How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You

It seems I can’t get through two consecutive days anymore without hearing women talk about their relationships or the lack thereof. I’m encouraged when I hear women talking about their boyfriends or husbands in a positive manner, and saddened when I see lovely young women lamenting a stagnant or unfulfilling relationship in which their needs are not met. That’s why I’ve decided to forgo my usual male-centric article and offer a little insight for our female readership instead.

This one is for the ladies.

It has come to my attention that a small minority of intelligent, successful, beautiful and altogether lovely women still struggle with finding a man who is interested in commitment. Of course it’s easy for a woman to get dates or short-term relationships based on superficial elements such as excitement or sexual compatibility, but finding love and commitment – assuming you’ve decided the time is right for you – can often be a daunting task.

Can you really make a man fall in love with you? While the question itself raises ethical and moral concerns, the answer is yes. Most men – from the nice guy to the bad boy player – are open to love and commitment when they meet the right woman. The key to success is creating an environment where love can form and evolve into commitment. When you make that happen, he almost can’t help himself.

Let’s start with the easy stuff; the things you’ve heard comedians, coworkers, male family members, guy friends, and even other women say. This certainly isn’t news, but it’s the foundation for where we’re going in learning how to create an environment in which a man’s love will spark and commitment will grow.

1. Your level of attractiveness dictates the maximum level of bitchiness you can display and still sustain a relationship.


This graph depicts the level of bitchiness on the Y axis, and the level of attractiveness on the X axis. For example, if you’re a Hot Babe-6, then you can afford to crank up the level of bitchiness to a 6. Any more than that and you’ll be back out in the dating market in a few months.

But how is something so subjective like attractiveness defined? What constitutes bitchiness? I could give you my opinion, but you’d be better off asking the man you’re trying to attract because his definition matters far more than mine. And quite frankly, if gaining a man’s commitment and love is your goal, then your definition of attractiveness and bitchiness doesn’t really matter either.

There’s a flipside to this as well wherein his opinion of himself is trumped by your opinion of him. It’s a balanced and equitable approach to mate-vetting, and one should be careful not to set the relationship up for failure by shaming the other partner into espousing a particular view not fundamentally his own. Avoid shaming language like “A real man would…” or “You should man up and…” because only a weak man responds to that, and you’ll end up hating him for it later without even knowing why.

2. The high-value man you’re trying to attract is keenly aware of your maximum sustainable level of bitchiness versus your actual real-life level of bitchiness.


This is just an example of how attractiveness and bitchiness ratios can be in line or get out of hand across a wide spectrum of women.

3. The gap between your attractiveness level and how bitchy you are is Cupid’s workshop.

A positive gap is the only space in the relationship universe where love can germinate and evolve into long-term commitment. The bigger the space, the more quality men you’ll have to choose from.


Take a look at the chart above and focus on Hot Babe-7. The HB-7, HB-9 and HB-5 all have positive gaps between their attractiveness and bitchiness levels which will attract men and keep them interested. The superstar here of course is the HB-7. She’s the woman every man wants – attractive and easy to get along with. In fact, when it comes to finding love and commitment, she’ll easily outperform the two girls who are more attractive than her.

In this example, the HB-9 may make a good trophy wife. The HB-8 is slightly more trouble than she’s worth, but she’s still attractive enough to secure more short-term interest than she can handle. The HB-6 is the typical American girl and is seen by most men with options as a pump-and-dump candidate. She’ll end up getting banged senseless by dozens of men who wouldn’t wife her up if their lives depended on it, then she’ll shower off the sticky residue and find some schlep to torment in marital hell.

The HB-2 is probably a fat chick with a chip on her shoulder that she won’t recognize as metaphorical until she tries to eat it, and the HB-1 is most likely a feminist college student with hairy armpits, acne scars, and a boyfriend who everyone keeps mistaking for her sister.

