How The Manosphere Saved The Republican Party And America

This is the first installment of a multi-part series.

Now that the election is over, and Trump has won against nearly impossible odds, and yet I knew he’d overcome them and take the blue collar rust belt states and Florida with at least 30% of the Latino vote, it’s time to get down to business, gentlemen. Just as I was confident Trump would win in a fair election, I also know what is going to happen to the future of America’s economy should his legislation pass. I know what needs happen in the Republican party for the country to survive, and for the well-being of our neighbors. I also know what must happen for the men here.

During the primaries, all we needed was to do was campaign on the internet. And there was a reason for that. People who vote in the primaries are typically well-informed voters. Well-informed voters use the internet. The internet is far more powerful than television or knocking on individual doors. Well-informed voters understood the TV had become propaganda back in 2013-2014, and we were the biggest part of redpilling the internet.

It’s funny, the term redpill, as far as I am aware, was coined in the manosphere, with Roissy being the most articulate (now Chateau Heartiste), then we developed more red pill ideas here which were broadcast more at Return of Kings, and now the term “red pill” is even used everywhere on the net. You even hear it in day to day conversation sometimes. Our effect on the culture has been massive.

They say politics is downstream from culture, and now we have a President who once said to “grab ‘em by the pussy.” We shouldn’t dismiss how influential we’ve been, although it can be hard to measure our influence as we have no direct measuring instruments to know for sure. But we can be confident in our knowledge that the redpill concept started in our communities and spread to the rest of the world.

How, you ask? There are two types of leaders – political leaders, and thought leaders. Both are equally important, but the internet has changed the nature of the game for intellectuals. Previously thought leaders had to get their word out through books. Books are a holdover from the printing-press era, a 550 year old invention. We are so used to the reality of the printing press and books that people are still catching onto the power of the internet.

We no longer need books. Authors can just write essays and get read within seconds of publishing. Thought leaders today are more powerful than ever before.

Control a man’s thoughts, and you control his behavior


For 99.9% of people, all thoughts come from words used by other people. Almost all knowledge is inherited, except for the geniuses among us who create the first thoughts. This is why Orwell said freedom of speech is really freedom to think. This is also why free-will is largely an illusion. Your thoughts are rarely your own. Therefore we know what we hear spoken by others came from someone else. And the whole redpill philosophy is nothing more than a reassertion of basic human nature, and, more importantly and novelly, of female nature, something completely lost on the vast majority of philosophers throughout Western Civilization with the notable exception of Arthur Schopenhauer’s On Women, and ancient Christian thinkers like St. Augustine and the Apostle Paul.

Thus I, Mike Cernovich, Roosh, and most of the smartest men of the manosphere all give credit to Roissy, who was the most articulate and accurate philosopher of women in the 20th century; an early adopter of the internet to spread contrary ideas, a man who took the simplistic PUA movement of the early 2000’s into so much more. He sparked a movement that took Roosh to the next level (ironic as Roosh’s blogging encouraged Roissy to start his blog) and create his own forum, which then gave rise to many esteemed posters, and Return of Kings as the pre-eminent media outlet of the redpill manosphere.

The Roosh V Forum in particular has easily been the greatest think-tank produced in the last 30 years on cultural issues facing Western men. In fact, I am tempted to say it is the greatest cultural think-tank of all time because of it’s use of the internet, plus it’s rules for free speech, plus the banning of women (because they distract men!).

So many different men from America have chimed in here, from every state in the country, although mainly from the Northeast, and many from all over the world, producing thoughts and opinions contrary to nearly everything taught about women in the past 100 years, and in many ways, the past 1800 years. You have to go back to Roman times where the women were equally as decadent as the ones we have today to find similar opinions as ours, such as Ovid, but even then, the lack of internet meant it was easy to suppress those voices and keep the truth of women hidden from other men.

The impact of the manosphere


As a result, the manosphere was extremely important for winning Trump the primaries. We tilled the cultural soil using the internet as our plow, which paved the way for a man like Trump to reap the harvest.

