3 Reasons Men Shouldn’t Major In Biology

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education has in recent times been proposed as a miracle cure for young adults trapped in a job market that is rapidly losing lucrative opportunities for all but the top percentage of college graduates.

The assortment of fields associated with STEM majors are by no means immune to rampant globalization, mass immigration, and increasing automation. While a STEM degree still affords students more opportunities following graduation than a liberal arts degree, it is no longer a free ride to a well-paying and respectable career.

Gender “Science”.

Why biology is the worst STEM field

All fields encompassing STEM are not created equally. You will find that a degree in one of the scientific disciplines (biology, chemistry, and physics) will not afford you the same high-paying career options as a degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or data science. In fact, graduating with a science degree can often be a mistake on the magnitude of graduating with a gender studies degree.

The primary example of this is biology. Biology is the youngest of the three aforementioned scientific disciplines, and easily the worst field for a young man to major in under the STEM umbrella. Biology programs tend not to require much in the way of mathematics or computer science courses, and are thus considered the easiest of the STEM programs.

Much of biology has to do with memorizing and regurgitating ‘scientific facts’ rather than solving challenging, complex problems. As technology trends away from rote memorization (e.g., search engines, online databases) and towards complex problem-solving, the skills you will learn in biology will rapidly become obsolete. The most important work in biology today is really performed by trained physicists and engineers.

Just not this engineer.

1. Limited Career Options

Typically, biology majors will work in some form of research lab for their first jobs. If you thought you would be curing cancer and synthesizing life-saving drugs, you are mistaken. Lab work is rote, boring, and tedious. You will spend the majority of your time moving small quantities of liquid to other small quantities of liquid under mind-numbing florescent lights for minimum wage. There is little opportunity for career advancement in research without going to graduate school and kowtowing to the far-left ideology of academia.

Lab technician work will largely be automated with a decade. Currently, academic and industry research labs employ a majority of unqualified women and H-1Bs who are more than happy to move small quantities of liquid around day in and day out. Women have rapidly assumed positions of authority in biology, and the biology departments at most universities are comprised primarily of women.

It’s not as great as it sounds.

What this means for a young man is that your lab manager (principal investigator) will more than likely be an aging, ‘educated’ career woman. If you are a long-time Return of Kings reader, you already know how this will go. Being ordered around by a greying cat lady and having to walk on eggshells in the workplace will drop your testosterone levels faster than drinking a gallon of Soylent in the morning.

2. Left-wing indoctrination

Furthermore, if you thought the scientific disciplines would be safe from the far-left ideology infecting academia, you are wrong. The field of biology has been marked for destruction by those who seek to undermine Western civilization. Biology has the naughty habit of contradicting many far-left talking points and ideas.

For example, biology directly refutes the notion that all men are created equally. A basic understanding of genetics would explain that we are not born as blank slates and are later shaped into evil, racist Westerners by Christianity or Republicans or some other such left-wing boogeyman. Nature over nurture is an inconvenient truth to those in power.

Biology also tells us that men and women are completely different. This simple fact of nature flies in the face of over fifty years of feminist indoctrination. The women’s rights movement is founded on selective ignorance of these very biological truths. A woman who has forsaken her most beautiful and fertile years to make PowerPoints for HR well into her thirties is going to bury her head in the sand when confronted with this reality. She will then seek to discredit and destroy these inconvenient truths by assuming positions of power in academia.

Modern education.

You cannot take a genetics course or a human reproduction course nowadays without being confronted with talk of gender dysphoria, transgenderism, and related disorders. Professors seem to take special pleasure in teaching these topics over more valuable subjects like endocrinology and metabolic biochemistry. Do not expect either to learn of human biodiversity or the inherent racial differences in IQ and temperament. We are all equal, they remind us.

3. Pre-meds

Lastly, a significant reason to avoid majoring in biology would be to avoid pre-medical students. Never has there been such a wretched and melodramatic group of people as pre-meds. Pre-meds will lie, cheat, and steal to gain any advantage on their single-minded quest to attend medical school. They are, by and large, treacherous sociopaths who have no place working with the ill and infirm. A good strategy if you are intent on going to medical school would be to take the required courses for admittance, major in something easy to raise your overall GPA, and avoid these rats altogether.

