Donald Trump Elected 45th President Of The United States

Via AP:

Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president Tuesday, an astonishing victory for a celebrity businessman and political novice who capitalized on voters’ economic anxieties, took advantage of racial tensions and overcame a string of sexual assault allegations on his way to the White House.

His triumph over Hillary Clinton will end eight years of Democratic dominance of the White House and threatens to undo major achievements of President Barack Obama. He’s pledged to act quickly to repeal Obama’s landmark health care law, revoke the nuclear agreement with Iran and rewrite important trade deals with other countries, particularly Mexico and Canada.

The Republican blasted through Democrats’ longstanding firewall, carrying Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states that hadn’t voted for a GOP presidential candidate since the 1980s. He needed to win nearly all of the competitive battleground states, and he did just that, claiming Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and others.

Global stock markets and U.S. stock futures plunged deeply, reflecting investor alarm over what a Trump presidency might mean for the economy and trade.

A New York real estate developer who lives in a sparking Manhattan high-rise, Trump forged a striking connection with white, working class Americans who feel left behind in a changing economy and diversifying country. He cast immigration, both from Latin America and the Middle East, as the root of the problems plaguing many Americans and taped into fears of terrorism emanating at home and abroad.

Trump will take office with Congress expected to be fully under Republican control. GOP Senate candidates fended off Democratic challengers in key states and appeared poised to maintain the majority. Republicans also maintained their grip on the House.

Senate control means Trump will have great leeway in appointing Supreme Court justices, which could mean a major change to the right that would last for decades.

Trump upended years of political convention on his way to the White House, leveling harshly personal insults on his rivals, deeming Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers, and vowing to temporarily suspend Muslim immigration to the U.S. He never released his tax returns, breaking with decades of campaign tradition, and eschewed the kind of robust data and field efforts that helped Obama win two terms in the White House, relying instead on his large, free-wheeling rallies to energize supporters. His campaign was frequently in chaos, and he cycled through three campaign managers this year.

His final campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, touted the team’s accomplishments as the final results rolled in, writing on Twitter that “rally crowds matter” and “we expanded the map.”

The mood at Clinton’s party grew bleak as the night wore out, with some supporters leaving, others crying and hugging each other. Top campaign aides stopped returning calls and texts, as Clinton and her family hunkered down in a luxury hotel watching the returns.

At 2 a.m., Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta told the crowd to head home for the night. “We’re still counting votes and every vote should count,” he said.

Trump will inherit an anxious nation, deeply divided by economic and educational opportunities, race and culture.

Exit polls underscored the fractures: Women nationwide supported Clinton by a double-digit margin, while men were significantly more likely to back Trump. More than half of white voters backed the Republican, while nearly 9 in 10 blacks and two-thirds of Hispanics voted for the Democrat.

Doug Ratliff, a 67-year-old businessman from Richlands, Virginia, said Trump’s election would be one of the happiest days of his life.

“This county has had no hope,” said Ratliff, who owns strip malls in the area badly beaten by the collapse of the coal industry. “You have no idea what it would mean for the people if Trump won. They’ll have hope again. Things will change. I know he’s not going to be perfect. But he’s got a heart. And he gives people hope.”

Trump has pledged to usher in a series of sweeping changes to U.S. domestic and foreign policy: repealing Obama’s signature health care law, though he has been vague on what he could replace it with; building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border; and suspending immigration from country’s with terrorism ties. He’s also praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and spoken of building a better relationship with Moscow, worrying some in his own party who fear he’ll go easy on Putin’s provocations.

The Republican Party’s tortured relationship with its nominee was evident right up to the end. Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura Bush declined to back Trump, instead selecting “none of the above” when they voted for president, according to spokesman Freddy Ford.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, a reluctant Trump supporter, called the businessman earlier in the evening to congratulate him, according to a Ryan spokeswoman.

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389 thoughts on “Donald Trump Elected 45th President Of The United States”

  1. Thank you, God! Congratulations to everyone! God bless America! Wow! Let’s absorb what just happened:
    Trump put his name, his money, his life and his family all on the line and single-handedly, literally (Hitler) took on the entire corrupt establishment, the mainstream media, all of the globalists, all of Wall Street, all of Hollywood, the feminists, the Marxists, the SJW’s, the Satanists, the entire kitchen sink and STILL smashed Hillary and all her cronies.
    Love him or hate him, ladies and gentlemen, THAT is an Alpha Male.
    The Truth has prevailed tonight. Now the real work begins 🙂

      1. I love this GIF!! Can you please tell me where you got it? I want to post it on my friend’s page on Facebook who is a Vietnam Vet with cancer. His is so elated that he lived long enough to see Trump get elected. I know he would love this! Thanks!

        1. I got this from our bro Conrad Stonebanls. I don’t know where he got it from but Conrad is full of surprises!

        2. Hey, just wanted you to know. I figured out how to upload your GIF to and then upload it to Facbook to share with my friend on Facebook. He thought it was, ahem, pardon the expression, “the bomb”! 😉

        1. Could you put this to appropriate music as that film editor did with the Nuremburg rally in 1939 with the Lambert Walk?

        1. I voted for Trump but I am not elated today. I am left kind of in a let down. I am immensely relieved that Clinton (literally Hitlery) did not win. The choice was truly not the lesser of two evils which it usually is. Instead it was a choice between an unknown wild card and a known disaster; between a political novice with little chance to govern effectively, and pure evil lunatic that was probably going to start WWIII.

        2. Exactly my point of view. The only happy point is that the market is ripe for making a killing…and that Trump can somehow stem the flow of third-wave feminism

        3. He is a small stone in their path to the utopia they think they are headed for, but that is better than a smooth concrete path all downhill that it has been under Obama and the rest of the left wing faggots (I mean no offense to gay men who are mostly good guys that just happen to have a sexual taste I disagree with). The best part is he may put enough good judges on the supreme court to pull the left wing’ fangs for a generation.

        4. It’s full of snakes, they made that very clear by disassociating themselves from Trump. They are the same hacks with their bullshit warmongering, mega-church AIPAC bribing and turd world manufacturer enablement. They’re like the liberals, except playing good cop.
          That, I believe, is who Trump should focus on. Realign the Republicans so they remove themselves from the bullshit they’ve been in since Jerry Ford.

    1. I knew I was voting for Trump when I heard him talk about grabbing girls pussies. I prayed and asked for a sign and then that video was released. God moves in mysterious ways.

        1. I agree with you, but I would genuinely be interested in your refutation. I’m not very good at coming up with eloquent rebuttals and I could use one for whenever a leftist says “Well, the Anglo-Saxons probably felt the same way about your Norman Great X 30-Grandfather.”

        2. This meme is stupid for a number of reasons:
          (1) The Indians had no concept of nation-hood, therefore no philosophical place for immigration restrictions. This is the big one.
          (2) The Indians did not have western concepts of ownership and western concepts of ownership is the paradigm that idiots often use when deploying this rhetorical method. Numerous Tribes, especially the North-Eastern ones often expressed non-ownership of land.

        3. What a bunch of bullshit. You’re just trying to find excuses. If Europeans lived in the Americas for more than 1000 years and had their own distinct culture, then you could say they were native to the continent. But this is not the case.
          There was a massive influx of Europeans during the 19th century, which means most Americans can easily trace back their European roots. Before the 19th century most non-natives were greedy Anglo-Saxons and their African slaves.