To understand just how big our impact has been, we need only to look at how much single men abandoned the Democrats and their feminist platform. A loss of 15% Democrats and a gain of 5% Republicans translates to at least 15 million men:

Make no mistake, we’ve destroyed the hegemony of the feminist narrative with our internet army. At least half of America’s single men (mainly young men) think feminism is bullshit. And since it is mainly men who vote in the primaries, we were able to use logic and reason to persuade the non-internet men into accepting Trump and dominate the primaries, with the largest victory of any Republican nominee, ever, of 14 million votes.

A resounding victory, yet, we still have more work to do, although at this point the inertia is doing most of the work for us. We’re also moving away from hypocritical Christianity and toward real Christianity, where acceptance of our Neighbor’s sins is the norm instead of ostracization so people can love and heal each other as neighbors. This is also critical, as I will explain later.

Still, when Trump announced his campaign, there was still a lot of uncertainty about the man and his policies. We hashed out our arguments for and against Trump on the forum, and once our arguments were developed, we went out onto Twitter, political websites like Breitbart, Reddit, DallyCaller, 4chan, 8chan, the disqus comment sections of mainstream news like NBC and MSNBC, and we crushed all other arguments with ease. The people who watched us defeat our cuckservative opponents then copy-pasted the arguments to other sites and took them to their friends and family, who then carried these arguments to other places, etc.

The internet is truly an amazing game changer, and it has had an amazing impact on our culture and democracy.

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88 thoughts on “How The Manosphere Saved The Republican Party And America”

  1. We are moving in the right direction gentlemen! We are growing and the cucks are scared. I smile every time I see the word “cuck” or “Beta” or other Manosphere words being used outside of RoK. Keep up the good work.

    1. The term “Red Pill” is everywhere too. I wonder if the Wachowski brothers ( oops sisters now…) makers of The Matrix , ever thought the Red Pill would mean what it now means…

      1. Sure they did. The meaning of the term hasn’t changed at all, only the direction it is applied in has.

  2. I came of political age During the Bush years. 2005. Trump is in for non stop attacks for the next 8 years. It will be one hysterical conspiracy after another. One congressional investigation after another. Endless”fake but accurate”journalism. He’ll be blamed for everything, and criticized for nuthin.
    Liberals honestly think trump will destroy the planet, global warming. They also believed Bush and Cheney DID the 9/11 terrorist attacks, or at least knew about it before.
    Be ready. My strategy will be to mock liberals for their hokey radical ideas. I’ll Make them feel like the religious doomsday cultist nuts they are. And if they’re white I’ll call them racist. Whatever they accuse me of, agree and amplify- and then point out how they’re guilty too, because Liberals are Hypocrites that constantly project.
    The feeling I want them to have is that they should further embrace social justice AND feel embarrassed about social justice at the same time. Cognitive dissonance overload them.

    1. I was one of those Liberal young people(was in college from 2001-2005) screeching hysterically at everything Bush did. That is, flinging shit at the wall and hoping some of it would stick. It never occurred to me that your average Joe Voter just didn’t care anymore. They tuned out.
      And to be fair, we saw similar shit during Obama’s presidency. A lot of the accusations leveled at Obama came across as desperate and petty. IE, the Birther crowd or the blogger who went after the first daughters for looking bored during the Turkey-pardoning ceremony. It’d probably have been better to maintain a consistent narrative: executive order abuse, regime change in Libya and Syria, gun-running, and general corruption.
      And yeah, the non-stop attacks on Trump have already started. The one crying about his Russian connections is my favorite. And pretty rich coming from Hillary supporters. With pockets overflowing with money donated by the house of Saud, I doubt her Middle Eastern policy would have led to anything good.

        1. Chelsea’s wedding expenses were covered from funds from the Clinton Foundation, donated by mid-east governments.

      1. Ha, me too. I remember the news aggregator
        2005. It was nothing but liberals online, as far as the eye could see.
        In fact, the whole internet was apparently run by liberals. I used to marvel and wonder why conservatives were so stupid. I pondered that maybe they weren’t stupid, and they had a good reason. So then I thought of the most likely, charitable reason. I figured that conservatives were too busy with work, family, and their own lives. I realized that most liberals running amok on the internet were childless youths in a dorm room, or mom’s basement. It is fascinating to me to see young conservatives hijacking the internet for the last 2 years or so, starting with Gamergate it seemed like conservatives (or at least anti-SJWs) struck back.
        One time I was on Digg arguing with conservatives about abortion. I regurgitated the line “hypocrite conservatives want the death penalty after you’re born but think life is sacred before you’re born.”
        Some conservative said “if you can’t tell the difference between a child and a convicted murder, something is wrong with you.”
        I actually stopped, agreed, and changed my mind. Conservatives weren’t hypocrites for supporting the death penalty and opposing abortion.

