How To Make Women Equal To Men

We live in a society where human interaction takes a back seat to performance and results. What’s more, with globalization, competition is at an all-time high. Therefore femininity and its behaviors, like compassion and sensitivity, are less needed by our societies that are work oriented. But since we love women and care about them, we need to help them be more productive citizens and help them be as efficient and as competitive as men.

Enter mannism, the philosophy of the future. It will bring equality and fairness to an even higher level by taking away the last elements that make women different from men. Let’s take a look at this brand new ideology and its tenets.

The end of womanities

Instagram, Facebook, shopping, reality TV, women magazines, and going to the bathroom in groups would all be illegal, because they encourage gossip, and gossip leads to slender and libel.  In addition, crying, giggling, whining, being emotional and wearing the color pink are factors that lower productivity and are unsuitable for a work environment.


Peeing while standing is a lot more efficient and fast

Women would be required to take desensitivity training classes to learn how to be stoic and logical instead, attributes that have allowed men from all colors and backgrounds to perform better for millennia.

Female attraction for richer men would be punished

Why do women like to marry millionaires? It’s usually for their money. It’s dishonest, because women should work for their own, like men do. Therefore, women who are attracted to richer men would be considered deviant and be sent to rehabilitation.

If a woman slept with a man who has an annual income of 50% or more than her, she would go to jail. So suppose you’re a girl in a bar, and some charming man starts flirting with you. He takes you home on a public bus and passes himself as a regular guy, but it turns out he’s rich. Tough luck Lolita. With this new law, it would be your responsibility to check his bank account, and if he gave you false information, it would be your responsibility to ask his relatives or check public records for information.



According to recent studies, gold digging is still the #1 source of income for most women around the world

These naughty perverted ladies would end up on a sex offender’s list and be outcasts, unable to have jobs for the rest of their life. They would have to be careful for annual raises too, because their boyfriend of last year might not be legal this year. A 1% salary increase could lead to prosecution.

Note: richer men who have sex with poor women would not be prosecuted, because they are the victims.

All women would be turned into hoes

If women want to be equal to men, they have to behave like them with their sexuality. Shy and sexually reserved women would be brainwashed into thinking there is something wrong with them. Little girls, starting as young as possible when they are defenseless, would be educated through their parents, schools, TV, commercials, movies and general literature that the way to a man’s heart is through sex.

Barbies and dolls would be replaced by dildos. Books titled “the key to a successful marriage: spread your legs on the first date” would be on the curriculum in the best universities. Oprah would make educational series about how sucking dicks is better than chocolate.

Family men need not to worry however, because there would be plenty of foreign bride agencies with good wife material available to them if they feel western women are not suitable to be mothers.

Divorce: money back guarantee

In case of divorce, men could get their money back. After all, if the woman changes over time, why wouldn’t a man be allowed to have his investment returned? Women often act a certain way until they have their ring. At first, she was fit. Now, she’s fat. At first, she was nice, sweet and caring. Now, she is a harpy whose goal in life is to make you miserable. How is it not false representation, and why shouldn’t it be punishable by law?

weddingugly woman

At the wedding                                                                5 years later

There would be a 5 years warranty stipulating that if the woman doesn’t fulfill her part of the marriage (she withholds sex, she’s a disaster in the kitchen, etc.), she can be returned to her family without hassle. That way, women would learn strange masculine concepts like accountability and liability, which means being responsible for your own actions and words, and they would be better human beings in the long run.

Pregnancy: it’s our sperm

Men would have the choice to keep it, the choice to abort it, and the choice to force the mother to take care of it. Why? Because they deserve it. During conception, men do all the work inside and out, so they should also decide the outcome. It takes skills and courage for a man to sexually conquer a woman, whereas all a woman has to do is wear a “I will fuck anyone tonight” sign in a bar. In addition, spermatozoids have to race and compete against each other, while women’s eggs just lay there and wait like a starfish. Eggs have no game.

