12 Photos That Reveal How Degenerate Soccer Has Become

The British have a famous saying when it comes to comparing their two most famous homegrown team sports (Association Football and Rugby Union) when they are played on home turf. Football is “a gentleman’s game played by hooligans” while Rugby is “a hooligans game played by gentlemen”.

The comparison was always meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but when you look at a modern day professional soccer pitch (sorry British readers, I’m going back to Americanisms now), it doesn’t appear to be highly distorted from reality. Soccer stars are plastering themselves in copious amounts of jailhouse ink, and this will have disastrous consequences for a whole new generation of young people around the world who idolize these men.

The current World Cup in Russia is beaming this whole new level of degeneracy right into the living rooms of 14-year-old Thiago in Brazil, 16-year-old Pedro in Mexico, 13-year-old Ivan in Russia, 15-year-old Giuseppe in Italy, and countless other easily-swayed young minds across the planet. Let’s take a look at what we are dealing with shall we.


lionel Messi tattoos

These aren’t photos from the World Cup, but this clearly shows how international superstar Lionel Messi actually had more brains in his 20-something youth than his jailhouse tattooed and peroxide-blonde early 30’s carcass on the right.


Have no fear, fathers-with-daughters and employers of the world. For this Brazilian man is “spiritually in tune”.


Lionel Messi and Marcus Rojo. Giving their young fans in Buenos Aires and Rosario a good idea of how they can spend their pesos before sky-high Argentinian inflation eats it all up.


mexico tattoo

Mexican players disembarking from a plane in Russia, with the man on the right looking like he’d fit right in with MS-13 once his career is over.


Tattoos Brazil

The current Brazilian squad is so inked up, it’s almost counter-culture to not have a tattoo.


I hope that Spanish man’s not looking at them like he’s considering it for himself…


Mais tinta Brasileira! (More Brazilian ink!) 😀


Not in the World Cup, but if David Beckham is declared “sexiest man alive” while famously having over forty tattoos, you know a lot of his imitating young fans—and their future employment prospects—will be in for a world of hurt.


Even the Belgians are waffling up their arms.


A substantial injury forced the English player Ryan Mason into “soccer retirement” at the premature age of 27 (in lieu of 33 or so), but he’s still probably sporting this bizarre looking tattoo of a grumpy harridan.


“What’s that? You’re one of my biggest fans and your having trouble finding a living wage job? Only a part-time gig at Starcucks is offering? How can that be?”


Raheem Sterling tattoo

Non-white “English” star Raheem Sterling showed off this poor taste tattoo to his 3.6 million Instagram followers before the World Cup. It looks like something Carl Johnson could get at the tattoo parlor in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.


As expected, perennial ROK favorite Japan is keeping it clean.

Soccer stars have incredible agency and sexual market value through their fame, fortune, lean physiques, and being in the prime of their adult life (20-35). They’ve got it all. So by all means, they can afford to be covered in tattoos without far-reaching consequences to themselves, their relationships, or their financial prospects.

However, once upon a time, sports stars were encouraged to be good role models to young people, and expected to have a clean and friendly image both on and off the field of play. Having tattoos even as recently as the 90’s would have been highly discouraged.

The fact of the matter is that many young fans will aspire to be like their favorite player, and yet 99,999 out of 100,000 will not make any kind of headway in the world of professional soccer. They are going to have to (for lack of a better word) look for “normal” jobs one day, and we’ve explored the dangers and red flags behind tattoos countless times before.

Heck, even the players should avoid tattoos for the sake of their own abilities. There is some evidence to suggest that soccer players suffer a 3-5% drop in performance level after having tattoo work done.

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153 thoughts on “12 Photos That Reveal How Degenerate Soccer Has Become”

  1. I noticed that too. Also Messi humping on his co-player is nothing short of homo.
    I never followed any sports as today’s sport agenda is to make people more passive rather then get actively involved in sport.
    Playing sports is very important for men as it combines danger with friendship.