        1. Gamergate was definitely the final straw for a lot of guys. Video games are a common stress relieving hobby for hardworking guys and a form of escapism for unwanted men. And the SJW scum couldn’t even let them have that. And yeah, most of these guys weren’t even hard-Right ideologues. Conservatives, Libertarians, Moderates, the politically neutral, and even some Left-leaning guys came together and told the SJWs to keep their whining and critical theory bullshit out of their beloved hobby.
          And then came the realization that the MSM wouldn’t even attempt to cover the controversy with any degree of fairness. So smaller outlets like Breitbart picked up the slack. Next, the GGers realized that it didn’t matter if the opposition called them any of the -ist or -phobic boilerplate insults. These people hated their guts already, why try to appease them?
          If it wasn’t the first battle of the great rebellion, it was certainly a microcosm of the political climate in the West at the very least.

    2. “My strategy will be to mock liberals for their hokey radical ideas.”
      Be careful. They really flip out when mocked. They can’t stand being laughed at.

      1. Its true, I had one guy leave the church we went to because I mocked his Obama worshipping. He was hating on Bush in 2008 or 2009 for killing so many brown people. I told him Obama increased the drone program after Bush left so he doesn’t give a rip about brown people. He got so mad. He left the church right after that.

    3. I’m looking into the possibility that TV will soon be a medium of the past. History will mark this as the turning point when people abandoned TV in record numbers in favor of the Internet.
      People, and real news/information providers, still report on “what the MSM is doing”. The big change is now the MSM is constantly reporting on what the alternative media is doing. That’s a fairly new phenomenon aside from the Rush Limbaugh bashing in the MSM here and there over the years.
      Battling the MSM is going to continue, out of need, for a while. That need is much less now though other than to drive more nails into its coffin. One day everyone will turn around and wonder why they are still running stories about what the MSM says. The MSM has a dismal shell of the influence and viewership compared to what it once had. Most who still pay attention to it are irredeemable as opposed to ignorant of their lies.
      Protecting the Internet from liberals and (((people))) who like to secure monopolies over information outlets is a vital battle in the years and decades to come.

      1. Protecting the Internet from liberals and (((people))) who like to secure monopolies over information outlets is a vital battle in the years and decades to come.

        Here, here. This cannot be stressed enough.

    4. I blow off libertards with a dismiss “Don’t bring feels to a fact fight.” Or if I nave been drinking “yeh, I am a lot of “ists”: racist, sexist but mostly a REAList; damn, you are ugly, so I guess that I am a lookist too.

  3. Feminists threw everything that had at trump and he didn’t collapse. So he’s important for the manosphere or neomasculinity. But there’s a different dynamic going on now. Its almost like blogging trump has become a substitute for game. You are still you the next morning no matter what trump tweets about. Game is still necessary if you don’t want to end up as irrelevant omega male.

  4. “Saved”
    You see what the leftists are up to lately? It’s just begun.
    Look at Hitlery and Bills clothes during the concession speech. They are planning a color revolution of the George Soros flavor. Apparently their color will be purple.
    Now admit to the fact that the leftists at their core know only violence when they don’t get their way. We see this now.
    But even God-Emperor Trump said this is not going to be easy and some of us are going to get hurt.
    War is coming. What we already won in November was the position of being on the “right side of history”.
    Just remember these two things:
    1. The best way to screw the enemy is to make more than 2 copies of yourself.
    2. If you have to fight, finish the fight in such a manner to ensure you nor your children will have to deal with the same enemy again.
    May God be with us. Deus Vult.

      1. “Definitely not “saved” at best “bought a temporary reprieve”
        Was thinking the same thing.