Woman doing starfish

Woman and her egg waiting to be fertilized

Child custody:  no changes needed

Mothers always win custody battles. But the secret is that men never want the kids anyways. They have to pretend they do want the kids as a ploy, because if they didn’t, the mothers would suddenly change their plea to force the fathers to have them. Don’t tell anyone.

Women would still be expected to be feminine when asked to

Masculinity in a woman is great for work, but when it comes to relationships and sex, it’s a big turn off. Men want feminine women who are sweet, kind and obedient. Women who are happy, lighthearted and compassionate. They also want women who look great and smell good at all times. Therefore, in the context of their relationships, women would need to forget everything they learned at work and be women again.

But don’t despair ladies, because for those few who get a little lost and confused, resources and help would be available to guide them in the right direction. A good start would be the book “Where did all the good women go?”


These changes would be for the better of society as a whole. Progression and high productivity must be attained for us to be victorious and crush the emerging competition from developing countries.

Sure, because life is a little rough sometimes, there might be a few women who decide to be outcasts, stay home and read horoscopes in their basements, but that would be a small price to pay for prosperity, wouldn’t it?

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117 thoughts on “How To Make Women Equal To Men”

  1. Love this article. Western women should also be forced into mining, construction, and front-line combat infantry roles ASAP. True equality demands it. They can’t just expect to take all the comfy office jobs from men.
    Hell, I say let these manly Western women take over all the work in society, so I can go on the dole, using the taxes they pay. After all, what’s fair is fair and women have been living free off men’s production capacity for thousands of generations. I say they owe us one.
    That way, I can bring my feminine foreign wife and kids here and expect all sorts of free goodies like MIC (the new WIC) and subsidized rent, food stamps and the like. Men have been oppressed by being expected to be walking ATM machines and Beta providers for too long. It’s payback time.
    See ya poolside, pasty Jane.

  2. Good as satire but in reality the world is heading in the opposite direction – it is getting more Yin (feminine).
    Let’s face it new technology makes the masculinity obsolete. If you look at the trends for new technologies they are most orientated towards the needs of women – gossiping, vanity, automating of household chores, etc.
    Computers will soon be intelligent enough to make rational decision which used to the sphere where men excelled over women. Hard physical labour is also replaced by big and powerful machines. The driverless car is just around the corner.
    What will be the need for masculinity in the future? Most of us have to hit the gym to maintain the illusion of a strong masculine body which in the past was shaped naturally during work. What’s worse because men spend so much time inside their testosterone levels are ever decreasing and many need hormone replacement therapies.
    The competitiveness today is based on who talks most, which is also a feminine trait. Because most business are based on lies or otherwise known as marketing. The product does not matter so much any more. Marketing sells, sex sells.
    The trends get perpetuated rapidly by the decline of the fatherly figure and very soon the concept will perhaps die out completely.
    Like it or not the philosophy of the future is Transhumanism.

    1. nuclear war may yet reset the clock on all that and with all the skills gone its back to square one 🙂

      1. Massive solar flare would do the trick. Not square one, but enough to thin the herd drastically.

    2. The massive games with printing up the dollar make it seem as if nothing needs to be done anymore. Just have the Chinese make all of our goods, other countries send us food, and the good times keep rolling in. It’s like the 1920’s all over again!
      The reality is that old fashioned hammer and sickle supply-demand economics is an unchangable reality. Want to see what happens when rule of law and protection of the worker is dropped? Look at the third world we’re currently exploiting and the lifestyle of the women there. That is the future of feminism for women.

      1. At least the violent drug lords can be counted upon to provide a steady supply of gina tingles in addition to their more readily recognizable “produce”. Perhaps living in a violent hellhole is a small price to pay after all as long as the Misses can get their hindbrain-prescribed dose of raw “manliness” on a regular basis.

