20 Signs That We’re Not Living In A Patriarchy

Feminists typically justify their beliefs by claiming that America (and the west in general) is a patriarchy, a society where men dominate and women are subjugated. But does our world really privilege men over women? All the signs point to no. Here’s why…

1. More women than men are attending college and earning degrees


According to Pew Research Center, 71 percent of women enroll in college after graduating high school while only 61 percent of men do, with the gap widening every year. Additionally, since 2006, women have earned the majority of college degrees at all levels, from associate’s degrees to doctorates.

2. More women than men have jobs


Since 2010, women have surpassed men on American payrolls and consistently have a lower unemployment rate than men as well. This is in large part due to the current recession, which so disproportionately impacted men that media outlets have dubbed it the “mancession.”

3. Men and women earn equal pay for equal work


Feminist claims of a “pay gap” between men and women are false. According to the Wall Street Journalwhen pay rates are adjusted for education, marital status, occupation and other factors, men and women earn the same amount of money for the same work.

4. On average, boys perform worse in school than girls


Girls consistently earn higher grades than boys in grade school, including in math and science. Boys are also more likely to be diagnosed with developmental disorders such as ADD, ADHD and autism.

5. Men are jailed at much higher rates than women

Man in Prison Cell

According to the Bureau of Justice, there are more than ten times the number of men in prison than women, many of them jailed for drug possession and other nonviolent offenses. So many men are imprisoned in the U.S. that the “land of the free” now has the largest prison population in the world, larger than communist China (a country with four times our population) and other repressive dictatorships.

6. Men are more likely to commit suicide than women


From 2000 to 2011, the U.S. suicide rate rose to 12.3 per 100,000 people from 10.4, with men driving the increase: they are four times more likely to kill themselves then women. Middle-aged men and military veterans are especially at risk of suicide.

7. Rape rates in the U.S. are the lowest in decades


Despite feminist claims that American society fosters a “rape culture,” the rate of rape and sexual assault declined by 58 percent between 1994 and 2010. In 1994, five out of every 1,000 women were raped; in 2010, only two out of 1,000 were.

8. College students are much less likely to be raped than the general population


Feminists like to argue that one out of every five women in college will become the victims of rape, but according to the Department of Justice, only six out of every 1,000 female college students will be raped or assaulted. In other words, only 0.03 out of every five women are raped.

9. Domestic violence has fallen to its lowest rates ever


According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the rate of nonfatal domestic violence declined by 63 percent between 1994 and 2012. Serious intimate partner violence against women also fell by 72 percent between 1994 and 2011. From 1993 to 2007, the annual number of women killed by their husbands, boyfriends or other intimate partners fell from 2,200 to 1,640.

10. More men in the U.S. are raped than women


According to the Department of Justice, in 2008, 216,000 inmates were sexually assaulted while in prison, compared to 90,479 rapes that occurred outside of prison. Because men are ten times more likely to be imprisoned than women, they are almost always the victims of prison rape.

11. The use of “roofies” and other date rape drugs is rare at best


According to a study in the British Journal of Criminology, “there is no evidence of widespread use of hypnotics in sexual assault, let alone Rohypnol, despite many attempts to prove the contrary.” Most women who claim to have been roofied were merely drunk.

12. Super Bowl sex trafficking is a myth, as is trafficking in general


Despite feminist claims to the contrary, there has never been large-scale sex trafficking around the Super Bowl. Indeed, according to government reports, sex trafficking of women and girls in general is rare.

13. The media treats women who claim to have been raped with respect, no matter how ridiculous their stories


From the Duke lacrosse rape hoax to the recent UVA rape hoax, women who cry rape are treated with reverence by the media, their claims never investigated or criticized.

For example, Columbia student Emma Sulkowicz made waves last fall when she declared that she would be carrying her mattress around campus until her alleged rapist either dropped out or was expelled. Not only has Sulkowicz been the focus of numerous positive news reports since then, she was invited to attend this year’s State of the Union by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

This implicit belief in her story occurs despite a typically conviction-hungry district attorney’s office declining to bring any criminal charges against the accused, and extremely strong circumstantial evidence that no rape actually occurred.

14. University of Virginia fraternities have been forced to institute new rules in response to a rape that never happened


Despite the fact that Rolling Stone’s story “A Rape on Campus,” about a brutal rape that occurred at a UVA frat house, has been proven to have been fabricated, UVA fraternities were forced to agree to more restrictive rules on their activities as a result of said story.

15. “Yes Means Yes” sexual assault laws are being enacted in states across the U.S.


Last year, the state of California enacted a new law requiring “affirmative consent” for all sexual encounters between college students. Despite being unenforceable and a clear violation of men’s rights, several other states, including New York and New Jersey, are considering enacting their own versions of the law.

16. Ray Rice was nearly blackballed out of the NFL due to domestic violence charges that had been dropped


Last September, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended from the NFL after a video of him punching his then-fiancee Janay Palmer was released by TMZ. This was despite the fact that not only had criminal charges against him been dropped, Palmer married Rice not long after the incident. Rice successfully appealed his suspension last December.

17. Women are dominating high profile positions in government and business


Women are increasingly taking top spots in American business, with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, IBM CEO Virginia Rometty, and Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman among the most notable examples. Additionally, as of the 2014 elections, a record 104 women are serving in the U.S. Congress: 84 in the House and 20 in the Senate.

18. Public transit systems are campaigning against “manspreading” at the behest of young women


Last December, New York City’s MTA launched a campaign against “manspreading,” the supposed phenomenon of men spreading their legs too wide on the subway. The MTA’s initiative came after years of lobbying by young women and blogs such as Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train.

19. Foreign women who use dating sites to seek American men to marry are protected by the Violence Against Women Act


In 2005, as part of the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, Congress added a new statute, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). This law requires American men who use dating services to connect with foreign women to undergo invasive background checks, effectively privileging female foreign nationals over male U.S. citizens.

20. Twitter rewrote its harassment policy solely due to pressure from feminists


Two months ago, Twitter unveiled a new anti-harassment policy at the behest of feminists and those who oppose GamerGate, a consumer revolt focused on fighting corruption in video game journalism. Both groups have since abused this policy to get anti-feminist personalities such as Jordan Owen, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Slade “Roguestar” Villena suspended from the site despite the fact that they have never broken the rules.

As you can see, the idea that modern society is patriarchal is completely ridiculous. Not only are women doing better than men when it comes to education, employment and other metrics, women’s concerns take center stage in both the media and government. It doesn’t matter whether these concerns are based on myths, outright lies or completely frivolous: the power brokers in our society cater to women at every opportunity.

This is a woman’s world: men are just living in it.

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508 thoughts on “20 Signs That We’re Not Living In A Patriarchy”

  1. If the US is a Patriarchy oppressing women in 2015 being a black slave on the plantation must’ve been absolute heaven.

  2. “The Patriarchy” is a fabrication invented by radical feminists to further their agenda of preferential treatment for women at the expense of men, just like “rape culture.”

    1. Often, old traditions perpetuated by women, are blamed on men. For example, feet-binding in Asia, female circumcision in Africa, etc. These are all female-initiated practices that women would inflict on young girls. Yet, it’s men who work to abolish them.

      1. Good point about foot binding. The same goes for this tribe in Burma where the women wore a shit ton of rings on their necks.

    2. How far down would women have to push men until they admit that the “patriarchy” is all just a bunch of bullshit?
      Would they be happy if 50% of men committed suicide… Or maybe if no men earned above 20k a year? Maybe if zero men go to college? Maybe if all the boys ask for hormone therapy?
      My guess is the only thing they’re going to even notice is when all the good men check out and the government runs out of money.

      1. “My guess is the only thing they’re going to even notice is when all the good men check out and the government runs out of money”
        winner winner, chicken dinner.
        we cant afford this nonsense much longer. When the “spending other people’s money spigot” gets turned off permanently, I doubt many men will give a shit about saving women. I wont.

      2. Well the US has 16 (?) trillion dollars in debt so it’s inevitable that the current structure (SJW “leftoids” demand everything for free and waste money on nonsensical stuff e.g. welfare for people who don’t want to work) will collapse. The good thing is, feminism will lose power; the bad part is, it will drag the whole Western society down with it.

        1. Yupp…
          Btw I read through the main chapter in Psychological Types and thought it a very interesting read.
          I think my next step is to see if any research supports the general conclusions. I know extroversion/introversion distinction has been basically proven.
          But I don’t know if there is evidence to suggest that people predominantly focus on one function vs. another. Or that the other functions become organized around the dominant function as Jung described it.
          I’m not a reductionist per se (i.e., I am willing to entertain ideas that can’t be immediately proven scientifically) but it would be nice to know if there is research to support it. If it could be proven true it is a powerful theory with meaningful theoretical and practical applications.

        2. The whole world is bankrupt. Will be “interesting” to see in what manner everything resets and starts again. I dont think it will be a pleasant process

        3. Extremely scary, we were very lucky averting a nuclear war during the cold war. Today, no one seems to have learned or kept that anti-nuke tradition in-tact, especially the very harpies who whined about the nukes i.e. the fucking progressive liberals. Worse, its their guy, barry the potus, who seems to be putting us on a collision course to ww3 and with…fucking Russia! The very country that we had almost radiated the world with! I tell you the madness is unbearable. Russia has upgraded ICBMs, SLBMs and bomber fleet. The Topol M is stealth! And they’re ditching the US dollar…the ultimate “no no”, what will happen next? Russia isn’t Iraq, Afghanistan or some African country…they have thousands of nukes pointed at us right now. And, oh by the way, China is about to see its enormous economy full of men explode!

        4. Actually it’s more than 18 trillion and when you go off line and take into consideration all the unfunded liabilities, various social programs and pensions it’s probably well over a 100 trillion. They will be coming for our 401 Ks and anything else not nailed down. Time after time I’ve underestimated the financial elites and their ability to keep their bankrupt monetary system up and running. I will never bet against them.

        5. I’ve just researched now to check; I don’t think there are any studies for the functions themselves (if there would, they would probably be anecdotal) but I did find some links saying that psychodynamics couldn’t be proven empirically anyway: “Jung’s cognitive functions are a set of postulated psychic processes that are very hard to falsify or quantify” and “In terms of empirical evidence, types don’t exist.” from http://www.celebritytypes.com/blog/2014/02/mbti-for-skeptics/
          I do think, however, that functions are mostly a name for preferences in terms of brain functioning (e.g. logical vs emotional, abstract vs concrete) so that probably certain areas of the brain may light up for some functions (e.g. the amygdala for empathethic extraverted feelers) more often than for others, so there might be that though I don’t think anyone will venture to do any research in this topic.

        6. The trouble with psychoanalytical thought is that it is almost impossible to quantify.
          Psychological Types is basically Jung’s treatise on personality differences that was gathered over decades of his experience as a councillor.
          It is kinda similar to game
          In this regard. There is some science if game but a lot of it is sharing stories and jiving with what seems to work.
          In the same way that I put faith in Roosh’s experience and see how it lines up with my own, I am willing to put some faith in Jung.
          My personal experience suggests that there are reliable differences btw for example INFPs and ESTJs.
          Thanks for sharing the info btw.

      3. I recently heard some old jew woman on your supreme court say that all the judges should be women
        how you country lets that kind of subhuman into such positions is beyond me

        1. Canada is really fucking up right now.
          Harper is trying to pass a law where we can arrest anyone who is even just suspected of aiding terrorism. They are pushing this whole story that Canada is in threat by Muslim radicals and anyone associated with that can be brought in by the cops.
          I kinda doubt that is what it is really about for some reason. I`m thinking they`re just trying to grab for more control because Canada`s economy is falling apart. We shouldn`t need to be bringing in so many immigrants every year just to keep the gears turning.
          Meanwhile, we keep giving more and more free shit to women and aiding the rest of the world, while our own middle class is disappearing. Anyone with half a brain is saving money to leave this place… including me…
          In Toronto we have a ton of hipsters. And by hipsters I mean liberals addicted to drugs.

      4. No, this type of people will never be happy. If all theese current dreams came true, they would just come up with other ‘issues’ to justify their vile existence.

      5. If it ever gets to that point where man are in such a compromised position, women will find out the difference between the sexes real quick.

      6. Have any of us ever thought for a second that women need a push back? Like they’re creating this feminazi environment because they realize shit is messed up and they need us to right the ship again but we’ve been sleeping so long that they need to resort to drastic measure to wake us up so we can lay the pimp hand down once again.

        1. Nah man, we’ve been asleep at the wheel. If we were really building the world like that, we wouldn’t be in this mess and we’d have put in fail safes so no one could tear that sh!t down but us.

      1. Then its funny how in tribes where females are technically naked rape is almost non existent

  3. While I agree with the conclusion of the article (the USA is not a patriarchal society), I don’t see how the vast majority of those 20 signs in any way indicate it.
    Patriarchy is rule by men. The only point that pertains to it in one way or the other is #17, and ironically enough, it’s one that does suggest patriarchy. Men significantly outnumber women in congress, and even more in big business top positions. If the ratio of women to men is increasing, it would not refute the patriarchy hypothesis, it would merely be consistent with the notion that a patriarchy is becoming less patriarchal.

  4. The patriarchy has done a remarkably shitty job at preventing the rise and near take over by gender tribalist feminists. This is probably because the Patriachy meets at Tuedays at 2 at the Golden Corral off of I-80.

    1. I knew it! someone told me they met at long john silver’s but no one was there…damn red herrings

      1. Yeah sorry about that man. We were there two weeks ago. We need to keep on the move, dangerous times were in.

    2. The patriarchy has done a remarkably shitty job at preventing the rise and near take over by gender tribalist feminists.

      It’s not the patriarchy’s fault. Whatever men think and want: they get outnumbered at the voting booths. Women’s suffrage is the culprit. Men as a group would shut down feminism and gender BS for good very quickly.

      1. But it would be abhorrent to even suggest that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Because apparently men don’t care about women’s best interests.
        All women want is socialism and leftist totalitarian policies. They value security over freedom.

