The Chris Paul Story Shows That Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Officiate Male Sports

Last night Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul criticized female NBA rookie referee Lauren Holtkamp for giving him a technical foul. His was one of of five such fouls (four in the 3rd quarter) dolled out by the referee crew that night, which included the ejection of Matt Barnes.

Chris Paul

The Clippers are known for pushing the ball up the court faster than most teams, which is physically taxing on the defending team. It also means the refs have to move a little quicker, too. According to Paul, when he attempted to run their quick-paced offense she said “uh-uh” indicating in some way this was not supposed to be doing. When Paul replied “Why ‘uh-uh?’” she gave him the technical foul.

During his post-game interview he was asked about the situation and provided the following answer:

That tech that I get right there was ridiculous. I don’t care what nobody says, I don’t care what she says; that’s terrible. There’s no way that can be a tech. That’s ridiculous. If that’s the case, this might not be for her.

The Aftermath

Paul’s comments have set off a media firestorm. All morning long this topic has dominated the sports landscape on all mediums. It’s all over ESPN and ESPN. Radio talk show hosts have talked about it ad nauseam.

The issue in debate is whether or not Chris Paul is a sexist which is absolutely ridiculous. The part of his response that sparked this narrative is at the end when he states “this might not be for her.” Pundits claim this is could be a sexist remark because of the pronoun he used. They prefer that his comments not be gender specific so as to not attack the gentle, innocent sex.

Sarah Spain, who now co-hosts a sports radio talk show with another woman, dropped this predictable gem on The Herd this morning:

Would he have made the same comments about a male referee?

Predictably social media has blown up with keyboard gangsters coming to the aid of poor Miss Holtkamp, proving once again that when men are critical of women, even if reasonable, it creates backlash and faux outrage.

Kevin Ding, senior NBA writer for bleacher report, covertly did his part to incite social media outrage. Notice the comment and how many favorites and retweets it’s gotten in less than 24 hours. Think he didn’t know what his tweet would do?


Like he didn’t know what was coming…

Who is Lauren Holtkamp?

Lauren Holtkamp is one of two full-time female NBA referees (there was a third who is now out of the league). She ref’d in the D-League (the NBA’s de facto minor league) for six seasons before being called up before the 2014-2015 season.


This isn’t Holtkamp’s first run-in with the Clippers. Players had issues with her questionable calls during a recent game against the Miami Heat. So there was already something brewing beneath the surface of last night’s game, and being down by 32 at one point in the game, then getting four technical fouls in one quarter was the perfect storm for this to boil over.

How did it get to this point?

This was a frustrating loss to begin with and Holtkamp’s ridiculous calls made matters worse. She called a tech on DeAndre Jordan after he lobbied for a foul after a dunk. Players yell and scream at refs when they feel they deserve a call, but few are assessed a technical foul. Holtkamp decided to buck the trend.

The crew continued their sensitive foul calling when they assessed Matt Barnes his second tech (when a player gets two technical fouls, they are automatically ejected) for saying “Just don’t give them the game” to a teammate who ran into LeBron James a little harder than our gyno-centric referee crew was comfortable with.

Barnes reacts to his untimely ejection

When the smoke cleared, the Clippers had incurred five technical fouls for the game, leaving them frustrated. What’s more is they lost by 11 and have a tough stretching coming up against some good teams. It’s no surprise that Paul called Holtkamp out for her exploits.

What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that controversy was started simply because a female was criticized by a male. Chris Paul was clearly expressing frustration and indicated that her bad calls and overall inexperience may mean she’s just not cut out to be a referee. People claim the only reason this blew up is because he used the pronoun “she,” which is complete bullshit because regardless of how he referred to her SJWs would have connected the dots and figured out he was talking about Holtkamp.

Clipper’s Coach Doc Rivers can’t believe this circus

Players and coaches criticize refs nightly. Most of the time they’re fined by the NBA and life goes on. But now that a precious woman is involved everyone has jumped on the bandwagon making accusations of misogyny. The fact that this is even a story shows the sad state of affairs in professional sports.

Why shouldn’t women be referees?

Estrogen. You see competitive sports on all levels gets intense. In the heat of battle, tempers flare, names are called, and shit gets physical outside of the normal playing rules. Minor scuffles break out all the time in the NBA and the NFL. The officiating crews know and understand that this is what happens when testosterone mixes with adrenaline in a competitive environment.

Cooler heads prevail more often than not (the Malice at the Palace being the one major exception) and outside of a few shoves and some foul language, referees generally refrain from imposing any sort of penalty.

Women are governed by their emotions. So when things heat up on the playing field and things get rowdy they go to their default programming which is make the call based on feelings. Thursday night was the perfect example of this. The Clippers were frustrated due to being blown out, but Holtkamp made it worse by unleashing her hair trigger finger with all of her terrible calls because she simply couldn’t handle the gravity of the situation.

The bottom line is she cracked under pressure and tried to mitigate the damage by projecting it onto the players by making bad calls. And if you think this going to be an isolated event, think again. All women are like that. Period.

Plus, when things do escalate physically referees step in to separate the players. You think a female is strong enough to stop a 6’6″ 230 lb power forward from accosting another player?

Then there’s the issue regarding personal vendettas. Yes, men hold grudges from time to time, but females take them to their graves. Piss them off one time and you’re on their shit list for life. There’s no way Holtkamp doesn’t hold this against Paul, and I’d bet the farm that other female officials act on long standing quarrels with players and coaches on the regular.

In the end…

…this is about the relentless pursuit of the infiltration into a male sphere by women. Female referees, female sports pundits, women’s causes and every other vagina-motivated agendas are becoming more prominent by the day. This fiasco is further proof that sports on all levels will eventually be eroded by women and their white knight betas.

This is yet another feather in the feminist cap. Sooner or later sports will be completely infested by females rendering professional sports in this country just about unwatchable in every way.

