24 Articles I Strongly Recommend

Here are some long-form articles I got value from:

1. How the left used terrorist acts in the past with protection from liberal institutions [Link]

2. The history of the duel [Link]

3. The power of the NSA [Link]

4. Experiment suggests that reality doesn’t exist until it is measured [Link]

5. How Benito Mussolini took power [Link]

6. Sperm killers and rising male infertility [Link]

7. No patrirachy without patriarchs [Link]

8. The political life of Pat Buchanan [Link]

9. Will the United States end up like Argentina? [Link]

10. The sexual decadence of Weimar Germany [Link]

11. Ten years of the manosphere [Link]

12. The US Empire, the CIA, and the NGOs [Link]

13. The history of Jews and moneylending [Link]

14. Google is not what it seems [Link]

15. How police interrogation works [Link]

16. The nightmare of Britain’s foreign doctors [Link]

17. History of the “Playboy lifestyle” [Link]

18. The participatory universe [Link]

19. How a man tried to recover $30,000 in lost Bitcoin [Link]

20. Lessons from Jessica Valenti’s “Sex Object” [Link]

21. Where the small-town american dream lives on [Link]

22. I have forgotten how to read [Link]

23. Right-wing activism always fails [Link]

24. Spraying Round-up on wheat fields prior to harvest may be causing health problems [Link]

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38 thoughts on “24 Articles I Strongly Recommend”

    1. wow, her entire career is based on projecting and smoke screening of her mistake of fucking her ex’s roommate. Like, how dumb can you be? 19 year old chick on a campus full of men. She couldn’t fuck a few others?

    2. JARED
      It is a bog-standard tale of suburban teen life in the 90’s (Jessica is 4 years younger than I am). The ecstasy, the weed, the decadence, the little nymphos.
      Bog, bog standard.
      You guys are living on Mars if you don’t know this.
      But most of you were being BORN in 1995 and do not remember an era when males fucked 14 year old girls instead of waxing their helmet to porn in their basements.
      So instead of a bunch of teenage girls who by 18 had knelt in front of 40 older teen guys, been fucked at 20 keg parties we have internet porn.
      Which probably prevented many Jessica’s from getting as drunk or high because the males they were around had shot their load 4 times that day on internet porn already.

        1. NOBODY
          Remember that I was 25 when I moved to Dubai.
          To be honest, one reason I accepted the offer of the job was to get away from the partying and the pot (My drug of choice from 92-99, or 18-25 respectively) and the sexual escapades.
          All of what I relate are experiences I had between 19 and 25 in Detroit (And a few in Phoenix) back in the late 90’s when I was in my late teens and early 20’s.

  1. A well-chosen variety of important topics are covered by these 24 links. Good job, Roosh.

  2. I advice everyone to check out 22# and 5#. They talk about 2 things that can help you excel in life. If you master the art of absorbing knowledge and influencing others you can control most of the idiots around you and beyond.

    1. #5 is accurate for sure. Americans are easily influenced by television. You don’t notice how easily until you leave the US for 20 years and have better things to do with your evenings than watch Reality TV.

  3. #10 is a mindfuck… Child prostitution is where I absolutely draw the line…
    We’re seeing a similar sexualizing of children in our Current Year. Perhaps not open prostitution, but we’re already seeing experimentation and attention being put on the sexuality of pre-pubescent kids. Kids that have no idea what sex even is, are being pushed to think deeply about whether or not they are a boy or girl.
    Turning the pre-sexuality of children into just another fad is where I draw the line, at that point there’s no more room for letting things slide anymore.

    1. CLARK
      The US has discouraged prostitution to such a degree that of course such acts are going to arise-the man that could get his jollies making a 22 year old Law School student moonlighting as a call girl dress up as a child and suck on lolly pops is criminalized-her life is ruined, yours is ruined-that nobody wants to engage in normal sexual interactions for monetary transaction.
      In the US to get a prostitute a man has to enter the worst part of a city and hope that the girl’s pimp does not break in and rob him.
      While they are in the motel room she has felony narcotics on her-heroin or crack usually-and he will be charged with this as well because the room was rented in his name.
      I’ve used prostitutes on Van Buren in Arizona and it is a crime and a game to avoid the police.
      Also, the women doing it are hideous. Missing teeth, scabs, STD’s.
      So no wonder, some guys turn to children.

      1. I drive down VB & Washington regularly just to people watch & see the shithole motels that the scabs crawl out of. Makes me feel a lil bit better being a 30 somthin with zero prospects