You can’t trust doctors either these days.

As aforementioned, biology has the lowest barrier to entry with regards to the STEM disciplines. The more mathematics courses you have to take for your major, the less you will be exposed to the virulent strain of leftist thought floating around universities. It would be difficult to alter math or coding courses to include far-left talking points. The engineering and mathematics disciplines are furthermore largely free of women, meaning they are safer for the time being if you want to avoid progressive indoctrination.

Studying STEM will not solve all of your career and financial worries, but it still remains preferential to earning a liberal arts degree. You would do well to avoid the sciences and stick with engineering, coding, and mathematics, as these skills will afford you more lucrative opportunities following graduation.

The future will only get more competitive as the middle class evaporates and wealth is concentrated into the hands of the self-styled cognitive elite. Low-skilled lab technicians, researchers, and those without coding and math skills will be left behind. Be smart by selecting the right field of study and do everything you can to be on the winning side of this imminent reality.

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75 thoughts on “3 Reasons Men Shouldn’t Major In Biology”

    1. Most of the points in the article are spot on. I have friends who majored in biology and knew from the beginning their degree was going to be worthless. Some people use biology as a stepping stone to more lucrative positions such as a marine biologist or as a tool to get into another field. Either way, graduating with a degree in biology is a waste.

      1. “Some people use biology as a stepping stone to more lucrative positions such as a marine biologist “…no shit Sherlock, most engineers have to branch off into specific subjects too. Lots of uses for a biology degree out there, especially in a world that is facing huge environmental catastrophes, over fishing, an overburdened agricultural industry, people moving towards organic farming, lol, and even for the need to create life support systems in space….the list goes on and on. It would not surprise me if Biology actually expanded more and got more technical in the future. Biology = the study of living organism and their interaction with the surrounding environment. Pretty important shit. Plus, if a biologist gets a good job than there is usually a lot of travel to cool and interesting places. Like anything though, women will fuck it up.

        1. I have a B.S. in biology. I was lazy in college and should have studied something a bit more challenging, like biochemistry. The job prospects aren’t great for biology graduates (not horrible though).
          A biology degree does give you a good background for graduate or professional school. I later went on to get more useful/practical graduate degrees in the agricultural sciences.

    2. A feminist at my university just took a photo of me browsing this website on the library’s computer! Why do these women in Toronto think that they have every right to spy on men?

      1. Take a photo of her right back – so we can comment about how disgusting, fat and unshaven her short-haired, man-jaw’d, Hillary-voting, tatooed-and-pierced ass really is.

    3. http://campusfreedomindex.ca/campus/university-of-toronto/
      GRADE EXPLANATION (Student Union): The student union earns a D for its policies. The student union does not have an express commitment to free speech on campus; the student union has at least one speech code; the student union’s policies in regard to club certification enable unequal treatment of clubs based on beliefs and opinions; the student union’s rules and regulations for elections and referenda impose restrictions on campaign speech and literature; the student union does not take political positions on issues outside its mandate. The student union earns an F for its practices; the student union refused to provide club certification to a student group on the basis of its views.

    4. Take advice from someone who actually majored in biology and got the job of a lifetime then – let us know when you found him.

      1. Bio is a complete waste unless you are committed to doing grad school in bio or something related. And in that case, you’re often better off with a bachelor’s in chemistry so you deeply understand the biochem. Bio/biochem majors don’t understand chemistry well enough to engineer anything. Job options with only a BS in bio are just factory work, moving around liquid like the author said.
        My BS was in bio, and I did a master’s in a totally unrelated field. My BS was interesting, made me smarter, but wasted precious time.

    5. You are so well spoken. Just some gay, your complete lack of counter argument has TOTALLY convinced me you are right and the author is wrong. Your contentless random asshole effeminate snark is so much more correct.
      Sorry for sexually exciting you with all this talk of assholes, btw.