    1. A women goes into a store called JC Man-ies where she can shop for a man. Upon entering the store on the first floor there is a sign that says, welcome to the first floor, on this floor the men are good providers and will do all the chores around the house. She looks around and says to herself, this is nice and proceeds to the next floor. On the second floor the sign says, welcome to the second floor, on this floor the men are good providers, do all the chores around the house, are humorous and very romantic. The woman looks around and thinks to herself, this is great and proceeds to the next floor. On the third floor the sign says, welcome to the third floor, on this floor the men are good providers,, do all the chores around the house, are humorous, romantic as well as wealthy and extremely good looking. The woman thinks to herself this is incedible and proceeds to the next floor. On the fourth floor the sign says, welcome to the fourth floor, you are visitor number 5627532, there are no men here, this floor only exists to show that no matter how perfect the man is, women are never satisfied, please exit through the nearest window.

        1. Not for some ho, of course.
          Be the best man you can be for God, Community, Country, and yourself.

        2. Some of these soccer players act or are really effeminate. Their tatoos are just gang banger. Not the kind of people I would want my kids to respect or admire.

    2. The real question is why you have these thoughts inside your head ? whats with that obsession looking at other men and analyze them ?
      OP is a faggot and so is this article.

      1. Rok has had some faggy, whiny ass bitch articles lately. Roosh is cool with beta contributors now i guess.

        1. Of course. A shit article earns him more money than no article. But game isn’t new. Neither is the term, red pill. There’s not much more to learn here, and there’s not much original good content left to explore, hence the whiney cunts are having their say, and the whole game will die a quick death.
          This “article” can be summed up in one sentence, “Sleeve tattoos make you look like a tool.” Sure, I agree, totally, but that nugget of wisdom is not even close to being article worthy.

  2. Athletes are like rock stars. When their career end they will have enough money and some fame. Who cares if they have sleeves?

  3. What sort of loser cuck wrote this garbage? Only women tear others down to elevate themselves. Be a man.

    1. The obsession of other men looks and how they act is really a faggot thing to do….This article is gay.

    2. “What sort of loser cuck wrote this garbage? Only women tear others down to elevate themselves. Be a man.”
      Right back at you.

  4. Let’s face it: no matter how much of absurd tattoos they have, those soccer guys have access to any pussy they want. The amount of girls who want to get fucked by girly Neymar, for example, is fucking huge.
    The author can only dream about it.
    Have you anything better to do than analyzing males’ tatooed bodies?
    What a fag.

    1. This is true.
      He may play a child’s game but he will retire in a splendorous mansion with millions and most on this site will retire in a wooden saltbox in a Podunk town in an unremarkable suburb.
      He probably wakes up and gets blowjobs from whorish fan girls who never want to wipe their mouth after he blows his load all over it.
      Meanwhile, the Alphas here will continue masturbating to porn.

      1. Read the comments and you’ll see there’s not that many alphas here. It’s pathetic.

    2. Actually the author acknowledges that these men are at the top of the male SMV totem pole if you bothered to digest it, and have the agency to get away with having tons of tattoos in the big scheme of things.
      Point is their just-over-broke and zero fame fan base can’t get away with visible tattoos without consequence.

    3. What a white fag !!
      I added “white”, because of “few” trashy guys who always prefix “white” to the word “MEN” !!

  5. I’m so sick of tattoos. Sad to see so many young people acting like sheep. Don’t they see that NOT having a tattoo is a display of your individuality these days?
    It’s easy to laugh at soy boy millennials, but honestly can you blame them for being jaded? Young women in Australia have zero feminine allure these days. Who would be excited about a tatted up, bull nose ring wearing, swearing footy player?
    Womens AFL is the biggest turn off ever, and yet the media is always ramming it down our throats.Apparently, I’m a misogynist for having these beliefs. But how would women feel if there was a huge media and political campaign to get more men into wearing tutus and doing ballet?

