Did Jezebel Pick Emma Carmichael For Editor Over A Black Woman Because Of Her Looks?

The Gawker-owned feminist website Jezebel recently landed in controversy when they passed over their black deputy editor Dodai Stewart for twenty five year old white editor Emma Carmichael.

The announcement two weeks ago that Emma Carmichael, editor of The Hairpin, will succeed Jessica Coen as editor-in-chief of Jezebel left some Jezebel staffers feeling conflicted—both happy for Carmichael and disappointed that management passed over deputy editor Dodai Stewart for the top job.

Dodai Stewart has been with the site since a month after its founding. In May 2014, both Gawker editorial director Joel Johnson and Jezebel founding editor Anna Holmes told Capital Media that Dodai was a strong candidate. The choice of a twenty five year old white girl over the second highest editor who has been with Jezebel since its founding has lead many to accuse Jezebel of racism.

But the decision to hand the site to a young white woman instead of Stewart—a black woman who has been working at the site since Carmichael was still in college—rubs some current and former staffers the wrong way, especially since the site has been criticized in the past for its handling of race issues.

“I would not say that I think it is like a racist action, but it is kind of a missed opportunity,” one staffer said. “The race thing would have been a really wonderful—just like to have a really well-established Black woman who is so good at her job running the site would have been great.”

If Jezebel staffers were speaking about another organization with a history of race issues, they would not restrain themselves to the phrase “missed opportunity.” Jezebel has actually called the schools of kids making racist tweets, reported them to administrators, and gleefully reported the results. If this were another media organization, Jezebel would be publish the home phone number and address of everyone involved, and unleash a twitter swarm under the hashtags #CancelJezebel, and #solidarityisforwhitewomen.

Dodai Stewart has been writing for Jezebel for seven years, published in the New York Times, and represented Jezebel on television. Though Emma Carmichael has been managing editor of other Gawker sites (Gawker, Deadspin) she is has never even written for Jezebel. The two most recent articles listed on her website are How Pat Summitt Ruined The Best Thing About Women’s Basketball and Dropping In On The Demented Utopia Of The Gathering Of The Juggalos. Ironically, her degree is in Urban Studies.


Emma Carmichael wears Juggalo makeup for an article.

Stewart is universally agreed to be a more qualified candidate than Carmichael. The question is why was Dodai rejected in favor of a white woman? Was it mere cronyism, an indication of racism, or even fat shaming?  While it’s no secret that Jezebel represents everything Return of Kings abhors, this controversy reveals the what really drives Jezebel. Behind all the feminist rhetoric lie darker truths about looks, money, and media. Even on the most vocal feminist website on the internet, sexual market value still rules.

Does Jezebel Have A Problem With Race?

Racism is the preferred theory hinted at by anonymous Jezebel staffers. Emma Carmichael represents the same demographic that makes up the majority of the Jezebel writing staff—young privileged twenty-something white girls. Many have already pointed to Dodai’s race as the reason Jezebel passed over her for a white girl:

It’s difficult not to feel the racial undertones to this because it does reek of just another day and another example of discrimination. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth that the glass ceiling still exists, even in spaces that are supposedly progressive.

Whether or not this is the only motive, Jezebel has clearly committed a racist action by passing over a more qualified black woman for a less qualified white candidate who looks more like the other women she will be working with.

Did Jezebel Pass Over Dodai Stewart Because Of Fat Shaming?


Part of the job of editor in chief is to be the public face of the company. Previous editor Anna Holmes was a camera friendly white girl, while Dodai Stewart is an overweight black woman. Did Jezebel not want to be publicly represented by a fat person?

Jezebel has received heavy criticism in the past for overweight writer Lindy West who plays into every negative stereotype of a fat feminist. Perhaps West’s poor media performance has made Gawker hesitant to allow another fat woman to represent Jezebel. Would Stewart have gotten the job if she’d lost forty pounds? We’ll never know, but Jezebel clearly passed over a more qualified fat candidate for one with greater “thin privilege.”

Is Jezebel Trying To Hide Where Feminism Leads?

a - DodaiStewart

Dodai Stewart is an unmarried unattractive overweight black woman approaching forty with few quality romantic prospects. While ROK readers see this as the natural outcome of feminist living, Jezebel readers may not realize this is where their philosophy leads. No young feminist would want Stewart’s life. She is not an aspirational image. Carmichael is still young, so her actions have not revealed their consequences yet.

Did Jezebel Want To Avoid Paying Its Editor Well?

A comment on the original Buzzfeed announcement reads:


An inexperienced twenty five year old girl is a cheaper hire then the salary bump a deputy editor with seven years experience might demand. Could it be Jezebel just cares more about the bottom line then they do about race, women’s bodies, or loyalty?