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224 thoughts on “The Chris Paul Story Shows That Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Officiate Male Sports”

  1. I’m so mind=blown to see this article because I just commented the exact same thing about this last night on that article about the feminization of male sports

  2. Firstly, the Clippers are punks and they bitch and moan CONSTANTLY about ALL calls by ALL referees. Secondly, the Clippers were NOT on their HOME FLOOR. They were in Cleveland on the Cavs home floor. I don’t think women should be ref’s either but they are and it ain’t gonna change.

    1. You’ve watched every single game of every NBA team this season to make that claim or should we just trust you?

      1. You should trust me more than the writer of this article who said the Clippers were on their “home court”

  3. I know I’m preaching to the converted but this situation is a joke, she basically gets a pussy pass. What this story shows is that many parts of society want women to be immune to any criticism regardless of their performance, what’s next? Making it illegal to fire women or not give them a promotion regardless of their job performance? Women a biologically an psychologically different than men so should have different roles, but good luck explaining that to a feminist or even many millenials now days.

    1. “Making it illegal to fire women or not give them a promotion regardless of their job performance?” – This isn’t “next”, it is here already.

      1. Fuck that’s bad I didn’t actually know it had reached that level. I know some companies have to hire a certain amount of females to meet a quata which is stupid, you should Simply be hiring the best an most qaulified people for job.

        1. The corporation I work for has to have a certain quota of female managers and executives, for example. Any female who isn’t completely useless is put on fast-track for management.

      2. get the fuck out of the US. or out of any white-majority country. i already dipped and articles like these serve as a reminder that i can never go back. i can’t believe this shit.

  4. The problem isn’t her gender, the problem is that she’s a shitty ref.
    Nobody goes to a game to watch the ref/umpire make calls — and there are male officials who need to learn this also. What officials should do is make a couple (warranted) calls early in the game to establish parameters and then let the players play.
    If you leave a game and don’t remember anything the officials did, then they got it right.

    1. It’s more than that coz if you call out a male ref for being shitty it’s no big deal but you do it to a female fef all of a sudden you get labeled a sexist.

      1. Exactly. That’s why I led with “the problem isn’t her gender”, which is what the SJWs want to claim, i.e. any criticism of her is “sexist”.

        1. Ah k I see what you mean, I thought you were saying the beat up about him criticicizing her didn’t matter coz she’s a shit ref. An you’re right the best refereed games are The ones you don’t notice the refs coz they’ve set the boundaries properly.

        2. I agree with Raphael, Mistral. The problem is her gender. You can’t say nothing to that fragile flower. Protected species should not be in dangerous places!

    2. Ah but the moment the networks realize that cunty refs giving a hard time to these male players “sells”… you wait.

      1. Feminists will get wet over a female bossing a male around, especially a big in shape male. Won’t surprise me at all if female refs become the norm due to the drama it causes which I turn will sell.

    3. Shitty ref, yes. But you cannot get a good one, because of their sex, they are above reproach. You just can’t get good if you have that sex shield and cannot be slammed when you deserve it. Merit system is only possible in an environment of honest criticism and praise, and we simply do not have that.
      So, shitty ref, and impossible to develop a good one.

    4. “The problem isn’t her gender, the problem is that she’s a shitty ref.”
      Nail on the head.

    5. Agree. If anyone has ever played a sport, then you’ll remember how the refs “set the tone” at the beginning of a game (especially if it was a heated rivalry). They would actually tell the coaches (or captains) before the game started.
      Today, we have a bunch of bullshit and attention whoring by women who want to break into whatever area (previously men only spaces).
      A ref gets the call wrong and it was the call that’s the issue. This issue was about the female ref (first) and the bad call (second).
      The game is competitive enough without adding the element of “female attention whoring” to it.

  5. She shouldn’t be a ref for the same reason most women shouldn’t have most jobs. A man can do it better.

      1. Idiot. To think people actually believe that that is plausible, or what women ‘secretly desire’ just eats away at my faith in humanity. Men in particular. Work makes most men and women unhappy, and when they’re doing it, they’d rather be doing something else. The same is true for housework.

    1. Does anyone else spot the obvious self-negation in the article and the comments? A man might be able to do a job better, but that man probably isn’t ever going to be you.
      Men are on average taller than women but that doesn’t mean all men are taller than all women or that’s there’s a no subset of women that are on average taller than a given subset of men. This same logical truth can be applied to everything else, including reasoning skills. People who take pride in their gender usually do so because they have no accomplishments of their own.

        1. Next you will comment on his small dick. He called you, be a man and comment like one.

        2. He’s not a man, It’s a chick with a foul mouth
          Her mouth is foul because the semen eventually spoils.

      1. True yes. But you do have to admit that on average guys tend to excel more than women. Your typical basement dwelling manchild is capable of more than your average Tumblr fem warrior. Same goes for the top end of things too.
        So yes, some women do better than some men, but if you toss a rock into a crowd and hit a random male and female, chances are the male will outperform her.

      2. “take pride in their gender”
        It strikes me that 99% of people who stand up, crapping on about how proud they are of their gender, are women.
        Feminism, women’s lib, women’s rights, gender studies, I am woman – hear me roar, girl’s can do anything, slut walks, mattress walks, affirmative action….etc..etc… on and on it goes.
        MGTOW and MRA I do not believe are men expressing pride in their gender. They are simply a push back against the hypocrisy and injustices that are perpetrated against men.

        1. I feel like the female/male split is more like 66.6%-33.3%, but it’s two sides of the same shitty coin. Saying “men are better” or “women are better” are both ways of taking credit for accomplishments you had nothing to do with and denigrating the work of people you’ve never met. Out of shape chodes talking shit about female athletes is just as pathetic as dumb chicks trying to take second-hand credit for the accomplishments of female scientists.
          Of course there’s hypocrisy and injustice in the world but it’s not all one-sided, and the people who spend the most time trying to “push back” are generally trying to find a systemic cause to excuse their personal failures.