    3. “Let’s face it new technology makes the masculinity obsolete.”
      If that were true then families wouldn’t be in such a crisis right now. It’s not out of date. GOVERNMENT has made it temporarily obsolete by artificially propping up women.

      1. Hell even families are becoming obsolete!!! Its fucking ridiculous man.

      1. The markets are rigged in favour of high-speed electronic trading firms, which use their advantages to extract billions from investors. The risk taking is minimised by the machines.
        Yet another feminine trait taking over – deceit and manipulation. Thank you for pointing it out.

        1. This is what happens when you plug Skynet into the global financial infrastructure as opposed to the military command grid.

        2. Bingo. High speed electronic trading drives the financial markets. Very little real value is produced in the process.

        3. Risk taking is not minimized by machines. It is minimized by brains. Trust me, I’m a risk analyst.

    4. everyone will soon look like Marilyn Manson on the cover of his mechanical animals CD

      1. I disagree. I think what you may have is a politically correct upper class where androgyny is seen as the most “pc” and admirable.
        But the under class will be the opposite. Imagine caricatures of femininity and masculinity. Guidos and bimbos will be the low class ideal. That is my opinion on the way things are going. It will be seen as a lower class thing, but it will be there. Maybe I’m wrong.

    5. Transhumanism doesn’t have to be feminine in the long term. Yes, we are moving towards the hive, towards convergence, if not the singularity, but why not look beyond that, play the long game. People will get sick of soup eventually and then they will want meat. We need to stop resisting and move through the chaos in order to lead beyond that point
      One thing about transhumanism is that it involves things moving inexorably and exponentially faster – as in Kurzweil’s singularity. What that means to the extent that that may be true is that the old idea of historical epochs lasting hundreds, thousands of years may be out-dated. In many ways the feminist age. your age of Yin, is already getting old.
      As for fears that technology is making men obsolete, well that’s been going on since the 18th Century.

      1. Hmm. I think we are moving towards divergence not convergence. Funny that.
        Technology goes back to the dawn of time. Yes there were technological advances prior to the 18th Century. They have made men more efficient.
        Your argument that technology makes men obsolete is an old-fashioned, long debunked Luddite myth.

        1. That’s not my argument. That’s what im criticising. The convergence I’m talking about is in respect of roles, which is the problem in terms of gender. Divergence, in terms of role differentiation, but perhaps unavoidably on a renegotiated basis, will need to follow that at least conceptually. Its the choice between resisting the tide or pushing through

    6. Why worry about a possible future when we can chill in the present? Really, why should we burden ourselves with future problems that we may never have to face?
      Yes, technology changed some things, but the core things are still the same. People still fuck, still sleep, still eat, still love. True, nowadays we fuck and don’t make love, nowadays we sleep chaotically instead of following the patterns of nature, we eat… well I can’t call McDonald’s food anymore and love… Let’s just leave it at this.
      But we still have the most important thing. The Present Moment. Want to change the future? Do it now. Don’t want to change the future? Don’t bitch about it and don’t predict it.
      Just relax in the present moment. Go meet a girl, call a friend, read a book, write a story about how you see the future. But don’t bitch about something that doesn’t exist.

    7. People keep saying this but I don’t see it. The technologies you mention are trivial not to mention the fact someone needs to pay for this tech and women barely understand technology anyway. Plus, there is no app for keeping a woman safe at night. The attack on masculinity comes not from technology (a very male dominated field) but government.

    8. You forget a crucial aspect.
      Who does most of the engineering, programming, problem-solving, construction and research?
      Dem wimmenz? Nope, I thought not. All the feminists argues is that women should get office and desk jobs, to be paid well.
      But they are only leading their followers away from the future. When that change, when +50% of computer programmers and technicians are female, then you can tell us masculinity is outdated. Not Before.