Was Emma Carmichael Chosen To Sell To White Readers?

Gawker owner Nick Denton makes the final decision on who sits at the head of the media companies he controls. Gawker has moved to a model known as commerce journalism, where writers create sponsored content full of affiliate links disguised as news. In a leaked memo, Gawker founder Nick Denton told his staff, “your beat is helping readers buy things.” Commerce journalism turns reporters into advertisers and is unethical by most traditional standards.

If Denton’s goal is to push products, a twenty something white girl is the superior choice. Emma Carmichael will have an easier time selling to her own demographic and less moral scruples about doing it than a devout ideologue like Stewart. Because Carmichael isn’t qualified, and owes Denton the job, she won’t be able to say no if he asks her to use even more unethical journalism practices to monetize the site under the guise of feminism.

Emma Carmichael Was Chosen For Her Looks


Every possible theory to explain why Jezebel would chose a less experienced thin young white editor over a more experienced overweight older black editor points to one conclusion: Emma Carmichael was chosen over Dodai Stewart for her attractive white appearance. Regardless of what Jezebel says, their actions reveal what they truly believe. While Jezebel tells men to embrace body positivity, diversity, and feminism, they do not practice those values in their own office. Jezebel’s new choice of editor confirms what Gawker is really about: money. And they’re willing to sell out every value they have for it.

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  1. who gives a fuck…. ok the double standards are amusing, but the subject matter is not worth the electricity needed to serve up this webpage.

    1. We do. And we should because Jezebel and Gawker are influential. As a mainstream writer, their juggernaut attacked me personally for political incorrectness and questioned out loud why I still have a job. This is not a moral organization and the lack of media coverage on this shows people are frightened of them. Bravo to this site for getting this in print.

    2. the point of this website is to a) show men a way to improve their quality of life and b) illuminate the hypocracy and idiocracy of todays culture. this post firmly falls under option b and illuminates something that might not be readily available/obvious to the average person. therefore, it is a good article to be posting here. get your head out of your ass.

    3. And your comment is not a waste of electricity?
      It’s important to highlight the hypocrisy of our enemies. Articles like this will continue to be published on ROK.

      1. Indeed.
        ‘Never interrupt your enemy when they are making mistakes’-Napoleon

      2. I think the most important element of all this is the “where feminism leads” thing. It’s not like we would want women to rethink chugging cocks till they get ugly. I think ROK and related content is attempting to do a service, basically to tell women that yes you can choose your lifestyle however you want it, but there are consequences and you can’t reinvent yourself overnight and hit the snooze on the biological clock.
        If this were heeded to, instead of women buying into this falsity that feminism tries to sell them, I think everybody would be happier. Women not inclined to be attention whores and sluts would not go that route for “validation” and those who are so inclined would not do so on some notion that they still get Prince Charming at the end of the story and live happily ever after. That would even prevent the cock chuggers from turning into fatasauruses at 32 because they will know SMV is all they had because that’s all they chose.
        A good time will be had by all.

        1. This was the most interesting point in my opinion as well.
          I know women in their 30s that simply CAN NOT accept their situation… They certainly cannot admit it.
          They gradually watch themselves become more and more obsolete as human beings…
          At least if a woman becomes a mother at any capacity she has obtained that part of life… and likely has love to share. The ‘feminist woman’ later in life seems pointless to me… even if she is happy who cares… She lost the game and is going nowhere. Even if she has got a yacht who gives a fuck?
          I know a professor like this… well known animal psychology professor… corner office… respect of her colleagues… No kids, no man… I have zero envy for her… In my opinion she has nothing.

        2. One of the biggest fallacies/lies of feminism, is that happiness can be found in the corporate ladder.
          The second biggest fallacy of feminism is that happiness cannot be found at home (kids and kitchen).
          The only way we are going to turn back to the normal (from the missandry pussy bubble) will be by a mass shift in the marriage market. Thirsty betas will thirst. Nonetheless, if a combination of the following 3* occur to breaking point, American women will find themselves out ratioed and the pussy market will balance back to the normal.
          *Three gender relation market changes.
          a) Marriage Strike
          b) Foreign Spouse Shift (EE, Russia, Asia)
          c) Grass Eaters Galt
          a) A marriage strike entails men dropping out of marriage. This phenomenon is picking up rapidly. It has had a negative response by the MSM and feminist media, blaming, albeit incorrectly on the manchild syndrome.
          b) Although criticised here and manosphere in general for various reasons, its a growing trend. Whilst old men were solely accountable for Filipina brides, its becoming more common for younger men to go Asian or EE/Russian brides, pricing American females out of the market.
          c) A Japanese phenomenon which could propagate to US, UK, EU. This is not very common in the West for now, but it is a trend that could occur. All the factors necessary for men to drop out altogether of the pool of dating are present. Men could use current porn media and tech to drop out of the dating pool. Since the ratio of M:W is on average 1:1, a man dropping out of dating, let alone marriage, would leave an involuntary woman single.