        2. don’t think your point fits the same context. Your out of shape chode can be useless in matching up with a woman who plays a sport at a high level. Pro or collegiate. But that can depend on the chode that you pick to be the example. And I do realize that implied meaning of chode.
          But the conflict in context is fitting your argument to an example of the best of the wnba going against a boys high school squad.
          A picked all star or the best team in the wnba would not be better than a pretty good picked all star or already established boys high school squad.

        3. MGTOW and MRA’s routinely project a sneering sense of imagined superiority over women. The list of things in your second paragraph are all reactions to women being treated poorly because of their gender.
          As for your final point, MGTOW and MRA’s feign superiority over the opposite sex, and are mindlessly disdainful of women, just for being women. In contrast, most members of pro-woman groups don’t resent men for being men, but for the shitty things that men have done to women. Those far outweigh the shitty things women have done to men- of which I can’t really think of a single good, widespread example.

      3. When the shit hits the fan (in any situation) you want a man at the helm…not a woman. Pick a disaster (any one) and you’ll find a woman running to the first man to figure out “what to do next”.
        I’ve experienced this (and I’ve seen it) on a couple of occasions throughout my life. Even when the woman was “in charge” she looked for direction (from a man).
        You can’t make this shit up…it’s what they do.

        1. No you can’t make this shit up. I see it everytime I fly with a woman.
          Personally, for me and my profession, I shudder at the thought of two women in the cockpit flying a jet somewhere when the shit really hits the fan.
          You wouldn’t want to be on that jet….

        2. But NBA and NFL refs are not required to work in the midst of a disaster – they are to behave as neutral referees calling a game between two rival teams who will be playing to win at all costs and with high stakes and adrenaline. This is not a disaster or an emergency – if it was it would be a highly profitable disaster.
          Female athletes actually are the equal to Male athletes in all but top performance – competitiveness and dedication are no different between the sexes – they occur less frequently amongst women but that has no bearing here.
          Whilst true that many Women defect to Men in many spur of the moment events, this is as much due to an established relationship and understanding between them that we as Men enjoy – being viewed as the protector and super hero. Many Men turn to ‘that guy’ as well.
          There are many incidents throughout history of women doing what no man has done and humanity being great full for it.
          Yes Women and Men are different, but the tone of this site is being tainted by people who hate women out of fear and lack of understanding and control.

        3. Bullshit. The very few exceptions where women were leading the way was again due to a man giving her the authority. Women want equality only when it benefits them and it’s nice n cozy. I don’t see women lining up to take on ditch digging or mining. Its more social engineering bullshit to keep people stupid.

        4. Yeah clearly you’ve just finished getting your opinion from a previous article on this site – this is not a discussion over how and why women do what they do, it is about womens capability to referee sports games which is really no big deal, though something even the ‘best Men’ get wrong sometimes. I agree with part of your point – I ask every feminist I get the chance to when women will be fighting for equal representation amongst scaffolders and trash collectors (and any other rough, risky low paid job) or when they will campaign to drop maternity leave for the sake of equality.
          But thats a different argument, though I am sure I can forgive your woman hate bursting through as I’m sure it does in most situations.
          Are you able to elaborate on ‘bullshit – women are crap and we’re all victims of social engineering’ beyond the last ROK article you read?
          Or are you not yet Man enough to fathom the idea that you are not a victim and it makes no sense to think that men are any more valuable or worthy than women whatever your theory is?
          Or maybe you could provide us with the very few exceptions of women leading the way you mentioned? Or was that just a platitude because you don’t have the balls big enough to let the hate run through you freely like a real man?
          (By the way – you realise you have a picture of Bradd Pitt as your avatar?)

        5. But dude so do a lot of men… they may not turn to you but they turn to Men like me when the situation gets nuts thats for sure.
          These same men have been relied upon by all ‘great Men’ throughout time.
          Who becomes a leader of men or a King whom may one day return with only women following them?
          Would you turn up to court and tell a judge that your reason for believing this is because you’ve seen it ‘on a couple of occasions’?

        6. You need to let go of that “conditioning” that you’ve gone through for years. The fact is we are not equal. Women and men are better at certain tasks, in certain fields, etc…
          It’s the very reason why the NBA and WNBA were created…the men would destroy the women on a basketball court.
          and you’re using the same old SJWs tactics of personal attacks because you can’t deal with the reality of the situation (the truth).

        7. OK kid, firstly know that theres nothing more socially repulsive than unsolicited advice – are you charging me by the way or do you work for free? Don’t go giving girls you fancy unsolicited advice OK?
          You keep stating that men and women are not equal – anyone with eyes and ears is aware of this. It takes neither intelligence nor wisdom to understand this.
          But please explain why the differences between men and women prevent women from refereeing basketball or football games? Do you really think this has something to do with testosterone levels and muscle mass and brain function?
          I make personal attacks because we are men…?
          I didn’t expect your feelings to get hurt babes.
          You refuse to comment on the article and go into women hating nerd rage so you got roughed up – suck it up and justify your Beta tell avatar.

        1. No one could be less of a fan of American women than me, but what a mistake you make if you think they’re representative of the whole gender.

      4. Men work on logic while women work on emotions loser. I refuse to work for any female boss, they are to emotionally.
        Just hang out with a group of women for 10 minutes and any normal man (apart from you) will run due to the emotion bullshit!
        Grow some balls you broken White Knight!!

        1. It’s totally ok to be gay Paul, but no one likes someone that’s always trying to shove their “agenda” down our throats (no homo)

        2. I’ve had dozens of women cry on me at work (customer/co-worker was “mean,” made a mistake, too stressful, etc”)–frequently coming into my office, shutting the door, and venting for 15 minutes. I’ve had 0 guys ever do that to me and I’ve never seen a guy cry at work.

      5. Yao Ming is 7’6″ tall and Chinese, therefore you can’t say that Chinese people are short.
        Do you ever take a minute and wonder to yourself why precisely it is that you’ve devoted yourself to obscurantist sophistry and the propagation of the polar opposite of truth and knowledge?

