Why Michael Sam Will Get What He Deserves

On May 10, 2014, Michael Sam became the 249th overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. By choosing him with their final selection (a 7th round pick), the St. Louis Rams made Michael Sam the NFL’s first openly gay player. A 6’2” 260 defensive end and member of the University of Missouri football team, Sam had garnered SEC co-defensive player of the year honors in 2013 and made himself into a consensus All-American. He came out publicly after the end of his senior season at Missouri, and has been a highly politicized figure ever since.


This politicization has placed both the Rams and the NFL in a precarious position. If Sam makes the Rams’ roster and earns playing time, he will become the first openly gay player on an active NFL gameday roster. Many are anxious to see Sam succeed and it is for this reason that he will be the subject of much media attention. If he enjoys the relatively long, prosperous NFL career that so many wish to see for him, there will be a lot of positive press to go around. Sam will get credit for persevering and annihilating barriers, the Rams will get credit for giving him the chance to do so, and the NFL will get credit for “changing the game”.



It will be another story entirely, however, if Sam fails to make the Rams roster or ends up having a very short NFL career. A quick glance at some of the tweets that were posted late during the draft by those anxiously awaiting his selection makes that clear:






Many of those indignant about Sam’s relatively low draft status note that a player as accomplished as Sam at the collegiate level should not be in such a perilous position on the fringes of the NFL. Someone like Sam, they argue, should never have to wait too long to hear is name called. He was too much of a dominant player to be ignored, and for this reason they conclude that Sam’s sexuality was what kept him out of the earlier rounds of the draft and may force him out of the league before his time.


Sam was co-Defensive Player of the Year in the best conference in college football, but the former Missouri defensive end wasn’t chosen until the 249th pick overall — seven slots before Mr. Irrelevant was crowned as the last pick in the draft…
…Yet amid all of the back-slapping for the NFL, there’s an essential question: Why did it take so long?

Why did Sam have to wait until a team used what is generally regarded as a throwaway pick? Sam demonstrated great courage in revealing before the NFL scouting combine in February — under the pressure of being outed — that he was openly gay. He also made an apparent great sacrifice.

There were punters and kickers chosen before a player who led the Southeastern Conference last season with 10½ sacks and 18 tackles for loss. There were players from small schools who played against less-accomplished competition, who were chosen before Sam. There were undersized linemen just like Sam, chosen before Sam. Was this because Sam is gay?

It sure seems that way, no matter what we’ve heard about the NFL culture being progressive enough — with the league advancing a Respect in the Workplace agenda — to tolerate a player without regard to his sexual orientation.


If you take the time to really understand the nature of the NFL Draft and Sam’s relation to it, however, you’ll quickly come to understand why those who ascribe Sam’s low draft position to politics are misguided or uninformed. Michael Sam wasn’t one of the last picks in the NFL Draft because of his sexuality. He was one of the last picks in the NFL Draft because he is, quite frankly, not an impressive NFL prospect. In fact, he doesn’t even really have a clear position at the pro level:

Taking the narrative aside, I think Sam could be a reasonably effective player in a 4-3 defensive line rotation, or a run-side endbacker in a 3-4, if he improves his technique and finds a way to use more pure power on the field. The speed probably is what it is, and that’s a problem — because edge-rushers need more than the burst he currently has, and tweeners who move inside require far more ability to move people than he’s shown.

Sam isn’t powerful enough to be a regular down lineman, and he isn’t athletic enough to be a linebacker. At 6’2”, 260, Sam is undersized, but so are many other D-Line prospects. The problem with Sam is that he lacks both the athleticism and the strength to make up for his lack of size. Players with Sam’s combination of negatives (undersized, slow, stiff, not very strong, mediocre technique) do not tend to be drafted much earlier than Sam was. In fact, they don’t tend to be drafted at all:


He had a very productive senior season, but is considered a tweener at the position due to his size, and his poor combine results had some scouts questioning whether he will even be drafted at all. ESPN tweeted out that in the last six combines, twenty players at the defensive end or linebacker spots were Sam’s size or smaller and also ran a 4.91 40-yard dash or worse. Only three of those twenty were drafted.

One could be tempted to cite Sam’s production at the college level as justification for claims that he was drafted too late, but the statistics regarding that production are actually quite misleading:

Sam produced big time, but… There’s no question that Sam had major production this season, as he led the SEC in sacks and tackles for a loss (which includes sacks). This is probably why he was named SEC defensive player of the year by the media, and co-DPOY (with Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley) by the coaches. However, you have to look at the circumstances of his production. Namely, most of it came in three games of a four-game stretch against inferior competition: Arkansas State (three sacks), Vanderbilt (three sacks) and Florida (three sacks). Sam had a total of a half-sack in his final six games, until he made a huge play on basically the final play of the Cotton Bowl.

So basically in his final five games plus 40 snaps against Oklahoma State—the best competition Sam faced all season—he had no splash plays. The right tackles he faced (as a left end he didn’t go against Texas A&M left tackle Jake Matthews, a projected top-10 pick) in that stretch were more of what he will see in the pros. The right tackles he beat up to gain his production likely wouldn’t be on NFL training-camp rosters.