      2. There is only one system of government – crony capitalism – aka. fascism. Different crowd gets rich – but the results are more or less the same. AND God help us once the next socialists get in… you’ll be lubing your ass begging for Obama compared to the democrat that comes next thanks to Trump.
        Trump = Sheryl Sandberg or the CEO of Starbucks or some other fag loving, communist for the next president.

        1. After Obama brushed off republicans and Hillary pushed extreme social liberalism, we were going to need the lube anyway. This way we get a counterattack in and we can start hoping that the democrats might take us seriously and start negotiating. At this point, and moves at compromise must come from the left, just to prove that they know how.

      1. Sam, are you ever going to create your own website? I think you of all people need your own platform.

    1. Perhaps a better premise would be “How the Manosphere was a Schwerpunkt for the culture war.”
      To borrow from the terminology of the Blitzkrieg, a Schwerpunkt is a critical point that can swing entire battles. In contrast to moving as an unstoppable wave, the 3rd Generation combat tactic involves spreading chaos until a Schwerpunkt is exposed, capturing that point, and spreading from there.
      We’ve assaulted the march of the Left in much this manner. We throw out seemingly undirected attacks on their narratives until we expose a true weakness (the DNC leaks, the Podesta emails, Hillary’s Health, etc.), then we dive on that weakness with overwhelming force. In this way, randoms on the internet countered an assault on Donald Trump and enabled him to become President.
      The Manosphere is like a unit in the Blitzkrieg. We found a key weakness – men in the West have an instinct to be men, but they are assaulted for possessing that instinct. So, we have provided not only exhortations to masculinity, but we are constantly providing direction and instruction on how to be a man.
      I know this – Return of Kings (both the authors and the commenting community) have done more to reverse the Leftist damage in me than anyone else in the world.

    2. At best Trump is a bad version of Reagan under very different economic and geopolitical circumstances.
      At best maybe he’s a President Warren to usher in a mega boom, before the collapse and great depression, although I think Obummer already did that.
      At worst he’s a Herbert Hoover – a well meaning rich guy that won’t be able to make the changes needed in time to prevent the collapse and great depression – that led into 4 terms of socialist Roosevelt complete with massive Govt programs and confiscation of private wealth. Stick Roosevelt into 2020, add technology and you have something that makes the USSR look positively friendly.
      In reality Trump is nothing more than a means of pacifying the more radical elements of society. What has changed ? What did you actually win ? You can ask the same questions to Obama supporters that thought peace and love to all mankind would usher forth from the blackhouse after his election… and you can see the exact answer today… absolutely zero….
      Who got rich ? Big stock portfolio holders – that is all.

      1. ^^This. Is Trump better than Shrillary? You betcha. Does he have more flaws than a $2 diamond? You betcha. Do his cabinet picks suck? Ditto. Does he have a figure-4 lip lock on Putin’s jock? Ditto again. He’s no savior. Just the frying pan to the Clinton fire.

        1. He’s the product of the emerging counter culture. The counter culture is going to have to be the ones to “MAGA”.

      2. The difference, however, is that half of the country wants to kill Donald Trump, and the other half isn’t dumb enough to stop them if Trump betrays us.

    3. Today all the left wing sites like HuffPo, Raw Story and Alternet News (where I’ve been permanently banned) are going bat shit grabbing conspiracy straws in their state of paranoia and projections of doom
      Enjoy the decline? “Nuts.” Enjoy the butthurt!

    4. Quote:
      Russia did not steal the election, just the Left’s brains
      Three things about the media’s frantic
      claims that the CIA has proved Russia stole the election for Donald
      Trump by hacking the Democrats. First, if the hacking showed Hillary
      Clinton was deceitful and hypocritical, then blame Clinton first.
      Second, who says the hacking was decisive? Third, there’s now evidence
      the CIA actually jumped the shark.

  5. The author makes some bold claims without the external references to back them.
    Does the manosphere have any data on the demographics of its readership and has anyone done any proper surveys at all?
    At least half of America’s single men (mainly young men) think feminism is bullshit.
    Citation needed.
    it is mainly men who vote in the primaries
    Citation needed.

      1. Originally, you didn’t specify that you men republican voters and still you provide no citation for this proof either, only an estimation.