    1. Isn’t flaunting your low-level STD (like Chlamydia) a badge of honor for SJW’s these days? They are friggin’ retarded.

      1. Yes it is, Mr. Reality, and so are single mommies popping out and flaunting their trophy bastards by multiple baby daddies like a badge of honor too (and to gain more entitlements as well). I work with them in my day job, and that mentality is just mind numbing. Feminized male management enables it too. The strong work ethic my late old school blue collar father instilled in me is eroding and waning. I never thought , this late in life, that I’d even say this.

    1. Spare some change for a one-way flight out of Toronto back to my home country of Czechia? I can’t stand the feminist and political correctness in Toronto. I’ve wasted $28,000 for International tuition at York University, but that was my fault because I was told lies.

      1. How much rent do you pay monthly to the (((landlord))) at (((Bathurst % Wilson))) in Toronto? This is the first problem that you have my fellow white man.

      2. You should’ve read the Campus Freedom Index rather than the biased Inidices from elitist magazines lke the Economist that John Tory reads in his speeches to promote Toronto as the feminist Mecca of North America:
        York University is between D to F. NO WONDER YOU’RE SUFFERING! York University is totalitarian, and I guess it has to do with either:
        You need to get out of there.

    1. That is a very niche degree and will typically be used only in research (which is cool). However, with a physics degree you can branch off easily into many other subjects, especially engineering like aerospace. It is also a hard subject so you shouldn’t have too much competition.

    2. As I stated below, a physics degree has a lot of crossover with finance/banking. Many of the top analysts on Wall St. have physics degrees (and engineering too), but you have to be willing to make the switch and apply your knowledge towards finance.

  1. “Much of biology has to do with memorizing and regurgitating ‘scientific facts’ rather than solving challenging, complex problems”….uh, you pretty much have to master most engineering mathematics in order to get a degree in biology, and you also have to be able to analyse complex and dynamic systems. Biologists are also very important in the chemical industry, environmental industry, research, life support systems for space travel, agriculture, and many medical fields. If Biology is becoming a bullshit degree than that is because of the culture we live in, not because of biology itself. Most STEM fields are beginning to lack thanks to feminism and diversity.

  2. I graduated in ’91 with a BS in biology and a minor in chemistry. Unlike engineering, biology is a stepping stone to more school, since a BS in biology will earn half what a BS in engineering does. Many biology majors go on to professional school (medicine, dentistry, optometry, etc.) or get their graduate degree. Also, there is less math…but still math is necessary including statistics. Heck, even wildlife biology majors have to end up getting their masters. I think that was the point of the article by comparing it to other STEM degrees. Right out of the gate, a BS in biology is not as marketable as other STEM BS degrees.
    I would not talk someone out of majoring in biology, but I would tell that person the pros and cons. For me, I went on to professional school. I will earn more than my engineering sons. However, I went to school twice as long.


    2. Even then, you need to be careful. Lots of people with bio degrees who go to law school think they can graduate and start doing patent law work, but there is ZERO demand for bio patent lawyers. You need at least a masters (preferably a PhD) and even then the odds of finding a patent lawyer job in the bio world are shitty compared to your time and (borrowed) money risked. STEM for the sake of STEM isn’t enough – bio ain’t software engineering.

  3. I need some spare change to leave Toronto. I wasted my first year in Canada at York University Campus studying Microbiology. I want to leave Canada. I have no job, no savings and if I don’t pay the rent, my landlord will send his goons after me. I live in an illegal rooming house at Bathurst and Wilson. Please help me because I can’t live this way in such a cruel city like Toronto.
    I am willing to be deported for good because I can’t stand the feminist culture and political correctness in Toronto, Canada.

