Trump Presidency Creates Mountains Of Salt From Butthurt Liberals

Rejoice, gentlemen! The tears of liberals are flowing freely, as Donald Trump has recently been announced president. All of the hard work that we’ve committed ourselves to over the past year has finally come to a close. It’s truly an event of the ages: a hard working, American businessman beat out the globalist titans and Satanic elite.

In the spirit of this great victory, I believe that we’re all entitled to some enjoyment. This article will be solely dedicated to bathing in liberal tears; and, mark my words, it will be glorious. This is the beginning of the end of SJWism, and I think it’s high time we soak in the fruits of our labor.

Hillary HQ: Morale Obliterated

Sorry guys, there’s no brakes on the #TrumpTrain


As poll results came in, moving Trump from a measly 2% chance to a whopping 95% chance of seizing the presidency, libtards began crying all across the nation. Turns out that America does not, in fact, want their Lord and Savior Hillary Rodham Christ, to be president of the free world.

Note the sour expression of the woman on the far right.

Unfortunately for you guys, Trump has won the presidency. Sorry illegals—you’re out. SJWism is coming to an end, the mainstream media is dying off, and we’re going to make America great again.

“You mean we won’t be letting in 60,000 violent refugees? Oh no!”

Here’s a video compilation:




Too late. He won. #LiterallyShaking


Reactions All Across Campus(sy)?




The Regressive Left Can’t Cope with Reality


If you’re having this much trouble dealing with Trump’s presidency, you shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.



She doesn’t realize that Democrats keep the black population down by giving them free handouts and encouraging squalor.




Oh, the feels! How can these people lead our country when they can’t even contain their emotions?

Professional Victim And Concern Trolling Olympics




Meanwhile At Trump HQ

Notice the general lack of high-estrogen men. Most of these guys don’t seem to be lacking in testosterone.

This man is giving a toast to Donald Trump. “To making America great again!”

Thank You Mr. President! Let’s #MAGA

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693 thoughts on “Trump Presidency Creates Mountains Of Salt From Butthurt Liberals”

  1. anyone else notice disqus makes you log in even you just want to look at comments? Not just here, but on other sites too. You see the first dozen comments or so, then when you expand the comments it prompts you to sign in?

        1. Same here. Hmm. Maybe somebody else will be having the same problem, and they will be able to remedy it, and pass it on to you…no ideas here, sorry to say.

    1. They all say the exact same things…almost like they memorized a script or something 🙂

        1. A lot of them were shrieking about abolishing the electoral college, I bet thats on page 43 of the screenplay

        2. Yeah, it’s obviously scripted. Everybody saw this coming…and of course the media is fanning the flames, same old shit. “Anti-Trump protests across America!” People milling around, not doing a hell of a lot, paid to hold signs. Same shit, different day.

        3. Didnt you hear? California is going to break off, and maybe bring Oregon and Washingtong with them. And then trees will grow money, and the whole place will be a safe space.

        4. Send bugs bunny and his saw out there- if can saw off florida, he can saw off cali

        5. I actually saw a Liberal on Facebook propose that all Republicans should go to one side of the country and all Democrats to the other … then see who lasts longer.
          That’s not even a contest, heh.

        6. They really do live in fantasyland, which is probably why Hollywood is pure liberal, meanwhile in rural america where people actually have to produce and fix things, is Conservative.

        7. Hollywood’s people are actors. They are paid to be fake. To live and embody a fantasy world.
          It is less and less surprising to me that in the antique days, actors were kinda low-status and looked down upon.

        8. I’m beginning to believe all of it has all been engineered. Exalt the worst and tear down the best. Cause rifts between men and women and races and poor and wealthy. Then you have one lonely scared person to defeat and its easy.

        9. We kinda have that – in the ‘red’ vs ‘blue’ states. As to which are doing better, it depends on how you define ‘doing better’.

        10. “saw a Liberal on Facebook propose that all Republicans should go to one side of the country and all Democrats to the other”
          Actually I wouldn’t mind that. I can’t stand being around a bunch of liberal assholes – they are all mentally ill and fucking annoying.

        11. In the middle of the week, late at night. Must have no jobs to go to in the morning. Go fucking figure!

        12. If that came to pass we’d have to build two walls, one for keeping out the Mexicans and another to keep out the starving liberals.

        13. So in other words, that liberal is pretty much advocating the formation of a white ethostate?!?
          This election truly has shown the impossible can happen.

        14. They already have New England, Chicago, and the Pacific states to themselves. All are unbearable liberal dumps.

        15. “So in other words, that liberal is pretty much advocating the formation of a white ethostate?!?”
          Was thinking the same.

        16. Hold on a second not all black people are liberals. I myself am against that fantasy land they constantly dream up.

        17. “..propose Republicans should go to one side of the country and Democrats to the other..I wouldn’t mind that.”
          Woudnt mind? Shiiiit that would be awesome. Imagine watching their society destroy themselves from ours.

        18. Chicago was easily the roughest city i’ve ever lived in. Hordes of savages that live off of the government tit. Real shame. So much history and beauty in that city ruined forever.

        19. I believe it. Its tragic to Google and see how beautiful LA, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. were 60 years ago. Ironically, the last time they voted Republican.

        20. But before long, they would start sneaking into the Conservative side…. to turn it into a craphole like the one they just left.

        21. Even some of the smaller rust belt towns, too. My whole family is from a small coal mining town in West Virginia. Until the 80’s it was a beautiful bustling small city. Now it’s full of poverty and heroin. They pulled the rug out.

        22. If only. Colorado doesn’t have the balls to do that. Though they’d shut off the water for “climate change” lol. CO has gone blue for good, traded it’s great western independent heritage for fleets of food trucks, craft beer, shitty condos, and hipster hamster wheels.
          Its full of fragile millennials and blue-pill “libertarians”. Too many transplants from coastal delusion zones and soft midwestern places like Minn. and Iowa. Toss in 30% invader class and it’s over.
          Sure, there’s open carry and good old western values in some rural areas, but the sprawl of urban progs has turned the State toward Hillary. And that is after 8 years of self-righteously cupping Obama’s balls despite his obvious incompetence and disdain for anything traditional, western, and christian – all deep roots in CO.
          If only Wyoming weren’t so damn cold.

        23. I’m trying to move up to montana, idaho, or wyoming for that reason-its fucking cold, snows like the world is ending and I can put my snowboard in it. That and its majority white, majority conservative, and less crowded. you are absolutely right about Colorado going full blue. It’s sad. There are bastions of western independence, especially down south and in the small mountain towns, but that’s really all that’s left. Meanwhile in my neighborhood, nothing but faggy millennials. Its funny when you are at the bar and they try to start some conversation about SJW bullshit and you shut them down immediately. It’s like they haven’t heard a non-liberal thought in their lifetime.

        24. That sounds exactly like my grandparent’s hometown in Oil City, PA. It was the headquarters of Pennzoil and Quakerstate monoliths and is now a ghost town. Hopefully, this congress supports Trump and brings back big industry.

        25. I’m still in the process of trying to convert some of those who are intellectually honest, or at least try to be. It’s gotten easier since the election exposed the mainstream media. Link to wikileaks here, link to Hillary attacking her husband’s alleged rape victims there, eventual silence.
          Most of them do seem to be doubling down on “everthing is racism and misogyny but vote for us and rest assured you’re a good person” though.

        26. I know it’s probably not realistic to think we are gonna bring manufacturing back 100 to the U.S, but I see no reason why we couldn’t produce a large majority of the things American consumers need and want. We have the man power and infrastructure.

        27. I currently live in a liberal city, it’s nauseating. Can’t wait to get the fuck out. I’m working on moving to one of the most conservative areas in the US. I think I’ll be able to make this happen by January. Cannot wait.

        28. Not “the” but “one of the most” conservative areas, Colorado Springs CO/Castle Rock CO area.

        29. Oil City isn’t that far away from me, not a whole hell of a lot there now. Even the fracking boom wasn’t able to breathe life back into it.

        30. What? California supports your sorry asses to the tune of $82 billion annually. The only thing rural America produces is meth and sadness.

        31. Hopefully that changes under Trump. The entirety of Appalachia is blessed in resources and held back only by self-defeating regulations.