  3. What do you want from a girl like acquitted
    killer Casey Anthony, for example?
    Casey was always “one of the boys.” She favored
    male interaction over female interaction. She is
    an example of the modern slut that R.O.K.
    complains about.
    She did EVERYTHING to get a man, including killing
    her daughter to get a NEWER man.
    Now Casey is living in Sarasota Fla., with much older
    man, Pat McKenna. He helped acquit O.J. by
    uncovering info. that Mark Furman used the “N”
    Detective McKenna, who assisted Casey in her trial,
    protects and lives with her, among other things.
    He is wealthy and she lives in style. A girl’s got to do
    what a girl’s got to do.
    And if Jodi Arias were released, she’d be married up
    in a minute.
    What you “mannosphere” types fail to understand,
    is that the top half of a man’s body can go anyway
    it wants. It is the bottom part of a man’s body that
    reels him in.

    1. True. When you have a high sex drive you will go to extreme lengths just to get your dick wet. Matter of fact. I’m horny right now and don’t want to masturbate. I want to release, but I know I shouldn’t. Ahhhrhrhrrhgghh god dammit!

    2. There are always sick people. Bundy, Van Der Sloot, and Richard Ramirez etc all had legions of female admirers.

  4. Interesting satire. The first line was a dead giveaway (We live in a society where human interaction takes a back seat to performance and results.) After 20+ years in encorperata, I can assure you that results and performance mean nothing when stacked up against human interaction. This means the most ‘interactive’ people get their way, which why the bridge was built with toothpicks and mud instead of steel and concrete.

    1. I have finally figured this out after years and years of pointless hard work. It seems that yes, life is truly a popularity contest, especially in the modern office. Results and productivity be damned.
      So I have adapted by adopting as charming a personality I can. It’s worked wonders. Charm the right people and it’s almost like you have carte blanche. Give em a nice smile, glad-hand them, tell them a stupid joke and watch as you become free from being judged by what you are actually doing for the company.
      Fuck em. It’s their stupid, petty game. I’m just playing it.

  5. Раковски
    You wrote: “Let’s face it new technology makes the masculinity obsolete.”
    But the hardships men face today can be overcome by the same masculine traits that have always characterized men. When I had to choose between paying rent on an apartment or paying child support, I slept in my truck – during a Northeast U.S. winter. When I had to get custody of my kids from their mother because she was abusive and neglectful, I faced an uphill battle all the way. It took years of work and sacrifice to pay for lawyers, endure slander and false allegations, until finally the system acknowledged that the kids would be safer with their dad. If self-sacrifice, endurance, perseverance, and fortitude in the face of an overwhelming enemy are masculine traits, then there are plenty of opportunities for men to develop and exhibit them in today’s society. Just look at all the posts on men’s blogs about false rape allegations, bias and discrimination, and white knights ready to believe nothing but good about women.

    1. you should not risk your health and welfare for your children unless they are viable candidates to carry on the best of your genes. A man’s primary goal(anthropologically and biologically speaking is to spread his seed, hope for the best( as childbirth was a such a risk, many women could not bear children and many women died due to illness, war, famine etc) and give resources to the women who shows the greatest capabilities in raising the child. At a point of age where the child has functional motor and sensory patterns and a degree of intelligence a man can provide truth or wisdom> if a woman shows she is a bad investment then those children too are likely a bad investment. let another beta do the work and carry on your business.

    2. You took the long slow docile way to things. Self-sacrifice, endurance, perseverance, and fortitude must be mixed with intelligence, risk and intuitive or you’re just a whipping boy.

  6. I see what you did there. Nice.
    Aside from being amusing however, imagining such an alternate reality is also illustrative. If men really were the tyrants Feminists make us out to be, things certainly could have been a whole lot worse for women than they were in the supposedly bad old days of Patriarchy. If men were as all powerful and selfish as the Feminists claimed, and wanted to really oppress women, theres no reason why we wouldnt have done something like whats outlined in this article. Or worse. The fact that we didn’t, the fact that even the most exaggerated claims of how bad things were under the Patriarchy dont seem as ridiculous as this caricature of Feminism really says something.