  5. Everything you see around you in human civilisation was invented, built and put there by a man. EVERYTHING. And please don’t point out the exceptions because you’re just proving the rule.
    If women want to vilify the patriarchy paradigm then they must REJECT all things provided by men.
    They can’t extract resources by victimhood status at the hands of ‘the patriarchy’ and simultaneously reap all the feature comforts that men provide.

    1. Check out “Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better” to see all you just said in more depth. One of the best articles so far this year on ROK.

      1. I saw a cross stitch today, that said” to be a man, you need Honour- and a penis.”
        Truer words never said.( And Im only visiting the “Big Boys Playground.”For which Im honoured. As thats as much as I understand of it. )
        After seeing my fathers level of science comprehension, humility is forever near.

        1. Kwolek, yes. But these scientific female unicorns have almost invariably masculine characteristics, both in regard to looks and mind. They usually have fathers who immerse them from an early age on in science: Noether’s father was also an accomplished mathematician, Kwolek’s father was, quoting wikipedia “a naturalist by avocation, and Kwolek spent hours with him, as a child, exploring the natural world.”

        2. It is true.
          I have no problem with that.
          A true meritocracy is always composed of 95% of men and the rest of women.

        3. More innovative and productive perhaps. Better? This depends on what one is referring to. Males and females are simply very different types of humans. Our worth in terms of our humanity is certainly equivalent but our functions certainly differ.
          However, both sexes, particularly females, have forgotten their place and are attempting to create an equality that simply has no basis in reality. One must remember that the word “equal”, from which the word equality is derived, means “the same”, which is of course quite incorrect.

        4. True. Innovative and productive. There are more male geniuses than female geniuses out there, of course there are exceptions to the rule. The mass majority of great scientists, leaders, mathematicians, artists, composers and inventors are men. Female IQ tends to be clustered while male IQ is more spread out (which may also mean more male idiots than female idiots).

        5. Indeed. It is as if some great being took one cup of sand for the female and carefully poured it onto a surface. This great being then proceeded to take a cup of sand for the male and simply tossed it up into the air, creating the scatter we see. Rather odd is it not?

        6. No, better built to not drop out of the work force after babies arrive.
          Men can keep working long hours as long as they had a faithful wife, who was not cleaning the plumbing of the neighbors.
          Now, men and women get all their cheating of youth out before they are in their thirties. There is almost no reason for a man to marry nowadays. And women are starting to see that their biological clock prohibits them from having it all.
          Unfortunately, this is coinciding with a reawakening from men to the realization that a life long commitment with a used up cock rag is not a viable investment.
          So, they are receding to their mastaboratoriums, replete with video game consoles, computers, college degrees/high school diplomas, and a lack of desire to work for the man and his tax/cock gobbling wench-whorde.
          When that army of men finally wake up, and decide what it si they want to do, these women are screwed. A whole generation of future cat-halla spinsters wishing they took the first cock from high school that gave the first sales pitch. I suspect, larger than any prior generation of would be monastery rats, is going to be a very not-insignificant minority of women. Say 40%.
          Considering that the overall illegitimacy rate for the US is over 40% right now, 72% for black-americans, I strongly suspect that young men are going to be reevaluating their lot in life.
          Too bad for feminists they are now just starting to realize their women’s studies degrees should have been wasted getting a smaller percentage of females through engineering.

        7. Wow. I was going to throw the “Kevlar Lady” into the discussion. It’s amazing that such a trifling and derivative invention is what we both were reduced to thinking about. The ‘coincidence’ is so telling. I mean there wasn’t much of a list for us to go through. Kevlar, too. Not exactly the microchip. The subject at hand is ‘women and innovation’ and we both were like, “Kevlar lady!” That says so much.

        8. A woman named Mary Anderson invented the windshield wipers.

          Marge: “Well, a woman also invented the windshield wiper!
          Homer: “Which goes great with another male invention: The car!”

        9. True. A car is a series of parts put together and most parts were invented by men. There are way more male inventors than female inventors.

        10. Assuming that the IQ of men has a larger spread around the same mean IQ of women, there are definitely more male idiots than female idiots. It’s not a ‘maybe’.
          I agree with the assumption. The smartest men are smarter than the smartest women, and the dumbest men are dumber than the dumbest women. I just don’t agree with the fact that you said “MAY also”.

        11. No, according to some dudes at the top of the military they stated, in court no less, that kevlar is an alien invention. Ridiculous to believe, i know, but you can see their testomonies for yourself on youtube.

        12. ‘Unfortunately, this is coinciding with a reawakening from men to the realization that a life long commitment with a used up cock rag is not a viable investment.’
          Dont you mean, fortunately?

        13. Basically more men in prison, more men in power.
          Also take into consideration men do better on tests and women do better on coursework. There is also much evidence of female teacher bias against males.

        14. True. But a woman still came up with the initial design. She is just an exception of a female inventor. There isn’t too many of them out there especially in this day and age where women are pretty much dumb down by the stupid media and feminist politics. You’d think that just because they are given more rights that there would be more females in STEM fields but there isn’t.

        15. All higher education should be free for anyone and paid for with debt free money issued by the central bank.
          Then, every bank should be forced to loan money to anyone regardless of their credit or net worth or risk for any reason and let the natural ups and downs of currency keep inflation in check.
          The Founding Fathers wanted this, a world where everyone has equal opportunity to seek their own happiness, a world free from controls by corrupt oligarchies.

        16. I personally experienced that back in high school, to the point I am not attending my class reunion.

        17. Depends upon the perspective. For the women, unfortunate. For the men, fortunate. They’re all getting schadenboners now.

        18. My father was a brilliant scientist. I had it soon as he could get me to understand. This is where I learned respect for a brilliant mind, not ideology.

        19. I dunno dude. It’s kind of hard to find the time to do that sort of stuff when you’re popping out babies from when you’re 15 pretty much until you die for the majority of women through most of human history. Not that they would have been allowed to and when they were, a man would likely take the glory for it and they’d have absolutely no recourse to do anything about it. Rosalind Franklin actually pioneered the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA but she died of ovarian cancer before the research was finished. James Watson and Francis Crick took all the credit for it. Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered pulsars but the Nobel Prize went to her boss. Hedy Lamarr came up with the technology that led to wifi. Lady Ada Lovelace invented programming when Charles Babbage built the first computer. Jacky Cochran created the WASPs which led to the establishment of the US Air Force. Lise Meitner discovered nuclear fission. Not to mention Marie Curie. There’s tons of them. They just rarely got credit for their contributions.

        20. you’re not reading the article. This article states that more women are in power.

        21. “Our worth in terms of our humanity is certainly equivalent”
          I don’t understand what this sentence means. What is “worth”, exactly? And what’s the difference between “worth” and worth “in terms of our humanity”? What does “in terns of our humanity” mean, anyway? Doesn’t worth mean “worth something to someone”? Isn’t it therefore meaningless to say that anything has “worth” in an absolute sense? Don’t you need to stipulate to whom we each have equivalent worth in terms of our humanity? Or do you mean that “humanity” is the thing to whom we each have this equivalent worth? I’m not sure that that makes a lot of sense, frankly.
          (After this, can someone please explain to me what a “right” is?)

        22. Anonymous guest or not, your second sentence pretty much sums up this Catch-22. It seems to be a recurring theme on this site. Several articles and many comments seem to focus on how women don’t contribute to the betterment of society on the same level as men, then when they do contribute, their achievements are minimized, they’re considered unfeminine, attempting at ‘equality’ when instead they should be at home. Wanting to discourage women from inventing and research, then turning around to chastise them for not contributing in that way…it’s a schizophrenic mindset. Leaves me baffled, but it’s good reading for entertainment purposes nonetheless.

        23. “there are definitely more male idiots than female idiots. It’s not a ‘maybe’”
          That would depend on your definition of idiot. I think believing stretchy pants and leggings as anything other than either pajamas or work out clothes for yoga ONLY is idiotic. Yet, I see most women wear those in the fall. Oh, and to OFFICE JOBS as well. OFFICE FUCKING JOBS. Riding boots is another. They were designed to be worn when riding a galloping animal and yet, they are now fashionable and the amount of time that they are worn for their intended purpose is now a tiny fraction of what it was before. And that doesn’t include what they are marketed to. The fact that they are friends with people they honestly don’t like. How they never get their damn faces out of their damn phones to enjoy the life that is occurring around them? Oh, you’re bored of facebook? Guess what? There is a fucking real world right outside. It isn’t boring because there are ALWAYS things to do.
          I am sure I could go on, but my point is made.
          Much like many opinions given in this comment section and some part of the men’s rights movement, aggressive stupidity needs to be corrected. Otherwise, the idiots turn anti-feminism into the new feminism where EVERYTHING is oppression.
          “and the dumbest men are dumber than the dumbest women.”
          Yeah, no. Get your gynocentric bullshit out of here. That’s how men are painted. “Sure, why wouldn’t dumber men be more stupid than dumber women? I mean, men are already dumber anyways.” Check your programming, dude.
          I really wish people would stop propogating this “more in higher power, more in lower power” bullshit. Some things work that way. More male heads, more male homeless. But like most things in life, there is no cookie cutter ruleset. Just because there might be more male STEM professionals, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more stupid men than women. Cite me facts if you don’t agree.

        24. You got it wrong. There are in fact more pussy idiots. It’s only that either they are shielded by societal & legal double standards or they are deliberately ignored by “vested interests”.

        25. They are in power because they are being “allowed”, just because they have something different between their legs.
          Did the so called Facebook “C O O” created the Facebook !? Did the CEO of HP established & build the Company ?

        26. You may be right, they’ve been pushed or placed into power. There is another reality. You’ll never take power from them. I do wish you luck. There’s always, like, a giant meteor striking the planet, reducing society to scattered groups of humans barely surviving under the rubble. If that happened, you’d at least have some kind of chance.

    2. Men have built it up, but due to the bastardization of the legal system by feminist and the beta imps that due their bidding, they are reaping all the rewards.
      As it relates to items 1-6 of this article, this video is very telling about how the Feminist agenda is trying to stop boys from being boys and men from being men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFpYj0E-yb4

      1. It’s a sad reality when one of the most respected mens’ rights activists is a woman. No one would take anything Christina Hoff Sommers said seriously if she were a man — and even still, no one really seems to listen to her.

        1. Karen DeCrow also got it trying to help MRAs out in the 70s, 80s, because she thought that if men got into the home, and were allowed custody women could work more post divorce.
          Her story, and treatement by Gloria Steinem and crew, are a chilling reminder that feminists have never actually cared about men.
          She died last year I think.
          Hoff-Sommers is great, but she is often silenced because she rocks their boat, and has been since the 90s.
          I would no longer call her a feminist even though she still does.
          I might actually argue that she never was.

        2. Think of that statement- no one would take it seriously if she was a man.
          Ive got to go bury my head in my copies of Classical Literature and comfort myself with Marcus Aurelius, and Mendelian genetics.
          Ive sen good response for CHS from Gamers on Twitter when I was reading about Gamergate. Somehow, of course being the strange being I am, I was adopted by the Gamers, a whole gay contingent, and heaps of IT type people ( I mean that in a nice way ) who seem to love her. She’s like the Gamergate good guys Mummy.

        3. “I might actually argue that she never was.”
          I think that could be a convincing argument. Feminism by definition is concern for the feminine side of gender. There for, fighting for men is anti-feministic and would remove any literal ties to feminism. But that’s just my opinion…

        4. being a feminist means believing in EQUALITY. It doesn’t mean you have to be anti-men, or that things that are pro men are automatically anti-women.

      2. Yeah, and….???? Men have been complaining about these issues for years but now it’s a serious problem because this woman says so? She forgets to mention Ritalin and other drugs given to our sons to medicate them into acting more like little girls.

        1. I spoke to a doctor at Harlem Hospital about this, he lamented that this was being done. You all should also look into the Trouble With Boys by Peg Tyre.

        2. Which in turn, overmedicating as a gender control tool, makes a huge, hideous, political mess for us ADHD’ers with serious Genetic based Hyperactivity ( now seems to point to fathers genes ).Getting drugs that work for us-such as Dex-amphetamin ( off patent, safe and inexpensive,a paradoxical stimulant in True Hyperactivity )- is nearly impossible, as is a functioning life. While boys have their growth stunted, from un-necessary drugs.
          Im right there with you, Mr Jeff. In fact, although this is a focal point of my own life ( it HAS to be, sadly ) really- these two issues are allies. 🙂

      3. The idea that we can combat the War Against Boys in the classroom by encouraging to read more reminds me of the books I was required to read in my public school tour of duty. “Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros and “Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan were both required reading in my 11th grade English class, which was taught by a middle aged, unmarried, liberal, angry, cunt.

        1. LOL. My geometry teacher was a 60 something spinster that literally told the whole class that the reason she would not ever have class hours for math-help was because she walked home everyday to feed her cats! And that the reason it was Ms. not Mrs. was because she never married.
          She had my dad some 30 years before. She remembered that he called her several names she never forgot. I dropped the class before two weeks were out. Went into to trig.
          I also was forced to read those books, and watch the movie.
          I had several kids in my english class call Christians idiots by my favorite english teacher, after she loudly proclaimed she had an abortion herself. Then after one student called the other fag for something, she brought both out and gave the one a stern talking to.
          My public schooling was literally public-funded indoctrination.

        2. If you ever stupidly see the movie, as I was forced to watch for my grade, it is literally feminist propaganda through and through.
          I can only assume that almost all of it was utter BS!
          Each of her aunt’s, and mother, were somehow oppressed in a nation that stated “Women hold up half the sky!” under Mao.
          Feminists can’t see reality. They can only see reality through the shit covered prism they call their ideology.

        3. Not just female authors but ethnic too. Unreal. Don’t let it put you off though. Read like crazy on your own.

        4. I do. My point is that it shows how unfair the feminized curricula in High School is for males. I would have gotten better grades if I was assigned something that wasn’t poetry that a poor Mexican lesbian wrote about her vagina. That’s not an exaggeration, by the way. And we were expected to write intelligent analysis about that sort of thing. The point of it was to “expose us to other points of view,” of course. But we never read The Great Gatsby, any of the 19th century British or Russian literature that is considered essential, or anything written before 1960, except for Upton Sinclair (I wonder why).