4. Know the difference between how men with options assess casual relationships versus how they assess commitment.


That’s pretty much the entire thought process a man goes through when he hooks up. However, that same man will take a completely different approach when he assesses commitment.


Far more involved than the “yes or no” approach to casual sex and dating, the assessment men conduct before commitment is serious business. If you really want to know how to make a man fall in love with you, here it is. Create Cupid’s workspace. Maintain a gap between your attractiveness level and how much of a pain in the ass you are. It’s a simple concept, but it’ll work.

Here are a few additional tips that may help you along your journey toward locking down Mr. Perfect:

I. You can’t fake it. You cannot increase your level of attractiveness by touting qualities you think men should be attracted to.

II. Learn the difference between respect and attraction. Men are not attracted to your education or your professional resume. We respect the level of intelligence and hard work it took for you to earn that Wharton MBA and become an account executive at an advertising agency all by yourself like a big girl, but this does not equate to attraction in any way.

III. Refrain from “Excluded Middle” thinking.  Just because a man does not find your education or professional resume attractive does not mean that he finds it unattractive. Don’t assume he’s intimidated by your success – assume there’s an attraction deficit or a bitchiness surplus that your degree or job title simply cannot balance.

IV. Shoot for two down and ten up. Find a man who is two points less attractive than you and 10 years older. As you age, you’ll become less and less attractive while his social status and earning power increases which will make him more attractive to women. By shooting two down and ten up, you’ll always be the apple of his eye if you stay in shape and lower your bitchiness ratio as your attractiveness declines.

V. Don’t get pissed when the chickens come home to roost. Remember how sexually liberated you were during and right after college? Well, that 34 year old man you’re hoping to lock down is working in a position of power around a lot of young 20’s girls who are every bit as adventurous as you were at that age. You’ve already noticed that he’s not nearly as eager to settle down as you are, so you may have to reduce your bitchiness level to an all-time low in order to keep his attention from turning to the women who are younger, more attractive, less demanding of commitment, less expensive, more eager to please, and much easier to satisfy than you are.

Good luck, Godspeed, and don’t forget to send me an invitation to the wedding.

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108 thoughts on “How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You”

  1. This article is spot on! One only needs to take a quick look at females’ profiles on dating websites to confirm the second chart. This should be required reading for every woman, but Cosmo would rather spam idiotic dating advice each month to their moronic readership.

    1. hmm not sure about that. what would you consider bitchy on a dating profile? i barely write anything on mine except some cryptic bs. I don’t think it would be an accurate way to judge my bitchiness level.

  2. That’s basically it in a nutshell, however many women can’t control their bitchiness level and rate themselves as more attractive than they really are, due to betas seeking their attention and past experiences as hottie tweenies.
    Bitchiness and Neediness is how a female instinctively gets what she needs for herself. It’s genetic. Men are logical and straight forward…. need food… how to catch the buffalo…. women can’t catch buffalo if their lives depended on it, so they simply whine at their men until they catch buffalo for them.
    All fine and good if everyone is hungry, but if it’s only her hungry because she was having a bad hair day and didn’t eat the buffalo from yesterday’s catch…. and he feels like resting, now catching buffalo that he really enjoys becomes a tedious chore.
    Role in some feminist activists and suddenly he’s forced to catch buffalo whenever she demands, and the social contract and barrier that in the past prevented women from getting out of hand is broken.
    Women are not going to change 200,000 years of human evolution with some bar charts and platitudes.
    What men have to do is educate their women, in the nicest possible way by simply not standing for the bitchiness, which essentially boils down to a childish attitude.
    Children act much like women, they can’t catch buffalo either, so they have to whine about being hungry until someone brings them some meat.
    When children see adults running about like their servants they assume this is the way things are done and they whine more and more. Women are no different. They need a lot of guidance to change their habits, and reign in their instincts. Having a woman in your life is not that different to having a pet tiger. You can’t show the pet tiger some bar charts and tell him not to eat you. If you behave wrong, don’t keep him well fed, show fear and don’t keep him in line, he will bite you.
    In a sense the players that pump and dump do the world a favor, and in a sense they just create more social decay, since if they simply refused to be bothered with childish women at all, there’d be a lot of women out there, who have really had the slap in the face early on in life. Just like a young child needs that slap lest he turn into a brat.
    Unfortunately in the drive to get laid, the player tells a woman what she wants to hear and strings her along and then she’s left not understanding that it’s her that’s a bitch, no lesson is learned, she thinks men are bastards and simply ups her bitchy game some more.
    On goes the game.