        3. One of the biggest fallacies/lies of feminism is that men judge women on their appearance more than women do.

        4. Women are just more passive aggressive when they do it. Men say ” no fat chicks” women don’t promote you after seven years of hard work.

        5. that misandy pussy bubble article is the best thing I’ve read all year. Thanks alot for that.

        6. 4. More men are gay than women. Gay men drop out of the dating market too. Or at least tranfer to another

    4. You’re right, as a rule you don’t argue verbally with women. In fact, this will have the opposite effect, women see it as a weakness when men attack verbally. They will laugh at us.
      If you must show your anger, just slap the bitch, but don’t say a word.

      1. This more an attack on Gawker Media owner Nick Denton than “the women of Jezebel.” He’s the one that sets the standards in hiring. And by the way, when someone else does something like this, Gawker is the first to pounce. Look up “racist teens tweets” for an example.

        1. It doesn’t matter, Publicity is publicity, good or bad.
          The only way you can win this game is by not playing it.

      2. Emma Carmichael looks like someone has already slapped her, hard on the nose.

    5. Because these issues are the canary in the coalmine.
      These are the ‘tells’ of the creaking fault lines that are embedded into the very fabric of feminism. The fault lines were there from the start because it is an ideology built on lies and deceit. It’s success is rooted not in it’s substance (because it has none), but in it’s ability to deceive.
      And the first signs of it’s serious implosion are likely to show up as cracks in that deception.
      That is where the value in these articles lies – not so much in the story they tell, but in the trend they reveal.

  2. +1000. Now how do you get this article to appear on the first page of google results?

    1. google gets this article to appear on the first page of YOUR google page, because they’ve been spying on your activities…..

      1. I would go to Facebook, but I’d only be overwhelmed by baby pictures, acts of attention whoring, and narcissistic self promotion. Honestly, I don’t care why this bitch was chosen, and pandering to petty leftist race baiting isn’t my style.

    1. Funny hypocritical things from the daily feminist rag: Robin thicke makes an album not about date rape( not that the 1st one was but who really cares-right) fails to srll records and feminists see it as a win. Pharelle and the women in the video and record so not get critiqued at all because not white male and therefore don’t have any of that good Ol privilege so no one better critique them. Feminists are nothing but living in a world of two standards. If white men didnt play the pussy lottery by paying this attention I have no doubt that Civilization would have well advanced.

  3. Good writeup. It’s never crossed my mind that Gawker had any values apart from wanting to be lucratively joined at the hip to the progressivist establishment.
    Gawker has given off that vibe from the beginning. I remember back when Gawker was creating a series of what were probably fake blogs by fake bloggers — Wonkette and Ana Marie Cox being one memorable example. There was a striking similarity of tone across the Gawker stable of blogs, suggesting the posts were cranked out by a single group of anonymous, click-bait-generating cubicle-dwellers. That’s a bit like the announcement the other day that Obama doesn’t read his “own” tweets. I hope no one was surprised.

  4. I thought Rick Ross (CO) and Alphamega (a snitch) were fake, but this tops those two. The fact they even anointed a young pretty white woman over the seasoned black woman (even if they cave in) just reveals Jezebel is full of fakes and hypocrites.

  5. Is Jezebel Trying To Hide Where Feminism Leads?
    I skipped through the article and my guess is quite possibly that. ^
    I think the manosphere must not bother itself with feminists sites like Jezebel, it should demonstrate aloofness towards them, as if they do not exist – who gives a fuck!

    1. We do because although you might not care about Jezebel, the woman you’re dating might, as might your female boss, and perhaps your mother and sister. They influence women and not in a good way. Hitting their credibility brings them down a peg — which they deserve. To paraphrase an old saying, you might not care about Gawker Media, but Gawker cares about you. If you ignore Jezebel, you’re helping them create more feminists.

      1. Every man must remember one thing – men can survive on their own, women can not, because they are children!
        All we have to do is stop supporting them financially, stop fixing the car, the boiler, the computer, stop being free life-guard. If you still want to support a woman – sex first, money second! They love being treated like prostitutes anyway.
        If you’re stuck with alimony or child support, just leave the country. Live dangerously. Don’t allow her to manipulate you with the children, they use them baits.
        If we all stop supporting them, what they say on their silly little websites won’t have any impact.

        1. “Every man must remember one thing – men can survive on their own, women can not, because they are children!” This was true before the era of big government. If women are kids, then gov’t is Big Daddy.