        1. NOBODY
          Tales of prostitution from a 90’s “thirsty desperado”.
          When I moved to Phoenix at 24 prostitution was suddenly my avenue of release. I was working constantly and had no time for bitchy snobby local girls for the most part. So I hit Van Buren.
          I would always pop Mini-Thins, a legal upper from the 90’s, and take the bus downtown and then transfer.
          On one occasion I had $40 but no money for a motel room.
          There was a 30 year old Mexican crack whore, a little ravaged by her lifestyle but still relatively hot.
          I told I had $40 for a BJ and no condoms and no hotel room.
          So she led me behind a dry bush off the Van Buren highway beneath the bright September sun and sucked me off right their.
          With no condom, I shot a huge load that streaked her mouth and neck and sleeveless.
          “Nasty,” she laughed. But she really did not care. I was a passably attractive 25 year old.
          We walked out together and she grabbed a rag hanging off the bush and wiped the jizz off. She said she was always out on Mondays and Thursdays, but never saw her again.
          Another time, there was another Hispanic hooker who led me to her house. She was again in 30’s and I was popping Mini-thins. The mini-thins seemed to cause premature ejaculation.
          She led me straight through her modest ranch-style house to her bedroom, past her kids.
          “You care if I smoke crack first, it will make your dick feel nice and cool”.
          I said I didn’t.
          She then proceeded to blow me and once again I shot a big load on her. This time she grabbed my shirt and wiped it off. I didn’t care, it was dark out.
          After I came, she said rather disappointed, “I did not expect it to happen so fast!”
          The funny thing is her Mom and her kids were still watching TV and heard every word.

        2. MINI-THINS
          What was odd about drugs that have come and gone are “Mini-Thins”.
          Everybody was abusing these in the 1990’s.
          If I were going to make a “Dazed and Confused” for the 90’s it would have featured Mini-Thins because everybody was taking those in 1995-2000.

    2. Well said. I was introduced to the world of farmwork at age 8 and had the responsibilities of a man at 12 and periodically taken out of school. These kids are gonna grow up with a part of themselves missing- childhoood.

  4. The article about Argentina is dead accurate. I’d read it before, but it is essentially a prophetic masterpiece.

  5. # 20 Jessica
    It is one thing to go through a drug phrase in college (Say 18-25) but people who start using cocaine at age 14 are fucked. It is actually an easier thing to happen to girls, because older males will share their drugs with them at parties.
    Also, Jessica was having sex at 14.
    This is not really the fault of the big, bad urban landscape.
    This happened in the suburbs in the mid-90’s to people about 4 or 5 years younger than I am (She was born in 1978) that came of age in the middle of the decadent, cynical, carefree 90’s when the economy was roaring.

  6. #20 JESSICA & THE 90’s
    I actually recognize Jessica’s generation immediately, all of whom came of age in the mid-90’s at which time decadence and cynicism in the Clinton era were everywhere. The wall had come down and the World Trade Center was still up and nobody gave a fuck in the roaring 90’s.
    It was the age of suburban dysfunction held together by a roaring economy.
    Today, Jessica’s parents would be barely holding on and she would be a Lesbian and not a little nympho. The attack on civil liberties as a result of terrorism stamped out the mad drug use in college dorms. There would be no money for her to attend such a college.
    So, so 90’s.

  7. “Sex Object” An Expat View of the 90’s Ditz
    All wearying to the man who spent his working years abroad but I was a college kid in the 1990’s in Michigan-
    There was Rebecca, who lived in my dorm. She smoked pot like the rest of us college kids but in her junior year some Frat guy laid cocaine on her-the shit was everywhere in the 90’s-and by 20 she had dropped out and was off-campus snorting all the time. Most college druggies who fail out of college do not go back to their parent’s house-they get a shitty local job and start hanging around the real shit bag townie druggies who are always orbiting a campus.
    I visited Rebecca one last time to score a bag of weed-she was not 21 year. By then Chad, local acid head, had warned me that she was a “coke whore” and n*gger crackheads were surrounding her. They were. I paid my twenty bucks for a bag of weed and never saw her again.
    Then I heard that she had fallen in with the Cholos and took off with them to Texas. Down there she was arrested in a stolen vehicle on the border.
    Then there was “Troll” as Jason was nicknamed. Troll was a fairly good student but he discovered he could make some money selling pot to college kids when he moved off campus his second year of school. Then his Negro supplier introduced him to cocaine. He was hooked fairly quickly. Then he was busted by the local city police at age 20. Facing a long time in jail he ratted out some dealers. Finally he called his Dad from his apartment and said “Dad you need to come and get me now, some guys are going to kill me!” They might have as he had not only informed on other college kids but on some local dealers. In any event, he left everything he owned in his off-campus apartment and blew town.

    Andy was a pot dealing hippie in my college. In the 90’s when pot was illegal there were dealers everywhere on campus. Usually some stoner took up the habit of dealing ounces for a few months, built up a savings of $1000 and called it quits.
    Andy got away with it, but a Groid named James showed up. He was a professional student who’d been in college for years on a minority scholarship. He looked like Fat Albert.
    James raped Andy in her apartment. Just a full-on Groid doggy-style rape. He figured she would not go to the cops. She didn’t. He showed up a few more times to sort of intimidate her and me and some white boys showed up to let him know his fun had been had and to fade away. He did.
    Here’s a funny thing. I fucked a black girl once. Real coal-black. She invited me to her car and we smoked a blunt and went out to the park near campus and I fucked the shit out of her-black girls to, are curious about fucking a white man once in their life.
    Anyhow, we got back to the off-campus apartments and James shot me a dirty look. Very dirty. I held his gaze as I zipped the old fly up, letting him know a German-American had shafted an African maiden but good.
    Here the black had raped a white girl, but was pissed that I had shafted a sister.