    1. Indeed, patriarchal societies are more balanced and women are not oppressed, on the contrary.

      1. A feminine country will soon self destruct in a sea of whining and bitching. The men there will not be able to defends it borders anymore (feminine hipsters), the women will stop having kids (or maybe 1 when they are 35) etc etc. What country like that will able to defend against the mongol hordes ?

        1. “…mongol hordes who make men of iron and babymachine women?” -> The true meaning of sexual success.

    2. Men
      Have Bred Dogs and Cattle… Why Not Women?

      It’s a good question, actually. We could probably monkey with various female traits until we figure out how to create purebred housewives to take care of the home, while having purebred cum-dumpsters sitting on every bar stool in the land.
      Sure the women will screech and howl at the beginning, but I’m sure in time we can selectively breed that trait out of them too!
      Eventually we’ll get women who, like Poodles, don’t shed their hair in the home, can round up a large group of toddlers like a Border Collie, protects the home viciously like a German Shepherd and fetches beer from the fridge like a Labrador Retriever.

    3. In their delusions they think that they themselves achieved all this, by “fighting for their rights”. Truth is, it was GIVEN to them, by us. Not that they really had it so bad after all. But whatever change happened, they had nothing to do with it, except for crying and bitching.

  7. lol… a few holes and contradictions, but then again, isnt feminism a huge self contradiction. However, since its dictated by men, I’d expect the philosophy to be worked out and solid by the time it becomes mature.

        1. You’re well-aware that Victorianism made laughingstocks out of Anglo men, correct? Even modern-day Norse folks will never live down the time where Englishmen couldn’t get any, but had to be on a boat just to get some.
          Victorian England gave birth to Jack the Ripper, and the rest is history.

        2. Ok Tim. i’m not sure what this has to do with my comment, but your probably right about englishman.

        3. Scotty, my point is that whipped Victorian Anglo men enabled Anglo white female feminism, long before World War I. It never ceases to amaze and sadden me how everyday Anglo folks are not aware of their own history.

    1. That “5 years later” pic is vomit inducing!
      It’s also a diet aid and rodent repellent.

  8. This is actually terrifying, I know you’re a small portion of retards but still… What a sick, twisted ideology you live by, I genuinely think you should get checked out, so many “mommy issues” in one post that I cannot fathom your horrid upbringings.
    This will never happen in society – thank god and to all these commenters and contributors – good luck staying single for the rest of your pathetic and shallow, evil lives. Hahaha imagine blaming women for all your own failures lol so pathetic and cringy

    1. satire (ˈsætaɪə)
      — n
      1. a novel, play, entertainment, etc, in which topical issues, folly, or evil are held up to scorn by means of ridicule and irony
      2. the genre constituted by such works
      3. the use of ridicule, irony, etc, to create such an effect

      1. stupid (ˈstjuːpɪd)
        — adj
        1. lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence
        2. ( usually postpositive ) stunned, dazed, or stupefied: stupid from lack of sleep
        3. having dull mental responses; slow-witted
        4. trivial, silly, or frivolous
        — n
        5. informal a stupid person

      1. Oh wow aren’t you a clever boy, such an intelligent response! Gold medal for you

        1. Enough of you Nicks looking for your dicks by being a prick.
          GFY asshole.
          Ban this cunt.
          Yes, I said it with a “c” instead of a “k”, which means I’m serious.
          Even the ladies are chanting he’s a cunt
          Good god, isn’t masturbating nightly enough for you? Must you sexually aggress outside of the bedroom and into society?
          Put it back in your pants, you wierdo.

    1. But they do have protein and cholesterol to help your boys make more testosterone and sperm…..gotta love me some eggs.

  9. *slander, not slender.
    Proofreading wouldn’t kill you, man.
    Other than that, a really well-written article. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Communism is the Monday That Wouldn’t Die. Responsible for 100 million+ deaths, yet people continue to accept its premises unquestioningly. Especially Cultural Marxism, which takes advantage of people’s pride, wrath, avarice, envy, and sloth.

