine in theory, except for one thing that didn’t change in 130 years: The Russian Scorched Earth Strategy. Had Hitler given more respect to the Russians ability to resist and launched his invasion in April as opposed to June, the Swastika would of been over the Kremlin by mid-September.
          Furthermore, Hitler made the critical mistake during the Battle of Britain of taking his air raids from RAF airfields and bombing British cities. Had he stuck to his guns, the Luftwaffe would very well have knocked out the RAF and cleared the path for “Operation Sea Lion”: Hitler’s amphibious assault across the English Channel.
          Had Hitler played both those scenarios out correctly, he could very well have defeated the United States with Moscow and London in his back pocket. I’m not saying he would of won, but it would of been hard as fuck for us to defeat the Axis Powers on two fronts while they had to worry about just one with Russia and Britain out of the way.

    2. Came of age in the 60’s when housewives were deemed to be parasites because labor saving appliances, frozen TV dinners, and mandatory child education had freed them to watch soaps and eat bonbons all day.

  34. IMO I remember the 90s fondly. These were my teenage years. Disgusting fags were still the butts of jokes and not socially accepted. Also there was no negative connotations with sexy women. It was widely accepted for men to act masculine.

    1. The 90s were amazing and IMO the last decade where it was a great to be a kid as you were allowed to actually be one. Nowadays the fascists on Capitol Hill doing everything they can to regulate a child’s life and turn them into useful idiots for liberals and SJWs

      1. 80’s were great //70’s were great.. 90’s started down hill. 2000’s – ugh. Ugly crap.

  35. Great article, except that trannies are not seen as beautiful or normal, nor will they ever be, no matter how much the mass media tries to perpetuate the idea that they are.
    The young SJWs will shove that shit down your throat all day, but you won’t catch one of them dead out in public with an out and proud tranny. They’re all talk. And unfortunately the people who think it’s disgusting are too scared of the PC police to speak up.
    SJW’s are weak. Speak up and shut them the fuck down. I’ve started doing it, and it’s done wonders. They either don’t respond or block me on social media, further proving that their arguments aren’t valid. Just push back, don’t fear the backlash, and speak the truth.

  36. From a government level the nineties were the last time our government exercised responsibility when congress was required to procure funding for all new expenditures they wanted to implement. That’s why there was a surplus. In ought years that all went away and not just because of Bush or the Iraq war. More women joined the work force. Most households had increased income as a result. But most individual incomes decreased. Nobody noticed because the household income went up. If women stayed at home more people would have realized how corrupt our government is, how the elite are taking advantage of us, and probably would have done something about it. No it’s all in hindsight

  37. The tail end of the 90s – still as comfy as I remember
    Decent flicks, music and no born again trans-humanoids.

  38. “Realize that the deck is stacked against you. The law, your church, your job, and even your friends, are not looking out for your best interests. Men must find like minded individuals with whom we can forge new friendships and built a better future. And the reaction from feminists to this will be harsh and brutal.”
    The Meetups have to start up again.

  39. 80’s guy here.. I thought it all went to hell in 1987.. .right when the drinking age went national to 21. what a waste of society after that point. In 84,85,86… lot of fun, lot of parties.. now, its turned into righteous weenies who want to control all on social engineering. I recall the seat belt laws as well. Its amazing how others think its there obligation to tell you what to do. Now, we legislate what are kids are to eat in school. I don’t think it helps…. there is no freedom unless your a SJW hell bent on telling others how to live.

  40. “While many men may say “Fine, I don’t care about marriage anyway” and I would agree”
    Well, so you decided to bang girls occasionally and without compromise, feeding girls with the promiscuity we complain about here on ROK, while, by retire yourself of the responsibility of raising a healthy family, letting the marriage die in your own country.
    I know that western marriage it’s almost suicide, but If the Red Pill guys don’t want marry, who will fix marriage and western women? Should we not begin fix things by becoming examples of what we want to achieve?

