American Children Are The Prisoners Of Women

Male children are the prisoners of women. Over fifty percent of men are born into single mother households without a father or male authority figure present. Women who choose to keep their children’s father around, do so only on a provisional basis, with the legal right to separate him from his children at any time she chooses. For all intents and purposes, the children are hers, and she merely allows their father to see them.

Even if the father is present, the nurses, therapists, school teachers, and caregivers around the child are virtually all women. The formative years of the life of the average American male are dominated and ruled by women. These years are marked by routine and institutional abuse that pathologizes masculinity and trains men to seek women’s approval more than their own joy.


If a child is born male, he is immediately rushed from his mother’s arms to surgery where part of his genitals are cut off in procedure euphemistically known as circumcision. Circumcision is almost always performed without anesthesia, or only an ineffective topical anesthesia, causing the baby to scream in pain as the most sensitive nerve endings on his body are cut off and discarded into the trash (NSFW video).

No medical organization in the world recommends this procedure. America is the only first world country to perform infant circumcision for non-religious reasons. The most common reason given is aesthetic preference—specifically the preference women, who frequently lack comparative sexual experience with the natural male body. Circumcision is the first and greatest change forced on men for women’s approval. The implication of circumcision is that the natural male body is disgusting and diseased, that men are born wrong and in need for fixing, and that the penis and male sexual pleasure is not important.

This procedures teaches the child his feelings do not matter, and that his body is the property of others. While feminists prattle on about “rape culture” and “my body, my rights,” the boy will know on some level that his consent did not matter, and he did not have the right to his own body. This act of sexual violence will be spoken of only in jokes, as will all acts of violence against men.

Mother Caressing Sleeping Baby


After infancy, the boy is sent to school where over seventy percent of his teachers will be women. Hereafter, it won’t matter if he has a father present, because eight hours a day will be spent attempting to please to women, in an institution run by women for women. School is a feminine environment, where feminine traits like obedience and cooperation are valued over masculine risk taking and challenging.

School teaches boys that their self worth comes from the approval of women through supplication. Boys are told to sit still and obey female authority figures, rather than their own masculine instincts. Just as they were physically disconnected from part of their masculinity in infancy, they will be emotionally disconnected in the school system.

No previous civilization in recorded history would have ever considered imprisoning it’s youngest and most energetic members indoors for eight hours a day, and considered submission to such a system pathological. In our society, natural male behavior and childhood energy is what is pathologized. Boys who refuse to sit still or exhibit the natural male instinct to play, explore, or rough house are frequently drugged or expelled. Over 20% of  boys will be given prescription drug meditation.

— John Durant (@johndurant) March 27, 2014

The message is clear. Supplicate to women, or there is something wrong with you, and we’ll reprogram your mind with drugs till you obey. Just as in infancy the male body was pathologized, in male childhood, the male mind is pathologized.


Having spent his in entire life being forced to supplicate to women for their approval, the average American male repeats this strategy in his romantic efforts. And why not? The entire culture around him reinforces it. Men are portrayed in popular media as incompetent and clueless with women, and those who are competent are labeled assholes, players, and users of women.

The only sources most young men have about women are the mainstream media, the internet, their equally clueless peers, and women around them. Women’s concern when teaching men about sexuality isn’t men’s success, but women’s comfort. Neither men nor women seek comfort in romantic relationships, we seek excitement.  Women’s advice on approaching women fails catastrophically for most men.

Men enter the world of sexuality with little or no guidance on the questions that actually concern them. When they ask questions about how to get girls, they are shunned as predatory and accused of objectifying women. By this point, the idea that men’s pleasure does not matter, and men should seek women’s approval is so thoroughly ingrained that men have trouble even talking about their sexual questions.


Unable to sleep with women, young men turn to pornography. The average American male will see more pornography at thirteen than existed in the world fifty years ago. Watching pornography actually changes the brain, reorienting men’s arousal from his own personal experience, to a thirst for passively received novelty. Many men who have quit porn have found their social skills and focus dramatically improved. For this reason, social awkwardness is increasing among men, in scientifically observable ways.

While the man watching porn is told he is objectifying and degrading women, but the woman doing porn is told she is empowered. This is because a man watching porn is not seeking a woman’s approval, whereas the woman doing porn is looking for approval. In either case, the concern is always women’s approval, not for the man who lacks the skills to find sexual pleasure with actual women.


Every stage of this process occurs only with the conscious consent and action of women. A man could easily reach the age of twenty without knowing a single adult male mentor, including his own father. The system of nurses, teachers, and therapists perpetuating the abuse of the American male are female dominated professions.

After over a decade of abuse, what attitudes do you think most men will have toward women?

There are two ways human being respond to unhealed trauma—they repress the experience, or act it out on others. Facing abuse is incredibly difficult, and facing unacknowledged institutional abuse is even more difficult. Most men prefer to say “I’m fine,” take the blue pill, and shove their feelings down. They label anyone who calls attention to their abuse a misogynist, and continue the pattern of seeking women’s approval formed in childhood.

The other path is bitterness and acting out the abuse through genuine chauvinism. Women frequently accuse men with negative attitudes about women of having “mommy issues,” but the problem actually goes much deeper. Men have issues in every female dominated setting from school to birthing industry. Even the therapists men might seek to discuss these issues with are mostly women. If men hate women, it isn’t because of lack of experience, since women dominate men’s early life. Whatever men become, it what their female caregivers have made them.


There is a third path—healing. Healing requires fully feeling and acknowledging the abuse and allowing yourself to let go of the patterns associated with it while still holding the perpetrators responsible accountable. In this case, ending the institutional abuses of men require men to stop caring about what women think about them, value their own pleasure and sexual experience more than women’s approval, and find ways to play, explore, and grow free from women’s constraints.

All of this can be avoided by not abusing men in the first place. Natural male instincts are entirely healthy, and do not require correction through surgery, drugs, or forced cultural conditioning. Men are not born wanting to supplicate to or hate women. The qualities women dislike in men can be traced back to the treatment men routinely receive at the hands of women when they are young. When women value the masculine, and reflect that value in how they treat men during their earliest years, they will get the men they desire. Until then men must liberate themselves by putting their own joy, freedom, and purpose first.

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  1. Chris Mackney committed suicide on December 29, 2013 because his ex wife was using the divorce courts in America to torture him and kidnap his children from him. He wrote a 4 page suicide note before killing himself.
    LATEST UPDATE: The ex-wife is such a psychopath that is she trying to copyright her ex husband’s suicide note, in order to prevent it from being circulated on the internet. She is using her lawyers to threaten legal action against websites that published Chris’s suicide letter.
    The website “A Voice for Men” also got a letter from her lawyers and wrote an article about it yesterday:
    Full info on his evil ex-wife here
    Her Facebook:
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    [email protected]
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    Her office address:
    Dina Mackney Designs
    11490 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 306
    Reston, VA 20191
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    1. That’s a shame, but you’re not much of a man if you kill yourself over a woman. Sure, he may not have had the access to his kids that he wanted, but time goes by quickly and before you know it they’re old enough to choose who they want to live with, and chances are they’ll want to spend more time with you, and they’ll resent their mother for depriving them of that time. I’m in a bit of a similar situation, but my ex can’t keep my child away from me because the child loves the hell out of me, and honestly, what’s not to love? 😀

      1. Leave amuricah, renounce US citizenship (as the us is the only nation to demand taxes of its people even when they are living and working overseas) and stop child support.
        Russia is a good one to go to if they take you. Take your knowledge and expertise away from the states. This adds burden on the state as a provider is now out of the picture for the usg to extrapolate wealth.

        1. If I find a place I like better than Canada, leaving the country may be an option someday. But for now I’m quite content to live here, as long as the femcunt system stays the fuck out of my business. I’ve had a couple of run-ins with the femcunt system which seems to automatically presume the man is the guilty party. I’ve got no reason to escape child support as I’m happy to provide it and more.
          I don’t even bother with women unless I get a hankering for a blow job.

        2. Canada? The only advantage is wealth, which is good but except for that, it is worst when it comes to political correctness.

        3. Leaving the country sounds appealing, but it’s just so unrealistic for most people. I can see leaving the country right before it turns totalitarian or right before the inevitable economic collapse, but just for dating purposes??? I’m not about all that.

        4. Dude, Russian divorce and custody law isn’t all that different then America. It is still modeled on the old Soviet System in which the mom gets the money and the kids and you get shafted.

        5. I agree. It is becoming a suffocating social environment here, but if you’re lucky enough to run your own business, there’s little the femcunt system can do to annoy you professionally. When I hire women I purposely choose over-50s so as to minimize the risk of some young thing falsely accusing me of sexual harassment; and besides, they have a better work ethic. There will come a time when I’ll have to start hiring younger women, and when I do I think I’ll be inconspicuously recording all my daily employee interactions with an Ipod or something. Just as dashcams are used to prove or disprove accident causage, chestcams will prove or disprove workplace sexual harassment.

        6. What do you mean when it turns totalitarian? You have obviously not spent any significant time in an actual free country. Google John Stossel lemonade stand youtube. There are so many laws that, to quote Stalin, show me the man and I will show you the crime. You, and all of us, could be convicted of commiting three felonies a day if big daddy government wanted to. These laws are so complex that even lawyers are unable to follow them. Most of us do not even know enough law to know what we are doing is a felony.

        7. I will be emigrating to the Philippines in 3 to 7 years. I am getting my ducks in a row now. Several of my friends have already gone.
          The reason the divorce laws there are better is because they keep it simple; there is no divorce. Hence most people prefer not to enter into a contract with the state as a third party and don’t legally marry. If they do marry it is when the kids (on average 3.1 children per woman) are starting to enter middle school after about 15 to 20 years of being together. By that time you know what the woman is like. Any woman can keep up the lie for a year or two during courtship. 20 years of living with her are about the only way to really know what you are getting.
          Most Filipinos work for cash and pay little or no taxes. The poor live in squatters areas where nobody knows who owns the land and no one pays rent. Filipinos mostly don’t register births either. The attitude is that the less the government knows about you the better. They are willing to miss out on government benefits because they are smart enough to know that the government will always take more from you than it gives to you.

        8. Here writes another man that is happy with the child support laws and alimony policies because they don’t affect him; yet. He doesn’t realize that he is one of the sheep headed up the chute at the slaughter house.

        9. Better work ethic, that is exactly why I would employ a woman in her 50s over one in ther 20s.
          And I dunno how it is in Canada but in other lands, people over 50 have much greater difficulties finding jobs, even if they actually have a good record and/or education.

      2. Yes, material aspect. these women would not go for
        1 ) a man who doesn´t earn a lot of money
        2 ) a man who doesn´t shower his potential wives with money.
        Don´t be fooled, children are better off with a present father than a load of retarded consumerism.

      3. “you’re not much of a man if you kill yourself over a women”
        I think thats pretty cold and missing the larger issues here. I know in my own case where I got fucked over by an ex gf of 4+ years I definitely felt that “fuck it… i’m either gonna kill myself or everyone else”. You go into fight or flight mode and sometimes I think that turns inwards.
        I wasn’t only hurt and angry over the fact that I was betrayed by the girl who i trusted and loved… i was angry at everyone for believing her when she said i was an abusive asshole… i was angry that my bosses looked at me suspiciously because she played the system… i was angry at her mother for disregarding everything i’d done for them… i was angry that even after everything to this day she still sends me msgs about how much she loves/hates me…. that she still is trying to play games with me becuz she didn’t realize unlike most other guys i was gonna walk away for good.
        I survived it… and worked twice as hard to keep my professional and personal life together… and now those thoughts and feelings are behind me…. but I can empathize with men out there who don’t have friends and family to support them when all this goes down. when everyone seems to doubt you kuz you have a cock… and everyone comes to her rescue even though she went from loyal friend to psycho bent on your destruction… all behind your back… i imagine a lot of men don’t have the energy to deal with their broken hearts AND the constant barrage of crazy destructive energy a vindictive miserable wretch will continue to create for him.
        i just think what your saying is giving the wrong message to guys who are in this situation… what kept me going was a sense that i didn’t want her to win when what she had done was totally unjust… on top of that the fact that other ppl (me and 3 friends were going through similar shit with women at the same time… all got fucked over within a year of each other) could actually understand what i was going through helped me A LOT. If everyone just told me i was a pussy for feeling devastated and contemplating suicide, who knows what would have happened…. don’t underestimate how dishonorable the mangina masses can be.

        1. You made a good buck before that happened? I mean, you had a reasonably well-paying job?

        2. “If everyone just told me i was a pussy for feeling devastated and contemplating suicide, who knows what would have happened….”
          You said it. I am going through a worse hell at the moment with a divorce and a wife who kidnapped my child and went to live in CA. And there is NOTHING I can do until the court proceedings. I haven’t spoken to my daughter in 7 months and all I want is to hear her voice even if just for a minute. Truth be told I was teetering on the edge there for a while….

        3. I was in a graduate program with full scholarships. If I dropped out i would have lost years of work building up to that point.
          She told her professor and our mutual work friends that I was an abusive monster and that she needed time off because she was “scared” of me.. she got to take a whole summer vacation no penalty…
          How did I hear about this??? My own professor (who knew me for years) asked me to my face if i used to hit my gf during our relationship…..
          All the sudden my name was circulating the snake pit dept as that abusive bf who got what he deserved…
          Meanwhile…. she cheated on me with my co-worker who chose to drop out completely because he realized how much of a tool he was. Not to mention that his war-pig wife didn’t want him seeing my ex again…. totally nuts i tell you….
          I was in disbelief for months and months…. thank god for my close friends, family, and honestly all you guys who can actually believe such a fucked up story….
          My heart goes out to you Grendel.
          My hope is that gradually redpill goes mainstream… if we manage to develop some solidarity online and if it grows to the point where the average dude gets it… culture will begin to change… right now women can en masse label men as losers for being victims and those guys can’t do anything about it… if we stick it out and maintain some understanding amongst each other and understand that women are not perfect it wont be taboo to talk about this shit in public.
          I already talk about japanese grass eaters in public (not at work of course)… and it gets the message across to women without having to say “women are bad”. A lot of them get defensive but occasionally you come across one who is at least aware that women right now are on crack.

        4. I was angry as hell for a long, long time too and I drank too much and got into some minor legal troubles because of it. But in the end you have to realize that it’s just pussy. You can’t get too attached because there’s no such thing as undying love from a woman; a dog yes, a woman no. I may be a bit of an anomaly though because I’m quite happy living alone and I prefer solitude: a mountain man without a mountain.
          I have an exit plan in place for when the time comes and terminal cancer rears its head, but in the meantime there’s nothing that will force me to take my own life; not bankruptcy, not homelessness (actually I am homeless; I live in my office ever since I gave my ex the house, but it’s all I need…I’m a man, I can live anywhere), not death of loved one (even a child); nothing. If I were an ex soldier and killed many people and those deaths weighed heavily on my conscience, then perhaps, but I’m not.
          It’s anybody’s choice to commit suicide for any reason, but if you do it for pussy, well, that just isn’t a valid reason in my book.

        5. I have mentally prepared myself for the possibility of losing my child to distance if my ex decides to move away, but I’m lucky to have passed my stubborn, defiant genes along and if my ex tries anything like that there will be hell to pay; not from me but from my child. 😀

        6. >>Meanwhile…. she cheated on me with my co-worker
          Recurring theme my friend My ex took the cock carousel for an extra spin while we were married. Someone (forgot who) mentioned this in the forums here, but something about peri-menopause makes them even more hypergamous. I just wish I had found ROK and MGTOW years ago. When I first arrived at these forums and started reading about other men’s experiences, all of a sudden it all clicked into place. Here I thought I was somehow at fault for not “working on my marriage” hard enough, but as it turns out…’s just ethology stupid!. What a pathetic blue-pill omega I was.

