2,385 thoughts on “Election Result Discussion For The 2016 Presidential Election (Open Thread)”

  1. If Trump doesn’t win, the reason will be the changing demographics, which, was the leftist / liberal plan all along. That’s why they wanted open borders, that’s why they invite the 3rd world in through the backyard. They could never win with the electorate they had, so they had to change it instead to something else. We’ll know tonight weather conservatism will ever have a chance in the future.
    And if it looks like it doesn’t, then we need to think long and hard about our neighbors, where we spend our money, and where our taxes are going. Secession may be the only option left. A new union that is conservative will see a flight of capital into it’s region, jobs, along with conservative types, and an exodus of undesirables; those people will scurry like rats evading a predator once they know that the jig is up.
    Certainly keep your gun, keep your AR-15. But an organized secession would be more than that. It has to be an economic secession. Cultural, financial, etc. Make your own laws, adopt your own currency. Its the only way we’ll get back control without a Trump win. If the other side does not want to adopt some sensible solutions, well then let them deal with the consequences on their own. They will have brought it on themselves.

    1. I don’t buy this theory. It assigns nefarious motivations whereas I would argue it is simply misguided idealism. After all, what is the end of this strategy? If a democrat conspiracy is smart enough to exist, than why flood the country with demographics who will tank the country? Before you say tanking the country is their purpose, again, who does that benefit those in power?

      1. Same as Brazil and Mexico. A tiny percent of super rich elites with 20% with guns to protect them. The rest will have to share the scraps

      2. I agree. I don’t think many are privvy to a conspiracy. It’s crazy how many otherwise “rational” people I know are voting based solely on emotion. And they are hating and criticizing people for disagreeing with them. I think liberal dems are just emo from the top down. They want to give free stuff to the “poor” and open the borders and tax the business owners because they think it’s the right thing to do. They lack the second stage of rational thought: self cross examination. What happens if the “poor” get addicted to free stuff and have no respect for authority? What happens if terrorists and more poor come in by the tens of thousands every month? What happens if the business owners LEAVE THE COUNTRY because they overtaxed and millions of jobs go to China?
        They’re wrapped up in the emotions. It is feminism. The superpower of masculinity is the ability to make the tough decisions. To remove emotion and personal bias and think about what’s best for the whole, WITHOUT FEAR OF LOOKING LIKE A DICK. Any business owner understands this. After you fire someone for the first time, it hardens you. You realize you have to cut the dead weight so it doesn’t sink the whole ship.
        They are like the suburban kids who grew up listening to rap music thinking the poor gangsters were forced to a life of crime. Now they’re running the country.

    2. Convention of. States. Worth a try before secession if this doesn’t work. That’s an article V convention of states, gaining popularity and easy enough to look up.

  2. If Trump wins tonight, there will be a good possibility of globalism being curbed, if not given an outright crippling blow.
    If he doesn’t, the country is gone.
    Wishing all the best to America and good luck! Go out and vote for Trump!

    1. Globalism will be curbed if the people move their asses, associate locally and defy political correctness. Voting a President can only help just a little.

        1. This hypnotist blogger said that Trump would be dumb to start WW3, considering how much property and business he owns.
          And btw, Trump can’t just start a world war or launch a nuke. There are other people involved.

        2. Simply doesn’t make sense for him to star a war with that much loot and family to look after. The man isn’t lacking materially and hasn’t shown any signs of mental illness.
          He’d also need to pass bills and legislature through the parliament and possible military coups if the unpopular as a result of unpopular decisions.
          Hitlerry on the other hand…………………she’s a goat worshipper and warmonger just like the ISIS boys.

        3. It would be a fuck-up on a massive scale unseen before, far exceeding WW2. I mean, 3-400 million peeps would die within 3 days of the blasts then the ground war would wipe out another 50-60 million.
          Grim situation which could be avoided.

    2. Completely Agree. An HRC Win ensures TPP passes and immigration laws change so the DNC has an absolute monopoly from here on out.

  3. If The Hag and her merry band of satanists and pedophiles win, I’m inclined to say “let it all burn”.
    And God forbid it’s the female vote that puts her in the White House.