When asked to face quality opposition at the college level, Sam didn’t respond well. He had 11.5 sacks in 2013, 9 of which came against just 3 teams: Vanderbilt, Florida and Arkansas State. I’d call Vanderbilt an above average SEC side in 2013. Florida was poor, and Arkansas State is a mid-major squad from a decidedly inferior conference. When faced with stronger opposition (Auburn, Tennessee and Texas A&M all had NFL caliber linemen), Sam was almost invisible.


Finally, one can examine the NFL’s record with regard to highly accomplished college players and see that Sam is not the only one to go through a draft without hearing his name called until the last second.




Jackson Jeffcoat was Sam’s equal in more ways than one. Sam was a consensus All-American in 2013 – so was Jeffcoat. Sam was the Defensive Player of the Year in his conference, just as Jeffcoat was in his own. Sam was first team all-conference, and Jeffcoat was first-team all conference. Jeffcoat was, in fact, more highly decorated in college than Sam — he received the Hendricks Award in 2013, an honor given annually to college football’s best defensive end (Sam was a semifinalist for the award).

In fact, you could very well make the case that Jeffcoat was a better NFL prospect than Sam. Jeffcoat had more sacks in 2013 than Sam did (13 vs. 11.5), and also had a much larger career total (26 vs. 18.5). Though Jeffcoat is lighter than Sam (247lbs vs. 261lbs), he is taller (6’3” vs. 6’2”), stronger (18 bench reps vs. 17) more explosive (36 inches vs. 25 inches on the vertical jump) and quite a bit faster (4.61 vs. 4.91 in the 40 yard dash at the NFL combine). Sam put up mediocre numbers in agility tests (7.8 second 3-cone and 4.7 second shuttle), while Jeffcoat was the combines leading performer in each of those examinations (6.97 and 4.18 second times, respectively).

Whereas Sam doesn’t really have a position (he’s undersized for a down lineman and nowhere near quick or agile enough to work as an NFL linebacker), the equally undersized Jeffcoat has shown enough athleticism to work as an outside linebacker and speed rusher in the NFL, meaning that he could arguably have an easier time adjusting physically to the NFL game. Objectively, Jeffcoat had at least as good a case as Sam did for a chance in the NFL, if not a better one.

Unlike Michael Sam, however, Jackson Jeffcoat did not hear his name called by any NFL team during the 2014 NFL Draft. How can this be explained? He has no character issues, comes from a powerhouse program known for building successful professionals (2014 will be the first year since 1937 that not a single Texas Longhorn has been drafted) and has NFL bloodlines. Was Sam more worthy of an NFL draft pick than Jeffcoat?


Had Sam been in the position Jeffcoat is right now (undrafted), there would be an uproar about football’s “homophobia” and unjust “blacklisting”. Because the situation is reversed and Jeffcoat’s personal life isn’t worthy of any headlines, however, we don’t hear much about him. We also won’t hear much about Henry Josey (Michael Sam’s college teammate and a 1000 yard rusher), Jordan Lynch (2013 first team all-American, 3rd place in 2013 Heisman voting) or Brock Jensen (3 time national champion). Will those who insist that Michael Sam hasn’t been given a fair shot and hasn’t been drafted high enough also stand up for these players, who were not drafted at all?


We don’t know what the future holds for Michael Sam. We know that he will get a chance to earn an NFL paycheck, and how well he takes advantage of that opportunity remains to be seen. He could be an also-ran or an all-pro. Whatever the result, his sexuality must not obscure attempts to evaluate his career objectively.

Many observers will be very quick to tie any failure of Sam in the NFL to his sexuality (just as they insisted his low draft position was due to his coming out) and make a host of excuses for him, but that does injustice to the NFL (who are perfectly capable of evaluating talent on merit alone), other players (many of whom are quite wrongly assumed by Sam’s supporters to be less deserving of an NFL spot than Sam is and do not deserve to be dismissed in such a way) and Michael Sam himself (who needs to be judged for his exploits on the field, not his personal life).


The reality is that Sam is a 7th round pick with quite a few flaws, and while there are plenty of reasons to believe that he can be a success in the NFL, there are also plenty of good reasons (reasons that have nothing at all to do with his sexuality) to suspect that he will not have a long NFL career. That he has gotten an opportunity despite these flaws when so many similarly (if not substantially more) gifted players haven’t even been drafted should say all that needs to be said.

Michael Sam will get what he deserves from the NFL — nothing more, nothing less.

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    Shit’s changing..

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  2. He should be treated no differently from anyone else. No special favours and no penalties.

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  4. If he ends up making the team he’ll be the Danica Patrick of the NFL. Way more attention paid to a average at best player because of his sexuality than his ability.
    I’m sure more than one team did a cost/benefit analysis on him and decided the extra attention for an average player wasn’t worth it and passed.

    1. Yea, but Danika Patrick makes the target demographic tune in.
      Michelle Sam makes the target demographic vomit.

      1. Given those who are vomiting, make me re-think the possibility of ever admitting that I have ever watched American football in my life.

      1. America used to have reasons for calling themselves the best and rightly so. Now its all hurr durr murica as the slide to mediocrity and oblivion happens. Its a pity that people boast loudest when they have historically now the least to boast about

    1. Guest forgot to mention Gaelic Football, Rugby Football, and Aussie Rules Football.

      1. All of which, 120 years ago, were the same game and referred to basically as “rugby” with whatever school/country they were playing in appended to the front (Harvard Style Rugby, etc). They all originate from rugby (except actual soccer I think).

