Relentless Media Censorship Is Bringing Us A Fate Worse Than Big Brother

Do you really like sexy women like the one in the photo above? Are you sure? Big Brother Google says “Why don’t you look at this story about alternative lifestyles about men who have realized what terrible misogynists they are for having sexual desires?” rather than searching for articles on for pick-up artistry.

Sooner rather than later, all Internet roads will lead to the same New World Order Socialist philosophy.

As profiling of Internet users becomes more prolific and the algorithms more sophisticated in the coming years, the news and information we search for will be tailored to slowly “nudge” us one way or the other politically, one small step at a time.

The management of the information we get to read is already in its infancy.

Why do you think that “free” app on your phone that only performs a few functions swells in size with each “update” that is released? Do you really think they give a damn about your privacy and are plugging security holes? Hell no. The apps we download are moving from useful, low-resource using services to resource hogs (necessitating an upgrade in processing power every year or two) because they only provide us with a “free” service in order to hook us so the apps can gather information about everything we’ve ever written on our devices for social engineers and marketing flacks. The apps are becoming more sophisticated in the way they monitor everything we do – which is why the apps need all that memory size.

And soon, apps will be gathering information about everything we’ve ever said aloud by using the built in microphones on each device and speech recognition technology. CIA agents confirm microphones can easily be activated even when a device is switched completely off.

This type of information will be collected in giant databases such as the Utah Data Center, with the ultimate goal being the corporate-government complex knowing more about us than we know about ourselves.

Big Brother Was So Yesterday

Orwell's Big Brother idea never could have imagined the insidious nature of today's information technology

Orwell’s Big Brother idea never could have imagined the insidious nature of today’s information technology

Today’s information technology has put Big Brother on steroids.

The Waking Times details this frightful world that is already emerging as anyone who pays attention knows search engines are already tailoring information to what we search for and even what we text people about.

“Mr. X, we’ve studied the little virtual bubble you live in, and now we can sell you your own special brand of truth.”

Most of the time, the information one will see in this Internet bubble will be customized to suit a person’s interests. This is why Facebook relentlessly pushes the “Like a page or product” portion of its web site. This information is used to build a profile of a person that ultimately will be able to accurately predict the color of their next bowel movement.

If a man is interested in non-GMO foods advertising and “news” stories will be tailored to inform him of grocers who sell organics and about news from “approved” outlets with stories written on the topic. Most of the time, this will be insidious advertising and ads disguised as information.

“Hello, audience. We’re going to pitch you on becoming full-fledged obsessed consumers, as if there is no other worthy goal in life—and then we’re going to profile you from top to bottom, to find out exactly what kind of obsessed consumer you are, so we can hit you and trigger you with information that uniquely stimulates your adrenal glands…”

The Utah Data Center is designed to store exabytes of information and "is alleged to be able to process "all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Internet searches, as well as all types of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, and bookstore purchases"

The Utah Data Center is designed to store exabytes of information on “all forms of communication, including emails, cell phone calls, and Internet searches, as well as all types of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, and bookstore purchases”

As another example: Okay, we know you are interested in traditional gender roles. We (the information managers like Facebook and Google) will now to find news stories and customize the information you get to read online in order to cause you to doubt the validity of your beliefs. The ultimate goal is to slowly but steadily move you away from believing in traditional gender roles to believing in militant feminism without you realizing what we have done.

This type of information management is even more insidious than outright censorship, as it will be designed to steer everyone towards what the controllers of society want us to think and buy, no matter how far from the ideal consumer and fellow traveler we may be.

Think of it as a game of Plinko on The Price is Right, in which all chips ultimately fall into the “perfect, braindead consumer” slot at the bottom of the maze. The social engineers’ dream is a world of nothing but sexless consumers who perform mindless work in meaningless jobs, whose only outlets for pleasure are shopping and eating out and other State-approved activities.

Think that’s hyperbole? Travel around the world for six months to a year, then come back to the United States and tell me what you think.

Little Information Bubbles Merge Into Big Information Bubbles

We become what we are repeatedly exposed to, which is why a war is on for your mind

We become what we are repeatedly exposed to, which is why a war is on for your mind

Once we have you believing a certain way or questioning your established beliefs, the key comes when it is time to steer public perception one way or the other. This is where the “rubber meets the road” in the realm of managing the populace like so many sheeple.

BUT when a Big One comes along, like the 2016 national election in the US, the separate tunes come together and ring as one. Then the overriding need to extend Globalism’s goals (in the person of Hillary Clinton) blot out every other priority. Then the major media twist whatever they need to twist. Then it’s the same bubble for everyone.

Soon, just like the mainstream media on television and in print, everything you see online will be directed at making you think, behave and vote a certain way. The micromanagement and control of information just hasn’t become that sophisticated – yet.

Obama already hinted that only “official” information should be linked up by the corporate interests of Facebook, Google, etc. Look for Hillary to implement that idea with an iron fist if she is whisked into the Oval Office. An Internet security “crisis” will likely be engineered in the near future in which—you guessed it—Big Daddy Government needs to step in and take control of the web. From there on out we will be back to corporate-government propaganda instead of the Libertarian’s dream the current iteration of the Internet is.

So, the awakening we have seen from the brainwashing of the corporate media will be a temporary one if the elite have anything to do with it. The groundwork of this new, Socialist system of micromanaging information is already being laid. You already see it every time you do a search.

Someday soon the only information we’ll be able to find online will be from sources the corporate-government complex approves of. Of course, there will be renegades and rebels like us who resist, but most of the braindead sheeple out there will go along to get along just as has been happening since time immemorial.

Our options will be to get off the grid or to move to a new Internet. Neither move will be peacefully tolerated by the powers that be.

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293 thoughts on “Relentless Media Censorship Is Bringing Us A Fate Worse Than Big Brother”

  1. Why don’t we start our own social networking site and search engine. There are clearly a lot of people who oppose the dominant globalist view and I assume they are sick of being censored and programmed. I am no computer or network engineer, so I don’t know much–I am open to critiques of this idea, but it seems that it can’t be that difficult. It’s all ones and zeros afterall, and if anything the brain power is with us these days.

    1. is doing its best to create a free-speech-oriented alternative to Twitter.
      Sites like Minds appear to be trying to replace Facebook.
      DuckDuckGo was created as an alternative to Google.
      Infogalactic is the up-and-coming Wikipedia replacement.
      It’s happening, but if the globalists get serious they’ll just remove them from the eight Domain Name Servers (DNS) and/or reject their IP addresses. If that happens, then an alternative Internet will be a necessity.