    1. Honestly the longer I observe the manosphere the more I think the fathers are the key. Fathers of men AND fathers of women.

      1. men always were the answer to everything except good sex and babies…. won’t be long now before we have embryonic incubators, and robotic sex slaves figured out…. then we’ll be the answer to everything…

    2. Are men smart enough to keep their natural sex drive and aggressive nature in check and educate their women.
      Keeping their sex drive and aggressive nature in check is why men are in this predicament in the first place. Women cannot be controlled by logic or reason, sorry.

    1. it’s about the size of it…. i’m not religious at all, hate Christianity… but when you see that relationships all boil down to materialism and games, and there are few morals left, you appreciate what they mean when they talk about worshiping the antichrist. … no love…. no self respect, just out for ego and gratification and what i can get for me, me, me.

    2. Yep. That is the other half of the “chicken roost’ issue. The indulgence in the fun, sexually liberated, empowerment in your 20’s may come back to bite you. Cue the ‘double-standard’ nonsense now… When considering the “C” card and certainly the big M(rs), many men will not be entertaining high-notch women. And those men will be shamed, they will be ‘insecure’, attacked, and marginalized. And those men will ignore all of that and either find a woman who somehow managed to uphold some kind of future-orientation and basic understanding of her marriage value or he will just tuck away those commitment and marriage cards indefinitely and enjoy himself.

      1. You can’t ever trust a woman’s divulgence of her sexual past. Especially if you’ve seen the shit I’ve seen. The safest bet — should you be retarded enough to get married — would be to marry a virgin, or a girl whose virginity you took while dating. No fucking exceptions. No cherry no marry, gents.

        1. No fucking exceptions? Right. Got it.
          There’s a reason men prefer to marry virgins. Thousands-year-old knowledge ain’t there just for the heck of it.

        2. So a 24 year old who has only slept with two long term boyfriends is unworthy of marriage in your eyes?

        3. Yes.
          Also, considering the financial and emotional implications that would fall upon me for the rest of my life should my wife feel the need to absolve our marriage, I’d like to think at least it was my dick that broke her in first and that she will remember me for as long as she has a vagina. Anything less than that and you know you were/are nothing more than her slave.

        4. Being her first please your ego, but what is important is to be her last. Women/men who have done a little sleeping around are not necessary bad women/men who can’t be good wives/husbands and love their partner.

        5. This is a truly misinformed post but I will grant you with a reply anyway:
          Being her last = being her last resort and getting all the other men’s sloppy seconds. There is nothing about it that makes you or the situation you’re in “important”.
          And stop using “men/women” when you talk about sex as if men and women are interchangeable in such context. We are not sexually the same and thus don’t abide by the same sexual standards.

      2. Somehow, I think a write-up on American Beauty (my job is to mask my attempt to the assholes in charge…) pitted against the new knowledge the sphere is generating. Maybe this will be my first write-up. Takes some time to go through Red Pill acceptance and later stages of it. The chickens are coming home to roost, the smart ones have the future/time-orientation are realize there SMV.