        32. I live in Denver currently and the people here kind of chaff my ass. Thinking about making a similar move. Or back to a small mountain town

        33. I lived in Centennial for 6 years and this is my opinion of Denver. People are very friendly and inviting. Easy to make friends. People have a “more the merrier attitude” and invite you along to BBQ’s, sports bar etc. Boulder is filled with crunchy hippies/liberals and that bullshit bleeds south toward the city. You’ll definitely run into your share of ass chaffers. Head south toward Castle Rock and Colorado Springs and you’ll be around my kind of people; gun toting right wing people who are also cool and friendly. Trump signs and stickers are easy to find. Yes Colorado is a blue state but the two cities make it a great place to live. I definitely prefer Castle Rock over the springs. Colorado Springs is filled with white Christians and huge churches which is a positive for me (for the most part). CO Springs, of course home to the Air Force academy has a lot to do with it. Not telling you anything you don’t know. I’m just jabbering on here. Still working on moving there. Shooting for January.

        34. I miss the big clear sky, poker tournaments at Black Hawk, my favorite Mexican restaurant, bar fights at 16th street (just kidding I only got in one), micro breweries, snowboarding at Keystone, can’t wait it’s gonna kick ass.

        35. I’m hitting up Loveland and A basin all winter long. Fresh powder turns and whisky in the parking lot make my life worth living.

        36. Very cool. I have only been to A basin once and I have never been to Loveland to snowboard. I hear a lot of good things about Loveland, people seem to really like it.

        37. Loveland is sweet! They have free Cat rides up to the continental divide. Its cheap and usually not busy. Really laid back place.

        38. Trees DO grow money on the Best Coast! Fool! But Dre ain’t feelin’ no safe spaces.

        1. Things like this. Blatantly illegal and disrespectful as all hell, but flock here ye masses and show your support by defiling this grave.

        2. I’m against the act no matter whose name is borne by the stone.
          Principle is not malleable.

      1. Well yeah, brainwashed zombie Leftist lowlife copycats do tend to look, think and act alike. Many “stereotypes” do a damn fine job of perpetuating themselves.

      2. This is what I hear a lot, “But Trump is going to have to talk to other world leaders and won’t know how to talk to them.”
        Oh yeah? They think world leaders are also spineless liberal bottom feeders whose #1 priority is political correctness. Think again morons.

      3. What I want to know is, how many of these libs are paid to say these things and how many are just stupid?

    2. Crank ’em out like only you can and throw them out into the ether for all to see, Bob!

    3. This should be taught to every young boy from an early age, it says everything about females.

      1. Look like girls back in the Southland where i’m from!!! They raise em right down there I swear.

  2. Psychologists will be making a killing dealing with these butthurt morons.
    For the unscrupulous, there’s a huge business opportunity here, but I’d pass.

      1. These are great. But the 2nd one: as I write this message there is a pack of hairy legged, pierced, short dyed hair … disgusting feminists setting up in a park across from me with all the typical signs to protest this “sexist nation” not putting ovaries in the Oval Office.

      1. Indeed. The point for many was when she called a cartoon character racist. You don’t fuck with the Pepe

      1. Islam isnt a race, despite the media’s attempt to label it a race, so they can scream “RACIST!” against people who dont like terrorism and religious fanaticism and rapefugees

        1. Yeah
          If I was going to classify Mohamedians; it would be sub-species; & that’s being generous
          Liberals would love that

      2. That train meme is gold. I just sent this to my parents, they will get a kick out of this (both voted for trump).

        1. Yeah – I posted it on News views for fun (it’s a heavy demofag site) needless to say – banned

  3. I wonder how many of those idiots that were protesting last night were all over social media a few days ago saying Donald Trump must accept the election results?
    I saw one of those morons (fat white girl) saying there will be casualties on both sides because of this. I wish I could tell her, be careful what you wish for…….fatty.

    1. A few boxes of chocolate cream Dunkin Donuts were casualties in her quest to find inner peace that night.

  4. I have been basking in this one for a day. The song that has been playing in my head as I watch the faces of all of the liberals, media, staticians, protestors, ‘coon’ brigade, as they cry how their Democratic overlord failed them and are forced to honor President Trump. Eat a dick!!

  5. Look at the endless coverage of how ‘upset’ these liberals socialist parasites are.
    Is there ever coverage at the complaints of conservatives, alt-right or any right leaning groups. Do we see Whites asked how they feel, is they are angry at the anti-White policies of the MSM and government??
    Nope. Just rhetoric and condescension.

  6. There was some really glorious butthurt in this article. Excellent sourcing and framing. I will say that anyone who thinks that this signals an end to liberalism and sjws hasn’t been paying attention to the last, ya know, forever in politics. Make no mistake, just as Obama galvanized the right and just as dubya galvanized the left and just as Billy made us seek a more fatherly (at least in Cheeny) figure from his, lets say, dalliances, and just as HW made us seek youth and digital watches and saxophone playing and yadda yadda yadda, Trumps presidency will cause these butt hurt cunts to go nuclear. It’s just the way this works. I fear for people who think that this signals some massive across the board changes in society.
    All that aside, the butt hurt is awfully enjoyable.

    1. I can’t help but to gloat a little. Boy, those SJW types will get hysterical at the drop of a hat. One would think that Starbucks is going out of business or something from the way they are acting.

      1. Ha. Oh I totally agree. I mean they are taking licking their wounds to a new level of insanity. #literallyshaking and I am truly enjoying it. It is just important for people, even while quaffing from the keg of victory, to remember that Donald Trump, real estate billionaire from ny, is not about to put on golden armor and march armies across the country purging liberals and SJWs. In the end, things will quiet down and there will be a reactionary movement (just as Obama was a reaction to Bush who was a reaction to Clinton who was a reaction to HW who, along with Regan was a reaction to carter, who was a reaction to ford and his pardoning of Nixon, the later being a reaction to Johnson who inherited things from Kennedy who was a youth rebellion against Ike blah blah blah.
        By all means, enjoy and gloat over this stuff. God knows I will. But the sober reality is that this is the set up for them doubling down. That is how it has always worked and it isn’t about to change.

        1. They’re getting close to the edge of violence right now. It is glorious to watch, and to dream a little dream that their rabble really are stupid enough to start something against us. Their handlers better exercise care, these entitled cupcakes don’t understand restraint or walking a fine line, they’re all about “do whatever!”. Heh.

        2. Some think that Trump has a literal magic wand that he’s literally going to wave and make everything right.
          We can always literally wish for the banishment along with the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the left who shall be cast into a lake of fire.(literally)

        3. lol. Are they? I saw a bunch of kids yelling and screaming like children who were sent to bed without their desert and I saw a couple of monkey’s burning their own neighborhood. Maybe, maybe….maybe we will get some early Christmas shopping in LA (nod nod wink wink) but that is to be expected to. Most of it looks like college kids who are yelling their lungs out like fucking morons which is pretty much the duty of all college students

        4. Lots of videos out this morning of lots of these little turds calling for murder and violence. That’s “to the edge” because the only thing that can come after that is either standing down, or actual violence.
          They’re just low impulse control enough to do something stupid. I’m guessing that their handlers are going to reign them back in soon. It would be suicide to start raiding the suburbs and rural areas, they’d be mowed down in waves. A vast battle field filled with strewn corpses and torn skinny jeans and blood stained clown hair.

        5. Every time a candidate that hasn’t been an incumbent VP has been elected at least half the country has thought it was going to solve all of their problems (magically and literally and literally magically). Every. Single. Time. Number of times this has happened. 0

        6. That’s what I really enjoy about these “protests,” they’re happening in the places Clinton carried. Eating their own and making the few Independents and Moderates want nothing to do with them.

        7. I’ve always voted republican because they are “small government guys” but whenever they are in power I have yet to see a big reduction in government. Voting is the only thing I can do though……that is, until I appoint myself as world dicktater and fix all this stuff.