      1. FuckFaceBook. Although that would probably turn porno pretty quickly, now that I think about it.

  2. Regarding the apps, I have a kindle fire, which is based on android but doesn’t use the Google Play store (the main source for android apps). It’s mostly fine with the apps available via amazon app store, but there are a few I wanted that aren’t available, so I found a workaround that lets you install google play on the device.
    I was able to install the apps I wanted, but battery drain went from 2 days to about 3 hours, and the unit was hot to the touch. I quickly uninstalled google play (the apps remained). Google is definitely running some background process 24/7 that is doing who-knows-what. Who knows if I removed it fully or not. Good thing I just use it to play around with and chat with birds, and have no important data on there. I don’t even browse ROK with it.

    1. I think it’s prudent to assume that all devices based on android track user behavior to some degree. But it also depends a lot on what capabilities the device itself has, and also on which services are turned on, like location services/GPS etc.
      Apple is likely not far behind but it seems to me that for the time being they run a tighter ship in terms of what 3rd party apps can access.
      I am working on getting a device running SailFish (jolla phone) to work with android apps, which may prove to be a bit more secure as an alternative than the others.
      But google is by far the most invasive in terms of data collection, and I would guess based on what I know of their tech that a lot of the battery drain is likely due to location tracking plus updating in the background.

      1. I agree but note that Kindle Fire does not have a GPS chip, which is typically what we think of in terms of location tracking, so I think there is more going on than just that. If a device has GPS chip on 24/7, it will burn up the battery, but that wasn’t the case here. I’m sure they track location too, but it was running some serious background processes. The device was disturbingly hot to the touch, so it was likely doing a lot more, like constantly scanning my contacts, going into all the apps and stripping any personal info they could, copying and uploading all messages I had written, etc. Good thing all they could get is some fake info from me, and some boob pictures from hos I’m talking to.

        1. They’re stored in that facility in Utah, along with several trillion others. Why not just get a job like Snowden had and you can watch porn all day and get paid for it?

    2. Android greatest blessing is the open source nature give one the ability to put custom ROMS on their devices. You have greater control on what apps are running and what information they can access by isolating an app. The downside to this approach is one has to technically savvy and have hardware with unlock bootloader for easy install.

    3. I had an android phone and then switched to a blackberry one, because I was furius with google’s policy concerning apps on the phone, I do not have a facebook and I could not delete facebook and the phone constnantly barked on me to set my facebook account!

      1. Yeah, the newest apps *require* a facebook account. I’ve never given any of those free services my real personal info. I’ll be damned if I’ll give them a facebook account! Actually I tried to create a fake FB but apparently they cracked down on that after they had their IPO, to make it look like they had more users than they really did. That’s where everything is moving, so the window for wanting to use these services privately and anonymously is closing fast.

        1. the last week zuckenberg lost 2 or 4 billion dollars in a day! Might this have something to do with their practices?
          Anyway though, I get the impression that fewer people use facebook today, meaning that fewer open or maintain new accounts.

        2. I’m very surprised it’s still as relevant as it is. Even before their IPO, every young person I know didn’t use it. Sure, they probably had an account, but they had moved on to snapchat, twitter, tumblr or something new. Their parents, however, had facebook accounts. That’s a great way of turning off the younger generation to something.
          I predicted it was already dying.. perhaps it’s delayed a bit, but I still think it’s inevitable. How many of the original search engines are around today? AltaVista? Lycos? Netscape? Yahoo–but for how long?

        3. “Actually I tried to create a fake FB but apparently they cracked down on that after they had their IPO”
          I know several friends who use fb with an alias name. How exactly can FB crack down on them? There will always be apps that do not require a fb account – many app developers don’t have a FB account for similar reasons we don’t.

        4. I have a fake FB account. One day I shut it down, discontinued it. Facebook immediately sent me an email, “We’re sorry to see you go…” So I fired it back up. I only use it to do intel on women I’m thinking about banging, or on friends, or on business connections. If things get Draconian there, I’ll shut it down for good. Creepy shit.

        5. I don’t believe you can create new FB accounts this way. There are millions of existing accounts with bogus names, however. I actually have a fake FB but I haven’t used it in so long the app wouldn’t connect to it.

        6. Facebook is corrupt and very abusive of its rights. By the way: I loved Netscape! From the name to its logo even the little thing it did when it opened for me any other browser was and is soulless by comparison, I felt sad when it closed…
          Facebook does not delay, it simply needs the time so it will stop providing revenue to its investors, such things require some time, even its increased mingling with politics is a sign of ill health.

        7. Even when you delete your account, it remains active for two weeks, just in case, you know, you have second thoughts about deleting it

        8. I only personally know of one person who still uses farcebook on a daily basis. Most people use it as a portal to log inoto apps or other websites. Farcebook is nothing more than a data collection service now

        9. ” So I fired it back up. I only use it to do intel on women I’m thinking about banging, or on friends, or on business connections. If things get Draconian there, I’ll shut it down for good. Creepy shit”
          It’s getting to the point where one is going to have to use another name in his pursuit of women to avoid the bullshit that backlashes today from involving oneself with today’s hormonal driven beasts.

        10. When I used it (had a semi-legit account) I only did it on a liveboot Tails Tor boot. I think even if you’re on private browsing and block cookies and stuff, just visiting leaves all kinds of garbage on your machine.

        11. I’ve found no evidence of anything more than the usual cookies. Private browsing has resulted in fb’s systems getting desperate and sending me ads and such for people on my feed because it doesn’t know what to send me.

        12. yes, they use the facebook icons on various sites to track that you’ve been there. That’s why private browsing starves it. You open a session of private browsing just for facebook then close it. Restart before doing other things. If you use a private browsing session as a normal session that defeats the purpose.

    4. When you root your phone you can control which apps start up. Samsung phones usually come rooted. I want my computer to do what I tell it to do. It disturbs me that you can no longer just pull out batteries now to guarnatee they are off.

  3. I don’t even bother going online with anything other than the custom PC that I built myself. Sure it was convenient to have gmail and a calendar on my smartphone, but like cellphones themselves it’s completely unnecessary.

    1. Ahhhh…..but didn’t you consider that your lack of internet traffic is suspicious to the globalists and worth looking into?

      1. Haha, well I’m sure they already have me on a list since all I do online is look at RoK, Breitbart, and various gun-related sites.