    1. Bathurst and Wilson is an ugly intersection.
      You should get out of Toronto dude. Even if you complete the full program and graduate with a degree in microbiology, you probably will not find work in Toronto. I’ve known people with chemistry degrees working at coffee shops.
      You should realize that Toronto has made an industry of offering international students university degrees for very high fees. I have a Muslim buddy downtown who owes over 100k in student loans for his master degree and now he’s got grey hairs as a 25 year old.
      The only people who seem to be benefiting from this program are wealthy Chinese who go to University of Toronto and major in engineering and computer science. Their wealthy parents pay for their graduate degree and then they can get onto Canada’s citizenship programs to get a dual-citizenship.
      Toronto is not so friendly to people like you, who come from average means and are willing to put in the work to get a degree and work for a living. If you don’t have connections here or support from back home, you are most likely screwed dude.
      I don’t mean to sound so negative, but you should know the truth so you can make a decision. I grew up in Toronto and I know how it works more or less. If you are determined to make a life here as a random young man, I’d suggest switching your major to accounting/finance and try to get into a bank or a technology company doing sales. I’m not sure what microbiology will get you here, but you need to make sure that it will land you employment upon graduation because it most likely will not get you a job in that field from what I’ve seen.

      1. Pussy Bubble, Misandry Bubble and real estate Bubble are very severe in Toronto. Who the hell can afford over C$650,000 for a condo in downtown Toronto? $100,000 is considered pocket change to these twats in Toronto.

      2. http://campusfreedomindex.ca/campus/ryerson-university/
        On January 31, 2014, Ryerson University ordered that the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), a Toronto-based organization advocating for “men’s issues awareness,” pay a $1,600 security fee in order to hold an organized talk at Ryerson on February 6, 2014, entitled “Are Men Obsolete? Feminism, Free Speech and the Censorship of Men’s Issues,” to be delivered by Karen Straughan. Ironically, Straughan’s talk focused on the need for safe spaces in which men on university campuses can discuss issues of health and well-being. Ryerson also changed the venue from the advertised Mattamy Athletic Centre to the less central G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. CAFE was able to collect enough support to pay the security fee, and the event proceeded. Ryerson eventually absorbed the cost of the security fee after the President and Vice Chancellor of Ryerson University, Sheldon Levy, stated that the fee was an obstruction to free expression

    2. Fields like engineering, physics, scientists and math are frowned upon in Toronto. Toronto is a hen house for only child & youthcare, elementary education, social work and other paper-pushing make-work bureaucrat jobs. If you don’t wear a yoga pants to work everyday, you’re not hired in Toronto. LGBTQ+ are hired first, then feminists.

      1. Hahaha definitely some truth to that.
        I know a dude working a kushy desk job at a university and he literally has a degree in social justice. Meanwhile the guys I know in tech are all stressed thin and have to bow down to the feminist corporate culture on a daily basis. Fuck that… The guys downstairs in IT fixing computers and setting up passwords have more freedom than the prestigious tech workers I’ve seen.
        Come to think of it, HR is a pretty lucrative career-path in this city.

        1. HR, Receptionist and office administrator jobs are reserved for only feminists. Toronto is unequal in that regard. Corporate Toronto is even worse.

  4. I see a bluish haired feminist staring intently at my computer screen. I’m at the campus library. Why is she looking at me like that? Why are Toronto women fucking spies and provocateurs?!

  5. I have to sign out my friends. I feel tension in the air. She is now chatting with several other females, including a female security guard. She is pointing in my direction and showing the security guard her phone. I think she will ban me from my own campus for reading Return of Kings. Why did I ever think of studying in Toronto and wasting my life savings in this feminist dump of political correctness and SJW?

  6. Feminists tend to prefer psychology over biology in most cases. While there are more women in biology, social science are easier to mould into an agenda since biology still has to follow the scientific method. I don’t know if this is the case in universities in places such as London or Toronto. Engineering is better for men than pure sciences unless he really wants higher education or pursue academia.

  7. I graduated with a B.S in chemistry back in 2002. After 4 years of college I realized I never really learned how to make money. All of the chemist jobs I applied to were only paying $15/hr…I’m thinking “wtf…4 years of college for $15/hr??”
    I couldn’t even get a decent lab position because I didn’t have any experience. I even applied for lab assistant jobs that paid $12/hr…the requirement was an Associate degree, so because I had a B.S. they said I was over-qualified!
    The stuff I learned in college could have easily been taught in high school. It was then that I realized how big of a scam college is.