        8. these are liberal twats. Of course they will stand down. Most of them would shit their pants if they were out past dark without a whole big group. I trust their low impulse to scream and rant and even to post things on line which will, down the road, hurt them….but to actually do something? You might be right about the handlers reigning them back in. I think it is just as likely that a new sunglasses fashion comes out and they all forget about this until the handlers rile them up again.
          These kids aren’t raiding anything. The blacks burn their own neighborhoods and the idealistic college kids are either total twats or swept up in a frenzy. It was much worse here in the 90’s when the Knicks won the championships. A few people going to trump tower in midtown and yelling about trump being literally hitler and how they are going to have a revolution? Don’t worry, finals are coming up and after that they will all be excited to get their new iphones for Christmas.
          I think this time it is you who is seeing things from a bubble. You are a man of action so you see this stuff and think it is a precursor to action. You have to get into the mind of a half faggot liberal twat who is 19 and has never worked a day in his life….spend two seconds in that mind set and then realize that you will never actually do anything but yell and then punch yourself in the teeth for spending 2 seconds like that. Problem solved.

        9. world dictator seems like an awful lot of work. I think world hammock layer, part time bass fisher and tomato grower sounds a lot more fun.

        10. Dude, I’m not saying anything in disagreement with you. I don’t think that anything will happen. I’m just, as I’ve already said, day dreaming of a glorious field filled with hundreds of thousands of hipster corpses.

        11. I don’t know about other cities. Here they happened at Trump tower which is an international hotel so it is in a place where actual new Yorkers wouldn’t be caught dead. They will spend a night or two yelling and hooting and hollering and having a grand old time, a bunch of cocks will get sucked and everyone will get ready for the holidays with the rents.

        12. “They will spend a night or two yelling and hooting and hollering and having a grand old time, a bunch of cocks will get sucked and everyone will get ready for the holidays…”
          Sounds like a regular Weekend where I live, only without any ladies mud wrestling tournaments.

        13. Just think of how beautiful it would be, a slow motion head shot to a clown haired land whale, every single nuance captured on film as Samuel Barber’s Adagio For Strings plays as the soundtrack, watching her bright red hair explode with blood and her ironic glasses tumble off of her face in glorious frame by frame slow motion……
          …..ah…..happy place….

        14. Naw, man it’s hot outside growing tomatoes. If I was world dicktater I could sit in the ac while being fanned and send the peons out to grow maters.

        15. Don’t worry (not that I think you are) GOJ, none of those assholes think you should own guns, so, most of them don’t. Go ahead, storm the “red states” with your indignation as your “weapon” of choice. Let’s see how that plays out against 200 grains of copper heading your way at 2500FPS. Fucking morons, if the electric went off for 2 days they’d be shitting in the streets. I have no fear from them at all. Now, the areas Trump carried? Those folks get up in arms, now I’m scared. Thankfully, most of those areas are comprised of law abiding, god fearing citizens who would never consider inciting violence because they didn’t like an election result.

        16. The problem right now is the current administration is not condemning these acts of violence. Riots start and you send in the National Guard to assist local police to restore order. Our current commander in chief indirectly support attacks toward police officers by supporting BLM.

        17. This thing shows their true face, but it has me worried that the Electors may, out of cowardice, give in to the Liberal violence and threats and change the result.

        18. Can’t, it’s already a sealed deal. If that happened it would be the first time in history AND it would cause US to get out and into the fray. That’s the last thing you want, 110+ million gun owners, pissed at you for stealing the election.

        19. ” I trust their low impulse to scream and rant and even to post things on line which will, down the road, hurt them….but to actually do something? ”
          This is exactly why so many liberals believe that we should not be able to have guns. They have low/no impulse control; if they had a gun as they were shrieking like children, they probably would have hurt someone or themselves. And they can’t conceive that some people actually can function beyond “mad -> kill someone”.

        20. You know its almost like that fluorescent hair dye was meant for them to be target practice.

        21. Yeah, it serves the opposite purpose of camouflage.

        22. Yeah, that’s why I don’t live in Germany. In America (‘Murica!) I can say and post any damned thing I wish. We have our problems, but lack of freedom of speech isn’t one of them.

        23. Hear that, I always preferred Jell-O pudding myself, but then I guess sometimes you just gotta work with what is at hand.
          Maybe it’s about letting “dirty” girls get really filthy so you can shower with them to get ’em clean and then do filthy things to get them all dirty again?

        24. Well, there is a certain amount of “virgin sacrifice” going on.
          And quite a lot of varied chanting: “Chug, chug, chug!” “Tits ! Tits Tits!”
          “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!”

        25. I could live with that title. The peons do the work while I sit around and drink rum.

        26. right its just like all the politicians who swear they will take on wallstreet….annnnddd nothing happens. In politics you don’t bite the hand that feeds you(and the hand that can beat you)/

        27. “Now, the areas Trump carried? Those folks get up in arms, now I’m scared.”
          Actually SJW’s are quite fortunate that Trump won.

        28. The Veritas videos have established that the left has, in fact, been using professional agitators at the Trump rallies.

          There really is no reason to think that the same people aren’t behind the latest mayhem.

    2. Maybe we’ll get lucky, they try to have a “revolution!(tm)” and then take to the streets with torches. It would be great fun to watch the Participation Trophy generation and their elderly hippy professors mowed down. I don’t think that they’re quite that stupid, but then I see all the idiotic “We’re protesting Democracy!” protests in the Blue cities and I wonder if perhaps I’m wrong.

        1. Exactly.
          These people are truly, deep down, touched.

      1. I saw the protests the same as you, online. Yeah, kids always protest something. Basketball teams losing, politics teams losing. It will fade out. We already know that these are emotion based children. Predicting that they would go out and shout and stomp their little feet doesn’t take nostradomous. As long as they do it peacefully then whatever, that is a right granted to them and despite their desire to gut other rights it doesn’t mean they don’t still have their (which is kind of the point). I really think the vast majority of them are swept up in the excitement of the moment. Most of them will grow up, get jobs and move on like normal Americans do and laugh about their stupid youth and that is how it should be. I can see 20 years from now totally functional members of society looking at their 16 year old kids and saying “eh fuck it, when I was a kid I was screaming not my president at a hotel in midtown”
        As for a “revolution” its surely not going to go down the way you mean it…but in the etymological way, of a turning about, sure it will. You are enough of a student of history to know that at some point 4 or 8 or 12 years from now there will be a reaction to this and we will be stuck with some idiot SJW cheerleader who will be even worse than Obama because the stakes always go up.
        In the meantime, as you pointed out, the real win here is with the (probably) 2 SCOTUS nods. After that it is just about who the head cheerleader is and that changes back and forth like it always has.

        1. Oh, I’m just day dreaming, really. Part of me *really* wants them to start something in earnest. I think however that their little fan flaming baby boomer profs know a bit better than to take this to a full court press. But still, a guy can dream…

        2. hahahaha that I can understand. I am pretty much, 24 hours a day, suppressing the urge to punch someone in the face and wishing I could get some publicly acknowledged provocation to do so. But holding back is what being an adult (rather than a dolt lol) is.

        3. I know that feeling. Here in our little town on Election Day there was some goofball across the street from the polls with a megaphone who insisted I vote for someone every time I went through that intersection ALL DAY. I kind of wondered how much trouble I would be in if I stopped and shoved that megaphone so far up his ass that he would get feedback every time he sneezed.

        4. I am prettt sure that nothing intellegent or in any way worth hearing has even been said through a megaphone.
          The megaphone is natures way of letting you know exactly who not to listen to.

        5. I really think my life would have been complete if I had stopped and strangled him on the sidewalk.

      2. A few of the smarter ones in the group will question the wisdom of the elders in never learning how to handle firearms or understand military tactics outside of a first person video game.
        If they can’t handle the first world problem of losing a democratic process election, the threat of real world violence would seem otherworldly.
        Their minds shattering like humans witnessing one of those Elder Gods from Lovecraft fiction.

    3. Enjoyable, except for the video. I can never listen to “The Sound of Silence” the same way again. Never. 🙁

        1. But hey … THEY call themselves Democrats. They should stand by their ‘principles’ and accept the outcome wholeheartedly.
          Yeah, who am I kidding indeed.

    4. Yes exactly….. while all the trump supporters are celebrating with cigars and hitting the gun range … the SJWs are cooking up tofu quiche and plotting revenge. A Hillary victory would have been better because a small percentage of red pill would have gone full fight club. Now a small percentage of SJWs will go full fight club. Think of Stalin plus Castro in drag with twice the inferiority complex and a sexual identity crisis. Dangerous – Trump = Trans Lady Gaga impersonator for president in 4 yrs.