  4. The best thing you can do, short of complete unplugging, is supply a ton of disinformation. It’s really the best weapon. Make them sift through tons of crap, to point they’re overrun with “exabytes” of completely useless shit, chuck full of misleading trigger words. Even as I’m being monitored writing this, they won’t know what’s real and what isn’t. Voila.

    1. Exactly…bomb making…it’s always good to insert superfluous…terrorist…words into your messages to create more cpu work…cocaine…for the PTB.

        1. That’s the fertilizer bomb spirit man! Way to meth bring it on home!

    2. That’s what I do with Fb profiles and other things which require personal identification: 60% false, 40% true, they have no way to figure it out.
      It’s handy to avoid stalkers, too.

  5. Right now, entity like Google are in a balancing acting of making money and supporting liberal cause wanted by NWO fools. Soon or later, they will crack down on alternative views when their management become convergence via SJWs or NWO. That why boys and girls, you should start support alt tech. The Big Fork project Infogalatic Planetary Knowledge Core, Gab, Sailfish (hattip to LiterallyHilter), and other avenues for divergent.

    1. That’s a picture of a man, man. You do a Google search, and they will feed back crap they want you to see.

        1. That was my first thought when I saw the photo. I noticed immediately that I couldn’t see the throat and that the full hands are not visible. My first conclusion – Tranny. Fucking sucks too, but kind of fitting. Turns out men are better women than women are. Thanks feminism!

        2. Yea its suspect.
          But how do you know thats an it?

          What do you google that it would trick you with a tranny?

        3. Yep. One of the central functions of feminazism is brainwashing enough men and women to try to become the other.

    1. Google has been going full SJW retard as of late. Like, really, really full bore regarding an Orwellian rewriting of history.

      1. forget rewriting. these people were never written in history. now they are being given the recognition that is their due, after hundreds of years of being written out, not even written.

        1. I have this person blocked, no idea who he is since all I see is “This user is blocked”. I assume he’s making stupid comments?

        2. How many honey bees does it take to screw in a light bulb?
          Only two, the hard part is getting them inside of one first.

        3. How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but first it has to really want to change.

        4. How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Feminists have never accomplished anything so nobody knows.

      1. Actually I’d just prefer an honest result set. But then we’re talking about Google, who is all about Social Justice. Which is why I don’t use them.

        1. It would be a bit strange if it were only one thing. I get that algorithms can goof shit up. But it seems to be a developing pattern with Google.
          And that’s fine. I have a wide choice of search engines, I have no need to lend them my traffic and thus, revenue. Yay free markets!

      2. You black boys need to pull your trousers up, the 5-0 can’t believe how easy they have it nowadays!

      1. I notice they left off one of his middle names too. Alexander De Marquon Graham Bell.

    2. Thats just because American Inventor is going to capture the term “African American Inventor” which is Always going to be attached to them. Google Inventor, and you get the most famous inventors. Still we know they modified search terms for Hillary. And now we know why they removed their motto of “Don’t be evil”.

  6. Remember that it is your choice what you listen to and what you agree with. Also remember that this process of trying to brainwash you has been going on for millenia to manufacture your consent. I remember as a kid, He-Man cartoons were frequently used to brainwash kids. It made no impression on me. He-Man made me want to puke and I always wanted Skeletor to win.

        1. Am I the only one here that made their He-man and Skeletor action figures “karate” each other in the back yard when they were kids?

        2. I had one action figure as a kid, and that was G.I. Motherfucking Joe. The big one, with the button in the back that made him give a kung fu chop, and a 6 wheeled all terrain vehicle that he could drag a King Tut type burial crate around with, filled with jewels. He made occasional forays into my sister’s room to “kidnap” Barbie for some well earned R & R after a long day of tomb raiding. At least that’s what I told mom, the real reason was mainly to piss off my sister.

        3. Yeah, I think you’re the ranking senior citizen here if I remember correctly.

        4. I was forced to play board games because there were no video games invented yet!!!!

        5. I played the strategy and tactics games when they were board games and we used dice and outcome tables. These morphed into WoW and other highly CGI driven games. I think they were purer when you had to set everything up by hexagonal grids. I guess that is a lot like saying the modern stuff on the radio isn’t music (which I have said too many ties to count).

        6. Oh man, I loved me some good board games. I used to spend entire weekends playing Squad Leader, where we’d transform one of my friend’s house into half of the European continent across the entire kitchen and into the living room. And AD&D was *epic* fun.

        7. Squad Leader with all it’s expansion packs (especially Cross of Iron) was tits. Loved it.

        8. Playstation? Man, I remember Pong, the original giant ass “covers your lap” panel Pong, which etched itself into your television monitor, when it was *brand spanking new*.

        9. I do too. Those controllers with the big knobs. Amazing. And yes, the atomic tradition tv burn. All things being equal, playing smear the queer was safer

        10. Action figure! Heh. Yes. In fact, he was taller than Barbie if I recall. And he had that chain and hook to drag her around behind his vehicle (mine kept the King Tut gold and jewel chest in the passenger seat, you have to have priorities).

        11. My sisters had Barbie Dolls and I had G.I. Joes, and I would bring the Joes in during a Barbie picnic, and push all the Barbies over on to their backs and then – hump, hump, hump – I’d have the Joes banging the Barbies. Yeah! Take that, bitch, etc.

        12. My wife wants to get into AD&D (she wants to use it as a springboard into Star Trek GURPS). I told her if we can find some friends, I’d buy the boxset and run a game. I tried the local game store with the little brother I mentor, but even at 15, the desperate 40 year old virgins scared him off.
          I just ordered the Kelly’s Heroes bundle for Bolt Action tabletop game to give it a whirl. It has a random turn phase unlike Warhammer, etc. Going to supplement Oddball and Crapgame with a squad of WWII Marines.
          TL;DR – I’m a huge nerd.

        13. No worries. Heh.
          A good game that used to exist (you might still get it on eBay) was Traveler. It’s a space based turn based RPG a la AD&D, and the Snapshot expansion pack makes the already good game 400% better. Highly recommended as a starting point for jumping into Start Trek.

        14. Traveler itself is ship based. Snapshot makes it AD&D individual base. Just a heads up.
          I *loved* farting around with that game back in the early-mid 1980’s.

        15. Noted. We just moved and are switching to full hermit to start popping out babies while trying to save for a house, so cheap fun games to fart around with are right up my alley.

        16. The 12″ action figure era didn’t die completely until the late 1970s. Star Wars action figures gave it the death blow.