    1. Feelin the same bro, check out my long post below for my analysis on the subject.

      1. It has to die out.. when every kid’s parents has tattoos, they will be the polar opposite of “cool”

        1. Thing is most of the tattooed people most likely wont have kids, after all who wants to change diapers when they can just go to the club and enjoy partying!

        2. GEN X
          If you’re my age you notice that every trend that started in the 90’s has been taken by Gen Y to the penultimate extreme-girls had a little dolphin tattoo in 1998 and now its up to their necks; PC made it uncouth to beat gays up in public places and we got SJW…
          The 90’s never ended.
          Gen Y could not invent anything. They just took 90’s trends to insane extremes.

    2. I live in Melbourne, and yes the women here are shit, the only feminine women I see are the Asians.

      1. I’m in Melbourne too mate. And yes, many guys I know exclusively go for Asian chicks

        1. Australian men have failed to keep their women feminine.
          Alpha physical genetics but as blue pill a mentality as you can have.
          Total homo faggot culture

        2. That’s right g0yim. As your countries fall one by one to our (((feminism))) and (((cultural Marxism))) just remember. It’s all your fault! Muhahhahahaha

    3. Australian women are the most useless pieces of shit to roam the earth. They are a curse upon men.
      How they ever got to be this pathetic and utterly useless dung, I will have no idea.
      They have the energy of men.
      You faggot Aussie men didn’t train them properly. Too busy drinking beer watching football.

      1. Maybe you should ride in on a dragon and save them with your Alpha genes.

        1. I have made some of them lick my butthole, and that has been a welcome thing for them from the simps and white nights. One woman thanked me for sitting on her face with her tongue lodged up my brown ass.

  6. Indian men is civilized.
    We don’t have tattooed on our muscular brown bodies
    Pajeets get all the girls

      1. Australian men are commiting suicide at such a high rate because Pajeet is raping all their women in Uber.
        You mad Bhaisaab?

        1. Pajeets get rejected in Austrlian brothels, its true
          Australian hookers dont wanna have sex with them

        2. Maybe sometimes yes but they need money.
          They gladly lick the B.O. from my stink hole as economy is descending.
          The yellow man and Indian man have hold all the deck of cards in future ‘brave new world’ when we can stool on their chest

      2. I have. But ONLY the Indian guys who truly were born and have spent their whole lives in western countries (like Kal Penn).

      3. What do you mean by hot chick, you pussified faggot trash! Walking bare chested !? Slut walks !? Deliberately & desperately exposing flesh !? Wearing thongs & bikinis !?
        Guess you pussified faggots deserve whatever is happening in this “first world shit hole” country !!

      1. You do realize that non white men don’t get offended by anything white men say to them now, right? I mean, look at your situation.
        It’s as shitty as a Delhi road!

      1. It keeps our stool nice and soft so we can defecate onto white working girl chest easily

        1. Shitting on a girl’s chest is not something to brag about. That’s some weird shit you are personally in to.. And we all know white women are awful, you’re not offending anybody here talking down on white women. But they look good and we actually have sex with them, rather than shitting on them like you do with the monstrosities they call women that come from “your land”

  7. You can’t blame people for following the social norms, they simply comply with what is required from them. As I have said many times here on this site, the current social models are as follows: alpha masculine guy (tattoos, smoking, maybe drinking, cars, clothes, party), alpha bitch (same as alpha masculine guy), intellectual artsy fartsy pseudo spiritual hipster “good girl” (travel, reading, art, photography, alternate degenerate subcultures, SJW), the male equivalent of the hipster girl (basically the same as the girl). See how the alpha bitch is actually following the male model and essentially turns into a male in a female body and the hipster boy essentially turns into a female in male body hence being a pussified cuck. Anyway, enough details, the point is if u don’t follow any of the established social models u will be cast out of what is supposed to be a society nowadays, though I don’t think there is society anymore, just a bunch of egotistic and narcissistic people with highly individualistic world view who for some unfathomable reasons to me still comply with the social model system. It looks like even millionaire superstars have to comply with these models… and u thought money makes u free from the matrix huh?

