7 Things You Should Know About Getting Laid In San Diego

“You Stay Classy San Diego” – Ron Burgundy

Much like most of America, the ladies of San Diego hardly keep it classy these days.  Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Less class equals more sex, and girls give sex out more freely than ever, though only to a handful of guys.  San Diego is one of those cutthroat cities – where, if you have your shit together, getting laid can be as simple as shooting fish in a barrel.  However, competition can definitely be tough, and I would never recommend anyone move here for the girls, regardless of how *incredibly* difficult it is to have to cope with 70 degree weather 10 months a year.

If you want to move, or take a vacation, to San Diego, here are some tips to get you started.


The “Man Diego” Name Rings True

San Diego is often referred to as “Man Diego”, and it is commonly said that the only rain we get is “when it rains men.”  You know that moment when you walk into a bar, and you see twice as many guys as girls?  Many of you often grumble at the site, and curse yourself for going out that night.  In San Diego it’s not that uncommon to walk into a venue and see four or five guys for every one girl.

Yes, you read that correctly – 4/5:1

The reason for this:

The Military Presence Is Huge

There are some 7 bases within 15 miles of each other in the actual city of San Diego, plus Camp Pendleton only 30 miles up the road in Oceanside.  To illustrate my point, I’ve included the below snapshot.


This means that there are drunken Navy and Marine boys running around all the time.  They often have quite a bit of money to blow because they live in the barracks and therefore have no living expenses.  While they don’t have game, the sheer number of them means that girls get endless attention, drinks, and as a result their bitch shields are often sky-high.  In addition to that, they are all in good shape.  While good fitness will not make up for a total lack of game, if you are not in good shape then it simply makes you look worse in a sea of cock.

Be better than average.

The Stupid SoCal Girl Vibe Is True

The dumb “like, OH MY GOD!!!” mentality that you always hear about beach girls is very much true.  Many girls here are incapable of thoughtful conversation, iPhone-obsessed, and have the attention span of a child.  However, don’t let this dissuade you; dumb girls are often quite easy.

So far I’ve highlighted some of the downsides of the city, but let’s end on a positive note, shall we?

There Are A Lot Of Quality Girls

Yes, the numbers with other guys are shitty, but remember that the population of San Diego is well over a million people.  Many girls are in good shape, athletic, and are in general, good-looking.  The city overall is very active due to the year-round gorgeous weather, which means that many people pride themselves on keeping themselves in top beach shape year round.  Of course, this also depends on where you go.  If you wander into the suburbs of Poway, you’ll find your fair share of fat single moms.  Stick to the coastal areas and you will be able to find slim and attractive girls.



Mexicans?  You’re 20 minutes from Tijuana.  Asians?  Hit up UCSD. Slutty sorority white girls?  Head towards SDSU.  European Au Pairs are all over the place.  San Diego is a like a buffet where you can sample a bit of everything.  If you’re foreign, girls will just drop their panties.  I had a friend from Australia who came over for some work training for two months.  He abused the shit out of his accent, and enjoyed himself, to say the least.

Tourism Is High, Especially On Spring Break And Summer

It’s easy to meet girls that are vacationing here who will fuck you.  After all, they’re on vacation and just want some fun, therefore it “doesn’t count.”

Daygame Is An Untapped Market

95% of guys here have terrible game.  As mentioned, it is mostly drunken Navy and Army boys making laughable approaches and blowing money only to get blown off.  If you can approach, you are way ahead of the game.  In addition, San Diego is not a huge, well-known city.  Most girls do not get approached during the day.  It is not a place like New York or London, where I can recognize the area simply because I’ve seen a zillion daygame videos filmed there.

If you enjoyed this article, please check out my new project website, and my new eBook, the San Diego Nightlife Guide.  While it is not a project directed necessarily directed towards the ROK audience, I appreciate all support, even if it just means you clicking the link and taking a browse.