        5. Mine was nothing but indoctrination, too. But it didn’t take. It just sowed the seeds in my mind for a very aggressive Conservatism later in life. Abolish the Department of Education, cut federal funding for public schools, and drown the teachers unions in a lake.

        6. Can’t remember. It was a bunch of old Chinese women who played Mahjong and talked about how they didn’t understand their daughters because their daughters were born in America and had few of the values from the old country.

        7. That’s good. It’s tragic how many young men are put off of reading by feminist English teachers. It nearly happened to me. Back then the curriculum still had white males to read but the teachers shamed men right and left. It was an old, MALE English prof in uni who made me understand for the first time in my life that I loved reading. Amazing it took so long. Partly my fault but young men should be feasting on London, Conrad, Ernest, Cormac. Nothing like it. It seems like Millenials especially could really do a 180 away from the ‘image’ life (TV, net, easy access to movies) and just kind of go, “Cool. You have to imagine it for yourself. What a trip!” I hope so. I feel sorry for all the shit thrown at your generation.

        8. The Great Gatsby while a good book is how a dude completely simped on a bitch and got killed for it.

        9. Yeah. There’s two things here.
          -An author who writes good fiction and happens to be ‘ethnic.’ All good here. A writer is a writer. Even if they delve a bit into their particular ethnic experience it’s okay as long as a creative story is the primary goal.
          -An ethnic author who beelines it straight to his/her ethnic grievances, minor cultural bumps and minor cross-racial struggles, knowing they can spin their ethnic tale EVERY TIME and never be criticized, always be praised and most importantly, always be published. Sherman Alexie is the most egregious example of this. He could write a short story about putting his socks on the morning (Instead of moccasins! Grrr!) and white-guilt literati would praise it right on cue, like Pavlov’s dogs. Jumpa Lahiri, Amy Tan. All ethnic, ethnic, ethnic.

        10. Im literally the Tools of ‘Satan’, then. I feel like I should start buying up every good book I know and passing them to schoolboys on the bus. In brown bags.
          That whole “Inclusion” ideology ruined art and Literature for everyone. Its all rubbish. I’d give them Huxley and Francis Bacon’s nudes.=
          Farenheit 451- century 2

        11. I was emotionally savaged by a LA Rams cheerleader, outside ballet class ( she wasn’t correct, ), and also maths teacher ( a beastly woman. )I would have preferred the stick. Less scars. End sooner.

      4. Very interesting video. I used to study to be a proffesor and very much of what she said is totally true. I might even add that this days teachers don’t really know how to deal with their students, especially because most kids come from homes where their parents(or single mothers) don’t teach them basic values.

        1. Yeah and, since that this is part of the manosphere, the Male lion is such a powerful symbol for men since the beginning of times

        2. I could teach a lot about that.
          Mythos is my specialty. Luckily, you can’t feminist Collective Archtypes! You could even be the Moon, as a man! ( Example-Mystical Kabbalah, A Strong, Handsome man. Luna is the gate to Collective Archives of Myth-and this is where, before Jungian psychology ext, had a whole masculine pantheon of very powerful pre-Christian Solomonic demons under its domain.)
          Thelema , is fortunate in having a philosophical system that is built for strong men, with women honoured for their place. Not instead. Also Ordo Templi Orientis.
          I had more books to read being involved with those, than a traditional Cambridge degree in classics. ( Those too.)
          All that esoterica- as far as I may say- is another source of non-corrupted knowledge. But hard-going to learn. Both the AA, and The OTO ( Ltd) are secret for a reason.
          Freeing your mind, is not something ideologues like. Plus, they waste time.
          Make of that what you will.

      5. As a society we are also propagating it. We worry about boys playing violent video games and don’t let them go out in the woods to explore and play. We tell them that they need to play gender neutral game and just stay inside and watch tv.
        The thing is, learning is more than a classroom thing. If we don’t build more areas to destroy/build/climb/run/throw/swing off of/jump off of/etc for boys to learn and explore, we are removing the instinctual curiosity that has given us so many creature comforts in our current society.

    3. That’s why men need to remember not to help ungrateful or complaining women, they’re kind of like evolutionary dead ends

        1. ( Heres one amusing way- you give your young daughter College level books on Genetics and Biology, make her hike mountains, ski down vertical slopes of ice, fix cars, mix chemicals in the garage and never, ever tell her that people her age usually don’t read things like why Klein bottles have one/no sides. )

      1. God women are such a disaster in the workplace.
        Over worked busy bodies, depressed, on starvation diets, looking like shit etc etc

        1. Yeah these fattie career cunts at my workplace go on these rediculous starvation diets where they eat 500 calories a day, then run a marathon daily. Then they just binge eat everything back..

        2. Women do not understand discipline. Men have to always pine away hours to get something but women never learn to do that because everything is handed to them.
          They are always looking for the laziest, quickest way to get something like the body they want to have give up quick and say they were born fat and expect acceptance.

    4. It is indeed important to remember the following:
      Men not only built civilization but also continue to hold it together despite feminist indoctrination:
      *95.6% of all patents are held by men despite a half a century of [second and then third wave] feminism.
      *91% of the nation’s electrical engineers are men.
      *97.6% of electrical power line installers and maintenance workers are men.
      *95.5% of water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators are men.
      *95.9% of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are men.
      *98.4% of aircraft mechanics and service technicians are men.
      *91.9% of computer network architects, who design and implement all our computer based communications systems are men.
      *94.2% of radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repair technicians are men.
      *93.4% of garbage collectors are men.
      *78.2% of all workers in production, transportation and material moving occupations are men.
      *82.4% of all industrial production managers are men.
      *97.5% of all extraction workers, providing the raw materials to run our economy are men.
      In white collar jobs the vast majority of CEOs and billionaires are men.

      1. Yeah, and what does that prove you ask?
        That women choose not to go into…
        It proves patriarchy! Because reasons.
        Said the feminist.

        1. Yes. In short, because potato.
          In reality, women are either unqualified or simply unwilling to enter such professions (which of these are true will of course vary).

        2. No no no! Its not because they lack the aptitude or they’d rather hack their tits off than work in those kind of professions.
          It’s because girls are conditioned from birth they’re “not right” for those professions by the patriarchy, and they because of this they stay away.
          Not to mention the out and out “harassment” and “misogynistic” culture of those in STEM where evil woman haters wear t-shirts with naked women and rapists sit in wait behind every laboratory door. How could ANY woman consider a job in STEM with such oppressive conditions in place?

        3. The women weren’t even naked on that dude’s shirt and it was a shirt designed by a woman anyway, his friend. It was his lucky shirt. I’m with you though.

        4. I’m in an online argument right now on TC with some dumb bitch who’s argument is basically what you said. My response: “Why does society have to tell women they want to be engineers? And who ever told men to be engineers in the first place? Seems to me that someone who needs to be told what to do won’t be very good at it in the first place”

        5. They are the biggest child in the room. I’m a black male. I grew up in a not so nice place but I had decent folks and loved to write. No one told me I could write to make something of myself, I just did it instead of succumbing to stereotypes. Everyone has will power you just gotta want to use it.

      2. But women were oppressed by men and were not given the space to shine all those years right?

      3. Shhhh dont let them feminize those jobs. You let them do that and the structure of the nation will fall apart

    5. In 2012, after my attorney dropped me off at the airport after the hearing getting extended, I asked him what chance a man has, and why he did not use his legal skill to fight his ex for his kids. He said “Well, over 75% of the law is written for women, so you have to get creative around it.”
      Floored, after dropping a ton of cash his way I asked “What the hell are you married for then?!”
      He laughed and said “I was married with two kids in my second marriage before I even started for my law degree.”
      Basically, he was right, I could get joint. But I could never get her in contempt for moving overseas without telling me with our kid.
      The long end of the story is, I spent tens of thousands of dollars to get a court order that really did not change the situation in actuality other than travel expenses. Nor could I actually enforce it without going to court again.
      Women in this country are oppressed?
      But they are going to wish they were.
      Not because we will ever actually oppress them. Merely because they are going to get either the dick, or the cold shoulder. Usually both after they get the dick first.
      Vasalgel is set to get tested on humans this year. And feminism did not do so well in 2014. I have a feeling that we may see ourselves covered in the media by 2016. It is imperative that the lead among us get ahead of the curve, and start promoting non-marriage, if not marriage contracts with five year terms. If at the end of the five years you want to go, you go.
      I hate that, but it is what it is.
      We still have not learned our lessons as human beings. Feminists especially.

      1. Also, inform men about Peter Nolan’s creation of a book and system to bypass divorce ( its complicated. But it works. )

    6. You know what wasn’t put there by men? Men. Every single human on the planet was born from a woman. And you should read some more anthropology.

      1. I can’t argue against the importance of woman’s role in childbirth and producing more men to advance society, without this we would all be nothing.
        You still need a man’s sperm to make a baby though, so you got that part wrong…

    7. Exceptions don’t prove a rule, dumbass. Enough of them discredit the rule. And certainly, the blanket statement that men built and invented everything in civilisation was never credible.

    8. I dunno dude. It’s kind of hard to find the time to do that sort of stuff when your sole purpose was believed to pop out babies from when you’re 15 pretty much until you die for the majority of women throughout most of human history. Not that they would have been allowed to do much else and when they were, a man would likely take the glory for it and they’d have absolutely no recourse to do anything about it. Rosalind Franklin actually pioneered the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA but she died of ovarian cancer before the research was finished. James Watson and Francis Crick took all the credit for it. Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered pulsars but the Nobel Prize went to her boss. Hedy Lamarr came up with the technology that led to wifi. Lady Ada Lovelace invented programming when Charles Babbage built the first computer. Jacky Cochran created the WASPs which led to the establishment of the US Air Force. Lise Meitner discovered nuclear fission. Not to mention Marie Curie who likely would have never received a Nobel Prize had her husband not fought tooth and nail for the committee to give it to her. There’s tons of them. They just rarely got credit for their contributions.

      1. Thanks for pointing out the exceptions that prove the rule.
        Even after 60 years of feminism woman still haven’t achieved much because they choose to become hair dressers and nursery school teachers instead.

        1. What’s wrong with being a hair dresser or a nursery school teacher? People need hair cuts and their kids watched. They’re making money, paying their bills and taking care of their kids with these jobs. That’s why a lot women choose these careers because they allow them to care for their families. Women make money and they invest 90% of their income on their families. How is that not achieving something?

        2. The point is women are crying about the patriarchy and oppression in the work place and men taking the credit for inventing everything, and the wage gap etc etc but when given the opportunity in a free society with universal suffrage they go and choose fluffy careers so they can have the time to raise babies. You can’t have both.

        3. So because some women choose “fluffy” careers, other women who don’t shouldn’t be concerned with those issues that are making it difficult to do their jobs and being robbed of recognition? And the issue with the wage gap is largely due to the fact that American men are overworked and so it falls on women to take time off to care for children and sick relatives. It hurts men as much as it hurts women. It’s not as big of an issue in European countries that get sufficient time off and actually offer maternity leave and such. Women are also twice as likely to retire in poverty because they aren’t able to spend as much time working to save up for retirement and pay into social security and what not. Plus, I think people should agree that women working “fluffy” careers is better than them being on welfare or living off of men and the easier it is for women to be able to balance work and life, the less likely they’ll have to rely on welfare or on other people to support her and her children.

        4. “Women make money and they invest 90% of their income on their families. How is that not achieving something?”
          There’s this guy called Adam Smith and his foundational economic principle of “specialisation”. When you’ve read up on that and understand its implications for raising children, call us.
          Or if you can’t be bothered doing that: look up the social and educational outcomes of children cast into day care prior to 3 years of age so their mothers can go back chasing the almighty dollar.

    9. True they use tech and laws and rights provided by the patriarchy to denounce the patriarchy. No better than those who move to a foreign land and demand they change their laws to fit their culture while claiming free housing and benefits from the culture they wish to invade and overtake

      1. Also Patriarchy ended slavery, gave civil rights. Gave women rights. Legalised homosexuality, put a man on the moon, created democracy, built cities and a million other beneficial things yet are only credited with the bad things

  6. Are we living a patriarchal lifestyle? Nope, of course not.
    Do we live in a patriarchal society?
    God created man first. Everything was built by men and nearly everything was invented by men. So patriarchy still plays into effect. Women are incapable of physical labor and get their worthless liberal art degrees. It’s the liberal progressive agenda that’s being indoctrinated onto us too cater to women.
    But men will ALWAYS be needed to produce a thriving civilization.

    1. Whoa, so you really believe that story in the bible about Adam and Eve. That it really happened like that.

  7. “More women than men are attending college and earning degrees
    Yes, in useless fields so what..but math, physics, computer science belongs to, and will always belong to, the vastly more intelligent men.

    1. Girls consistently earn higher grades than boys in grade school, including in math and science.

      Yet, they are unable to solve problems and innovate. Some might bring up Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos as a counterexample, but her rapid ascent in health tech has been met with suspicion, see http://www.rooshvforum.com/thread-37904-page-3.html.

      1. So it has been 4 weeks since I quit the lab I did my MA in. The lab is now staffed with 8 women and a male professor.
        The prof messaged me last week inviting me to come back to lab meetings and be a correspondent. No big surprise.
        So I go to one meeting and half the team actually did not show up. There was no group discussion whatsoever and everyone just looked unhappy. My female friend from the lab queried me about what I’ve been up to and I could just smell the resentment that I took off to go see what else I could find. In my personal experience, an office filled with women just does not work…
        Seems to me that women “stick together” but they don’t “work together.”

        1. You’d be better off doing a “group discussion” with a flock of parrots. At least then you might get something useful out of it.

    2. Yet, this fact is hidden from the public. My girls never knew more degrees go to women. In fact, the media goes crazy over university recruitment for women into university like there’s a shortage.