  7. The only time a man should cry in public is when his parents die however, had Hillary won and I saw a man crying, I would have overlooked it that one time.

      1. I remember those commercials, word is that guy was an Italian and not a real Indian. That was almost as bad as finding out Santa Claus wasn’t real.

        1. Yeah…him and tonto from the lone ranger too. lol. it’s fantastic.

        2. I care about the environment! the environment is where we grow the fazool for the soup…the wheat for the gava deelz…

        3. He went from just staring at a jukebox and making it play to hawking reverse mortgages…how the mighty have fallen

        4. Not while they are dressed as American Indians…..unless they are a member of The Village People. Haha

  8. Hillary supporters are not real Americans. They dont even look like real Americans.

  9. oh and btw Jon Anthony #literallyshaking is my new favorite hashtag ever

    1. I believe that literally all those Hillary supporters are literally morons, l literally think it’s literally true. I wonder if those cocksmacks would literally stop using the word literally if they knew how much fun we literally have with that word(literally).

  10. I don’t fucking understand Americans. For fuck sake. He is just a politician. Not Satan or God. He will neither safe or destroy USA.
    His election is big fuck you to PC culture. And I am very happy about it.
    But if you expect anything else you will be probably disappointed. Yeah… He might be good president or not. We will see. But presidents don’t have godly power to change world or country. Especially culture that was fucked by left for more than 20 years.

      1. Just kidding. Invasion on China starts in 2 weeks after battle of white house with left-overs of Obama army.

    1. True. Consider however that the GOP now owns the House, the Senate, POTUS and as soon as Trump heads in, we’re getting a minimum of 1 right wing SCOTUS justice seated, and chances are, he’ll probably seat more than one justice in his term(s). He’ll also appoint many justices to lower courts. THAT is what causes change, ultimately. Not just one man, as you mention, but a groundswell for a particular ideology.

      1. “.. GOP now owns the House, the Senate, POTUS”
        As we did in 2004 and they did nothing. Dropped my support for them the following year. I’m more hopefull that a non-politician is POTUS and one that is not connected to a nepotistic political dynasty (Bush, Clinton, Kenndy).

        1. Things were nowhere near as radicalized then as they are now. The majority of Republicans in there now were voted in since 2012, by massive votes, to basically wipe out the establishment. They haven’t, but now, they have the means to do so, they have every single lever of power.
          Will they do some good? I dunno, given the track record it’s hard to feel confident. BUT…we will now keep our guns and civil war won’t be necessary and if that’s all we get, I’m good with that too.

        2. Same. I will also add that since 2010, actual conservatives/ tea party types have made in-roads at the local and state level. A friend of mine won big at county level and he isn’t doing it because he likes politics– he just hated what the dems were doing.

        3. I’m a single issue voter. I just want my taxes to go down; which, I’m hopeful, will happen under Trump. Given that >50% of my income winds up being paid in taxes, I’m pretty sure that “down” is in my future.

        4. At this point I’d settle for having the taxes I DO pay get used responsibly.
          But that aint gonna happen.

        5. The only thing that will make taxes go down is to lower spending, which no party has done. Trump may be different. I sure hope.

      2. Yeah,
        He might start change or not. I hope that he will. I agree with you.
        But lets not expect sudden revolution and restoration of old USA. Revolution always eats her children. Always. There is 0% change that situation will change for good overnight.
        Country is like building. It takes time to build good one. Brick by brick. It take only moments to destroy one if you have enough TNT.

        1. Dead link.
          I do know that he wants Congress to make CHL’s valid across state borders regardless of the state in question (like, say, Illinois or New York or New Jersey), in other words, to mirror how driver’s licenses work.

        2. That really is a beautiful thing. With full GOP control of all of the government, it actually has a good chance of happening. The GOP’s bread and butter is its gun owner base, they’ll vote for all of that in a heartbeat I predict.

        3. It’s so refreshing to see someone speak without mincing words … and being in power.
          That aside, these ideas are really good … even for libtards.

    2. He can be the vehicle to change, but we must work for it. That’s completely and totally up to us.

    3. my man. he has the house, the senate, and the presidency. and will likely put FOUR different Supreme court Justices on the bench. We did just save our civilization.

      1. Not really… Left is still strong. Women are still sluts. Universities are still leftists. Corporation too. Media also. Almost whole current american culture is leftists. Government and law cannot change culture overnight. If they can at all.
        Don’t get me wrong this is still great victory. It shows clearly that they are not almighty. But sure as hell they are not defeated yet.

        1. Ehh… Noo? Culture doesn’t work like that. You can’t make law, court
          judgment or anything like that would force people to thing the way you wan’t them to.
          I suspect you can’t control culture change at all.
          And that what this election just proven, because right know in USA there is culture change.
          It is powerful force that cannot be controlled or predicted. So don’t make me laugh about courts controlling culture. It exactly the opposite case. Culture controls courts. It always has.

        2. This is what I tell my liberal friends. They will always be liberal and getting more and more anti-christian with each decade, regardless of the president. It’s highly unlikely that a president will try to repeal things like abortion, gays in the military, and current restrictions on firearms.
          It’s possible a war on the media could “conservativize” the culture over time. The whole country would probably need a huge coming to Jesus moment, literally.

    4. You don’t understand the importance of the court system. We were on the verge of civil war due to the purge in federal agencies. The left is pure evil

  11. Not my President? Ok, leave the country and that will be a reality. Otherwise STFU. Plenty of us have suffered through Clinton, Bush, and Obama without making treasonous statements.

    1. Yes exactly…. imagine what a trump loss looked like on election night. Polite concession and everyone goes home. Maybe an armed inserrection the next day.

  12. These kids are entitled pieces of shit. I was watching the protests, and they are chanting things like “Trans lives matter”. Note: all of the people in the crowd were children, probably able to vote for the first time ever, and didn’t win. Boo hoo crybabies, grow up.

    1. I saw some article posted that said that 8 trans people have committed suicide in the wake of the election … if its true, thats the proof they are fucked up. Trump didn’t even say anything about trans people.

      1. I saw some article posted that said that 8 trans people have committed suicide in the wake of the election

        I love a feel good story to start the day with!

        1. better they self-destruct than spread their malignancy. I just read that a tranny got denied acceptance to a sorority and a bunch of the sisters quit. Trannies. In a sorority. Absolute madness.

        2. You’re, not “your”.
          And yes, I am. I am Mega Penis Man. Proudly no longer giving a flying fuck if retarded Progressives self destruct since 2008.
          And let me put this in proper context. Generally I feel that people who virtue signal and tell us how wonderful Trannies are, are the actual evil ones. They are effectively enabling and creating the aura of “normal” for a very tragic mental illness that in most cases ends up in suicide. By virtue signaling and normalizing this deviancy, they are in essence keeping these tragically fucked up people from receiving the compassionate mental health care that they so desperately need.
          And that’s all she wrote, the pencil broke.

        3. Thanks. Dude.
          Let me guess. You think worshiping Trannies and strutting around virtue signaling about their “rights” is great and tolerant and that it makes you so much more superior to us knuckle dragging right wing neanderthals.

        4. I don’t worship trannies,but yeah let them do what they want. And yeah when Trump got in I said we went from ape to man,back to ape. So yeah I’m being honest too!

        5. “Let them do what they want”
          They are offing themselves at a high rate and they clearly have mental illnesses the likes of which you clearly don’t understand. You think you’re being virtuous, but basically you’re doing the equivalent of yelling ‘Jump! Jump! Jump!’ to a man standing on a building ledge. Your “tolerance” is killing people. Dude.
          And hey, you don’t care. So if you don’t care, then why, precisely, should I? And how does it work out that my not caring about their fate makes me a “dick” but your not caring about their fate makes you “virtuous”.
          You fraud. Go find another forum.

        6. I meant in terms of their being that way. Not the killing themselves. But even that yeah I was a Kevorkian supporter. However you spell him. But I don’t make fun of them.

        7. Oh how virtuous you are. You’re all about helping them die. Well good for you. I mean why advocate for them to get the mental health assistance that they truly need, when you can just snigger about your assumed virtue while calling other people “dick”.
          No more feeding you today troll.