        17. There are many less than simple board games.
          Star Fleet Battles, Submarine, Victory in the Pacific, Battletech, Wizards, 221B baker Street, oh I could go on if I could remember more titles. They were anything but simple.
          Few would have the attention span required to learn them let alone develop the logic and strategy skills needed to play them well.

        18. Lol, the good old days with normal interaction now kids are zombies with their video games and smart phones. It’s the reason why kids today grow up to become weak adults!

  7. Speaking of Big Brother…the dead are literally (Hitler) rising from the grave to vote for Hillary, which is nothing new for Democrats, because just ahead of the 2012 election, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department filed a lawsuit to stop the state of Florida from removing 53,000 dead people from the voting rolls and another 2,700 registered voters who were not even legal citizens (this is one reason why Obama “won” in 2012). And as we speak, illegal immigrants are showing up all over the country, to vote early for Hillary. This is all documented and factual, as the following November 6th Las Vegas Tribune article points out, but you won’t see it on CNN, or in the New York Times, or over at HuffPo. And if the following LV Tribune article doesn’t piss you off, well, nothing will –

      1. I love the smell of burning SJW in the morning…think about what would happen if Trump “lost”. Way more people are voting for Trump than Hillary. Those people would finally realize that their vote doesn’t matter. They already know the media and the government lie, and are corrupt to the core. At that point, they’d have nothing left to lose, as their jobs are mostly gone, and Obamacare has decimated their health and their finances. If they rig it for Hillary, there will be a revolution (of one type or another). Better to give Trump the victory. We’ll have to see how it plays out but I still believe Trump will win, as the elite don’t want to deal with at least 100 million Americans who are pissed-off and sick of business as usual…

        1. Don’t get what you mean, Lolster…is that an online deal…if so, no I don’t. If not…enlighten your old Uncle Bob will ya.

        2. That’s right, you told me about that once, GOJ…thanks for helping with my early-onset Alzheimer’s. Heh.

        3. You have been tapped for a selective group….think of it like skull and bones but without as much money

        4. Okay well let me investigate that app and I’ll get back to ya…I normally hate those types of things as they fuck my computer up to Holy Hell. But if I get free coupons and donuts, that’s a different story.

        5. There’s no adverts on it, it’s straight forward and simple to use.

        6. The one positive in this election cycle, no matter who wins, is that the MSM has been totally discredited. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, on either side of the aisle, now assumes that anything in the MSM is a lie.

        7. Yeah I totally agree. Everybody (pretty much) has to know it’s all rigged now and the government and media are on the same team, and full of shit at that.

        8. The emails showed that the Clinton campaign was directing the MSM on what to cover and what to say. It could not be more overt.
          BTW the Democrat Party is not the government, at least not yet.

      2. How can he do that? They are ILLEGALS ffs. So he is encouraging people who have no rights to live in the US who are already breaking the law to break more laws?

      3. President Half-Blood Prince knows that he could wind up in the soccer stadium next to Lena Dunham if Trump wins.

    1. I got a letter in the mail from a swing state that I used to live in, that is trending Hillary, and I think will likely go Hillary. I haven’t lived there since the 90s, but apparently am still on the voter rolls (nothing illegal about that, as long as you only vote once).
      The odd thing is that in the 3 elections since I lived there, no one cared that I was registered there, but now suddenly they sent me a postcard asking if I wanted to be removed from the voter rolls… Very suspicious timing. Obviously I don’t live or vote there as 2 decades have passed, so why is it an issue in 2016?
      I should have voted absentee there, in hindsight (my home state is not a swing state and is easily going Trump).

      1. Interesting. I still think it’s Trump for the Brexit-type victory. Have to wait and see but the elite aren’t stupid enough to piss off everybody who voted for Trump (the vast majority of voters). Why, they might compare notes, figure out they have nothing more to lose, and burn down the whole house of cards…

      1. That looks about right, or at least closer to reality. I think Trump, if the election were totally on the level, would take every state but maybe three…

        1. The only real states I can see her taking in an honest above the board election would be NY, CA, IL, HI and Massa-fucking-chusettes.

        2. So on wednesday when I do my “i told you so a-thon” you aren’t going to hate me right

        3. Maybe. And I think NY and CA, and possibly Mass., are the only three. Every hispanic I talk to in AZ is voting for Trump. With the exception of two (out of about 40). That “hispanics are voting early for Hillary” crap is just that – crap. If they are voting early, it’s for Trump.

        4. For the record, I am with you. I mentioned it once before. Not as often as you because I’m not into stirring the hornets nest.
          Several huge missed opportunities by Trump (running mate, failure to address any swing-voter issues, lack of any real policy, plus I’m not even sure he is serious)

        5. Pence was a great choices as a running mate. Trump’s positions are spelled out on his website (for better or worse) and he’s staked many line-in-the-sand positions in regard to a lot of issues. Now whether he’s sincere is anybody’s guess (I’m cynical) but he’s giving policy position. As to swing voter issues, the entire coal belt might tell you otherwise. I know he has Ohio locked up, and we’re Swing State Numero Uno.

        6. Haha, at least I’ll be excused from that “I told you so a-thon”. Since Comey came to undo the big doodoo, I started to believe in a literally Hillary presidency…
          I’m also preparing for WW3, since yesterday.

        7. Think it all through. If Hillary “wins”, everybody who voted for Trump (which means most of the country) will finally realize their vote doesn’t matter and everything is rigged. How many guns are there in America? This will ignite a firestorm. True, it may not get violent right away, but people will start exploring other avenues – like starting their own government. It makes more sense that it all goes Brexit – give the voters the supposed “victory”. This way, the Trump-supporters will calm down and feel vindicated. Plus, they’ll still think their vote matters. I anticipate a close election, with Trump pulling it out. That way, it looks like every vote counts. Afterwards, Trump pulls a 180 and builds a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, which is primarily utilized in a one-way format only – to keep the people in. (Heh.) Then he gets rebuffed on his other proposals by a “hostile” Congress. I could be wrong, maybe they want a civil war. But I don’t think so.

        8. I would have gone with former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card…Trump/Card in 2016. But that’s just me.

        9. I think 538 has the numbers about right. I see HRC getting 300 EC votes. As for WW3…I doubt it. My prediction is business as usual.

        10. Oh hell, that would have been perfect!
          I think Pence is a pretty solid *real* conservative. What little I know of him.