  4. The “Biggest Loser” of this election, no matter who wins, has been the Liberal media.
    CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times etc have been so utterly discredited with their stilted coverage, left wing propaganda and just outright lies have lost the “narrative” entirely..
    If only %30 of Americans “trust” the mass media now I could see it going down to %15 within a year after the election..
    Breitbart and sites like it are a rising tide that will overtake the media machine..
    Again no matter the result, in the long run, the “Winners” are the American “deplorables” who believe in things like rule of law, legal immigration, just trade etc etc ..
    They’ve been awakend…
    Even if the Globalist / Liberal / Democratic regime takes this one I doubt they’ll last through the next one…

    1. Most people don’t even bother reading that shit up. Like the mails where NYC correspondents ask for feedback on their article or what to write. Or where that bitch stays working at Huffington Post to spread the message instead of working on board the Hillary Team.
      This one guy on Facebook in particular … no matter what I throw at him, he just loves the Hillarot.

  5. I want to allay any election fears or negativity some of you might be experiencing…and to do that, you probably need some good news, eh, Trump followers? Well, your old Uncle Bob has it for you…
    You can read the whole article, from which I plucked the snippets below, right here –
    Early voting returns are coming in. Trump has a sizable lead over Clinton in the three small towns that are showing early voting results in New Hampshire (wink-wink).
    Trump has a 0.2% edge in Florida, according to the latest aggregate of some big-time polls, taken about an hour ago.
    Here’s the latest Real Clear Politics aggregate poll for Florida (notice that Hillary allegedly has minuscule leads in four of the polls, but Trump has larger leads of a statistically significant nature in the other two and in the other one they are tied – wink-wink) –
    Trump has a 0.8% edge in Nevada (same polls).
    Trump has a 1.0% edge in North Carolina (same polls).
    Trump has a 3.0% lead in Iowa (ditto).
    Trump has a 5.0% lead in Georgia (ditto).
    Trump has a 4.0% lead in Ohio (ditto).
    Trump has a 4.0% lead in Arizona (ditto).
    I am off to the bar to quaff a few cold ones and watch the returns, while sniffing some skirt.
    Good luck everybody (not that we’ll need it)…

    1. I call fixed in Ohio “Trump has a 4.0% lead in Ohio (ditto).”
      Theres no way that race should be even close. Trumps has that one locked up from what I’ve and read, not just on here….

        1. Sort of, it depends on the other swing states. However, Florida is the big one in this election. If Trump wins Florida, it’s basically a guaranteed victory for him.

        2. The winner of Ohio has gone on to win every presidential election since 1964. Obviously it’s not infallable but it’s a good indicator.

      1. I love the way the moment the city vote came in at 9:09 they called NY…
        I still have my vote in for history.

    2. Mind the beer goggles. Should Trump triumph, your magazine fans look forward to snaps of crying cucks and melancholy manginas not a jumbo thong.

    1. We’re fighting against millions of dead voters and computers. Not to mention the braindead idiots voting for hildebeast

  6. Unsubstantiated prediction: Clinton 49%, Trump 43%, Johnson 7%, Stein/others 1%. Clinton takes electoral college by 300+.

    1. “Clinton takes electoral college by 300+”
      That would be more than the number of people she ever managed to draw to one of her rallies.

    2. Unsubstantiated prediction: Trump 52%, Clinton 45%, Miscellaneous losers: 3%. Trump takes electoral college by 3.

      1. Fivethirtyeight does not agree with your prediction. Personally, I have seen more Johnson signs/stickers than any other third party since Perot. I think people who want Johnson will be more motivated to vote because they are voting on principle and not by holding their nose.

        1. People claim they are voting for Johnson because they do not want to admit to voting for Trump.
          Why bother? It’s like voting for Evan McMuffin.

        2. Wrong. It’s very important to establishing a viable third party. 5% of the vote gets public funding and is automatically on the ballots next election.

        3. Libertarians voting for TTP and open borders and the VP pick is anti-gun. The only sane position is pot legalization.

    3. libertarianism is satanism: the core premise of both is “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”

      1. Why? He’s the closest thing to a libertarian there is. Oh, and he isn’t anti-gun and globalism is a tin foil hat conspiracy.