        7. It’s not always as easy as that. It’s not about “pussy” necessarily, it’s about feeling powerless in the face of overwhelming odds. Being outgunned and outnumbered by the Family Court System. Having your kids kidnapped by the mother. Having to prove you are not an abuser, a pervert or a junkie. Having your life turned upside down. But most importantly it’s SHAME. SHAME that you feel for your own self when you realize you were always a chump, a weakling and was taken advantage of and cuckolded at the same time. That the life you thought you had was all a lie, pretend, a poorly acted charade. It’s the kind of shame that prevents men from even telling a psychiatrist about what their wife did. I don’t care anymore about my ex, I wouldn’t piss on her chest of her heart was on fire. But the effects of her actions had very real consequences on my life. Do you understand now?

        8. Lucky man. I would suggest filing the anti-kidnapping paperwork with the court. Tell them you have a reason to believed your ex will abscond with the children. That way she is required to notify the state every time she takes your child somewhere. Even if the judge won’t grant this to you it’s an insurance for when she DOES take off. You can go back to court and tell them “you see? I warned you she would and she did” after this your concerns vis a vis your kids, will be taken more seriously .I am learning these lessons the hard way. In general the one advice I would give to a newly minted red piller in the divorce/custody battle is – “Whatever you do, don’t go soft on her”

        9. Yes, it is about pussy, the pussy system. I’m of the opinion that if the mother wants to ‘kidnap’ the kids and try to alienate them from me, she does so at her own risk. Sooner or later the kids will seek you out, re-establish the relationship, realize you’re a great guy, want to spend as much time as possible with you, and really, really resent their mother for robbing them of your love. Payback’s a bitch, but you have to be patient.

        10. I think close friends, comrades are important.
          At least the worst is over now for you, right?
          I mean, before all that happened you where under threat but did not know it yet, could have been worst, you could have married her after getting a good job.
          Now, you probably have already prevented others from doing the same mistake.

      4. What a weakling. Instead of fighting hard for his kids, he gives up and kills himself. Modern men truly are weak pussies.

        1. Well, the truth of the matter is that he wasn’t “losing” his kids. While it’s tough to be apart from them when you’re used to spending every day with them, someday they will come back into your life. Teens are rebellious; do you think the kids are going to listen to their mother’s propaganda all their lives? No, they’re going to start thinking for themselves and say, “Hey Mom, I want to see Dad more often!” So you see your kids more often. Then they say, “Mom, I want to live with Dad!”
          And then they do.
          So yeah, if for no other reason he should have thought about his children and his future with them. That’s what keeps me going. I was always a great father and I’m deeply loved for it. While I don’t spend as much time with my child as I’d like, the day will come when my ex hears, “Mom, I want to live with Dad!” 😀
          In the end he gave the bitch what she wanted: his absence.

        2. He should have. The wife, her father, her lawyer and the judge. He was
          going to kill himself so at least this would have been remembered and
          serve as a warning to other bitches. Just killing himself like the guy
          who set himself on fire will be forgot quickly. The wife will tell the
          kids he was insane.

        3. You are right once again Boomer. No one will pays attention when men just kill themselves. When men go on killing sprees then suddenly people pay attention. Sadly that might be what it takes to rock the boat.

        4. You guys are tards. Nothing shows the legal system they got it wrong about giving custody to fathers than a man shooting up half his kids’ family and some legal professionals. Also, great for the kids… lose both parents at once. That’ll show ’em. The thing is, when you have kids… they come first. Period. You have to play above board and never. stop. fighting. You have to be an example and never purposefully do anything that would cause them lasting damage. In this case I feel for the guy but him killing himself only hurt those who he supposedly cared about more than any thing or any body… the kids.

        5. I an all honesty he fought since before 2008, as stated in the letter. Lost 4 jobs, had no one to back him up and didn’t even get to see the kids.
          I wish he had kept on going but he fought.

    2. The thing is, that psycho would never have married him if he wasn´t a provider, she would never have divorced him if she was not a leech, a female flukeman in need of a new host.
      This, pointing out da obvious to all you a man wants a wife and not a co-worker.
      Don´t support this dystopian system, if you want the good of your own children, buying them masses of stuff is not the way to go.
      Spending time with them is and only somewhat good woman is one who seeks to be self-reliant herself, not be provided for (except when sick or pregnant). The Dependent will turn on the side of the system.

    3. Getting married and having kids is dumb.
      How many fucking times do I have to say it??

  2. Until then men must liberate themselves by putting their own joy, freedom, and purpose first.
    ==> Yep the big point.

  3. This is one of the most important articles for the ROK community. When it came to child bearing responsibilities, Woman pre-1960 took this as a blessing from the gods whereas she devotes her life to raising her child in love and stability.
    When the child is old enough e.g. age 13(depending on culture/tradition), the husband endows him/her with a code of morality/wisdom that will be useful for the rest of his/her life. Only a man can teach another male child how to be a man. Your male identity will always be derived from a father figure, whether real or perceived. How dare woman complain about the immaturity of men when a significant number of us were raised by women who are themselves children. You want men to ‘man up’ then be a women and let men take control in marriages and LTR’s.
    A kid(male) being raised by women is akin to child abuse

    1. A+ There is no other way to do it. Nature doesn’t recognize “equality”. It only recognizes what works.
      Absolutely excellent article as well. One of the best I’ve read yet at ROK. Maybe even #1.

    2. Most boys are raised, taught, and counseled solely by women, many of them divorcees or spinsters who know nothing about natural masculinity. All they know is the fake, toy-like masculinity they see on TV. Women grew up with Barbie but never understood Ken. Natural masculinity is beyond their ken.
      So, in an attempt to control boys, they try all the methods they’ve used to control adult males: nagging, shaming, screaming, harassment, ostracism, lies, and more. Fail. The coven apply Oprah-recommended control tactics… more fail. A disaster for the collective.
      You see, boys are naturally masculine so they “exhibit the natural male instinct to play, explore, or rough house” and women do not impress them. They are real men writ small who have not yet been cowed, not yet submitted to the feminine imperative; they remain unbowed and refuse to conform. They remain freedom-loving beings. What a tragedy.
      So boys must be crushed. But how? The feminist state! Women have not the means to squeeze love of freedom out of boys so they resort to state-enhanced methods of control: neutering drugs, zero tolerance policies, prisons, whatever it takes to turn a natural alpha into a gelded beta. The results are all around us.

    3. Quote: ” When it came to child bearing responsibilities, Woman pre-1960 took this as a blessing from the gods”
      The majority of children born in America today are a result of a broken condom, or mostly a simple one night stand of unprotected sex.

    4. I’ve lead all my children’s births, running linebacker to all the external issues while my wife labors. While two were midwife’d home births, my first was in the hospital. It was a life lesson to see the reactions from the delivery team by my taking charge. They were not used to being challenged, and I was firm (and signed the waivers) about what we wanted, and I made sure nothing happened in that room that I did not want to happen.
      Men belong in the birthing room, should challenge the nurses or doctors that would like to run things their own way, and should damn well know all the probs and stats before they go in so they can call them on their bullshit. The whole father in the waiting room shit is so gamma, and your wife will know it deep down.
      That is naturally how feminizm wants it, and that’s how they (mostly) get it. That was also brilliantly illustrated by the flood of interns that came in just as my wife was delivering. They had rarely (never?) seen a natural childbirth without drama.

      1. “I’ve lead all my children’s births, running linebacker to all the external issues while my wife labors…The whole father in the waiting room shit is so gamma, and your wife will know it deep down.”
        Everyone should follow this man’s example. Men have to be there for their sons from day one.

      2. I totally agree that parents should be well informed when they go into the birthing room, especially the father since he is of a much clearer mind than the mother in labor. Fathers these days are let into the birthing rooms more so than they were a few decades ago. If there is a birthing plan created by the parents, then it should be stuck to, unless there are serious complications. It only makes sense to respect the parents’ wishes at the birth of their child.

        1. The wife is going to be busy, and should not be asked about her wishes. These should be set down beforehand, and the husband should be the one to enforce them. If you are not married, the man is not going to have any power there, so don’t knock it up in the first place. Otherwise, don’t let panic or ignorance push you to make hasty decisions in the face of a medical practitioner. You need to have knowledge and advice on your side, which is why you need to have a midwife or RN on your side to consult with, as you cannot make good decisions with no information.

        2. “The wife is going to be busy, and should not be asked about her wishes. These should be set down beforehand, and the husband should be the one to enforce them.”
          That’s what the birthing plan is. I don’t think the parents have to be married in order for the father to be in the room, he can be in there is the mom wants him to be, but I could be wrong since I’ve never been in that situation. Nine months is certainly enough time to do research on exactly how parents want their child’s birth to go.

        3. Yes, you are correct. I was attempting to emphasize the importance of what you pointed out, but it did not come off that way.

      3. This is ridiculous. Docs and nurses are experts in the birthing process, you are not. Why would you challenge someone who has more than ten years of experience more than you. You could put your child at risk. Stupidest thing I’ve read all day… They aren’t going to circumcise your kid without your permission, plus circumcision is a separate procedure that occurs 2-3 weeks after birth, you have to schedule an appointment to have it done.

        1. “experts in the birthing process”……………… i dont think the doctor is the one who is giving birth just saying

        2. also why is it ridiculous? a man wants to know somthing that occurs naturally in this world and do what he can to help his wife and that’s “ridiculous”?
          doctors everywhere no matter what their doing should be challenged and questioned to make sure they know exactly what their doing and why. you never know when some random doctor just assumes to know what he is doing and does something that he should not have done.

        3. Yes circumcision is a seperate procedure, but the hospital is also very much an assembly line for profit now. America has the highest stats on unnecessary interventions in delivery.
          It’s a mans right, nay place to protect his progeny and wife against such shite, when our third was born they wern’t happy with the amount of time it was taking and tried to hook her up to pitocin which I flat out vito’d. Our second son was born two hours later from a pretty typical 9 hour natural labour start to finish.
          Sure, you want a dr for those rare fucked up moments some shit goes wrong, but the human body is built to do its job, and a lot of modern births are intervined in to convenience the medical staff, NOT for the best interests of the child & mother.

        4. A doctor, who is an “expert”, will conduct his behavior under the guidance of maximum medical intervention for the purpose of lawsuit minimization, profit maximization, for the sake of getting home on time, and frankly, for punishment purposes to those upstarts that have the temerity to ask: “why?”
          It is not medically neccesary to have Erythromycin ointment applied to the eyes, have a vitamin K shot, have the cord clamped the instant a baby emerges, be vaccinated for hep B or chicken pox on the first day of life, have a blood draw for rare blood disorders (and to put your kid on the fucking genetic registry in your state! Look it up!). All these are 1 in 10,000 issues. If you don’t have medical history of these, it is not medically necessary.
          It is not medically necessary to have heartbeat monitors wired into your baby’s scalp when still in the womb.
          It’s not medically necessary to have an epidural, then have to have pitocin when the urge to labor isn’t there because your wife was advised to paralyze herself, then have to suffer through pitocin pushing.
          It’s not medically neccesary to have a c-section because of the epidural and pitocin not working fast enough, and your OB wants to get home on time.
          It’s not even medically necessary to have ampicillin intravenously because your wife tested group B strep positive, because it is less than 40% effective in the situations in which it is used, and it’s less than a 2% chance anyway!
          Tom, I did not mention circumcision in any way. I have not even gone off on all the crap they can pull. You have not educated yourself in any way in this process. Take this as a lesson and get educated, whether you plan to be in this position or not, because your argument was pure fail.
          Lastly, you are pedestalizing medical professionals like you pedestalize your pussy. Knock that shit off and get educated.

        5. “This is ridiculous. Docs and nurses are experts in the birthing process, you are not. Why would you challenge someone who has more than ten years of experience more than you. You could put your child at risk. Stupidest thing I’ve read all day…”
          Conveniently forgetting the fact that doctors and nurses in all other Western nations disapprove of cutting off part of an infant’s penis. (In the U.S. it only goes on because the media owners want it to. Since they are circumcized, they want the host population to be so as well, because otherwise they would be viewed as freaks. If the U.S. media dealt honestly with circumcision it would be gone in a year.) In fact, almost nowhere in the world do doctors and nurses recommend circumcision, and most of the world’s billions of men are not circumcized.
          Tom. They are experts, you are not. Why would you challenge people who have more experience than you. You could put your child at risk. Stupidest thing I’ve read all day.
          By the way, you talk about “your permission”. LOL What about the victim’s permission? How about allowing a boy to grow up and THEN decide on his own if he should be mutilated or not? Why don’t the circumcision crowd want to allow that? Because they know the adult, unmutilated men would say NO.

      4. i know this is the most random thing ever but i must tell someone. did you know that if there is clitoral stimulation during childbirth the blood will rush to the clit and vulva allowing it to expand without ripping.

        1. only the clitoral area needs stimulus. its not like you’re trying to shove a dick in while the birth is taking place. it would make a lot of sense during a home birth rather than at a hospital

        2. You are correct.
          Also, a natural childbirth, with no epidural or pitocin, will usually result in no tearing.
          It is the doctor’s haste that causes damage 99/100 times.

      5. This made me a little teary. My husband was my linebacker through both my natural births. I will be forever grateful for his strength and protection during a very vulnerable time.

      6. I have never heard of someone not being allowed to attend their wife’s birth. Does that really exist in America…? I live in Canada; are we really worlds apart?

        1. Wife’s birth, probably no. I was referencing a “Significant Other,” i.e. a non-married couple. Then the SO or bio-dad can certainly be excluded upon the woman’s wishes.

    5. I think your intent is good but a big part of the equation is this sentence: “then be a woman and let men take control in marriages and LTR’s”. Men aren’t dominant. If you are you don’t have to have women “let” men take control, you just take it. This is why even the most physically dominant men these days are getting fucked (see athletes), b/c they don’t have the real dominance of the state. Women know this too, and dominance for them is like an addiction, they need more and more to get the same satisfaction. However, by the time you get anywhere close to being able to satisfy this need, the state will intervene. Women are simply being women, and are merely products of their environment at this point. More blame should be at white knights if anyone. And further down the rabbit hole we go.

      1. Athletes are little sissies brought up by hair hatted hooligans.They are not dominant and negro females use them as door mats. These beasts will only keep their mouths shut around White men, the Master, because White men will belt them if they go too far and don’t care about this momma nonsense. These beasts are too stupid to care about their boys and in fact cause trouble and even death encouraging them to fight over some trivial bullshit.Negro men need to wise up. If females want to fight like animals don’t interfere and let them kill each other. You get involved and you then end up in jail, not them.

        1. I’m not sure how this negro athlete tangent you’re on relates to his post. How many negroes play hockey or baseball?
          Women don’t answer to ANY man, that’s the point.

        2. I’m black and i approve this message. TheBoomer is only speaking of what is true, many black women could give a flying fuck about their children. An large percentage would burn their own children, if it meant money or somebody offered to pay them for it. This kind of black women only respect their “white daddies”. They don’t even have the capacity to respect themselves.

        3. O
          I’m black and I say it’s utter bollocks served up with a side order of streaming fresh bullshit.

        4. “Athletes are little sissies brought up by hair hatted hooligans.”
          Says the basement-dweller.

    6. True that first bit. Woman pre-1960 staying at home = luxury.
      But not sure bout the last bit on kids raised by women. Shouldn’t we want the women to be staying at home so that the kids can be raised by them? n so men can finally be earners n leaders in families

  4. I’m glad circumcision gets mentioned on this site as it explains a lot of things.
    It is child abuse and it makes you sexually perverted because the nob gets covered in keratin so the sensations get dulled. The uncircumcised penis is better for the female because it gives more pleasure.

    1. nevermind the pleasure aspect. the main issue is – your body is your possession, and you should be able to dictate what happens to it, newborns or not.

      1. The women’s vote made sure your body is in state possession. If not now, it will be. Those white knights in politics will cave in faster than a can of air on the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

        1. Apparently you don’t know a lot about women. You say that women will inevitably put our bodies in the possession of the state, but do you even know that women have been fighting for decades to keep the state off theirs? Think about it, all those pro-choice people are advocating keeping the government out of women’s bodies.

        2. From the State’s point of view, we are all its property. That’s why it can take whatever portion of your production (i.e. income tax, etc) it likes.