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74 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Know About Getting Laid In San Diego”

  1. If you don’t take it too seriously (the ditzy girls), have some drinks and have a fun vibe, you can do good there.
    Surprised you didn’t mention Del Mar Racetrack. Opening Day is a sight to behold. 30,000+ people and at least half are pretty girls in dresses.

  2. I really don’t get the allure of California. Was stationed there for a while and couldn’t wait to get transferred out of that sackless state. Now that they’ve gone full bore idiotic Leftist and I can’t carry for my own defense there I’ll not be revisiting it anytime again in my lifetime. You can keep the women there, they’re all now or soon to be far Leftist voters and screeching feminists anyway, not worth my time.

      1. The scenery is wonderful, so there is that. You may be right, but maybe not in the sense that you intended. Me, I’d say “Yeah, visit once, just to get a good long drink of the lunacy that is California. Make certain, CERTAIN, that you make a point of hitting San Francisco and Los Angeles. Observe, become horrified, leave with a firm vision of why you’ll do your best to never empower those kinds of people when you return home”.

      2. Apparently millions of ex-Californians agree with you. I wish they would stay out west. They are ruining Houston.

        1. Now you know how multi-generational Californians feel.
          I’ll bet on the balance a lot more Texans went to California than vice versa.

        2. I don’t hold much animus towards Californians except for their common refrain, “Texas/South” is so “racist”, backward, and complain about everything from the heat and humidity to our accents to the our religious nature (religious people are icky). They are the epitome of the “ugly American” type. My primary concern is Californians ruining Texas by supporting socio-economic policies and voting for candidates that support aforementioned policies that will result in Texas devolving into the third world that is California. This is already happening. The dyke mayor of Houston is creating a “task force” (more like neo-KGB) that will persecute businesses and individuals that still believe in the constitutionally protected right of freedom of association. Another million Californians and I expect to see transgender bathrooms and the bestiality laws removed from the books.

        3. don’t blame all of that on Californians – it’s WOMEN. The redneck wives in TX are moronic liberals and that’s why they keep voting for California-styled laws. They see it on TV and they have to have it for themselves. Giving women the vote was the biggest mistake of the past several centuries. Women see on TV that they are supposed to be anti-white liberal whores, and so that’s what they become. The pied piper jews of holllywood lead them around by the nose.

        4. I sure hope Texas doesn’t get Californicated!
          After reading the WSJ article today on Houston, it sounds like there is a lot of good stuff going on there.

        5. How can you ruin the nations pot capital? The only thing ruining colorado are the gun toting, donkey dork sucking, rednecks.

        6. Unfortunately you are correct. Along with them Texacans, Cali has a huge influx of rag and dot heads. You know, towels, not feathers.

    1. Agreed about San Diego and the fucking Marxists faggots who have hijacked the entire state of California.

    2. Wow…you all don’t sound bitter at all… what’s the matter, had too much of our year round gorgeous weather? Were these California girls putting out too much without asking for a commitment? Were the beaches too scenic? Were the redwoods not majestic enough? Niggy please…

      1. No one is bitching about the weather or scenery. The society and people generally suck, and the fact that *you* were able to score doesn’t refute the fact that the Hypergamy is stronger in Cali than just about anywhere else.

    3. GhostJefferson you sound like every degenerate hick who joined the army to get away from his trailer trash family, just to be out of sync with a far more diverse place which is why you refer to California as Leftist. I’m glad you left, you’re the Leftist.

  3. Good post. I have heard from several of my NY friends that east coast guy don’t do too well in San Diego….I plan on hitting san diego up soon to try it out.

    1. A word of advice. Don’t mention every two seconds you’re from NY. For some reason, especially dudes from Boston, dudes from the East Coast can’t stop mentioning where they are from. On the West Coast no one gives two fucks about those place.

      1. Amen to that brother.
        I love the way Tom Leykis (a native of NYC) shuts down New Yawkers who think they’re so special when they are here in SoCal.

        (The only place I’ve been in New York is JFK to transfer planes – it’s just ‘layover country’ to me)
        Leykis used speech therapy to get rid of the accent.