        1. His VP pick is anti-gun and Johnson supports globalist TPP and open borders. Don’t be an ignorant dunce all your life.

  7. does actually everybody get the results from CNN? can someone with knowledge on the matter shed some light? if so, where does the CNN get the results from?

  8. If Trump loses, all those cucks and landwhales that voted against him can go fight Russia for me because I’m staying here, at home or at prison. Not that I’m expecting those fools to do much.
    Still expecting Trump to win though.

        1. Mel Brooks’ Torquemada, George Carlin’s Dogma Cardinal, Uncle Ruckus, ShoeOnHead’s boyfriend, and Father Mulcahy.

        2. This is he best list ever. Father Mulcahy for the win. He will lace up the boxing gloves

    1. I hope that motherfucker sends a helicopter onto my front lawn to pick up me and my shotgun with orders to blast that evil witch back to hell.

  9. Remember gentlemen, a victory tonight is but a small step towards reversing the cultural decay of this once great nation, and that of the West overall. There will still be much work to be done:
    1) Purge the media of its outright corruption by continuing to establish information outlets that utilize true journalistic integrity and tell the truth. We must also hold every single shill and cuck accountable, push for their termination, and destroy their careers.
    2) Overthrow the education system from the top down. End the indoctrination of our nation’s youth. Dismantle all programs seeking to normalize degenerate lifestyles.
    3) Light a fire underneath the asses of every single cuckservative who worked so hard to thwart Trump’s campaign and put Hillary into power. Do not let up. Dig up dirt, report it, get them removed, and support solid replacements.
    4) Continue pushing friends/family who are still battling with blue/purple pill mentalities. Let them know they can’t sit back anymore.
    That’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to add to this list. There is much more to be done.

    1. Yeah, freedom isn’t free. Perhaps I should invest a little in bullying. And to be honest, why not? Those libtards sure didn’t give any hesitation to ruin anyone outside their circle.

      1. The funny thing is, they bully through lies and manipulation. We “bully” by exposing the truth–truth that is rather damning.

      1. I see Trump’s victory as 4-8 years to prepare for Trump’s exit (I am convinced the decline was slowed, not reversed tonight).
        That being said, I will enjoy the moment (and the wailing and tears for 4 years).

      2. Trump won, but definitely get a rifle, regardless. The random mass shootings in the last decade are no comparison to the number of murders committed by governments during the 20th century. I don’t fear random psychos, I fear tyrants.

        1. There is a keltec shotgun with two tubes that hold 7 each I’m looking into purchasing. Put 7 00 buck in one and a 7 deer slugs in the other. variety is the spice of life right?

        2. the real test of it it’s genuine or just a ruse, is to see if he indicts Clinton, but generally people in office like to tread carefully, lest someone go after them down the track

        3. It looks like they will according to some intelligence insiders. I thought he wouldnt specifically to start healing the rifts in the nation(blm and cops for example).

    2. Are you stupid ? A television personality wins in a huge controversy…. it’s a put up job…. shadow govt. blood letting the clintons who were never liked in the first place. “The good guy wins” – yeah right…. pull the other one. Trumps campaign manager was big time Goldman Sachs… I’d love to celebrate this too, but it’s just another example of the tail being used to wag the dog.

      1. You’re probably right: what we have just witnessed is a battle of elites.
        Trump probably belongs to the ‘slow and steady’ group that likes indoor plumbing and the $ as the world reserve currency as opposed to megadeaths and atomic fire to establish the NWO.
        It should be noted that someone recently commented on Zerohedge that Trump is going to nominate a Goldman Sachs person for Sec. or Treasury.
        In any case, I would still enjoy the moment; it’s all we have.