        3. >>Think about it, all those pro-choice people are advocating keeping the government out of women’s bodies.
          Only when it suits them. I don’t see a single one of them placating the state to stay out of Child Support or Custody matters.

        4. Feminists are very keen on double standards. Even if you are on their side, you are still not female and hence not an equal.
          Hypocrites too, they claim that they want no governement interference when it comes to abortion but expect contraception and so on to be paid for.
          And if a governement they saw as supporting their agenda came to power, forcing people to have ID ships won´t be much of an ethic problem.

        5. “Even if you are on their side, you are still not female and hence not an equal.” That’s how you see women who agree with your views. Saying it’s wrong for women to have views like that is hypocritical.
          “they claim that they want no governement interference when it comes to abortion but expect contraception and so on to be paid for.” Hey man, isn’t viagra covered by health insurance? Why can’t birth control be covered by it too? My girlfriend is on birth control and it costs her $81 to get it refilled because she doesn’t have insurance. It’s not so much of a burden on the insurance system compared to other medications, but to her it’s kind of expensive.
          What the hell does ID chips have to do with anything? That’s an idea that’s perpetuated by the government when people are scared so that they can systematically take away more and more of our rights. It has nothing to do with feminism.

        6. There’s a difference between the violation of bodily autonomy and which parent is more suitable to raise children.

  5. Regarding circumcision, any medical doctor supporting it should be taken out and shot. And believe me, there are a lot of them who accept the “aesthetic preference” and “hygiene” arguments as irrefutable scientific facts. It certainly doesn’t help women will make up the majority of doctors in the near future.
    Furthermore, “School is a feminine environment, where feminine traits like obedience and cooperation are valued over masculine risk taking and challenging.”
    Absolutely true, and can’t be said enough. This and rampant affirmative action policies in favor of women are the prime reasons I *loathe* modern academia. It’s like they have a death wish in those ivory towers by doing everything in their power to suppress the male drive, creativity and innovation.

    1. While the connection Feminism -> Infant circumcision does exist, I would think the author is dancing a bit around the catalyst of both:
      YKW -> Infant circumcision
      YKW -> Feminism
      By YKW I refer to a population with impressively high average IQ (including verbal IQ), some of whom will use their selective advantage to further the interests of their own group, many times at the expense of the outgroup. For every YKW like Einstein and Feynman who uplift the rest of humanity with their intelligence, there is a Bernanke and a Yellen keeping it down.

      1. Fuck you. One of the most heartfelt posts on this site, one of the best introductions to real masculinity for anyone (this article ought to be required reading for men aged 13-99) and you have to blame the Jews. Goddamn. At least you’re an improvement on the Nazis, seeing as how your rant had something positive to say about Jews. The only reason I can support male circumsicion is for religious reasons. Unlike Islamic female “circumcision” the Jewish religious justification is not denial of pleasure, but the marker of a Covenant with G-d.
        Anyways….excellent article.

    2. I’ve hit on this before. Modern schools are disgusting. They DO push feminine weakness on boys – discouraging “traditional masculinty” and giving “every kid a trophy.” Nothing could be more harmful or perverse.

      1. My kid had NOT ONE MALE TEACHER till the 8th grade. Certainly neglect by omission.

      2. My boys came home last year to tell me all about one of their assemblys – The school had some native american guy come in and talk to them all about why women were better than men and how they should be treated, this is the shite they’re spewing to primary schoolers.
        Couple that with the oldest son being on the fast track to bullshit ADDville and we pulled them from public and homeschooled ever since.

        1. No wonder the level of depression and suicide among young men is so high. If parents only knew how their sons are being treated in the education system things might change.
          But most parents are just as brainwashed.

    3. Foreskins arent thrown away. They sell for about $3k, then starter cells are harvested for beauty cream and burn victim skin, total end profit is roughly $100k per foreskin.

      1. and do we see any of that money? not one penny thats why i would have kept mine if i had a choice

        1. Well, hopefully you don’t get ED later in life, it’s correlated to circumcision, but there’s too many other factors to say how big a part it plays in it. I kind of feel sorry for all those men forced into it, they’re missing out since the whole inside of the foreskin (when retracted) gets sensation from p in v.

    4. “This and rampant affirmative action policies in favor of women are the
      prime reasons I *loathe* modern academia. It’s like they have a death
      wish in those ivory towers by doing everything in their power to
      suppress the male drive, creativity and innovation.”
      Well that’s justify Conrad. For women to achieve “equality” they HAVE to restrain men. Otherwise they couldn’t come anywhere near achieving it. Like I’ve said before, women drown in penis envy.

    5. especially true when the men in school get punished for having a natural mustache but women don’t get in trouble for the same thing.

      1. What the hell are you talking about? Guys don’t get punished for having facial hair or really hair of any kind. Most of my male teachers had beards and mustaches, as did some of the boys in my classes. Not one of them was told it wasn’t allowed to have facial hair.

        1. at my school we did. I did. Never had a conduct strike, until I found out we were supposed to shave when the teacher sent me to the office and I got a conduct strike for not having my mustache shaved.

        2. Did you go to Catholic school or something? Public schools don’t have very strict dress codes like that. Or maybe it was just a thing of your time, i don’t know just curious

    6. Funny thing is once school is over and the real world kicks in women are not as competitive as men. In law they go for government,non profit, or make work jobs. Men go corporate, go to firms, or do their own thing (playing without a net, risky but rewarding).

      1. On the contrary, the modern corporate environment is so thoroughly feminized, it’s ridiculous. Gossip, backstabbing, political correctness, scheming, you name it. It’s a hostile environment to men.

        1. I work for a female owned company (husband past away). No manager is allowed to discipline their subordinates and the amount of money wasted through inefficiency would make your head spin. Its so similar to the government, it might as well be. The only reason we stay in business is because we’re in the life safety industry, legislated by law. Her husband got in early with government contracts and we’ve got the help of minority bidding because the company is female owned. Only thing I can’t complain about is the pay, she actively courts talent.

  6. “There are two ways human being respond to unhealed trauma—they repress the experience, or act it out on others”
    Some might even take it as a call to arms. Anybody remember the George Sodini case? Who knows how many of those shootings we hear and read about were actually about a deep sexual frustration those guys were no longer able to repress.

  7. This is one of the best articles I’ve ever seen on ROK. Bravo!
    It’s issues like these that show the hypocrisy of the American legal system. If these things happened to women then we’d have federal laws in place to stop them. When it happens to men, it’s nothing but crickets, from both the government and feminists.
    “My body, my choice”,was only meant for women. Protection from institutionalized violence, medical or otherwise, was only meant for women. Parenthood being important, even akin to holy, is only meant for mothers. If boys/men aren’t made to make female lives more comfortable then women see you as dirt. Women and feminists are not going to protest these things because it translates into power for them. Wake up lurkers, feminism doesn’t promote equality. Feminism is female gender supremacy and your sons become the battleground at birth.

    1. fem·i·nism
      the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

      1. Definition doesn’t necessary correlate well to what is being practiced in the real world under the guise of feminism

        1. Well maybe if you didn’t pay attention to the radicals that are portrayed in the media, because let’s face it the media will always portray any activists as radical, you would know the true meaning of feminism. The true meaning of feminism is that women are treated equal to men and can do what they want with their lives without being shamed or treated as less useful or important than men. The idea of true feminism is that women can be just as successful as men and have the same opportunity to advance as men do, which isn’t the case in modern society. It’s not that women don’t want to be accountable for their actions, they want to be treated as people. If you show people respect, and treat them as equals, they will raise they’re own personal standards of behavior. I have seen it among youth in high school(I’m 18). As soon as the teachers started treating us like we were adults, treating us like we were intelligent, and like our opinions matter, the people in my classes started acting much more mature. Treat women like they are equal to men, treat them as though their thoughts and opinions matter, and boom! they become more responsible and mature.

        2. People are equal to people. Men are people, women are people, therefore they deserve to be treated as equals.

        3. You are too young and naive. No worries. I was too 14 years ago when i was 18. Wait till you have lived through corporate America for a while and 5+ years of marriage for you and your friends. I fully understand the mission statement of feminism, but that isn’t the practical application anymore and hasn’t been in a long time. In todays world, women are able to get into college easier than men, get scholarships easier than men (most good and aerage MBA programs have Half to FULL scholarships available for any qualified woman—good luck as a white dude regardless of your credentials). Corporate America is even worse. If you are remotely competent as a woman and are able to play nicely, you will move up so fast it isn’t even funny. The vast majority of society does treat women as equals–or in reality–the betters. It is insane how much men are belittled. You know how many women have not been fired or demoted from my company simply because they are women? In fact, they promoted 2 from Director to Senior Director this year that are horrible (one is so horrible they had to hire another Director to keep that dept afloat last year–also another woman who left within 6 months because she couldn’t put up with the other person) just to say they are promoting women into the upper echelon of the company at a higher rate.
          Family laws are by far the worst. Divorce, custody, and alimony laws are all strongly in favor of women.
          As for listening to radicals in the media? I barely listen to the MSM. Companies like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the big networks are all just corporate and political shills.

        4. Maybe men and women have equal rights and should have so..but if you dont stand up to women they will crush you and disrespect you.

        5. Women are actually less likely to be hired and promoted than men doing the exact same job even if they both work just as hard. A lot of the time, in divorce, the predominant custody is given to the mother because the court believe that the children are better off with the mother, but mostly in cases of extreme abuse by the father is sole custody given to the mother. Most parents come up with a parenting plan that is agreed upon by both parents and at a certain age (here in New Mexico it’s 14) the children can choose who to live with. The reason one parent may only get weekends with the children is because it’s better for them to have a more stable environment instead of bouncing back and forth every week. I know when I was younger, when my dad got better, my parents had agreed that my siblings and I could spend whatever amount of time we wanted with our dad, and we would often spend weekends with him and he would always come to birthdays and holidays, but we lived with mom because she took us to school and had better living conditions for 3 kids, a house with 3 bedrooms while my dad only had a 1 bedroom apartment. It wasn’t until the last hundred years or so that divorce laws began to favor women

        6. “Women are actually less likely to be hired and promoted than men doing the exact same job even if they both work just as hard.”
          Absolute horseshit; even if that was true you’ll learn quickly that working hard doesn’t mean that you are working 1) smart 2) providing value and 3) capable of managing other people (typically required to move up–women are terrible with other women especially).
          Most corporations go out of their way to hire women and minorities. When you talk to people around 30-50 y/o in a corporate office, men inevitably ask for more money. You know what the women in my office, friends work employment and the women in MBA class want? More vacation time, flex work policy, more time off for pregnancy, etc. Soft stuff. Men wanted cold hard cash. Most of the women in my office also work exactly 8-5 (many sneak out 15 min early or more). Most of the men are working at least 8-6. There are exceptions to that rule of course and they do very well.
          I’m not as much talking about child custody in a divorce as much as the asinine alimony and child support laws (child support actual cost is the same whether you make 50k or 100k or 150k but the judges will make you pay 2x and 3x and don’t even get me started on alimony)

        7. I don’t understand why alimony laws exist at all but the reason one parent has to pay child support to the other who has more custody is because it is borderline impossible to raise kids on one income, yes there are some exceptions, but in most cases the single parent lives below the poverty line and really could use the extra help, and any man who loves his kids should be willing to help them be taken care of.
          And maybe you’re right about the corporate world thing, I’m really young to know much, I know, but I will let you know of my experiences in the corporate world when I get there.

        8. I don’t think you understand what I mean with child support. Let’s say the cost to support a kid is $8k or $10k or $12k/year or something like that and you are making $50k a year. Does the cost of the kid go up to 16k/20k/24k per year because your income went up to 100k per year? Of course not–the cost of the kid is exactly the same. However, current child support laws will typically require you to pay nearly double when making 100k than vs at 50k. In other words, it’s not about child support at that point, its child support plus more alimony under the guise of child support. I have no problem with the concept of child support in general. Figure out what the cost of the average kid is per year after tax credits and divide it by two (probably is about $10-12k total so it should be about $5-6k/year)
          If you are 18, you don’t even need to wait that long to see how things go in the real world. You know what your grades and SAT scores were–see where you got into school and what scholarships you got compared to your women and minority friends got into/scholarships. Corporate world basically works the same way. Small private companies typically do not work this way, fortunately but once you get large enough and need an HR department, wowzers.

        9. So you’re saying that child support laws should work the same as taxes? It doesn’t matter how much you make, the same amount will be taken out, but instead if a percentage of the income it is a set dollar value.That kinda makes sense. And should the father want to send more he has that right, but it makes sense to do the calculations you spoke of. What is the point of alimony exactly? I don’t really understand why you should have to pay your ex wife.
          I live in New Mexico. The scholarships we get from UNM are the lottery and the bridge. There are others for National Merit runner-ups and people with insanely high GPAs, and there are some for Native Americans because they want to increase the number of Native kids who get to go to college, but as far as I know (and I did a lot of searching since I can’t afford college on my own) there are no scholarships for women in my state.

        10. What country do you live in? Women can be successful, and are treated and given the same opportunities as men. You’ve clearly mistaken equal treatment with good or fair treatment. If we treated women the way we do men they would be subject to much more abuse and obstacles.

        11. In today’s day and age, alimony doesn’t make sense. 100 years ago though if a husband left his wife or was caught cheating on his wife, she couldn’t easily get a job and work to support herself very well. That was the original basis of alimony. Today? Maybe in some cases it makes sense (eg: wife helped pay for you to get your MBA or something).
          UNM may not have many women only scholarships but there are tons and tons of them out there and even more are typically allocated at a much higher rate for them.

        12. Rob I really have to thank you for not being unnecessarily rude to me and actually helping me understand a few things. More men need to be like you and understand that just because someone is somewhat ignorant of a subject doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to at least hear you out and try to listen. You sir, are a good man, and not that it means much, but I respect you.

      2. revised edition:
        the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to obtain a preponderance of power through deceit and manipulation

        1. Revised revised edition;
          revised edition:
          the advocacy of women’s rights without responsibilities on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to obtain a preponderance of power through deceit and manipulation

      3. Now go back to your dictionary and look up “equality”.
        I don’t exactly see where women are trying to be equal where it would be inconvenient for them. I don’t see women registering for the selective service. I don’t see women diving in front of their boyfriends in movie theater shootings. What I do see constantly… relationship advice on the internet where females and all their female readers maintain that a man should be dumped if he doesn’t pay for the first date… and some articles saying men should continue to pay for up to 6 months before they chip in.

        1. Oh women want equality alright… right up until the bill arrives and then sexual inequality is A-OK.

        2. If women were allowed in combat, it would make sense to make them sign up for the draft. My sister says that if women were allowed in combat (given that they can pass the same physical tests as men) then she would gladly sign up for the selective service because it’s only equal. The reason only men are forced to sign up is because they can be in combat almost indiscriminately. Why should women be forced to register if they don’t even have a chance to get to participate equally.

        3. Well I want equality. I want hot women paying for my drinks. It’s all a social construct !!

        4. The reason it used to be that men paid for dates and whatnot was because women had less income than men. These days, with the supposedly changing paradigm and everything, it would be more polite for the person with the higher income to pay for the dates or for each to pay their own way or split it right down the middle. That seems fair to me.

        5. Well what a bout all the cases where men are being mistreated ? since you are so in for equality you should be talking about those cases as well. Seems its only wrong if it happens to women in your world. I doubt that you are a man.

        6. No actually it’s awful when men are mistreated and abused and given the short end of the stick. The reason I talk more about the issues involving women is because there are more reported assaults and rapes against women, so it’s an access to information thing. It’s a terrible thing for a father to be torn from his children for no legitimate reason. The reason people tend to defend women more often than men is because the statistics, do support that more women are mistreated than men. And I think that it’s rude for you to assume I am a woman simply because I happen to have an opinion that you believe is not masculine enough.