    2. Ok then…a long as we all agree: No Jews, and no Poofs on he footie pitch

    3. I cant stand the American version with their endless pauses and television replays to determine fouls.

    4. You have a good point about American football being misnamed but it’s a far superior sport to soccer, where players are encouraged to be drama queens instead of fighting through fouls to make a play.

        1. Yes, rugby is superior to soccer, but I don’t necessarily think it’s tougher than American football. The pads and helmets in Amer Football often serve as weapons. My friend Harepie played rugby in college after being too much of a pussy to play American football in high school (where he was a soccer player).
          Rugby’s cool, I have a lot of respect for it (my dad played hooker as a young man in N Ireland). But it lacks the dynamics of the forward pass that makes Amer football so exciting.

        2. also, most of the hits in rugby come from behind on a player running away, whereas hits in american football tend to be head-on collisions.

        3. Chicks dig Neanderthals. Also, a lot of rugby players have high flying jobs/run their own businesses. You might want to reconsider your opinion.

    5. Argue semantics all you want, Soccer is still stupid.
      Soccer is like having a first-person-shooter tournament for blind people. Nature gave us hands, eyes, and the ability to coordinate movement with them fantastically well. Our response to this? Someone created game that doesn’t require hand-eye coordination and convinced a bunch of people it’s worth their time to play like they’re handicapped.

      1. Yup, humans are unique with the opposable thumbs but soccer abandons this rare and beneficial trait except for goalies and throw ins. Ugh.
        The offsides rule is stupid. Just have a crease where the goalie is protected. In a non-contact play, offensive players shouldn’t be penalized based on the location of the defensive players. It’s up to players and their teams to decide their strategy of pushing forward or staying “home” to play defense.
        The refs need to sack up and stop being influenced by theatrics. They should call fouls based on the fouls themselves, not based on the reactions of the so-called victims. The game would be better if players learned that they wouldn’t be rewarded for flopping and crying.

    6. No. 1 paid soccer player in the WORLD
      David Beckham–46 million (made in america playing for LA)
      No. 1 paid football player in AMERICA
      Drew Brees–51 million
      Manchester United–ranked number 1 most valuable “football” teams
      –owned by US billionaire Malcolm Glazer
      I think we’ll call it whatever we want.

      1. Brees doesn’t get 51 mil per year, that’s his whole contract over several years prorated from his signing bonus. He made about 9.75 mil last year and will make about 8 mil this year. (He makes additional $ from endorsements: Nyquil, Wrangler, Pepsi One, etc). Compare that to Chistiano Ronaldo’s 17 mil per year. (plus endorsements).
        But we’re better than to fall for Ad Populum. There’s a lot of money in soccer because there are a lot of fans: it’s the most popular sport in the world. But that doesn’t make it the best. There are plenty of popular things that suck: American Idol, Miley Cyrus, Barack Obama, etc.

        1. Drew Brees contract was for 5 years 100 million dollars. 60 million guaranteed.
          20 million a year on average.
          with a 37 million signing bonus
          his first year (2013) salary was 40 million dollars.
          40 million the first year with 11 million in endorsements.
          grand total of 51 million in 2013.
          Point: when America generates the most money in the sports arena and even the top soccer team is US owned. We can call
          our sports whatever we want.

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      1. The goal is oligarchy protection by removing effective alpha male competition. You incapacitate your potential competitors by distracting them with trifles and by turning easily-manipulated women against them. You eliminate their bases of operations by destroying the traditional family and all associated institutions.
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        1. It’s not entirely certain that there’s a huge and deliberate conspiracy to it… it’s just ‘progress’ or more like progressivism…. as society has more and more abundance and success, then minor issues like some mommies boy fag that feels bad about his sexual perversions, become hot button issues…..
          sure it undermines the alpha, the family unit, the shit kicking, survival of the fittest, but so does all liberalism and socialism….
          welfare, centralised healthcare, income tax, sprawling government, cronyism, liberal divorce etc. are far more threatening than gay rights….
          the easy answer to gay rights advocates is STFU…. gays have all their rights now, so mentioning gay or trying to make out that a gay person is held back because of their orientation is offensive and prejudiced.
          homophobic-phobic ?
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          homophobic paranoid ?
          there’s no word to acurately describe these rights advocates, the feminists fall into the same category…what we need to do is to begin easy catch words that make these over zealous campaigners into persona non grata.

        2. The goal is oligarchy protection by removing effective alpha male competition.
          Relax, then you and the other blanket boys have nothing to worry about. It won’t effect you and you’ll still be banging those 2’s. Unless you’re in Denmark where you won’t even get the 2’s because of the you know,Jante code.

        3. The real problem is government is sticking its nose in everyone’s business. If they stood back and left people alone we wouldn’t need all these special rights.

      2. It’s the same reason leftists push identity issues into everything. Half of it is just plain old stupid “compassion”, the other half of it is to keep people from focusing on the important things in life. Actual achievement, competition, and so on. If things are not “equal”, then all resources should be diverted to equality.

    8. If you spend any of your time watching either one then you’re more of a fag than Michael Sam.

    9. Agreed!
      Although, with his latest contract, the Rooneyification will continue :p

    10. Wrong. The origin of the word comes from posh English boys schools, and they’re both rightly called football because they aren’t played on horseback. Going further, soccer is also a correct term (short for asSOCiation football whose rules were codified by a set of those schools that forbade carrying of the ball unlike the rules written down by the Rugby school).