        1. you are right….. absolutely right…. and when we see Hillary supporters in tears and that she leaves the ‘celebration victory party’ without even a concession speech or a kind word to her supporters we see who the real unstable and psychotic people are. If she really cared for the greater good she’d have been there win or lose.
          what would have happened if Trump lost, he would have made a speech and conceded politely….
          his victory speech actually seemed quite heart felt and genuine… “i don’t actually have to do this….I could sit on my balcony and enjoy retirement”… it does seem like he wants to do ‘some good’…. and as someone said below, it might be business as usual, and probably a battle of elites, or at worst a roose to placate the masses with a ‘good guy wins’… meanwhile put the SJWs and liberaltards in their place…. it can be….. it can also be something of a shift in the world… the end of 9/11 that’s been 15 years waiting….

        2. Did you notice him mention doing it for 2 or 3 or 4 years? I think hinting that he could be assassinated like they did to jfk.

    3. 5) Avoid Dallas, Mr President..Bullets are a little too much magic there.
      My advice. Fire everybody that have not been supportive or at least respectfully neutral.
      You have NO friends in washington. It’s time to bring them here

    4. What makes me laugh is this argument that Trump is a loose canon that can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes…. first of all it’s barely his decision, only his final decision, second he’s a real family man with X children and third his entire legacy not just his, but his family line back to the 1900s is a huge load of real estate that would all be spoiled, he’s the least likely person to set off nukes.

    5. Don’t forget…
      Build the wall deport them all.
      End shitty trade deals and bring jobs home.
      Stop meddling in the middle east and let them fight their own wars.
      Unleash energy production and the American spirit!

  10. LOL I just got banned from Alternet for posting on all their articles “Get off your rump and vote for Trump!”

  11. Drove the northwest Ohio countryside bangin on customer’s doors, walking up to strangers and seeing if they voted, or IF they were voting. Shit you not. Every single person, except ONE who said they weren’t voting voted for Trump. – Thank you Ohio.

  12. Huge turnouts by me (blue city with hipsters and non whites). I haven’t voted yet, but will in a few minutes (polling place is just a block away). My vote is a tiny red drop in a deep blue sea.. but I will vote nonetheless.
    Normally a big vote where I live means the Dems win big nationally. I hope this trend doesn’t hold with all the independents voting this time around. Knowing what a President Hillary will do with Russia and the Supreme Court depresses me greatly.

  13. Based on references on my facebook feed, the Kang/Kodos election Treehouse of Horrors episode is the most important political event of my generation.

  14. Just voted. I was #308. Only 2 people in front of me. Nothing special in turnout for a Presidential year.
    Maybe I have despaired for nothing? High turnout in my blue city means Dems win.
    I am in a bar which has ABC news on. A pundit was crowing how large the non-white vote count is now… cheering on the Clinton vote.

  15. Been waiting for this thread.
    Look at this:

    This truly speaks volumes.via ATTN: Video
    Posted by George Takei on Monday, November 7, 2016

    Let’s see if anyone here can make a convincing argument that this incident is not completely and utterly staged to elicit a perception of Obama as ‘dignified’ and ‘sincere’.
    What a load of bullocks!
    But people buy it. I never believed Obama. I just look at him and know he’s full of shit.
    If he’s so ‘dignified’, why is he making such a big show out his ‘acceptance of that mans free speech’? In fact, I’d say that his performance here shows a much greater ego than anything that Trump ever said. The ‘dignified and kind’ kind of ego. The ‘look at me, Im so dignified’ kind.
    Now, how would a man react if he was truly ‘above’ it? Wouldn’t he just dismiss it? And maybe say ‘dude, be quiet or leave’?
    No way that shit is real. It’s just an act that is staged to make him look ‘better’ than Trump. So obvious too.
    This guy is such a lousy and fake pretender. I get sick just watching him.

    1. I will be glad when January comes so we don’t have to listen to that purple lip mofo every day.

        1. Trump is leading the President results, but he is losing the Senate and the House. Isn’t that like 2:1 for Hillary?
          Edit: I know the President results are the most important ones, but still…

  16. I’m a lifelong Cubs fan, and I said during the World Series that if I was offered the choice between a Trump victory or snapping the curse… sorry Cubbies.

    1. Remember, Florida is diversified. Miami and Orlando and Tampa are liberal, the rest of the state is not.

      1. Oooh … so it’s like … if they win the state, they get all electoral votes that are available in that state?
        If so, that’s one fucked up voting system.

