Is A Big City Required For Day Game? (ROK Mailbag)

The Sound Of Silence

A reader asks:

What music do you listen to while writing?

Nothing. You want your mind completely focused on writing instead of also processing musical notes, which only distracts you, creating an inferior product in the end. The only exception is if you’re in a loud environment and you must put on ambient music (without vocals) to block out the sound. The less sensory input your brain has to process while writing, the more it can devote to the task.

– Roosh

I listen to either a pretentious playlist (think Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Vivaldi) or a gay one (think Taylor Swift, Elliot Goulding, Fun). Which depends on if I’m trying to write smart or write angry.

– Billy Chubbs

International Love…During The Day

Iury writes:

I’m from a small town in Brazil and I would like to know more about daygame in a small town situation, because it seems like every “tutorial” on daygame is aimed towards these big cities environments, and i can’t really spend money and time going to big cities to get a date. I don’t drink, that’s why I’m not a fan of traditional night game. So do you have any tips?

Run day game as explained in my article, even so. Though you don’t have nearly as many women to pursue as I do here in Philly, still you should have some success if you do day game as I describe it. You should also read Roosh’s book on day game.

The most important thing is to make yourself start talking to attractive women wherever you find them; this is the best way to get over approach anxiety and to become a good talker period. So much of game lies in the art of conversation. If you spend years approaching wherever you are, you may eventually reach the elite level of your boy C. Contrary, who just last week got the digits of an 18-year-old hottie at the DMV while mom (who looked to be about my own age) was away for a few minutes in the bathroom.

Know that all game comes down to two essential elements: looks and conversation. Concerning the first one, you cannot make yourself 6’3 with a highly symmetrical face, but you can hit the weights, jog and eat clean so that you fill out a shirt, with a manly V-taper that women love. Dressing well is also within your power. I myself like the clean, elegant look by brands like Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole. Avoid the generic look of the trendy douchebag: graphic T, striped button down dress shirt that is never tucked in, jeans with a bunch of stupid shit going on on them, etc. As for the second element, you must have things to talk about—you must be a man who is interesting to talk to and thus enjoyable to be around: for, as I say in my article, women need contextual attractiveness. This isn’t just about having a good sense of humor and some stories to tell. You must also be fairly well-educated, with good social skills. You must be able to think well on your feet, smart and confident, cool and assured.

If all this sounds daunting, it should help to recall that you, Sir, are a MAN, while she, whoever she is, belongs to the Second Sex. Why be intimidated by that which is not your equal, however lovely and haughty? And don’t forget what Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog said, either: “Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks.”

I’ve knocked off some Brazilian broads here in the States. I’ve generally found them to be pretty open and lively, warm and relatively easy to approach, and exceptionally appreciative of an intelligent man. If this is how Brazilian women are in general, then, with game on your side, you may end up a happier man than Joe Player in NYC, with his 326 notches, all but a dozen or so cunts.

– C. Contrary

Striving For Perfection

MegaRobotCaptain writes:

I am 20 years old, in a relationship. I am very satisfied with her emotionally and physically, she gives me blowjobs 1-4 times a day, pretty much on demand. She is okay with me having sex with other women as long as it “isn’t emotional”, although she prefers to be only with me. We’re just about “officially” living together now, planning to go travelling together in the near future. I’ve already spent a year travelling by myself. Things are starting to feel pretty damn serious, even though I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon (or ever).

My relationship satisfies me, and allows me sexual freedom to an extent. Beyond sex, what other freedoms are important for a man to hold onto? Even if the relationship is going perfectly well, what should I keep in mind before I’m 26 years old and still with the same girl? Would this stunt my growth as a man somehow? I enjoy being in a relationship, but I want to have the benefits of being and growing as a single man.

A setup where you have multiple blowjobs daily and the freedom to chase new girls sounds pretty good. You state that you are happy and satisfied, so roll with it. If you later find you are not happy, or that you are compromising in any way then you can reassess and decide how you want to go forward. Personally I enjoy a good relationship here and there, with the understanding that I can still go after other girls because that is important to me.

You ask what other freedoms are important besides sex, and that is really up to you. For example, I enjoy the freedom of my career path, where I essentially answer to myself. I wake up every morning with an agenda dictated to me by myself and not a superior.

As to your final points you present some valid concerns. A lot of men get stuck in a relationship because it starts out great, and slowly but surely erodes away. If you just keep that in mind, try to nip such straying in the bud when it happens. You may not be successful but at least you will be aware of its occurrence.

-Law Dogger

That’s Why They Call Me The Working Man

Jason writes:

My question revolves around working long 3rd shift hours between 12 a.m. and noon the next day. I used to be very physically fit but have lost that edge since the last decade or so my work hours have started running all through the night. I used to go to the gym every morning, lifted some free weight did my cardio and such but somewhere I lost the battle.

I’ve read that the human metabolism is slower at night and it affects your weigh gain/loss, so I was wondering if you had any advice or tips as to setting up a system that would work for us guys that sleep through the day and work throughout the night.

Also: Any tips on a diet system would work as well, I’m 6’3 and around 260 pounds, and really wanting to drop the weight and gain my health and confidence back. If it changes anything, I’m going on 28 and been working since I was 14, mostly factory work and such. Though the last few years I’ve been planted in a forklift and left there.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never worked a 3rd shift job, but I have worked jobs where I was in the office for 70-80 hours a week and felt the same time crunch. Other considerations in your life are always going to feel rushed, so you have to do them as well as possible.