        4. Only a little over 1% of Anglo Saxon Americans owned slaves. But over 6% of American Jews owned slaves. My grandfather was a 100% secular Eastern European immigrant Jew, but the facts are the facts.

        5. BTW he was a farmer then a barber and never owned slaves either. My father’s side of the family has been in this country since the 1600s and they never owned slaves either. In fact they came to this country basically as slaves (Irish prisoners shipped as indentured servants).

        6. All a bunch of lies. They did knew the concept of territory, but lived according to nature. They welcomed new people, but didn’t know they had to deal with greedy white bastards who were only interested in the natural resources and ownership of the land.

        7. Native Americans murdered/enslaved each other in bloody conflict quite a bit. not sure what you are going on about.

        8. Not to mention, nations and terroritories get conquered, colonised and assimilated all the time. I don’t see any of these SJW cucks weeping for the Sumerians who got conquered by the Akkadians. And the Sumerians were a more advanced society in 2000 B.C. than the American Indians were in 1400 A.D. I don’t know about you guys, but if I were a Native I’d be happy that my culture is even remembered today. Being remembered and even celebrated that much a few centuries after is quite a privilege when you consider that this culture produced absolutely nothing useful for history, technology or philosophy.

        9. You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. The natives were barbarians of the kind you would expect to encounter in 3000 B.C. Mesopotamia. Yes, they did live “according to nature” but that’s just because they were too ignorant to produce any kind of technology. They had no concept of ownership within their tribes but they did have territories which they fought bloody battle to maintain, quite like you would expect from a pack of wolves. These people were barely more advanced than monkeys and you want to paint them like they were a significant civilisation and that’s utter PC nonsense.
          I mean, the Sumerians had written language in 3000 B.C. while the first Native written language was invented in the 1800… 1800 A.D.!!! Which means you already had Natives who had received an English or French education so who knows if they would have thought of the concept by themselves if they hadn’t been colonised.

      1. From which home though? They had no concept of owning land, there is a reason these savages got owned. If you really do feel for them, go live in a tipi and chew on beef 😉

      2. Like all gibbering libtard SJWs, he/she doesn’t know anything about history. Early Americans were settlers, not illegal immigrants. There’s…uh…just a tiny difference. 😉
        I’m just sitting here smug and happy that all of these clowns that are contributing to the disintegration of the moral fabric of the Greatest Country in the World are relegated to either crying, taking sad selfies, or taking illogical and emotional potshots from their little safe spaces. Lick our collective sweaty balls you femicunts, SJWS, illegals and all of their co-conspirators!

      3. So ?? Chief “Walking Eagle” after how many generation born in America you are not an illegal ?? Ten ?? Nine ?? Two ?? or doesn’t count if you’re white European ??

    2. He seems to be cozying up with the Prime Minister of India. I want to see how true he is to his word of combating H1b fraud by East Indians.

    3. Trump! Trump! Trump! I’ve been wearing my American flag t-shirt for the last two days in my liberal fuck tard city and getting looks. I can’t stop smiling. We won!

  2. Thanks, God. The West can be saved. Now it is time to work hard and smash cultural marxism. DEUS VULT!

    1. I am glad Clinton lost, but I don’t think this means the west can be saved. The inertia of the decline is massive. It is the result of 50 years of the march through the institutions. If nothing else the schools (K-12) are 100% feminist Marxist controlled. The colleges and universities are even worse; they have gone full retard (and you should never go full retard).

      1. True. Cultural marxism has been spread for the last 50 years. It will take decades to revert its decimation. But at least, we got Trump there. It could have been much worse, right?

    1. Finally there is hope for all civilization!
      The pseudo-liberals in eastern countries like in my country India, were aping the western liberals and fucking up our country too. Thank god TRUMP came. Trump and our Prime minister, conservative, will together fuck up the terrorist fucks. Feminism would die at last. God damn those bitches with no gratitude. At last w can have practical solutions to problems. No more constant whining and proposal of totalitarian solutions. I am so eager to see how the canadian fag gaylord justin trudeau is gonna react!

    1. The sensation of living in that state must be extraordinary right about now…I live in a state that was a “blue” lock, so the presidential race was somewhat underwhelming from that perspective (of course it’s a day defined by many things, so just a facet). I was left to concentrate on the local and state ballot measures, challenging but certainly more boring.

      1. I live in the one blue state that wen against Reagan in 1984, and it is still too close to call today. This is a once in a lifetime event for me, where it is possible that my anti left wing idiocy vote might actually accomplish something more than making me feel good.

  3. I’m already ready for him to get to work. We already know what the liberals are about; fuck ’em, they suck – it’s been talked about endlessly to the point of nausea.
    But, what his biggest challenges, I believe, are going to be those Republican faggot chicken-hawk warmongers and their turd-world manufacturing loving brethren. Those pricks is what needs to be focused on because they have fucked us as bad as the liberals have and in some cases more by comparison. Make those bastards pay.

    1. He already went back on one of his campaign promises by listening to his advisors and congratulating Hellary Clit ton on runnig a good race and even thanking her for her service in order to appear magnanimous in victory. What happened to her being a crooked criminal? When is he putting her in jail? Just elected and already a hypocritical politician like all the rest.

    1. Man, yesterday I was at a Movie Theater filled with SJWs watching CNN live coverage of the elections. They were all cheering for the witch, not doubting for a moment she could lose. What a joy to realize all these libtards will be so butt hurt

    2. Know exactly what you mean. Embarrassed to admit it but I shed tears for solid 5 minutes when him, Pence and their families came out. I got behind TRUMP shortly after he announced in July ’15. Went to 3 rallies. I knew he was our best chance. The emotion of it solidified last night got the better of me.

      1. Nah, those rich queers got plans in the can to deal with contingencies. It’s best for us to be aware; the struggle will continue. Trump victory is a great leap forward, but put nothing past those tired old men with nothing but disposable funds and time on their hands.

      2. Haha, you can actually watch journalists crying and everywhere politicians are entering “apocalypse now” mode (France announced an urgent Cabinet meeting; Germany’s foreign minister is “worried”; etc.).
        These will be fun days.

      3. You can’t even imagine. “A leap into the unknown”. Just laughing at them right now. I’m moving to the US guys / Land of the Free.

  4. I want to thank ReturnOfKings and Breitbart for a tremendous job for keeping it REAL and presenting us with Red Pill Truth! It’s time for real change to come to America. We need to protect our citizens, rid the world of feminists and SJWs and the PC crowd, and we need to protect our jobs from H1bs and undocumented illegals. I pray President Trump holds his end of the bargain, and that we will finally make America great again. God bless you all, and God Bless the United States of America. Good night.

    1. Amen. If he really wants to leave a legacy and prove the underdog story, he needs to make that happen. Hes already got money. So he must be in it for the story and legacy.

      1. Start by updating their wikipedia articles with reliable sources on these promises..we may be able to put together a list or category.

  5. Straight To Comments!!!
    Tell you what, though, we are in for some paranoid times and maybe an escalation of infighting among the citizenry…it’s going to be weird for a while. Brace.