    3. Wat happened to you man? You’ve changed. I remember you like it was yesterday.

  3. I love this article. Every woman should be taught about the Two Factor System (Hotness and Bitchiness) starting at age 10. (They could do it when they take them aside in gym class and teach them how to frustrate men.)
    That’s all women need to know — their Hotness Rank, and their Bitchiness Index. Compare these two numbers, and voila — instantly derive your LTR Capacity.
    There is another factor, though, that we should consider — perception.
    There are girls who simply do not know how to dress well, or wear makeup well, or they have unfeminine mannerisms, merely because they were never taught properly. This is a travesty of the post-feminist world we live in, but it is possible (and not all that uncommon) for the occasional woman to fail to reach her full HB potential, merely due to lack of skill and training in the womanly arts. Sad but true.
    This problem (Perception vs Reality) also extends to the Bitchiness Index. There are some women with relatively low Bitchiness levels who nonetheless do not fulfill their LTR capacity because they are commonly perceived by men as cold or withdrawn, when in reality they are just reserved.
    For these under-performing women, a little adjustment to their behavior would move them into a much stronger LTR Capacity rating.

    1. I noticed lately that there are women who are physically sexy. But they don’t know how to be sexy. And the ones that do, don’t know how to be sexual. I.E. Girl game. And it is due to a lack of in many areas. Mainly, the lack of effort they need to espouse to actually have a man in their life. American women in particular don’t feel like they have to work to get a guy. I have had women initiate with me and after a bit of small talk expect me to woo them. I mean, give me some reason why I should like you. But they don’t believe they have to. They suddenly want to be “old fashioned” when it suits them. When it really means they don’t know how to get what they want without losing face.

      1. Preach it, brother! What you describe is what I refer to as “zero-effort dating.” Women today think they can just show up, but they have a lengthy laundry list of expectations of men. An overweight, “tatted-up,” flip-flop-wearing sweat heifer believes that she is entitled to Brad Pitt just because she has a vagina, but how dare any man want her just for that.
        Or how about the women on PoF who want a relationship, not an intimate encounter, but then they post public pictures of themselves sticking their butts way out as they wear something skimpy. Mixed messages much?
        I don’t even think of them as dating prospects. I just think, “if that were my daughter, I’d whip her butt. She’s 40 and should know better by now.”

        1. It’s ridiculous. And oh man talk about online dating it’s true like you say. I have had straight up LOSERS (recently an overweight,unemployed,smoker with no home living with friends at 29) who actually tried to hit me up online. I was thinking..the nerve. No woman would ever even think to consider a man with her “stats”. They are invisible. But here she is. And get this; she wanted to be romanced. HA!! It was never going to happen anyway. So I decided to try an experiment with her. She hit me up and I wanted to see how she would handle what men deal with when trying to impress women. Gave her barely enough conversation to keep her going. She couldn’t do it. They really think just saying hi and lowering their bitch shield is all they need to do. They need us to give them romance which means..they are not romantic. We as men have to be the stronger AND fairer sex. I honestly think 99% of what women know about relationships they learn from a man. Which is why it is a double edged sword because relationship/marriage failures are all directed at men because we contribute the most to them. Not the fact that a lack of contribution should be considered a bigger failure on their part.

  4. bitchy is a rookie move. much more effective to do a slow burn & withhold sex, while wearing tiny provocative pants.

  5. …see that?! No fluff, no heartfelt emotional outpourings, just pure, unadulterated science.
    You could probably dump this article in your car and get halfway across the country on it. If the nazi’s had written this, the History Channel would say it was a precursor to the V-2 rocket.
    This is just good shit. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  6. This article is pure garbage…for the first time, Ed Thatch put out a pathetic article. Okay, this article is intended for females; how many females will read this article? Let us suppose that they do read it, what does it matter? This site encourages men to enjoy the decline, which I am doing by the way, and yet an article like this is put out to advise older, used up women on what tactics to employ in securing love from a man. You really think Men respect hard work women put into education and their professions? Are women capable of earning respect from Men? What sane Man will committ to any woman nowadays regardless of her bitchiness? You advise women to fall in love w/ a man 2 points lower in looks…did you forget that women are hypergamous…even the older, used up hags? Men too are hypergamous…do you think Men w/ game will stop chasing younger, hotter women? I know for me, I don’t care how low an older woman’s bitchiness is, I will chase the younger, tighter women…always. I will continue to facilitate the decline…and no wman in the US is worthy of a Man’s commitment.