    3. Meaning this: Most of the college degrees being earned are useless.
      Before the big scam of “everybody needs college” mainly men with the intelligence or aptitude got into STEM fields.
      Now we have hordes of women getting college degrees…. to become office trolls.
      I don’t look at the statistic so negatively. I think that men are better at noticing what a pile of shit this is and are instead leaving the college and forgetting that degree in communications and instead going to trade school or starting their own business.
      But.. let the feminazi regime THINK they have the upper hand. I see a lot more freedom where the assholes think they are in charge while people do what they want as compared to other countries (like America) where people think they are free while assholes run everything.

      1. college has become a huge scam! The costs continue to go up meanwhile the quality and the returns continue to go down. I’m in touch with a couple of industry insiders they say that the academic community is in near panic especially over online learning. A harvard professor said that half of the colleges/uni’s in the U.S. could be gone within a decade. Typical of women…they ruin everything including a thousand year old institution. Well, maybe not entirely, but, technology is going to disrupt this old model big time.

    4. Until they major in something useful, they will be useless. Leftist professors and Women Studies should be thrown out of colleges.

  8. Patriarchy simply is a society or an institution where the leadership position is reserved to only a male. A church is patriarchal. A kingdom where only the male heir can become the next king. It has nothing to do with ‘a society where males are treated better’ or ‘a society with a traditional family unit’. The USA has not been patriarchal since the women got the voting rights.

  9. Also gentlemen, we’ve switched our top-secret patriarchy meeting to the underground volcano lair this week which is off the coast of Saudi Arabia.
    Bring cigars and fine scotch. Don’t forget your privilege cards!

  10. Tinder, or as I like to call it, “Shitblaster”, has given women so much power over the sexual marketplace it’s not funny. For every five matches that a 8-9 range Male will get, a 6-7 range Female will get 500.
    If you’re girlfriend or wife gets “bored” some afternoon while you’re out fishing with the boys on the weekend. She can whip out her Tinder app and get a choice from over 100 thirsty men in the span of an hour.
    Plan on a visitation time or discreet place to meet, and you know the guy on the other end doesn’t give a fuck she’s in a relationship or not. It’s just frightening man, really really frightening…

    1. I’ve said it before: we’re approaching a reality where a jacked guy who’s big into self-improvement has the same sexual market value as a chubby or fat girl who has no interests of note and lives through her smartphone.

      1. It tears me up inside Conrad. It’s like a friggin’ Cuckoo Clock we’re living in.

      2. How did we allow this madness. Why weren’t we hanging thirsty dudes enmass? These dudes are an issue if ever I did see one.

        1. We allowed this madness because we loved women, and wanted them to be happy, and assumed they would wield power like an adult. For our kindness, we are rewarded with scorn and a broken nation.

      3. My gym has many couples working out together where the female obviously outweighs the male. We’re not “approaching” that reality. Its here, now in america.

        1. “My gym has many couples working out together”
          Sharing 1 lb pink dumbells. How cute.

        2. So does mine, funny how with 75% of these couples I see the girl checkin me out and using the mirrors lining the walls to shoot quick glances when their boy isn’t watching.
          And I’d expect the same out of any girl of mine if I was tard enough to parade her around in ass popping yoga pants to put on display for the whole world to see.
          DGAF game is about all a man can accommodate himself with anymore. The less you care, the more women flock.

        3. It’s funny to watch women guiltily sneak glances. Funny and sad in an absurd way. What do they have to feel so guilty about? Third wave feminism shames women for what they are naturally interested in. That I cannot lock eyes with a young woman (let’s just call her “girl”, because that’s what she’s really acting like) without her turning away with trepidation before we can share a moment is what’s wrong with this world.

        4. Wheeew! They sho did sound like they worked up a lack of sweat!
          They should probably reward themselves with a pint of death by chocolate and cancer pint of custard stat!
          They earned it. Losing like ten calories every three months.

        5. The lack of sweat is made up for by the pounds of congealed sweat trapped between her belly rolls

        6. so true. so sad. a whole generation of girls ruined and left in the lurch by a small coterie of obese hags and their social engineer handlers

        7. I catch women SO OFTEN darting their eyes away when I meet theirs. It’s the strangest thing. I don’t know what they’re so scared of. If they’d bother to express what they’re really feeling, I would do quite the opposite of hurting them. Nope, women don’t want pleasure these days. In some sick way, I think they like the attention that being a victim affords them.

      4. It is also the case of the massive obesity epidemic, and the fact many women have no sexual need or interest for men except for about 8 days per month. Such factors severely limit the amount of young, attractive women willing to have sex with valuable men at any time.

        1. I don’t hate them. But they should shut up with the fat acceptance movement, and stop acting like they’re victims when they brought their situation on themselves.

        2. Fat can be cured by guess what?!
          Healthy food and exercise! It’s not rocket science! Hit the gym and eat right!

        3. I only hate fat women who act like they’re dimes (ego, attitude, etc.) Which is most of them.

        4. Broke ass men are seen as shit. But broke ass women will slim down and gain adoration. In other words world is made for them.

      5. I don’t know man. I was on my way to work this morning and happened across a woman who was determined to get to work on time. A white woman, maybe 23, with raven black hair and and big blue eyes, (love the contrast between blue and black), all around maybe a solid 8, if only she didn’t butcher her hair by cutting off the strips above her ears, or have a star tattoo on her skull, started to curse at the bus driver to let us off so as to make our connection. She used choice explicits and of course stormed of cursing more as we collectively missed our connection.
        What ensued next was a conversation where she dropped hints of her being attracted to me 3 times over. Lives down the block. Has no boyfriend. Parties with friends on the weekends. Prior to feminism being a thing, and women didn’t tattoo their skulls and lower backs consistently, a woman like her might have to be worked for by a guy like me. All I have to do now is wear clothes that fit and keep my hair clean and teeth white, all while barely shifting between smiles and frowns. I think the shift is happening. Just have to be the red pill masculine guy that you are to catch it.

      6. Exactly, where are the incentives for women to improve themselves when they have attention and dick on tap 24/7 through their smartphones.

      7. Can confirm. 6’3 230 jacked brah checking in. So many fatties hit me up thinking they have a chance. Blame all the WK’s and other sluts who keep telling these fat girls they’re “pretty” and “beautiful”.

    2. Yeah but what do you expect from Tinder? It’s a hook-up app. It’s all about quantity not quality so why get upset about that?

      1. Too many bitches on tinder claiming they aren’t lookin for a hook up though. So what are you talking about?

        1. Really? I have no idea what the women on tinder are saying but I have noticed that some guys there appear to be looking for more than a hook-up. I’ve never met anyone from tinder. I’ve swiped a few profiles but never really connected. Did notice some guys on there that I knew were attached and in relationships. Swiped left on those for sure 🙂

        2. so next time If I do ask you what you did on tinder would you not tell me? I s that how it works cause I didn’t ask about you.

    3. Don’t forget to add OKCupid and POF and what else you have out there. That statistic of choice is probably even worse than what you describe.

    4. That’s how it’s always been though. All technology has done is made things easier. Women generally go for the man who is a higher SMV than they are.
      It is more uncommon for men to get women who are a higher SMV. Yes I know that there are exceptions (shut up you snowflakes), but that is how our socio-sexual behavior is as a species.

      1. No it hasn’t always been that way. Women have “reached” for the higher ranked SMV male and “settled” for someone else. But with tinder (insert whatever social media smart phone app) women think they have virtually unlimited options. All they have to do is post a couple of misleading pics. That results in higher rate of first date failure. But females have mentally processed that into the new dating dynamic and know what they can get away with.

    5. These kind of sites like Badoo are basically for average or below-average looking sluts who want to get laid. They have a huge choice and can picky because there are so many desperate men.

    6. Sad but true. I blew off a Tinder hookup who was begging for it last Friday (mistress night) as she described the night before Valentines Day, only for her to report back to me yesterday how she found a Tinder hookup to replace me and fucked him six ways to Sunday to rub it in my face. We weren’t committed obviously, but a dick is a dick to her, just doesn’t matter. In fact, she said she just told the guy:”Look, you just lay there hard and I’ll ride you to get off.. it’s what I do.” Lmfao.
      This is a self-described “broken” bitch who has no ability to have feelings anymore. Tinder helps keep a broken bitch broken, and definitely perpetuates the problem, just another thirst filter handing the power over to women en masse.

      1. If she’s broken for using tinder to hook-up but you’re using tinder too, looking for that kind of woman, what does that make you?

        1. A man. This may shock you, but men and women are different. Yet no matter how many times science proves it, SJW’s and their ilk refuse to accept it, because its not fair (of course, only the privileged fools of the West believes the world owes them fairness)

        2. Males and females play by different rules. The genders aren’t the same, nature’s been trying to show you that. Every woman I’ve ever encountered who has loose sex always admits to being broken or to having some scars, usually while in tears. Men don’t have these issues because sex for us is biological we don’t over think it or use the shit for revenge or power or some other petty shit like that. Not even pimps do that.

        3. Who are you suppose to be sleeping with you dumb shit of a brain ,maybe you should start dicking each others holes because you know women cant service you in that matter its just not biological to us

      2. It’s a short-lived power, though, that leaves her soaked in jizz and as wrinkled as an old man’s sack

    7. Yeah but tinder is a hook-up app. That’s the intent. And guys are using it as much as women are, so what’s the problem. If you’re in a relationship with a woman who likes to use tinder, then just get out of that relationship.

  11. The top picture is not from America. It looks like either Russia, Belarus or Ukraine.
    It’s quite telling nevertheless.

      1. Two females in the same pic who aren’t obese, and don’t have fake blonde hair. That’s not america.

  12. If we were living in a patriarchy (feminist definition), divorce laws, child custody laws, paternity laws, and reproductive rights would look very different than they do now.

      1. When it comes to Muslims and the way they treat women, my response is “a broken clock is right twice a day.” Also, when John Quincy Adams wrote about Islam in the early 1800s, he even said Muslim women were treated like crap.
        I still think that the burqa hides a woman’s beauty as well as the most feminine part of a woman: her hair!

  13. “Women are increasingly taking top spots in American business, with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, IBM CEO Virginia Rometty, and Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman among the most notable examples. Additionally, as of the 2014 elections, a record 104 women are serving in the U.S. Congress: 84 in the House and 20 in the Senate.”
    And now those companies suck. How do you like dem apples?

    1. It’s important to note that all the companies you mentioned and others were all created by Men, then the women came later, got the high positions from feminism. You are absolutely right the companies do begin to suck once women take them over, womans natural tendency towards fairness and equality and PC stagnates the competitiveness within that company and the Company suffers.

      1. sandburg didn’t do shit, it was the men, zuckerburg et al, that created and run the show. All that twat does is milk her title and write about how women are on top. ?? She’s been juiced in all her career, yet, comes off as if it was just her. IBM has to resort to buying back their own stock to keep their share price in-tact – not necessarily the worst of things but one would expect more from big blue. HP has had a sleuth of bad CEOs, whitman being one of them, but note the only good one, Mark Hurd, was fired due to what many consider to be bogus (ready for this) sexual harassment charges. As such, the company continues to slime on…somehow. GM has a female CEO, but, for fuck sake GM should have been bankrupt and gone many times over. Please note that GM was fucking owned by the government. So, seeing a female as a CEO of a marquee corporation after being saved by the government…big surprise.
        Many of these companies, yahoo, HP, etc, no doubt that they’re huge and, superficially, impressive but they’re greatness has past and now these companies are more like big bureaucracies.

        1. The Men create, then the Men experience success, then the Men feel Guilty, then the Men give women positions of power to feel better about their guilt, then the companies with female CEOs’ become stagnant and no longer are innovative, then the companies fail.

  14. Who the fuck says human trafficking peaks during Super Bowl? Is the Super Bowl such a sanctimonious event with its feminist vibe, bizarrely revered commercials and Halftime Show advertising for some horrible pop star’s new album that weird things happen only when it is on, like a full moon or rising tides? People are getting more and more fucking ridiculous with their constructs by the minute!

      1. Yep, as all the soccer moms in their jerseys scream and act like they give half of half a fuck about what’s going on in the game.

  15. Concerning the suicide and jail stats; If you let women get to you that much, then you deserve your fate.

  16. This article has boiled down all the problems men and boys face in todays society and every thing that’s been going on so far ,but remember my fellow man that this societal insanity. Can’t sustain its self forever ,It will collapse like the Soviet Union did!

  17. Men can benefit from working in industries and careers not controlled by cartels (education, medicine, etc.). Positions that are commission-based are usually dominated by men. Any pay-for-performance like realtor, loan officer, home-builder, trades, house-flipper, small company programmer (not-IT dominated by H1B), etc.

  18. Just remember, these poor conditions for men and wonderful conditions for women are because it was forced. Social engineers, central planners, elites etc, all conspired to “elevate” women. Its all over the place. Importantly, and this can’t be emphasized enough, there IS and always will be nothing fundamentally wrong with men. If you take away all the supports that women have men would be doing fine. And, frankly, for all the pandering and engineering that’s gone on for the past several decades, women might boost that they’re 1/2 the workforce etc, but, they really don’t have much to show for it. Men still innovate, invent, create etc.
    Please consider the following…
    Example (from above) males doing worse than females in education.
    K…um, has anyone taken a look at “education” today? You can’t make this shit up, literally, 2+2 can equal 5 or 8 or 1923837832323…so long as you can emote that this was your best, or something like that. Across the country, one example after another, where students that read ahead, or work harder or are just more talented are being literally punished! Meanwhile, lest we forget, there are still quotas to admit women into universities! Hell, “they” just did this at MIT, of all places…and how’s that go again? Ha, women said “there aren’t enough women here, let more in!”. No, women didn’t do anything or prove they were worthy it was as simple as counting heads and declaring not enough women were there. ???
    Now, when “education” was, well, education as in real math, grammar, history etc, how did men do – they outperformed women!