        2. Government can not manage solely on their own, it will bankrupt them. They still need men to cooperate and pay taxes.

        3. All good in theory, but until you go out there and get every other man on the planet to see things your way, what you write is just a nice fantasy.
          In the interim, we’re better off fighting the good fight than pretending the enemy doesn’t exist.

      2. A reader on this site is hardly likely to date a woman who cares about Jezebel. On the other hand, you don’t get to decide who your family or immediate bosses are.

        1. You do have a choice on who your immediate bosses are. You don’t have to work for a particular asshole boss. You can always find another job or other sources of income.

      3. Agree. I think you should call out the nonsense when you see it. It helps others recognize what’s going on around them and it teaches others how to behave and respond accordingly.
        The problem, today, is that so many of these ‘strong, independent women’ have fooled many men into fighting for them (or with them). It’s the reason that they even have a voice or seat at the table (again, thanks to men).
        It’s up to men to educate other men (if possible). To help them get out or see what is really going on, today.

  6. Maybe I am soft, but I feel ashamed for attacking Jezebel. They are low hanging fruit, easy targets. They just give so much material by themselves you don’t even have to be creative. It’s like attacking Southern Baptists. Actually Feminism is pretty much like the Southern Baptist church.

  7. At the end of the day this was out of Jezebels hands. The man behind this decision to hire Emma Carmichael over Dodai Stewart is Nick Denton, owner and publisher of Gawker Media.
    Mr. Denton is a gay man. As you may or may not know, gay men make up a majority of executive and editorial positions in the fashion and publishing industry.
    What type of woman is vastly represented in fashion? Girls that look like Emma Carmichael.

    1. Why are gay men selling fashion to women that only impresses other women? I wouldn’t ask a bull dyke how I should dress to pick up straight women.

    2. “Mr. Denton is a gay man.”
      Emma Carmichael sure must’ve gotten her ass jacked by his tool.

      1. Skinny young, flat-chested waifs like Emma Carmichael are physically similar to prepubescent adolescent boys… she has a very big man-jaw.

        1. I’m not necessarily attacking her. Just pointing out that why her boyish features would sufficiently turn a gay man on.

    3. Another point that weakens the article’s thesis at least as far as racism is concerned: former editor Anna Holmes is not white as asserted in the article but mixed race –

    4. Another point that weakens the article’s thesis at least as far as racism is concerned: former editor Anna Holmes is not white as asserted in the article but mixed race.

      1. I don’t see how the article loses footing simply because Anna Holmes is mixed. Too white to be black and too black to be white which puts her in the Goldilocks zone; If anything it helps maintain how calculating the decision was.

        1. True. She could well be George Zimmerman’s sister. The funny thing is I’ve come across women that look not dissimilar from her tell me that they only date white people. This person was born in post S.African apartheid and I found it an interesting statement that they must want to shed themselves of their darkness and don’t try and identify with many aspects of their culture.

        2. I found it an interesting statement that they must want to shed themselves of their darkness and don’t try and identify with many aspects of their culture.

          I don’t blame them. The few perks of being being black are heavily outweighed by the negative connotations which also accompany being black. It’s pretty much ‘Get in where you fit in’ when you’re “Half-rican”

        3. I’m a light-skinned black and I agree.
          It’s given me the opportunity to date pretty much any race and I don’t get immediately judged as having dangerous, impulsive tendencies (although that can be good for gina tingles).

      2. The points in the article were great points (regardless of the racism claims). The fact that a gay man made the choice is even worse (isn’t he supposed to be sympathetic to the cause?).
        I know that money is truly the end point of his decision but some people commenting that the result (choice) by a gay man (Nick Denton) was still made by a man is just more nonsense. He didn’t think the decision through (i.e. the back lash that they would receive from some of their own staff) – talk about credibility issues.
        Give it time…you may see some of the staff leaving (maybe some will see the light).

  8. You need a site-wide memo to all contributors:
    It’s is a contraction for “it is.”
    Its is possessive.
    I see this mistake over and over in your articles. The occasional error is understandable but if you want to win hearts and minds, I recommend some of your writers brush up on eighth grade English.

    1. You were doing well up until the “brush up on your eighth grade English” remark. That remark turned friendly and gentle advice into an insult whether intended or unintended.

      1. You are right, no offense was intended and it was a little salty of me to say it like that.

      2. Then not only should you brush up on your eighth grade english, you should also grow thicker skin.
        Fucking people are so sensitive these days.

    2. I was just about to message them about this too — the same mistake is in nearly every article and it takes away from their credibility. But otherwise you guys have been knocking a lot of these out of the park lately. From these latest couple on feminist hypocrisy to the interesting subversive journalism by Douglas to that recent heartfelt piece by Charles Martel… great stuff.