      1. Why? All I want is to find the best way possible to solve the problems we’re facing.
        We complain about women promiscuity, but we’re promiscuous ourselves, as neither man or woman were created by God to be promiscuous , is a fact that our promiscuity will help in ANYTHING.
        If you think that my argument is that of a Beta, I would gladly hear any advice you can give me.

    1. Hey, I’m not complaining about the smorgasboard of easy pussy. Fine by me. I’m Nero on the roof, watching Rome burn. Fuck it. If you choose to marry a western woman these days, you’re an idiot, plain and simple.

      1. haha an honest answer. Well, I’d like to say the same, but I’m not so selfish. Fortunately, I don’t think I’m the only one to be concerned, otherwise no one would write these articles, after all the western world is the pussy paradise for guys like you.

        1. I’m no different than you. I just realized a long time ago there’s nothing I can do about it. There are systemic problems in western society that can only be solved by a great upheaval–like WWIII or another Great Depression. Little ol’ me can’t do anything.

        2. If we can’t do anything, what we’re doing here? Are we just preparing ourselves to survive the Rome in flames? Fine, but what about our sons, our grandsons… can you ensure that your son will not follow the effeminate path of his friends, can you ensure that WWIII will happen in time for your generation to be spared from the society’s madness? We can lay down and watch everything burn, we’ll survive the flames, but our sons will be consumed.
          I don’t want to let this happen.
          We can do something: Not with words, but with action. We can be the example of what we want to achieve. We can show our neighbors that patriarchal family actually works better than anything. That’s the least we can do.
          The christians spread their faith across a pagan world not with words, but with action. Even before the rise of the Catholic Roman Church, the christians fought against everyone, were burned alive and eaten by lions in arenas, but their will crossed the limits of society and changed the history of entire nations. A small group that change society because they acted and their method worked, their life and standards were better and produced positive results to society.
          We have to show exactly this: by showing positive results, we can prove to everyone that our standards are better to every decent person.

  41. Historians and Sociologists noted that the U.S. turned “Mass” in the 1980’s. Then at the end of the 1990’s we turned the corner into an Oligarchy. Public behavior and social mores go along with that. The next step from Oligarchy is Dictatorship.

  42. Interesting movie title, hmm? – “The Silence of the Lambs”.
    The elite do indeed love their double entendres, which they hide in plain sight, knowing the “sheep” (i.e., the lambs), won’t see them. And yet, the 1990’s did indeed usher in “the silencing of the lambs”, did it not? And now it’s full speed ahead…
    Here’s some more elitist, tongue-in-cheek, double-entendre humor, which you probably missed the first time around:
    1) Operation Enduring Freedom (we’re enduring it, but not for much longer)
    2) Operation Just Cause (why did we invade? – just ’cause we can!)
    3) Evian water (“naive” spelled backwards; Evian contains twice the level of fluoride found in tap water)

  43. The 80’s was the last best decade for the American Empire. The 90’s is when globalization began in earnest with the Passage of NAFTA. It’s been all down hill from there.
    A man today must completely dominate the female. I do this with my girl. She worships my cock and feeds me like a king. She has given me a son and has never put him in daycare. She has her home and I have mine. I pay for what my son needs and nothing more unless I want to. I tell her she must be submissive as the Word of God says and for the most part, she is. She’s 40 and a serious MILF… not a millenial.

    1. “The 80’s was the last best decade for the American Empire. The 90’s is when globalization began in earnest with the Passage of NAFTA. It’s been all down hill from there”

  44. I know that these circumstances may be the majority, but affordability is a factor as well. I have been with my girl for 6 years (starting age for her was 20, me @ 22). Finally, we recently purchased a home together having both agreed it makes more sense financially to buy a home instead of marriage. Obviously, the next step is marriage, but it takes time. You must be smart financially and save money instead of blowing a good portion on a wedding (an arguably trivial and frivolous event).

  45. I’m sorry chief…but the 1980’s were the last sane period in America. Around 1991 it began going downhill very fast. It happened right before my eyes. For that matter…the 1980’s was the very last magical decade in America.