    1. going into stem to work for somebody else is a waste of time. only engineers will usually make decent money. 95% of other stem fields will be underpaid and not do anything interesting. entrepreneurship should be the goal instead. Chemists can make piles of money get to research whatever the hell they want on top of that if they had the sense to go into business for themselves instead of looking to work for someone else.

  8. The whole COMPRISES the parts and the parts COMPOSE the whole. The whole is COMPOSED of the parts. Simple really.

  9. If I was to do it all over again, I would have gotten a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, then went on to be certified as a professional engineer, then moved on to master’s and Ph.D. work if my grades were good enough. Hindsight = 20/20

    1. I disagree with the advocacy for STEM careers which pops up with frequency on this site. IMHO, STEM is grossly overrated. While there are some good engineering jobs still out there for M.E.s, E.E.s, etc., not withstanding cost of living increases (which seem to be going away too), engineering usually starts higher in wages, but tops out quickly. They used to tell engineering students to monkey branch jobs early in their careers to get more diversified skills, and to beef up their salaries, then land at the final employer for the last 15-20 years of their careers and finish it out there. Of course, in today’s job market, that seems to be archaic. I know a young man who graduated from De Vrie Institute in my city with a B.S. in I.T. After a job search of nearly a year, he landed a job for $14 per hour. He’s up to his eyeballs in student loan debt. He had good grades, is personable, and is hardworking. But he doesn’t have a pot to urinate in, or a window to throw it out. Another young man in my church graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Kansas State. He too is very bright, articulate, personable, and had good grades. He landed a job with a local consulting engineering firm for under $40K annually to start. After a year, no increase in wages, and dealing with a genocentric leaning work culture, he resigned, and then entered a union Electricians apprenticeship program with one of the heavy hitter electrical contractors in my city. He’s 25, and once a journeyman, will make more than he ever would as a Civil Engineer, plus, he’s a lot of happier, despite some of union shenanigans he deals with. I know union plumbers in my area who make more than graduate engineers, and I know journeymen machinists, Tool & die makers, pipe fitters, boilermakers, and millwrights who match and exceed graduate engineers earnings, and seem a lot happier in their work than engineers and STEM types I’ve encountered. I also knew a professor who taught in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Nebraska. He told his students that statically, 60 % of them would end up with careers in manufacturing. They nearly rioted, and went as far as to file grievances with the administration that this professor even made this statement. They told him they wanted to work in “cool jobs” like designing missles, or working in R&D. They didn’t want to work in lowly manufacturing, even though over half the jobs for M.E.s was in fact in manufacturing! Go figure!

  10. when i took linux, computer maintenance, netowrk security, window-server, netowrk configuration, and now im taking network troubleshoot course, all of these class are 98% men. I seldom see women and if i do they are in their 30’s.
    The youngest girls are found in psychology classes, social studies, english class, and all other courses.

    1. Just wait till you start working in an IT department.
      Especially for a large company.
      90% male. Of those males about 80% will be foreigners on H1B visas. And the 10% of females will be hideous, just HIDEOUS!
      But the pay is good…

      1. yeah but being realistic here, i’m expected to graduate with a 2.6 GPA…i don’t know if i can get a job or an intern.. i feel so bad.

  11. Avoid any major that has a large female population. Many women almost always means oversupply. Especially true nowadays with a student body that is 60% female. This is going to effect your future earning potential. If you have the cognitive ability…major in the hardest field possible. If you don’t go learn a trade.

    1. Not sure what majors they are, but in the past I have noticed that Internal Audit departments are heavily female, for some reason. Nagging is considered a good quality for auditors, I guess.