  19. Sometimes it feels as though white males have innovated, invented, and worked their asses off…into obsolescence.

    1. Just imagine the future Mars Landing. Even though white males probably created 96% of the technology behind it, they will INSIST that the first astronauts for that mission (if and when it happens) will be a multicultural ragtag that will have to be at least 40% female, 40% non-white, and at least one gay person in order to please the SJW’s of the future.

        1. LET THEM STAY. Mars is a sub-cryogenic, radiation-infested, carbon-dioxide riddled shit hole.
          Just because it’s the “most livable” place in the solar system outside Earth doesn’t make it good. (It’s not)

        2. how long will it take for the interoffice pouch to get from earth to mars?

        3. Almost an eternity, if we don’t come up with something better than those shitty chemical rockets.

      1. will INSIST that the first astronauts for that mission (if and when it happens) will be a multicultural ragtag that will have to be at least 40% female, 40% non-white, and at least one gay person in order to please the SJW’s of the future.

        ….and then the first transsexual lands on uranus.

      2. Well, we won’t actually need to physically go into space, By the time we have cheap space travel, VR technology, which will have a 360 degree view will simulate being in space with probably 95% accuracy, We will all have cameras on the moon which we can hangout on in VR. Perhaps we will even have “nano vision drones” connected to our VR head-sets which we rent out and fly around space, so it will feel like our head is in an astronaut helmet,
        This prevents us from any risk, VR will be space travel for 30 years before cheap space travel is of any use, and VR may render the entire travel industry worthless, depending on how good it gets
        Just put cameras with satellites in space.

        Essentially, with these inter stellar tv programs, we are already obsessed with as a culture, and we project ourselves to be on space ships , with a “tele”-port “vision”

    2. Men gave it away. It’s our own fault. A complete civil war. Feminism never could have happened without men approving it. Men continue to answer to feminists today, all by their own will. Nobody is holding a gun to their head.

      1. Its a clever game. Without the internet most of us here would have bought the feminist lie. It plays on our male instincts to save and protect women.

    3. No, not really
      You’ve tolerated female bullshit into obsolescence
      If the west treated women’s opinions the same way it did men’s opinions most feminist bullshit would be disregarded as irrelevant whining over feelings, body politics or something similarily insignificant

    4. Yes, but Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Spock will still be running the thing. The Asian and Russian will be allowed to chauffeur. The Negress will run the switchboard and blonde will carry a clipboard. It will be OK.

  20. unemployed man = homeless
    unemployed woman = hooker
    If women really believe prostitution is evidence of patriarchy, why don’t they sleep on the street for free with homeless men in the name of equality?

    1. Yes.
      A woman can always receive food and shelter, one way or another, by spreading her legs.

      1. They dont even have to do that if they ensnare a mangina. In fact manginas love a woman that demands money. They get off on slipping greens to a snatch hand of a bitch.

  21. 21. Divorce law is heavily slanted towards women.
    22. Incarceration rates for unpaid-child-support are on the rise. A man is supposed to get a second, third or fourth job.
    23. Even if the child is not his via DNA test a husband is liable to pay child-support for another man’s child. ot recognize cuckold-children.
    24. DNA tests: in some countries it is even forbidden to have DNA tests done without the permission of the mother.
    The patriarchy does not exist and the catering to the feminine imperative has reached tremendous proportions. A small consolation price is that men will stop having children with women and in the end women will suffer way more in solitary old age, as they are not psychologically fit to stomach that. Let the modern sluts enjoy their golden 15 years and let them take Soma/Prozac for the rest of their remaining depressing rotten lives. Even great beauty does not last forever as they try to re-live their youthful glory days instead of being happy wives and grandmothers:

    1. I know there are guys who still go crazy over that picture (“wb”, ad infinitum), but I’m not feeling it. In fact, the only thing I’m feeling with an old Cindy Crawford is an uneasiness in my stomach.

    2. In more sane times a woman of that age with that kind of stomach would not show it in public let alone to the world.

    3. 21. I think this is correcting itself, albeit slowly. I agree that fathers should be better represented.
      22. It takes two to make a baby. For gods sake, if you don’t want a kid keep your dick in your pants.
      And that stomach on CC has got to be a bad photoshop. There’s no way she looks like this!

      1. 21. No it’s not correcting itself you Feminazi. It’s getting worse – only economics and the mancession is forcing more women to make alimony payments – in rare instances child-support.
        22. This has nothing to do with child-support. This is 1850s debter’s prison. Will the payments be made when he is in prison? Also women are almost never put in prison for equal deeds. Oh – and keeping it in your pants – some pro athletes are advised to destroy the condom incl. content, since women were known to impregnate themselves with a million dollar baby.
        Yeah – it’s photoshop – someone went through her beach-pics some time ago and did the same thing, to give the land-whales a feel-good day:

        1. 21. I have to disagree with this. As more women are working outside the home and achieving better levels of education the child support playing field is being leveled. Most recent cases of divorce that I know of where the husband and wife both worked, the economics have been split down the middle. It’s only cases where the wife stayed at home where the disparity still exists.
          22. It’s a tough call. The safest approach would be not to have sex until married but even then the situation in #21 would still be an issue.

        2. Indeed – child support payments will be going to men if the mancession continues like that, but so far 80% of payments to go to women still. It is too far from being “leveled” – another point is the enforcement of those payments. Women usually get reminders by the judge, while men are already in modern debtor’s prisons.

        3. It’ll take some time for this to equalize, but if there’s one area of equality that should be advocated for it’s this.

    1. there seems to be an error in the first poster unless I’ve misread – men got an average of 6 years in jail, women 16 1/2? Other way round?

      1. Have to read the bottom of the poster- the instances of “men” and “women” were intentionally switched.

    2. The first image is stupid. No one gets arrested for downloading a torrent… At least not yet.

  22. Again another article that fails to see the grey area. The thing I hate about red pill content is that it is often one sided and never en-capsulizes the whole truth. This is also very similar with the feminist agenda. Nothing changes… in the end everyone is just pointing fingers.

    1. yes, there are ways to personally win any battle against agendas. If women want to play games, then don’t play them. If you want to excel in school, nobody is holding us back. Women’s bad behavior will catch up to them without us pouting about it.

      1. Disagree. Women aren’t held responsible for their bad decisions in america, they are rewarded for it.

        1. so what are you going to do about it ? Give speeches on public streets? You won’t control their behavior. They are rewarded for it by thirsty betas. GO ahead and tell them they are thirsty see how far it gets you.

    2. I disagree. There have been plenty of articles with red pill content (here and other sites) explaining the ’cause and effect’. Many of these articles will often call out men as part of the problem (and the steps needed to improve things, overall).
      The real problem, for so many years, is nothing has been said regarding this latest round of feminism (no rebuttal, no push back, no counter argument to keep balance) because women have always been seen as “the victim”. It’s nonsense.
      That time is coming to an end (and women are being called out on it).

    3. in the end everyone is just pointing fingers.

      Except we are right and the feminists are wrong.

      Again another article that fails to see the grey area. Red pill content is that it is often one sided and never en-capsulizes the whole truth

      Then tell us “the whole truth”, Mr. MyFirstPostWithDisqus.

    4. People who talk of “grey areas” (“nuisances” is a similar term thrown around) when discussing immutable laws of nature are typically liberals and SJW types who refuse to accept such laws because it conflicts with their utopian, made-up world view.

  23. The ATF is Planning on Banning M855 5.56×45 ammo, there is a petition at White House Petition to stop that from happening has 24,000+ signatures, please sign.

  24. QE 4 trillions of stimulus, the worse “recovery” in the history of the u.s., gen M (for the first time ever) has gone done in standard of living. If women are really “dominating” in business I think they’re doing a terrible job.

    1. Not sure if we can make this parallel, maybe we can. Feminism is more than what we think here. It’s becoming a state of mind. We don’t want to assume responsibility, and suffer consequences. After ’08, we did not want to suffer any inconvenience (the society at large that is) and let the Markets correct themselves in order to become healthy again. So the FED stepped in, and levitated the Markets ever since. Now, one thing I know. It’s a mathematical certainty the markets will correct, and it will be extremely fast and violent. Globally, the Central Banks have created a 200 Trillion bubble. No, it’s not 4T.. Add to that the unknown amount of derivatives floating around, and we have the ingredients for a total collapse on a global scale.
      So the Female “not assuming responsibility” MO, is more wide spread than we can imagine and it has infiltrated all facets of our lives.

      1. Or people could have been less greedy. Bankers could have been less greedy, Greeters at Wal-Mart who wanted to own 3,000 square ft homes could have been less greedy. The 08 collapse was just an example of smart greedy people taking advantage of dumb greedy people. A market left completely unchecked and an idiotic public with no sense of how lending and debt works.

        1. Greedy is fine. However there’s a risk/reward that should also be at play. The risk part was wiped out by the government/central banks and that’s not how it works. Tinkering with the markets never ended well, and it won’t this time around either.

        2. The governments stepped in because of the mess they created by de-regulating the whole thing to begin with. This isn’t a socialist/feminist issue. The derivatives they were pulling weren’t even close to legal before the 1920s crash. The reason why Canada didn’t suffer as huge a housing crash was because you can’t buy a house with no money down. As long as the “homeowner” has some skin in the game (equity) they are less likely to run. Having said that, interest rates here are ridiculously low and the sub prime market is burgeoning, so it’s only a matter of time until we crash in some capacity. I agree with you that globally we are running on falsely propped up economies and that will not end well. It starts with whole nations basically giving away free credit and ends with some barely literate, minimum wage earning, idiot deciding he/she should buy a house with $0 down and then fill said house with appliances and furniture which isn’t yet paid for. Fuck algebra, basic money management should be a required course in all high school curriculum.

  25. The solution is not MGTOW or to leave your culture or even to withdraw from women completely as many suggest. The forces at work here are comprised of courts, lobbies and institutions that have no more foundations than PAPER HOUSES. They are purpose oriented facades and are propped up to mirror whatever manufactured crisis is drummed up. We are kept swamped and distracted with the shouting and jousting like it were bread and circus.
    One doesn’t need special ‘they live’ sunglasses to see the witches in clerical and judicial robes for what they are. The bigger picture is clear but what often is obscured is the small scale play and interaction between pro and anti human men and women.
    Let’s face it, our species has befallen into an environment that is favorable to cancer of it’s reproductive program and constitution. When the environment is conducive to formation of cancers, VOILA we see them budding everywhere within the body politic of our civilization. Cancer starts small and is most easily eradicated nipped at the bud where and when it forms. We are all immune cells.
    So turn that TV channel from the ‘women’s channel’ to history or ‘off’ proclaiming that it is all ‘bitch smack brainwashing’. Discourage that uppity female from pursuing the controlling bitch executioner careers like magistrate or h.r. cop. and instead pursue cake decorating or wonderfully rewarding home making.
    FIGHT IT SMALL and widespread. As a young suckling cannot protest the henpecking, the bitchsmack dick shaming and the whirlwind of domestic and paternal mangina policing in a matriarchal stoop, COME AS A MAN to family gatherings and call out the henpecking bitches and their complacent mangina enablers. They’ve got it coming and they know it.
    Make the environment hostile or unfriendly to the formation of larger cancers. Keep it patriarchal even in the smallest corners.

    1. Good words.
      People who cop out from it all are enabling the situation too, maybe not as blatant as the manginas, but indirectly by not making a stand and make your imprint on the world you are allowing it to continue.

  26. This is a watershed article – You need to add 21 – For the spurned lover, a simple accusation will turn your walk of shame to the walk of fame, Dunham, Emma, Jackie, etc.

  27. The thing that is so astonishing about the decimation of traditional western culture is that all these things were self-inflicted. There are men in high places who support and finance feminist causes just as much as your typical 31 year old, 200K in debt, liberal feminist blogger supports them.
    All these problems were self-inflicted. What is the makeup of the NFL, both on-field and off the field? 97%+ male? Ownership, GMs, head coaches, and players are 100% male I know that. Did one speak out in support of Ray Rice? I assume colleges administrators and professors are somewhere between 40 – 55% male. Did one speak out against false rape accusations and these laws and rules that seek to ruin the lives of young men? Hell no. And of course, no male politician or CEO would ever speak out on any of these issues.
    Men in positions of power and influence that you would expect to be on your side are cowards, afraid to be yelled at by their wives.
    Mainly among white men, the concept of ‘looking after your own’ is dead.

    1. progressive / feminist links to the 1% – who are sucking up the worlds wealth and power – could prove very effective in de-legitimising feminist etc as an elite-sponsored movement. People still think that supporting these movements means supporting the ‘people’ ‘or the little guy (male or female) when its exactly the opposite. Once people start to realise that the manipulation will become harder to sustain

    2. Men need to re-inflate their balls, that’s for sure, and not be afraid to say what’s on their mind!

  28. A few things to say
    1. The main picture isnt in america. Its either europe or russia.
    2. Sexual Slavery is bullshit. Prostituion should be legalized in the US.
    3. I thought “Violenece Against Women” was shut down for being sexist. Youre telling me its still active? Or was it revived and I didnt know about it?
    and lastly its sad that many men have few scholar ambitions. But then against what the point when society keeps telling me that im a sexist rapist that deserves to die??

  29. Feminist claims of patriarchy are based on the idea that male oppression is a universal in every society (more or less) and which must therefore be permanently and unendingly addressed through redistributive action, to ‘equalise’ what is unequal. To make this claim it has to blur distinctions between the past and the present, as well as to focus solely on any surviving examples of said ‘male privilege’ (even though it may be nothing of the sort) and to ignore strong trends reversing any such advantage. In fact feminist power seems to depend on a) a kind of ‘arbitrage’ – exploiting societies lag in acknowledging the dissipation of any such male advantage – not least by lying or disguising any available evidence and b) by focusing most of their energy on controlling what is ‘measured’ as power or advantage. So for example the fact that male politicians or male engineers may outnumber female politician’s / female engineers will be considered relevant / salient to measure of equality while control of income, numbers of people in prison etc will be considered irrelevant somehow – usually by naturalising the reason for the inequality.
    Of course women are in power now. Male politician’s are on the female payroll – they have virtually zero power to even dent the feminist control of the narrative, or of policy making. Men in power in other words work for power. And that too is one of the ways in a society that manipulatively (re-) distributes power on the basis of perceived disadvantage feminism will make sure they never seem too successful – that they can still point to male advantage. The danger here is their vanity: they want to both pull the strings behind the scenes AND appear in the figure-head role, thus risking exposing the manipulation behind that narrative.
    It should be absolutely clear that it essential to de-rail the feminist narratives of deception so that they can no longer be the ones who determines what counts as power and privilege. The prison statistics are a good place to start as they are so overwhelmingly unfair – the danger though being that there is precious little sympathy for ‘violent’ male criminals (whether they’re violent or not). One way of eroding this perhaps is to expose how ‘female violence’ works, not least by claiming vulnerability where there is none, provoking in plausibly deniable ways – think false flags, but in the micro-politics of male-female relations. It is essential that they no longer get to control the agenda.