        1. Yeah, it’s an all or nothing system left over from trying to prevent a populist uprising. It IS inaccurate, but which way, left or right, I don’t know.

        2. It probably depends on how the distrcits are arranged. I have seen a meme depicting how different arrangements can lead to different results with the same amount of votes for each side.

  17. The MSM always says highly educated people vote democrat, if they are so smart, why do they do that?

    1. Highly educated people are more altruistic, which originally was a good thing in our tribal past. Nowadays, it is suicide.

    2. There is educated and there is “educated”.
      If you want to know why, look at the source: the universities.

      1. I would say there is intelligence and there’s education, they aren’t necessarily the same.
        In the words of the immortal Jerry Clower while speaking to an animal rights activist, ” Lady,it’s obvious you are educated beyond your intelligence!”.

    3. Educated = Indoctrinated
      The people with the highest capacity to memorize bullshit are the most easily manipulable. In fact, I have heard the saying the the most intelligent people are most easily manipulated.

      1. Most people who go through higher education are midwits, generally with IQ’s around 120-140 max. Not geniuses by any stretch but extremely malleable.

        1. I think I pretty much fall into that range. I’m intelligent, but not extremely so. And I do observe how this leads me to overthinking stuff and trying to find patterns in obvious bullshit.
          Starting to doubt whether my intelligence is really that much of a gift.

        2. Generally people within that IQ range are seen as professionals and are successful with upper middle class professions.
          Of course at the lower scale(120ish) they’re not capable of higher abstraction necessary for pattern recognition but are intelligent enough to do their job well, conform with society and be highly successful. That is why they’re seen as “educated”. They won’t question the narrative.

        3. It is. 90-110 is average. Above is higher than average. However someone with a 120 – 140 iq is extremely intelligent though not genius level. The left is trying to coop educated people as superior for their political views and the correlation of that with intelligence.

      2. It depends on what bullshit you go after. I did engineering, sometimes called “making science work” and the bullshit stops at the engineering buildings’ doors.

    4. I am considered highly educated. Luckily, I’m an outlier and have common sense. Most of my classmates had a very distorted view of reality, as if they could change it through a few words and phrases. They buy into the hype of leftist arguments which are pressed upon them from the moment they step foot on campus. They aren’t smart, they’ve just read a bunch of leftist leaning textbooks while taking classes from leftist professors. Most advanced classes are a massive circle jerk of leftist Utopian ideas. I know people who dropped out after the 8th grade who were far more intelligent than some of my classmates.

  18. Unrelated, but I was just browsing through movies to watch and here are some summaries of stories:
    “Movie Story : Idealistic FBI agent Nate Foster goes undercover to take down a radical white supremacy terrorist group. The up-and-coming analyst must confront the challenge of sticking to a new identity while maintaining his real principles as he navigates the dangerous underworld of white supremacy.”
    “In 1986, federal agent Robert Mazur (Bryan Cranston) goes under cover to infiltrate the trafficking network of Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Working with fellow agents Kathy Ertz (Diane Kruger) and Emir Abreu (John Leguizamo), Mazur poses as a slick, money-laundering businessman named Bob Musella. Gaining the confidence of Roberto Alcaino (Benjamin Bratt), Escobar’s top lieutenant, Mazur must navigate a vicious criminal underworld where one wrong move could cost him everything.”
    Notice something?
    I am starting to understand why I always ‘felt’ the FBI was doing a decent job.
    Practically most references to the FBI are in popular culture. And I read some references to research that indicated that the thoughts that can ‘recruit’ most neurons are the ones that dominate our thinking. In other words, the truth may be typically less relevant to our brains then how many times we read a particular idea. In even other words: What we believe is a conditioned habit.
    Not sure there’s a way around it outside of some Buddhistic detachment from the rational mind and just ‘seeing’ things as they are.

        1. Yeah but still … is there so much difference? I mean, the counties must be HEAVILY leaning for the end results to fluctuate in the hundred thousands.
          It’s almost like someone is … you know … generating exciting numbers so that we have an emotional up-and-down. A story arc.