  6. He gave a great speech. Hillary would’ve been full of snark and recriminations. This man is ready to be President.

  7. I think we should take some time out to think about how poor Hilary feels right now …
    …. and laugh like a muthafucka!!!

  8. As a black man.
    Let him win. What’s he going to do to black people that has not been done already ? I see David Duke is already slobbering over his victory.
    OK. White supremacists. You got your boy now. Let’s see what he will do

    1. We have better things to do than to sit around thinking of ways to upset black folks. Go take your sour grapes elsewhere, pussy.

    2. Watch this guy surprise you for the better. Maybe through some tough love, but he’s not out to destroy the foundation of humanity in the United States. He might end up being the giver you doubt him to be. We’ve found ourselves in stranger places in the past. We shall see, in that we agree…

      1. yes yes he does….thats the sad thing. people are that fucking stupid.
        hell people dont even know liberal is code for communist and dont even know communism is bad.
        people actually think clinton would help us….its unreal.

        1. Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope!
          Got as far as 20 seconds; can’t watch it. Thank God this is now a thing of the past. As Agent K (MIB) said: “That’s one of a hundred memories I don’t want.”

    3. Son, brother, seek and thou shalt find.
      Look what the Hon. Minister Farakkan preaches regarding President Elect Trump.
      Look at what our brother, “The Doctor of Common Sense” has to say about it.
      Look at what our hard-working, legal Hispanic citizens have to say.
      Look at what Arab Moslem citizens who know their selves say.
      They too joined as Americans to Make America Great Again!!!

      1. Look.
        You got your boy in. Your got your white supremacist in.
        Now – SHUT THE F**K UP.
        No more playing victim. No more bitching. No more blaming every social issues on black or other non-white people.
        The silence is deafening from world leaders.
        The president of Germany, UK, China, France, Mexico have released no statement. No support. No congrats. Not to mention other leaders of the world.
        But let’s see what your Messiah will do.

        1. First of all, son, if a white called a coloured person or negro, “boy”, the whining would assault Paradise above and Purgatory below.
          If anyone dared to say “shut the f*** up’, to anyone exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech, they would be liable under existing federal law for infringing the civil right of the speaker. No matter if the speaker was black as the ace of spades all the way to alabaster lily white.
          No one of any colour blames their problems on someone else, except lazy entitled slob bitches like you, no matter whatdafuck colour they are.
          Human beings, as opposed to programmed meat robots like your ilk work ti solve their probs, instead of crying for more rancid, poisoned milk from the government man-titty.
          Your mehdi O. Hussein el-Buraq was a false messiah, Clitler is a corrupt degenerate crook.
          Fuk y’all very much, now it’s real, bitches!

        2. oh look an angry liberal black man.
          trump may do wonders…but fuck, you liberals have been running us to hell and back for 100 years….trump aint God, he can only do so much.
          we need probably 25 years of a trump reign to undo the stupid ass shit you liberals have done.
          shut liberal….go listen to sean hannity and realize why conservatives is the correct philosophy

        3. You want to die in some bullshit war in the middle of nowhere?
          You want to spend your life trapped in squalor?
          Who gives a flying fuck about what other nations think. They are interested in seeing a patsy they can manipulate get elected.

        4. Well, friend, it’s been published on HuffedPuss that the Clinton RICO Structure is selling Chelsea creampies to cucks who are manpussy and butthurt over the landslide victory, in order to raise funds for Killary Clitler’s Wake.
          Should be fun, let us know if you get a disease.
          Oh, by the way, have a Lovely Day, A-salaam A-leikoom bism’Alla al-Rahim!, brother!

        5. Twice as money brothers voted for Trump than for Mitt Romney. That means many black dems switched to republican because they liked him or disliked Hillary. It wasnt about race for most of us.
          You had a rough summer. The worst race relations in a long time. After 8 years of an african american pres. in the white house? He said he was the answer to race relations. The results show the opposite.
          Sure there are some racists in the comments sometimes. That doesnt mean shit. We should come together and see the real enemey. We need to stick together as men. Learn another language. Travel. Live in another country for a while. You’ll see patriarchal, conservative people are happier, with stronger family units, and richer friendships. Liberalism tears us apart and glorifies the victim mentality. Its anybody’s right to complain, but to accept free handouts is cowardice, and a road to addiction.
          Take what you can from the manosphere. There are many ethnicities represented here. Ignore the bullshit

        6. I wonder how long the honeymoon will last, and when people will start to realize he isn’t going to deliver on all his vague, unformed promises and live up to their expectations after all : of lots of jobs coming back, and a booming economy; of having Mexico pay for a wall; of black people being put “back in their place” … etc.

        7. I wonder what will happen when the national debt explodes, as predicted of his economic plans.
          The one thing no-one can reverse is the consequences of nuclear war, even if one-sided the world will be affected by the fallout and the dust.
          It will be a rough road in all other ways for the next four years and everything is at risk – Social Security, Medicare, ACA will be gone, NATO will have to make do without the USA.
          Look for severe cuts in assistance programs and even food stamps, cutbacks and dismantling of regulatory efforts, huge national debt increase with tax cuts for the upper 1%, expansion of Homeland Security and another trashing of FEMA as Bush did.
          Buckle up

        8. We know all that, fine.
          What happens when things actually improve for the average American of all ethnicities?
          Or is thought not mortifying enough for you, brother?

        9. Were you this concerned about the looting, burning and rioting done by BLM? Or were those supposed to be good “economic plans”?

        10. When did Trump promise to “put blacks back in their place”?
          Ease up on eating all of that propaganda buddy.

        11. Your got your white supremacist in.

          Trump is not a white supremacist. I think you’re going to be surprised.

          Now – SHUT THE F**K UP.

          After seeing Trump supporters having their property destroyed and even being physically assaulted no, we’re not going to shut up.

          No more playing victim.

          No one was playing.

          The silence is deafening from world leaders.

          I wouldn’t expect anything else from these corrupt globalists. It’s to be expected. Trump is upsetting their extremely corrupt apple cart. If they were supporting him then I would never have voted for him.

          But let’s see what your Messiah will do.

          He’s not a Messiah just a man. But yes, we’ll see where he goes.

        12. Yes, the man who has Jewish in-laws, the largest black support of any Republican candidate in decades, and has hired non-whites to prominent parts of his organization… is a white supremacist…

        13. Most of us who voted for him didn’t do so because we expected him to do for us. We voted mostly because we knew what (literaly) Hitlery would do. In your heart you know it too, you just weren’t able to overcome your very hard cultural and racial conditioning.
          Trump is not a white supremacist. He just doesn’t grovel for forgiveness for the sin of being born white. After 50 years of anti white male propaganda most people (slightly more than 50%) can’t tell the difference.

        14. The top 1% pay almost no taxes so cutting them will have little to no effect on the budget. Cutting back on entitlements would save a bundle. Not that I see that happening, ever.

        15. Goes both ways. Most minorities who backed Hillary have voted for more of the same government that gave us the type of racist oppression that you (I inferred) to be railing against. Under Clinton, as with Obama, you would see more government involvement in your daily life, more regulation and more so-called “unarmed black men” shot by the poh-leece.
          Honestly, what has the Obama administration done to further minority progress in eight fucking years??? The left is NOT your friend, never will be.