      1. True.Whilst the far right is always and correctly shown as responsible for the deaths of millions, the far left has come out unscathed regardless of being responsible for the same barbarism.
        I am amazed how some lefti loons come out and try to re brand north Korea as facist rather than communist now that the concentration camps (kwanliso) are coming to light.
        The left, however, has a tendency to be barbaric to its own, and is incredibly paranoid. Stalin had millions slain until he himself was killed by one of his own (Khrushchev most likely). Orwell wrote about this in his book about the Spanish civil war.
        This applies to all brands of communism. Feminism included. It looks like 4chan is capitalising on this for a laugh.

        1. How is the far right responsible for millions of deaths? You are crediting the right with fascism but it belongs to the left. Total government dominance is far left.

        2. The imperialism of the USA over the last half of the 20th century through today is a good place to start. We weren’t “liberating” Iraq as much as we were blowing shit up so American contractors could rebuild it.
          Watch the fabulous documentary Dirty Wars and you’ll see we are killing innocent people, even American citizens without due process. A piece of parchment (the Constitution) can’t stop this multi-trillion dollar violence apparatus.
          The Neocons are the far right equivalent of far left Communism.

      2. The idea that all men are created equal, first proclaimed as part of a national ideology by the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, is probably the most influential socio-moral-political idea of the modern world. It is also the most fundamental and axiomatic; for the Declaration of Independence, after declaring the “self-evident truth all men are created equal”, goes on immediately, in the same sentence, to assert “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights…” In other words, the whole Human Rights philosophy (or religion) of the so-called “international community”, is based on “the egalitarian dogma”; most of the actions of modern politicians are justified on the basis of “human rights”, which in turn are justified on the basis of egalitarianism. Even after witnessing the vast upheavals and huge rivers of blood that have been poured out to force equality on the nations of the world since 1776, the world still loves the dogma, still worships it, is still prepared to die for it. Even most Christians, who should know better, regard it as an article of their faith which they believe in with greater sincerity and passion than any other article, including the Holy Trinity or the Divinity of Christ.

    2. It’s all about egalitarianism, which is socialism/communism. No one has the right to make you their equal!!!

    1. The opinion of a lesser man who holds egalitarian socialist values means absolutely nothing. I wish I was in Rangoon feeding you to the crabs you limp wristed fagggot.

  10. Good article. American women truly are letting this country down.
    Look at all of the bending over backwards that has been done since Obama became President. Yet, our economic growth rate has been dismal. That is the fault of women. They get what they want but then the do not turn that into being more productive citizens.
    Society needs to crack down on this. We need to demand that women become more productive members of the workforce. I don’t care what women WANT, they all must get STEM degrees. The all must become good at math. They all MUST learn how to think spatially.
    A good place to start is to outlaw all things related to “fashion.” That stuff is a waste of time, money, and resources, and it distracts women from the things that society expects of them. Any woman looking at Vogue magazine, for example, should be shamed or even stoned by other women that have STEM degrees (Muslims have some of the tools right).

    1. It’s funny you mentioned Muslim women or just foreign women, in general. If they were in a college, they are more likely to major in something productive such as STEM fields.

  11. I’m assuming this is semi-satirical. It would be a fun way to provoke them back to feminine roles.

    1. I rather want themn to work so men doesn´t have to work twice as hard to provide for them.

  12. After reading this article and the accompanying comments from the occasional hater, I had an epiphany. The haters to this forum, be they supplicating mangina, shrieking feminist, or blind white, all seem to have one common trait: Note of them are in a relationship with a western woman.
    Can anyone comment?