    1. Insightful, if nihilistic post.
      It is sad yet also hilarious to see how these sheep see themselves as individuals when they are completely plugged in, as you correctly point out

    2. Your comments so far have been the best thing about this rubbish article, so thanks for making the scroll down somewhat worth it.
      The Alpha Masculine Guy archetype matches the people you read about on Things Bogans Like (https://thingsboganslike.com)
      The Beta Hipster Faggot archetype matches the people described so well on Stuff White People Like (https://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com)
      Essentially, I regard both groups as “normies”. On the one hand I have disdain for how much they dominate our culture and for their complete lack of originality when it comes to their tastes, interests or opinions. Having to spend my free time with such people and pretend to share their interests would be a slow, soul-destroying experience in itself. On the other hand?
      I somewhat resent these people- it wouldn’t matter if they had to up and relocate 1000 kms away tomorrow, they’d find plenty more people just like them, slot in just fine and never be wanting for friends. These people have it so damn easy with their comfortable friendship circles, 1st world problems, superhero movies, late-night talk shows, “indie” music and all their other carefully marketed, mass-consumerist interests/ past-times. They don’t particularly want for anything higher or seek anything beyond a steady wage and the same desire to do what’s popular and complain about their superiors that they had in Highschool…
      It’s nice to be considered different and to stand out- it means you get attention (and that includes female attention as well- after all, it’s better to be loved and hated than merely tolerated). BUT…sometimes I think I’d like to live in a world where people like me were the ‘norm’ and possessing the natural curiosity I have wasn’t considered “intelligence”. That I know and have done so little, yet am considered “creative”, “different” and “intelligent” by so many different types of people is vaguely concerning to me…

  8. Don’t look to sportsball players for role models.
    And for crying out loud if you’re a white man stop worshipping black players you cuks.
    Do you see many black spectators at the winter Olympics, ice hockey or at swimming events. No, they only support their own and what they’re good at as do most races except good ol cukky Mcukkold whitey.

    1. At my local bookstore there’s a classics section which is essentially filled with the 19th centuries most famous works at cheap paperback prices due to no royalties having to be paid out.
      EVERY black person who stops to browse the table only picks up Uncle Tom’s Cabin or the handful of other books which specifically cater to the black experience to look at.
      They don’t give two shits about any white subject matter if given the choice. And the left wants to continue to insist “we are all the same”.

      1. Yep, the same way I don’t care about homos or feminist experiences and don’t read about their shit. But the difference is I won’t lie about it, I openly declare it I DONT CARE ABOUT U IM A SELFISH BIGGOT OK!

        1. The point is race is NOT central to the identity and subject matter of most of the classics (Don Quixote, Dracula, Plato’s Republic, etc).
          Blacks just truly don’t care about a lot of these books unless they are in it too.

        2. U know, these days it doesnt even matter what is the book about. Even reading has turned into generating social points… U don’t read books anymore to enrich urself or somethin u read a book to tell somebody or tag urself that uve read it the same way people travel just so they can tag themselves. All is done for the social approval, not for the actual experience.

      2. REALITY
        Do you think a black man would help “Carl the Cuck”.
        He’d rob him if he were in the hood.
        Only whites are altruistic.

      3. Blacks avoid knowledge of other cultures like the plague, and are proud of their ignorance. Of course, UTC was written by a whitw woman.

  9. Tattoos in the 90’s weren’t looked down upon. They were still a novelty, before the principal of “more is better” got applied. I remember a guy I was talking to once in a gym locker room who had 3 small colorful ones. I thought that was a huge amount.
    I just love the “spiritual” chicks who think that having tens of tattoos all over tells a story or forms their identity. Once you have more than a couple their identities all get blurred together and they just looked like netting.