  4. Good article. I’ve never visited the city but I’ve banged two girls from San Diego, one of whom I met in NYC, the other in Paris. The first was an NYU student and very intelligent; the second rather fitted the So-Cal stereotype you describe here. Both very, ahem, accommodating young ladies, though.

  5. I live in San Diego. One of the things I noticed in San Diego is that this place is loaded with a lot of dudes that try and use cash to get girls. Hit up Del Mar, Carlsbad or any place near the coast and you can smell the money.

  6. as an ex-navy dude with no game that lived in Sandog, I can tell you straight up, the hookers are worth the price, and they have less diseases than the college and barrio sluts.

  7. I live less than 45 mins away from SD i’m always there. You’ll find the average dogtag chasers, the socal girl vibe is SUPER strong here.
    Fuck going to gaslamp dtsd, Go to pacific beach and oceano beach shits fun, decent amount of girls.

    1. I agree with staying the fuck outta Gaslamp, but PB, dude…I don;t think I’ve been to PB once in the last 5 years without having to beat the shit outta some frat fag that wanted a shot at the title.

  8. I have a place in the Phoenix, Arizona area and I can’t fathom why more Southern Californians don’t move here. Better and cheaper in virtually every way, although you have to adapt to the dry heat. The last couple of times to CA, I just had to shake my head at the eroding infrastructure, bankrupt municipalities, ridiculous traffic, outrageously overpriced homes and surprisingly crappy weather — always cloudy and overcast w/ lots of pollution in the air. Plus, too many “liberal” retards, feminists and fags.
    I was in San Diego about a month ago, and blew it off after 1 night and headed to Tijuana for the remaining 2 nights. Had a blast there, albeit I was paying for the hot chicas, but you always pay to bang in some fashion anyways. San Diego rubs me as too pretentious, although not nearly as phoney or flaky as LA.

    1. I once drove into Phoenix at 2am. It was still 108. There’s just no adapting to that. Might as well spend your life locked up in the convection oven at a local bakery. Whee at least you get to enjoy fresh pastries while you dehydrate, overheat and die.
      The Cali climate does have the big side effect of letting the oppressors get away with pretty much anything; safe in the knowledge that the oppressed won’t leave regardless. If any City and State anywhere else were as offensively mismanaged as the cities of California, people would just leave. But here, the scumbags can rely on the fact that once you have forgotten how to put on anything more complicated than shorts and a t shirt, you’re pretty much stuck regardless of how badly they harass and rob you.

    2. Phx is not better than SD. Not by a mile. I could list 100 different ways SD tops PHX and maybe 10-15 ways PHX tops SD. Ive lived in both cities for years.

      1. The 3 main ways in which Phoenix are better are the top three ways for any single guy:
        1) cost of living about 60% of SD
        2) wages are 85% but with much less competition, so you can make the same in Phx than in SD (via getting a higher-level job in Phx than SD)
        3) – arguably #1 – the women are much friendlier. I lived in SD for 18 years, no woman ever once thanked me for flirting with her. In PHX, it happened in the *first week*.
        plus, it’s much less liberal, and the people in general are more down-to-earth.

        1. Plus, I got laid there in the first few weeks by a 7/10 cougar despite being broke, unemployed, and living in the hood.

  9. 10+ year vet here going out 2x/week consistently in San Diego.
    This report is pretty shallow in my opinion. Surrounding population is closer to 2 million. But, there are at least 100,000 college kids here, which makes the party seem easier to find.
    Couple of tips…average person going out in SD has zero money. This makes it extremely easy to tip door guys. $20 and a nice blazer gets you into any bar/club in the city. Most guys dress like shit here. Bouncers eyes light up if you show them your I’d with a $20 behind it.
    Because of the ratio problem, you have to barhop, which is pretty easy here. You’ll want to stick to one neighborhood though. Gaslamp, PB, Del Mar, OB, North Park, in that order for me at least.
    The hotels are full every Sat night with out of town girls from places like OC, Chino, AZ, Escondido. Many times I’ve found myself in a Marriott/Ramada bathroom with a girl from the “outside”.
    I’ve known a couple large club owners through my job – not because I’m a baller. They universally say that there’s only less than 50 people that really go out in SD with real cash consistently. They all know each other and fu*ck the same pretty bottle girls and bartenders. That’s pretty much the extent of the high-end scene here.
    If you’re a cool guy in the slightest, you can build a solid crew to go out with in a matter of weeks. Extremely friendly city of people just looking to hang.