  5. textbook oxymoron from the usatoday article:
    “Sam demonstrated great courage in revealing before the NFL scouting
    combine in February — under the pressure of being outed — that he was
    openly gay.”
    If he was openly gay then there would be nothing new to be known about his sexual orientation. He would have had to still be in the closet to have “shown courage” in revealing new personal information to the public, which he wasn’t.
    Oprah is already attempting to create a documentary around Sam, guy just wants to milk the spotlight and get paid

    1. He knew that he was borderline, and knew that coming out guaranteed he would be drafted.

      1. That’s exactly what it was. He showed great “courage” in milking public sentiment to advance his career beyond his desserts. What a trooper!

  6. I don’t personally care whether he’s gay or straight. Just whether he can live up to his team mates expectations on the field.

    1. Butt pirates are very strict, let’s hope he can meet those expectations.

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      Another step on the road to complete emasculation of the American male.

      1. Most of them…
        But Michael Sam is nowhere as homosexual as his eager watchers, spending big money to watch men tackle each others.

    2. The ideas of this community are never going to get mainstream acceptance when comments advocating anal rape are so approved of, (+43 five days after posting). You’re clearly disgusted by anal sex, but there’s good reasons not to be. Anal has become more popular over the last few decades among hetero couples, so folks must be enjoing it. If anal sex reliably caused incontinence, we’d be having and epidemic just like we did with HIV/AIDS among the gay men that were practicing it. So anal feels pleasureable for a lot of folks and doesn’t have added lifelong risks over other forms of sex that can’t be stopped by a condom, making it at least a little morally good if you’re a utilitarian. I’d argue being gay is also normal but I’ll leave that for another time.

  8. It can be said that playing a sport because it is a passion and a discipline is Alpha. Following sports and especially getting caught up in soap opera issues like this is definitely beta.

    1. But the most alpha move of all, is to be a follower of beta sports-followers.
      I don’t “follow” sports; I have watched one football game in my life. I think the fagification, polarization and moral obfuscation of society is an important issue, however, and the subject was of interest to me.

  9. If the sport does not include marksmanship or individual combat, it isn’t really a manly sport.
    Mr. Sam should fit right in.

  10. He knows he is not good enough. That’s why he signed his reality show contract, which I wrote about here – http://thisistrouble.com/2014/05/16/michael-sam/
    Granted, he has since backed out of that to focus on football, but the simple fact that he and his agents facilitated the deal simply proves that he has plenty of his own doubts that he can make it.
    He is already proving to be as much of a burden, or diva, as guys like Terrell Owens and Ochocinco. The Rams would do best to just cut him now and be done with it.
    Plus, the outrage of that happening would be awesome.

  11. The reality is he’s too small to play on the line and too slow to play the back field. The Rams wont cut him because of the bad PR but his NFL career wont last more than a season.

  12. Sam was picked last in the draft (as opposed to not being picked at all) to make a statement, just like the NFL makes a statement by draping players in pink during breast cancer “awareness” month.
    The NFL simply conspired to do the politically correct thing. They figure the cost is low compared to the cost of not drafting Sam. And they figure he will wash up on the field on his own, which he likely will.

    1. “cost is low”
      Now see, this is what I don’t understand. The cost would not even be a factor. The 1-5% LGBT population literally do not participate in football culture (generally speaking) and the monetary loss from their patronage would thus be negligible. Meanwhile the actual fan base of the NFL are straight men (sorry, I think women either fake it or just go along for show most of the time), who last check, aren’t particularly fond of the idea of men poking each other in the corn hole with their penises. So the media ballywhos for a few weeks and then finds another more interesting story to scream and snarl their feigned outrage over, big friggin’ woop. Joe Sixpack is not going to say “Wow, media hates the NFL, I better stop watching/buying”.

      1. The NFL knows it has the straight male demographic locked down (the other pro sports leagues pale in comparison) so it makes sense for them to try to just get some positive PR in mass media (not just ESPN) by making sure Sam gets drafted (also, it’s not like Sam is super flamboyant and looks like Johnny Weir or something) … this kind of shit also takes the heat off of them for other negative headlines — player “bullying”, the grim fate of retired players, the well-earned image of the Negro Felon League, etc …

      2. They’re outright trying to push the gay agenda down our throats (no pun or homo intended). I used to say that I’d rather spend my Sundays in the gym and watching football than going to church; now, I think that I’ll just do a few more hours at the gym.

  13. After the notoriety, and after washing out of the NFL in less than a year, Sam will end up doing gay porn.

  14. I don’t think Sam’s drafting is ENOUGH progress.
    Looking at the boyfriend, Sam is clearly the top. When a bottom gets drafted, then we’ve got progress.

    1. Oh, I get it! Just because he’s big and black he’s gotta be the top? Will the prejudice never end? There’s nothing wrong with big, black men getting pounded by shrimpy white dudes. You would have to be completely out of your mind to see anything remotely odd or unnatural about that, you race-omo-phobe!

        1. I dunno. I liked the ring of “race-omo-phobe” better (pronounced raysumufobe). You have to remember that women and faggots will need to scream this often and fast. Homoraceophobe takes longer and requires more concentration. That’s not really their style.