        11. I hear they aren’t too fond of him in Indiana (my home state)…his “health care solution” for Indiana is what Trump is going to use nationally. A little savings account, government-backed, and you get to pick from a roster of providers! “Forty acres…and a mule.” Burn Obamacare down, rebuild it, and give it a new name, basically. Pence is smooth and articulate and a conservative. I’ll give him that.

        12. We aren’t idiots. We realize this is all up hill for Trump, and that there will be massive adjustment of the counts. Hitlery has always had the advantage and will be the criminal elected on Tuesday. We are just doing what we can to overcome the propaganda the MSM is putting out that every on voting for Trump should just stay home as it is a done deal for her.

        13. Pence may make a good president, but I fail to see how he earned Trump a single vote. He’s a traditional white male republican. Traditional white male republicans are already voting Trump.
          He could have gone with a latino, black, woman, that military general, or as I would have suggested, a libertarian type that could peel some votes away from youth and swing voters going for Hillary.
          The least he could do is pick someone from a state he needed. Pence is from Indiana. Even Mitt Romney won Indiana, so again, I fail to see how this pick helps him at all.
          If this thing ends up being within a couple of percentage points, as current polling shows, it looks really stupid in hindsight not to pick a candidate that could push you over the edge. I can think of several candidates who could do that (not sure they would accept).

        14. Trump’s going to win my friend. If Hillary gets ramrodded into office, the Trump voters will be done with television and government. They might go full-on civil war. The elite are too smart for that. We’ll have to wait and see though…

        15. Pence works because he brings stability to the Trump campaign. The “pick a novelty ethnicity” thing has had its day, and would have come off as a complete stunt, and that would have brought down enthusiasm I think.

        16. MSM really did do a huge push for Hillary in a way that really ought to be (if it isn’t already) considered criminal. Add that to the fact that trump is an asshat and his appeal is largely to places that don’t matter wrt electoral college and he will get stomped. If the republicans nominated Pence rather than Trump and Pence just stood there with his mouth closed he might have actually taken 45 states. Hillary is really a terrible fucking person. They had to go deep into the world of total fucking losers to find a loser so bad he will get curb stomped by this cunt.

        17. One thing I have learned in life is that TPTB are mostly idiots. We are not being ruled by an all powerful cabal of illuminati. Instead we are ruled by a bunch of elites that make the Three Stooges look like a brain trust.

        18. we shall see on the morrow bob. My guess is trump gets totally stomped, a bunch of people complain online and then absolfuckinglutely nothing happens

        19. Except we lose the 2nd Amendment and hefty parts of what’s left of the 1st Amendment. Turns out SCOTUS appointments matter.

        20. As a side note, has anyone taken television seriously since Reagan used to interrupt tv shows to talk to us?

        21. Oh man I disagree there. They are as deviously clever as a serpent. But they are suicidal. No doubt about that one…

        22. I like the way a European leftist stated when asked how he would vote if he were an American, “Trump is an asshole, but Clinton is a pure evil lunatic, and it is easier to deal with an asshole.”

        23. I don’t see that happening. Do you really think that HRC will have enough power to overturn an amendment from the bill of rights? Further, even if she did it probably wouldn’t effect you as it would become a states rights issue and from what you say Ohio wouldn’t go south on that. I just don’t see a real effect here.

        24. The VP is almost completely unimportant as long as the president remains in power for his term. I mean what the hell has Joe Biden done?
          So I think the VP candidate could have been downplayed. Make a big deal when you announce a black latina lesbian, get all the blacks/Latinas/lesbians excited, and then sideline them for the rest of the campaign. Honestly I don’t think Trump talks that much to Pence anyway. Remember the line at the debate where he contradicted him and then said “we don’t really talk” or something?
          Point being I think one could reap a few percentage points in people who vote for silly things like person with the best hair, or who has the skin color or sex organ that I do, while keeping the VP out of the limelight and keeping the focus on Trump for 90% of the campaign. And any sort of third party or non-mainstream party person could have gotten Trump big Perot-like numbers from people who usually sit it out. Hell, that would have probably gotten me to campaign for him.

        25. That is essentially what the Marxist academic Zizek said. However, he is smarter than 90% of americans.

        26. It will be like Brexit. Just like that. An illusion of victory. Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. The elite control people via the media. If Hillary wins, nobody will watch the news. Nobody will believe a word that the talking heads utter. The odds on Trump just went back up. Vegas will rake huge, huge, huge money on a Trump victory. The tea leaves say Trump, Trump, Trump, for the win. But we’ll see. I’ll suck my thumb and cry if Hillary is shoehorned in…but I don’t think so. Loser pays for a night at a strip club in Vegas, how’s that…

        27. That’s exactly why Trump will win. The media’s bias was rabid. If Trump wins, the public laughs at the media, and the media gets egg on its face. Because they were biased and they “lost”.

        28. yeah, basically he is a mix between karl marx and hodor if they found 5 metric tons of cocaine laying around. Zizek is right. Trump is the better choice. He is a faggot asshat but he doesn’t seem evil in the way hillary is. That said, mark my words, come wednesday we will have president elect hilary

        29. John Nance Garner’s observed that “the vice presidency is not worth a bucket of warm spit.”
          He was the 32nd vice president, 1933 to 1941.

        30. For now it matters because when Trump gets into office, Pence now has the easy path to POTUS at a later date. I hold no illusions about the powerlessness of the office of Veep.

        31. Her? No. A SCOTUS appointee who is a LGBTSWQEWERBBQ and who rubber stamps things like every gun ban ever? Absolutely.
          It would become state’s rights, except the Feds wouldn’t see it that way. And yes, Ohio wouldn’t go down with that. And then we’d have a civil war.
          Seems safer to me to take her getting into office seriously. Not that you’ll change your tune, I’m talking more to the lurkers who are still thinking whether they should vote or not. See, I don’t want civil war either.

        32. Gotta say, that is part of your NYC bubble kicking in. I rarely meet someone near my level. Internet friends excluded. Buddy of mine who lives in Manhattan and a guy who works for NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in California are the only 2 who are serious candidates. I’d peg the number around 98%, and the truth is probably somewhere in between.

        33. Dude, you have your ear to the ground just like I do…people here in Arizona are about to go full-on Revolutionary War, if Hillary wins. That’s why she won’t win. The elite are suicidal, true, but they have carefully laid long-range plans…heh.

        34. Went out to my place for a day of chainsawing on Saturday and all there were, were Trump signs. Everywhere. Like to the point of triggering “visual pollution” type laws. And the gun folk here, even the ones who used to be meek and have BBQ’s in the back yards, are kitting up, fast. And I don’t just mean “buy more ammo and guns!” but the real kitting up.