You need to optimize the sleep that you are able to get, even if the schedule itself is sub-optimal because it goes against your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Sleep deprivation alone causes elevated levels of cortisol, which will both make you crave sugary and fatty foods, and make food you eat more likely to turn into harmful body fat. This is why sleep and diet together have a synergistic effect. Get blackout curtains, sleep in a completely dark and silent room, and make sure you budget at least 7 hours a night (preferably 8) for sleep. Do not deviate from this. Exercise is important, but get your sleep right first. This will give you more energy to return to the gym.

For a diet system, everyone’s body reacts a bit differently, but if you are of caucasian descent I would start with a strict paleo diet and then tweak it depending on how you feel. This means eliminating sugar and grains, along with legumes and sometimes even dairy. The justification for reducing carb intake can be found in books such as Gary Taubes’s Why We Get Fat, and there are paleo sites across the internet. Do a bit of research and give it a try for a few weeks—I suspect you will lose a decent amount of weight and feel much better.

If you want to take it a step even further, look into the ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat, very low carb diet that paradoxically stimulates your body to use ketone bodies (from fat) as its primary fuel source instead of liver glycogen. This diet is difficult to maintain (especially if you are exercising), but if you cannot get to the gym often it’s a good option for reducing body fat fairly quickly. It’s not for everyone, though, and I would try the less-restrictive paleo framework before advancing to this. Best of luck.

– Black Knight

Lawyer Up

Vandy writes:

What, exactly, does “age of consent” mean? Is it ever safe/legal to bang someone younger than 18 if you’re a man in his 30’s?

We do not provide legal advice here at Return Of Kings. Please consult your local attorney for more information about laws in your jurisdiction. Just remember it’s never right to bang a fatty.

– Law Dogger

That concludes things for this week. If you would like a question answered by the ROK staff, send it via email or the anonymous form.

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20 thoughts on “Is A Big City Required For Day Game? (ROK Mailbag)”

  1. Not required, but i would rarely suggest you do it anywhere else. Do it in small, tight knit town, somebody will either ask you to leave, or shoot you. Do it in the suburbs, someone will report you as a creep. City dwellers are more used to things like this.

      1. You must be in a different burbs then. The fathers and husbands around here mate guard and practically bare their teeth if they see you.

    1. Suburbs and semi-rural are perfectly fine, though the numbers aren’t as high as in a big city. I’ve never, ever heard of somebody “reporting for being a creep” some guy who runs pickup at, say, a local bar or mall. Hell brother, out here in semi-rural Ohio the OSU college hotties make field trips to find the biker and “bad boy” bars to stake out.

    2. Small town game –
      I tried this once when witnessing the absolute FINEST PLATINUM blonde leaving a steakhouse with her big redneck daddy (big hat), her mom looked like she could have been an actress, and three brothers that looked like identical thoroughbred dobermans, shaved headed farm boys. I had to think quick. I scribbled a happy face on a piece of paper and wrote ”you’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen, call or tx me ###). I folded it and when I got IOI with the girl (she looked 18 and full), I said ”hey, you dropped something” (holding the note out to her). The others glanced for a second and disregarded me. I had bent over looking like I was picking up the note from the ground behind the girl. As I handed the note I maintained the IOI while I lip synched silently ”for you”. The girl took the note and they went on their way in their king cab truck. It was like an EYE OF THE NEEDLE perfect delivery. If you saw her you would DAMN WELL AGREE she was worth the risk.
      Two days later SHE TEXTED ! ! She was tired doing homework and was preparing to go to a veterinary medical college out of state. We’ll cross paths, definitely.

  2. “Just remember it’s never right to bang a fatty.”
    Finally, the moral clarity we’ve all been searching for. There are some lines you just don’t cross.

    1. Speaking of which, a couple weeks ago I was at the park when I saw a guy approach a fatty with her 2 friends on the bench. She turned him down because he wasn’t good enough. I tried not to smirk and went back to reading the emails on my phone.

    2. Where is Nigel big game when you need him? I think he needs to weigh in on this discussion (pun intended).

  3. I wouldn’t trust any girl that claims she doesn’t care if you cheat on her. Emotional or otherwise. I have seen that play out multiple times with friends of mine and it always ends unfavorably.

    1. Have to agree with this. Sounds like she’s luring him into a trap, with BJ’s on demand and saying it’s okay to fuck around and trying to lock him down. Once she’s got what she wants of him, that’ll all stop. I’d also be on the watch for signs of emotional and mental stability, personality disordered people tend to do this sort of stuff early in the relationship before the show their true selves, look up love bombing

    2. I had a girl in college that would help me seduce her friends and then join in. Some girls are kinky. He didn’t say he wanted to marry her.

  4. Big cities facilitate things since there are so many places and so many girls about, but as long as there are suitable prospects, then you can daygame; just be aware of possible consequences when you are dealing with close-knit communities.

  5. I can answer this with certitude, living in a rural area: YES.
    Your chances are literally quartered and then quartered again, when you move out of an area with a favourable ratio. I can’t predict results and I can’t say with certitude that it’s impossible to get laid, since this is all purely anecdotal, but your chances and odds drop precipitously if you leave an urban area. There’s no amount of pastoral fantasizing and idealization that will change that cold, hard truth.
    Another truth is that you’ll need to work twice as hard for the lay, since rural areas are that much more traditional, and pussy is that much higher on a pedestal.

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