        16. I, personally, would loooove to see black persons “in their place” of being happy, healthy, safe in their homes and neighborhoods; successful, and above all, FREE! Government does not provide that; it tried, and failed abso-fucking-lutely miserably. Add to that, the hip-hop genre has not contributed much positively to the advancement of blacks anywhere, just FYI.

      2. “Look at what our brother, “The Doctor of Common Sense” has to say about it.”
        I dig ET Williams. Very funny and righteously angry. Should be mandatory (O.K., optional-but-recommended viewing on YouTube) for ROK readers.

    4. I have no idea why blacks keep getting involved with this. The slightest connection Trump had was that settled suit where people said his business wouldn’t rent to black tenants. Big fucking whoop. Why exactly is it okay to tell people who they have to rent to anyway? People should be allowed to do that openly.

      1. Ever heard the quote “You may get what you want, but not like what you get.”
        I don’t think Trump will be able to handle the pressures and responsibility. Trump is simply incapable of doing the job with any degree of competence. His administration will be a train-wreck by summer.

    1. I’m planning an operation for the time coming, code name “HIGH ENERGY”.
      Money will be made, iron will be lifted, and pussy will be grabbed like never before.

      1. Imagine me, after pulling an all-nighter and with a bureaucracy-only day ahead…
        But I’m nearly as happy as I was after the Brexit victory. I love the smell of victory in the morning (lol). It’s better than coffee.

  9. Does anyone have the cartoon of the father with child in 1996 + father with gun and gay pride on the street 2016? I would like to create a meme. Thanks.

  10. This was not an upset. This was not shocking. Those of us who were awake knew the outcome because we are CREATING the outcome. Trump is a part of this–a large part–but we still have work to do. This is one of the greatest victories of the past 50 years. The West needed this if it cared to transition peacefully.

  11. You know what the funniest thing is after you grab her by the pussy?
    Once you get past the smell, you’ve got it licked.

    1. So much for the lame stream media polls that had Clit-ton in the lead. Why anyone would believe anything those ass clowns say after that is a mystery

  12. To think of where this all started.
    Whoever created the Can’t Stump the Trump videos deserves a Nobel Prize.

    1. This video makes me want to vote for Trump, even if the guy mentioned he will retract US armies from NATO member states.
      For Romania that basically spells…SOVIET FUCKERY!
      I’m happy for americans that truly wanted this guy as president.
      Hope for the best.

        1. 4 millions of Romanian citizens forced into exodus would state the exact contrary.
          The Soviets have fucked Romania to it’s fucking core.
          Having the US as an ally would be our only chance to stand up to Russian oligarchs that have bought, bankrupted and sold as scrap iron the largest industrial complexes Romania has ever had.
          We are economically fucked by russia.
          We are being forced into exodus by russia.
          We are being murdered on the streets by gangs that have political protection from russia.
          Trump said he’ll be Putin’s pal…
          Well, it’s been nice to talk to you guys, Romania will become the next Gulag.

        2. Not Merkel and her cronies being tried and sentenced for crimes against the European natives? Or millions of rapefugees getting the boot?

        3. Yeah ?
          I had no idea that Romania’s December 1989 revolution was taken advantage of by sending 30.000 russian male agents in October to overthrow the country’s president – Nicolae Ceausescu.
          The overthrowing worked, but the native people started to become suspicious so they -i.e. the russians – made a ,,tribunal” in a school class-room where they judge him and sentenced him to death.
          We had 2 mandates of a KGB agent as president – Ion Iliescu.
          over 10.000 people murdered in the streets because they had the balls to protest against the KGB.
          But whom am I to know right from wrong.

        4. We need America to get out of there first, getting out of NATO, also. Then, create a true, independent European Nationalist Union. It is a very difficult task, but being the puppets of someone else will only dissolve our cultures even more. The rapefugees is as simple as shooting those damn boats.

        5. Ideally, an independent European Union should provide you coverage against Russia. So far, we need the permission of the US, of the pax americana. There is lot of work to do, though. The EU so far is just a bunch of crony parasites.

        6. But we need to be independent of US electoral cycles first. Since WWII, we are no more than puppets. That explains the current state of the EU.

        7. There have been benefits in joining the EU, but several ,,red agents” started to detract those benefits stealing the EU funds for Romania’s infrastructure and creating laws that give foreigners the benefit of buying land in Romania.
          Romania’s medium wage is at 400 Euros…That’s if you have the chance to get a job in your area.
          The closer you are to Russia, the more you will get fucked.

        8. I understand. Situation in EE is very bad. But you guys could make great professional soldiers. That’s lots of jobs.

        9. The Europeans are weak. They have no will. They do not even meet their NATO treaty commitments to spend 2% of GDP (or whatever) on defense.
          Either they shape up and contribute to their OWN defense or we cut them loose, leave NATO.
          After all, if they have no will to defend themselves we can’t help them anyway against the Russkies.

        10. I support you guys over there in the states.
          I hope you do make your country great again.
          God bless you!

        11. Maybe if they had to defend themselves they would actuallty stand up to the Russians. As it is they get US protection from the Russians guaranteed, while they undermine and counter every action of the US and NATO. They love playing both ends against the middle. The are happy to let the US carry the burden while they rake off profits dealing with the Russinas. If they are on their own then they might have to start thinking about what they need to do to defend themselves. I am not confident they will, but at least it won’t be our problem any more.

        12. If that is what the majority of Europeans want then good luck and goodbye. I think more Europeans are eager to get out of the EU than they are to get out of NATO.

        13. The EU is actively trying to destroy European culture and racial identity. How are you going to turn that around, US or no US?

        14. A new EU has to be built. I did not say it was an easy task. But those puppet bureaucrats are weaker than they think they are.

        15. We agree.
          I’m done having the Euros freeloading under the US protection umbrella, then bitching about it.
          US out of NATO. Europeans can fend for themselves. If they choose to join Russia, so be it.

        16. I do not respect you.
          You bitch that you are “puppets.” Assuming that is true, you are not weak because you are puppets. You are puppets because you are weak.

  13. congrats for your new red pill like president ! hope it will change a lot of things in europe too ! a new era has begun !

  14. If Hillary had won, ROK would be full of gloaty little fags posting shit here. But now that Trump is the President, they are hiding somewhere.

        1. Nail party? Seriously, enough voters saw through the crap and realized Trump loves our country and gets shit done. The rest was just theatre. Stock market? After humans wrested control from the algorithms it was SSDD.

  15. I believe Roosh and all the other writers of the manosphere helped a lot. Without them the results would be different. We have to thank them too.

    1. Those on ROK, in particular, take risks and think boldly…they are part of a genuine movement. It’ll be cool to see them writing whilst in a good mood for a change (ha), yet always ready to do the heavy intellectual fighting when called upon to do so. We likes.

    2. I think so too. Everyone I know is bleeding heart liberal and atheist. I thought I was alone until I found the manosphere!

    3. No doubt the rise of Breitbart et all has really countered and crushed Big Liberal media with it’s messages of faggotry etc..

    1. HAHAHA…..the tears are real….morton salt business has just been increased by 1000….trump not even in office and he’s saved the salt business!!