    1. I’m surprised anyone in Florida votes left. The Cubans there fled far left communist policies of Castro. The New York transplants fled the far left democrat policies of NY. Why flee to a paradise and proceed to turn it into the rats nest from which you came from?

    1. The Ohio map is pretty funny. Cleavland Cincinnati and Columbus blue the rest of the state fully red

        1. I’d really like to know who the 8000 people in Florida that voted for some Guy named Rocky de la Fuerte are. I also would like a full tally of all the Harambe write ins

  19. Tonight’s another good argument for electoral vote allocation by county/district rather than by state! No more big blue cities skewing statewide results in otherwise red states.

  20. One thing I dont understand. It makes sense that those little fag states in close proximity to Canada are blue. Why is Florida blue too?

    1. Cubans and NY transplants. Ironically, the same groups that fled liberal shit-holes known as NY and Cuba.

    2. Florida is exactly what the entire United States of America would look like if we mixed conservative, white America with people of third world nations.

  21. I’m sorry to be a downer but looking at the electoral college, it will be difficult for Trump to win. Just 4 more years of sliding into the cesspool of the media and feminisim, and pc culture……

    1. North Carolina is perhaps the most military heavy concentrated population of all the states besides maybe Alaska. It is quite common to see rebel flags even in the city being flown. Since when does NC vote democrat?

        1. If he loses this election, because of the urban populations AGAIN… we won’t even have to make arguments. We can just show them the electoral map.

        2. You gotta listen to the educated wealthy boys from the cities. They learned at school what’s best for the country. Don’t think your backwards country opinion matters when confronted with SCIENCE and PROGRESS.
          Btw, they wanna introduce voting for people starting at 16 years old in Germany.
          That way they can skew the results much better. What person at that age has critical thinking? Most just want to get accepted by their peers at school, get drunk and say whatever the teachers say.
          I say the opposite: Let people vote from the age of 25 or 30. When they have experienced the real world a little.

  22. Three counties in the Florida Panhandle haven’t reported yet.
    The Panhandle is hardcore Republican.
    The rest of the counties have reported.
    8.2 million votes have been counted.
    Looks bad for Hillary…bummer, ain’t it.

  23. Three counties in the Florida Panhandle haven’t reported.
    The Panhandle is hardcore Republican.
    The rest of the counties have reported.
    8.2 million votes have been counted.
    Trump already has a slim lead.
    Looks bad for Hillary…bummer, ain’t it.

    1. Some cuck on Fox News just said Florida was Hillary’s. If this is a conservative news channel, then what does a liberal one look like?

        1. Or without being called bitter. Heh.
          Incidentally, I had another Facebook conversation. Some girl told me I was unattractive and that she had puke in her mouth from seeing my picture (this one, Photoshopped for fun). She was pretty ugly herself, so I told her she was. She then kept posting pictures of herself to qualify herself while captioning them with stuff like ‘I would never settle down for a man like you’, while I was sincerely disgusted and was like ‘settle down? wtf. shoo, ugly nerd’
          The guy who owned the post came in and told me to not insult her while ignoring what she said.
          I didn’t give a damn and she kept telling bullshit, so I told her ‘Damn youre a dumb broad’ and then she got started! Then she told me shed like to dislocate my jaw and that shed like to take a clamp and put it on my balls until they squeeze out and are destroyed.
          Yeah … always fun to have women show their true faces.
          But men will protect these … things. Incomprehensible. And if a man said anything remotely as cruel towards a woman … wohooo!

  24. I hope President Trump’s first action is to sue every single celebrity who doesn’t make good on their promise to leave the U.S.

  25. Trump is going to win Virginia. No doubt about it. He’ll win in Ohio, too, the early voting results from Ohio are from cucks and simps. The Republican strongholds have yet to report. They don’t have the balls to try and steal Ohio. It’s 70% for Trump, guaranteed. Now this is even more interesting – Karl Rove is the man. He knows the score. He said about 15 minutes ago that the early voting was pro-Hillary, and those were the votes that were counted first. Then he said the late voting tonight would swing for Trump. Karl is NWO-connected like nobody’s business. He had the same gleam in his eye that he had when he predicted Obama would win, in 2012. Hillary is going down. But they’re gonna make it look really, really good here…nice and close Your vote matters. Etc.