        1. “Look, this one person is tall, so therefore all Chinese people can’t be short!”
          You jackass, lol. The Chinese height average is shorter than the global average, which means they are short.
          Do you ever take a minute and wonder to yourself why precisely it is that you’ve devoted yourself to obscurantist sophistry and the propagation of the polar opposite of truth and knowledge?

        2. You have perhaps missed the facetious meaning of my comment as directed to the original poster. Having said this, I am left wondering to myself why I have spent any time in response to someone who writes “lol” in any context whatsoever.

        3. Averages are predictive of percentages within a total, but The original article’s logic is exactly the same as saying “it’s biologically impossible for Chinese people to be tall.” Making a universal statement about every member of a group based on the encountered average of a group is always a sign of a weak mind incapable of thinking logically.
          The author of this piece probably moonlights as a feminist blogger writing things like “The average murderer is male, there for no woman has ever committed murder.”

        4. “Hollaback” (you’re either female or a homosexual if you like that song) regardless of all that, THIS female has shown she is utterly unqualified for the job.

      6. Yes, this article was a little glimpse into the real motivations behind this site (which I like, I am just under no illusions as to the kind of guys writing for it). There actually is not any reason women can’t referee NFL and NBA games – female NBA players, like female soccer players are real competitors and understand the no holds barred culture of sports for money fame and glory AKA pro sports. The England womens soccer team put the male team to shame and can easily be mistaken for men playing with long hair. Lets not question the level of female athletics and competition – it’s bang level with mens. It’s just the performance thats different but thats true of all athletes inherently.
        This comes down to an individual referee’s style. Referee’s become famous for being strict or lazy and this referee (NBA female ref) is no different – she is also a new ref so will make mistakes. Refs and players have had a long standing love hate relationship and there really is nothing to see here.
        This article was in the manner of many feminist ‘boundary overstepping’ incidents that fuel this site, where we start to see opportunistic attempts at actually undermining and bullying women rather than righteous acknowledgment of confused, entitled and bratty little girls letting the yes men and white knights inflate their micro cosom brains into feminazi crusades into sovereign Male territory.
        No, this gentlemen, is not a good representation of Manhood and it’s view on the world.

  6. This all might be true, but there also is the affirmative action factor. You can presume that there are hundreds of thousands of male referees more qualified to be an NBA referee than this woman. She was selected — in large part at least — because she is a woman. As a result, she will be less qualified than the white males that have no advantage based on their race. Often I see complaints by the players aimed at black referees, and I immediately think about affirmative action. The NBA needs black referees so they hire ones based on race when there are better white male refs out there. This is not scientific, but this is the pattern I see. Both white and black players complain at strange calls and often the ref is a black guy.

    1. I should add that women do let their emotions invade their decision-making so I agree with the premise. This woman ref should have warned the players more before calling technical fouls.

      1. the male refs are awful too. everyone’s awful. that being said, say goodbye to meritocracy in the west forever.

    2. This. See my comment as well, but for the sake of appearances the leagues don’t want an all male staff, even if that would be the most qualified staff they can put on the floor. The talent pool of women officials is shallow, so they advance the best of that lot, even if she’s still unqualified.
      Why aren’t there more women in officiating? Because its hard in a way that most people, but especially women, are ill-equipped to manage. Fast decisions, consistent judgment, in a emotional, and often hostile, environment. And you spend a lot of time getting screamed at. Most men, and virtually all women, do not find that job description appealing.
      I speak as someone having worked high level hockey for decades.

    1. He more than likely will, given the commercials he’s been in, he’ll do the politically correct thing to keep those endorsements. Taking on social justice warriors and protesting the media like Marshawn Lynch will (unfortunately) create even more hype around the situation which wont be good for sponsors and their PC allegiances. Personally if I was him, I’d say fuck it I already have more money than I’ll be able to spend in a lifetime, I’m going to defend myself, my statements had nothing to do with her having a vagina but with how ridiculous those technical fouls were.

      1. “Like I said, last night was about a bad call,” Paul said. “That’s it.” – Chris Paul (Just before the game.)
        I’m glad he didn’t punk out.

    2. He’ll get fined but only because he publicly criticized an official. The NBA has always fined players for this. If he doesn’t get fined, you’ll see more plus size princesses up in arms than ever before. It probably won’t happen but it’d be fun to see.

  7. This is exactly what I mean. Women should be kept seperate from activities involving men. Honest to God, it is NOT natural to see men and women mix in certain environments such as the workplace and competitive sports. This is has always been the natural order of things and the fact that environments where men and women are forced to mix, goes to show you that forced integration between the sexes does not work and more importantly, conveys the fact that nature knows best.
    Women have always attempted to defy their own biological gender roles, thinking they are right in what they do. Well, its a silly thought to think so, which is why we are witnessing the decimation of any male masculinity. Soon cigar clubs will be forced to change their rules because of some bullshit feminist enforced legislation.
    Women need to get it into their heads, that there needs to be a division between male and female environments.

    1. its cause of the corporations bro, they want women to work. who do u think funded the feminists movement to brainwashed our women that having a family is the worst life choice! that they should focus on a career instead! they wanted to tax not just the husband but the wife as well.
      they want us to believe that women are equal to men and that working together wont cause any issues (attraction). just ask most people and they believe women and men can be friends these days. talk about brain washed!

      1. I’ve never been friends with a girl. Either she wants you and you don’t want her or vice versa. Plus they have nothing interesting to say and have no similar interests, ever.
        Aquaintances yes, but I don’t use the term “friend” lightly.

        1. What, you’re not going to learn volumes of interesting and helpful things from a woman? Really? What about nonstop selfie taking, impromptu hashtag inventing, attention whoring, coke snorting or dick sucking for nice things and trips and having your bills paid? Harsh, man, harsh! :)-

  8. And they wonder why Marshawn Lynch doesnt talk to the media. This is a textbook example of the media twisting words around to fit their social justice narrative. He was criticizing a referee who happens to be female, what should he have referred to her as? ‘Person’?