        7. Combat is overrated and I would gladly sit back at home and let women do all the fighting if they so desire. I would be grateful and support them. The true inequality is that men are disposable and women are sacred. I want to live, but being a man means I can be drafted into a war that doesn’t truly involve me, and die in a foreign land far away from people who love me. I’m a man and therefore my life has no value. I’m property of the government, and not a person. That single inequality is greater than the sum of all inequalities faced by women.
          You want women who volunteer to be able to join combat, which I agree with. However, equality would be every last woman being given the ultimatum of prison or signing up for the selective service.
          To answer your question why women should be forced to register if they don’t get to participate equally: Because being forced to register and not going to combat is far more equal than not being forced to register and STILL not going to combat.

        8. It’s not that women are sacred. When the military was first created in the United States it was a men’s only thing because men were considered stronger and women had no real world experience and were considered inferior and not allowed in military at all until fairly recently. That’s why when the draft was created it was just men. Men were the only people allowed in the military. Every life, male or female, has value. It’s just that the law hasn’t kept up with changing paradigms. I expect that someday soon women will be mandated to register for the selective service, but as we know, bureaucracies move slowly, they were not created to make things happen quickly. And part of why women want to be in combat is because they are tired of being treated as sacred. They want to fight for their people. The likelihood of the draft going into effect now is very slim and you aren’t property of the government until you join the military or get a different government job.

        9. You are obviously living in a cave, with no internet connection, so how are you even on this blog? The combat MOS (MIlitary Occupational Specialties) are fully open to women. Women are no longer excluded from combat. The Supreme Court’s basis for excluding women from selective service no longer applies.

        10. The same way young men are drafted into wars that dont involve them, young women that are a 7-10 should be drafted as “comfort girls” (similar to japanese geishas from WWII) for these young men.

      4. Feminism: A movement to address the issues and concerns of one-half of the population. Usually by blaming those problems on the other half.

        1. Women make up more than half of the population. So why is it that for thousands of years they have been treated as inferior? It certainly wasn’t by their own choice, it was us men who subjugated them and made them no more than baby makers and practically servants

        2. If one group can control another, is the other group really superior? Would a superior being keep being inferior?
          manginas – logic, not even once

        3. It started out as protection, keeping the women and children out of danger because that’s what was best for the species, and then women became commodities, because there is value in having a person who can create other people, and women turned into property. But now, being the dominant species on the planet and horribly overpopulated, we don’t need to continue reproducing as much and women don’t really need to be kept out of reach of others.
          “If one group can control another, is the other group really superior? Would a superior being keep being inferior?”
          It’s not about superior and inferior. Look at African Americans, Europeans took them as slaves to work in the New World a few hundred years ago. They were later emancipated but not treated as equal to white men. They later rose up and fought for the rights they deserve as people. They were not inferior to white men, yet they were treated that way, and they worked to be treated as equals. At its core, the feminist movement is no different, a group of people, treated as inferior, rising up to be treated as equals and claiming the human rights they deserve. You just see it as women being stupid because you don’t understand what it’s all about, as you only pay attention to the few radicals out there who give the true feminists a bad name.

        4. Jacob,
          You are 18 and ignorant of much of life. Most of us here have many more years of experience and remember only vaguely being a naive as you are showing yourself to be. All my children are older than you. I have grandnieces and grandnephews older than you. Perhaps you should take the advice of many and remain silent and let people think you are an idiot, instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

        5. How about I don’t give a damn what you think of me, I have the right to freedom of speech as ensured by the Bill of Rights so I can participate in this conversation. I have seen worse comments and arguments than mine accepted on this forum simply because they have popularly accepted viewpoints by this community.

        6. Ok, except women are inferior and equality is not a virtue. It’s not even desirable outside of moral considerations. You need keep your empathy in check.

      5. fem·i·nism
        Female supremacism and dependency masquerading as as a poltical, social, and economic equality advocacy.

      6. You’re the same filth that spewed that “Bodily autonomy” garbage at me the other day. FoH.

        1. Womens bodies were designed to handle rape. Men can survive a circumcision but its very painful and usually takes 2 weeks to heal. Did you not know that because of the circumcisions babies cry when they pee? A woman getting raped is nothing more that a 5 min fuck. They dont urinate in pain like a circumcised baby boy.

        2. “Womens (sic) bodies were designed to handle rape”? Please tell me you’re a troll and not truly that fucking stupid.

        3. Nobodies bodies are “designed” for rape. Rape is a horrible, painful, traumatizing experience for ANYBODY, and rape can last for hours and it causes so much pain, bleeding, possible transmission of STDs and HIV as well as pregnancy. Don’t you DARE say rape is natural for any group of people.

      7. Guess u didnt have many male teachers what Jacob ? All you do is beat the feminist drum all day all night.

        1. No, I had male teachers, my 4th grade teacher, my 6th grade science teacher, my 8th grade social studies and science teachers, my freshman algebra teacher (who is also my current honors pre-calculus teacher), my junior algebra 2 teacher, and my economics and government teacher were all men. The only reason I “beat the feminist drum day and night” is because I believe all people should be treated with respect and dignity and as equals regardless of sex, gender, and sexuality.

        2. I believe in treating people the right way, not in some bogus “equal” way. You cant treat women and men the same..that doesnt mean you cant treat both good.

        3. No you didn’t. You said people should be treated right, not equal. Doesn’t answer my question. I asked WHY people can’t be treated as equals in the goddamn 21st century.

        4. A woman pushed you out of her vagina, that’s worthy of respect since she spent hours in agony to get you out and months before that in perpetual discomfort carrying you around. Now I’m speaking generally here, but men as a sex deserve to be treated with dignity, as do women as a sex. Each sex has its own strengths and weaknesses sure, but the entire idea is that as a general group women should be given the same dignity that men are given. It’s really not that hard of a concept to grasp that men and women are deserving of the same rights, opportunities, and treatment in society.

        5. Respect is earned, you don’t get it just for strolling down the road, cupcake. I can treat you with dignity, but you have to be worthy of my judgment that you’re worth treating with dignity. Most people are not worth respecting and have no dignity to entertain. Fuck you and fuck your leftist “equality” mumbling, you half witted vege-lasagna beta boy.
          Avaunt, you fairy.

        6. Because equality is a myth. There is one equality, that is equality before the law. Your type categorically rejects that one and only kind of equality. You want preferences and you want them hard and fast. Shove off.

        7. I’m speaking generally as a group. Women and men as groups should be treated as equals with the same general dignity. Some individuals are not worthy of respect or dignity, you’re right, but as a group men and women are deserving of the same respect. Fairy out.

        8. Hoe do I want preferences? I just want people to be treated as equals before the law and before each other. That’s not a preference. A preference would be saying that women should be treated as better than men, or vice versa. That’s not what I’m saying at all.

        9. That’s your problem, you’re speaking “generally, as a group”. You’re a collectivist and you have no concept of how individualism and individuality works at a core level. Here’s your lesson on reality, faggot: you earn everything and are given nothing, period, full stop. To demand that you be given anything because “deserve”, well, again, you have no idea how life actually works. Go sell your leftist fairy tale to the mindless rabble, it doesn’t fly here, simpleton.

        10. “before each other”. Meaningless leftist psycho-babble with no substance or basis in reality.

        11. So you don’t think all people deserve the same basic human rights? Damn that’s harsh.

        12. Obviously you and I live in two different realities, because I see people treat each other as equals all the time.

        13. Women have all the same human rights that men do, the bill orfrights applies to all. Equality before the law, well, they don’t just get that they get special preference before the law now and YOU KNOW IT, so fuck them.
          “Harsh”? Let me guess…you’re about to type “Wow. Just wow.” aren’t you?
          This is my last post to you, idiot. Go stick your head in a pig.

        14. How do they get special preference before the law? And if women had all the same rights as men how come they are blamed for being raped? How come they are told they shouldn’t do the things they want to do because it’s a “man’s thing”? How come men are told that they can do anything they want but women are told to stand around and look pretty and be stupid? How come they are treated differently in the work force?

        15. Yea ? why cant MEN be treated right in 21st century. Everyone is sucking up to women giving them everything. So stop sucking up to them little mangina bitch.

        16. If someone man or woman is going to act undignified, then I owe them no dignity. If someone, man or woman, has not earned respect, they will not receive any. See? That’s equality.
          I’m going to ignore the bit about my mother because that was just dumb. She’s more than earned my respect. No, I daresay, I have earned hers.

        17. I’m sure she’s really proud her son believes women are bitches and cunts. I’m sure she’s so proud that her son is a misogynist.

        18. That basically makes you a left wing retard. Time to apply critical thinking, and question equality.

      8. Ignore this pathetic excuse for a young man. Either this is a troll, or this kid is really as weak and blue pill as he seems. There’s no reason to argue with him; he’s sinking in a ditch of quicksand, and he’d rather pull you down with him than let you pull him out.

        1. Oh right I’m so pathetic. I must be a major pussy because my opinion is different from yours. Oh man I’m in so much trouble. At least I’m not a close-minded douche.

        2. Actually I won’t because it’s not true, You’re just an obtuse loser who gets off on trying to make people feel bad about themselves for standing up to others.

  8. Provocative perhaps…but, we do need righteous indignation. Whether that’s labeled an gynm, ists or phobe is irrelevant. The fact remains that women have done this; they are the source of abuse. To stand by and do nothing even finding and realizing a personal healing still confines more innocent men to the same hellish experience.
    We need to act. If women

  9. “ending the institutional abuses of men require men to stop caring about what women think about them, value their own pleasure and sexual experience more than women’s approval, and find ways to play, explore, and grow free from women’s constraints.”
    In other words, MGTOW. I have yet to see a single valid argument against MGTOW, from men OR women, no matter how feminist or traditionalist they may be.

    1. Except that the only real “MGTOW” out there is being a faggot.
      Do you still jack off to internet porn with women in it? Then you’re not really “going your own way”. You’re just choosing to live a hermit lifestyle.

  10. I feel strongly about this issue but this article does it no justice. All emotion, no substance – like listening to an old drunk rant at the bar. Most of his main points are just plain sloppy, for example:
    1. Increasingly circumcision is becoming the less popular or even acceptable choice. ( The author makes it seem like a “given”.
    2. True about the teachers being female. That said, how many RoK readers would choose to be an early childhood or elementary school teacher? I am guessing few to none. I know I never considered it. Unless men WANT to become teachers or lobby for educational reform in greater force can we really complain about the feminization of early education? I think we have been all too content to leave it to the women and can neither blame them nor leave it to them alone to fix.
    3. Teachers don’t drug kids. Pediatricians do. That field still has plenty of men in it (though women do tip the scale). My kids pediatricians (we have had 3 to date) have all been men. More so for specialists. Blame the medical/psychiatric complex.
    4. Yes, too many women raising kids without a male figure in their life. Makes me feel sick, angry and afraid for the future. This article would be more balanced, however, if it at least factored in the deadbeat, absent fathers who could hardly give a shit. We know they exist in number. You have a kid – you fight to be in their life. (along with a public service announcement: never trust a woman to say she has birth control “covered”. If you are having sex – know that a kid may come of it. It really is that simple – no excuses).
    Its an important issue and deserves more careful, thoughtful analysis. (and no, I am not the one to provide that either… but then again I would not pull an article out of my ass and submit it for publishing…)

    1. I feel strongly about this issue too. With regards to point two, if more of the men who are granted custody of their children can send their children to private single sex schools with male teachers, I believe the compounded effects on society will be astronomical and overwhelmingly positive. Also, while society struggles from a loss of output from productive men (and the impotent output of women), I am nevertheless optimistic about the future. Are next round of geniuses have grown up with and learned the difficulties and issues that women bring to the table, and are forming their minds and worlds with ruthless countermeasures (In many of my classes for example, the most intelligent men have no illusions about women and readily cast them aside at a moments notice, many are against marriage, and beyond what’s needed to blend in, many are sorely lacking in the chivalric ideals that reigned in the leaders of yesterday like Dick Fuld and T. Boone Pickens).

      1. The education “piece” is important. It is important to have a male presence in the form of administrators and teachers. However, curriculum must also be addressed otherwise, you will have male teachers teaching a curriculum shaped by feminine interests. The failure to recognize gender differences have, in my opinion, created a public school system that has veered away from instructional methods and curriculum content that develops those skills and qualities unique to men. I blame this on the industry of “equality activists” (civil rights and feminism). This industry uses the public schools as a way of indoctrinating children into a set of values and practices that run counter to the fiercely individual and independent nature of males. Public school systems sometimes require that students learn “cooperatively” (group work). You’ll find that the mantra of tolerance often guides instruction in history (in fact, it’s not called “history”, it’s “social studies”). Every so often the word “holistic” is tossed about.
        And then there is the “critical thinking” scam. This is the greatest scam of them all because the public schools have made teaching “critical thinking” a centerpiece of their existence. Unfortunately, they do not teach it. Here is a question: did the schools you attended ever have a class completely dedicated to teaching “critical thinking”? I thought so. The point is that if critical thinking is so important why then are there no classes dedicated to it? Here is another question: what steps must a person follow in order to perform the act of “critical thinking”? More than likely, you have absolutely no idea. Now here is the scam: keeping the mind from developing by not teaching a skill designed to develop the mind, and hiding this practice by not only falsely claiming to teach that which is not taught, but to claim a monopoly on teaching that which is not taught. In doing this, people raise no questions about critical thinking and alternative methods of developing the ability to think are crowded out because, well, the schools are already “teaching” critical thinking skills. Men have a predisposition to matters of the mind. We have a hyperfocus. Something gets in our minds and we want to figure it out. This why we love to take shit apart and put it back together. This why we might write an entire science fiction novel in our daydreams. Chicks cannot do that shit to save their lives. The schools undermine this ability, which comes natural to men, by claiming to teach something they actually do not teach, critical thinking. Let me add one more thing: there is no such thing as critical thinking. It’s nothing but a broke down and raggedy version of logic, and it is being used to stunt the development of actual thinking skills in students, especially male children. So yeah, we as men need to give serious thought to the education of male children, especially curriculum.

        1. You hit the nail on the head with this post.
          “Public school systems sometimes require that students learn “cooperatively” (group work)”
          It has become the standard in college. The number of times I had to deal with complete idiots during forced group work and how my grades took severe beatings because of it… Even graduate school is all about “the team”.
          Indeed, the focus is on “cooperative learning” where you get into teams and the idiots mooch off the smart ones. Perfect preparation for a world in which your accomplishments belong to others, where innovation (in the unlikely case it occurs) matters only if it gives credit to the “team”, boldness is a vice, and excellence is subservient to the ability to play along.

  11. Well said.
    I actually had an argument with my mother about how male circumcision is every bit as bad as FGM and should be called Male Genital Mutilation. She just couldn’t see how an attack on a boy’s genitals is every bit as bad as an attack on a girl’s genitals. This is representative of the problem women have in remaining objective and seeing the ethical equivalence of attacks on a male or a female person. Hence why MGM is legal but FGM is not.
    It reminds me of a case where a man sabotaged his own condoms to make his girlfriend pregnant. He was convicted and imprisoned for sexual assault. But how many women have been imprisoned for the same?

    1. My boy is uncut because my wife is from Europe. I can never convince an American woman to leave their boy uncut. A female friend just cut up her 4 year old’s penis because the procedure was skipped when he was young. No matter what I told her, she wouldn’t consider leaving him alone.

      1. That’s awful. My brother’s ex-wife told me she had never witnessed such rage as when she suggested to my brother that he have his son circumcised. When she saw all the babies screaming in agony she realized my brother was right. I have seen a baby boy being circumcised. No baby should ever scream like that. It shook me to my core.
        Interestingly, I had the same argument with a male friend. He told me “I’ve been circumcised so my son is being circumcised”. Same reason why women in East Africa cut their daughters. I hope he has all girls.

        1. A friend of mine had to get a circumcision at the age of 14 due to medical reasons. He told me that he was in pain for nearly 2 weeks and only the knowledge that it was the lesser of two evils kept him going.