    1. I live in LA now. I doubt I would ever go back to live. Business community is very patriarchal. You have to be extremely talented, or born on 3rd base to make much more than six figures in your 30’s. I did that my first year in LA as an analyst in finance. Cost of living in SD and LA is the same. More free things to do in SD maybe.

      1. Agreed. Less white collar/careerist positions available in San Diego means a first year analyst’s salary puts you ahead of most people going out (and ahead of just about everyone if going out in PB).

        1. The dearth of professional jobs in SD has gotten worse due to the increased rate of educated transplants relocating there. There are a good number of jobs working for internet marketing agencies, and that’s the only industry with opportunities.

      2. Ya’ll are in the wrong business. Graphic design, Print, Web design gets you 5 figures easy at entry level with room to grow quick. It’s been that way for the past 15 years at the least.

    2. I agree with the article, most of the top comments are off, and your comments here hit it on the head.
      Only thing I would say about the bar hopping comment is that if you stand out and can have some talk game, the ratio doesn’t matter (unless the remaining women are there with someone).

  10. San Diego is not a “leftist” town so you idiots saying it is haven’t a clue. SD and OC and are conservative areas and have been for a long time. LA and SF are the ‘leftist” cities that dominate California politics due to their size. Its true that some of the worst human filth comes out of those two cities and that’s what gives California a bad reputation.

    1. Will the Sheriff down there give you a CCW permit for the asking, now?
      Also, it really behooves people who consider themselves a smidgen above the common rabble in terms of historical interest and knowledge, to expand ones frame of reference beyond the present. Doing that, support of an income tax is leftist. As is support for the Fed and pure fiat money, bans on civilian ownership of proper, “military”, weapons; which is, after all, what the second set out to prevent. And so is, honestly, support for a standing national army, instead of reliance on the general Militia. I’d like to include female suffrage as well.
      SD may well be marginally less of a commie hellhole than it’s larger neighbors to the North, but it’s still a commie hellhole by the standards of anyone who cares about such things. Politically at least; if not weather wise.

    2. SD and OC are full of fake big government conservatives who are wealthy mainly because of government connections and who aren’t much different than the Limousine Liberals.

    3. It’s starting to become that way. SJW’s and hipsters have taken over what were previously the best neighborhoods in town – North Park, Univ. Heights, Normal Heights. They’ve raised the rents, and the apartments are so tightly crammed together that there is simply no escaping them.

  11. My sister went to SD for a while and when she came back she said it was as if everybody there had a disease, herpes, etc. Perhaps there’s a market for those rubbers that cover everything and come with a snorkel.

  12. If you can’t get laid in San Diego, either you’re hideous or retarded, or you need to check out Hillcrest. Marines and Sailors only flood PB and Downtown, in OB, Pt Loma, North/South Park , and the La Jolla/UTC area is easy pickings. Same with Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Cardiff.
    Sex is freely given in Southern California, you don’t need any “game,” all you have to do is show up, and get it up.
    Getting laid down on Newport or Voltaire on a Friday or Saturday night in OB was easier than taking candy from a baby.

  13. Forget the low quality women, I have no desire to return to San Dirgo because of the military idiots running loose in such high numbers. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a useful idiot, especially one desperate to get some scraps of masculine glory by selling his damn soul.
    At least in San Diego there are a lot of sailors to balance out the troglodyte marines, though most sailors are not a whole lot better. Of course, the army has it worse than maybe either. I know this because I’m an ex ranger. Ft. Benning and Ft. Bragg have the same shitty nightlife.