        8. Did you know the former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins said they are mentally ill, and we should not be promoting this?

      2. they are, beyond a doubt, mentally ill humans. I attribute it to liberal brainwashing and estrogen added into everything, the rise of trans and homos is astonishing.

  13. Trump supporters & non Hillary shills were prepared for the worst.
    Common sense would dictate that if the possibility of an outcome exists, one prepares contingencies for its possible occurrence. Basic logical probability there.
    If they lost, they would have just bunkered down & got on with their day while continuing to chip away at a political machine that has failed them time after time.
    Rolling up one’s sleeves & getting things done because they have to be done appears to be a hallmark of the average Trump supporter.
    As for the average Hillary supporting liberal. Bunch of coddled, entitled, moral signalling, over educated but functionally moronic idiots who are going to act like it’s the Apocalypse just because their corrupt Manchurian hag candidate lost.
    How is this category of people expected to compete with the best of the world? To solve major problems? To win a world war ? To put men on the moon again? Fix a broken healthcare system?
    Let the weak minded & soft hearted waste time crying in their cups. The rest of us have hard work to do….

    1. it shows the ultimate disaster that is socialism…. at the end when the SHTF the liberals have no clue what to do, and it turns into total anarchy… this is the end game of the butthurt liberal establishment… eventually the political correctness causes a disaster and a revolution and in that environment it’s every man for himself…
      socialism = selfishness. no one wants to deal with anyone else’s problems. in a real capitalist society you have small family units and communities that take of each other. in a socialist setup you have some wide reaching govt. that appoints mindless imbeciles to ‘take care’ of people via welfare, so that other people around them don’t have to care.
      you don’t care about paying taxes, so you don’t have to care about anyone but yourself. the system does it for you…. if you look at history even Pablo Escobar gave out huge amounts of money… that’s what successful capitalists do… pour the money back into the community, because they do actually care… whereas socialist rob everyone so they don’t have to care….

  14. “I literally have literally zero idea of how to literally use the word “literally” ,like, literally for real.”

        1. Hitlery would literally have seizured Poland.
          Ps my phones predictive text predicted I wanted to use Hitlery.

  15. What has happened to America?
    Trump is what the American dream should be. Become rich, bang hot models and not give a shit about what others think. I can’t believe I fought in the war for these asshole liberals.
    Hey libtards!! Tomorrow is Veterans day, instead of protesting our awesome president elect. Throw me a fucking parade!!

    1. “Hey libtards!! Tomorrow is Veterans day, instead of protesting our awesome president elect. Throw me a fucking parade!!”
      Fucking. This.
      I spent time in uniform to keep you babies’ cradle safe. Realize how good you have it thanks to my fellow veterans and myself and show some fucking gratitude.
      You could be easily be speaking German or Japanese, and those that weren’t “racially pure” would have been dead or truly enslaved long ago.

      1. Did you fight Nazis and the Japanese imperial army, or some third world “military” like Grenada or Iraq that has nothing to do with America?

        1. Exactly. There hasn’t been a war worth fighting for in quite some time. Nothing after WW2 directly threatened our American way of life or our freedom.

        2. Some even say we were on the wrong side in that war.
          I’m in favor of the Swiss model. No standing army (which is unconstitutional anyway), but millions of snipers, and hidden artillery if anyone decided to invade. But what the chickenhawks never want to admit is there is super low likelihood of invasion, even if someone wanted it. Two huge oceans and 2 peaceful neighbors are a great barrier. War of 1812 only happened because British troops were already in Canada. No one has ever even attempted a real invasion of America.

        3. I thought that war started bc the first charter for an American central bank had just ended, and Jefferson told the bankers to fuk off?

        4. I understand you mean a full-on military invasion with tanks and uniformed troops, but the number of illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border, many with the stated intent of “reclaiming” lost lands, openly supported by the Mexican government and Mexican military, is legitimately “a real invasion of American.”

        5. Shouldn’t matter – a peacetime veteran deserves as much respect as a combat veteran. Regardless of the work they’re called upon to do, the fact that they’re COMMITTED to the required work, whatever it takes, is what is to be honored.

        6. Yes, mostly true, although most historians will fail to see the connection.
          The Napoleonic Wars between England and France lasted between 1803-1814. Napoleon decided against building an overseas empire and sold Louisiana to the US in 1803. Soon after war began. The British and French both had interests and armies in America, so they battled each other there, just as they did back home. They never seriously committed to attacking America, but as America was aligned with the French, they were raided. Hell, the Brits seized DC, but they weren’t serious about retaking the US as a colony, just about harming and defeating the French. They never committed serious numbers of troops to this arena, and the war ended when Napoleon abdicated and was exhiled to Elba Island.
          As far as any banking, well the war was actually declared by the US against the Brits. And anyway, despite no side really winning, the US re-instituted central banking 2 years after the war ended in 1816 with the Second National Bank. So I’m not sure these issues were *directly* related.
          However, I will say that any time there has been a period free from banking, a war quickly follows. The government is unable to successfully finance the war, and so the politicians soon introduce a central bank. This happened in 1811 (First National Bank ended, then War of 1812) and again in 1837 when the Second Nat’l Bank ended, until the Civil War, at which time we got the National Banking Act, and then were free again in 1879 until the Great War, when we got the Federal Reserve.
          So there is absolutely a pattern of central bankers always forcing nations to war, then spending all their resources, and “needing” credit, at which time they set up a new central bank. We’ve been stuck with this one for almost a hundred years, at which time we’ve lost 98% of the value of our dollar. Trump may shake things up, but with the supreme power that the bankers have, I doubt he could do anything about it.
          In light of the above, I wonder how much the past conflicts in silly places that were totally meaningless like Iraq, Afghanistan, Granada, Panama, Korea, etc. weren’t more about emptying US coffers so that we continued to need central banking.

        7. US military has absolutely nothing to do with immigration policy. Anyway, net immigration from Mexico has been negative for several years now, and I can imagine that will rapidly increase with Trump as president. He doesn’t even need a wall; his mere presence as president will deter Hispanics from wanting to live here (I view that as unfortunate, but it is almost assuredly true).

        8. What does it take to follow orders? That’s what it takes to go to Iraq.
          There are brave men in the military but misguided bravery is not something to respect.

        9. No one would invade. During WWII, Japanese observed that 400,000 hunting licenses were issued in Minnesota alone.
          But the Iron Mountain Report dictates that the gears of war keep turning or the wheels of the economy stop turning.
          Even in Master of Orion, there’s nothing left to spend money on but the military after you max out the technology tree.

  16. Because nothing says potential future commander in chief like huddling in tears because your team lost. Literally make them eat cat litter.

  17. Let’s not get cocky! The lefties are busy sharpening their daggers as we speak. The fight continues, brothers!

    1. Considering that all they may have are butterknives. They don’t want anything sharp (especially their minds…stupid twits.)

    1. Imagine how humorous it is that these types are screaming “Revolution!” in the streets now. God, this is feeding my “watch them die in slow motion” fantasy something fierce. I really need to dig up my Adagio For Strings mp3 and get it to playing for maximum happy place effect.

      1. A crying out for the re-institution of natural selection.
        And as it happens, that kind doesn’t reproduce, and thus the ghost of Darwin smiles down in approval.

        1. I can see why it wouldn’t reproduce. I bet Carlos Danger wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

        1. And what the hell has an ogre ever done to you that you’re comparing them to that blue haired freak?

  18. You could literally sculpt statues of literally Hitler with the salt of all those tears. 48 hours of pure joy. And 4 more years like this. Outstanding

      1. I love pulling the spiderman but you have to sing the song and jump around the room when you do it.

        1. The singing part; I’m ok with
          But being in virtually permanent vodka delirium tends to shaft the old balance

  19. Damn that bitch laci green. “fuck white america”. Aren’t you, like, literally, erh…. white yourself? Traitor. I want to rape and kill you for treason.

    1. I can’t help but laugh at her saying “Fuck you white America” and “You’re racists” in the same breath.

      1. The proper, progressive line of thinking suggests that it’s actually impossible to be racist toward whites, by definition.

        1. You lost me at “line of thinking”. Not a damned one of them think when it comes to their clown haired hordes, they simply regurgitate what they’re told by their posh leftist college profs.