    2. Trump will change 2045 to be the date when the percentage of non whites in America will be 45% less.
      Not 50% mind you. The majority can stay. I’m a nice guy.

  16. I don’t know if it has any relevance exactly but I read Trump’s ‘The Art of The Deal’ about a decade ago, and a passage has stayed in my mind of Trump describing a discussion he had with former President Jimmy Carter, who at the time, was seeking donations to build the Carter Presidential Library. Trump got out his cheque book asking how much he wanted, expecting to make a token donation of $40K or $50K, but Carter responded something like “actually, I could really use $5M”. Trump described being impressed Carter was so upfront in presenting himself and asking for and pursuing what he wanted, and how this ‘chutzpa’ before the American people in part propelled Carter to the Presidency.

    1. no one is saying trump is perfect….we here are hoping he is the changed man he says he is. because our options our hoping for that, voting the satanist witch in who sells our secrets to muslims, or voting for gary johnson who talks with his tongue hanging out of his mouth while his VP endorses previously mentioned witch.
      trump for that reason is the last hope of america….its all on his shoulders.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I just reread my comment, and realised it could have come across as critical of Trump in a way I didn’t intend.
        I’m happy for readers in the U.S. that Trump and not Clinton was elected (I’m Australian, by the way :). Even if he can’t do everything he promises, I’m sure he won’t try to micromanage peoples lives and interactions with each other like I have no doubt Clinton would have liked to and will instead concentrate on the big picture of governance and the economy, and in international affairs, he’ll be pragmatic and stay out of ‘nation building’ and wars based on spurious notions of a moral high-ground.
        It’s just for some reason, that part of his book is what has loomed large in my mind (and to the best of my recollection, was his only discussion in the text of meeting a former U.S. President).

        1. Maybe he was just being open and upfront in acknowledging and respecting such a trait (which realistically, anyone seeking such high office must possess).

        2. i gotcha fair enough
          and yes that is a fair point about the book. trump has said and done shady things in the past. perhaps not all trump voters know that(how they wouldnt know with the main stream media airing all his dirty laundry…is beyond me)….but my two cents has always been….i hope he’s had a change of heart and is the hero he says is, if he isnt, america was screwed either way.
          that part of the book is part of the risk we take when voting for trump. i hope we all understand that when we voted for him. but i hope more so than that, he really has had a change of heart. because fucking hell if he hasnt….we are so dead….so so very dead. with clinton, it was undeniable we were dead. with gary johnson we were getting at best a crack head with no chance of winning. so hence trump and trump does say the right things and has been successful so i can hope that translates to the white house.
          one thing is…i dont think he can stay out of foreign affairs at least not at first….he’s inherited a war and countless international deals….hes kind of stuck there. so i do hope he knocks the hell out of our enemies.

    1. What legacy again? A do-nothing president. Made himself a lame duck by trying to make every Trayvon into the new Rodney King. His path to success lay in being half-white and not bringing it up.

      1. Well he made it legal to give illegals free healthcare at the expense of the working taxpayers. You might have known, when a black person gets into a position of power, they only use it to further their own tribes agenda. Usually that agenda is taking money off the much demonised white man and giving it to black mothers who have kids galore but no fathers in sight to pay for their offspring. Obama did wonders for “Diversity” sadly, the white community suffers for it, as per.

  17. A lot of stunned liberals have gone rotten the comment lines of HuffPo, Twitter and the like tonight (yes I scanned thru), and a good % are talking about taking up arms tomorrow, to kick off a revolution, once they have ceased crying, puking and staying up all night. Gives one a fresh perspective on their loudly-proclaimed convictions against gun ownership and violence, just to name two things they seem to have quickly forgotten about in their impulsive, non-pragmatic ideologies. They really do lack a champion.
    Hillary lost because there’s a *massive* integrity gap not only in her chosen path, but in the most publicly vocal portion of her constituency.
    I was going to drop a few choice Eric Hoffer quotes here at the end; I think he’d get it.

    1. Libtards won’t take up arms. Most of them will just continue to bitch, moan and cry into their rainbow coloured pillow cases for the foreseeable future.
      Expect a flurry of change[dot]org petitions from around the world wanting Trump to be banned from entering this country and that.

      1. I also considered that such remarks were just a way for them to vent frustration online, handle rejection, get through the denial phase, etc. but it was clear some were ready to trash the nation as part of this momentous occasion.
        Ahhh, such divisiveness — that’s what happens when we’re dealing with one of the greatest political upsets in American history.

        1. Some for sure will get violent. Best to have their social media posts and any forum comments where they call for violence reported to the police.

    2. Liberals don’t believe in guns. Which is good; should they take up arms, because I do and am very well stocked with weapons and ammo. Nothing to make you a believer in guns like seeing the effects of a 12ga compared to that of a rock thrown in my direction.
      I’m terrified for this country, I’m happy it was Trump (anyone but Hillary) but, man, the anger we have brewing that was made obvious by this election makes me fearful for our ability to come together as a nation.
      We just elected a president who was recorded saying something about grabbing women in the pussy. If that’s not proof that alpha/asshole game works, I’m not sure what is.

      1. You cant shoot them all, there are too many, as Dr Frankenstein points out in Day of the Dead, what will you do when you run out of ammo?

  18. things i hope to see done….the top 5:
    1. arrest clinton ASAP
    2. build a wall
    3. beat the holy fuck out of every last damn muslim in the middle east.
    4. drain the damn swamp in DC
    5. lower taxes.
    of those 5….the top 4 are the priority….by a long shot….lower taxes wont mean shit if you can’t get the other 4 things in order. concerning point 1….i dont care at this point if you have to fake emails to get her arrested….i dont care if you have to bring liars onto the witness stand. send that bitch to death row.
    this is all i ask for in the first year….make it happen. lets have a merry 2017 xmas knowing we built the wall, clinton is sobbing in death solitary confinement, the middle east is telling horror stories to their children about how not to fuck with america, washington DC looks honorable again and taxes are lowered so maybe i can get a good damn job.

      1. i’d tend to agree for most others except:
        1. shes committed high treason
        2. he promised to put her ass in jail

        1. tossing someone in jail for committing treason is hardly a banana republic.
          treason is a serious crime….and she’s committed that countless times.
          a country that doesnt behead folks who commit treason is no country at all.
          while one could argue most politicians today have committed some kind of treason or at least felonies….clinton commits it on such a global international scale it defies words. her ass deserves death row, solitary confinement, without a trial. traitors forfeit their rights.
          okay i am kidding…she deserves a trial at the very least…but still….jail her ass.

        2. Won’t happen because it isn’t kosher. Oy vey, it would literally(Hitler) be another holocaust, what would the Trump inlaws say on the high holidays!?

        3. trump has been anything but kosher up to this point. as for holidays? I’d hope they would say good job.

    1. Jail is the safest place for Clinton. She’s taken an awful lot of money from some very powerful people, they aren’t going to be happy that she has failed to deliver..
      I’d be very surprised if she doesn’t have an accident or pass quietly in her sleep sometime in the very near future.

      1. She hasn’t given a concession speech because she probably soiled her Depends and stroked out a few hours ago

      2. you know what? fantastic point i over looked. jail probably is the safest place for her, but i’ve long since suspected shes made deals with satan himself….so she’s probably screwed either way. not that i’d care to keep her safe mind you….but long enough to bring her to trial would please me.
        but spot on….shes probably got to watch her back….and i know she’s absolutely fuming right now….she was probably fuming in 2008 when obama stole it….and shes fuming 10000x worse now.