        2. That also happened to one of my friends in his thirties. He couldn’t wear underwear or pants for two weeks.

        3. Buddy, Circumcision for some strange reason is NOT just a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic thing. Random tribes from Africa to New Zeeland practiced male circumcision
          I understand there’s a powerful ‘anti-circumcision’ movement online, but people need to actually get the facts. The Hygiene hypothesis does work theoretically and from data of STD infections, etc.
          The other problem is that we have circumcized people worshipping circumcision / anti-religioners raging against it for their personal beliefs. Buddy, Uncircumcised penises are a hassle for certain races. IE east asians have low amount of foreskin density, so not a problem. HOwever higher T/Bigger dick races essentially have naturally defective Penises unless they can be circumcised
          I can refer you to posts of circumcised people or ‘uncut’ people having convo’s about how to stop their dicks from breaking that would cause you to rethink ur anti-circumcision obsession
          Circumsision is a genius mechanical operation. Big dink/large foreskin races require it and makes life quite easy compared to the ant-eaters
          *btw, majority of Euro’s are still circumcized, it might be nice to just admit bashing all things religion is ur working class past-time*

        4. In most cases yes, but there are extreme cases where it does not work. I am living in a country where circumcision is very rare and is only done if absolutely necessary. In the case of my friend it was…

        5. Circumcised or not,sticking your dick into a pocket of STD isn’t a good idea, and that hygiene thing is pure bullshit, lazy mothers just don’t want to teach their sons to wash their penis. The only need for circumcision is phimosis/pseudophimosis, which isn’t relevant until puberty, so they can decide then to get it done. It shouldn’t be done just because of groupthink.

        6. “Buddy”, I never stated that circumcision was a wholly religious thing and your statement that a hypothesis works “theoretically” is a contradiction in terms. There are plenty of studies showing that circumcision is a significant risk factor in disease, infection and infant mortality.
          That said, even if I grant you all these wonderful benefits there still no justification for undertaking an unnecessary and risky procedure without prior consent from the patient. Further, if circumcision does have all these benefits, why are uncircumcised men not lining up to have it done?

        7. Shut up you moron.Primitive people do all sorts of things to their bodies: stretching their lips and putting a plate in it;stretching their earlobes;binding feet that turns the woman into a hobbling cripple; tattooing their faces;cutting ridges into their faces and putting things under their skin: putting rings on girls necks to stretch them as they grow; and a million other stupid things.
          There is no such thing as a big cock race. The penis is an organ and regardless of your size or race it’s about the same erect worldwide despite these myths people like to repeat.There are growers and showers but the erect penis is about the same.The level of Testosterone is irrelevant and is just measured in a normal range. Higher readings mean nothing and do not make you more potent or horny because that’s the norm for your own body. The only time that you see a change is if for some reason it suddenly drops, or if you introduce more T artificially and that person’s norm is altered.And no ones dick has ever broken due to being uncircumcised lol You don’t remove your appendix or wisdom teeth for no reason so why the foreskin.
          I knew that you were a circumcision wacko when you used anteater.
          No man in Europe is circumcised either outside of a few Jews or Muslims. Or in the rest of the world for that matter.
          Nature put it there for a reason and a moron like you has no idea why it’s there.Jews and Muslims can do it all they like and in fact it will be a good way to identify them when we cross the Rubicon. Is that what you’re afraid of. And btw, did your rabbi give you a blowjob after he cut you?

      2. Cringe worthy beta story…
        Guy is like 25, was never cut. Guy gets cut at the request of his girl friend. Girl leaves him shortly after… This guy is no friend of mine but is the new husband of a girl I work with. This girl has been begging for the D since I started working here. Always complaining how she doesn’t get fucked by her man blah blah.

        1. reminds me of a BPD chick I knew who didn’t like uncircumcised penis because of being molested by her older brother.

    2. Well, it does show you the general predisposition to men they have. I don’t know whether I should be afraid of women or mad at them. BTW, women in my family have no problem humiliating and shaming men into doing whatever they want from them, that’s why I live alone and am going to stay single.

        1. It’s the same thing everywhere, here is a picture of Bulgarian fathers who do not have access to their kids:

    3. Female hypocrisy at its finest.
      These bitches are tempting a revolution to burn the system to the ground and rebuild the male dominance which has served humanity well since time began. It may not happen in my lifetime, but sooner or later men are going to simply have enough of this bitch shit, and our primal genes will awake from their emasculated slumber and crush these cunts.

      1. Jesus, that is disgusting. Then again, what do you expect from a bunch of far leftists and lesbians?
        No one wonders what would happen if men laughed their heads off about cutting off women’s tits and throwing them in a garbage disposal.

        1. Except women’s breasts sustain babies with their milk. The foreskin doesn’t really do anything that crucial to sustaining the life of a child

        2. Are you seriously this stupid? The video is not about circumcision, it’s about a woman who cut off her husband’s penis then ran it through the disposal. The women on The View all laughed about it.
          The point is that it hurts when you cut off a guy’s penis. Hurts really bad. And you ruin him for life. Problems with urination and of course no sex ever again. It’s torture, mutilation.
          I assume that a woman would also suffer horrific pain if you cut off one or more of her body parts. But we men don’t laugh abut it, because it’s sick and disgusting.
          The point I was making was only comparing what happens when you cut off vital body parts of men and women. One is a big fuckin joke, the other CANNOT BE JOKED ABOUT (and shouldn’t be).
          Seriously, these women (and most probably) are sick, and you, Hector, need to pay closer attention.

        3. “I assume that a woman would also suffer horrific pain if you cut off one or more of her body parts. But we men don’t laugh abut it, because it’s sick and disgusting.”
          Id laugh. Fair is fair.

      2. Didnt George Sodini do his shootout the day after this vid?
        Guess this was the straw that broke the camels back. Shame he didnt target this cunt instead.

    4. I lost a friend over this very same disagreement. I called it ‘religious genital mutilation’ of course and he went haywire ballistic. When he was done with his histrionics I asked “But was my categorization incorrect, or is it that you can’t face what you’re about to do to your son realistically”. Haven’t heard from him in over 15 years.

    5. I argued with my mom about how she allowed me to be circumsized 2 weeks before I moved out. Disowned her once I did move out.

  12. Hard to read this as I was rased by a psycho single mother in the US… my dad initiated divorce BTW because she was so batshit crazy.

  13. Wow well done. Best article I’ve read in a long time here. I feel the same way about nearly every point. Fortunately, despite my father working most of the time and having female dominance on every other aspect of my life (older sister, micro-managing mother, female babysitters, teachers, etc) I made some older guy friends who could guide me and keep me a step ahead. I would have been as clueless as everybody else without those influences.

  14. Wasn´t that the case for the baby-boomers? Back in the 1960s FO, men supposed to be the sole providers and women to stay at home BS ideal effectively meant that fathers spent little time with their own children.
    Facing abuse is most difficult if you are a pussy and just accept your fate.

    1. That’s true but there were no feminists around. And fathers were around, not just for visiting hours every month. Few women were divorced. In fact, I don’t know one person who didn’t have a father. Even if he was at the office working and they didn’t see much of him they knew he was around and was in charge. I guess there was some divorce but as a kid I didn’t know of any. Boys are independent and really don’t need the mother at a certain age and besides she’s usually just a pest preventing them from doing things. Girls need a father around because females on their own tend to become nutty and afraid of everything without the security of a man around.

      1. Despite that, feminism happened and the baby boomers turned out the way they did. The large numbers of single mothers and so on are more of a symptome than the cause.
        A significant number of mothers feels the need to deliberately crush their children out of resentement, thought. Much more common than with fathers.
        That is what I am over 95% happened to James Eagan Holmes, although in most cases, the victim does not grow violent.

      2. Agreed. Now there are plenty of pathetic scum like Paine and Acehole running around, prenteding to be alpha as fuck as they screw sluts and not give a single fuck about the children they might sire.
        Fucking wretched vermins. They should be all killed.

    2. You are confusing the baby boomers with their parents, which is a common failing for you millennials. I was born at the peak of the baby boom. I was 5 years old in 1960.

      1. The majority of baby boomers had fathers, male role models as they grew up, true or wrong?

  15. Very good article realy makes you question if their even is a truly healthy way to raise and educate boys in todays world.

      1. It ‘was’ called a military academy.The Marxists have opened their sewage flood gates into that last bastion of masculinity.

        1. ahh, I hadn’t realized that they’d fucked those too. Maybe a meditteranean military acadamy.

        2. I hear they drill them hard in Mykonos. Maybe somewhere, but I suspect completely fucked is an increasingly global brand

        3. The Military was lost long ago to the Marxists. The NFL is the last bastion of masculinity. The Marxists are hard at work cracking that nut open; Pink breast cancer ribbons, gay players whining to come out of the closet, allegations of bullying in the locker room, etc.

        4. Do you know how they separate the men from the boys in the Greek Navy?
          The crowbar.

  16. I remember when I was probably 5 or so learning about circumcision and asking my mother why it was done to me. She calmly and happily explained to me the hygienic benefits of it, and I accepted it. What child that age knows to question what his mother tells him? As an adult, the memory evokes a deep anger that my parents took something away from me that I can never get back.
    Circumcised boys are prone to causing a lot of damage to themselves as they hit puberty and start to masturbate because no one teaches them any safety and they’re likely to be too rough on themselves physically because of the reduced sensation of a circumcised penis. The kind of harm done just by squeezing too hard can lead to impotence and incontinence later in life, and that’s just one example of the line of problems that start from cutting a baby.

  17. if you attempt to provide a methodology for boys to become men, you are immediately suspect and labeled as a sexual predator. It doesn’t matter if you are straight as an arrow, would never touch a kid in an untoward way, it’s far too easy for leftist to label your concern prurient.
    For that reason, fuck ’em. It may seem unsympathetic, but if it doesn’t involve shooting someone, I am not going to put myself out there.
    I myself was released from the scout program because of a proud picture my troop took at mountain man camp, which is of me (big muscular bearish guy) at the lake on the lake floater in cutoffs and teeshirt with four tenderfoots literally hanging off my arms as we played ‘king of the float’. Apparently a picture of a swarm of scouts trying to knock a guy in a swimsuit off of a diving float was concerned too homoerotic for parents to handle.
    Confused the crap out of me, but aside from informing the fathers that if they attempted to label me as a faggot or sexual predator I would stuff all their various limbs into their respective orifices, what is a guy to do?

  18. The author is correct. Before the Industrial Revolution, most Americans lived in agrarian societies. Boys were raised by men. Boys would join their fathers in work around the farm after about age 6-7. They were taught how to hunt and fish and live in the world. Boys were mentored by their fathers, uncles and all the other men of the tribe/community.

  19. Superb article, particularly the first half. There is a manifesto to be drawn from this perhaps.
    It simply amazes me that the whole life-world of boys (and girls) can be controlled by women and saturated with female / feminist culture and ‘values’ without this being identified for what it is, matriarchy.
    It is because the hand that rocks the cradle at every level and in every way is female, and increasingly feminist, it doesn’t really matter, which parties are in power, which politicians are male or female. They have all imbibed feminine / feminist priorities, concerns, goals, and assorted bullshit – hence the laws they pass and the policies they make are typically feminist in their substance or otherwise meet women’s needs.
    Bravo on such a clearly expounded case against what is slowly but gradually being recognized for the systematic and institutionalized abuse that it is.

  20. “If a child is born male, he is immediately rushed from his mother’s arms
    to surgery where part of his genitals are cut off in procedure
    euphemistically known as circumcision”
    I will share my story. Some might think it crazy, but let it be.
    When I found out about circumcision, years ago, I became despondent. Somebody took something from me – something critical – without my consent. It made me want to murder.
    However, I was never the type of person to go down without a fight. So, after some searching, I came across the topic of foreskin restoration. It involves the act of stretching the foreskin back down over the glans (head). This is down with weights, tapes, and a variety of devices sold online. The whole process takes around three years.
    I thought, this sounds crazy. However, due to my stubborn inability to accept defeat, I also said, “what do I have to lose?”
    What followed was a three year process of stretching, taping, etc. It was often frustrating and humiliating. However, I stayed with it. Slowly, I watched the new foreskin growing.
    Eventually, my pleasure began to increase.The “light bulb” moment was when I received fellatio about three years in. The pleasure was so overwhelming, so unlike anything I had experienced, that I screamed and writhed in pleasure like I was having convulsions. Imagine the cartoon character with steam flying out his ears. That was me.
    Afterwards I realized…victory was mine! Since then, sex has continued to be mind blowing, dusting anything I experienced in my teens (I a in my forties now).
    That is part of my story on that topic…
    I now feel whole again. However, I have dedicated myself to exposing the lies of the second wave feminists. The women who abhore clitoral removal in Africa, yet scoff at the mutilation of their own sons.

  21. Even though articles like this serve a valuable use, it’s no more than a recurring theme of sensationalism. This community never implicates those who uphold, defend and most importantly make the laws that makes a system like this even possible. Of course we know what’ll happen if male children are left to the devices of their single mothers. However, for future reference we should, maybe I will, write about those who “run” the system. Then again that same article, might test RoKs redpill limits. The body will not die unless the head is severed.

    1. So true.
      Institutionalized violence done to children is not a candy wrapper you discard, never having to worry about again. These victims grow up to be your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and politicians. And their scars become the pain-ridden subtext of the nation.
      if you ignore the origin of a disease, you’ll never to able to cure it. I won’t beat a dead horse here, but…the religious group that popularized the mutilation of children in modern America is already known.
      Violence is not a solution, but neither is silence.

    2. Father down the rabbit hole we go then. ROK only touches the surface, but has yet to really go down below.

  22. I love this article because it is SO TRUE. The only thing I disagree with is the circumcision part and many Americans are either Christian or Muslim or Jewish and that is why circumcision is popular in the United States. In many cultures such as African cultures, a young male being circumcised is actually a mark of becoming a man. There is also the whole hygiene aspect of it all. That being said, everything else in this article was spot on. Through their upbringing men are taught/forced to be submissive to women. Anytime a Male acts like a male, they either drug him or he receives harsh disciplinary action. As far as romance, men are lied to from a young age that modern women really want romance with a nice guy but in reality most don’t want any of that until they hit the wall. With articles like this and the ones from Athlone Mcginnis, there might be hope for you yet Return of Kings.

    1. I understand what you mean about religion and culture but there can be no justification for mutilating someone without their consent. Furthermore, there is no hygiene benefit of circumcision – in fact, just the opposite is true.

    2. You have to pretend that male genital mutilation is OK only because you yourself are mutilated and do not want to admin that there is something wrong with you.
      You choose to live in denial and with that denial you are effectively agreeing with such practices.
      In medieval Europe people who argued with the notion that the earth is flat were executed. Just because some savage tribe in Africa does that does not make it OK.

      1. No, I just don’t see what you guys obsession is with having a foreskin. Savage tribe in Africa? That is lowkey racist as many tribes in Africa practice circumcision and they most often do it when the male is a pre-teen. I just told you the World’s Three biggest religions all practice circumcision all over the world. Uncircumcised Dicks look gross. The fact that you even blame circumcision on Women and obsess about your long lost foreskin is VERY BETA.

        1. Why did your answer start with *no* when we both know that the first paragraph of my original response fits you in its entirety.
          Anybody living in a tribe in the 21 century is a savage, it has nothing to do with racism, Christians do not practice circumcision except for in the US and Judaism is one of the smallest religions in the world with only few million religious Jews left.
          What I think everybody argues though is that your body is your property and that cutting parts of your penis is ethically wrong.
          Btw that attack at the end of your response falls flat since I am European and intact.

      2. There IS nothing wrong with us circumsized guys. We can fuck and cum same as you. What you are doing is looking to elevate yourself above your peers, because you got some foreskin. So therefore all the circumsized dudes are mutilated and you are special and ‘whole’. Get the fuck outta here.

        1. I am circumcised. I wish I had a choice. It’s proven that uncircumcised men have more sensitive penises.

        2. I am European, no mutilation is done here so it can hardly be about me feeling superior towards my peers as my peers are not mutilated either.

        3. Well, what exactly can you expect from a nigger on a welfare?
          Paine is a stupid little shit. Just like Acehole.

      3. How is it that it was common knowledge that the earth was round then? The Greeks settled the question thousands of years ago, and Columbus was not under the delusion that it was flat either.