        2. right. They are being told that racism requires privilege and so it is impossible to be racist against white people. Followed out down the line they are essentially saying that Martin Luther King’s idea of judging people not by the color of their skin but the content of their character is, itself, racist because you need to allow for privilege so you must judge by color of skin. If primacy is not given over to minorities (like blacks) and minority culture (like rap music or baggy pants) over whitey and his thing then you are racist and so by simply ignoring a persons skin and paying attention only to who they are and what they have done in their lives (pretty much what every civilized person has been taught for the last 60years) you take part in racism. This is the move that has been taken in academia and sold to the youth…I love when I explain very clearly that it essentially is them calling MLK a racist.

    2. A lot of those type of women have major rape fantasies, especially of being raped by a good looking white man, i.e someone they otherwise repel. Really, all of their signalling is just a like the yapping of a scared little dog wanting its master to correct them.

  20. I am 26. My testosterone has begun to decline due to the stress of school and student loan debt. My workouts were weak and my plateaus strong. I felt stuck and stagnant, progress was out of sight. Weak in the morning, my body slouching throughout the day, my mind ran amok with worry and doubt. My beard stopped growing, my grays began to multiply, my friends stopped talking to me. For a brief moment I began to go back to the blue pill. Most tragically, however, I found myself becoming attracted to Laci Greene.
    Until I tasted liberal tears.
    Yes, these liberal tears so sweet. No longer do I need pre-workout. These tears energized my body and awakened my soul. My beard is now growing again, my workout gainz quickly outpacing those witnessed back in my youth. But most importantly, I have tasted once more the red pill of salvation, and now have the strength to fight and conquer the sun.

    1. Liberal tears, while great for combating low-t, are incredibly dangerous to procure. There’s a good chance of killing someone trying to get at them as the sobbing/blubbering/SJW bullshit flows freely from the source organism. As such, I suggest loading a 23g 3cc needle with 200mgs of test enanthane and sticking it 1.5″ into your ass. Much safer. 😉

      1. Libtard tears are actually concentrated, excessive, estrogen from the overloaded lymphatic glands of the obese libtard. Do not consume, just watch and enjoy.

        1. Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer…its a shame he never cries…never……ever

  21. I really really want to hang out in some of these riots just to see how much of the zombie hords I could take out by myself. The only question-chainsaw or shotgun?

    1. Chainsaw, but ensure that you have at least an 18″ blade, with 20″ being preferable, given the sheer blob density of some of their more….body empowered…land whales.

    2. Napkids for their tears, laden with date rape would be an easier, and more ironic method of crowd control

  22. so many things to literally say, so many posts to reply to literally. #literallyshaking

  23. Now Shaun King, Tim Wise and their ilk are tweeting about all the “incidents” where Trump supporters (according to them) are lashing out and doing all sorts of cruel, racist shit. None were verified, though. All I saw were social media posts being passed around. There was one incident at some college where two guys (one allegedly wearing a Trump hat) robbed some hijab chick. They’re acting like this is “Trump’s America” where racist white folks are going to usher in a reign of terror on minorities.
    Only one side has proven to be violent throughout this entire election, and it sure as hell wasn’t our side. But facts don’t matter to these societal outcasts with the unconstrained emotions of a two year old girl. I’m sure most of these incidents will be proven false, but by that time all the jackasses who bought into this faux outrage will have jumped ship to the next.

    1. Pretty much everything is faked then broadcast on news to make their narrative. Its like all those violent Trump rallies were really just paid Dem operatives.

    2. I saw on Instagram one girl said that she saw a post where a guy (who she didn’t either tag or in any way identify) said “now I am free to just take any woman I want. Trump will abolish all rape laws and I can have anyone”
      I am willing to bet whatever is in my pocketses versus whatever is in your pocketses that that quote did not happen and if it did it was totally satirical — but more likely just didn’t happen at all.

      1. I think we will see plenty more of these fake incidents. All the kids with Borderline Personality Disorder are working overtime to craft their phony stories. I saw another one where a brown woman said she was pumping gas and four white guys talking about how happy they were about Trump pulled up next to her. Those guys then proceeded to get in her face and tell her she’s getting deported, she can’t pump gas next to them, etc. I guess this is their mourning process.

        1. You are absolutely correct and expect, in the next week or so, to see a celebrity “suicide” attempt and interviews of them from the hospital or some shit.

  24. It was a long difficult battle, but early into Wednesday morning we did it. Glory be to God! God bless America! God bless Donald Trump! God bless Les Deplorables!

  25. the fight isn’t over… they’ll be back and will be more insane
    The soros-funded protests confirm this

    1. does Soros maintain an excel spreadsheet to keep track of his “projects” ? you gotta wonder.

  26. In celebration of their rage, I am now being as stereotypically evil as I can in their eyes. First I start off by being male, then I add in that I’m white. I’m sitting here musing surrounded by books and fine furniture, as Vivaldi plays in the background. All I need to do is add some Scotch for effect and I will have transformed into their worst nightmare.

        1. Saying “Gadzooks” makes the outline of a monocle appear on your right eye briefly.. so I think you found a loop hole.

        2. I have a beard that makes me resemble Satan already.

        3. But the mustache must be of sufficient length to twirl whilst laughing maniacally over your Evil Plan!

        4. I own a monocle got it as a gift last year. shave head throw in German accent holy shit Talk about panty remover

      1. Going by movies the last 10 years, I’d have to agree.

    1. I will buy a coupe of Romeo y Julieta cigars and go to my local pub tomorrow night to celebrate Trump’s victory and Veterans Days amongst a crowd of people who will probably be crying in their drinks. I plan to raise a pint more than once and “wish President Trump good health” and enjoy the scowls with a smirk a mile wide.

      1. And while we celebrate… Trump is just a nice warm bath to doze off in….that slowly turns into a raging boiling caludron.

        1. Caludron? The witch is dead.. well, she will be fighting the rest of her life to avoid prison.
          When you cannot stand the heat…. get out.

      1. Oh hell, now I *have* to play some Wagner. Of interest is that Eine Kleine Nachtmusik just finished playing, and as we know, that’s the song favored by 9 out of 10 evil white men in the movies.

        1. Ha! That is great. I am picturing the voice in the dentist commercial 9 out of 10 evil white men in movies prefer the Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
          This brings up a tangentially related point. How come 4 out of 5 dentists agree on everything. Who is this one dentist that keeps saying that brushing and flossing and mouthwash and shit are totally unnecessary.

        2. Whomever he is, he’d make a great evil villain character in a comic book. The Disagreeable Dentist!

    2. I do room service at a 4 star hotel. the amount of nice scotch and Veuve Cliquot sold on election night was staggering. That’s how I knew the trumpening was real. Liberals don’t drink 3 finger pours of scotch neat.

      1. I’m a pimp and let me tell you that my girls have been busy that night.C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-i-o-n!

    3. Yep, I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve been trolling the ever-living shit out of leftist forums for the past two days. After eight years of putting up with illogical garbage, I just can’t help it.

      1. I have no issue with trolling. We’ve put up with their “murder the opposition” bullshit over the last 12 years or so, so rubbing their noses in their own fallen tears is just good sport as far as I’m concerned. Screw the whole Glenn Beck “We have to come together and understand their viewpoint” crap.

        1. Agreed. I cringe every time I hear Trump say something about coming together. I don’t come together with people who want me dead. They can either convert to logic/reason or gtfo.

        2. I suspect that’s to calm these animals down. Didn’t work of course. You just know that Obama and Soros are behind the scenes financing these idiots and fomenting riots.

        3. I was honestly hoping for Glenn Beck to toss himself from a balcony on election night. That would have been the cherry on top.

        4. He’s such a spineless little twit. While he had some predictive power in the past, his “transformation” the last three years or so has me really loathing him. He thinks that he can hug his way to victory, at best, or that he can become some kind of crying prophet and lead a movement of blind idiots to his way of thinking at worst.
          Even on election day he was going on about how Hillary would win blah blah blah. Now he’s doing the “Let’s just cross the aisle and try and understand their feelings, they’re such nice people” spiel. He has been replaced on my iHeart Radio list with a classical music station.