        2. So, seeing as how you screamed it loudly & quickly, are you a woman or a faggot?

  15. His coming out of the closet was an obvious, very calculated PR stunt to get his way into the NFL. And the broadcast of his reaction to his drafting with his White afeminaeite lover were vomiting. Anyway, I don’t see a long carrer for him in the NFL.

  16. No way he could be a tight end so of course he likes the D. Just watch out he doesn’t shoot the gap, in which I heard he excels at in muddy conditions.

  17. He got drafted because he came out. Dude is soooooooo fucking slow; average high-school athletes put up better 40 times. I’m amazed he got a scholarship to a D1 school. A 25inch vert? For an NFL linebacker? I read that and went to measure my vert- 28inch standing, I’m certainly not an athlete either. White QBs are stronger and faster (Luck, Tebow). I’m not even sure he is gay, it might just be a tactic to get drafted and build a career (he’ll be able to live off this fame even if he never makes a team).

    1. “Dude is soooooooo fucking slow…”
      Because he’s gay. Ass fucking slows down gluteal agility and movement. My girls also move slow after I fuck their poop chutes.

      1. Was that really necessary?
        If you are going to make gay jokes at least make good ones.

  18. Might I add: If you’re born with same sex attraction, it only follows that someone else can be born with an aversion to same sex PDA. If they want to play by their own rules then lets use their rules against them.
    More emphasis should be made about Michael Sam’s combine performance in: (1) bench press; (2) 3 cone drill; and (3) 20 yard shuffle. Here’s why:
    1. The importance of bench press is obvious. A DE/OLB needs to have an arsenal of pass rush tools at his disposal and he needs to be able to shed blockers. To put things into perspective: Michael Sam had 17 reps of 225 – this puts him at almost dead last of his position at the combine. But to make matters worse… He’s 10 reps behind Jake Matthews’ 24, and 18 behind Auburn’s Greg Robinson (the consensus top 2 OL in the 2014 draft).
    2. Ah, but if he lacks power, couldn’t he beat them with speed? Fuck no. His combine 40 was very bad (though he did better at his pro day). But, more significantly, his 3 cone drill was LAST among tested DEs at the combine. This is a great metric, as the line needs bursts in close quarters. He was almost a full second behind Kony Ealy (7.8 vs 6.83). When compared to the OL prospects, he didn’t show himself to be faster than any major prospect. He graded the same as Greg Robinson, but that’s not good.
    3. Same logic for the 3 cone drill applies, to a lesser extent, to the 20 yard shuffle. Again, Michael Sam sucked at it (no pun intended). He was bad among his peers and bad in comparison to the OL prospects.
    Metrics aren’t everything, but they’ve been refined to almost a science. Take the successful measurements for the last 10 years and extrapolate them to see which prospects have similar characteristics. There’s a reason why 6′ tall or under QBs have a smaller statistical likelihood for success in the NFL than QBs who are 6’2″+. Same goes for other position measurements.
    My guess is the NFL wanted him drafted and applied some pressure. Any critic who says Michael Sam should’ve been drafted earlier doesn’t know the NFL.

  19. I’m not a fan of televised professional sports myself, but when I saw the footage of Sam’s reaction to being drafted it confirmed my view of the American professional sports industry. I’ve always thought that there’s something odd about men who watch hours and hours of televised games and can recite loads of player stats. Weird.

  20. The Rams apparently didn’t know that Sam had a side documentary project with one of Oprahs Entities.
    Lookslike he’s trying to cash in on his status.

  21. Sam lost all credibility when he allowed the media into his home to watch him kiss his boyfriend. I didn’t see ESPN broadcast any other late rounders kissing their girlfriends/wives.
    If he wanted to be respected as a football player, he would have demanded to be treated just like all the other 2nd+ round picks who get zero national media attention and a couple local radio interviews And he most certainly would not have gone out and agreed to a documentary. No doubt his agent told him he wasn’t going to get drafted, and would have to get earn a spot on a team so he came out to force the NFL’s hand.

  22. He got drafted about where he was going to be drafted anyway. He would have been a reach as a fourth or fifth round pick, and his stock predictably fell after poor performances at the combine as well as no NFL team wanting a media circus around a late round prospect. The Rams gambled pretty much nothing by taking him in the seventh, they are just as likely to find an undrafted free agent that will make their roster as they are to have a seventh rounder stick.
    As for Micheal Sam himself, he was a non entity most of his college career. He had been running around sleeping with numerous guys and it was well known at the University of Missouri that he was in fact a homosexual. While there have certainly been other gay players drafted by the NFL, they knew they had an excellent chance of making the NFL in high school and kept their dalliances extremely private so they could make the big money. In Sam’s case, there are all sorts of texts and pictures and who knows what else. He didn’t want to come out, he got blackmailed by the gay political mafia which then made noises to the NFL of consequences if he wasn’t drafted.
    I wish the young man the best, just as I would any young man with a chance to make that kind of money for a few years. Those chances don’t come around often,or to everybody.

  23. The press just loves this crap. Anything juicy to fill airtime or online copy. 60 years after the fact and we’re still staging kitschy and mawkish re-enactments of the civil rights movement. I can already read the headlines: Is Michael Sam Getting Enough Time on the Field, Would a Straight Player Have Been Traded, etc, etc ad nauseam.
    I don’t have a problem with homosexuality but PC and the media are ridiculous.