    1. Marshawn Lynch…pffft. Fuck that dude. Ungrateful little whining bitch. Making millions and putting more energy into ignoring the media than just answering their questions knowing that youngsters are looking up to him. He’s a bitch, thug and a punk and I’m glad they lost the Super Bowl. Seahawks almost whine as much as the Clippers do. Almost.

        1. Once he uses the dumbed down ‘kids look up to him’ rhetoric you just gotta stop reading and ignore the troll.

      1. I disagree with your Marshawn Lynch take. The media consistently punishes the truth…that is, when a player tells them what they really think, they’re crucified, hence, this article. His teammate, Russell Wilson, is the polar opposite. He’s often called “Robo-QB” because he never says anything controversial (read: truth). Yet, the media complains that Wilson is “plain and boring” because he never gives them anything but standard answers that never get him in trouble.
        If you consider what happened to Lynch at last year’s Super Bowl it’s easy to understand why he turned the volume way up (down) on his defiance.
        The sports media is important because they keep us informed on the goings on the world of sports. But it seems that most writers are hell bent on asking gotcha questions designed to put the athlete in an uncomfortable position and make him look bad regardless of his answer. “I’m just doing my job” is a thinly veiled ruse for the real reason most sports reporters act the way they do: envy. They hate that these guys make ridiculous money, sleep with oceans of high quality women, and live the lives they do. The only way they know how to take them down a peg is to ask loaded questions, point out their failures, or poke holes in their successes.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to hear guys telling us what’s really on their mind and talk a little shit now and then. Unfortunately, the media rewards (or doesn’t punish) athletes that don’t give unfiltered answers.
        I also disagree with your “what about the kids” argument. Children are exposed to so much crap these days that even if Lynch was a model citizen and did everything “right” it wouldn’t make a bit of difference in their lives. I’m going to go out on the limb and predict that none of the kids he mentors will end up as criminal degenerates because he decided to give one word answers at the Super Bowl.
        I could be wrong…but I doubt it.

        1. Touche! You make some good points and I was probably a little harsh about Lynch. In the end though, don’t you think he spent too much energy on avoiding the questions? Energy that could’ve been spent on the week preparing for the big game, more film, more lifting, etc? I don’t know, I suppose we just sorta disagree.

        2. Too much energy? By being at mandatory media day the minimal amount of time? And what’s he ungrateful about? He does more for youngsters than you know. Much more.

        3. Lynch, like all Super Bowl participants, has media obligations during the week. There’s one press conference he bought a clock and consistently gave reporters updates on how much time they had. “Y’all got 3 minutes.” “2 minutes.” etc. The NFL told him that if he skipped any pressers during the week he’d be fined $100K which is why in his first sit down with the media he answered “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” 29 times to each and every question.
          If Lynch had it his way, he would have landed in AZ and did exactly what you suggest he do. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t see it that way…and rightfully so. We want to know what the experience is like from the player’s point of view but some guys just don’t handle the media as well as others.

        4. At first, I was all for Marshawn Lynch snubbing the media, but then I see him on this show right before the Super Bowl where he is playing video games against Rob Gronkowski, I’m like Dude WTF! So,he is willing to be in front of a camera when he FEELS like it, but not when he is contractually obligated to do so. He makes millions of dollars playing a fu*king game. Answering a couple questions is part of his job. He needs to stop the Bitc*ing.

        5. Lynch has his way of dealing with the drive by media and Wilson does the opposite. Both men get criticized. Another reason to hate the media.

      2. Wow. You have a lot of hate for some guy you never met and seem highly jealous he’s making millions. Who cares that he refuses to talk to the liberal media? I respect him for not giving those parasites the time of day so they can’t twist his words, like they’re doing to Chris Paul. Does his lack of interviews affect your life? Why do you care about some other man’s money? Worry about your own life, not someone who’s living his life like he wants.

  9. Chris Paul set off a firestorm because he was right, but apparently using the term she is sexist. Proving that even the English language, is sexist

      1. Sigh, this again. Allow me to the first to say this: the fact that Gwenhwyfar DID NOT GET HELD ACCOUNTABLE for cheating on Arthur with her own LIFE actually set back the Angles for a MILLENNIUM more than any so-called “misogynistic” accusations do.
        No wonder out of ALL European ethnicities, the English have been receiving the lowest opinions even from their European neighbors!

  10. This is not isolated to sports. If a man criticizes a woman or a womans actions in any way, shape or form; SJW’s and white knights go crazy. This is just another example. The only people allowed to criticize women are other women. It is getting more and more absurd.

    1. The POTUS is nothing more than a powerless puppet of the ZOG.
      I refuse tot vote for POTUS until the Electoral College is abolished. Unless you live in a battle ground state, voting for POTUS is the equivalent of pissing into the ocean or against the wind.
      I kinda hope the bitch wins. I buy AR15 mags for $850 per 100 and sell them on gunbroker (Basically Ebay for firearms) for 2-3 dollars profit. I sold over 330 (my entire supply) within 2 weeks after Newton for 45-60 dollars each. If HC wins, or a retard slaughters a kindergarten again, the price will artificially inflate for a while and I’ll make a few grand off of it.

      1. The Electoral College is the *only* thing that stops big cities from utterly dominating every election.

        1. That’s completely wrong. The EC has made small states immaterial. It’s made so that the only states that counted in the last election where FL, VA and OH.
          Why should a Republican voter in California waste his time voting for president?

        2. Nope–get rid of the electoral college and you’d only see candidates campaign in Tx, FL, California, and New York and the scattered big cities like ATL,Chicago, etc.
          Pure democracy is a horrible idea in a society this large (now if we change it back to only landowners who pay taxes and can pass a basic test can vote, maybe I’ll revisit that)

        3. 1st of all- republicans are much different than Democrats; 2nd – why would you still be living in california –tax hellhole and liberal basket case with insanely high COL. Yes, Republicans in California are basically shafted typically on presidential elections but if you went to a pure % vote, ONLY big cities would get visited. Why the hell would you campaign in Dayton Ohio and a couple hundred thousand people when you could campaign for millions in Atlanta, NY, LA, Dallas, etc.