    1. I think the 80’s were the very last sane period in America. After that, the rate of divorce spiked, and families were broken. Many women began working FT— another blow to the American family. Many people raised after the 80’s don’t have the experience of the family as a unit– with a mother and father who are both present and attentive.

  46. Re: Silence of the Lambs and transsexuals/transvestites.
    Clarice is talking to Hannibal Lecter about Buffalo Bill when she says that transsexuals are generally not violent. Hannibal then responds that Bill is not a transsexual, he only dresses in women’s clothing because he hates himself.
    This perfectly sums up so many things. Do you notice how trannies tend to be on the liberal side of the spectrum and pretty much always tend to be white males? White males have been told we’re evil since birth, so there’s a ton of self-loathing/self-flagellation among the weaker of the gender. So I have no doubt that many trannies are just guys who think they’ll feel better if they were women because white men are so evil. After all, you rarely ever hear of women taking male hormones to become men.

    1. During the 80’s you would rarely hear a guy—-any guy– speak with an effeminate voice. Ever. All males were so much more masculine. Even the gay men. They were less effeminate than gay men today. Many of them were even less effeminate than some straight men today. No kidding. Most men had fathers and so grew into their masculine side.
      Today sooooooo many men have effeminate voices. The difference is ASTONISHING. I’m always surprised when I hear it, but so many are not bc its what they’re used to. It speaks volumes to what has happened to the male gender. Its weird. Men have been totally pussified by not having strong male role models around.
      You would also never see a guy lose his hair before age 45. Also, people were much stronger, healthier, and mentally right because they just generally started with better.

      1. Dude, you read my mind exactly. Living in NYC I’ve come to the conclusion that most gay guys are more masculine than most hipsters. It’s gotten to the point where if I hear a guy with a “fagcent” they usually turn out to be straight. There’s a documentary called “Do I Sound Gay” about the typical gay accent and how it’s formed. It usually comes from idolizing women and wanting to be like them. So it makes perfect sense that perfectly normal straight males end up becoming ersatz homos by being told men are shit and women are amazing.
        Same with guys losing their hair. I’m 30 and still have a full head of luscious hair. A lot of guys my age are balding or completely bald and have no idea how my hair stays so full. The simple answer is 30’s not that fucking old. I’ve found that the more effeminate the guy, the higher the chance they’ll begin to bald in their 20’s. Which is hilarious because one such balding millennial I know came out as trans and is having a hell of a time growing their hair out because they’re almost horseshoe bald.

        1. We live in a bizarre time. I saw/heard on tv, a UFC commentator who may even be a fighter with a gay voice. Wtf?

        2. The gene for baldness is inherited from the mother, but I don’t think its the reason for the never seen before in history pervasive pattern of premature balding in men that we see now.

  47. I remember the 90s, women still wanted a serious relationship and children. By 2000 it about getting as much cock as possible!
    In the 80/90s, it was rare for a child to have single parents at school. We looked at these children as broken children whom had issues that didn’t fit in.
    By 2000, it was rare for a child to have parents still together. It did a huge 180 degrees in such a short time frame due to the poisoning of Feminism!

  48. There’s a reason why this is— and it continues to happen. Its insidious. Some of us can see it, but its difficult to explain to the Millenial generation bc they know nothing else and have nothing to make a comparison with. We are systematically being dismantled from the inside out.
    We are being divided up in every way and It started 45 years ago. People were encouraged to hate their parents, feminism was introduced, families were broken up and it goes on from there…
    If you do your research, you can easily find the single source of most of the current problems in the US. BC the US was generally running much better about 35 years ago… and individuals were faring much better overall.
    We can prevent this by learning and sticking together instead of dividing ourselves up. By preserving individual tradition and culture.
    For some reason, I cannot paste the link.
    Google: “How to Destroy a Nation”

    1. This looks/feels like its been initiated in the US. Supposedly we are at Step 3. Watch and share. 15-20 years to demoralize a society is the first step– 7:00 on this. That was the 70’s.

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