      1. holy crap you predicted this shit big time. You should write another article they are dropping like flies over there at jezebel

  9. I don’t really know much about the situation but my guess is that Denton has found the presumably loud-mouthed and opinionated black chick difficult to deal with over the years so the relatively meek white girl will just be much easier for him to control …

    1. There’s nothing meek about feminist white women. They’re some of the most annoying people on the planet.

  10. Great work, Runsonmagic.
    -Race of job candidates
    -Body Image
    -Pay ‘gap’
    -Race of readers being courted
    -Longitudinal result of life choices
    You hit every single one of these bellweather issues which are usually employed by feminists to further their malignant agenda. But instead – you turn every single one of these bellweather issues around on them in an accurate and truthful fashion. Bravo.

    1. Forgot affirmative action can only push people so high. Would Douai have gotten to 2nd place if she was not a non-Asian minority?

  11. For pretty much the same reason the hypocrites at the Washington Post don’t have an editorial board/management that reflects the population of Washington. They understand that turning control over to minority leadership means ushering in the peculiar obsessions of these groups and the end of the paper as a serious player in the news world. Maybe this Stewart is an exception, but probably not. Feminism is of course virulently and genocidally anti-white* but having a bitter black racist at ITS head is perhaps just a little too much out in the open.
    *When they say men, they mean white men, they ignore serious anti-female behavior in non-white cultures. While this is explicitly anti-white there is also the suspicion that they don’t consider non-white culture as important or interesting enough to matter, likely a consideration in not appointing Stewart. They’d be bored with all that black stuff she would no doubt obsess over. God this is fun.

    1. Right on time, feminist confronts anti-abortionist. Notice how quickly she gets to the real issue – race.

    1. Male thirst appears to have no bounds these days, so that’s hardly surprising.

    2. Yeah she looks haggard in the cover picture, as if she has been through a train of 6 men in an anal gangbang.
      The last picture was probably taken at the end of one of such anal gangbangs she was involved, when the photographer too demanded anal from her. Exhausted and pissed off at the end of the anal gangbang, she then gave him the bird towards the camera, as seen in the picture.

      1. Obscene personal attacks don’t advance any arguments here. They just make the place look bad. His point was made by the article and doesn’t need nonsensical porno bullshit to bolster it.

  12. Dodai Stewart is an unmarried unattractive overweight black woman approaching forty with few quality romantic prospects.

    Well damn! Jeez, just lay it on thick like that…

    1. Agreed, that was pretty rough.
      She’ll be hitting the Rocky road and butter pecan hard tonight, I’m sure.

    2. Yes, loved that line….truth laid bare…like this chick curled up in the fetal position weeping.

    3. Agree. This nails it. The most powerful line in the article. Now, What is Stewart going to do after this? I’d like to see her submitting her resignation.

    4. There will be a big “racism” story soon, and you can bet (unlike with white men), the black will lose, politically. Unlike the REST of the corporate world, when blacks go up against white women in any forum where white women have power-they are going to lose, without even a hint of guilt.
      White women are the trump card of all trump cards, and they have no shame in playing their race whenever they need to.

    1. While I do agree giving too much attention to this joke of a website isn’t good, I don’t think it’s overdone.
      This article is extremely important because this whole scandal has found its way into other mainstream outlets, and its a rare opportunity to cut them down while others who may not normally be against jezebel are predisposed to a contempt for them.

    2. Because it is excellent hamster fodder?
      And the entertainment value!
      That’s one of the reasons I read here…

    3. This move by Jezebel proves us right. Judge not by what people say but by what they do.

  13. Another thing to add is the possibility that maybe, looking at the black woman, they felt that America “already had an Oprah”. Maybe the Winfrey herself made a smoky backroom call and demanded that nobody else work on her side of the street?

    1. She’d need to call Wendy Williams first. And if anything, the numbers Oprah and Wendy bring in prove there is an audience amongst white women for black women who speak their minds.

  14. This was about money pure and simple, the white chick sells more shit hands down. That black chick is like Tim Tebow a Quarterback that can do everything but pass accurately,Dodai Stewart can do everything but sell products and ultimately that is what matters.

    1. By the looks of her Dodai Stewart would make a good spokeswoman for Cheetos, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and deep-dish pizza.

    2. It was also about the reality, as recognized by Nick Denton (a gay, white male) of NOT WANTING a black woman reporting directly to him. Even a gay man knows what a pain in the ass a black woman is to have in the work place. He, smartly, put a layer between himself and her, with this Carmichael chyck.
      Expect a claim of racism by Stewart, a trip to the View, and for Denton and crew to leak out press reports that Carmichael and Stewart “just couldn’t get along” (thus keeping him protected). Boom. Perfectly played.

      1. Lets not get carried away. ALL women are a pain in the ass in the workplace. There are no black women where I work and it wouldn’t matter if there was.