    1. ‘pulling the strings behind the scenes AND visibly being figurehead’ – so they want their cake and to eat it too.
      Switzerland was I believe the last European country to allow the female vote and it was SWISS WOMEN who actually opposed the vote. Back in the early 60’s a Swiss ‘elite’ socialite woman and bankers wife proclaimed ”Swiss women will never vote. Like queen bees we have always ruled the hive without the vote. We rule through our powerful men and it is lately only the humble worker’s wives who wager for the vote” – this statement made around 1963 & found in a Time Life books series (Switzerland)

      1. Run, Liz, Run
        Have you seen the ground swell of support for Elizabeth Warren this past summer?
        I think you are going to see a repeat of Clinton’s campaign not going anywhere, (Clinton v Obama and Obama just took over the party when Hillary lost 10 out of 11 primaries) while Warren’s supporters take over the party and push Warren to victory.
        The party insiders have already been trying to rally the troops for Clinton, but it appears that the rank and file will have no part of it. I think many of the insiders know a Clinton campaign will lose (or have a lot of problems, Hillary keeps saying stupid stuff, like she has not driven a car in 20 years, or saying when they left the White House they were ‘broke’ but got approved for a $800K+ mortgage), but the insiders are going through the motions so they will not look like they are abandoning Hillary (and risk being frozen out or risk retaliation from the Clintons).
        I hate to say it, but at this time I am expecting a weak field of candidates in both parties will give Warren a good chance of wining in 2016. It seems in recent campaigns it is more important that your opponents are a mess (can’t fund raise, go off point, have no issues to rally support) than to have a good campaign.
        I think whoever is planning Warren campaign is brilliant. They are positioning Warren farther to the left than Obama in order to win the primaries (Warren’s talking points that ‘we have not gone far enough’), and they have a cadre of supporters on student loan ‘reform’ (or forgiveness).
        I expect that once we start to see college students coming out to help run a Warren campaign in Iowa, that other people will get on the band wagon. At some point Hillary will throw her typical, to be expected fit, and it will be all over for her; except for trying to arrange some kind of cabinet post as a consolation prize in the Warren administration.
        The RNC looks like it is just going to throw up some retread from the past and not go anywhere. It is as though they are lost and do not know what to do.

  30. just throwin it out women in iran rep univerirty 2/3 then men.and men face longer sentence then women for the same crime. not to mention they are more likely to get off

    1. my cop friend says the craziest domestic disturbance calls are lesbians…

  31. And I’m supposed to worry about Muslims and Russians.
    I’m already living in a defeated land. I have nothing to lose.

    1. “And I’m supposed to worry about Muslims and Russians.”
      Nah, but the rage has to be directed at somebody.

  32. Don’t let these guys down. Where there’s a will, there’s damn certainly a way. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty optimistic about our chances to reverse this nonsense.

      1. Common sense. We either balance out from this far-left extreme, trans-humanist agenda that society is teetering on or humanity as we know it–families, schools, government, medicine and order in general will cease to exist. It’s that simple, really.

        1. The pendulum has too much momentum and we’re rocketing past the equilibrium and on towards the next period.
          There is no balance, shit be cyclical.

        2. We have different ideas on where the pendulum is positioned at this moment in time, it seems. I feel that it’s already made its hard sway to one side and we’re starting to see chances of it falling back towards equilibrium.
          Look at how stagnant society has become since the moon landing. No one looks forward to the future, rather choosing to live in a cycle of nostalgia. I feel myself caught up in it at times, and I’m not even 30 years old. When systems of constraint are placed on the producers (men), society begins to quake. Values, work ethic and family are the first casualties. Those tenets of a productive society were jeopardized in the 1960s. The turmoil of the decade was a violent tearing away of Victorian era principles to this new, any-way-the-wind-blows, liberal, “great society” dystopia we currently find ourselves in.
          What makes this the end game is technology. Unlike similar scenarios in the past, today, we face another enemy–computers. Such as the folly of man for us to tinker with A.I. to an extent that we might actually succeed in making ourselves obsolete. If we continue down this path of reliance on computers, men disqualify themselves from a significant role from civilization. This, of course, is ironic considering we created the machine. The feminist cause will surely find a way to replace us with the machine.
          It’s a ripple of the Industrial Revolution, that’s depicted in the photos I supplied. It took courage and most importantly, human I.Q. to achieve what they did. The question remains: Will we humble ourselves from worshiping our own creation?

        3. Good comment. I wish I encountered things that made me think we’re on a downward return rather than still heading into the peak!
          A.I. doesn’t frighten me. Humans are more than malicious enough to dream up things a computer could not.

        4. You’re right to an extent. Humans are capable of grave injustices and harm that no other entity can fathom. That said, human beings are also capable of far more understanding, love and charity than any computer or creature can feel compelled to express.
          A human pilot that’s given an order to drop an atomic bomb on unsuspecting people can always decide against it due to morality. A computer given a similar order cannot be talked into ignoring the order. That’s the difference. I recommend a Cold War-era novel titled “Fail-Safe” by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler.
          We are the perfect creation, yet, we fail to recognize this time and time again when we try to replicate it through A.I. This is why every time we reach for the stars, our wax wings melt and we fall back to the ground (Flight of Icarus).

        5. I too see things starting to move back toward equilibrium.
          Regarding your comments on computers replacing men…kindly note, computers are also replacing women. Robots, computers, automation they don’t care what your sex is.

    1. I was always impressed with that top photo- depression era guys calm and happy, hundreds of feet in the air with no safety measures, eating their cheese sandwiches…

      1. I never said there hasn’t been good, female role-models. The greatest person I’ve ever known was my mother’s mother. She was born in 1926, grew up poor in Brooksville, Kentucky. Moved to Cincinnati in the 40s to work for Gibson Greeting card company. She met my grandfather, b.1920, married him and had three children. He started his own glass-window company.
        She gave up her job to raise her family. That’s how I remember her throughout the 1990s when she was in her 60s and 70s–a second mother. Always gave, even after my grandfather passed away in 1985. She saw our family slowly come apart at the seams, but was always there for anyone…including my dead-beat sister who $10-20 her to death.
        Never heard her say the F-word, use the Lord’s name in vain, or say anything too bad about people. I’d put grandma Virginia up against any woman I’ve met in my life. If Amelia Earhart was anything like that, then yes…she deserves to be on that list.

        1. That was sarcastic, something I usually don’t resort to. My point was the feminists will use one example like that to cancel out the fact that men pretty much built the world in which we now live.
          And what you said about your Grandmother was pretty awesome.
          I have an equally high opinion of my own grandparents.

        2. Ofcoarse she was your mother ,she most have been submissive,love your dad beating her ,popping out children was her solemn dream .Just the perfect woman

      2. Ah yes, Amelia Earhart. She tried to fly around the world years after a man had already done it, and she didn’t even make it. She crash landed in the Pacific where evidence suggests she was eaten by giant crabs (i.e. coconut crabs). That’s what happens when women try to lead. People get eaten by giant crabs. Do you want to be eaten by a crab?

  33. What amazes me is that feminism is so widespread even in the face of all the glaringly obvious empirical evidence that contradicts its ideologies. Even in my home country in the Caribbean women are becoming possessed by this. How can women swallow feminism hook line and sinker when it is so abundantly clear that it makes no sense? Are women really THAT irrational? I am at a loss.

    1. Yes, they are THAT irrational. Which is why men should be in charge. Women make decisions based on feelings; men make decisions based on what is the right or reasonable thing to do.

  34. Some feminization of society is not necessarily a bad thing as women will generally make societies less violence prone towards the members of their own and others (through war) which has been the case for almost all of human civilized history. Problem is how far is too far, we’re still animals deep inside. We are at a completely different age in human history and it seems that the advanced civilized landscape men have created favors women more than men…feminism is just a product of this not the cause of it.

    1. That is stupid. Women are far more willing to dehumanize men than the other way around, and women also use violence by proxy.
      The vast majority of child murders are by women too…

      1. That is true but the violence you speak of is still usually being employed by another male who is clueless about what’s going on. The sad truth is that too many men – probably most, will do just about anything to get a shot of the chocha (or because they are deluded enough that they do). Read a bit of history and you’ll see that most violence is committed by us men. We are far more evolved for it than women are.

    2. Fair, but misguided point. Feminization of society leads to a society more and more based on the material and on irrational ”feelings” rather than honour and truth. I would argue this leads to far more and destructive wars. The problem with a violent age isn’t that it’s too masculine, it’s that it has lost the masculine sense of what a just war is.

  35. One thing that I find totally ridiculous is how the SJW retards basically accuse “Gamergate” of being rapists, yet nobody was ever raped by them. Where is the logic in that? How can a group of people be rapists if they didn’t rape anyone? This doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Feminist new speak. They have successfully redefined any male who disagrees as misogynist. All rapists are misogynists. Therefore any male who disagrees with a female could potentially be a rapist. This is used to silence any debate. Give her free birth control pills or you could be a rapist. Give her a promotion or you could be a rapist. Do whatever she wants to prove you’re not potentially a rapist.

  36. Turn on your evening news and you see all kinds of evidence that patriarchy is falling. Most of the ills and failures in society are a result of the fall of manhood and fatherhood. It doesn’t just hurt men. It hurts people that men would be upholding, which is everyone.

  37. Want to know what else is destroying the family man? WOMEN in HIGH PAID professions.
    Sounds great, right? Nope. These women either will marry equal or above them. So what do we have now?
    I just attended a wedding where both of them were doctors with a net worth of 1.2 million.

      1. Nah they weren’t cheap. Open bar. Her heritage is German and his Ukrainian…they like to drink. Ha.

        1. Nice. Are they older, younger? If older two doctors combining finances and a net worth of 1.2MM doesn’t seem crazy high, IMO

        2. Canadian, they are a bit more regulated than the U.S. And they just completed their residency a couple of years ago. No debt for either…parents paid for their entire educations.
          As we are beginning to see, what is fair is not always equal. Everyone can apply, but only a select few are chosen. Those chosen are ones who can actually get the research/volunteer experiences because they do not have have to work as well.
          So unfortunately the wealthy are satisfied with the way of life, the ones who are educated are less likely to divorce…so no change will happen.

        3. Women have no business in medical school. Nothing is going to change until men start punishing ambition in female children. It’s time we start raising our sons to fight back and to ruthlessly humiliate the dumb cunts that are invading OUR institutions of higher learning.
          Women have drooled and snail-trailed their way through enough respectable spheres of society because we as Men have abdicated our responsibility in informing these perpetual moronic children that they belong in the fucking homes we so generously provide for them.
          My sons have permission to spank the fuck out their little sister if she tries to play with their toys or if they catch her playing aggressive contact sports that were designed to train boys into becoming men. If she so much as touches her brothers’ chemistry sets, educational toys or video games – she knows she’s getting a spanking and she’ll be punished for weeks on end. My daughter doesn’t play with dolls because she elects to, little girl lives under my roof and I demand she learns and practices her immutable feminine role fastidiously.
          Until young girls start learning their very clear limitations and their very delineated roles serving as pleasing, passive helpmeets to Men, we will continue to have a slut infested denigrated culture where Men continue to suffer the indignities illustrated in this eye opening article. The culture war starts in the home and as Men, we need to start ruling our own fucking roosts again.

        4. Dude, either grow some balls or move to the Middle East! Education benefits everyone so quit posting these stupid comments!

        5. You love egalitarianism, don’t you. I’m sure your wife will keep your balls in a fetching purse one day.

        6. Education for everyone does not equal egalitarianism. It makes everyone productive members of society. Women going to school does not mean feminism. The only reason why they become feminists is the dumb media and stupid, leftist University professors. It’s them and leftist politicians that need to be thrown out.

        7. Women going to school at the expense of men in the form of bullshit arts and HR degrees, female university quotas and no due process for men when a woman makes a bullshit rape claim sure as hell does equals feminism.

        8. True, college is screwed up in this day and age. Until anyone wants to major in something productive such as STEM fields, law, education, or medicine, then no should have to go to college. Nowadays, it is just a marketing scam filled with stupid leftist politics.

        9. But you somehow, despite the fucking tsunami of empirical evidence, think that it’s acceptable for women to participate in these fields despite their markedly inferior intellectual capacities and AWALT. Women cannot learn these disciplines with even the slightest degree of mastery. Are you not clued in to this?! Do you not see the clear and present danger of having uneducable moronic cunts attempting to design our vehicles and buildings, conducting the business of biostatistics, practicing medicine or wrapping their tiny minds around the chasm of information that comprises American law?
          Women are incapable of even low perfunctory ability in any of the aforementioned fields of study you listed. Not one woman has ever ethically attained entrance into a STEM graduate program EVER! The entrance exams they take are completely skewed in their favor and graded differently than men’s exams. This is not news. Everyone knows this. The bulk of all women’s aptitude test scores are entirely verbal. They don’t belong out doors unless on leashes they are so fucking imbecilic. Any Man forced to listen to the drivel that women attempt to contribute in an academic environment – should lawyer the fuck up per their wasted tuition dollars.
          Women in higher learning can be driven out via ostracization. All it takes is a few Men with the balls enough to fuck the stupid bitches in their classes and laugh at them /not with them, in order to send these pathetic soft tails running back to the safety of their abdicated baking duties. Take your balls out and reclaim what’s being stolen from you for fucks sake.