  6. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. These fucks are actively trying to have the election discarded and someone else installed. At the very least, they want to severely undermine Trump’s legitimacy.
    We are far from saved. We are still sitting on a powder keg while morons are standing around us smoking cigars.
    The work has just begun now that the enemy is starting to publicly identify itself. Take note of those who are happy to discard democracy and the constitution. They are the key.

    1. Correct, the lines are becoming clear now. While American can break apart and revolutions can occur, it will not be a clean break between left and right. America will splinter into 100s of various organizations and movements claiming various injustices and forms of governance.
      But no matter how many factions appear, there will always be one group of power brokers who benefit from the overall chaos.
      The manosphere must consolidate as many like-minded groups similar to us in order to be the strongest one among the many weak.
      Inform yourselves on 4th generation warfare…its now a reality.

      1. thats probably how this will all shape up, we will still have the usual suspects at the very top. however, there will be a shuffling of the deck amongst the common man. liberals will find their way to the bottom of the heap where they belong, as the elite shrewdly pull their funding from liberal causes. funny thing is the liberals will have no idea what hit ’em.

    2. you have it all wrong. liberals are the ones that are afraid of hard work, not the true patriots. this is in the bag, but of course it will require work, which will get done.

  7. It’s funny, if you told me 2 years ago that the GOP nominee would be a guy on his third wife who barely said a word about abortion, religion, and gay marriage, I would’ve thought you were nuts. The GOP was stuck in this Sisyphean loop of trying to placate a dying but impossible to ignore base of Manichean “values voters” and moderates at the same time. Trump demonstrated the axiom that the best defense is a good offense.
    And really, the Democratic Party has itself to blame. You’re the party of minorities, women, and young people? You’re sure not acting like it. I know people younger than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who live in retirement homes. Oh, and when it’s proven that the head of the DNC hamstrung a popular grassroots candidate supported by most of the under-35 Democrats, maybe it’s a good idea to disavow them instead of hiring them on for your campaign? Just a thought.

    1. I’m not sure how “hamstrung” Bernie was by the DNC when he willingly sold out to her.
      Perhaps his entire campaign was a better-executed version of Ted Cruz’s filibuster scheme, a ploy to gain fame and fortune.
      Bernie seems to have a history of political opportunism and knowing which side of his his bread is buttered.

      1. We have to remember that within days of him dropping out, news came out of him purchasing a 3rd hom, which was valued for 700k.
        Goes to show that all socialist/Marxist beliefs are merely smokescreen used by the incapable to seize what they couldn’t earn themselves.

        1. it’s a toss up… do you want to placate the liberal losers in the cities… or the red neck losers in the countryside…. maybe this time the red neck losers in the countryside were more of a threat…. Govt = Govt = Govt there’s no difference which mob boss is in power… they are all gangsters.

    2. Abandoning the white working class, or at least showing them nothing but apathy at best most of the time, was the downfall of the Democrats. It will be interesting to see what they do in the future. Mostly because, it looks as if they are just going to double down on their current form of insanity.
      But, it’s why I worry about any neocons being put in the Trump admin. Neocon policies (especially economic) are not necessarily divorced from reality, but always fatally flawed and corrupted. It’s a strange mess of a system.
      The dems can shift the narrative left in terms of economic rhetoric, especially if the Trump admin fails in the protectionist/nationalist fiscal policy they’ve proposed and follows the lead of neoconservatives. But it will take young and capable men to do that for the democrats. The same young and capable men they abandoned not too long ago.

      1. Agreed. It’s like they’re incapable of learning. I read an article recently about how Trump won because Democrats didn’t call him a racist enough.
        I’m also leery of the Neocons. They seem to have cherry-picked what parts of free market ideology they want to keep. Low taxes and minimal red tape are good… huge subsidies, bailouts, no-bid contracts, etc not so much. I could do without the bellicose foreign policy too.
        Trump’s biggest challenge may be the establishment Republicans, who will want to continue the Globalist status quo and use the culture wars as a smoke screen. This could give the Democrats a new momentum in ’18 and ’20. The gay marriage issue, for instance, is rotten ice. Trump was right to say he considered the matter settled, with 60% percent of the population now in favor of it.

    3. Trump did something that cucservatives have never done; he realized that you never apologize for a good offense, period. Yes, it’s offensive to the loser.