        5. He’s on damage control. He sold out along with several other phony conservatives. This election exposed a ton of frauds. I know most of us knew who the frauds were, but now CNN-watching America knows too. You can see people like Beck shaking in their boots. The backlash is far from over. It’s kind of like in the movies when the biggest murdering asshole is finally cornered and begs for mercy. Not gonna happen, bud.

        6. Last summer I wrote a paper for an Organizational Theory class on the use of power that centered around Trump. I correctly predicted that his calculated control over the flow of information via unconventional outlets (starting on social media) would push him through to victory in the primaries.
          I honestly believe that the vast majority of the inflammatory statements that he made over the course of this election cycle were meant to further his promotion.
          After every single victory over a lesser opponent, he has given them the opportunity to admit defeat and join his campaign march. (Very Khan-like) He’s really a proper businessman. Attack your opposition like no tomorrow and then reinforce victory by conducting yourself like a gentleman and a leader.
          He’s now building the moral high ground front-and-center in America’s face. Meanwhile the opposition is literally (still Hitler? Does it still make any sense to do that?) shown to be a bunch of hyper-emotional, juvenile morons who will resort to rioting and screaming in the streets rather than anything close to productive discourse.
          The battle front is only just closing and the fight will be cumbersome and bitter.
          But we’re now standing firmly atop Bunker Hill.

        7. Must of been mostly white people because all the weaves at Shameekah’s Hair Palace weren’t stolen and Walgreen’s wasn’t broken into. Free baby pampers!!!!!

      2. The fun of that is that they really don’t believe you exist. They insulted you…and therefore “Poof!” You disappeared.
        The Huff Po predicted Hillary would win by 98% and there are people on the left that believe that.

    4. And if you can add ‘rich’ to the beginning of white male American then you will have mobs with pitchforks gathered on the other side of your moat.

      1. Well by any normal accounting standards, I am in fact wealthy. I’m also a land baron, with 80 acres of property where I’m about to build my very expensive, custom crafted house. Buahahahahahahaha!

        1. Congratulations Sir, I’m on my way as well. That’s another quality I’ve noticed about the leftists I went to college with: they don’t really like to see others succeed. How dare I, born as a wma in poverty in the Midwest, put myself through college, work my ass off the entire time and become by almost every metric, a success? Because they could have done it too and there’s no one to blame but themselves. Conversely I always respect those who build a successful career.

        2. It looks really nice, though the R value for stud walls isn’t accurate on their website, as they’re 50% less than claimed in reality. You won’t get R19 out of 6X2 stud walls, there is too much thermal bridging.

        3. Can you share an actual building site/info site where that’s explained in detail, by chance? I’d like to take it to the builders and get clarification, is why I’m asking.

        4. Yeah it is mentioned on a lot of websites. I’m a chippy and stud wall is really outdated and will not be around in 15 years, as SIPs and other systems out perform it by so much (and are stronger/ more rigid) in reducing thermal bridging. The insulation between the studs and depth still help, but the timber stud and drywall screws cut efficiency by a large amount. If you look into SIPs be aware that there are two core materials, one of them, the cheaper, is toxic and the more expensive isn’t.

        5. I literally lost my mind when he slowly crashed into that dumpster- everyone in the theatre was staring at me

        6. If you want efficiency and durable strength, get it built from structural insulated panels (SIPs), a.k.a. stressed-skin panels – a 3″-8″ styrofoam core with OSB on both sides – preferably made using marine-grade glue. I helped do the finish construction on a my aunt and uncle’s place built from SIPs, which used an old stone barn foundation and brick cladding. The stuff is unbelievably strong and allows huge spans, very stable, goes up in a day or two (everything is pre-cut in the factory) and also has great soundproofing. The insulation value is nearly double stick-built, and it does not degrade with time. Air infiltration is less than 1/10th as much.

        7. Found this from Structural Inslated Panel Association.
          Lots of good general info..

          I’ve seen a three storey10 plex get framed up in less than week. Site wasn’t fenced so had a walk through and it was built like like a brick shithouse…there are many manufacturers, overall concept seems sound..

        8. “That’s just, like, your opinion, man!” (sarcasm)
          I never understood the Big Lebowski’s appeal. So he’s basically a loser who bowls? What’s so great about that?

    5. You must be satan in the flesh. Just when will white men learn . Our existence is just unbearable to snowflakes.

    6. I think a 1 up you in one area GOJ. As a black man I am considered a traitor to the cause. Scotch does sound nice with the liberal tears that are pouring out.

    7. Unfortunately, I lack the ‘privilege’ (teehee) of being white. Put that aside, I got myself a bottle of Scotch first thing in the morning after the results came in.

  27. There is a pretty high chance Trump will get assasinated, or Obama kick off a world war before January 20th, so enjoy this shit but prepare for SHTF very soon.

    1. I saw someone post an Obama speech yesterday … and I started watching … and I didn’t feel that usual anger … I realized that before me I now only see a meaningless powerless man with a big mouth whom I can safely ignore.
      Ah, the satisfaction.

      1. He just sent 600 shipping containers of ammo to the Russian border, and NATO has put 300,000 troops on high alert. Say what you like about Obamas character, he is a narcissist and the current US President, so he still has immense destructive power at his hands.

        1. These days they factor in the likelihood this stuff will reach infowars though. There have always been wars and sabre-rattling, but these days half of the point is to produce an effect on the domestic market. It’s all Hollywood

        2. I believe he told us that in his final Presidents dinner thingy he had about 4 months ago, where he joked about the end of the Republic never looked so good.

        3. maybe he read yesterdays article on what to do in the case of an ammo shortage and decided to take the advice global

      2. that’s kind of what I see whenever I see politicians talk –Former, lame duck or current.

    2. I don’t think so. It was mainly posturing. Against predictions the markets are having a field day, in exactly the opposite direction of that intended. It’s almost as if people anticipated the result, generated a load of fear talk, then prepared to hoover up cheap shares as the ordinary people panicked. They always do this. The banks are happy with Trump, the construction industry is happy and big pharma are happy. Trump is a great opportunity to reverse SJW madness but you might be very mistaken if you think that the elites were absolutely against him. Many were betting on him, but only a few were saying as much

      1. Far from thinking the elites are against Trump, he is part of the elite. If there is an assasination, it probably wouldn’t be real – except in the minds of the reactionary right which would mobilise because of it. Everything is a rich mans trick, and the right/ alt right, are so easily duped by ZOG agent Trump it is amazing to me.

        1. Trump has been part of the elite for decades. That doesn’t mean necessarily that it’s monolithic. Both Trump and Clinton wanted to win, played to win, but I do wonder whether it was the people who ultimately made the final choice. The media, the FBI all played an interesting role. Comey was probably played and pressured very carefully. the News International / Murdoch or whatever it is, probably did play against Time Warner (which hasn’t done that well) and there were no doubt people watching from above that level. Personally I suspect they got the result they wanted. The question is whether that matters. Most of us here have an interest in ending all the craziness, and the worst excesses of the progressive nightmare. Trump may or may not serve that end well. Lip service can be paid to an extent but only if he delivers on the main points.

    3. Oh, and another thing, lets see if he actually shakes up the Fed and fires Yellen. Somehow I doubt it

      1. (((Mexico))). Tom, did you just upvote a comment about Trump being a Zog agent? How you’ve changed

        1. Well, a lot of it is bullshit. But I am becoming more open to questioning my perception of “bullshit” and at least be open to the idea that my mind or eyes may be tricking me.
          I’ve had some real weird dreams recently … there isn’t much left I am not willing to believe.

        2. Your dreams are probably out there, and I would have to prophesy based on interpretation

        3. burning towers, cigars, birds brushing their tail-feathers against your lips etc might portend something

        4. Rofl.
          It’s more like … my mom with a mad giggle using her mind to throw me through the air helplessly. …. then invading the mind of a little boy who then eats his sister…

        5. telekinetic mom – sounds like a new netflix series. Do you have a sister to eat, or did you have a vanishing twin? I think I might have done from memory

        6. Gee-zeus H. Kristenschlager, Tom, you don’t know?
          Alex Jones is about the premier USA agitated Texan conspiracy theorist and reporter (he stops short on aliens I think, but he’s open to the idea of Reptilians in theory).
          The Honourable Minister Louis Farakkan is the leader of the Nation of Islam (also known as the Black Moslems).
          Go study, jungerman, knowing the truth is relaxing.