    1. Tatts on chicks were always looked down on in my experience. They were seen as trashy hoes.
      Even on men they were associated with bikies and lower classes

      1. GEN X
        Until 1990 or so the only white girls with tattoos were heroin addicted prostitutes in King’s Cross or Times Square.

      2. Lot of Aussie slob women have it.
        I enjoy taking advantage of them at end of night when they are drunk in my Uber.

        1. This is definitely your best comment so far.. had a good chuckle reading it!

      3. I agree. Can’t even remember seeing any chicks with tattoos back then. Where I oived it was still really strange for a woman to get one. It was more the province of Marines and bikers.

    2. Well then my identity is to not shave or groom my body hairs, why the fuck society doesn’t recognize that as a legitimate way of expressing my individuality, why all the pressure to to remove them? Such a bullshit…

  10. Tattoos have become too mainstream. And people need to stop worshiping these celebrities, they have no essential skill. But to be fair I wish I had the footballer money.

  11. I’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo for the same reason that it can make me look manlier. Lets face it, a tall, muscular man with tattooed arms looks intriguing and dangerous. I can see some type of girls (the more promiscuous ones) going for these type of men, however lately I’ve been seen a lot of men with shit personalities, nerdy looks and overall a poor physic getting tattoos in hopes of enhancing their image. This rarely works and actually shows a reverse effect, they look like toddles with stickers all over their body.
    My advice is that you should work in your style, image and personality before getting a tattoo and even then I would consider it. If you are already handsome and game aware, why spend time and money in getting one of those?

    1. What sort of fag cares what women find attractive.
      See this is why the blacks and the bad boys get all the chicks and whites pump their dicks (Well, you might be an Indian).
      Because THEY DON’T CARE what girls like.

      1. Blacks and bad boys don’t care what women think? Dude, do you actually know any brothers? When I was in the military I lived with these guys and let me tell you their entire life was consumed with getting pussy. Do you think Dantavius spends 70% of his disposable income on his car and shoes because he likes them? No, because he wants to get laid. That’s it. Everything they do outside of work, and 50% of what they do while at work, revolves around pussy.

  12. Tattoos could be used in the selection process. They are always (underlined) a big sign for degeneracy and especially on women. Just follow the simple rule of avoiding a woman if you spot she has a tattoo, regardless of how insignificant in size the ink stain might be.
    Any woman with tattoos has a mental problem, period. Whereas in men, tattoos indicate lower intelligence and impusiveness.

  13. When these players will get old, their skin will get rough and so the tattoos will not retain their shape. At that moment, their skins will seem horrible as if they are covered with black marks. Then they will realize the beauty of skin that nature gave us.

  14. This has been going on for years. David Beckham is the one who started this trend: the tattoos, crazy haircuts and the overall focus away from the actual game to the aesthetics.

    1. Tattoo articles are good for triggering our enemies, so they are worth posting every couple of months or so. lol

      1. MAGA! Deus Vult!
        Troll the fuck out of them.
        Amen! Praise the Lord! Full Gospel Holy Ghost Power Fuck Yeah!

  15. Good article with witty and sarcastic commentary. Despite some very entertaining games at this year’s World Cup, the degree of degeneracy and other bullshit makes it almost unwatchable. This tattoo nonsense is really getting out of control, and the author’s point that it will compromise the lives of many people in the future who are now impressionable children is very well taken. But that is exactly the agenda because nothing is accidental on the world stage and everything is quite well thought out in advance. The destruction of our collective cultures by undermining family units, heterosexuality / masculinity and moral decency has been a (((plan))) in place for a few hundred years. And these futbol degenerates will almost all live shortened lives and die virtually penniless, despite their current rockstar status.
    And in the future, the true spiritual / emotional / psychological impact of having satantic / luciferian / occult symbols burned into the skin will be much better understood — and mark my words — it will be a shocking revelation to the hypnotized masses of sheeple.