  12. The University of Toronto Men’s Issues Awareness Society (UTMIA), an unregistered student group at U of T which has been denied ratification by the University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU), organized a lecture to be held on campus September 27, 2013. The event, “Caring About University Men: Why We Need Campus Men’s Centres in a Time of Crisis,” featured a lecture by American psychologist Miles Groth. On September 23, 2013, U of T charged UTMIA with a $964 security fee to cover the cost of police attendance at the event, which the U of T deemed necessary. UTMIA was able to raise the necessary funds to proceed with the event, since the U of T refused to obligate itself to ensure the rule of law was followed at the event.
    Incidents in 2012-2013 involving the disruption of lectures organized by UTMIA prompted U of T to re-iterate its support for freedom of speech on campus in a statement release in November 2012. U of T went further by sending senior administrators to at least one of the lectures organized, to promote the U of T’s written policies in support of academic freedom and free expression.
    The University of Toronto placed signs outside of lectures held by the University of Toronto’s pro-life club, in November 2013 and March 2014, wherein the University reminded attendees that its anti-disruption policy was in force during the events, which went ahead uninterrupted.

  13. Biology major/master degree here. I would say a pretty accurate article. Not enough math in biology to keep the women out. So what was once an exciting, male-dominated field that spawned discoveries that really pulled the rug out from the Leftist, we’re-all-the-same platform from greats such as Darwin, Watson and Crick, Mendel, and E. O. Wilson has now become pretty PC and boring. However, there is still some cool things going on in the more hardcore molecular biology stuff and biotech.

  14. Of course the reason why there is still no cure for cancer, the flu or genetic disorders is because biology has not been treated as a hard core engineering problem like sending a man to the moon. You can be successful in this field if you take a red pill attitude instead of going along with the great scam that is the current education and medical systems.

    1. There’s no cure for cancer in general because there are countless types of cancer that require different treatments. Many cancers are, in fact, easily cured today, especially if caught early. We’ve also cured almost everything else that used to kill you before you got old enough to die of cancer or a heart attack.
      I agree that the field hasn’t gotten the intense focus it deserves though.But that’s all the more reason to get into biology. Lots of unexploited opportunities.

  15. Biology student here. It’s not true that bio is the easiest discipline to get into. The more math intensive chemistry has that honor. Nobody wants to be a chemist, so the competition is lighter. Some of the facts in the article are plain wrong. Most of the work in biology is done by biologists. Biologists aren’t engineers though, the creation of products based on that research is handled by engineers (and to a lesser extent physicists) because science and engineering are, in fact, different disciplines. And there’s no way you’re getting out of having to learn some math. If you want to be a good biologist you’re gonna need both statistics and computer skills (which include math). Sure, you can do without, but then you only have yourself to blame for being a mediocre biologist.
    The reason why I picked biology (other than that I want to turn myself into a superhuman mutant) is that it’s the final frontier available to us now. Physics is a waste of time for the foreseeable future. You are not going to do anything cool with it. The idiots who think they can become the next Christopher Columbus by going to Mars are going to get fried by radiation in one of Elon Musk’s interplanetary mausoleums. At best you may lay the groundwork for future generations to do something cool long after you’re dead. But biology is a field ripe for exploitation. It’s a vast, uncharted domain waiting for you to explore it. The attraction this poses to any man who wants to live like a man (and has the intellectual chops for a stem career) should be obvious. And women make good teachers, so at an undergrad level the presence of so many women means you usually have much higher quality professors than other stem fields. When I got my electronics associates I routinely ran into professors from russia or china who couldn’t speak proper english. In one case I couldn’t even understand how he got hired because he was virtually incomprehensible to 95% of us. No such issue in biology so far. being a good engineer/scientist rarely translates to being a good science/engineering teacher.

  16. Agree with the article. I have a chemistry background and now doing a PhD in biochemistry. While the biological sciences in their pure form are beautiful the field is cluttered with idiots. Very little mathematical/physical education in the life sciences rendering most biologists ignorant of the underlying chemistry/science behind biology they are studying. Also poor job prospects.