      2. The electoral college is the ONLY thing stopping the runaway train of massive government intrusion. I’d actually go back to the way things were and have state congresses vote on senate members and I’d expand the US House to around 5000 members rather than 455 to make up partly for the massive growth in the population.

      1. I have voted in every election since I was 18. However, 90% of the time I was voting against someone, not for someone.

  11. What is being subcommunicated here is the real interesting thing. The fact that she was clearly in the wrong is irrelevant to the media.
    What the media is telling us is that because she is a woman and he is a man, he cannot criticize her or even protest on her actions. In other words – what a woman says is law, no matter what the actual facts of the matter is.

    1. The media in general does not care about reality as long as their cause sounds “nice and loving”
      It’s kind of like american society in general

    1. The Trojan War started as a cat fight between Goddesses over which was prettier, which they turned into a Let’s You and Him Fight clusterfuck of historic proportions.
      Then they blamed it on a man.
      Same as it ever was.

  12. Women shouldn’t be allowed to officiate sports or compete in men’s sports either… does anyone need to be reminded of this disaster?

        1. At least in association football (soccer if you want) females are not allowed to play against males in official matches 🙂

        2. she claimed she had a pulled hammy before the tryout, but proceeded anyway. total horsedhit

        3. Right, the story however was that it *was* such a big story. Failure blasted across the airwaves. Revolting really.

        4. Bullshit over here we have Aussie rules football which our biggest kickers often go to tryout as NFL kickers, I’ve seen very few women who can kick over 50 metres an I’ve never seen or heard of a women kicing 60 metres ever.

    1. Women playing soccer, american football or rugby are 75% lesbian. It´s the equivalent of men dancing in a ballett.

  13. Long time hockey official here – worked all levels of youth hockey, up to minor pro and D1 college. I’ve had the misfortune of working with about a half dozen or so female officials, and they have all been sub-par verging on terrible referees. Their problem is they assume no one will take them seriously, so they bring a chip on their shoulder to every game. Then they over react to minor situations, which then snowballs, and they end up ejecting people and – gasp – no one takes them seriously. I suspect a similar dynamic has played out here with Holtkamp, as her trigger happy technicals look awfully similar to situations I’ve witnessed in hockey.
    This wouldn’t be a problem (plenty of male officials are terrible too, it’s a damn hard job to do well), except the women get promoted to work levels of hockey which a man of similar ability level would never, ever get close to (up to and including the olympics). They get these games because the hockey powers that be want the visual of having women in high profile games, and there is simply a very shallow talent pool to choose from. But they are always a liability for the teams and the other officials.
    Don’t even get me started on their liability as linesmen trying to break up a fight in hockey…we aren’t allowed to discuss that.

  14. You’d figure with the colossal failure of the WNBA that they’d stop trying to incorporate women into the game. Instead they double down.
    NHL used to be the least popular of the 4 pro USA sports, but the red-pill has boosted the NHL and shown how utterly awful the NBA is.

  15. same story with the ufe. kate winslow is the worst ref ever. she stops fights way too late or early and many bad calls on her part.

  16. Women have fragile egos and take everything personally. They have no place reffing men’s sports. Women refs will ruin the NBA and college hoops over time.

    1. Lack of experience only make a job look bad.
      Everybody, regardless of gender, needs to undertake an apprenticeship program; too bad Ronald Reagan led the way into taking it away.

      1. What does that have to do with anything? She spent years reffing in the D league and probably years more below that.

        1. What the hell are you talking about? I’m no white knight at all. I’m talking about an apprenticeship program. She had years of ‘apprenticeship’ in the D league and still sucks.

      1. They will change the name, then dress them up like Dredd. Then maybe people will open their eyes.

    1. Right, so next time I’ll call her “it” and “that thing,” but I can hear you screaming about me objectifying that thing and misogynistically denying its gender already.

      1. We will view your comment as prescient when the first “transgender” LGBTXYZ referee Ts up one of Lebron’s sons in the not-so-distant future.

  17. That’s the Problem, it’s not about if he was right or wrong in the game, it’s was he sexist? Women in positions of leadership and authority…Worst idea.

  18. I cannot wait to see a female ref a UFC fight. “Oh my god! Stop! You’re hurting him! Disqualified!”

    1. There is a female UFC ref, Kim Winslow. Overall she is not very good, but not terrible. Interestingly, many of her bad stoppages involve not stopping the fight soon enough, as opposed to stopping it too early.

      1. As bad if not worse than stopping it too early. If she’s overcompensating because she knows she’s a woman and therefore is letting it go past the point where a male ref would stop it, she’s deliberately endangering the fighters.

      2. I find in general women don’t know our understand our strength, so they can only take guesses. When dealing with us 1v1 (play fighting) you will see the same issue while we know and can see when we use too much strength as well when they use too much strength.
        If this knowledge isn’t enough for people to decide who shouldn’t take up that position, then i don’t know what is.

  19. Most women, even competent ones, should be kept out of power simply because they’ll overreact to criticism and start playing games to rationalize their feelings
    That’s basically what all of “social justice” is, apologist rationale for equalism

      1. I’m going to go with “Gaelic” culture based on his first and last name. Just a hunch.

    1. I’m white and I love playing basketball. I’m not going exclude myself from healthy, manly shit because black men do it as well.

  20. This is exactly what the feminists a are looking for to do to the NBA what they have done to the NFL.

    1. I find it ironic soccer/association football gets the “girly game” stereotype like it does in the USA, yet most of the American female sports fans tend to gravitate to more stereotypically masculine sports leagues like the NFL.