  14. Trouble maker-
    Do you have any of your guitar playing or songs online to check out?
    What style of music do you like to play?
    Whats your rig preference (guitar, amps, effects,strings, etc.)?

  15. I’ve been in SD for years, this IS a generally accurate description. Lots of military and unemployed dudes, which equates to every scene being crowded with poor, gameless, and thirsty men.
    I agree with the recommendation of working the Day Game, I’ve also had good results with finding a scene that fits you and sticking with it. Women here are constantly hauling ass from one scene to another trying not find the guy who can get her the VIP hookup/ photo-shoot/ corporate gig, so instead of trying to go where the bitches are, find a good spot, get in good with the help, and pick them off as they come to you.

  16.  “If you’re foreign, girls will just drop their panties.  I had a friend from Australia who came over for some work training for two months.  He abused the shit out of his accent, and enjoyed himself, to say the least.”
    That was my experience in Chicago, some parts of N.Y and also in the midwest.
    American women love novelty. Most Aussie guys that play up their accent and tell tall tales do very well with American women.
    If a short balding guy like me got regular attention over there capitalising on his ‘foreigness’, a decent looking tall guy with a full head of hair would really clean up.

  17. California gave us Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein. For that, no punishment would be harsh enough. It can drop into the sea and take all of it’s phoney leftist pieces of shit with it.

  18. San Diego is not leftst. San Diego is a military town.
    You will also find relatively few people that are actually “from” San Diego. Most people are either passing through on vacation or they moved there from somewhere else for the weather.
    If a chick is visiting ftom Arizona you have a virtual done deal. Euro chicks crashing any of the tons of hostels around the city are easier to crack also.
    You don’t need a lot of money to pull in San Diego, you just need to find the right kind of scene that fits your style and work it properly.

  19. If you live here be aware there are thousands of 7+ gringo loving, feminine, busty Latinas right across the border pining for American dick, if that’s your cup of tea.
    Now only if the border wait wasn’t so long. Thanks Mossad…err Al Qaeda!

  20. Lol. Every grunt I knew had mad game, they wouldn’t even have to utter a full sentence to drop SoCal panties. Those who’ve served know, the rest don’t. Sounds like the author got butthurt a few too many times going out on the weekend! Stop pretending to be an alpha. Faggot.
    Also, don’t forget that most of these boys had to spend months avoiding death…each and every day. When you return to the States after a deployment, you’re the fucking embodiment of Tony Montana. No one can shit on your confidence and unchained sexual drive.
    In conclusion: I’ve noticed that feminism, teeming in California, has made women both jaded and uber-materialistic. Keep dem gashes in California.

    1. “Keep dem gashes in California.”
      Those who sent you off to war also created and currently fund feminism.
      Good luck with that.

  21. San Diego has a million things to do that doesn’t involve fucking, and attracts liberal east-coast transplants.
    Chicks in Orange County are significantly more DTF than those in SD.

  22. To each their own. I for one love San Diego. I have met some amazing, intelligent, and beautiful girls and guys there. Perhaps you should stop going after bar skanks ( they live everywhere, not only SD). And meet someone worth while. They are literally all over the place. Even Poway.

    1. STFU and GTFO. San Diego has the worst ratio for single guys of any major American City, and half of the women would rather stare at the ocean than get some dick. You have zero depth.

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  24. As someone that not only grew up in San Diego, but was also stationed at Camp Pendleton while in the Marines I sadly agree with everything you said. The worst part is that in a city that has as many hot women as San Diego, you would think it is a great singles city. Totally false. You would also think with so many hot women, the 6.5’s and below would be a little more humble. Nope! They are actually more stuck up, usually because some good looking guy actually banged one of them once as a last resort to get laid so now they think they are obligated to date some Channing Tatum lookalike.