  15. “Regardless of what Jezebel says, their actions reveal what they truly believe. While Jezebel tells men to embrace body positivity, diversity, and feminism, they do not practice those values in their own office. Jezebel’s new choice of editor confirms what Gawker is really about: money. And they’re willing to sell out every value they have for it.”

  16. Seeing left-wing radfems making such blatant displays of hypocrisy and screwing over one of their own in the process warms the inner recesses of my black, shriveled heart.

  17. Describing Emma Carmichael as attractive is quite generous. Go to Europe and these girls are a dime-a-dozen. No reason to turn your head.

    1. Quite generous, indeed.
      Emma looks as if she got hit in the face with a frying pan.

      1. Agreed. She’s probably the best looking one out of the whole lot of those bitches.

    2. A woman’s level of attractiveness is to a great extent dependent on which women you compare her to. And compared to the existing Jezebel crew she is attractive, throw her into a bikini beach competition in Colombia and she’s plain ugly

      1. Indeed what passes as pretty in America now is surely a sign that we are a failed and collapsing society.

      2. Agree. She is attractive based on her surroundings (the rest of that staff). But, she was probably hired because she was cheaper, easier to control and she can connect with more potential feminists (i.e. consumers).
        A win-win for another corporation but a big loss for the feminist movement. I guess you can’t have it all?

      1. I would bang Emma with a passion, I would even complement her writing to do it. Check out her modeling photos, she is far from unattractive. She is not perfect, but she is pretty damn good.

  18. Feminism has suffered the worst fate that could befall it.
    It won.
    There is nothing left for it to hide behind. The steaming cesspit is increasingly coming into plain sight. Expect issues like this to become ever more common – situations that are bad for women – but that are more and more difficult to blame on men. At least without sounding more and more deluded – the ‘Kirill Was Here’ article is another example.
    The tragedy for for women is that along the way if has also revealed women’s true nature to too many men. Like feminism, women also have nothing left to hide behind.
    Feminism will wither and die. It will leave women to fend for themselves.

    1. Indeed.
      “Feminism, far from helping women, has instead exposed the vast limitations of women (moral, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, civic, economic, physical) far more visibly than was ever possible before feminism.”

    2. Exactly, this is why men should never fight feminism with feminists. Let them win and watch it all burn. Guys dont even realize the liberation that feminism really is. We are not required to court women, buy them anything, spend any time with them, or do anything but fuck them. Its perfect. The only men who lose out in this are married men and fathers of daughters.
      I took a girl home from a bar on Saturday, fucked her for 2 hours and when I woke up she was gone, just left her number on a note on my nightstand. What’s better than that? We should get on this feminism bandwagon and help them to their destruction.

      1. Well, one thing we lose was the original blue pill little boy I was. I truly wanted to fall and love and be a good husband, to have a perfect family, to fall asleep and wake up next to the woman I love. That part of me died a long time ago. My heart has a steel shell around it now and I long ago digested and shit out the red pill.

        1. We all did and the sad irony is that these feminists are turning us all into coldhearted assholes. The upside is that we can live without them, they can’t survive a month without us.

        2. Though, there are and will be plenty of desperate blue pill men who will pick up the pieces.

        3. These men are the “true believers” of leftist and feminist dogma. They’re sensitive and understanding, gentle and cooperative. They’re the “perfect” male. Yet in the greatest act of cynical irony ever, also biologically repugnant to women. LMAO!

      2. It’s hilarious, all these “empowered” women working their asses off in their cubicles and then whoring it up on the weekends, as if either of those things makes them more attractive. Bitches finally got everything they wanted and guess what?…
        Yes, it’s a fact, and not just a matter of opinion, but of science.
        Enjoy the decline, brothers. Knowing the end was near, even the Nazis partied while the allies invaded Berlin.

  19. I liked the article.
    But I think it’s really difficult to accurately assume you know all of, and to what the extent, the motivations of managers you have never met happen to be.
    Most importantly, this article shows feminists eating each other and I think it’s really really fantastic.

      1. I was think more with my cock.
        Seriously though, bitches like this are just dying for a good pounding from a domineering man.

  20. Why aren’t they accusing Jezebel of ageism, rather than racism? Carmichael obviously wasn’t chosen on the basis of superior experience.

  21. Hey, look what I found! It’s quote from Jezebel calling Return of Kings “a disgusting, misogynistic website, a non-stop stream of vitriolic, horrifying garbage.” I’ll counter by saying ROK did nothing near as bad as screwing up the livelihood of an experienced minority female writer and editor. It would be Jezebel’s own boss who did that. I’d say that’s a true example of woman hating. Clean up your own backyard Gawker. Source: http://jezebel.com/ladies-quit-paying-attention-to-this-vile-troll-websit-1469942571

    1. Since when does not giving someone a promotion = screwing up their life?
      Just be quiet and enjoy the feminists cannibalizing each other before you give yourself a headache.