      3. That’s the first thing that came to mind when she conceded; she and Bill are probably somewhat worried about how on earth they will be able to stick around New York after stiffing so many prominent, rich, and unforgiving people. The Goldman Sachs of the world should have viewed their support of her as a business bet that went awry but somehow I get the feeling that they’re not the types to go for anything other than sure things.
        The Clinton’s were expected to deliver for their benefactors and failed.

    2. Number 1 on my list is to remove women from the work force and put all the radfems…back in the kitchen. Where they should never have left in the first. Women today cant handle the real world. We men tried to keep them safe from it by keeping them in the house, but they thought they were better and could deal with it, when clearly, they cannot. And now they are all cracking up due to the pressure of the real world and it’s making them crazy loco. It’s for their own good but you know how selfish and idiotic women are, for the most part. They call it “oppression”. But it’s just keeping em safe from the evil rapists and patriarchs.

      1. You first. I support enough of the benefits class without having my earnings eviscerated to support more women and children.

      2. All that is needed is to level the playing field for everyone. No more 100 and 1 advantages given to women to make the outcomes “right”. Most women will go back to the kitchen willingly, and become much happier as a group. There will always be a small number of exceptional women that can play with the big boys in a level field and win. Good for them.

      3. so i am all for women getting removed from the work place.
        the problem is and why i dont list that as a top 5 concern is…..
        in order to do that an amendment or two needs to be repealed. women will have to actually vote for it. and it would have to take priority above everything else just to have it fall on deaf ears and it would ruin his ability to do anything else.
        the only way this happens is a civil war at this point which is what i am hoping trump and the GOP will finally be the heroes we have always needed and make america great again which would mean avoiding a civil war….the women in the work place issue can wait a little while. it isnt that it isnt important but it isnt as important as crushing the middle east, lowering taxes securing our border and undoing the shit the liberals have been doing over the past 8 years.
        one step at a time my friend….one step at a time. even some of trumps most staunch supporters like sean hannity would walk out on him if he tried this women need to be at home agenda….and right now….we need people like hannity who really was one of the vital pieces in the media that helped get trump elected.

    3. I agree, but with a caveat on number 3. Let’s beat the shit out of ISIS, then GET THE FUCK OUT of the Middle East, somewhere we have no business being and which we have fucked up time after time after time.

      1. oh i completely agree about the get out part.
        but i more so than anything….don’t want to leave like a defeated and beaten dog or wife….i know we cannot afford this war and we are war weary….but i truly believe if we fought like we meant it, we could ass rape the middle east inside of 3-6 months.

    1. Same thing happened with Brexit. Despite all the demonisation and tampering, Brexit still won lol. That’s why they’ll wait until we are about to leave, then make us vote again, and this time they will make damned sure the outcome the tptb want is reached.

  19. “deeming Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers”
    Whoever wrote that AP release quoted above is clearly a biased butthurt Hillary supporter and by spreading these lies is engaged in treason trying to undermine the POTUS elect.
    His comment was about illegals that Mexico sent. Not necessarily citizens of Mexico. Mexico has immigrants too and they can illegally I.migrate to the US. It isn’t just Mexicans who sneak across the border illegally to rape and murder.
    By saying “immigrant” they make it seem like Trump was speaking of legal ones too. A recurring tactic showing how shady the Democrats are.
    I sided with them for so long. If they had just been fair to Trump they probably could have kept me seduced.

    1. The MSM is starting to feel the butthurt. Essentially what they got was a giant fuck you I’m sticking my dick in your ass as victor’s justice. And they deserve it.

    2. If you speak spanish, you should hear what Peruvian politicians say about Chilean immigrants, or their own Indigeonous. Or what the former Mexican president said about african americans, and immigrants from Guatemala to Mexico. Everybody criticizes their neighbors. Its not racism. Its just border issues.

  20. I work as a Border Patrol Agent on the Southern Border in Texas. I was hired into this agency back in 2009 under a directive enacted by President Bush to increase the number of line Agents in the Patrol. I have never known a Patrol without Obama. Never have I been a part of a Patrol that I wasn’t restricted from doing my job to it’s fullest:
    Seeing illegals released and driven to the bus station with a slip of paper telling them to show up to an immigration court in the state of their choice, knowing that most never show up to that appointment.
    The fact that Sanctuary cities exist and that they actively order their law enforcement agencies not to cooperate with us.
    The fact that Arizona was sick of a federal gov’t that actively was failing at protecting the border, so they allowed their state law enforcement agencies to start enforcing immigration laws. They literally copied and pasted the current laws under the United States Code, The Immigration and Nationality Act etc., the same ones that the federal agencies charged with enforcing immigration laws use, yet Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton, called it,”racist.” Then the feds sued Arizona.
    Having our transport contract with a private firm revoked so that already critically shorthanded stations keep agents out of the field and spend thousands of man hours driving aliens to detention facilities and Ports of Entry all over the country.
    Having our overtime cut thus forcing agents actively pushing a group out in the field to break off and go back to the station so that the,” next shift that comes in in a couple of hours can go work the group,” knowing full well the group will likely get away. (This has been rectified with the passing of the Border Patrol Pay Reform Act that was implemented earlier this year).
    Having Dream Acter’s openly flaunt the fact that I cannot arrest them when they come through our checkpoint or catching Dream Acters alien/drug smuggling.
    Having illegals run on me when I try to arrest them in the field. Having to sacrifice my body trying to catch them, sometimes over multiple shifts over the course of days just to have the alien claim asylum and having to process their paperwork as if they had thrown themselves at my feet and begged to be saved from whatever evil, real or imagined, that exists in their country.
    Spending hours that could be used in the field on learning new policies/new reporting requirements on stuff to include: New prisoner transport guidelines that are sensitive to the prisoner’s claimed gender identity instead of their birth gender. New Use of Force guidelines that basically make it nearly impossible to defend oneself from rock throwers. New property guidelines that add at least an hour to the processing of each alien because God forbid I seize Juan’s 3 MXN pesos or make him throw away his favorite t shirt that he has been wearing in the field for 5 days.(These are just the major ones. There are more, but I am already getting longwinded)
    Being forced to endure an agency that is openly hostile to the majority of it’s agents (white and latino males). This is done by having a female only hiring push (they only make up about 7% of our agency. I believe that this is due to the nature of our job. We hike a lot, it is sweaty and we are outside.), highlighting diversity at every opportunity, having a disproportionate ratio of female mangers to female agents etc. etc.
    I could go on, but I am tired. Today was a good day. I caught 14 illegal Guatemalans with two other agents. I tackled one that tried to run and the others sat the fuck back down. Once we arrived back at the station I asked them individually at separate times, “Who do you want to win the US election?” All of them except one that was kind of retarded said,” La mujer.” They couldn’t tell me her name, but they all wanted Hillary to win. I have done this with every group since after the primaries and they all answer much the same. I got done with my shift and got back just in time to vote before the polls closed here in Texas. I know Trump is not perfect, but fucking Christ I hope he helps our Agency out and lets me do my damn job. Thank you guys for letting me rant a bit and thank you all for helping make a Trump Presidency a possibility.