  25. Day game? oh sure, just approach them at starbucks or the fucking library, that will work, nevermind 95% of them already have fucking boyfriends! You didn’t tell me shit! thanks for the useless article

  26. U all are fukin haters. Moved to San Diego from Houston. I will never return to that hell hole again. Either too hot, cold, and/or too humid. Agreed that extreme liberals dominates this place, but fuk them I’m here for the weather, the mountains, the tidepools, the desert, and the beaches. If u guys don’t like San Diego then fuk u too, don’t come here, we don’t want u here clogging up our freeways. N the guy that wrote this article, fuk u for talking shit about my brothers in arms, ur not even half the man they are or else u would of man up grow some balls n served ur country rather than being little biatch and hide behind ur computer screen talking about ppl that worked hard n gave their lives so u could sit behind a fuking computer screen peacefully without needing to safe guard ur asshole from being stuck with napalm by some gay extremist nutjob every few seconds. Shame on u.

  27. U all are fukin haters. Moved to San Diego from Houston. I will never return to that hell hole again. Either too hot, cold, and/or too humid. Agreed that extreme liberals dominates this place, but fuk them I’m here for the weather, the mountains, the tidepools, the desert, and the beaches. If u guys don’t like San Diego then fuk u too, don’t come here, we don’t want u here clogging up our freeways n littering on our beaches. N the guy that wrote this article, fuk u for talking shit about my brothers in arms, ur not even half the man they are or else u would of man up grow some balls n served ur country rather than being little biatch and hide behind ur computer screen talking about ppl that worked hard n gave their lives so u could sit behind a fuking computer screen peacefully without needing to safe guard ur asshole from being stuck with napalm by some gay extremist nutjob every few seconds. Don’t get mad because u shrivel up and quake in ur boot bc u were surrounded by real men. Btw it’s Marines and Navy doofus, there isn’t an army base anywhere around San Diego 50+ mile radius.

  28. Well I see a lot of Trump supporters down in the comments.You illiterate rednecks are ruining the country.You can’t earn jack$hit in California that’s why you go on ranting about others.All those hating Cali should get outta here and get back into farming or mining or making meth.That’s what rednecks are best at.

  29. This should have been offensive to me but I laughed. Most of this is pretty true. I live in Pacific Beach in Crown Point. I haven’t had a date in months. I think I’m attractive, I have a good job, and I think I have a great personality, but I think I’m classy and yeah, that is not a desirable trait in a woman. I have old fashioned values and I think I conduct myself in a different manner than many of the girls here. I’m undesirable in San Diego (hell probably in many places) because no guy wants classy anymore when they could have a better looking girl who is “easy” and more fun than me. Most of the girls I’ve seen here (at least in PB) look like the girls in the top photo. This is a city with a lot of good looking people. I think though I’m going to always be single while living here. I just turned 32 which is always undesirable because many people still believe that a woman over 30 who isn’t married either has baggage or is insane. While a lot of the men here are physically attractive, generally they give off a douchey vibe….You know the drink IPA, does CrossFit, says man/dude/brah/bros a lot, etc. The guys that post pictures of themselves surfing or drinking beer with their friends are equilvaent to the women who post pictures of themselves doing yoga and saying things like “girl’s night”, and “hang out with my girls”. It’s really sad today that many singles are just about “Netflix and chill” to me.

  30. How does this stupid miseducation article keep getting to the top of Google searches for anything related to San Diego? Really the only thing insightful here was about the Daygame being an untapped market. Other than that, I didn’t learn shit. Kyle Trouble talks like every SoCal douchebag…even the title “How to Get Laid” has douchebaggery written all over it. You wanna know how to get laid? Backpage escorts aka prostitutes…that’s the easiest way. Of course, any guy can have sex in San Diego. There’s 1.6 million people, so it just depends on your standards. And STDs like every major city is also rampant, which is why several people choose to call SDSU…STDSU. Yes, if you sleep with lots of women unprotected, you will eventually wake up with Herpes. Kyle Trouble’s article is more the douchebag guide to getting laid. And I’m sure Kyle and his little Asian penis has slept with lots of filthy women. It’s also why he decided to stop being a “corporate slave” and go live in Asia instead where women will be his slave for a much smaller price. If all you’re concerned about is getting laid, you’ve already lost. There’s more to life than sex. Try reading a book people.

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