  24. …If he enjoys the relatively long, prosperous NFL career that so many wish to see for him…

    LOL… I stopped reading there from just hysterical laughter. Only kickers have long careers in the NFL anymore.

  25. Homosexuality is basically a non-issue. I don’t know why Americans politicize it. Don’t be a right-wing conservative, be a right-wing nationalist. That’s the kind of people leftists fear.

  26. He fucked up his day in Indianapolis and did not do well when the coaches and draft experts were there with a stopwatch. How the fuck do you you only kick out 17 reps at 225?! I am 38 and I can get that 15 times, then you run a 4.9?!! What the fuck were you doing from seasons end until the combine? I personally at 49 could not run better than a 4.9 but you bet your ass with 3 months notice I could get 225 with form off my chest 22 times for millions of dollars. He really disappointed me with his lackluster numbers, I do not doubt his open sexuality did not help his status but damn man produce at the combine or pack it in.

    1. I’m jealous of guys like you. Due to shoulder problems, I’ve never been able to bench as much as I would like to. 15 reps @225 is nothing to sneeze at.

  27. Sam thought coming out was going to “help” him, the sad part is, it may actually work…

    1. Just skimmed the comments, didn’t realize others have already come to this conclusion.

  28. What I like about male dominated places like NFL and the IT field are their culture of meritocracy. Athlone makes a great point that there are lots of men more talented than Sam who aren’t drafted. But we don’t know their names, so we don’t care.
    But everybody knows who Michael Sam is. Announcing his homosexuality makes him stand out among NFL hopefuls
    which gave him an edge because every scout and GM knows him. That’s why gay sympathizers and the non-sports media got it wrong. Sam got drafted because of his coming out.
    But the media and lay people point out his award and fuzzy statistics and comparisons as objective arguments for not being drafted earlier. They are on Sam’s side not because of his talent. They have an agenda and want a feel-good story about a gay man making it. They aren’t professionals like the scouts whose jobs are on the line if they don’t put someone on the field that doesn’t give their team the best chance to win.

  29. To those bashing this guy, stop being such faggots. When this site was first created, you could come here for some value. But now, I have to read all these self-loathing posts that project their own shortcomings on to groups A, B, or C. Instead of going on emotional tirades concerning how the Jews, homosexuals, or women are collectively ruining your life for the thousandth fucking time, you could have easily done something productive to change your circumstances.
    And now on to Sam…
    None of you even watched Sam played this year, so your opinion isn’t even your own and as such, is essentially fucking worthless in my estimation. If you had, you’d know that he was a complete beast with a high motor, and that the only reason his sack total was curtailed at the end of the year was because offenses began to adjust their scheme protection just to contain him. These weren’t the panzy ass offenses of some Division II teams either (Looking at you Zach Moore, 6th Rd. New England Patriots), these were the absolute best offensive tackles and guards in the nation he was going up against.
    If we’re going to talk about position accolades…
    Jarvis Jones
    Morris Claiborne
    Patrick Peterson
    Rolando McClain
    Eric Berry
    These were the SEC Defensive Players of the Year from 2008-2012. All were first round draft picks and each plays a key role on their current NFL teams defense. You’re telling me that Sam (2013 SEC Player of the Year) didn’t even warrant a draft pick? That’s ridiculous, if anything, the Rams got a fucking steal picking him up in the 7th round. Regardless of whether or not he makes it, it’s a solid bet that could pay huge dividends.
    The only thing that has concerned me has been the Oprah deal he got, but I just have to ask…you’re a 7th rd. draft pick and have about a 50% chance of making the team. (probably a special teams role for the Rams) You’re going to have to work your ass off for a couple of years to get bigger and faster than the guys in front of you (Robert Quinn and Chris Long) just to start, and to get a substantial pay increase. If Oprah is knocking at your door to the tune of a couple of million to follow you with a camera, I think you’d be crazy not to take that deal, considering all of the bad shit that might go down. (team cuts you, relegated to special teams duty for extended period, injuries (both acute and chronic), etc.)

    1. seems like you spend an awful lot of time staring at muscular black men and wishing you could be like them. what a pathetic turd you are.

        1. Please fuck off you homo-apologist. Not every body thinks that the gay lifestyle is special. Damn heterophobe

        2. The only point I raised is that if you’ve got to unwantonly bash homosexuals just to make yourself feel better, then you’re probably a piece of shit. I don’t know how your logic dictates that this is in itself “heterophobic”, but maybe you should check your logic and stop being such a faggot.

        3. Homos are the lowest form of life, right there with child molesters. Only faggots care about hurting other faggots “feelings”. Who made you lord of everything to declare that making fun of poop-pushers makes you a piece of shit? Like I’m literally going to become a piece of feces? The only people who have “fecal follies” are gays and their anal misadventures.

        4. No, Jeremy, you are the lowest form of life. The god, Apollo, hath proclaimed it to be true.

        5. Do you call everyone who thinks bring a bigot is not something to be proud of heterophobes?
          Seems to me like you need to get over your self hate and admit that the real reason you’re so anti gay is because you’re gay yourself.
          It’s the only reason it upsets you so much.
          Go on. Just be honest with yourself. You’re gay

        6. I’m misanthropic you faggot . Leave the psychological assessment to the professionals. You homos all want to fuck straight guys-Go ahead and google “straight men” and see what pops up. You degenerate queers can’t seem to accept the fact that a segment of the population hates your kind and always will.