    1. If the sheeple haven’t woken up in SJWhell 2018 what hopes do you have for 2019?
      May as well rinse the fuckers for every penny.

    2. The only people I know that care about eurofagball are either liberals, or eurofags.
      Outside urban liberal (soyish) enclaves American men don’t give a shit about eurofagball.
      I can spot a shitlib in disguise because they inevitably bring it up.
      Me: fuck watching other men do things. Go do something yourself. Any sport is better than being a sportscuck.
      It’ll make you stronger and more attractive whereas sitting on a couch idolizing other men will make you weaker and much less attractive/manly.

  16. These national teams are mostly a joke. Switzerland has only 5 players, out of 23 on “her” team, who are truly Swiss.

  17. the question here is: why are you so concerned about someone getting a tattoo? got nothing better to do? your life suck much? are you an old lady janitor gossiping about everything and everyone?
    Maby its just that deep down you actualy wanna get one but dont have the balls to do it.

    1. So you read the article, you read the commentary and you still don’t get it?
      One can only assume you’re a woman, so: Back in the kitchen! LOL

  18. football today is just a playfield for fifa big money corruption, tattooed closet homo primadonnas, and multiculturalist liberal propaganda
    why do i still watch this shit??
    against modern football

  19. Soccer is for homos and children anyway. Why should anyone care except if we get to witness another ass-pounding (read: a game that is actually entertaining) on the scale of “7-1” ?

    1. Tell that to all the “homos” who get some of the best women in the world.
      If you’re this sad and angry just kill yourself.

      1. Just because one of the Spanish national team players is doinking Shakira doesn’t mean all soccer players can pull 10/10 ass at any time. American sports players CAN pull universally-regarded 10/10s at any time.
        And last time I checked, the Big Four American sports leagues didn’t encourage, let alone allow faggoty stuff like this.

      2. So what? Is that the be all end all for a man? Hot pussy? Thots?
        Jane you ignorant cleat chasing slut. Mudsharking and cock caroulselling right into the wall.
        Trust me, good men want nothing to do with the whores that act like groupies around athletes. Bitch will have an N in the 3 digits and is so damaged she’ll never produce health children.
        Keep putting that pussy on a pedestal.

  20. What a shit fucking article. Bunch of whinging bitches on here. Ive learned alot about how to carry myself and self discovery on here and how to be a man. Roosh put me onto Osho and another article put me onto meditation amongst many other things.
    Unfortunately I’ve also learned how not to act. How not to be a man.
    Basically the author does not like tatoos. Ok fair enough. Now build a fucking bridge and get over it. You sound like a triggered SJW. !2 photos but about three actual different points !!! lionel messi briefly had dyed hair,so fucking what ??? Honestly,if that worries you,you must be really pathetic or maybe you can’t summon up an original thought for an article so you’re fucking scrapping the bottom of the barrel ??
    And are you such a closet fucking fag that a man jumping on another man celebrating in a time honoured fashion makes you think of a mans penis penetrating another man’s anus ?? Because I got to be honest. You’re coming off as a bit of a fag with a reach like that.
    And what, latin american man looks like an ms-13 memeber. Next you’ll say a member of the Italian team looks like he’s in the mafia !!! What a fucking clown you are.
    And Neymar a player I can see why anyone would dislike but the best your retarded mind could msuter was a picture of him with his eyes closed and head on the ball and make some shit heel remark adbout jobs and women and spirituality.fucking hell thats a reach stretch armstrong would be proud of.
    And for the recordI actually despise what soccer has become and its players nor do I have a tatoo on my whole body nor will I. But i certainly don’t let it bother me that others do nor do I act like im fucking better because I don’t. Concentrate on the important things and don’t whine like a fucking bitch.