    1. You say:
      You really think Men respect hard work women put into education and their professions?
      But what the article says:
      “II. Learn the difference between respect and attraction.
      ** Men are not attracted to your education or your professional resume.**
      We respect the level of intelligence and hard work it took for you to earn that Wharton MBA and become an account executive at an advertising agency all by yourself like a big girl, but this does not equate to attraction in any way.”
      You missed that part. And bro, it’s just advice.

      1. Again, why do you respect the hard work women put into their educations? Don’t you think the fact that they put in hard work into their educations in the first place is what got them in the position that they are in? Instead of competing with men, wouldn’t it be better if they didn’t compete with men? By respecting the hard work they put into earning a degree and building a career, we morally validate the fact that they compete against us. I know I don’t respect their efforts to compete against men…

        1. Some women probably shouldn’t and most men find it a negative not a positive. However there are some women who do and find men who don’t consider it a negative. They are few and far between. It does reduce the woman’s pool of potentially interested men dramatically when she puts a lot of energy (and time) into further education and a career. It is feminism’s fault: they continuously tell women that it’s ok and even good to do so. Feminism lies. I feel sorry for a lot of my older women friends and what feminisms lies did to them.

        2. If something takes actual skill, work, and intelligence to achieve then why is it crazy to give respect to it? I have a few female co-workers whos work I respect but am I no way attractive to them at all. Would I be more attractive to them if they didn’t directly compete with me? Maybe but again the article differentiates between respect and attraction.

        3. The men women find who respect their educations and professions are beta men.

        4. Ain’t nobody got time for a dumb bitch. If I were the marrying and the fatherly type, I’d like to know that my kids wouldn’t starve to death if I got hit by a bus or something.
          And, since I’m not the marrying or fatherly type, bitch got half-rent and half-utilities to pay. She best get to work, and a degree will only help.
          And if you have female competition in the workplace, thank your lucky stars. That’s far, far more manageable than having a dozen cock-sure Alpha males vying for your job.
          (End logical response – Begin personal opinion)
          I don’t mind a woman pursuing an education or professional experience; I mind that she values it above her husband and her children.

    2. i make sure all 3 of my young neices read this blog so they know what theyre up against.
      but advice geared to women? ha ha ha. NEVER LISTEN TO A MAN.

        1. if I’m in a position to take it for granted then who’s the imbecile, really?

        2. Male hamster is much less powerful than female hamster. Hence, male cannot allow himself to wander as far from objective reality as female. Hence, male description of said reality more consistently likely to be accurate than female such.
          All averages, of course. To gunk things up a bit, since in our particular Dystopia, the males that are objectively the most alpha (highest notch counts), are those that bear the closest resemblance to chicks with dicks. Including hamster size. But that’s only a feature of dystopias, and short lived ones on their last leg at that.

      1. Listen up Subservient Hamster,
        You are proof that a woman can read hundreds of manosphere articles and still not get it.
        Thanks to hamsters such as yours, male readers of this blog know that they cannot trust their income, assets, freedom, and legacy to a woman. A woman can (and will) destroy or steal all a man holds dear and still not fathom what she has done. In fact, with the misandrist environment currently in place, she will be cheered on as she delivers the coup de grace then turns to receive her ovation.
        Side note for anyone who does not get what we are up against: Google Chrome’s dictionary recognized every word in this post except “misandrist”; it does recognize “misogynist.” We have a long way to go. Time to go Galt.

        1. im still married to my first and only husband. so probably i do get it.
          of course i had to leave the country to find him, thanks to the entitled attitude of all the whiney little hamster princelings here in America who think they deserve a hot babe just for existing
          your mama cares. i dont.