        7. I’m straight. See how much being gay bothers you?
          You’re projecting your self loathing onto me.
          Why not just stress yourself out less and deal with your issues?
          It’s ok to be gay mate. Just as it’s ok to be straight.
          So long as everyone’s a consenting adult why give a fuck?

        8. Gays are symptom of the moral degradation in our country that has lead to our economic degradation .Living in a democracy demands civil participation. We have not had an informed citizenry for along time now. Gay sex should really be called for what it really is-pure promiscuity for sex’s sake since you can never biologically reproduce.I have no love lost for my heterosexual brothers and sisters either who wantonly reproduce like rabbits, with broken families and single motherhood as a result. The gay agenda through a compliant and controlled corporate media are trying to destroy gender identity. Along with feminism, the gay lobby are useful idiots that are morally bankrupt communists. The elite want nothing less than to destroy the traditional family, since depressed individuals with no familial bonds are easier to manipulate. This is why I’m angry. I can connect the dots, see the macro view, the symbiotic relationship WE all share, and see how the fags are going to wind up with people being sent to the FEMA camps.

        9. HAHAHA! ah I love people like you!
          “Gays are a symptom of the moral degradation in our country”.
          Are you telling me that it’s a “choice” for you to not indulge in gay sex? You’re actively telling yourself it’s bad and would be wrong of you to do it?
          Cos I don’t. I feel no attraction whatsoever to men.
          Ah man that’s such comedic brilliance you should do stand up.
          Just don’t tell anyone you’re being serious and you’ll make buckets of moolah. Everyone loves a good laugh at a parody of the fools and idiots amongst us 😉

        10. It’s not my fault that you lack the intellectual ability to connect the dots between a nation’s character and it’s economic well being. Lack of moral integrity through out history has eventually destroyed all world empires. Your moronic contention that I think about this homo shit is disingenuous-I actually think about thrash metal, my kids, etc. I’ve got no more time for you. You lack the intellectual wherewithal to debate me and your’e just another “useful idiot” that’s actually helping the cause of the NWO. Why don’t you join the Freemasons or something? You’ll fit right in…

        11. Hahah! You think your simplistic “connecting the dots” between gay sex and economic strength is intelligent!?
          Ah man XD
          Lack the intellectual wherewithal to debate things with a thug whose response to everything is to call them a faggot and make lewd suggestions about their bedtime activities?

        12. Jeremy is right and you are attempting to parse his words but what he is saying makes logical sense…Moral decline precedes economic decline.

        13. I never said that it isn’t. What I’m mocking is the hilarity that is his world view.
          A moral decline of sort that would affect a nations economy is marked by an increase in crime, a decrease in the number of people willing to work for what they get, that sort of thing.
          The increase in the number of people openly gay is a product of a society that’s shifted it’s attitude towards homosexuality recently and the vehemence with which the lgbt communities fight for acceptance is a product of idiots like Jeremy here.
          He appears to be assuming that being gay means you’re out engaging in promiscuous sex and generally being a nuisance. It’s an unfair assumption. The gay people I know are in the large majority monogamous exactly as the large majority of the straight people I know are monogamous.
          They’re doctors, citizen advisers, lawyers, play writers, hard working citizens in other words.
          So… how exactly are these gay people I see contributing to some great decline?
          Hence my mockery of a myopic joke of a man.
          Furthermore crime (a far better measure of a nations morality) in America has been in decline for over two decades. It’s a fraction of what it was in the bad days of the 60s, 70s and 80s.
          Yet Americans are on average more accepting of homosexuality than ever before in the cities. Since it’s the cities that are the spine (and indeed the whole back, arms and head) of America’s economy I don’t really see how Jeremy views can be considered intelligent. They’re not.
          They’re idiotic and small minded.
          Rome didn’t fall to moral decline. The fall of Rome was complicated, but in the Christian definition of morality Rome was experiencing an increase in piety and moral goodness before it fell.
          America is hardly falling. Europe has got back on its feet after its post world war collapse. Russia is getting back on its feet after the collapse of the soviet. China is also rising fast and already has a military that is arguably already as strong America’s and will eclipse America economically and militarily within the decade at its current rate.
          This isn’t America falling. It’s everyone else standing back up.

    2. You’re telling me that Sam (2013 SEC Player of the Year) didn’t even warrant a draft pick?

      I don’t think it is unfair to say that Sam was worth a draft pick. I do, however, think it is a touch off base to claim that Sam was worth a higher draft pick than the one the Rams used on him.
      I’ve watched plenty of Sam’s gametape from 2013 and seen his combine performance. He is, unlike many of his SEC DPOY counterparts from prior years, quite athletically limited in many ways as an NFL prospect, and it shows on tape. These limits played, in my observation, a bigger role in his production dropoff throughout the year than did opposing schemes. He simply wasn’t well equipped to face the NFL-caliber linemen competing for he better squads in the SEC. He was worth a 7th round flyer, sure, but not much more than that.

      1. I agree that he didn’t warrant a higher pick, but for some to assert there was pressure from Goddell or anyone else because he was homosexual is just speculation. I would be more inclined to believe that taking the SEC DPOY in the 7th Rd. is just a good speculative play at that point.