      What struck me about the experience with the black girl was the hard stare the Negro had shot me in the parking lot when we returned (The black girl and I). “Fat Albert” as James was nicknamed had raped one white girl and tried to force himself on others-this was known on campus. But the sight of a white guy coming back from a sweaty fucking session with a blissed-looking black girl seemed to anger him.
      …But he was bound by the P.C. that protected him. He could not shout at me “stop fuckin da sista”. That would have been unacceptable within the boundaries of SJW.
      I’m not a professional writer or creative artist.
      These are the errs of my youth-before I could get girl pregnant or get busted at some druggy party or shot by a Negro or Cholo in street hold-up I moved overseas. Which probably saved my life. I was going nowhere in the United States.

    2. HIBERNO
      I simply am repeating old facts from 20 years ago. I’m not a professional writer or a creative one.
      The black girl was average-looking, not hot. I used street prostitutes.
      Diploma Mills were full of this in the 1990’s. The campus pot dealers, the black rapists who majored in Black Studies and took 7 years to graduate so that they could rape little white hippie girls, the pot dealer that was leaned on by campus cops to ruin another kid’s life over a hit of acid he cajoled him into selling him, the girl who discovered cocaine in her sophomore year and the next time I heard of her she was in a Texas jail under arrest for riding around with Cholos in a stolen vehicle.
      Yes kids, back when Tarantino had only made 2 movies and Tab was a drink and coke was not, these things happened on campus.

  9. Billy Joel Song
    Those guys on here who love the U.S. and think it is the greatest country to live in the world can do so…its their life.
    Those Gen Y on here who look down on a man who would rather pay to have sex with a real woman than furiously do the Mr. Miyagi ‘wax on, wax off’ shit in their basement to their porno when they are 25…its their life.
    These guys on here who claim that they cannot do anything because of Jews in Madison Ave…that is their life.
    Guys that want to work all day and then come home and watch Reality TV garbage instead of moving overseas and experiencing real-life…that is their life too.
    Too each his own.

  10. Cmon Roosh. All the good articles then the nonsense tinfoil hat one about Roundup on wheat? Been farming my whole life and NO ONE sprays roundup on wheat. If someone did it would affect their test weight terribly, one of the grain quality measures that farmers get paid for (or “discounted” if its poor). It simply doesn’t happen. The article mentions “the soil association” says not to do it. The organization is not any official agency, despite its official sounding name. It’s a protest group of SJW’s. Sorry. That one is lunacy.

      1. I’m not saying Roundup is safe to eat. I’m saying it is NEVER used on wheat as the article claims.

  11. These are really interesting articles.
    Thank you for posting. I especially like the Jewish money lending one and the German debauchery town one. I believe them
    Julian assange seems to be very brilliant and brave. It seems to have caused him a lot of trouble but I think he likes to box more than most.
    It sometimes seems like the world order will take it all but it’s important to lighten up and remember many others have tried and no one has yet (just ask the Romans and the dinosaurs what they think about it). Success holds inside it the seed of destruction, last year’s top model just got replaced by this years. If Google, the money lenders, news networks were really in charge they wouldn’t have to innovate or buy up competition. People are the only animals that change very quickly. Other animals change over millions of years we change over a generation. None of these powers can control it all, nature and people are far too mutable.

    1. He is less of a bitch to Israel than any libertarian following Ben Shapiro, Turing point USA, Milo, or well, just being a faggot “muh individual”, “muh gold standard”, “muh lower the Jews taxes bro”. I think when it comes to Jews he is just playing their game, not giving them anything to really hurt him with (like saying something anti-semantic) which would destroy him politically, and just giving them enough so that they will leave him somewhat alone and always guessing what he really is. What Trump will really be judged on will be whether or not he gets going on this immigration thing, which he has unfortunately let a lot of people down on…but then again he is allowing the right to grow…many senators running in November are coming out in full force, One of them is even campaigning in a “deportation bus”, so, we will see. Hope the ball starts rolling a little faster thou.

      1. WES
        The Iran garbage was not a good move. But that shit is nothing new and has been going since Carter was in office (You probably don’t remember the Hostage Crisis).
        And also North Korea is a bigger issue and has nothing to do with the Hebrew.
        Which is a relief, because you get sick of having to hear about these Mideast toilet bowl countries. Yemen? Who gives fuck. Syria? Who gives fat rat’s ass although I concur that something had to stop the flow of refugees into German swimming pools. Iran? We already wasted 8 years in Iraq with the last Republican.

  12. Finally I have some money on my hand and Uncle Roosh T-shirts are out of stock 🙁

  13. The article on Jessica Valenti is a prime example of women’s solipsism and self centered nature. Also an example of how there’s always some simp soy boy out there to pick up the pieces and wife up these used up twats.

  14. Thanks. Excellent stuff. Looking forward to reading these. Most appreciated, I’ve found I’ve neglected my book reading, and almost dismissed fiction reading, in favour of Web sites in the last few years. I’ve got a lot of go-to sites now, but I always come back to RoK. This site has changed my life forever, for the better.

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