  21. surely a ref is someone who should be capable to play the sport or has played- women are not capable to play sport with men… unfortunately no one in the media supports this idea.
    Sad men in the west have no voice anymore IMO western men are wimps…

  22. we need more gender segregation. I don’t want women around I ain’t fucking other than those in my family

  23. He needs to refuse to apologise, and stand by his comments. Singer Azelia Banks happily stood by her homophobic slurs on multiple occasions recently. Though I guess the fact that she’s a woman means that the witch hunt coming after her was substantially smaller than if she were a male.

  24. Does any ROK visitor ever complain about the aggressive, hijacking and annoying ads used at this site? Seems antithetically red pill (ironically). The ad approach, that is.

    1. I’ve noticed them too. i guess they’re the only ones willing to pay money to advertise on this site. Roosh needs to make money somehow, he ain’t running this site for free.

  25. Fuck my blood was boiling as I read this. Sexist? How else was he supposed to address her? “This is not for him”? For fucks sakes.

  26. Creating drama wherever they go. No exceptions.
    The NBA is already a bit of a soap opera when it comes to these players and their egos. That’s why I haven’t watched a full NBA game in years. Now you add a female referee to the mix….HA! Gas on the fire.
    Lest I be called a misogynist, I think women will always have a place in professional sports though.

  27. Now I know I’m right when I choose not to watch sports.
    Ever since the NFL was infiltrated by pink, I’ve since said fuck it.

  28. The online flock of SJW of course removes all context. Sounds like she shouldnt be a referee anywhere in basketball.

  29. America’s purpose is to infiltrate every aspect of masculinity — across the world — and brings every boy and man under the control and subjugation of a female.
    Largely, this already has been accomplished in the Justsis Sistem, where skank housewives in black robes sit and rule over the lives of men they shouldn’t even be allowed to talk to. Backed up by servile careerist ‘men’ with guns and cage-keys.
    In another couple decades, the strong majority of ‘judges’ in the U.S. will be female. The strategy for athletics is similar, and we’ve just witnessed the male-meltdown in the NFL after a year of femininst accusation and persecution of male athletes, forcing their gyno-agenda down everyone’s throats, with the full co-operation of announcers, pundits, sportswriters, and the rest of the Sisterhood Sellouts. We also saw a similar game with the set-up and take-down of Donald Sterling.
    Paul expressed only a tiny fraction of the truth about the gender-gestapo in America, and look at the firestorm of recrimination that jumped on him. And of course he later watered-down his righteous comment, because . . . well that’s what U.S. men do. They grovel and go along with cultural and legal totalitarianism, because it’s just too costly personally to resist it. So no matter what a stud athlete Paul is, he’s still a sorry excuse for a man. And he’s a cut above the male average in the U.S.

  30. Let’s have men and women mix for MMA matches in the name of “equality” and see how well that goes. That should pretty much be the end of the road for this pointless shitshow posturing circus.

    1. LOL, that’s already happening with Fallon Fox. Rhonda Rousey – current bantamweight women’s champion – won’t fight him because she claims s/he has an “advantage” because he has a “male bone density and structure”.

      1. Just because a man cuts his dick off doesn”t make him a woman. It makes him an “it.” But they either need to make a new league for “it’s” that would go under real quick due to lack of viewership (solving the problem) or let male fighters pound these things to dust.

  31. Would anyone care if the ref was a guy?
    Answer: No.
    If that in itself does not scream sexism then I don’t know what does. Someone needs to turn the mirror on all these SJW’s.

  32. This is how you should deal with women when they invade men’s space. Grab a gun, pacify the mangina, and give them clear instructions.

  33. Here is another professional sport (with men) that is going to see a dip in male viewers over the long run. It’s another sport where women have to inject their bullshit into it just to be included.
    This story is only a big deal because a woman is involved (again, where is the fucking equality?).
    If more women (or female refs) are introduced into the league, then the best thing for men is to stop watching it, period. You’re only going to get their (big league, big money) attention is by holding onto your time (and money).
    They’ll get the hint when their viewers decline, ads drop and merchandise stops selling. That’s the real power, today.

  34. The simple fact of the matter is a man is better becuase men are never broken. Even when a man is dominated at on aspect if his life he has others to run to. It makes no sense to put a women in charge of men for any reason, the are only fit for being dominated and pleasing a man or family. They get dominated physically, sexauly, and mentally because emotions are not on there side and usualy state in every argument how they feel. See when a Women finds a problem that they cannot beat they overcompensate to make themselves felt leading to injustice. See she can’t beat him in a fight, probably wishes she could date him. That is why males in charge of males is necessary, males have the ability to let things go.

  35. The number one reason not to have a woman out there is that she can not be judged on her performance. She is hiding behind her stink hole. Mark Cuban I guess would be a serial rapist if she ever officiated one of the Mavericks games.

  36. I love sports, and women should just fuck off out of them in my opinion – it isn’t their domain!

  37. What is that exploding sound? Oh, the American world of sports…
    Time to tune in to Bolivian professional wrestling, or some shit like that.

  38. Women should not be involved in male sports. As punishment for her bad refereeing, she should be jizzed on by both teams.

  39. The very fact that women try to compete with men, and demand they be given the same jobs and opportunities because they are a woman, they are creating a culture that is in fact not about being equal or balance between the sexes, but serration of woman from men because they believe they can do it better. So the fact this referee acted more abruptly and controlling then a male referee would have, because she is a woman and needs to prove she can do it better then a man, she in fact clearly pointed out that in fact she is different to a man, and therefore will not be seen as equal by the male species.

  40. The very fact that women try to compete with men, and demand they be given the same jobs and opportunities because they are a woman, they are creating a culture that is in fact not about being equal or balance between the sexes, but segregation of women from men because they believe they can do it better. So the fact this referee acted more abruptly and controlling then a male referee would have, because she is a woman and needs to prove she can do it better then a man, she in fact clearly pointed out that she is different to a man, and therefore will not be seen as equal by the male species.

  41. I had one female umpire in 16 years of playing baseball. My team mate made a bonehead running error that cost us the 3rd out in the top of the first inning. I yelled “get your head in the game!” at him, the female umpire immediately ejected me cause she assumed I was yelling at her. Worthless!