        35. We make a group trip, and we’ll win money on the right weekend. And I guaran-fuckin’-tee it…better for the strip club action, that way. Suddenly, no matter who you are, you’re hot. Can’t figure it out. Must be…magic.

        36. I liked that scene in Bringing Down The House where the nerdy MIT college kids are surrounded by strippers in bikinis… and not for their math skills. Well, wait, actually… kind of 🙂

        37. Same shit here. It’s legal to carry concealed in Arizona. No permit necessary. They have more guns here than chinks have rice (was that PC?…OMG). I run into people all the time, who are full-on rabidly ready to take out the trash. Not gonna happen. Trump for the win. Every single hispanic I talk to is pro-Trump, except for two dimwits I ran into a week or so back. I believe it’s about 65% for Trump, nationwide. I mean, except for Cali and NY. But we’re talking Brainwashed Central there. Irrelevant, in the end.

        38. Heh, fun stuff there. And very accurate. They love the cash, no surprise there. Strippers give me free lap dances quite often. Then they work me for the long con. “See, I’m not one of those greedy girls, I just really like you, Bob.” Heh. My ass. I’m old enough to be her grandpa, in some cases. Of course, they’re looking for a car or their rent paid, like any other slut. They are just a bit more up-front about being whores…which I respect. Some girls do it for cash, some do it for refrigerators (wives). What’s the difference – not much.

        39. Yeah, I was going to mention being on the lookout for “Wanna be my sugar daddy”. When you start getting hit on by them during a “dance” that they forget to charge for, or tell you it’s “for free, because you’re cute”, put your hand on your back pocket and ensure that you still have your wallet, because those are sure signs she wants to apply a Hoover to your bank account.

        40. No doubt about it. I had a stripper do something similar recently, who had been working me for dances for a month or so, and I kept rejecting her. Finally I gave in, $10 dances on the floor of the club only (this is in Phoenix). So she did some dances and sat on my lap and was grinding away. Asked me if I lived close by. I said yes. Asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I said no, I’m just not that attracted to you. She said well you owe me fucking $100 then for the 10 dances I just did for you. She’d only done like five dance but I didn’t care (this is a common con game in strip clubs), I just tossed her $100, smiled, didn’t say a word, and walked over to another table at the club. She looked devastated. Poor thing. She’s probably still trying to figure out what went wrong, was it her tits, was it her deodorant, etc.

        41. Make sure you have plenty of iodized salt in your diet for the first few weeks. A good portion of cancer would come from radioactive iodine concentrating in your thyroid. Really short half-life material will dissappear in the time you are hiding in your basement. The long half-life stuff is not hot enough to cause as much damage. It is the medium stuff what you have to worry about.

        42. Potassium Iodide actually is the best thing for that. Not that I have two or three bottles sitting in my fireproof gun safe or anything, along with a Geiger counter and enough weaponry to equip a large battalion, not to mention pounds of silver and enough heirloom seeds to replant the state of Ohio or anything. So get that right out of your mind!

        43. We have firearms, and about 6 month food supply (If you can stomach eating plain bread and rice and about 1/4 the meat as before).
          Honestly, I can’t see the MAD scenerio ever playing out, even if a full scale nuclear war does happen. Outside military targets, what would the point be of obliterating cities, just for the fun of it? All bases, ships (yes they are tracked) and missile launch areas to achieve victory. Otherwise, the scorched earth polity would only hurt everyone involved.

        44. Bob, I will fly my ass to Vegas and buy you a night at a strip club, gladly, if Trump wins. Hear me folks, I want the Don to win so much that I will bet on Hillary with Bob here just so I can lose, and lose gladly, to our odds man, if that’s what it takes.

        45. Looks like there will be a Vegas party either way. Hope it’s a win/win, instead of a lose/win, if you catch my drift…

      2. I really, really, really want you to be right. But I still can’t help but have the feeling that on November 9, we’ll be reading “Hillary Clinton elected.”

  8. “As profiling of Internet users becomes more prolific and the algorithms more sophisticated in the coming years, the news and information we search for will be tailored to slowly “nudge” us one way or the other politically, one small step at a time.”
    Exactly. Slowly, little by little. Those of us who grew up in a time way before the internet, a time when men were celebrated for their masculinity, a time when women were slender, feminine, knew how to cook and didn’t hate men – we can see exactly what the fuck is going on. But the millenials are the first generation to be dumbed down by the net, and the next generation after them will be even stupider and more gullable and much easier to be lead. And the generation after? well they may as well be potato sacks.
    I’ve said this already a few times : I’m glad I never had kids. Of course I’m aware that this is exactly what the elites want – but I still would rather not provide them with any cannon fodder.
    Really the only way this shit will get corrected is a major catastrophe of sorts that permanently brings down the grid: WWIII nuclear, or an EMP from the sun, or similar global event that separates the various regions and tribes of Humanity for a long ass time.
    …or when AI develops to the point where robotics and automation that can create other robots and automation – in which it will be good-bye organic, carbon based human animals.

    1. Have you ever noticed that many people who chose NOT to have kids would probably make a better parent than most other people who have chosen?
      And I said MOST…I don’t believe this in every case.

      1. Great observation. I would like to have children, but the potential future effects of its surroundings scares the shit out of me. Parents are not the “owners” of their children education (anymore?). The influence that parents can exert on to their children is every time smaller and smaller.

        1. As a parent who took an active part is his children’s lives, I respectfully submit that you don’t know what you’re talking about. No offense. If you think that the influence you can exert is “smaller and smaller” then I can only assume that you’re going by second hand information given to you by bad parents or parents who just gave up giving a shit.
          Structured correctly your influence on your children is profound. If you lay the heavy lifting groundwork early, you’ll find that your influence stays with them the rest of their lives. The trick is that you teach them an easy framework of right, wrong and individual decision making, set boundaries that are logical within that framework, and by the time they hit 8 they’re more or less making the right decisions all on their own.
          As to environments – there’s never been a good environment to bring children into. Even the fabled 1950’s had a huge nuclear war scare that had half the world convinced it was going to vanish by the year 1960. To me, that’s just looking for excuses, because honestly you can say the same thing about any given period in time.

        2. Thanks for the advice. How approx. old are your children? (feel free to not to reply to this)
          The reason why I said that about the decreasing influence is because I know of many cases of children who got good parenting (the children were polite, good grades, etc.) and then, once they got into college or became independent on their own they became full SJW/sluts/broken people due to external influences.