        1. I just looked it up and yes I have not found any proof people were getting burned for thinking earth was flat (they were for thinking earth was not the center of the universe though).
          However there were many Christians who proposed the idea that earth was flat until 1400s.
          I think the reason is that many early Christians did not posses the knowledge the Greeks did. The shift should have happened during the 11th century when Europeans were introduced to Islamic astrology.
          At least thats what wiki said :X

        2. Yes there were many ignorant Christians. No doubt there still are many ignorant Christians. However, Columbus and all the people that he canvased for funds were well aware that the world was round. The issue was that Columbus thought he had corrected an error in the calculated size of the globe. He was certain that he knew better than everyone else. Of course everyone else turned out to be right and Columbus was a dickhead.

    3. There is NOTHING in Christianity that requires or even just encourages male circumcision.

      1. It’s amazing how little you know of Christianity, and yet you act like you do know. I’m embarrassed for you because I am about to expose your complete ignorance. Father Abraham is the Father of the World’s 3 Major Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). In the Old Testament(Genesis to be exact), Father Abraham made a covenant with God and part of that covenant was that ALL of his sons which included members of yet to be formed religions Islam and Christianity were to be circumcised. Any male that was not circumcised was to be cast out as he had broken the covenant with God. In return God promised to give Abraham an abundance of land and descendants. If you call yourself a Christian or Muslim, you must be circumcised.

  23. Great post runsonmagic. Male genital mutilation is child abuse. Forcing mind altering drugs on children is child abuse.
    But don’t bring these important issues up, they might make some “mother” uncomfortable. Instead, talk about important issues like “gender wage gap”, “the war on women”, and don’t forget, every single mother works 3 jobs and “is doing the best she can”.

    1. Encouraging women to ingest artificial hormones to disrupt their natural fertility cycle also literally alters their minds. That the behavior of young women in their natural state changes throughout the month in response to their bodies’ own hormonal cycle demonstrates that. The female brain did not evolve to handle feeling vaguely pseudopregnant all the time in response to artificial hormones.

      1. Also women taking birth control makes them attracted to men with feminine features and mannerisms. This explains the rise of the popularization of the Johnny Depps, Kurt Cobains, Justin Timberlakes and Justin Beibers etc. This is destroying the gene pool, and could be a primary cause of why white women keep producing betas as opposed to the John Waynes of yesteryear.

        1. Good point. Also, I haven’t seen any studies, but I’d be willing to bet everything that white women use the pill in far greater percentages than any other race. This explains why white beta males have been selected for ever since the sixties, while other races seem to be much slower to discard traditional gender roles.
          The key to all this is what transpired in the decade before I was born – the sixties and early seventies. Something went extremely sideways during that decade, and set our country on the fast track to ruin. The rise of YKW and communist-liberal politics is the lynchpin of the whole mess.
          Since then, we went from Clint Eastwood and John Wayne to Duran Duran, Jerry Seinfeld, and Prince.
          It’s a great topic for a book – an expose that reveals how we got assfucked in the sixties and later generations can’t even fathom who it is that fucked them so hard.

        2. Wayne was an actor you dummy just like the others you mentioned and I don’t see females traits in any of them.

        3. I wonder about that Lance, are they really due to BC, or is it a cultural meme that they’re just mindlessly following? I’m about as hard edged masculine as they come and could throw down in the “whose the more masculine” contest with the 1980’s Sean Connery, and women seem attracted to me like bees to nectar. Vin Diesel (and a lot of other traditionally masculine male actors) has/have no small following of hot broads. I’m assuming that most of them are on some form of birth control, so I question whether it’s the BC hormonal stuff making them like the Depps of the world.

        4. Kurt Cobain is beta in his personality but his musical style was Alpha as fuck.

        5. I’m aware of the “studies”, but again, it doesn’t seem to jibe with real life fully. Yes it makes them receptive to more effeminate men, which I think is likely true, but I doubt it stops them from wanting the true “warrior-god” hard masculine men as well. Real life isn’t demonstrating this to me, and like I said, there are women lining up for few masculine hard edged Hollyweird types as well.

        6. To be honest, I can understand the whole dichotomy of “alpha fucks, betas bucks,” with the modern western harpy. I can imagine it goes something like this, from about 18-25, Ms. single-white-female, takes birth control. She’s attracted to the grunge rocker types with mascara, boy band types and is generally put off by the blatant chauvinism of Mr. Alpha. Mr. beta grunge, decides to grow up and gets a job, thereby supporting Mrs. married-white-female. She summarily gets off birth control to have Mr. beta’s babies, and her hormones balance out to natural levels, where she automatically finds herself attracted to Mr. Alpha with scars on his face. She ends up fucking this guy and multiple guys like him, thereby obfuscating the paternity of Mr. beta. Mr. beta is hurt and crushed. Mrs. married-white-female is only acting out on her natural impulses. Finally, she ends up hating Mr. beta bucks, not really knowing why, and divorces him. She gets back on birth control, and repeats the entire cycle over again. Birth control really should be banned.

        7. That could be it. Though I’m hit on regularly by 20 something chicks, I just assume that they’re on BC. Could be wrong.

        8. I’m following the logic, but it still doesn’t seem to match my experiences. I think women engage in the duality often and when you see them with a softer guy he’s envariably just a provider. If they’re hot its a good chance they’re getting dick on the side. I’ve seen it too many times.
          Justin Beiber is soft looking but he has an attractive face and he’s a celebrity. He’d still be pulling without fame if he had the right mindset. Attractive emo is OK for women, that’s probably the only time it is. An unattractive, soft guy is pretty much pussy repellent.

        9. Timberlake is a boss. Did you never see “Cry me a river”? Publicly dissing Britney Spears was epic. Hell he won the “breakup war” because Spears started shaving her head, running around naked and all sorts of stupid shit.

      2. And we all wonder why modern women are so fucked up. It’s hormonal birth control. How come no one on ROK has addressed this issue? Can you imagine how fucked up boys would be if we put them all on testosterone therapy when they’re 14 years old? We put our female population on hormonal birth control very early on. No wonder modern women are so fat and emotionally unstable.

        1. Really? Then why have I never observed this in the 80’s? No one used condoms and I don’t know of any female who got pregnant so they must have been using something, birth control pills included. Birth control is the female’s responsibility since she’s the one who gets pregnant. And before DNA (it’s not foolproof) there was no way of proving or making a man pay child support. Hmm maybe that’s why they were careful.

  24. Very nice read, awesome article.If only more men could see this.I find the “bitterness” path THE most common path amongst my peers. I also, was deep Down this path not even long ago, but not anymore. Thanks!

  25. Public education in America is ground zero in the war against men. Growing up, several of my closest friends were singled out for psychotropic therapy on Ritalin and other drugs. My best friend was forced on that shit before he was even ten years old.
    Looking back on them now with adult eyes, none of them did anything to warrant being drugged. They were normal, healthy boys… and I watched them fade into nothing over the course of my school years. Every one of them grew up to have severe substance abuse problems, depression, etc. As far as I’m aware, most of them are broken men today.
    Except my best friend, the one who was drugged before the age of ten. He killed himself a few years back. I believe he’d be alive today if our teachers (all female) hadn’t used the school shrink (also female) to convince his sole parent (also female) to fuck with his brain chemistry.

    1. How long before the male drive to analyse and solve problems is designated as a ‘disorder’ in the DSM, to be drugged away with some new Pfizer compound?

    2. Was he entered into a drug database, forever forbidding him from holding a Gov’t job or owning a gun?

    3. American “Doctors” give out drugs like they are candy. Some of the side effects can be worse than the actual problem. Who knows what these drugs will do to someone in the long run 10, 20, 50 years down the line. Boys are basically guinea pigs.

    4. Serious question, how can any child be “forced” to take a drug if the parents simply do not consent or withdraw him from the school system?

      1. The school system has custody of the child. If you the parent take him out then they can track you down and throw you in jail for contributing to truancy. You have no right to take your kids out of the system. I am surprised you were unaware of this. If you try to home school you will see the barriers they throw up to try and prevent you. In many western countries home schooling is illegal. In Germany they have broken into homes DEA style with SWAT teams and arrested parents for trying to home school. Google it.
        I had to fight tooth and nail to keep the school from forcing me to vaccinate my daughter when we transferred from one school system to another. She had been vaccinated, but not after the age required by the new school system. They did not care that my doctor told them it was unnecessary. Eventually the only way I could fight it was to claim a religious exemption. This was fraudulent but was the only way.
        Parents do not have any authority over their children. The state believes they have control and they are the ones with the big guns, endless resources, lawyers, and all the time I the world.

        1. You sure can take your child out of schools. Homeschooling is legal in pretty much every state in the union and I haven’t seen any barriers to my niece and nephew being home schooled (your state may be different, maybe that explains the communication gap we’re having). I don’t know about Europe, I was speaking in a U.S. context.

        2. Homeschooled all 4 of our kids from the get go. only way to fly.
          they appreciated it.

        3. Das Jugendamt!
          They arrest the parents and take the child(ren) away for “assessment.”

    5. So True. And the Erectile Dysfunction problems for middle aged men that started this crap 30 plus years ago are horrible. Had to fire a 44 year old life-long citalopram user for rage issues. He was trying to take himself off the drugs so he could have a sex life. Poor guy, I put up with his raging for years before I couldn’t take it anymore.
      Do NOT let your women drug your sons with this shit!! I blocked my wife on this one 15 years ago and my son turned out just fine. He was just a rowdy little boy.

  26. Red pill men need to do what feminists did and infiltrate organizations with stewardship over boys. Volunteer your time coaching sports, or join big brothers, boys and girls clubs, cadets (if Canadian don’t know the US equivalent), your local community organizations and start planting seeds of manliness. I teach children martial arts on the weekends voluntarily. No one gets coddled, not everyone is a winner, no, I teach them about reality.

      1. On some issues, yeah, I agree. But this is something one has actual control over in their personal live and lives of others around them.

      2. That is some fucked up attitude. If we can’t save this society, the least we can do is pass on knowledge to those that may inherit a future one.

  27. What about the gender bending chemicals (phthalates, bisphenol A, brominated flame retardants) in toys, papers, foods, cars, credit card, cutlery, CD cases, sunglasses… etc? Literally in almost everything we touch.
    It is not easy being a male in 21st century.

    1. It’s no coincidence male test levels are plummeting much like the price of a tulip after the peak of the Dutch tulip mania in 1637.

      1. male test levels are getting nipped in the bud, then….
        [/terrible wordplay]

  28. Fantastic article.
    I’m in my late 20s now so I’ve been out of the public school system for a decade. Lately, I’ve been reading quite a bit on the manosphere about how messed up the education environment is for young boys. Your post does a great job highlighting the issues young boys face inside the school system and beyond.
    I’ve been Red Pill for a few years now, but I only recently made the connection to how some of the female teachers I had hampered my educational development. I realized that all the teachers that I had significant problems with were all the worst kind of women with serious issues when it came to men.
    My first bad school year came at eight years old, when I had a teacher who must have weighed about 250 pounds. She was so big and her hips so wide, that she couldn’t sit back properly in her big hair. I remember this vividly. She always had to sit on the front part. She was a miserable woman, who got angry very easily and would make a show of disciplining students (especially boys). I used to wonder why she was even teaching. Thanks to red pill knowledge, I now realize that for years (if not all her life) she had been invisible to men. Imagine the emotional response that must happen inside a woman like that when she sees boys acting like boys? You can imagine on whom she took out her frustrations.
    Later on I had another difficult year, this time with a teacher who we all knew was a lesbian. She didn’t shave her armpits, she had a mustache, she was overweight. Once again, a difficult year was had. Another woman with contempt for men.
    The problem is particularly bad in elementary school because you’re stuck with the same teacher, all day, for an entire year. At least by high school it’s only for one period a day and for one semester. You have a bit of leeway to set your schedule as you climb up the ranks and you can hopefully try to avoid a toxic teacher.
    It’s quite scary to think that we entrust our young boys, in the care of these maladjusted women who can’t even properly run their own lives. The fact that they hold the job title of “teacher” and the prestige/respect that comes along with it is quite literally the only good thing these toxic women have in their lives.
    Like I said, I only recently made this connection, thanks to Red Pill wisdom. I share this comment not to talk about my story, but for other men reading. Consider your childhood teachers. I suspect I’m not the only one who can draw this connection and had some difficult years at the hands of maladjusted women.
    Once again, great article.

    1. A lot of women teachers have confidence issues around boys, even when they aren’t out and out feminists. Taken together with single mums who cant manage and lack of opportunity to physically express themselves in sport and competitive play you get behavioural problems which get pathologised as conduct disorders etc i.e. Normal behaviour that through mismanagement gets classified in the DSM as disordered. Female inadequacy in managing boys gets projected onto boys as as disorder or maladjustment. The result is failure, damage and as is beginning to be articulated, actualpsychological and physical abuse.

    2. My 5th grade teacher was a korean war vet. He didn’t take shit from anybody, and everyone respected him. I always looked up to him. He was a great influence in my early life on how to command respect.

    3. I did not have many male teachers until I got to university.
      However, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had a male science teacher in the 8th grade. He was awesome. I woke up to how cool science was, how much I enjoyed it, and how I was naturally made for science. Thanks to that wonderful man, from that year onward, I had abundant confidence in my abilities in match, science, and anything that requires the same intellectual abilities and tools.
      I’m not a scientist today. But I still approach all problems the way I learned in the 8th grade from that science teacher. “Break down the problem, solve the parts.” I still remember him saying that every time I was temporarily stumped.

  29. You squarely blame men for this phenomenon, courtesy of the “pump and dump” philosophy. Guys, wear a rubber or splooge over her belly, tits, AND face. If you get the chick pregnant, then take responsibility and be the father.

        1. And how about you go and kill yourself whoreson?
          Yeah, i can see why abortion should been practiced in your and Paine’s case. Fucking nigger fuckwit.

      1. Wow! and doom an innocent person to a life of a bastard in a care of a whore? Yeah you have no moral qualms, that’s for sure.

        1. His attitude is actually anti-male. He’s carelessly creating sons who will be purposefully victimized by feminine society. And he knows it and laughs about it.

    1. Where a condom? Nah. Fuck her in the ass. That’s the best she deserves. Plus, American women love it.

      1. Google Garfunkel and Oates, The Loophole. It is a very funny send up of those religious technical virgins. The first line of the refrain is “F*ck me in the ass because I love Jesus.”

  30. All of my best teachers growing up were men. Male teachers are always much more interesting and hands-on than their female counterparts. I had good female teachers I suppose, but many of them were very old and most were terribly boring.
    Male teachers are going extinct. This is bad new for the next generation of Americans. Most will be raised with almost exclusively female influence. TIme will tell how this bizarre social experiment turns out. My guess is that they are preparing the next generation to fully embrace a technologically based permanent totalitarian regime. Masculinity is the bulwark against political oppression. Destroy all vestiges of masculinity, and the society will be weak and demand totalitarianism for “it’s own Safety.”

  31. One of the greatest Americans Ralph Waldo Emerson said:
    Men are what their mothers made them

  32. Prepare to see rates of homosexuality and sexual confusion skyrocket among the male population.

  33. Great article. A “a call to arms”. Moms can’t raise boys properly to manhood cause they don’t know how. They’re girls for fucks sake. A lady I work with who was a single mom via divorce came up to me and wanted me to hang out with her 10 yr old son because he “had no male role models”. This cool single-mom-by-divorce had the insight that her sons upbringing was incomplete. She was sincere. I told her to check out Boys Clubs or the Boy Scouts. I told her to let the boy hang out with his uncles and grandfather. A rare lady to see the VALUE of men and fathers.

        1. Succumbing to ones desires and impulses, self emasculating thru sodomy acting like a girl or effeminate are the polar opposite of good role models and examples for boys. That’s what’s wrong.
          Read The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Then cone back.

        2. What Towgunner said. Also, and I don’t care if you give two shits about it, but Boy Scouts follow a Virtue and Religious code, which explicitly declares that they need to be morally accountable and morally straight. No major world religion practiced in the West actually has texts which condone homosexuality, and in fact the major Abrahamic religions all have scriptures explicitly denouncing homosexuality as a sin. Since most boys in Boy Scouts are ostensibly some form of Christian/Jew/Muslim (no atheists allowed in scouts, btw), allowing homo boys in goes against every tenant Boy Scouts are supposed to stand for.