    1. Your overly emotional response and double digit profanities tells me you are either
      A) An SJW blue haired tattooed woman
      B) Should be an SJW blue haired tattooed woman, but are just a petulant manbaby.

      1. Oh you arent a fan,why what of his books did you read and what didnt you like about it ??????

  21. “Bunch of whinging bitches on here.”
    Lol… LIKE YOU! lolz
    “Concentrate on the important things and don’t whine like a fucking bitch.”
    That’s right!

    1. I do and I’m extremely happy. I compeltely understand why you can’t grasp I was complaining but consider that separate from endemic negativity and myopic view points on irrelevant pop culture. I’m not being sarcastic. LOlz fo realz

  22. Watching sports remains one of the most cuckish activities on the planet. Obsessing about another man’s career statistics? Really?

  23. I’ll say it again, tattoos are a trend that will pass. Be careful cause one day u will be the odd ball covered head to toe.

  24. The new counter culture is NOT having any tattoos. What a waste of time and money.

  25. John Carver,
    No disrespect but you see way too much into this.
    Professional soccer is just another form of keep the people distracted from more important things. The individual players are insignificant as far as the people in power are concerned. They are just screw in a machine – and easily replaceable.
    This has been the case for a very long time.

  26. Trends come, trends go, tatts stay. Good luck with the mirror when middle age crisis kicks in.

  27. If your name is not Popeye you have no business having a tattoo. It marks you forever as lumpen lower class, period. And when you age, ugh! As for professional sports, a total waste of time and money.

    1. So that doctor who has two sleeves is lower class?
      What about all the famous musicians like Ozzy and James Hetfield. Are they lower class.
      Go fuck yourself.

  28. Me and my closest friends have zero tattoos…. coincidence?? Nope we just don’t feel the need to express ourselves on our skin like a bunch of women.

  29. This one of the pettiest, most nitpicky articles ever. Get over yourselves.
    You’re just mad they get more money and pussy than you ever will.

  30. Soccer is an inferior commie game for degenerates. It Should be banned again as it was in the late middle ages. That act alone would increase GDP by at least 3% due to the lack of time and capital wasted on it

  31. It is so clear that this author has Yellow Fever and is implying us to throw all Latina women under the bus. It’s in his hidden agenda. Just look at his “white knighting” for the Japan Male team players. He is most likely a beta Male who profusely claims that ONLY Asian girls have not been riddled with the demented and degrading disease of feminism.
    Well, I hate to break it to this author but I’ve seen plenty of Asian girls in NYC sport tattoos, piercings, purple hair and entitled personalities. They fit in with the rest of the millenials with the snowflake and hipster culture.
    On the other hand, surprisingly, I have observed quite a number of Latina girls living all around this city who are conservative, family-oriented feminine, classy and compassionate.
    It’s really a shame to see that the vast majority of Male chicks who highly praise Asian girls have no hesitation to slam Latina girls with an unwarranted basis.

  32. What a waste of time soccer is. There’s better causes to invest your time in and better things to riot over.

  33. At least they aren’t wearing rainbow-themed uniforms to support LGBT as the .U.S. national soccer.

  34. TLDR: all modern footballer have degenerate tattoos.
    I wouldn’t let the Japs off the hook. Yakuza tattoos are painted to hide perfectly under business attire i.e. nothing exposed on the neck and arms.
    I’m sure some of the Nippon players have ink themselves

  35. Dudes, here’s the deal:
    Degenerate as they may be, tattoos, especially visible ones, greatly increase a man’s sexual attractiveness. Studies hace shown women assume men with tats are better in bed. I have a giant one on my back BTW. They are painful and particularly if you have muscles. Getting a tattoo sleave or a large back piece shows high pain tolerance which is an indicator of strength and alphatude. The make you look badass. Hardly surprising athletes get em . A lot of military guys have tattoos. Are you calling THEM degenerates???