        10. Me, I’m no proponent of going to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. Male OB’s in the clinics will push the same kosher pharma crap, GMO corn sweetened formulas, cesarians and lobotamizing vaccines as a female intern medical establishment dimwit. Now on the other hand, a midwife I respect. She’s in touch with the real purpose of being a female.
          Michelle Duggar plopped out 19 kids at home and with less fuss and trouble than an alley cat. Now THAT’S FEMININE! And I’ve NEVER heard her bitch or complain. I’m not for women in the pulpit whatsoever but Michelle and other mega moms should be out preaching to the lost bitches in the feminist death cult about the joy and fulfillment of cranking out fine fresh progeny for our GREAT GREEN REPUBLIC.
          Duggar is so soft spoken with a slight hoarseness in her voice, probably from grunting out the previous delivery. Perhaps the only time she’s not available for her hubby is while in delivery. The next day of course she’s ready for some MORE HOT SAUCE.
          Now if MORE western women were like her, then I WOULD BE COMPELLED to go up on my rooftop and scream ”USA USA USA”.

        11. The most important thing is that women are biblically commanded to experience pain in labor. It’s no wonder the epidural pushers are doing more harm to women by not just letting them huff it out per se.
          We need a lot more mouth shut and legs spread under covenant of marriage from our women. They have a purpose and I don’t blame them for desiring more from life than being relegated to a biological function – I do however blame them for acting on these selfish impulses though. It’s our responsibility to firmly remind them that they need to accept and make the best of the lot they’ve been dealt. There’s no getting out of it anymore. Enough slippery little sluts have wiggled their asses into our domains for long enough. It’s game over now. Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed and NOTHING MORE.

        12. I suppose you haven’t heard of Marie Curie or the inventor of windshield wipers. Just Google them.

        13. Punish..ambition…in female children. Are you fucking kidding me?? Do you really mean what you just said? I have to know if you’re kidding or not.

        14. You got to be making this up. You realize that as your daughter attends school she’ll have the opportunity to engage with people like a normal human being. Then, of course, make sure she doesn’t have access to weapons in your home. For your safety. At night. When you’re asleep.

        15. Wait a minute. I just actually read your post. And I can’t believe I’m going to address this point by point, but it appears that you may not have had much formal education, so hopefully this may clarify some things for you.
          “The entrance exams they take are completely skewed in their favor and graded differently than men’s exams.” – Contrary to what you may have heard, everyone takes the same exam. There are no “men’s” exams and “women’s” exams.
          “All it takes is a few Men with the balls enough to fuck the stupid
          bitches in their classes and laugh at them /not with them,..” – The technical disciplines such as science and math are fact based, you either can do the work or you can’t, and quite frankly, there’s not a lot of laughing going on.
          “…in order to
          send these pathetic soft tails running back to the safety of their
          abdicated baking duties.” – There are a few male chefs who would take offense to this.

        16. The homeschooling movement is going to knock you stupid cunts back to the all of the midcentury advancement women are entitled to: dishwasher, washing machine and the electric range stove. Go make me a sammich slut or Daddy’s gonna spank ya.

        17. Why the fuck would anyone in their right mind not guard their daughters’ virtue. Just because you’re a walking bag of VD with an over-inflated sense of self worth doesn’t mean that I hate my daughters the way that your parents (or should I say your welfare queen single mom) hated you. Why don’t you fuck off cupcake you’re in a Man’s domain here.

        18. I was momentarily distracted by the idea of spanking. That aside, what exactly is the benefit of home schooling. Should all children be homeschooled? I would think that you would advocate some sort of bizarre, restrictive, alternative learning private school system over home schooling.

  38. So in other words, feminist are full of shit, as usual. Just don’t let the MRA’s take over this broad and turn it into another one of their pathetic pity parties.

  39. More and more women are getting caught for child molestation and child abuse and even child murder.

      1. I should have added that right after. Yeah, yeah they fucking do. Know how I know? My mother used to be a public defender for juvenile court. As feminist as she was…is…it was she who told me, usually overhearing or discussing cases with other lawyers during lunch, about countless cased of mothers and female caregivers a using little kids. Pouring hot water, whipping with electric cords, etc.. And getting only a year, probation all that shit.

        1. My ex has had 2 instance of domestic violence in her household, once with her beating her own mother – my daughter’s grandmother – bloody face and all. Another, with the live in boyfriend hitting each other in the face, both times my daughter imprisoned in the household and witnessing the beating or hearing it and seeing the outcome moments later. In fact he broke my ex’s nose so bad it blackened her entirer upper face, but they failed to report it to the law or go to the hospital because she’d lose the kid, and her job (at the biggest local hospital). I contacted Child Services, they investigate and STILL find her household FIT for my kid to live in. WTF !!!! Meanwhile, she made bogus “claims” against me with NO provable trail of evidence. What happens? They open a full CSEA .. ANd.. criminal investigation on me that I was just recently found innocent of after 3 months, and thousands in court costs later.
          The system is entirely fucked and ruining children’s lives, my daughter included.

        2. Agreed, the totally rediculous FARCE for law you describe is perpetrated daily on family men and like taxes collected, it’s always at the barrel of a gun. Why the hell so much force used to guarantee that fathers are separated from their natural born? Because the state is DEAD SERIOUS about breaking the family and the patriarchy. The dickchopped circumcised army of mangina enablers and enforcers know not what they do and might as well be programmed robots. Has any swat team sharpshooter ever shown remorse for taking out a dad trapped in the crosshairs of a bitch set up? I think not. Why the fed sniper who took out(murdered) Randy Weaver’s wife and boy was a circumcised jew fag by the name of Lon Horiuchi. He shouted ”you son of a bitch” to the boy before he fired on the family. Horiuchi now models for a firearms advertisement I believe.
          And foster parent schmucks shop the ‘market’ for absconded youth but are never held to the same extreme judgement as biological parents. They’re in possession of STOLEN GOODS (human child trafficking) and no higher authority to break the cabal. At least at the end of WWII the allied liberators were the closest thing on earth to liberating saviors. OR WERE THEY?

      2. It’s about $$$$. They need someone to take care of the kid. Usually the father isn’t around, so they send the women to abuse classes and hope it solves the problem.

    1. Disgusting hags shouldn’t even be allowed to vote. Women’s vile base instincts know no limits. They all need what’s coming to them – a major cultural tide shift where they are back under Man’s heel and can no longer do any harm.

    2. I heard about a young teenage boy being sold around for sex by his own mother. Imagine a father doing that. The fucking law didnt even catch up to her even though the boy’s school knew about this. The fuck?

  40. Natural male supremacy is no myth, just the idea that society oppresses women terribly. This isn’t even true in places like Saudi Arabia

    1. Now the icing on the cake will be when feminists can find one of these sports stars guilty of human trafficing. Sounds about right.

  41. For now this is the case and I suspect it will only get worse before it gets better. However, I live for the day the shit hits the walls and women in the west need help surviving a travesty. I spent time camping most of my life and have a military survival background. When they need help and are crying like blubbering babies I’ll be saying, “What value do YOU offer for me? If you can’t bring something that satisfies my immediate needs then be gone with you”. You go girls. Know why women in other places need men and respect men? Because life is a hell of a lot harder then it is in the west and they are willing to put their most valued asset on the table, their femininity.

  42. If the feminists were smart they would be focusing and exerting their attention and energy against the Islamification of the world. If Islam ever takes over, it will be goodbye to all of the ‘womens rights’ that the white man bestowed upon them.

      1. There actually is logic to SJWs. Their hypocrisy only appears ironic if you believe the words coming out of their mouths. Their logic is that they’re anti-white male. In that there is no inconsistency.

      2. That’s truly a mindfuck, but yea, I have noticed the sjws and feminists have succeeded in making Islam look more sane and a preferable option to some people.

    1. Lol, poor bitch. (valley grrl accent) “There’s like no good guys anymore.” Continues weeping, sniffles. Meanwhile on a dating website she’s on hundreds of nerds and weirdos have been bothering her. The worst are guys that have sympathy for a creature that is basically on another planet, a little modern day aristocrat. American Aristocunts.

  43. what if you pay a hooker and then she says “no”? breach of contract or justified rape ?

        1. Gee, that sounded personal. Why are you making sock puppet accounts on a self improvement website? I know those cunts are really keeping you down, how about you do something instead of getting mad on the internet?

  44. question is, how do we correct the sexual marketplace? ive seen guys who are 7-9 6ft tall guys in LTRs with girls that are obviously 2-3 points below them and i think, you desperate bastard. is this is the new norm? that makes me, a 5 to 7 guy, having to go without, or go with a a woman that i cant find attractive enough to have an LTR with? fuck that.

  45. You didn’t even touch on the fact that men get absolutely butt raped by women in divorce and custody proceedings. Your marriage can end because your slut wife sucked off the pool cleaner, and then YOU have to pay HER alimony for years to come. What the fuck is that all about? That is the thing I hate about feminism, they are all supposedly strong and independent, but oh no, they can never be accountable for their actions can they?

      1. The bottom text could also read “until I see a spider” or “until I need to go to the bathroom.”

    1. If the man cheats he has to be punished if the woman cheats the man was not making her life interesting and the man gets punished. Typical woman logic.

  46. Male Supremacy is indeed a myth. It does not exist, especially in the West. Feminists like to promote their victim status to get their power, which is very pathetic on their part. Whenever something bad happens to a woman, it is always reported and taken very seriously. But if it happened to a man (unless he’s gay or a tranny or some minority), then it isn’t taken very seriously. Nowadays, it is all about who’s the bigger victim and they’re then ones who’ll get special treatment from the government. The truth is, men build civilizations and do the riskier jobs yet they suffer more than women. Women, on the other hand, get everything handed down to them that they become self-entitled and think they should be pedestalize by everyone. It isn’t surprising that socialism and leftist politics are very female centered because what they have in common is the belief that everything should be handed out ‘equally’ to everyone regardless of how hard everyone works. It does not value hard work and rewards. If feminism continues, it will be one of the causes on why the West got destroyed.

    1. Male superiority is certainly not a myth. Time to wrest the culture back from these drooling, useless cunts.

  47. Here’s something guys. I think there is hope to getting our rights back. I’m not talking patriarchy, just true equal rights the way it should be..
    One way or another men will put their minds together and figure this out. We’ve figured out women already.. As the RP spreads, I think we will get momentum in setting this whole shit straight. It is absolutely logical as more and more men are being screwed, they’ll have no choice but turn to RP.

    1. Hopefully but so have they. Many men today compete just to have something – anything and the ones who do, act as the appointed tyrants of everyone else. This is not by accident, women know exactly what they are doing that’s why they despise MGTOWS. Only the gun will bring equal rights here but the quality men who brought freedom 2 centuries ago seems not to be present.

  48. If a patriarchy existed by feminist definition – which is that all men benefit from all women – then men wouldn’t be sent off to war, women would be. Women would be expected to pay for everything, not men. Women would be expected to provide for their families, not men etc etc.

  49. Women and men’s pay are I would say on par with one another, and in fact in Canada, being married seems to help both parties. In other words, both married women and men seem to excel faster in their careers. Can’t remember the source of that stat, but I read it somewhere. I personally have never experienced a wage gap. I get sick of women in the West complaining about what I believe to be virtually non-existent problems. It’s not that incidents of sexual and domestic assault don’t legitimately occur, but the media does blow it out of proportion. It’s just an hysterical world we are living in, despite the fact that we’ve really never been safer. Same goes for the risk of pedophiles: parents never letting their kids out of their sight, as though as every second person the kid will encounter is a rapist. Tragic as these types of incidents are when they occur, I don’t actually believe the overall risk is any higher than when I was growing up. The perception of the problem borderlines paranoia.That said, Ray Rice is a pretty bad example to use, despite the weirdness of that woman marrying him after the incident. That was a really violent act and not a matter of he said/she said.

  50. The image under No. 12. . . is that a pic of two hookers or two American girls on a night out? Inquiring minds want to know.

  51. The Pay Gap myth is such a joke, that shows a complete disconnect with reality. Businesses and corporations are not founded to enrich employees, some guys don’t get together and say “lets start a business so we can make some guys rich, but only GUYS!”, they are founded and exist to generate as much profit as possible for the owners and they pay employees the minimum possible to keep them working at max productivity/profit generation. Owners will employ whoever is good for business. we’re not a complete self serving communist bureaucratic economy just yet. If there really was a pay gap where women earn less for equal productivity, businesses could/would employ only women and put all competitors out of business with a cheaper product/service and greater profit margins. In fact the first companies to do this, would gain a stranglehold over all kinds of markets/industries. They should all be In a race to employ only women in all positions. So Why don’t they?
    Then you have the right to private property, free association and free assembly that should protect shareholders and business owners right to employ whoever they want for whatever reason they want, and pay them what they want, regardless. If anyone has a problem with it, work for a competitor or found your own shit and be equal or better at it!!! We’re not just not living a patriarchy, we’re not living in a free society!!

    1. I have thought the same: less pay for the same work should make women more employable than men. This in turn would cause men to accept the same rate as women if they are to become employed leading to no pay gap at all.

  52. Thank you so much for adding #10. I long suspected this was the case. I don’t think I have *EVER* heard anyone seriously mention male rape outside the manosphere.

    1. Why do women allow this shit? Not arguing with you but women do allow this shit. Clearly because they like it and they’re assholes, but aside from that, lol.
      (edit: many men allowed because they didn’t understand themselves and the effects of technology and this feminist shit and men are pussy worshipers. The men really opposed were too outnumbered.)

  53. “This is a woman’s world: men are just living in it.”
    Not quite… This is a woman’s world: men are just inventing it, building it, maintaining it, and dying protecting it.
    The world is run by the wealthy, which includes wealthy women. And the wealthy want cheap labor – men.