  34. Buddy, Circumcision for some strange reason is NOT just a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic thing. Random tribes from Africa to New Zeeland practiced male circumcision
    I understand there’s a powerful ‘anti-circumcision’ movement online, but people need to actually get the facts. The Hygiene hypothesis does work theoretically and from data of STD infections, etc.
    The other problem is that we have circumcized people worshipping circumcision / anti-religioners raging against it for their personal beliefs. Buddy, Uncircumcised penises are a hassle for certain races. IE east asians have low amount of foreskin density, so not a problem. HOwever higher T/Bigger dick races essentially have naturally defective Penises unless they can be circumcised
    I can refer you to posts of circumcised people or ‘uncut’ people having convo’s about how to stop their dicks from breaking that would cause you to rethink ur anti-circumcision obsession
    Circumsision is a genius mechanical operation. Big dink/large foreskin races require it and makes life quite easy compared to the ant-eaters
    *btw, majority of Euro’s are still circumcized, it might be nice to just admit bashing all things religion is ur working class past-time***

    1. You are circumcised aren’t you? I understand it would be painful to admit something is wrong with you and that a great injustice was committed against your manhood.
      These supposed benefits have been all debunked so it is clear that you are ignoring one half of the discourse in order to feed your denial. I understand you however, learning that your mother never loved you and that in fact she paid 300 bucks to molest and mutilate you for life would make even me go online and find whatever ‘proof’ to extinguish that emotional torment every time I’d look down my pants.
      By the way, I am European and no such thing occurs here, actually my mother does not even know what circumcision is and she holds two university degrees.

      1. Buddy you are fighting on a Marxist-Feminist talking point. Raging against Circumcision is one the feminists rage-against-all-things Religious or Traditional, and OP is deluded enough to actually believe that it’s a MRA led issue
        Srs, strong lack of editing by Roosh. Yes, lets let estrogen dominant Libs speak about ‘Male Rights’ and control our agenda. Surely that is a good success
        All hail the 1960’s and their progress! Freeing men from the chains of patriarchy, yesh!

      2. And some facts that you can dig up :
        Uncircumcized boys, 4 % suffer from UTI’s within 1st year of life
        Higher incidence of Penis Cancer
        High incidence of bacterial growth on the penis
        High rate of inflammation of the Penis(balanoposthis)
        Less resistant to HIV and STD’s in general
        Trust me. Mechanically the operation makes sense and was strangely ‘discovered’ by varying tribes across the world. Too much foreskin = defective dink

        1. It makes sense for people who both:
          1) Have no access to hygiene (they cant clean)
          2) Have no access to health care (they cant fix simple
          No major scientific body has accepted the studies suggesting that mutilation has positive effects.
          Human sacrifice was also ‘discovered’ by various tribes. Savage ‘discoveries’ should not be counted as proof.

        2. You don’t know what you are talking about.
          Don’t try be smart; being smart is way out of your and Acehole’s league, nigger.

      3. Go fuck yourself stupid nigger cunt.
        Go get killed by a drive-by, shit-for-brains.

    2. I’m circumcised and I dunno I just don’t feel like any great mutilation was put upon me. My dick feels fine for sex. Haven’t had any issues. I have a twin brother who was NOT circumcised due to being very sick as an infant and my parents not wanting him to endure any more trauma. He wishes he had been circumcised though because he thinks my dick looks better (I agree).
      And I always give him crap about his dick being covered in “cheese” cuz he doesn’t clean it enough. This is based on the fact that when he was a little kid I remember my mom having to wash his dick due to him being a little pigpen, while my dick didn’t need any extra attention.

      1. Of course you have to make fun of him and shame him because if you did not you would have to approach the idea of being a mutilated circus freak that you are.

      2. Why are you and your brother standing around looking at each other’s dicks and comparing notes, precisely?

      3. You should read up about the number of nerve cells present at the tip of the foreskin.Your twin brother might be a lazy fuck, but at least his dick hasn’t lost the sensitivity yours has.

    3. Your post makes no sense from an evolutionary standpoint. If uncircumcised caused that much dysfunction it stands to reason that it would stop reproduction and would be selected out in the evolutionary scheme of things.
      Clearly that’s not the case though, is it?

      1. Rape victims sometimes deny the fact that they were raped because shame is preventing them from accepting what happened. He will try to find whatever piece of information to deflect any fact that suggests that he was mutilated as a kid.

        1. And that has what to do with answering my question or addressing the point I was making? You can confess until the cows come home but that doesn’t mean evolution takes your complaints in stride. Harmful traits that clearly blunt and stop reproduction would necessarily be selected out rather quickly if a species were to survive.

        2. Well it had to do something with it. I do not think that the primary reason RERE wrote his post the way he did was his ignorance but rather the fact that he absolutely HAS TO deny the notion that circumcision is wrong as it would affect his live in a negative way (self esteem, relationship with his parents etc.)

    4. “majority of Euro’s are still circumcized”
      This is false, through and through.
      “Big dink/large foreskin races require it and makes life quite easy compared to the ant-eaters”
      Rabbi hogwash. If you live in a first world country where hygene is easy to maintain there is no need for it. Go practice your “business” in the third world.

  35. “These years are marked by routine and institutional abuse that pathologizes masculinity and trains men to seek women’s approval more than their own joy.”
    Many of my more controversial stances (homo is an abomination no matter the gender, abortion is killing, there is no war on women because bad things happen to everybody) get me the threat of never having a woman’s approval. I realized that since I’ve already lived without it for so long, that I don’t need it and that actually makes me independent. No need to sacrifice my principles for a woman.

  36. I am so happy to see the subject of male genital mutilation and torture finally broached on this site. Also I find women complaining about rape hilarious because every man who has had his penis raped has been through far worse than forced sex.
    Also regrowith is possible. Look it up. Can make a huge difference psychologically and in terms of function.
    God bless

  37. Hey dude, if you want to see a more significant male influence in the lives of children, become a teacher, stay with your kids, fight for them if your ex wife or girlfriend tries to take them. Most of the people on this site say “single moms are scum” and “all children need a male influence” but then they go and say “i I don’t want kids” “men should be able to be free from taking care of his offspring” “if my girlfriend gets pregnant I won’t help her” If you want to see some change in the way children are brought up, go to school and get a teaching license, become a teacher, be a strong presence in your child’s life, go volunteer at a community center where kids hang out. Don’t just say “women are damaging our children” but do nothing about it. You have the power to change it.

    1. Its too late. Try be a teacher today, you will soon face all kind of problems from pedophilia charges to sexual this and that from your co workers. If thats not enough they have other ways to get you.

      1. It IS hard for men to become educators for the reason you mentioned, but also because of our own attitudes towards the profession as unworthy women’s work. Its a cop-out. As long as we willingly pass over the role of educator to women, we are as complicit in this as they are.

      2. None of my male teachers ever talk about that shit happening to them or their male coworkers. All the teachers I have, men and women, are pissed off about the new bullshit standardized tests we have to take. And it’s actually a product of patriarchy that men are stereotyped as pedophiles and that “only women should be teachers of young kids” blah blah blah. Like if a person has a history of sexual misconduct they shouldn’t be hired as a teacher but it’s not fair to stereotype all men as predators.

      1. Honestly I think it may be best to just segregate schools by sex and then have dances and mixers for them to socialize.

        1. No, it must be complete segregation. Young girls and boys will find ways to fuck each other if the opportunity arose. If I had a daughter, preserving her virginity for her husband (better be a damn good man) would be paramount in my concerns as her father. I could give a fuck if my son slayed multiple whores, in fact I’d be very proud, a chip off the ole block. I’d be concerned about him wearing condoms, staying STD free and not getting into relationships especially before he established himself. My main concern with a son would be his education, career prospects and manhood. My daughter, her virtue, and nothing else matters.

        2. Why have a daughter in this day in age? Sounds like a good way to get your heart torn to shreds. By the time you decide to have children you’ll definitely be able to decide the sex of your child at the very least.

        3. That’s not the way either brah. I think any notion to have children artificially preselected based upon the sex of the child, should be banned. Let’s face it, even in the age of feminism, women know how fucked up other women can be, and the preference for male children will always be a lot greater by both parents than the preference for daughters. A large number of males born into any society with relatively few numbers of women, can equate to one critical outcome: war. I don’t like espousing modern theories much, but I do believe an equal or relatively higher number of ratios of females to males in society is a good thing.
          The natural order and sex act even demonstrates this. A woman has a much longer time cycle to conceive a girl. The fresher a man’s sperm is, and the more fertile a woman is, means she conceives a boy. However, that’s the more unlikely scenario, given that women only ovulate, two days out of a month. A man’s sperm can stay inside of a woman for about 3-5 days, the longer that sperm stays inside her close to her ovulation, means that they’ll have a girl. I trust nature. There should be more girls for a reason.

        4. The risk of having a daughter that might become a whore outweighs the possible benefits of having a daughter for me. I’d rather just raise sons, so I certainly hope there will be no legislation to prevent me from doing so.

  38. What if you find yourself in between the second and third path? I find myself still chauvinistic.

    1. Yea, I have a hard time finding anything wrong with that. As the incomparable Otto Weininger said, “No men who really think deeply about women retain a high opinion of them; men either despise women or they have never thought seriously about them.”

    2. Unrelated funfact. Your username “Frogger” reminds me of the early 80s, when, wherever I saw a Frogger machine at the arcade, I’d triple the existing high-score. What a worthless manifestation of Tiger-level talent at something nobody ever gave two squirts of piss over. At any rate, after months of “FUK” being the high score, I’d come back at some point where the sunuvubitches had unplugged the fucker and zeroed-out the high-scores. What cocks.

  39. I usually enjoy your articles, but this is equal in lunacy as feminists bitching about an existing “patriarchy”. Or even on the same level of fat girls blaming their weight on genetics.
    We are pushed into adverse situations throughout life. The strong push through and succeed. The weak are left to bitch about it.

    1. how are kids lacking male role models and doped up on drugs because their behaviour is pathologised as soon as they get to school supposed to just push through and succeed? They are kids. There is a truism that men are made. A part of that is education and having proper guidance. To the extent that a feminized society is trying to prevent that from happening is it wrong to try to identify the problem?

    2. Hey. What your are describing is exactly what “they” deliberately target in males. Boys deserve better. Humans deserve better.

    3. I have one thing to say. You think it’s just fine to fill little boys up with highly potent chemicals? Ok then, here it is: FUCK YOU.

    4. Explain to me how a “strong” newborn boy, let alone a “weak” newborn boy, can stop genital mutilation, precisely?
      You clearly do not live in the U.S. or do not have children here if you do. This isn’t some kind of conspiratorial dark paranoia thing, it’s in the open for all to see. Or do you believe that we’re making up drugging little boys and the highly feminine based culture?

      1. You clearly didn’t pass reading comprehension. An infant can do nothing about his circumcision, as I was unable to do nothing when I was circumcised in the hospital. My brother was one of those “drugged” little boys. He’s doing well now and he’s no longer on any meds. We don’t care about the past, because we cannot change it. As men, we roll with the punches, and we play the cards that have been dealt to us.
        The minute you start blaming your short comings on something as stupid and menial as circumcisions or prescription medicine is the minute you show weakness. Stop adopting the feminist attitude of rationalizing your shortcomings. Be a man. When you fail admit that you were simply not trying hard enough. Don’t blame it on your circumcised penis.

        1. Save the shaming language, Francis.
          Noting that the highly feminist educational system and subsequent drugging of boys, which is well documented and well endorsed by the feminist culture, is destroying young men wholesale has nothing to do with “me” and “admitting I was simply not trying hard enough”. This is about other people who are being destroyed. So great, you can have a society with 0.01% who are resistant to this crap, and the rest become useless unproductive, uncreative, maybe even violence prone non-breeding drones. Guess what, Conan, your society vanishes. It is vanishing right now. Noting the problems so we can get to fixing them is a better solution than thumping your chest and proclaiming the demigods are the only ones to survive. Well, they won’t survive either in a world of angry, bitter, once drug addled, highly confused, easily manipulated and sexless young men running around.
          So few men here, or anywhere, have seen real third world hell holes. The narcissistic desire to see it all collapse, whether expressed openly or through insinuation (“We strong will survive, screw the rest!”) is born of nothing but sheer ignorance.

  40. Translate this into every language possible and send links and letters throughout the globe to warn all the logical, masculine men in eastern countries of the impending doom. They must not make the same mistake and fall into enemy hands!

  41. Runsonmagic I follow you on twitter, read your articles ,and even see you in the comments of several sites. You are on point in every instance. you will receive a cascade of approval for this post so I may as well get to the point. Good shit man, good shit.

  42. Fuck Women. FUCK WOMEN. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!
    The bitches of the America have destroyed their children. Fuck these single mothers and nail their vapid cunts to a hot air balloon flying to the North Pole. Let Polar bears fuck them and then eat them up. Modern American women, are degenerate creatures, illegible to be called as humans, as they don’t have the sense of basic responsibility either using their cunts or raising their kids. A bloody bitch will only deprive her child of a proper upbringing, and that’s what the average hoe skank rotten cunt of a bitch woman in America today will do. Bloody fuck them. I spit on America women and piss on their fucking breed. Not only have they scarred men, they have also destroyed innocent kids. Fucking parasites just want to get knocked up so as to get married to the state. Screw them, Screw them, SCREW THEM!!!

    1. You are among friends. You don’t have to sugar coat it. Let us know how you really feel.

  43. This is a great article on ROK. I’ve seen an increase of these concise and well-written outcries around the web basically stating what needs to be said – the elephant in the room.
    The other day I had it out with “ma” about her drugging of my little brother with SSRIs in the late 90’s. The “doctor”, the “teachers”, my mother, all women – injecting this awesome young boy with chemicals because he wouldn’t sit still in social studies class, or pissed-off the wrong cunt teacher that had deep influence throughout the dark dyke forest of educators, administrators, and female psycologists twiddling their thumbs just waiting for the next boy to “act out” enough to inject them with narcotics. After all, big education has deals with big pharma, and there are pensions to worry about, don’t forget. His formative years were filled with dozens of women judging him and injecting him with pharmaceuticals, despite having near-perfect DNA, an all-american athletic ability, and killer good-looks.
    These hateful bitches took out there fucked-up imbalances and post-whatever depressions on us boys. Thankfully for me, I was too much of an independent hell-raiser, grew-up in a pre-SSRI era (thank god). But still even then, I was put through the same bullshit and mental torture of females in control. I wonder if any of that had anything to do with me never wanting to get married, bearing witness to the robotic nazi-like convictions of these psychotic bitches despirate to feed any boy to the machine.

  44. Remember, if she’s fat. Be honest and tell her she’s fat. In the west we’re getting more plumpy women because men are willing to say “aww honey, you’re beautiful no matter how much those men want to use the harpoon on you”

    1. Agreed. Westerners baby our women to much and tolerate to much of their shit. You don’t see Asian or African men having all these problems with their women.

  45. I love RoK but the beginning of this post sounds like the masculine version of a feminist rant. Circumcision is not a female plot to degrade men and make them feel like their natural self is not good enough. It is not a female ploy to make men look better to them. It is nothing more than a tradition started by MEN in a very old religion. And like most ingrained traditions, it sticks with us. How many atheists say “Oh my god”? Does that mean that its use is secretly a theist ploy to make people believe in christianity? No.

    1. Mothers give consent for circumcision. If they cared about their baby boy’s body, they would not agree to it. So it is selfish on their part, regardless of why they decide to allow the mutilation.
      But I do agree that it is the larger culture that plays a role. If our society gave a damn about males, it would be in as much of an uproar about this male genitalia mutilation as they would be if baby girls had their clitoris cut off at birth. That uproar is not there. So the points made in this article still stand.