      1. Learn to read. I wrote “screwing up the ***livelihood***” not the life. There’s a difference. Livelihood means worklife, not life. And they did mess it up.

  22. Feminism has decided on the young and trendy route( someone that understands social media) , that’s either terrifyingly brilliant or bat shit stupid.
    They want a “docile ” editor , not an “experienced”,”independent” or “knowledgeable” editor.

  23. I’d bang Emma, WNB Dodai. I can’t even look at her picture closely, just in case I turned to stone.
    Therefore, I fully support Jizzabel’s choice here. Clearly they have some taste.
    But I have to raise a much more important point here: who the fuck cares. Seriously, this article is a complete waste of perfectly good electrons. On the drivel scale from 1 to 10, it rates -100. Is there no other (even somewhat semi-important) fucking topic that the author could write about???

  24. Emma Carmichael is not attractive. Of any of those plausible answers I would go with Jizzabel hiding where feminism leads.

  25. Then why aren’t you posting the phone numbers and home addresses of everyone involved? #ManUp

  26. Why should a White person have to complete with a non-White for a job in their own country ?
    Japanese don’t have to compete with non-Asians for editorial positions in Japan. Blacks don’t need to compete with non-Blacks for editorial positions in Malawi.
    ONLY in White countries are we expected to flood our countries with 3rd Worlders and then be called ‘racist’ if the 3rd Worlder is passed over for promotion.
    ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

    1. +1 no doubt, but besides that the point of the article is really not that the black women should have been hired, it’s to point out that Gawker is hypocritical in their actions and like pretty much everyone on the left their personal actions show their true views.

    2. Because this is not a white country, homie. Demographics don’t lie, despite your inhuman attempts to kill off people of color because you gotta have condos and Starbucks.
      You are welcome to go back to Europe, or better yet, to the caves of the Caucasus Mountains, if you feel like you are homesick and need your land of origin to call home.
      And anti racist is code for anti racist. If the shoe fits however…..

      1. The attempt to destroy EVERY White country through 3rd World immigration and ‘assimilation’ is GENOCIDE
        ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

        1. Are you doing your part, dude? Have you pumped out some nice caucasian semen into a whit girl recently? Yes? No? If not, then why complain about the stuff that other people do, when you aren’t holding up your end?

        2. Nobody is flooding Asian countries with non-Asians to ‘blend humanity’ and telling Asians who object “Are you doing your part, dude? Have you pumped out some nice Asian semen into a Asian girl recently? Yes? No? If not, then why complain about the stuff that other people do, when you aren’t holding up your end?”
          Nobody is flooding Black countries with non-Blacks to ‘blend humanity’ and telling Blacks who object “Are you doing your part, dude? Have you pumped out some nice Black semen into a Black girl recently? Yes? No? If not, then why complain about the stuff that other people do, when you aren’t holding up your end?”
          ONLY in White countries are we told such silly stuff.
          ONLY White countries are targeted like this.
          It’s GENOCIDE and you are clearly Anti-White

        3. You are an insignificant flea in this world. If you want control of something, take it.
          There are no rules in life. What’s mine is mine and if I can take it, what’s yours is mine.

        4. You do not deny White Genocide, you simply look for excuses to justify it.
          ‘Anti-racist’ is a codeword for Anti-White

  27. As a lover of brunettes, Carmichael really isn’t that attractive; I’d have to see her in a bikini to be sure.

  28. I can see her fitting in to a young enough and dateable so she gets to see all the everyday sexism within the patriarchy. Okay looking so she’ll get some attention from men to show what she experiences. Not so good looking enough so she can complain about shallowness, objectification. Young enough to not get into where did the men go.
    Having somebody older, overweight, it does take away some of the victim routine. Anything she may complain about, it’s harder to deny that baby, nobody’s trying to get with you. You’re not a victim of anything.
    But there always that “we wanted a younger, fresher viewpoint” that “journalist” always bring out right before they go through the archives of old articles for some ideas

  29. Why the fuck do you people care about Jezebel. I get that they spew a lot of bullshit (and to call it fair, so does ROK) Do we need to keep focusing and trying to troll it and get it’s attention all the fucking time like a fucking teenage girl? Honestly ROK, put an end to this. I can’t beleive writers here are continuously degrading their own content and websites integrity just to take jabs at that fucking peice of shit Jezebel.
    As for the article, I’m sure they hired the 25 year old white girl for pretty obvious business reasons — that’s their key demographic. And being an editor of content with that low integrity is not exactly rocket science needing 20 years of established experience.
    Just because Jezebel sucks does not mean we need to invent and speculate stupid reasons and articles to re-iterate why they are a horrible website.