  8. The element that I called over a year ago was that if the manosphere is going to have an impact, it needs to express itself through an artistic outlet somehow. The Pepe Meme was so spontaneous and organic in its evolution that I honestly think it will be one day mentioned in the history books. Pepe was more than just another meme… Pepe symbolized not only the crushing sense of despair that comes from taking the red-pill, but also a sense of hope and solidarity with other anonymous men, and at his very best moments… Pepe represented Glory. Praise Kek.

    1. Yes, we need red pill music, stories, poems, plays, show, movies and art. We need them three decades ago. I am not at all artistically talented. I know many of the millions of red pillers must be.

      1. Just want to say that you are 100% right! I’ve been sounding my barbaric Yawp about this for years. This is a culture war and in order to win it we must fight with culture. The weapons are music, shows, movies, poetry, stories – ART! Once more, the current culture sucks. Never mind the sjw bullshit, it really fucking sucks. I told David Aurini once “if you want to make a billion dollars make a film like Predator”. As in, normal masculine heroes. It’s such an underserved market!!!

    2. Meme magic is real.
      I remember when Right-wing memes always missed the mark. Like they were the result of a child or monkey imitating something without really understanding it. These newer ones, on the other hand, are hilarious. For your perusal:

  9. I seriously seriously hope that nobody here thinks that we have won. In fact, in many ways, the war has only just begun. The liberals are now attacking back with a terrible vengeance bordering on the insane and I predict that it will only get worse. The lying media will be on Trump 24/7 searching for every weak spot that it can find. SJWs in universities will only increase their cultural marxist bullshit propaganda.
    We are in for a terrible battle. We just won only the opening salvo. As the old samurai saying goes: “After victory, tighten your helmet cords”

    1. Agreed. I think there is also a major advantage on the right many instinctively realize but needs to be discussed further. The left’s main motivation, until recently, has been their wicked nature of loving theft, falsehoods, perversion, racism, hate, etc. Now much of their motivation is fear. A game changer, to say the least.

    2. As a side note, I found out about the Clinton and Bush-era purges of US Attorneys. If Trump tries to do that, the Media will go wild on him like they did on Bush. We need to be prepared for that, maybe even start agitating now for the purges so the media won’t have a chance to establish a narrative.

    3. Yes we have won the battle. Now lets press on and try and win the war. The SJW’s have admitted as much at the Berkeley riots so lets give it to them.

  10. must be odd for such degenerates like the Wachowski “brothers” that they invented the red pill phrase

  11. We’re far from saved, we’ve at best earned a reprieve that will enable us to take the initiative in the culture war against the left.
    Remember that even though many of these issues are big picture ones, we still have our own individual battles to fight.
    Keep learning/using game, lifting weights, expanding your knowledge by reading, making money and winning over converts. That way we’ll be ready for the next flashpoint in this cultural war.

    1. I have to agree with you. WE have a LONG WAY to go. Until we have victories in the following areas we will still be hobbled. Firstly the family court has to go, secondly, the money a man makes he should keep (sic Robyn Williams) not have it taken away in perpetuity. Outlaw alimony and recognise that being a housewife is a job and if you quit that job (get divorced) you get no benefits of having that job ( i.e no house no child custody and no spousal support). End no fault divorce and sperm donation, and give men contraception. Which would end false claims on paternity and women trapping men into marriage and the 20 year baby jail. As well as holding the reproduction card over mens heads.
      A change to Blackmail and extortion laws that specifically target women extracting money from men for often fictious and nebulous events that are so often so open to interpretation that no one can decide what is true or not. And lastly the end to communism also known as affirmative action, not even the Russians have quota’s any more…food for thought.

      1. >>> “family court must go” >>>
        Bingo. And its operators and trustees blackballed, meaning they face the bureaucratic screw job, audits, harassment, code violations, the entire clusterfuck reserved for political outcasts. Literally crush them. And sure the bureaucracy can magically pull probes, breaches of oath, fines and eviction and impeachment orders out of its ass for the family court magistrates.
        If this ever came to a revolution, it would involve more head chopping than the French Revolution where an entire class of bourgoiese were purged before the branches of government could resume fair and representative elections.