  26. If Hillary wins Texas, that’ll be some Ocean’s Eleven style thievery taking place. I’ll give my props, but I’ll still have rope ready for her hanging day.

  27. If Trump loses then I would have preferred the GOP to lose congress too so we can start the apocalypse sooner

  28. Trump is going to win Texas, ignore the early %’s. If they tried to steal Texas, Texas would secede or start shooting. Trump is going to win Virginia. No doubt about it. He’ll win in Ohio, too, the early voting results from Ohio are just to make it look good (fudged). They don’t have the balls to try and steal Ohio. It’s 70% for Trump, guaranteed. Now this is even more interesting – Karl Rove is the man. He knows the score. He said about 15 minutes ago that the early voting was pro-Hillary, and those were the votes that were counted first. Then he said the late voting tonight would swing for Trump. Karl is NWO-connected like nobody’s business. He had the same gleam in his eye that he had when he predicted Obama would win, in 2012. So I still predict that Hillary is going down. But they’re gonna make it look really, really good here…nice and close Your vote matters. Etc.

      1. I thought this guy was the most neutral of the whole program actually. He spoke non-stop for hours and I really wasn’t sure who he was leaning towards.
        He didn’t make it about himself. Just my impression.

        1. The CNN website displayed that they don’t stream outside of the US. Good to know someone was neutral, because my impression was solely from that picture.

        2. Not sure why CNN would say that, it was definitely broadcast in Toronto.
          Some of the other CNN pundits were getting upset as it unfolded but that one guy stayed pretty stoic the whole time and I can respect that.

    1. Unfortunately the problem with this one is that our eyes could be painting a wrong picture of the meaningfulness, due to different perceptions of brightness of red and blue.

  29. Say the lord’s prayer and ask God to give victory to Trump, and America.
    Our Father, Who art in heaven
    Hallowed be Thy Name;
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    and forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us;
    and lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil. Amen.

      1. Brexit was the beginning of the end for German cuck domination of Europe. It’s steadily falling apart for them now. They’re also losing Poland, Hungary, and soon perhaps Austria.

        1. All we heard and saw during the primary is his campaign slogan, which (for some reason) was “Jeb!” and the fact that he had a hispanic wife, so hispanics are going to love him.
          I use ¡Jeb! to be succinct about it all.

  30. From Tysk’s images, looks like they’re counting/have counted Fairfax county, VA, the very heart of Cuckistan and Trump still in the lead. If they call FL for Trump we have an election. He’s now ahead by 140,000 votes with 91% counted.

    1. The outstanding counties appear to be already heavily in favor of Trump. I believe we’ll hear it called in short order.

    1. I get the strong feeling Broward is going to fuck us in the end. Truly hope I’m wrong.
      Edit: and by fuck us, that could mean either legitimately or through playing dirty.

        1. Broward county, FL: east coast Florida county that comprises Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach — several cities. There’s been some shady voter related shit going on there, and they’re holding out reporting… which could mean they’re stacking votes in Hilary’s favor.

  31. realclearpolitics.com has a good readable and info-packed main page showing electoral votes, percentages in, etc.

    1. Why so much CNN? Schadenfreude via the Trump victory? They were dubbed the “Clinton News Network” for a reason.

      1. I like it. They are so biased that this is warranted.
        In the EC Donald has the lead by 9 points.

    1. So the state that gave us the Clintons* is trying to undo the damage? Good for it.
      …if only the state (and city) that gave us 0bama and was the spawning site of Hillary had flipped.

      1. Practically everyone worshipping Clinton; the cognitive dissonance and outright ignorance of the facts is absolutely staggering. Mainstream media here utterly biased against Trump – I struggle to hold my tongue when overhearing conversations amongst friends family and colleagues.
        My thoughts and best wishes are with my American cousins at this *critical* juncture in your country’s future!