  17. This article is complete trash. First, having a degree in biology is a stepping stone for getting a greater degree, or furthering yourself in the field of biology. As for regurgitation of information??? Ohhh right so in my biology degree I never solved any problems just regurgitated my way through ochem 1/2, chemistry 1/2 , Physics 1/2, Biochemistry, Genetics, Calculus, and various psychological classes. This author seems like an angry person who failed biology courses because he couldn’t remember ATP synthesis, so decided to write about how his degree formerly chosen was worthless and is way better as a writer. Lol, good luck solving anything.

  18. Everything in this article is true. I majored in physiology and got a job straight after graduation at my university as a lab tech. The pay wasn’t great and I was bored out of my mind after a few months. At my particular department, there were more girls than guys and most of the “ladies” were some of the most miserable people out there. Most of the “guys” were the typical beta types. And to top it off, everyone had this sense of elitism. After 3 years I quit and went back to school for mechanical engineering. Sure, some if not all of the classes are tough. In fact some of them are really tough and mentally draining. But my internship has paid me more than I ever made as a lab tech. I’m also a lot happier and I don’t feel out of place like I used to as a lab tech. Al in all, deciding to go back to school for a mechanical engineering degree is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  19. Should men abandon all fields infested with leftism, women and political correctness without fight? Perhaps biology needs more men to keep it alive and so that humanity would not lose real knowledge about life works due to replacing that knowledge with leftist ideologies about 2025 different genders and fat loss being impossible? Should all men abandon this field so all doctors would be leftists controlling our health and lives?
    Too many posts lately on ROK telling men what to do or what not to do.
    This article looks to mee like someone regretting his choice of education and projecting the same mistake on everyone else. It’s clear biology is not fitting for talents of the author of this article, but for another man it could turn out great.
    A man must take up his own mind.
    A warning about a leftist infested field is nice, a warning about dead end career choices within the field is great, but a categorical imperitive to stay away from this field and let it be consumed by women and leftists without fight is wrong. If you are a man and have a passion for this field – don’t get discouraged by such articles.

  20. Wow. Its pretty obvious that a non stem major wrote this. First off, to imply that its easier and therefore a womans job…shame on you ( I also take it you’re single or dating a dum dum.) Bio is almost always used as a stepping stone to other more pinpointed areas. Man, I was hoping this article was a joke, but one good thing did come to light out of it…now I understand why so many people are in the service industry….lack of brains and believing everything they’re told. Smh

  21. This is a ridiculous over-simplification. Although you must certainly be careful of “soft” biology, modern biological engineering is one of the most exciting and challenging scientific fields.

  22. This appears to be fake news! I beg to differ with Morton on the job prospects for newly graduated M.D.’s – there is a shortage of doctors in the mid-western U.S. and many other exciting fields to go into — and what do any of his predictions have to do with his sexist claim that biology is not for “men”? What a turn off for the intelligent open-minded readers out here! I hope most science students will ignore his biased and snobby prose. I stopped reading after the 2nd or 3rd paragraph. Get your facts straight and donate that dusty, worn out male-chauvinistic cloak you’re hiding behind to some other backwards, unemployed colleagues of yours Morton!

  23. This is untrue. I’m not sure where the author got some of this nonsense. Genetics is typically MOLECULAR genetics, which means you’re talking chemistry rather than transgendered issues. Gender isn’t presented as anything but a difference in X vs. Y. I have made a career from a biology degree (and advanced degree in the same field) and support a family with my income.

  24. Terrible article. If you want to prove a point or whatever, try not to be biased towards your obvious beliefs. I’m having trouble taking this article seriously because all I can picture you is angrily blaming your lack of advancement on the more qualified women around you.

  25. Biology is simply the easiest major to pick in order to get into medical, dental, and optometry school. Very large class sizes and rote memorization make it easy to get an A on the curve. I wouldn’t recommend it for those looking to get a great job out of undergrad but if you’re trying for a professional degree, you simply can’t beat it. Professional schools care about
    1. GPA
    2. Standardized test scores
    3. Bullshit extracurricular activities.

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