    2. Circumcision is not an ingrained tradition, it was, and I believe still is outlawed by the Catholic Church.
      It became popular in the 19th Century was masturbation was thought to cause a range of illnesses. When that was disproven, masturbation was then believed to cause paralysis, etc….
      So it comes from some crackpot psychologists and not Christianity.
      Even still, most parents, male and female, can’t be bothered to spend five minutes reading about it on the internet in order to make an informed decision.

  46. Luckily as a man I do not cry.
    But as a boy – reading this article – I feel like I would cry. Shame on women.

    1. I hear you, brother. However, women don’t feel shame. It’s either euphoria or discontent (scorn). Basically, dopamine junkies.

  47. Great article! This should be printed in every major newspaper in America. (In fact, after editing a bit, have you considered submitting it to ever major newspaper in America?)
    I wish I had learned these things when I was much younger. I did not get even a hint of these things until I was in my 20’s. That was my first experience with true freedom. I fucked as many attractive women as I could. And a few ugly ones when I was drunk enough and desperate enough. That was my first notion of what they were good for. To some of you younger guys, you might think that women from 20 years ago were a lot different than they are today, but they weren’t. They were as vile as today.
    It wasn’t until my 30’s that I really started to see through the media brainwashing. Then I read “The War on Boys,” and realized that – while boys today have it MUCH worse – it wasn’t much better when I was a boy. I’m lucking no motherfucker fucked up my brain for life with ADHD drugs.
    Of course, in my 30’s I got married. That was a 6 year nightmare. Which culminated in a divorce and being raped by the institutions of the feminist state. That’s when I learned that a woman’s love does not actually exist. It is a mirage. I also learned once and for all that my own government has no respect for me and will forcibly take my resources from me to serve an ideological agenda. That was when I truly came to accept that courts are not places of justice, but an extension of the political environment of our country.
    Now, I am fully enlightened. No woman will ever harm me again. I will use them for my pleasure, which they seem to enjoy plenty. But that is it. I do not seek their approval. In fact, when I see their disapproval – since they have had the opposite cultural condition I experienced (and it was wrong) – I know that what I am doing is right.
    In particular, I know that white American women are the product of a deeply malfunctioning society. I can’t even bring myself to fuck them. In fact, now that I see them for what they are, they look like witches to me. They are completely gross, disgusting, no better than piles of sewage. So, my dick roams freely among Latinas and Asians. They seem to be quite happy with that fact. One thing they really love to hear is how much I hate white American women. White American woman, you are hated not just by men like me, but by women “of color.” Remember that when you are on the street and in the office.
    My money is my money. I can’t take it with me when I die, so I’ll enjoy a large part of it after I get past my peak earning years. Since I enjoy my work, I have no problem putting my passion there instead of spending money on things I don’t need and only temporarily think I want. I pro-actively seek to avoid as much taxation as I can legally. My residence is in a state with no income taxes; I avoid sales taxes to the greatest extent possible; I use legal tax strategies to shave a few points off of the money the federal government extorts from me; and I spend considerable time overseas where the taxes I pay do not go to benefit that feminist American state.
    Whatever is left of my money after being a very productive male, I will leave to a good cause in my will. It will be in a form of a trust that avoids inheritance tax. I haven’t yet decided what the good cause should be, though I want it to be some organization or institution committed to fighting back and changing things back to their natural order. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reply with them.

    1. I feel the same exact way! Anything that I earn in this life, will not go to some bitch, or the state upon my death. I’d rather see everything I worked so hard for burned asunder than to see a pittance of it go towards supporting our multiculti feminist Cultural Marxist state. I’d burn it myself, before I let that happen.

  48. The purpose of both female and male infant genital mutilation is to reduce the person’s ability to get pleasure from masturbation and sex.
    What do we call it when a natural and normal function of someone’s body is significantly impaired? We say (if we still used the right words for things) that the person is crippled.
    Boys are circumcised to (partially) cripple their sexuality. That’s what’s going on.

    1. Yes, you are right good sir. The problems we face are recent trends in feminism, it’s ancient customs from masculine cultures
      This guy gets it, the patriarchy is the enemy of boys, God bless the 1960’s!
      *strokes neckbeard*
      *plays with male breast*

      1. That should say ‘the problems we face are NOT recent trends in feminism, but ancient customs developed by masculine cultures’
        tl;dr, I love me some cultural Feminist-Marxist 1960’s critiques masquerading as male concern the morning

  49. In such an environment, its important to create your own culture. Have your own traditions, your own work ethic; something akin to what the great paternal figures had before this age of post modernity. Everything in your environment is set to reduce you into either being a effeminate freak or a wild dog that is distracted throughout his life by chasing his own tail. At least the latter gets to have fun, but we are men and should be evolving.
    Matriarchies never took off the ground, for a reason. They stayed relatively poor and eventually collapsed. Your average person who adheres to this current system will do the same.

  50. Post-war state-sponsored babysitting. Often wondered how much more a government rakes in in tax as a direct result of the mother being freed up to bring in a second income. Great article.

  51. The Ritalin Generation.
    My 14yo nephew could be the pin-up boy for this article.
    His father took the bolt when he was about 4yo, leaving my sister (who holds a masters in child psychology), to raise him.
    After 8 years, we have a kid who is on 3 different psychological drugs. (Ritalin, Straterra, Fluoroxadine), failing school miserably, hates sport, plays video games non-stop, is seriously overweight, loves watching “my little pony” and baking cakes, and is scared of girls when he is not acting like one.
    My dad, and I, try to have some influence on him, but it can’t compete with the non-stop feminization from my sister and her no-discipline, psychobabble childrearing. Added to this is an emasculated beta stepdad.
    Poor kid never had a chance.

  52. So, you’ve just went red pill but spent a lot of your fatherhood time as a beta. You see the effects of “mom” and mom-culture on your son(s), and don’t know where to start in reversing the damage. How about handing your son(s) a copy of Huckleberry Finn? It’s straight forward, your wife likely hasn’t read it and you can say “Oh, it’s a classic. Mark Twain!” and she’ll be none the wiser.
    Let them read about a boy being a boy at a time when adversity and hard times were laughed off and ingenuity and creativity and rough and tumble were celebrated. Discuss it with them (read it first yourself), hearken back to “and this is how it needs to be again” or “this is how boys have acted throughout history” or however you wish to phrase it.
    It’s not a cure all, but it’s a good place to start the journey, and it’s an easy read so they won’t get bored.
    Just thinking out loud. We won’t win this war without taking our sons back, gotta start somewhere.

    1. Ghost, I’m with you 100%. We need more solutions. Scouts, camping, check. Other books? How about Starship Troopers? Treasure Island? We need to get some inspiring works into our sons’ hands.

  53. Truly, one of the best articles I’ve read anywhere since taking the red pill over a year ago. Will be sharing with the young men that I mentor in my Boy Scout troop.

  54. ya i have a botched circumscion since i was a kid. the head has a lil knick at the end of if. i got hair half way up the shaft. and the left side of my cock doesnt feel as strong as the right. it also points down n to the left. its hard to get fully erect like when i take a cialis pill.
    the whole reason it was done was so std hiv transmissions would be lower.
    at least when they do the operations they should do it right.

  55. intersetin that they make hell about fgm in africa but dont care about male circumscion gone wrong.
    dam words are real powerful aint it. circumsie a female its called female genital mutilation(which i agree if its too extrene.)

  56. Do you think all moms don’t know what is going on? All the female teachers my beautiful super-kinetic son has had have asked me “Is there some medication he’s on that I should know about?” I always answered, bluntly, “No.” I never followed up with, “Why? Do you think he has a problem?” They wanted him to be a perfect little girl ass-kissing straight-A student, instead of the hero he was meant to be.
    Funny. Male coaches never asked me that question.

  57. P.S. There was no way in hell we were going to circumcise him either. He was perfect just the way he was born.

  58. “Watching pornography actually changes the brain”
    Curiously enough TED (which is as feminist as they come: they are the same that promote feminist jew Hanna Rosin and all her “The End of Men” hasbara) blocked the comments on that video. How typical for the feminuts…

    1. Well, does pornography actually change the brain? There’s an interesting question.

  59. Thanks to the public school system, my childhood was robbed because of Feminist teachers and Bullies. I dont plan on having children but if i ever have a son Im personally hiring a private instructor.

  60. Great article. About circumcision, we’re brought up in America to think of it as completely normal. Researching my final law school paper really opened my eyes to it though. The paper compares male and female circumcision and concludes the two are for all intents and purpose the same when you actually look at the facts. Yet people go absolutely nuts when you draw the comparison either because of misinformation they’ve been told or because of ideological bias.
    My email address for anyone who wants to read it..
    [email protected]

  61. Sadly, the so called “men” in america will not lift a finger to secure the future of these boys. They will not defend the children of their land despite the fact it is quite clear that the boys of america are in clear and present danger.
    Those who are really at fault at the men who refuse to act. Which is 99.9% of them. And those who do act are hated on because they show up the other men.

    1. Well, Paine and Acehole certainly belong in the gategory of “wretched, worthless vermin”.
      They are both niggers, though, so it’s a given.

  62. Runsonmagic, I raise the sign of the horns and salute you. May Satan guide us into the light.

    1. Crazy enough this comment.. but, if you think:
      * Lucifer means light
      * Light is Info
      So… Who wants information above mental castration is the bad guy in history?
      food for thought.

      1. But here steps in Satan, the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds. He makes man ashamed of his bestial ignorance and obedience; he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, in urging him to disobey and eat of the fruit of knowledge.
        -Mikhail Bakunin (Revolutionary anarchist)-
        Anarchism is the new path of humanity. And we are all free to walk in any fuckin’ direction we want. Long live the revolution.

        1. You are retarded. Satan is a wretched little pussyass cum guzzling gutter slut.
          I laugh at you, you little bitch.
          Satan can go fuck himself.

    2. Fucking idiot.
      Satan is a whiny faggot and bitch, pretty much like you. I spit on both you and Satan, you fucking piece of shit.

  63. While you have some great points, you are seriously failing at understanding the history of schooling traditions – they (sit still or be punished etc.) became widely accepted during 19th and the beginning of 20th century when teaching in public schools was still completely the male domain.

  64. I think it’s important acknowledge how widespread mainstream media female victimization perpetuates men’s abusive brainwashing by appealing to their white knight instincts, driving many guys into a vicious co-dependent cycle hard to break through, unless they get in touch with the manosphere.

  65. Love the Article Man! Breath of fresh air in a sick world of confused, manipulated people who allow themselves to be sabotaged by lies…

  66. While some of these points are valid, it’s important to look into what made the system work the way it does. More women than men are teachers because men view teaching as a feminine and therefore undesirable profession. If men did not feel such a desperate need to prove their masculinity at all times, they would not be so uncomfortable in a teaching role and therefore have much more influence over their children. Something is wrong when it is considered “babysitting” when a man looks after his children but when a woman looks after hers it is not looked twice at. If you want more masculine influence on your sons, take more responsibility for raising them.
    Similarly, sex ed in schools is fraught with misinformation focused on shaming children (both boys and girls) out of attempting any kind of sexual relationships. Sex ed needs to evolve away from teaching shame and abstinence, instead teaching consent and relationships between equals. While it is true that many young men (and women) turn to pornography, the negative side affects are far from universal and have nothing to do with causing boys to be more submissive to women. If you look at any given porno, it clearly shows women being objectified and dominated by men, often men far less attractive than they are. This is a male power fantasy, not a female one. If there is one thing boys learn from porn, it is that women are made to please them, not the other way around. Also, the assertion that female sex workers are seen as empowered is completely false. These women are looked down upon by most facets of society.

    1. Your comment is full of crap. For example, the lack of male teachers in school has absolutely nothing to do with “mens desperate desire to prove their masculinity at all times”. It’s 100% due to the fact that men can easily be accused of sexual predation as school teachers. They have few defenses. There are millions of men who would like to be teachers but have avoided it due to legal danger.
      The rest of your comment is full of twisted hamster crap as well. Moron.

  67. This is an amazing article…. what’s more it completely inverts the concept of women’s sufferage and shows how in many cases it’s the men that are suffering…
    Taking that one step further, to its logical conclusion, it’s the psychopath or abuser that convinces the victim that the abuse they are receiving is either justified as punishment (blue pill ‘suck it up’) or that the man is crazy or out of his mind in some way – chauvinist / misogynist.
    Now the psycho of the insecure female is fully revealed and any man is free from his bondage.

  68. I loved this! It’s always nice to have ones ideas and thoughts validated.
    I’m involved in early education and am forever lamenting the system in which the natural behaviors of boys is challenged as abnormal, needing to be “fixed”. We try to find ways to create opportunities to safely experience risk, to be boys and move the conversation about the physicality of boys away from the hyper feminist rhetoric.

  69. Oh dear god. I am a woman.
    I am in a group over 7,000 American mothers fighting against male circumcision and our numbers are growing. We treat our sons with just as much dignity and bodily autonomy as any human deserves. I convinced my fiancé not to circumcise, not to let a baby boy cry for hours and not to be objectified. There may be some shitty women out there, but there’s shitty people everywhere of any gender. Those who have conscience and compassion are not abusing their children, and should not be stereotyped.

  70. You guys lack solid facts, and really are just going off of your hatred of women. How dare they be authority figures! Men are given plenty of role models, aka 90% of who they learn about in school are men. Also, women dominating the teaching profession may be true for elementary grade levels, but is no longer true for the secondary level. 42% of high school teachers are men. Not a bad percentage. Also, guys, if anyone wants to save the male gender and become an elementary teacher, the job will practically be handed to you (

    1. also guys…ever heard of female circumcision where they cut off a woman’s clitoris and sew up her vagina? Not a supporter of circumcision of either sexes but you cannot view circumcision as a strictly men’s issue

      1. Let’s see: how many female circumcisions were performed in the West in the past year or so?
        Would it be anywhere near, anything other than one or two, performed by backward immigrant groups we keep warning you lot not to bring in?
        Now: how many male circumcisions were performed in the West in the past year or so?

    2. No hatred of women here, just a wether eye for the fallible human beings they are who enjoy their privileges a little too much.
      Ever wondered why the government’s having to beg for more male teachers in elementary schools? It’s a combination of:
      (a) Being looked at askance as a potential paedophile
      (b) Being looked at askance as a potential rapist
      (c) Being looked at askance as a potential misogynist
      for all one’s working life.
      Why would any self-respecting man take those kinds of risks? You drove men out of the classrooms and proceeded to fuck up our boy children, woman, you fix it — or reap the whirlwind that follows.
      And you seriously think “Men are given plenty of role models, aka 90% of who they learn about in school are men.” Tell me, do those role models involve being cast in a feminine light by female teachers? Do those role models eat, sleep, breathe, behave around the boys you’ve locked up in your classrooms? Kids take role models from the people they’re around, not the people they’re told about. I do hope you’re not a teacher if you don’t get that fundamental concept!

    1. That you helped create. In 2-3 years, the backlash will be widespread and palpably real. Something you can feel walking on the street, running your errands, at work and on the internet. You won’t be able to escape it in your dreams, you won’t be able to drown it in alcohol or drugs. Misogyny will be like the air you breathe and the water you drink. Everywhere, and unavoidable.
      Buckle you seatbelt, O hyphenated one. It’s going to be a turbulent ride 🙂

  71. Circumcision has a medical purpose. May be TMI, but I had to have it done, as my foreskin was literally growing together around my glans. I had it done when I was 4 years old and my god, was it painful. I dreaded urinating for a month afterward. 🙁

  72. >circumcision
    >After infancy,
    What? Circumcision is all you have to say about female abuse of boys in infancy? Really?

  73. Is there a site that I can go to like this where the articles aren’t written in provoking language? I would like to post this to facebook but I dont feel like I’ll reach any converts which is what I think I’d like. Once you tell women or closed minded men that women are the villains of the article they just shut down. You can’t say the truth, you have to show it and let them decide for themselves, Steering them not accusing them. Softer language may make for a better reaction. Is there an article like that out there that covers this same topic? The title alone is enough to deter people in the opposing camp to not read the article.
    All of that being said, I can completely vouch for the accuracy of whats spoken of here in my own life.

    1. “Softer language” is probably the number one contributor to the state of our culture today than anything else, unfortunately.

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