  13. I love this satire. Reminds me of this super liberal girl I was friends with in high school. Now ofcourse she despises me because I started calling her on her feminist and liberal bullshit.
    Told her if she believes in inequality between the sexes she needs to quit her job as an artist and pick up a shovel. There are way more male coal miners than female coal miners. I’m way ahead of her. I’m a male nurse. Clearly she is not as progressive as I in fighting gender stereotypes.

  14. Its articles of this standard that work against what ROK is working to accomplish. I’ve seen a marked increase in the past few months., which really concerns me – are these writers perhaps working against ‘us’?

  15. This is absolute bullshit from weak and scared men who haven’t realized that women don’t need you like we did back in the misogynistic past. I’ve been married to a man who would think that this was hilarious and spot on. I divorced his ass and am now married to a wonderful man who treats me as an equal. I don’t fear men and I sure as hell don’t obey them. I am an equal regardless of the fact that I am a woman. I have seen your facebook page as well as skimmed through your articles here and you are no better than the feminists you speak out against. Ugly and scared little people who can’t see that, while we are different, men and women both bring equal but different attributes to the table that compliment each other. The sooner you can figure that out the better. If not expect to be lonely for a long time.

    1. “A recent incident on a railroad train justly illustrates the result [of women’s ‘rights’]. A solitary female entered a car where every seat was occupied, and the conductor closed the door upon her and departed. She looked in vain for a seat, and at last appealed to an elderly man near her to know if he would not surrender his seat to a lady.’ He, it seems, was somewhat a humorist, and answered: ‘I will surrender it cheerfully, Madam, as I always do, but will beg leave first to ask a civil question. Are you an advocate of the modern theory of women’s rights?’ Bridling up with intense energy, she replied, “Yes, sir, emphatically; I let you know that it is my glory to be devoted to that noble cause.’ ‘Very well, Madam,’ said he, ‘then the case is altered: You may stand up like the rest of us men, until you can get a seat for yourself.’ This was exact poetic justice; and it foreshadows precisely the fate of their unnatural pretensions Men will treat them as they treat each other; it will be ‘every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost.’ … [A]nd the society which will emerge from this experiment will present women in the position which she has always held among savages, that of domestic drudge to the stronger animal…. [S]he will reappear from this ill-starred competition defeated and despised, tolerated only to satiate the passion, to amuse the idleness, to do the drudgery, and to receive the curses and blows of her barbarized masters.”
      Rev. Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) Minister, Professor of Theology at Union Theological Seminary and Chief of Staff to Stonewall Jackson

      1. “The divine law indeed has excluded women from this ministry, but they endeavour to thrust themselves into it; and since they can effect nothing of themselves, they do all through the agency of others.”
        St. John Chrysostom c. 347 – 407 A.D. The Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches honor him as a saint and count him among the Three Holy Hierarchs, together with Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzus. He is recognized by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church as a saint and as a Doctor of the Church.

    2. you do realize that there are still real women in this world who submit to men right?

  16. Woman have never wanted equality, just the option of having it when it suits them.

  17. This article just made my day. It’s so funny that women will read this and get angry, but not realize that you have simply taken the concepts they preach all day and flipped it around. Satire at its best.

  18. You jokers have the most pathetic response to feminism I’ve ever seen (I do understand the tone of the article, but the overall response is what I’m talking about).
    It’s either feminism or this extreme mindset centered on mindless sexual satisfaction (and that’s really what it is). Not to mention that bullshit fuzzy dichotomy of alpha/beta fuzzy people swear by here.
    Why not slam feminism where it deserves it? Why do you stick to claiming that natural=good of all things? Retarded as feminists are, they actually realize this isn’t true. If you don’t like the fact that humans are advancing, throw your computer away and go to hell. We need to progress to survive, and as we progress, these notions of gender need to be evaluated against alternatives based upon OUR cognition, not upon the way a monkey seemingly functions in it’s environment (we can only trust and extend evolutionary psychology SO much). The fact is that we are cognitively superior to other animals and act upon values we hold. Keep up or die out. Why don’t we actually try and approach human potential? Instead of fucking around with cave-man era notions?
    As we advance, feminists are going to die out, but so are people who cling to retarded notions (eg. natural=good) that lack justification.