        3. Agreed, another thing is they will help each other. I have 6. In my opinion, it is easier now than with 3 or 4. The oldest will change diapers, they entertain each other. Yes, I need to break up fights and do the dicipline, but really they are not a chore. Food can run $400 a month though.

        4. My son is just turned 20 and my daughter is 17.
          My son is one of the ringleaders of the OSU pro-Trump students and is so freaking right wing it would make your head spin. He started owning guns at 10 and started buying his own at 14, is an engineering major and also is a lacrosse player (athlete). My daughter loathes feminism and knows not only how to cook, but how to bake, she wears dresses and she will not put up with weak men. She’s also not keen on women leading a relationship. She gets in trouble a bit for speaking out in class against Leftism, but her near 4.0 gives her leeway.
          All that said, I think you’re generally on the money because a good 80% of parents give in either to society or “mom” (if a husband is even involved). That didn’t happen here. It wasn’t even a possibility.
          If you take charge of the family in an appropriate manner, are not a dictator but also not a pushover, if you’re the acknowledged leader of the family, you can accomplish amazing things with children.

        5. At gun shows, if a parent is present. The legalities of that I’m not quite clear on, but I suspect “dad is here too” came into play. He earned all the money himself though, long before he could drive. Dude is a natural born capitalist.

        6. Six, man, that deserves an award in and of itself. You have to go from man to man, to zone defense. Heh.

        7. You are right on that. Just last night, all the kids were getting rowdy, so I just yelled out for everyone to get their shoes on. Then we all went for a 2 mile walk through the sagebrush, along with the wife and baby in the dark. They made a game of it, jumping out of the bushes at each other and running around. When we got home, we played some card games and they were all calm by bed time. It really isn’t hard, they just want some time and attention on occasion.

        8. You’re a hell of a good father and man Jim. Keep doing what you’re doing.

        1. I just think that when most people decide not to have kids, they often put more thought into their decision than many people who do decide to have kids. A large segment of our population have kids because they feel they are “supposed to”, or they think they are less of a man/woman if they don’t procreate.

  9. If you have a spare $150 lying around, put $100 of it (plus 10% for the juice, a total of $110) on Buffalo at +6.5 to cover the spread at Seattle tonight on Monday Night Football. And put another $50 on Buffalo to win, on the money line (no juice on money line wagers, it’s factored in). This means you are laying out a total of $160 on the two wagers.
    If Buffalo wins, you’ll get back $375 (a profit of +$215). If Buffalo loses, but covers the spread, you’ll get back $210 (a profit of +$50). If you lose both wagers, no worries, you’ll get it back in the days ahead, especially this weekend, which at this point looks like it’s going to be a great opportunity to shoot the proverbial tuna in the proverbial barrel…I give this two-pronged wager a 70% change of netting you a profit. Have fun, whatever you may do…and always use protection. Over and out. See you tomorrow, during Election Day. Keep the faith, Trump’s gonna take it down!

    1. I’m not sure where you get a 70% chance on this. The gamblers whose money determines these lines are not dumb; everyone and their dog expects the game to be a blowout. Best of luck finding a system for making money on sports betting where you can make a safe profit.

  10. They have already been manipulating people for a long time, they don’t call it television “programming” for nothing? Think back 10-20 years, how many fags were on regular tv shows, how much was faggotry even mentioned? Now you can’t hardly watch a show without it being seen or mentioned, the more you see it the more comfortable you are with it, hence, “programming”. Think of all the other social issues that are slid into commercials and tv programs. If you see it al the time it ceases to shock you and after a while you don’t even notice anymore. Now it’s like almost every commercial has things in it that not long ago you didn’t see, like fags and diversity. How many sitcoms or drama shows have you seen where there was at least a mention of guns being “bad”. It’s all “programming”.

    1. Three’s Company, Busom Buddies….and a couple others. But you are right, they have turned up the heat over the years. We threw away the TV in 1999. There are better ways to spend your time.

      1. Yes I remember those shows however that sort of thing was still a rarity in those days. ( and those guys weren’t gay they played gay to get something and it was funny)

        1. What was that show “Will and Grace”? That was about when I recognized that there was an agenda. That phrase “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world” rings true. Since feminists are refusing to do their job, liberal media is more than happy to step in.

        2. That’s the show I was thinking of that really started it. It’s like almost every show now has the obligatory fag now. It just keeps it in front you so that over time you become comfortable with it, among other things.
          I really miss Andy Griffith and Bonanza. Hoss Cartwright was the coolest cowboy ever. Andy was the laid back country boy sheriff that always did the right thing and could read people like a book.

        3. Speaking of “always doing the right thing”, ever noticed your superhero movies lately? It seems like having some moral delema is the order of the day. I watched Batman vs Superman last summer with my son. Both characters had an evil streak about them. My 11 year old son thought it was so, so.. The following week, I put in an old Adam West Batman movie. Even though the special effects were hokey, the kids loved it. The 1978 Superman was the same result.The kids hunger for clear cut right and wrong, good and evil. Lately, Hollywood does their best to blur the lines.

  11. Clinton campaign has cancelled the planned victory fireworks for Tuesday night. Hmmmm.
    Bob, looks like you are right again.

  12. What’s amazing to me is that Europe, that place we think of as so pro-government, so pro-big-brother, has electronic data privacy laws that are far more protective of individual control of their data than the US. Too bad the big-data powers-that-be would never allow US citizens to have as much ‘property right’ to their personal data as Europe. How sad.

  13. They do this because if the information was TRULY out there people will begin to riot worse than they do now in other parts of the world
    They feed us bullshit because they know that at any time we can have the same kind of attitudes that the animals have when it comes to the jungle.
    They pile on more and more horseshit on our plates and hide the real food because they know if we ever found out JUST how much shit they are feeding us that we will cut the docile bs out and rebel
    And yet
    They also know that as much as people are becoming more aware, a lot of us won’t do shit. If anything that will spin a web about how “Silly” and “Paranoid” people are that question their authority. We will be seen as “Tinfoil villains” who have nothing better to do than to stay in our mom”s basement and eat Twinkies all day reading Government takedown websites.
    Truthfully, they know how much sheep they really have and own and probably don’t worry at all. Its cool. Eventually they house of cards always comes down. It may take more years than we are expecting but, the message is being heard louder and louder thanks to the internet.
    You can only silence the truth for so long until it overflows and spills out everywhere. Nature, just as the nickname it was given (Mother Nature) is a bitch.
    Stay focus and don’t rot your brain with the mindless bs everyday. Knowledge is here on sites like this but also in books, and people of the past that are not completely plugged into the matrix and gave up their rights to think for something more easy to digest. Screw that noise

    1. I hope you’re correct that their tyranny will end. Otherwise we may devolve to becoming like farmed cattle. Forever unable to change our station.