  32. Arlington, VA is mostly counted but a lot of Fairfax is only halfway counted. Means Clinton might still win VA. But it bodes ill for her that she isn’t more dominant in her cultural core.
    Charlotte is only starting to be counted in NC, but so are some of the rural counties Trump in the lead for now.
    New Hampshire is almost tied at 19%!

        1. I like white tea way better (and it’s way better for you), green tea tastes like the underside of a lawnmower to me

        1. That’s funny but, thinking back, predictable. A few years ago, I came across a story about a list, something like best selling beer by volume in the US. All the usual suspects were at the top, Coors light, Miller Lite, Bud light, but Yuengling was a surprising 4th or 5th, or somewhere high on the list. They’ve really extended their reach over the last decade.

    1. To answer your very poorly timed question (Ha). I’ve got one of my go-to cocktails: Hendricks gin with Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic water here.

        1. I’ll keep that in mind. I love a good gin. Hendricks is tops for me; Death’s Door is solid; Boodles never sucks, either. To name a few.
          Is Gunpowder a London Dry?

      1. Nice. I’m sipping on some Boddingtons. Figured I could channel the spirit of Brexit while making America great again.

    1. Just Diet Pepsi tonight, AV. Multitasking by moving out of the apartment, so I’m cleaning something and coming back here every 15 min.

        1. Could be… shitty vodka (I’m guessing something like Popov) and Coke isn’t the greatest. But if it gets you where you want to be, then go for it.

        2. I only put small dosages of alcohol in my drinks. Like … softdrink with the flavor of alcohol.
          I think I had an Absolute Vodka and I still have a “Gratschow”. I also have half a bottle of Hennesy and Havana Club here.

    2. Belvedere on the rocks. I’m writing a very important paper, for a graduate school course… Who knows… Might make the paper better.

    3. Rum ‘n’ Rockstar, one to take the edge off, the other to put it back on. Really jonesin’ for some oxy or whatever but no dice, usual contact seems to be unavailable.

    4. Fixing to take a hit of Georgia’s own Richland Rum on the rocks. Damn stuff cost to much to drink except on special occasions.

        1. AZ, MT, UT, IA belong to Trump. California is Dem, without question. The others are up to the flip of a coin, although I think that WA and OR go Dem.

  33. 20 million national for the Witch
    22 million national for The Don
    Thus far, at 9:30 pm EST

      1. That I bought on the Isle of Skye back in 1990, where it was aged 18 years. Oh yeah, I have my bottle ready brother.

        1. That’s my brother in arms. Always ready (with the single malt). Trump for the win…I’m staying sober tonight, was going to go out but thought I’d stay lucid this evening. Will celebrate tomorrow in style, however, you can count on that one, amigo…Broward, they’re making a big deal about that. Late votes coming in, uh-oh. I did the math on the counties and even if Broward goes 70% for Hillary (it went 67% for Obama in 2012), it won’t matter. She can’t catch up unless they rig it. And they won’t.

        2. Portman won here in Ohio by a huge edge. The media was trying to make a big deal out of MY county “being tied for POTUS” but now that votes are counted, the ten people they based that on are rendered irrelevant.

        3. Coal country here is going overwhelmingly for Trump. This is solid Dem territory. They’re defecting so far.

  34. Not to bear ill tidings but let’s keep in mind that 55 EV freebie that is California comin’ in for the Hildebeast in a couple of hours. I’m taking that into consideration in looking at these other totals.

  35. The lefties and SJW’s over at ‘The Guardian’ sure are shitting their pants at the moment. In their little echo chamber it should never have come this close..

      1. At very least the bias is acknowledged here. They actually believe that they aren’t biased over that way, it’s quite amusing to watch.

    1. Thing you have to understand about American elections is only a handful of the states really matter. Everyone already knows how most of them will vote. Keep your eye on Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Colorado, Nevada.
      Above all, Trump must win Florida or the election is instantly over.

        1. Virginia I think will go for Hillary because it’s the capitol province of the establishment. But Trump’s platform is tailored to the rust belt. Let’s see what happens in Michigan and Wisconsin.

        1. Trump 4659601 Hillary 4622898 Trump Margin 36703
          bay, broward, miami dade, monroe, palm beack, polk, santa rosa outstanding.

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