  36. Panem e circenses my friends. In your face visible tats such as sleeves are a clear sign of class inferiority and a welcome sight for me because it tells me which people I need not waste my time with. But let’a dissect a little further. Soccer is a poor man’s sport and virtually anyone that has two legs can play it. As such, it is easily the most accessible and most popular. To those in control, soccer thus becomes an efficient vehicle of mass propaganda for hard to hit third world countries who show aversion to thr globalist agenda. As per Messi he’s the perfect example of the target audience: a poor peasant boy who was once upon a time seen as a role model, now has become the complete opposite by cheating taxes, covering himself in tats and losing his drive. This is what Fifa wants.

  37. seedorf commented on brazilian tv how this exposure of tattoos are setting a bad example on children. we needed something random guy from suriname to spell the truth right before your faces.
    in 1998 world cup there was not a single tattoo in any of the 23 players

  38. I get why most tattoos on girls aren’t appreciated, but on men they can be very sexy. As long as he is not a gang member and otherwise responsible/respectable, well done tattoos are perfectly fine by me. Whether or not he is a sports star (I’m not into watching pro sports myself) is irrelevant.

  39. Women dig tattooed men. They assume they have better bedroom skills than men without tats. Getting visible tats broadcasts your ability to tolerate pain. That projects strength and alphatude.

  40. I understand that the Japanese team left the locker room spotless and left a “thank you” note in Russian.
    That is class.

  41. Ha ha ha…sportsball watchin’. My cousin, a natural red-pilled Texan business owner, is visiting from out of town and I just discovered he has a retarded side… interrupting quality hang time trying to find soccer-focused neighborhood bars to watch World Cup Games in. He missed out on a day of diving and surfing, fresh air and an endless sea of horny summer girls in bikinis for that dog shit. Fool.

  42. Soccer is just another bread and circus event that keeps people distracted. Especially Europeans, most of whom remain oblivious to their own replacement.
    Swedes are set to become a minority in their homeland in just 20 years. The British are following them fast and will be replaced by hordes of Arabs, Africans, Pakis and Indians in just another couple of decades. British primary schools are already minority white British.
    Please write articles that matter. Talk about white genocide. ROK has a huge audience and can do much to spread the word about what is happening to the west. It isn’t about “culture” anymore, it is about survival. This is genocide against Europeans. Wake up.

  43. Aesthetics. At a busy beach, behold a sea of tattooed conformity. Striving for authenticity/originality/cool, another generation of hipsters laid low by the ironies of consumerism. Western society’s phantom dead-end trends. Novelties — destroyed. Sensations of the herd mentality as it gains momentum. I’ve admired some lush, incredibly artistic tattoos, yet still saw merit in the ethos of “nothing is cool.”

  44. It’s official…

    “Soccer is not ashamed of what it is. Soccer is a gay sport”
    Gunter Kohl – FIFA Spokeman

  45. They have talent, fame, money and beautiful women. What have you got John? Your lame ass dick that rarely gets used. Write something useful or else it makes you sound like a lame cuck that is only good for cleaning up after them. Also, get a man’s haircut you fudge packer!

  46. You must be a fucking faggot if you take this much time to look at dudes in this much detail and writing an article about how it bothers you. You’re like those clueless women that write about how they don’t like muscular men but still get wet for them and don’t know why.
    I hope your boyfriend didn’t have to pull his dick out of your ass when you read this comment, faggot.

  47. Very poor article and I believe that the opinion of an american in football (soccer does not exist) is pretty close to worthless. Without any further ado good day to all my fellow masculine readers

  48. The pendulum will swing the other way soon and being original will mean having zero tattoos.

  49. Something about dedicating a large amount of time looking up photos of tatooed men and then analyzing each male seems a bit off.
    What if that time was used instead going to the gym & getting shape, creating wealth in your bank account, learning something that made you smarter, or practicing day game – wouldn’t that make you more masculine?
    I guess being outraged about football players is what passes for masculinity…

  50. This is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on this website. Congrats.

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