  14. “As another example: Okay, we know you are interested in traditional gender roles. We (the information managers like Facebook and Google) will now to find news stories and customize the information you get to read online in order to cause you to doubt the validity of your beliefs. ”
    I installed Kill News Feed on Facebook (thanks to a ROK recommendation). It works so well that I no longer feel the need to “check in.”

  15. If you do things correctly it is possible to entirely mislead google and facebook. the later especially.
    Don’t just hide from the data pool, piss in it. Lie when things ask you fool questions. use private browsing. Mislead.

  16. If you still have an account on facebook, you should download “facebook purity” browser plugin. It allows you to delete the news feed, the trending whatever, ads, and all that shit that we don’t like from facebook.
    Secondly, set up an alternative home screen in your browser in Chrome, such that you don’t need to see the daily stupid irrelevant feminist doodle.

  17. There is no free media in the West.I dont understand how the Westerners live with that illusion that they are part of the free world and other BS.

  18. Fuck it. Time to leave the USA for good. Don’t believe the hype that “everywhere is just the same” because it’s not. There are freer and better places to live.

  19. Aside from the pointless information that people feel the need to post and the endless drama, this is the main reason that I deleted my Facebook 6 months ago.
    Also why I hardly use my phone at all aside from calling friends and family occasionally.
    My mind is a lot clearer and on a related note, I began to save a lot of money because less ads, subliminal messaging, convincing me that I needed things that I really don’t.
    If only there were a way to block all of the disgusting Houston highway signs I see on my 1.5 hour drive to and from work every day.

  20. Im an evil online copywriter. The way you described the ” profile algorithms” of facebook and google is accurate. I can write a persuasive piece catered to people based on age, gender, political beliefs, musical taste, diet, ethnicity, dating preference, orientation, and other interests. Facebook builds these profiles based on what people click like on, who their friends are, where they check in, what articles they share, private messages they send and even what they say outloud.
    Sometimes 1 product will have 10 different sales pages based on who I want to see it and how I want to talk to them.

  21. This article gets to me. It had me thinking suddenly as I got up at night to piss. A cloned slick MSM piece in some rag or clickbait is bull and never gets me thinking late at night. But not this article. It was another gold nugget on ROK. Good job Relampago.
    WHAT IF the electronic hell described is the VR reclusion that some people purportedly sink into? They’re never missing or reported missing. You never hear them scream as the google borg police kidnap them. The cyber borg police ain’t no Barney Fife & co, no the van outside sucks your brain into the cloud with an instruct to forget you’ve been nabbed and body snatched. Then, slowly the population is thinned out but interpersonal interactions continue online unhindered and unnoticeded and droves, billions perhaps of missing persons aren’t noticed as missing. They’re still yapping on the web through some feed. Their brains and memories crunched and stuttering digital shit makes them seem plausably present to the bug eyed viewers of the boob tube suckey screens everywhere. It is beyond orwell.
    Roosh’s call to meet physically, to form tribes and ‘get real’ was an important call to heed. This shit was coming and many sense it. You haven’t awakened and smashed out of the grid until you’ve resisted, fought and gained real sense of the forces against you by testing them and doing some ass kicking. That’s what the emasculating conditioning is all about. That’s why sheepishness is preached and enforced in schools. They desire a populace that ‘holds still’ while it is electronically straight jacketed. Appearantly ‘dead’ voters can ‘vote’ everywhere. This supposed ‘Hillary’ hasn’t been seen in a body form that registeres heat on an infra red detector in months. Is she hologram or robot now? I’ll say for propaganda purposes that Trump is still for real. I’m no state propagandist though. I am my own shit slinging TRUTH propagandist luckily. Trump hasn’t been chipped and hogtied. He has too much spirit warding it all off and he has massive implecatory support from real living breathing people. His stand is a bigger ‘FU’ to the system and the borg than they want us to be aware of. He is still one of us THE PEOPLE.

  22. “CIA agents confirm microphones can easily be activated even when a device is switched completely off.”
    That is why you either use secret vernacular (60 seconds like) OR conduct secret meetings near a waterfall (running water through shower handle)
    “search engines are already tailoring information to what we search for”
    That’s why you use onion network…you share an exit node with a gazzillion of other people — obfuscation by volume.
    “Like a page or product”
    This is soooo yesterday…anyone remember a story when an selling analyst (Walmart I think) knew someone’s teen daughter was pregnant before the dad (of this teen girl) did.
    The social engineers’ dream…
    is socialism; to put it briefly.
    Took me a while, but I think I figured it out:
    Internationalism is communist movement for stateless societies: no boundaries, borders, fences etc. All are connected by one ideology (communist).
    “or to move to a new Internet”
    Well, onion network was/is…but governments almost destroyed it.

    1. A vision of the future from a globalist point of view is a mass of consumers in megalopolis cities.
      Children are a right, only a selected few get.
      The masses are gay/lesbian/sexbot drones who are androgyn workers. They spend their lifes in small spaces in big cities, do their job and find joy in virtual realities.
      The human race is united under one leadership (WASP on the outside, jewish on the inside) who make the plans for the rest of the world. The rest of the world is living in communism, as most property is property of the state and houses and such are given for good work but can be withdrawn at any moment. People get a chip, like cattle do today, to keep a clean register of livestock.
      This vision can be good – if you manage to be part of the upper class by birth.
      This vision can suck ass – if you happen to be one of the masses.

      1. I remember a quote, as a kid, from The Escape duology: Escape from LA and Escape from NY (Snake Plissken – Kurt Russel)
        No booze,
        no cigarettes,
        no red meat,
        no women (unless you are married).

    2. This is why it is that in devices where it can be done one removes the batteries.
      Alternatively have a sound proof case into which said mobile devices can be stored while confidential communion is in progress.

      1. You have an excellent point…and this also protects you if somebody would want to make a videoclip of lips movement. Brilliant idea.

  23. Been following this site for the past 2-3 years and I am liking this new political-philosophical approach.
    One thing though, I always find fascinating how you can link to so many news outlets we have no idea of. It would be interesting to see a list of “trustworthy” sites.
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

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