  42. Based on personal experience, I agree that women shouldn’t be allowed to ref men. I was a hockey ref in Canada for 5 years. There were 2 women with whom I reffed a decent amount of games and this was the big problem with them: they couldn’t assert authority. They simple couldn’t say: HEY THATS ENOUGH FOR FUCKS SAKE and show the players that they don’t fuck around. They simply reacted that what happened around them. One of them even reffed juniors(18-23 yrs old) in charge. God was she bad (she was a cool person I give her that but had 0 business being in charge of grown men). Everyone knew it. The coaches, the players, the linesmen. Everyone but the head referee (the big boss). He kept on putting her in charge but I don’t know (he was most likely trying to score you will say, most likely he was but he never made it obvious). He was an older man too close to 70 so that adds to that theory.
    The other female never went beyond bantam (14 15 yrs old) because she couldn’t assert authority. You can get away with it in a low bracket like bantam but young men 18ish and plus no fucking way can you simply react to the shit going on the ice (If in a junior game there isn’t a scrap or a fight its not a junior game, period). At first I was embarrassed to ref games with these girls but then it became jokes and I simply didn’t care.
    A good anecdote: the junior referee was on the lines in a game I was in charge. Some player seemed injured (they were stuck in their zone for a bit so the player faked the injury). She fucking blew the whistle one second before the puck went in the net. The player seemed in pain as she said. We had to call no goal. The player got up by himself and tried to play the next play. This was in the playoffs by the way between the first and second team in the standings. I had to take the heat because her feelings took over at a most critical moment. Women have no business calling a game in my book since that day (im shaking my head as I write this).

  43. “All women are like that. Period.”
    “Yes, men hold grudges from time to time, but females take them to their graves. Piss them off one time and you’re on their shit list for life.”
    Making negative generalisations like that about women is stupid, inaccurate, sexist nonsense. You write and think like somebody who still believes in cooties, ffs.
    When a male referee makes an indefensible call, or a series of them, people say that guy should quit. In this case, when a woman makes a series of lousy calls, ROK writers say ‘no women should be allowed to do this job based on this one woman’s performance.’ Anybody noticing the sexist double-standard?

    1. Well given that one of two refs essentially proved the author’s assertion half correct at least, it remains to be seen if the other ref will carry out her responsibilities without a clear emotional influence that 99.9% of all women influenced by.
      Would you care to place a wager on what is likely to happen with the other ref?

      1. In all people, there is a dichotomy of emotion and reason. Some people are better than others at handling their emotions, some are better than others at employing reason. The author’s suggestion (that you have supported) that all women are governed by emotion and not reason, and that all men are more prone to being rational speaks to a very immature, retrograde world-view. To pretend that the ability to be logical falls along gender lines is laughable. Obviously you and the author just haven’t been doing a good job of paying attention to people. You are both obviously deluded by dumb, sexist assumptions. And one of two refs making poor decisions doesn’t prove him half-right, when he is trying to denigrate the approximately three-and-a-half billion females in the world.

        1. Hmm, funny, I actually asked a question first, and neither he or you gave an answer: “When a male referee makes an indefensible call, or a series of them, people say that guy should quit. In this case, when a woman makes a series of lousy calls, ROK writers say ‘no women should be allowed to do this job based on this one woman’s performance.’ Anybody noticing the sexist double-standard?”

        2. Your condescending opening remark aside, allow me to dismantle your specious remarks piece by piece, starting with this:
          “In all people, there is a dichotomy of emotion and reason. Some people are better than others at handling their emotions, some are better than others at employing reason. The author’s suggestion (that you have supported) that all women are governed by emotion and not reason, and that all men are more prone to being rational speaks to a very immature, retrograde world-view”
          The reason this remark is specious is because you’re trying to say or imply there is the potential for some sort of emotional equilibrium at work within both genders, when biology would state otherwise. It is apparent to even the average layman that males and females are hardwired differently, and females especially are susceptible to emotional influence, most notably once every 28-31 days. Their premenstrual cycles play havoc with their physiology through the release of hormones which tend to cause emotional instability, among other things. Men have no such monthly biological sabotage short circuiting the fundamental operations of logic.
          Women are simply not geared towards pure logic, whereas Men are. While not all Men operate logically and not all Women tend to operate in this fashion when their cycles are not in full swing, the occasional exceptions (like yourself) do not invalidate the majority of evidence to support this view as a near absolute with regard to both genders. Oh by all means don’t take my word for it, take the words of scientists themselves, who investigated the fundamental neurological differences between men and women, discovering (among other things) that women are more emotionally aware, and men are more logically grounded.

          Your comment is further invalidated by the FACT that i never said ALL women are emotional, i essentially said that nearly all Women are governed by emotions but i did not state that all Women therefore act emotionally. That is a clear strawman on your part. Regardless of the author’s view you had no logical grounds on which to dismiss my view through this fallacious manner of thinking. Having to inject polemics into your argument doesn’t help your comments either, and only serves to prove how pedestrian your understanding of biology is and how ignorant you are about the fundamental biological differences between Men and Women.
          To summarize: take yourself off the blue pill of politically correct groupthink and start researching for yourself the differences between males and females. You might want to change your name to “the blue worm” until you do.
          Oh and btw, i noticed you didn’t take me up on my offer about the other ref. Is that because of a lack of confidence in your own words?

        3. He asked you another one, mate. Still not willing to answer his questions, or are you just going to take another strawman and/or attempt at tu quoque?

  44. Women shouldn’t be near any male spaces nor in any leadership position. Getting the vote for free, title 9 which destroyed male sports long ago. Women have be coddled forever. Many of these so called athletes are manginas white nights who never stand up for men. That referrer dyke should be fired for dressing like a man.

  45. The women in sports is making sports watching and spectating even more tedious and boring, I know of one sport that will never have female refs…MMA.

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