      2. End “BABY JAIL” a Father’s right to a legal abortion. Why shouldn’t a man be able to “abort” any legal responsibilities for a child that he doesn’t want? Wait… It’s a woman’s right, right. Start mentioning this to all your friends and start the conversation. Most men will white knight up and argue with you and even call you a “selfish pig” but I have started many people at least talking about the subject and have even convinced a few women to see my point. By repeating an idea enough, it starts a wave through the collective consciousness this is how even propaganda works.

  12. The internet is far more powerful than television or knocking on individual doors.

    Exactly. Look at Trump’s use of Twitter. An article can be written on just that. Speaking of Trump and Twitter, am I the only one who’s taken direct notice of him singling out, and calling out, the military industrial complex in his tweets? One day it’s Boeing, then again with LM. Does anyone really think that is a coincidence? Trump is a smart man and I think he may have likely called them out on purpose to send a message. The scope of the MIC’s evil is beyond the scope of this response, but it is right up there with the (((international bankers))).

    We’re also moving away from hypocritical Christianity and toward real Christianity. . .

    Where the West’s victory is found and has been waiting all along.

  13. The internet is truly an amazing game changer, and it has had an amazing impact on our culture and democracy.

    Indeed. So we must be prudent that our enemies will be working diligently against us on this relatively new media platform.
    We must beware not only those that openly attack us but also the infiltrators who look to misdirect, divide and muddy the waters.

  14. It must suck for President Obama to realize that from now on, we’ll just pretend his Presidency never happened.

    1. What petty harassment on that guy’s mother. Don’t the sjw’s know that their tired old tactics of neighbor doxxing within their own neighborhood will come back to bite them? There’s a rule of not crapping where you eat. Can’t those sjw’s get on a bus and flee to Canada already? The alt right has the green light now. The bitter shitlibs will run out of steam soon and harassing or attacking your neighbor for being alt right will get you a pitchfork now. Don’t the sjw’s know their wind bags have already been punctured and it’s only a matter of time? They’d be best to get Canadian visas while they still can.

  15. Fucking MSNBC – big narrative ‘we’re in this together’ ad with all their asshole talking heads just aired.
    “Let’s make all sides accountable”
    When have they ever fucking held their side accountable!
    Gentlemen, boycott these bastards, and all the products they sell, and write the manufacturers of those products why the fuck you’re doing it

    1. Gotta refer to MSNBC as MSNB-Hee-Haw, since it’s just as intellectually filling as Roy Clark, et. al.

  16. Gents – here’s another hilarious item (only here will it ever be called out… well maybe Trump will):
    Mayor of Chicago – Rahm Obama Emmanuel – states Chicago is a ‘safe haven sanctuary’ city. GaGASP! Mayor of the Murder capital of the world….
    Separately – also explains some things… as a previous Mel Gibson writer pointed out, he is the brother of Hollywood Super Agent ‘Ari Emmanuel….
    You think the Media and Democrats and Hollywood aren’t an incestuous self-serving bunch?

    1. On a roll here – Trump’s Milwaukee speech got me going…
      Would anyone have a list of all the CelebDems that said they were leaving the country if Trump got elected. Bryan Cranston was one. Let’s make that list and see what they do.. remind them of THEIR campaign promises

  17. We need 2-3 more Fox News channels started to counter them – the ‘war’ must be engaged in the Media.
    I would like to challenge the Manosphere to suggest strategies to make this happen by the end of 2017

    1. The failing networks and presses will be sold at liquidation prices in a flurry of distressed fire sales. I don’t see sitting shitlib editors, supervisors or anchors changing their tune. They’ll stick to their identity politics and lose revenue until the light bills are unpayable. The doors will open for the alt right voices formerly cornered into obscure niches in AM and shortwave to take to the mainstream airwave coverage. Then the red pill message, the truth will dominate the airwaves.

  18. Great thundering essay. Your description of how the thought leaders move things is right on. You describe the steamrolling engine of patriarchy heard in real time. You can’t hear it until it is defined and then the sound becomes everpresent and noticable, and it is indeed ongoing, everywhere. Only the blind miss it.
    Though I missed the part you mention about the compassionate Christians forgiving sinning neighbors. Or is this to be covered in another essay?

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