        2. Susan A. Patton would agree. I was surprised by people opposing her Princeton article, but I guess no real surprise… too many people are indignant and don’t want to be told the obvious!

      2. You advise your 3 young nieces to read this blog, yet you say they shouldn’t take advice from men…are you a man or woman? Believe me, it doesn’t matter how diligently your nieces read this blog and know what they are up against, their hamsters will propel them towards the bad boys, like me, who are facilitating the decline. And believe me, if they decide to committ to some beta schlub loser, they be miserable and unhappy like the feminazis who get respect for their education and careers…

        1. id rather be unhappy believing in love than happily and coldly calculating my current SMV and what I can get out of it before it all depreciates

        2. Reality is I’m married & have been for 10+ years. Right there I have more credentials than you and probably the author of this article. Whatever a guy tells you his bottom line is, do the exact opposite & you can’t go wrong. If a woman isnt a massive bitch now and then he won’t respect you. Spin your manly hamster wheel all you like, that’s just how the male mind works.

        3. What kind of pellets do you feed your hamster? Purina rodent chow? It seems pretty healthy.
          Males don’t respect bitches, hamster. We respect girls with a clean sexual history.

      3. Give your neices the example of a credentialed woman who has been married “10+ years”; but apparently has no kids (got hitched too late, too many abortions, too old?); who thinks that men “respect” bitches (deluded and/or tied to a beta); and who trolls the manosphere with an unchained hamster. Then make sure they read this blog and do the opposite. Fun times.

        1. What? Still talking to me, ‘The Bitch’ whilst ignoring sweetie-pie Mina and that red-pill woman?
          Well I don’t blame you. It’s just the way the male hamster rolls.

    3. I think the idea is that women should read this article before they allow themselves to degenerate into banged up old jalopies, unworthy of the rocks men and women in more civilized societies take pleasure in lobbing at their crania. Then, perhaps they won’t let such an wasteful fate befall them. After all, all women, even the most degenerate slut, started life with the potential to be wonderful. In Dystopia, most of them simply don’t make anything of that potential, perhaps for lack of anyone who cares enough about them to teach them how to.

      1. At what age should women begin reading this? And do you think the teachings of feminazi religion will lose to what this blog says? Really?

    4. You’d be surprised but women (and white knights) do come across this kind of thing. When I wrote the ‘Top 10 Posts for Single Women’, the first point being not to put out to keep a guy, there were some pretttttyyyyy angry comments!

  7. If they think they are less attractive than they actually are – they are fucked up in the head. If they think they are more attractive than they actually are – they are fucked up in the head. The sensible woman – myth or reality?

  8. +1 – great post. This is how to land a fantastic ratio alpha/beta, good looking well built and smart man. I’d additionally recommend being “not bitchy” at all, letting your man lead because that’s what he likes (and girls you will too over the long term) and replacing bitchy with “fun to be around, adventurous in bed and out, learn the lost art of sensual dance (exhibitionism just for him) and be completely loyal in every way (in thought and action)”. These are the things that keep him thinking about you all day and make him excited to come home to you every night. There is nothing like a happy man to make a great life.

      1. Well, going by that logic, women have two convenient handles, that too at convenient height, with choice for lefties and righties.

  9. THE 5 Ss (not just SEX):
    Submissive to my authority
    Sweet and feminine
    Sexy and young
    Sexual and adventurous
    None of them are optional

  10. I don’t tolerate disrespect and bitchiness directed at me regardless of how hot you are. I nip things in the bud right away before they get to Chris Brown- Rihanna level. Keep your bitches in check by having a low tolerance for her bullshit, otherwise you are encouraging her dysfunctional behavior in a dysfunctional unsatisfying relationship.

  11. “Shoot for two down and ten up”
    So true… I tend to prefer then younger, and more malleable – but I have ways to compensate for that. Of course, I’m not looking for long term – so it changes everything. I have to say that if women employed the above when I was younger, I just might have bit the bullet and married one of two of them. These days, I’m a confirmed bachelor enjoying the flowers as they blossom, but it doesn’t change the truth.