  28. making up hashtags and posting on Twatter, that’s what they call protesting ? man, rapefugees are literally pissing their pants with laughter.

  29. The media is going to push this division, they are doing this on purpose to create an us vs them mentality between the people in this country to keep us weaker than the government.
    A Trump victory isn’t going to fix this countries problems, but what it means is there are enough of us out there that are trying to make things better and in time I think this country can be healed.
    However, if it cannot I’d rather be fighting with ya’ll for our America than with fags and wimpy socialists for their America. Because they wouldn’t stand a chance.

  30. Watching some MSM over dinner at a restaurant, I heard a couple of these twits calling for open revolution against this.
    Well, considering probably none of them have firearms and the ones that did win do, it might be a short fight.
    Shooting at them wouldn’t even have to happen. All we would need to do is get a few loud booms around them and they would probably cower in fetal position. Herded like the sheep they are, as it were.
    And something just occurred to me. I keep thinking of the old movie trope that the villains think Americans after them will cower down and surrender. The SJWs will probably do just that. Time to be the ones that the villains don’t expect; the hero.

  31. Guys, this election ain’t over yet.
    Hillary isn’t done, they have a very cleaver way of redoing this.
    You do know electorates don’t have to cast for who won their state right?
    The fine for not casting by your electorate is only $1,000.
    Hillary “won” the pop vote ballot stuffing in states she already won and a few other little tricks.
    They will still try to turn this around

    1. She’s already conceded and the transition is officially under way today. Any attempt to monkey with the EC at this point would result in actual *real* violence from the Right, which is radically way more scary than the hashtag, latte sipping, crying protests of the Left.
      In short, they know better. With the mood that flyover country is in right now, the Elite would be literally (Hitler) up against the wall within five hours of such an attempt.

      1. Real violence? Isn’t that the one thing they have been trying to get out of the right for decades?

        1. Any violence by the right will be overwhelming, harsh and would eliminate this entire problem in a week. That is the last thing that the Elite want. We’d shake them off like a bad cold.
          What they actually want is for us to continue to justify sitting on our hands, which is why they continue to escalate, to see how far they can push to desensitize us.

        2. It’s almost like a giant shit test from a crazy bitch. She doesn’t want to be backhanded but will see how far she can go to stomp on your balls.

        3. The Hon. Minister Farrakkan approves your message.

          Woops, I thought I was still trolling the SJW sites (Farrakkan endorsed Trump and said the same thing you did)

      2. Hopefully you’re right. Although if (((their))) overall plan was civil disorder, that would be a great way to do it.

  32. Now is not the time to celebrate yet. Enjoy the results, but our work is just beginning. Continue exposing the lame-stream media for their leftist whoremongering and lies. Shame all their journalists and reporters. The news, facebook, are the next that must break.

    1. And don’t forget that The Obama still has a couple months to sabotage, pardon, and subvert his way out of office.

      1. every president I have seen has always dropped a couple of shady pardons on the way out. That isn’t close to the worst of what is possible.

        1. I know, really, just imagine the ‘accidentally’ unflushed toilets the O’turdburglars are gonna leave behind in the brownhouse….

        2. It’s odd. Everyone does something by tradition. Clinton staff removed “W” from keyboards. It’s usually something juvenile, silly and, tbh, totally appropriate. Hard to say with Bama. This might go bad. If they had a sense of humor they would commission a bunch of tic tacs with presidential seal and leave them in all the desks. What they will actually do is probably get some of Jay Z’s old homies to mug them

        3. You triggered me – GayZee was a notorius homo anus raper back then, Bill Clitler and Epstein got him off the streets.

  33. That video is hilarious. This put to life all the butthurtness I saw on facebook yesterday. Like OMG guys we’re literally going to lose all our rights as women/blacks/LGTBQWSGLMNOP!!!! I wonder if that plump broad in the middle ended up killing herself literally, like literally. Hope she remembered to signup for Obummercare before calling on that ambulance. You know since it did nothing to curb costs of healthcare whatsoever-that’ll be a $3k ride if she’s uninsured.

  34. If any of you are going to the libtard riots, can you go wearing brown shirts and MAGA hats, and get some footage of the triggering

    1. No riots here in central Ohio. OSU did have some late night celebration after Trump was announced the winner though. Kind of the opposite of what is happening at Leftist universities. Heh.

      1. Reminds me of being an OSU student when the news broke that Osama was dead. We all ran to mirror lake and jumped in. There were American flags everywhere and everyone was chanting “U-S-A!”
        There’s definitely a big population of libtards (it is a college campus after all) and I don’t agree with everything the university does, but to its credit I haven’t heard about any safe spaces, protests, cry ins, or any of that bullshit happening there. Go Bucks.

  35. I love it when white people say F you white America . I get a warm fuzzy feeling watching low iq libs cry squirm and burn the American flag. For the next four years common sense conservatives will boast in gleeful happiness as tender snowflakes world wide cry cry cry…blahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Cry us a river moronic libs. Cry.

  36. OT: for all of the marines here, and I know there are a few, happy birthday

    1. Poor niggers, they’re obviously distraught that their freeshit might come to an end, and Rudy Gulliani get a job in the judiciary.

      1. Notice they have to attack in numbers and choose a victim much older than any of them. Some “yoot” threatened a friend of mine when they saw his pro-Trump t-shirt. The “yoot” threatened, “If my boys were here…” It only goes to show the punk was too much of a coward to take my friend on one-on-one and he needed “his boys” to help him.

      1. RT’s self-hating whie libtard Chris Hedges pushes gun control and says guns are only legal as white men are scared of black men (and want protection), as if every white man should be ready to take on 5 niggers whilst going shopping for food with his bare fists. Naturally he lives no where near nigger infestations.

  37. What on Earth were the pundits telling the Democratic voters, anyways? You’d think the guy was the love-child of Oliver Cromwell and the Ayatollah by the way they’re talking. I see a candidate who won over swing voters and bitter Bernie supporters while bypassing the 80’s culture wars bullshit to focus on trade, jobs, and foreign policy.

  38. Don’t gloat too much ROK readers. Last night was a victory for SJW’s as well–for they got to do what they love to do: cry and feel outrage.

      1. hahaha notice that despite the hair they still look more manly than your average millenial hipster.

        1. yes, I had this convo not too long ago with a buddy. That even the faggiest hair band of the 80’s was still more macho than todays hipster queers.

        2. nothing more manly than using an entire can of AquaNet on your hair before you hit the stage

        3. Hey, what are you some environmentalist fag! I empty out 4 cans of aquanet a day on principle.

  39. Those guys at Trump HQ look like Young Republican douchebags straight out of central casting for the bad guys in Revenge of the Nerds 7. They represent people I rarely, if ever, socialize with. The circles I run in are 99.9999999999999 percent violently anti-Trump. The internet has made countless virtual “communities” of likeminded people possible, but I think conscious efforts should be made to carve out flesh-and-blood real life communities–or, perhaps secret societies–within overwhelmingly Progressive urban cultures. There are pro-Trump, anti-SJW artists, teachers, writers, poets, film makers, journalists, hipsters, punks, graphic designers, professors, bartenders, dancers, etc. Not many, percentage-wise, but more than enough to form vibrant social circles that can fuel this movement. The world’s violent reaction to Roosh’s attempt at meetups brought him a great deal of valuable publicity, but it snuffed out something exciting, too. Gavin McGinniss’ “Proud Boy” thing has a kind of fruity name, but it has successfully created an urban “scene” along the lines of what I’m talking about here.

    1. THey look like out of shape versions of people I know and have known all my life. What is wrong with young republicans. They were a fairly good group of guys when I was on campus. You know, maybe you are in the wrong circle of guys. Maybe you should find a circle of guys where people take a shave, get a respectable haircut, put on a tie and go out into the world to do something,

      1. Well, fuckface, I have gone out into the world. And done something. Trust me on that. I’m glad Young Republicans exist. They are good for the economy. They also tend to be myopic, materialistic, clannish, condescending (without valid reason) and a good percentage of their women are absolutely fucking insufferable. And some are good guys, but have absolutely nothing in common with me. Your advice that I should get a flattop, put on a short sleeved dress shirt and a clip on tie, and start selling insurance validates everything I am saying.

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