      1. Thank you, sir. I greatly enjoy your articles and praise from you is appreciated. Praise was not the intention of my comment, but it is welcome regardless. My intention was to emphasize the realities of illegal immigration (which I believe is one of the greatest threats to our country. I may be biased, but I stand by my assertion) and the Border Patrol under Obama.

    1. Thanks for your service. It’s a tough time job. I was BP from 92-95, I can’t believe what they have done to hamstring the agents.

    2. Sounds so much (too much) like European Union.
      Your future (USA) seems a lot better from this day on, I just pray to God Europe will find a way and pretty damn soon to stop all illegal immigration traffic before we all go down in a sewer here…

    3. Thank you for your service! But I wonder if Trump will make true on his word. He’s cozying up with the Prime Minister of India, and the new LEGAL immigrant threat in the form of H1bs are wiping skilled Americans out of jobs due to corporations saving on cheaper labor to East Indians. I don’t know if Trump is going to even put an end to that, or allow even more Indians to show up to this country.

      1. man you really have a hard on for Indians. All your comments mention them.
        As an Indian myself, I do agree that too many are coming but to me it’s about the ideologies they bring ( Hindus mainly). If theyre Christian, Buddhist, or Sikh I’m cool with that, but the shit that Hindus do, of which I have seen while in India, is whack.

  21. Well done my American brothers!
    I *knew* you could do it!
    First Brexit, now Trump… all hail the return of the Patriarchy!
    What a great day 😀

  22. Just watched Trump walk through the crowd after his victory speech and there was a full on rabbi looking fiddler on the roof Hasid holding up a t-shirt with some shit written in chinese on it so the camera filmed his back and the shirt but Trump couldn’t see it. It seemed like the yid was saying something to try to provoke Don from the expression on his face but Don just pointed up at the camera before brushing past Moshe. Those shit disturbers won’t stop their shit until somebody actually does what they lie about what the Germans tried to do back in the 1930’s-40’s.
    Trump also left a nigger hanging when he tried to shake his hand lol
    Trump was all like “I won, I don’t need to pander to the blacks anymore” lol

    1. Bullshit, dickcheese.
      Trump is 70 years old and was up for hours.
      Clitler is dead, the Mr.and Mrs. Robthem-Clitlers RICO foundation is having Chelsemen selling creampies to cucks and manginahurt pussies like you to raise funds for Killary Clitler’s wake.
      Let us know what diseases you catch.
      A’salaam aleikum, brother!

    2. Mate, do you honestly think Trump is above Jewry? He’s just a rich white man playing at being a jew lol.

  23. All those supposed journalists who have been writing hit pieces on Trump for months now have egg all over their faces. Articles ranging from declaring that he will never win to that his campaign was imploding. But those same people will keep spewing their left wing garbage about Trump all the while acting as if they never wrote those articles. They don’t just have zero credibility, it’s actually below zero.

  24. Floored… So thankful to Roosh V & ROK for the Trump voice!
    We just gave the world the middle finger.
    Love all the feminists crying on social media rite now!

    1. Uncontrollable laughter is killing me. Serious. I can’t breathe. My jaws hurt.
      The face. OMG the face…

    1. my fb has no coverage of the election at all. Must be trying to deny my pleasure at seeing the lefties squirm.

  25. Congratulations from the Netherlands. Living in socialist Europe is a hell. Refugees, affirmative action, white male-haters everywhere. Taxes trough the eyeballs. And then this great news. I’m euphoric. Watched countless Trump-rallies, saw the debates.
    I’m so glad that the feminists and PC-idiots got a slap in the face today. We need a global message: strong families, low taxes. And what not? No more American world police, no more political correctness. Feminists, go away!

    1. It’s time for the Netherlands to elect Wilders. Though I’m afraid the average Dutchman takes it even further up the ass and votes for more of the same.

      1. The Dutch have a really bad short and long term memory so the victory will be minimal if all. But I think he has a good chance. We have huge problems with integration of large groups of Muslim immigrants. They won’t integrate, I think a civil war is far more likely to happen. And to be honest. That would my preferred choice. Yes, I said it.

  26. For once, the rich CIS white man is in charge
    -Mr Burns, The Simpsons (paraphrased)
    The lefties and sjws and delicate offence takers will be committing suicide now. Anita Sarkesian and her entourage of radfems must be livid. Now the rich CIS white man is back in charge, we can look forward to more sexualisation and oppression of women and the constant criminalization of illegal immigrants, lol. Nice.
    The uk voted brexit, and the yanks voted Trump, clearly the west has had enough of the left and their idiotic ideology. Now all we need is Hitler back for the win. And the best bit of all, the token Diversity Quota president Obama is back to his day job on the corner of the ghetto shining shoes.

    1. Do you think there is enough space in Israel for all American and European Jews to go live there?
      I think that would solve a lot of problems, since Jews outside of Israel have such a big part in the pushing of multiculturalism, feminism and Marxism. I think if they went to live in Israel they would become nationalists and conservatives and maybe even reconnect with Judaism since a lot of them are now atheists.

        1. For one German-Americans don’t run the media, and I think that unlike ignorant American liberals, Jews know exactly what they’re doing. They know that Progressivism benefits them, and they are smart enough to push it forwards effectively.
          If they went back to Israel, progressivism wouldn’t benefit them anymore given the state of things and given that they would now be a majority. So they would adapt and become nationalists.

  27. Trump did it. In spite of my doubts about his General Electabilty, thankfully he pulled off a victory. And it wasn’t even close: over 300 electoral votes.
    The only downside is this: he lost the popular vote. There will probably be riots, and possibly loss of life (hopefully it’s left-leaning lives, if any lives have to be lost at all).
    The thing I am happiest about is this: I know how fucking pissed the SJW’s and progressives are right now. They are seething in impotent rage about this, feeling like their penises are half an inch long.

  28. Is it the custom in the US for the losing candidate to give a concession speech prior to the winning candidate giving their victory speech? It was reported that Clinton phoned Trump to concede but as far as I know she hasn’t given any speeches.
    It was probably someone just pretending to be Clinton on the end of the phone.

    1. Ok. I know that there are a lot of racists and white supremacists who support Trump (and moving forward, he needs to make sure those voices remain marginalized and as far away from political office as possible). But what has Trump himself ever said or done that is racist or hateful?

    2. Ironically Trump was right about Republicans…..that’s why the God Emperor destroyed the party and was elected President…play along kid!

  29. If Trump can get United States to really bring back jobs and not offshore them overseas, get US to print its own money and cut away from Federal Reserve then I will believe in him.

  30. We should not stop and get softened by this victory. Liberal witch hunt shall follow! Dont forget and dont forgive!

  31. I read Trump’s books. The man is ruthless and doesn’t ever forget disloyalty. Ryan will bend his knee or Trump will break him in two.

  32. What an amazing night! I had to hang with four sad liberals while i was gloating on the inside. I got wasted to celebrate while they got shitfaced in sorrow! They are all worried he’s gonna overturn gay marriage and persecute minorities. Come on. This is a democracy. Its not possible.
    Besides, he’s got bigger fish to fry!