    1. The 2 down may be hard on many women who are used to being the hottie in most circumstances. But since age and hotness are fungible, an equivalent combination would be one down and 13-14 up. Or, perhaps the most acceptable, even and 15-20 up.

  12. I would rather date/marry a 7 or an 8 who is feminine, faithful, and friendly than a 9 or a 10 who is un-feminine, un-faithful, and un-friendly. Bitchy or masculinized or slutty or feminist qualities are deal breakers. Unfortunately, for the rest of this century, it will be almost impossible to find a 7 or an 8 who is feminine, faithful, and friendly in any Western cuntry.

    1. Outside of cities, you can still find feminine, faithful, and friendly, but along with those, you’ll also get fat. Religious girls excepted, of course. It’s not entirely for no reason Mormons seem to have an easier time finding marriage worthy women than your average SWPL. Heck, amongst the most fundamentalist of them, many men seem to find several 🙂

      1. If you want to discover women that are not feminism-infected nor fat – you shall go to Eastern Europe

  13. “Every woman is beautiful!”
    “I can be bitchy and attractive!”
    “Don’t objectify us by appearance!”
    I love how Mr. Thatch writes with absolutely no consideration for feminist sensibilities.
    You are an inspiration to all men, sir.

  14. One that I think you should add: Drop the “Sarcasm being passed off as humor”. Horrible, horrible personality trait. Lately, a lot of women are taking pride in being overly sarcastic and loud. And suck at it.
    It really amazes me that we are at the point where most women proudly express their personality red flags to the world. And what is even more amazing is you see these so often it’s like they share some sort of dumb ass playbook. Examples:
    “I’m very sarcastic” = annoying and passive aggressive.
    “All my friends are male” = whore?
    “I want to be romanced” = lazy and oftentimes “self centered”
    And the list goes on. As men we have to stand out from the pack. But it’s often frequent and typical to hear these talking points from many different women.

  15. Mens physical looks don’t matter you geniuses. Hygiene is a separate matter, but looking like a pretty boy is completely unnecessary and emasculating. Look at an ugly motherfucker like MrTechnicalDifficult on Youtube and then look at his wife Rachel. That should tell you all you need to know – men attract women through emotions, women attract men through looks, it’s biology

    1. If you think looks don’t matter at all, I’d call that male hamster. You can compensate for complete fugliness through other means but it’s just that – compensation. And you have to work MUCH harder if you’re out of shape, fat, and/or ugly.

    2. You might be surprised at how much women appreciate physical attractiveness.
      It’s not that we’re not attracted to men who look good. It’s just that basing a person’s worth on a single superficial attribute is kind of retarded if it’s someone you plan on spending a lot of time with.

  16. Women are the gatekeeper’s to sex, men are the gatekeepers to relationships. A woman with options will want a relationship over casual flings. A man with options will want tonnes of sex rather than a relationship. the same is true of low value males and females. low value females tend to put out more ( except for feminists ) because they cannot get sex, so chances of a relationship are low since men don’t meet her standards. Low value men rather settle for a relationship rather than sex because their options are low.

  17. This work deserves A Nobel for world peace, literature and mathematics. This must be published in every major world women’s and teen girl magazine and after removing slang terms, must be inculcated in the all girl children from kindergarten to XII grade.
    Impressive indeed.

  18. This
    work deserves A Nobel for world peace, literature and mathematics. This
    must be published in every major world women’s and teen girl magazine
    and after removing slang terms, must be inculcated in the textbooks for girl
    children from kindergarten to XII grade.
    Impressive indeed.

  19. Additional Tip 5 says it all. Young girls just don’t think about the reality that the number of desirable and attainable candidates for men keeps growing after their mid-20’s whilst shrinking for women.