  30. Homosexuality has officially surpased Christianity as the leading religion in the USA

  31. When you said he’d get what he deserved, I thought the article would be about the challenges of having a prolapsed rectum.

  32. College football has become completely ridiculous. Michael Sam has nothing to do with why I stopped watching, but I stopped watching just the same. Conferences are being aligned for the sole purpose of providing better platforms to market products to the American Consumer. The average player is as un-likable as the average NFL thug. Cheating is rampant, and goes un-punished. CFB used to be the main reason I kept cable in my house, and I used to attend 5-6 D1 CFB games every season. Its incredible to me the pace at which I have completely lost interest.

  33. Umm his problem isnt that he is gay, his problem is his mixed race relationship. Lots mo’ folks in the hood not down wit dat than the down low, if you know what I means.

  34. I don’t even like football like that and that tweet just disgusted me. football is not about “totes adorbs” boyfriends.

  35. blah blah blah n!ggrball this, n!ggrball that. Who freakin cares. Real men don’t watch a bunch of retards run around chasing a ball. They have already forced the NFL players to wear pink for Kunt Kancer or something, so they are already a bunch of homos. Then they got rid of Hank Williams Jr. singing the theme for Monday Night Football. The game was co-opted by the usual Frankfurt School suspects long ago, and has been a perverse mockery of masculinity ever since.
    Here’s the best advice you’ll read today: Shitcan your cable company and never pay another dime or spend another second watching idiotic ballgames and admiring dude’s glutes and shit.

  36. And just like every other black guy, the minute he gets a little coin in his pocket, the first thing he does is find a white “partner”. Sick.

  37. “His boyfriend is ADORBS. Good for him all around.”
    -Ally Maynard
    “ADORBS”. What a stupid fucking twatwaffle..

  38. Of course, this is sports and the most common argument used here is the “Ring Argument”. That is the same reason why Patrick Ewing gets dissed in two rap songs, with one of them was made by a frustrated Knicks fan from The Bronx during the Isiah Thomas era.
    I personally do not care about Michael Sam’s sexual orientation and I care more whether he can help win a Lombardi Trophy and earn a Super Bowl ring for himself.
    As for the Guest, take it as an example that gays are like everyone else. I previously saw a lot of *both* White Man/Asian woman hetero- and White Man/Asian man homosexual pairings, to the point of cliche. Remember the old “white trophy girlfriend” stereotype, pertaining to non-white straight men? Same thing applies with non-white gay men, with this as a case in point.

  39. Guy’s gonna get killed in the NFL. Doesn’t make a single start in his career. Guaren-fucking-teed.

  40. I don’t see how what he did was so groundbreaking. The NFL never disallowed gays from playing.

    1. Because even liberals know that homosexuality is not a masculine activity. They wanted this opportunity to attack a high testosterone masculine space

  41. Great, factual article. There is an alternative explanation that the article doesn’t quite make, but maybe implies, which has seemed obvious to me: Michael Sam was not drafted low because of his sexuality, but rather was drafted at all because of his sexuality. It’s a “throwaway” pick, so the Rams figured, what the heck, let’s get some positive publicity and kiss the asses of the PC crowd, maybe even sell more tickets to suck-up socialists and gays who want to support the franchise for our courageous statement. Can anyone doubt that if the final Rams roster spot comes down to Sam versus some other player, Sam’s profile will be the positive tiebreaker for him?

  42. Even if teams had passed on him for his out and proud sexuality, it’s just as justifiable as employers passing on that porn queen from Duke (if and when she graduates). The circus atmosphere that comes with both of them just isn’t worth it.

  43. Gay males shouldn’t be allowed in the men’s lockeroom for the same reason males shouldn’t be allowed in the ladies lockeroom: SEXUAL TENSION. Am I wrong for that???

  44. The media really must be grasping for straws if this the exciting news. I mean how about 4% GDP growth year-over-year? Nope. Instead we must settle for unimportant bullshit.

  45. he came out for the purposes of getting himself picked higher. NFL teams hate drama (except any NFL East Team). If he makes the team with the load of Defensive talent the Rams have he will be lucky to make 3rd string. And I agree its odd Jackson Jeffcoat was not drafted.

  46. Ha ha, funny.. Men have caused this all by themselves. Trying to please us (ladies) they’ve made themselves fools.. Have fun with these gay guys, this is all I can say…

  47. Well, he could get “fixed”, and add the T (then discover a desire for women and get the L and B of LGBT”, as well as being the first woman player in the NFL. I think Obamacare requires covering the operation…

  48. He will marry his boyfriend, who will then schtupp another guy and then file for divorce. Kiss the money good bye.

  49. Just found out what causes gayness in males: Lack of faith in women, usually caused by an unfaithful mother. Look at any gay male and I can guarantee that his mother has been penetrated by someone besides the father, after the birth of the child. 100% non debatable fact. Not 1 mother of a gay son can say otherwise. The inverse is true for females as well.

  50. The NFL is a whole other game. Plenty of people who killed it in college do jack in the nfl. Where’s Matt leinart from USC? Vince young from texas? He’ll even Tim tebow was fair in college don’t here anyone jumping up and saying he got the boot bc he was so overtly Christian.

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