  54. The article needs to be fixed: the word “feminists” needs to be replaced with “women.”

  55. Women are so unthankful to men, after all we have built this world. The electric dishwasher was invented by a man. Cars, that women love to either own or that their man has, are invented by men and the list goes on, but we all know it here.
    I am happy that I swallowed the red pill and realized that one can’t make a whore into a wife.

  56. I guess this isn’t a waste of time…ultimately, in terms of reducing the the impact of the feminist religion. Keep it up. It’s very much the same as 18th century French rationalists arguing against the Church, however. These things will take time and each generation there arises a whole new crop of barbaric assholes. I think feminism is too tempting a path for a large minority of Western 21st century women. Things will get worse.

  57. Yeah, that whole thing about women earning less. I accidentally saw payroll records for everyone at the engineering office I worked at and all women at every professional level was earning 25% less than the men.
    So, I took that knowledge and demanded a raise. They bumped me up a little but STILL wouldn’t increase my pay to that of my male peers with the same education, experience and responsibility.
    Get bent.

    1. My guess is that the women don’t work the same hours as men, or aren’t in the same positions as men.

      1. And they expect equal pay and a better position even if they quit their job after having kids and decide to come back. That and a pussy pass to do get the job they want through stupid affirmative action.

        1. How often do women actually put in the hours and effort men do? Ever had the misfortune of working in a department dominated by women? There’s little work going on…

    2. What this little snowflake doesn’t mention is that she was working part time at precisely 75% of a full time position, at her specific demand upon hiring, while all the men were working full time.

  58. These articles are wonderful to just facebook bomb some feminist friend-of-a-friend with. Yes, I know, if he has these types for friends, then maybe I should re-evaluate, but he’s always been a decent stick.

    1. Follow-up. That girl who I posted it on her thread blocked me, like I can’t even see she exists on FB. I didn’t know that was a thing. Awesome, now she won’t raise my blood pressure with her blithering nonsense that I see by proxy through my friend’s posts that concern her.

    1. I don’t trust Karen. But the simps/white knights have literally put this lesbian on a pedestal. “Feminism is theory, lesbianism is practice” She has been parroting things us men have been saying for over a millennia without getting any of the true back lash. Her subscriber base is proof of that claim. Every single man that has talked about this continues to have their channels flagged, or barely has any subscriber base at all. Manwomanmyth and many others put in better work then she has any day of the week.

      1. Unfortunately, unless the (anti-feminist) words come out of a woman’s mouth, the mainstream will ignore them.

      2. That you for educating me on this. It is so helpful, to have it explained so simply, as my understanding has many gaps on many aspects-which may be more obvious to someone else. I really appreciate being shown more information, that will educate me.

      3. This is such a truthfullvideo, and heartbreaking. This is similar to growing up with a disability ( adhd ) and how it feels. The exact same unfeeling, discrimination and being blamed for things that are unfairly against you.
        Now its a whole half of the human race, made to feel useless, hopeless, bad, stupid. Its going to be significantly different when it has to do with sex. Where a cognitive disability is about how a brain works differently, this is about something that strikes down to such deep roots of culture, of sexuality, history, biology, social structure.

      4. These manwomenmyth videos has been so helpful/ Just the best info.
        Thank you again.

  59. You can add more to this list. 21. Women get only female spaces(gyms,malls, etc) 22. women get to play in all male sports 23. women get to murder anyone and get away with it (zero jail time) 24. women never had to sign up for the draft to vote. 25. women get free ladies night at bars. 26. The list goes on and on.

  60. The picture of the person at #20 is that dog fucking tranny Sarah Nyberg (aka srhbutts on Twitter). “She’s” one of the WORST harassers and cyber stalker on Twitter and been a thorn in GG’s side since the beginning. But yeah, Social Justice Hypocrites like her get special treatment from the psyhos at WAM.

  61. Feminists say all they want is equality.. until the day comes that they draw attention to just one of the above realities with general concern for it, I will continue to see that claim as complete and utter bullshit!

  62. The Jews (Zionists) pushed Feminism from the beginning. (Gloria Steinem)
    Their goal is CLEAR- to weaken the white man AND family unit.
    I didn’t just make that up. It’s written in their own words in the Protocols of Zion.
    Call it a hoax all you want, but what is written is happening now. Coincidence?
    It is also an attack on Women directly:
    “Through Feminism, the Jew attacks the core, primal identity of the female, weakening society by disallowing women to be who and what they are: Caregivers.”
    I don’t want a “community” to raise our children. I want real moms. 🙂

  63. The sign that a lie is being told;
    “…when pay rates are adjusted…”
    In other words once we fix a formula to give us the figures we want to see then everything works out exactly as we claim!

    1. It means when we compare apples to apples…the way it should be done, women are paid the same as men for the same work.

  64. LOL this some craaazy shit! Looks like some dude sat down pissed off and wrote up all the things he was mad about, found a few stats that worked in his favor, and posted this garbage.

  65. Why is there movement by male rights activists against male rape, male child molestation, and men in prison? So much focus and attention wasted on feminism and not enough focus on building up men.

  66. If you want to know women then observe them carefully when they have a simple flat tire or car breakdown…Then you will know them
    Also observe what the men around do in such a situation and you will know them.

  67. The Anglosphere has ALWAYS been a gynocracy/matriarchy; it’s NO WONDER every single Klansman even AGREES to ordain Gwenhwyfar as if she were some sort of SAINT!
    I’m NOT even an Angle but I genuinely empathize to Angles that rightfully feel embarrassed at and by Gwenhwyfar’s legacy.

  68. Things look bad, but look at the positives. 2014 was a bad year for the feminist agenda.. #gamergate showed that you could fight back, and it freaked them out.
    Look at the rape culture fails that were exposed.
    Womenagainstfeminism was a thing on twitter
    The “manosphere” is stronger than ever, even when you’re fighting amongst yourselves.
    Feminists are still occupying the salient position on the battlefield, but the ramparts have been tested. They will eventually fail, because the more people who stand up to their bullying tactics, the more desperate and shrill they get.

  69. Well,female CEO are basically overhyped shit.Sans the incredible pressure of the gov.They would be far fewer.

  70. 1. Despite being better educated on average, women are still grossly under-represented in leadership positions in government and business. You point to their credentials to dismiss the idea of the patriarhial society, but in order to do that, you have to (wilfully) ignore that that doesn’t translate into more job opportunities for women, as it should. Number 4 merely continues on this theme.
    3. Took into account occupation, but did it take into account hiring discrimination? I’m betting no.
    5. Men commit much more crime than women. Especially violent crime.
    7. What you left out, was that the data referred to rapes that happened in the year prior to the survey. So overall rape is much higher. Doesn’t seem like a very responsible detail for a writer to leave out, but this is ROK, after all. And just because it’s declining, doesn’t mean you can dismiss it. Rape and rape culture are still very prevalent, just not as much as they used to be.
    8. Says nothing about the existence of a patriarchy.
    9. The same logical fallacy as number 7. Just because something terrible that happens mostly to women occurs less now than it used to, doesn’t suggest at all that we don’t live in a patriarchial society.
    10. Conflates statistics of prison sexual assault with statistics about full-on rape. The percentage of men who are coerced into performing sexual acts in prison is roughly the same as women who are sexually assaulted in the general population.
    11. In no way discredits the idea of a patriarchial society.
    13. Strong circumstantial evidence is oxymoronic. And only the most trivial circumstantial things are required for an ROK writer to aggressively dismiss a rape accusation.
    16. Ray Rice was nearly blackballed out of the NFL because he is a woman-beater. That the charges were dropped or that his fiance still married him doesn’t make him an ok guy.
    17. For women to be ‘dominating’ high profile positions, that would require that they were not only doing better than men, but that they were doing much better. They are not. They are still under-represented. That they are doing better than before doesn’t equate to dominance. Their numbers in the Senate are about 1 in 5, so quit exaggerating. And again, this doesn’t hurt the premise that we are living in a patriarchy.
    18. Who. The fuck. Cares.
    19. Only ROK would think it appropriate to complain about that. And call protection for women from abuse ‘privilege over males.’
    20. Things are getting slightly better, but this is still a world where women aren’t treated as the equals of men, when they deserve to be.

    1. You’ve fucking made your Disqus history private so we can’t see what else you’ve been posting.

    2. Hiring discrimination? What’s Affirmative Action then? It is certainly true that the top exec jobs are dominated by men. Are you suggesting that Equality of Outcome is the standard? Men also occupy all the low-status, dangerous, unpleasant jobs: oil rigs, mines, construction, city infrastructure, sewage treatment plants, truck drivers, etc.
      Most homeless people are men. Women earn less than men but receive more government services. Divorce laws strongly favour women – including custody.
      Men are given significantly longer sentences than men for the same crimes…assuming women are charged at all.
      Suggesting we are in a ‘patriarchy’ because the most prominent jobs are dominated by men (top 1% of society) does not disprove the fact the average women is treated significantly better than the average man. For patriarchy to exist the way feminists see it, the average man would be obviously privileged – presumably at the expense of the average women. The opposite is the case.
      We live in a female-oriented society where the weight of the system is behind her. Elite men don’t suffer, but ordinary men do.

  71. High rates of men in prison is CAUSED by men seeing as the judicial and criminal justice systems are overwhelmingly run by men. Men are incarcerated at relatively equivalent rates in EVERY country at about 96% of inmates being men, even in the most brutally oppressive countries to women. The highest rate of women in prison is Bahrain at roughly 20% which is currently going through a women’s rights movement. And I fail to see your point that men are being raped in prison is somehow favoring your argument that men are being oppressed considering that it is other men that are doing the raping. You’re just making the point that patriarchy is actually WORSE for men. That’s how patriarchy works, tards. All the underlings fight amongst each other trying to “dominate” each other like a bunch of chimpanzees while the alphas shit all over them or pull their little puppet strings to make them do what they want purely for their own benefit. All this alpha, beta male bullshit. That’s patriarchy. You can’t all be alphas because you can’t be an alpha if you don’t have a beta under you to shit all over which is clearly what you dudes are all about. Are you seriously trying to argue that women’s rights is some how the cause of dudes doing this shit to themselves? Idiots…

      1. Thank you faceless internet stranger. Your petty ad hominem attacks have torn apart my soul. I will cry softly into my pillow tonight and wallow in my sorrow.

    1. This would be a serious issue if a matriarchial society had at any point in human history managed to master the art of anything other than making fire and the occasional baby. We’re just better at civilisation than you are. Accept it.

  72. Patriarchy is when men have an undo influence in the home. The specific literal definition of patriarch is when inheritance is passed from father to eldest son. The way inheritance works during this millennium (and perhaps during the last one, too) a surviving wife is more likely than a son or husband to receive inheritance. This is because women live longer than men. And because inheritance is not passed from father to eldest son (patriarchy) as it was, apparently, over 2,000 years ago (but don’t quote me on it). I would say we have the opposite of patriarcy. We live in a society where women own children, more or less.

  73. The fact that I am accepted to post on this site, show that men are open to amiable partners in exposing the lies of feminism.
    This is proof, beyond any emotionally biased argument of feminists, on the fairness of men. This site is a man’s site.
    Simply being open and supportive to the truth, has been my application. I find that this trust is Honourable.
    There is no greater boon, from men – than trust in Honour.
    Male-created, Honour is entirely supported, valued and admired by any woman who understands the hard and unselfish work which created this highly ethical concept that men have used to create civilisation.

  74. Wow… I really tried to find a point in this article that was both true AND relevent to the point of the article. Unfortunately there is not a single one here. There are a few that effectively prove that we DO live in a patriarchy though. Whoops!
    It’s pretty hilarious watching all you other commentors unwittingly doling out examples of patriarchy too.
    This appears to be one of those “you’re so far behind in the race you believe you are winning” situations.
    I love this website! It can be so funny, but it’s also really embarrassing too. It can be difficult to look away from that as well though.

    1. No you didn’t, you just disregarded every single point and went on your merry way, as feminists usually do when confronted with facts.

      1. I see! You are so lucky to have such omniscience. Is this an example of the sort of research you do? It sure would be quite the advantage to just look at any given issue and immediately understand everything about it intuitively.
        In all seriousness though, did you really come out of this article feeling like you had just read a coherent and fact based argument? I mean, if you wanted to convince somebody of the idea that patriarchy is a myth would you actually direct them to an article like this?

        1. Did you really come out of this article feeling like it proved the patriarchy? Do you even know what patriarchy is? Before you complain about fact based arguments I suggest you come up with some facts yourself to support your assertion.
          Patriarchy just exists for those who believe in it, they are holding themselves back because of some imaginary monster.

  75. “In 2005, as part of the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act”
    This act alone proves it since the patriarchy has an act to reduce violence against women but no corresponding act to reduce it against men.
    Personally I think we do live in a patriarchy but it’s a patriarchy run by men for the betterment of women over men.
    Men make the rules such as the act above that seek to help women in harm but ignore men. They do more to end cat-calling than homelessness, more to end sexual assault on women than suicides of men, more to end objectification in media to end fathers losing acces to their kids.
    It’s Men, with prodding from feminists, echo throw men under the proverbial bus to focus on helping women. It’s gynocentrism at work

  76. This is the stupidest article I have ever read and has a RIDICULOUS amount of FALSE data. How can you say sex trafficking is a myth??? You’re a moron. Half of the comments on this article prove that we are still living is a sexist patriarchal society.

  77. We only maintain the template of patriarchy. But, patriarchy makes life worse for men.
    In such a matriarchal society as mosuo tribe, women inherit wealth and run household.
    Instead, women do the vast majority of work while men chat, frolic, and play.
    Since matriarchal lineage is not ambiguous, women don’t have to restrict their sex.
    Mosuo tribe doesn’t have marriage and the concept of infidelity, but it has lovers and cousins.
    Thus, in mosuo tribe, women are not fatally jealous toward men who love multiple women and don’t throw rape accusations because there is no stigma in having sex with multiple men. When there is such a stigma made necessary by patriarchal lineage, rape means damage on sexual market value.
    As a man, I think matriarchy is not bad.

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