  33. I stayed up all night watching it happen, my stomach was churning that I really could not eat, couldn’t sleep until maybe 2 am east coast time. It has been a rough couple months doing my best to keep up hope, avoid the liberal propaganda and allow it to pull me into a deep emotional pit of despair that liberals did their best to create that would no doubt suppress votes of good people by making us feel defeated before we voted so hopefully discourage us from voting. I got up at 7 am and I feel completely energized. Trump has his flaws and part of me still doesn’t trust him but he is far better than Hillary and Obama, truth is I have more confidence in Trump than I felt for McCain and Romney.

  34. Alright, America!!!
    Greetings from Europe, you chose wisely!!!
    Our prayers have been heard and fulfilled, that’s all I can say right now.
    Now it’s time to CELEBRATE before starting to prepare for the better tomorrow, God bless us all!

  35. He got 30% of the latino vote. Look for strong latino conservative catholics having a stronger voice in the future.

  36. Woke up to the news that Hillary won the popular vote. I could not be more proud to be and American and ashamed to be an American, simultaneously.

    1. I find it odd that she won the popular vote. Right the way through she was trailing him by about a million and a half votes, then in the final tally she’s a couple of hundred thousand ahead (allowing for the fact they’re still counting).

      1. It’s due to California.
        Did you know the name “California” and the word “caliphate” come from the same root?

  37. I’m going to go a bit against the grain here, and Trump winning is great, but is this good for us when the cuckservatives ‘win’ as well? Most americans don’t see a difference, and the traitorous republican party gets off..

    1. cuckservatives are used to sucking dick. This time though it will be the donald’s pubes their picking from their teeth

    2. The Republican Party needs a purge if there ever was a party that needed one. I was expecting Trump to lose and then we could burn down the Republican Party and rebuild from the ground up. The lose to the country would have been that we would accelerate the decline, perhaps fatally so, but the decline is inevitable. This may just put it off until after I am dead.

    3. Cuckservatives are done. Even if Trump had lost somehow last night, he carried not only Ohio and Florida, but Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, states the GOP elites have savored over for decades.
      A realignment would’ve happened anyway. You can’t ignore the writing on the wall.

  38. America is a red pill nation. Always has been and will be… Its in our blood. Our constitution is what seperates/protects us from the royalist and commie filth that has infected the rest of the world.

  39. I’m glad to see that man-hating feminist defeated. Hopefully she commits suicide as well as her supporters, the Liberals and SJWs.

    1. Why let her take the easy way out. I hope she lives long and suffers agony every day of it. She is an evil person that deserves the damnation that is waiting for her.

  40. It was with tears in my eyes that i went to work today. I felt vindicated, good Lord, what a day, what a victory!!! To all my ROK brothers, namely for my american brothers that, yet again, stood against tiranny and corruption, may this be the beginning of something new, for all of us! WE DID IT, WE FUCKING DID IT!!!
    Make America great again, make Portugal great again, make the West great again!!!

  41. Great result. I predicted it 6 months back, when other were talking about the Las Vegas odds on for Hillary. I said if he’s down 3 points going in the day before, he’d nail it. What a year, Brexit and now Trump, the times are a changing, and at least the Supreme Court won’t be screwed for a generation.

  42. What’s so hard to take is Tom Leykis being so butthurt about Trump winning. He’s supposedly a men’s advocate, but he slipped up big time on backing Killery. I guess it’s due to him kissing the asses of all of Latinos since they are the majority of his audience. Such a disappointment, as I love his Leykis 101 shit.

    1. I agree totally. He’s generally a very smart man but clearly did not have a real understanding of what was really going on via social media, etc. Mike Cernovich, Drudge Report, and others did an outstanding job of calling out media hoaxes, reporting Trump successes and news, and building support for the average American who is tired of being spat upon by SJW, liberals, and even conservative cucks.
      That’s how I already new he was predicted to win and to ignore mainstream media lies.

  43. Congratulations from Venezuela.
    This was an absolute surprise, I seriously thought he was going to lose. It´s funny to see comments saying things like “fear, racist and xenophobia won” or “we´re going to dig tunnels (under the wall)”

    1. I thought he would lose too.
      Too many people vote with raw emotion & I felt the Entertainment Tonight tapes were just too damming. Thankfully the dust settled

  44. 9 in 10 blacks voted for clinton. .obama got 95%. I guess they are just not in as a racist mood for the corrupt woman.

    1. It was never about homosexuals stopping him. It was about average, good people having had enough and constantly being berated based on propaganda claiming they’re all bigotted, hateful people. In other words, lies.
      People had enough of this horrible political correctness and rhetoric, and a man with a real backbone and who spoke to them well provided an opportunity to hopefully save our country from its continual downslide.
      The voters spoke. Cry harder!

  45. This morning I woke up in my quiet little French Canadian city, saw the news and drank my coffee while listening to the U.S. National Anthem and Stars and Stripes forever. It is with deeply felt pride that I say congratulations, America. You just saved yourself from tyranny and sharia domination. What a time to be alive.
    Now we simply need our very own Canadian Trump that will put down the pathetic little cuck that is Justin Trudeau. Or the actual Trump could invade and annex Canada. Just tell me where I can enroll in the U.S. Army before it happens.

    1. Look, you just got rid of Harper. With a neocon like that, you’re going to need to suffer the better part of a decade of liberal bs before your right will be even remotely capable of forming a populist movement. Do you think Trump could have been elected in 2008? No, because his first victory was when Obama was elected.

  46. I LOVE how the leaders of other counties, like China and Iran are SHITTING themselves now that a REAL leader and man is President! They know that Trump is not going to take ANY of their SHIT, not like a pussy like Obama! God Bless America and time to become great again!!

  47. Please don’t act like its over, this is the beginning not the end..we have our foot on their necks, but we need to keep going until they are six feet under. Assassinations, fucking with the electors, causing social unrest..all are options that globalists will likely persue. They killed Kennedy, shot Reagan..Trump has no illusions, if you noticed in his acceptance speech he mentioned working for 2,3, 4 years. He knows what he is up against.

  48. I just wanted to say I am Alt Right, and have given Roosh crap in the past, but I am honestly happy to celebrate this occasion with the manosphere. Well done boys.

  49. he’s an elite satanist too. they all are. you’re not even allowed in the game if you’re not.

  50. Trump has never said he would revoke the nuclear agreement with Iran. He has condemned the deal, but unlike NAFTA, never suggested it should be revoked. In any event, it’s an international agreement, involving six world powers, and cannot be unilaterally revoked by just one of them. Actually, one of the few foreign policy achievements of the Obama administration is that the president did not give in to Hillary Clinton’s incessant demands to attack Iran and “obliterate” it (her words). Mending US-Iran relation should be a priority for the incoming Trump administration, as Iran would be a crucial ally in the fight against ISIS: However if rabid Zionist warmonger John Bolton becomes Secretary of State, then all bets are off.

  51. Now we have kids grabbing pussy and people protesting everywhere. America needs to fix itself. Feminism and the response to it is/has destroyed society. I don’t know whether Trump is as bad as they say he is but I do know that Hilary is worse than what she was portrayed as. Overall you sons of bitches must not fuck up because you got what you wanted. Western society needs a good, powerful, equal America.

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