    1. You’ve got to understand the context in which we live in. We live in societies in complete denial of their natural biases. Denying them prevent us from building upon them and evolving. Nothing will happen until we acknowledge our nature again, which other societies currently do.

      1. My whole point is that we are not confined to “natural” thinking. We don’t even have to build on it.
        I think you really mean we live in societies where feminism and sexual repression are common. I think both are bad, too.
        What other societies? What and where exactly do you mean? Why do people make assumptions about the rest of the world like this? Do you know how common sexual repression is in the rest of the world? People on here fantasize about everywhere that isn’t the West as if it’s some paradise.
        Well, anyway, the idea is to do what’s right, not what’s natural.

        1. It’s not specifically about sexual repression, but rather about denying masculinity/femininity and other animal instincts. I think we need to build upon them in the sense that we need to understand, acknowledge and tame them, rather than pretend they don’t exist and act more evolved than we actually are like in western societies.

        2. Yes, it’s not only about sexual repression. It’s repression of many feelings and thinkings, and is everywhere, not just in the USA. The rest of the world isn’t some tropical paradise where men are your ideal men and women are your ideal women. Not to say that your ideal men/women are IDEAL men/women. Maybe you’d like to think that after some tourism and movies and hype, but no. And anyway things are not at all singular like that in such a diverse world.
          But again, as humans, we don’t have to mindlessly pursue “masculinity.” I really don’t see any reason to, especially when we are capable of making our own decisions. It may be the case that we feel/want to do certain things, but if they aren’t GOOD why listen to them? Humans are advancing (like it or not) away from these roles (ugh a word cherished by feminists), because while these roles are natural, they may not be right. Masculinity is about turning our brains off and listening to what nature tells us to do. As if we’re nature’s bitch. But nature does not equal good. Sure, as humans there are some natural AND immutable things we can’t change, like the structure of our modular low-level psychology (maybe), but most of them happen on a very low level. Our higher level functionality is what is being discussed. And our very capacity for this kind of higher-level thinking is what distinguishes us. If you’re not keeping your brained turned off, you NEED it, and you SHOULD use it.
          Masculinity has little value, other than to (poorly) combat feminism. Humans are cognitively better than other animals, and have different reasons for survival. Not some biological impulse to live, because just believing that, is not compatible with how most of us function on values (ie. we are not/should not be mindless). Also masculinity/femininity are wonderful excuses for why an ugly slob who’s unwilling to change should deserve an attractive woman, and are really just used by people who think women and sex are the end-all of our existence.

  19. What this is saying is that Women need to become men, in which case everybody’s gay!!!!!!!!!

  20. “During conception, men do all the work inside and out.” It takes a hell of a lot of effort to orgasm, that’s for sure.

  21. I don’t get it. I’m a well-to-do dude, (not really rich by any means) but I’m not gifted in the looks/social skills department. If my money can’t incentivize a hotter lady to be with me…I mean, what gives? This totally uproots the “to the victor, go the spoils” mentality that comes with doing well in life. In this scenario, I’d have to hang out with beautiful ladies(if they are of lower income) that pretend not to be attracted to me. This means, the higher the income, the less ladies that are available for those men. No offense, but of the ladies that are earn high-incomes, you’re not getting Penthouse pet hot stuff, but more women who opt for a conservative look. Beautiful waitresses, struggling actresses can only be with their own income kind. The underclass then becomes much more beautiful. Risk-averse beauties, fearful of the alpha successful male, will go out with hot poor college students.The Older Woman, Younger Man Matchup will gain power. Women might leave the country to pursue foreign men who are rich in their country, but still earn less than her, considering the conversion rate. This race to the bottom,this will ruin the economy, and the system of elitism that elevates our luxury good markets. Are you insane, man?

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