  20. There is a technical error in the chart. There is no such thing as an HB1 through HB3.
    Many omega males will often argue the existence of the mythical HB4 and HB5, but generally these may only be viewed through the rheum of intoxication.
    Most dickologists accept the general notion of an HB6, although it is often a by-product of occasionally telling such a girl she is “hot” in order to allay her insecurities so you can a-lay her booty.

  21. The articles that say to date older always stress me out…my dude is only a year older…I see it so frequently that I’m actually worried that it’ll be a detriment.

  22. Your advice is flawed.
    It should be “don’t be a bitch, even if you’re hot.”
    I see a lot of complaints on this website about how exceptions are made for women with horrible behavior, and how this is unfair to men.
    If you want to be part of the solution, try holding everyone accountable for their actions regardless of who/what they are. Either that, or stop whining when other people don’t.

  23. LOL. But yup. Men aren’t all that complex. I showed this to my husband and we had a good laugh. But he says that amidst all the humor this article is totally true. 🙂

  24. Easy solution: whenever you think about doing or saying something bitchy to the guy you’re dating, make him a sandwich instead!

  25. This is hilarious. An article supposedly for women – written by a man, delivered in a male way (complete with “graphs” and numbers etc.) and nothing but praise in the comments from men only.
    And it misses the point from the start – the author is entirely oblivious to the fact that very attractive, very successful women intimidate men, and so the amount of men that are good enough for them are thin on the ground.
    This is compounded by the problem that they can’t really say this is the problem, or they’ll be labelled a “bitch” by people like the author. You think the “bitchyness” labels you’ve provided are news to them? A lot of women are viewed that way simply because others are jealous (women for not having what they have, and men because they won’t date them, or they at least assume they won’t) all before they’ve even done anything wrong.
    Those are the reasons that highly desirable women find it hard to find a good mate.
    Tell me, these women you overhear talking about their unsuccessful relationships, have you since enlightened them with this article, and gotten lots of supporting evidence in the form of actual feedback from these women, or have you just scurried away to write this in private and get hi-fives from your cyber-bros?

  26. “Find a man who is two points less attractive than you and 10 years older. As you age, you’ll become less and less attractive while his social status and earning power increases which will make him more attractive to women. ”
    This is absolute shite. When the twenty-three year old hot chick marries her handsome thirty-three year old partner they’ll have two kids together and when his earning power is at its highest and grey hair and beer belly start to show his reasonably attractive young wife will divorce him, marry a man closer to her age and all at the expense of her ex-husband who’ll be pouring out money for child support etc.

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  29. Lol, and who is deciding the lvl of attraction. Every one knows that what is great for one can be useless for another one. And what kind of play that is… reduce/increase bitchiness… lol… It is just best to be your self and not try to be someone else. If a men can not be pleased with who I am, it is his problem. And there is no way I am going -2 +10, lol. I am fat, have 4 kids from the first marriage. My boy friend is gorgeous, 13 years younger than me and we already arranged the date when our marriage will take place. This article is just a dreams of a men who was left behind by ladies all the time. I don’t think ladies should do any thing to attract men. They are following us every where. It is up to us to make a choice and very careful choice. Imagine spending your life with the wrong person and also you spent so much time to attract him – you will hate him and your self. When talking about happiness – things should happen naturally.

  30. For the men out here, what is the difference between bitchiness and the maintenance of strong personal boundaries? For example, if a woman decides not to tolerate behavior that is decidedly unacceptable and doesn’t comport with her boundaries (i.e. standing her up for a date, displaying contempt or meanness toward her, cheating on her, etc.), is that considered bitchiness? Thanks! I’m genuinely trying to understand.

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  32. Wow. I am so glad I have never met you sad, poisoned, loveless souls. Thank the stars that there are men out there unlimited by reductive , subjective misogyny. Enjoy your stay, kids. It’ll probably be very short. This shit is too fucked up to even rebut with any seriousness. For the guys on this board who suspect it, get out now while you are still human. Run!

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