  30. As a businessman the only time I would trust a 25 year old with anything important is if he had been an apprentice since he was 18. I can thus only presume that Jezebel is not important.

  31. The late George Carlin once said that most modern-day Feminists are well-to-do white women who don’t care about “minority” womens’ issues. They only care about their wombs and their purses.
    I really miss that guy.

  32. hmm, feminists say one thing and do another. They are inconsistent and bigoted.
    What else is new?

  33. Most hardcore left-wing people are worse racists than hardcore right-wingers. Far-right people at least have the decency to be honest about their views. I remember reading one study wherein it was shown that black people actually find right-wing people more sympathetic, because the latter don’t feel the need to pretend.

    1. Let’s not pretend that the far right OR the far left are good things here.
      It’s like arguing that Hitler was good because Stalin was worse or vice versa.

  34. Why is Jezebel called Jezebel and not – for instance – Hypatia? Because their brand of feminism is basically about the fucking. Despite their protestations that women are real human beings, what they actually believe is that a woman is her vagoo. (and men are just walking dodos and that’s all they are). Once you recognise this, then the promotion of a young white girl over an older black woman is barely even hypocrisy. They are acting in accordance with their core values.

  35. So, just because she worked somewhere for 7 years, she’s ENTITLED to a promotion or it’s racist?
    What the actual fuck? IN the real world, you bust your ass all the time just to keep your job, and 90% DON’T EVER GET PROMOTED to the chief position in any business.
    God damn this victim culture has hobbled this country and given a wonderful excuse for the least integrated minority group to continue fucking up.
    It’s bullshit.

    1. A comparison was made, and it didn’t logically add up as far as “merit” was concerned. Nothing to blow a gasket over.
      The point was, they’re hypocrites.

      1. experience does not equal merit.
        Look at Hillary. she has more ‘experience’ than anyone else as to what it takes to be president… she’s already a master at lies, misdirections, coverups, and has all sorts of experience at pushing the marxist agenda… does that mean she would make the best president?

    2. It would have been even more bullshit if they hired the other woman ‘just because she’s a nigger’.
      At least they are (in)consistent.

  36. And yet no one dares mention that Nick Denton is just another jew controlling people’s minds today.

  37. In my experience, white feminists tend to be the most racist, nasty and generally fucked up of all feminists.
    Jezebel represents the worst of liberal feminism. They don’t care about society, it’s all about them.
    They are disgusting pigs

  38. I just googled and found out what (possibly) racists, fat shaming pieces of bell hooks dog shit these white women are at Jezebel (allegedly), and how could they treat a fat, unattractive, unmarried, undesired black woman like this, according to what some speculate?
    So glad this article brought it to light!
    Do the writers of Jezebel also hate African-American Men (black men) as well?

    1. Wouldn’t mind banging her too…but only doggystyle or behind her, with her bent over, face turned away.

  39. who is writing this??? Dodai Stewart is not unattractive she has a very professional air to her while the Emma lady is tee shirts and flipping off the viewers, low class. The editor should fire you writer for missing the point.

  40. I come to realize that Feminist are like alpha men in many ways they behave except without the cock and balls and physical strength. They are just angery that some men do the same things as them. Kinda like the closested gay republican who whines constantly about gays.

  41. At the end of the day, journalists need to make a living and are totally dependent on the media owners. Emma Carmichael has no choice but to accept the job and do what she is told. There is no point in being too cruel towards them. Being a journalist in the mainstream is not an enviable position to be in. The journalists at Jezebel have found a niche and have no choice but to go with that. It is the media owners and controllers who are the real culprits and agenda drivers.

    1. you could similarly claim that it’s the corporate sponsors that force big media into pushing ‘news’ that is designed to draw viewers instead of the truth.
      It’s a slippery slope when you start blaming ‘the big guys’ for the little guy’s sins. In the end, they chose to be journalists, they chose to print lies, they chose to enforce ‘policy’, and they chose to email 400,000 ‘african prince’ emails. They can always choose to clean gutters or flip burgers instead.

  42. Yeah next time the Jizzballers talk about body acceptance or racism, I’ll link back to the fact that a fat black woman was passed for a white thin woman.

  43. I hope ROK won’t sell out in 20 years , though the incentives are just there and thats how it is.

  44. One of their latest articles is headlined: “I don’t feel bad for stupid WHITE people on the internet”
    Maybe they’re trying to balance their racism out.

  45. Emma Carmichael is a slob, too, she’s just white. Emma is nasty, hateful and dopey, probably no different than any of their readers and Stewart the same except with racial attitudes on top of it. In any case, who gives a shit?

  46. It’s funny how no one wants an angry fat woman to be the face of anything…not even the face of other angry fat women.

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